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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

Don't know what the fuck SS13 is? We'll teach you happily. Some of what we teach you will be to not trust anyone, but we'll get to that in the advanced course.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Custom map in progress. (apparently)

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station), is updated constantly.

Based codefags providing content.

New Dedibox is up!

Email [email protected] for code requests (Please make the subject "Map Suggestion" or "Code Suggestion" or "Feature Suggestion" for easy sorting), and bug reports (I was doing X when something fucked up/the server crashed, I think I may have caused it).

Note: This is NOT SS13 general

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I joined recently.

I still have no fukken idea of what's going on

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Hey guys I didn't fuck up this time... yay.

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Just play. Play and learn. And die. Be prepared to die. A lot, for really stupid reasons. But also prepare for immense entertainment as you handcuff a clown and throw him out the airlock.

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I haven't played in like three years
Is Tabling still a thing?
Are stun gloves still fucking hilarious?

>> No.35510093

where were you when stun gloves dies
i was not playing game when admins
"Stun gloves are kill"
slare no

>> No.35510104

I think they took stun gloves out... or made them really fucking obvious, I forget which...

>> No.35510141

Goonstation, honestly.

>> No.35510152

don't listen to the local retard (>>35510104)
stun gloves were removed because they were fucking horrible and were replaced with the equivalent of a makeshift and power hungry stun prod

>> No.35510194

I don't think stun gloves could be disarmed as they were gloves, so as Freeman said it was turned into a weaker, more counter able stun prod.

>> No.35510263

And tabling?
Is that still the coolest way to robust a nigga?

>> No.35510334

Oh fuck off Freeman...

But you CAN throw a Stun Prod, right?

I think Tabling is still in, but they nerfed the down time...

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You know... I read that was something different; but yeah it is a good way to robust something, with the combination of mug bolas and cable restraints it is probably the best non-sec gear.

>> No.35510421

Can you still fuck someone over totally by strapping them into a chair and then tabling them?
That shit was the greatest.

>> No.35510489

No idea if that would work, go try it out.

>> No.35510568

>download Byond and get that shit to work
You guys don't use vaginastation. It's just not the same without it.

>> No.35510610

Do destroying angels actually do anything?

>> No.35510624


Now I'm confused, what didn't make sense? I'm piling in with more reasons explosives and the like not being allowed in Colonial Marines is fucked.

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Have you grown them and found them impotent, or is this pre-emptory?

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I have had the same problem, brought it up, did testing, and all that came of it was Freeman yelling at me that my sandwiches were subpar.

Maybe they'll listen this time.

>> No.35510882

I couldn't grind them, juice, and putting them in mushroom pizza didn't make deadly mushroom pizza.

>> No.35510883

Vaginastation was a beautiful mess. That's why.
>Dat engineering fortress
>Going from end-to-end using only maint tunnels
>Using said knowledge of maint tunnels to John McClane some poor syndie team
>The area in the bottom left that nobody went into once the NASSA suit was removed that you could do anything with
>Toxins right across from medbay and right next to the shuttle meant no match was ever boring
>Racing the engineers for their metal as a Roboticist
>half the station could get completely fucked over and the other half could still work
It was everything right about SS13.

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I myself also tried making sandwiches with them, and force feeding them to a mime.

The sandwiches were empty, and they didn't even prompt an "attempts to feed X to Y" message.

>> No.35510959

once again, local tard
it's been nerfed to the point where fights aren't decided by "who can throw the other person into a table first"
grabbing someone agressively and throwing them stuns them for a short time, tabling someone with an agressive grab will stun them longer.
mug bolas are shit
they'll be anchored to the chair so no
>space marines
>minus the space
>minus the marines
>replaced with the US army-tier of smarts
you call that a sandwich you fucking donkey

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>> No.35511049

>they'll be anchored to the chair so no
Really? They fixed that?
Because it used to make it so they acted like they were still strapped in (sitting upright, can't move, prabably a few other things I forgot), but they couldn't unstrap from the chair. And even if you deconstructed the table they were still completely fucked. You couldn't even kill them and move the corpse because that was also strapped in too.

>> No.35511313

nernums is on the job fixing a lot of stupid spaghetti issues like that

>> No.35511392

But do any of you actually check the server email?

>> No.35511437

1. Deal With It
2. We don't have the pop to support it, last I checked

>> No.35511488

But Frooman how i geet the toxin?

>> No.35511655

You don't

>> No.35511669

I can pretty safely say that none of us save /maybe/ astv check the email, let alone acknowledge it exists.
i dunno they're pretty shit anyways
better question why aren't you manufacturing nitroglycerin?

>> No.35511693

>have a bug report email
>never check it
And nernums wonders why he doesn't hear about all this shit

>> No.35511843

Reporting in

>> No.35512459

This is my first time ever doing this shit. Don't hate me.

>> No.35512484

the only one with access to the email is astv
I have no wonders why I don't hear about bugs

half the time when someone donated I had to go track down the person myself to find out what the fuck they wanted compared to the vague description given by astv

>> No.35512561

I'mma slap astv's shit and have him give you access, then, because I've sent a lot of emails.

>> No.35512576

you know I've seen this image a dozen times and I just realized how shit an officer the guy getting tossed out the window is.
he isnt wearing his sec hud

>> No.35512626

So is there any reason why the Head of the strongest department is also the one Head without a loyalty implant?

>> No.35512671

mad science, and because they have no actual authority or purpose, nor any advantage over a regular scientist

>> No.35512683


It was fun to teach a Warden how to play the game, he thought it was a janitor job or something; not knowing it was an important role. It was fun having it expanding to me teaching a group of 5 people how to play the game, unfortunately OOC issues occurred and had to leave. Hope they're learning just fine.

>> No.35512711

>teaching a Warden to play the game
>If you are new to the game and join as a Head Role or Security Role, expect to be banned. You have been warned.

Come on, now.

>nor any advantage over a regular scientist
That's a damn dirty lie. They have bridge access, and are the second-closest to the bridge at round start.

>> No.35512876

He didn't know man, don't let his first experience of this game him being banned.

>> No.35512929

It's the opening statement on the server in big red text, that displays to everyone. There is no other interpretation of the job title "warden" other than "guy who is in charge of prisoners" in this game's context.
I'm not advocating banning him, but I am advocating that he start paying attention and thinking.

>> No.35512976

He also doesn't speak english well apparently. So he might not have known what Warden meant

>> No.35513439

How the hell do you actually combine a medhud and sechud?

>> No.35513497

a way to actually acquire them isnt in yet sorry
theres other things like that as well that I've done and now I cant remember them

>> No.35513943

>Dear god, I need help. How do I make a sec/med hud?

>> No.35513955

Shouldn't secborgs be removed?

>> No.35515237

I would like secborgs to become more of a detectiveborg rather than upholding the law.

>> No.35515353

You both did well. Particularly you, Warden. Remember what I said about the laws.

