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Woohoo, the bestow hoser we never needed. Might be useful in modern?

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Well it does hit equipment so maybe.

>> No.34568249

it could have been worse

like that other g/b/w sweeper

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There had better be a good draw spell in Khans if Wizards wants control to be a thing. This+Anger just isn't good enough.

>> No.34571036

Also destroys any bestowed creatures, as wizards always had to brutally hose the previous block.

>> No.34571106

Divination will be legal, people still run it in their control decks. I'm sure that they will print something to go along with it, but even if they don't I'm sure control will be fine.

We've had plenty of rotations without a Sphinx's Revelation, and even during Scars/Innistrad Blue Sun's Zenith wasn't used all that much.

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You literally don't know anything about Magic or control builds.

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Not every control deck needs to be draw-go

>> No.34571259


draw 3 cards

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you don't play modern or don't play it well, tell me one deck that this is better than supreme verdict against that doesn't kill you before turn 5 or you're full of shit and shouldn't be posting your worthless scrub opinion

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>Her palm flared like the eye of a waking dragon. Then all was calm.

I can only imagine people saying "I came" every time this is played.

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Divination has been played by control decks in standard. If there's nothing better, that's what control decks will play.
It's very unlikely that control will die, the only time in god knows how long when it was actually bad was Zendikar before Worldwake got printed.

>> No.34573012

What? You think this is hosing down previous sets? Magic 2015 already did it at instant speed for 2 mana.

>> No.34573125

Who the fuck play's Bestow or Equipment in modern? There are better wipes in Modern.

At best i can see this in Legacy sideboard for playing against Stoneforge-Jitte decks.

>> No.34574054

This card will likely never be good in legacy.

Also, there are plenty of modern decks that have equipment. Batterskull in control/midrange builds has been a thing for a while, not relevant enough to ever run this card. Affinity has cranial plating, but you'll die before you can play this card. Several decks like to run swords of x and y, but not relevant enough for this card either.

>> No.34574126

It would eat a spell pierce.

>> No.34575592

What you don't seem to understand is how the control build has evolved. With the value of creatures ever steadily increasing, and the number of removal and draw options at efficient prices dwindling, there HAD to be a 4CMC board wipe. Even then it still sometimes wasn't fast enough. The number of creatures that say "indestrucible" is increasing, and almost every color combination has what is essentially an instant speed "Counter target board wipe" card.

This has forced control to start running more and more removal at the expense of almost every other utility option in the mainboard. Control games are taking longer and longer because control is running fewer and fewer win conditions to dig up, because they have no other option. Why was Nephalia Drownyard good? Because it was a win condition that didn't take up a board slot, so that control could have as much removal and options. People say that Sphinx's Revelation was absurd, but it was the card that control needed, and not only that, wasn't as busted as people believe. It still took 5 turns to get online for any sort of value, and even then would you want to play a card that said "Draw 2 cards, gain 2 life" at 5CMC in the current meta? It's only the potential that it can start absorbing attacks once you have enough mana and give you more turns that makes it any good.

You need to seriously start looking at the game as it has progressed through the years before you say that control isn't being completely overhauled. I mean... Control players are probably going to have to play the Hexproof monk, Prognostic Sphinx, Soul of New Phyrexia, or some other terrible win condition. Control is getting shafted, and often.

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>Control is getting shafted, and often.
And thank God for that. Playing against Control is the opposite of fun.

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exactly this, control is just the least interactive and boring playstyle ever. Occasionally it has to make a decision but most of the time it's just 'kill/counter everything until I win with my finisher'

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Knowing there's no 4 mana wipe has completely opened my deckbuilding thoughtprocess, I feel like there's a lot of good, DIFFERENT games out there to be played because TWO WORDS: SUPREME VERDICT is hosed.

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The only reason people didn't play BSZ was because Consecrated Sphinx was in the same format

Divination is not a good draw spell

>> No.34579826

I see an EDH Voltron killer

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