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you know the drill.

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>Trying to fix problem player

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w-what happened to the sheep, anon-kun?

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I don't know, I just picked it up from /v/.

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She' stud up and walked away.

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>monk desperately trying to be useful.gif

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Admittedly it's better to go through Sloan, but it ain't fucking hard to get past those fuckers as long as you're not retarded enough to go on the road.

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simple enough really, crank it down to easy, kill the first few cazadors and save scum till you hit vegas.

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>gaining exp
Almost as retarded as walking on the road.

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>Fail sheep rescue NZ
Triple penetration

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I don't get it.

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...why did this happen?

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There's a 1px green dot that's supposed to simulate a dead pixel.

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I dunno, go download some BATB comics, they're all pretty good.

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>navigating the rocks to lemuria

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Did you read the whole story? Guy was chaotic good.

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thats just awesome

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Fringe had it's good moments but most of those are filler if I'm perfectly honest. The only reason to be angry about it's cancellation is all the filler episodes we lost.

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I thought it got a real-deal finale.

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I have a lot of these

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kid was a shit

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That is lawful good.

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The random mooks jumping out of nowhere to beat on him right after is the best part.

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Not certain I get that one anon.

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I love these threads

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I was irritated with the needless plot twists but the finale was okay. Dr. Bishop travelling to the future instead of whatshisname was bullshit tho.

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What anime?

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Got the great bird spirit one?

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polar bears are nearly invisible to thermal imaging

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well ain't that some shit

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Not that anon, but if i recall correctly it's Dancouga

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They actually spend a lot of time trying to keep cool.

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And if I recall correctly Bill won that fight

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What are you talking about? This is how I "Super Hero Name Creator"

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don't think so, though that is a good one.

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They're very sneaky.

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I don't get it?

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yes, it's rather appropriate considering the BoS somehow managed to win FO3 despite the massive tech gap between T45-Ds and Advanced MK2s.

though now we're getting into "but the enclave was defeated for good by the chosen one" territory.

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Wait, is that the origin of the term?

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>not orbital lasering the BoS

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Yes. And there's more to be found in the depths

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>vinegar husbands

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>not using an EMP gun and hacking the BoS bunker's defences and turning them on the BoS

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I rolled all of them.

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Liartownusa is a goldmine

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Is it bad that I kind of want to write something like this?

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Not at all

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>oat goblins
Gets me every time.

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That sheep fucking deserves it, I once pulled the same sheep's head out of a fence 4 fucking times within 2 hours. The damn thing had horns! It took me damn near 10 minutes each time. I was this close to just butchering the damn thing.

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If you like that, then oh boy do I have the show for you.

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I had a game of mutants and masterminds where one of the chars bought a law firm called johnson and johnson, making it johnson, johnson and rape-spider.

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>that cop pointing a shotty at the mech
The fuck is he thinking he is going to achieve?

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He's going to be the guy that shot a robot dinosaur. If he lives, no one can top that.

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Soooo Tamers?

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Good question.

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His Job.

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Same I've never done point buy.

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Buy the civilians some time to evacuate, even if only for a few seconds he WILL protect and serve.

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Is this actually a thing?

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As ruled in Warren v. District of Columbia, its actually not his job. Police have no obligation to the defense of anyone that is not themselves in the united states.

He's doing it purely for the glory there.

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This thread has made my night that much better.

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>orzhov cleric
I like it.

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Tell us more.

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Gonna need a source on that.

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>Men, we will die today, but at least we'll die laughing at how flamboyant those xenos look! Hahahahaha-OGHPGHAGPHGHAHGPAH

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Call me crazy, but I'm like 90% sure the Xenomorph would still be black

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what's this from?

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That's racist.

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Rape spider was a normal sleazy lawyer until he was struck by a vehicle. His soul was snared by the spider gods and resurrected. Only now he had a humbacked posture, with 4 horrible, burrowing spider limbs coming out of his chest and abdomen.

However, he was still a good defense attorney, and now, as Rape-Spider A.A.L, he could take part in all sorts of the super villainy he normally heard about first hand.

He was cursed however with an insatiable urge to sting people, injecting them with his spawn, which would burst from their flesh and amble around, misformed and horrible. If he ever denied this urge, he would transform into a beast.

His spawn resembled infant versions of him, however they had the strength of a normal man and extruded thick, oily ropes of silk, making them a dangerous hazard for the people of the city.

His clients included Genocide, The Radioactive Pedophile, Johnny Reb the demon Klansman and at one point he argued for fraud charges to be laid on a communist nano-robot swarm that had stolen devil based technology.

It was a very long run campaign.

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Holy shit.

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Music video "turn down the what"

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It gets better

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Have you storytimed this in a storytime thread? Because this sounds like epic storytime for a storytime thread.

Not here, though. This is a filename thread. It's for filenames.

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Scoobie became a street sam at some point and no one told me?

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some people fuck up and make a character that's specialized to the point of uselessness.

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Damn, I miss playing in a group.

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Everywhere on /tg/ is for storytimes.

Tell us more brave soul.

