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Even moreso, how does one create a paladin that would be fun to play.

Any good pally stories?

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gonna pala-dump

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Tale of Ozzmar part 1/3

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this is it. Any questions?

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>>Why LG is the best alignment
>apparently it allows you to do everything you fucking want because of some misdirected sense of self-righteousness
>and while being a gigantic faggot you can still act like you are a godsend to the world

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>look mom, I'm purposely misreading in order to act like a self-righteous edgelord! I hope i get popular and that random strangers on the internet try to validate my existance.

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Kinda depends on the setting, really. Are paladins people who serve Law and Good first and their deity second, or are they champions of their god (or a specific interpretation of a NG or LN god's dogma)? I play in FR, so I'm mostly familiar with the latter.

For example, even if they share alignment, a paladin of Hoar (LN god of vengeance) is going to have a fairly different outlook from a paladin of Eldath (NG goddess of pacifism). They'll also face slightly different challenges to their faith.

The hoarite will likely wander around around righting wrongs, avenging the innocent and generally dispensing vigilante justice where they feel Law hasn't been upheld by those in authority. His biggest test of faith will be to keep his compassion and mercy when faced with the injustices of the world.

Meanwhile, followers of Eldath work to give shelter to those who need it, healing and feeding those in need, and acting as mediators so as to resolve conflicts without bloodshed. They are forbidden from resorting to violence for anything but immidiate self defense, which might cause someone with a paladin's drive to feel constricted.

Personally, I really like paladins of gods like Eldath or Sune (goddess of love) or Deneir (god of preserving knowledge), because while you see a lot of stories about paladins who have to deal with Big Evil Villains, or worlds that are corrupt from top to bottom, you don't hear a lot about what paladins do in times of peace.

It's no wonder villains seem so much more interesting than the heroes when Good is almost entirely defined as being opposed to Evil, you know?

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aaaah fuck, i cut off part of the last post

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Oh my, mr paladin got angry.
Don't worry, you can relieve this anger by smiting some people.
Just remember to make the "they were eevoul" excuse, like you always do.

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Haven't got stories yet, but one can create a fun paladin by making him profoundly oblivious or fascist or schizophrenic or faithful to one religion.

Killing whorish children in the name of Pelor is a fun thing to do.

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To this I add playing him as a rich spoiled child and/or sexualy ambiguous.

Paladin is a pretty good class.

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Get your zealot on.

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>How does one enjoy being a paladin?
>Even moreso, how does one create a paladin that would be fun to play.
Step 1: Be Paladin.
Step 2: Do Justice.
Step 3: ???*
Step 4: Have fun.

*??? is a placeholder for your preferred brand of Justice, whether it be Stop Right There Criminal Scum, Lawful Hot Dickings, Kamen Rider, Vimes, or what-have-you.

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I love playing nice guy paladins. I think as long as my paladin is running closer to solaire than say a fanatic then I'm good. Being an awesome protector of the innocent is super fun.

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Playing a good paladin is great.

By good I mean machiavelicaly good, like a good "prince" or general like Titus Flavius, Caesar or Alexander etc... i

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He's got a point, though. Just because you think your actions are justified doesn't mean you're actually being Lawful Good. Really, it's one of the classic traits of (mundane) Lawful Evil.

>Muirder rarely
Captcha gets it.

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>attributing the concept of mercy to the law/chaos axis and not the good/evil axis
>handwaving the necessity of compromising mercy in the pursuit of justice and vice versa
Second post raises a question which the third congratulates itself on having answered without ever actually doing so.

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>Attributing mercy to any axis
Alignment a shit.

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That goes without saying.

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If you believe with all your being in your god's idea of justice and way of life I imagine it wouldn't be very hard.

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Up to this day I dont understand the paladin class.

If you wanna be lawful something, pick a priest, if you want to be an armored faggot more focused on combat, pick a fighter. (not that priests cannot be fighters and that they werent irl)

It looks to me that the paladin faggotry started when they wanted a religious shite that was not a fighter/barbarian (clerics would be the same shite but more aproximate to wizards, with their miracles)

So there are two faith classes that make no sense, particularly the paladin, that could very well be a fucking priest clad in armor.

The paladin symbolises all the faggotry epic fantasy has spread with its spiky armors, oversized weapons and busty female knights

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How does it feel to be so utterly wrong ?
Paladins aren't about the religion, to me. They're about believing in good, in man, in love. They're about seeing that the world suffers all around you, and doing anything you can to make it a little better, whether it's giving a few coins to an orphan or killing an ancient evil, because everyone matters just the same. They're about seeing under the surface of things and finding good in every man's heart.
Paladins aren't a class, they're a way of life, a philosophy. Paladins are fucking beautiful and amazing.

