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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Lego, canonisity, and anything else Star Wars Related

EoTE and AoR books

D6 Star wars books

Rune Quest Star Wars

SW visual guides
http://www.mediafire.com/download/k d7b7x0fbs0vvh6/Star+Wars+Ep+1+Visua l+Guide.pdf


http://www.mediafire.com/download/7 by8b09bo8kb6og/Star+Wars+Ep+3+Visua l+Guide.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/8 k9jo82ro2kmp8f/Star+Wars+Eps+4-6+Vi sual+Dictionary.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m 7ou1gv3jo94hnj/Star+Wars+Ultimate+V isual+Guide.pdf

Deckplans and such

shipfags's mostly complete hanger of discount wonders:
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

EotE character generator:

EoTE Dice app

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

It's an EotE dice tutorial, it's a GM resource, it's.... TRIUMPH AND DESPAIR!

Daily Reminder that you are greater than the Jedi of former days because unlike the Knights of old, Jedi Luke Skywalker, you are not afraid of the dark

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/swg/ Holocron

FFG Dice and You

Books. So many books.

Ongoing Writefaggotry:
Bantha Squadron
Solidarity (sort of Mandalorian War, sort of not)
X-wing Writefag's works
Bounty Hunter Anon:
The Price of Order (Imperial POV)
How Luke Skywalker Got Stinking Rich
X-overfag's ME/Star wars crossover
Gm-Sama's imperial clusterfuck (session report)
Shipfag, X-Wing Writefag and Questanon's Rules of the NJO
Dael's Infinity - Clone Wars The Later Years

Question for the thread: what's your favorite canon/headcanon thing about Star Wars? Not even books or characters, just details that you love.

For example, my favorite canon thing for Star Wars is going to have to be the prophecy for the Valley of the Jedi. And I'm also going to provide a headcanon as an example for that; the idea that anyone, ANYONE can lrn2Force because they're already PART of it. We're told in Empire that it takes hard work and commitment, so why not just make it official?

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I just had a strange idea about using shipfag's idea that Tyber Zann would have a bust of Xim the Despot on his desk.

What if he patterned himself after the Hutt Opera "Evocar" where Xim was some great liberator of slaves. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kossak_the_Younger

Just to troll most of the Hutts not descended from the playwrite's clan.

Recruiting disgruntled Hutt slaves into "Just barely better than slave" pirate armies etc.

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Promise the slaves greatness of course

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The starfighters. Oh lawdy, all them starfighters. Dat X-wing. Dat A-wing. Dat Interceptor. Dat Y-fu. Hnnnng.

The People's Champion.

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I love that rule of cool is what defines the aesthetics and design philosophies of the setting.

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Of course of course.

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If *anyone* could learn to use the force, then the Jedi Order would just roll up to orphanages and be all "Yeah we'll take everyone under the age of four. Here's a hundred thousand credit donation for the Coruscant Sector 234 Mercy Orphanage, pleasure doing business with you ma'am, we'll see you again in another four years." At any rate they certainly wouldn't be down to ten thousand or so Jedi in the final decades of the Republic from their high of a few million.

Also I suppose you'd see a ton of self help books, "Learn to Harness your true inner potential, become a Jedi Today!" or that kind of thing.

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Well yeah, that's why it's a headcanon and not an actual one. Though I highly doubt that the Jedi would advertise that OR let some schmuck pick up just enough to be dangerous from self-help books. You'd probably have to find a Master willing to train you and even then it's not going to be easy.
Your average dude would drop it after a while because it's hard and you don't meet many chicks sitting in swamps meditating. Unless you read very specific fics and yes, I KNOW that not every Jedi Master will hang out in a swamp waiting for you to show up, but the best ones do
Let me have my delusions.

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I just find the idea of a "Lightsaber-Mill" style school to be absolutely hilarious, though I do agree that the Jedi would probably have lobbied the senate to pass laws restricting Force education and training to properly licensed and monitored organizations.

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shit, you're back. I like this new idea, but it kinda conflicts with the part where he's 100% pure immoral slaver in-game and supporting material

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"I'll buy you as a slave, then I'll free you and you'll work for me, but your paychecks will go to me until you pay off the debt you owe."

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While not explicitly star wars, I think a fair few people who come here will get a kick out of this

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Indentured servitude and contract service for the win! Who needs that nasty word "SLAVE" when you can be PC and have your cake too!

With the size of one galaxy, almost all star systems have a goldylocks zone world with the right gravity and oxygen to support humanoid life. Yet they have all kinds of other evolution into different species. And STILL humans are able to freely travel on these worlds without hardsuits and oxygen masks.

Headcanon... idiots like the picture are taken seriously by at least SOMEONE out there.

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He'd play relatively fair I think

But very low wages and a lot of debt to work off for the first three or so years.

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Oh, baby.

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That voice at the start, I thought it was Admiral Hackett. Then it just gets better!

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And a 2001 reference!

This is AWESOME!

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I'm excited and aroused.
Yeah, I think that's the guy who does Hackett's voice.

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What is this feeling? Deep inside... is it... is it hype? I haven't felt it in so long...

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that's kind of how I feel. They've got a shitton of time and money going into hype videos. Then they ask you to drop a few hundred to get a ship and prebeta invite

I've been screwed too many times before. I like the videos... but as a game I'm not even considering it until it launches.

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I'm much on the same boat

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So there was a post last thread about slice of life shit. And now I'm thinking of writing a series of short, humorous SOL skits about the Antilles kids and their adventures with ma, pa, and the extended family. Help me, guys. I don't know whether I should give in to the HNNNG or stick to the testosterone-fueled antics of Top Gear and RG.

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"Daddy! Daddy! There's a man outside with a golden sphere yelling things!"
"And what did you do, Myri?"
"I threw a rock at him and made him drop the sphere!"
"Good girl."

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I say: go full diabeetus.

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"Dad! Dad! Guess what I did!"
"Your mother told me that you aced that last test. I'm very proud of--"
"What? Oh, right, yeah. But something else. I beat the Redemption Run simulation!"
>His face when

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A loud BOOM is heard from outside.
"Very good girl. Would you like some hot chocolate?"
"DAAAAAAAAAAD! Uncle Luke is in the bathroom!"
"Is he alone?"
"Flush the toilet! They'll get the message."

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So I'm going to run an EOTE/AOR game for my players, the focus of the whole thing being on exploration and charting new hyperspace lanes.

It's going to be primarily an exploration game, but how does one make exploration interesting?

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Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Admonitor, her five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to discover new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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Basically, but with a Star Wars twist.

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"You come across a strange ship. The front part is a saucer and it has a stem coming down at an angle that leads to a cylinder from which two engine pods sprout. It's painted entirely white and has markings on it that you can't read."

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"You vaporize it instantly. Probably just pirates."

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Check the back of Enter the Unknown - it's final third chapter is all about adding exploration elements to a campaign.

>> No.34871670

On a more serious note, I recommend looking at stuff like Lovecraft and the travel almanac at the end of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 2. There's plenty of cool ideas for pulpy travel campaigns that can be adapted to space.

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I kinda want to throw a design challenge at /swg/ using the ship building system from one of the versions of Starships of the Galaxy or the like. Something like "Build a replacement for the TIE/Ln at a cheaper price. Remember that shields are in vogue this year!"

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>Cheaper than the TIE/Ln
Stand the fuck back, guys. I got this.

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The pilot strapped to a shield generator, a laser cannon, and an engine.

>> No.34871855


>Laser canon

What kind of wasteful spender are you? We'll include roll-down viewports and issue a T-21 to each pilot!

>> No.34872253

does it have to have the same speed or maneuverability? or can it be worse at those things, cause if it can't, your challenge is more or less literally impossible

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We take Baron Fel and a shitload of Fel Clones, outfit them with jetpacks, and give each one a single elbow pad and shield generator. The padded People's Elbow is used for stealthy, silenced ops.

>> No.34872287


I was thinking just a lower cost, shields a bonus.

