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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

Don't know what the fuck SS13 is? We'll teach you happily. Some of what we teach you will be to not trust anyone, but we'll get to that in the advanced course.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Custom map in progress. (apparently)

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station), is updated constantly.

Based codefags providing content.

New Dedibox is up!

Email [email protected] for code requests (Please make the subject "Map Suggestion" or "Code Suggestion" or "Feature Suggestion" for easy sorting), and bug reports (I was doing X when something fucked up/the server crashed, I think I may have caused it).

Note: This is NOT SS13 general

Picture related: The start of the Ship Graveyard mining Z-level, specifically the mining outpost,

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1st for mosin nagant is non-lethal now

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(probably doing cross thread wrong, don't care)
>yo, what the fuck is going on here
yeah dude, i'll ask what's going on while you are murdering someone I like.
I'm sure you'd do the same, on the escape shuttle, no less.

>le lethal weapons gotta play this liek muh counter strikes
as previously stated, I TRIED an adv egun on stun, but I ran out of charge, and lethal weapons =/= instant kill if shot

>i'd say something stupid like 'much the same could be said about yourself' but that'd be lowering myself to the levels of edge you currently seem to reside in.

"yeah, I'm not going to insult you because that would bring me down to your level, also you are a edgemaster"

>> No.35198410

>yeah dude, i'll ask what's going on while you are murdering someone I like.
>I'm sure you'd do the same, on the escape shuttle, no less.
>holding them in the cockpit with a stunbaton and cablecuffs
you have a really fucked up view of what counts as murder
do you yell that borgs are killing you when they flash or stun you.
i'm pretty sure they didn't even have any brute damage

>implying you aren't an edgemaster with muh must kill dogs

>> No.35198426

oh, also, I won't vouch for my usefulness every round, although I'd assume not everyone is useful every single round, but to be fair, I did set up the TEG(after someone set it up about a third of the way and then afk'd), do as much of the research as I was able to, heal roughly 5 people, attempt to stop the flu outbreak (failed, since someone didn't like taking pills labeled "ORANGE JUICE" after I told them to stay still), and clone two people.
oh, and I saved the mime from someone trying to stun lock him- oh wait.

>> No.35198493

>goes from claiming murder to stunlock

i play the same game, you nigger; i stopped the mime from stunlocking someone else

>> No.35198517

oh, i'm sorry, replace "murdering" with "effectively making useless for the rest of the round."
ffs, it was on the escape shuttle, if the whole ordeal happened a minute after, it would be laughed about.
what did the mime even do to you, again?

>> No.35198518

i can play*, even.

>> No.35198569

>what did the mime even do to you, again?
slipped me at the entrance to the shuttle, approached with a stunbaton and shield, buggered off when i got back up and tased somebody else in the shuttle almost immediately afterwards
therefore, i tased and cuffed him so that he couldn't be a shitter

i'd rather make a faggot 'useless for the rest of the round' by cuffing them than have them fuck up some innocent bystander.

>> No.35198579

I didn't see him stun locking anyone, and I wrote that before you questioned the meaning of "murder".

>> No.35198671

>i didn't see him
that's because i stopped him before you came onto the shuttle, faggot

>> No.35198695


I'm drowning in dees tears.

Next time we'll hold a summit complete with academic papers before we k-k-ko you on the escape shuttle at round end.

>> No.35198719

we could collectively try to play aurora 4x

>> No.35198727

>i have no argument
>therefore it's time to spout memes

>> No.35198735

>i'd rather make a faggot 'useless for the rest of the round' by cuffing them than have them fuck up some innocent bystander.

I'd rather space a faggot than have them fuck up someone who I trust for tasignazing**tazinngg**taasszinnggng** someone.
I think you are genuinely angry because you now have to resort to "YES BUT YOU DIDN'T SEE IT!"

>> No.35198765

oh holy fuck yes
I want that now

>> No.35198769


>in my post

Pick one.

Literally nothing to argue against but to resolve you weenie feelies:

Yep we killed you.
Nope it wasn't fair.
Yep it was funny.

>> No.35198798


>d-debate me!


>> No.35198820

I think it was moderately fair, since he's bitching at us for not saying "YE DOOD LES ALL CALM DOWN, WAUS GOIN ON?!?!", when he could be criticized***** for not doing the same/similar.

>> No.35198883

you could've just asked why i was stunning that shitter, especially during the aforementioned cockpit standoff
>whatever i don't see doesn't happen
are you that dense

also i'm going to reflect that 'i think you are genuinely angry' thing because i've never seen somebody rational-minded say something like 'tasignazing**tazinngg**taasszinnggng**' without at least being somewhat frustrated
we can keep reflecting umad accusations at eachother all night long, it won't lead to much

if you genuinely can't think of a response other than 'umad' you should probably stop posting, for the good of the board.

>> No.35198887


Well err you actually did stop the flu. I just mixed up a batch of super flu in viral and splashed it in the janitors face later on.

>> No.35198902

>do you yell that borgs are killing you when they flash or stun you.
There is no reason not to do it.

>> No.35198906

That would be fun. I am obviously talking about tg playing on same country.
Maybe many players giving imput will make it easier enought to us play it

>> No.35198935


>if you genuinely can't think of a response et al

Don't steam my man. I'm merely being a cunt. Just think you getting killed was all that much of a deal.

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>otto being a shitter
not even remotely surprised

this is why law 1 violations are often overlooked, because everyone instantly jumps to 'THE BORG IS HARMING ME' the moment it interferes with anything they're doing.
i'd say you'd all be happier with silicons if they were just MoMMIs from /vg/station but i'm sure you'd still find some way to shit over them, too.

>> No.35199007


You are literally the only one getting mad at this. You posted about it. You continued to argue (wat) about it. We won't do it again we promise...well...until next time.

>> No.35199009


Anon please. There are 2 situations where a borg will stun/flash you.
They are rouge or you are rogue. Either way you want the borg gone. It's simple.

>> No.35199016

sorry m8 not all of us have fucking doctorates in english and write novels for fun.
you are bitching at us for killing you, and the fact that you continue to argue with me proves that it is genuinely bothering you, where-as your reasoning as to why I am mad is that "YOU SPELLED SOMETHING WRONG HAHAHA"

>you should probably stop posting, for the good of the board.
alrighty, let's agree to stop arguing about this then, since I want to watch chinese cartoons anyways.

>> No.35199034

it's not that much of a deal in the long run, it's just another case of slare being a shitter and trying to justify it with his weird memory revisions
and a bunch of people acting weirdly in unison without any actual communication

trust me, i'm not even mad right now, but then saying that means exactly the opposite on the internet.

>> No.35199055

I swear to fuck if a group aurora thread pops up I won't go to sleep and/or watch chinese cartoons for another 8 hours.

>> No.35199087

listen, I know I just said that I don't want to argue about this any more, but if you really want me to, i'll take screenshots of whatever you want to prove to you that i'm not metagaming.
I don't even know anyone on this server well enough to properly metagame with them.

>> No.35199183

what kind of run we would do
1- everyone say or give input on what we would do
2-each guy playing do a different thing (like one making designs, other dealing with research and building, another with flying ships...)

>> No.35199191

every time i've seen someone do some weird repeating mockery of what happened it's been because they're frustrated, ie exactly what i quoted
seriously, even i've done it before.
and asking what the fuck's going on doesn't require a doctorate in anything

>more umad accusations
for what purpose
>implying i'm not just a stubborn asshole who needs the last word

>They are rouge or you are rogue.
almost can't argue with that

taking screenshots won't be much use, to be honest, because muh potatochop and 900 hours in mspaint
seriously just try to communicate a little more in situations like this, especially during quieter moments where you're both in cover
it doesn't take long to type 'yo, what the fuck' unless you're like 90

>> No.35199216

I suppose everyone vote/say what they think we should do, although that can get interesting.

>> No.35199240


And that as they say is that.

>> No.35199301

so, as I was niggering, thread when?

>> No.35199368


Christ man. Had I known you'd weep an oceon and have brought man wellies.

