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What do you guys think of them? They have great mechanics in their games, but shit rules. I don't think anyone proofs their shit.

Has anyone tried the new 40K game they have? That looks neat.

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They're pretty great.
The 40K RPGs are awesome for what they are, and i've enjoyed Edge of the Empire.
They're also pretty good at board games.

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>the power creep in their old AGOT format

Like look at this shit

Two decks

One for characters one for everything else, it was ludicrous

And fucking FORGET IT when it came to Wight/Others decks, they were so broken

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overall, best game company out there right now. Wish they'd make a 4th edition of TI though, something that allows a game to be played in <4 hours.

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I've only played a few games of it, but I'm loving Warhammer 40k Conquest. It's got a lot of potential. The rules are also fairly simple on their own, but allow for quite a lot of strategy.

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That game is needlessly complicated, only because there's so much holdover from the old CCG format. It has the potential to be GREAT though, especially the (3+ players) multiplayer. All that alliance brokering and short-lived deals add so much to the game.

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I have one FF game, The Horus Heresy. Its ok.

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X-wing has eaten my money and has pretty solid rules

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A Game of Thrones is fun, if a little complicated, as >>35468000 said.

>all the insane Bara cards this could run with now

Holy shit this makes me uncomfortable.

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So I recently had some fun introducing some friends to race for the galaxy.

I realized while playing that I am fucking terrible at teaching this game. Advice on how to better describe both the appeal of the game to someone who never played it and how the game works?

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I had fun with Dark Heresy a while back. And I break out X-Wing and Condotierre pretty frequently.

>mfw I'm just down the road from FFG headquarters and their store/cafe
>mfw hard to find X-Wing minis everywhere

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Their games are great. The way they write them can be retarded sometimes. I think they spread themselves too thin, constantly introducing new stuff instead of perfecting what they already have.

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>I think they spread themselves too thin, constantly introducing new stuff instead of perfecting what they already have.
This can also be applied for their manufacturing and distribution

Sometimes shit stays sold out for way too damn long.

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>mfw all those infinite loops from over the summer

Holy shit I was so fucking mad when I'd go into my FLGS for open gaming and see one of those decks sitting across from me. I wanted to flip the table when the combo started.

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Dude, what? I live in the same area and both The Source, Hot Comics and the Fantasy Flight Event Center are packed with X-Wing stock.

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Just started getting into 40K Conquest. So far it seems to be really easy to pick up, fast to play and yet packed to the brim with choices. Very satisfying so far and a great way to enjoy the Warhammer universe without committing wholesale to the miniatures wargame. Have another starter set on the way and probably a 3rd after that.

I also really enjoy X-Wing Miniatures, Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign. Can't wait for the Mountains of Madness expansion for Eldritch as its probably my favorite Lovecraft story. The Elder Sign expansion seems to me like they looked at the game and decided to really improve on a lot of its flaws and practically change it into something new altogether. Looks fun as fuck.

Going to Arkham Nights this next weekend and gonan grab the exclusive goodies they have and play both expansions before they hit stores.

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I think he means other places

Especially in britbongistan.

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Sorry. I meant X-Wing minis that are usually cosidered "hard to find", stuff that's out of stock online, etc., are easily available here.

Also, The Source is evil. Those racks of historicals are a black hole for my bank account.

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Ah, my mistake!

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I've really enjoyed conquest, but haven't picked up any extra starters yet. I'm tempted to wait until the second printing when I have more money, but having three command drones is tempting me.

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I am so very stoked for Imperial Assault

As someone who owns and enjoys Descent, and loved the shit out of SW CMG I can't thank FFG enough

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The Tau absolutely kick ass in Conquest. Also really liking Chaos though. That goddamn Heldrake.

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My only problem with Conquest, is that it still feels like it needs a few more expansions to really hit it's stride.
Also, I think they should have concentrated on a few factions instead of trying to give us everything in one set, I think they spread themselves too thinly by doing that.

Still lots of fun, and IG are great in that.

Overall I've only really regretted getting one game from FFG and that was Mansions of Madness. No game should have a shorter playing time than it's setup time.

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>What do you guys think of them?
I liked them better when they actually did their own/original stuff, instead of repackaging/refluffing old games from other people.

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Their games are a poorly edited mess. In other words, product quality is extremely low for the price they ask. They've also released the same game four times in a row now and called it "a new system". Copy pasting stuff from Dark Heresy 1 and Only War != new edition. 'nough said.