>> No.34872345

in that case let me introduce you to my friend, the C-73 tracker; with added shield generators, it costs roughly 25,000 credits! AND it can probably outfight a pinook!

>> No.34872423

forgot pic

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>Outfighting based Pinook

>> No.34872624


>Right then, lets do this:

You are the owner and chief designer of a small mid-rim shipyard concern, primarily focusing on the constructing of licensed light freighters and custom made luxury transports. Recently, Sienar Fleet Systems has fallen out of favor with Imperial Center due to the owner backing the wrong side of a court power struggle. As part of the fallout, the Imperial Navy happens to be in the market for a new space superiority fighter to replace the now politically unfavorable TIE/Ln. As it so happens, you recently completed a custom order for an Imperial Advisor, and they brought your name up with the Emperor. You awaken one morning to find an Admiral at your apartment's door with a demand that you design and produce a prototype fighter for the Imperial Navy, an example of which is to be showcased at Imperial Center within two months. The requirements for the design are that it must stay within a budget of 60,000 credits or less per unit. And remember, small craft shields and secondary weapon systems have recently come back into favor with the Navy's starfighter procurement department, including one of the two in your design will impress powerful people in the navy's hierarchy and make it more likely for the design to be adopted!

>Use the ship creation system of your choice, (I honestly don't really know what there is beyond the ones in Starships of the Galaxy, but feel free to surprise me), ideally staying below a 60k credit budget, though if you get an idea that requires you to go beyond the set budget, by all means go absolutely crazy and knock yourself out.
>Your craft does not have to be 'better' then the TIE/Ln, I'm mainly interested in seeing what wacky ideas you people come up with.

>> No.34872738

"Shields? Secondary weapon systems? Who do these idiots think we are? Everyone knows that a proper starfighter is made of speed, Space Sheffield durasteel, and more speed."
"Jezza, that's exactly the sort of thinking that got Sienar--"
"Bugger Sienar Fleet Systems! James, Richard, you and I are going to make our own TIE fighter, and we're going to make it better, and we're going to do it in less than sixty thousand quid."
"Jeremy, you know there's more to starfighter design than unlimited power, right?"
"'Course I do. You need guns and engines and a chair, too. I mean, how hard could it be?"
"Don't say that!"

>> No.34872898

Hey guys, we've got this new fighter we think you'll like. It has shields, quad laser cannons, a hyperdrive, and torpedoes! Full multi-role capability.
Need deep strikes? Just stock it with more missiles using our extended magazine, as long as you don't mind losing some cargo space. Dogfighting? Got you covered, no modifications necessary. Logistical support? Each model comes with a socket for an astromech droid who can provide jump coordinates, manage ship systems, perform repairs in the field, and it'll even keep your pilots company so they don't go insane and start shooting people!
Guys, you like it right? Guys?

>> No.34872912


I slap a womprat
Richard and James attempt to find a weak point on the Deathstar
And a Tusken Raider Jedi finds himself in our reasonably priced starcraft

>> No.34872950

Several hours later:
"Gentlemen, behold. Our masterpiece has set foot upon this galaxy."
"Wow, Jeremy, that actually looks pretty g--"
"No, not that one. THAT one."
"Oh. Oh cock."
"Is that starfighter made out of aluminium?"
"That's not even an ejector seat. That's a lawn chair."
"Alright, alright, I had to make a few concessions to save on costs, but it flies, it's environmentally friendly, AND it comes with a cupholder. I call it the Hammerhead Eagle TIE-thrust."

>> No.34873066


"We'll take ten billion."

>> No.34873231

I would like to take the time to note how much I love the lucrehulk battleship

All the guns and all the fighters you'll ever need at a reasonable cost

>> No.34873245

What line is starships of the galaxy in? Saga?

>> No.34873285


Yeah, there's also another book by the same name for the original d20 series, though I've never read it.

>> No.34873297

best part is, you dont even need Oxygen half the time!

>> No.34873319

They kinda sucked Circa Naboo, but they added a ton more point defense (Still not enough to cover ALL the blind spots) by the time of the clone wars.

>> No.34873346

Well you can't depend entirely on one ship type, gotta combine arms yo

>> No.34873879

Since EotE doesn't have ship design rules I just kind of winged it.

Silhouette:3 Speed:5 Shield (1/-/-/0)
Armor:2 HT: 6 WT: 6
Hull Type/Class: Starfighter / R-Wing
Manufacturer: Fa/tg/uy Development Industries
Hyperdrive: None. (Hyperdrive Ring Capable)
Navicomputer: Astromech Slot.
Sensor Range: Close.
Ship's Complement: One pilot.
Encumbrance Capacity: 4.
Passenger Capacity: 0.
Consumables: Two days.
Price/Rarity: 60,000 credits (R)/4.
Customization Hard Points: 0
Weapons: Forward-mounted twin medium laser cannons
(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close];Linked 1).

After some deliberation I've realized I just made the Delta-7 Starfighter.

>> No.34874459

right, here's my EoTE stat-based entry, designed using my own mysterious in-house system. I'm drawing on my Car Wars experience in designing dumb Division 5 vehicles for this one:

Silhouette: 3
Speed: 5
Handling: +0
Def: 1 fore, 1 aft
Armor: 3
HT threshold: 7
SS threshold: 7

Hull Type/Class: Starfighter/ C-88 Invader
Manufacturer: Xhan Shi Spaceworks
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 4
Navicomputer: Yes (limited to 3 jumps)
Sensor Range: Close
Ship's compliment: One Pilot and One gunner
Encumberence Capacity: 5
Passenger Capacity: 0
Consumables: Three Days
Cost/Rarity: 20,000 Credits/ 7
Customization Hardpoints: 3
Turret Mounted Light Ion Cannon
(Fire Arc All; Damage 4; Critical 4; Range [Close]; Ion, Linked 1, Limited Ammo 10).
Foreward Mounted Unguided Rockets
(Fire Arc Foreward; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 3; Breach 3; Limited Ammo 6).

the absolutely silly fluff that accompanies this design is in the next post

>> No.34874505

The C-88 Invader is a rather unusual fighter design, mixing a number of unusual and downright bizzare design elements to create a decidedly cheap but highly questionable design. the fighter takes most of it's design cues from pre-repulsorlift atmospheric fighter design, mixed with influences from what evidently were reverse-engeneered light freighter designs. the ship's primary weapon is a turret mounted light Ion Cannon, operated by a gunner, a highly unusual design choice in such a small fighter (a mere 8M in length). a secondary weapons system consists of a set of unguided rockets in an internal mounting. notibly, the C-88 is one of a bare handful of fighter designs that totally lacks laser weapons of any type, the reason for this oversight (if that is what it is) is unknown. additionally, unlike every other fighter design, the Ion cannon draws power from a seperate capacitor instead of the main reactor. while this does give the ship a rather impressive top speed for a vessel in it's class, it severely limits the ship's combat endurence. additionally, the vessel is rather inexplicibly equipped with a Class Four hyperdrive, in an attempt to market the design as a patrol craft.

lol too big for one post. the ride never ends (or maybe it does; find out next post

>> No.34874543

This fourth-rate star fighter is manufactured by the Xhan Shi Spaceworks, a small company headquartered on an obscure world on the edge of the unknown regions, and one best known for being the last known manufacturer of Beam Tube weapons, it's only other venture into spacecraft design being the Katogada class Picket Ship, a few centuries ago. these ships are still in production today, although they are not very popular, for obvious reasons. they occupy the questionable niche of sub-30,000 credit brand new starfighters, and are mostly seen in the hands of planetary defence militas on the very edge of the frontier, and in the hands of desperate pirate groups who are unable to obtain better ships. it's only claim to fame was it's preverse inclusion in a series of imperial starfighter contracts, and apparently several thousand of these ships were purchased by the empire as a result of beaurecratic infighting, though their fate is unknown

(note: I designed this thing primarily to see if I could design a ship that stands a chance of loosing to C-73 trackers)

>> No.34874804

[Forward Firepower Intensifies]

>> No.34874986

surprised this hasn't been done before

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>> No.34875168

That design is so delightfully ugly.

