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What a terribly polite and considerate man, to apologize for it not being his sort of thing, before he has to tear their anal lining out through their mouths

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A classic

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fighting a bus would be terrifying

how do you win if you're just some shit-hot asshole with a sword and some rope

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Name this one /tg/!

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>I'm almost enjoying my anger!

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No it's not. Saitama's abilities are just a super high ability to hit and damage, which are capped by power level.

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That is a shopp though

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>Posts truck

Subtle troll is still lame. That said, I will now be introducing Optimus Prime in my fantasy setting

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Gotta know if you guys think this one's actually funny

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>Not "Powerfist strikes at inititive" or "Alpha Legion vs. Ultramarine"

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read the first file name, slowly, look at the words
shout the second one and throw dice at people last week as they attempt to dodge tomorrow

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Looks more like prestidigitation to me.

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i chuckled a bit

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This never gets old

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Oh my god... I... Can selfishness and self-delusion manifest in physical form?

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We tries to keep the filename /tg/ related.

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Must... resist... don't bite hook with giant "THIS IS BAIT" sign on it...

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It's called Tumblr, my friend.

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I... what?

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I need to find this movie.
I need to know from what brilliant bosom Aladdin stole its heart.

Captcha: from amenArm

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Ignorance is not stupidity.

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>here's how you get past the panda
Ancient Chinese Secret, my friend

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>I need to know from what brilliant bosom Aladdin stole its heart.

Actually, they sort of stole to each others.



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Protect me, Cone!

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This is the cut that tries to stay true to the original author, by the way. The one released in theatre was lousy

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Does anyone know why the death curse didn't trouble him? It cuts off at an awkward time.

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>blake: monk
>ders: fighter
>based adam: barbarian

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It's not a death curse, it's a truth curse. I don't know why it didn't trouble him, but I suppose it's because he gave the gold away

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It's explicitly called a death-curse.
Because the dwarf laid it with his dying breath, to punish Loki for being a thieving murderer.

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How, right. But the curse was only that Loki couldn't lie about killing the dwarf. So, not so much of a problem for a Norse god.

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Pretty sure it didn't target Loki specifically, but the owner of gold.

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The Lawful Neutral race.

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what the fuck am I looking at

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>Alpha Legion
>not Iron Warrior
He's a cyborg, it's the most fitting legion.

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I think it's from The Thief and the Cobbler. Haven't seen it, myself, but I remember that guy from the trailer back in Ye Olde VHS era

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Why would you ever make a mecha with such spindly legs?

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It's from The Thief and the Cobbler indeed. See >>35219414

Killing people for that kind of thing isn't Neutral, anon.

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Because the thing doesn't walk, it glides.

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Which means that if the thing that enables it to glide got damaged, they'd be absolutely fucked. I know it's a mecha anime, which means they take certain liberties to begin with, but christ.

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To disable the gliding you'd have to kill it since everything in the show is technomagic.

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This is why I cant take newer anime seriously. Maid outfit mary sue ultra girl fights giant inquisition gundam made out of crosses...and wins.

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>killing is evil
Do you even alignment?
All they were doing is repo'ing their fortress. That the residents resisted is no fault of the dwarves.

See also: The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanicus, and the Inevitables.
Saying "I will gladly help you any way I can" to a Kolyarut is great way to Vampiric Touch'd.

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You're complaining about the legitimacy of the mech in a clip wherein a woman is summoning plates of asphalt to combat it.
Shut up.

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it's Horizon. It's not mecha anime, it's batshit insane anime by probably the neckbeardiest japanese guy who ever lived.

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Autism overload.

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I suppose you've got a point. Mechs are generally either 100% operational or totally destroyed with no in-between unless something goes wrong with the protag's mech to make a fight harder.

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>This is why I cant take newer anime seriously
>taking anime seriously in the first place
Holy shit, /a/ knows how to have fun better than you guys at this point and that's fucking sad.

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The curse was that everyone would know how Loki killed him, but Loki didn't even bother to lie about it.

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Why don't you go back to /a/ then faggot.

Mechs = fun

Marysues = lame

That clip is really fucking weeb

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I went on /a/ once... dear god. Are they ALL assholes about everything? Elitist cunts are all that I found.

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Ah, okay. I don't watch a lot of anime, in case you haven't already guessed, pretty much just Wakfu and occasionally Bleach.

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iirc the quote you're referring to is insanity, not folly (also, it's spelled folly).

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Yeah, it's been years since I saved that.

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Anime-esque/cartoon, then. Whatever.

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Autism is critiquing the physics of a clearly magic construct.
Autism is sperging out about how Pacific Rim doesn't work.

Autism is NOT saying "just don't think about it if you want to enjot it," you fucking retard. If you're going to use a stock insult, at least use it correctly.
For instance, this post is eligible to be called "autistic", if you're feeling randy.

