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>Black Powder

>Bolt Action

>Hail Caesar


>Warhammer Ancient battles 2.0


>Featherstone's Complete Wargaming

>Advanced Squad Leader

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455 – Emperor Avitus enters Rome with a Gallic army and consolidates his power.
1170 – Combined English and Irish forces, under the command of Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke and Diarmait Mac Murchada, King of Leinster seize Norse-Gaelic Dublin, forcing Ascall mac Ragnaill, King of Dublin into exile.
1217 – Livonian Crusade: The Estonian leader Lembitu and Livonian leader Kaupo the Accursed are killed in Battle of Matthew's Day.
1435 – An agreement between Charles VII of France and Philip the Good ends the partnership between the English and Burgundy in Hundred Years' War.
1745 – Battle of Prestonpans: A Hanoverian army under the command of Sir John Cope is defeated, in ten minutes, by the Jacobite forces of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
1776 – Part of New York City is burned shortly after being occupied by British forces.
1780 – American Revolutionary War: Benedict Arnold gives the British the plans to West Point.
1792 – The National Convention declares France a republic and abolishes the monarchy.
1860 – In the Second Opium War, an Anglo-French force defeats Chinese troops at the Battle of Palikao.
1896 – British force under Horatio Kitchener takes Dongola in the Sudan.
1939 – Romanian Prime Minister Armand Călinescu is assassinated by far-right legionnaires of the fascist paramilitary organization called the Iron Guard.
2013 – al-Shabaab Islamic militants attack the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, killing at least 67 people.

This week also marks the 70th anniverary of the Battle of Arnhem. Today is Day 5 out of 9; the day when the unlucky Polish paras were dropped late and onto an occupied LZ, to their cost. Nonetheless they swiftly regrouped and their sudden appearance took the pressure off the boys at Oosterbeek.

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>1745 – Battle of Prestonpans: A Hanoverian army under the command of Sir John Cope is defeated, in ten minutes, by the Jacobite forces of Prince Charles Edward Stuart


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Why do all the scots look like Urangatangs?

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The faces seem a bit off, don't they

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The Redcoats don't look much better.

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>implying Scots don't look like that

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>last thread died in the snow outside Moscow
Ah, I was on a field trip.
Probably nothing compared to what some of you have seen kicking about, most exotic I've seen is a Centurion, but have a shufti at my club's most recent blog post.
camp cromwell blogspot (spam filter)

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Glad to see I'm not the only person who watches A Bridge Too Far on the anniversary of Market Garden.

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>a South African chap, David Strauss, who's life's work is making models of every vehicle ever made on a Sherman chassis. I sent him the pics I took and now he has sent me pics of his finished model.

Now that's a fucking modeller

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This is arousing.

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Thought I'd better make clear that I wasn't fishing for hits for the blog, I thought I'd give a chance for anybody wanting to guess.

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Oops, I meant to quote myself.

It'd take a trained eye to pick it as a Sherman chassis, I'd probably have missed it.

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I bet there's a gearhead out there who could tell you specific details about it solely by studying the idler wheel

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Latest Osprey Elite has just dropped - something for the squaddies this time - British Army since 2000.


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2nd Regiment of foot, the Coldstream Guard's motto:
>Second to none.
Top kek.

The first regiment of foot, the Grenadier Guards, have origins in the King's Lifeguard of Foot from 1621 and fought for King Charles I throughout the English Civil War. The Coldstream Guard have origins in the regiment of foot given to General George Monk to pacify Scotland for Cromwell's protectorate; after mostly pacifying Scotland, Monk marched south (crossing the border at the village of Coldstream) to London in order to restore the monarchy and depose Cromwell and his entirely unrepresentative and despotic government.

I heartily recommend finding out more about George Monk, he was important not only in Army matters, but Naval and Civilian too. Find a good biography of him (I read a recent one by Peter Reese), and definatley check out his own writings on military and leadership.

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I always liked the Royal Scots' nickname : "Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard"

>The 1st Foot Regiment, now called the Royal Scots, the oldest regiment in the service. When called Le Regiment de Douglas, and in the French service, they had a dispute with the Picardy regiment about the antiquity of their respective corps. The Picardy officers declared they were on duty on the night of the Crucifixion, when the colonel of the 1st Foot replied, “If we had been on guard, we would not have slept at our posts.”

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>"Field Marshal Montgomery's allegedly austere personal habits gave rise to a number of disobliging comments and anecdotes. His appalled reaction to the clouds of cigar smoke with which Churchill had filled his tent in the desert was the subject of much amusement, as was Churchill's reply to a questioner in the House of Commons who complained that Montgomery had invited Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma, the defeated German general, to dinner in his desert caravan. 'Poor Von Thoma,' said Churchill gravely. 'I, too, have dined with Montgomery.' "

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what a cunt.
As a brit I had all the adoration he receives. Shitties field marshal ever.

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Seeing as it's Arnhem Week, we should remember his responsibility for that debacle

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Would anyone care to give a summary of this? Either specific to Arnhem or Montgomery's failings as a whole.

I love finding out little factoids of history from these threads; I'm finding myself getting more and more inspired to start collecting WWII miniatures as I find out more about a period of military history I (understandably) initially dismissed.

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With regard to Arnhem, he was basically in a dickwaving contest with Patton and it got a lot of good men killed for no reason. Both had a serious grudge running since they met in Sicily, and both wanted to be first into Germany. Eisenhower was working on a broad-front strategy, rolling slowly forward in a continuous line. But Monty - who normally was a stickler for set-piece battles like El Alamein - came up with an audacious and highly risky plan to "punch" through the German line on a narrow front, by using paratroops to seize key bridges then racing armour to link up with them.

He ignored clear intelligence that SS Panzers were in the area, and had the IO who drew up the report packed off to a mental hospital for a few weeks to shut him up. His plan to race up the main highway with armour was terrible; before the war the Dutch Army College apparently failed any student who suggested that approach. It left them open to ambush and congestion, and without the tank support the lightly armed paras found themselves fighting two panzer divisions. It was a stupid plan, pursued for personal glory, and its failure seriously dented his reputation at the time.

It's impossible to be fair and thorough about this in a 4chan post but I recommend you check out the mediafire folders and dip into some serious reading. If Arnhem is of specific interest then go look up Cornelius Ryan's "Bridge Too Far" (the movie is based on it); or find a good modern bio of Monty if you want a revised opinion of him.

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Cue reactionary Monty-bashing.

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Let's be honest, though. The whole who-can-get-to-Germany-first pissing contest was pretty fuckin' dumb.

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Wouldn't it be revisionist? I would have thought the reactionary view was the idealized one.

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Smashing into the Ruhr, while the Germans were still horribly fucked up from France would have been a huge win, though. And a lot of the issues were strategic as much as anything else. Eisenhower also bears part of the blame. Monty just proposed the plan, after all, Ike was the one chomping at the bit for strategic advances.

As for pissing contests, sure. But given the strategic situation, aggression was a pretty decent move, or at least paradigm.

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I suppose so. Whichever one best describes the 'someone is often held to be true about a WW2 fact, and so I'm going to bash it to appear in the know'. It's part of the WW2 armchair historical chain of evolution.

I'd argue that shitting on Monty's been a pretty popular activty for a long time.

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In a word, organisational maturity. Lots of little failures, bits of bad luck, overestimations, and general things that were surviveable on their own, but snowballed. The Germans were also in way better shape than anyone realised. Market Garden's almost a textbook example of the effectiveness of elastic command.

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I understand anon
Such posting is usually the mainstay of a 4chan history thread

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> Whichever one best describes the 'someone is often held to be true about a WW2 fact, and so I'm going to bash it to appear in the know'.

