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Also, check your privilege male gaming scum

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Was this the burlesque show at GenCon? I didn't see any of them, but I didn't go to that show either.

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Assume this qt slaps your ass at convention. What do you do?

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Would consider it. I know already that i'm not the father, and if i'm drunk and put a rubber on it, eh, why not? As long as the room is dark and i've had a few.
preggo fetish doesn't hurt either

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I can't tell if pregnant or fat

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I don't think she's pregnant. God - it would be like fucking a giant wad of pizza dough.

Excuse me while I vomit.

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She'd have to be carrying around octuplets

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They still have more sex than you

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About the only fuckable person there is the sheriff.

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This is why I won't go to Gen Con again.

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Come on guys, they are just trying to have a good time

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I'd pound the shit out of Glamlactus in the back.

But only if she wore the shoulder and head piece and talked Jack Kirby-style.

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No joke, I had a horrifying moment where my friends and I were chilling in one of the hotel lobbies on the last day of Gen Con, and this girl walked by with her iphone.

She started rubbing the screen with her sleeve to try and clean it. Then when that didn't work, she full-on gave it a good tongue-polish. She licked her phone like it was snozberry flavored; then quickly glanced around to see if anyone was looking.

Jesus Christ it was disgusting.

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I'd hit that midget like the fist of the North Star

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That harry potter wannabe looks like she's got big enough tits to consider.

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Man, I lick the shit out of my phone to clean it.

What the fuck is wrong with that?

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Slap her on the face, tell her to keep her hands to herself, and skedaddle before con security gets called over and treats me as the person in the wrong in the situation.

Switch to secondary costume if I have one, or take the one I have off in favor of normal clothes.

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Every single one of the dudes is infinitely more fuckable than all but kitana and the midget.

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So aside from horrible cosplay burlesque shows, how is Gencon. My friend and I wanna go but we're from the Seattle area and don't know if it's worth it to go there as we don't know the happenings and events.

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Now here's the real question.
What the fuck does "Men are women too?" have to do with this?

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Why would anybody do such a thing?

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Hi, where are the games?

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I've fucked much, much worse. I would be grateful for the attention and probably spew spaghetti everywhere to boot.

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The best part is that mainstream media makes fan of speculative fiction, tabletop games, and comics because of these guys.

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Is /tg/ inhabited entirely by people hipsters now?
Sure everyone in that photo looks ridiculous, everyone looks ridiculous at a convention, it's half the fun. No doubt they all know they look ridiculous and just don't care.

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GenCon is 4 days full of fat, smelly men; RPGs; huge, oversized tabletop games; cardgames; the occasional cosplayer; and a fukkin colossal room full of vendor booths.

It's a helluva lot of fun and you'll probably come home with a few stories about random nerds you see there.

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there is no rule against cosplaying a slave girl Lea as a fat cow. but fir the love of the god emperor don't do it on stadge have some fucking decency!

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The Big Bang Theory exists because of this community.

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/tg/ has been taken over by dumblr for a long as fuck time now

how new are you?

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Sounds like fun. I've only gone to anime cons before and am expanding out to video game and traditional game cons and heard that gencon was "the con" for /tg/.

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By most accounts, you'd be correct. As far as /tg/ goes, Gencon is *the con* in the world.

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Maybe she's pregnant, AND fat?

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Ignoring that tumblr hasn't even existed for that long what do they even have to do with this?

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The cowboy guy on the far left is the best looking of the lot.

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cowboy dude looks like a fun loving bro, most of them however...

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You've been on 4chan too long. He looks like a homosexual rapist.

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I'd say the guy with the horn is the rapist

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>not the halfling

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You should go to a con in a deadpool costume to obscure your identity.

Do some blatantly criminal activity, run away, then strip it off to reveal your spiderman costume. It's the perfect disguise.

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>"That's the one, he did it!"
It's the one case where you could use their nerdiness against them

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It's times like these when I'm happy cons are much smaller and more...normal in my country.
I think I saw 3 people in costume (with about 2000 attendees).

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But that kind of patronizing approach to enjoying your hobby just makes me despise you more.

I despise men who think their enjoyment of a hobby makes them special. Why should I afford any more respect for a woman in the same hobby?