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dammit, anon ninja'd me

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They're only assholes if you press their buttons, lurk more is the way of the game there.

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>pointing out he miscathegorised Wakfu
>ignoring the mention of Bleargh
you're no better

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made me remember what smiling was

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>a half dead maid-bot confidant
>anywhere near close to mary sue when every single competent in the show can pull similar shit off

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>mary sues

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Just like /tg/ are assholes about elfgames.

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Someone should publish a guide to the different sub forums. To be honest, their cultures are too different to be adept at all of them... and why is /co/ for accessible than /a/? that makes no sense in my head. its all animation, I figured they would be similar in board culture,

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I'm a semi-fan, but I have to agree that Bleach has gone to shit because it's so goddamn drawn out. Hell, they've got to the point that they gave the "So badass that my sword doesn't need a special gimmick" guy a special gimmick sword. The half soul reaper/half hollow/half quincy/half whatever-the-fuck bullshit for Ichigo is stupid too

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What is this from?
This should be made into a banner for here

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at first it seemed like john hammond from the thumbnal

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Lets see how long it takes you spergs to get upset over this.

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Looks cool. whats it from, and is the rest of it worth anything?

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The Thief and the Cobbler, make sure you get the Recobbled version (it's on Youtube) because the final release is utter shit.

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I could never get upset when Yozakura Quartet's involved.

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Wizard has bad aim
Martial wasted a lot of motion and movement
Neat premise
File should be named "ideal caster vs martial balance"

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Yozakura Quartet, it's a fun show, expect more like the .webm, remember not to take shit seriously most of the time and remember to have fun.

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Lawful Neutral can kill, in some circumstences. Destroying a fortress because of 2.5 pennies not payed without trying the diplomatic route first is not one of those circumstences. Even Inevitables ask you to let justice do its job before trying to destroy you if you do not comply (assuming you didn't do anything illegal)

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>Martial wasted a lot of motion and movement
That's kind of an understatement. "Oh, shit, a grenade! I'd better spend a full 2 seconds twirling my staff before I do anything about it!"

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I need to watch more magical girl bullshit.

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Is it more cute girl fighting, or is there more to it? ive been kinda burned put on the "cute girls do things you dont expect cute girls to do"

On another note, im suprised there arent any nichijou gifs here.

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Bleach was too basic for me. I ended up pretty acidic.

>> No.35221042

Very good show. It's really fun, and to me it's a very "feel good" anime that always cheers me up. Animation is pretty good, and the cast is very likable.

>> No.35221045

Try Lawful Evil.

LN would give them a chance to hand over the missing 2.5 coins (how does that even work?)

>> No.35221047

burned out*

>> No.35221062

There's cute girls beating the crap out of each other sure, but it really isn't a "cute girls doing cute things kind of show".

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>Inevitables, asking
My sides.

I think you two are confusing Evil I-want-abuse-the-terms with Hardline Neutral I-will-abide-only-by-the-terms.

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Nice slideshow.

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>> No.35221196

I wonder how many people will recognize this?

>> No.35221222

i didnt. enlighten me.

>> No.35221232

That animation is choppier than an ork with no dakka.

>> No.35221248

Destroying a fortress for 2.5 unpaid pennies is abusing the terms, dude. Unless it was written in the contract or in the laws that applied in the juridiction

>> No.35221253

What kind of toaster are you using?

>> No.35221259

You trollin mate? i mean, if not, please, post somthing more to your tastes.

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Dis nigga can't be serious.

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Kodomo no Jikan. That image gives an accurate idea of the tone, but if you go into it based on what the manga shows you up front, it looks like it'd be about lewd loli shenanigans. It's actually pretty good, and paints an accurate picture of what it's like to teach.

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Confirmed for potato computer

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The Dwarves there spent boatloads in wages and equipment for their army to come because they got stiffed an amount of money I typically find on the ground over the course of a couple days.

They went FAR above and beyond reasonable methods of dealing with the situation. Hell, I'd say that even writing something along the lines of "if you stiff us at all on payment we will destroy the fortress and anyone who resists" into the relevant contract would be considered borderline evil in and of itself.

LN can be a dick about you stiffing it (charge 20% more next time because of the "extra hassle" of dealing with you and your shitty counting, for example) but you don't permanently repo the fortress over it.

>> No.35221484

Honestly, everything else I've ever read about Warhammer dwarves said they totally would have declared a grudge over this, but they usually announce to the person involved what their grudge is and often try and get them to pay it. They do it to each other all the time, after all.

So really, I doubt this would have happened.

