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Let's try this again, the previous one didn't do a very good job of staying alive. I'll repost the story from it.
Past threads: http://pastebin.com/uMT2kb5q
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no bully tho

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The next morning is a wonderful one. Waking up next to Satsuki always brings a smile to your face, but this time, there’s a new intensity to the feeling. There are no more boundaries in your relationship. There is only limitless love.

Satsuki brings a hand to your face, and starts caressing it. “I love you, Ryuuko.”

You kiss her fingers as they brush over your lips. “I love you more.”


You smirk. “Watch me.” You start showering her face with kisses, gradually lowering your position. Satsuki’s face is extremely kissable, but so is her slender neck. You make the transition from affectionate to sensual, teasing Satsuki’s sensitive spots with your lips. But… It’s not time yet. You pull away, and bring yourself to eye level with Satsuki again.

The sudden stop surprises her. “Ryuuko?” Her face shows a hint of disappointment.

“...Sorry, nee-san. I got caught up in the moment. Let’s wait a bit with stuff like this.”

She nods with understanding. “You’re right. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s probably best if we take one step at a time.” She rubs her nose against yours. “There’s no rush.”

You hum in agreement. “…Speaking of rushing, I know it’s the weekend, but isn’t there something we were supposed to do?”

“Oh, that’s right. We were supposed to practice control over that form’s power, weren’t we? When should we do that?”

You close in on Satsuki’s lips. “No time like the present. I guess we’ll see each other later, nee-san.”

She smiles. “Why? We just have to look in a mirror.”

The sensation is as otherworldly as you remember it. It’s so much more than a kiss. You’re not even sure what to call it.

One thing is for sure, though. It feels divine.

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It’s high time you left the bed. As you stand up, something occurs to you. The ceiling appears to be significantly lower. However, your feet are touching the ground. Are you… taller? You never noticed that the last time.

Come to think of it, you haven’t had a good look at yourself yet. You’ve only managed to catch a glimpse of your face in Senketsu’s eye. You head to the bathroom. On your way there, your head passes dangerously close under the doorframes. Finally, you stand naked in front of the large mirror.


Is this… really you? A stunningly beautiful woman stands before you. Her fair skin and white hair contrast sharply with the piercing, red eyes, currently widened in surprise. While the face is a mixture of Ryuuko and Satsuki’s features, the voluptuous frame brings a younger, taller Ragyou to your mind. Well, whether you like it or not, you are her daughter.

There’s more than that, however. An aura about you, a certain intensity in your gaze. It makes even you want to take a step back in respect. Is that what made others keep their distance? You’ll need to work your way past that, if you ever want to use this form casually.

Since you’re already here, you opt to take a shower. You feel a bit lonely by yourself, but technically both Ryuuko and Satsuki are here. It's all still pretty new to you.

As you leave the bathroom, Senketsu and Junketsu awaken from their sleep. They fix their gazes on you, surprise painted in their eyes. However, they say nothing.

“…You can talk now.”

“…Can we talk about what we saw and heard?”, Senketsu asks.

[X] Yes
[ ] No

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You nod. “Yes.”

“Then… we want to say we’re happy for you.”

“If Lady Ryuuko’s love is what makes Lady Satsuki happy, then, by all means, you should love each other.”, Junketsu says. “However…”

“Why are you like this?”

“Do you recall Ryuuko’s conversation with Sanageyama yesterday, Senketsu?”, you ask.

Senketsu’s eyes widen. “Then, you will fight him?”

“Fight him?! That’s preposterous!”, Junketsu chimes in. “He won’t last a second! He might die, even!”

“That is why I want to get a good grasp on my power first. I wish to fulfill Sanageyama’s request, but I don’t want to harm him.”, you say. “As for what you said about Ryuuko and Satsuki… thank you. I didn’t think anybody would accept this love.” You pick up the Kamui, and hug them.

“We told you already.”, Senketsu answers. “You love each other, and are happy together. You have no reason to be ashamed of it.”