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Much better filename

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Raping her starts a war with the Houjo in Rance 7
Without a rape scene, which is strange.

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Watch Scooby doo: Mystery Inc. It's basically Call of Cthulhu with Harlan ellison and lovecraft as recurring chracters.

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It's from Mystery Incorperated. One of the most recent scooby doo series. It's about the gang in their hometown of crystal cove, supposedly after all of their adventures on the road, and they attend college. Some big mystery is behind the town while they solve other mysteries along the way. Right now that scene is when they find the town kidnapped by old german war robots controled by an evil german parot.

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For some reason that pic has me thinking Peach has a dick.

I don't even like futa.

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That's what made guns and shit acceptable for this show.

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>file name
You have to eat all the eggs.

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Needs some kebab-bots to be topical.

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I'm actually really unsure if she's sad or not.

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>I don't even like futa.
what are you gay?

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Naw man the dog Xeno was brown. Then you've got the Predalien that's like part black and part leathery-green looking motherfucker. That shit's whatever the fuck color it feels like.

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I think it's horror.

She doesn't want to eat it. She mustn't. It's an abomination, it has no reason to exist, it is POISON.

But she must.

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>Victarion will Conquor all of Essos

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At least they're peaceful.

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>those nipples
Got any sauce for that?

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D-does he really?

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>Spelling Jon Wrong

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Yes but since Cat is an evil undead and the Flame Witch is around some people think he might be brought back
Not likely, but possible

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Who killed him?

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He does die, but he's replaced with a perfect clone with the same memories

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I am glad

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An evil AI that's modeled after 4channers//b/

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More in the middle really.

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Bowen Marsh

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I never understood this game. They just took Oregon Trail II and added shitty cutscenes.

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I shit you not, a real character I played in M&M
>*Hwah!* *Hyah!*
>Whooooooooo's the Ork in the suuuuuuuuuiT?
>Whooooooooo's the Nob with the teeeeeef?
>Do you feally want to fooight him?
>Krognar attorney,
>Habeus Corpus,
>Power of attorney!
>Krognar Snazzgob, Attorney at WAAAAAAAGH!!!

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Not being a bitch.

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This is how I PC plans

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Confirmed Ignorance

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Fuck, he was my favourite character.

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Okay, I've been on this site for years but I'm still unsure of both of the sexes of the people in the image.

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He got a letter from The Bastard of Bolten that made him decide to march south, taking any Wildlings, Giants, and Black Brothers who would follow
Bowen and some other Black Brothers took offense to the oath breaking and stabbed him to death

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It's for SJW and trannies lovers.

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That is a bad pic for that.

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Hen Zemi.

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Fucking GRRM, what a fat fucking hack.

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>> No.35211735

It's Agrias and a cross-dressing Ramza.

>> No.35211738

I am urban as fuck but I want to live in that.

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The one in back is Female, the other is a crossdressing Ramza

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Mystery Inc was an amazing show.

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That doesn't answer the question

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Mother of God

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ocarina of time speedrun.gif

>> No.35211782

He got gangshanked by all his subordinates.

>> No.35211789

or nevermind, >>35211762

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>> No.35211847

Magic Kingdom of Landover is an actual thing.
The protagonist buys his kingship from a classified ad that he though was a joke.

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>> No.35211923

I got 10x more adept at combat from surviving the sheer volume of assassination attempts when I was a career Captain.

Fucking hell, but I about had to kill half the crew myself one round.

>> No.35211931

This is a legitimate screenshot from Rance 01 (the 2013 remake of Rance I)

Rape Lia
Rape Lia
Rape Lia
Rape Lia
Rape Lia

>> No.35211944

The best way to learn HOW to assassinate people though? Changeling runs.

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>> No.35211972

I need this to be translated

>> No.35211973

I got it from some thread about it a while back, yeah.

I'd post more, but we hit cap. Good show.

>> No.35211989

>Ridley in new Smash Bros.webm
i'm sorry, i had to do this.

>> No.35211993

>implying any intelligent terraria player would build anything but a hellevator
Stairwells are inefficient.

>> No.35211998

Translation project was announced yesterday

>> No.35212019

The Tunnel to Hell looks like a Corruption Zone, not actually TO Hell

>> No.35212044

C'mon, the damn things are basically just cordon bleu.

>> No.35212068

A skybridge would be a preferable option then, assuming this was drawn before minecarts were added.

>> No.35212130


Dude me and my other nolifes are just checking the last few minecraft updates. after that we have to check the new terraria stuff too?


>> No.35212177

I got you covered >>35212165

>> No.35212180

What. You didn't know? Terraria got another massive update. And ANOTHER one is due in a month or two.

>> No.35212207

but the guy said he was done with it.. woah

we should beat up the starbound team every time terria makes new content.

But for now i will continue my autism-fortress in MC

>> No.35212240

Fucking Starbound Update When

>> No.35212250

probably never. and i hate those guys for it.
the game had such a good start and REALLY cool fluff.