Except Monty-bashing is pretty much the status quo. Claiming Monty didn't make some huge gaping mistakes would be reactionary/revisionist.

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I've heard a lot of Monty was great, though.

If anything it's something along the lines of
>Tigers are amazing German STRONG
>Actually German tanks were all shit and the T-34 was god.

That kinda wank. Although Monty's sometimes a palp of Patton related conversation. Either as a defense of Patton or a contrast.

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But Monty WAS making huge, gaping mistakes. The delay in closing the Falaise Pocket in Normandy is the de facto example of his fucking up; he threw untested and green Canadian/Polish troops at SS and Hitlerjugend, instead of his proven and battle-harded Tommies.

More than that though, he and Bradley (was it Bradley? I'm not sure) HATED each other, and from that hatred Monty denied the dissolution of boundary lines when Patton and his Third Army could have shut the kessel door almost a full week before it WAS closed.

In short, Monty deserves all the hate thrown at him, from both the Americans and British.

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>franco prussian war
>jizz in my pants

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>Falaise Pocket
Yes, that terrible allied defeat.

>> No.35020448


Bradley said that Patton didn't have a hope in hell of closing the pocket either, and that the Americans responsible for closing the gap at the other end performed pretty miserably as well.

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I can believe that, but I can also believe Patton's claim when he said his leading patrol elements probed into Falaise on Aug. 13th.

Regardless of that, Monty still bears a large fault for his decision to use fresh troops against a very trained, very zealous enemy.

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I think it's beyond feasibility that he'd use bad troops if good troops were avaliable. Remember how problematic the supply situation was at this point.

Anyway, it was Bradley that told Patton to hold when he wanted to thrust north again earlier on.

All things considered, the amount of German troops in the pocket, and the amount of allied troops in the right strategic locations, it's extremely unlikely the operation was going to go much differently. In terms of percentages, the Germans were wrecked badly. Even good troops (assuming they weren't recovering and reorganising and resupplying after the brutal normandy fighting) wouldn't have been able to stop the breakout, which was where half of the Germans escaped anyway.

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In regards to Market Garden, the intelligence wasn't all that clear-cut, either. Aerial and signals intelligence only confirmed the presence of a tank training battalion. The intel about the SS Panzers came solely from dutch resistance sources. And after the whole Englandspiel debacle, british intelligence and military leadership simply didn't trust the dutch resistance anymore.

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They were also damn sure that they blew the living fuck out of a huge amount of German tanks.

Which turned out to be accurate.

SS 'division' should have been more like SS Company.

>> No.35021246

>SS 'division' should have been more like SS Company.
When you're a para with a couple of PIAT rounds and nothing else, a few panzers might as well be an army

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All this talk of Monty has got me thinking about that other big controversial British commander. What do y'all make of Haig?

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If only they were dropped in with 6 pounders and 17 pounders.

Oh wait.

Hard to tell, I think. Difficult to exticate the men from the time. And the changes required.

>> No.35021405

Hey I can be patronizing too!

If only they were a match for a panzer force in a standup battle.

Oh wait.

They only received a handful of those guns, and despite the valiant effort of guys like Captain Lionel E. Queripel VC, a few airdropped peashooters are useless against heavy armour.

>> No.35021507


Not patronising, just glib. They had a decent supply of AT weapons considering their numbers. 16 17 pounders, for heaven's sake, each one capable of blowing through anything the Germans had without touching the sides. And given the close quarters fighting in a lot of the terrain a PIAT's a perfectly nasty weapon against a lot of tanks, particularly given that most of them weren't heavy.

The tanks weren't the problem. The sheer length of time involved was. It's the reason they subsequently their policy was never to drop them that far foward again.

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Not as bad as his black legend would have you believe, but by no means a good commander. Too much of a cavalryman. I doubt anyone else could have done better in the same position.

Allenby is the real British standout general of WWI, he deserves a lot more attention.

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Death or Glory Boys got the best badge

>> No.35023130

The more I learn about what he actually did rather than the whining of poets and Blackadder, the more I am impressed..

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My new batch of blank dice came in today. Tomorrow I'll turn them into SAGA dice for the new factions. It's really easy to do, and much cheaper than buying the official saga dice.

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I'm looking into historical naval wargames (age of sail preferably, but not too picky). I have a copy of Fire As She Bears! but that's the first naval wargame I've ever read, does anyone have any recommendations?

I'm interested in games that have more detail, things like wind affecting movement and the effects of combat on crews, is there anything like that? I'd rather have 5 or 6 detailed ships in a game the a more abstracted fleet of 15 ships is what I'm saying.


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Years ago I had a lot of fun with a game called Limeys and Slimeys. It's pretty simple.


>> No.35025861

I've noted the same since actually reading the accounts, plus at least he didn't bugger people in their lseep like Kitchener.

>> No.35025972


Close Action from Clash of Arms isn't too bad. Its a bit more complex and uses a hex grid rather than a square one.


Its a little pricey but its a good game.

>> No.35026290

what do you guys think of Bolt Action?

>> No.35026520


'Adequate' just about sums it up. It's the Historical equivalent of 40k. Playable, but somewhat mediocre.

>> No.35026574

I think it's pretty basic but still tactical and fun to play. which is why I play a game.
Still I'd like they made more diversifications on weapons etc.

>> No.35026673


Thanks! Both of those look good and I'm reading through the Limeys doc now to get a feel for it.

Another question I had was if anyone had a good scan of the game Heart of Oak. I was thinking of buying a pdf from rpgnow, but the reviews say the scan is mediocre at best. Thought I would check here to see if there was a nicer version floating around.

>> No.35028719

Inoffensively mediocre as a game engine, full of familiar systems but incredibly well catered for in terms of accessibility for miniatures, army construction and terrain availability.

I'd hate to dismiss it as babbies first historical game, but it's so easy to get into and play because of the history-lite way it's built, it's literally ideal for that. You need to know absolutely nothing of the weapons, tactics, organizations or events of the era to get in a game and understand what is going on.

As a historical game, it's pretty much only in name (have seen it converted to such things as sci-fi complete with dropships with barely a change or addition) and miniatures used, there's nothing historical in detail to really commend it for. As just a game, it's to be commended for getting as many players as it has so quickly, and retaining them. I mean, it's pretty much completely replaced 40k in my locality (for anyone over 20 anyway) in has got people playing in a way no other 'competing' system (Flames of War, Warmahordes) managed.

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Bump, anyone working on anything?

>> No.35029305

Just some buildings right now. Really should get on with sorting out some tanks and infantry but terrain projects have unfortunately spiralled into a continual state of building, painting, and building more.

>> No.35029752


The thing is, it achieved much of it's objectives - if they'd secured Arnhem bridge it would have been regarded as a shining example of military genius and the use of airborne troops.

As it turned out, a series of errors and bad luck (especially the British's lack of jeeps to race to the bridge and XXX Corps not being able to carry out Urqhart's plan of bridging the Rhine at Oosterbeek due to the demolition of Son bridge) made it ultimately a disaster.

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Doing research on miniatures trying to put together two opposing forces to run demo games for Chain of Command.

The problem I'm running into is that Warlord Game's plastic infantry boxes will cover about 90% of what I need, but for the other 10% (the support weapons, basically) my only option seems to be single-piece pewter.

Normally I don't have a problem with metal miniatures, but the thought of having one or two paperweights in an army that is otherwise exclusively plastic bothers me more than is reasonable. But I guess if I want consistency I'm either going to have to go entirely pewter, or learn to stifle my OCD and deal with it.

And don't get me started on vehicles. I would sooner scratchbuild than work with resin again.