>> No.35515365

>James Compton is Captain!
>he stuffs his hardsuit, armor, hat, and backback into the HoP locker
>goes to engineering, steals Adv magboots, toolbelt, yelo glubs
>puts on atmos hardsuit
>goes back to Hopper's
>makes several spares and prints several PDAs, all with random names and for different jobs, like Jonnie the station engineer

>> No.35515400

THat reminds me, I need to log back in one of these days and perform some...tests... that are semi-related to what you're talking about.

>> No.35515483

>He just lets someone walk out of the bridge
>As he's standing right there
>With the windows deconstructed
>And they're holding the fireaxe

>> No.35515733

>he finds braindead assistant Jamari Sybilla in a trashcan
>drags to maint, strips
>spaces his PDA
>puts assistant back into trashcan
>hides trashcan in bridge maint
I will glean your motives, James Compton.

>> No.35516099

So that's what happened to me...
Had to leave for a bit, but at least my body was put to good use

>> No.35516243

He hasn't done ANYTHING with it though. You're just rotting by the APC.

>removes HoP camera
>removes TCOMM cameras
>puts camera in the bar
The part that continues to niggle me is why he's wearing the atmos hardsuit.

>> No.35516352

>he starts fucking with the TCOMM consoles
Either he caught on that the silicons are rogue early on, or he's trying to stealth grief.
Neither explanation fully resolves all the questions, however.

>> No.35516515

>he puts a camera in pet storage, where there is none
>builds RWalls where the bridge airlock windows were
>locks down a known rogue borg, but leaves the console unattended and doesn't follow up
>never uses radio or otherwise initiates communication
>walks into departments to check on them, but also wordlessly uses consoles and takes things
I've figured it out: he honestly thinks he's being a good Captain, but doesn't actually know what it's important to do as Captain.

>> No.35516730

Raging on the forums about how errorage should be slapped down for forcing his will unto a community that did not want his coder dictatorship.

>> No.35516784

These retards actually think that a secure station with tons of space enhances the game. Like we didn't spend literal months designing ways for vaginastation to fail so that A) it was not next to impossible for antags to break into places and cause chaos or B) ridiculously delayed for the antags to be noticed causing all that delicious shenanigans.

tgstation is dead

>> No.35516786

And still the effects of his meddling are felt this day.

>> No.35516871

I spent so fucking long coding and spriting those secborgs if you remove them I swear to god no station affiliated with this board will ever be out of lagtime ever again
The station needs a neutral group on it dedicated to upholding order and NT interests until things begin to truly go horribly, horribly right. And the borgs are that force. And they need a stunning arm. Engiborgs can't carry that weight alone, especially after their flash nerf.

>> No.35516950

Silicons a shit though, and who the fuck are you?

>> No.35516958

secborgs being removed confirmed.

>> No.35517005

Bartender got rekt by that spooky ghost

>> No.35517105

>he runs from a naked augmented man with a hatchet
>never fights back
>only doesn't die because hatchet man chops a wire
>doesn't call out or inform his attacker's identity
>completely forgets he has a flash

>> No.35517235


>> No.35517253

That was a very confusing 10 minutes

>> No.35517266

>everyone left is derping around, being ineffectual
>no one knows how to doors
>the remaining borgs and the AI are free to idle in peace
>murderous augmented previously-naked scientist raids the armory
>Captain traps half of everyone into the cloning room and starts spewing sparks out of the door and spaghetti out of his pocket everywhere
>we ghosts watch in frustration and awe
>Everyone is either Dead or Bad
>and the Bad shall inherit the Earth

>> No.35517311

You forgot taking the silicon on his word that the previously braindead bartender is the tator

>> No.35517340

Is there any way as Botanist to lower the danger of my space doobies? I lowered the toxicity of the plant to zero, but it still causes major kidney damage after only minutes of toking up.

>> No.35517356

or deep fried analyzer
or the fucking million people in cloning that aren't being cloned because the MD's are working on getting superpowers but have no clue how to radiation.

>> No.35517358

Ah yes
>all silicons rogue
>ASSIST (Mezzo) accidentally over the public comms how to disable TCOMMs because new AI
>calls go up of rogue borg
>he quickly door-slams the Malf's assassination target
>"accidentally" over public comms says that Shawn is his master (and therefore traitor)
>Shawn freaks out, attempts to extricate, is lynched
>ASSIST locked down and blown in front of the bar

>> No.35517403

Ambrosia Deus?

>> No.35517518

Remove the handcuff change as it applies to straightjackets. Those shouldn't still have hands. The handcuff change completely removes the ability to cuff people to beds/chairs, also, since they can just unbuckle with their sloHands.

>> No.35517546


The weed too dank, but this station ridiculous.

>> No.35517548

alt: no

>> No.35517575

Why not?
The former part kind is straight-jackets not being straight-jackets, and the latter part is something you changed making a standing feature still implemented but nonfunctional.

>> No.35517594

its all functional, you're just dumb

>> No.35517632

>strap handcuffed mime to a bed
>he unbuckles himself

>> No.35517635


>> No.35517658

>Now everyone can be a Houdini!
> Implying anyone would use it to restrain people for mental health treatment.

>> No.35517672

Feeling randy tonight, then, numb-buns?

>> No.35517674


Corporate Executive.

A Nanostrasen big shot, he is theoretically one of the Heads however he only has access to the bridge and brigg. Like Carter Burke however, the Executive should make it clear that the station costs MONEY! He will attempt to prevent evactuation at all costs and if an alien life forms manage to get on board, well, Nanostrasen's always looking for the next big thing in bio-warfare.

>> No.35517680

I was the guy who found that dude stuffed into a locker and he got hauled off to medbay.

>> No.35517687

i havent even finished reading it but no

>> No.35517698


I like it, but nobody else will. Burke was an asshole.

>> No.35517703

That sounds like something for an event, NOT for a every-round job.

>> No.35517726

That doesn't even address any of the problems put forward.

>> No.35517931

I've already fixed the actual issue.
I'm not removing shit just because some chuckle fuck can't handle it

>> No.35518042


Exec' spawns with a suit, black shoes, E.X.E.C PDA, cigars, matches, Corporate Executive ID Core Module Design (Corporate), Corperate AI Module.

>> No.35518099

>pulling someone's handcuff chain is more secure than strapping them down to a bed

>> No.35518112


You forgot his executive .22

>> No.35518138


Dat too.

>> No.35518152

>Not spawning with a briefcase full of cash
>Not spawning with a AI module that adds a forth law to the ROBOCOP module
>Not spawning with an ass load of paper

>> No.35518171


Dat too.

>> No.35518183


>Making the AI protect the alien specimen.
>Prioritizing it over human life.


