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Can we have a cute /tg/ thread? My pet bird just died and i'm trying to cheer myself up

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There are two boards for cute:
Or >>>/cm/

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Here ya go, OP. Sorry to hear about your bird.

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I'm sorry but it makes me laugh whenever a cute thread is opened up with something sad, it's almost like it's customary!

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Sorry about your bird, man. I've lost two dogs this year as well, so yeah...

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Its a bat pretending to be a squid

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Have a cloud (yes that is the plural for this bat).

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only related because I once had my PCs retrieve alive a stolen/possessed pack of corgis that ended up almost killing them

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Sorry about your bird, bro

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Why is it impossible to keep an octopus as a pet? What kind of world do we live in?

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My mom had a pet bird when she was a kid. Her big brother killed it by slamming a door and giving it a heart attack. It's name was Fleagel. Who the fuck names a bird something like that?

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because keeping sentient organisms as pets is of dubious morality.

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Sapient. Dogs, cats, lizards, stick insects are all sentient.

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Fuck, I always mix those two up.

Wait, isn't it arguable about the stick insects?

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of course the orc is eating a chicken leg

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That and they are crafty bastards.

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Am I the only one who sees her wiggling in the bottom panel in the cutest manner possible?

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No, you're not

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This is actually kind of enjoyable

Scratch that, I'm definitely having a good time

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That's all of it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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You know I never got around to learning how to open those links without sad panda

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Replace ex with g.e-

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I'm gonna cheer the fuck out of you OP.

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I'd drink the transparency potion to humor her and then just refuse to use my transparency for lewd purposes.

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I'm not sure if I actually have that much /tg/ related cute things, can I just post baby animals?

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>Elf's skeleton fetish

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Have some adorable Farseers!

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You have no idea what either of those terms mean, do you?

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Op here, you guys are fucking awesome.

If anyone was wondering OP's bird was a Silkie named Athena.

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OP, I am going to post maximum cute just for you. This is medication level adorable, so I hope it helps.

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I don't know what is supposed to make these pics /tg/ related. Nor do I care.

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They're potential animal companions/familiars, obviously.

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I hope you feel better. I took in a mama cat and her kittens a few months ago, and the little black kitten died just Saturday. The vet thinks it was a heart defect, and it was a miracle he made it to 6 weeks. It breaks my heart though. I miss him so much, and it's made harder because his new owner was going to be a nine year old girl. She loved him from the moment he was a fluffy jelly bean, and he just wasn't strong enough.

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That is super helpful. Thanks a ton anon

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Oh god I want to make a race of helpful merchant spiders now.

They just pop down from the ceiling in caves and dungeons, their thorax loaded with bags and pouches filled with useful wares, their voices eerily similar to the tachikomas as they're full of enthusiasm and a desire to help, for a modest fee of course.

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They'll even giftwrap your items for you upon request.

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They're hyper intelligent, and will quickly either literally die from boredom, or get into ridiculous amounts of trouble. Quotes from aquariums have ranged from 'like a cat, managed to escape from it's tank and crawl across the floor and stick itself in a crack in a wall, where it was discovered dead a week later' to 'able to recognize an intern it disliked 2 years after she left, and promptly hit her in the face with a jet of water'. They also have a very short lifespan in captivity, maybe 3-5 years at the end of which they go insane for 30 minutes and then suddenly expire. Nevermind the logistics of having a saltwater tank that's large enough to keep them entertained.

That's WITHOUT the moral quandary of it all.

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I hope you give it a proper bird burial.

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Here's a picture of an owlbear valiantly protecting a treasure hoard.

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So... what I need to have an octopus roommate/friend is to basically have an extremely large, salt water swimming pool, filled with all kinds of other fish and random things for them to play with or play in.

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or as the case with octopi, outright murder

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yeah they gun get eatin'. but hey, I mean if you got the cash why not.

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It looks super concerned.

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anyways, forgot to add, cheer up m8 here's a pic of my doge gettin' real tired of your shit.

