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My players will soon reach a demonic den of debauchery, and I need the sexiest demon pics you've got, /tg/.

All types of sexy demons welcome, of course.

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NSFW and might just be an Elf rather than a demon

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>NSFW and might just be an Elf rather than a demon
Looks suspiciously like a certain manga Djinn...

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Science has gone too far.


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I wish it went further.

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It ain't gonna suck itself, Anon-kun.

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I was thinking the same thing!

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I fully support and endorse this thread.

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>itt misogyny

Reported this thread for perpetuating gender roles

RPGs are cleaning up their acts to be more inclusive now

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Five star post, right there.

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No one cares. More sexy demonic women.

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Which is funny since OP specifically posted demons of both genders in his pic.

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lo kwolity bait.jpg

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Sexy demonic men are fine too

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That works too but I like bat wings and nips just a bit more.

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Good point, we need more sexy demon guys

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I'll be posting some male characters in due time, I'm just going to work through my folder and post stuff in order.

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I notice you didn't post one.

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Don't have any, recently purged my old backup folder and it seems that's where I was keeping my cheese/beefcake pic

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> misogyny
Not until you showed up here with your sex-negative attitude and your puritan, controlling ideas of female sexuality.

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More cute than sexy, but still.

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Somebody has to contract those STDs. FOR SCIENCE!

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That's about it from me. Hope it's useful.

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I am disappoint by the lack of titty monster tieflings in this thread.

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>Dragon head
>Hot body
I'm not sure how I feel about this, seems like she's mid transformation, never been fond of the head to toe still transformation when it involves turning into something a lot bigger

Course, it may be that I'm the type that wouldn't mind a dragongirl more on the anthro side

Wouldn't mind more muslcegirl demons myself

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>Dem cambion-bearing hips

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Tangentially-related, but does anyone have any female tentacle monsters/beholders, etc.?

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Leah-Diablo is hot

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Best I have right now.

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Does anyone have more modern demons/monsterpeople?

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Why, yes I do.

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>dat post on ther PC

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Vintem and Incase often talk.

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Yea, I wish.

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Speaking of sexy little shota devils..

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Yes, I know it's just Rule63 Hellboy. I'm posting it anyway.

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She looks way too happy to be r63 Hellboy.

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>Commissioned by John Dylena http://incaseart.tumblr.com/post/88672153480/commission-for-john-dylena-done-by-vintem

I'm guessing it's a genderbent dude turned demon.

Pretty fucking hot fetish.

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I like girls with pretty eyes too.

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I don't know why, but I really dig the modern-era office succubus thing.

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It represents someone who very well could have slept her way to the top, but without the "coward who is afraid to say no" that media often depicts that particular kind of woman as.
She is undoubtedly evil, she very likely has caused great suffering in her rise to power, and she knows how to get what she wants when she wants.
Most importantly, however, she also does not hide this fact. She wants you to know just how damning and powerful she is.

That's why I like it.

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Does anyone have any sexy goat-headed demons?

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Makes sense, yea. Someone who's extremely powerful and sexy, and completely and utterly unafraid of hiding or restraining either of those things.

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Damn she's my monster waifu now

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That censorship is phenomenal.

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I like this one a lot. Always wanted to try playing a black, soul-singer gorgon lady in Changeling.

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They never suspect the cute ones.

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Is sexy-demon-boy-with-cat an established character, or someone's OC Do Not Steal run amok?

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I think it's just someone's OC that they've had drawn my multiple artists. I've got no idea what the original source is though.

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Found another one of this character.

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This looks like it'd make a great sitcom

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I think that's pretty much all I have. Again, enjoy, and hopefully the requester got something useful.

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I recall someone doing a draenei edit of this image

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The best kind of devils.

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>tfw no qt redeemed demon bf/gf

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Yeah they are, almost as nice as shota angels

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Hellboy doesn't know she's trans, that's why she's always so grumpy.

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This statue was put in a church when the previous Satan, made by the sculptor's brother, was found to cause impure thoughts in the young ladies.

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So they replaced a sexy satan statue with another sexy satan statue?

>> No.35198193

oops oops oops
Got the pictures backwards. THAT was the sexy one, THIS is the puritan one.

>> No.35198209

Yes but, I swear this is true, the second one has his knees closer together, so it's cool.

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>The commission was originally awarded to Geefs' younger brother Joseph, who completed L'ange du mal in 1842 and installed it the following year. It generated controversy at once and was criticized for not representing a Christian ideal. The cathedral administration declared that "this devil is too sublime." The local press intimated that the work was distracting the "pretty penitent girls" who should have been listening to the sermons.
Ha, this is fucking great. A statue of Lucifer so sexy that it flustered everyone into replacing it with a slightly less-sexy version.

