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Why is only /tg/ capable of making cute things out of eternal war?

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Because we are amazing majestic people

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Because in the grim darkness of the far future there is only cute

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Who are these?

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Th characters?

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Because cute things are easy to make,

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Lolicron and Blue Grot.

Lolicron was quite popular before Xeno took the spotlight.

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Because TG is a magical place

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Ok, the tau is Blue, not sure on necron

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Yeah, Lolikron is considerably better. Who is Blue Grot?

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You do know it says in the filename right?

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Post more cute

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Blue is an orky tau girl, it's as simple as that.

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She could be depicted well sometimes but it was a lot of wasted potential and wankery caused by overexposure.

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The same as a lot of things here then.

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Wasn't looking at file name, my bad

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I think that it was ruined by people trying to make her something more than just a cute necron tau. I mean shit, look at Blue, she's nothing complicated, there's no depth or backstory. She's just a concept.

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Da Blue Grot. She got looted by a wacky band of Freebooters that mistook her for an extra lucky grot. She's the Big Mek's favorite and has her own pet squig, but she's only one aspect of the zaniness that is the Scraplootas.

For example, they have a looted chaos imperator titan that they made roight proppa orky (all rolled up on a kustom tribe chart) that is piloted by a crazy ork named Boris.

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>looted chaos imperator titan

I get the feeling that's kind of impossible under 40k fluff.

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You're kind of impossible under 40k fluff!

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They just glued a bunch of squigs to the daemon core and called it a day.

They also deep strike it behind enemy lines from their krooza.

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Seems kind of entirely unrealistic. And impractical. Orks aren't really capable of large scale repairs and the work necessary to keep a titan going.

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>Orks aren't really capable of large scale repairs and the work necessary to keep a titan going
They think it works, so it does.

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>Orks aren't really capable of large scale repairs and the work necessary to keep a titan going.

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The WAAAGH field isn't magic.

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Kind of different. That's just slapped together and shitty, whereas a titan would take real upkeep. Who is going to do all that?

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They can build and maintain war-capable vessels and Gargants.

They can maintain a Titan.

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A gargant is a big tin can. Quite different.

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Wasn't she spawned by the quest? Or was Shas' quest based on the concept?

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Maintaining tech, even though it is in their own haphazard way that has no regard for general safety, comes naturally to all orks. Meks are those who are really good at it.
Also, while Ork tech may be crude and inelegent, it is amazingly effective. Even the Necrons cannot match the Orks in terms of Teleportation and Barrier tech.

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Dude, in a fullblown galaxy spanning WAAAAGH you'd probably move enough meks to the front all chomping at the bit to try their inventions that they'd just staple them all together into a massive two headed titan fueled by Gork and Mork to get the shooty and burny bits to the enemy faster.

But yeah, I think it'd take a massive WAAAAGH to actually ensure that you had enough meks in one spot to make something like that.

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Ya negetev gitz need ta stop muckin' about.

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>whereas a titan would take real upkeep
Or it would just become a vaguely titan shaped gargant over time. Like >>35050181

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Grot labour. It's what they're there for.

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Yes it is.

Sort of.

It exaggerates things to how the orks think a thing should go.

The more of them there are in a given area the more reality bends to their imagination.

Its one of the reasons they are so dangerous once they get into the billions.

It mostly just makes their shit work better. There has to be some basic understanding of engineering. So long as the Mek builds it so it should sort of work maybe on a good day the orkness field can do the rest.

If their are enough of them the effect is more pronounced and shit like Red Wonz Go Fasta, Bloo Wonz Iz Luky and Purpul Wonz Iz Sneeky start to actually work.

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When I saw the thumbnail for this, I thought it was an orked up Megas.....

To be fair, Coop is pretty much an Ork Mek as it is.

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>Who is going to do all that?
The society of bureaucratic grots within Boris.

Like I said, the Scraplootas were pretty zany and play pretty fast and loose with canon.

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>, I thought it was an orked up Megas.....
I got that too.

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I thought the quest came from the concept. Chickens and eggs really.

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Quest came first, Xeno acted incredibly normal in it, cutesy tau shenanigans came later.

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Based grotocracy. That's my favourite thing about it all. Especially the way it got fleshed out and became something that actually made a lot of sense.

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The origin is still one of my favorite things.
>The daemon core, unable to corrupt orks and grots as fully as it could humans, still did everything in its power to turn the grots within the titan into the most evil thing it could manage: bureaucrats.
That shit is just perfect.