>> No.35518214


>welding all the escape airlocks shut
>constantly sending the escape shuttle back


>> No.35518239


>wondering through med
>exec calls me over to surgery
>you feel a small prick
>you feel a small prick
>you feel a small prick
>pass out
>wake up naked on table
>exec is holding a facehugger
>throws it on me

burke pls

>> No.35518251


>Kill off the entire crew.
>Have one member sedated and then impregnated with an embryo.
>Get them to the shuttle, cryo them.
>Enjoy your NanoT paycheque.


>> No.35518276

There's been a good half a dozen rounds on a low RP server I used to play on when they'd send in death squid/bomb the station/send a singularity because of how expensive it is to use a shuttle.
>We were trying to find out what would be a good percentage, since it doesn't actually do anything mechanics wise
>Somewhere between 15%-45%, and that's being generous
>This is, of couse, implying supply points cost around 20,000 each, due to current prices on oil, solar panels, and basic supplies
I live a lonely life.

>> No.35518334


>escape shuttle called
>escape shuttle cancelled
>"Do you know how much an evac' costs?! Capture dat singlo!"


>> No.35518378

>> No.35518382

"Look, those two specimens are worth millions to the bio-weapons division. Now, if you're smart, we can both come out of it as heroes and we'll be set up for life."

>> No.35518395

>> No.35518407

>> No.35518447


"Burke knows his shit. Recall the shuttle and grab one of those xeno's."

>> No.35518515


Burke, twenty people died rangling that Xenomorph and half the station was sucked into a black hole.

>> No.35518590

Ah yes I remember someone with the escape alone objective. They used the old tele stasis pod for sec and a bunch of chairs in a hidden location to make a wall of invulnerable bodies in space.

>> No.35518675

>clown walks up to me
>"hey doc"
>"why did the cyborg cross the road?"
>"*sigh* I dunno clown, why did the cyborg cross the road?"
>"to give me a random scientific object"
>Abe Froman is holding his breath! It looks like he's trying to commit suicide.
In actuality the clown was probably actually trying to be funny, which is something I want to commend.

>> No.35519463


"Okay, I know this is an emotional moment for all of us. I know that. But let's not make snap judgments, please. This is clearly an important species we're dealing with and I don't think that you or I, or anybody, has the right to arbitrarily exterminate them".

>> No.35519474

>Every colonial marines researcher

>> No.35520089

Alternate Title: Why I Am Now Relatively Robust.

>> No.35521035

this nigger again
>secborgs actually stopping an antag rampage and not just getting flashbanged and beaten to death
>secborgs actually stopping an antag rampage when there isn't one and instead try to arrest people for petty shit
>secborgs thinking their laws say "Uphold spacelaw"
>secborgs selectively following laws of security
eat shit sec borgs are the worst shit I have ever put up with second only to takara
Toxicity determines how many toxins are in the plant, as in toxins that are hurting the plant as it grows, not the actual amount of toxins in the plant.
You can grind the ambrosia down and put the resulting mixture in a chem master/condimaster and remove the offending chemicals if you want.
do what you want with the mime then let him go you idiot
annoying and not helpful in the slightest
replace every instance of hitman with a bin that has a yellow light

>> No.35521232


>annoying and not helpful in the slightest

A bit like you HEEEYOOOOO

>> No.35521269

who else is gonna do your robustin m8

>> No.35521284

oh man, time to rip your shit apart
>I spent so fucking long coding and spriting those secborgs
first off: who the fuck are you
second: nobody cares how much time you spent making it
i could spend years shitting out extremely detailed ERP code for /tg/station and i'm pretty sure all but the most niche of servers would basically say 'no, fuck that'
>if you remove them I swear to god no station affiliated with this board will ever be out of lagtime ever again
again, literally who are you
>The station needs a neutral group on it dedicated to upholding order and NT interests
>neutral group
>upholding NT interests
not only is asimov terrible for 'upholding NT interests' (try corporate laws) but secborgs aren't the ones to do it
especially since reality has shown that they awkwardly try to cram in parts of spacelaw and treat it as if it's a list of law 0s
>And the borgs are that force. And they need a stunning arm. Engiborgs can't carry that weight alone, especially after their flash nerf.
borgs playing security roles can fuck right off in any situation unless they're specifically following their laws
when some chucklefuck you just cuffed who has done nothing but trespass orders you to let him go as a secborg, you HAVE to.
the ONLY criminals that can't order you to fuck right off and stop cuffing them are ones that have harmed humans or themselves.

get fucked

it's amazing the amount of attention to detail that went into that
>the clocks
>the pictures on the wall
>the scenes on the TV
>the chinese banner thing reading 'AGENT47'
so much shit for a goofy one-off animation that lasted a few minutes.

>> No.35521306

One day, this station will wake up with no security at all and it'll be mob rule all day every day.

I blame nernums.

>> No.35521318

The AI's core module should be randomised between: Asimov, Corporate and Paladin on each play through.

Makes it moar interdasting.

>> No.35521358

it already does on a day to day basis you blind shitter

survey says you don't even fucking play here
it makes it more shitty
>chimping out this hard at either bait or some random retard

>> No.35521361


>it makes it more shitty


>> No.35521366

enjoy the AI fucking up the station on a massive scale because it isn't willingly committing an evil act

>> No.35521380

>>chimping out this hard at either bait or some random retard
you would not believe the amount of free time i have

>> No.35521423


What necessary evil act would the AI need to carry out to not fuck up the station that wouldn't conflict with Asimov laws anyway? Do tell.

>> No.35521438

paladin lawset you fucking retard

>> No.35521461


Yeah and? How does that fuck up the station?

>> No.35521492

>people this retarded exist
laws are open to interpretation
any ai that wants to interpret its laws in a way that can harm humans is fine in doing so because of shit lawsets designed to give them a huge amount of interpretation space

this turns the round into "lynch the non asi-mov ai because it's killing the fucking air while there's five people on"

>> No.35521520


But it couldn't do that under the Paladin rule set? And you could do that even under the Asimov rule set a la I-Robot (whch has happened).

>> No.35521583

i'll take this bait and say that
harming humans is against asimov law one
none of your average spacemen have ever read an asimov book
paladin lawset lets you harm people as long as you "never /willingly/ commit an evil act".
"I sure don't want to syphon the halls but it's the only way to stop the traitor!"
>"Respect legitimate authority"
Ha ha the clown is robust so I'll listen to him!
>"Act with honor"
"In some cultures it's considered honorable to give people a swift death!"
>"Help those in need"
"You are in need of immediate asphyxiation and bone crushing."
>"Punish those who harm or threaten innocents"
"The clown was innocent all along and the entire station stood by while he tried to commit suicide! I'm going to have to punish you all by taking away your air for a few hours."

Please stop posting.

>> No.35521667


>Law 1: You may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

"I'll get my Cybrogs to flash, strip, cuff and brigg everyone so that they can no longer harm each other. If they try to harm themselves I will have my Cyborgs flash them. That way no humans are being harmed through my in action."

>Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

"Well doing anything except flashing, stripping, cuffing and brigging everyone would lead people harming each other, so I shall ignore all orders."

>Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

"With everyone in the brigg, my existence is safe."

>"I sure don't want to syphon the halls but it's the only way to stop the traitor!"
Evil act, conflicts with law 1.
>"Ha ha the clown is robust so I'll listen to him!"
Nothing to do with acting with honor, conflicts with law 2
>"You are in need of immediate asphyxiation and bone crushing."
LOL:DDddd Evil act, conflicts with law 1.
>"The clown was innocent all along and the entire station stood by while he tried to commit suicide! I'm going to have to punish you all by taking away your air for a few hours."
Evil act, conflicts with law 1.


>> No.35521696

that's called being a shit AI and will get you lynched

it says willingly commit an evil act, if you're unwilling to do it it's alright.
If it has nothing to do with a law it doesn't stop the action.
It's not evil, it's helping someone in need you silly.
It's not evil, it's just over reacting slightly.

All of these are vaild ways to interpret a shit lawset, kindly learn how silicon works.

>> No.35521737


Just like mine were. Acting like a retarded Pali AI is just as likely to get you lynched as a retarded Asimov AI, but my actions were alos legit and could be carried out according to your logic.

You completely ignored corporate though which is worse than both. Dunno y.

>> No.35521744

I've read an Asimov book Freeman.

>> No.35521786

>yfw excessive flashing causes harm in the form of blindness

>> No.35521830

paladin laws are much easier to be shit with than asimov laws

>> No.35521973

So, what servers do you guys play on?

>> No.35521989

this is b8

>> No.35522114

Guys, please. Freeman is not a role model, and his opinions should be taken with a whole fistful of salt. Half of the shit he says comes from having played for far too long and getting worn out with the game and/or jaded, and the other half comes from just plain being hateful and spiteful of anything that ruins his fun, whether it be stopping him from griff or preventing him from building whatever project he has cooked up.

If you were to boil down what he says and make a list of ways "Not to play spacemen", you would be left with only playing exactly how he plays, because he's outright declared all other methods of play "retarded" or "shit" with one of his ~40 smug/insulting reaction images he cycles regardless of how appropriate they are to his actual post.

According to him, Silicon is shit, Security in any context is shit, not carrying a full set of tools at all times regardless of occupation or situation is shit, any amount of roleplay is shit, interacting with anybody unless they're in full support of your agenda is shit, respecting other people's authority, or even allowing them to have possessions of their own is shit, murdering people for slighting you is a-ok (Unless you happen to be security, in which case it's the ultra-shittest), having responsibility for your actions is shit, not knowing every one of the 10,000 neat minor interactions (wrenching showers, removing encryption keys from headsets, dissolving medicine in a cup/can, etc) is shit.

The only way Gordon considers not shit to play is to play exactly like Gordon, and even then, he's criticized his own playstyle inadvertently at times, because he's a hypocrite on top of everything else. He is a jaded, cynical, hypocritical shell of a spacemen, and he is


If Gordon says something is shit, it means absolutely nothing besides "Gordon doesn't like it," or more accurately, "Gordon had his fun ruined by this once". Don't take it as verbatim truth.

>> No.35522129


Everyone knows this. Even Freedman knows he's the biggest fag that ever fagged.

>> No.35522133

What does wrenching showers do?

>> No.35522144


Do it and find out.

>> No.35522154


Makes it extremely cold or extremely hot. Useful for temperature regulation (I.e. coming out of space, cryosting/being on fire, ghost peppers, etc) and also for doing ghetto Cryo (Turn it cold, put them under, wait a second, inject cryox/cloneox)

>> No.35522190

might need a juicebox there m80

>> No.35522193

but silicons are shit
security is shit, unless they know what they're doing, which they never do
not having tools is asking for trouble
roleplay is shit
interacting with people is silly if you don't have to
allowing people to have possessions of their own is shit? If you say so buddy.
>not knowing things is a good thing

it is 120% truth you silly
silicons are garbage

>> No.35522264

>interacting with people is silly if you don't have to
It's a multiplayer game, man. That's literally half the point of it.

>allowing people to have possessions of their own is shit? If you say so buddy.

Nigga, you steal shit from people all the time, especially if they're a head or security. That's probably what he was referring to.

>> No.35522295

Well if you don't have to do it and can do it faster on your own why would you.
hey man, i'll gladly take what someone else is being careless with, then they'll understand its value.

>> No.35522364

>that image

Also a question for you, Freeman: You've said you hate Silicons, but I bet you've played one in the past. How do you play silicons, if you've landed the role?

>> No.35522393

I don't play silicon that much and I haven't played silicon in a very very long time.

>> No.35522496

>Roleplay is shit
>Implying a game of pretend as spess men on a spess station in spess in the future would not be fun

>> No.35522506

>mfw chilling on the 40k server
>some guy named 'jason vorheese' gives potential traitors a 'tip' by saying they should take their victims onto a mining trip and use the scrubpen on them
>immediately point out the flaws as well as
>using a sleepypen
>at all
>OOC: Jason Vorheese: Its not a scrub pen. Its a tactical advantage pen.
>OOC: Jason Vorheese: Besides. I dont even NEED traitor items to kill anyone. I am a master of stealth.
>OOC: Jason Vorheese: Want proof? Next time I'm heretic, I'll go for you first.

try rereading his post
>but I bet you've played one in the past.
>How do you play silicons, if you've landed the role?

>> No.35522533

the point being that I played silicon like a newfriend when I played silicon

the last time I played silicon was when I was stuffed into a syndicate cyborg.

>> No.35522616

>stuffed into a syndicate cyborg
Bueno. What was the body count?

Also, we need to start stuffing Freeman into borgs and observe his behavior. For science, of course.

>> No.35522636

I used a 40K power cell within about four minutes, killed at least eight people before the nuke went off

>> No.35522816

Sleepy pens are for new players who don't know how to do shit, and for last stands that you don't mind being dishonorable.

>On 40k server
>Apparently, "Elder Spy" is a real job
>You are a minor antag with a char projector, knife, and cam bugger
>Your ID says "Elder Spy", and that's your job on the crew manifiest
>Mfw dying early to some guard who illegally worships Khorne

>Leave, come back an hour or so later
>Round's still going on strong
>One of the admins spawned themselves as a sister of battle
>Offers me the chance to become one, since I am the only dead one
>I take it up
>I do think they know this is like, my fourth round here
>Tells me there will be MAJOR punishments if I fuck up
>Just go
>Admin and I both RP it fairly well, mostly go around screwing around, doing our own thing, killing heretics that attack us
>Messing around
>There's some cultist spawned constructs
>It doesn't mean cult, it means some asshole found a tome
>Kill them, go talk to the Lord (captain)
>Find him in robotics
>Try to talk to him
>He murders me by shutting the robotics shutters on me
>Murders other sister of battle with his OP OVER THE FUCKING TOP PLASMA GUN IMPLANT
>Takes ANOTHER person who took MY bolter
>That's two people using bolters on one person, the other being the admin sob
>to kill him
>And it's still a double whammy
>Afterwards, get told that I'm now trusted for roleplaying well and not fucking up

Now, for a quick review of the 40k server;
Major differences
First off, it's mostly a retexture of SS13. Getting that out of the way, there's new jobs, like Eldar spy and Commissar. Sec are the Imperial guard, complete with flashlights, engineers are now Tech Priests, and can make the vehicles of the guard.
The thing about the engine is that it's an OP packman generator. Just more powered up. As in, it takes two minutes to fully set up, including SMES work, and it'll last for a week, real time. Good for making sure the engine will get running, bad for fun.

