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Rate my autism.

Also, alignment thread.

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Neutral evil is Israel
Chaotic evil is the Islamic State

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>Lawful Neutral
Germany is relevant ... ?

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>Good in any way

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US should be LE, Poland CG, Germany NG, Britain LN, Sweden LG

in other news alignments are crapshot

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>Chaotic Evil
>Israel's attack dog
>Chaotic Good

Explain this bullshit.


>not Lawful Evil
>not just... Oppressed Poor or something

The rest is ok, I guess.

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Well, The U.K, USA, and nearly none of them abide by the law, so I'm going to call bullshit

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>the law is what I say it is!

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America is more Lawful Neutral than Chaotic Good.
I mean all things considered America is neither good or evil, they tend to help a lot but they also tend to act like they control everything.

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>Tends to help

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International law is a thing anon.

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Americans love thinking of themselves as chaotic good.

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Are they technically violating any law?

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Maybe I should've rephrased that.
Thinks they're helping* most of the time.

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The general population? Maybe.
The government? HAHAHAHAHAHA

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Wouldn't america be lawful good then? or lawful/stupid or paladin stupid.

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Trying to call a nation chaotic or lawful will always ultimately come down to chaotic. Alignment is not only how you react to outside institution, but your own internal code. And no country since feudal Japan has been so suicidally dedicated to principle on the principle of principle that they're unwilling to bend the laws as needed.

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>Not Lawful Evil
Come on Anon, fucking countries over because of rules we wrote is our thing! Just as Israels' is ignoring the UN, Americas' is accidentally killing people they're friendly to and Germanys' is losing world wars!

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That's Belgium, dude.

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Technically and every other way, US wars in Iraq, Serbia, that's just the ones I'm sure of, countless other fucking shit that went against international law probably, no expert on the subject.

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No, we like thinking of ourselves as lawful good.

In reality our government and politicians are bought by corporations, and they just sing pretty songs to the ignorant masses of being righteous and "doing the right thing" to appease them.

We should fall around lawful evil, but frankly China owns the shit out of that.

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Hero manipulated by villains. I mean if you're still confused >>>pol>>>

Good thing the US is Chaotic Good and not Lawful anything

No. That's some awful stupid logic, though.

Belgium is Chaotic Neutral. That's Germany and Lawful Neutral is a reasonable fit.

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>no Mexico
You know we own that Chaotic Neutral.

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Uh. Not to beat on the MURRIKA drum or anything, but we've gotten fuck all out of these prior wars, and just signed up for another one on the basis of humanitarian travesties going on, with absolutely nothing to gain from it. In fact, the most we've been given from the ongoing conflicts is a whole lotta thank-yous from rural villagers who constantly and personally express appreciation to Army and Marines for driving terrorists away so they can live their lives in peace. Like, that's the most common war story. Foreign civvies that aren't sucking the West-hate cock love the fuck out of our troops.

And before you start the MUH OIL bullshit, we didn't get any. And we sure as fuck didn't install a government friendly to us to try and streamline our pipeline. If anything, they're less outwardly hostile, but we aren't exactly buddied up. The real oil is in Saudi Arabia, which openly hates us.

Trying to paint America as a ne'er do well who exploits the world for its own gain is a lousy attempt at detracting from something you have a personal beef with. We go to wars to protect other countries' civilians, and donate billions to the development of third-world countries while still having our own problems to deal with.

No country is perfect, and America definitely has its own issues with corruption and manipulative lawmaking, but trying to say we're plain "Evil" is bullshit and smacks of teenager or 1st year philosophy/sociology majors.

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I'm saying chaotic, not evil. And hell, if the Governent over there COULD get away with being openly evil they certainly would.
That's not the point though, I'm saying they're chaotic because they break international laws, that's all.

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I'll agree with chaotic, but I'm also the anon that's of the opinion that all governments, while being literally composed of law, are inherently chaotic. Alignment as a concept was intended for individuals, and a government cycles out its individuals. It has no choice but to disagree with itself, because it undergoes planned, systematic personality shifts over time. And the larger the government, the more pronounced the chaos, as there are more people in charge shuffling in and out at any given time.

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>Saudi Arabia, which openly hates us.
Buddy, you know the Saudi's suck America's cock on a regular basis right?

Also most people see us as the second coming of the British Imperialism, it doesn't help we constantly side with their sworn enemy Israel and actively protect them from any international attempt to force them out.

The whole situation with Syria is laughable. We are constantly trying to get involved in wars with them, doesn't matter which side.