Brb, just talking on Skype.

>> No.35199404

gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8


>> No.35199417

god fucking damnit come on, this argument just ended, don't start it again with autism that nobody can understand/read

>> No.35199733

There is a third one that works like this:
Guy 1 get the save, do his stuff (the area of the game he will be playing [design??? flying planes???] and pass 5 seconds and post the amount x he want to pass the game
guy 2 get the save do his stuff [another area of the game, this is not like df succession games] and pass 5 seconds and say the amount of seconds x he want to pass the game
and this goes on.....
after the last guy do his stuff and pass 5 second, the game is passed again, the amount being the average of the values X

>> No.35199785

Dwarf Fortress legacy game when?

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>> No.35200077

>be cyborg I really should lower the priority for being one
>mine, assist cargo techs
>someone dies due to extenuating circumstances
>they clone in atmos-vented cargo bay
>hatch with critical damage because clonne pods don't protect from pressure damage
>drag to medbay, pump full of inap in the sleeper
>call doctors to help, CMO grabs them and drags to... cryo
>tosses the poor soul into a tube with only clonexodone in the tank
>I scold the CMO for prioritizing cryo when no one was doing anything in medical
>"It's working, isn't it?"
>Tell CMO this is inefficient and amateur
>Call the CMO an inept rube.
>"You have no place to question me, I'm the CMO!"
>Remind them that cryo isn't even meant for this
>Remind them that they're an idiot
>"I order you to stop questioning me on this"

Did no one read the fucking flowchart? Best get your learning on, Voporos Plebia.

>> No.35200257


Leave the CMO to the pro's Voporos.


>> No.35200298


only good CMO was quinn

>> No.35200304

Voporos was the CMO, and she was a bint.
The last line was addressing her, not a signature.


>> No.35200952

The only proper medbay is one with sleepers lining the walls, eight cryos, and a hallway full of cloners.

>> No.35201052

>> No.35201116

this server is nothing but shitheads and murderhobos, it is EVERYTHING wrong with SS13

>> No.35201126


>> No.35201179

that is a cool looking clown

>> No.35201197

i wasn't even the clown that round
i just found the clown shuttle and geared myself up with uhangi's boots and a mask

>> No.35201401

What was that "Fight the demons inside of you" thing, anyway? Did it want you to get a katana or something?

>> No.35201821


Weird. Adding a custom stealing objective is weird sometimes. I think it makes a reference to a very specific instance of an object, so it won't give you success unless you steal the specific one, which kinda sucks.

Sorry about that.

You did fail your second objective though, because YOUR INNER DEMONS ARE A CONSTANT STRUGGLE.

>> No.35201856

at the start of the round mezzo was going on about something to do with the difference between being an edgelord and something else
i practically quoted their example of edgy over the radio verbatim and got those traitor objectives in return for my efforts

>> No.35202014

You best bet I'm gonna lynch a man for killing mah corgis.

That poor round with me (a Chaplain-Botanist of Dankiology) and a pAI, where the Chief Engineer helpfully (and without our input) tried to upgrade Botany.

It was like 'aight, whatever that's cool man' until he said something about us cleaning up the pet bay after him, so we went in to drag the pets out and clean up the glass and shit...



>> No.35202042

On an unrelated note, I love you my silicon buddies.

I love you so much that, even though I was hilariously inconvenienced and insulted by your presence and the usage thereof, I did *not* destroy you when I had the chance; I only encouraged you to go fuck around with unrelated shit.

But don't think I won't push the figurative button, mothafucka.

>> No.35202338

> Pirates match
> Get killed 3 minutes in
> OOC: Really?
> OOC Shit-tier Pirates
> Everyone fucking knew it was pirates
Fuck you faggots.

>> No.35202361

I was that pAI.
We did what we could, Chappy.
We did what we could.

>> No.35202369

>get killed in pirates round
>sh-shit tier, killed me
take your chillpill and come back later

>> No.35202392

Go fuck yourself, if you defend shit-tier RP you should honestly kill yourself.

>> No.35202503

I was that CE
Fuck you guys

>> No.35202562

>that traitor AI round
>mfw two people watch me get shocked by a door and think nothing of it as they beat me to death
you all deserved it

>tfw being corgi puppies and robusting the chaplain
>end up gibbed for robusting the chaplain
also worth it

>> No.35202571

Oh, I'm not defending it. I'm betting there's something more behind that ban besides the reason given.

Maybe it's because you're a cavernous pussy.

>> No.35202580

Chappy attacked us first.
Blood for the Blood Hound.

>> No.35202626


>run around throwing lube grenades

Gee I wonder why you got murdered.

>> No.35202667

Had my first AI round in a while, got traitor. No one seems to give a shit that we're crushing and electrifying and comms are down every 30 seconds. I tell the borg to start some fires, and I call the shuttle.

No one tried to stop me, much door crushing was had.

>> No.35202668

>hey look a d20 station thread
>bailed on that place cos it all got a bit too vitriolic and shitstormy
>well maybe now that the server's been around a while it's calmed down and people are actually having fun
>literally 3/4 of the thread is shitslinging and rage

Damn shame, I was feeling a round of spessmen. Still on comfystation?

>> No.35202687

Pretty comfy, yeah. Dorms got an upgrade.

>> No.35202718

Don't let what was, what, three dipshits? having a fight turn you off. This is 4chan, and that happens everywhere.

Rather, remain trepidatious that either Nernums is feeling fiesty or Astv gets booty-blasted in a round you're playing.

>> No.35202721

shouldn't base your opinions on just what you read

half the shit slingers are unrobust plebs who can't back up anything regardless, which is why they're complaining in the thread instead of just dealing with it in character

>> No.35202741

"I don't really need you to do much of anything...I uh, I just wanted a friend."
"Well you've got one, mate."
<3 Bro-tier pAI

I felt kind of bad about the HoP being willing to sentence you to death, which is why I said something about not wanting your blood at the end.
But then we thought you'd killed him and were saddling up for a rampage, and I didn't feel too bad about coming at you in the Armory.

tl;dr Thank you for your help, Chief-san, but maybe ask first if we're gonna be horrified at you slaughtering our harmless furry neighbors before you...well, slaughter our harmless furry neighbors.

I may have been traumatized by certain violent pet deaths and the massacre of the Mighty Mutanimals as a child.

>> No.35202765

>stop whining and git gud
>from an admin

Half the reason I left. I'm good thanks.

>> No.35202779

I just really hate the way most people treat pet storage like it's some great tresure, but nobody even looks at it all round unless they want to convert it in to something

>> No.35202818

I'll have you know that I enjoy having those cats around. they ward off daemons!

If their argument treads in territory where no OOC actions needs to take place, and it's choking up space other discussion could use with useless argumentative chaff, what else is the admin going do but either
>stay silent
>tell them to stop bitching about it

This I ask you.

>> No.35202974

not what I said at all, but with your response it might be a good idea

>> No.35203096

i don't even care that i was murdered, just that they blatantly ignored that the door was shocked in their haste to murderise me

>> No.35203437

Never expect anyone to notice anything that isn't you being a traitor.

>> No.35203571

It's a vault! As long as they survive, then maybe...just maybe we weren't the worst spacemen after all.

Fo' serious though, I've actually been one of the people who've suggested getting rid of it entirely, because it is pretty under-utilized. But there are only so many hours and fucks to give in a day, I imagine it will be a bit before that re-design happens. Let's try not to distract mapfags and Mezzo too much

>> No.35203839

not to mention the last time anyone made any changes to the pet storage, they also made a bunch of really other shit changes without asking anyone

>> No.35203931

>Using telecoms to change the pets names to disney characters
>Using telecoms to make them sing disney songs

>> No.35205231

Off-station structures when? I know we're getting the new mining thing but are we getting the derelict back or any new stuff?

>> No.35205308


The mining Z-level will have multiple ships in varying states of disrepair. It is effectively one huge derelict station.

That being said, maybe we could add the derelict in somewhere. I suggest replacing the asteroid that never gets used or the uninspired abandoned ai core thing.