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thats what I mean. Paladins are not a class.

If very other class can have such mindset then why the fuck does a paladin class exist, with specific traits unique to them?

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Probably going to wind up being super inspired by the paladump above, but I don't have time to read it yet.

Paladins are characters that are interesting only when either the player or the GM is interested in playing with morality in a system of objective good/evil. For example, in my setting, there's a huge amount of flavour to Paladins, because a lot of the time spent developing it was also spent researching moral philosophy. In short, Paladins are an excuse to add a lot of flavour and fluff to the moral system of a universe, and a tool to test your player's moral fibre and creativity in executing the best possible course of action.

I'll go over my lore for an example: In ancient times, when the different folk were still few and growing, there were four human warriors who banded together to fight against the primordial monsters. Their names were Freedom, Tyranny, Slaughter, and Paladin (the alignments, the latter being LG). They were favoured by the respective gods of alignment, and so they were immortal and wielded immense power. In those times, there was not conflict between good, evil, law and chaos, there was only the will to survive, and each member of the party overlooked the disgusting actions of the other members. After hundreds of years, when civilization began to flourish, there was a great war between the living followers of each paladin (for the four men called themselves the paladins, after their leader). The paladins lead their armies, and met to partake in champion combat. Tyranny and Slaughter ignored Freedom and went straight for their prior leader, as a power play and for resentment of authority. The four armies went to the four corners of the world, considering the party disbanded on paladin's death. But Han, god of Good, broke Paladin's soul into a dozen pieces, and gave them to his most loyal followers. Since then, there have been twelve Paladins who are bound by Han to spread a message of pure Good in Paladin's name.

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Because people wanted to play as the Knights of the Round Table
Same as Barbarian being created for Conan fans.

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Post got too long.

This means that Paladins are not just blokes who have strong, religious faith and believe in LG, but rather truly special beings who give up their identity in order to truly devote themselves to good.

This makes them an interesting class, because if there is a slot open, you are morally obligated to try to fill it and become a Paladin. To not do so is to accept that you wish to do something other than the most moral possible thing, which is simply impossible. And yet, The Squires, those who are capable of taking up the mantle once one passes on, are usually less than a dozen strong. Surely anyone who isn't evil or neutral aligned must become a Squire?

To a Paladin, this is the real world, and once you accept in your heart that Good Must Be Done, the only choice is to do so. You give up nothing by accepting Paladin's soul into your own heart and being governed by his laws, because everyone should already act how you are going to.

And that's why Paladins are fun. They're a philosophical anomaly in a good vs. evil aligned world, and they make for some VERY interesting exploration of the metaphysics of morality.

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>symbolise epic fantasy with spiky armors
>spiky armor

ok we get it that you don't like paladins but at least be coherent

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Guess I'll post my most recent "Oh you, Paladin" moment.

5E DND Paladin. Paladins finally no longer have an alignment requirement so I happily selected Chaotic Good, on the basis that my character Geralt Pyros III has a long history of doing what he believes to be right and good, regardless of any law, superstition, threat, temptation, etc.

On the character background I worte My Honor is My Life, and so as to not leave Honor undefined on a Chaotic character, explained to the DM that Geralt never lies, never breaks his given word, and never allows the weak to suffer when he could realistically prevent it.

So the party is mostly amoral murderhobos. we have a Sorrow, a Warlock who is evil-scientist levels of clinically detached. We have the Lord Mayor of Ormound, a fat greedy politician fighter, and Nyax the Destroyer, an Sorcerer who seemingly embodies Chaos.

As the moral center, Geralt takes the initiative on most encounters, not only because he is gifted socially but because the rest of the party is dangerously unhinged. He is fond of taking prisoners during combat and interrogating them in a zone of truth (best spell ever) with his promise that they will be released/imprisoned/helped somehow if they cooperate, instead of fed into the slaughtering machine that is the Lord Mayor.

>The Scene
We had just wiped out a ton of hobgoblins and bugbears being captained by a Drow. Unfortunately, it wasn't the Drow we believed to be the leader, and fearing dastardly Drow tricks (they had a lot of time to prepare and we caught this one off guard) Geralt decided to take a chance and captured it for interrogation, even though there was a risk it would come back to attack us if freed.