Do not buy.

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I've gotten a small local group hooked on Descent: 2nd Edition.

Then promptly got banned from playing Overlord cause I was "too good". It's so nice being a hero for once, even if I am stuck as the heal bitch.

What Lieutenant decks do y'all recommend, anyways? I'm thinking of getting the Rylan Olliven deck, but I want to know if anyone has any experience with it.

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I'd recommend x-wing to plays except for fantasy flight's fucked up p2w rule set where you can't buy 3 overpriced $15-30 ships to fly a 3-ship list, you have to spend $300-500 on ships just to get the set of cards that makes ships competitive.

If they weren't an evil company, they'd just sell a separate card deck for $20 with every single upgrade card instead of making the game so shitty overpriced p2w.

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Just your threadly reminder FF is a horrible company.

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>tfw no one will play X-wing with me
>that feel when playing time and time again by myself

Fuck you friends. I buy all the table top games we play when we aren't play ttrpgs. It is just another combat game, just with ships as markers.

Seriously every other board/card game we play. You would think one of them would give me a pity match.

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TI doesn't need a new edition it just needs another expansion... lots more expansions.

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They don't do much else I care about but Netrunner is literally the best card game in metric shit ton of years, so they get a lot of props there.

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They have one shit product and now they're a horrible company?

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>FF makes anima
Spoken like a true tard.
FF translates (google translates mind you) anima, but even if they have the rights and the books won't translate gaia 2 or core exxet, because? None knows.

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They have a lot of shit products. They don't know what "quality control" or an "editor" is.

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So they don't even make that horrible shit? Then what's the problem?

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Sagasu Carlos!

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>They have a lot of shit products.
Like what? I will agree they have quite a few bad product, but shit is another level of bad altogether.

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>Horrible shit
Someone is upset.
>mfw martial arts weapon tables
That was downright lazy.

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The first bog boardgame I ever played was Arkham Horror and I've been a FF fan ever since.

I love their games and style. Stuff that is just too complicated and full of small tokens and widgets makes me pretty happy

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>Someone is upset.
Saying something is horrible shit means you're upset? No, that's not how it works. You must be new here.

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>Arkham Horror
>too complicated
You haven't played many board games have you?

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You've probably never played the game and instead ate the shit of translation FFG does because editors and quality control when translating a book is too expensive, even reading to make sure it's on english it's too hard, for fucks sake some parts of the books are still on spanish and I'm not talking about personal names.

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No, but I would welcome any recommendations in the same line as AH. Preferably co-op ones. Do you have any?

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Most of their newer RPGs fall under "shit". Some are just bad, but, I find very little "good" in their product line-up.

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>weaboo figthan magic, the system
>not shit

No, it's crap. The core mechanics are crap, the design philosophy is crap and the creative direction is crap.

But my guess is you only like it because you're a weaboo.

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Mansions of madness, for starters. It's like objectively better than AH.

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The little I've played of their 40k RPGs I found that they were decent, certainly better than a lot of shit out there.

But their main focus isn't even RPGs. it's board games and they have quite a few good ones in that category.

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>Confirmed for never playing anima
FFG shill pls go.

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I can't forgive them for what they did to Take on You's amazing game and pathfinding system, Tannhauser

It has so much potential, I really wish they had just stuck to the script when they earned full rights to it... I miss the hell out of this game and no one's heard of it. Thanks FF.

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>he dislikes it so he must have never played it
This is actual weaboo logic.

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What did they do, out of interest?

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I own it (plus one expansion story, 'Till death do us part) and I think AH is miles ahead of MoM. The balance just seems off, in that some stories the Keeper has an advantage and in others the investigaters always win. Usually the keeper is too powerful if he plans ahead. This diminshes fun for both parties.

Also, it really gives me this 'been there, done that' feel, which I don't have when playing AH for the hundred time. There is only so much you can do as investigater, and the best action is usually always pretty obvious (don't attack strong monsters, run to get the clues)

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Your only argument is "ITS CRAP! WEEEABOOO SHIT! CRAP CRAP CRAP!" angrily without any kind of reasoning behind, not like a FFG drone who thinks all FFG does is perfect forever could admit FFG is a horrible company that cannot into translation, quality control or editors.

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No, I talked about the core mechanics, the design philosophy and their creative direction.

But like a true weaboo you black out as soon as someone attacks anything you like.

