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Anyone play their games? I play Game of Thrones and it's fucking great but man is their FAQ for it bizarre, it's so convoluted. Really great core gameplay though

40K Conquest looks fun too

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FFG has sold me so much cardboard that by now I'm pretty sure I legally owe them my soul.

Arkham, Netrunner, X-Wing, Descent, Game of Thrones, Fury of Dracula, Kingsburg, Cosmic Encounter, Twilight Imperium, and Winter Tales.

All fantastic games with terrible rulebooks.

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Seriously, how are they so bad? The errata for GoT is absurd

Also Baratheon best house

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I love Talisman and Red November, still need to try Fury of Dracula some day

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Board or card game?

Because in the board game Tyrell is the only way to fly.

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Talisman's a fun beer + pretzels.
I like Space Hulk: Death Angel a lot as a solitaire, and everyone likes Descent, right?

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I haven't had an issue with Descent's rulebook at all. What's meant to be the problem?

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>everyone likes Descent, right?
I mainly use my Descent pieces to play D&D4 with, because they hit the same vibe and one is way better balanced

But those components are top-notch.

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I like Descent as opposed to a roleplaying game because the OL is actively trying to win, rather then D&D where the DM is just trying to make a good encounter. It's nice as the foreverDM to get to try and brutalize my players.

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>that feeling when I can get every sold out X-Wing mini just by taking a bus to FFG headquarters and shopping at the Event Center

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Card game, haven't played the board game

I like GJ too
>mfw making my first choke deck and destroying the income curve

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Hey. You. Yeah you.
Fuck you

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>mfw some of the old GoT cards

Holy shit that power creep

Glad they started over as an LCG

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FFG seriously just needs to invest in some editors. Like five of them. Per product.

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I wish they would

I don't think they have that kind of cash though

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See, I dislike Descent because once Players and the OL start really getting into trying to win, the RP game side suddenly dies a terrible, terrible death.

The game turns into a race to the finish, as most of the adventures end the nanosecond that a certain goal is obtained, and any time spent with the players fighting monsters usually is a complete waste of time.

For good player vs. overlord action, I prefer games like Super Dungeon Explore, where the heroes advance by acting like heroes and the Overlord advances by acting like a villain. More fun for everyone involved, too.

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For those who play, can you imagine this card now?

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>tfw Bara got the shittiest house-only agenda

I have to make that card competitive

I have to

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>implying the star wars licence isn't a free pass to scrooge mcduck levels of wealth

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I like Condotierre as a filler in between other, longer games.

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They just keep expanding to new titles instead of improving the quality of what they already have

Now, I haven't played Star Wars but I heard it's not their best

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EotE and AoR are pretty neat and have a unique system. Takes a good group

X wing is much better than it has a right to be and is sold out at the distributor level because it's gotten so popular

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Eldritch Horror is based.

Anyone try Mansion of Madness? I hear very mixed things about it.

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When I want a Lovecraftian RPG experience, I'd turn to Call of Cthulhu one hundred percent of the time rather than deal with those tiny cardboard chits.

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friend picked it up a little while ago, everyone i know who's played it so far says good things about it. Just picked up pic recently, am trying to get people to play but no luck so far

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Hopefully we get a boost next cycle. New Rainbow Guard cards coming (finally) so hopefully those help out. Noble Cause Lord rush, maybe?

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>tfw Thrones will languish forever in semi-obscurity because of its needlessly complicated FAQ

When you have 600-step flowcharts of how frameworks are supposed to play out, your game's got a problem

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I want to try Galactica too, also hear good things about and I'm a fan of the show.

The thing that puts me of Mansion of Madness is that apparently almost every test is a random stat, even in combat. You never know if you will actually be using your marksmanship skill too shot or have to test will or strength instead at random.

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Shame I tend to have a lot of fun with BSG. Pegasus is a great thing to add provided you don't do cylon leaders until 7+ players and don't go to new caprica. The new cards and the pegasus however are great (as are the new characters/rules)

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Great fun. When my group play we always love it. I think maybe 4/6 of us have actually seen the show, which is a shame.

As far as thematics go, it's 10/10. One of our games had President Baltar (me) trying to figure out which of the two people we had in the brig was a cylon (one was already revealed and the confirmed humans locked the others up briefly).

It was a 50/50 and I heard both of them out. Admiral Tigh (seeing as Adama was a cylon) thought we should let Tyrol out, but I ended up going the other way.

Turns out Lee was a cylon too. He and the old man skipped into the fiery sunset of robotland while we all burned.

The struggle was real.

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I'm pretty much obsessed with Star Wars right now and I'm fairly certain they're to blame.

