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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Lego, speedruns, and anything else Star Wars Related

EoTE and AoR books

D6 Star wars books

Rune Quest Star Wars

SW visual guides
http://www.mediafire.com/download/k d7b7x0fbs0vvh6/Star+Wars+Ep+1+Visua l+Guide.pdf


http://www.mediafire.com/download/7 by8b09bo8kb6og/Star+Wars+Ep+3+Visua l+Guide.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/8 k9jo82ro2kmp8f/Star+Wars+Eps+4-6+Vi sual+Dictionary.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m 7ou1gv3jo94hnj/Star+Wars+Ultimate+V isual+Guide.pdf

Deckplans and such

shipfags's mostly complete hanger of discount wonders:
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

EotE character generator:

EoTE Dice app

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

It's an EotE dice tutorial, it's a GM resource, it's.... TRIUMPH AND DESPAIR!

/swg/ Holocron

FFG Dice and You

Daily Reminder that we were repelled by the Witches of Dathomir

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Books. So many books.

Ongoing Writefaggotry:
Bantha Squadron
Solidarity (sort of Mandalorian War, sort of not)
X-wing Writefag's works
Bounty Hunter Anon:
The Price of Order (Imperial POV)
How Luke Skywalker Got Stinking Rich
X-overfag's ME/Star wars crossover
Gm-Sama's imperial clusterfuck (session report)
Shipfag, X-Wing Writefag and Questanon's Rules of the NJO
Dael's Infinity - Clone Wars The Later Years

Thread question: Have you built your own lightsaber yet, and if not why?

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give me a kiss /swg/

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I haven't heard anything like that happening at my FLGS, but from the folks I talk to there, most of the big X-Wing guys have standing orders of basically "Whenever something big and new comes in, set me aside one and I'll buy it." They've got plenty of stuff on the shelves, and even a HobbyTown USA nearby has an A-Wing and a HWK gathering dust.


More like time for over-engineered hunk of junk edition.


I have not, mostly because I'm still that faggot that wants to be a fleet commander instead of a Jedi.

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Muh saber.
It actually handles surprisingly well.

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Is a StealthY Longprobe retarded or reasonable?

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Are those parts milled? What went into it?

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It's a few MHS parts from the custom saber shop. I attached some leather to personalize it a bit.
The internals are a massive clusterfuck of wiring, but there's a lithium ion battery inside powering the LED, a soundboard, and the speaker. I can charge it through the little port below the power button.

It actually saved my butt a bit last week when a thunderstorm knocked the power out.

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If you're willing to have a significantly diminished armament profile, it's possible. The Y-Wing has a fuckhuge reactor anyway, so it can probably fit it.

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Given the point where Stealth designs become reasonable, it seems pretty silly to be wasting those materials on a 70 year old fighter. It's like someone making a stealth version of a P-51 mustang.

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It does not really fill a role that other existing stealth craft can not

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Point taken. Now would it be possible to make a dedicated recon StealthA if you stripped out the missile tubes and laser cannon rotation bits or does it just not have enough power and/or hull space? The original A-wing was already fitted with a jammer system to improve its stealth during recon ops.

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Um, maybe if you built a whole new airframe. It was my understanding that the StealthX wasn't just a X-wing they slapped black paint on.

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I still doubt it would be worth it

They would probably be more interested in keeping the jamming systems up to date if anything

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Sort of. The article claims it was a modified version of the XJ3.

True. Developing and producing StealthAs would probably turn into a money sink so large that the TIE Defender would laugh.

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Oh please, you don't NEED a Stealth A-Wing. SPEED is it's stealth mode. So fast you can't see it!

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What if you place a SLAM drive on it?

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That's when we break out the Perils of the SLAM table.

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+10 to the Perils of the Slam Table.

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Replace both engines with SLAM drives

become the speed force

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I have not made my own saber hilt, but I am planning to as soon as I gather all the materials. Old-school OT method, cobbled together out of plumbing parts, pipes, a drain.

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Somewhere out there a group of three are building this monster.

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Also can we make it faster?

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Strap 2 A-wings outfitted like this to the hull of a third one also outfitted like this

now THIS is podracing

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How did you find my Top Gear notes, you bastard.

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fuck it, make it 4

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Tactical Espianoge Action.

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What if you took the Sundered Heart and added a SLAM drive to every individual engine?

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I think you'd crumple the rest of the hull against the engine compartment and kill everyone onboard.

>> No.34896629

It would be the fastest ball of flames in the galaxy.

>> No.34896631

That wouldn't even be going to plaid

the engines would go THROUGH the rest of the hull and set a new standard of fast

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Where was that guy who wanted to turn hyperspace-enabled meteors into weapons? I think we've got a fit for his plans.

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>More like time for over-engineered hunk of junk edition.

Every fucking thread you are here. Feelings of inadequacy?

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More like disgust.

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The B-Wing makes me sad.

Not because I don't like it, but because the ship was way too thin for 1982 tech. As a result, all but a few shots with B-Wings in them were cut from the final version of Return of the Jedi, because the ship would almost entirely disappear into the starfield unless it was shot from very specific angles.

It's a goddamn tragedy.

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Kiss and make up already, you got an empire to smash

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...if it means having two B-Wings glued to me, I'll join the Empire.

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You can at least post different pictures while you're at it, grandpa.

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So how's that Star Destroyer speedrun medal coming along?

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Man, if I didn't suck balls at that game, I'd love to Gold that mission in a Y-Wing. I'm much more of a strategy/tactical guy than a twitch gamer.

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I'm away from my gamecube, but can you even select a Y-wing in that mission?

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>I'm much more of a strategy/tactical guy than a twitch gamer.

Lots of Y-wing pilots said that before they were black scorch marks on the side of the Death Star I trench.

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You can take any of the conventional Rebel fighters once you've completed it in a B-Wing.

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I'm compiling ideas and notes for a campaign I'm thinking of running set in the early New Republic era. More specifically within the time frame that Thrawn was putting out calls to smugglers and shipjackers for capital ships for his fleets.

I was wondering what you guys thought about the FFG books, because the only Star Wars RPG book I've used and have experience with is d20.

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FFG's system is my personal favorite game for running Star Wars. It does a great job of melding mechanical rules and narrative opportunities, and really captures the cinematic feeling of being in the Star Wars universe. It's hard to make a useless character, everyone gets nifty abilities, and Jedi don't automatically win at everything. A few things of that era may require some homebrew, but for the most part everything you'd need has official stats, and if it doesn't, shipfag can usually come up with ones as good as FFG's.

Anything in particular you're curious about?

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I HIGHLY recommend EoTE/AoR for your game. if there is ANY ship, gear or vehicle that you need for your game, let me know and I'll stat it for you. also, there are a couple of /tg/ house rules that you might consider looking into; I can post some of the if you'd like. plus I have a whole list of adjustments to stats from the base rules, which I would *highly* recommend

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Did you like D20?

FFG's take is very different from WotC. It's far more cinematic, narrative and quick. D20 is more tactical and rules driven.

Ironically, FFG's system handles asshats better. Where the culture around D20 seems to empower That Guy to do whatever the rules (arguably?) support, FFG just leaves it up to the GM to say, "Yeah, no."

On the flip side, if That Guy is the GM, he's going to be two shitstorms worse with the freedom of the narrative game.

Personal experience: D20 was a very fun Game... But FFG is a fun Star Wars experience.

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Please post house rules, mr. shipfag

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Yep, for example. Running ME20 right now. My player had the drop on a Vorcha and wanted to murder them with a knife. But when you know your knife does 1d4-1+1d6 and the Vorcha has 20+ hp... you're not going to one shot that thing. However, in EotE you can get a ton of successes depending on your skills and make your 5 damage weapon into a 10 damage weapon, or roll a triumph and a few advantages and have things explode and be cinematic and awesome. So rather than widdling down hp with rolling to attack versus AC and then rolling for damage ad infinium, you can be more rule of cool

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the first is a fix for glass capships, mostly. it's pretty simple; Increase the HT of all capital ships by a percentage equal to 10+(10Xshilouette). Increase the HT of all fighters, Transports and Patrol boats by a percentage equal to (8Xsilhouette) Increase the SST of fighters, Transports and Patrol Boats by a percentage equal to (5+(5Xsilhouette)). Increase the SST of Capital ships by a percentage equal to (8Xsilhouette). Increase the damage of all turbolasers and capital-scale Ion cannons by 1. overall, this makes capital ships 'fluff tough' especially Mr. Zann's fluff; the base game seems to be based on X-wing vidya toughness

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I made this chart a couple months back. As the Star Wars FFG has grown, though, and as I've gained more experience with it, I've been thinking about revising it.

>> No.34898428


I have to say, I don't agree with the chart in many ways. I don't see what's stopping you from running games up until the NJO era with current FFG offerings, except maybe rules for certain starfighters. You can even do Clone Wars stuff with F&D.

>> No.34898491


Considering the time the campaign would be set in I'm mostly interested in the handling and mechanics of both smaller ships (Like light freighters) and bigger ones like the Venator Star Destroyers and Recusant Destroyers.

Those particular classes of ships are of some interest. I assume the fighters and other small craft they typically carried have already been made.

>> No.34898526


That's why I'm working on editing it right now. About half a year ago, it was totally legit, but not so much now that we've got workable versions of all three games.

>> No.34898578


The only hinky stuff is the general fragility of ships, which Shipfag's ruleset will address. I think the Venator is in the hangar, and the Recusant probably wouldn't be hard to come up with. For a while, we won't have official stats, because it seems FFG is focusing solely on the time between Yavin and Endor across all three game lines. Maybe once we get career books and a few setting books in all lines in a few years, we'll get different era books.