“...I wish it was this simple. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has different ideas on the matter. It will have to remain a secret.”

Senketsu gestures zipping his mouth shut with a sleeve.

"Nobody will hear it from me.”, Junketsu declares. “Even if my life depends on it.”

A declaration like this would’ve been redundant some time ago. Recently, however, you’ve discovered that other people can hear the two just fine, without any kind of translator. Iori concluded that it’s a result of their adaptability.

You smile. “Thank you, but you don’t have to go this far.”

You should probably get to practicing already. The thing is, you're still naked. You don't really mind, but only while you're in your quarters.

[X] Ask Senketsu and Junketsu if you can fuse them
[ ] Put one of them on
[ ] Put on something else

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"Senketsu, Junketsu... could I ask a favor of you?"

They look at you expectantly. "What is it?"

"Well..." You point to your unclothed body. "I can only wear one garment."

"Me!", the Kamui simultaneously call out. They glare daggers at each other.

"I am a more refined outfit, befitting of a beautiful lady, and you know it!", Junketsu starts.

Senketsu gives him a shove with a sleeve. "At least I never tried to eat anyone! I've been reasonable and benign from the start!"

"...That might be so, but... I'm still your senior! By a large margin, in fact! You should respect your elders, and stand down!"

Something of a catfight ensues between the two. They keep pulling on each other's scarves, throwing weird clothing-specific insults around, and generally being too occupied with undermining the other to listen to your suggestion.

[X] Break up the fight
[ ] Think of something else to wear

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"That's enough, you two.", you say. "I haven't even finished talking."

"Let go of me this instant, knave!", Junketsu cries, struggling to break his scarf free of Senketsu's hold. "I am the one going to be worn, whether you like it or not!"

"Oh, and how are you going to do that? Force yourself on her, like you usually do?", Senketsu barks back.

"...I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now!"

Either they haven't heard you, or chose not to listen. In both cases, it means you need to be more assertive. You take a deep breath.


Your voice reverberates like a thunderclap. The lights momentarily dim, several trinkets fall of a shelf, and the windows vibrate dangerously. You overdid it. But, it did the trick. The Kamui freeze in place, and turn their fear-stricken gazes at you.

"Are you done?", you ask.


Perhaps fusing them is not such a good idea. They cooperated out of necessity in a time of great need, but this isn't such a time. As opposed to your fusion, theirs is forcible and incomplete. You wouldn't want to make them do something they don't enjoy for trivial reasons. On the other hand, putting on one of them would just be adding fuel to the fire, which makes it even less of an option.

[X] Wear something else
[ ] Ask them anyway

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And that's it for those already written and voted on.
Now to write the next one.

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Coming back for round two?

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Time to pay fealty to the Bone Lord

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How about the Boner Lord?

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That comes later.

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Whens later? The boners can only wait for so long.

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No thread without

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"Good. Since you can't seem to listen to what I have to say, I'll wear something else.", you declare.

"N-no, wait!"

"We'll decide it somehow, just give us a moment!"

You sigh. "Did you think I wanted to wear only one of you? I considered asking if I could fuse you, but..."

"We... would prefer to stay separate.", Senketsu says.

"I can agree with that.", Junketsu adds. "Though, naturally, if an emergency surfaces..."

You smile. "My point exactly. This isn't an emergency. Plus... it seems like you're having enough problems getting along the way you are. You don't have to do it without a good reason, I can just wear something ordinary. Of course, you're welcome to come with me."

The two Kamui nod in agreement. Now, there's another issue to deal with: what will you wear? Now that you think of it, you don't even have suitable underwear. Still, fighting Sanageyama in a bathrobe is out of the question, doing so naked even more so. You need to find something.

As you consider your options, you hear the door to the hallway open.

"Onee-chan? I heard some shouting, so-" Nui freezes mid-sentence.

You turn to face her. For a moment, she stands still with an absent expression, before shaking her head vigorously.

"R-Ryuuko-chan? Satsuki-chan?", she asks.