>> No.35031670

Well warlord seems to be pushing towards all plastic for their main tanks/vehicles.

>> No.35032405

Most if not all of the game outside the army lists was completed before the decision to make it a WW2 game. I think that about sums it up.

>> No.35032568

...Then what were they planning before? surely the setting informs the rules?

>> No.35032863

Not as much as you might think.

I've literally seen people forward the idea of using Bolt Action as a basis for musket&bayonet era skirmishing in place of something like Sharpe Practice.

>> No.35032985

It was in the preface of most of the articles I read about BA before it came out. He had a system, Warlord called and said they needed WW2, he sold them the system.

>> No.35034528 [DELETED] 


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So, I'm looking Fistful of TOWs, and I'm trying to figure out what the best way is to model a West German vs. Soviet army force from the 80's. Does anyone know some good reading materials I could look at to learn more about the way each force was structured and what they would tend to have available.

Would prefer to do mostly tanks with some mechanized infantry and attack choppers per side, but if that's not a "real" formation I'm fine with something else

>> No.35034729


Also posting NATO and WarPac OOBs from 1989

>> No.35034763


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>71 / 22 / 3
Awesome thanks

>> No.35035759

The Ospreys are pretty good though if you want to get a bit more in depth you may want to track down a few more chunky books, particularly on the Soviets side as the Ospreys are a bit out of date.

It always surprises me just how many 'obsolete' tanks there were on both sides during the mid/late '80s. Plentiful amounts of Leopard 1s (not even upgraded to A4 standard), even old Centurions with 105mm guns still hanging around in the smaller NATO nations. T-55s by the literal thousands for the eastern european nations whilst Russia was still heavily using T-62s even in Guards units as well as many older model T-72 and T-64s making up the mainstay alongside masses of T-80Bs and eventually T-80Us for their heavies.

One thing you may note with FFoT is that going by the default scale, Soviet armour formations get 2 tanks per company vs 3 for NATO. Reason being is that by default its 4-5 tanks per base, and soviet companies are slightly smaller so get compressed like that. I rather go for a 3:1 ratio for the models required, because with mediocre crews I get a lot of them without needing to do things like independent tank battalions to bulk things out whilst roughly sticking to the organizations.

And with the category system, iirc it's not necessarily Cat. 1 gets best equipment then 2 worse and 3 worst, but it's the proportion of reserves that make up the unit that's key. A Cat. 2 unit could still have all T-72s making up the unit. There's also the theory (not sure if confirmed) that the Cat.3 units were there to provide bulk reinforcements for the units up the front, rather than mobilizing as their own separate thing. Come the '80s anyway. lets you have wildly divergent troop qualities in play (though mostly average to shite).

>> No.35035951

>It always surprises me just how many 'obsolete' tanks there were on both sides during the mid/late '80s.
A lot of WW2 stuff was in mothballs as well, and could have been deployed once more modern armour was destroyed. During the Yugoslav wars in the 90s you had T-34/85s and T-55s rolling around. In the event of WW3 all sorts of museum pieces could have appeared.

>> No.35037262

The game from TFL's Mud and Blood cover


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>> No.35037333

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Don't know if offtopic but does anyone know where i can buy Micro armour stuff in the EU for a decent price. I want to order GHQ but they are in america so dat shipping

>> No.35039267

Have you checked the minis providers doc in the OP?
I don't know if what you want is in it, but its worth checking.

>> No.35039303

So what historical military RPGs are there? For Napoleonic I know of Duty and Honour and Beat to Quarters; WW2 has GURPS and this Spanish thing called Commandos de Guerra; Twilight:2000 covers 80's WW3; and you could use something like Riddle of Steel to handle medieval/renaissance warfare. Are there others?

>> No.35039331 [DELETED] 


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Oh and of course there's Recon and FNG for Vietnam/modern, plus FGU's Merc as well.

>> No.35039410

Burning Wheel does mass combat and economies way better than TRoS does.

>> No.35039419

To be fair, GURPS does all of them well.

>> No.35039438

Indeed but personally I go for flavoured over generic. I'd rather play Duty & Honour than GURPS: Sharpe, for example. (Or would that be Sharpe's GURPS?)

>> No.35039478

You just have to shop around, its not easy to find provides of their stuff.

Alternatively try CinC or Heroics and Ros, they're cheaper, not as detailed and you might have more luck finding local providers.

Yeah, I get that completely. With GURPS, flavour is all up to the GM. Though for a good GM it isn't a problem.

>> No.35039523

>Yeah, I get that completely. With GURPS, flavour is all up to the GM. Though for a good GM it isn't a problem.
Their books are extremely well researched at least, and their WW2 line is pretty extensive. It's always good to have a few GURPS books that appeal to you in your library even if you don't play, just for the resources.

Also I just remembered FASA did this game called Behind Enemy Lines. It's in the WW2 game links in the OP.

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did my motherfucking disertation on that guy, there are no words to describe him.
>when he learnt his son was killed he continued to fight, the only sign was a letter to his wife that was almost illegible from the tears.

>> No.35039735

22nd September marks the anniversary of two significant battles. First: Salamis 480BC, a famous ancient naval clash where the Greek repelled the Persians, and allegedly sunk some 300 ships for the loss of only 40 of their own.


>> No.35039749

The second is Zutphen 1586, during the Eighty Year's War in what is now Holland. The Spanish defeated an Anglo-Dutch force and repelled a general offensive. It's mainly remembered for the death of Sir Phillip Sidney, considered the flower of Tudor chivalry.

>The Spanish soldier Alonso Vázquez labelled the Battle of Zutphen as "one of the best factions that until that time was ever seen in Flanders". For many years it was common among Spaniards and Netherlanders to call a hard-fought action "as warm as the fight of Zutphen". Sidney allegedly had removed his cuisses when he saw that William Pelham was not wearing any. However, by the 1590s cavalry soldiers wore less armour than in the past, and this, instead of Sidney's solidarity toward his companion, cost his life. Sidney was carried to the town of Arnhem to recover, but he died three weeks later of gangrene, as surgeons were unable to extract the bullet. According to the story, while lying wounded he gave his water to another wounded soldier, saying, "Thy necessity is yet greater than mine". As he lay dying, Sidney composed a song to be sung by his deathbed.


>> No.35040201 [DELETED] 

Bull Allenby is one of the best British generals ever and is criminally ignored by most popular history (as you'd know well I guess). I know about him because I'm an Anzacfag and the Palestine campaign is well remembered out here, with the Australian Light Horse and New Zealand Mounted Rifles heavily involved.


PDF related is a rules-lite wargame devoted to the Palestine theater.

AJP Taylor ranked seven great generals of WW1:

and Allenby

(The last time I saw this list posted some anon got seriously and vociferously butthurt about the inclusion of Ludendorff)

>> No.35040222

Bull Allenby is one of the best British generals ever and is criminally ignored by most popular history (as you'd know well I guess). I know about him because I'm an Anzacfag and the Palestine campaign is well remembered out here, with the Australian Light Horse and New Zealand Mounted Rifles heavily involved.


PDF related is a rules-lite wargame devoted to the Palestine theater.

AJP Taylor ranked seven great generals of WW1:

and Allenby

(The last time I saw this list posted some anon got seriously and vociferously butthurt about the inclusion of Ludendorff)

>> No.35040798

if your interested in allenby, may i suggest allenby: a study in greatness, by wavell. but his desert campaign is i believe the best run, cheapest, and most successful campaign of ww1 so i#d put him next to plummer at least.

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Shooping explosion effects into a poorly taken photograph gives a very bad overall picture. Frankly these look ridiculous.