I'm going to assume you are an American like me, so you'll know how much fucking saber rattling there was about Ukraine before we learned a hundred Americans had joined ISIL. When that happened I saw every last politician and news source switch gears to having military action in Iraq and Syria. Before I saw people actively saying that the 'belligerent Russian state must be stopped' and 'should we send troops to assist Ukraine?' And the real kicker with our Russian diplomat saying straight up, 'Russian aggression will not be tolerated by the United States, it will be responded to with full military action'.

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Breaking international law isn't chaotic, or lawful, or evil, or good, or neutral.

International law is an extra way to say "you suck" when you don't like a country, or an extra way to say "yeah we're right because lol, we're right" when you feel like it.

It's a purely rhetorical device, for slapfights. There's no sort of legitimacy, common sense, unifying principles or historical arete involved.

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You nignogs do realize there's a reason why we keep going to war, right? In before bullshit "durr hurr conspiracy" counter arguments. There is a legit reason and though I don't care enough to seek out the truth, I'm not stupid enough to pretend I don't see something isn't fucking right.

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I think that there should be a separate chart based on domestic policy and foreign policy. A country may be good to its people and bad to foreigners and vice versa.
Also this should be on /int/ but /int/ a shit.

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I'm saying lawful neutral, not evil: When I said "thinks they're helping" I was talking about in general: Yeah they help a lot people but they also tend to involve themselves in matters they shouldn't involve themselves in.

America isn't evil but they're sure as hell not angels either.

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>breaking laws doesn't make you that one alignment across the chart from lawful

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I disagree. International law is used as another lever for the major powers to police their spheres of interest.

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Because we buy shitloads of their oil. Our relationship is stable on the basis of us each having something the other needs. Their entire economy is oil, and our entire everything is based on oil We're one of the few countries with the money to afford all they can offer, and then some, and they're one of the few that can feel a thirst for oil the size of a continent.

Isreal's sketchy as fuck at times, but their right to exist isn't annulled because their neighbors have a hateboner for them. Of course, people will post all kinds of horseshit about how Israel's land is stolen, etc etc etc /pol/. They're a country like any other, one we're allied with at that, and they're under constant attack. We are doing the only responsible thing we can by keeping them from getting bombed off the map by people who want to literally mass-murder their entire population because MUH HARAM.

Syria situation is a mite muddier, but Russia pretty clearly fucked the dog on it. Launching a not-war, arming rebels (GG shooting down a civilian airliner), annexing hundreds of square miles, and all over a sovereign nation wanting to sign a trade agreement with a country Russia isn't over fond with?

It'd be like if The States invaded and annexed Mexico because they wanted to open up trade lines to Venezuela. Utterly inexcusable.

Would you care to even postulate? Because last time I checked, our prior war started because people killed around 3000 American civilians on American soil for no other reason than MUH ALLAH. And, hey, lookit. That's kinda what ISIS is doing right now, again.

It's almost like Islam is a recurring problem.

The Ukraine/Russia is a different issue altogether; one I suspect being rooted in Putin forgetting that the Cold War is over and the USSR was dissolved.

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*Ukraine situation

I should stop making geopolitical commentary while trying to split my attention between counseling a manic depressant friend through relationship troubles on Facebook and watching a John Wayne movie.

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Russia should be neutral evil, some african country with a recognizable flag should be chaotic evil. Jews should be lawful evil.

How the fuck are jews chaotic evil? Makes no sense. If anything they are the puppet master evil guys promoting the actions of chaotic evil henchmen.

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To be completely fair, any successful country has periods of extreme lawful evil.

the only countries with completely good backgrounds are distasteful and pathetic as a result of their weakness in the face of aggression, irrelevance, or crippling social problems.

You can't be good and rule a country for the benefit of every country, or else you will fall apart like sweden is doing right now. You need to be selfish for the benefit of your own people and allies. Hence why america is considered evil by a good chunk of weak countries, but good to themselves and a bunch of select strong countries that US has allied with.

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>Isreal's sketchy as fuck at times, but their right to exist isn't annulled because their neighbors have a hateboner for them.

Most people would say it's their out and out abuse of the Palestineans that annul it.

Yeah, Hamas is crazy and needs to be put down. Not the half a dozen unnarmed kids that always get filled with lead and shrapnel every time I see Israel on the news.

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>A country has done something bad
>Their right to exist is annulled

What in the fuck are you smoking?

