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>The GM introduces his magical realm
>You suddenly start to dig it

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Nice try. It'll never happen

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>make character you think 100% non fetish
>urns out it's GM's magical realm

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>The GM introduces his magical realm
>You share the same fetishes

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>Be DM
>Have girls join RP group
>Want to have characters and NPCs that are good female characters and not just fapbait/damsels in distress
>Begin research into female characters
>Realistic female armor
>Fleshed out female characters
>Accidentally discover my own magical realm
>Have massive fetish for realistically portrayed action girls
>Run game that is full on magical realm for me
>Everyone says I did a good job on characters and NPCs

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>Realize that some part of every character is somebody's fetish

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>The GM introduces his magical realm
>You share the same fetishes
>Except one
>And it's a dealbreaker

What's yours, /tg/?

Weight gain

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Isn't that canonically a thing with the elves now?

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I share those feels, anon. I love nothing more than a realistically portrayed female hero character.

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Spoilered for lewd

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>Working on quest involving a mad scientist kidnapping villagers and performing ungodly experiments on them
>Accidentally discover my own magical realm
>Feel dirty DMing
>Worry I'll get too fetishy and someone might suspect something
>Find excuse to fuck up quest and turn things around fairly quickly

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My group knows this is my magical realm, as I told them one night in a drunken haze while discussing turn-ons.

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Mine is real bad because I like mind control and forced transformation but I actually dislike rape?

It's weird but like... I enjoy mind control scenarios that're framed as being happy and cheerful and maybe ends with everyone being happy.

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>realistic female warriors and femknights
Makes my dick transcend dimensions.

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>Playing a wizard
>Want to center my spells around transforming and modifying my surroundings to solve problems
>Really timid wizard
>Two players have high charisma and try to manipulate everyone they can
>Get really nervous what my friends would make me do if I learned polymorph spells

I just want to play the game without getting punched in the face.

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Right there with you, anon.

What's worse is that I have a player who always makes PCs that are waifu bullshit. Still deciding whether to ban that shit.

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I can never use anything from the monster manual with swallow whole (ex)

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I like robot girls and I like turning girls INTO robot girls and making them all cool and obedient and stuff but I tend to like it when they're like "Oh hey I can get use to this" typically leaving the question of if they genuinely had a change of heart about the whole thing or if the mind control just messed them up that badly hanging in the air.

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Deal breaker fetishes
>Weight gain
>Body mutilation

And when I say this, I don't mind if my partner likes these things and has some pics or vids, I mean if they want to practice them on me.

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What if its rape and they end up enjoying it

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Same. I don't like pain, just binding and transformation maybe.

mfw players like belts of gender swap items for humor value

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Newmans gave me a fetish for elf-ears, but on PSO2 I for some reason didn't make a Newman.

What is wrong with me?

Given that Casts are actually sometimes human turned android when they're nearly killed/they get too old, that would play straight into your fetish

I think my magical realm is childish tendencies and fluffy tail, but a lot of people cross the realm into 'I want to fuck a ten year old' instead of just innocence and a thing for shorter and younger (but not too young) girls. It's a very slim line but I still make the distinction.

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>breasts not being sealed and bound by the ribcage and abyssal cloth
>not wearing the skull helm to disguise your true form and intimidate the enemy
>not wielding a melee weapon for protection in hand-to-hand combat
Easily exploitable. Could result in being stabbed and losing a chance to get Humanity. 0/10, Kaathe would be ashamed. Would invade repeatedly.

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Then that's not rape. That's happily falling into sex.

You don't enjoy rape, that's why it's rape.

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I know that feel bro.

>searching for content for obscure fetish
>start reading, perfectly fine
>around halfway suddenly everyone is a hate filled rape monster

I've been blueballed so many times by this shit.

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Still a turn-off for me.

I don't need to RP that shit with a bunch of neckbeards. Fetishes be ruined forever.

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Go away robotnik you're drunk.

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>picture unrelated

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It's still rape. Plenty of people experience sexual pleasure when being raped, but it doesn't stop it from being rape.

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I had the same thing, I just kind of live and let live. Unless it begins bothering other players.

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My likes are so far spread and so centered around fantastical things its easy for my magical realm.

Though really my ultimate magical realm is if my character was a typical evil warlord/dark wizard master guy who had an army of goblins, kobolds, and beastmen to command. He also molests them on the daily. Also involve chastity and crossdressing for the cutest of his harem and we're golden.

Considering evil overlords are pretty common, pretty easy magical realm there.

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Mind control is my horror. Willing robot girls/spaceship girls a best.

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>Would invade repeatedly
Now when you say invade...

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>but a lot of people cross the realm into 'I want to fuck a ten year old' instead of just innocence and a thing for shorter and younger (but not too young) girls

It's bloody annoying trying to find good doujins when most things with a flat chest are considered 8-year olds.

I'm a creep, but not a gods-damned paedophile.

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>implying this is a bad thing

I'm still waiting to get a game of Maid or other lewd game going. I just don't know anyone down for it

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I've got an unusual fetish for JUSTICE! I will gladly read a horrifying rape doujin where the protagonist is violated multiple times in the same hour, but only if it ends with her escaping and possibly getting revenge on her captors. If the girl in the end is happy and living life for the better, I get my rocks off all the better. I also don't consider mindbreak and mind control faggotry to be good, since it's all disgustingly fake.

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Meh, that's an interpretation open for abuse.
Imagine if someone drugged your food, then convinced you (In your drugged state) to let them cut your hands off.

See you enjoyed it at the time (Because you were so fucked up)

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>I love nothing more than a realistically portrayed female hero character.

You mean non-existent?

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No need to go that far, women generally orgasm during rape, and men too ( the obvious side, but also with prostate stimulation ).

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I mean use a Red Eye Orb, deliberately transport myself to your world, and murder you for your Humanities. I'll gladly wait a quarter-hour or so for you to get a decent pool of it again, just so that I can take it.

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That's not to say I don't like 'loli', but not in a sexual way. I just want to protect them, not stick my dick in them.

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Magical realm ~= all monster girls.

Wat do?

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Have you ever heard of a "ruined orgasm"? It's when the victim experiences full release, but doesn't have any of the emotional enjoyment of consensual sex.

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No, it's not.

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There was her and boadice as herald/flag-bearer though.
It should count as something.

>that slav tribe using women as warrior which disappeared from History until recently
Correlation != causation, sure, but it's still hilarious.