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have any of you guys had problems getting people to play who aren't fans of the show / never watched the show? i think this is the biggest problem I'm coming across. i suppose next time friends gather to play games i could just set it up and either force people to play / force people to help put it away.

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I've been there.

I play with my friends. My and another kid are the big builders for GoT, the other two make MtG decks. I made a Noble Cause deck when it first came out... holy shit you become such a huge target in melee games. Fucking everyone will gang up on you, and then go after each other once you're dealt with. If you don't pull a turn 1-2 win you are screwed.

But if you do... it's glorious. Next comes a Lannister hyperkneel deck, but I don't know how that would go since I rarely play control decks. Rush/aggro for life.

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What kind of games do your friend like? Have you tried and FFG?

Play werewolf with them once, then tell them BSG is like X FFG game, with werewolf in the mix to sell em on it.

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everyone in my group is open to almost everything, it's just that when we get together it's either we play magic or some board game, and magic wins like 90% of the time. I probably just have to be a little bit of an ass and be a little forceful. None of my friends would get too butt hurt over it

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>Admiral Tigh (seeing as Adama was a cylon) thought we should let Tyrol out, but I ended up going the other way.

>Turns out Lee was a cylon too.

Oh fuck that's too good

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>None of my friends would get too butt hurt over it

Then do it.

Wtf do you do for a group of people when it comes to magic? Draft/Cube or just casual all out war multiplayer?

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Not him, but my friends and I play multiplayer. Personally I think it's boring because you can only do one attack at a time (unlike Thrones where you get 3 challenges each for your turn)

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a mix of everything really, some modern, some EDH, casual constructed (1on1 and multiplayer). Rarely friend brings his EDH cube. its fun as fuck

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>my friends and I play multiplayer

That's what my friends do too, but it tends to be super casual and dumb. Wish I could get my friends to do a draft or EDH but they just want to play kitchen table vintage derp.

>a mix of everything really

I'm jelly.

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We're drafting this weekend

I honestly have no idea what I'm in for

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So, this line was announced and then they pulled it down (for some reason):



The gist is that it's an RPG with each core that will cover an apocalypse scenario. First will be Zombies, later on there's Machines, Cthulu, and Aliens. Your group basically plays as themselves, statting yourself out and being restricted in things lying around the house you're in as your gear, and everything is set in whatever city you're actually in.

Doesn't say how the gameplay actually is, like if there's going to be custom dice (though I'd imagine there will be, it being FFG and all). Apparently comes out by the end of the year.

I don't know. Sounds kind of meh.

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i should've mentioned, i'm also trying to get one or two people into L5R as well. My previous experiences with it were good enough that i bought a shitty starter deck at a flgs

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>choke deck
This deck is pure evil. You don't know shit about asshole-style Spike decks until you've made a choke deck. God damn they are fucking ruthless.

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usually a good time if it's a casual environment (just some friends fucking around). Do you know what your going to be drafting? or is it just random packs (best draft)

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How many people you got for it?

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The minimum for a draft, should be fun.

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That looks kinda bad

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I don't care much for FFG role playing games, but I gotta admit the concept is neat.

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well good luck and have fun, also keep a lookout for those foil Ensoul Artifact's, also Darksteel Citadel for that sweet sweet t2 indestructible 5/5

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I like Star Wars.

I got a job.

I discovered X-Wing.

I have no money.

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>live in bumfuck area
>two and a half hours from any real game store
>look at ordering nexus mods for group
>18 dollars shipping


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This thing

right here

is going to beat my wallet senseless

and I'm going to love every second of it.

I can taste the broadsides now...

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I used to play the Wizards Star Wars miniatures game. I have learned how to resist the Star Wars temptations after that.

Damn it Star Wars.

Having said that, you can easily get a fully tournament army for less than 100$ online, so it's not that bad at all.

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It feels like they're jumping the shark a bit to me. Also disappointing with the cost combined with the fighters inexplicably being unpainted.

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Seems way overpriced, even for FFG.

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Yeah, but I'm just collecting all the ships now and I'm sure I'll buy extras of ones I like.

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It's like a BFG that I can actually almost afford!

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I can see that, and especially with the LCG, the CCG, Armada, X-Wing, and the upcoming Encounters game, it does feel like we're approaching market saturation. The unpainted fighters is a turn-off as well, though with them being so small and fiddly I can understand them not having an easy mass-market solution to pain them. But goddamnit, I love fleet battles too much to not at least get the box set.

And all the expansions.

And everything else that's part of the line...

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I'm staying out, but I'd only want the iconic ships for the most part anyway. Ties, Interceptors, A/Y/X/B Wings etc.

The EU ships can get fucked. And headhunters can too.