Beyond that, I really like ship mechanics. Combined with the dynamic rules for initiative, running a small crewed ship like a light freighter gets really interesting.

>> No.34898590

you'd be suprised, actually. there is very, very little CW ere material in game, though I have the associated stuff. In fact, I can post statblocks for the Venator, Victory I, Victory II, ISD-I, ISD-II, Tector, Acclamator I and Acclamator II - Class Star Destroyers, AND the Recrusant, Munificent AND providance class ships, along with the belbullab-22 and vulture droid starfighters, PLUS the Rebel Assault Frigate and a few Thrawn Era Imperial starfighters!

>> No.34898643

oh, and the Strike Cruiser, Carrack and Escort carrier. almost forgot those

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>Oh hey, look out that window! It's so much better than this thing in my chest!

>> No.34898762

That would be REALLY, REALLY badass of you.

I've a bit of experience with homebrewing stuff and thinking on my feet, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get things going. Thanks for the input!

>> No.34898855

TOO MANY CAPITAL SHIPS. you have AoR, right? cause that has the Mon Cal cruisers, Dreadnaughts, Interdictors and ISD-I stats that would be important to running a game in this era. but anyhow. first up is the Carrack-class light cruiser; the backbone of the post-warlord imperial battleline. remarkably tough, but no fighters.


Carrack Class Light Cruiser

Silhouette: 6
Speed: 4
Handling: -2
Def: 2 fore, 2 port, 2 starbord, 2 aft
Armor: 6
HT threshold: 75
SS threshold: 45

Hull Type/Class: Light Cruiser/ Carrack
Manufacturer: Damorian Manufacturing
Hyperdrive: Primary Class 1, Backup Class 12.
Navicomputer: Yes.
Ship's Complement: 1,092 officers, pilots, and enlisted
Starfighter Complement: None
Passenger Capacity: 142 troops.
Encumbrance Capacity: 3,500.
Consumables: Sixteen months.
Cost/Rarity: 9,600,000 credits (R)/7.
Sensor Range: Long.
Customization Hard Points: 1.
Weapons: Two Foreward, three port, three starboard and two Aft
Heavy turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, and
Starboard or Forward and Port or Forward and Starboard or Aft;
Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach
3, Slow-Firing 1 ).
Five forward, Five port, Five starboard, and Five
aft point defense laser cannons (Fire Arc Forward or
Port or Starboard or Aft; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range
[Close]; Accurate 1 ).
One forward, two port, and two starboard heavy tractor
beam emitters (Fire Arc Forward or Starboard or
Port; Damage-; Critical Hit-; Range [Short]; Tractor 6).

Compartmentalized structure: When making an attack targeting this starship,the critical rating of any weapons used counts as 1

>> No.34898892

NEXT: the strike cruiser; favored midsize ship of the imperial remnant and warlords (and everybody, really). heavy weapons, plus fighters. not very tough, though

Strike-class Medium Cruiser

Silhouette: 6
Speed: 2
Handling: -2
Def: 2/2/2/2
Armor: 6
HT threshold: 80
SS threshold: 41

Hull Type/Class: Medium Cruiser/Strike
Manufacturer: Loronar Corporation
Hyperdrive: Class 2, Backup Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Long
Ship's complement: 2,212 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew
Starfighter compliment: Twenty-four Starfighters
Encumberence Capacity: 6,000
Passenger Capacity: 340 Troops
Consumables: 1.5 Years
Cost/Rarity: 15,800,000 credits[R]/8
Customization Hardpoints: 2
Five forward and Five aft
turbolaser batteries [Fire Arc Forward, Port,
and Starboard or Aft; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range
[Long], Breach 3, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2).
Five Forward, Five port, Five starboard and Five Aft medium turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, and Starboard or Forward and Port or Forward and Starboard or Aft; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1 ).
Four Foreward, Three Port and Three starboard medium ion cannons
(Fire Arc Port or Starboard; Damage 6; Critical 4; Range [Short]; Ion).
Two forward, Three port, Three starboard and Two Aft heavy tractor beam emitters (Fire Arc Forward or Starboard or
Port or Aft; Damage-; Critical Hit-; Range [Short]; Tractor 6).

>> No.34898931

NEXT: the classic Venator-Class star destroyer; more carrier than battleship, the Venator is only in limited imperial use, mostly with second-rate warlords, but it is more popular with the New Republic and independent factions

STAR WARS EoTE Ship Stats:

Venator Class Star Destroyer

Silhouette: 8
Speed: 2
Handling: -2
Def: 3/2/2/2
Armor: 9
HT threshold: 130
SS threshold: 55

Hull Type/Class: Star Destroyer/Venator
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Hyperdrive: Class 1, Backup Class 15
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Long
Ship's complement: 7,400 officers and crew
Starfighter compliment: 288 Starfighters
Encumberence Capacity: 20,000
Passenger Capacity: 2,000 troops
Consumables: Two years
Cost/Rarity: 60,000,000[R]/9
Customization Hardpoints: 1
Four Port and Four Starboard twin heavy turbolaser batteries
(Arc Forward, Port, and Aft or Forward, Starboard, and Aft; Damage 11; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2).
Two forward-mounted twin medium turbolasers
(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long];
Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1).
Thirteen Foreward, Thirteen Port, Thirteen Starboard and Thirteen Aft Light laser cannon
[Fire Arc Forward or Port or Starboard or Aft; Damage 5; Critical 3 ;Range [Short]).
Four Forward-mounted assault Proton torpedo Tubes
[Fire Arc Forward; Damage 8; Critical 2; Range [Short]; Blast 6,
Breach 6, Guided 2).
Six heavy tractor beam emitters [Fire Arc Forward,
Port, and Starboard; Damage -; Critical -; Range
[Short]; Tractor 6)

Massive 1: When making an attack targeting this starship,
the critical rating of any weapons used counts as 1

>> No.34898972

after the venator, a fellow Clone Wars veteran; the Victory-I Star Destroyer. mostly used in secondline Imperial Fleets before Endor, the Victory has experience a resurgence under the warlords and Imperial remnant

Victory-I Class Star Destroyer

Silhouette: 8
Speed: 1
Handling: -3
Def: 2/2/2/2
Armor: 9
HT threshold: 120
SS threshold: 50

Hull Type/Class: Star Destroyer/Victory
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards.
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 15
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Long.
Ship's Complement: 5,100 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew.
Starfighter Complement: Twenty-four starfighters.
Vehicle Complement: Numerous shuttles, landing craft, utility
vehicles, and AT- series walkers.
Encumbrance Capacity: 8,100
Passenger Capacity: 2,040 troops.
Consumables: Four years.
Price/Rarity: 57,000,000 credits (R)/6
Customization Hard Points: 4.
Five port and five starboard light quad turbolaser batteries
(Fire Arc Port and Forward or Starboard and Forward;
Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Linked 3, Slow-Firing 1).
Ten forward-mounted twin medium turbolasers
(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Slow-
Firing 1).
Ten dorsal twin medium turbolasers
(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3;Range [Long];Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1).
Twenty assault concussion missile launchers
(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 4, Breach
5, Guided 2, Inaccurate 1, Slow-Firing 1]
Ten hull-mounted heavy tractor beams
(Fire Arc All; Damage -; Critical Hit -; Range
[Short]; Tractor 6).
Massive 1: When making an attack targeting
this starship, the critical rating of any weapons
used counts as 1 higher.

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What are the tradeoffs available?

>> No.34899187

I'm about to play through the first battle in the Hoth campaign (that came with the transport). I'll be playing Imperial. Does anyone have any advice they can offer about how to best go about it? Whats my main target? Focus on the escorts or take every shot i can at the transport?

>> No.34899267


Depends on what Disney decides about the license. Ideally, they'll let it keep running, or name a new price that FFG's perfectly willing to meet.

The thing is that the size of the universe in question is kind of GIGANTIC. There are four types of books for each game, so far, using Edge as an example: 1 core rulebook per game line, a line of adventure books (could theoretically go on forever), career books (LOOKS like there will only be one per career, but there's plenty of room for them to do multiple books for a given career), and sector books (do you have any idea how many goddamn sectors there are in the Star Wars galaxy I mean really).

There have been 3 career books for EotE in the space of a year, along with 2 adventure books and 1 sector book out with another on the way. AoR has one adventure book already out, plus one career book on the way. If we see books for different eras -- IF we see books for different eras -- it's going to be years from now.


Here's my new chart.

>> No.34899274

>288 Starfighters

>> No.34899310

Bring some ordinance and pour fire into the rear section of the transport. If you can damage the engines it will move slow enough that you can mop up the escorts with little trouble.

You might also want to avoid getting ships into range 1 when it has energy to spend. The transport has a few nasty tricks it can pull, despite it's lack of weapons.

>> No.34899317

They can actually mount 5 fighters and a shuttle on external racks.

>> No.34899335


External mounting usually isn't listed in FFG's stats, at least as far as I've seen.

>> No.34899359


Still might want to mention it somewhere.

>> No.34899398

not that anon but could you post some clone wars era stuff manly what you would find on a Venator-class

>> No.34899451

Answering the thread question: I got the Ultrasabers re-fitted FX Saber Customization kit while they were still selling it and built my own with that.

Sadly, it's still back in my hometown. It's only an hour or so away by car...but I don't have a car. So retrieving it isn't an option.