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Well that's good. For a second I though by "invade" you meant sexually violate her. If anyone wants to writefags a female darkwraith getting raped by a host then that's cool by me.

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Well duh, it's rape.
We're talking about physical enjoyment here.

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>Magical Realm is genetic modification
>Diamond hard at the thought of fucking up DNA and stuffing it into egg cells in an attempt to breed an inhuman human who can't breed with others and isn't legally protected as a person
>tfw transmutation is the only fun magic school and it's borderline boner-fuel to me

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Orgasm is physical enjoyment, though.

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I'm down for pretty much everything. It would take quite a bit for me to bow out and say no.

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How does it feel to eat GM crops?

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>Diamond hard at the thought of fucking up DNA and stuffing it into egg cells in an attempt to breed an inhuman human who can't breed with others and isn't legally protected as a person
>tfw transmutation is the only fun magic school and it's borderline boner-fuel to me

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...is it bad that I am going into biotech for related reasons? Does this mean I'm inserting my horrible fetishes into reality?

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No it means you are doing gud work.

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You are, but chances are, Japan is already ahead of you in that regard.

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>tfw my second character was an expy of my waifu OC
My group will never know my rabbit hole is THAT deep, at least
Besides, she's getting better

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when all you want to do is fantasize about setting out to conquer a strong, beautiful woman and finishing to the thought of her lying next to you in bliss, asking how soon it will be until she helps you show all her friends how wonderful it would be to want to serve you.

And then you go looking for porn, and it's all stomach-churning violence and mutilation without a single good ending in sight.

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I guess I should say it's not... EXACTLY mind control that I'm into but just a woman acting more like a robutt anyway.

Like obviously obedience is a part of that but just being calm, composed, polite, monotone, cheerful or really anything that you could describe as robotic? Especially if they adopt that kind of personality almost instantly upon their transformation I'm into it.

Like even regular Robot girls are just kinda okay with me. It's really that transition from normal to robot I REALLY enjoy.

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Rolled 2 (1d100)

Rolling to see if I make catgirls or furries happen.
Even: catgirls
Odd: furries

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I'm not into dogs. But if she got turned into a horse, all bets off mate.

0 hecks

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I know your feel.
>fetish for mind control/corruption stuff
>always gets ruined NTR/cuckolding bullshit

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Are you sure you're looking for porn in the right places?

>> No.34641166

Scat/Farts/Ass holes/Ass things

I'm down with EVERYTHING else, death mutilation mind rape bondage you name it but that one thing turns me off so hard I will get up and walk away.

I cant even watch porn because there is ALWAYS an ass hole shot

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Man the artist of that would be so bummed if she knew you were using it to summon furries.

>> No.34641189


Hell it doesn't even need to be me. Just "Hey we're robots now, wanna go out and have sex?" that's enough really.

>> No.34641217

No harm done, anon

>> No.34641221

Eclipse Phase?

>> No.34641232

> The GM transforms a male character into a female character

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>Player introduces his magical realm
>You're a fraid

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I imagine a lewd Maid game would be pretty fun under the right circumstances

>> No.34641308

>mfw my entire sisters of battle army is themed around purest love and nobody will ever know

>> No.34641312

It would be great, you just have to get a bunch of people that wont spaghetti everywhere and be chill. Go in knowing its lewd and just have a fun time.

>> No.34641316

And there's one of my Realms so close to furry but just the smallest iota off

>> No.34641331

>One of your friends randomly guesses your magical realm
>They believe you when you deny it because it was a shot in the dark, but it becomes an in joke with the group
>Now have a free pass to inject my fetish into everything as long as I pass it off as grudgingly playing along with the joke

It is a good feel to be this blessed, /tg/.

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I said male to female, not creepy dude with makeup

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>goblin fetish
>the goblin player character starts to get flirty with me

>> No.34641459

Avoid AP's where they seem to be all of the bosses.

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Muh nigga.

>> No.34641492

Exact same here, always thought it was weird.

>> No.34641533

Warcraft makes anything sexier. Blessed Blizzard.

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I'm sorry but what is "magical realm" exactly?

I have been a part of /tg/ on and off for a long time and still don't know.

>> No.34641552

its a guy

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The definition varies a bit, but it's generally when someone inserts his fetishes in the game. Pic very related.

>> No.34641567

You shouldn't be afraid to say "I'm new here". This is /tg/, not /b/

But either way, a magical realm is pretty much when the DM or a player builds his world or character around his fetishes.

Say your DM fucking loves fat girls. Everyone you come across in game is suddenly a landwhale scantily clad and wanting to get hot with you.
Or futa. Suddenly everyone's a fucking futa.

It's called a magical realm because it's pretty much their own personal realm of magic where anything (that they want) can happen.

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Weight gain, Guro, Scat, Cuckoldry.

Is it bad that out of all of those, cukoldry is the one I am sickened by the most? I mean, I despise the concept of adultery, but cuckoldry fills me such a monstrous amount of disgust.

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>joined a new campaign very recently
>first session, captured by amazons
>they're all naked futa 8-foot muscle women

>> No.34641612


More or less when someone decides to insert their fetishes into the game. Done right, like >>34640685 more or less, and know one will ever know they were playing through your fetish, and everyone has a good time. Done wrong, and the players will most likely be very uncomfortable and will possibly be liable to punch you in the face for blatantly shoving your fetish into the game. Like >>34641566 .

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No like, I've posted here since the board's inception. Promotions came from /tg/.

OOH okay thanks very much

You too, doubles guy.

Now I don't have to pretend to know what everyone means by that when it comes up in conversation.

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If that's true then you have some serious skills at conversation dodging.

This happened to me. Futa gives me PTSD now.

>> No.34641663

>Futa gives me PTSD
it lets you have penetration and ejaculation but with a girl on another girl instead of any men around, seems like a great deal to me.

>> No.34641673

>Take cute girl
>Put a dick on her
No. Go.

>> No.34641685

>watch her fuck another girl and cum in her

>> No.34641694

You know the gayness of a situation is determined by the penis-to-person ratio, right?

>> No.34641711

That literally doesn't make sense. How is Girl+penis on Girl gayer than Man+penis on girl? It's the same but

more women.

>> No.34641714

>chilling with people (not doing any /tg/ related stuff at the time but they are the guys i do /tg/ with
>only half paying attention, guess they are discussing what fetish they think is mine
>haha I bet you're into ____ right anon?