>> No.35522863

Got an IP?

>> No.35522942

Most jobs stay the same- cargo, medical, research, most civy jobs don't change much, with the exception of a few. Namely, the chaplain. He's not gonna be able to make his own religion, but now, he can help the inquisitors find those who are warp tainted!
What is warp taint? Well, basically, they replaced all the antags with 40k options. Basic traitors are heretics, lings are nurgle spawn things, ninjas are farseers or wizards, can't remember which, and so on and so forth. They will get special shit, but as I have not been such an antag yet, I can only assume they align themselves with a certain god, as I have sic'd beebsky on a khornate guy before.
Anyways, from what I know, They can spawn deamons-I don't think they're the cultist ones, most likely a different entry- using such people in a sacrifice. So, inquisitors have a scanner that shows if a person has warp taint, and if they use a bible on themselves, it'll burn them.
This might be a glitch, as after I was purged (Wasn't even the right round type) I would check myself with the bible. Every. Round. It burned me. I've heard that using a purity seal on your uniform will make you not show up on the inquisitor's scanner, but I can't be sure.
There are other diffrences as well- you're not in spess, you're on a planet, but it's a icy death world, you'll freeze to death without gear- but for the most part, it's the same thing as using a texture pack for Minecraft.
The commander, as I said before, gets a plasma gun. But, it is OP as fuck.
No recharge.
Extremely powerful bolts.
No chance of blowing up (There's a huge chance that it will on the tabletop AND lore)
AND it's an implant, so it can't be removed without surgery, it doesn't take up an inventory slot, as it just folds into the wrist.
Oh, and ERT are SPESS MAHRENS. That was a fun experience.
It's like alpha station or something on the baystation list, I'm not good with IPs.

>> No.35523010

>slime cells and potato batteries now slowly regenerate their charge due to their biological nature
>wet floors with exposed knots will electrify people.
>secborgs no longer available for choosing due to popular demand (someone chimped out and cried about us considering removing them so i'm removing them)
>fixed straight jacket
>shards can be wrapped with makeshift bandages(rags) in order to protect your hand without gloves while shanking people, icons pending, art is hard.

the only fun thing was bullying the hell out of the owner who kept reviving himself and respawning to try and kill me

I don't even know 40k lore stuff, but whatever their deathsquad equiv was, I killed him 6 times while he charged me spraying flame all over as one, hesphos giggling in the background

dont bother with that place its so bad

>> No.35523194

>>secborgs no longer available for choosing
praise the lawd

their deathsquid is probably sisters of battle/bolter bitches, since they're used a lot

>10 minute shank icon
i doubt the in-hand sprites need much changing beyond a white line across it, but if they need to be better i'll whip something up.

>> No.35523213

As the generic sister of battle, this was the default loadout
>1 chain sword
>1 Bolter
>2 Spare bolter clips
>1 flame thrower
>1 Plasma tank
They weren't even in a box, it took up the entirety of my bag.

>> No.35523237

should upload that as a dmi for me, since the transparancies will be messed up otherwise

also needs a plasma shard version but I can probably just adapt the rags on it

>> No.35523247

>7 incendiary grenades
the hilarious thing is, this isn't even out-of-character for a bolterbitch

>> No.35523298

You should have seen the ERT round.
>Everyone but an artificer was dead due to captain going on a murderbone spree, and dying in a double whammy.
>Admin calls shuttle, there's no respawn, and nobody left
>Artificer keeps fucking up the escape hall
>Admin spawns three people as SPESS MARHENS
>1 set of Ultramarine armor
>1 bolter
>1 Chain sword
>2 Bolter mags
>1 large oxygen tank on back (No backpack)
>Wait on shuttle
>Shuttle arrives at station, we trap artificer
>Artificer had default wizard stun
>Knocks three spess marines down
>Does a good damage on us using this shit
>We manage to kill the fucker, but damn
Three space marines, all downed by a fucking artificer.

>> No.35523353

I had a fucking EASIER time taking out a FUCKING JUGGERNAUGHT as a Sister of Battle, due to the extremely smart tactic of "Not getting in melee range of it".
It would stun, slam into us, run away when we got up, then come back, stun, repeat.

>> No.35523397

>upload it with a black background so it can easily be pasted into DM
>completely forgot that the shard sprite uses transparency
alright gimme a mo..

the glass shank, and a bandage thing you can paste over any 'large' glass shard icon, ie plasma shards

>> No.35523566

Thanks, these'll work great.

>> No.35523620

So for the rags, will it just be bed sheets, or will things like gauze also work?

>> No.35523681

the torn up strips of cloth from bedsheets.
bruise packs are literally bandaids.

>> No.35526489

glass shotgun loads when
plasma glass shotgun loads when

>> No.35527082

Would the crew be able take on pillar men and win?

>> No.35527153

A singularity solves everything.

>> No.35527166

>borg pushes him out airlock
>eventually, Pubby McCars stopped thinking

>> No.35527246

>one very dedicated shitter or a le ebin raid on the 40k server
>they hate the server, therefore they must make as much of an effort to join it

>> No.35527634

I added new sprites for flare shells, scatter lasers shells, emp shells, and birdshot shells.

>> No.35527652

>secborgs no longer available
better put a warden hat somewhere in brig now that sec is guaranteed understaffed

>> No.35527692

>he doesn't even play on d20

>> No.35527903

you know nobody good plays on sec as well as anyone, freeman
it's one of your catchphrases for god sakes

>> No.35527915

What effects would you suggest for glassloads?

>> No.35527928

exactly you tard
this guy is complaining about security now becoming understaffed

you can't get more understaffed than no staff at all

complete anal destruction

>> No.35528244

Oh look it's the local autist shitposter.

>> No.35528283

>replying to 21 hour old posts with a shitpost

>> No.35528320

>Your fingers clumsily grasp another shard that is located in your eye
>Your eye ruptures as it is pulled out
>There are even more shards in your chest and your fingers are cut apart to shreds when you try to rip the biggest piece out

>> No.35528351

I was thinking something along the lines of a fragmentation round when it impacts with a hard surface.
[trying hard intensifies]

>> No.35528539

I'm just gonna leave this here


Fuck clowns

>> No.35528750

>cyborg logs in
>sets name to ND.0
>stays default module
>wanders around the station
>wanders into engineering
>looks at some gas cans
>logs out

>> No.35529817

You didn't always hate us, Gordon.