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Every country ever is somewhere between Lawful Neutral and True Neutral, witch occasional Evil deeds and even rarer Good actions.

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I understand what you're saying, and in anything other than alignment chart thread, I would agree.
However, in the world of Gygax, I cannot support good and evil being subjective. I'd put the USA in TN not because they're the IM NOT GETTING INVOLVED AND YOU CANT MAKE ME that Switzerland is, but rather because they make L, C, G, and E actions pretty regularly.
I could even make a case that Switzerland should be rotated to LN because they really don't give a rat's ass what you do so long as you don't come to their country and build spiral minarets or anything.

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Forgot my image

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USA always evil, always...

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Aren't you late for 6th period?

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>Trying to paint America as a ne'er do well who exploits the world for its own gain is a lousy attempt at detracting from something you have a personal beef with.
What do they teach you guys in school? Yeah Iran destroyed your embassy that one time. But it's not like you kicked out their democratically elected leader in a CIA organized coup and replaced him because he nationalized the countries oil resources and blocked access to said oil by foreign companies and... OH WAIT that actually happened.

And it's not just the US who is guilty of this. Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt once, bet you didn't know that. Take any foreign conflict the US is or was involved in and you can usually trace it's roots back to some kind of "foreign intervention" by a western country. Even Afganistan, those stinger missiles didn't import themselves you know.

Just sayin, maybe you should pick up a history book sometime, ignorance is nothing to be proud of.

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>acting like any of this is privileged information
>talking down to people because they disagree and thus therefore be willfully ignorant
>not only ignorant, but foolishly proud of being so

What can one expect from somebody who unironically goes by Starshadow, though?

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I will freely admit that the USA is shortsighted and selfish, but does that qualify them as EVIL? Even with all of the humanitarian efforts they fund?

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did you guys know you're the most awesome board on 4chan?
regards, /int/ :-DDD

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>Israel evil when they hold the middle east together and slaughter mudslime scum every day with their superior tech and faith

>britbongland good when they are one of the most despicable countries in the world, with shit aloof people, history of bloodshed and disgusting treason

Did a /pol/ britbong do this? I'm pretty sure.

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you're saying you kind hide evil by tossing money around?

>> No.34841990

I'm saying committing evil actions and good actions doesn't make you exclusively evil.

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Britbong here, yes, we did do it, and there's nothing you can do to stop us.

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>having Israel as CE but having the only reason its allowed to get away with all the evil shit it does, its constant apologist, funder, and supplier for all the evil shit it does be CG

Wow OP.

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Power house economy, stands out in the EU.
Also distinct.

>> No.34842101

Which is the same thing. You wipe your evil off by doing some charitable actions

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>I could even make a case that Switzerland should be rotated to LN because they really don't give a rat's ass what you do so long as you don't come to their country and build spiral minarets or anything.
I also see Switzerland as LN.
There's more consistency to their neutrality.

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I'm just gonna...

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>Implying the US is the one holding the leash and not the other way around

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...put these right here...

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Stopped reading there.

Worst post of the month.

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In a DnD style alignment chart, yes, that's exactly how it works.

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autism memes

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> UK
> LG

I'm English and I can confirm this is bullshit.

>> No.34842283

>US or UK good
Dat anglosphere perception

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I thought that was the point of this thread?

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>Anglocentrism bullshit

Should I check my privilege, too?

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Not at all, it was to pretend we're on on /pol/ without having to deal with stormfag shitposters.

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>From my point of view the Jedi are evil.
Nice reasoning there

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>implying they haven't infected every board

comrades to arms!

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Killing is evil maaaaan

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Well, we've gotten this far and nobody's tried putting Ebola-chan in CG, so I think we're doing alright.

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Yeah the country that has invaded nearly every other nation on the planet is lawful good and the country that has started no wars since it's conception is chaotic evil, nice going

>> No.34842426

>and the country that has started no wars since it's conception is chaotic evil, nice going
>the country that has started no wars

>> No.34842458

>a country's alignment lies solely in it's foreign actions

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>started no wars

>> No.34842475

>Jewish Colony dropped on top of Palestinian natives
>Push natives out of homes
>Bomb them
>Demolish or annex their houses
>Deny them citizenshit


>> No.34842516

the fuck is netlog?
>anything but Google
you had one job

>> No.34842517

Do you get all your news information from political cartoons? Your views on everything seem to be based totally off of propaganda.

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what the fuck is a "palestinian"?