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Reasonable/unreasonable isn't an alignment modifier, it's a core attribute.
Implementing measures to prevent fraud/theft is perfectly lawful.
The relative value of 2.5 coppers monetarily against the dishonor and disrespect of a stiffed payment is a sociocultural statement, and that their honor was held that highly isn't an indictment on their good/evil placement.

>> No.35221540

Or even base psychological, because Inhuman.

>> No.35221555

Except that's wrong. If I buy something and the cashier accidentally gets my change wrong I don't murder him or smash up the shop, I tell him he got my change wrong and (every time so far) he gives me the remainder.

Reasonable/unreasonable doesn't perfectly line up with good/evil but it's pretty damn close, and what those Dwarves did is both unreasonable and evil.

>> No.35221615

What if we add "reasonable/unreasonable" as a third axis to the alignment chart?

>> No.35221621

We're not saying Warhammer dwarves wouldn't do that. We're saying that doesn't make them Lawful Neutral

>> No.35221631

>Burning an entire city to the ground and murdering hundreds of people over a miniscule small debt is not evil.

wtf am i reading? How is that honorable in any way? Hell, at least beastmen are honest in their intent to want to destroy their enemies - dwarves are just petty little shits.

Beastmen: More honorable than dwarves.

>> No.35221707

At least make the comparison valid.
This is a customer short-changing the shopkeeper by a few cents, walking out with his ill-gotten goods, then the shopkeeper running out of the store and beating the shit of him.

>> No.35221751

Murdering him.

>> No.35221802


And then pissing on his goods

>> No.35221817

Fair point, though we technically don't know if they killed anyone (they most likely did, just it's technically not mentioned).

So it might be the shopkeeper running out and smashing the merchandise. It sounds like the customer would have been punched / killed if he resisted (but again, we don't know for sure if he resisted).

>> No.35221833

They probably had ulterior political motivations and were just waiting for an excuse.

>> No.35221992

this explanation makes the most sense by far

>> No.35221993

>If a Templar ever risks being an Unreasonable adherent of his faith and Oath, he risks falling

>> No.35222491

>If a Paladin ever risks being a Reasonable adherent of his faith and Oath, he risks falling

>> No.35222524

Yeah, it;s what I assumed was going on.

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>> No.35223180 [SPOILER] 

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>> No.35223255

It's actually a double entendre!

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>> No.35223516

why does that need to be a gif

hint: it doesn't

>> No.35223872

It helps show that he's talking to the group, rather than one person in it.

>> No.35223924

Sorry. I guess tumblr has given me a trigger for short gifs of talking heads with captions.

>> No.35224041

What's the other meaning then?

>> No.35224128

I've always wanted to know the episode so I could find out what they were looking at

>> No.35224239

>> No.35224293

Power Man's super power is he has adamantine-hard skin.

>> No.35224395

>> No.35224484

>Gellar Field failure

>> No.35224560

>> No.35224777




...THAT is stupidity.

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>> No.35224941

They got a half-coin and decided to count it.

>> No.35224977


>> No.35224984

or the conversion from Human to Dwarf currency was weird

>> No.35224995

I think she was just missing it repeatedly. Should be named Wizard vs. Monk.

>> No.35225003


>> No.35225066

first 5 panels look legit.

the rest is totally shooped though

>> No.35225232

what is this from
reverse search isn't working

>> No.35225394

>not "tg.gif"

>> No.35225407

>> No.35225699

I just spat my drink everywhere from laughing. Thank god it wasn't amontillado.

>> No.35226121

>> No.35226164

This was posted last thread. Anyone know the source?

>> No.35226175

I fucking love those weird ass jap sports games. The skiing one gets me every time.

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>> No.35226282

Anon pls

>> No.35226344

>not mindfuck.jpg

>> No.35226373

That's a joke, friend.

>> No.35226530

>Maid outfit mary sue ultra girl fights giant inquisition gundam made out of crosses...and wins.
Let me guess, you're the kind of person that bitches about how OP Exalted characters are, because they're not grimderp dungeonpunk level 1 dee und dee like everything else you play.

>> No.35226532

this is why hiring dwarves to build your shit is dumb

>> No.35226611

I'd take more offense that a mecha is firing shots at a fairly stationary target and missing.

Worst firing control ever.

>> No.35226669


>> No.35227027

What the fuck am I looking at
And why can't I stop laughing

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>> No.35227061

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>> No.35227358

>> No.35227408

anyone speak russian? what's the book title?

>> No.35227423

>> No.35227433

Majestic Prince/MJP.

>> No.35227470

>> No.35227481

This is my party.

>> No.35227506

Do people actually do this?

>> No.35227589


>> No.35227792

I think it's a bible

>> No.35227807

Those aren't, like, glitches, or mads, or that same guy each time. Just how the game is played.