>> No.35041653








>> No.35042556

>> No.35042583

>> No.35042800

I'm the anon who dumped a bunch of maps a couple of threads ago, got a few more for you guys.

(1/5) Colonial Africa map from 1922, based on the situation in 1912 with territorial changes from WWI marked.

>> No.35042828


(2/5) Map of the South African Boer Republics. Not sure of the exact date on this one but it seems to be from before the republics' absorption into the British empire

>> No.35042864


(3/5) The principalities of Moldavia and merged into the United Principalities which grew into modern Romania

>> No.35042890


(4/5) Another map of South Africa, this time from 1885 and showing the other colonial possessions in the region.

>> No.35042917


(5/5) And saving the best (IMO) until last, a lovely map of Poland following the Second Partition.

>> No.35042933

Whoops, that was meant to say;

> The principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, from before they merged into the United Principalities which grew into modern Romania.

>> No.35043320

Why not go 20mm or even individually based 15mm?

>> No.35043679

This. If you want fully plastic WW2 for whatever reason, you gotta go 15mm or 20mm.

>> No.35046624

>> No.35048763

jolly nice maps, thanks

>> No.35051814

>> No.35053310

Is Gold the one with the Aztec Spaniards? because that shit was just...wat.

Also Sweet William is based whenever he appears.

>> No.35053491

Plus the warlord metals are smaller than say artizan, they are surprisingly light as well.

>> No.35053518

I love coc but the troops amounts are too high, the mechanics are fun buying up support choices, especially the scw expansion.

>> No.35053612

>Is Gold the one with the Aztec Spaniards? because that shit was just...wat.
That's the one, it bears on resemblance to the book and it totally un-Sharpe in tone and story.

>Also Sweet William is based whenever he appears.
Definitely. In many ways he's a better sidekick for Sharpe than Harper.

>> No.35053799

are those the new 95th?...do they have...separate heads?

>> No.35053842

Pulled them off some guys blog from 2010, so they can't be that new anon.

>> No.35053891

must be the older perry ones.

>> No.35054005

God the pelisse is sexy. Who thought have thought that half-wearing a woman's jacket would look so impressive on the battlefield.

Rifles weren't the only infantry to wear them, although it was nominally a hussar-only item; apparently some officers of the 43th (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry wore tailored, unofficial red ones as they considered themselves "hussars-on-foot" in terms of culture and appearance. (Wellington didn't really give a damn what his officers wore, as long as they were competent)

>> No.35054031


>> No.35055349

I know it's technically not historical but does anyone have the SAGA boards for the Game of Thrones Lannister and Stark factions, and does anyone know if they're making more factions.

>> No.35057215

So, does Pike & Shotte have an expansion for the wars of the East? Or would I have to make up my own lists/scenarios to stroke my sengoku boner?

>> No.35057264

It's really more "historical" than most medieval fantasy scenarios. At least the outcome of a battle isn't totally dependent on a wizard's whim. I'm sure there's enough grognards ITT who recall the old stigma towards fantasy wargaming when it first started. Don Featherstone wrote about his son once, and how he (Don) was quietly pleased when his son got over his "Tolkien phase" and took up "serious" wargaming.

You could have a look at the Field of Glory book on Eastern warfare, it would give you the basis for some homebrew. There's still no sign of Osprey's Ronin.

>> No.35059609

23rd of September marks the anniversary of Assaye, 1803. This was the one battle Wellington was the proudest of. He led 9,500 men - including the 74th and 78th Highlanders and the 19th Light Dragoons - to victory against an army of 60-70,000 Maratha fighters.

>The battle, which lasted three hours, was won by Wellesley’s coolness and inspiring leadership – ‘I never saw a man so cool and collected,’ one of his staff officers wrote, ‘as he was the whole time’ – and the bloody-minded courage and obstinacy of his troops, British and Indian. Of his 6,000 [British soldiers] engaged, close to 1,600 were killed or wounded. Scindia and Berar were broken and by the end of the year had surrendered to the Company. Years later the Duke of Wellington was asked what was ‘the best thing’ he had ever done in the way of fighting. He replied grimly ‘Assaye’ and would say no more.


>> No.35061728

Original Tiger tank operator's manual

>> No.35061893

>looks like could be a great pic
>that lighting
wasted potential. cool battle though

>> No.35062633

Here they are, Anon. Enjoy.

>> No.35062646

And Lannister.

>> No.35063035

Ah, yes. The manual that represents a 54-tonne war machine as an attractive woman.

Goddamn the Wehrmacht had style.

>> No.35063099

I wonder how many of those manuals disappeared into the latrines with a lonely panzermann
Gotta take what you can get in the field

>> No.35063232

> 'Hans, you haff been really picking up ze pace vith your loadink recently.'
> 'Oh, danke Klaus, I haff been tryink my best.'
> 'I alvays heard zat loadink vas very hard vork, but you seem to be enjoyink yourself very much!'
> 'Oh ja, zere is somesing very pleasureable about loadink, fur mich'
> 'Is zat so?'
> 'Ze sound of ze engine purrink as she vaits for me'
> 'Uh, Hans?'
> 'Ze anticipation as I tenderly tease her vis ze shell tip'
> 'Hans, vat are you...?'
> 'Hans, zis is highly inapp-!'

>> No.35064491

This guy on /hr/ is doing an amazing dump of his collection of personal photos from the Vietnam War. Full of the sort of details wargamers love.


>> No.35065115

thanks for that for that, guess I better get my 'nam toys out and see if I can get a game

>> No.35065147

I like how germans introduced the Leopard I for market-garden.

>> No.35065360

wasn't that much of a problem though, that side armour can be penetrated by almost anything that tries.

>> No.35065514

On a tangentially related note, the Leopard 2 is one sexy, sexy tank.

>> No.35065541


>> No.35065860

It's still better than the Pattons masquerading as King Tigers in the shitty old 60's Battle of the Bulge movie. 70's/80's films made in Yugoslavia, such as Kelly's Heroes and Cross of Iron, get T-34s for everything. The latter also has a Greyhound mocked up as a Puma, and it actually looks kinda alright in passing (not so much in stills).

>> No.35066688


Thanks Anon. Any idea who made these, I'd really want to know if they were planning on making more. And just how well playtested their boards are.

>> No.35067206


No problem. After the Perrys released their foot soldier set I toyed with the idea of creating a Lannister warband, so I downloaded both battleboards (I´ve ditched that plan now, instead I´m building a French Napoleonic inf regiment made by the Perrys..don´t ask why, I don´t know myself!).
These particular boards were made by a southern German hobby club. Wether tese boards have a good quality, I honestly don´t know...

>> No.35069127

>Mfw the actor who played sweet william is the honorary colonel of my reenactment group

>> No.35069147

Why is that Bugler in 60th rifles uniform with 95th rifles shako, pack and trousers?

>> No.35069362

>There's still no sign of Osprey's Ronin.

>> No.35069407

I think he meant scans/pdf uploaded somewhere.

For some reason it's impossible to find ANY of the Osprey Wargames online.

>> No.35069491

Oh I see. I thought he meant it wasn't released yet. That is weird that scans for Ospreys games aren't available.

>> No.35069620

I picked up SAGA because I like skirmish games and I like history. But the aesthetics for most of the factions seemed too much alike. A game of thrones version however seems like it would look pretty nice if only there were more factions.

>> No.35070196

Maybe most gamers think they're too small/niche to bother with, favoring the the fantasy stuff.

>> No.35071555

I used to have the scan, just deleted it when I didn't like the game.

>> No.35071947

Do we have an Osprey folder somewhere? You used to be able to find the lastest Ospreys on torrent sites, but nothing has been posted for years now.