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That country brought the light of civilization and industrialism to nearly every country.
Consider the world you live in today. Less disease, war, or poverty than there ever was.
More wealth, and in many places the social narrative is changing to be a good one. Global trade has made the world infinitely more wealthy, and it does trickle down.
God save the Queen. I'm glad we had the Empire.

>> No.34842538

The fact that google isn't blackmailing you right now is testament to their goodness.

But let me guess, you're upset over them making you use google+ for youtube or something?

>> No.34842546

Actually, Facebook is more fitting for LE.

>> No.34842549

Leave the alignment slots as they are but turn the images' layout upside down and you're mostly correct

>> No.34842573

>Less war
I need a source on this posthaste. Now they're just fighting with guns and IEDs instead of sticks and rocks.

>> No.34842575

You haven't genocided them all yet.

>> No.34842578

>you had one job
Reposting 4+ year old alignment charts?

>> No.34842583

>Syria situation is a mite muddier, but Russia pretty clearly fucked the dog on it. Launching a not-war, arming rebels (GG shooting down a civilian airliner), annexing hundreds of square miles, and all over a sovereign nation wanting to sign a trade agreement with a country Russia isn't over fond with?

Don't forget the Russian perspective: the democratically elected, pro-russian leader was kicked out of office while all the western powers watched and clapped. If political power is changing hands at the behest of armed mobs, you're not a democracy.

I don't want to excuse Russia's later actions, but it is worth considering the other side's perspective.

>> No.34842591

I think chaotic good might actually fit alright for America seeing as they've been able to pass off monetary motives as being for the greater good albeit pretty piss poorly

>> No.34842603


The region has been called Palestine for fucking CENTURIES, mate.

We're not talking about the state of Palestine. We're talking about the nation of Palestinian people. Much like how there is no state of Kurdistan, but there is a Kurd Nation.

Learn to geopolitics.

>> No.34842610

Not evil no. True evil would be to do evil things for shits and giggles, not for any specific reason (however evil that reason might be). I forget who said this but there is quote that goes something like "As soon as you add black to white, no matter how much white you put in you will never get anything but shades of grey".

Killing civilians is an evil ACT yeah, but to give an example what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended a war. Could the allies have ended the war without doing so? Almost certainly, but something people don't usually talk about is the sheer depths of fanaticism in Imperial Japan. Fighter pilots would refuse to wear parachutes because their culture glorified death in battle, downed pilots would kill themselves with grenades rather than allow the US navy to fish them out. Kamikazi pilots, nuff said. When the US marines were fighting their way up the pacific island towards japan, japanese civilians on those islands would sometimes throw themselves off cliffs because of what their government told them allied troops would do.

If the allies had invaded japan it would have been a horrible meatgrinder. But would that have been better or worse? And Japan is FAR from the innocent itself. They surrendered in WWII because I quote "the enemy used cruel bombs", which is a little rich considering things like Nanking (which modern japan is whitewashing out of their own history books it should be noted) and the Bataan death march, both black marks on history.

It's ALL shades of grey.

>> No.34842614

Not that anon, but I think you missed>>34840953

>> No.34842622

I am glad that many of you post who here and have time to argue about this kind of thing. Otherwise you would be out there doing amazing decisions.

>> No.34842638


>> No.34842644

While you're not wrong that that happened, it's completely misleading to say so without the context of why. The Ukrainian government proved how absolutely corrupt and in bed with Russia it was, and then passed draconian anti-protesting laws that made 1984 look conservative in its approach. I'm always wary of the down-with-the-government sorts, but Ukrain's leadership was ousted for perfectly legitimate reasons, turning a democracy into a North Korea-tier dictatorship literally overnight.

>> No.34842678

>no labels on the colored scale

>> No.34842707 [DELETED] 

>I don't want to excuse Russia's later actions, but it is worth considering the other side's perspective.
That's the fucking biggest curmudgeon in the whole situation. Doesn't matter that Ukraine's politics and complete lack of economic growth for a country the size of California are sleezy as shit.

>> No.34842710

i am not that anon, but what is the problem with propaganda? Its good enough and as of recently legal for the chaotic good country to use on its own population. Wilfully distortion of the truth to achieve personal agenda is a bad thing?

>> No.34842724

Left Authoritarian, Right Libertarian
Upper "Left, aka socialism", Lower "Right, aka Captialism"

>> No.34842734

Mind if you give me a source on the draconian laws?

>> No.34842750

Well, I'm the one who proposed we move the USA to TN on the basis that they do it all. I'm just trying to maintain that the USA doesn't belong down in evil on the basis that they do a lot of good things as well.