I guess I should fluff mine too. The R-Wing was a joint project from a start up company formed out of laid-off Incom engineers and local planetary companies. Ambitious to say the least, the engineers attempted to capture the TIE's mobility and affordability and bring survivability and versatility with a small shield generator and an astromech socket. Intial sales and reviews were good, with seasoned test pilots winning over initial contracts and bids. That was of course, until the Karmuz Incident, where a group of escort R-Wings for a convoy were wiped out to a man by pirates and the sensitive cargo they were guarding plundered. With all hope of major contracts gone due to the widely publicized incident, the snubfighter is only occasionally seen in PDF and Raider forces.

>> No.34875338

>> No.34875365


>> No.34875724

What would be some examples of an alderaan style core world, but pro-empire?

>> No.34876044

I'm guessing the last thing those pilots heard was a pirate transmission that went, "Can't let you do that, Star Fox."

>> No.34876062


I'm sure they exist, but none spring to mind - given the nature of the tales told in Star Wars, most of the planets we see are usually pro-Rebel or at least Anti-Imperial.

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>> No.34876165

So, McCloud and Wedge in their personal craft of choice fitted out with all the bells and whistles

Who wins?

>> No.34876199


>> No.34876227

wedge. is this even a question? wedge is probably a better pilot drunk and blindfolded, AND the X-wing is definitely a better fighter by quite a bit

>> No.34876255

Wedge. Fox would be too distracted by motherfucking Slippy Toad.

>> No.34876267

I dunno, the Arwing can take a hilarious amount of abuse

>> No.34876301

By sheer volume of play, McCloud's preferred setup is probably "No items, Final Destination". Which leaves him exposed and with insufficient firepower to deal with Wedge Antillies in a stock X-wing.

Victory, Wedge.

>> No.34876303

yeah. I designed it to be an absolute, unmitigated clusterfuck of a ship, either to inflict on players, or to give to enemies so that players who fly C-73 trackers can still win at SOMETHING.
incidentally, there are a few things that are missing from the statline due to copypasta errors; both weapons should have inaccurate 1, and shields should be 1/0

>> No.34876322

>not editing my edit

>> No.34876356


Hey, I just wanted to inject some fresh blood into the general. Don't want to recycle the same images over and over and over, now do we?

>> No.34876364

yeah, but the X-wing has way, way more gun. plus it has enough firepower to negate the arwing's toughness advantage (motherfuckin proton torpedos). and wedge is the TOP GUN of everything forever, so he could probably beat the arwing in a pinook

>> No.34876422

>he X-wing has way, way more gun.
The arwing demolishes fleets man

whole fleets

and those bombs are nothing to sneeze at

But wedge has skill for days so yeah, he probably can clutch victory from a simple mercenary while hopping on one transparisteel leg

>> No.34876439

Is that a challenge? Alright, I'll step up.

>> No.34876500


And if you believe the vidya, you can solo an Imperial-I SD in an A-Wing in 60 seconds.


>That Arvel Crynyd school of flying at the end

>> No.34876510

the X-wing demolishes whole fleets as well (or at least when wedge or Ace is flying it). fuck it demolishes DEATH STARS


>wedge's face when flying the X-wing. at all times

>> No.34876542

And if Wedge really does get all the bells and whistles, we throw in the hilariously broken Rogue Squadron games' upgrades:

Shield upgrade that allows for fast regen and astromech repairs that take them from zero to full in three seconds or less or your money back.

Upgraded laser cannons.

Advanced proton torpedoes that maneuver like Ace Combat QAAMs.

Upgraded targeting computer.

There's also the fact that Wedge speedruns Star Destroyers for fun.

>> No.34876599


Okay fair points, wedge holds top gun tittle until the end of time then.

Court dismissed bring in the dancing quarren

>> No.34876705

>dancing quarren
you fuckers had better not post those fishtits

>> No.34876736 [SPOILER] 


That's like spreading out the welcome mat, dude.

>> No.34876766


>> No.34876769 [SPOILER] 


>> No.34876841


>> No.34876889


Damn, my Chissaboo ways... but we're /tg/, not /co/, we're better than this.

>> No.34876923

>being better than /co/ about exactly this sort of thing

to be fair, a proper /tg/ waifu should have more legs, chitin, and slime

>> No.34876934

They could actually make a show like this and I'd be completely happy

>> No.34876938

It's okay, I can't get it off to nameless filler character either.
You're right, we ARE better than this!

>> No.34876942 [SPOILER] 

surre we are. besides, /tg/ is significantly better at waifus than /co/, but we are not better THAN waifus. no man is too good for waifus. it's too bad /co/ has best taste in waifus, but worst threads

>> No.34877045

>fapping to slave leia and not infinitely superior mon mothma

>> No.34877105

I know, right? And you can never find the Mothma art you're looking for!
It's Slave Leia this and Action Padme that! It's getting old, man.

>> No.34877126

Re-wondering of folk's opinions on what named criminal scrum will be part of Scum & Villainy.

>> No.34877150

Fingers crossed for some Tyber zahn action

>> No.34877158

>Action Padme

>> No.34877198


Niles Ferrier and his DP20 as the S&V's answer to the CR90.

>> No.34877233

If anything it should be an Action VI or the hound's tooth

>> No.34877238

Action Padme. So much art, SO MUCH.

>> No.34877274

ah. I mean, I can see why, but still

>> No.34877300


True, but that was brought up last time the question was posited. Plus I could see the Action VI as a counterpoint to the GR75 more than the CR90.

>> No.34877448

Her clothes cannot resist snuggling of this magnitude

>> No.34877525

Yeah. So what happens is there's maybe two or three women that blue art is based around and it's potluck on anything else unless someone paid for it.
That's part of why I'm for diversity in Star Wars.

>> No.34877621

>unless someone paid for it
Horrible shameful confession time:

I have commissioned art that violates global rule 15

>> No.34877634

All of my yes.

>> No.34877704

>star wars poneography
I am gonna have to kill y'all for that one, but I'm sure you understand

>> No.34877711

I watched the subject of rule 15 during season 1 and that was it. Haven't touched it since.

>> No.34877712

It wasn't explicit if that is any compensation

>> No.34877783


>Valley of the Jedi

That's Legends, not canon.

Canon now consists only of the six movies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, and A New Dawn. Anything new will enter canon as it comes out, of course, but they pruned a LOT.

Also, your Force headcanon may actually not be far from the truth. Episode I is still canon, but let's review Qui-Gon's explanation of midi-chlorians and what they do.

1) "Midi-chlorians are a microscopic life-form that resides within all living cells." So everyone's got 'em. No exceptions. All life has midi-chlorians stuck in its cells.

2) "Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force." So we get the first few things they do: they make life possible (somehow) and they bring knowledge of the Force (somehow).

3) "They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force." So this is how they bring us knowledge of the Force: they're saying "HEY LISTEN!" Presumably, this means someone with a higher concentration has more midi-chlorians speaking at once, which makes it easier to pick up on the will of the Force, but they're speaking to everybody.

4) "When you learn to quiet your mind, you'll hear them speaking to you." This actually ties right back into Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back: "You will know, when you are calm. At peace. Passive." So getting in touch with the Force is a matter of quieting your mind so the midi-chlorians can tell you the will of the Force.

Now, the thing is that nothing in the new canon explicitly treats Force-sensitivity as a strict "yes or no" like the EU used to. There is nothing stopping the new canon from, say, allowing Han to learn the ways of the Force. He may not be particularly GIFTED with it, but he could probably learn it if he tried. Your headcanon COULD be actual canon.

My favorite canon detail is the fact that the Republic wasn't perfect. Even if Obi-Wan talked it up in ANH, it faced the same problems as real republics.