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>cutesy tau shenanigans
I didn't read the quest from the beginning, but the parts I stopped by for were pretty grim.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's Pratchett if he wrote 40k.

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That's what I was saying. The cutesy taucron shenanigans everyone knows Xeno for have absolutely nothing to do with the quest which was basically System Shock: 40K.

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Do you know what stories are best for Grotocracy stuff?

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Two Tribes is supposed to be good.

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Heretics, all of you.

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You know that unrealistic and impractical doesnt matter to orkz. We all know that.

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Grot Quest

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Orks can loot anything.

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Because love can bloom on the etc, etc, etc...

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Supposed to be?


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>Supposed to be?
I have yet to read it myself, but it's exclusively about the Grotocracy/Boris' innards IIRC.

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Ok. I guess you probably don't know but is it worth the effort of reading? It looks long.

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Like I said, it's supposed to be. I've only heard good things about it.

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What else can we make cute things out of? A world of darkness?

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Cute nosferatu

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Tsundere Nosferatu.

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I can't even begin to imagine this.

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I might put it on my backlog then, and read it at some point. I'm guessing barely anybody's actually bothered to read it, but hey, maybe I'll get around to it some day. I'm never too sure about the quality of /tg/ fiction though, it seems equal parts great and shit.

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>I-it's not like I want your blood or anything! I'm just thirsty, baka-Kine!

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Am I kawaii? Uguu~

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Everything that /tg/ writes is "It's Pratchett if he wrote X"

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>dat bulge
If /v/ is just /b/ with video games, /tg/ is just /d/ with tabletop games.

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What an original comment.

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I don't understand what the problem is here

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I don't think anyone is saying otherwise. That said, Futa a shit.

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I'll post the obligatory comic

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Slaanesh is basically /d/ personified anyway

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Blue isn't cute though. She's something, but it's not cute. It rhymes with rude.

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They're basically synonyms.

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Blue is a prude.

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She's Food? To several races, in fact.

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Last I checked /tg/ was the only one making anything out of Only War.

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Okay, this is adorable, but I'm not following exactly what's happening.

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Ah okay
My next guess would've been a dude

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Guardsman accidentally puts his hands on Sister's chestplate when trying to protect her. He thinks he's going to get blammed, she's embarassed. Meanwhile, female guardsman manages to get an autograph from a Space Marine.

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That's a little disappointing, I thought I was missing something but I guess not.

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Oh, okay. For some reason I thought it was a flashback for the Sister.

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This comic is 25 pages long, be patient

>> No.35051645

There's a bit more, and the thing doesn't seem nearly finished.

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>25 pages

Oh god why

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More like 25 panels, still cute.

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Poor guardsman, nobody thinks he's good enough.

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This is art so damn cliched and cookie cutter with the anime expressions, but it warms my heart and I love it. God damn you cutesy Japanese-style scribblings! You're inexplicable adorableness is insidious!

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But Femperor, we LOVE you...

Indeed, where did you think you were Anon?


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How does he drink through the helmet?

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FEmps, Macha and who?

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Horus? Judging my the knot top thing it's either him or Abbadon.

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Are these guys even allowed to drink?

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Beat you to it Daemonette

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>pretty fast and loose with canon.

Do they though? Wacky as they may be, none of it is really out of the realms of 40k possibility. They just aren't grimdark.

Though actually, when you consider that they're gleeful mass-murderers they kind of are a bit grimdark.

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They are but getting drunk is nearly impossible because of their enhanced metabolisms.
SoB probably are allowed but getting trashed would be frowned upon.

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Sister of Silence, Fem Custode?

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Oh man, grope Guard is having the worst day.

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I'd say some of it toes the line, like the WAAsquigs and the Grotocracy. They're no worse than, say, Ciaphas Cain, but they certainly aren't canon sticklers either.

But yeah, Scraplootas are very much in the same vein as Deff Skwadron, just a bunch of goofballs until you sit down and think about how many people died in that last gag.

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>Are they allowed to drink?

Yes! Because adequite water purification is not known to all planets (or under all situations), alcohol *MAY* be consumed by both space marines and sisters of battle.

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Oh yeah, definitely a Sister of Silence. The knot top threw me off but I forgot they had them too.