PDF unrelated.

>> No.35072678

Each of the different time period folders has a subfolder for Ospreys

>> No.35072710

It has a samurai list on their site.

I'm currently at uni, have o stuff over but want to start a small project, what's a reasonably price, covers the basics paint set? doI go Vallejo or army painter, other suggestions?

>> No.35072917

Check out what your local shop stocks, as its way cheaper than paying postage. Reaper, army painter and Vallejo are all good, but any miniature paints can be.

>> No.35073369

The joys of history, lots of stuff looks very similar. SAGA has like 6 books, though I don't know if each one has new factions.

>> No.35073811

Personally, I use a lot of stuff you can find at a craft store. My cheap brands of choice for paint are Americana and Apple Barrel (but dear god, avoid My Studio like the plague! That stuff is trash)

I'm pretty sure the cheapest 28mm Japs on the market right now come from Wargames Factory, which run $22 for a box of 25 infantry and $25 for their 12-man cav box. Nice looking commanders and cannons are available from Perry minis.

>> No.35074906

I noticed that too. Odd.

>> No.35076414

>You used to be able to find the lastest Ospreys on torrent sites, but nothing has been posted for years now.
Recent stuff can go up on Scribd and/or Avaxhome almost as soon as it's published. One problem with Osprey today is that they have so many different lines now, so some stuff takes ages to appear. I pity anyone who's been waiting for the update of Scandinavian Armies of the Napoleonic Wars; it first appeared in fucking 1976 and they've been promising a rewrite since the 90s.

Between the folders in the OP, and the personal collections of anons ITT, we should be able to meet any possible Osprey request. If there's a book you're looking for, just ask. Same goes for non-Osprey titles in fact - stuff like the Waffen-Arsenal or Signal Publication books. This thread should be a fount of wargaming resources.

>> No.35076597

Any DBAfags here?
I found a Vassal mod out there, so I was wondering if anyone wants to play a tutorial game

>> No.35078933

I known nothing about this game and should really read the PDF sometime. Apparently the original rules are nuts so the revised version is better.

>> No.35079021


It's not so much that the original rules were nuts as it is that Phil Barker speaks his own dialect of English and doesn't believe in charts and tables. The rules are great as is, but the (Un)official Guide makes them easier to use

>> No.35079803

The unofficial guide is about 3 times longer than the official rules.
Nobody needs that much data compression.

>> No.35080942

>> No.35082747


>> No.35082833

I keep reading across the internet that there have been a bunch of variants for GW's LotR game for Samurai skirmished made, but all of the links to them seem to be dead. Does anyone have them or a working link?

>> No.35084158

6mm Soviet zerg rush

>> No.35084174

and what's waiting on the other side

>> No.35084272

Some of those tanks have hella Droopy Barrel Syndrome

>> No.35084319

That's performance anxiety. WW3 has broken out and they're so nervous they can't get it up.

>> No.35084541

It's a serious problem with GHQ miniatures. They're so finely detailed that the barrels are super-thin. Tou get that problem with CinC too.

It's largely why I moved to Heroics & Ros for my 6mm supplier (that and cost) since the casts are chunkier but not typically goppin' awful. Also I don't own an airbrush so can't get the best out of that fine level of detail.

Image is GHQ stuff, I quite like the contrasting colour base stuff.

>> No.35084578

heroics & ros (my own in this case) for comparison

>> No.35086022

>> No.35090091

wanted to start playing some ww2 germans for bolt action (i like 28mm and the rules are passable)
any suggestions for a cool army?
paratroopers? afrika korps?
throw up all your images, i need inspiration!

>> No.35090378

If you want Afrikakorps, Perry are definitely the way to go.

>> No.35090394

do they have any special rules in the german rulebook?

>> No.35090790

I have no idea.

>> No.35091075

I should probably expand on >>35090790, I think that there's some Bolt Action stuff in the OP, so maybe you could have a look in there for yourself.

>> No.35094512

>> No.35094792

so cute

>> No.35095989

oh god I'm dying

>> No.35096934

Pioneers, they were they elite combat engineers in the German army. These were the guys that cleared barbed wire, swept for mines, cleared enemy fortifications, and in general did all the nasty work. In bolt Action they get some cool equipment and rules depending on which era you use them, plus they're the newer (and far improved) plastic models with extra metal bits. If you use them, you'll have access to fun stuff like flamethrowers, handheld grenade launcher pistol things, and the Goliath remote control bomb (it kind of sucks but fuck you its an RC tank that explodes)

Its either that, or a Fallschirmjaeger list. Those guys were pretty badass.

I run regular Heer infantry with the old plastics and those models aren't very good. The men are chunky but the weapons are very thin and break easy. The newer plastics are better proportioned, less fiddly, cheaper per mini, and have better pose options.

>> No.35097919

Best uniforms of the bunch, choice of units ranging from the best Panzers to the worst thugs
Dat sexy blue-and-gold ensemble
>Hermann Goering Division
Like above but with silver piping
Hard bastards from the hills with weird accents and bright blue eyes
Der Himmelkommando - the suicide boys, got all the fun toys, black piping black hearts.
>Afrika Korps
Knights of the desert

>> No.35098456

In Flames of War I'm wanting to do a force based on the allies at Villers Bocage. Which book, or list should I use?

>> No.35098710



Check out the Flames of War thread, there's more info to be had there.

>> No.35100463

Here's an article from the Nov/Dec 90 issue of Practical Wargamer. It's about John Ruddle, who was one of the main guys at the British Model Soldiers Society for many years and was a legend even among the old generation of original wargamers. He built an entire wargaming space in his backyard, complete with scratchbuilt ships and handmade concrete castles. Based around the 1900/colonial era, he then ran a massive solo campaign using 54mm minis and his own homebrew rules. He scrupulously maintained career records of serving officers and drew up correct orders and regimental paperwork for everything. The guy was an inspiration.

>> No.35100484


>> No.35100508


>> No.35100527

Here's a newspaper interview with him from the early 80s

>> No.35100542


>> No.35100569


>> No.35100589

And lastly a couple of pics from an old Wargames Illustrated

>> No.35102488

Soo, what are you fellas working on? Pic related, Perry Napoleonic French infantry. Got the box yesterday, build them and now their basecoat is drying as I write.

>> No.35102735

I see General "Aluminumside" Coke Can has taken to the field.

>> No.35103083

DBA Republican Romans.
Got about a third of the army done, with one stand of Hastatii, Principes, Triarii and Velites, plus the campsite, my small fort.
Still have another 6 blocks of infantry to go, plus the cavalry and command elements.

For the other anons looking into it, here are some much better made camp elements

>> No.35103200

Actually anon, that's a Confederate Big Red Whupping Wagon, as detailed in Osprey's Vanguard #69, "Crazy Shit Of The ACW". Them Yankee historians have tried to cover it up fer years.

>> No.35103296

I think it's also mentioned in 'Advanced war strategy of the Confederacy'. You should check that out if you havent already.

>> No.35103316

Or should that be CANfederacy

>> No.35104912

70 years ago today: the agony of Arnhem finally comes to an end, as the last remnants of the British 1st Airborne are evacuated across the Rhine.

>> No.35104974


>> No.35105812

Would B interested if anyone had Crescent and the Cross and/or Black Powder supplements, especially the one for the Peninsular War.

>> No.35105907

...stay with 20mm for fully plastic. 15mm is still lacking loads o' shit.

>> No.35105921

>>thinking Warlord is the only one making 9th Rifles


>> No.35105959

At least the the Tiger in Kelly's Heroes looks like they were trying to make a Tiger. Looked weird, but it passed.