>> No.34877805


>> No.34877817

New material has been shown to be making quite a few references to the older stuff

Even that which must never be named

Also >>34877805

because grognards are we

>> No.34877818

well, I might not have to kill you. still. you have shamed yourself and all of us.
Yubitsume is the only option to restore the honour you have lost by commissioning such grievous offenses against god and man

>> No.34877928

Man, why is japan so hardcore?

>> No.34877972

My AoR group's soldier has a lesbian infatuation with Leia Organa

Wat do

>> No.34878013

Have her roll to not drop spaghetti when around her in mission briefings

>> No.34878039


Give her the opportunity to hit on Leia.

Leia rejects her because straight.

PC copes, recovers, finds new waifu.

>> No.34878105

I have no idea but I love it
what year is it? this is important. if it's pre-EP IV, then do this: tell them that it is possible for Lesbian Leia Action to happen,but that they have got to die before EP IV starts. otherwise? I dunno lol

>> No.34879332

Make sure to give her the opportunity to buy lots of holotapes of Leia, I mean, so long as they don't meet it's not a problem

>> No.34880093

Any X-Wing xxxpro_dialerz_xxx around this late?
I recently discovered the glory of Roark Garnet, and was curious what other players though of him after the Wave 4 push towards higher pilot skill.

For a tournament later this week, I'm strongly considering replacing my previous Whisper + cheapstuff list with HWK/X/B/B, or this "combo" jank:
On the other hand, I'm not sure I can handle the mess of combat after the initial clash without Whisper around to flank from the sides and mince key opponents.

Any suggestions for flying this sort of Rebel list in formation, or otherwise improving my layout against the inevitable Fat Han builds?

>> No.34881472

Played AoR beginner box this saturday, first time I got to play a tabletop in quite some time. It was alot of fun but basicly an extended dungeon crawl, the vehicle mechanic segment felt poorly integrated to the rest and I am always equally amazed at the amount of people who only care about looting beyond anything else, and that people continue to playing with these people. I never understood why you wouldn't want to play in a smaller group with no retards, rather than a huge group with lots of friction. What do I know right

>> No.34882930

My group is about to start a Saga campaign and both I and the GM feels the reflex save is a bit broken. I "come" from D&D and this seems to be a bit to simplistic to me. It replaces AC and there's not even a "touch reflex" - armor is always included.
This feels off for two reasons we have found so far. All armor:
- armor actually deflects light sabers (or the very least takes all the damage)
- I play a droid and have a mesh tape dispenser and I couldnt hit anything; my tape wouldnt not stick to their armor.
We tried a quick infiltration encounter against some stormtroopers and we could hardly do anything them because of their superior +6 armor. We had to roll at least 16 to do anything. My attempts to shoot was also met with disappointment.

I have since rebuild my droid to have armor and prioritized dex a bit more even though it kinda goes against my character (though not that much), because I fear for my life - it's a first time GM, this is his second RPG and this is a new system; so I expect a lot of unbalanced encounters.

But as said we both agree that reflex seems broken and he texted a few hours ago that he wanna house rule that armor provides DR instead of reflex bonus.

Do anything have experience with Saga and how to fix it? Im considering if we just have to reinstate Armor Class (by making reflex work more like that.) because I dont think that damage reduction seem like a good option.

>> No.34882956


Brilliant! I'll order 80,000 of the C-88's and 30,000 R-wings! I need them in six months or less, so I can use them to equip the Star Destroyers I'm using in my tra.... err my inspection of the construction site at Endor.

>TFW you get directly blamed for the death of the Emperor and the rout at Endor because your shitbox fighters were wiped out in the first hour of the battle by the Rebel fighters.

>> No.34882976


Flirt with her clearly.

>> No.34883343

>because grognards are we
Maybe you are... I'm quite flexible

>> No.34883360

>because of their superior +6 armor. We had to roll at least 16 to do anything.
Aren't all storm troopers like higher level or something? I dunno, it's a d20 game - it can fundamentally suck a dick.

Just lower that +6 to something more reasonable.

>> No.34883383

Think hard about what ships benefit the most from absolutely shooting first all the time

when it comes to fat han, I'm not sure there is much you can do

>> No.34883475

Very true. When I run d20 games I barely use stat blocks for my monsters, I just have some important number and then they can do what I want them to be able to do. I basically homebrew all monsters.

But in this campaign I am not the GM and I hoped someone had some beneficial experience.

>> No.34884641

That's forbidden love!

>> No.34884643


Unfortunately, not everyone lives in an area that can support an RPG community. FLGSes that run events like that at least allow some folks to get some playing done, even if it's not to the same quality as a home game.

>> No.34885731

That's fair enough, I guess you can just get quite comfy doing rp heavy solo games for half a decade.
In this case it was a normal group of friends, not a FLGSes.
On that note, anyone played rebellion day?

>> No.34886109

Does anyone have a good screenshot/picture for the Hotham hanger scene where Leia is briefing the pilots? The higher the resolution, the better

>> No.34886269

Legends is a canon seperate from the main canon.

>> No.34886555

What's the best era to run a Sith Academy game? I want to run a combined EotE/AoR/F&D game and wanted yoit opinion, /swg/.

Jedi Civil War? Galactic Cold War? New Sith Wars?

>> No.34886606

>Yeah, um, is there someone else in the military we can talk to? A man, perhaps?

>> No.34886633

So, could Anakin make a good father if shit wouldn't hit the jet engine?

>> No.34886678


No. Jedi code does not allow it. There are far more dangerouls Sith Lords roaming around either way. Palpatine was but one of the few, remaining.

>> No.34886727


Actually, I think a "Sith Empire under Marka Ragnos" game could be cool, though you'd have to stat up the Sith race.

>> No.34886738


>Jedi Code wouldn't allow it

I feel Anakin would have just quit the order if the Clone Wars weren't going on, and probably gotten a job as a racer or something else using his piloting or mechanical skills.

>There are far more dangerouls Sith Lords roaming around either way. Palpatine was but one of the few, remaining.

... The fuck are you on mate? Palpatine and Dooku were the only two Sith Lords at this point in time, unless you count that bullshit "Lost tribe of the Sith" crap as canon.

>> No.34886751

>Green Jedi laid pretty much whenever
>Ki-Adi-Mundi getting ass on the side
>Anakin not allowed to have a relationship

The Jedi Code is twelve kinds of fucked up, man

>> No.34886767


Yeah I can't help but feel Anakin's life would have gone a lot better if he'd just been all "Later guys, I'm off to go join one of the numerous Jedi subgroups that aren't busy sucking off the Jedi Code all the time."

>> No.34886772


There are no more sith lords. Palpatine was the last. But then again we have disney...

>> No.34886774

both of those things are purely wrong. there are jedi with kids. probably after the war anakin would have been like 'fuck this, I'm moving to corillia', and palpitine was the last of the real sith; after him there was nothing

>> No.34886775

He's a bit too neurotic and emotionally distant to a good father. Maybe if the Jedi provided actual therapy and not pic related.

>> No.34886790

apparently he was gonna, but decided not to, because if he did, he'd loose his generalship, and his clones would get reassigned. so basically, he was staying in the jedi order purely out of loyalty to his troops, not the order

>> No.34886805


I'd also put "Not assigning him to a Jedi Knight who literally achieved the rank five seconds beforehand and is grieving the tragic death of his master" high up on the list of things that the Jedi Council could have done better.

>> No.34886808


Jedi are totally allowed to get laid. That's not the problem.

Let's review WHY Anakin is not allowed to have a relationship, as explained in Attack of the Clones when he's looking for loopholes.

Attachment is forbidden.
Possession is forbidden.
Compassion is essential.

The problem isn't that you're having sex, or even that you love someone, the problem is the conflict of interests. A Jedi must be wholly devoted to doing his duty as a Jedi. Devotion to a specific person gets in the way of that.

It sucks, but a Jedi's life is sacrifice. You're perfectly allowed to leave the order if you can't deal.

>> No.34886820


The Council didn't want to, but Obi-Wan said "I'm going to train him with or without your approval because Qui-Gon would have wanted it that way", so the Council was like "GOD FINE WHATEVER".