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Fun fact about hyenas: They're way more closely related to cats than dogs. Convergent evolution can cause some freaky similarities between immensely disparate species.

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>shark thing
that's a stingray, yo

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stingrays belong to the same family as sharks, don't they? so they were technically right.

heh. biology.

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Your dog looks completely stoned. You need to talk to him about smoking pot. He learned it from you, DIDN'T HE.

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I never actually noticed the green dots until you pointed it out. I thought it looked like it was sleeping or something.

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It's an angel shark.

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>Why is it impossible to keep an octopus as a pet? What kind of world do we live in?

It's not. It's just very expensive and they don't live very long.

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You read my mind, just as I was searching for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHJWqYw3IIM

Behold the epaulette shark, in all its silly glory. Watch as this adorable motherfucker stumbles around in search of teeny tiny prey.

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*she, and no, she was just very sleepy. Loves her naps, lazy old dog.

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Goblins are cute

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Is this cute enough to help?

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Cute from an actual /tg/ product. Mutants and Masterminds. Member of the "Alteri-teens" her name is Changeling.

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Just put them /tg/ related names.

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I've had that same thought. The males collect and trade magical gear, trying to find something that will convince a female to let them mate instead of just eating them.

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I've always wanted a capybara.

>> No.34566016

that is some adorable precursor to a new branch of tetrapods shit right there anon.

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1. Saltwater.

2. They require a specific PH and clarity and a bunch of other stuff that goes along with saltwater. They're not goldfish.

3. They tend to tear up their tank and will eat everything else in it.

4. They're very, very good at escaping, and then getting stranded somewhere dry and dessicating.

5. They don't live very long, at all. Not much of an investment.

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This is a 10/10 familiar

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Are we basically just looking at kawaii aranea here?

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>D'aww, it thinks it's evolved for ambulatory motion!

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>tfw you will never have a corgidile

Look how sad this cat is.

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Ratfolk bard

>> No.34566097

Is this a corgron or a corgator? or a corgodile?

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>Not knowing about G.I.F.T.S.

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In my head, they're more greedy/jewy/salesman-y.

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How many of you will add Wolf Spiders to your random encounter charts?

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That's wasted cute potential.

10 points from gyffindor

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How many of you roleplay being comfy around a fire with the rest of your party?

>> No.34566182

How about cute moths?

>> No.34566184

Why would I want to set such a thing up to be killed? They are obviously meant to be superior ranger animal companions.

>> No.34566188

What if they haggled a lot, but it wasn't like, greedy haggling.

Like when you've known someone for a really long time and you just like giving them a hard time for the hell of it because it amuses you.

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Everyday life in the pokemon world must be pretty interesting.

>> No.34566199

Someone made a weasel race like that.

>> No.34566209

An owl is basically a big moth, right?

>> No.34566218

there any documentation? i'd like to read about that.

>> No.34566219

Nonsensical adventures can be the most fun.

Random encounters don't have to be combat encounters.

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Did somebody say MOTHS?!?!

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True enough!

And now I must head to bed.

I hope you're feeling at least a little better OP.

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Ninjas? Riding pirates? Versus magical girls?

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what kind of moths are these?

>> No.34566457


Illustrated ones, it looks like.

>> No.34566484

>on a moth
...I'll allow it.

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I'd fuck a moth

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You would fuck anything

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Here is a walking octopus.

>> No.34566643

he's got the terms right, though I suppose calling octopi sapient is debatable at best

>> No.34566650

A... walktopus.

>> No.34566698

if they are sapient, it isn't in any way that we're familiar with, what with the clever as hell arms.

>> No.34566732

It's like a mini Liberace.

>> No.34566747

that's not saying much, given our frame of reference for sapience

>> No.34566769

Some scientists say two of the arms should be referred to as legs. I wonder why.

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That's some funny shit right there.

>> No.34567119

Not working for me

>> No.34567167

Watch the owl one.

>> No.34567232

There's a new one out.

>> No.34567356

No. No no no no.

I remember this.