I wouldn't be surprised if the replacement had less to do with it distracting "pretty penitent girls" and more to do with it distracting certain priests. The church was the prime refuge for closet cases in those days, after all.

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They're both hot. Damn that sexy satan.

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OP here; great turnout, folks. I'm very pleased, and will be turning through these momentarily. I really appreciate it.

Stay cool

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Source? Image search gave me nothing.

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>Goddammit Lillith, stop refusing to insert your shitty fetishes into the game.

>> No.35199756

This guy's pixiv.

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>B-but, I think they're hotter in full armor!

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>The paladin and the princess' hands slowly meet
>Roll to blush and smile awkwardly but keep holding on

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The cutest.

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And since we're already...

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>Why can't you just fist her ass and bite her thighs like a normal person, Lilith?

>> No.35200336

Closer to an Angel, isn't she?

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I love that picture.

>> No.35200649

I love how as long as the thinnest slice of tit is covered (containing all or most of the nipple) the picture somehow becomes SFW.


>> No.35200669

we need Symbiote armor

>> No.35200930

>Remove Wut? from the start of that link
>Get Captcha
Why did you post a link to your captcha?

>> No.35201168

I like these


Roommates what ya gonna do?

>> No.35201355

reminds me of Filia.

Heck, that picture is basically Filia meets Guyver.

>> No.35201528

I didn't know I had this fetish.

>> No.35201569

This tread pleases Slaanesh.

>> No.35201580

>cum all over her face and tits
>blinding pain ensues

I'm not sure I can fap to that

>> No.35201621

How the hell are you supposed to massage and motor boat her without poking her eyes out?

>> No.35201636 [DELETED] 

I've never been able to find an artist source for this image, anybody know who drew it?

>> No.35201646

Holy fuck that is some terrible art.

>> No.35201660

She has third eyelids, like a lizard. It's okay.
>c. volhelp Sphinx
I'd "help" some sphinxes.

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>> No.35201766

Would you, teeg?

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>> No.35201847

would you not?

>> No.35201883

A sphinx? The riddles would get on my nerves too much.

>> No.35201962

Now that's what i call an armchair.

>> No.35202056

>Rip and tear their butts.

>> No.35202085

>They are Huge
>That means they have Huge Butts!

>> No.35202109

I'm not sure how...

Like, if she was nice, and things got romantic, that's swell, but I'm not up to snuff when it comes to the mechanics of the deeds, if you catch my meaning.

>> No.35202334

Does anyone have any modern demon qts eating big, sexy food?

>> No.35202472

I thought Sphinxes only horribly murdered you if you got the riddle wrong, not if you had sex with them. Though I guess you'd want to make sure you satisfy her, just to be sure.

>> No.35202575

Oh, I realize that, I meant that I'm not sure how one lies with the Sphinx, given her form is so different.

>> No.35202720

I imagine it wouldn't be much different from a big cat.

>> No.35203746

If you put it like that she can see where you're coming from.

>> No.35203779

>Not saved as theHillsHaveEyes.jpg
One job.

>> No.35203862

Thought that would have a very different ending.
I'd rather the original.

>> No.35203879

Is that a trick question?

>> No.35203918

> found to cause impure thoughts
Surely this is a feature, not a bug of a Satan.

>> No.35203989

Speaking of the literal devil, this seems to be a new picture of >>35197165 >>35196401.

>> No.35204019

>the origininal

>> No.35204072

I'll be honest, I prefer the newer art.

>> No.35204117

Mostly I was being crotchety. But I do the silhouette on the new one is so jumbled; that's a real failing.

>> No.35204201

One on the right's a boy, isn't it?

>> No.35204363


>> No.35204412

At least I'm learning to differentiate before I boner.

>> No.35204423

That's not a step in the right direction.

>> No.35204441



Shit happens.

>> No.35204467

You mean now you have to make sure it's a boy before you let yourself fap?

>> No.35204502

This... this isn't real, is it?

>> No.35204504

no one has posted this beast yet?

>> No.35204510

It is for me.
I fear this may be accurate.
No, I make sure it's not a dude.

>> No.35204524

It specifies sexy, anon. While that pic is intimidating and well-drawn, it's hardly sexy.

>> No.35204531

You seem to have gotten sex and love confused, anon.

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>> No.35204839

Bitch you better not spill wine in my fucking house. You're gonna pay to get the stains out if that gets on my good hardwood floor.

>> No.35204972

I'm sorry, I just can't fap to this.