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Well with the new movie it's assumed they're going to capitalize on that, but so so many games coming out. I can hardly even find people to play X-Wing with and there are going to be three other games out there splitting peoples' attention.

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Is their license running out or something and they are trying to milk it?

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The star wars table top are fine. Not too much errata and the three systems are balanced with one another. Jedi aren't the end all, must have class as they require a ton of experience to really break things and by that time the non-jedi are just as powerful at what they do.

X-Wing is a huge money grab that turned out amazing. What was initially just some x-wings versus TIEs has now expanded beyond anything the initial offering. The crunch and most OP stuff has changed often, but it's still able to be played for fun as well as on a super competitive level. And there's still room for modeling and painting.

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>X-Wing is a huge money grab

It can be played with as little as 2-3 figures. How is it a money grab and if it is, how is it a bigger one compared to anything else FF does?

>> No.34591502

In the sense that beyond the core starter set, you're going to be buying a ton of the boosters and ace sets to get cards. You might not even fly the A-Wing, but damn if they don't put an awesome card in that package that you want to fly with.

Yes, you can play casually with 2-3 figures... but sometimes it's pick related.

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Really, its biggest money grab probably sits with its 40k rpgs.

Take Rogue Trader. You have to buy three books for a complete set of rules for planet generations, decent space combat and planet descriptions.

Another book if you want something close to a monster manual.

Yet another for another two for full option for non human characters.

This of course comes after buying the $60 core rule book.

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Okay, so it's like every other game and if you're into it you can dump a lot of money into it. There's nothing random. What you see is what you get. Just the fact it's a miniature game and not a card game means they can't come out with a new expansion every month and a small expansion every two weeks. I'm just talking about relative to their other games.

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Anyone play Warhammer 40k Conquest yet? When is it supposed to come out?

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Well spreading out the various pilot/upgrade cards among all the models is a pretty shitty move.

>> No.34591695

Coming out with three expansions to Conquest before it's even released is as well.

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i wish they hadn't gone the just get 2 cores to get the cards you need route for netrunner, now pay up suckers, route.

that was pretty fucked up.

and the goddamned playmats are non-existent with the exception of the tourney ones that are crazy expensive on ebay.

netrunners a fun game, but my local isn't big on it at all.

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FFG was a 5 million dollar a year company _before_ they got the Star Wars license.

Certain elements of FFG are corporate fucktards who don't believe in throwing money away on editing when spellcheck is perfectly fine.

>mfw spellcheck suggests "duck tardis" instead of "fucktards"

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Anyone tried Disk Wars?

Looks pretty cheap and fun, plus I do enjoy the Warhammer Fantasy settings.

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Winter Tales was super fun (just played it for the first time yesterday ^^) but I struggled with the rulebook too...which i hear is a translation thing...

And on point with the thread: they gave me Akrham, Eldritch and Star Wars LCG. I love these people <3

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Can you tell me more about winter tales?

I heard it described as "not a boardgame," which confuses me.

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I really want to buy GoT and BSG but none of my frends play Arkham horror or mansions of madness, they think they're lame and will only play clue.

Now I'm looking into Eldritch Horror but I've been burned :( I even got two expansions for AH and one for MoM with nobody to play with. What a world.

Will probably still buy GoT.

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>Eldritch Horror

Good news, it has solo variant since you are essentially playing vs the game.

But anyone who wants to play Clue over "lame" games like Arkahm and BSG is pleb bro. Your freinds are plebs. Sorry.

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In BC and Only War, if I score no DoS but still pass my WS test when using lightning attack I still get one attack right? And if I pass and get 1 less DoS than my WS Bonus, do I get to attack up to my maximum Bonus (because of an assured attack for passing the test)?

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agreed, just whore yourself to buy better friends

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Arkham does, too. Just play like four random characters vs. the board.


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This. I have arkham + every expansion. Play a team of random 8 people, as they try to protect the world. It's super fun!

>not playing arkham with every expansion at once
It's like you don't even want to hate the game

>> No.34593155

I loved my game of descent, before it was stolen out of my car.
>received an expansion I order ages ago for descent
>no base game anymore
>tfw have to sell it

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Arkham plus every expansion really dilutes how often gates show up on other boards. What you really want is one big box and one small box expansion.

>> No.34593267

Reminder that you'll never get Gaia 2, between light and shadows or core exxet because FF is shit.

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First of al, since BC they've skipped the Basic Success idea. If you succeed on the test at all you get one DoS. For every started ten, you gain another. So a bare success on a Lightning Attack test gives you one attack. So in the second scenario, you'd get your WS Bonus attacks.

