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Best of /tg/ thread?

/r/ing the one about the Barbarian turned Rogue Trader.

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Here you go OP

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Best necromancer, coming through. Feels and lulz incoming.

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Here, have a classic bump.

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Good reads in here! Gonna dump a favorite of mine.

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Gonna go to bed for now, I'll post more in the morning if this is still up.

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How does on determine if something is the "best" of something though?

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It's a judgement call.

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I'm not crying you're crying

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first time reading this...
that's not fucking cool...

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Man I wish I could find a group where shit like this happened.

All my group ever does is make ridiculous puns and reference TV shows. It's funny, but never as awesome as that.

So is this just writefaggotry, or was there some kind of campaign based around that guy?

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First time? Hundredth time?
The feels will still sting.

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I don't understand the six pairs of monocles reference.

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This is still one of my favorite stories on /tg/. I want to make a character based on him.

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A while back someone posted a story about the most annoying BBEGs ever. Totally non-combat, just had ranks in stealth, escape skills, and everything charisma-related. Modus operandi was to set up shop in a town, give out quests for adventurers to bring him stuff and/or take out local opposition, buy up a bunch of seemingly unrelated raw materials, then set up a horrifying catastrophe that destroyed the town while he ran away and appeared again in a completely different town. Eventual goal was to destroy absolutely everything for some reason or another. Wasn't even the main villain, but he kept getting away and it went on for so long that by the time the party finally managed to pin him down they had prepared a plan to completely erase his name and memory from existence just to ensure something like him would never happen again.

Did anyone manage to screencap it? I remember the original poster said he wasn't posting it more than once.

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I don't understand any of these references, who is Jake Dagger supposed to be?

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PAIRS of monocles. For those dramatic scenes when sunglasses must be removed.

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This is the story... of the semen dungeon.

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Or put on via CSI reference.

Speaking of which, was there any instances of a DM allowing a mortician/detective character and have them help solving crimes via deduction?

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I think it's supposed to say "manacles."

>Captcha: Cuffy ebilk

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I... Jesus christmas on a meth bender. I need a shot of something corrosive to get that story out of my head.

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Will this help?

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Dumping what I got

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Posting a couple stories, and requesting one.

There's this one story of a guy who rolled a fighter, bought a slave, and put a bag of holding in the slaves cunt. He'd pull a bastard sword and tower shield out and get a first strike by virtue of everyone being dumfounded by what they saw.

Anyone have that? I thought I saved it, but I didn't...

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Father of the year

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This one is one of my favorites

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and the sequal

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Does anyone have a cap of the death by placebo post? I had to switch computers and lost mine

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here's something from the HFY threads

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That's...actually brilliant...I like it!

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Dumping the Cheese-o-mancer

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Years back I wrote a load of settings for /tg/

There was the Valiant story and setting which as I recall started out as someone talking about a scrapyard for Starfleet ships.
Dyad with its psychologically ruined cyborgs that was going to be a whole game system which I just never got round to.
And then that hilarious "Some twit posts a complete book of magic on 4Chan, this leads to apocalypse" setting.

Might see if I still have some of the copies I made of those threads.

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sultsce since

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One of the better ones I've seen recently...

Not sure how old something needs to be for it to be best-of-TG...

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Still one of my favorite stories of all time. And I'm sure there's at least some truth to it too.

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I wish I had my cap, but the Corgatha Taldorthar story is way, way better than Edguardo, and hits a lot of the same points.

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Fuck you anon. I did not need these feels.

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Never seen it, but now I want to.

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It's eh. I like punchfist better.

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thank you based anon

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That's the story of Shane the Shy. I think it was one of shoggy's

Found it hosted on Funny Junk

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I remember that thread. It was truly one of /tg/'s greatest moments.

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Please don't link to that site, it's like an even worse version of reddit.

I just searched suptg and found it right off... http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=shane

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also I'm not going to take the time looking through this whole thread to see if I'm making redundant posts

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i'm not good at this keeping track of dump thing am i

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These threads are pretty sad.

A handful of ancient reposts, and then just stuff not even worth screencapping.

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When dumping I have a habit of counting out loud al la Count von Count

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10/10 that's all.

>captcha: use book std

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Goddamn, what is this parodying?

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Jesus fuck
Niggers dont know their Gilbert an sullivan?

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Shit man that made me tear up

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I Am A Very Model Of A Modern Major General, which was originally a Gilbert and Sullivan piece, but you may have heard it from Babylon 5, Mass Effect 2, or XKCD.