Green blade, combined elements of Luke and Obi-Wan's hilts.

>> No.34899462

Thanks - what do you consider ordinance? Bombers? I know that ships with a pilot skill of at least 4 can 'respawn'. The only win condition is taking out the transport. Is it worth trying to get the most out of the mines on the table?

>> No.34899533


Honestly, still feels like a clusterfuck. If I knew more about d6, I'd be able to recommend it easier, but I'd honestly just say "if you want a tactical d20 game, with everything that comes with it, go with SAGA/RCR. If you want something with a more open, modern design, go FFG."

>> No.34899562

Ordinance is any sort of missiles or bombs. So yeah, flying a bomber up and dropping some proton goodness to force a crit on the Transport is a good idea. Focusing on the Transport is good, and you can get a quite a bit out of the mines, but you will still need to take out the high-maneuverability rebel ships or they will just whittle down your fleet. Bombers are a good pick, Several TIEs (perhaps with named pilots?) and maybe something with a bit of extra punch, like Vader or a Firespray or a Defender.

>> No.34899563


I love you.

>> No.34899625


You're likely to see Y-Wings, ARC-170s, and ETA-2s. The latter two are in the hangar in the OP thread, and Y-Wings are in the core books.

>> No.34899729


As the chart's creator and someone who defaulted to D6 in the years between WotC's last Star Wars release and FFG's first, I stand by my current chart. D6's system is strong, and its wealth of sourcebooks is incredible. The only thing to recommend d20 is a desire to play d20 or a desire to use Saga Edition's specific sourcebooks (which FFG does not yet have).

Between D6 and d20, there's a clear difference, and not just in the system alone. D6 has a wealth of sourcebooks for pre-1999 EU, d20 has a wealth of sourcebooks for post-1999 EU. The chart reflects this; pre-1999 EU touched every era except NJO and Legacy, while post-1999 started and/or reshaped every era. West End Games died in 1998, and with it Star Wars D6. Star Wars d20 kicked off with OCR in 1999 and just kept going from there, with RCR in 2002 and Saga Edition (the best Star Wars d20) in 2007.

Of course, FFG's system is so much better and so easy to homebrew that if you're willing to do the homebrew work, it's the clear best option. But if you need sourcebooks for your chosen era and you aren't playing the Rebellion era, FFG just straight does NOT have them.

>> No.34899740

I'm talking about everything in that cruiser, clone armor and weapons, AT-ETs, SPHAs etc.

>> No.34900295

AT-ET phone home?

>> No.34900486


I don't think shipfag has stats for any terrestrial vehicles. And tbh, you could re-skin existing laminate armor, heavy blaster rifles, and vehicles into Clone-era stuff - a lot of the gear in the Core books are left generic for a reason.

>> No.34901046

Random question time.
Is the medical backpack as OP as it sounds or am I just reading it's info wrong?

>> No.34901070

This, a million times this! You don't need fluff books detailing the stats of a blaster during Kotor or one for legacy. You have small medium and heavy blasters that can be renamed anything. You don't need books for armor. Anything too specialized like Baragwin in Kotor is going to need gm approval anyways. Just tell him what you are looking for and suggest stats and traits of it.

Ships are a little harder, but a freighter is always a freighter to a corvette which is still a corvette to a cruiser. Pick a freighter or frigate you think is comparable in stats and rename it. It's when you mix old republic with legacy that you might have problems with damage and tech scaling. But why are you using a 4000 year old ship?

I think this may be part of the reason I've never bothered with dnd and pathfinder. Everyone NEEDS rules for something and no one accepts just winging it for the story. Rules lawyers bust vessels in their eyes when they find an inconsistency with a rule rather than letting something slide for the sake of a game. Let Star Wars be about story telling in a fantasy noble bright space age. Get your scoundrel on and be morally obscure, or sling mad beats as a Quarren jizz wailer and dancer. But don't get bogged down in the rules about how you can't technically perform something that you forget to laugh at the fact you're a squid face playing a space flute on stage before a crowd that somehow like the same beat repeated adinfinium

>> No.34901102


Remember, the vanilla medical kit also allows for a boost die. The reduced difficulty on healing crits is nice, but directly dependent on your party having the tar beat out of them. Also I think the enumberance is higher on this compared to a regular medkit.

>> No.34901130


>Medicine check with a boost die

It's pretty sweet, and I'd even call it an eventual must-have for the party, but it isn't THAT OP, and it's fucking heavy.

>> No.34901242

It seems like it would be, but then they were like ah fuck it. It's the only medical supply in Enter the Unknown though.

>> No.34901247

So guys, in Saga, how can I make a human (during the rise of the empire era) pilot that isn't useless without his ship, and would it be a bad idea to force my party to pay "rent" for living in my ship and not fucking paying for repairs, fuel, etc?

>> No.34901270


Isn't pilot keyed to Dex? You should be a decent shot at least. And the way I've seen it done is that the ship gets shares of whatever credits the party makes, and that's where fuel / repairs / upgrades come from.

>> No.34901325

So be a sharpshooter and pilot? Might work.

Also I know how my friends are gonna be like when it comes to loot and me and my ship.

"We protect you on the ground!"
"Your share IS for your ship, you don't need any more."
"Why should you get any more creds? You don't need it, plus you have a ship! That's hardly fair since all we have are lightsabers!"

Etc, etc.

Basically, they believe my character should only be the one paying for the ship, while they get to make decisions about it.

Though the GM is with me on this and advises them to follow suit.

>> No.34901378


If they expect you to pay for the ship out of pocket, then you need more shares. Just like how captains and cooks and other ranking individuals onboard pirate ships got additional shares of the treasure.

>all we have are lightsabers

>> No.34901398

>all we have are lightsabers
>all jedi party
Are you and the DM the only non-faggots in that group? also, what colors are their sabers?

>> No.34901452

Yep, the worst offenders are just the 2 jedis.

More like 50%.

1 is a Jedi Knight with a yellow lightsaber who has to resist and battle the dark side within. Plays a combo of broody lawful stupid. (What, you're using a lightsaber when only jedis can use them to save me? YOU MUST PAY).

The other guy more or less plays a random jedi master guy like using the force to throw explosives at people or use it to make his own flying disk like from Static Shock. His is green.

Last guy is a 4 armed alien who is building a droid army out of scrap.

I'm currently a combat droid who constantly get sent on suicide mission and come out without a scratch due to using my brain.

No really, they send me on shit that would kill them, that we could solve if we work hard together, but no, they send me since I'm a droid with a few back up bodies that cost 70,000 each.

>> No.34901477


My advice is to shit on their character sheets, because they're assholes.

>> No.34901494


>Force-sensitive party
>not using Force and Destiny beta rulebook

My question is not HOW you haven't murdered them yet, because there are more tools at your disposal than you know; my question is WHY.

>> No.34901559


You have a good DM.

Except you have a bad DM because he let them have lightsabers outside of Force and Destiny.

But otherwise, good DM.

Since you are the pilot, here's what you do: every opportunity you get, threaten to take off without them unless you get a fair share. Negotiate an EXACTLY fair share as often as possible, so they have no grounds to complain, but use the ship to force a fair share as often as you can. If you have to do it every single time, point this out to them as proof you aren't getting a fair share.

>> No.34901579


Remember, guys, this is SAGA, not FFG. Lightsabers are a lot easier to get in that system.

>> No.34901585

I've had this happen to me a couple of times.
>B-b-but anon the ship is yours we just use it & you to bring us places
>Anon your gonna have to buy the upgrades/droids/repairs/spaceport fees from the 7% of credits your being paid

The GM was on my side and one game he pretty much steamrolled the team by having us arrive on a planet and ambushing the player & me knocking out the comms, the main gun, and a few other vitals when they got off the ship and had me bring it around for a quick gun-run.

>all we have are lightsabers!
Oh, you know...the Empire might pay for information about these criminal scum.

>> No.34901625

That works great. Plus if he's the only pilot what are they gonna do, kill him?
>>B-b-but anon the ship is yours we just use it & you to bring us places
Is there a table of cost for transport fare someplace? If so you can agree to "only" take your "fair" share of the loot, but they have to pay for their ticket.

>> No.34901626



Well, then, you're a slave to the Jedi. Use the ship itself as leverage when/if you can, but...uh...take levels in Noble at the earliest opportunity, and just shove your way through it. Noble may be the best class in Saga, while Scoundrel may be the worst. Don't take Scoundrel except as a splash. It is acceptable as level 1, just not more than 3.

>> No.34901661


That said, if you're under about level 3 or so, you are young enough to Noble so hard that even Jedi obey you. Early Nobles can get the most powerful classes under their wing, granting not only buffs to specific actions but also giving buffs to whole groups, and then even pushing the group as a whole through larger barriers than should be the case.

>> No.34901689

It's more of a bribe to bring them there, back, and provide covering fire when necessary which is pretty often thanks to most of them being lol lets just rush in and attack this town cause we need one guy for a 8k bounty.

>> No.34901907

I would, but once you get to know them, they become less that guyish.

Of course, there's the problem of conflicting interests.

Broody jedi dude wants to destroy the dark side, kill palpatine, bring ventress to the light and get it on with her.

Random Jedi wants to be random and keep the party on track unless convinced.

4 armed dude is now part of a Russian Mafia expy group.

While my droid wants to become filthy rich by any means necessary, mostly by assassinating people.

That and the broody jedi hates my droid since not only is he a combat droid with no master, but he's also a Mandalorian.


That's my plan if they be absolute dicks to me.