>> No.35205565

The asteroid could go, nobody uses it because telesci is required to get shit back and nobody is willing to do that

>> No.35206784

>Hey, why arn't you mining?
>I've mined out the entire asteroid, there's like, what, 20 or so clumps of small rock? Plus that one goliath.
>B-b-b-b-b-but there's the other asteroid!
>B-b-b-b-b-but guess what, it's in another area, I wouldn't be able to bring my crate with me
>B-b-b-b-b-b-but RIPLEYS!
>They need power, at one point or another, I will run out, and there is no reliable way to get back.
>B-b-b-b-b-but telescience!
>Only goes so far, and it needs recalibrated after a certain amount of times, not to mention there needs to be an operator on the other side, it's one way operated.
>B-b-b-b-b-but mah minerals!
>There's a shit ton there, and we can order more.

>> No.35208355

I want XeF6 to go

>> No.35208574

Dubs demand it.

>> No.35210077

You do realise that by removing it, we're gonna have to balance it by putting in quadrodzine; a medicine that's recipe is both hard to make and VERY secret, which in small qualities, heals you to 100, but in servings more than 10, insta gibs you.

>> No.35210200

Admindrazine already exists. It's not brewable, though. Frankly, I don't see the point, since anyone with the ability to add reagents also had the ability to just click a "Heal" button.

But, I do like hiding cookies with luminosity and 5u Adminordazine on the station sometimes, if the round is quiet

>> No.35210328

The ability to make tier 2 Anti-toxin and Bicaridine.

Is this a bad/good idea?
What (if any) should be the trade-off to using the tier 2 chem?


>> No.35210394


I think chems in general should be toxic in large doses/need very specific doses so you can't just fucking inject everyfucking thing and call it a day.

Also gives med actually something to fucking do. My 2 cents.

>> No.35210425

I want to know why only the burn-juice had a tier2 in the first place.
Comprehensive Chemistry When?

>> No.35210491


Also certain healing chems mixed should actually be lethal/dangerious/bad in so way, again, so you don't just take a sippy and cure all.

>> No.35210525


Posted with name, ignore that my mistake.

>> No.35210541

I'm actually talking to someone about old high tier chemicals

I'm considering changing a lot of recipes to be less clutsy/bad but having to document it all is enough of a reason for me to not do it

most obvious being tricords recipe
anti-toxin itself is very strong so it's basically a tier 2 chemical while the ghetto methods tea/water/ect are all tier 0.5

that's relatively easy to do actually, any thoughts on the combinations?
certain basic medicines can be lethal just from being drunk as piss

>> No.35210557

Obviously, the medicine will be more effective FOR CERTAIN APPLICATIONS. Perhaps some math (SOME) will have to be done, I.E. Anti-tox 2.0 is ineffective if the toxin level is over like 70, but under 45, it gives toxin damage, which happened a lot on other servers I played, where the standard procedure for non-medical (and sadly, some medical) personel was to shove EVERYTHING in the medkit into a person. So, of course, this ends up with like 50 units of anti-tox in a person, and ends up GIVING them tox damage.
So, instead of
>Asshat has tox damage, give him a tox pill
It'd be
>Asshat has tox damage
>How much?
>Scanner says around 30
>Give him two of these pills, otherwise, it won't work
It would also make chem a little more complex then the "Shove everything into a beer bottle and watch magic" strategy some people Freeman seem to love.

>> No.35210597

Speaking of beer bottle magic, is there a good way to empty a bottle without drinking it?

>> No.35210607

pour into beaker/bucket, dump on floor

>> No.35210609

>using what you know about the medical system is a bad thing

>make medical system overly complex
then you have baystation med doctors

it's like you want to kill medbay

>> No.35210628

Feed it to Pun Pun

>> No.35210632

you know, you don't need to balance everything good with something shit, medical is underpowered as fuck, give them cool shit 4frees
b-but, tricord is easy to make if you have autism...
I'm all for new shit being added. but don't change shit just for the sake of making the game easier...
also, wiki when?

>> No.35210648


>> No.35210656


> it's like you want to kill medbay


>> No.35210657

Nigga we've been over the whole wiki thing.

>Limited usefulness
>Outdated info will be a huge problem
>Ain't nobody wanna update that shit

>> No.35210670

Using something that is exploitative *IS* a bad thing. That's why it's considered an exploit.

Can't really hold it against you that you do what works, but defending it for the reason that "it is" the photocopier shit is a shitty method.

Some consequences to slapdash chemical mixes wouldn't kill medbay.
It'd kill patients!

>> No.35210671


>> No.35210690

>limited usefulness
how the fuck is completely ooc information and guides useless?
>outdated info
get some asshat who isn't autistic to run it and maybe talk to him on skype or something so he knows do make drafts of pages before shit is implemented
>ain't nobody gonna wanna update that shit
I'd do it.

>> No.35210693


This applied topretty much all meds.


Actually alcohol should fuck the meds up as well so if some one's drunk have shit, have most meds just do tox damage.

I'd actually get rid of DD because shits gay man.

>> No.35210715

it's hard enough to find a medical doctor that can heal you without trying to stuff you in cryo or do surgery with N2O

christs sake if they're going to listen to "YOU CAN ONLY GIVE HIM THIS MUCH"

He said limited you fuckstick, not completely useless.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to keep updated hundreds of pages of game mechanics.It's hard enough finding people to do the changelog.

>> No.35210725


No I just want all the faggot doctors to pls go and not just have one pot that does EVERYTHING.

>> No.35210728

I like DD, it's hard to make unless you are a pro powergaymer
e.g. medical maint, get silver coin, put in vendor, get insulated gloves and tools for hacking, get orange juice and shit from bar

>> No.35210729

Ya know, we have a very nice library archive, if you want to write some guides.

Ok, real talk. The book bag is the most retarded item I've seen yet. It's a retextured plant bag, which while looking sort of (?) nice, it CANNOT FIT IN A BAG. I don't think you can put it on your back as well. Never mind that it will only hold books, which is nice, since our archives contain a massively impressive FOUR BOOKS!
And if that's not all, it costs like 450 BIOMASS. That's more than the satchel and the tool belt damn it. The fuck am I missing here?

>> No.35210743

it's like you want to walk around all game with two toasted limbs, toxin damage, and wounds from shitcurity beating you with a baton and have to sit in medbay for 15 to get it fixed.
so don't build it fagboy.

>> No.35210746

a long time ago, there was an arguement if space mans should even have sodding backpacks.

>> No.35210776


Fine, then give enginers the "universal tool" that does everything. Give R&D the "super computer" that builds everything. Give mining the "qauntum grenade" which mines the whole asteroid field instantly. Give sec a ranged loyality implant gun etc etc so we can all be equally as useless.

>> No.35210780

The point is that it's there. People will waste good biomass wondering, "What the heck is a book bag?"

>> No.35210802

except your average bottle of chems that "does everything" doesn't, so your point is moot as fuck.

unless there's adminordazine in it, you can't cure diseases, perform surgery, or clone the dead with chemicals.
[strawman intensifies]
then they'll build it once and never do it again.

>> No.35210833

the ants in pants continues to evade me
i just want the wiggling to end
>player is no longer stabilized and the toxins is being healed less effectively

I'd be changing it to bicaridine, kelotane, anti-tox or something that actually reflects what it does

DD is okay but it's far too strong

peoples incompetence is both an argument for and against all medical changes really.

>ask bartender
>here you go

satchels have always been more sensical
if you're completely useless compared to one guy with 100 units of junk in a bottle you have only yourself to blame.

>> No.35210872

I hear a lot about what you shouldn't use cryo for, but what should you use it for? I use it for new clones and sometimes if I'm juggling people and I have someone who's nearly dead. Am I doing it wrong?

>> No.35210911


B-but I'm not useless. I have the super chems. It's just that's super lame.

>> No.35210914

literally the only reason cryo exists is to lower a person's body temperature so Cryoxadone and Clonexadone can work, and the only reason those two chemicals exist is to heal cloning damage, with a side effect of healing normal damage as well.