>> No.35205073

You say that, but what I'm sure she hears is
> Don't you dare be naughty, or I'll have to punish you for being a dirty girl!

>> No.35205130

Not sext to you, maybe.


>> No.35205847

I seem to have gotten Khorne and Nurgle confused, anon.

>> No.35205938


>> No.35206233

I would

>> No.35206482

Succubutt thread?

>> No.35206576

Would this count?

>> No.35206628

Idiots. They should've killed her the day they found out what she was doing

>> No.35206684

Im gunna be that guy and ask if we can get some more demons we'd actually be frightened to get cuddled by. Who else has some scary demons who just so happen to be well endowed?

>> No.35206689


>> No.35206848

Not everyone metagames.

>> No.35207167

I can confirm it is the same one, its part of an image set, I think there is also a red and a pink version.

>> No.35207446

But slaying Evil is roleplay, son. They could've gone full redemption once they realized the monsters they were rubbing up against, and saved the day.

They had the choice, Anon.

>> No.35207579

i didn't even thinks of that lol

>> No.35207742

>we could have prevented this

>> No.35207773


Would you be a succubus, /tg/?

>> No.35207794


>> No.35207875


Only for my tru wuv :3

>> No.35207901

No. I don't really like the idea of being evil.

>> No.35207922

I'd be an incubus if I could laze about and just appease women for my food and shelter.

>> No.35207927

Only if I didn't have to look like me. If I had to subsist solely on sex then I'd starve to death. Besides, I have two years till I earn my wizard class.

>> No.35207933


>> No.35207937

>tripfagging for no reason
It's like they don't even understand the point of being anon

>> No.35208007

...I've never done it with a big cat, Anon.

>> No.35208033

I'd rather be a Voidwalker


>> No.35208146



>> No.35208281

I lost it at No-nose-havin buttmeat

>> No.35208283

Ahh, Serra. Staple of the Boobie Deck

>> No.35208305

Between 4chan and Fenoxo I'm not sure what I wouldn't fuck, anymore.

>> No.35208502


tzeentch pls go

>> No.35208580


The chaos bods:

Khorne - jock, ripped, six pack and muscles to spare

Tzeentch - Svelte, lithe, plans diet but has no need for weights

Nurgle - Thick, bearish, sense of humor gets him ridiculous amounts of ass

Slaanesh - HORSECOCK

>> No.35208604

dat cactus

>> No.35208625

>Slaanesh - HORSECOCK
... so would the faithful of Slaanesh get a similar endowment, 'cause if so I know where my tithes are going to start going

>> No.35208642

You might, or you might grow boobs.

So it's a win win either way, really.

>> No.35208664

Meh, if I ended up with tits too that'd work. I'm kinda ambivalent about that. If you're going to be a demon, may as well be a /d/emon.

>> No.35208708

I think you're confused. The Slaaneshi is literally just a giant horsecock not endowed with one. Unless they were female beforehand.

>> No.35208734


Non-joke rewrite for Slaanesh: on the "bishie" end of the femme/masculine dichotomy. Less muscle tone than the meticulously well planned diet of Tzeentch. More "heroin chic".

>> No.35208756

Welp, looks like my hunt to grow a horsecock continues. Thanks for helping me out there, anon.

>> No.35208881

This is technically a work safe board. So if you want hard stuff I recommend >>>/d/

>> No.35208945

Oh that picture takes me back.

>> No.35209398

In a heartbeat.

I wouldn't even look over the terms and conditions.

>> No.35210442

I can do you one better. Look up a manga called "Succubus no Oshigoto" (Succubus Work).

>> No.35211516

I haven't seen the videos myself, but I'm told /k/ has practical experience in that area.

>> No.35211805

For fuck's sake! I'd just managed to forget about it again. Thanks a lot man.

>> No.35212322

As for what I'd do, pic related.

>> No.35212741

gtfo moralfag. I've rped like three lichs, one mindflayer and my current character is a sentient swarm.

>> No.35212781

Only saw the rule 63 version...sooo...here ya go

>> No.35213087

>muh board culture

>> No.35213183

SJW plz go.

>> No.35213204

>someone has an opinion that I don't like

>> No.35213220

>someone is trying to make this place more accepting to cults of personality
how about stop trying to shit this place up?

>> No.35213334

>> No.35213346

>> No.35213354

awwww... :3
*proceeds to decapitate head*

>> No.35213359

>> No.35213373

>> No.35213378

>> No.35213381

Back to /a/ with you!

>> No.35213383

>> No.35213459

Alt costume for the Summoner in Dungeon Defenders.