>> No.35106120

Apparently Clint Eastwood insisted the producers make an effort.

>> No.35106267

Anyone has the pdf of the Waterloo rulebook of Warhammer Historical?
I have in paper Field of Glory Napoleonics, but it looks too complicated.

>> No.35106533

I don't know if it was better back in the day, but GW rules are certainly not simple. I have a couple of small black powder era rules I can upload later, and Black Powder by warlord games is a good one too.

>> No.35106723

Please tell me you have Albion Triumphant for Black Powder ;_;

>> No.35106885

Good on him for that. Was a real stand-out piece for the time. Plus if I remember the film right they tended to shoot it from head-on, rear or turret only to get it at it's best angles.

>> No.35107373

>> No.35108479

thanks! what's the old shitty kit? there are 2 german infatry kits, normal and blitzkrieg

also, if I wanted to pay panzergrenadiers, should I use pioneers with transports or normal blitzkrieg troopers?

>> No.35108835

Normal is the older, but you only call that shitty if you have sausage fingers and assemble your minis with a hammer.

>> No.35108861

well didn't you say that it wasn't a good kit and also pretty fragile?
I mean no problem we can call it older and that's it
but anyway, what kit are qwe talking about? infantry or blitzkrieg?

>> No.35109151

I'm not the anon who called it shitty. It's not shitty.

The infantry is the older, blitzkrieg is the newer, and the pioneer box contains Blitzkrieg inf. sprues and metal accessories.

>> No.35109513

If I were you I would play Afrikakorps just so you can use the super sexy Perry plastics as >>35090378 said.

>> No.35109538

I am very fought between afrika korps and some panzergrenadiers (probably using blitzrieg or pioniers)
would afrika korps with korp pioniers work well enough?

>> No.35109588

>plastic sprues with metal conversion bits
I wish they would do that for more of their models.
Or at the very least have the all-metal models be cast with separate arms or something to give you more opportunities for conversion.

>> No.35109670

Oh boy, don't ask for multi-part metal. That doesn't serve the well-being and sanity of any of us.

>> No.35109715

guy who originally said that here. Compared to the new plastics that have come out they aren't as good. The rifles break *really* easy too. I've already had like 6 break in a year.

They're not terrible, but I would take the new ones over them in a heartbeat.

>> No.35109737

Have you tried replacing them with metal weapons? The Assault Group has a nice selection of metal WW2 weapons.

>> No.35109778

Okay, I'll kick the hornet's nest.

Is it because of Warlord's "figure heads" thing and how it takes the minis OOP while they do the retooling?

>> No.35109826

Just try assembling multipart metal minis. Once I almost threw a box of Warmachine minis out of the window because they had to make them in gajillion parts.

And they'll bend like hell. Metal is really not for multipart, as parts can be too heavy to be separate, and...eh, just not. Plastic is okay, resin is fine, some parts for plastic made of metal are not bad. But metal multipart...

All the effort and money could go for a sprue of plastic minis. Gamers love them, they sell better, much more potential for conversions.

>> No.35110036

Damn straight. Multipart metal is the worst, especially for vehicles.

Single piece metals are just gorgeous when they have a good sculptor though. I still favor them over plastics any day for generals and elites.

>> No.35110136

Check AB's WW2 range...it's 20mm, but looking fookin beautiful. If a squad of ten wasn't 10 pounds or so, I'd buy the shit out of them.

>> No.35110179

I might consider that if I ever get into ww2. And do you mean 25-28mm or actual 1/72?

>> No.35110240

1/72. I love that range, and I hope Eureka will make the Commandos available soon.

>> No.35110763

Based 1/72
Such a great scale. I wish it didn't fall out of prominence.

>> No.35111377

God's own scale. I think I have more than a thousand, but probably more 1:72 minis from various eras. So bloody cheap, and everybody sells them for marbles after they realize 1:72 is not their scale.

Like...75$ for 300+ Gaul infantry, 50 cavalry and 8 chariots unpainted, because the previous owner did not start them.

>> No.35111479

Pro Gloria plastic landsknecht update.

>The first of the two command-frame miniatures! He is wearing a full-armour, Maximilian style. These armours were common since the early 16th century until the end of the Italian Wars. You will find many head variations (bare heads, hats, helmets, etc) within the command frame, also options for musicians, banners and many combinations of weapons and command-arm pairs. Hope you like!

>> No.35111513

HaT's El Cid range is pretty good. Their spanish infantry box has damn near 100 footsoldiers for $10 in most stores.

I picked some up for building a Deus Vult army, but I can't quite digest the rules, so I'm putting that on the backburner.


>> No.35111683

Good for you. In the old continent, big HaT boxes cost about twice as much. I think I'll order from HobbyBunker if I need anything from HaT.

>> No.35111724

scalehobbyist.com is where I get my 1/72s from. May wanna check their prices.

I am sad that it's so hard to find boxes with more than a tiny crossbow element, given how prolific the weapon was.

>> No.35111740

That's why I bougght Strelets-R's medieval crossbowmen set. 56 crossbow armed chaps, some of them can be used for earlier periods like Normans.

>> No.35111770


thought about making a 500 points german list just for a start

>second lieutenant (regolar) and one regular bodyguard=60 points
>volks grenadier squad, 9 men with assault rifles and NCO with assault rifle= 150 points
>Hanomag half-track (regular)m additional rear with MMG= 94 points
>regular sniper team= 50 points
>wermacht squad, 5 men with rifles, 2 LMG and 2 loaders, NCO with rifle, 1 panzerfaust= 145 points

volks would stay inside of the half-track

>> No.35111800

Yeah I got a set too since they're pretty much the only option on the market for massed crossbows... It's a shame they're ugly as sin, but hey, we work with what we got.

>> No.35111869

With a decent paintjob, they can pass. I've only made a test-mini, and it turned out okay.Won't win any beauty pageants, but I'm okay with that.

Also, if you need awesome figs, get some Tumbling Dice metals. Asked for samples of their Thrity Years War range, and beside they are fully compatible with Revell's TYW offerings (which I have loads of, thanks to a fella who gave his collection to me for free), they are bloody beautiful sculpts.

>> No.35111914

Filthy non-historical lister.

>> No.35111936

Samples? As in free single promo miniature or $3-8 for a 4-pack or something?
Do you own a hobby shop?

>> No.35112004

I wrote an e-mail to the guy who runs Tumbling Dice, asking for pics because there aren't any on their site. Guy told me he'd send me sample minis, from the era of my choice. I've said I'd need some Thirty Years War stuff, so he sent me a musketeer and a pikeman. For totally free.

I don't own a hobby shop, but one day I'd love to.

>> No.35112054

Fucking based.

>> No.35112120

dude please tell me what's non-historical so that I can fix it

>> No.35112323

10 Assault Rifles for filthy pleb Volksgrenadiers. No platoon structure.

>> No.35112485

but they used stg44
also it's 2 troops one officer, so I have the minimum

>> No.35112561

That's why we can't have nice things.

Volksgrenadiers were pleb. StG was good. VGs had them, but not too much, and better troops usually got more. You have 10 StGs. That's really unlikely, seeing how the VGs were used after Normandy in the west, where they had to fight in shittier circumstances than Pavel in 1939.

>> No.35112599

well, thanks for telling me that
so, better put only half assault rifles?

>> No.35112635

also please calm down. I'm not a german historic expert but I want to learn.

>> No.35112688

Rather only 2 or 3. Give some to your Wehrmacht Grenadiers too.

By platoon structure I meant how they were organized historically. Usually three squads of 10, and depending on the theatre, 1 or 2 MGs. And/or other weapons, usually they've tried to put their hands on the best available, but seeing how got standard issue stuff, I find it unlikely they had more than one or two assault rifles.