And cryo is rendered useless when you get koi beans and make rezadone.

>> No.35210947

The sole purpose of cryo is Clone Damage. Anything else is really a misallocation of resources.

>> No.35210994


>Am I doing it wrong?

Yes. Use sleepers. For near dead when your swamped. Use Inaprovaline (at the basic level) on folks gasping and then fix em.

>> No.35211005

Pending nernums/Mezzo peer review on the SVN:

*XeF6 removed entirely
*Bins have a 3 second delay on climbing in
*Bins take 6 seconds to wrench and now have proper text/sound
*Copiers are dense again
*Copiers have 200 HP and are bullet/laser damaged
*10 point copier supply crate

>> No.35211036

Where do I get the second one, science?

>> No.35211057

You're telling me my hall of cryo has no purpose then?
God fuck.

>> No.35211068

>6 seconds to wrench
are we baystation now?

>> No.35211112


You can ask em or make one yourself.

>> No.35211152

>ask them
I have only ever personally experienced science upgrading things on 4 occasions
>make one
How hard is that actually?

>> No.35211181

Play when people who are good at their jobs are on.
>>make one
>how hard
Make frame, add wire, add board, add parts, screwdriver.

>> No.35211189

Five sheets for the frame, a board, which science is needed, wires, two console screens, a matter bin, a micro manipulator, and there might be something else I am forgetting.
I just know that cryo units take four fucking console screens, which is a bitch when the rapid exchanger can only hold so much.

>> No.35211204


Didn't say they'd do it.

Quite. You probably won't need an extra sleeper though in all honesty, "sleepers" was just a slip of the tongue...finger...key...

>> No.35211391

no real reason for there being wrenching times at all

a short climb in time is fine but 3 seconds is far too long
especially since the way you coded it they'd teleport back to it after jetpacking down the hallway for 3 seconds
seriously there are examples of how to properly do it inside the same fucking file

the photocopier changes I approve of and while being able to buy crates of them while a little silly I see no reason why not.

>> No.35211445

aaand astv went to bed.

3 seconds was to replicate the delay for disposals... chutes(?). Crates are because there's no other way to replace a now finite resource (though the point cost might actually be low, depending on how much Toner costs.)

>> No.35211519

chutes also dont have a long animation of the bins lid shutting tipping someone off.

>> No.35213944

>manages to fuck it up

>> No.35214065

When can we expect the new mining area?

>> No.35214271

>no more ez projectile protection canisters
this update is suffering

>> No.35214603

i'm pretty sure the long delay is to stop people from dodging tasershots instantly by climbing into the bin
of course >6 seconds to wrench or unwrench it
i'm pretty sure that's about as long as it takes to dismantle a girder, maybe a little longer.

also how the fuck did astv manage to cock it up again
do photocopiers teleport you too

>> No.35214974

I know it's not done yet, but I have questions, pic related.
I'm assuming that the chute delivers the ore to the shuttle, but will it fill an ore-crate on that tile? Also, will it eject ore into spess if the shuttle is absent?
Please explain why the scrubber is in the airlock area, I can't into atmos.
Is it intentional that there are more gear-racks than lockers? Also, are the hardsuits moving out here, or staying in cargo?
SMES+PACMAN are meteor bait, gonna have to wall them up at round-start errytime.
Final point, can we get a window into the airlock area, so as to see if someone is coming in without opening the door?
I want it to be ready now, too.

>> No.35215342

Just thought of some cool random events.

A derelict space cruiser (bigger than a shuttle but not as big as the station) crashes into the one side of it causing damage as it embeds itself. Game terms, a cruiser spawns half inside a part of the station along with big boooom. The cruiser can be broken down for resources etc but inside there may be: Xenomorphs, virus, mysteriously abandoned, crew is monkeys, mysteriously abandoned(killer clown).

Station is hit by a light meteor shower. Like standard meteor shower but it only lasts for a few minutes (that way the station can at least try to recover).

Syndicate cruiser flies by the station with Nanotrasen fighters in hot persuit! The syndicate cruiser fires a single missile at the station striking it in a random place as it passes. In game terms an explosive hits part of the station.

>> No.35216001

I'm no good with english. Can I play with you guys?

>> No.35216192

as long as you hold autism in your heart you can play.

>> No.35217404

So, what jobs do you favor, that are both included on this map, and not?
I have had mixed feelings on QM, mostly because I find it fun to manage recourses and man power, and while I don't mind teaching people how to play, which is something you need to do as a QM, it gets annoying when they don't listen to you. This would be fine if it was like
>Don't order several gloves crates, we only need one, unless we need more.
I mean
>No don't run out and fight the nuke ops, you're unarmed and will di-and you're already gone
>Yeah, we can order a super matter crate, we have like 200 poin- and the tech spent it all on chickens.
>No you idiot, those are not your minerals! They are the miners! We either let them be, or send the minerals to science for the-and you've already spaced them out of anger.

>> No.35217523

>and for the love of Pete, don't touch the furnace- and that's a lot of slag

Barman was fun when people still went to the bar and I didn't need to compete with Dankologists for Botany. I rarely get the chance to throw a proper canteena-bash anymore these days.

I've since felt a strong obligation to simultaneously play every Head role just to keep all the badfriends out of them, but this is an impossibility.

>> No.35217652

>Ok, this is the disposals system, don't leave both levers on, trash comes through here, if it's true trubbish, like wrappers, toss it, but if it's metal or glass based, put it in the autolathe, and if there are bodies that come through, call medical, don't flush them, and never take a trip down disposals, you'll be seriously injured
>Yeah, he most likely came down disposals with the cap's ID and nuke disk, let me ch- and both levers are on.

>> No.35217932

>more events that blow shit up
pls no

>> No.35217961

>and you've already spaced them out of anger.

Well sir, I'm not sure what to say, but the boy insisted he could mine without needing a hard suit.
The bloody pick? Oh, well, there are beasties out there, as you may recall.

>> No.35218179

>Look, I know that I said we could force open crates with emmiters. I know that security ordered a ballistic crate. That wasn't an invention for you to steal an enginnering emmiter, break open the crate, and start to murder people.
>Ok, new rule; do not give everyone what they ask for. It's gonna take years to clean this mess up.
>Yes, we have an asteroid bse. No, you can't set up a torture chamber there.
>Yes, crates come locked. No, we can't open them. So send all the weapons crates you wasted points on back.
>This is MY office. These are MY coins. This is MY computer. You can NOT take my coins and give them away, nor steal my computer.
>No, you can't kill the chef for ordering monkeys.
>The autolathe is for giving out small supplies that we shouldn't need to order a crate for, NOT to help you fulfill your sexual fantasy.
>The request papers are for records, not to wipe your ass with to piss off the captain who requested something.
>I know I taught you how to properly wrap crates, and how to send them to places. That wasn't an invitation for you to send the plasma set up crate to the clown's office.
>Autisim forts are nice, yes. They are all well in good. Just don't FUCKING SPEND ALL OF OUR POINTS ON METAL AND THEN USE A STACK OF IT TO BUILD SHITTY WALLS IN THE CARGO BAY.
>Yes, you have to RP.

>> No.35218227

>Yes, you have to RP.
No. Ask Freeman. RP is bad. Don't do it, ever!

>> No.35218266

It's all been a grand ruse. He's been roleplaying the entire time: just that his character is Massive Faggot.

>> No.35218277

>Now, if someone's being an ass, or they're ordering something really really stupid, like an assistant ordering weapons, just hand them a form like this, and they'll piss off. You don't have to write a new one up all the time, just use the co-and Freeman stole it.

>> No.35218295

To catch a greifer, you must think like a greifer.

>> No.35218340

Oh my God!
It makes sense. All of it makes sense now! Why didn't you explain that earlier?

>> No.35218518


Chute does deliver to that tile. I don't think ore boxes can catch ore that is literally thrown at them (which is what chutes do, code-wise), but even if they do I'd probably leave it an open slot, if only so that people don't go "Where is this ore going?"