As usual, the interrogation started with it being bound in a zone of truth until it worked, with Geralt also in the zone (it has no real effect on him though, since he always tells the truth anyways).

>to be continued

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>Warlock named Sorrow
>Nyax the Destroyer

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While I'm interrogating the Drow trying to discern enemy forces, command structure, and preperation, I fail to notice the other party members talking amongst themselves. The Drow is surprisingly cooperative after Geralt promised her he would not allow her to die so long as she cooperated. After working through all my relevant questions, I said that I would let her go if she promised to leave and not return. Instead of agreeing straight up, the Drow said "I promise you won't see another Drow again."

Slightly concerned, I had started to rephrase my question when suddenly the Warlock pulled a knife and rushed the Drow on me and the Lord Mayor started to rush at me to restrain me.

Realizing that the heartless Warlock and amoral Lord Mayor had decided it was too dangerous to let the Drow live, I found myself in the exceedingly strange position of having to defend a drow against my own party.

Dramatically suiting the moment, the stronger Lord Mayor failed every grab attempt on Geralt for 2 straight turns (he used action surge so it was 6 grab attempts). During that time, I deflected the Warlocks attack with Shield Mastery, used my own turns to free the Drow and then to heal the Drow with Lay on Hands, then sheathed my sword which had Light cast on it, plunging us all into darkness.

The Drow managed to sprint down the canyon we were in, and Nyax, after flipping a coin and randomly siding with Geralt, grabbed Sorrow so she couldn't chase.

Then the Drow made an athletics roll to scale the wall to get out of Sorrow's range. The miraculous luck gave out right then, the DM rolled a 1 in front of everyone and she fell on her ass. Sorrow threw a near max damage fireball and it was over.

We all saw the Drow's body had twisted into something else, I had expanded all that effort to defend a Doppelganger, who had been cherry picking responses, and the rest of the party knew that I would never go back on my word to free it.

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I'm serious.

For bonus insanity points, Nyax the Destroyer disguises himself as a different person everywhere he goes. During this adventure he was Fiafolio, Halfblood Prince of Elves or something like that.

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Mercy is what stays capital punishment from all but the worst offenders, and in some states from all criminals.

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Paladin is not only best example of a Paladin, but is the true ideal that all men should strive for. Plus his theme song is just so catchy.

>"Have Gun, Will Travel" reads the card of a man.

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The first thought I had about this subject was that Paladins have a very specific strict set of rules to follow usually and some people like that, just look a the military

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Paladin should either be a subclass of Fighter, or a subclass of Cleric.

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Or a gestalt.

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It should be a prestige class. I mean, it's sure as hell more lore-specific than an Assassin or a Weapon Master.

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i made a silly paly as my first character. he was a dwarf dedicated to the god of food and cooking.

he just went around smacking bandits with a frying pan and feeding the homeless.

he was pretty cool and as a ro/ck/star i could put a bit too much thought into what the part had for dinner.

ended up founding an order of chef knights with a mountain top monastary/bakery

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What is this, advice for ants on a holy crusade?

Actually it says its 1000x1000 so there may just be an error with this tablet

>> No.35654353

its the tablet. I can read it just fine.

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I like how they are in fantasy craft

an expert class only available at level 5

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Though there is also the Crusader base class, which is much closer in style to the D&D paladin. It's sexy as hell though, and deserves base class status.

Though when you get down to it, you can build a paladin-esque character, complete with divine powers, using well over half the classes in the game, if you're creative with your fluff.

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I haven't seen the call to arms classes, my group only use core and companion

do you have a pdf of the crusader ?

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You, sir, just won an internet.

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Does someone have the story of the Rogue pretending to be a Paladin

>> No.35655216

I do, but it's watermarked.
It's only a couple bucks, though, and well worth getting. The other Call to Arms splats are alright, but the Crusader is on a whole different level of cool. (Granted, I may be slightly biased on account of being a big fan of paladin-type characters, but...)

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Why yes, I do.

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post it pls

I would gladly put them in my games but we are francophones and even if the two books I mentioned earlier are translated, it is sadly not the case for the splats.

I don't have problems with english mind you, but my players do.

>> No.35655362

Like I said, it's watermarked. Specifically, marked with my real name, plus the usual identifying info that watermarked PDFs usually come with.

Maybe try checking out the next FC general that pops up? Someone there might have a non-watermarked copy.

>> No.35655391

oh I thought it was watermarked like just a shitty text on top of it, I'm sorry.