It's disgusting. It's like Chevy and Ford owners going at it.

"Lel, don't panic Ford owners, the real cars are here!"

It's this sense of undeserved pride. Fucking disgusting.

Oh, and I will never in my life attend any sort of con. They attract the most horrible elements of a fan-base. It's embarrassing.

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Aside from the fact that it's probably the single-most filthy, disease-covered object you've ever come into direct contact with?

I mean, not much. I guess some people just like constantly having the sniffles.

Just, please tell me you do this kind of thing before you date me? I don't want to catch your gross.

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Don't worry, I reserve licking for other activities.

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Of all those the only thing that doesn't make me want to kill myself is the naked sheriff.

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A literal midget

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I'm straight male and the dude on the left is easily the most attractive person there.

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None of them can completely erase the vague feeling of fear and shame on their faces.

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Whatever you do don't google her nudes, not only is it pretty vile but it may well forever ruin basketball for you too ...

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I don't care about basketball anyway, post the link.

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Jokes on you! I never cared for basketball!

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You do realise we're on 4chan right. That's nothing new.

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Yeah, look at that. Look at those varicose veins. Those lard filled thighs like someone emptied a tub of cottage cheese into a balloon and smeared them with butter. That smell of catpiss and protein farts.
This my friends, this is the future.

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> this is the future.
Joke on you there is no future, there will be a nuclear war before that. Right?

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I don't cosplay, larp or any of that shit, but you have to admire anyone willing to go out in public like that.

>fucking midget in white
>can't stop laughing

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Man, times must have been tough for James May.

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It's fat, Jim, but not as we know it.


Say "oh my" in the voice of haedonismbot.

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"Assuming you don't stop, I am going to make an ass of you and me."

The walk away while they try to figure out what I mean.

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Alright, I laughed. You win this time anon.

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the only good thing about those jeans is that at least he won't be breeding now.

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At Least he's not hoverhanding.

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Call the police since I was just sexually assaulted by some incredibly disgusting "thing" calling itself a woman.

You know how women who get raped or molested take showers and scrape themselves raw because they can't wash the feel away?

I think that would be the male equivalent right there.

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Yeah Captain Slow was just trying to find himself after the Autocar incident.

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shortstack emma frost.

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>But mooooom, you promised!

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Bullshit, you're a twinkboi who posts cuckoldry on /gif/ just like these fuckers

I, however, am a brony. We are ashamed of our fellow brony in OP due to non-skintone adhesive for the horn and having hands instead of hooves. He blew it. Still most fuckable, ladies, take note.

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I do 20 - 30 conventions a year as a vendor, mostly anime cons since I sell /jp/ stuff. GenCon is one of the only cons I would ever (and do) go to as an attendee, for a number of reasons.

1. Most anime cons have a median attendee age of 16 -20. GenCon's is at least 30 - 40.

2. People are old enough to have jobs, and therefore money, and want to spend it having fun.

3. Because people aren't horny teenagers, they relax and be bros instead of spending the whole time trying to get laid by whatever hambeast will have them. (Although the local anime brats do pollute the hallways on Saturday like street urchins, desperately whoring for attention in their shifty Naruto cosplay.)

4. Despite my 44 inch waist size, I feel positively svelte there.

5. The event itself is organized exceedingly well and operates with competence and professionalism.

6. All those glorious food vendors selling things that will make you look like you're from the Midwest.

7. The city actually supports the event, and appreciates the money, unlike Baltimore, Los Angeles, and most places where conventions are held.

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There isn't a single cutie

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Nah bronyfag, I don't think he's going for a MLP cosplay at all. What he's going for looks very familiar, I just can't think of where I've seen it before.

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Eh, Kitana down in front has the face covered by the mask, so there's a bit of potential.

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Plus tumblr would probably be trying to defend these people


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Would a travel size Emma Frost. Hard

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So I guess /tg/ makes /v/ threads now?

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Whats James May doing at one of these things?

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>that guy's face
jeez, he looks distraught.

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oh god you can see his cock

>> No.34505898

Is that Woody Allen as Robin

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>that boner

>> No.34505901

the shit I put up with...

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>checking she's not pregnent

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Hey, is that jontron in the back?