Fucking stupid haircut,

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Ciaphas Cain was the most based commisar. I know he's DAKKA'd people, but at least he gave them a fucking CHANCE.

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Can't SMs drink raw sewage and still be okay?

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This pissed me off too. Interpret it as you will.

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When did the emperor's armor turn into a hot tub?>>35051934
Yes they can, but that doesn't mean they WANT to.

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I rather like the way they're sort of a genocidal saturday morning cartoon. Someone needs to get around to writing more content for them. And more art. There's always room for more art.

>> No.35051976

>Yes they can, but that doesn't mean they WANT to.
I'm pretty sure the Imperial Fists have a festival where they eat the most rancid shit they can find and whoever pukes last is the winner.

>> No.35052006

this can't be the last one

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I like the Space Marine. Based man.

>> No.35052025

That's a contest, and they don't do it every *day*... just with new recruits. It's hazing and a more effective means of demonstrating the changes a space marine's body goes through than just telling them "your stomach puts a space-goat's to shame, If you ever find yourself starving on the battle field, eat anything you can grab."

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>dat IG

>> No.35052065

Anon, please don't do this to yourself.

>> No.35052068

... Why is Satsuki Kiryuin the God Emperor of mankind?

>> No.35052078


Do you know of any Space Marine (or Chaos Marine) chapters that are known to be incredibly ravenous or gluttonous?

This concept intrigues me

>> No.35052108

The only chapter that comes to mind is Space Wolves. Russ challenged the emperor to a eat-off, a drink-off, and an arm wrestle to prove that Big E was indeed his father.

>> No.35052110

The Space Wolves get around it, but only by brewing some of the strongest alcohol in the known galaxy. In Prospero Burns, the main character says it smells like jet fuel.

>> No.35052116


Those eyebrows are way too small to be Satsuki's

>> No.35052180

No tech priests?

>> No.35052199

... Well, Blood Angels get "the red thirst", which they really don't like to talk about. And Space Wolves have the Canis helix, which gives them big teeth, yellow eyes, wierd hair, and possibly the tendency to eat raw flesh... but they are generally content to stick to Steak extra rare as opposed to people.

I'd wager there are eternally hungry slaaneshi space marines, and perhaps some nurgle marines with unfillable guts.

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That space marine indeed seems like a chill dude.

>> No.35052209

It can end anyway you want. Maybe it's BLAM or maybe those two settle down together.

Maybe they fall deeply in love, knowing that they were meant to be together, they can feel it in their souls. These two kindred loves spend the rest of their deployment seeing eachother in secret, making love and talking about the future they'll have together. When the operation finally ends, they're forced apart, returned home with no hope of ever seeing eachother again. Even though the guardsman settles down with his wife, has kids of his own and enjoys his coveted retirement status, he can never forget his eternal lover, from a star far away. United for an instant, only to be torn apart forever. Such is the tragedy of life in the 41st millenium.

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Low resolution low quality compression drawfaggery.

>> No.35052269

>Be space marine.
>Excited Imperial Guard rushes over to you.
>Asks for autograph.
>Stare with unfathomable intensity.
>She nearly pisses herself with excitement.
>Give her my autograph.
"May The Emperor Protect You Always ~Alpharius"
>Calmly walk off to bar while she cheers and celebrates with her squad.

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Because what else is there to do? 40K is so fucking boring because it has no emotional range. So people who are addicted to painting little army mans try to inject a little levity into it.

>> No.35052360

Why don't red-painted Space Marines go faster when they're fighting against orks? If all nearby machinery works the way orks unconsciously think it ought to, shouldn't that apply o their enemies as well?

>> No.35052363

Yeah, but cuteness?

>> No.35052385

We're open to other ideas. Maybe a 40K sitcom, or the 40K version of The Room.

>> No.35052424

I guess it only applies to things the Orks use, since it's to do with Ork psyche.

>> No.35052455

Because they believe that orky tech is best tech, so it only applies to their own stuff.

>> No.35052488

Other races are factors int he ork psyche - orks do have some amount of memory and culture. They value worthy opponents, so maybe forces that put up a good fight should leave an impression on the orks and do better against them in subsequent battes.

If that were true, then everyone else's tech would get worse around orks.

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>> No.35052540

I'm sure that they respect the tech of other races, but they just think theirs is better. Why else would they loot leeman russes?

>> No.35052618

I don't think Abaddon has that "=I=" on their head...