>> No.34901995

>>Okay. Here’s what droidpilotbro should do.
First, speak to an Imperial Kapitan next time you’re in port. Have a good story ready, claim a minor bounty or something. Mention this to the Imperial (it is your cover story). Mention to him these Jedi have kept you hostage through personal connections and you’re sick of it. Negotiate for the bounty plus extra since you can make it risk free, tell him what he’ll do: In Orbit, you’ll lock the ship up, take your sexy droid self and leap for the Imp cruiser. Which will then annihilate your ship. You’ll collect a big bounty for your Jedi, extra for the loss of your ship and some more for keeping these nasty Jedi off his cruiser as a just in case measure, in case they got loose or something and slaughtered their way off.

>> No.34902001

Now, he might betray you, so here’s what you do: Have a backup of yourself in a droid body on the ground. It activates after a set time if not cancelled. At that point, you take on the other part of your plan: There’s another player jedi on the planet that you left behind. You contact a rival of the Imperial Captain. Tell him how he destroyed your ship as soo as you tried to hand in some Jedi, and he’s clearly a sympathiser. Mention that you have the location of one Jedi, and will give that up, along with the evidence on his rival, and just want what was originally promised. Perfect.

And if he doesn’t betray you, sell the remaining Jedi anyway. That bounty is your cover story for the players, by the way.

>> No.34902160

Maybe I'm off-base here, but The Phantom Menace came out in 1999. Attack of the Clones came out in 2002. And Revenge of the Sith came out in 2005.

Considering that it has been nearly a decade since the last time a prequel was released, are we really allowed to keep crying like it's some kind of sin against the future?

>> No.34902174


Given that TPM was the first major pop-culture backlash in the era of the Internet and the early cusp of the rise of nerd culture as pop culture, I think it has a certain status in the collective geek psyche.

>> No.34902189

Star Wars still has a massive slice of the metaphorical pie when it comes to popular culture and market visibility.
And as long as the brand continues to peddle that oh-so-toyetic prequel merchandise, we'll keep being reminded of just how ass-backwards the prequels turned out.

>> No.34902191

>It's been ages since something that shit came out
>Are we really allowed to complain about shit
Barabel, this isn't some kind of communist dictatorship where we have to be allowed to complain and not complain about something. And lets face it, the retardedness of those films will be with us forever... Well, ofcourse, untill the reboot

>> No.34902216


Yo, Sith Kissai: the reboot's already happening. Legends is out, new canon is in. Give it a year, you'll be following along with me when I say "out with the old, in with the new"

>> No.34902225

I'd rather move into the wilderness and take up hermitage than see Abrams turn another sci-fi favorite from my childhood into a mess of soulless fanservice.
Oh wait, that's already happening

>> No.34902239

Sorry Nikto, I should have said "remake of the movies" not "rinsing out material only a hardcore but still comparatively large amount of the fan base know/care about"

>> No.34902246


I'm actually just as scared as you are, I am desperately hoping Abrams doesn't kill it all right here

>> No.34902262


Have faith, anons. Roberto Orici is nowhere near the writing chair, and folks that helped make ESB and RotJ great like Lawrence Kasdan are onboard. Disney didn't fuck up the Marvel movies, and I doubt they'll fuck up Star Wars.

>> No.34902271


It's alright, my Kissai; hold me, for a minute, and it will be remembered.

No homo, it's about preserving the history, muhfuggah 501st.

>> No.34902286

Got another expansion for XWTMG and instead of buying myself a TIE Defender, I now have a total of two TIE Phantoms. Was this a terrible mistake?

>> No.34902297


I don't see many double-Phantom lists - usually just Echo, but there might be space for the both of them. Give 'em a run, see how they do.

>> No.34902323

it's not gay if we're wearing full body laminate armor okey.

On a vaguely related note, how does swg feel about star wars rebels based on what we've seen so far?

>> No.34902335


I expect it to go like TCW - a season or two to find its feet, then start delivering the goods.

>> No.34902336

Ezra's helmet weirded me out until I saw it was based on Snowtrooper concept art. Now I want one for myself. Stupid sexy LEGO The Phantom kit.

>> No.34902350

>running Echo over Whisper
It's like you want Han to splatter your heavy hitter in the first round of combat.

>> No.34902360

I shall. What's the verdict on Defenders, though? Brath has a pretty cool ability, but beyond that and the rockets, nothing more convinces me. Especially since the point cost is murder, the model is all sorts of finnicky, and I generally dislike the design.

>> No.34902370 [SPOILER] 

>are we really allowed to keep crying like it's some kind of sin against the future?
I remember my uncle taking me too see TPM when it came out seeing Jar Jar and yelling out loud "It's the goddamn Ewoks all over again." 15 years after the fact so yeah some people can and will.

I'm gonna hope for the best just got to season four of clone wars so maybe.

Also that muhfucking armor makes me hard as fuck

>> No.34902372


Defenders, like the Advanced, demand a flight built around them to work in concert with their abilities. They're not something you can just drop into any list like a mini-swarm.


>not wanting fractal movement options after decloaking

>> No.34902395

I never understood how these got the name B-Wings.

>> No.34902408

The Defender made a good point man the few times I've tried it. Let it get up front to tank a couple hits and soften their formation, then swing around with the white K-turn while your TIEs/shuttle/whatever follow up and catch them between two arcs of fire.

As opposed to the Phantom, which loves coming in from the flanks while your TIEs bait their main force.

>> No.34902410


Two schools of thought:

>Without the S-foils deployed, its silhouette looks like a lowercase b
>It's short for Blade-Wing, since it looks like a sword with the S-foils locked in attack position

>> No.34902421


They are actually B-lade (blade)-wings, shaped like blades (i.e. swords). That's what the b-stars findforfighterfor.

>> No.34902428

B, as in Best.
It also keeps the X/Y, A/? pattern going.

>> No.34902430

>Dem fractals
Echo is the only ship of mine that I refer to as a 'she'.

Build the list around them? Ugh. Didn't like the TIE Advanced either except for Maarek Stele

So, it's an Imperial B-Wing with a sweet K-turn. Noted.

>> No.34902473

Note that a Defender with HLC has decent chances to plaster a TIE or drop an X-Wing's shields on its first salvo even if you engage at long range. It's expensive, but satisfying as hell when the dice come through.

>> No.34902504

HLC? I'm still new to the abbreviations.

>> No.34902514

My personal best guess would be Heavy Laser Cannon

>> No.34902625

So, a quick question to the FFG SWRPG crowd who were looking for the developer forum for the character generator.
Would it be on some odd domain like bigtent.com?

Because I've got an account on one dedicated to, and focused around, OggDude's character generator, and they don't have anything from AoR or F&D yet, that I could find. I've got pretty much everything else, though.

>> No.34902628

So you got gunned down during order 66, presumed dead. A year later you somehow escape from where you were downede, and find yourself in a medium civilized outer rim world.
What's the first thing you ask about the state of the galaxy?

>> No.34902635

I would argue against HLC on defenders, their best feature is the white K-turn, while their turns/banks are lacking, making it difficult to maintain a 3, but easy to maintain 1-2 range against opponents outside of pure moblity ships, being the phantom a-wing and interceptor.

>> No.34902661

>What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?

I just picked up a Falcon for X-wing, any interesting lists around, or should i just run a standard Han list for my trial runs?

is my current list if i want to run an e-wing. I tried good ol' eating a boat, but until the chadraan refit's hit i don't wanna be stuck using Z's as the swarm

>> No.34903345

>Tell me stranger is the republic still strong?
No... Very well...
>I'm searching for a Twi'lek youngling and a Nerf

>> No.34903460

Ask nothing, listen to everything. People talk, more so when drunk.

>> No.34904290

I go find the clones who shot me.

>> No.34904786

Working on the next RG chapter here, specifically Kyle Katarn's rampage through a Star Destroyer. Would it be more entertaining to write things from his point of view or to have a series of short segments written from the points of view of the poor minions sent to repel the Bearded One?

Also, what would Kyle's internal narration sound like? Would he spend the whole time bored and thinking of one-liners?

>> No.34904966

"Did the Nerfs win the Cup?"
From his point of view.
His internal monolog is a tragic dirge composed in iambic penatameter about the soldiers forced to die at his hands until he meets someone in authority, where it becomes punk rock about fighting the man.

>> No.34905108

>iambic pentameter
That would require me to spend more than a month on writing and editing, and I'm pretty sure readers want to get back to Team Antilles wrecking shit, so, uh, I think I'll veto the Shakespearean Katarn thing for now.

>> No.34905234

I think I'm a closet sadist

reading SW fanfics

found one where leia and han dress up as stormtroopers to rescue a tortured luke inside of a star destroyer

on route to the falcon, leia gets pegged in the knee and han has to carry her to the falcon

when in the falcon, leia tries to take off her stormtrooper armor to see how bad her wound is, but the pain is so unbearable that she passes out before she can do anything

"Mommy...why is my penis so hard right now?

>> No.34905331

Haiku? Some form of poetry, it'd be funny if Kyle was a warrior poet.
You're going to do dirty limericks aren't you
It's okay, little Timmy. You just.... you just stay here and I'll go to get help, alright?

>> No.34905809


Ezra's lightsaber/blaster is downright heretical by Jedi standards, but considering the setting I'm surprisingly okay with it.

My hopes are high overall though, especially since that guy who kept pushing for Revan and old republic references is now a senior on the writing team.

I also demand a Chuchi arc.

>> No.34905886

>that guy who kept pushing for Revan and old republic references is now a senior on the writing team.
Pls no.