>> No.34641728

On that I would agree with you
But what happens when it's futa on futa, or just a solo futa masturbating with the camera firmly locked on the penis? You're just lusting after the dick in that case

let's be honest, that's what happens a lot of the time

>> No.34641735


>mfw nobody shares my evil overlord fetish

>> No.34641750


I wouldn't really call that a fetish so much as an inevitability.

>> No.34641755

Did they give you Pretty Thick and Strong Dick?

>> No.34641761

But that's different, surely. Saying it COULD go futa on futa, or just one masturbating, is like saying a hetero couple COULD start puking on each other.

>> No.34641775


>Implying you need to bind breasts when you've got ample support and aren't swinging a sword
>Implying you don't want your enemy to remember the face of the (wo)man who killed him
>Implying ever using anything but pyromancy


>> No.34641787

You know, the usual, _________________________________________________NTR and cuckoldry, only acceptable if it ends in threesome__________________________ I've done shitloads of "that's not erotic anon." porn games but I never do NTR and cuckoldry.

>> No.34641796

daaaaaaaayum gurl

>> No.34641806

Hey, I'm just judging on what is posed on 4chan

>> No.34641811

>People mentioning NTR and Cuckoldry
>People not just denying such abominations on the human psyche exist in the first place

>> No.34641812

I'm the guy you replied to and I'm doing the same shit. It's the worst reasoning possible but you know what? Who gives a fuck. It's a kick-ass branch of careers regardless.

>> No.34641817


Actually, a ruined orgasm is when the orgasm starts, and the second partner stops stimulation, so that you're still in the process of orgasm, but don't have any actual physical sensation.

What you described is just generally physical stimulation against their will. Typically called a "forced orgasm"

>> No.34641826

Speaking of magical realms anyone making a magical realm game?

>> No.34641833

Pretty okay. It's not like we haven't been domesticating crap for millennia anyway, and really we're only making plants hardier and bigger.

>> No.34641836

OK, so... My fetishes are

>chubby girls
>men who are homophobic but also dominating personalities even towards other men

How do I avoid putting these in my game? They seem like such common themes...

>> No.34641864


It's impressive, isn't it? We've come so far.

>> No.34641868

None of them except the last has to be sexual as long you're not putting too much thought on them.

Let me explain; you can have a chubby library as the social inadaptate library girl. None will yell "MUH MAGICAL REALM!" same goes with a girl hitting on a dude or a dude hitting on a girl.

The last one can be sexual as long it's dominance it's sexual.

>> No.34641880

It wouldn't bother me so much if the goddamn japs would stop shoving it in my chinese little girl cartoon porn.

>> No.34641882

I'm mastering some one-on-one stuff in various video game settings, mainly about corruption and TG-TF

>> No.34641896

Damn well I hope you two have fun.

>> No.34641899


Each player is an evil fetish Wizard with their own realms? Gods of the ever shifting plane of sexuality? Must each group intentionally team up with people with fetishes they hate and trudge through, having adventures along the way and eventually coming to accept, if not enjoy the other players horrible fetishes?

I like demiplanes and magical realms anyway so any game like that would certainly check it out even without the sexy times.

>> No.34641909

T-thanks. We don't play a lot though, like once every two months or so

>> No.34641923

So legit question /tg/

Is mind control/roboticization even possible without someone instantly recognizing it as magical realm?

>> No.34641926


Didn't happen on purpose, but I got killed last session, and the only resurrect we had available was an NPC Druid.

Went from being a middle-aged halfling bloke to the body of a just-hit-adulthood Dwarf girl.

>> No.34641928

OK but my one friend kinda already called me out on usually drawing my girls with flesh on their bones (not outright fat but that isn't a far cry from my fet either) and I was just worried if he can see through it easily if players might too.

>> No.34641935

Yes, but very difficulty to do.

>> No.34641947

Most assuredly, but usually it's either villain material or some kind of bizarre ethics.

>> No.34641952


When people do Futa, they don't know where to stop. It's alright if it's one chick with some magical fairy-gift dick or something. That's basically lesbian strap-on porn, but there's a cumshot involved too. If everybody for some reason already has dicks, that's a bit more concerning, because they're basically just men with anime girl body shapes.

Even then, they don't really have any concept of "enough". They have futa on girl, then do futa on futa, and it's like "Okay, this is kinda gay." Then they have futa on guy, then they have futa pegging guy, then they have muscular flatchested futa with two dicks fucking to guys at once and it's like "You guys kinda lost track of things somewhere along the way."

I don't have anything against gay people or gay porn, but most Futa, even the stuff with a musclefuta banging two guys at once, bills itself as straight porn, which is just plain disingenuous.

Also, there is often an abnormal focus on the dicks themselves. I go on /d/ to try and find a good fairy/size or tentacle thread, and it's literally 2/3 dickgirl threads, where people want a specific character, but with a dick, or "hairy dickgirls" or "dickgirls with huge floppy balls" or "dickgirls with dicks bigger than their male partners" or "dickgirls with blue skin."

They're also literally a worse offender at shoving their shit-tier fetishes into things than both furries and MLP. Maybe both combined.

>> No.34641960

The game I mainly play happens to be Exalted.

It is quite impossible to get my magical realm out of Exalted.

>> No.34641965


Except the frequency is way, way, slanted towards futa on futa, solo masturbation, futa on male, than it is to futa on girl, all of which are far more frequent than any given couple randomly starting puking on each other.

>> No.34641968

But what is it?

>> No.34641974

That depends. With human beings (or rather, player characters) I'd say so, though mind-controlling the various hirelings a party brings with them is usually something people don't pay any attention to. Similarly mind-controlling a king or person with lots of political clout is OK. It's just something bad guys do.

Now, if we're talking roboticization in the way Robotnik does it, I don't think anyone would consider it fetishistic. Mainly because his way is (usually) more just using the living being as a sort of battery for the mechanical creation.

>> No.34641977

>MFW my fetish is mad science

God damnit, and I was really enjoying that game before I started getting ... distracted.

>> No.34641979

>can't fantasize your own porn
It's slanted in the ways you want it to be slanted, what you can only masturbate to what you find on the internet? You cant just like make it yourself?

>> No.34641981

But what of a setting where it happens to be significant to the lore? Like a race that is transsex and transsex exclusivly with rare mutants one single sex as an oddity?

Would you ever be OK with it even when used "properly" and not just making it about sexscenes?