And no, I've not once shilled for FFG. They make a lot of bad products, so stop trying to deflect.

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>Core mechanics are shit
Examples, please refrain from using edition 1 like everyone does, and please refrain from having no reading comprehension like the other 70% of animahatters do.
>Design philosophy and creative direction.
It's fine, the artist is total shit tho.

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I have played it but it begs the question why I ever did in the first place. It is the personification of Weeaboo shit (which I must admit it does very well: in flavor at least) but personally I will never understand why someone would want to play Weeaboo: the game (not being a Weeaboo myself) but it is not just that, I went into it ignoring my predisposition towards Western Influenced games and decided to just have fun, but I didn't because it is genuinely just not a very good game.

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>'been there, done that' feel
I get this with AH after the first game. It's just not interesting past one playthrough.

Sure, MoM suffers from the same but at least it's good for a few playthroughs.

Other games you should check out are Battlestar Galactica (actually really good despite being a media license title), Pandemic and Mice & Mystics. I should mention Mage Knight and The Resistance as other prolific titles though I'm not personally sold on them.

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I posted this in BGG but I figured here's a decent place too since it's an FFG game:

Does anyone have the card text for Chaos in the Old World for Vassal, or just the card text, or pictures of all the cards? The vassal module lacks text on the Old World cards. I'm happy to make an edit of the module and then share it out here since FFG has a ridiculous policy about it, but I'm not going to buy a game just to copy the text for about 20 cards.

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>Weeaboo: the game (not being a Weeaboo myself)
They're weeaboo?
That's like saying "I will never understand why someone would want to play Spaghetti western: The game (not being a spaghetti western fan myself)".

Every day I come into /tg/ I realize it has become more of a shithole of retarded faggots.

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completely halfass it and fucked up translation of the rules then tried to eretta them and broke how it was intended to play.

TOY is a french company by the way, and they had big plans for the game -- so many unused concepts that will never see the light of day. FFG also took over production of the miniatures and the quality shot through the fucking floor.

It's incredibly hard to find decent pictures of the minis btw, but here's a comparison. Old stuff on the bottom. tl;dr they took over designing the game and ran it into the ground, it was actually a really clever system and I have no idea why FFG hasn't used the pathfinding for any other game since.

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$300-500 will buy you literally every X-Wing product, with the possible exception of a corvette. Stop talking out of your ass.

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...damn, that's really unfortunate. I'd looked over the box a few times in my LGS and been tempted to pick it up as it looks like that sort of science-fantasy pulp I can't get enough of.

So, what made the system so clever? (Seriously interested)

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Thanks. I got Mage Knight and Pandemic already, but I'll check out the other ones.

Those that I own reach AH levels of complexity imho, though.

>> No.35474790


I'm seeing a pattern here.
>Weeaboo games
>Shit minis

I think FFG is doing the superior community a favor by showing how dogawful these weeaboo games are.

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You could expect a game to be good enough to stand on its own right by virtue of its mechanics. This way everyone should be able to play it almost no matter what the flavor is.

Or you could be so retarded that you play a game solely because it shares thematics with stuff you're obsessed with (just like how lots of D&Dtards reads OotS and Goblins despite these being objectively shit) no matter if it's shit or not. If that works for you.

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Battlestar Galactica, Dead of Winter, Galaxy Defenders, Robinson Crusoe are all great, heavy co-ops (or semi co-ops).

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I play it because the mechanics are overall great, I haven't seen much anime or consider myself a weeaboo at all.

But you're like another 'tard from here spewing shit he doesn't know about, like "in theory means ALWAYS".

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>Technical Writer
>Browsing jobs
>"Full-time technical writer for FFG needed! Insurance, travel fare, and a friendly gaming environment provided!"
>Have to move to Minnesota
>Can't make a decision and position was filled

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I meant they don't reach the level of complexity.

AH is still the most complicated game I aver played. Then again, I never played any real war games.

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There really aren't any complex co-op games out there, as far as complex board games go.

Because I was just listing a few good co-op games there, I paid no heed to whether they were complex or not.

If you like complexity, check out Twilight Struggle, Agricola and to some extent Puerto Rico and Power Grid.

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Thank you as well! Been looking at Robinson Crusoe for some time now because I really dig the theme.

I usually play with my gf, so co-ops that are fun for 2 players are ideal. Most co-ops do allow that, but I find the games become more fun with more people involved...