>> No.34886825

Like the Jedi Order would let their Special Special leave. If he'd insisted, they'd probably have accommodated him.

>> No.34886829

You could do a sith academy game in almost any era except during After Bane thoughtnuking shit and untill Galactic empire.
Pre bane: Sith academies
Palpatine: Inquisitor schools
New Republic era: Inquisitor/shadow academy

>> No.34886860


Except IIRC, Neeja Halycon was a member of the Green Jedi and still commanded clones in the War, so clearly at least some members of the subgroups were still commanding troops.

>> No.34886897


The Council didn't trust him. They probably would have expelled him without a second thought.

>> No.34886911

>found a AU SW fanfic where Mara, Leia, and Winter are doing the "sneak around in the Death Star as Stormtroopers" thing.

>trash compactor scene

oh my my my! 3 girls in ST armor and a tentacle monster...

>using DA FORCE, Leia spots the dianoga, and shoots its brains out before it does anything


Stupid jedi

>> No.34886926


Is this the one where Anakin kills Palpatine on Mustafar after coming to a draw with Obi-wan?

>> No.34886945

as I understand it, he was commanding corillian militia, not GAR clone troops, so anakin might be able to lead another unit, but there's no way they'd let him command the 501 again

>> No.34887015

Yeah, the Jedi Council could have done a lot of things better. But that would require them to not attempt to emulate robots.

>> No.34887034

I'm not sure, I was just skimming various fics. The summary was that apparently "Leia was kidnapped and sold into slavery, she meets Luke Skywalker on Tatooine and they become friends. But three years after they meet, they're forced to become fugitives after Luke saves her and kills her master"

and then part 2 (where the DS shows up) "After running away from Tatooine and being chased by the empire for three and a half years, Luke and Leia never thought Darth Vader would be their father and secretly they would be the crown Prince and Princess of the empire"

Its called Light of Liberty

>> No.34887061

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.
There is no Self-righteous Assholes, there is the Jedi Order.

>> No.34887077

>Light of Liberty
>Not about a team of Space Americans led by Jedi Master Colbert

>> No.34887081

I did kind of like how in the CW series, it showed that a few jedi were utter dickbags

>hurr clones are disposable troops, I'll treat them as disposable troops!

>> No.34887093

You mean Luke is a Jedi Prince?
>Take a look at the author profile
JESUS H CHRIST, look at the SIZE of it!
Emotion, yet peace
Ignorance, yet knowledge
Passion, yet serenity
Death, yet the Force

>> No.34887104

>Light of Liberty
>Not the Sons of Liberty
>Not about a team of nanochlorians led by Master Solidus to free us from the cyclical rule of the Jedi/Sith conflict
Do you know what day it is, jack?

>> No.34887115

Yeah, Odan-Urr fucked up.

>> No.34887125

>#1 Ambition: To have my book published and well known. Don't too much care about money. I've always been taken care of, but it would be a nice bonus.
>#2 Ambition: To have children someday with or without a husband. I've always wanted to adopt.
>My Book:
>Confessions of a Teenage Rape Survivor

>> No.34887140


yea...you see I learned the best thing to do when clicking on peoples profile on FF is to IMMEDIATELY close their bio tab

makes everything much less cringe worthy!

>> No.34887147


Ok yeah, I was thinking of one where Anakin kills palpatine as mentioned, then goes on to go full Rule of One on the Sith, trying to rule the galaxy as well as he can while buddying up with Thrawn and preparing for the Yuuzhan Vong War. And then his kids basically cock everything up.

>> No.34887174

There's no such thing as miracles or the force; only cutting-edge technology.

>> No.34887190


>> No.34887199

Good lord, her writing even overflows the page boundaries and it doesn't wrap as closely as these things usually do!
Do you hide my profile that is just a Q&A?

>> No.34887210

that reminds me of the theory (or was it the truth?) that the DS was originally made to be a defense against the Yuuzhan Vong

>> No.34887230

It's a fan made theory. Obviously it wasn't made to defend against the Vong, but you do know that Palpatine -would- have used it against the Vong if he had not already consumed all living life with another uh, what is it, 20-40 years of research after endor.
Also anon, kindly expect a shitstorm for even mentioning that.

>> No.34887342

DAMNIT, I've been wanting a chance to post that image for a while.

I wake up to light shining across my wall like a stray flashlight. With hushed sounds of elevated voices outside my apartment. Been playing Baldur's gate and doing d20 and DnD theory craft so my very first thought was, 'do they get a coup de grace if I'm technically awake and know they're coming?"

But NOO, instinctively hopping out of bed about to yell HA at my screensaver of art flipping through and the old ladies getting home down the hall might suck, but it sucks WORSE THAT YOU STOLE PoSTING THAT IMAGE!

Image related in that Mara will come save me because...EVERYWHERE

>> No.34887375

Too slow.
Shouldn't you be sleeping?

>> No.34887385

Battle of Yavin or Battle of Endor?

>> No.34887403

Or what? You'll be careful?

>> No.34887421

They're both great bands, no need to choose.

>> No.34887430


>yfw they headed for the medical frigate

>> No.34887498


It's definitely a theory. It obviously wasn't built to defend against them, but rather to allow Palpatine to grip the galaxy slightly tighter by the throat.

Honestly I kinda hate all these "Palpatine knew about the Vong ahead of time and was planning against their invasion" shit that popped up after the NJO started coming out, as if its remotely possible to redeem or grey-wash a man whose character is based around being unabashedly, entirely evil, pure evil, with absolutely zero redeeming qualities.

>> No.34887529


>> No.34887630

My dick just exploded.

>> No.34887873

I was really loving it, until the scenes with the death of the SSD and the ewoks. Two of the worst things about the OT. Seriously, it would have been much cooler/believeable if we had a mon cal ship, or an escort frigate pull the stunt the A-wing did. And also fuck ewoks. We could have seen angry battle wookies, but all we got was teddybear native americans.

>> No.34887930

and then you read the comic where the ewoks are like Horror Movie monsters....

slowly picking off a squad of imperials one by one

>> No.34888016

>Ackbar's Mon Cal frigate takes a glancing shot from the death star
>"The ship is compromised, all hands evacuate! I shall avenge the loss of our ship."
>Ackbar guides the ship towards the SSD with a look of defiance on his face.
I could see it making RoTJ a lot more dramatic. also,
>angry battle wookies
We saw those in the prequels. Albeit CG battle wookies, but battle wookies all the same.

>> No.34888053

"Admiral! You have to evacute!"

>> No.34888055

I honestly believe the only way the imperials lot to the ewoks was surprise and their massive overwhelming numerical superiority.

>> No.34888205


>> No.34888333


This pleases me /tg/.

>> No.34888384

About to start a droid heavy in a new campaign I have never played any star wars rpgs any tips on weapons and such?

>> No.34888390


Awww shit, son. Half my party is buttered up to the Hutt Cartels, this book is going to be so damn useful.

>> No.34888405


>You’ll find rules for playing four new species native to the region: the rugged and adaptable Nikto, the cybernetic mercenaries known as Ganks, the adept and prideful Sakiyans, and the mighty Hutts themselves.

How would a Hutt even really work? I can't help but think they'd be better off as NPC only.

>> No.34888429


Depending on how much in the way of credits you start out with, you're going to want to get a blaster rifle as soon as possible, then build up to something like a light repeater or a missile launcher.

>> No.34888447


You see all those really big, really nice guns in the Core Book and Dangerous Covenants? Yeah, you won't have those for a while. But try to get one later. Stick with a Carbine or a Heavy Blaster Rifle to start out with. You're a droid, so you can dump all your starting XP into lotsa Agility and some Brawn, maybe some Cunning as well. Take on more Obligation to buy more armor and weapons.

If you like, I could mock up a character sheet for ya.