>> No.34641987

Only if it were a mad scientist you have to stop, or there was necromancy involved, bringing back the dead and mechanically upgrading them to fight for a morally ambiguous town.

That sounds pretty fucking awesome, actually.

>> No.34641990

>mind control
Yes, easily. I don't much care for it as a plot device most of the time but you can do it.
I could see it working, Star Trek has the Borg and for the most part they really aren't fetishy at all. If you make the process of people being turned into robots/cyborgs horrifying enough no one will question it.

>> No.34641997

If you're the same guy, you're shifting the goalposts. We're talking about fetishes and the cultures surrounding them, I.e. porn involving them. In which case what I think in my head is completely irrelevant.

>> No.34641999

Yeah. Just don't make it sexualized. Explore how creepy and terrifying the loss of free will and consent is. Severe body dysphoria and revulsion against the foreign parts. Infections at the site where skin meets metal, never quite healing.

>> No.34642005


It's Exalted.

I don't really need to specify my fetish or fetishes for it to be found in great amounts in Exalted.

>> No.34642009

But what if existential fear is my fetish?

>> No.34642011

I feel ya bro. I think just the concept of raping Mother Nature herself is what gets me. Like you're crossing boundaries mankind was never meant to cross, but nobody is powerful enough to stop you.

Maybe it's just a power thing. I dunno.

>> No.34642012

What goal posts? All I ever said from the get go is that futa on female is the best bang for your buck fetish you can have. Then you started saying "yeah but what about the other kinds of futa", so I said "What ABOUT them?" and now I'm moving goal posts.

>> No.34642014

>tfw your fetishes are twisted as fuck and they'll never get into a normal game

I feel sad I have no players for magical realm of furry, gay, loli/shota, scat, castration, watersports, torture, gape, sissification, feminization, pegging, diapers, femdom.

It's both a blessing and a curse.

>> No.34642021


To what end does "Everybody is a hot lady with a dick" have to be a part of the setting? How are you justifying such a depiction of a single-gender race besides just "This is my fetish"

I'm not saying you can't have a single-gender race, but why the hell would that wind up looking like a futa. It's pretty glaringly somebody's fetish injection.

>> No.34642037

Make them snail people since snails where intersexed.

>> No.34642048

But Futa on Female isn't. It's still a fascination with dicks.

You're putting emphasis on a dick.
This is why fluffy vanilla romance doujins are the only thing that makes me happy, because the romance is the focus, not a fucking penis

Snails don't exactly have giant futa cocks. I was thinking insects too, since they usually have weird and terrifying ways of fucking each other.

>> No.34642053

are you so narrow minded to think that our world is the golden fucking standard for every other advanced lifeforms in the multiverse? There may even be quadrosexed races out there, and you are ignorant to the possibilities.

I didn't say they all have to look like hot women with cocks dude, come on.

>> No.34642054

Better than a bugbear

>> No.34642055

Well yeah but fuck you my hard cock>ur logic

>> No.34642069


>> No.34642080

No more "fascination with dicks" than hetero porn but with, again, more women. There's no way to not understand this, this is cut and dry stuff here.

>> No.34642082

Production-line reproduction?

X creates thing A, gives to Y
Y does thing to A, gives to Z
Z does thing to A, gives to B
B puts finishing touches to A, shits out finished A.

Tadah, quadrasexual.

>> No.34642096

No, but there is.

In hetero vanilla porn, usually there's a focus on something else. Like how cute the girl is, or a relationship, or how happy they are together.

Futa is gay as fuck bro.

>> No.34642105


And now we are back to the Rape factory.

God damn it /tg/

>> No.34642109

God, I spent weeks on that game.

>> No.34642112


>> No.34642120

Seems like an overcomplicated mating ritual, such process would be terminated because >evolution

>> No.34642124

I'm screen capping this because it's brilliant.

>> No.34642131

I could see trisexuality working. Much more mutation tolerance - gene expression decided by majority vote between the three genetic templates. If one gene mutates, the other two healthy genes can override it or even provide a template to fix it.

Or maybe there's a third party that needs to actually carry the developing egg after it's been fertilized.

>> No.34642135

>Futa is gay as fuck bro.
This. Futafags are just in denial

>> No.34642145

This is the sixth fucking time I see you post about that GM. Holy shit, this is getting weird.

>> No.34642152

You know evolution wouldn't even work the same on other worlds, right?

Why so dense?

>> No.34642155

What a guy cant like dick and not be gay? Why you gotta hate bro?

>> No.34642164

It's been said too many times man. Ejaculation, but only women. This is simple shit.

>> No.34642174


>> No.34642190

I think you like it, and you're wishing you didn't, so you're making a dust-up over it to try and mask the truth--methinks thou protest too much.

It's okay. We won't judge you.

>> No.34642200

How many people would be interested n a /d/&/d/ game?

>> No.34642208

Just accept the dick into your heart.

I might be.

>> No.34642221

Buddy, I've got actual PTSD and I don't bother /k/ about it.

Seriously, though. I feel your pain, that guy had no idea how to handle his players.

>> No.34642230

Oh, and fuck futa shills too. It's like trying to have your cake and eat it, that shit is never a good idea.

>> No.34642234

What fetishes?
>tfw ran multiple /d/&/d/ games online
They where FUN.
Specially because niche fetish.

>> No.34642251

All the group agrees to.

>> No.34642266

It is nice having obscure fetishes, I can leave my sex toys out in the open and nobody knows.

>> No.34642271

I'm curious but I'm also afraid

>> No.34642287

So what are your sex toys?

>> No.34642292

>TFW my magical realm is power and dominion over others, especially their hearts and minds.
>TFW I intentionally play aloof loners, comic relief characters, and others without any real swaying power to remove even the possibility of my magical realm leaking into the game

I don't just want power and control over everything I see, but I also want their adoration and love.

I want to build utopia, and then I want to rule it.

Also dickgirls, polyamory and transformation, but those don't really come up.

>> No.34642296

That knight needs a haircut, he looks like a bloody peasant.

>> No.34642312

>All the group agrees to
That tends to be bad because some people feel pretty left out or it becomes small parties in the party.

>> No.34642325

>tfw your fetish is weird love/impossible love
>tfw your party makes a noble woman and you make a peasant

>> No.34642331

Don't be its fun.

>> No.34642343

what game is that?