Alright then...

>When did the emperor's armor turn into a hot tub?
Because Giant Golden Armor gets VERY hot to wear, and the Empress has a sweat problem...

...Are you implying she does not have the RESOLVE to be Empress of Humanity?

>Do you know of any Space Marine (or Chaos Marine) chapters that are known to be incredibly ravenous or gluttonous?
>This concept intrigues me
>I'd wager there are eternally hungry slaaneshi space marines, and perhaps some nurgle marines with unfillable guts.
Indeed, very few people make use of the excess sins outside of lust for Slaanesh...

>Maybe a 40K sitcom
Always wanted to do the Officio Daemonbolica

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>> No.35052670

Fuck off namefag

>> No.35052678

I dunno, I just think the whole attempted schism from her higher authority thing would make her more of a Horus type character.

>> No.35052682

I know that one minor chapter that turned to Slaanesh is cannibalistic. And then there's the Sons of Malice, same thing.

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>> No.35052740

Excuse my nubness, but whats wrong with namefags?

>> No.35052759


I don't see some ISIS, Mossad, CIA, Spetznaz porn m8.

>> No.35052816

Having an ego so huge they can't bear to be anonymous on a website designed around anonymity.

>> No.35052827

Because they want wank bait.
I guarantee you that someone's jerked it to that picture you posted. Possibly you. And you possibly started this thread to get more "cute" suggestive stuff to wank it to.

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>> No.35052851

Why do you assume ego? If they're a known member of the community, would it not be wiser for them to be named for quick reference?

>> No.35052859


Ha! Tzeentch

>> No.35052865

Fuck no. In fact, I actively dislike porn being made of characters that are cute, as it kills the cutesy appeal. To me, cute characters are like daughters, they're lovable in an entirely non-sexual way, and I'd rather things were kept like that.

I find puppies cute, but that doesn't mean I want to put my dick in one.

>> No.35052904

The whole point of 4chan is that there are no known members of the community, you should be judged on your anonymous posts alone. I may have talked to you in the past and not know it, and I love it. Namefags and tripfags fuck around with all of that.

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>> No.35052935


Ma nigga

>> No.35052963

Also NiceDaemonette has the annoying as fuck habit of dredging through every comment, no matter how many hours ago it was made, to respond to it.

Also bumping up dead threads people have lost interest in in a manner not seen since FriendlyAnon or who ever that namefag who kept on with the Black Locks so hard he made it not fun.

>> No.35052989

There is nothing cute about the same shitty slut pinups you spam in every fucking thread.

>> No.35053010

>If they're a known member of the community
Not how it works you homo cumslut.

>> No.35053022

I wonder what rule 34 of chen looks like...

>> No.35053048

>not loving namefags/tripfags for being easier to filter
I've had this discussion on half the boards, and no one sees my point of view.

>> No.35053084

I refuse to filter anyone, even if I can't stand them. Just because I hate someone doesn't give me the right to silence them.

>> No.35053096

>implying /v/ has vidya

>> No.35053104

Woah, aggressive, much? Did someone forget to take their medicine today?

>> No.35053124

Not anymore, since vidya has been declared problematic and misogynist.

>> No.35053153

"It's not true! I did not hit im! It's bullshit! I did NAWT!"
"Oh hi Malcador!"


"The tests came back: I definitely have wires stuck to my brain."

>> No.35053225

Come now, anon, don't you want to get on your knees and acquaint yourself with my known member of this community? Try to suck as many upvotes as you can out of it~

>> No.35053254

>even registering name/tripfags as existing unless they happen to be somewhat important, much less needing a filter to attempt to achieve such a state

How weak minded of you.

>> No.35053263

...Someone post the quote from moot...


Indeed, it's like they don't even know how to use 4chan...

YAY Tolerance!

Now now, he probably had a bad day at school...

Wait, which one is the Emperor again?!

>> No.35053299

>Doing the exact same shit people were complaining about you doing not five minutes ago

Fuck's sake man get it together

>> No.35053324

He actively roleplays as a lesbian on a discussion forum and shitposts in threads in order to make them all about himself and his shitty fursona. He is beyond all help and your best bet is to just ignore him.

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>> No.35053374

B-but Anon-sempai! Everyone is watching~

>> No.35053437

I did say it was a known member, did I not? Now quit complaining and use that mouth for something else if you want your opinion to matter on this board.