>> No.34842756

They are all lawful evil... every single one of them

>> No.34842776

Here's an alignment we can all agree on.
Everything sucks.
Things have sucked, still suck, and will always suck.
At least we have booze.

>> No.34842785

>It's almost like Islam is a recurring problem.
Inb4 you start asking to change half a world's culture because it's militarily inconvenient for you.

>> No.34842796

According to people like us that live in their respective country and have no sense of nationalism

>> No.34842809

Why did you fucking buy bud lite?

>> No.34842828

>Che Guevara
Che and Patton should switch. Che was the closest thing to what a Robin Hood would be. A guerilla soldier that rebelled against the big tyrannical reach of the wealthiest nation around.

>> No.34842832

Shut up and convert to Judaism, you pigfucker.

>> No.34842833

It's ok, you were already punished by your genetics, what with all those women that look like albino trolls.
Also, enjoy your steady flow of emigrants that build minarets all over the place.

Also, a lot of your folk come and visit my country and they often look for trouble. Two months ago I held one such cunt by his throat until he begged me to let him go, all in tears like a miserable wretch. That feel, man.

>> No.34842842

>Implying I buy shit beer.

>> No.34842851

I don't have a primary source, but it was pretty well globally documented. Those riots weren't for nothing.


>militarily inconvenient
I just fucking burst out laughing like nothing has ever made me laugh on 4chan before.

Militarily inconvenient? Is that what we're calling it now?

I want out of this postmodernist hell.

>> No.34842865

>I don't want to excuse Russia's later actions, but it is worth considering the other side's perspective.
That's the fucking biggest curmudgeon in the whole situation. The fact that Ukraine's politics and complete lack of economic growth for a country the size of California are sleezy as shit makes this an even shittier foreign policy question to ask.

>> No.34842877

Oh, and what is your 'country'?

>> No.34842882

Dem filthy turban wearin', cock suckin', jesus hatin', allah prayin' bastards ain't gonna kill themselves now are they?

>> No.34842892

You can't convert to Judaism. Either you're born jewish or you're not.
That's the reason Christianity became more popular. One of the reasons, anyway.

>> No.34842899

>I don't have a primary source, but it was pretty well globally documented. Those riots weren't for nothing.

Isn't the order the wrong way around? Constant, paralysing protests in the capital prompt the passage of anti-protest laws, rather than shitty anti-protest laws prompt constant, paralysing protests.

>> No.34842902

Are you actually this uninformed?

>> No.34842909

Israel is also Neutral Good, Russia is Neutral Evil with Chaotic and slight Good tendencies, so it can also be CN or CE. Murrica is True Neutral with Evil tendencies. Israel is NG to LG or TN to LN, but definitely not CE. Ukraine is Chaotic Stupid.

Sad Ukrainian reporting

>> No.34842911

Here's a second one.

>> No.34842914

Che Guevara's legacy is, at the very least, contentious. For instance, he was a mass murderer. This is not a debatable point.

But he was also one of the greatest libertarian philosophers, so there's that.

>> No.34842915

is chaotic neutral bigwig or keehar?

>> No.34842922

Well sure. There were protests at first. Then in response to those totally normal protests, Ukraine went all Kim Jong, and the protests turned into armed riots.

>> No.34842923

Israel evil for attacking their "allies" (USS Liberty), being enormous hypocrites who shelter ex-NKVD jewish war criminals while bitching at Lithuania for not handing over SS vets for jewish persecution, murdering innocent women and children, allowing FSA muslim fanatics to pass through Israeli borders and escape Assad's forces, bombing pluralist SAA forces to help the FSA cannibals and murderers, starting up ISIS to help destabilize pluralist arab nations, and generally being the most evil fucks of the modern age, yeah. If they weren't jewish, we'd already have bombed and occupied them for the shit they pull. We kicked the shit out of Serbia for far less.

>> No.34842933



>> No.34842935

Han Solo shot first and he is still the prime example of CG

>> No.34842950

Of course, this is why nations don't fit alignments. People can have alignments based on their actions, but when you add up everyone together it all blends into a grey mess that balanced out closer to neutral.

I suppose there are some rare instances where the collective will of a people skews far enough towards one side or another that you can paint a whole country. Nazi Germany for instance.

>> No.34842958


Not even knowing the basics of your own religious group: fucking hilarious.