>> No.34642344

Its either that or up to the DM. Thats how I've always done it, a vote or just leave it to the DM to make it a surprise.

>> No.34642354

>To make it a surprise
Then you hit people's "no's".

But yeah someone start a skype group or something then.
Or ya'll pussy out?

>> No.34642375

Ma3 is a great webcomic

>> No.34642382

From the sounds of it most will pussy out, I'm just hoping we get 4 or 5 that wont.

>> No.34642393

But I haven't participated in a TTRPG for so long that I've forgotten etiquette.

>> No.34642397

4-5 is too much, expect between 2-3 counting DM since D&D games are "pussy out: The game".

>> No.34642405


True that. Oh, it's not bad at all, especially since you keep the old mental stats, but lose the middle age physical penalties. Also, goodbye halfling Str penalty.

>> No.34642412

But the fun of /d/&/d/ is half the time your rock hard and the other half your fighting your hardest to get out of the situation. Both extremes make it fun.

Don't be a dick, be chill with it and don't take it to seriously. Done.

>> No.34642417

Geneforge. You play as a Shaper, a person with the ability to create life. You're part of this elite group. Problem is, Shapers and normal people don't get along, either because Shapers look down on eveyone, or because people think Shapers should share their power. It's a decent sized series right now. The games run very well on older computers, have great storyline with consequences and all that rot. I recommend it. It's one of the reasons I got into /tg/ stuff.

>> No.34642422

See, these are fairly abstract. I'm just into dark elves with hairy pits. I've never had to worry about that ever entering into things.

>> No.34642434

Yes and?
D&D games by general end up dull and boring, the lewd part makes it worth it really, but sometimes not even that is enough to keep playings. Also I swear to god if I have to play /another/ 3.5 game I'll geld someone with a firethrower

>> No.34642448

The closest thing I've ever wanted to do was a Monster Girl game.

Not quite as sexually-driven as MGQ or the encyclopedia, but one based around the idea of intelligent monsters, cultures, and men being prized.

Trekking the countryside with a tsundere dragongirl trying to keep lamias from getting their hands on you sounds like it'd be fun.

>> No.34642469

Would your rather another system? I've heard good things about Maid RPG but I don't know how many here would go for it since I get a strong monstergirl vibe from this thread.

>> No.34642476

There is Zettai Reido, but it is mostly untranslated.

>> No.34642478

That sounds awesome

>> No.34642490

Maid RPG has the problem that by itself it's pretty shitty and not great for long runners, it's great for one-shots tho.

I'd say I'd like warhamns (40k or 2ED) RPGs but that's just me loving that system to bits.

>> No.34642505

goddammit I read that entire post in his voice

>> No.34642516

No actually, it isn't

>> No.34642534


I've run an opposite game of that.

All my players rolled Monster Girls, Monster Girls are usually restrained to only a single massive chain of islands that have bullshit high magical concentrations, in the outside world they are impossibly rare and highly prized, but usually are powerful enough to take on small armies individually.

The party chose their races, went exploring in their homeland, fucked around with the wrong magical artifact, and got teleported to the ass-end of nowhere on the other side of the globe, their goal: Get the fuck away from these strange non-half savages that want to either capture them, kill them, or seduce them.

Note: Monster GIRLS are insanely rare, MONSTERS are not.

We had fun, even if the entire party was composed of "Standard" monstergirls, Drider, Scorpiongirl (They were totally competitive lesbians with each other) Naga, Sphinx, and a harpy

>> No.34642539

I'd want to do it, but it'd be hard to find people for it.

The idea of more civil and tame monstergirls versus wild or insidious monstergirls would probably play a key role.
Of course, being monster girls there might be some level of sexualizing, but fade to black being as simple as it might be, or flirting between monsters and PCs.

Something like the party comes across a village of kitsune downtrodden and utterly devoid of men. It turns out a vampire has recently taken control of the region and is living in a castle on the hill, taking all the town's men (and the husbands of many of the kitsune) for herself using undead as her minions. The party then can go to the castle, defeat the vampire and save the men and if they play their cards right even take the vampire for their own

>> No.34642546

What about someone being transformed into a monstergirl

>> No.34642560

Well, if we're going by standard definitions, then certain Monstergirls were originally human at one point. They'd probably be the more civil ones.
Or feral, depending.

If you mean direct transformation, that would probably depend on source.

>> No.34642585


But...if there were only monster girls, then how would they reproduce?

>> No.34642588

Someone being transformed into a goo girl, for example. Now, that's interesting, because the character wasn't born like that, so there'd be a lot of psychological issues to think about

>> No.34642590


>> No.34642599

I think it'd work if you explain it correctly.

>> No.34642603

Hm. It's been sitting in my GOG library for a long time now, never really felt like installing it because the screenshots looked like shit.I guess I'll give it a go.

>> No.34642606

It would work the same, assuming the cosmic principle is right.

>> No.34642610

>mfw this was how I into lolis

She was actually a damn fine GM. Way shy, extremely so when it came to anything sex related. I just wondered out loud after one game about there almost always being a pretty powerful/influential small and cute girl in the campaigns. The blush it resulted in was amazing. Maybe it was because of the beers, but a bit more weedling and teasing and suddenly I was drowning in a tidal wave of loli. Favorite artists, favorite comics, favorite pictures. Good lord. And then came the second thoughts and questions and apologies. I was unprepared. But I didn't need our GM on the sads, so I said it was kinda hot. A bit. Just a little.

Thus began the infection. More content was shared. Our GM was more bright and happy than ever. A few times the odd vampire loli or two in our games got really up in my character's personal space. Really, who could resist using the master bathroom after all that weewolf gore was spla- wait what do you mean the vampire joins my character? To tease me? O-okay.

Slowly but surely, I succumbed. And now I got it bad. Never got to fuck her, though. Was a solid 6/10, too. Damn fairweather straight girls.

The mutual masturbation was amazing, though.

Beware your GM's fetishes, /tg/, lest they become your own.

>> No.34642624


Never really came up, but I had an explanation for it if it ever did.

Their homeland's BULLSHIT magic concentration basically made them ageless, but as for growth? It was a rare event, but not super-rare for miraculous births caused by the magic running through their blood and the environment.

That's not withstanding the occasional foray to the outside world by a small experienced group and returning Pregnant.

>> No.34642653

let me get this straight... you mutually masturbated with your GM but didn't fuck? HOW DO YOU EVEN

>> No.34642656

Explain that idiom to me.