This ended badly.


>> No.34567378

Mind spoiling me?

>> No.34567423

dinosaurs can be cute too

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I don't have it saved and it not a complete recollection...

the android is granted sapience and is the only survivor of a collapsing building. When they find her, the stress of the situation is so bad, they discover her still giving CPR to the body of her friend, but having done so for so long, her metal hands have mulched through her friend's chest. She's been screaming and calling for help so long her voice modulator blows out and freaks of the rescue crew

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I'll fuck you.

>> No.34567587

Stay awesome /tg/

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owls are untrustworthy. they steal souls.

>> No.34567706

I don't know, when they're that small wouldn't they be capyshota?

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Pro Tip: If you search "adorable" in on Youtube, then filter by Playlist, you'll find all sorts of nice, heartwarming stuff. I also recommend looking up Cute Overload on Google (warning: lots of fucking pink and yellow plus baby animals).

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Dunno about you, but they are the most bara of rodents if you ask me.

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>Still carrying around that primitive version

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>> No.34568022

>Random encounters don't have to be combat encounters.

That's right. Why, just the other day in the game I ran the party encountered a group of migrating triceratops. The triceratops had no reason to be aggressive, partly because they weren't in home territory but mostly because paddling took most of their focus as they swam from one lost island of ancient beasts to another. The party just watched in awe and confusion for a bit, then unfurled the sails again when the herd had finished swimming past.

On a related note, I've got to make an ocean encounter table with the 'any land' type terrain creatures removed.

>> No.34568088

When possible, and the other party members/GM will co-operate and not demand to "get on with it".

Once, ran an independent session.
>together forcDe

>> No.34568186

Heh. On the subject of random tables, I have a random make the party feel bad table. I roll on it whenever they kill an npc i wanted alive, and sometimes just as loot for mooks. No-one remembers the 5gp they got from a soldier's corpse, but they will remember the locket with a picture of his wife and child.

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>Jierdan Firkraag: The Early Years

>> No.34568245

Feel good pet story

>> No.34568268

post that shit anon, I need something just like that for my group.

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>> No.34568308

Please, I want it too.

>> No.34568327

That's good. I need to do that more. It's a subtle way to remind the players that the opponents they just killed were human beings.

Or a fantasy race equivalent, at least.

>> No.34568331

please post this. it sounds amazing.

>> No.34569053

So that's what it would look like if Blackarachnia and Silverbolt from Beast Wars had babies.

>> No.34569235

Cheer up buddy

Heartless monster

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>> No.34569393

>> No.34569411

>mothfolk reacts to /tg/'s obsession with moths

>> No.34569457

I love that raptor

>> No.34569504

heh, i know

>> No.34569674

Keep your birdie in your heart.
I know I keep my cat in mine

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>> No.34569764

dat filename

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>> No.34569840

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>> No.34572421

>"I like the taste of your body."

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>remove lid

>> No.34572503

>remove lid

>> No.34572650

For some reason - Idunno why - I remembered Dorohedoro.

>> No.34572726

Because Kaiman is a lizard dude.

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>> No.34572773


>> No.34572788

>dude, let me in
>i'm a fairy

>> No.34572800

Fucking fairys brah. Let them in man, do you want a fairy curse?

>> No.34573131

>> No.34573584

>not green

>> No.34574073

interesting, sauce?

>> No.34574080


>> No.34574140

We know.

>> No.34574737

>Shirou's grown even taller than me
Fucking right in the heart

>> No.34575197

Tell me more.

>> No.34575200

>> No.34575347

If you don't post is I'll make one myself.

>> No.34575439

Is mimicking a strawberry how it tries to survive?

>> No.34575603


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>> No.34575807

have some pancakes, anon, pancakes always makes the pain go away. Unless the pain is being too fat from all the pancakes, in which case, go run a few laps, that'll make you feel better.

>> No.34576229

>"This taste... is the taste of a liar! Giorno Giovanna!"

>> No.34576442

Can we get some Fennec Foxes in this thread? They are the cutest foxes.