FC general or google I guess

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I've played a Paladin of an Abadar-like deity that served as a circuit judge. It was quite fun, and got to discuss the law of the land and stuff.

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My favorite was a Paladin of the God of Commerce.

His mission was to establish new temples where money could be stored and exchanged. I was a jew opening banks in the name of the almighty dollar.

Then the DM had a floating ooze tentacle-grapple the catgirl party member and I 360 walked away.

>> No.35655468

Or, seriously, just buy it. It's literally only $2 on DriveThruRPG, or $5 in a bundle with the Avatar and Inquisitor splats. That shit's dirt cheap, and frankly Crafty both deserves and could really use the money.

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>What should I do what should I do
>Flip coin

The balls on this one.

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Welcome to the Gourmet Age!

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Personally I like playing regular old fighters or warriors that happen to be very religious rather than a straight up paladin. The type of person that tries hard for their god but just can't become a paladin due to a character flaw or some misinterpretation of some tenants. They do not let the lack of divine powers stop them on their pursuit of dealing justice on their god's behalf though. Though they may be somewhat jealous of a paladin's powers they tell themselves that as long as they did some good at the end of the day then it does not matter if their weapon doesn't shine as brightly as a paladin's.

My favorite variation of the above is the religious fanatic. Outside of battle they are just a kind, godly men but become crazy mother fuckers yelling scripture quotes and cutting down their enemies in battle. Not bloodthirsty brutes who use their god as an excuse to kill but warriors who genuinely believe in their cause and believe that their violent acts are the right things to do in the name of their god. Sometimes they wonder why their god has not given them powers but they tell themselves that it is just a test of their faith and keep on fighting as they are. He may even butt heads with paladins of his god, thinking that they way they are doing things is wrong and that fighting him is also another trial set up by his god.

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Huh, and here I thought the third part of >>35645992 was about how you could pursue an ideal, be a good and fair person while still acknowledging that you are fallible and that the world has a lot of messy gray areas.

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One of my favourite role playing experiences and definitely my best character i've had was Frederick Cutter. Fred grew up on the streets of a noteable city of faith, he was an orphan and did what he had to to survive.
Now fred hung out with a local gang, the cutters(where he inherited his last name), who manipulated his good nature to make him break into homes and find money or food for the others, who would hide the brutality of the others from him.
One day during a particularly hungry winter Fred was convinced to break into a church and raid the kitchens. It didn't go so well and he ended up being caught, luckily by one of the kinder fathers who as punishment set him to work around the church.
After a time he considered the church more of a home then the gang he had grown up with and was offered training in the holy ways to become a paladin, he was told that being a paladin was to be the best among men and that all would look up to him, fred liked to imagine himself as a hero like those in the stories he read, rescuing maidens and living in a grand castle so he happily took to his training.
Years later when he was told he had finished his training and would be sent on his 1st quest to join the battle at the world wound fighting and destroying demons. He was ecstatic hoping to finally prove his skills but when he got there for the 1st time in his sheltered life he saw war for what it was. all his faithful friends who had trained by his side had been killed due to their over confidence within 2 weeks of their arriving and fred finally understood why he had been offered such a life by the church, paladins were dropping like flies and you were lucky if you died a swift death on the end of a sword
So what was Fred to do? remembering his skills from a misspent youth he stole supplies and fled under cover of darkness. Ever since then he has been trying to hide from the inquisition and find a nice place to settle down.
can cont.
sorry about poor punctuation.

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Sure, I agree with the point that a person can fuck up once in a while and still be Lawful Good (although paladins have less leeway in this). I think it's just marred by the guy using killing surrendering opponents as an example of being Lawful Good, rather than an emotionally driven fuckup that a LG character could commit without automatically becoming Neutral. In terms of "ideal" alignment adherence, a Lawful Good should always accept surrender, unless he has very good reason to believe it to be a trap. He'd drag the bandit's ass to court of course, but he's not gonna murder someone who has thrown their weapon to the ground.

>> No.35661639

Low Wisdom, overzealous advocate of justice.

Local hero stops the execution of an innocent who was framed for a crime?

Slice him up in the name of Justice.

>> No.35661794

>killing surrendering opponents as an example of being Lawful Good,
I think it's a distinction between "Surrendering in the middle of the fight" and pulling a Nicodemus Archleone style "Fight until the end, and then shout that your surrendering when they finally land a winning blow."

>> No.35661849

>Actually, I joined up because I wanted benefits, and wouldn't qualify for any other job.