Also, SdKfz 251s were issued to armoured divisions, but not all of their transport vehicles were them. Most of the time they had to use standard trucks like Opel Blitz, or "liberated" French, Soviet, UK/US, Polish, etc. vehicles. If you want a historical army, look for OOBs (order of battle), or actual unit hierarchy/structures. Pick a regiment or division you like. I'm making 2nd SS Armoured and 11th British Armoured, following how they were organized. If you are gamey, and min-max everything, your list is fine. But in my experience, every list that follows a certain historical theme and has research behind it, works better on the tabletop.

>> No.35112703

See >>35112688 , sometimes I get too offensive in such matters as I had enough of ex-40k players and their "hurr-durr, Panzers 'n shit" mentality.

>> No.35112756

the problem is that I still don't know which setting to chose and whih division.
My friend plays britbongs. Might use that as an expedient.
also, what books could I read to improve my knowledge of german tactic/divisions in general?
no problem anon, I understand the problem with 40k players, they are pretty bitchy

>> No.35112808

Different anon here, but I know how you feel. 40k just ain't what it used to be.

My last 40k project was trying to build a period-accurate Lamenters force using the Forgeworld Badab War books (built under Codex Space Marines rules because fuck Blood Angels and fuck GW putting the Curse back into Lamenters just to shoehorn them into the BA codex. I'm a 4e babby, damnit)
I realized this would be an effort nobody else in the hobby would appreciate and shelved the box of marines.
That and painting yellow is a bitch. Why did I ever think that was a good idea?

>> No.35112842

sadly 40k players don't lie cool stuff anymore. they just want to win. I keep seeing armies of grey/fast painted minis with no effort put into modifying them, nor even trying to give a history to their army.
4th edition is best edition

>> No.35112911

I'm the same dude, but whatever.

You should pick the theatre you'd like. If your friend plays Tommies, you have the following choices:

- Early: France, retreat to Dunkirk. I suppose it's not the kind of Brits your friend plays, as Early War is not too popular sadly.
- Mid-Late: North Africa and Sicily. Chaps in shorts, Thompsons, MG34s, LRDG, SAS, Rommel, all the good stuff. In Sicily, D-Day Dodgers, heat, pizza, Italian girls, etc. Personally, it's my favourite, especially North Africa with the SAS and LRDG patrols.
Late: from Normandy to Berlin. Many different units fought here with basically everything you could imagine. SS Divisions, Heer units, and when the fight was in Germany, Volksturm (if Volksgrenadiers were low-tier, they are shit-tier. Most of the time they got some crap weapon and ammo for a completely different weapon, but this was mostly in Berlin), plenty of options to choose from. Decide which do you want: infantry, or armoured division. They had different equipments, and tanks even varied between armoured divisions. Let's say the 2nd SS Panzerdivision had JagdPz IVs, while others used StuG IIIs, and probably some older, more obscure Panzerjägers like Marder I-III. Or some newer ones like the Hetzer (made from the Pz 38(t) chassis). You have to check if the given Division had the tanks and other equipment you like, and if not, which other had them.

For sources, your best bet would be FoW briefings. The actual list of equipment for the given divisions are rather nice and useful for making good armies in BA.

>> No.35112946

Bolt Action is such a small scale game I feel like it's perfectly reasonable to just use whatever and say they're elements from separate companies that grouped up in the chaos of the battlefield. I like to imagine Bolt Action games as a very small slice of an entire battle.

>> No.35112997


I'm building Ultramarines 2nd company with some support from other companies, and I try to stay as close to the codex as possible. My forces usually underachieve, and don't see too much tabletop, but I like painting them, and when they hit, they hit hard.

I can't find a pic of my painted Scouts, so here's a pic of 1:72 Gauls instead.

>> No.35113008

Remember when Black Templars were current? Remember when canon meant something? Remember when Chaos Marines didn't feel quite so edgy?
Remember the Codex Divergent traits? Oh god, now I'm nostalgic for 4e. I probably still have the codex beating around but no rulebook.
Some of the best models came out around that time too, late 3e to very early 5e. Tyranid Hunters, Mk2 Veterans, original metal Sternguards...

But on a more "historical game" related note, 30k is picking up from the looks of it. I just wish they had more options for period-appropriate models that weren't fucking Forgeworld. If I had much interest left in 40k, I'd build the shit out of a 30k army

On an even more related note, does anyone make minis for the 1745 Jacobite uprising?

>> No.35113030

Eeeh, so-so. In such a small area, probably there were more than just a single platoon of infantry. We usually play the game on a 4'*4' table as 4'*6' for a 1000pts game feels too big.

>> No.35113056

In 1:72, Red Box makes some neat stuff. Their Jacobite Rebellion stuff was their first truly good minis.
In 28mm, I guess there are more options, but nothing in plastic, if you'd like that better.

>> No.35113155

Very nice. 1/72 feels like it works really well for games that assume 28mm figures. You can fill a unit with dynamic sculpts and they don't all crash into each other when you rank them up.
To be fair, that's exactly what you'd want for something like a schiltron, but you'd also want multi-figure stands for that.

Gimme a sec and I'll get some pics of my 1/72 El Cid stuff. I may revisit them at some point, maybe turn them into a DBA army.

>> No.35113212

I know you are the same anon, dude

and thanks again, you saved me from being that guy with a non themed army

stop making me feel nostalgic ;___;
I miss black templars. I miss fighting ndzill list with the faith of the emperor.

30k looks cool but I don't want to spend a fuckton of money to it..

>> No.35113260

Thanks. IRL they look better, I apparently suck at taking photos.

Massed formations in 1/72 looks bloody great. I hope someone soon will release better Scottish War of Independence pikemen than the Strelets ones, so I can finally make them too to fight against the British, as I have a couple of Hundred Years War boxes somewhere.

>> No.35113301

At a push you could use AWI and Scots ECW from Perry.

>> No.35113308

I'm not entirely sure if you are being sarcastic, or genuinely thankful for the info, but let's assume the latter. No probs mate, have fun with the Krauts.

Also, cheap 1:48 kits are your friends. For vehicles and maybe guns.

>> No.35113330

Don't worry, I do too. And with the tiny screen on my camera, I can't tell if a photo is slightly blurry without checking it on the computer, so I wind up doing a lot of reshoots. These ones also look better in person, I guarantee you.

>> No.35113346

I am seriously thankful for the info
have fun with your division!

>> No.35113350

Close call, but AFAIK the length of the coats differed. Or at least I remember vaguely that as once I asked if Seven Years War minis could be used for Great Northern War, and I got the answer that coats became shorter. Seeing how there was a 30 years period between the Jacobite Rebellion and AWI, I'd say a healthy "maybe, with lots 'o conversions".

>> No.35113370

They are pretty cool. Which rulesystem do you plan to use them with?

>> No.35113413

Also worth noting, horses the commanders are riding are not included in any of HaT's El Cid boxes. They're actually from Lucky Toys' Vlad the Impaler kit.

Yes, I shilled out for a separate kit just for the horses (and the Dracula figure). Their detailing is so great
If you turn the horses over, you can even see their genitals

I originally picked them up for Fireforge's Deus Vult, but DBA seems much more appealing.

>> No.35113476

Heh, Italeri horses have balls too. Painting French Hussars, Dragoons, and commanders made mehate painting horseballs.

Checked, and I'd still go with an "eeeeeh". Also, grenadiers wore a really different cap. In the Jacobite Rebellion, they still had mitres, but they switched to a ....something-something in AWI, as well as they had some light infantry in different headgear.