>> No.35213580

i like this theory

>> No.35213596

it would have been an acident if you click and hold your curser on the captha and then drag and release it in the text field it inserts a link

>> No.35213608


>> No.35213619


>> No.35213630

Add "never had a heartbeat" to the list.

>> No.35213634

problem with /d/ is it needs to be seperated into /d/ and /df/ for futa

>> No.35213662


>> No.35213689

Not gonna happen, board has to have /v/-tier levels of traffic before moot agrees to a split, /d/ isn't anywhere near that. (Neither is /tg/.)

>> No.35213699

>/df/ for futa

>> No.35213714

>there are people that are angry about futa on /d/

And here I thought nothing could top the buttmad of antiquestfags.

>> No.35213734

Nothing personal, kid
*unzips dick*

>> No.35213752

the coloring makes my brain hurt

>> No.35213769

Oh, it's from the same guy who did Avatar Transformation.

>> No.35213835

no ive got nothing against futa its just that it takes up a good 3/4 of the threads on the board which is a problem

>> No.35213868

But it's not. /d/ is for futa. Always has been, always will be. You've mistaken the purpose as a problem.

>> No.35213870

speaking of quest threads its quite strange that rule 15 overrides the rule about all quest threads belonging on /tg/ if the quest threads had been sent to any other board it would make sense but of all the boards /tg/ would be the least likely to get buthurt about it

>> No.35213884

you know if coruption of champions becomes popular enough futa will enter the mainstream and be sent off to the more generic boards (or any reason for futa becoming mainstream really)

>> No.35213896

>its quite strange that rule 15 overrides the rule about all quest threads belonging on /tg/
No it's not. Horsefuckers need to be contained.

>> No.35213904

The question remains - what can we do to make that happen?

>> No.35213908

you realise that the reason /mlp/ was created was not to keep it from ruining the boards but to keep people like you from shitting up the boards with your hate

>> No.35213918

trick the producers of current affairs programs into promoting it that will bring all the stupid people in

>> No.35213928

Nigga CoC is dead as hell. All that's left is for the twitching to stop.

>> No.35213935


Like anybody needs them throwing more desperate little tantrums. Let them think it was so they didn't have to see colored horses any more, because nothing could be worse than seeing something you don't like.

>> No.35213937

Anon, please. It's too early for my sides to be hurtling away through the solar system like that.

>> No.35213938

oh shit your right i need to be more carefull

>> No.35214009

Oh god.
At this rate I will turn into raging degenerate.

>> No.35214067

Why, you can be calm degenerate.

>> No.35214116

the best degeneracy is somewhere in between

>> No.35214214

/tg/ - reasonable degeneracy

>> No.35214590

oh no in no way reasonable just unpredictable sometimes its calm other times its raging

>> No.35214670

>> No.35214681


>> No.35214686


>> No.35214694


>> No.35214700


>> No.35214715


>> No.35214946


>> No.35215014

but its true

>> No.35215121


Suuuuuure, buddy, that's why it gets contained and deleted about everywhere else. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that bronies cannot contain themselves for a second and shit up wherever they go. No, siree, not at all...

>> No.35215152

how dare you call us bronys that term has been corrupted far to much for anybody with an ounce of respect to refer to themselves as such

>> No.35215431

We have shit boards like /n/, /biz/, /sci/, /lit/, and /an/ which receive virtually no traffic. We have boards like /x/, which have devolved into pure garbage. We even have boards which simply don't belong on 4chan, like /mlp/.

We have 4 fucking /v/ boards. There's no sound argument for not splitting off the tumors that are quest bullshit and futas save moot being lazy and not caring.

>> No.35215446

well theres no excuse like you said but there not tumors they have just outgrown the boards there on

>> No.35215911

Reminder that if /a/ makes another fuck quest, it will be sent here, which will be following the rules and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.35215942

Futa's vanilla at this point, move it to /h/

>> No.35215969

Explain how it wouldn't be /tg/ related. I dare you.

>> No.35216386


>> No.35216566

In a heartbeat~

>> No.35216922


>> No.35216989

Oh god she's about to spill her drink all over the table. Oh make it stop. Like, it's on the verge of tipping over. That is bothering me so much. I can't even look at the sexy demon chick because I keep getting distracted by the need to stop the drink from falling over.

>> No.35217131

>iSatan5: now with extra fluster ?

>> No.35217200

Put penis in.

>> No.35219074

I woulda

>> No.35219134

Why are Scanty and Kneesocks so based? It was legit hard to cheer for the actual main characters whenever the Demon Sisters made an appearance.

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