There's a grille in space above the shuttle that you can see on your image, just in case people decide that the small window when they're on the mining Z-level without the shuttle there (Maybe somebody called it back on station? I don't know why that would ever be the case) is the best time to unload all of their ore.

There's a scrubber and an air vent in the 2x3 airlock area, another scrubber and air vent in the main area. It's a pretty small station, and since the airlock isn't the typical 1x1 tile but larger, I figured I should add a vent in there too.

There will be an additional hardsuit on the rack between the two equipment lockers, in addition to the hardsuits back on station. I might get rid of the mining bags on the gear racks in the shuttle, or maybe just remove the shuttle gear racks entirely, but their primary purpose is to give you metal rods for bridgebuilding. The ore bag is only secondary.

While the SMES+PACMAN are technically at risk of meteors from being outside, one, I don't know if meteors even spawn on the Mining Z-Level, and two, given the set-up of the Mining Z-Level, it's functionally impossible for meteors to reach the mining station, unless it's either a 2 or more hour long meteor round or you've mined the entire Z-level out, either way isn't really the sort of situation that would occur with any regularity. The Station is in the dead center of the map, and there is going to be a TON of stuff all around it.

And I thought I had a window to the airlock area, that was just oversight, thanks.

>> No.35218647

Can I ask if you will be adding smaller outposts?
They don't need to be elaborate, I'm thinking something smaller then the smaller one on the default one. Just a place to lick your wounds/restock on mining supplies/hide from monsters.
A good thing that might be fun would to have a disposals pipe network linking these to the main base, so that miners can just go to the smaller ones, drop off their load, then continue to mine, and the minerals would go back to base. It would add a small bridge network, which would be good for dragging crates around in space, but I'm not sure you could do this without the chance that other miners would just wait on the main outpost, then steal all the minerals that come through.

>> No.35218706

There are monsters.
>Traitor asshole has blown power!
>Shit, shuttle's back at the main station, and there's no power to the radio network.
>Wait, the SMES seems fine, we can hook up the generator!
>That seems like a fine idea, but if you have not noticed, our base is surrounded by a solid wall of purple fish.

>> No.35218910

I was thinking of having disposal chutes on top of trunks and pipes, in a sort of launch and whoosh ride back to the station, but you would have to find the chutes, and also wrench/weld them down on the spot they spawn.

There will be a lot of shuttles and the like, most of them will probably have provisions of some sort, and not all of them will be dangerous inherently. You can always recoup at shuttles or areas you've already cleared out. Maybe I'll add a smaller outpost or two if it seems necessary, but I don't initially have any plans to.

There is specifically an area surrounding the station which is a Safe Zone, in which no monsters spawn, and which is marked off using lattice or something. This way, people who don't want to have to fight monsters or explore can just get some minerals easily.

>> No.35218943

Can't carp break lattice though?

>> No.35218994

I don't know if hey bother ever attacking actual lattice as opposed to grilles, since they can go over lattice, but they typically only ever break shit when they are targetting a mob anyways.

>> No.35219060

Shit sorry, I misread, thought that lattice was grills. Ignore that.
But does a no spawn zone mean they can't walk over it?

>> No.35219150

The actual spawn points of the mobs will be a bit further out than the lattice itself, but they could probably technically walk onto the lattice. It's not a perfect measure, it's just "you can generally go up to this point without having to worry about dangerous wildlife."

>> No.35219692

The greatest foe the station can ever face is the one that honks in the night.

>> No.35220799

So what happens if I fire a plasma spear from a spear gun?

>> No.35220836

...there are plasma spears now? how how how how how

>> No.35220865

Cargonia Trade Secret
plasma glass shatters into plasma shards, which can be used in place of a normal glass shard for spear making

>> No.35220905

and the damage increases?

>> No.35220923

I think they've been tweaked to do the same brute damage now, but they also add 2u of Toxin per hit to the system of the victim.

>> No.35220944

holy shit

>> No.35220958

I can't connect to the server, is the ISP being a bitch again and blocking foreign IPs?

>> No.35221771

>Roger the Clown lies before you, his eyes dead and lifeless...

>> No.35221923

>implying your banana peels are not going into a trash-can once THE CLEANER arrives
Do you even supervillian?

>> No.35222014

But how will THE CLEANER face

we saturday cartoons now?

>> No.35222041


>> No.35222097

>go to cargo
>demand combat shotguns
>cargo tech reasonably denies them
>ask for paper to make a form he requested
>point to it
>"listen buddy if you get me coffee i'll get you paper"
>I see how it is nigger
>disassemble window
>grab all his paper
>empty half of it on the floor
>get a crayon
>in bold text and lime green crayon
>go to give it to him
>he's still being a nigger
>steal his photocopier
>decide to be a cock
>R&D Gives me a PAI that wanted to be my buddy
>change directives to annoy cargotechs as much as possible
>borrow research's surgery kit so I can cavity implant pAI into cargo tech
>they're on board with it since cargo has been an unresponsive ass

and in the end I did eye surgery with a pen on an cock MD and then he spaced himself after I put the pai into him.

>> No.35222136

So that's what happened with the surgical kit I lent you.
Good show.

>> No.35222173

I should have asked for a GPS and another box so I could have retrived the pAI later

rip bananas

>> No.35223128


>> No.35223183

If you implant a pai into somebody can they still hack things?

>> No.35223215

pAI mechs can still extrude their cable
No one can pick it up, though, because the mech is standing on it
So I assume so.

>> No.35223250

you can put poison in it and kill people

I still wish you could dissolve people into a bloody slurry that floods out of the chamber when you open it via acid, but I'm a horrible person.

>> No.35224052

Wait, we have plasma glass now?
Hot damn, I'ma have to see this, if the rumors are true.

>> No.35224084


>Traitor asshole has blown power!

Boredom+captains spare=blown power.

And I'd do it again too

>> No.35224323

We've always had it.

>> No.35224911

right click, pick up verb.

>> No.35224967

Does that work through an object with density?

>> No.35225569

with the exception of windows, yes

>> No.35225658

Question; how do you make plasma glass, and can you reinforce it?

>> No.35225663

rip serber

the crashes hurt

>> No.35225746

Smelt plasma ore and sand. Yes, you can reinforce it. Still uses rods, I think.

>> No.35225802

so we *can* make the most dreaded of materials

>> No.35225847

>Super robust
>Still assembled and dissembled same way as normal glass

>> No.35225917

>Half of brig is exposed to space
>It's all plasma glass and electric grills
>And NT didn't leave an entire toolbox's worth of tools in there for lulz

>> No.35226015

Pretty sure the server just went down....

>> No.35226067

Is the host downloading porn Again?

>> No.35227211

>sudden connection closed
>come back to find everything deserted as fug

What happen

>> No.35227222

nope he's livestreaming it and sending clips

>> No.35228335

if you really wanted to draw the line of 'this is an underfunded station' you'd make it so that cargo doesn't generate supply points by merely existing, and half the airlocks in the station would instead be airlock assemblies or straight up broken and need to be dismantled/rebuilt.

>> No.35228400

Don't have anything built- have a million crates in engineering full of the equipment needed for half of what you need.

>> No.35228525

Tasers should be nerfed and secborgs and robot flashes removed.

>> No.35228541


>> No.35228560

You're a funny guy.

>> No.35228574

I sense some mad

>> No.35228601

Why not? If you don't have sunglasses or a vest, you might as well just throw all your traitor gear into disposals.

>> No.35228633

...Don't get shot or flashed? Don't carry important shit in your hands?

>> No.35228665

>using traitor gear for more than shits and giggles

>> No.35228680

>being obvious
>not dodging taser bolts
>not compromising or outmaneuvering the cyborgs
>keeping traitor gear around, or on your person, ever, after you've made your use of them
>losing to tasers with I-win-button level traitor items
You're just bad, mate. Use this to get better.