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I'm a fit ginger and I'm working on my genderbent Phoenix costume: awesome or gay

>> No.34506163

Amazingly gay.
Though there have been male Phoenixes as I recall.

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If it's for a comic convention, awesomely gay. For unrelated conventions, it's just gay.

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Shoot yourself in the brain

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pix plz

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It's not done

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Oh like you fucking feel any emotion at all cause of what he just said, you soulless demon.

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There's not a lot of redhead superheroes, and as far as I've seen nobody else has done "John Gray." It's a weird idea.


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who is that?

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At least the cowboy guy is kinda hot.

>> No.34506383

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't rail that midget.

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Pretty much agree with everything you said, though it took 5 years for my friends to convince me to go. I was sure it was gonna be traumatic but if you treat the gross stuff as a game (one friend keeps a tally of buttcrack while people watching, final score this year was 42-37 women winning) it's not so bad.

>7. The city actually supports the event, and appreciates the money, unlike Baltimore, Los Angeles, and most places where conventions are held.
Indy is possibly the best city in the USA that hosts any large event. Their downtown region is always clean, feels safe, and has a ton of restaurants/hotels/bars packed into a small walking area with enough parking to support driving in for the day. The panhandlers are a bit annoying, but there's not too many; and they're the lazy sit there with a sign kind, not the get up in your face and beg kind. If there's ever a concert, convention, sporting event, etc that interests you and is hosted in Indy, you should go.

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The midget is at least the fourth most attractive woman in that pic. Maybe higher depending on how Kitana, zombie-chick, and red coat chick in front of lard-Leia looks like out of costume.

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>Indy is possibly the best city in the USA that hosts any large event.

Damn right it is.

>> No.34506578

I'm searching for a career change. do you need a new empolyee?

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I looked at the tits first, saw the hair and I'm guessing it's a Powergirl cosplay?

>> No.34506621

I think it's a Relic Nights cosplay. Gotta plug the new game.

>> No.34506623

Unlikely, PG is usually blonde and I don't think she's ever had a costume like that. It's more likely some anime thing I'd guess.

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are...are they real?

>> No.34506694

Really though, does it matter?

>> No.34506727

Kitana's a dude, dude.

>> No.34506743

Do they feel real?

>> No.34506766

Relic Knights, SDE, Tentacle Bento. They generally had one girl in cosplaying each game the entire weekend.

>> No.34506770

if they're real, it's way hotter

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Rolled 8 (1d20)


It does indeed matter Anon, I wouldn't knock a well done pair of fake tits but real ones are more enjoyable.

In before some virgin trash talking or whatever.


Too late, I'm calling her Powergirl from now on. Hair's close enough in color and she's got the tits for it.

Damn she really's got the tits for it...

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Marie-Claude has fake basketball tits, the other 2 are real, and cuter than the pics posted show them to be.

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Rolled 3 (1d20)


Indeed, but she's still got some big fake ones which aren't actually the worse pair of fake ones I've seen.

I'd definitely hold hands with the one make the double peace signs though. She might have a LITTLE chubbiness to her, but I can dig that.

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>Aside from the fact that it's probably the single-most filthy, disease-covered object you've ever come into direct contact with?

Constant exposure to diseases is good for your immune system. Keeps it on it's toes.

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SLightly gay.... try to aim for "freddy mercury" gay and you should be good~

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I think I know who's behind this post

>> No.34507189

Haha oh man this chick. My girlfriend and I couldn't stop staring.

She took the boob job waaaaay too far.

>> No.34507236

To be quite honest I'd probably fuck most of the girls in that pic. Yes, even Leia, I have a chubby chasing streak a mile long. May need a paper bag for that haircut tho.

With the possible exception of the midget because I'm not into shortstacks.

>mfw tall sexy Galactus lady

>> No.34507248

Idunno. I think they look fine as long as she always dresses as an anime character. or does porn. I couldn't imagine her ever wearing normal clothes like a T-shirt.

>> No.34507249

My niggas

>> No.34507257

>implying that's chubby

>> No.34507344

Commit a murder-suicide.

>> No.34507441

It's funny that all these people who feel like they have a legitimate reason to consider themselves part of nerdy geeky culture feel the need to defend themselves.