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I remember that thread

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I don't know why, but this one always makes me laugh so hard! I love it.

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Can you get insurance as a Rape Factory employee? It seems as though you'd have a hard time filling out the application.

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That's beautiful

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Please do, I'd love to see what you've come up with.

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Goddammit man, hurry up!

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I know le reddit is generally despised on here but /r/dndgreentext has it. I'm positive. I'll post the link if I get a chance to hunt it down.

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I'm a retard, explain pls.

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To further elaborate, it's a song from The Pirates of Penzance.

It's a comedic opera that debuted in 1879, one of the many that Gilbert and Sullivan made. Their works still see live performance and are frequently quoted and parodied to this day, as indicated by that screencap.

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Punchline, punch, mom has a shiner.
The joke is you rereading the filename.

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I used to have a copy pasta, the story of Gus the Gargoyle cleric, who started in 1e and was ported to traveller.

anyone got it?

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Oh God, this nearly kills me every time. Why can't I stop reading it?

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What the actual fantastic flying fuck-nuts.

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Holy shit man. I would've strangled that DM long before the end.

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Not sure what happened to the image size there.

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Part two if anyone cares.

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For the love of God man, give us the rest!

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You learn something new every day.

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Requesting the WoD story about the guy who would mail himself in a crate to the job locations and then burst out.

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Welcome to the Inquisition.

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More from that guy

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Ooh, I've never seen this one. That's good.

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New one.

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Welp, that hit me right in the feels.

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I thought these were pretty cute, anyone saved more?

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I know that thread, Ive been brainstorming to make a comic of Valiance. Maybe like Appreggio of the Blue Steel with Girl AI

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I remember Ovi from the "draw your party" threads

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love it. love everything about it

but i did think that at some point the rogue was going to kill the girl and disguise himself as her and live her life

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A classic

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It's quite an amazing read. But it makes me feel empty.

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Sir Weyland

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I actually have one. I didn't use it much for DMing over the years, though.

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Try playing a noble who is under a curse to commit crime each day or else, next game!

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man i love best of /tg/ threads

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Any one have that one paladin one about falling? Op was letting a friend play his paladin?

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I know this is a reference to something and it seems damnably failure but I just can't quite place it

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what the fuck no Old Man Henderson? /r/ing a screencap of it, I only have the 1d4chan article. Make sure you read the director's cut, the original pales in comparison.

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I believe its Mr Tulip from discworld. Kind of a dumb thug with an appreciation for art and snorting whatever white powder he could get his hands on.

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That's it can't remember which story he's in but it was definitely one of Pratchett's

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From the early(ish) days of /tg/

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Small dump incoming, starting with a favorite of mine from /k/.

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Another classic, on par with Demigods.

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Probably one of the best things I've heard of come out of AdEva.

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Found this one on /r/rpg a while back.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand we hit the image limit. Shame, I got a bunch more. I'd start a new thread, but I should've been in bed more than an hour ago. I might start one when I wake up, if I feel like it.

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I imagine undead teenegers with real names like Lazarius and Misericordia calling themselves Bob and Sue in an attempt to be edgy and rebellious.

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Man, that's stupid. They should have just shot it, then had the chef cook it for dinner.

Nice quads by the way.

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Hint is in the filename. It's from the novel The Truth.

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I have a boner for this. How does one fine a group that rps well?

>> No.35624914

By the way, there are at least five other threads continuing those guy's adventures in Dark Heresy.

Look up "All Guardsman Party" on suptg.

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Oh man i remember this. Why arent the posts that said "Superman, heil hitler, crossed arms" and shit included?
i lost my shit at those.

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Holy shit someone actually used the image I made. I feel awesome about that

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his dad transmuted his SNES into a gameboy like in full metal alchemist.

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God, that never gets old. I'm thinking of doing something similar, but with shadowrun. 20th level in pathfinder, have my players restricted to dwarf, orc, troll, human and elf, have em roll up real quick as a "prologue" session. They fight the terrible evil and at the end? I play this...


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I cried a little at the end.

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Would the people hurt by the grenade contract lycanthropy?

>> No.35631515

If they had an open wound, or some of the metal hit them

>> No.35631589

What if you put buckshot/needles/isohedrons in the box with the frog?

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If you just made the cage out of wood, it wouldnt break out in small form, and the splinters could cut enough

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Having been in that thread, those where the tame responses to that abomination.

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