>> No.35228684

No, it's the fact that just one shot ends you like that. Or shitty supercop AIs or borgs with nothing better to do.
>spawn a microbomb
>borgs sees me, repeatedly flashes me, and calls sec

>> No.35228695

>not buying ten decks of cards and becoming death by throwing cards everywhere

>> No.35228713

>spawning a traitor item in the fucking open
>spawning a traitor item with your hands full
>being fucking obvious
Bad confirmed. Improve.

>> No.35228720

>Getting seen
>Not spawning everything in a secluded area with no witnesses
>Not running the hell away

>> No.35228746

I admit that was kinda bad, but it was in maintenance and a borg just came in. Also being fucking spaced immediately by bored sec?

>> No.35228762

>eye witness with evidence that you're a traitor
Why are you mad for being killed for an offense whose penalty is death?

>> No.35228787

That's kinda bullshit but it is reasonable, especially when bombs are involved. Anyhow, the safest place to be is in a locker, in pretty much all situations.
Seriously, lockers are fucking great. You can survive having a bomb explode in your hands if you're in a locker.

>> No.35228796

Because it's fucking overreaction. I've never seen sec ever act cool around traitor gear. Even after I just jokingly ran around with an esword I picked up from a recent firefight as a non traitor assistant, I was immediately permabrigged by a random detective.

>> No.35228837

The borg saw you SPAWN it.
Your PDA was probably still logged in, too, I bet.

Only detective I've ever seen that isn't shit was played by Mezzo. And detectives ONLY have access to perma, not the normal brig cells, so that's a problem with the station design as much as shitcurity

>> No.35228860

>"joking" wielding seriously deadly traitor items
>running around open carrying deadly traitor items after a lethal engagement
>expecting security to "act cool"
Are you retarded?

>> No.35228895

Strike that, Llolfaron was also a good detective, but that's another story.

>> No.35228898

I was trying to be cool with the borg and explain myself, but he just immediately went over and repeatedly flashed me while screaming for sec and they promptly threw me out of an airlock.
Again, I'd appreciate it if sec put things into context and see me walking around in the bar with an esword for kicks doesn't mean I want to start a massacre.

>> No.35228952

Was gonna say.

'hey guys i'm just carrying around this rifle.'
'naw naw I'm licensed to open carry.'
'yeah just thought i'd carry it with me into the bank.'

>> No.35229019

It was the fucking bar. Everyone else was completely cool with it except that one detective.

>> No.35229038

thats classified under shits and giggles.

>> No.35229058

I mean, maybe he should have just confiscated it off of you, but you were also foolish enough to open-carry an esword.

So I guess I have trouble feeling very sympathetic.

>> No.35229076

I was annoyed mainly because I was shot, cuffed, and permabrigged immediately. I feel that some players just play sec as an excuse to either murder or murder by proxy via permabrigging as often as they can.

>> No.35229083

I will say that it was the Secborg's duty to stop them from spacing you, unless his laws were set to Greater Good or something.

And therefore Security's duty to hide your execution from the cyborg.

>> No.35229096

It's easier to break outa perma then it is a NORMAL cell.

>> No.35229106

As I said, the Detective *can only* permabrig.
Did he forget about you later?

>> No.35229120

Not if you're stripped naked and have both your headset and id taken.

>> No.35229133

Some might.

I try to make sure, when I run a permabrig, that I give the prisoners some interaction and stuff; it does kinda suck not going out in a blaze of glory, stuffed in a corner and forgotten about.

If I can get a Warden round where I get to both:
A) Use Permabrig
B) Not spend my time fending off rioters / cultists / meteors / Freemans

Maybe I can actually pull the implants out, give people the chance to reintegrate / betray us again.

>> No.35229202

Actually thinking about that, turning condemned prisoners into cyborgs is something I've seen some people do, and that's not a bad idea (as long as you accept that some will inevitably cheat find a way to rebel).

>> No.35229206


>> No.35229222

There's ways to escape if you're a robust spaceman.

>> No.35229235

>Read; entire toolbox's worth of tools
>Read; no access requirements on sec maint
>Read; hacked vender gives knives
>Read; soap
>Read; much much more

>> No.35229256

Shh, finding the bits is the best part.

>> No.35229273

it's simple
>use your videogame skills to win a toy esword from the arcade
>sheath and unsheath it loudly
>claim you have an uplink implant and bait sec inside
>use soap and wrist slaps to get their ID and equipment

>> No.35229312

>secborgs can't slip

>> No.35229324

>getting arrested by a secbog
just use help intent to fly past him and escape out maint

>> No.35229338

>this guy
>doesn't understand his Laws of Robotics

>> No.35229339

I want sec to actually not be murderous shitheads for once.

>> No.35229358

Your time is better spent gitting gud than dreaming pipe dreams.

>> No.35229393

new players think security is a good way to learn the game
this will never happen, you are better off murdering security.
and if they murder you in self defense and you cry about it I will personally play security and murder you.

>> No.35229480

It's the attitude I'm pissed off with off.
Like if someone is doing something remotely suspicious it usually boils down to one question:
Can the suspect be proven to be an antag? If yes, then immediately thrown out of the airlock after being shot dead with lasers. If no, then they're thrown into a cell naked with no timer or the permabrig.
I don't want to fight security. I just want to be left alone to do whatever dumb, yet nonlethal gimmick I want.

>> No.35229525

>I want to be left alone so I can shit in peace
Stop playing a multiplayer game?

>> No.35229552

>clone git
>change things
>won't compile
>undo all changes
>won't compile
>checkout master just to be sure
>won't compile
this spaghetti knows no depths

>> No.35229554

even the most patient and lenient security officers get called shit by shitters

fact is, everyone on the station is a shit, at all times, except tyrone.
I miss tyrone

>> No.35229655


>> No.35229836

No, it's the fact that sec makes it their business to see if they can add me to their round's murder quota.
Like if I want to run a tollbooth in a hallway, or just run around and drop floorpills everywhere, or just cover the station with dead monkeys, sec or borgs are always there to stun and arrest instead of just shrugging and walking off.

>> No.35230110

>why doesn't sec let me crime in peace?
The tollbooth is innocuous up until the point where you actually expect people to pay- at that point you need to expect an ass kicking.
Floorpills are dangerous, dumb, and you should feel bad.
Dead monkeys are shit, dumb, and you should feel bad.

>> No.35230128

>dumb gimmick worthy of execution

>> No.35230171

that's their job you nitwit
if security stopping you from being shit is a problem kindly go back to nox

>> No.35230175

I don't care what job I have or that the shitter has, but I will personally murder anyone who does those things.

>> No.35230213

Nobody likes to be arrested, yet they completely expect us to let them raid our armory, perma us while in crit "For our own good", then run off like some bastard child of the CSI show and an anime.
>You're under arrest.
>First off, I'm only doing this because I'm the only one in sec. Second off, you're the only one saying this, and it's the first time I'm hearing this. Even if it was, the proper idea is not to raid the armory, especially since I kept seeing you in the sec maint since the start of the shift.

>> No.35230248

I don't mind getting beaten up by sec as a lesson. I mind getting murdered or thrown naked into a cell for the rest of the round.
>someone does dumb gimmick
>lel better appease my murderboner :^)

>> No.35230292

>being a shit
>not being prepared to die for it
Dumb overplayed unamusing gimmicks should be punished until they stop fucking happening. Do something that is actually creative or entertaining.

>> No.35230378

Unless I'm an antag, I shouldn't be outright killed or permad, that's the point.

>> No.35230437

you can commit a capital crime without being an antag you shit

quit whining that you get robusted by security

>> No.35230457

You're on the wrong server, then, friend.
No one can be trusted NOT to escalate an engagement; the only way to make certain the "assistant you slapped around for being a shit" doesn't try and break into the armory/lube the sec airlock and ambush from the trashcan/break into chemistry and make a brig-clearer grenade/etc. is to kill them.

Or maybe I just want an excuse to sacrifice you to the Honkmother for delicious boons.

Deal with it.