>> No.34905920

I'm on the fence. It has the potential to get better with each season like clone wars did, but as of right now I'm iffy about the cast. However I really like the design on their freighter.

>> No.34906198

well, it'll probably change as the seasons go on, so there is that

also, sorry bout disappearing last night; dynamic IP means random b& sometimes. (my wifi uses a dynamic IP, so every so often, it cycles to a b& IP and I can't post for a while, so be advised)

>> No.34906269

It's still an interesting setting. The reason TORtanic was bad was because of the gameplay, quality bioware animation, and a complete lack of late game content.

Old Republic is still one of the coolest eras in the EU in my head. The cinematic trailers the game had did a better job portraying it then the entire game did.

>> No.34906296

>The reason TORtanic was bad was because of the gameplay, quality bioware animation, and a complete lack of late game content.

And the story. Don't forget the writing.

>> No.34906529

The curse of dorm life, eh?
I remember the first time I hit an IP that was permabanned for spamming unmentionables on a blue board.

>> No.34906531

>Ruins Darth Malgus' coolness by killing him off early
>Light Side/Dark Side dichotomy can't decide whether it's good/evil or Jedi Code/Sith Code
>Dark Side options are incredibly petty and stupid
>The utter pointlessness of the Makeb expansion
>Giving Revan a canon appearance, voice, and lightsaber
>Turning Revan into a genocidal maniac
>David Hayter, Jedi Knight, not finishing his storyline with a fistfight atop a giant superweapon
>Kills of NPCs before they get any character development (Braden, Jory, the three Great Hunt guys, etc.)
>Silly sadistic choices (Trooper endgame, can't send the off-duty companions to rescue an allied NPC while you and healbot companion go after the space bus full of hostages)
>Darth Baras being inexplicably fat after looking relatively normal in the comics
>Padawans get shut down for romance while the Grand Master gets to have a lover and child
>Why are we even fighting over Tatooine?
>The incredibly boring Consular story
>Jedi Exile going down like a punk

TOR did do somethings right. The Hunter's light side ending was properly entertaining and the Agent and Smuggler were generally fun rides, but overall, BioWare really failed to live up to KOTOR's legacy.

>> No.34906594

Does any class ever get the full picture of what's up with the Emperor? IIRC, the Jedi Knight kills him, but then the Sith Warrior finds out he's body-jumping.

>> No.34906626

I don't think so, but it's been a while since I finished the storylines that deal with the Emperor, so I can't be too sure.

>> No.34907535

>> No.34908432

That's some meta gaming to the max

>> No.34908587

That's just mean.

>> No.34908647


>sabersmith bro

>> No.34908734


That's a good lightsaber, bro. The narrower part near the emitter reminds me of Kenobi's lightsaber.

>> No.34909380

So, in other words, playing the FtP version is a good idea, but avoid any character that uses lightsabers?

>> No.34909408


From what I hear, your best bet is to just level an Operative and a Bounty Hunter and pretend you're playing a single-player game.

>> No.34909428

In my opinion your best bet is just to watch an lp, because of how slow/even slower f2p is, and honestly the only reason to play it is like >>34909408 says, single player

>> No.34909581

Smuggler and Trooper are also pretty good story-wise, especially the Smuggler. Trooper is fairly cliche, but is more enjoyable if you remember that the Trooper VAs are Jennifer Hale and a guy who once played Captain America. Play a human smuggler and turn him into Nathan Fillion during character generation for some cheap amusement.

>> No.34909646


Jennifer Hale as FemTrooper and Mark Meer as the MaleOperative entertains me to no end. I wonder if I could recreate my FemShep as a Trooper... she was a full Renegade Soldier anyway.

>> No.34909929

The actual glimpses of charachter dynamics we've seen show promise

They learned to make them play off eachother more.

But it's pretty clear the first few episodes will be of dubious quality.

>> No.34910063


>> No.34910111


Man, Bombers would be so much more bad-ass if they could set off macross missile massacres like that.

>> No.34910142

Oh nice, so it is still being worked on?

>> No.34910559

But you can in X-Wing, anon.

Cluster Missiles + Assault Missiles = Butthurt big ships and butthurt swarms.

>> No.34910591

They practically could in Rogue Squadron, instead of lasers they had regenerating/infinite concussion missiles.

>> No.34910729

wow... whats that?

>> No.34910843


Part of an animation done by otaking and others about an Imperial task force assaulting a Rebel fleet, with focus on a few TIE pilots. You can find versions of it in various stages of completion on youtube and on other sites.

>> No.34910893

does it have any name? where can I donate or something?
because it looks super epic

>> No.34910917

Quick question:

About how many ships per player in a typical game of X-Wing, and how many points is that? I hear of both "swarms" and just using a couple ships. Not sure what constitutes "a lot of ships" or a swarm anyway.

>> No.34911033


Unfortunately, the project has been put on hold for a while.


Generally, you start with a point total, and then pick ships from there. 100 points is the usual amount for tournaments, and usually you'll see 3 fighters kitted to the nines (XXY list, for instance), 4 fighters with a few upgrades (XXBB lists, for instance), a swarm of about seven to eight smaller ships (TIE Swarms or Z-95 swarms), or a big ship with one to two supporting craft (Lambda + Interceptor + Phantom), for instance.

Lower point totals will lead to less ships on the table, and more points will lead to more ships, up to and including Epic rules.

>> No.34911084

So from 7 or 8 no-investment ships up to 1 juggernaut with ~1-2 escorts (or something like dual falcons?). Alright, thanks. Just wanted an idea of the range I'd see when I get around to investing in it.

>> No.34911294

You could also give them the Akrayd Multi-Missile pack in FFG's dangerous covenants, which would do the trick.

>> No.34911316

Link and or Sauce, please. That looked different than the trailer i saw.

>> No.34911337

0/10, TIE Bombers can't twirl like that, immersion broken.

>> No.34911392

My dream is to fill up all the hard points on a YT-1300 with those and replace the turrets with even more of those and slave it all to one button. Sure, you'd be out of the combat after that, but so would the other guy.

>> No.34911575

Harge Ladron Collider

>> No.34912879

Is that the Viccy from the AoR book?

The one they mislabled as a Viccy 2?

>> No.34913276

So /tg/, I want to hear some ideas for adventure hooks for Force and Destiny. I'll throw out some of my own first.

>Local Hutt Gangster is taking advantage of the local population while your group is passing by en-route to a mission somewhere else. Do you intervene openly or is keeping your cover more important?
>Rumors of a Jedi Master hiding in the wilderness/Holocron hidden in the lost ruins
>Local Rebel cell stumbles across your group, leader begs you for aid against Imperial Garrison.
>You discover a force sensitive child, between about six to eight years of age. Will you try to take them as a padawan
>While searching a local library for information on the old Jedi Order, one of your group stumbles across a holobook titled "Famous Shipwrecks of the Galaxy", which suggests there might be a rather interesting find on a lonely world out in the Outer Rim called Dathomir...
>Rumors of a black market auction for a crate of Jedi material looted from a satellite academy at the end of the Clone Wars.

>> No.34913380

Some weeb Imp fanboy made this. So much effort wasted on something so stupid.

>> No.34913691

yep, pretty much, but with corrected crew values. actual Vic-II stats are here:

Victory-II Class Star Destroyer

Silhouette: 8
Speed: 2
Handling: -2
Def: 2/2/2/2
Armor: 9
HT threshold: 115
SS threshold: 50

Hull Type/Class: Star Destroyer/Victory II.
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards.
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 15
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Long.
Ship's Complement: 6,107 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew.
Starfighter Complement: Twenty-four starfighters.
Vehicle Complement: Numerous shuttles, landing craft, utility
vehicles, and AT- series walkers.
Encumbrance Capacity: 6,500
Passenger Capacity: 1,600 troops.
Consumables: One year.
Price/Rarity: 50,000,000 credits (R)/6
Customization Hard Points: 4.
Ten front, five Port and Five Starboard Turbolaser Batteries
(Fire Arc Foreward or Port and Forward or Starboard
and Forward; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long];
Breach 4, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2).
Five front, Five Port, Five Starboard and Five Aft double Turbolaser cannon
(Fire Arc Forward or Port and Forward or Starboard and Forward or Aft; Damage 10; Critical 3; Range [Long]; Breach 3, Slow- Firing 1).
Two front, Three port, Three Starboard and Two Aft Battleship Ion cannon Batteries
(Fire Arc Forward, Port, and Starboard or Forward and Starboard or Forward and Port or Aft; Damage 9; Critical 4; Range [Medium]; Breach 3, Ion, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2).

Ten hull-mounted heavy tractor beams
(Fire Arc All; Damage -; Critical Hit -; Range
[Short]; Tractor 6).

Massive 1: When making an attack targeting
this starship, the critical rating of any weapons
used counts as 1 higher.

>> No.34913753


>The party gets wind of a high-value prisoner transfer in the local system - from the reports, ISB picked up a potential Force-Sensitive and are about to ship them off to the Inquisitors.

>> No.34913884

>You hear tales of a robot city beneath the ruins on Yavin IV, most recently the main base of the Rebellion, which is said to contain a young Force-sensitive boy.

>> No.34913959

Oh, come on. At least put some effort into disguising it.