>> No.35053593

Less shitty version

>> No.35053615

>actively roleplays as a lesbian
Do you know where we are? Next you'll accuse him of PLAYING ROLEPLAYING GAMES!

>> No.35053638

He's being That Guy in this respect.

>> No.35053708

/tg/ is not a game, it's a forum. It would be like if you and a couple of friends were discussing when to run the next session of your campaign and some fat sweaty neckbeard started interrupting your conversation to pretend to be a lesbian demon with a transformation fetish and a hatred of his own penis that rivals even the most mentally compromised tranny.

>> No.35053724

But he never roleplays as a lesbian, per se. Just a weird person obsessed with smutting up everything.

>> No.35053725

What? Yeah it does. You're not stopping anyone else from listening to them.

Now if you're saying that you refuse to ignore them because no matter how much you hate what they say, you don't want to limit your self mentally by only listening to like-minded people, then I get where you're coming from.

>> No.35053736

People in this very thread are roleplaying sucking dick over the internet. /tg/ is a place where this shit is commonplace. What is there that you do not get about this?

>> No.35053757

>But he never roleplays as a lesbian
His fursona is "nice daemonette" and he always posts "in character" about his shitty little anti-male crusade.

>> No.35053788

I personally reckon it does. But only if the local Orks have at one point sat down, thought about it and agreed that Red Marines must also go Fasta.
And from then on that would be true.
Its just so rare for Orks to think of that AND for there then to be the correct coloured marines attacking that its barely noticed. Still, ask the right marine and they'll say they felt weird that one time they purified that continent. Like they could run REALLY fast. Probably His blessing.

Then again, might explain why the Ultramarines do so well for themselves. They're roight lukky. Without the Orks, they'd just be a fairly successful chapter.

>> No.35053793

>People in this very thread are roleplaying sucking dick over the internet
As satire of how more typical forums work and ND's actions. Way to show off your boorish lack of sophistication.

Either way, ND and the faggotry that surrounds him derailed a perfectly good 40Kute thread and that is unforgivable.

>> No.35053822

This only got derailed because of you throwing a bitchfit about tripfags instead of filtering them like a regular user.

>> No.35053823

Apologies, I was just curious about the hatred surrounding namefags. I would provide the necessary cutepic of repentance, but my 40Kute folder is rather depleted.

>> No.35053825

I don't know what you are talking about, it was YOUR faggotry that derailed the thread, I'm just posting 40kute pictures...

>> No.35053829

>>Other races are factors int he ork psyche
But they aren't orks. They muck about and do things strangely and backwards. Of course their red wuns don't go fasta because they aren't orks and only orks can make any wuns go fast.

That's why orks have to loot their toys and make them proppa.

>> No.35053849

>I'm just posting cute pictures
see >>35052989

>> No.35053871

Yes... Satire...

>> No.35054024

You have to admit, that version of Abaddon is WAY cuter...

>> No.35054107

>> No.35054140

>> No.35054144


>> No.35054155

No. This version is the cutest because he is sad and then he is happy.

>> No.35054190

>> No.35054192


>> No.35054206

>> No.35054233

Where the hell did your find these anyways, ND? >>35052618 Preliminary searches yield nothing.

>> No.35054257

>> No.35054275

>> No.35054293

That's basically how it is now with the Allies chart. Imperial Forces will always be buddies!

>> No.35054297

>> No.35054331

>> No.35054340

>> No.35054343

I dug them up on Pixiv, but they've been making the rounds...
I think it's actually a Russian artist considering a Russian blog is the only other place you can find them, because the Pixiv Profile translates into something like "I've gotten permission from the artist to post these."

>> No.35054352

She is the cutest.

>> No.35054357

We already established it as prude.

>> No.35054386

>> No.35054390

Okay, I'm a little bit mad about this one. Why is the Ork girl so short, when they make all the humans and space marines about the same height?

>> No.35054431

She has a hot friend too.

That's about all I got for cuteness. (that's 40k related anyway) Hope you like em.

>> No.35054459

Orks in this series seem to get MILFier with Rank, as well as their Canon of getting BIGGER over all...

>> No.35054461

Hahahahaha oh wow, I laughed much harder than I should have.

>> No.35054463

>Brother Captain, I have to file a request for entrainment of this little Danish girl.

>> No.35054492

10/10 /tg/ edit, would wish I could clap again.