>> No.34642665

I like transformation for its aftereffects then just the effect. Got turned into a monstergirl? I want the story of how you cope and adapt, what you do and why. I want the fear and despair or the hope and sense of possibility depending on the personality.

Its so hard to get a good story like that in porn. I dont care that the girl is tied up and in bondage I want to know why how and what she is thinking.

>> No.34642680

>Explain that idiom to me.
Well, if a 'fairweather fan' is someone who is a fan of a team when they're doing well or beneficial to like, then we can probably assume a fairweather lesbian is someone who changes gender preference based on what suits their desires at the time being.

>> No.34642686


You shut the fuck up your Kingly Cunt.

Go get stabbed by your best friend.

>> No.34642689

Alright. Thanks.

>> No.34642692

You've never heard of a fairweather friend?
College lesbians, man. Gigantic frustrations in the boner department

>> No.34642694

>blue skin
That is my fetish, I blame liara, mystique, chantho and the diva from 5th element.

>> No.34642701


>> No.34642707

D&D is surprisingly magical realm for a main stream RPG. There's even entire spell schools devoted to deviancy. Enchantment, transmutation, necromancy...

>> No.34642717

Mmmmhmm same here, most TFs usually jumpship into acceptance or brainwashing bullshit within a millisecond of the TF though. I WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE TRAUMA of the characters mental identity not matching the body. But noooo, they all turn into sluts that second

>> No.34642721

Yeah, and the worst thing is they just do it, they don't bother asking if it's OK. One time I was having sex with a girl and suddenly she was all like skip bip biddy bi bi bip bao skibbida do bee beep a wop bao pa chow shap bap bap a tat tat

>> No.34642747

Oh god thats the worst
>I'm turning into a girl!
>Ok im a girl now who cares

Yeah no, no one just accepts something like that out of hand unless they payed or wanted to have it done.

>> No.34642758

gigantic frustrations, you say?
in the boner department?

>> No.34642761

Merely inserting fetishes into a game is not magical realm.

Forcing it on the players/their characters is magical realm.

>> No.34642766

I agree with you on the grounds that the whole point of tg is the struggle of adapting to the opposite gender.

However my dick disagrees on the grounds that it wants to get right to the sexy bits.

>> No.34642769

I think non-sexual MtF transformation is always fun.

Especially when they act annoyed about it and are constantly trying to find a way to reverse it.
"No I'm no-
Oh god damn it. I'm not a girl stop flirting with me you fuck. Christ, the moment I get back to normal I swear..."

>> No.34642772


>> No.34642778


>> No.34642790

Thats the best because you get to watch them start to like it.

But that is the sexy bits, the transformation only lasts so long and is only so much. Without the rest you would blow threw it all way to fast.

>> No.34642794


>> No.34642795

Yes. Keep up the god work
I am going into prosthetics precisely to build myself a cute robot body. I told my class mates this at a party and a couple of them even share my dream.
Remember anon, let your dick lead the way.

>> No.34642797

Everyone, look at this anon and laugh.

>> No.34642819

>expecting autistic fa/tg/uy assburgers to understand the difference

>mfw I'm one of said assburgers

>> No.34642823

>Thats the best because you get to watch them start to like it.
More fun if that's the basis of their character and they remain stubborn

>> No.34642837


>> No.34642873

I like it better when they start enjoying some aspects of feminity. Or masculinity for the other way around.

>> No.34642904

Clearly some are futas that impregnate and transform males and females whom become futa on the superior monstergirl order, males become breeder bitches.

>> No.34642954

I'm the kind of guy who likes jeffr porn
I'm never going to put it in my games fuck you

>> No.34642996


>> No.34643002

Also after fucking the victim some bigger races unbirth or force it into an egg for total rewrite.

>> No.34643035

I want this to happen to me

>> No.34643042

I'd DM a game like that, but only because egg/unbirth TF.

>> No.34643046


>> No.34643052

That's literally my girlfriend and then me...
She's chubby + glasses and I act pretty homophobic sometimes despite being bi myself.. (I dunno either)

Are you stalking me?

>> No.34643055

Got a throwaway email I can contact?

>> No.34643071

>jeffr porn
what the fuck is that even

>> No.34643089

Prince turned princess (or vice versa) because of a postwar settlement (no other heir for a forced marriage), flees the ceremony and tries to discover a way to change back, tramps around and adventures in the meantime.

>> No.34643092

jeffr as in the artist

>> No.34643097

>No I dont' want to join.
>No I don't care if most of the party likes it even though you forced it on them.
>No I don't want the whatever bonuses you'll give me.

>> No.34643099

I am. I aint scared either.

>> No.34643145

>this whole thred

>> No.34643148



It's fucking disgusting, I can't handle it. The fetish fucks with me and drives me in to a sickened OCD-rage. I can handle literally everything else just fine though.

Yes, I know what that implies. Yes, I'm standing by my statement.

>> No.34643158

>I can leave my sex toys out in the open and nobody knows.

Kitchen tiles?

>> No.34643165

What would amuse you my highness?

>> No.34643166

>tile patterns
Oh you

>> No.34643179

Merfodude at skype or you give me one

>> No.34643214


While you two are inserting your fetishes into reality, how about you hit mine up too.

Give the world catgirls.

>> No.34643221


>> No.34643224

You look like you could use this.

>> No.34643229


>> No.34643237


>> No.34643242

Furry but not sharktits. Surprisingly interested.


Time to print out flyers and hang them all over town.

>> No.34643259

Anything for you~ How would you like me to dress and how would you like me violated~

>> No.34643296

Imagine if governments collected the lazy people who contribute nothing, turned them into catgirls and trained them to behave properly before distributing them to the public.

>> No.34643305

I'd volunteer

>> No.34643315

I recognise posters here.

>> No.34643320

>gypsy catgirls
not sure if want

>> No.34643330

Thats one of my more liked fetishes, being trained is the best <3

>> No.34643352

What, you don't want a tsundere delicious brown catgirl? Remember she's been trained

>> No.34643388

And this is problem because...?

>> No.34643392

>tfw magical realm is being a m-fairy
>make fairy knight in alien looking armor.
>no one knows my secret
>chances are they think Im just gay. But that is better then them knowing the truth.

>> No.34643420

I can believe in technology making people into catgirls. I'm skeptical about the part about making gypsy behave.

>> No.34643430

>TFW I'm a lazy person that contributes nothing.
>TFW first in line for the catgirl transformation.