Clearly, if they are as legit as they claim to be, then they have nothing to fear. No one is going to have any beef with them if they actually play and love RPGs and games.

Why would they even assume that accusations of fake geekdom matter to them?

>> No.34507454

Kind of sad that the only cute one in the whole bunch is the Preggo Slave Leia

>> No.34507460

Most of those range from fat to landwhales.

>> No.34507462


/tg/ has the worst taste in girls.

>> No.34507546

It's actually a ton of fun.
The exhibit hall gives you a place where you can find the shit you normally can't find at your LGS, and since it's in person, you can usually get a demo or a quick game in to determine if its worth buying or not.

Occasionally you'll find some cool deals and rare shit. Like, one vendor had a massive shelf of old out of print RPGs and splats for dirt cheap on one side, and the other side was overflowing with old TCGs that you may not have ever known existed, but they were so dirt cheap that you could walk away with several booster boxes and full preconstruct decks for just about any tcg on the table for 20$

The crowd itself is often a little too big, meaning it's kind of a pain in the ass to move around at anything faster than a stuttering shuffle, but otherwise, it's entirely worth going.

>> No.34507552

or just keep wearing your deadpool costume, who will be able to tell you apart from the other 28 deadpool costumes?

>> No.34507572


>> No.34507592

You will not trick me again, Ebola.

>> No.34507620

It's a con fuck, it's not like I'm taking her home to meet my folks. I've got a long list of con hookups I wouldn't admit to most people.

>> No.34507634

Don't be that guy.

You should go as wonder man.

>> No.34507641


Fake as fuck


They look nice enough when in clothes, but her nudes? Like two basketballs glued to her chest.

>> No.34507668

This is Wonder Man

>> No.34507671

Good god man, you mustn't have any dignity left. You're like every other desperate, horny con goer that'll chase anything that moves.

Absolutely disgusting.

>remember kids: it doesn't count if she's below a 7/10

>> No.34507679

Dude, they are beyond chubby. They are hamplanets, and a hundred pounds ago of a healthy weight.

>> No.34507681

I should bulk up and do that one year.

What if my fetish is massive, fake tits?

>> No.34507686

yeah, but that costume looks cool and won't creep anyone out

>> No.34507693

Then you have a terrible fetish.

>> No.34507710

There's a lot to choose from if you're looking for something less cool.

>> No.34507729

those are just lame. The joke is that you're dressing up as a beardy, genderbent wonderwoman.

Not a B-list generic hero.

(I shouldn't have to explain the joke)

>> No.34507743

Dude, I'm just having fun. If that includes having sex with people I normally wouldn't put the effort into pursing sexually so be it.

>> No.34507758

It plays heavily into a D/s and objectification thing.

>> No.34507775


Uh dudes, I'm pretty sure it's a very pretty dude.

>> No.34507809

It's gross. It's not a matter of putting in effort, it is a matter of not having dignity.

I can understand going for qt if not attractive girls, but daaaaamn man the skinnier girls in that picture are orbiting the bigger ones.

>> No.34507831

I'm well aware. I'm just fucking about because using the term Wonder Man for r63 Wonder Woman may confuse retarded /co/mrades like myself.

>> No.34507843

They actually look better in a t-shirt, she looks passably human. When she takes her top off, the complete lack of transition between girl and plastic is kinda nasty. I'd be embarrassed to be the surgeon that attached them, job wasn't good at all.

>> No.34507854

also, that wonder man is comic book canon.

>inb4 retcon

>> No.34507861

I want to live in her cleavage.

>> No.34507871

Someone call Admiral Akbar, cause


>> No.34507892

At least the Indy panhandlers frequently have amusing signs like "Hungry Like a Hippo" or "Why Lie? It's for beer." As opposed to the angry, disenfranchised minorities that pollute the sidewalks of other cities, accusing people of racism if they don't give them change.

And the support of the city goes a long way. It helps that GenCon is the 3rd biggest money-maker for the city (beaten only by the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, both of which have 200,000+ attendees). Other cities (I'm looking at you, Baltimore) really don't appreciate what they have. During GenCon, the local restaurants make special menus, the food trucks come in force, and all the souvenir shops stock up on 6XL t-shirts (instead of just the 4XL's the typical Midwesterners wear).