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I've heard working at FFG at anything other than a management position is hell on earth, so you're probably okay.

Wasn't there some site where employees could rant about their previous employers or something? I think that's where I read that.

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Well if you're looking to purchase the original box "Operation Tannhauser" you can't do too wrong there. I'm almost positive they have shipped the game with the brand new an not improved rule system + eretta for the game, and that I would say could be hit or miss. The fact that you haven't played the original system might make it somewhat agreeable with you, but I personally prefer the old rules and would suggest you find the PDF somewhere if you do buy the game.

The pathfinding system looks incredibly easy on the outside but is very very clever mechanically. Instead of arguing with your friends over line of sight or if you're within range, there is a tile system that has colored borders to help you designate the exact space a character can see based on the corresponding color. See pictured for an example of what that looks like. As you can see the L shaped hallway has purple stretching up/down and tan side to side; so your character that is standing on a dual colored tile can shoot and be shot on either color. The maps were lovingly crafted and had a great feel to them, as well as the character cards.

Combat and gameplay in general was really fun, you basically get to select 5 crew members 3 of which can be unique and 2 are general grunts. Each character has 3 equipment carepackages they can select from that are made up of weapons and special artifacts or tools that completely change how they play, so constructing your team was interesting but takes away the complete complicated nature of a pointsbuy system, again streamlining the game for fun while still adding strategical depth and meaningful choices. At times certain characters felt way overpowered but that's just kind of how the game plays - you have characters that are very powerful but so do they and if you do not manage your team effectively you could lose your big guns early on - but I ALWAYS felt like each character had the capacity to ruin someone's day, even the grunt soldiers.

>> No.35475021

Game types range from capture the flag to all out team deathmatch, one interesting mechanic I liked was that grunt soldiers were often less diverse than their named counterparts but they could respawn at checkpoints on the map. So your strategy can rely on sending in the goon-squad to capture the intel while your good characters provide cover fire and secure key chokepoints.

If you can pick the game up for 30 dollars or less I strongly suggest checking it out. The two games that Take on You were responsible for designing were Operations Tannhauser and Novgorod (the Russian army supplement) and a hand full of expansion pack characters... it's painfully obvious which parts of the game FFG were responsible for creating due to the fact that there was a severe drop in artistic design and quality. The Novgorod expansion is one I never personally purchased but it is definitely a cool one - it features Russian technomancers that harnessed the power of Tesla's designs.

The Germans are WWI Kaiser Krauts that worship occult btw, not nazis

Americunts use reversed engineered Roswell technology to give themselves a competitive edge.

Both the setting and design of this game were spot on and will always hold a special place on my shelf, but I am LIVID for what FFG did to tarnish such an amazing thing...

>> No.35475034

The problem with their 40k line is basically "played one, played them all". They're essentially selling the same game four times. Though I'll give Black Crusade a special place in hell for lazy copy paste, writers who don't understand the rules they copy paste in from other books and mechanics that don't work.
They could, easily, make a 40k meta system out of all the stuff they released. It's essentially the very same ruleset.

>> No.35475098


Oh, that's clever with the pathfinding. Very good for a board game.

I might pick it up and see if I can find the old rules, the setting sounds FANTASTIC and just the sort of thing I can't get enough of setting-wise.

Am a little surprised not nazis though.

>> No.35475171

>Am a little surprised not nazis though.
It's for the better, trust me.

I fucking love the setting, it's worth looking into. Here's a teaser trailer made for when the game originally came to the states.


>> No.35475243


Oh, I imagine it is for the better. For one: It makes them not 'Blatantly the villains forever' I imagine.

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>> No.35475381

Yeah and for me it opens up a vein of lesser used originality rather than HILTER'S ELITE #48484

I loved playing as the Obscuracorp, they have lots of fun abilities and artifacts - but god DAMN do the union have the best weapons in the game and smoke bombs which are hella useful.

If that video doesn't make your dick move then the game is probably not for you, but I suspect it's right up your alley. I am going to dust off my copy any play a game thanks to this thread, it's certainly been awhile.

But OH MAN did Take on you have great things planned for this game... I wish they were still in charge, they took it a lot more seriously.

>> No.35475431


It looks fantastic and pulpy as hell. Is Novgorud worth grabbing too if I like it?

>> No.35475539

AFAIK they only did that with Netrunner

>> No.35475598

all it comes with is the russian army, so do not buy just it -- but you get a dual sided map, including one that features more outside/open terrain that mixes the system up a bit and makes things interesting AND it comes with scenarios that involve the other groups too which is great.