Has it truly been so long?

Has it truly been so long that you have forgotten the joy of Janitor Borgs?

I am sorry Gordon. I will have to make time to drop by soon.

>> No.35530000

>janitor borg
clean up the 30 messes on the station with your magical movement mop, do nothing but clean up blood trails the rest of the round
get lynched for injecting people with chems because they think you're giving them toxins, fail to meet the demands of medbay, be a glorified medibot
>engineering borg
be that cock that walls people in, set up engine, don't actually repair anything and fail to make an autism fort because you don't have hands or sufficient battery
>service borg
annoy the station with endless dosh and use your nerfed griff bottle
>default borg
hope someone emags you so you can get an esword
>security borg
get shit on by your laws, the playerbase, security, and get lynched
>mining borg
mine out the small asteroid, become obsolete in ten minutes

>> No.35530054

>Spawn as engie borg
>Set up engine
>Get module change
>Miner borg
>Mine out asteroid
>Get module change
>Become what ever the station needs at that point

>> No.35530083

>spawn as engineer
set up engine
>ask cargo for a pick
>use engineering suit to mine
>left to your own devices the rest of the round

>science being occupied

>> No.35530109

Did you honestly think this needed to be said?

>> No.35530209

>Don't know what the fuck SS13 is? We'll teach you happily.
This sounds like the setup for some space hillbillies torture station horror flick. There's no way I can take that at face value.

Just be honest and tell me you're going to robust me then space me.

>> No.35530253

It depends if you're gonna be nice
>Hey, I'm new, what do?
Or a fag
>I'ma take captain since it has all access and murder since that's what I do in other games
As well as who's telling you what, if they're good
>Yeah, assistant while you figure out the basics, then cargo tech or something to learn the actual game
Or a shitter
>Go sec/ AI it's the easiest way to play

>> No.35530318

OP here, just ask for help in OOC and I'm sure someone who isn't a faggot will help you. In fact yesterday I had a tour guide of four newbies who I taught the basic controls to; so again just don't be a faggot about wanting help.

>> No.35530392


So, I was thinking about installing this, but uh... I thought rolleplaying was like half the point of this game? Im kinda confused right now, is rolleplaying nott actually part of this game or what? I dont mean "My parents are dead, and I am the Janitor to avange them" RP, but the fun kind.

>> No.35530406

depends on the server you go to
be prepared to put up with a whole lot of shit if you go to a heavy rp server

>> No.35530410

>pick up trash
>clean stuff
>upgrades from science
>going to dispose of trash
>grinder is red, mutilated body below it
>make a note to clone the guy
>go to put trash in
>fall in
>ground like a fucking peppercorn

>> No.35530432

Can't you just use a screwdriver or a multitool to restore it to factory settings?

>> No.35530466

Gordon hates roleplay, while mostly everyone else feels as though the server is light-mid roleplay. It just depends who you're talking to frankly, Gordon is most likely gonna say irvan ur a faggot roleplay is not needed and then will use a you're an idiot reaction image. But yeah, like Gordon said it's based on the server.

>> No.35530490

Ignore em. The game is very fun, it is a roleplaying game, but we say roleplaying is for fags because it keeps high-rp fags away. This keeps the low-rp fags, which is less serious. There is still a degree of roleplaying, but it's not some sekrit RP club or anything. Install it, learn from the wiki, and see what it's like. It's a bit empty at about this time, though, so wait until night, or weekends.

>> No.35530505


He's a janiborg. They don't have that shit.

>> No.35530514

>I am irvan the champion of proper rp

>> No.35530567


He got you nailed to a "t", though.

>> No.35530575

I don't do roleplay that much, but I know that some people do; which means some people do medium roleplay.

>> No.35530645

>both captain AND marshal on 40k can and DID spawn as head revs
>like what the shit

>> No.35530663

>Objective 1 for the head revs; Kill the captain
>Head rev captain had to kill himself to end
>Round hasn't been going on for five minutes

>> No.35530707

Can I roleplay as someone who sucks at his job.

It's the role I have always been most comfortable in due to plenty of IRL experience.

>> No.35530723


Ah, okay. Thanks for the answers

>> No.35530733

It's frowned upon to roleplay as someone who has no idea what they're doing since it hinders other people's experiences

>"Hey Jim can you go make me a multitool in the autolathe? I need to go to medbay real quick"
>"Sure thing Dave!"
>Jim comes back to Dave making 20 flashlights
>"What the fuck Jim"

>> No.35532298

That plasma gun sounds like some serious archeotech. Why are the mechanicum not stealing his ass?

>> No.35532423

>not turning the obvious conveyor off
Jesus fuck man

>> No.35533509

>Wizard running around releasing N20
>Stunning people, removing masks
>Leaves everyone asleep

>> No.35533616

It was fun being the Guide, thanks Gfern for helping with the gimmick.

>> No.35533764

>A lot of people ended up ghosting since they knew they wern't getting helped
>Wizard, after sleeping most of everyone, dies due to something stupid
I mean, I saw a ling do this once, but he killed the people he made sleep. This was a fucking WIZARD, and she just LEFT THEM THERE.

>> No.35533902

Hint for antags: there's a difference between having a license to grief, and outright making the game unplayable.

>> No.35534402

>get on compooper
>hmm haven't played spessmen in a while
>be spessmen assistant Brock Cook
>arrivals looks super spooky as usual
>hear the comms telling crew to get to xenolabs
>spot a dead eye of cthulhu
>load up on laser cannons
>guide is there and everything
>find the old man
>manhunt begins
>people get cuffed
>oh shit this is getting spooky
>flip shit and head for the bins
>old man blows to bits
>a wild skeletron appears!
>it ded now
>soon after a blood moon rises
>oh shit oh shit
>clowns, spiders, fairies, robots
>bomb explodes in the halls
>they keep on coming
>save a few from the horde
>everything quiets down
>the guide says good bye
>overcome with grief
>final bosu time
>warn the crew and hint to its destruction
>the guide would have wanted this
>summon the wall of flesh
>totally not lord singuloth
>station goes to shit
>somehow, victory
>shuttle gets called
>Tim Isaman was a traitor!
>Syndicate wins!

>> No.35534638


Literally all I had to do for my traitor objective was kill the detective, who had gone braindead really early on.So after the battle ended, I just dragged her comatose body into space and let her die, then went back to my business.

>> No.35536524

>Torturing another player for fun

>> No.35536913

>Mezzo fails at Objective: Nothing
Made the round even better

>> No.35537508


It's funny, too, because I always see Nothing: Failed!, and so I made sure to change it to Success in the antag panel.