>> No.35212263

And Floran porn

>> No.35212269

>I read it in Senor Cardgage's voice

>> No.35212282

they have nightlies but it looks like the game is gonna be linear as fuck.

>> No.35212334

Holy fuck I never noticed
I stopped playing since my friends did
Thanks Anon

>> No.35212385

Great Catthulhu pays no attention to these lesser creatures

>> No.35212480

>not building HIGHWAY TO HELL
it's like you NEEDED all that wood and iron.

>> No.35212489

Chaotic evil would have involve stealing all the pies and applying them rectally.

>> No.35212555

Sounds like the next Elder Scolls game.

>> No.35212557

Dawg, that's a Mass Effect 3 map.

>> No.35212575

>Open Space Exploration Game

I cry every time

>> No.35212652

it's not completely unknown for a militarily superior foe to be defeated on the home territory by a weaker-but-wily foe that knows the terrain far better and has zero moral compunctions about fucking shit up.

>> No.35212688

>I don't want a burger, Gary. Meat is murder!
God I love it.

>> No.35212761

mecha shiva
mecha shiva
mecha shiva

>> No.35212775

Was that the one that was done by the guy who did Transformers Animated?

Because that was also an amazing show.

>> No.35212840

>I will then take your bones, still alive and in great pain, and make them into a chair. I will call it "My Screaming Chair". Every day I will sit in it and listen to you scream. Any questions?

>> No.35212855

i prefer "wait, i'm a what? Does Dad know?"


>> No.35212924

I can't be arsed to dig out that much shit. Bad enough having to dig a dickload of hellevators in order to contain the corruption/hallow/presevethejungle.

>> No.35213175


>> No.35213213

>not just using a level editor for accessing anything that isn't related to the actual fun
Your time is worth more than that.

>> No.35213443

I can't be arsed to download, learn and bother with the level editor when I can just space out and dig giant holes.

>> No.35213451

>spend five seconds downloading tedit
>drag a box from house to hell, press delete
>save an hour of digging

>> No.35213454

This is why I stopped reading and watching.

Bad shit happens for the sake of bad shit happening. Nothing ever goes right for more than ten fucking seconds. Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished unless it's immediately destroyed or subverted afterward. It's an absolutely retarded crapsack setting that makes 40k look happy and sprightly, and to even allow yourself to get invested in the story of or root for a character is opening yourself up to a bunch of misery for no other reason than because GRRM can't stand the thought of happy endings.

>> No.35213455

you say that like I got better things to do than dig for an hour.

>> No.35213505

I do!

>> No.35213757

Lawful evil at worst

>> No.35213767

That's Dave you fucking asshole.

>> No.35213996


It's that mining base from the mission where you rescue the Protean.

>> No.35214031

>Go through Sloan
But the Deathclaws didn't invite you to their party, and they don't like gatecrashers.

>> No.35214203

>not prequaladventure.gif

you had one job anon

>> No.35214306

I think you're forgetting Liberty Prime.

>> No.35215592

Behold the Demon Etrigan!

>> No.35215613


>> No.35215811

This show, oh man. It was pretty fun to watch, the plots usually were pretty funny and all in all the concept was pretty original. But what made this show great is that they jammed as many fucking fetishes in it as they could get away with.

>> No.35215897

they had a gun that shrunk your clothes in it. same episode, dudes whipped their belts off....to use as weapons...

>> No.35215987


One episode they had a company that baked cookies that made anyone who ate them instantly addicted and grosly obese.

One where the blonde chick (who tends to get targeted the most) turns into a catgirl. Uh one where they get shrunk, yet gain superstructure. I'm fairly sure there was an inflation episode. There's the clown picture up there obviously.

>> No.35216018

>One where the blonde chick (who tends to get targeted the most) turns into a catgirl. Uh one where they get shrunk, yet gain superstructure. I'm fairly sure there was an inflation episode. There's the clown picture up there obviously.
I've never been able to decide whether they tried to cram every fetish into one show, or it's just a case that EVERY overused trope eventually becomes somebody's fetish.

>> No.35216036

NTR as a fetish suggests the latter.

>> No.35216042

Oh no they fucking knew with this show. Made in France too.

>> No.35216131

There was an episode where they got turned into musclegirls.

>> No.35216269


Here's a few more

>villain tries to turn the world into children, Sam gets affected and starts acting like a little kid

>Memmory wiping blobs, of course affecting one of the girls

> Doppelgangers of the girls

Ah fuck it you know what, here's the episode list.


nearly all episodes contain... something.

>> No.35216327

sounds like Inspector Gadget, only with less loli bondage

>> No.35216340

The girls get tied up nearly every episode, so there's bondage, just no loli's (usually)

>> No.35216347

and the quality was pretty good. Of course, giving the years it was on, of course it would be.

>> No.35216893

A car is a hulking piece of metal, but a few good shits can cripple it easy (and I don't mean killing the driver). The thing has exposed wiring, joints, optics, etc. And a shotgun is no pea-shooter.

>> No.35217954

A-anyone know the sauce of this? i feel like it's from one of them porns.

>> No.35218662

Zakalwe pls

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