I have been scoping out ebay for awhile and from time to time you can find a complete collection of tannhauser for 40 bucks, and that includes expansion characters. There's a few characters that are highly recommended for games, one of them being the Union guy that uses remote controlled drones, he can be massively helpful adding more bodies to your team and my personal favorite, Yula the assassin and understudy of Eva (whip girl). She's top fucking notch and pairs so nicely with existing characters.

>> No.35475638

and tannhauser

BTW here's what the russian forces look like. Featuring a team of all women (and spider bots) which I found incredibly interesting design wise. They later added a male named character who's pretty cool and two grunt soldiers to replace the spider drones (come two to a single slot which is nice) if you didn't like them.

>> No.35475669


...oooh, spider bots. I like.

>> No.35475701

yeah and the best design in that box is this chick, I fucking love everything about her. Resident mechanomancer, complete with flamethrower servo arm and noobtube.

>> No.35475788


...there is no part of that sentence I do not like.

These Russians seem fun, though I might pick up the base game first.

>> No.35475842

Looking at Conquest and I'm aware some of their other LCG require multiple copies to get a full playset, how many starters would you need to get a full playset of cards?

>> No.35475896

Having played all four, I'll argue that they play pretty differently, despite using similar rules. A Black Crusade game is different from a Rogue Trader game is different from a Dark Heresy game, at least in terms of what you spend your time doing.

Then again, I really enjoy their 40k RPGs, and have gotten a lot of use out of them. If you don't enjoy them (or at least one of them), I can see why the similar ruleset would be annoying.

>> No.35475976

Eldritch Horror is the obvious suggestion. Good game.

>> No.35476066

Reject the Nips

>> No.35476145

>A Black Crusade game is different from a Rogue Trader game is different from a Dark Heresy game, at least in terms of what you spend your time doing.
I would argue that this is the problem with their 40k lines. There's not really much mechanical difference between them, and very little incentive for me to buy all the books when the major difference between them is just what the GM chooses to focus on.

I could easily have a "farting about in space" game of Black Crusade, because Rogue Trader doesn't really have much in mechanics to make it The Farting About game or superior at running that type of game.

I'm not the guy you were talking to, but I feel that sort of design is pretty lazy. White Wolf games use largely the same system (which I would argue is to the detriment of Exalted and Scion, but that's a completely different matter), but there are actually quite substantial mechanical differences between Changeling and Mage, despite the two games being compatible with one another. Sure, the games still have sections talking about what the intended mood of the game is supposed to be, but at the same time the mechanics are designed to help facilitate it.

>> No.35476251

I've never messed with their RPG stuff. RPG just doesn't work out for me any more.

Their board game stuff has been nothing but good experiences though. Eldritch Horror his my favorite game of the moment. The first small box expansion is great as it just 'adds' to the game without really adding mechanics - just more cards for more variety. I'm looking forward to the big box expansion, but I'm thinking I won't get any more big box expansions beyond that first one.

Elder Sign was good, but didn't have longevity for me - good intro game though. Fast and easy play.

40k Conquest is a good game, but does need some expansions for variety. Still, you have like six armies with the box set so plenty of fun for a group for a good while as long as you aren't super competitive types. Rules are pretty straightforward, though I think instead of 'planets' being captured it should have been locations on one planet instead.

Disk Wars (the warhammer fantasy) game is surprisingly good for what it does. Again, a bunch of armies come with the basic box set so there is plenty to do. Not as full as a true miniatures game of course, but it is faster to play. I thought the rulebook was not the best though.

>> No.35476276

Probably because of all the secondary systems that come with each book.

>> No.35476386

You might want to give the games a deeper look, then.

While all of the games have shared mechanics in general, the details are all different. Each game has a different feel not just because that's how they "describe" what you do in each game but because everything from the character creation to what psyker powers are available to what what classes get what skills are completely different in each game.

The games rely on different levels and speeds of leveling up and game progression - Dark Heresy works on a scene-by-scene level progression, Rogue Trader on a bi-adventurely progression, and Black Crusade characters don't advance until you've advanced the campaign. Because of how much experience you get versus how much you need.

Rogue Trader characters come chock full of diplomatic and "adventure"-suited skills, whereas Only War characters are almost exclusively aimed at learning a suite of combat skills before anything else. This is because Only War is a game focusing on combat and combat situations exclusively, whereas Rogue Trader can go sessions without a combat encounter if the players don't want to.