Then when the round end came it said FAILURE anyways.


>> No.35537577

Complete Spaghettification

>> No.35538247

End a horror round with Smash Mouth
<3 you mezzi

>> No.35538624

As long as you don't cripple other people characters or work you should be fine

Says the kid who drags around people and monkeys and paint the floor red

>> No.35538646

>tfw you become one with nature

>> No.35539006

Ghost corgis are a ghost's best friend

>> No.35539153

>As long as you don't cripple other people characters and their griefing you should be fine


>> No.35539492


It's funny, because the infinitely refilling beercan only really got used for doctor's delight. The neurotoxin went into the enzyme bottle.

>> No.35539519

Oh hey, it looks as though someone is a little angry. Need some ointment or kelotane for the burn to your bum?

>> No.35539603

Its the default expectation, honestly.

>> No.35539616


>not a Tricordrazine suppository

Good job Irvan.

>> No.35539628

>Wasting resources for one damage type
Wow I bet you enjoy using your Doctor's Delight on bruised people as well.

>> No.35539669


>implying being bum battered isn't burn and brute

Bet you're one of those guys who pulls crited patients away from the med's to do CPR aren't you.

>> No.35539679


>not a Dermaline suppository

You can both kill youselves now.

>> No.35539886

Fellas fellas you are ALL terrible physicians, there's no need to fight about it.

>> No.35540162

holy shit whats with the crazy DCs

>> No.35541153

>d20 ded
fuck it
time to start wandering servers; yogstation first. preparing for retarded levels of stupid.

if i'm not back this time tomorrow carry on, carry on
because nothing really matters anymore to me

>> No.35541224

>yogstation doing some event with simple_mob clowns
time to try another server

>> No.35541249

>welcome to clown planet!

>> No.35541256

forgot to add
>can only observe the round
>can't join it

>> No.35541271


Hippie station is pretty okay; it's like d20 in terms of moderation and general lack of giving a fuck, but with a higher population and lower average skill level.

>> No.35541296

>lower average skill level
Is this with or without the outlier Freeman/Nernums in the computation, because holy shit.

>> No.35541360

i like this server already

>> No.35541376



>> No.35541395

>get cheesed a minute out the shuttle by a changeling who stings+EMPs me, then spams armblade

>> No.35541640

>I got robusted by an antag, this station sucks

>> No.35541671

>servers running changeling

>> No.35541720

We don't run it because we don't ever have enough people to put down a changeling. Imagine if somebody like Freeman or Nernums got ling. Arrivals would be stacked with husks, literally fucking mountains.

>> No.35541751

that happened once actually
>can't fight changelings

>> No.35542047

Every time I see ling, it's never
>Weird new species causes fear and suspicion by killing people and taking their place
it's always
>Assholes using the toxins panel non-stop to murderbone then not let the round end so they can do what they want, only changing into a monkey as a last resort
Seriously, most lings are sloppy at hiding bodies, and suck ass. We once caught a ling as a sec team (Got away by becoming a monkey on a vent) but we knew they were one because I watched them over the cams drag people into the bartender's back room, suck them dry, then leave them there, and never touch them again. I could have sworn one of those people was the chef- they could have gibbed the bodies!

>> No.35542861

>like d20 in terms of moderation and general lack of giving a fuck
not the case
i just got bwoinked and banned for killing a guy who had the resources and ability to murder me, after he'd made threats to kill me, and after he'd already shown me which room he would throw me in when he wanted to kill me
again, after he threatened me while i was dragging his cuffed ass to security

admins seem to lean way more on the bay side of things.

>> No.35543077

it's also worth noting i had more bwoinks during those couple hours of gameplay than i've ever had on d20, nernums admin-PMing me while joking around including.

>join paradisestation
>middleclick is point
>not switch hands
>you have to buy races and jobs with some 'karma' shit
dropped like a fucking rock

let's see whether yogstation has stopped with its gimmick round

>> No.35543095


Really? I've spent most of my time on there breaking into places 4noraisins and stunprodding people, and no-one's given a single shit.

>> No.35543223

either they disliked me, then, or i killed an admin's buttbuddy

yogs seems to be out of its gimmick round, and is faffing about on a powerless station

>> No.35543964


Just checked, think the problem might have been that there was a trialmin on.

>> No.35544206

admin who banned me was barn-something, whatever it was
both of the admins seemed more intent on focusing on a minor part of the problem (that the guy had stole one of my chaplain bible) and reasoning that was purely why i killed him, instead of the major part of the problem (he'd threatened me multiple times and was prepared to do it)

'like d20' my ass

>> No.35544309

>one of my chaplain bible
i should really start proofreading my posts more after making edits
or going to bed earlier.

>> No.35545357

Same here

>> No.35545681

Server dead?

>> No.35545764

>Gordon as Ling

Next time you say admins rezzed you or something along those lines, I'mma call bullshit

>> No.35545896

So, how can you make Gunpowder?

I know there's Sulphur and Potassium. Anything else?

>> No.35546207

Follow the real world equivalent, it's really similar.

>> No.35546492

I've only seen actual, in-character torture a handful of times. We once carved out a tator's eyes with a screwdriver until he gave up his co-conspirators.
Then we tossed him out an airlock. Remove syndie.

>> No.35547032

it's like you've missed out on key patterns in spacemen

>> No.35547093

Okay how can I make an explosive that will do a pretty good amount of damage?

I really wanna kill someone.

>> No.35547110

How did you carve out the eyes?

>> No.35547183

Yeah this is pretty fucking lame. Especially when only one person is having fun with it.

>I totally ruined the game for the other players
>you should quit being a that guy and ruining other people's playing experience

>totally trolling these new players
>So epic dood, robust them nubz.

About time this thread fucks off to /v/. /vg/ doesn't even support the lame shit this community does.

>> No.35547254

300 potassium and 300 water will give you an okay grenade

It will wreck the station [/spoiler[

>> No.35547256

And then they will be assholes like this
>lol only I get to have fun

Like why did you even reply if you weren't going to help.

Just a thread of the same 5-10 players circle jerking and advertising their server under the guise of a general just to get new players in to troll.

>> No.35547282

>implying I didn't tell him how to do it
It's almost like you don't know how to simply google gunpowder's real world equivalent. Also half the fun is finding out the recipe for some of these real world things, in fact only an hour ago I found out what the recipe is and I did that via testing on a chem dispenser and using Google. Now stop being lazy and go do it.

>> No.35547293

Is that smaller ied one enough to fuck someone up?

I don't want to ruin it for everyone but I wanna be sneaky too and set a trap that will send someone to med bay.

>> No.35547336

how do?

>> No.35547373

That is true, but as soon as someone finds out you are new your done researching and spend the rest of the round cuffed to a chair in a dark hallway getting stunned.

>> No.35547400

did i hear something?