Oh God what this would be so incredibly awesome, especially if it came with an age reduction. This is the kind of shit I think about every night before falling asleep, sometimes being blessed with realistic feeling dreams where I just be a girl and don't really get lewd.

>> No.34643433

male or masochistic? or both?

>> No.34643440

Yeah I know. The first is really more likely than the second. But then again, when have cats ever behaved?

>> No.34643447 [SPOILER] 


In my excitement I seem to have fucked my spoilers. I have brought shame to myself.

>> No.34643479

That's kind of a gig of a freeform somewhere.

>> No.34643483 [SPOILER] 

>I seem to have fucked (up)
You know what has to be done.

>> No.34643487

when you give them offbrand canned tuna instead of a tuna steak.

>> No.34643495

Im into gts and stuff.

>> No.34643496

Hey, if you're cute enough as submissive, you can probably get someone to treat you as a pet. With a bit of a luck and some practice as a girl too.

>> No.34643499

>Implying there aren't spells for that in D&D

>> No.34643513

Catgirls and fox girls and I can die happy.

>> No.34643532

You don't know what evolution is. All it accounts for is bare minimums. If it doesn't cause death before breeding, it gets a pass. The only reason that quadrasex species don't exist on Earth is because bisex species evolved far enough back by pure chance that it became a standard over time. Microscopic life even breeds between species. It's practically infinite sex, when they're not breeding asexually.

>> No.34643536

It's a shame I've never met anyone, online or IRL, who shares one of my fetishes.
It's menstrual blood

>> No.34643544

That's not what that quote means, you illiterate faggot.

>> No.34643546

That sounds painful yo

>> No.34643553 [SPOILER] 

I even butchered my grammar in the self-chastising post about my spoilers.

>Be a male sub

But I actually don't like guys at all. I don't want to live a lie either. Also a fair bit of my thoughts on the subject are entirely non-lewd. Mostly boring, with me just being me, but a girl. Sometimes little stuff, like girl fashion. Or dancing, which I could do as a girl but have no fucking clue how guys are supposed to without looking like flaming faggots. Which again, I'm not.

>> No.34643556

My man I have this interest.

especially when it involves elves, mind control and forced transformation into an elf chick but the girl is totally into it.

>> No.34643567 [SPOILER] 


Okay. I double checked, I know I didn't fuck that up. And yet I still did. Double Sudoku time.

>> No.34643571

>forced transformation into an elf chick
Is there a source for this? I need it for academical research

>> No.34643586

Out of curiosity, would it also satisfy your raging JUSTICE! boner if the protagonist was subjected to horrifying rape as a punishment for [insert heinous acts here]?

>> No.34643628

You a funny guy.

>> No.34643636

Regrettably there isn't much of that out there

>> No.34643645

So I had a dream last night.
To put it in brief, I was some kind of demon that was being appealed to specifically by some certain people I cannot clearly remember. I do recall they were all/mostly women...
There was one moment where I was outside a bus (Train?), and these two cultists(?) were belted in, and there was no space for me. [no one else could perceive me, and I was/wasn't incorporeal] So, the one who wasn't pleading a case allowed me to possess her so the discourse could continue. The transition was easy, and it didn't feel much different. I just adjusted the shirt and belt, and then we kept talking. The most notable thing to me at the time was that the woman I possessed never put a stipulation on how long we'd share a body. The knowledge generated smug satisfaction.

I really don't have any fetishes. This shit just happens in the dreams that aren't nightmares

>> No.34643678

I once ran right into the GM's magical realm without realizing it.

Character was a huge bear of a man in his early forties. Fatherly and protective of the rest of the group.

I did -not- realize that the GM was a gay guy with daddy issues.

In retrospect, I feel like it was a 3 month cocktease for the poor guy.

>> No.34643721


Everybody has fetishes, anon. It's just that you don't recognize yours because you see them as normal. Being common doesn't make it less of a fetish.

I don't know if that dream weirded you out or anything, but I had one years ago that did me. The only bit about it I can remember clearly anymore is that I laid down on the grass outside on a very cloudy day. That doesn't mean it was just slightly overcast, I'm talking before a massive summer storm, where the lighting gets all weird because the skies above are dark and there's a warm wind constantly blowing. Literally never stopping, just changing directions instead. As I lay there enjoying the building feeling of the impending rain in the wind my view went from first to third person, leaving me above myself. Except my body was that of a girl with brownish/blond hair.

That part of the dream stuck with me for a few days after because that's my absolute favorite weather of all time. Before it completely faded, I saw an image of a girl posted on /b/ that looked a lot like I looked in the dream, at a different angle. That solidified that segment of dream in my memory over the past few years.

>> No.34643726

>mfw when my friends ask me to DM
>First time DMing
>magical realm activates when i flip the coin to decide genders
>everyone in the group turns out to be females

>> No.34643742

There's that Pathfinder monster that impregnates anything in its vicinity.

>> No.34643760

...which monster is that I ask for ... fuck it we all know why I'm asking.

>> No.34643782


>> No.34643792

Would you become a tall, fit, tanned catgirl /tg/?

>> No.34643807


>> No.34643822


>> No.34643825

Only if I keep my cock

>> No.34643827

Well my party are getting housed next session

>> No.34643834

I'm sure our friendly wizard here can do something about it...
Great! This way, please.

>> No.34643843

Surely NOTHING could go wrong!

>> No.34643850

Where would you run it and would it be IRC or forum?

>> No.34643871

>Not Miqo'te

Your tastes aren't great.

>> No.34643881


Unbirthing tf monster girls DM here, made a sup/tg/ room, it's #thatmagicalrealm

Will go to eat and post a pastebin about the setting

>> No.34643894

Whatever happen, I guarantee the story will be entertaining

>> No.34643912

I'll give you that
You aren't wrong

>> No.34643930

Yes, actually is its.

>> No.34643934


Sonic fan eh?

>> No.34643961

>not wanting to get your cervix kissed, tickled and pounded
It's great.

>> No.34643973

I'm going to need a sauce on that. Reverse image search fails me.