>> No.35113559

Yeah, I figured they wouldn't be identical, but if you couldn't find anything they'd certainly pass for it on the table. Of course, not all of us do it to put them on the table, so if that's the case don't get them.

>> No.35113580

Haven't read Deus Vult yet, but I know Fireforge's painter. He's a pretty chill guy, but I'm tad poor to buy the rulebook because of too much cheap minis secondhand.

I'd say, try Crusader too. The same guys wrote Rank&File too, the Napoleonic equivalent, which is awesome, and lots of fun.

Here are the Mediafire links:



Works well with all eras before the horse and musket period. You just need to make your units if they are not covered in the examples.

>> No.35113652

I wish I could put up a picture of the painted Dracula and Vlad I made from that kit, but Vlad needs a soak in greenstuff and Drac's gone missing. Here's a 28mm Varangian in scalemail I made instead. All the scale is greenstuff, as is the aventail helmet.
Nevermind the red eyes, I made him for a fantasy game. He's supposed to be possessed by evil spirits.

Thanks, I'll give it a look-at. Deus Vult seems very well-written chapter by chapter, but I struggle with putting all the separate parts of the rules together, and their army list section is baffling, so I just stuck to the Generic Western Europe list. Only 4 or 6 units, what's the worst I could do?

>> No.35113669

A valid point. Now you made me think about how to make RedBox's Highlanders into Napoleonic Highlanders as the current plastic 1:72 boxes on the market are bad (Airfix, Esci, first Italeri), doesn't contain enough soldiers for a single bloody unit, and there are weird poses (Waterloo 1815), or just downright impossible to obtain (more recent Italeri).

>> No.35113750

Also, an Italian condottiere. Don't know what range he's from (picked him up out of a bargain box for like a buck), so I'm considering having him recast. Oyamaru is advertised to not damage paint jobs, but I'm so proud of this bastard I don't wanna risk it.

>> No.35113795

The style makes me think that it's an older Warhammer Fantasy model, maybe Reiksguard or something like that. Also, recasting doesn't really work on painted figs.

>> No.35113858

Yeah I had considered using it for Mordheim, but then I remembered nobody I know plays mordheim

>> No.35114532

One bump before I go to sleep. Still want Albion Triumphant and Cross and Crescent

>> No.35115668

4e chaos was like crack, dat lieutenant.Also the lost and the damned list, have a petty warlord and his champions herding mutant/zombies was fun.

>> No.35115835

Goddamnit, I wish it weren't so hard to get people to play older (objectively better) editions of anything. The new box set chaos cultists look so boss, but everything about the new edition is utter trash except some of the models.

>> No.35115888

I love playing the older editions but with the newer and older models, playing older editions is far easier now that plastic kits have been released for everything, plus being able to use the older rules with the newer rules for conversions is fun, rogue trader and path to glory become a good bit easier.

We need an oldhammer thread.

>> No.35116546

Dumping some colonial pdf's I've found fist up Savage Wars from Mr. Andy Hoare esq.

Part 1 a chinese scenario.

>> No.35116575

Part 2 Afghan hostag scenario

>> No.35116603

Part 3 Mudki Midnight

>> No.35116637

Part 4 xhosa ambush

>> No.35117854

no I haven't, but that is an excellent suggestion. I'll have to look them up, thanks!

>> No.35118776

however, you have to take into account that the Germans were very flexible at the platoon level. A veteran unit may concentrate all their SMG's and ARs into a squad or two, then give the third squad two MG 42's and use them as fire support. You could demonstrate this as two 8 man squads with a couple of STG 44's and MP40's a piece with a panzerfaust or two, and then either a 8-10 man squad with two MG42's, or two 5 man squads with a single MG 42 a piece OR use a couple of MMG teams. From there, you would load heavy on support units, such as MMG's, mortars, and the like, as the support units are more likely to be intact. That would be a fairly historical and decently effective force for regular Heer army units, modeled on a later war example. Its still pretty generic, but it would be far more accurate than most people are running.

And if he's playing veteran units, he would be more likely to have smaller squads due to losses, allowing for 5-8 men squads. To be honest, any German unit past 1941 is probably going to be under strength unless they were just reinforced or formed. The Germans suffered chronic manpower shortages throughout the war.

I do agree that any squad packing 10 STG 44'S is very odd. Only the most loved of Hitler's SS units might have ever had that, if ever, and that would be very late in the war.

>> No.35119195

This, I still remember my mordheim dwarf warband with the separate hands that kept fucking falling off, it doesn't help that the separate heads makes the models sometimes look retarded.

I like the concept of plastic miniatures with metal add ons but that's it for me.

>> No.35119554

I once had a Space Marine commander with a metal power fist. The glue never set right and the thing kept dropping off in the middle of battle. My friend jokingly demanded I not count the power fist in combat if it wasn't attached.
I explained it as him having an old and venerated piece of pre-heresy bionics. They discontinued the model of connecting bolt it used a few centuries ago so they had to jerry-rig it to his arm socket.

But naw man, what you want is metal models with plastic bits. Need a good solid base model to keep the weight centered, unless it's a tank.

>> No.35119895

I'm happy tonight. Managed to get my hands on an OOP FoW artillery box.

>> No.35120632

Metal with plastic add ons is good too just nt metal on metal, my first miniatures were metal one pieces and thus I can't help but hate the newer ones.

>> No.35122713

>> No.35124922

Attention Harpoonfags, Clancykids, and Larry Bondsmen : here is Jane's Fighting Ships 2009-10, in all its 1,106 page, 271mb glory.


>> No.35125109

That gaint beehive looks like a frightening weapon

>> No.35125128


>> No.35125433

Mornin' everybody, still nothing?

>> No.35125581

morning lad, seems so.

>1106 page
you what mate

>> No.35125596

>1106 page
>you what mate

>> No.35126234

I never realised that I wanted to know about the military of Zimbabwe but now I do.

Especially because it's a landlocked country.

>> No.35126249

Also I just realised that Zimbabwe also looks like a smaller, backwards Ethiopia.

>> No.35126302

It has a lake flotilla comprising 10 Rodman-class patrol boats

>> No.35126315

Honestly, that sounds like it could be interesting for games.

>> No.35126366

Don't you mean glorious RHODESIA?

>> No.35127710

>> No.35129383

>> No.35129742


>That civilian
Hearing loss in 3, 2, 1..

>> No.35130166


>> No.35130878


>> No.35131093

>> No.35132057

So, I'm about to get a ton of models that I got from that winter war kickstarter a while back. These are Winter War ('39-40) era Finns and Soviets, a full infantry company a piece with support weapons and armored vehicles in 28mm.

Anyone know a fun rule set to use with them? It can be specific to the Winter War or just a generic rule set. I would be running it for people who have played lots of war games in the past, so as long as the rules aren't crazy they should be able to pick it up easy enough.

I've used Bolt Action in the past but want to try something different. I've heard chain of command is good, need to give it a look in the scans database.

>> No.35132716

Flames of War? It has enough expansions that it should cover the Winter war.

>> No.35132796

FoW is more a multiple companies of things type game.

I was thinking disposable heroes&coffin for seven brothers but it's probably a bit small/detailed. Might be worth looking into though.

Also we've hit the bump limit.

>> No.35133076

that's for 15mm. These are 28mm

>> No.35133118

>>implying you can't play a game in different scale

>> No.35133638

FoW wouldn't work at 15mm though, trust me, I play it.

Other games? Sure, no problem, but FoW is clearly meant to only work at smaller model scales

>> No.35133656

>flames of war wouldn't work at 15mm

Fuck I meant 28mm.

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