So the games DO have a lot of variation despite sharing a shared resolution mechanic and such. Your WoD comparison is rather apt, more than you seem to know.
They also all gather wealth differently, but that's something that seems to get more criticism than praise around here.

>> No.35476583

The Source is probably one of my favorite places in the state. Too bad I'm up in St. Cloud for work. Paddy's Game Shoppe is such a fucking shit hole in comparison.

>SCG pricing for singles
>Checks constantly for changes in price but only marks up not down
>No Xwing support but sells it
>Stopped carrying GW to make room for PF minis that never sell
>Horrible Website
>Prize support sucks

The best prize support I ever had from a store was from Outpost 2000 in Coon Rapids. Every round you won you got 2 boosters. At Paddy's it's the same 3 dudes who win every time and they win like 30+ fucking boosters.

>> No.35476910

I love Twilight Imperium to the point we play almost every weekend between 3 to 5 players. We once did 8 it was glorious.

Yes the game produces a lot of hate and bitterness, but nothing that some old food and sex can't solve.

That said god fucking hell it is a bitch to explain some people the winning conditions.

>> No.35477006

the current line-up is $710 to get every card and that's with you left with only a total of 3 tie fighters.

FFG are greedy as all fuck.

>> No.35477136

Isn't that the norm for every company? Specially the ones that are "nerd" related

>> No.35477181

Are you including the Blockade Runner in that?

>> No.35477218

This game has been out for more than two years. That's really not that much in this hobby to be a completionist. It's practically impossible to have a "complete" collection in some miniatures games. For tournament play all you need is 100 points.

>> No.35477342

>tfw new Game of Thrones pack cycle out soon
>tfw Raider and Clansmen decks getting a fucking massive boost
>tfw new Euron

control niggas ain't gonna know what to DO when the Raiders come

>> No.35477442

>tfw FFG is planning something about rotation or some shit

That's going to kill Thrones. Stone dead. They killed the CCG, and they'll kill the current LCG. Faggots.

>> No.35477473

I've gotten my third Conquest box, and me and two friends made single faction decks and did a free for all.

I am here to say that Conquest is really great fun with free for all multiplayer. Use all ten planet cards instead of just seven, and put out a sixth planet. It was great fun, Eldar versus Chaos versus Space marines, with my marines taking the victory.

>> No.35477494

I'm unfamiliar to the game or the contents of the boxes, is three boxes the amount you need to get a full play set of cards or just to do what you did and have enough cards ready to make a single-faction deck?

>> No.35477520

Full play set. You can get by with only two if you want a single-faction deck.

>> No.35477536

Does it work the same way with the expansion too? I was going to get into this game but there are already like four of them announced.

>> No.35477649


1 of everything that's not an epic play ship comes to $370 on CSI. (Including the waves that aren't released yet)
With both huge ships, it comes to $480.

So yes, if you bought literally every release for the game at full MSRP, it would probably cost around $650-700.

But that's not even remotely necessary for a competitive list.

>> No.35477650

One is playable for fun. Two gives you deck building options especially this early before packs come out. Three is for hopeless addicts like myself who want playsets for any combination of deck building as well as being able to let friends deck build with my cards without taking my decks apart.

Only core sets have singleton cards. It allows them to get the most diversity of cards out initially. Each war pack will have playsets, and future box expansions (necron and tyranid are the first) will have playsets. As the card pool expands, having playsets of the original cards matter less. Usually.

You need a playset of unexpected courage in LoTR LCG for example, and multiple consoles or Aesop's Pawnshop in Netrunner is useful too. You might want multiple Conquest Core just for the playset of Exterminatus, or the Dark Eldar rout card.

>> No.35478262

Android: Netrunner is my favorite card game of all time.

>> No.35479043

Much appreciated.

>> No.35479117

Battlestar Galactica is a fucking fantastic boardgame. Way better than a licensed game has any right to be.

>> No.35479300

>lazy copy pase, writers who don't understand the rules, and mechanics that don't work
I see your Black Crusade and raise you Deathwatch. Seriously, half of the rules put in don't even apply to space marines at all. There's an entire entry on drowning that ends with "btw spess mehrens can breathe underwater lol". Half the skills are useless, cohesion as written is a mess, and the weapon stats were completely borked at launch.

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