>> No.35054531 [SPOILER] 

I know, I was there when it was made...
Was going to lead up to it, but anon beat me to the punchline.

>> No.35054537

>she becomes a serf
>smiles all the time and isn't afraid of the Salamanders at all
>helps out at the forge sometimes, even though she can't carry much that's heavy

>> No.35054543

Wait no, I lied. I forgot about this one.

>> No.35054588

Why haven't you niggers posted this yet?

>> No.35054611

This is from that story thread a while ago isn't it, the lovey-dovey cutesy romance story about that commissar and the tech-priest girl and the wine and the gentle loving and the feisty tech friend?

I fucking loved that story goddamn

>> No.35054667

well this explains fucking everything

>> No.35054671

Oh fuck. I'm not supposed to tear up about innocent children dealing with sad situations any more, I'm an adult now. That was just a phase. D-damnit *sniff*

>> No.35054685

And the addendum.

>> No.35054712

/tg/ had a lot of fun when this Abaddon model came out. Maybe it was the paint job.

>> No.35054734

But lo the horror when she prepares the meals!
Rod polse. Rod polse everywhere.

>> No.35054774

Yeah I'm crying. Crying all over the fucking place. This is why I come to /tg/, you guys have the best feels. Thank you for this, anon

>> No.35054848

>> No.35054854

Fuck off, Da Real Wurld 40k is great, no matter where it is.

>> No.35054892

Let's not turn this into a feels thread, besides, this is a cute thread and I thought the follow up meets the criteria.

>> No.35054906

I secretly dislike that addition. Prefer it vague to sad. Plus adding it in the same image just looks ugly compared to the nice art.

>> No.35054913

We're not, the cute things just stand out more

>> No.35054985

Fair point, I do like the follow-up and I also prefer it separated from the original comic.

>> No.35055025

Because it just never occurred to the orks that it'd apply to their enemies. So it doesn't.

>> No.35055059

Well, the first image gave me fierce fucking feels. The cutesy art underlines the horrible situation he's in and the second image, showing that the emps is taking time out of his jampacked fucking schedule to actually care for a single innocent ~xenos~ child? Took me right over the edge. I don't care if this thread continues to be cute or not, my night has officially been made that much better

>> No.35055072

Why does everyone have 4 cards? Where is the rest of the deck?

>> No.35055112

>> No.35055113

That's because red marines DO go faster, Anon! Think about it - the Blood Angels and several of their successors all wear red armor, and they fine-tune their vehicles so that way they go faster than normal, which may be where the Orks first got the idea of red being the fastest color.

As well, there's also a red space marine chapter called the Rampagers, who are a successor chapter of the White Scars! And if they're anything like their parent chapter, they favor very fast and mobile tactics.

So reality is actually agreeing with the Orks! It's not only true because they think it is true, it's true because it actually already IS true!

>> No.35055130

>Hasn't heard of 4 card Poker.

>> No.35055145

They're playing Go Fish and using chips to count how many times they win.

>> No.35055228

But then neither of them would be keeping aces in their hands...

>> No.35055272

So, wouldn't that cause some sort of positive feedback loop for the red color schemed space marines when encountering orks? Is there an upper limit to how fast the red space marines would be affected by the Waaagh?

>> No.35055343

That's a nice update to that other image

>> No.35055384

I love the Daemonette there.

"Oh man, this is gonna hurt so damn good!"

>> No.35055399

A CuteAnon Jubbwowski?!

>Is there an upper limit to how fast the red space marines would be affected by the Waaagh?
Three time as fast...

>> No.35055469

Because only /tg/ has enough sad neckbeards in one place who are lonely enough to make cute waifus out of eternal war

>> No.35055966

There's only so much the Waagh! can affect, so there's probably a limit.

But it's the way of reckless Speed Freaks to break barriers like that.

>> No.35056329

>> No.35056411

>> No.35056478

Spess Mehreen is best character.

>> No.35056506

Love how he's sitting there like "dis gonna b gud"

>> No.35057629

That Kroot is a real qt3.14

>> No.35061045

More Tau unity love

>> No.35061073


>> No.35061109

>tfw no rule 63 ork gf

>> No.35061136

>That fuckin' straw.
Space marine knows what he is doin.

>> No.35061172

No, it's an Emergency Induction Port.