Example: You roll Lightning Attack versus 60, with a WS Bonus of 4. A roll of 50-60 would leave you with exactly 1 DoS. 49 would mean you beat the target by 11, or 10 (one DoS) + 1 (rounded up, so another DoS) for two DoS. Thus, rolling anything under 20 would be overkill, since that would still just leave you with four attacks (your WS Bonus)

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dunno what those are so I'm not mad

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You guys know we have a board games general up, right?

>> No.34598834

Anima's books.
Oh also I have to comment you that the horribad translation is their fault and no proof reading.

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This is not a general thread, this thread is specifically for discussing Fantasy Flight Games. It would be disruptive to put a discussion of one company into a general thread not directed at that particular company.

Not everything needs to be, or should be, in the general.

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Actually sounds really interesting.
I've always wanted to play a card game with multiple decks.

>> No.34599633

I've played Conquest a few times already on OCTGN.
It's pretty neat.

Here's an article written by one of the playtesters/ editors, gives a good overview of the game:

>> No.34599786

It is not bad but it'd have been better as a deck builder in place of a constructed game.

Needing 3 cores to play a tournament level is retarded tho.

>> No.34599862

I don't see why it would be better as a deckbuilder.
Do you just like deckbuilder games more than constructed deck games?

>> No.34599926

It just feels like the Blood Bowl Team Manager game in many ways.
My main issue is I only have 1 Core and I can not win games VS people with three. 3 Cores 100% beats 1 Core as there is just so many 1 drops in the box.

I am likely going to sell my Core as I don't want to invest that much money into a game that has so many flaws.

>> No.34600360

I've never seen Team Manager as a deckbuilder, but I guess it's kinda true. At least in some smaller way.
Yeah the core set absolutely sucks. I guess you have to play on octgn for now and wait for the deluxe expansions to get enough better cards to make a deck.

Wait, man, I can see it now.
They're gonna put 2 factions into the deluxe expansions that are on the opposite side of the ally wheel. So if you want to buy your faction and the faction you want to ally with, you probably need to buy 2-3 deluxe expansions. Thanks FFG.

>> No.34600457

You still need to buy cores for the neutral cards as well. It is fucking retarded. I can't see high level play in the gaming being up to Netrunner or even Starwars levels so I am skipping it.

>> No.34600553

You just need 1 core though. The neutrals are all 2 offs.

>> No.34601245

Assuming that they stick with the pattern established in the other LCGs, all of the expansions will have full playsets of the cards that are in them.

That being said, the fact that the core is so full of one-drops is fucking retarted. I would have hoped that they would have learned from how well the Netrunner core did, with most people conceding that getting a second was still a good investment if you wanted to play at a competitive level.
Now if you want to have the full range of options, it's practically mandatory to have 3.

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is it really that difficult?

>> No.34603562

You probably won't need 3 cores to make tournament-level decks. (Although you probably will need 2.)

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We play GoT board game in our group, it's still fairly new so I've only played 3 games so far (out of a total of like 6). We're still getting the hang of it but we're all having a great time.

Last game was definitely the most intense, 4 player game with Lannister (me), Baratheon and Greyjoy pretty much standing on 5 castles each (Stark was busy masturbating in the north doing nothing of great importance but wasting Greyjoy's cards). At turn 10 a Muster came up, Greyjoy and Baratheon standing on 3 and 2 supplies while I was on 6. Blitzed Storm's End through the Sea of Dorne, survived Bara's siege with the help of a +3 Tides of Battle and easily took Lannisport back from Greyjoy on my next march, hitting seven castles.

Finished up at 2:15 AM before a work day, that shit is intense as fuck

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Its kind of a pain in the ass, yeah.

>> No.34603941

No, its exaggerated for comedic effect.

I haven't ever enjoyed a game of Arkham Horror myself, so a lot of that rings true for me. But I can understand how people who play games more casually than me can have fun with it.

>> No.34604457

That first sentence could describe most any FFG game

>> No.34604936

Their Star Wars RPGs' custom dice system are the greatest thing to happen to PnP RPGs in a long time. I wish that they would use them in other games as well. No longer will I be saddled with binary results of "you fail" or "you succeed".

>> No.34604961

Warhammer 3rd?

>> No.34606651

Literally said that he has zero power on it, go cry at FF's forum.

>> No.34607764

Been looking at picking up Mansions of Madness as it is the genre that my group enjoys. Is it any good? Does it suffer from any of FFG's ameritrash mechanics or does it work well?

>> No.34610482


Dungeon World does non-binary success/fail metrics without custom dice.

Not that I have anything against custom dice, just sayin' that they aren't the end all be all.

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Thrones players of /tg/ I need help with making a Lannister hyperkneel deck for melee, preferably based around chargenda Kevan

Please advise if you have a clue what I'm talking about, I never build control deck and could use a hand

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