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We need more kobold and monster races like pangnolls

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> reflect fursucc


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Remember to always put a saddle on your riding dog.

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> Cuteness thread.
Aw hell yiss.

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Red Panda merchant race when?

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I wish right now =(

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So what are all the races /tg/ has come together and made so far?

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I had this awesome idea for Teacup Pigmen that were basically gnome-sized goblinoids with a rep for really good wood working skills that lived as pygmy tribes on an archipelago.

They had this entire sidequest about how there was a terrifiyingly huge beast they sent their finest warriors against yet failed, so they send a small band of their braves with you to confront this demon-thing that climbed out of a mountain, and it ends up being a Giant Lizard about the size of a bear. After killing it the players would then find the Imperial transport ship that had originally wrecked the trained Circus Lizard ashore, a long with a lot of money. The Teacup Pigmen then thow the players a party and raise some monument or other in your honor. Pretty cute stress-relief antics ensue as they grant you treasures like wooden shields made to look like leering demon faces that are 3 sizes too small and etc.

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Reminds me of this

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i would a kobold princess even if i don't unto grils

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God, anyone who doesn't choose Knight Princess is just insane. I can see Kobold as a second choice

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Oh man, I wish Zito would continue Everignot. His designs are really neato!

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I'm probably one of his biggest fans but he doesn't want to work on it.....


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Orc general has no drawbacks, though.

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so cute

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Ghost princess blows everyone else out, don't even try to deny it

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nope sorry this is best princess

>erydyin rich

they've been pretty relevant today....i guess pangnoll princess would be wealthy

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nope sorry this is best princess

>erydyin rich

they've been pretty relevant today....i guess pangnoll princess would be wealthy

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My nigga.
> You will never hold hands with a ghostly qt.
> Except during sleep paralysis. But then sleep demons may get you.

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I require more cute

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i have cute thri-kreens that's pretty much it

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So kawaii!

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they'd be cute if they weren't vicious
I saw Jurassic park I know whats up

Wow they are cute

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I think they're all cute personally

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I just don't like the neck

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Not my favorite part but someone sent it to me as fanart for my story so I was ecstatic just to get it.

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Pangolin race? ...I'm going to have to homebrew that now, aren't I?

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later on I can post everything I have...watching protour on another computer atm

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That would be appreciated.

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there's everything with text

still have a huge kobold/pangnoll folder

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Why not just post the pdf?

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never had it

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Pangolls and Mothkin afaik

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Too much furry shit, not enough lolis.

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I like modern kobolds...

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because this thread isn't for that...start another if you want that

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Japanese kobold girls are better than furfag Western shit

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not arguing with you, take it somewhere else

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Don't forget the Space Harpies

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space harpies?

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Basically a space faring race of bird people whose society is based around the men being the most outlandish crazy fuckers they can be peacock style while the women are all collected secretary types that keep the whole race going while forming harems around the craziest men.

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Space harpies.

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>Dem Hips
>all of my boners

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hey fresh meat nice....still....why are they naked?

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They don't seem that pronounced to me.

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I'll take what I can get.

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You do realize that naked is a kobold's natural state right

it's not like there's anything to show, too, everything's internal

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how can i improve these designs?

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I'm drawing a party lineup that didn't start as a party lineup.

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it's everythings natural state but 99% of pics they have clothes

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they're so tiny =D

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also these

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Was this character from a quest or something?

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Maybe a bit more detail on the chubby one? The closeup could maybe use a mouth or some indication of a nose.
Honestly, speaking as an artist the designs are pretty excellent. The most important thing when designing a character is to give them a recognizable silhouette and those two are very, very distinct and recognizable.
The pterodactyl is pretty qt, 8/10 would husbando.

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Knight Princess doesn't have any good dowry bonuses, as I've read Berserk and could never bring myself to so much as touch a behelit. Might still be worth choosing if not for the downside of "will never settle down". I just can't work with that. Solid pick otherwise.

Personally I'd either go for Dwarf Princess + Golem Princess or go full retard and get all the princesses through picking Dragon Princess + Tower Key.

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I desperately want to put ears on him =(

the idea is one is a kobold and the other is a line of kobolds who were raised like cows

he's got tiny nubs under his hat

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>tiny nubs
Why not floppy, dog like ears?
It'd give a lot of detail to his head and give you plenty of opportunity for expression.

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he'd be extremely cutebold at that point

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Yes? And?

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I dunno

ok....no....nothing wrong with it

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Kobolds in my setting look like mini-Bangaa. They come in two cultural flavors:
>Soviet Dorfs led by Sorcerer Comrade Putinbolds
>Jewish Merchant/Banker Families under the employment of a super rich Bronze Dragon Merchant King. Pic related

So, anyone have any Soviet Kobold Pics?

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this one made my heart do something strange

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Friendly reminder that the kobold in that is doing the kobold equivalent of furiously masturbating.

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Nice cropping, nerd.

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I like the dragonborn's expression.

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well it was cropped before I figured it was time for a crop rotation =D

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I bet you don't even use a three field system.

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oh soy here we grow again

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Wait, actually
>text field
>captcha field
>image field
You do!

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oh this guy

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Villain: You're too late: Your princess is already dead. Her soul now stitched is doomed to wander this world aimlessly.

You: Lol, cool story bro, don't care!

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Do any of you have more like this?

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nope just slowly dumping what i do have

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Kobolds aren't cute, they're disgusting, filthy animals that get woobified in artwork.

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they're fantasy creatures is what they are artwork is whatever

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poor fishy is crying. What a monster

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And the only thing they're ever portrayed as anymore is cutesy wide eyed KAWAII misunderstood little happy lizard friends that talk funny right?

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why does this effect you enough to post here?

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Because I like it when /tg/ does clever, entertaining things, and get bored of seeing threads dedicated to gushing over what amounts to lizard pokemon people.

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but that leads to offshoot races like the pangnoll

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>offshoot race

They're effectively the same damn thing.

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you already have a predetermined vision of kobolds why wouldn't another race taking what you dont like about kobolds and leaving everything else please you?

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Which one?

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We need more cutebold, this thread can't die so soon!

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>Cute slimegirl
I like you, sir.

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I think it's actually supposed to be a salamander or some other fire elemental, but it does have the squishy look.

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I'm gonna need details on this one.

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o you reading pleasure


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kinda cute

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Look at this cute bastard. Look at him.

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Spines and needles are nature's way of saying, "Do not touch."

Fuck you, nature.

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Most kobolds here seem to be dragon-like.

But what about kobolds that are more like rats or something?

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I was just posting what I like....to be honest kobolds seems to differ by who makes them, dnd has dogs/lizards, wow has rats, i'm sure there's others.....but most ppl go with the 3rd ed kobolds cause they're kinda interesting and unique

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