>> No.34913960


>> No.34914010

>A literal blue milk run. Your hideout is running low on food.
>Inquisitor ninjas have kidnapped your mentor! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue him?
>Inquisitor ninjas have kidnapped you! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue yourself?
>A Jedi has rescued himself! Are you a bad enough Inquisitor ninja to kidnap him back?
>Someone killed your father/mentor/important loved one, and you need to find out who did it. Welcome to Inquisitor Academy. Go wild. Just be careful not to lose your way. Also, Professor Notkenobi would like a word with you.
>Rumors have gone around that a Jedi Conclave is gathering in secret to fight the Empire, and they need all hands on deck.
>Assholish local Rebel cell stumbles across your group, leader threatens to rat you out unless you join forces.
>The drugs are beginning to kick in, man, and you can't stop here. This is hawkbat country.
>Mon Mothma shows up at your door with a briefcase full of credits and showing just a bit of skin. Whoa, mama.
>An investigation into a horrific clay statue of some ancient eldritch creature has taken you to a quiet, rather strange seaside town.

>> No.34914423


>Innsmouth in Star Wars

How to do it, though... I mean, interspecies relationships aren't exactly stigmatized, from what I've seen.

>> No.34914476

>Leia Organa shows up at your door with a briefcase full of credits and showing just a bit of skin. Whoa, mama.
>Han Solo shows up at your door with a briefcase half-full of credits and showing just a bit of skin. Whoa, mama.
>Lando Calrissian shows up at your door with nothing but a smile, a towel, and an invitation to climb aboard Lady Luck if you'd join the Rebellion. Whoa, mama.
>Rebel dudes rescue you from Inquisitor ninjas.
>It's the Second Galactic Civil War and Luke's just called everyone in to join the fight. You might want to slap Jacen's shit for stealing your lunch money. You might want to restore the Alliance-in-exile to its rightful place. Or you might be trying to impress that qt blonde pilot chick who's spent the past two weeks vaping your ass in the fighter sims.
>Sent to explore Unknown Regions. Unfortunately, the hyperdrive has malfunctioned. You won't need eyes where you're going.
>Hutts hold massive interstellar gravball championship. The prize is a rare and valuable lightsaber crystal. Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.
>You've taken particular offense to some asshole who's been poaching whaladons.

Abeloth did it.

>> No.34914814

Where are my Dreadnaughts?

>> No.34915092

>it'd be funny if Kyle was a warrior poet.
>you are now imagining Kyle engaging in Dun Moch rap battles

>> No.34915268

>tfw shit at writing poetry
Goddammit, I want to do this so badly.

>> No.34915782

>You are a team of Inquisitors and the Prophets of the Dark Side have a job for you; find Palpatine's true heir.
>Mon Mothma shows up at your door with a briefcase full of credits and showing just a bit of skin. Whoa, mama.
Aww yeah, erpg is go.

>> No.34916022

If I was in the double trilogy time, how unusable would OR shit be?

Like say I find an OR blaster or something

>> No.34916248

A few thousand years out of date, with no replacements parts and woefully underpowered compared to contemporary weapons.

A toy purely for the ranges and meuseums

>> No.34916644

Looks like we found the rebel scumfucker. You just love mothma's dusty senator vag don't ya?

>> No.34916868

that depends on HOW old. a century or two? pretty much fine. a little less efficient than modern stuff, but more or less OK. REALLY old stuff? two options; it is original, has spent a long time in service, and has been patched and repaired for centuries/millennia on end. in this case, it would be usable, but bulky, underpowered and unreliable compared to modern gear. the other option is that is has sat in storage in good condition for a long, long time. if this is the case, don't use it, find a goddamn collector. they'd pay tens of thousands for an ancient item in good condition

>> No.34917091

>the girls gives him a thumbs up

You know it's literally impossible to see into a TIE cockpit from the side right sweety?

>> No.34917182

It's by a guy from /m/, and that sorta stuff happens all the time in mecha anime

>> No.34917541

Oh, well, that excuses the idiocy then. Obviously.

>> No.34917708

The gloves may be wired to comm the signal as a joke. Or maybe they had vidscreens on

>> No.34917759

Just...no, anon.

>> No.34917842

So, I'm playing in a game of Edge of Empire and, well, the party is a band looking to strike it big on the galactic music scene.

I'm trying to write some songs but so far I can't find any good examples of lyrics from star wars besides "Jedi Rocks" and "Lapti Nek" which are mostly nonsense

I'd appreciate some help, especially suggestions on subjects and how often I can bring up stuff like cruisers and lightsabers before it starts to sound stupid

(Also, before you ask, no we're not playing Jizz)

>> No.34917995

Thank you, we're the Cantina Band. If you have any requests, shout 'em out.

>Play that same song!

Alright, same song, here we go!


>> No.34918075

I think every single instance of idle background music in the games and stuff was the cantina song

>> No.34918078

Eh, probably did that to one of the many radar screens and such.

>> No.34918193


>> No.34918242

So my copy of Far Horizons arrived and I noticed this.

I wonder if it has any meaning or if it's just business.

None of the other EotE books I own have it.

>> No.34918256


>> No.34918328

Have what?

>> No.34918330

likely just business; disney IS the copyright holder now.

in other news, my internet will likely cycle to a b& IP sometime tween 2230 and 2345 tonight, so any stat requests should be made now

>> No.34918355

The Disney logo sorry. The rest all have another FFG logo in that spot

>> No.34918410

I think the deal was still in the works before others were printed, now that all affairs are in order the mouse has the claim

>> No.34918796

what instruments are they gonna be playing?

>> No.34918866

So far we've got fairly basic stuff- drum set, bass, guitar. I'm playing a kloo horn. Probably mixed vocals from the strings for songs

>> No.34919059

Some suggestions:
And because we Disney now:

>> No.34919174

Youtube "Carmen Miranda's Ghost". An entire album of folk songs from space.

The Lord Weird Slough Feg
Traveller rather that Star Wars, but steal.

As for an instrument, youtube "Hang Drum".

>> No.34919189

Shit, how could I forget these? Here's a few more songs for inspiration. Two classics and one new tune that's properly spacey, baby:

>> No.34919212

In Galaxies if you want to grind an entertainer you have to either listen to the house band playing that, the one step above novice that the group is playing, or turn your sound off and not hear notification information.

In the groups they spam the specials for experience so the songs sound like SHIT.

I wouldn't have it any other way.
Love the EMU.

>> No.34919287

These bonus points if you can convince them to do prog rock power ballads

>> No.34919578

oh and if you want something other then rock
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKiVvhg1o7c or look up any JayLib instrumentals

>> No.34920234

So guys halp.

I think this applies to all competitive board games but since it involes the X-Wing Miniatures game I will ask it here.

My close friends and I (three total) have been playing for a while and have been getting quite competitive about it even invoking tournament rules about accidental dial choices and making us do it even if it decides the match.

Recently we've been blessed with what I could call my towns' meta of about nine people. Now these guys just bought into the game and are still learning the basics like hitting obstacles and what exactly ion tokens do.

It's awesome that they're playing and investing and I only want to encourage them to play more but how do I play against them? I don't want to patronize them about basic rules and fly purposely bad. I've come to the decision to only try out vague ideas of new lists when I play against them. Talk about the choices they could make even if it would hurt me. Allow them to redo manoeuvres and actions.

How do you guys handle this kind of situation? I don't want to detour them whatsoever.

>> No.34920347

Team-based games, maybe? Have a veteran and a rookie team up, so the experienced players can teach the newbies as the game progresses and so nobody has to hold back while playing.

>> No.34920368


You're on the right track - you definitely want to approach them on their level. No sense whipping out your finely-tuned tournament list on some guy who just bought the core set unless you just want to stroke your ego. At that level, it is a bit more friendly and, dare I say, casual than balls-out-to-the-wall hardass dogfighting. Trying experimental lists or even unoptimized lists is a great way to just have fun - run those three TIE Advanced you've got running around.

If you want to challenge them, try setting up puzzles with a clear solution. Like Go problems - set up a somewhat controlled situation and let them try to solve it. Like Han in the Falcon versus two Bombers and an Interceptor.

>> No.34920525

I'd agree with the other guys; do wierd and fun lists and stratigies rather than hardcore assmasher lists, like maybe a generic rookie X-wings list or themed stuff like rookie Y-wing squadron or pirate gang (freighters and headhunters, no named characters)

>> No.34921306


>> No.34921689

Yes a million times.

>> No.34922226

hey y'all. as a sort of continuation from last night, I'm gonna post more imperial capital ships. first is the famous ISD-II

Imperial II Class Star Destroyer

Silhouette: 8
Speed: 2
Handling: -3
Def: 3/3/3/3
Armor: 11
HT threshold: 150
SS threshold: 65

Hull Type/Class: Star Destroyer/Imperial II
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards.
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 8.
Navicomputer: Yes.
Sensor Range: Long.
Ship's Complement: 37,085 officers, pilots, and enlisted crew. '
Starfighter Complement: 72 starfighters.
Vehicle Complement: Numerous shuttles, landing craft,
utility vehicles, landing barges, and AT-series walkers.
Encumbrance Capacity:36,000.
Passenger Capacity: 9,700 troops.
Consumables: Two years.
Price/Rarity: 200,000,000 credits (R)/10.
Customization Hard Points: 0.
Four Port and Four Starboard Super-Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
(Fire Arc Port and Forward or Starboard and Forward; Damage 14; Critical 2; Range [Long]; Breach 5, Linked 3, Slow-Firing 3).
Twelve Dorsal Light Turbolasers
(Fire Arc Port, Starboard, or Forward; Damage
9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Slow-Firing 1).
Ten dorsal heavy turbolaser batteries (Fire Arc Forward,
Port, and Starboard; Damage 11; Critical 3;
Range [Long]; Breach 4, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2].
Ten port, ten starboard, and ten forward light turbolasers
(Fire Arc Port, Starboard, or Forward; Damage
9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Breach 2, Slow-Firing .1).
Fifteen Port, Fifteen Starboard and Ten Dorsal Medium Turbolaser Batteries
(Fire Arc Forward,bPort, and Starboard; Damage 10; Critical 3;
Range [Long]; Breach 4, Linked 1, Slow-Firing 2].
Ten port and ten starboard battleship ion cannon
turrets (Fire Arc Port and Forward or Starboard and
Forward; Damage 9; Critical 4; Range [Medium];
Breach 3, Ion, Slow-Firing 2).
Ten heavy tractor beam emitters
(Fire Arc Forward, Port, and Starboard; Damage -; Critical -; Range [Short]; Tractor 6).