>> No.34507916

I normally don't care for fake boobs, but I fucking love hers for some reason. I've fapped to her photosets probably around two dozen times now.

But yeah they do look better when the nips are covered up.

>> No.34507936

Fuck man, me too. She's not bad looking for a midget, and I have the shortstack fever.

>> No.34507955

Why the fuck are almost all of the chicks fat? God damn

>> No.34507973

>The Big Bang Theory exists because of this community.
Is this pro or con?
Seriously Big Bang Theory is the tv equivalent of the attention seeking girl claiming to be 'no nerdy'.

>> No.34507978


>> No.34507994

Because nerds across all hobbies, ages, races and genders tend to be fat.

>> No.34508005

/fit/ here

women don't know how to count calories

>> No.34508008

jesus christ, that just made me gag

>> No.34508014

I've got plenty of dignity.

>> No.34508028

>Americans of all hobbies, ages , Race, and gender tend to be fat.

>> No.34508032

I dunno, I go down for the Big 10 championship every year, and the basketball tournament every other; the signs are only amusing the first time, then it gets a little annoying. There's also more than a few who are better dressed than people attending the con, and this year I saw one who pulled out a cell phone while asking for change. If you've got cash to drop on a phone, and you're wearing clean clothes (chinos, polo, casual but nice leather shoes) you can go find a job at McDonalds or something.

The bad ones are actually kinda funny though, this year's winner was the guy begging with his gf, who was 7+ months pregnant, itching at herself like a crack addict, and they had 2 babies in strollers. The argument about how he always tried to change her while she was smoking and keeping people from giving them money was a fantastic train wreck.

I was also supremely impressed by the guy who was ambitious enough to leave an old can and sign by his cardboard bed under the rail overpass, and then go out and beg elsewhere in 2012.

>> No.34508033

Shit, I can't stand massive nips like she has.

>> No.34508040

much, much worse? wow man

>> No.34508049

We live in an age of decay.

>> No.34508068

I'm just glad there are people out there who aims for the ugly ones. It ony makes my life easier.

>> No.34508074

Her nips bother me because of how flat they are. They should at least rise off the surface of the tit. Hence why I prefer it when she has them locked up tight in a costume.

All things considered, I would fuck her until my dick broke off.

>> No.34508076

Nothing good ever came of Big Bang Theory


>> No.34508136

>not into shortstacks.

>> No.34508139

>tfw you wear XL shirts because you're 6 foot 3 with broad shoulders.
Well, at least the obesity statistics are getting me a better range of clothes.

>> No.34508164

You should tailor your clothes or at least shop at Big and Tall.

XL shirts on non-obese guys look like ponchos.

>> No.34508190

>We're true nerds DnD and stuff
>Mana costs


>> No.34508199

Indianapolis is certified midwest-tier, and thats not a good thing. Im sure GenVon is great, but Indianapolis sucks.

protip: every city's convention neighborhood has restaurants and shopping. thats not unique to indy.

>> No.34508217

>Oh, and I will never in my life attend any sort of con. They attract the most horrible elements of a fan-base. It's embarrassing.

You haven't lived until you've gone to a Con afterparty and woken up trapped under a mountain of flesh.

>> No.34508240

God this video. All my rage.
If the would just shut up about being a 'girl this and that' and just do their thing nobody would give a shit. All this really is is an expression of their need for approval. I mean wtf. I really don't get what this is even supposed to be about.

>> No.34508267

I've got a buddy who would pay good money for that exact experience.

>> No.34508282

How do people that big tolerate themselves. Im dusgusted looking at them. Aside from their grotesque appearance, being that fat indicates serious laziness, lack of willpower, and straight up gluttony.

>> No.34508286

The sadder thing is than you can see a pretty girls inside all this blob of meat.
I would fuck the ninja one.

>> No.34508302

This. And they're always too short as well, if I reach up for something then they ride up to my ribs.

>> No.34508319

I know that feel. XL's way too billowy round the waist, L's too short and tight around the back. Pants are even worse, there are barely any that have the necessary 36 length but don't also have 36+ circumference.

>> No.34508335

Yeah, it's Marie-Claude from the Speed Circuit faction.