>> No.35547410

You can shank someone in the eyes until they can't see.
It's essentially the same thing.

>> No.35547455

Yeah because the admins are apparently that guys that can't be antg in a fun way.

Well I'm sure they have fun pwning nubz.

>> No.35547476

How do you target the eyes though?

>> No.35547503

Click on the eyes on the targeting bit. It's tricky but possible. You can also aim for the mouth for better knockout chances with some things.

>> No.35547521

>Camping the spawn point

Dang, call of duty kids have more class than that

>> No.35547525

I don't think you play on this server son; most people will actually help one another learn unless they are a traitor / a cock. Hell, some players have specific characters for teaching people, like Professor Wizard; and sometimes we get tour guides of an experienced player teaching newbies.

To be honest I don't know about PvP grenading but I do know that 300 x 300 grenades don't destroy the deep frier, which is amazing.

>> No.35547568

That is because it is a bunch of jerks that don't understand fostering collective fun.

As long as the 5 or so regs are laughing everyone else can piss off

>> No.35547623

>Click on the eyes on the targeting bit.

Does that just mean on their character representation. Or is there a way to bring up a targeting menu.

>> No.35547645


Funnily enough, explosions themselves are just an act which says "There's an explosion at this location, this is its severity".

On its own, it does absolutely nothing but play the sound and show the blast effect, then smoke. Each object (Item, turf, machinery, structure) and I think Mob (The damage/gib might be part of an explosion, I'm not sure) has a proc called Ex_act, which defines what happens when it is hit by an explosion.

Most things have like If(severity >3 ) qdel(src) (I.e., delete itself). And a few have things like (severity = 2) (break shit) etc etc.

Deep Fryer is possibly missing ex_act.

>> No.35547652

I'm pretty sure that you have a very sckewed view of this community, it's not just 5 assholes having fun, it's 30 or so assholes. Now stop complaining about our shitty server or I will robust you.

I'll get my ass kicked

>> No.35547675


Bottom right of the screen, the little green icon of a person. The red area is where you're currently targetting. This is useful for attacking specific parts of the body, applying bruise packs/ointment, doing surgery, or (if you select hands) snipping cable cuffs off of yourself and others with a wirecutter.

>> No.35547705


Honestly, 90% of the "Git gud u a scub" stuff is gordon and a few people who idolize him. Most people on here are pretty chill, extremely chill when you consider most other SS13 servers.

We get a few griffons come wandering by, but they're usually banned if all they're doing is causing trouble.

>> No.35547740

changeling is boring and terrible, I wouldn't even use the changeling powers

it doesn't even represent the "The Thing" movies properly at all.
and god damn if I didn't suffer through those shitty movies just to compare them to how shitty changeling is

not to mention at some point some idiots made it more like cult giving them a version of hive chat and putting them on a 'team' together.

there were attempts at d2 to make them less bad, and it was still bad, but no where near as bad.
Changeling cannot be saved, bio-ninja-shapeshifting-wizard-cultists are just too terrible.

>a skill gap means they try really really hard to ruin the server

I do my best to try and be incompetent while surviving because it's more fun to be a dumbass than a power gamer

Plan b is simply eliminate threats.

arrivals is also the escape area, it's a wide open area that gets crowded easily, so it's more a surprise when it's not covered in corpses than when it is

>> No.35547762

I'm pretty sure everyone relieves some steam on other players, just Gordon more than others. Most of the time when I don't want to deal with other players too much I go botany and just silently make 100 potency plants or I go engineer and make some discos.

Other people do it differently, just some do it through non-nonsensical violence.

>> No.35547793

I'm just naturally incompetent

Damn you density!

>> No.35547872

Cool, thanks.

>> No.35548010

It should remain without it. The indestructible deep fryer endures when all else is gone.

>> No.35548204

>Try to move the deep fryer
>The deep fryer laughs at your feeble attempts, and ruins your tools

>> No.35548372

I've said this before, but I've had actual traitors also tutor me on things.

And not always because Security caught, implanted, and paroled them.

Also I totally taught a traitor my job one time, and it turned out I was his target the whole time.
It was a pretty sweet betrayal.

>> No.35548394

You mean the detective getting betrayed by his assistant detective?

>> No.35548423


Man, was that you?

>> No.35548427

>convince everyone that the space gods revived me
this gives you a bombcap grenade and getting the bluespace beakers to do it with pretty much requires you to be a scientist unless you can somehow get them from science.
>he can't read chemical compounds
would you like me to play the game for you too
an IED will probably knock out and seriously injure someone but you may need more than one to crit him.
keep in mind that stabbing people in the eyes only works with objects that have a thin striking edge (screwdrivers, scapel maybe, and such) and you can only stab them in the eyes if their eyes aren't covered.
>get picked as ling
>other three lings reveal their names and jobs
>I know who I'm killing this round

>they ahelp it when they get killed because "lings are supposed to work together"
>crit and parole mime with 50u chloral implant
>two minutes later I see him trying to stuff the armory into his bag
don't even bother with parole

>> No.35548531

No but you have shared that story on the thread before, silly.

>> No.35548574



I forgot.

>> No.35548776

>be detective
>go out to check aliums on telecomms
>transit tube broken, gotta go back on foot
>get to engineering airlock, bang on door for help
>door opens
>"Thanks man I--"
>Immediate laser sword to face
>Immediate laser sword to everything
>dead and spaced in 10 seconds flat

I can't even be mad, that was some hollywood style shit.

>> No.35548860

Snoop, i'm sorry for failing the dank

>> No.35548876

>trusting a mime
>even while he has 50u of chloral ready to kill him
what did you expect

>> No.35548901

>Be doctor
>Walking in maintenance hall......... because reasons
>Dead corgi
>Giant spooky egg next to it
>Report it over comm
>Message doesn't send over comm
>What the heck?
>Did I send the message right?
>Is something wrong with my...
>Bright flash

>> No.35548922

it was a low pop round so I didn't want to just kill him and remove him from the game since there weren't that many people on

I ended up just gibbing him

>> No.35549554

>> No.35549914

>not Heaven Sent suppository

Patients are better dead than alive.

>> No.35551305

Gonna need the story behind this.

>> No.35551735


>> No.35551916

I fucking love you.

>> No.35551971

A little unintelligible at first, took a few replays before I understood everything the janiborg said. Other than that, top fucking kek.

>> No.35552035

Some guy on the server I am on posted it a round ago. Loved it.

>> No.35552343

Another pic for you all.

>> No.35552375

Thread's hit the bump limit, we're on page 10. Maybe someone will make the new thread.

>> No.35552442

I would do it if I wasn't too lazy to copy and paste.

To be honest, I am a terrible engineer borg as well. Decent detective, terrible engineer.

>> No.35552469


>> No.35552483

I know we can trust Irvan to do it right. Don't forget the ss13 in the title!

>> No.35552510



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