>> No.35227900

>not Steahl Rehn

>> No.35227919

>> No.35227925


Yakuza. Probably Yakuza 3.

>> No.35227958

>> No.35227970

you know carmelized onions covered with caramel doesn't sound too bad

>> No.35227978

source? reverrse search is getting me nowhere and it looks SO familiar

>> No.35227997

>> No.35228100

god that movie was awful

>> No.35228126

Looks like Anchorman 2... Maybe.

>> No.35228143

Anchorman 2.

>> No.35228209


>> No.35228236

care to elaborate your opinion?

>> No.35228249

dude Dexter is using non-euclidean dice.

>> No.35228312

retreading jokes from the first to every extent only taken to absurd levels to try and oneup the first, the final fight scene especially was just a mishmash of them trying to be as random as possible, and while the first anchorman certainly had that problem it did hold itself back occasionally

anchorman needed no sequel, and anchorman 2 is a sequel

>> No.35228340

Eh, I preferred the one-handed lift battle.

>> No.35228354

fuck cut it off too early by accident

anchorman 2 is a sequel that just doesn't try at all, it's just a lame cash in on a classic come too late

>> No.35228470

>> No.35228558

Liber Chaotica

she's only in the heavy weight class because she is an Amazonian goddess.

>> No.35228565

>> No.35229390

>> No.35229452

This never gets old

>> No.35229537

>> No.35230356

Source videos for these?

>> No.35230707

>> No.35230808

these are raw onions
they aren't even properly peeled

>> No.35230835

Yea I know I was just speculating about how to make something similar that tasted good.

>> No.35231123

if you pinch your nose when you eat raw onion it will taste the same as apples, because the texture id very similar.

>> No.35231229

My tongue is not that numb.

>> No.35231386

Nah, onion has a pretty distinct taste even without the smell.

>> No.35233112

my god, is ther more of it? sauce?

>> No.35233132

What gaem?

>> No.35233199

>Heh, the sub is going to sink that ship
>Wait, why is a ship underwater

>> No.35233282

Holt shit that murdered that thing dead

>> No.35233470


>> No.35235154

No, that's /lit/ and /mu/.

>> No.35235273

Ha'pennies were a thing.

>> No.35235316

>> No.35235321

>For the love of God, Mr. Fluffles!

>> No.35235392


>> No.35235505

>> No.35235768

What the fuck did I just watch?

>> No.35235827

Sweden stronk!

>> No.35235834

Oh god, it's too early for me to be laughing this hard.

>> No.35235919

At least watching movies and playing WWII shooters has taught me which way the garand clip is supposed to face.

>> No.35235941

Did Jingles have that in one of his videos, or have I only watched this .gif?

>> No.35235984

>tfw not having rested your head between a womans thighs in forever
I really should start dating again.

>> No.35235987

No, /lit/, /mu/, /v/, and /a/, all assholes, all day.

>> No.35236005

Daily reminder that if you can't remember every single thing on this image you don't belong here.

>> No.35236026

>saving throws
>armor class
I'm glad the artist at least knows how d&d worked

>> No.35236168

>> No.35236310

>> No.35236341

Some of that stuff is pretty new.

>> No.35236354

Yeah, some of it is really old though.

>> No.35237082

The first time I saw that it took me a while just because I couldn't fucking recognize some of that shit he way it's drawn.

>> No.35237314

>> No.35237395

Too bad those things are highly toxic.

>> No.35237422

What the hell IS That?

>> No.35237437

>> No.35237481

Multiple people died.
Go watch armoured trooper VOTOMS.
Just do it anon.
Please. Just the first episode.

>> No.35237529

what on earth does the ending say?

as russian as it would be, please don't be 'you lose'

>> No.35237582


Just a typical skub addict.
Skub. Not even once.

>> No.35237786

Olivier de Sagazan

He likes making these strange videos for some reason

>> No.35237875

This looks EXACTLY like my best friend's first apartment...

>> No.35238119

Hey, my FATHER was stabbed by a captain. You're literally triggering me!

>> No.35238231


>> No.35238689

>> No.35238914


>> No.35239312

Oh, that's not the mary sue, that's just some guy's advanced android with matter control linked to the citystate's overloading ether generators vs a grunt aerial mech of the Pope's forces.
Fairly low-end engagement for that show between minor characters.

>> No.35239384

That guy's face is super creepy. He looks like a serial killer.

>> No.35239448

Nah, just a pervert with no sense of shame whatsoever.

>> No.35239613

>some guy's advanced android
>*some guy's wife

>> No.35239663

Disappointing, but that gif was rad as fuck so I may check it out anyway.

>> No.35239812

Nah, android.
It did happen to be running his wife's soul as well.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.
Amusing show with cool action and enforced mythohistorical re-creation.

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