>> No.34643999

>have no fucking clue how guys are supposed to without looking like flaming faggots

>> No.34644008

One day I'll make a chart on exactly what futa combinations are how gay

>> No.34644019

>You will never run a D&D game where you discover two of your pc's are pre-ops one girl is bi, the other you thought was a butch dyke was a raging Bisexual if she's turned on enough and the manliest guy is an amazing crossdresser and his mother also plays

>It will never devolve into the greatest weekly orgy session ever where you still surprisingly GM even though you're balls deep in a failed male asspussy getting DPed by the Other trap on top as one blows the crossdresser the dyke gets plowed by the bottom pre Op your punding, an the mother is fucking her CD son who's getting to bj from the 2nd preop dping the other pre-op with a Double dildo strap-onas you manage the game on a moving train set with the equipment and tools needed to play strapped to them which the plays can just reach out to and write on as you orgasmically dictate current progress.

>You will never fall asleep with all of them, covered in collective satisfaction and Game night snacks.

>> No.34644022

I have dreams like that too
But I get lewd in mine around 10% of the time because it's literally my biggest fetish

>> No.34644043

Not to blow your bubble but I'm gonna have to tell you that, that is indeed a girl.
She has a tumblr, look it up.

>> No.34644069

It's a guy who thinks he's a girl. So, a guy.

>> No.34644119

Whatever helps you sleep at night, anon.
I won't impede upon your fetish

>> No.34644139

Didn't weird me out, it just... made feel a little empty when I woke up. It wasn't that I didn't get to be the girl, but rather the sudden absence of the figments' deference. Ah well.

Most I can say is that I'm a sucker for natural redheads, but that isn't a have-to-have or anything. How much I enjoy any piece of porn has to do with the quality of the work far more than the content, assuming the content isn't squicky.

>> No.34644151

And how would one go about getting there?

>> No.34644171

It would have been my fetish if he was a real girl. ;(

>> No.34644189

Imagination is a powerful thing.

>> No.34644203

Or incredibly painful
You masochist

>> No.34644250

>>that slav tribe using women as warrior which disappeared from History until recently
Which tribe? Can you elaborate?

>> No.34644264

Well, sometimes it can be more funny if done only once and when it's worth it.

>> No.34644318

>Not knowing how to IRC yet

>> No.34644334

But then how would I sword fight with my husbando eh?
No, strap-ons don't count

>> No.34644345

>The manliest guy is an amazing crossdresser
>Manliest guy amazing crossdresser
>Manliest guy crossdresser
>Manly Crossdresser

>> No.34644363

I apolgize for my massive levels of newfagging.

>> No.34644383

You shall be publicly spanked for that.

>> No.34644416


>> No.34644550

>It's a guy who thinks he's a girl.
Not even. It's just a very feminine guy into girl stuff. Of course, he flourishes that with tumblr labels, but that doesn't change shit.

>> No.34644563

It's great when you're so aroused you're spilling on the sheets.

>> No.34644877

>Palying homebrew, enter country where slavery is big.
>When in rome.jpg
>Have elf slave girl now
>She's been a slave her whole life and doesn't know anything else, she's incredibly timid when dealing with freedom.
>Red Flag but i roll with it.
>When i don't give orders she takes it upon herself to make my life better.
>I treat her well, praise her, feed her etc.
>She's astoundingly loyal and happy in return.
>Claims i'm the best master she's ever had and she never wants to leave me.
>Realize i'm loving every moment of this OOC.

And that's how i discovered my happiness in slavery fetish

>> No.34644924

I'm proud of you anon

>> No.34645035

Happy slave is best slave. Nice but firm master is best master.

>> No.34645189

>What's yours, /tg/?
Futa, rape, chicks turning into cumsluts, bestiality, NTR, body mutilation/extreme expansion

Other than that I'm pretty much fine with everything

Same here, I like my fetishy stuff to be happy

>around halfway suddenly everyone is a hate filled rape monster
Seriously, I mean is that the only way they can see to end that? Why so much rape?

Genderswaping wasn't really a big fetish of mine but after those threads about it this week I've been craving a bit lighthearted lewd based on it.
Too bad it always focuses on degradation and/or ends with the guy a huge cumslut, can't it just be about a guy getting used to his new femininity and having some sexy fun times along the way?

Loose the futa and I'd love it

I dislike futa because their almost always a horsecocked rape monster, don't mind the idea but it gets boring after a while

>Man+penis on girl
Admittedly, I massively prefer lesbians or Female on trap to male on female or anything involving futa
Don't mind pegging though, rather like it actually

Making? No
Playing? Yes>>34641826

>Also, there is often an abnormal focus on the dicks themselves
This, I don't really like focus on dicks and most futa seems like an excuse to have Sexy sex obsessed female + Huge dicks

Wow, half of those I hate and the other half I love

Gay can be nice anon, I just don't like it when it focuses on the dicks

Depends on what it's going to involve
I prefer a game with lighthearted and lewd/fetishy shenanigans to one that focuses on the fucking
But for the most part I'd be up for it

If you do that also make sure to remove any that are absolute turn offs to group members

Sounds like fun, any other fetishes you would be okay with?

I like TF that involves the transformed getting comfortable and having fun with their new form

True, most goes too fast

>> No.34645267

What's the difference?

>> No.34645370

Same here, I like it best when they mostly stay in their previous mindset but find they enjoy a lot of aspects of femininity (to use MtF as an example). Basically where at the end they're comfortable being both extremely girly and a huge tomboy

Like this?

Can I join?
What all sorts of transformations would it include?

>. Also a fair bit of my thoughts on the subject are entirely non-lewd. Mostly boring, with me just being me, but a girl. Sometimes little stuff, like girl fashion. Or dancing, which I could do as a girl but have no fucking clue how guys are supposed to without looking like flaming faggots.
I wouldn't mind that either


>> No.34645476

Yes, just add the skype or the IRC, namely I'll see what people want and pander to them, or make it a surprise.

>> No.34645549

Searched your name on skype and it didn't come up, only thing that does is Akoda is that you?
Also having a bit of trouble with the IRC, my security settings seem to not like it, looking for a way around it

>> No.34646030


>> No.34646510

I swear, these garbage threads about magical realm and fetish trash are becoming hourly now.

>> No.34646576

It's almost like it was posted 9 hours ago..

>> No.34646655

I think you missed the boat to bitch about these threads a couple years ago, fella.

Especially with shit like Succuincufoocubus Student Master BDSM Lord Quest #3,766, in which our well-adjusted hero(ine) has to make the difficult choice of which waifu option to rape and mindbreak with her magic genitals.

>> No.34646826

>I swear, these garbage threads about quests and CYOA trash are becoming hourly now.

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