>> No.35230594

>nernums and I play shitcurity
>nernums var edits the training bomb's emagged to 1
>I go to defuse it
>nat 20 bomb defusal
>we make a news story about it and upload pictures of pun pun's ass
>the bartender gets caught red handed breaking into chemistry
>we get bribed with doughnuts
>hang out in the bar
>soak cigars with beepsky smash
>drag training bomb to bar
>have a bomb defusal contest
>nernums defuses successfully
>I defuse it fine
>clown comes in
>fails to defuse it
>it explodes, takes out all three of us and the bar

>> No.35230701

No, I just don't like the how the first instinct when seeing a capital crime is immediate murder or permabrig with no argument, no second opinion, no nothing.

>> No.35230702

>Get bribed with doughnuts
But in all seriousness I'd shit my pants as an antag if I had to face that sec team.

>> No.35230703

bartender also defused it

way to go tickles, you fuck up.

>> No.35230761

bartender defused it on first try too

way to go tickles, the engineers didn't even get to play yet

>> No.35230774

Capital crimes are only punishable by permabrig or execution

shut up holy shit

>> No.35230803

From all my experience with sec, this has been the case

>> No.35230838

>numnum&freemin buddy cop duo
And everyone was so scared of being caught criming, that the round itself removed the antags.

Death isn't permanent. Antags can be ridiculously dangerous- to the point of destroying the station or killing the whole sec team if given a moment's opportunity. Even a wily assistant Freeman can remove all of sec's kebab if they make a single mistake in the original engagement or the aftermath. Everyone hates sec by default anyway.

There is little reason not to just kill you up if you get caught -actually caught, as your examples were- committing a capital crime. And those reasons all involve nicety, or real ethics, and good luck there. The sentence for a CAPITAL CRIME is DEATH. Deal with it.

A good sec team will do a post-investigation and bring you back if they find out it was a mistake. Because everyone who is good at sec refuses to play it, well, too bad.

>> No.35230869


>> No.35231008

Well I'm kinda retarded.

>> No.35231063

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to still having that problem correcting it.

>> No.35231803


If I find somebody worthy of perma as security, I.e., confirmed traitor or serial killer, I offer them 4 options:

1) Permabrig. I usually check up on them in there, get them food or maybe some diversion every so often.

2)Execution. This letss them watch as a ghost or respawn, and maybe even get cloned If things go sideways.

3)Borged. Let's them still play, and contribute without respawning.

4)Exile. Thrown into space cuffed with an Eva suit, filled O2 tank, and nothing else. This is fun option.

>> No.35231846

Mezzo remains least shit person currently in play.

>> No.35231900

Arn't there also exile implants? Do those do anything?

>> No.35231958

Maybe in that case build a small mining fort in one of the asteroid fields, let the perma's work it and contribute as prisoner labor.

>> No.35232260

>see someone join as captain
>check ckey
>he goes to cargo
>orders a virus crate
>dear god
>it arrives
>he splashes himself with brainrot and hallucinogen
>inform crew that the captain is infected with mad snail disease
>"im not infected"
>after his failed brainrot epidemic he spaces himself and respawns as assistant
>gets traitor
>blows up a bunch of bombs gibbing himself in the process

jesus christ people like this exist

>> No.35232315

>/tg/ station allows respawns
That doesn't really feel right, but I guess it contributes to long-running games better than other forms of resurrection in other servers (like Diona and adamantine golems to name two)

>> No.35232348

Can you EVEN READ? >>35198151

Why is he unbanned?

>> No.35232394

Golems are only if science does shit, and dionas? Never.

>> No.35232458

I never considered Exile. I'm stealing that.

I think I did offer euthanasia one time. Hm...

>> No.35232461

Yes. Let me explain.
/tg/station used to be Sybil/Artyom/Basil, but that has clearly changed because you never see them here.
d20station is apparently the "official" /tg/station, since I only ever see it and the others seem to have been disowned by /tg/.

>and dionas? Never.
Why not?
Diona are great as Spider and Carp fighters. Just give them a flashlight and their PDA light and you're good to fight due to them only doing brute damage. Add Hyperzine or whatever drug speeds up people in EVA gear and they become great security officers Having not played SS13 for quite some time, are there any Diona EVA suits yet or will I have to rely on chemistry to go into space?

>> No.35232554

I think it's plant man, not Diona.
D20 is racist, there's only humans.

>> No.35232711

maaaaaaaang, get it together

>> No.35232910

>One traitor
>Two assholes with still unknown reasons for shit

>> No.35232953

>>35232461 here again wanting to confirm something before I play.
Lets say I get Traitor on d20 and am told to assassinate someone. Would I be considered shit for not roleplaying before killing that someone?
Like, could I parapen+choke him out suddenly without being ahelped? It has happened before.

>> No.35232971

>literally all 3 were pissant
pissant removed.

We'd call you a scrub for using a parapen you scrublord.

>> No.35232979

>We'd call you a scrub for using a parapen you scrublord.
Well that's better than being banned for not having an in-round RP reason to kill the person I was tasked with killing

>> No.35232991

Have you been playing on Bay?

>> No.35232999

>Stabs someone with a glass shard
>You did not *emote the stabbing motion and after crying baby like syntoms I think you should have after stabbing someone you are ruining my immersion and I am reporting you to the admins to be perma banned.

>> No.35233004

>get assassinate
>punch self in the face
>"[target] just stabbed me!"
>beat target to death

No one cares.

>> No.35233012

I'll say this now
you are in no way required to roleplay, just try to stop yourself from saying shit like "lol" or using acronyms IC or you'll be branded as a massive faggot.


>> No.35233031

The only RP you need to do is be capable of understanding normal human speech.
Though I can't promise you won't be killed/die for not communicating.

The admins will not get involved unless you directly violate on of the five rules.

>> No.35233153

Try playing on bay.
Seriously, you're supposed to avoid civilian casualties as a tator.
Hell, the awesome Heist mode gives the space pirates sick-ass pneumatic cannons and crossbows that can pin people to walls, as well as dart guns.
And then they're told they aren't supposed to use any of the fun toys because muh culture muh nonlethality.

>> No.35233171

Or one of them is your target, in which case you run the risk of astv getting buttmad, nernums or freeman robusting the shit out of you, or a lynchmob for interupting mezzo's d&d 15th ed game.

>> No.35233210

For giggles I tried a round.

I disarmed a tator who tried to stechkin me and tossed him into an electrified grille until he died.

Ended up banned.

>> No.35233216

I still wish I could have finished that D&D game.
I was kicking ass.

>> No.35233220

How do the rounds ever end?
Or do they just play until a couple random-gen meteor showers irreparably destroy the station and auto-call the shuttle?

>> No.35233261

>ever in an irreparable shape
Well, if you've taken out both science and cargo then it's irreparable but otherwise nothing is irreparable. Even if those two are the only areas left the situation is repairable.

>> No.35233285

They don't.
Seriously, they go upwards of five hours at times.

>> No.35233314

Rounds continue forever until:
>The shuttle is called
This happens if there are no completely assembled communications consoles on the Zlevel (25 minute arrival time) Or if someone with a head's Id manually calls the shuttler (10 minute arrival time). If two heads swipe their IDs at the Keycode auth slots at the same time, a code red is declared and the shuttle will arrive in 6 minutes if it is called.
>A specific roundtype objective is completed
This happen during a revolutionary round when all heads of staff are either dead or have fled the station, or during a nukeops round when the nuclear device is detonated, or when a blob takes over a certain percentage of the station, or when a malfunctioning AI successfully initiates a code-delta (which detonates the station's nuclear device)
>A round specific antag is killed
During a revolution, if all the head revolutionaries are killed, the round ends immediately. Same goes for if all the nuclear operatives die, the Wizard dies, or all of the clutists die.
>The station's nuclear device is detonated
The round will end if someone manages to get the nuke code and nuke disk and blow up the nuke. This only happens through adminbus or if someone manages to get really, really, really lucky and guess a five digit code.

>> No.35233315

The rule is "Limit the waste of recourses."
The admins think it means "NO FIRING NO KILLING NO NOTHING."
What it really means is "No man left behind."
"Pick up the bolts after you fire them."
Which makes sense, the fluff says they come from a planet-ship thingy, so not wasting is importaint.
'Couse, the server I played on was like D20, but with bay code and maps, so it would end like
>Why did you murder us?