>> No.34888565

That would be really helpful

>> No.34888641

I love it how they all talk about this "sacrifice" when you are not given a choice whatsoever, some creepy dude just comes to your house, waves a hand in front of your parents and then and grabs you

and later on they force you to follow some retarded jedi code
and if you wont they will kill you

>Those deemed weak in character or psychic power, too dangerous or old are instead sacrificed to the Force, their souls leeched from their bodies to sustain its existence.

jedi order is basically the Scholastia Psykana, only they are neither so useful nor needed

>> No.34888664

I read this as Saiyans and giggled.

>> No.34888674


I am going to make the same mistake for a long time, I fear.

>> No.34888688

Does anyone have the data files for the great "Another Character Generator" app listed in the SWG header spam?

>> No.34888706


Um what. No seriously, what. I have NEVER EVER EVER read anything that remotely hints that the Jedi sacrifice anyone to the force until your post.

>> No.34888730


>Neither so useful nor needed

They were the successful keepers of galactic peace for the better part of 25,000 years, baring a few outbreaks of war from time to time. They're enormously useful to the Republic, which is why their quirky monastic order is directly funded by the Senate.

>> No.34888743

come on anon xD

original quote:
>Those deemed weak in character or psychic power, too dangerous or old are instead sacrificed to the Emperor, their souls leeched from their bodies to sustain the Father of Mankind.

>> No.34888774


Supposedly it's on the developer's forum. I haven't been able to get onto them, though, and have instead been compiling them by hand. Perhaps we should instigate a group to divide up tasks and get it all done at once.

>> No.34888820

I'll keep an open mind and leave it to FFG to prove me wrong but, until then, I agree with you, Anon.

Hutts aren't anything special except for their culture and the cultivating they receive. They're either in training to run an organization or running it. Without the org, there's not much to them.

It isn't like Jabba was going to slither his fat slug ass off his dais and banthaslap someone. Hell, left one on one, Leia killed him wearing nothing but a slave bikini and wielding a chain that was supposed to keep HER under control.

Seing as a GM is going to be hard pressed to ever hand over an org that powerful to a PC, a Hutt pc is going to be nothing like what we're used to seeing.

BTW, I'm not against giving pc's powerful orgs... but it looks like Hutts just want to sit around, eat, burp, and tell henchmen who to kill, swindle or both. That doesn't make for much excitement...

>> No.34888829

motherfuck, why am I laughing so hard

>> No.34888835

>You see, Palpatine, he's no ordinary Jedi. He is the legend. The very thing that you fear. He is a SUPER SAIY--er, THE CHOSEN ONE.

>> No.34888873

Hopefully someone has and will share before we go down that route. I'd be willing to contribute, though, should it come down to that.

>> No.34888902

>original quote:
>>Those deemed weak in character or psychic power, too dangerous or old are instead sacrificed to the Emperor, their souls leeched from their bodies to sustain the Father of Mankind.

Citation needed.

>> No.34888911

This looks promising

>> No.34888926

the sole fact that you are wearing a hood and know a couple of petty tricks won't stop the war if some confederation of planets decide that they are not cool with the status quo

you can replace jedi with other organizations, like some kind of galactic secret service or a branch of military composed of highly trained operatives
or even with an order of assassins if you feel like it
and they will do just fine


>> No.34888953


Here you are, anon. This droid isn't smart or talkative, but he is a murder-machine. He may look a little light in the talents department, but honestly, during chargen, the important thing is getting up characteristics. You do have 15 XP you could pull out of skills (currently in Rank 2 Ranged(Heavy) and Gunnery) that you could buy talents with if you chose. Also you'll have to re-do the purchases if you start out with a lower Obligation threshold - talk to your GM about it.

>> No.34888955


Many thanks!

>> No.34888974

>Thinks the Republic could do just fine without the Jedi

>> No.34888975


Oh, and of course you should pick your own Background, Motivations, and Obligations as you see fit for your character.

>> No.34889012


Eh, they're mentioned as actually being reasonably fit earlier in their life or if they don't spend a few centuries as crime bosses.


Except you know, that did work, for thousands of years. But because the setting is named STAR WARS, and not STAR GOLDEN AGE, every single period that's been covered has been one dominated by conflict

>> No.34889050

>and if you wont they will kill you
>Those deemed weak in character or psychic power, too dangerous or old are instead sacrificed to the Force, their souls leeched from their bodies to sustain its existence.
I'm sorry, what? Go away Emperor Defense League, we don't need your kind here. The Jedi are great people and when they came for my children they gave me these nice pebbles and said that I'd see son again in due time.
He's already blonde! He's got more power than you can comprehend!

>> No.34889113


Ohh I'm sorry, I only follow good fictional settings, not british plagiarism crap.

>> No.34889131

Shots fired

>> No.34889135


Considering /tg/'s origins, I don't feel we should be shitting on 40k. It is off-topic, though. And given the garbage printed under the EU label, we have no right to mock others for their choice in fictional settings.

>> No.34889146


True, but it's still fun.

>> No.34889174

>Master Yoda, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that every single Jedi in the galaxy has been murdered in cold blood by their clone troopers following the issuance of Order 66 by Chancellor Palpatine.

>All the Jedi. Dead, are they?

>But the good news is we're going to DAIRY QUEEN!

>A dark day this is for th--


>> No.34889184


I do want to make a sneaky Gank character that kills people from surprise then shouts "You just got GANKED, Motherkriffer!"

>> No.34889238

I'm sitting here trying to figure at the best way to present Sigismund vs Luke/Darth Vader/youfavoritejedi an a way that is most likely to cause extremely long and heated discussions on lightsaber technique and dueling stances.

>> No.34889239


>The Mandalorian Wars was the term given to the sixteen years of conflict [...] Occurring two decades after the end of the Great Sith War,
>The tide ultimately turned when a group of interventionist Jedi known as the Revanchists, led by the charismatic Revan and his friend Malak, joined the Republic Military in combatting the Mandalorians.
>A tactical genius, Revan won several victories against the Mandalorians and began to reclaim lost territory,

so mandalorians attacked the republic when it was weakened after the war and were poking around until some competent officer took controle over the republic defence
in other words: not very impressive

>Except you know, that did work, for thousands of years. But because the setting is named STAR WARS, and not STAR GOLDEN AGE, every single period that's been covered has been one dominated by conflict
>every single period that's been covered has been one dominated by conflict
>that did work
>dominated by conflict

jedi order - keeping the peace

>> No.34889292

>they gave me these nice pebbles and said that I'd see son again in due time.

I remember this comics where some parents hired an assassin to steal their child from the jedi
and it turned out that Windu have not seen his parents since joining the order, despite the fact that they were sending msgs begging for contact

>> No.34889324

"In due time" meaning, to the Jedi, 'Over all your dead bodies'. Or, more accurately, 'you'll see your son again when it's YOUR time'

>> No.34889328


>> No.34889396

Are you forgetting the centuries of peace that occur between most of the galaxy's biggest conflicts? The setting material always focuses on the Star WARS because watching a Jedi successfully mediate a peaceful resolution to a conflict would be boring as hell to most readers. More often than not, the Jedi manage to maintain the peace on a day-to-day basis. The times when that peace is shattered, however, are more interesting for the writers and readers.

>> No.34889484

Thanks for that but I think my gm is making things cost more to do with how rare it is so I don't know if I will be able to have the heavy blaster rifle. Can you recommend a good replacement until I start raking in the credits.

>> No.34889539

Try millenia on for size! Could have gone college CANON if I wanted1

>> No.34889541


The best Ranged (Heavy) weapon you can get your hands on. A Blaster Carbine's not a bad option, and for starting characters on a budget, look at slugthrowers. They may not have the punch of a blaster, but they're certainly economical.

>> No.34889577

>Hutts aren't anything special
EU says they're tough as shit and naturally resistant to the Force. If Leia'd tried to put a blaster bolt in him it wouldn't have worked half as well as choking him out.

>> No.34889582


>mfw all this 40k

But seriously, the Jedi do give the parents a choice (though the kid's usually too young to make their own, which is a bit ethically questionable), and the worst punishment they'll give anyone is expulsion, not death or anything like that.