>> No.34842974

>Isolationists in the amazon have anything to do with Pakistan
Also, most of this has to do with laws becoming more "humane," and not a lot to do with real warfare.
This one doesn't talk about any wars outside the 1900s

>> No.34842987

I can't recall Robin Hood being racist fuck or shooting his own man though.

>> No.34843000

>I just fucking burst out laughing like nothing has ever made me laugh on 4chan before.

But more seriously, Trying to get rid of Islam is a fool's errand. A major strand in why they are so intimately pissed about the West is because of a conflict between their cultural identity and the modern world. If you directly aim to remove it, to claim it, all you're going to get is war.

>> No.34843009
File: 576 KB, 990x799, futurama-alignment-chart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34843012

Han Solo is also not a mass murderer.

Yeah, lots of other people have noticed that contradiction too.

>> No.34843044

It's not racism if they are black ;^)

>> No.34843045
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Maybe if Israel didn't treat the arabs how the nazis treated the jews, the arabs wouldn't hate them? Just a thought.

>> No.34843052
File: 458 KB, 2048x1327, 1404608269879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, we didn't have a sudden massive spike of wars after 2000. It's just the mid-east and steppes fighting. They've been doing that since the previous century.
The fact is that we live in a less violent world, and the main factors for that are wealth, global trade, better medicine, and better social equality.
You're welcome.

>> No.34843064
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>> No.34843066

The problem is that the alternative is to get Islam to 'grow up' as a religion and cool its jets. A lot of people will cite that Catholic church in the past 1000 years in how religions can evolve into modernly respectable organizations. Except, again, Islam is uniquely focused on violence.

I'd say that while Christianity _had_ violence, Islam fundamentally _is_ violence. It's predicated on it. Islam will war as long as it exists; if it no longer does, it's no longer Islam.

>> No.34843067
File: 23 KB, 646x434, provemewrong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, here you go.

>> No.34843068

>I can't recall Robin Hood being racist fuck or shooting his own man though.

I doubt he would have been racist (people in the middle ages were surprisingly cool in that regard) but I bet he would have got his infidel murdering on pretty hard if given the opportunity.

>> No.34843086


The Hound always struck me as lawful evil, and I'd move Hodor closer to true neutral, but this generally looks pretty accurate.

>> No.34843087
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>> No.34843088

Ignoring the Islamic Golden Age won't retroactively make it not have happened, my jewish friend.

>> No.34843090

Ah yes, I remember that story where Robin Hood captured and executed hundreds of civilians. It's a core part of his mythos, after all.

>> No.34843097
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Here's the explanation.

>> No.34843100

The Arabs have tried 3 separate times to wipe them out in open war.

The really funny thing is that Israel is the only country that gives the Arabs in the territories it took from Egypt and Syria any rights.

>> No.34843105

The fact that Islam had a good day doesn't change what it is.

>> No.34843109
File: 443 KB, 2246x1795, zelda_character_alignment_by_swordsman21-d33nqgv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34843117
File: 38 KB, 480x400, political compass motivations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lemme fix that for you.

>> No.34843124

>big bobby "bitch boy" baratheon
>chaotic good
He was a beta faggot who threw the biggest bitch fit the seven kingdoms ever saw because he couldn't have the woman he wanted.
Nevermind that said woman didn't want him because he was a drunken, womanizing sot.

>> No.34843133

Hey come on now, that's not fair.

Israel also treats Christians like shit.

>> No.34843136

I never said there was a massive spike or decline of violence. I never said anything about wealth, medicine, or anything else. I said that imperialism did nothing to reduce the number of WARS. You cannot tell me that when Europe sat down and divided up Africa based on penis size, that in no way contributed to past and current wars in Africa.

>> No.34843138

>Isolationists in the amazon have anything to do with Pakistan
I don't see what you're trying to even assert.

>Also, most of this has to do with laws becoming more "humane," and not a lot to do with real warfare.
For some reason, even after years later, I remember some shit about Pinker showing off a chart where the deaths from modern wars have been much lower than previous conflicts, and hell, general human society. We've gotten rid of tribes in an eternal state of low intensity conflict, we're talking about no wars between most European countries, we're talking about an Africa that is actually less antagonistic and more governed now, and plenty of other shit.

I'm not here to maintain its defense, but hey, there's a source. Do whatever you fucking care. There are pieces that fucking check out.

>> No.34843166
File: 724 KB, 2250x1800, star_wars_alignment_chart_by_gambit508-d5p2tzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34843171

What would you do if all of a sudden a bunch of western imperialists showed up and settled your land and kicked you out of your homes?