After a while (or a vote can be called) you can call for a crew transfer; essentially, all players, living and dead, can vote for an IC reason to end the round.


>> No.35233368

>Comms consoles
Freeman, you make me laugh. You know how many times I had to do research because
a.) Some asshat who did not want to leave stole all the comms boards
b.) Scientists NEVER DID RESEARCH.
And it was only recently that antags would die, there were rounds where the head(s) of the rev would die quickly, then the round would go on, but in a more recent round, it wasn't even a minute in when the wiz went brain dead, still in his station. Admins could have made another wizard.

>> No.35233405


>> No.35233411

And we fix it.
I've had a similar situation happen.
2/4 of the station was totally destroyed via bombcap bombs throughout the rest of the station, engineering/atmos and cargo were still fine, we rebuilt the halls, the bar, medbay, science and arrivals and got it air-tight and ready to roam again.

>a problem
Panic siphon. Use portable air siphons. Get two people with fire extinguishers and fireman suits to stop plasma fires in the hallways, have someone come in behind them and siphon the plasma and air from the room
We can rebuild from almost anything, all we need is the opportunity to do so. Easy of /v/ stations because MoMMIs are immune to fire damage and can drag portable siphons everywhere.

>> No.35233417

I'm aware of the mechanical reasons as to how a round can end, you assbandit.
The question was specifically aimed at Bay, because Baybies.

>> No.35233433

Jesus christ, my sides.

>> No.35233469

you literally only need like, data theory one or two to make a comms board.
it's bay station
who gives a fuck what kind of shit they trod though
enjoy your bursting scrubbers pipes from the heat and pressure, thereby literally spreading heat and fires to every other part of the station because you're dumb.
>wanting to place down hundereds of lattices and floors instead of just calling the shuttle
highlander is literally "who is closest to the armory and steals ranged stunning weapons first"

>> No.35233484

>plays engineer and doesn't like building/repairing
Do you chose it for the free EVA suit?

>> No.35233496


>> No.35233515

>repairing a literally completely gutted station void of most atmosphere
I play SS13 to have fun, not to patch breaches the size of your gaping asshole.
Building autism forts is more my speed as engiqueer.

>> No.35233544

>you build repair the station with the borgs for the better part of an hour, if not more
>literally everyone else is dead
>mindless repetition

so you mean you failed to interpret the obvious intent of my question, and are now refusing to admit your mistake?

>> No.35233566

yes, you are correct

>> No.35233577

That's a joke, right?
We had to have a RULE for engineering. No other department needed a rule like this.
If you are the ONLY person in engineering with engine access, you MUST set up power.
It's due to fucking maint techs.
See, bay has this weird thing where you can choose different titles for your job. While it's kinda nice, chef can be a cook, chaplain can be a counselor, librarian can be a journalist, I think the only in game difference is for medical, where spawning as a surgeon gives you surgeon clothes, doc gives normal, nurse gives nurse shit, and virologist gives viro shit. Note they all have the same access, just different clothing.
Now, we come to maint techs. They are SUPPOSED to repair maint, replace battery APCs, repair wires, etc. What it WAS ONLY CHOSEN FOR was because it gave an IC excuse for people to go fuck off, "I AINT AN ENGINE TECH IT AIN'T MY FUCKIN JOB!"
You could tell them to replace your APC's battery when it dies, but hell, that's like expecting mimes to be NICE and USEFUL.
>Join game
>Hey, no engineer slots, power's up for once!
>Power's down to arrivals doors
>Check crew manifest

>> No.35233719

>setting up power
har har

>> No.35233927

I have one hell of an idea for a Gimmick, but it's really intensive, and potentiall quite disruptive (the best gimmicks are done opt-in style, where those who don't want any part can reasonably just do their job, I.e. don't hit any of the "everybody is" buttons, don't kill power, etc.)

>> No.35233946

Then tell us of the idea, not the time, and not of everything. Give us what we would see on the back of a book or something.

>> No.35233970

A friendly(?) Wizard is sent by the Wizard Federation out of mutual benefit to warn the station of something much worse yet to arrive.

That's all I'll say.

>> No.35234001

Sounds fun, the only problem I'll see is
>Wizard teles into bar
>Gets shot in face with laser cannon by passing by scientist

>> No.35234050


>Assistant walks into bar
>Hey guys! What's going o-
>Gets shot in face with laser cannon by passing by scientist

>Captain walks into bar
>Sup guys, just doing a rou-
>Gets shot in face with laser cannon by passing by scientist

>> No.35234065

Obviously, I'd do a Centcomm announcement first, letting them know not to kill him.

Besides, wizards should never jump to the bar. One time I named myself Santa Claus, used the red robes, and spawned Guns 3 times before teleporting to the bar, saying "HO, HO, HO! MERRY C-"


>> No.35234078

Last time I (successfully) lived after jumping to the bar first was because I was roleplaying "The Dude" pretty much as a wizard, so of course, I needed beer.

>> No.35234210

we still need to do a spaceballs round where the nuke ops have to steal the station's air using air pumps, and they are scored based on the number of full canisters of air they collect

>> No.35234354

So would this include air canisters from engineering and the like And the air from the lungs of the dead .
Because could they not kill everyone, steal an ID with cargo access, then order a metric fuck ton of air canisters?

>> No.35234374

it's way more fun if they steal the air from the station while I play a spaceballs ogg file

>> No.35234387


>> No.35234388


>> No.35234600


Well, that was on Sybil, so I don't know how jumping to the bar on a wizard round would go here. Probably not that bad, you guys are generally a fun-loving crowd with few validhunters or griffons.

>> No.35234752

>Be vox
>Gearing up
>Get pinned to wall
>"Misfire, sorry!"
>Whelp, vox ship has a sleeper, sleepers here cannot be upgraded, I am now useless.
>Rest of team goes on station, I am left behind
>Team stops answering radio, go on
>Out of six, three dead, two in jail, one hiding.
>Get hider, get him back to the ship, start to negotiate for release of team, give up gear, since bodies/members more importaint
>Meet med guy near HOP office to exhange for bodies, they're stripped.
>Let's get these ba-
>Engineer knocks me down, murders me with axe
>Murders other survivors as well
>Murders corpses just to be sure
>We WERE antag-ish until I came along, at that point, they had orders not to shoot unless we did, since we wanted to leave with our dead
>She laughs, her and her friend(s?) go around breaking windows and thus killing a guy, and get banned
>Despite this, we were "antags", so even though she was a shit greifer who got banned, we got shit
>Miserably fail all objectives due to this bitch who thinks "ANTAG = FREE KILL!"

>> No.35235172

I was just on Sibil and oh god how terrifying.
>people have broken into everywhere
>tons of breaches in main hall
>no one talks to anyone
>brig on the escape shuttle was wide open and any of the prisoners could've just walked out
>med filled with shiters
>the list goes on and on
on the bright side...
>no XeFl6
>that's where the list ends

>> No.35235265


XeF6 is gone here, too.

It might still be on, but the latest commit on the SVN has it gone, so once the serber updates.

>> No.35235280

Well then I guess there is no bright side to Sybil.

>> No.35235444


>enemy of the corperation code 404 crime
>which is a captial offence
>probably doing codes 401, 403, 407 and 408
>these are also all capital
>complain when you get killed
But yeah they sound like massive faggots

>> No.35235449

My Festivus Infernus grenade just lost 20% of its potency. p_o
Mission Success

>> No.35235900

tfw basil is fucking dead
I actually liked basil, but sybil fuck that shit. Basil at least had a chill community who's biggest issue was a plague of erpfags, but they mostly just kept it to themselves unless you were the CMO and then you had to try to get your fucking gaggle of erpfags to stop fucking and get to work.

>> No.35235963


Work progresses. The Safe Zone is all done.

Next bit will be getting to the Fun Stuff.

>> No.35236611

Time for a new thread.

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