Interestingly, the character is actually an insert of the cosplayer (same name and everything). Which gets a little more obvious when you see the model.

>> No.34508339

>protip: every city's convention neighborhood has restaurants and shopping. thats not unique to indy.
Lots of them also have locals who hate the tourists, traffic problems, and safety issues. If "midwest-tier means the city is clean, friendly, and I would feel comfortable letting a 12 yr old walk around downtown alone, then I'm ok with Indy being midwest-tier.

Note: this doesn't mean you can't find other good cities to throw events in, San Antonio is another favorite of mine, and Toronto has been really cool; but I'm not letting my nephew go off on his own at Comic Con (LA or NY) or Otakon.

>> No.34508354

>They generally had one girl in cosplaying each game the entire weekend.

Both babes count as cosplay nowadays?

>> No.34508367

Speaking as somebody who used to be kinda fat (~98 kg at my worst), at some point you kinda end up as accepting it as an immutable part of your identity, like hair/eye colour or other height, especially when you have been overweight from a young age on. When I eventually got around to losing all that weight (down to a presentable 81 kg) the most amazing thing was really just the realisation just how much control I actually had over my body.

>> No.34508389

At this stage, I don't see why not. There's a slight difference between "looking pretty" and "looking pretty while dressed like a particular character."

>> No.34508407

Interesting question, but I'd say yes, it's still sex if you pay the hooker.

>> No.34508411

>Interestingly, the character is actually an insert of the cosplayer (same name and everything). Which gets a little more obvious when you see the model.
I like that you didn't even mention the boobs.

>> No.34508419

So wait, she just started dressing in costume like that, and a dev said "I wanna make you a character in our game"?

>> No.34508425

They're using her in every game now

>> No.34508444

Sodapop minis hired her back when they were promoting the SDE the first time back when they were tied to Coolminiornot, since then she's been a "model" they use for every game and most conventions. I think the game characters are just how they say thanks.

>> No.34508456

No, >>34508425 has it. I don't know how the working relationship between her and Soda Pop started, but now she has an insert in every one of their games.

Her boobs need no introduction.

>> No.34508555

That or she did some "favors" for the promotion.

>> No.34508569

>she just started dressing in costume like that

She's been running around in costumes like that, and occasionally a lot less, for something like a decade and a half by now.

>> No.34508612

Hey, I accepted the fact that I'm a shit-tier male, and tend to only seek out the shit-tier females.

The shittest of the shit-tier females still insist my standards are too high...

>> No.34508644

Soda Pop must be doing slightly better because of the introduction of cosplayer fapbait to draw attention to them. So, it's a small, but nice little thing to do for the girl who can't really help them in any other way.

Krosmaster has miniature based on the President of their Western branch, or something to that effect.

>> No.34508673

>Hot food, cold beer, and zombie free
Can't ask for anythign more.

>> No.34508683

Soda Pop is doing exceptional when you consider the amount of rage when they tried to kickstart Tentacle Bento, and the fact coolmini basically never allowed them to deliver on Relic Knights. Now they're a separate entity, I get the feeling they might do a lot better, the development team was really cool when I got to talk with them during a SDE demo earlier this month.

>> No.34508694

Or they hope that basing the minis on a porn model well known in geek circles will help draw attention.

>> No.34508815

I hope so. SDE FK is my first kickstarter. A lot of future trust is riding on this one.

>> No.34508911

I wouldn't worry about it being delivered, they might have problems with Relic Knights, but SDE is such a big property for them it'd be company suicide to not get the new game out to fans, especially when they're discontinuing the original box in October. I am slightly wary of how the arcade mode is going to play out, but not the quality of the product or it delivering on time. They've already got the core molds finished/orders in, just finishing the molds on any expansions/add-ons people ordered.

>> No.34508920

Not /tg/-related.

>> No.34508930

>discontinuing the original box

Fuck, glad I got mine when I did.

>> No.34508944

> I feel proud about the things I buy and the hobbies I enjoy.

I have never understood this mentality from anyone, male or female.

You feel proud about raising a child to be a productive member of society, you feel proud about refurbishing a car by yourself, you feel proud about playing music for a crowd and getting a standing ovation.