Massive 2: When making an attack targeting

>> No.34922341

Hey how about this:
Oh, the Y-Wing jocks say that their laser cannons are quite long,
They've got a pair of doubles, so how could they be wrong?
They'll tell you strength and stamina are all you'll ever need,
But all their girls just fall asleep for what the Y-Wing lacks is speed.

The X-Wing boys have quads upon their fine craft, they say,
It's built for versatility and turns without delay,
They'll tell you that the middle road is better by a mile,
But X-Wing girls get mighty bored for what the X-Wing lacks is style

The B-Wing bomber's are where it's at, that's what their pilots say,
With six big guns and missile pods and armor all the day,
They tell you that protection is where it ought to be,
But girls don't go for B-Wing jocks because it lacks agility.

The A-Wing now, that's where it's at, the young girls they all say,
It comes in fast as lightning and never overstays,
Agility and style it's got these by the ton,
And three-sixty turning cannons are more than twice the fun!

>> No.34922355

This catsuit without knee high boots baffles me.

>> No.34922380

Jawas are cool when under fire

>> No.34922409

Jawas are inquisitive by nature

>> No.34922428

Jawas are badasses when called upon to fight

>> No.34922462

>Goofy Movie
Fuck you, now I need to watch that again.
It does have knee-high boots, the art just obscures them with that weird dust shit.

>> No.34922467

Jawas are good with their hands, but a little too ADD to hold a camera straight

>> No.34922490

Jawas sling mad beats

>> No.34922523

All tha'bitches love a good jawa in their mouth

>> No.34922551

Jawas make all the bitches wet

>> No.34922573

Fuck your crossovers, Jawas already did it

>> No.34922610

Utinni u-tin-ni!
[R2 whistling noises]
Utin, utin, utin. . . ."

>> No.34922636

And I'm done. Enjoy making an Utinni and raise your glass to the awesomeness that is the Jawa

>> No.34922797

RG updated. No poetry from the Bearded One because I'm a shitty poet, but plenty of horror from the mooks' point of view. Just another day at the office for Kyle Motherfucking Katarn.

>> No.34922839

you know what kyle should have been thinking about

his grocery shopping

>> No.34922861

Kyle Katarn needs no groceries. He feeds on the blood of his enemies. Well, he doesn't feed so much as absorb it through his beard, but you know what I mean.

>> No.34922884

you are a goddamned updating machine! It seems like going back to school has almost sped you up!

>> No.34922937

It really has. Mostly because I didn't have a good internet connection for much of the summer.

>> No.34922962

ah. so it's the reverse of my situation

>> No.34923096

I suppose.

Man, I wish I was as talented as Araki at making fights truly bizarre. I guess I'll have to save the craziness for if I ever write Imperial Knight.

>> No.34923099


>> No.34923145

hey man, if you were to start releasing some of your stuff, this could be you

>> No.34923236

I hate editing so much. SO much.Chapter one of Han Solo: Jedi Knight is still in editing hell, and I have yet to write up a Battle of Hoth with more losing than the movie. The rest of it moves on, though. part two has three more segments to it, all fairly short bits before the jump to Dagobah.
But I actually have to WRITE them. And writing is the muse is deserting me again.

>> No.34923244

at any rate, I'm sleeping now; 930 class (you know, we need a /swg/ version of pic related for this sort of thing)

>> No.34923293

Anyway, less angst now!
I like how Kyle is both lethal and exasperated. He just has no time for this showboating nonsense, I love it.

>> No.34923310

At least know that in a handful of hours Sam gets to get hugged intensely by some skittering creatures, and maybe a Krogan will come along to fuck some shit up

>> No.34923404

Disregard editing, do it live. I wait a week or so after I post an update, reread everything, then sneak in edits then.

As for the muse, maybe try stealing ideas from shit that has some relation to what you're writing. Han's trickery, possible fighting style, and snark might mesh well with Metal Gear CQC and Cowboy Bebop's fights. Hell, most of my inspiration for Syal's characterization comes from pic related.

>> No.34923531

This IS the sneaky edit phase. I posted chapter one and got quite a lot of criticism for how rushed and such it was. And it was and still is. I'm not even close to the point where Han gets to be Bastard McJedipants Von Gunslinger yet and I honestly have no idea who that lady is.
Also I have to rewatch a Stargate episode so my other project will have SOME progress

>> No.34923600

Huh. Didn't realize you'd posted chapter 1. How far has it gotten?

>no idea who that lady is
One of the characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening. A bit of a dork. But a competent, lethal dork. May cause male players' paternal instincts to kick in.

>> No.34924456

Cross-posting to here, I'm looking to start a Star Wars game some time but want to learn more about what alien races are important to the setting.


Just curious if I want to accurately represent the Old Republic which Star Wars races are staples, influential, etc. If this was Mass Effect it'd be easy to place which of the Citadel races have what roles, but Star Wars is swimming in aliens and it's hard to tell which ones matter.

>> No.34924465

Aaaaand cross-posting reply.

It seems like the most common aliens are either near-humans or humanoids, since humans are by far the most common and influential species. The Republic is such a melting pot and it's been around for so long that most alien worlds and cultures have just sort of blended in and melded into the fabric of the galaxy.

There are a few very common races. Twi'leks are a common underclass or even slave class, but are prolific enough that there are also Twi'lek leaders and businesspeople. Other lower-class races include the Nikto and Weeqay, mostly laborers. Mon Calamari are fairly influential. Togruta, Cerean and Chagrian are common "middle class" races of the Republic. Ithorians are foremost biologists and environmentalists. Bothans are legendary info-brokers. Iridonians/Zabrack are militant colonizers. Duros are explorers while the Neimoidian cousins are bankers, and Sullustans are humorless hard-workers.

Some races are more well-known for being part of the galaxy's violent fringe and underworld. Musclar Gamorreans, sneaky Kubaz, mercenary Rodians, brutal Rattaki slaving Trandoshans and of course the legendary gang-leading Hutts.

Some races are notoriously isolationist, although this usually helps them endure. The Chiss live deep in the Unknown Regions and frequently disappear from the galactic scene. The Gree are incredibly advanced but only rarely choose to interact with the galaxy. Gand have a lot in common with hive races and stay apart. Wookies rarely leave Kashyyyk of their own free will, and Jawas, Sand People, Gungans and Ewoks are almost unheard of off their homeworlds.

>> No.34925762

One adjustment, jawas can be seem utinni'ing it up through out the galaxy. They aren't that common, but unlike sand people, they do travel away from the desert.

>> No.34927028

Am I the only one who really wants to play a badass heavy weapons guy Bothan? Just to play against stereotype?

>> No.34928017

I'd say I'm about a fourth to a third of the way through Empire, but I have to get through the events of Jedi too.
I posted it on July 4th, for some cockamamie reason, which is why I was rushing to finish the first round of editing

>> No.34928488 [DELETED] 

Seems alright to me. Certainly no worse than my weaker chapters. The only thing that really nags at me is an early typo ("Skyw ` alker"). A bit light on the exposition and descriptions, but then again, it's Hoth. What the fuck else is someone going to describe besides ice, ice, vanilla ice, and ice cubes?

>> No.34928566

>Ice, ice, vanilla ice
About half of the reviews for it are about how rushed it feels or how there's no funeral for Luke or this or that and why isn't this detail here and why couldn't you write something about the battle of Hoth.
I do agree with the criticism, I really could have spent more time on it and I'm doing that now. Hopefully I can get both the edit and the new chapter finished by the end of the month so I can move onto Dagobah hijinks and the want of a nail scenario playing out around everyone.

>> No.34928608

Well, at least you're still working on it, and I wouldn't expect there to be a funeral for Luke when the gang needs to batten down the hatches to fight the Empire. I don't really see how Hoth would change much aside from maybe one less dead AT-AT, though, and even then, the Rogues had plenty of manpower to spare.

Honestly, I understand the rush because of the need to get to Dagobah. Hoth is just a sideshow when the focus is Han's journey to becoming captain of the ruse cruise.

>> No.34928626

An exotic drink favored by Hapan nobility, made by steeping the leaves of a particular plant in boiling water. Served chilled over ice, with copious amounts of sugar. It's name? Iced tea.

>> No.34928654

There are people who don't like the hot chocolate scene...
I mean there are people who genuinely complain about "How DARE they have chocolate in Star Wars? Everything must have retarded space names, dammit!"

>> No.34928827

Start every name with Space. Space eggs, space chocolate, space cheese, Spaced God, Space Australia. Done.

>> No.34928917

Babby Intrested in getting the X-wing starter. Beside the starter What else should i get? I know people say two starters but i don't want to neccesarily get two starters since I'm gonna be the one introducing X-wing around here. Also is the HWK-290 worth buying?