Just meekly go away?

No, I think you'd fight.

Personally I think the real best solution would be to just make an Israel in America. Take a big huge chunk of American land in the bible-thumping south (where they all love Israel) and give it to the jews. Problem solved, jews can all go live in America next to the people who love them so much, and no longer be an antagonizing, terrorist-arming entity in the Middle East.

>> No.34843183

>we've gotten rid of tribes in constant low-intensity conflict

Nigga, we're talking about the Middle East RIGHT NOW. Just cause they got a bunch of AK-47s doesn't change that that's what it is.

And that's ignoring Africa entirely, which is basically in a neverending bush war with itself.

Can I just say how fucking glad I am that the United States is a singular country coast to coast?

>> No.34843186

>Israel invaded Egypt once
Twice. Seven Days War(preemptive strike on an invasion force) and Yom Kippur(charging across the Suez after annihilating the Egyptian 25th Armored Division).

>> No.34843190

That is one of the bad examples of what Imperialism does to the world. I'm saying that even though the imperialists did quite a lot of bad things to the world, the planet turned out good. One of the main reasons we have our current world is because of that chapter of human history.

>> No.34843225
File: 1.03 MB, 900x980, ATHF-Alignment-Chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34843227
File: 165 KB, 800x418, European empires.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine if Europeans had cooperated instead of fighting each other.

>> No.34843259

>And that's ignoring Africa entirely, which is basically in a neverending bush war with itself.

You are being very 90s, it really isn't that.

>> No.34843284

The Arabs would still be squabbling over the borders the European powers set up after WWI and the Palestinians would still be the red-headed stepchildren no one else wants to deal with.

Besides, Israel was just part of what was partitioned off at the time everything else was, stamped off on by 2 international governments, and who earned their place in that part of the world both by force and by building up the wasteland they were handed.

>> No.34843286

European here.
Not. Gonna. Happen.

>> No.34843295

>Except, again, Islam is uniquely focused on violence.
Considering early Islam was a fucking government at one point, of course it's going to have war.

News flash, nobody serious but the nut cases think the Caliphate is a good idea. Most everyone there who does tries to keep their idea of the caliphate to the time of the first four, when it wasn't ridiculously sleezy.

Islam's concept of Jihad as Westerners know it is a modern construction built from pieces when expansion was A-OK. But instead of doing it to expand, the point was to intensify and purify religion.

> Islam will war as long as it exists; if it no longer does, it's no longer Islam
This is entirely baseless. Furthermore, even if it were true, you're not ever going to make them give up war by shooting them first. Or by trying to meddle in their culture.

It's not that I'm giving you an alternative. You have no choice, whatever random shit you believe.

>> No.34843310

Seriously...look at how long it took Germany to unite and how much of a fuss everyone made over that.

>> No.34843322

Just because people stopped talking about all the Africans killing each other for no readily apparent reason, it doesn't mean it isn't still happening. People just don't care about Africa anymore.

>> No.34843386

Have some Liberia.

Yeah. _This_ is the place we're trying to contain a hyper-infectious almost universally lethal disease right now.

>This is entirely baseless
It's a religion rooted in the common cause of spreading itself. And how does it say, front to back in the Quran, to spread the good word?


Islamic "extremists" are extreme relative to basic civility, not relative to the actual teachings of Islam. The "extremists" are just practicing vanilla Islam.

>> No.34843416

Oh yeah, any 4chan dweller that thinks Euros hate 'Murricans should ask a Euro sometime about Euros from a random other country. Shit gets hilarious.

>> No.34843423

Actually most of the Middle East is pretty cool with their borders. Syria, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, they're pretty happy with it.

Israel does enjoy propping up militants and stirring shit, though. Imagine a world without them. No murderous cannibal FSA slaughtering entire villages of Christians. No ISIS going on rampages. It'd be pretty nice.

And they haven't "earned" shit. When they do it on their own without western money and military hardware, maybe they will have a claim to right of conquest. But you and I both know that if the west wasn't propping up and sheltering them, they would never have lasted this long.

>> No.34843434

>People just don't care about Africa anymore.
Bill Gates would like a word with you.
Just go into the videos and look at any of the stuff about Africa. Charities are making a huge difference there. Africa is growing rapidly and modernizing quite quickly.
People do care about Africa. The reason you don't hear about Africa is because war sells. Slavs and Arabs are the new red scare.

>> No.34843438

Well, Germany obviously got to like uniting all under one rule so much they didn't know when to stop...