Who feels proud about sitting on their ass and playing a game? Or buying a console? You didn't make anything, you accomplish anything, you have NOTHING to be PROUD of.

>> No.34508953

>The biggest traditional gaming convention in the world
>Not /tg/-related

>> No.34508963

When he told me that at Gencon it instantly went to the top of my b-day list. Finished trimming flash/green stuff on the models last night, they're going to be primed tomorrow morning.

>> No.34508981

What if you made a game?

>> No.34508998

You know you're gonna have to link it now, right?

>> No.34509031

Sure! Assuming you put effort into it and made something that people genuinely enjoy, then that is definitely something to be proud of.

>> No.34509057

You really shouldn't click this link, or at least make sure you're not eating/drinking when you do.

>> No.34509102

People are just talking about generic con stuff, tho. It's like saying that a Patricia Helfer thread is /tg/-related because she was in BSG, even if they're just discussing her hair and her role on Killer Women.

>> No.34509109

It's not that bad. She's pretty attractive.

>> No.34509120

Look at this fucking thread. It's costumes and people-watching. It belongs in /cgl/.

>> No.34509145

Haha, oh wow. Talk about stapled on. Reminds me of pic related.

Fuckin' hot otherwise, though.

>> No.34509189

angle is not very flattering

>> No.34509249

id fuck the sheriff, but i would not fuck the deputy.

>> No.34509299

I don't know, I'd probably fuck tattoo Kitana after a battery of tests.

>> No.34509351

The tits aren't bad. But my God, those beef curtains...

>> No.34509377

You haven't seen that many vulvas outside of porn before, have you?

>> No.34509398

Michelangelo had a pretty weird concept of "human perfection"

>> No.34509415

Maybe he was just that much into sculpting pretty dudes and only remembered that it's supposed to be a lady at the very last moment.

>> No.34509471

"Fuck, I made all of them into dudes! Shit I'll just bolt on some tits and chop of the dicks off of half of them. Surely no one will notice."

>> No.34509484

If it's any good it is an actual accomplishment, so that's cool.

I think it's because this hobby is so full of losers who get their sense of self worth out of knowing a lot of trivia about D&D or some shit.

In a lot of hobbies there are actual accomplishment. if you bench 400 lbs it is a real accomplishment.

>> No.34509495

A lot of those were made with male models. Something about women not being allowed to model.

>> No.34509514

No, I haven't. Are you implying that's something to be ashamed of?

>> No.34509517

>those tits aren't bad
>complains about extremely minor amounts of labia minora
I hate it when underaged don't know when to keep their mouth shut.

>> No.34509542

I can't really relate to that mindset either, but it's probably the main reason why (video-)gamer "culture" at large can be so incredibly entitled, insular and toxic. Substitute personality with consumerism.

>> No.34509551

Nah, I'm implying that that causes you have a warped/lopsided view of what the average vulva tends to look like.

>> No.34509596

his only body study was from a friend who was a priest and let him look at corpses of monks that they were going to bury. he never got to study female anatomy, so all of his women look like men with boobs tacked on.

>> No.34509604

What's Gencon short for? Degenerate Conference?

>> No.34509611

It's pretty obvious from that sculpture that he was into traps

>> No.34509815

I'm saying it outright. You clearly want to see vaginas, but can't manage it in real life. It's like drooling over postcards of some beautiful faraway place, except that even poorfags can see a nice pussy if they're not retarded.

>> No.34509828

You can be proud of having good taste, because accumulating what lies beneath it is an accomplishment.

>> No.34509989

This is kinda hampered by the problem that the definition of "good" taste is highly subjective.
>I am proud of liking things that are good (which are good because they fall within my definition of "things that are good")

>> No.34510106

>in the world
Haha, no. That'd be in Germany.

>> No.34510138

>mfw when one of my idiot friends is getting berated on 4chan yet again

Time to start associating with new people, huh?

>> No.34510152

>good taste
Define "good taste."

> because accumulating what lies beneath it is an accomplishment.

>> No.34512828

Good thread.

>> No.34512913

is she shitting on a train? Or is it something worse I dare not ponder?

>> No.34512967

>porn model
>well known
Never heard of her before.

>> No.34512993

puke likely. That's my usual response to being touched

>> No.34513051


>> No.34514285


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