>> No.35661976


I like to play paladins like social rogues, using Charisma and diplomacy to save the weak and bring justice to the wicked. Keep in mind that a paladin is not lawful good with respect to the actual laws of the land; he is lawful good with respect to the laws of his deity. We are fortunate in D&D to have actual embodiments of good and evil that direct morality. A god is not like a king who can become corrupt or be led into moral gray areas; a LG god is always going to be LG and will always have the same code to uphold as best as you are able.

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Posted in previous pally thread

>Be paladin of the Oath of the Ancients
>Uphold the Light
>Protect the Light
>Be the Light
>No requirements on the law/chaos axis
>Pally is niceguy, worships the sun god of the setting
>We go through about 3 levels chasing this cartoonishly evil wizard who, as far as I know, only took spells that would help him escape/be a nuisance to us
>Finally, chase scene, we've got him on the run but we've taken precautions so he can't escape
>Corner the wily bastard
>Have my halberd poised at his neck
>"look man, I really don't like blood and all that stuff, and you really haven't done anything to cause any excessive suffering, so like... Wanna do good? It ain't bad bein' a good guy"
>mfw he accepts
>mfw we have a redeemed cartoon villain-esque wizard occasionally helping us out with some tricks
>mfw your archetypal goons and mooks occasionally help us because they''re HIS goons and mooks

It's good being a sunbro.

>> No.35662134

I have stayed away from Paladins and Clerics my whole gaming life (well over a decade now)
until recently when I had joined up with my original group who were really making an effort to get together to game despite distance.

long ago my whole group had gotten all of their character personification and minmax stat vanity jolly's out of the way. so I felt comfortable doing doing something weird.

so I made Olaf, the heroic paladin, who is an old old man, Venerated and celebrated by the church of the land, but has become heretical in his attitudes as he sees things not as the church views things. I went about wasting my abilities liberally. on healing sick beggars and starving children. we would often go into combat with me having nothing left. and having a minus to combat because I was so old. but I made up for it by being crafty.

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this is either a great coincidence, or someone save my filename! it gives me an odd sense of pride

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The dude in 3 hearts and three lions that gary based the original palidin off off wasnt some goody two shoes.

He fucked a few girls and killed a couple things by cheating.

The paladin in the famous jg module tegel manor is a coward and druken fat slob.

theres no set rules to being a paladin. basically just kill nad shit and try not to be too much of a douchebag.

>> No.35662822

Negatongo-dongo, mi amigo-digo.

Being a paladin is about being a paragon of righteousness and goodliness, not just not being a douche.

>> No.35663044

The first character I was ever proud of playing was a Paladin.
So we were all fairly new to the whole Eberron setting. Didn’t quite realise the can of worms I was opening when I made a Warforged Paladin.
#74-00009 was a bit of an oddity – our campaign started in the dying years of the Last War. He’d started off as most Warforged did: as a soldier, one among hundreds of Warforged deployed on the battlefield in lieu of human soldiers. So when ‘Nine’ had something of a spiritual epiphany on the battlefield and started manifesting the ability to lay on hands and smite evil, it raised some rather uncomfortable questions on the actual nature of the ‘automatons’. But it was the middle of the war, so he was carted off with a bunch of other misfit soldiers to what was essentially a suicide scouting mission deep into goblin territory.
The soldiers at his new posting and in his new squad found him to be a bit strange. He would spend a lot of time simply walking around or reading scripture. In his own mind, he was slowly coming to terms with being an individual and using his newfound faith to provide something to focus on while doing so. However, he followed orders, which everyone liked, and never kicked up a fuss about anything, which they liked even more.

>> No.35663074

I'd be interested in learning more about Fred
Hate to be that guy but a 360 would have you resume facing the direction you're in. Cool character though

>> No.35663112

The first mission’s a bit blurry in my head. Suffice to say that the party liberated a captured human town from goblins and installed a new, more Breland-friendly leader. Nine’s contributions to this operation mostly involved keeping goblins off civilians. Afterwards, while the rest of the party recuperated, he left his weaponry with them and proceeded to assist in rebuilding and healing, making solid use of his strange divine abilities and tireless form. All he would say to justify this was, “It’s what I can do.”

And that would be that.

I missed a few sessions after this, but things went rather downhill. A diplomatic meeting went very badly very quickly when one of our two Rogues betrayed us and assassinated (or attempted to assassinate) the goblin diplomat and stole something valuable. We hunted down the traitor, but lobbied strongly by Nine, didn’t kill him. However, the damage was done. Command relieved the party of all rank and responsibility (effectively discharging us), and took the rogue into custody (to write out our departing Chaotic Asshole player).