>> No.34576644

and then they fucked. The end

>> No.34577076

>Argh, Arkimedes! Get out of zhere! Zhat iz not sanitary! I haven't washed zit yet!

>> No.34577318

Is that a fairy wing poking out of his mouth? Because that's not cute, anon.

>> No.34577393

It's a toothpick

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>> No.34577457


>> No.34577597

Have some peeg. Make sure to turn on the sound.


>> No.34577619

i want a qt elf

>> No.34578337

The tradition to paint orcs/orks green comes from Warhammer, if I'm not mistaken. Before that, the color of orcs' skin wasn't specified, usually it was brown, gray, olive, or something like that.

>> No.34578495

Oh shit I just remembered I bought all those games and never got around to playing them.

I played the shit out of the demos when I was younger.

Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders, from one of the Avernum games, I forget which one.

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>> No.34579859

I have a wallpaper and that's it

>> No.34580772

Cats and dogs aren't *that* far apart to start with.

>> No.34580866

I don't get it.

>> No.34580885

How does a ferret even get into that position? Or out, for that matter.

>> No.34580949

I don't have an image but I ran a dungeon world game where the PCs had to rescue humans kidnapped by kobolds. The kobolds magma/heat farm had gone cold so they were smuggling their victims for warmth. One PC used a spout lore check to declare a group of kobolds was called a 'cuddle puddle'

>> No.34581094

Where they adorable looking kobolds or the traditional "I want to murder you and eat your testes" kobolds?

>> No.34581114

They were snuggley lizardmen jealous of mammalian warmth

>> No.34581646

Now available in "robot".

>> No.34581828

Thus confirming that G.I.(F).T.S is totally a shoutout to ghost in the shell. I suppose the only thing that could make tachikomas that much cuter would be to make the fuzzy

>> No.34581997

The araneas are the evil spiders. The nice ones are just spiders. They were all called Spider.

>excellency peanis
Not that kind of thread, captcha.

>> No.34582487

Damn cutie, i remember her from the time i set up my monstergirl folder.

>> No.34582834

Tachikomas exist to provide comedic relief in a show where introducing an actual comic relief human would be extremely out of place. They are cute because they have to be cute to try to make their be more variety than "bang, bang, terrorist are kill".

>> No.34582906

I know that face.

>> No.34583472

That's not their only purpose, but it certainly is one of them.

>> No.34583837

The pups look like furretts. Adorable.

>> No.34584471

I'll make a human (or elf) tribe all about Wolf Spiders who specializes in raiding and ensuring tactics.

>> No.34584498

oh man it's a chibi ouroboros
i love those things

>> No.34584499


>> No.34584527


>> No.34584536

Waving for attention, directing traffic, or parting the Red Sea?

>> No.34584565


>> No.34584572

Considering getting one of these as a pet soon. they're so cool.

>> No.34584694

Neither faeries nor their magics can enter a human home unless invited.

>> No.34584729

>undead celebrating the birth of Jesus, the first true Lich

>> No.34584754

>> No.34584923

>> No.34585317


every time, that fucking panda.

got a name of that thing?

>> No.34585428

(C86) [Sakekan Memorial (SOLOPIPB)] Shiro Kasane | Layers of White [English]

>> No.34585439

Sentiens is "to feel or experience". Most creatures are Sentient.
Sapiens means "wisdom". Homo Sapiens are the "wise ape". We're the only creature we can definitively say is Sapient.

>> No.34585670

>tfw whenever I see pictures of cute or baby animals, I can only imagine all of the cruel and sad things that could happen to them, either by horrible human beings or natural events.

Anyone else feel this way? Like, when I see a cub or something, I could easily imagine a group of teenagers throwing away their toys or trying to hurt, maim or kill them horribly.

I hate it.

>> No.34585756

Sorry about your bird, OP. Losing a pet hurts.

Have some cute moths, maybe they'll help.

>> No.34585789


>> No.34586821

>> No.34587909

jesus christ, that twist.
how horrifying.