>> No.34889639


That's largely true by the time of the movies (though there are exceptions), but there WAS an ancient Hutt Empire once.

>> No.34889817

>Albeit CG battle wookies
Actually, those were real costumes, just cloned and duplicated a bunch by swapping around bits and pieces

>> No.34889900

>But seriously, the Jedi do give the parents a choice (though the kid's usually too young to make their own, which is a bit ethically questionable), and the worst punishment they'll give anyone is expulsion, not death or anything like that.

atm I can recall two cases, one of which had its own comics, of jedi killing younglings or padawans in training [in not sure how this rank system works], because they didn't meet the expectations

young girl who was mentally broken after witnessing clones turning on jedi
and some dude who turned out to be a coward

btw in the comics I've mentioned here >>34889292 you can see jedi brainwashing newborn children

my original point was that jedi, could have been replaced by any other well funded organization dedicated to keeping the peace
and it would have worked out just as fine or even better

>> No.34890035

>my original point was that jedi, could have been replaced by any other well funded organization dedicated to keeping the peace
>and it would have worked out just as fine or even better
True, but IIRC the jedi never asked to be paid.

>> No.34890094


Let me guess? This is in the republic comics? Aka "All the jedi masters are getting laid" and Obi Wan telling Anakin straight out "Everyone in the Jedi order knows that if you can't find the chosen one he's probably balls deep in the Senator from Naboo."

>> No.34890148

Probably Bossk, IG-88, maybe Dengar, possibly Jodo Kast if they are lazy and don't want to do much more than modify the Lambda mold.

Definitely Xizor in the Virago and most likely Guri in the Stinger.

It'll either be Ferrier's gunship, one of Zahn's Crusader Corvettes OR a Marauder.

>> No.34890159

>All the jedi masters are getting laid
wait what?
damn, it looks like I've managed to skip the good parts?

>> No.34890164


>atm I can recall two cases, one of which had its own comics

More specific citations would be nice.

The comic mentioned in >>34889292
with Mace Windu's parents? That was in Star Wars: Tales. Star Wars: Tales is a creator showcase anthology consisting of stories which, unlike most works, were actually NOT canon until declared otherwise.

In this case, this story is firmly NOT canon; the novel Shatterpoint established that Mace Windu's parents died in the jungles of Haruun Kal by the time he was six months old.

Also, the Jedi Order is actually not Senate-funded. It's not too clear where the money does come from, but they're a monastic religious order, so I would guess probably donations. Jedi aren't paid, though they are given room and board.

>> No.34890174

I don't want to alarm you, but I have an erection.

>> No.34890215

Yeah though I had thought that the Republic got desperate enough to say "A Jedi's a Jedi"

But he was a wannabe Sith in the end.

>> No.34890245

The one sounds like Knights of the Old Republic, but the actual reasoning is completely different and has nothing to do with failure to meet expectations. The lead Master onvolved had a vision of the padawans involved in some dark side dealings (been a while since I read the series, but IIRC it was an extremely vague vision of just like one of the padawans in a red space suit), with the "coward" only surviving because he was running late to the meeting.

The other doesn't bring a comic to mind, but Karen Traviss' abominable work - a Jedi died saving a clone she fell in love with from being killed by another Jedi, during the execution of Order 66.

>> No.34890283

>with Mace Windu's parents? That was in Star Wars: Tales. Star Wars: Tales is a creator showcase anthology consisting of stories which, unlike most works, were actually NOT canon until declared otherwise.
>In this case, this story is firmly NOT canon; the novel Shatterpoint established that Mace Windu's parents died in the jungles of Haruun Kal by the time he was six months old.

hmm, I don't know that

>More specific citations would be nice.

I had those comics briefly
once was about a jedi and his student walking around some desert planet with some creepy natives, who were looking like pale gollums if I recall correctly

the other one was in one of the comics about group of jedi younglings that have escaped the cull

>> No.34890304

I hope the Nikto stats are good (And they have all five flavors), I was going to use the Klatooninian stats for a Nikto or something till now.

>> No.34890344

Hutt PC COULD even coast on the ASSUMPTION they are a crime boss.

>> No.34890364


They do mention the 5 subraces of the Nikto, probably with minor variations a la the Aqualish.

>> No.34890425

>Playable Hutts


>> No.34890492


Ohh no, Etain diving in front of Darman would have made SENSE, and actually been a somewhat sastifactory death for her. She dived in front of a lightsaber for random 501st Trooper #2351. The guy didn't even have a damn name.

>> No.34890583


Look, the comic that has Mace Windu and the messages from his parents? That was in Star Wars: Tales 13. The specific story was called Children of the Force. However, if you go check on Wookieepedia, on the article for Star Wars Tales, you'll notice that Tales was considered Infinities, i.e. non-canon "what-if" stories.

SOME Tales stories were later ushered into canon when they were referenced by canon works. This was not one of them.

The novel Shatterpoint, which dealt primarily with Mace Windu and his homeworld of Haruun Kal, established his actual Legends canon backstory. He was an orphan of the Windu clan by the time he was six months old, and was taken in by the Jedi with the clan's blessing.

As for the other comics you are mentioning, I don't know the one with the desert planet, but the comics about a group of Jedi younglings? That would probably be Dark Times. I still have to read through Dark Times.

>> No.34890621

I love how her kneejerk reaction to having Etain called a self-insert was to kill her off and make that space trucker the real self insert.

And by "Love" I mean "Hate"

Also her not realizing that the logic she had Etain use to stay in the Order is pretty much exactly the same as the logic that kept the Order as a whole leading the clones because having a Jedi there helped the clones survive and the Jedi leaving would get more killed.

It's fine for the CHARACTERS to believe that the Jedi were assholes leading a slave army but the admission that she thought that was really fuckin dumb.

It sounds like Dark Times: Fire Carrier and I do NOT remember them killing the shellshocked darkside girl ever getting killed. She ran away and one of the two masters went out to find her.

>> No.34891039

Ia it just me, or would a healthy supply of grenadea with basic telekinesis be the best way to kill in a manner unlikely to be traced to you?

hide a few in the cantina the day before, hack the feeds for the planting, then pop them when your target walks in.

>> No.34891105

>She ran away and one of the two masters went out to find her

if you can please post the related pages anon :)

but from what I remember, after witnessing much violence directed towards her she become aggressive, jedi masters become concerned, they were talking about stuff they will have to do if she wont change and the guy said that it is a great burden and he is afraid of it
then some time later her friend, another twelve year old asked about her
and remaining jedi master told him that she just run away and the other guy went looking for her

>I don't know the one with the desert planet

at the end jedi council appears with their swords blazing, their encircle the padawan and tell him that he failed [ im not sure, but I think that they also give him this crap about fear leading to the dark side ], he starts ensuring them, that he will change, but they don't listen and come closer
then the comics ends

maybe association with the grimderp clouds my judgement, but I don't think, that he gets a candy

>> No.34891173

that last bit sounds a lot like you are describing a nightmare sequence, not an actual even

>> No.34891201


Why do you need the Force for that? You can just slave the grenade's timers to your commlink, like phone-enabled explosives today.

>> No.34891209


Oh THAT desert planet one.

Yeah, that's "The Sith in the Shadow", which is in Star Wars Tales 13 as well, literally the story right before Children of the Force in that issue. It also features Mace Windu, and the kid is his Padawan.

They didn't kill him. They lit up because otherwise the room was way too fucking dark to see, and also to let him know they were there. It ends with Mace Windu saying "all right, come along, we're leaving, you failed your Jedi training" implying he's going to be expelled or shunted off to the Agri-Corps or something.

Of course, since it's also Tales, it's also ambiguously canon.

>> No.34891239

Right, I can't believe we wasted like 50 posts establishing the Jedi don't casually murder kids.

>> No.34891281

you are not inquisitive enough
we now know that "The Sith in the Shadow" is not canon so it didn't happen

but what about the other story?