>> No.35061180

I remember how Lolicron came about, someone misread Lolcron and asked who this "Lolicron" was and /tg/ collectively had a "Why didn't we think of that before" moment. Pretty sure the top Lolicron picture is drawfaggotry from that thread.

>> No.35061225


>> No.35061247

I am only made even happier.

>> No.35061255


Because accent, hips, and purple.

>> No.35061268

We all want to bone purple xenos. Same with blueberry tau.

>> No.35061279




>> No.35061285

Never cared for the Tau. Always liked Tali. Kind of saddened when they gave a pic of her face and she was generic humanoid.

>> No.35061338

Oh yeah, finding out there were some dull old space elves was a little saddening.
Remember this was drawn after ME1 and I really hoped it would be something interesting like this. Bright purple mohawk and fangs. Would still bang.

One thing I never understood was why none of them wore a clear visor. I mean... Yeah.

>> No.35061360

Someone post more Blue Grot

Welcome to BioWare

>> No.35061374

Probably to protect them from ultraviolet radiation, if their melanin is as weak as their lymphocytes they probably sunburn pretty easily.

>> No.35061393

If I were them I'd have a detachable visor shade, or have it linked to my suit's computers. That way I could take it off in low light levels or if I want a face to face meeting.
But what do I know, I'm not an space elf thing.

>> No.35061416

It's the need to take care of something so fragile and looking.

Also dat voice and dem hips. Holy fuck dem glorious hips.

>> No.35061440

They can see through it just fine it would seem so that's just another thing that could break on a suit that is already fairly maintenance intensive.

>> No.35061447

Yeah, Tali's thighs certainly don't lie.

>> No.35061458

>purple skinned alien hottie

Yup. Best ME romance.

Yeah, but we can't. I guess Tali was never a diplomat so even if they have the tech she wouldn't install it.

>> No.35061459

I like that design, was it official?

>> No.35061492


>> No.35061533

>More Blue Grot

>> No.35061558

Oh no, someone whipped it up as a possible interpretation after ME1 or 2. They're human-looking space elves. Like Asari.
The black haired head at the end is the artist's femshep, IIRC

>> No.35061577

Oh. Shame BioWare are too lazy to make something like that.

>> No.35061579

Asari don't even look like elves, at least not any elves I've ever seen, they have no ears and semi cartilaginous head tentacle thingies instead of hair.

>> No.35061593

Anyone have the comic of the Eldar writing to the Emperor?

>> No.35061599

They're cultural elves. And human looking.

>> No.35061610

See >>35054588

>> No.35061613

>Eldar writing to the Emperor?

Is the message ur a faget?

>> No.35061617

Everything /tg/ has dem hips.

it is glorious

>> No.35061630

Mostly tau girls though.

I want a wide hipped tomboy tau to call my own.

>> No.35061636


Oh, missed it. Thanks!

>> No.35061643

...does she have a swastika pendant? I never noticed that until now.
I mean it'd have a totally different meaning for an Orky Tau, but still.

>> No.35061659

Swastika was never German. They merely adopt the swastika. India was born to it, moulded by it.

>> No.35061669

Swastikas are orky.

>> No.35061701

Shut up Bane.

>> No.35061705

Wonder what it means to them. Or what it means to the Tau. Hell, might mean "I went to the Eye of Terror and all I got was to keep my lousy life."

>> No.35061749

Put a sock in it. NiceDaemonette was since /tg/ was created.

>> No.35061759

I think to orks it literally just is an orky type of decoration.

>> No.35061776

Bullshit. Fabio is the IRL Emps actor.

>> No.35061782

Drazhar the cutest.

>> No.35061786

Having been here a long time doesn't excuse it.

Does the Emperor also have seagull problems?

>> No.35061800

Thought the problem was with a Canadian Goose.

>> No.35061807

It may well have been, I'm not sure.

>> No.35061815

>Orks get milfier as they fight, fuck and win.
>Orks get stronker and stronker as they get bigger.
>Eventually warbosses are 12 foot tall amazon muscle-milfs clad in the best armour and covered in scars and have skin like smooth boiled leather

>> No.35061838

Yeah sounds about right, them fuckers are annoying but I'm sure the emperor is equipped to withstand such annoyances.

>> No.35061887

Cadian Goose?

>> No.35062328

You cant have grim-dark with out some happy-light to act as a contrast.....before it is immediately killed/destroyed/

>> No.35062448


>> No.35063419

So, are we talking cute cute or stupid cute

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