>> No.34588262

Most creatures aren't sentient. Most creatures are insects, and insects are a reactionary nervous system. They do not experience. They sense stimuli and react mechanically to stimuli. They don't even have a brain. Nearly all non-insect creatures are sentient, though. Trees, with some debateability, may also be sentient but in a very limited and alien way. The core of this argument is shared chemical signals in root tangles.

>> No.34588869

>>Is this a corgron or a corgator? or a corgodile?
Well, it's certainly corrugated!

>> No.34588900

I swear to GOD, Carlos, I will fucking cut you!

>> No.34589234

Wait, wut?

>> No.34589335

>that shy looking right one
>the naive looking left one
I know what you are doing penis, stop.

>> No.34589495

The only proper answer to the age old question: Elf Slave, Wat Do?

>> No.34590189

Where's cultist chan?

>> No.34590261

>> No.34590495

>I changed my mind
The best way to portray him.

>> No.34591551

You sure? That looks like the somewhat less aggressive Budgiebear.

>> No.34592874

must not let this adorable thread die..

>> No.34593918

I tried making a character sheet out of this (relevant to a campaign)
any thoughts?

>> No.34594129

>Moth cosplaying as a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character
I mean, look at him, he's doing a little pose and everything!

>> No.34594210

Never noticed that. I kinda want a drawfag to draw Tzeentch saying that to someone but looking seriouse now

>> No.34595018

And Avernum's precursor, Exile

>> No.34595112

Isn't That banjo from banjo and kazooe?

>> No.34595394

need more of this

>> No.34595762

The one Avernum game that I do remember encountering them is Blades of Avernum, right on the first mission. But I never played the others so you are probably right.

>> No.34595779



>> No.34595891

>brave sauce: the victory

>> No.34595940

Where did this come from and is there more like it?

>> No.34596030

No, it's a courier (an animal that takes the items you bought to you) from Dota 2, which is a pc game.

>> No.34596053

Also this is her shop description
>Not so itsy, say you? Her enormous elder siblings click their mandibles and roll their many eyes at their sister's puny proportions. To prove her worth, this fleet-footed spiderling will eagerly scuttle to your service and weave her web around your heart!

>> No.34596078

>> No.34596210

that's cool but also terrifying for some reason.

>> No.34596248

>> No.34596261


>> No.34596281

>shit, something's gonna eat me
>better look like a snake
>wait, wait, that's stupid
>TWO snakes
>yeahhh, awesome

>> No.34596290

I can't wait until the Konrad Kurze primarch miniature comes out so people can do this with it. And also the brushie brushie pic.

>> No.34596299

It's from a series called Keyman, in my opinion it's better, less edge for the sake of edge.

>> No.34597007

I've designed a race a bit like that, actually. A society of evolved jumping spiders (in the same way we're evolved apes), that are matriarchal and are ancient Chinese-eque in design.

The women are short-legged and round but bigger, with natural colours and patterns. Calm, methodical, also venomous.

The men are smaller but leaner with longer legs, and with crazy goddamn colours and patterns. Think stereotypical musketeers dressed as parrots.

>> No.34597664

I requested in a draw thread for a picture of a lich learning the true meaning of Christmas. Now I know what that actually is.

>> No.34598543

>> No.34598626

Probably managed to get enough of a grip on the inside with its front claws to push the tube down over itself.

Not sure whether it'd be able to get out that way, though.

>> No.34599020


Fuck, reinstalling.

>> No.34599036


Installing BG2 is the first thing one should do witha new computer

>> No.34599044

>> No.34599060


>> No.34599082


>> No.34599986

>Only a clam would write that kind of story, because clams are dumb as hell

>> No.34602421

There's something adorable of making these human/animal hybrids keep the size of the creatures they are hybridizing with rather than making them human size. To this day, the picture of a parakeet... harpy? siren? whatever it is, fighting a lamia on top of a guy who is trying to stop them is the cutest monstergirl picture I've seen.

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