Cue timeskip. The Mourning happened about six months later, wiping out all of Cyre for reasons unknown. The war ended, and the Warforged were emancipated and given equal rights to the other races (more or less). Nine, now basically cut adrift from the military and rather confused and upset, ended up working for the church of Dol Arrah. After the emancipation, he lobbied the church and with their support began a kind of outreach program to help repatriate the Warforged and give them support as they adjusted.

>> No.35663266

Eventually the party got back together and we were re-employed as a team under the banner of House Deneith. We ended up wrapped up in a big ol’ murder mystery which led to a big ol’ conspiracy with all kinds of Dragonmarked stuff going on (with, as it turns out, our old friend the Rogue being behind it all). However, Nine never got to mete justice upon he who had taken advantage of his mercy. In the depths of a swamp, in a half-sunken tower, Nine the Paladin fought his final battle.

The stairs out of this floor of the tower were broken. This wouldn’t normally be a huge deal, except for the dragon living in the water underneath. With naught but an axe and a shield, Nine stood alone against a dragon while the party made their escape. When the rope ladder was finally set up, the party urged him to move as he and the dragon tore massive rents into one another with axe and fang and tooth. The Paladin would not budge.

“You first. Run. Far away.”

Our female changeling fighter, who had been warming up to the metal man, protested. Told him he could run.

“It will chase us if I go now. I will stay. Distract it. You run. I will catch up.”

His shield sundered. He did not move, and began two-handing his axe. Eventually though, the dragon got lucky, grabbed Nine in this teeth, and flew into the water.

A word on black dragons. Tough prey tends to get grappled and submerged, there to drown.

Nine didn’t need to breathe. He kept swinging through the grapple. A roll crit failed, and his axe sank into the murky depths. Paladin don’t care, Paladin got fists. Next round a critical success saw the grapple reversed, and Nine began choking the life out of this dragon. He nearly did it. But the dragon was bigger, stronger and tougher, and the battle had taken its toll. His last prayer was only that his friends would escape, and the fleeing party found themselves the subject of an Expeditious Retreat (Spellcraft revealed the spell effect to be CL20).

>> No.35663333

The party built a statue in a nearby village as a memorial. They argued for a little while on the epitaph, but decided that having one wouldn’t really be in character and just carved his name into the stone. The BBEG came through later and beheaded it, which got the party REALLY mad when they found out. Apparently he REALLY hated Nine for letting him live and treating him like a child who had done something wrong.

So ended Nine. He wasn’t a crazy strong fighter, or a huge paragon of virtue. Didn’t lead a crusade, didn’t break the back of a demon. He did the job he thought was right, and I’m okay with that. And our Eberron setting now has the occasional enclave of Warforged who’d been helped along the way by one of the first Warforged Paladins.

And in character death threads, I can say 'Underwater Dragon CQC', which is pretty awesome

>> No.35663825

I always loved two handed hammers for my paladins.

>> No.35664177

... this is exactly how I played my last paladin.

>> No.35664213
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I recall one, but it was lost to history...

>> No.35664307

(nice to know its being read)
So, Fred ran out into the wild on his own and learned to live off the forest he found himself hiding in. Partly out of fear he would be found and partly out of fear that he no longer could he altogether stopped using the spells he was taught.
In the long nights of the forest he decided he needed a goal and set to walking back home and reuniting with the cutters, now the only living people he knew, posing as a traveling ranger he went from town to town keeping his head low and doing odd jobs for food or lodging. He carried his armour and sword with him everywhere in his pack but never wore them
A few months into his journey he came into a small town in the general region of nowhere. a run down old place he thought he might be able to hide out in for awhile. so he stopped and asked if there was any work to be done and was told the 2 strangers is town had been looking for help with something and would likely pay handsomely for someone of his skills. It wasn't hard to find the warrior and sorcerer set up in an old mansion and after some swift negotiation with payment and a handshake he was the pathfinder for an expedition into the old Harrow Stone prison to find and destroy the ghosts that were haunting it.

ill continue in a bit after i make myself some food, it just occurred to me that Fred's story is a lot longer then i remember it being in my head

>> No.35664654

thank you sir

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By letting your pulse pound and releasing the fists of justice.

>> No.35665058

This thread right here is all of the awesome.

>> No.35665342


Thanks for the stories.

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