>> No.34891297

were you here yesterday for edgemaster 'jedi r ebil' guy? it's gotten a lot more common since school started up again

>> No.34891302


If it's any consolation, they have been known to VERY DRAMATICALLY murder kids from time to time.

>> No.34891318

Shouldn't that be the other way around? Less posts of 'jedi r ebil' because school is in?

>> No.34891340

>If it's any consolation, they have been known to VERY DRAMATICALLY murder kids from time to time.


>> No.34891347


Didn't we establish a likely case for that with >>34890621

Dark Times: Fire Carrier? I mean, I'm currently working on checking it out to see, but...

>> No.34891367


Well thats a whole different matter and totally acceptable in civilized society.

>> No.34891371

wrong one

>> No.34891383


Also that they didn't even kill the kid in "The Sith in the Shadow". That's kind of important.

>> No.34891455


Yeah I was there, and "Palpatine was really just a misunderstood guy! He would totally have been better for the galaxy when the Vong attacked then the New Republic!" the day before.

>> No.34891466

What 13 years of DMing and playing Star Wars pnp rpgs taught me:

Anything but playing between 4 and 5 always end up confusing and boring as fuck.

>> No.34891505


Really? I'm running one right before 4 right now. It's actually a lot of fun and the players love it.

>Inb4 you tell me that I'm having Badwrongfun.

>> No.34891515

..Zahn plays SS13.

In Scoundrels he mentions the guards of an estate having to "Robust a few pickpockets"

>> No.34891526


I don't think 3-4 ABY or 15-0 BBY would be too difficult to play around in - the main thing is navigating around all the EU stuff like the new Rebels series, Rogue Squadron games, Shadows of the Empire, and others. Anything past Endor is usually a crapshoot, though.

>> No.34891533

>Between 4 and 5
But the 6.5 ABY period has the best AoR campaign idea.

>> No.34891549

That's exactly what happened and there was no indication they killed her and covered it up at all.

>> No.34891550


Was SS13 even around back then?

>> No.34891578

Scoundrels was published in 2013, so probably.

>> No.34891581


KOTOR era and Clone Wars era have worked fairly well for me with Star Wars Saga Edition. Maybe it's just your group(s)?

>> No.34891684

wow, could you pls post the pic?

>> No.34891691


Well shit the bed, I thought it was older than that. I might have been confusing the date with Outbound Flight.

>> No.34891695

>FFG Dice and You
>So say you wanted to hack a computer. That requires the Computers Skill and the Intellect Statistic. You have a Computers of 1 and an Intellect of 3. So you start with 3 Ability dice (equal to your Intellect), then upgrade 1 of them to a Proficiency die (equal to your Computers skill).
Wait...you don't roll 3 ability dice and 1 prof die? .....my whole world makes no sense anymore.....

>> No.34891754


I hate to shatter your perceptions, but no. When upgrading, you start with the big number in Ability / Difficulty dice and then swap out the little number's worth for Proficiency / Challenge. 3/1 turns into GGY, 5/2 turns into GGGYY, 4/3 turns into GYYY.

>> No.34891775


Nope, you swap dice. You start with a number of Ability Dice equal to the larger number, then upgrade a number of them into Proficiency dice equal to the smaller number. So Agility 3 Ranged (Light) 2 would result in a ranged light check of one ability die and two proficiency dice.

If you haven't been swapping, you're probably bored by how much you've been succeeding on tasks, and annoyed by how many dice you have to roll all at once.

>> No.34891886


>If you haven't been swapping, you're probably bored by how much you've been succeeding on tasks

>and annoyed by how many dice you have to roll all at once.

>> No.34891924

Thank you, anonymous copypasta man who forced us to add this to the OP.
You've brightened someone's life, well done.

>> No.34891988

I don;t fucking have the page.

>> No.34892061

In 13 years (I had the D6 rulebook for my 15 years old birthday) I had a fuck ton of books.
I think it's just me in fact. I had decent clone wars campaigns, but nothing great, as a player. Also as a player, I played maybe my best campaign ever, was set during that 4-5 era.

All the EU just bores me to tears.

>> No.34892108

Would you a bothan, /tg/?

>> No.34892147


No, because I don't fuck things that come from licensed universes. If it weren't though, then yes.

>> No.34892151

I'm with you for the most part. Anything outside of a range just before 4 or just after 6 just doesn't work for me.

>> No.34892183

Guns that would make good star wars blasters, go!

I'll start: http://world.guns.ru/machine/dk/madsen-e.html

>> No.34892185

So you wouldn't a Cylon?

>> No.34892222


I would not, even if it was one of the skinjobs. Because it feels wrong to have boners over professional work that wasn't intended to be pornographic.

>> No.34892245

What about porn parodies?

>> No.34892261

right, you'd think as much, but I have an explination
kids go back to school --> summerfag tells some of his faggot buddies about 4chan-->some faggot buddies visit 4chan--> some of them escape /b/ or /v/--> many kids are edgy---> a few edgy kids make it to /tg/--> a couple decide to stick around and troll--> one or two picks /swg/; spews edgy arguments, shits it up for everyone

>> No.34892277

You'll break sooner or later, chummer. They all do. They always do.

>> No.34892294


Still feels wrong, since it's intentionally harkening to an established universe/story. That, and I'm usually not one for watching video porn in the first place. I usually go for stills and / or art pieces.

>> No.34892337


I will say that I'm glad to see that /swg/ doesn't garner a lot of assholes or trolls - the only ones I can think of are the copypasta-doesn't-understand-dice guy and the occasional edgy Kriea-fan.

>> No.34892346

Browning Automatic Rifle; hell, it's already been used in star wars art. as for other guns, I'm bloody well staggered that the Luger and MP 40 didn't make modified appearances in star wars thus far; I've used them for homebrew weapons in my campaigns, but I'm surprised at the lack of official

>> No.34892351

Yeah, video pornography just doesn't do it for me anymore. Not since I learned about how it's the sex version of Kabuki theater and all the behind-the-scenes details.
It's like learning how hot dogs are made.

Luckily, the pull of Star Wars is stronger than the troll side. Though easier and more seductive, it cannot compare to the power of nostalgia.

>> No.34892363

agreed. this is the most troll-free piece of 4chan i've ever visited aside from a handful of deep,deep night /k/ theads

>> No.34892385

College has the effect of freeing up time that is meant to be spent studying, while also providing an excuse not to be working a regular job.
Hell, it's the only reason I'm posting right now.

>> No.34892387

Jedi 007 when?

>> No.34892400


Amen to that. There's textbooks I should be reading and labs I should be doing, but fuck it; I'll get to it later.

>> No.34892496

Hey, I have a job AND I go to college. I just happen to leave studying to the birds...

>> No.34892655

I get it. AckBAR. Ohoho, Star Wars artist, never stop.

>> No.34893400

Would you?

>> No.34893645


finally we have a release date

>> No.34893772

At last.
Now I just have to get to my LGS next week before the local scalper buys the entire shipment to post on eBay. Should be easy, right

>> No.34893805

You'll never make it, he already knows when they get their shipments and the inventory manager will hide the things he asks for behind the counter until he comes to buy them.

>> No.34893811


Call them first and pre-order a box?

>> No.34893875

Your mission, should you choose to accept it; make gaming safe and affordable for players everywhere.
Good luck and Godspeed.

>> No.34894036

Essentially, some fucker came in out of the blue a couple weeks back and bought every Rebel ship from Waves 1, 2, and 3, all the dice packs, and every core set, leaving Wave 4 and the various TIEs and Lambdas untouched. Since it looks like FFG's having supply issues with older stuff, it wouldn't surprise me if that $600 pile of 10% off MSRP models went straight back onto the market.
Who knows if they'd do the same to Aces, and I think the store may have caught onto it afterwards anyway.

Is this a notable problem elsewhere, or is this one of the many costs of living in the heart of the middle of nowhere?

>> No.34894049

There are two certainties in the galaxy; the Force, and firepower.

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