>> No.34843458

>Nigga, we're talking about the Middle East RIGHT NOW. Just cause they got a bunch of AK-47s doesn't change that that's what it is.

And? It's an event. Woo.

So was the Mongol horde pushing across. And I can tell you for a fact, it wasn't like Europe was the lovey dovey social democratic Disney Land it was today. Or hell, most of the fucking world.

>And that's ignoring Africa entirely, which is basically in a neverending bush war with itself.
Again, it's become a helluva lot more peaceful, surprisingly enough. It's transitioned from Hell to merely South America.

>Can I just say how fucking glad I am that the United States is a singular country coast to coast?
Go for it. More peaceful doesn't mean it's utopic.

>> No.34843466
File: 86 KB, 610x139, 1e chaotic good.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anything, shouldn't authoritarian be lawful, libertarian be chaotic?

Afterall, right libertarian is -textbook- chaotic good. See pic. Doesn't get more right wing libertarian extremist than "freedom and independence are of equal value to life."

>> No.34843484

>Look at the fun we're having!
Gets me every time.

>> No.34843502

You're basically saying the Americas are a warzone because Mexico and Columbia can't keep the drug cartels under control if we follow that logic.

>> No.34843503

So you can offend it with your arrogant britbongy remarks? Fuck yourself scum.

>> No.34843522

What would your guess be about what border control is like in Liberia?

>> No.34843533

Could you all please finally stop baiting like you were all starving?

>> No.34843535

I prefer the term 'civilize' over offend, but if you want to remain savages feel free.

>> No.34843543

Sometimes just asking about our own country can get you interesting results.

>> No.34843556


>Somalian civil war
>South Sudan teething troubles
>Shit in the Congo (spilling into surrounding countries)

>Nigeria fighting jihadists
>Muslims and Christians going at in in the CAR

That's not so bad for 54 countries. It's hardly coast-to-coast fighting, there are lots of countries in Africa where things are al-right. Not as good as Europe or America, sure, but things are getting better.

This view of Africa as one huge patch of failed states to which food parcels are sent is terribly paternalistic (a continuation of the paternalism from the Imperial period in another form) and also out of date.

>> No.34843560

>But instead of doing it to expand, the point was to intensify and purify religion.

That's... exactly the same thing. Islam then: politically/religiously motivated violence aimed at killing infidels/dissidents. Islam now: Exactly the same thing.

Seriously, if you think modern Islam is of a different character than historic Islam, just look at the soap opera bullshit that caused the Sunni/Shiite split. The conflict between the two has lost all of its original meaning (the partisans of Ali have no idea who the successor TO Ali is nowadays, or if he's even still alive).

>Or by trying to meddle in their culture

I think we can all agree that we can leave them alone the moment they choose to leave us alone. Sadly that day will never come.

>> No.34843578
File: 1.88 MB, 1973x1420, The world according to Britain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not arrogance, it's the truth

>> No.34843592


> Liberia has a pourous border. How will Kenya cope?!

>> No.34843596

This is by definition a bait thread, see OP.

Anything that isn't maximally politically offensive is off topic.

>> No.34843603

>Africa is fine, look at how fine Africa is!
>Oh... Well that's just PART of Africa. The rest is a-ok
IMPERIALISM did not reduce the number of wars. Nobody else is talking about non-government-funded humanitarian efforts.

>> No.34843609

>It's a religion rooted in the common cause of spreading itself. And how does it say, front to back in the Quran, to spread the good word?

>The term "Dominion Theology" is derived from the King James Bible's rendering of Genesis 1:28, the passage in which God grants humanity "dominion" over the Earth.

>And God blessed [ Adam and Eve ], and God said unto them, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."
Have you heard the Good News? Jesus is ALIVE. ACCEPT HIM.

Considering Islam borrows from Christianity, I'm not at all surprised.

>The "extremists" are just practicing vanilla Islam.

Look, all I'm gonna say is... your shit is going to be very fun should you ever try to try and deal with an Islamic scholarly tradition. You obviously don't know of the alterations they've made in order to appeal to the disaffected poor fucks living in the Middle East today.

"Vanilla" Islam doesn't exist. It'd be like trying to say Evangelicals are "Vanilla Christians" over Amish.

>> No.34843615

This. So much this. Given our history, we're probably Lawful Evil. Opium wars.

>> No.34843627

Man you gotta love all varieties of political explanations that are "my beliefs : God Tier, your beliefs : Shit Tier"

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