>> No.34928931

I started reading the Top Gear fanfic. It's pretty awesome. Good job!

>> No.34929032


The HWK is a support ship - he fits into certain lists, but isn't as versatile as others. Two starters is recommended so you have spare dice, measuring implements, dials, and upgrade cards.

Another X-Wing pack and TIE Pack would serve you well. Other things to pick up are a B-Wing, an Interceptor, a YT-1300, a Firespray, Rebel Aces, and Imperial Aces.

>> No.34929245

If you're introducing the game to people, getting two starter sets is ideal. You'll want the extra dice, movement templates, and ships in order to make sure everyone has enough to play.

After that, go with what >>34929032 says. The X-wing and TIE expansions are a good call, just for the pilots and the fact that you can never have too many of the galaxy's most iconic ships. You might also consider Imperial Aces and/or Rebel Aces if you want to get some more advanced ships on the board quickly. And of course, the Firespray and YT-1300 are instantly recognizable and fun to play.

>> No.34930827

>Wouldn't expect there to be a funeral for Luke when they need to batten down the hatches
Nobody knew the Empire was coming at that point, though. It wasn't until some time later with the discovery of the probe droid that defense became imperative.
Han wanting to run away from Hoth instead of assisting in the fighting retreat will play into his time on Dagobah. What's in the cave? Only what you take with you.
I don't usually write long though, so I guess I was hoping to just gloss over details that weren't important to the overall story and then got called out on it.

>> No.34931172

Looks like Ison Corridor Ambush. iirc.

>> No.34931253


or anything from same source, really.
And if you don't enjoy those, there's always Yub Nub

>> No.34931360


>> No.34931534

I've spent far too much time trying to rewrite Les Mis into star wars a proper. I keep switching between Valjean being Chewie or Ackbar, and Javert being Isard or Tarkin respectively for each Valjean

>> No.34932314

the empire got butchered there too

Did you SEE the wrecks of all those ISDs?

>> No.34932395


I don't recall there being a CR90 at the Ison Corridor Ambush, but it could have just been not depicted in the games.

>> No.34932832

Why is Isard after Chewie?

>> No.34932914

More importantly, why are Isard and Tarkin stand-ins for an upstanding fellow like Javert?

>> No.34933222

Because there are no natural equivalents to those characters in star wars, and those are the closest approximations. For example, Tarkin owned Ackbar as a slave at one point, and Isard crushed the uprising on Coruscant after Endor.

>> No.34933315

>no natural equivalents
Star Wars has plenty of space cops. CorSec, for one. Maybe even Corran Horn if you can come up with an ending that doesn't involve suicide. Hell, you could even have Booster Terrik be Valjean since he served time on Kessel.

>> No.34933353

One of my favorite things about writing fan fiction; you can write a line like "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, they're all CAVEMEN!" and no one will bat an eye.
That doesn't explain why she's Chewie's Javert and not Corran's. what are you, racist?

>> No.34933468

Eta-2 with a slam drive and supreme full throttle

>> No.34933489

Guess I just wanted to tie it to a more recognizeable location, but Horn might be neat.
Ofcourse I'm racist, I like star wars. And again, I didn't think of Corran.

>> No.34933541

>Players ask if there are homosexuals in Star Wars
>Players ask if there is birth control in Star Wars
>Players ask if force powers can be used for perversion

>> No.34933559

We need faster. How about that one Star Destroyer that was mentioned in one of these threads that had a big fuckoff engine that gave it thrust to mass ratio of an A-Wing? Replace all nonessential (and some essential) systems with SLAM drives and roll at a +100 on Perils of the SLAM.

>> No.34933601


>> No.34933619

>Players ask if force powers can be used for perversion
Sorry, what does that mean exactly? Force amplified sex? Raping people?

>> No.34933640

>Probably, yes
There, done

>> No.34933663

>Players ask if force powers can be used for perversion
It's a tool, just like anything else. You can use a hammer for perversion.

>> No.34933670

>+100 on Perils of the SLAM
You fool! No mortal can handle that much SCIENCE!

>> No.34933681


>> No.34933692


Probably? I mean force bonds or telepathy can probably make for some pretty rocking sex.

>> No.34933790

>Reply:Why do you need this in the campaign?

Let them convince you that this is not Magical Realm

>> No.34933888


Yeah I would probably reply something like that too, then I remember what group I'm with and realize I should be glad they didn't all show up with unicorns or something.

>> No.34933999

Why is it that every time I see something like your situation, I wonder why anyone would run anything for those players.

>> No.34934051

Stockholm Syndrome?

>> No.34934070


'Cause you go to war with the army you have, not the army you want.

>> No.34934076

If he doesn't they'll cut off his other testicle.

>> No.34934110

Because the prospect of messing with them and crushing their hopes of Force realm is too tempting to pass up?

>> No.34934121


In all honesty? They're actually some of the best players I've ever met, just a bit eccentric. Plus they're so far ahead of my last group it isn't even funny. No one has pulled a knife on me in nearly a year!

>> No.34934151


Do you GM for prisoners or something?

>> No.34934175

This is so true.

>> No.34934196

So, thinking of the following for an A-Wing list for when I get Rebel Aces.

Tycho + PTL + VI + Test Pilot + Stealth Device + Proton Rockets (36 points)

Jake The Snake + Outmaneuver + VI + Test Pilot + Stealth Device + Proton Rockets (34 Points)

Arvel Crynyd + VI + Test Pilot + Stealth Device + Proton Rockets (30 points)

That way I have PS 10, 9, 8 respectively.

Tycho PTLs and doesn't care about the stress.

Jake uses his maneuverability to get into place for Outmaneuver

Arvel doesn't care about being blocked.

Stealth Devices give them 4 agility each until hit (and a hit A-Wing is a dead A-Wing)

Proton Rockets give a massive one-time punch that are guaranteed to hit unless the dice gods just hate you.

>> No.34934210

I was about to ask why someone would pull a knife on you, but I once accidentally ended a friendship by writing someone a poem.

>> No.34934250


No, but the last group I was in had, in chronological order:

>One of the players, who played a Gnome illusionist and was a real dick about it to all the non casters, got arrested for allegedly sleeping with his underage daughter, and is now spending like ten to twenty at the state prison in Concord last I heard.
>Twin brothers who were in high school. Now these guys were actually very nice, real fun to be around, the problem is that they would NEVER let me know when they decided to skip out on gaming to do something else, which was frequent.
>The last GM of the group... This guy was THAT Guy through and through, but all the other groups at the FLGS were full and he was an employee so I couldn't really tell him off. Like I could write an entire post about him. He literally could not keep a campaign running longer then five games, he would routinely pull a knife out at the table and make vaguely threatening comments, had some giant wolf-hybrid dog that had apparently killed other people's dogs before, was a real jerk about paying up for snacks, that sort of thing.

>> No.34934311

>>One of the players, who played a Gnome illusionist and was a real dick about it to all the non casters, got arrested for allegedly sleeping with his underage daughter, and is now spending like ten to twenty at the state prison in Concord last I heard.

>> No.34934318

>sleeping with his underage daughter

>> No.34934333

Where do you find these people?

I never have these problems.

>> No.34934350


In comparison, the worst of my current (online) group is the Australian college student who makes us start games at 8PM because thats the earliest he's willing to wake up, the guy who's depressed all the time, and the guy who has dyslexia. Given some of the terrifying horrors I've witnessed over the years, I can deal with rampant player driven romances and most of the group being bronies.

>> No.34934541

Three pools of possible players:

Casual acquaintances you happen to share a hobby with.

Friends you convert.

The creepy freaks that hand around and post adds in the FLGS because they have no friends, jobs, active education or similar venues of human interaction.

>> No.34934569

Hang* (god forbid direct human contact.)

>> No.34934621

not even. I game with a convicted murderer and a convicted bank robber, and they are great players. maybe thugs, sure

>> No.34934713

you should probably kill that GM before he does anybody in

>> No.34934825


But I don't want to fall to the Dark Side Anon!

>> No.34934854

Don't worry friend--- down that exhaust shaft lies redemption

>> No.34934859

he has already fallen. killing him is a favor to the universe

>> No.34934874

Finding concept art for some of these Star Wars games is torture. Same goes for TCW.

>> No.34934883

Has anyone got their hand on rescue at glare peak to scan it or is it the long wait?

>> No.34934928

see, thinking like that is what got my buddy in prison; though it did get him a discount from murder to manslaughter, so maybe it would work out

>> No.34934961

Oh I think you will find that the insanity plea bargain is fuuuuullly operational

>> No.34934968

NO! If you kill him, you will become him!

>> No.34935005

>become what you kill
BRB, going hunting for Wall Street execs.

>> No.34935035

Kaz... I'm already an IBD VP at GS

>> No.34935083


>> No.34935120

Anybody find a pdf of the Rebels visual guide yet?

>> No.34935123

nah. provocation. seems that the court agreed that walking in and seeing your roommate watching child porn IS enough to induce an otherwise-rational man to kill

>> No.34935165



>> No.34935206


>> No.34935243



>> No.34935328

I need to sleep, but we should also do something about
"Not your kind of asset, reflect a different value, DON'T SEE EYE TO EYE"

>> No.34935383

What the hell is going on.

>> No.34935407

Business major/Wall Street humor.

>> No.34935745

New Thread

>> No.34935818

If you actually want tycho maneuverable, try running him with Exp. systems, PTL, and daredevil.

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