"Both.", you answer. This is only the second time you're using this form, and this routine is already getting old. "Everything is fine, Nui. Somebody needed to be silenced." You glance at the two Kamui, who shudder slightly.

"Ryuuko... Satsuki..." Nui seems to be pondering something. "Satsuryuu? No..."

You raise a brow. "...Nui?"

"Oh!" A satisfied smile appears on her face. "Ryuusuki! Why are you like this, Ryuusuki?"

Your raised brow ascends even higher. "...Ryuusuki?"

She nods. "Yup! You need a name, so I just gave you one!"

"I see... Well, I'm like this, because Sanageyama asked me for a duel."

Nui immediately falls to the floor in a fit of hysteric laughter.

[ ] Berate her
[ ] Shrug it off

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>32144 second later

32,144 seconds is almost nine hours. What the hell were they doing?

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>[x] Shrug it off
shit gonna shit

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>[x] Berate her
C'mon Nui, why you gotta be like that?

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>[ ] Shrug it off
No bully.

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>[X] Shrug it off
Nui confirmed for bully

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>[ ] Shrug it off

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Have a guess?
Boobs don't stay in place like that without a hand.

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>[ ] Shrug it off

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>Shrug it off
Nui I need some clothes. Work your magic neechan.

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So I just caught up with these threads and I was surprised at the recent turn of events. Ryuuko and Satsuki have hooked up now? What ever happened to the anti-/u/ sentiments that permeated this quest? Also, it's surprising how people suddenly supported their relationship after all that hostility towards the mere idea in threads past.

It also kinda cheapens the kiss Nonon and Satsuki had onboard the Naked Sol. What, Nonon's not good enough but Ryuuko's A-OK? Is there something I'm missing here?

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I think it had a lot to do with people trying to /u/ at the completely wrong time (While in the tower of Ragu), so that got a bunch of people disillusioned with it, myself included. But as the quest continued it just kind of came back. It also helped that in this canon they had to make out in order to fuse.

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>"Only if I get to pretend to be like Maman Ragyou and play with that "voluptuous frame"~.

>> No.34486116

Also I'm pretty sure /u/ between Satsuki and Ryuko has been OP's endgame from the start and he finally got done teasing people with it.

>> No.34486171

>What ever happened to the anti-/u/ sentiments that permeated this quest?
Not sure. Personally I would much rather have Nononsuki than incestsuki, but I'm weird.

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You shake your head in disapproval. That's not exactly nice to Sanageyama, but her disbelief is understandable.

"I want to practice using my power beforehand, to prevent any accidents.", you say.

Nui struggles to catch a breath. "I... can imagine..." She finally calms down. "Is being naked part of it?"

"...No. I was looking for some clothes when you walked in, actually."

She points to the Kamui. "What about them? They're your best outfits."

"I can't wear them both without combining them into one, and it's not really an urgent situation..." Nui snorts, and you briefly glare at her. "... so we've concluded I should wear something else. But... I don't think I have anything suitable."

"Then, I can make something for you real quick!", Nui exclaims, clearly excited.

You smile. "That would be great, thank you."

She slowly walks up to you. "But first... I'll need to take your measurements!"


"Yup! I know your measurements separately, but..." She stops right in front of you, and directs her head up to look at your face. "...I don't really think they'll help me much."

"You have a point. Go ahead, then."

Nui nods. "Okay!" She proceeds to... place her hands on your breasts.


She looks directly in your eyes, without blinking. "Please trust me, onee-chan."

You sigh. "...I will."

She begins to slowly run her fingers along your breasts. Oddly enough, there is nothing sensual about it. Nui's eyes are closed, and her expression is one of concentration. It's as if her fingertips are scanners. She moves on to other parts of your body, carefully surveying them. Not wanting to interrupt her, you remain perfectly still throughout.

After some time, she smiles, and opens her eyes. "Okay, I'm done!"

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You briefly hug her. "...Sorry for doubting you, Nui."

"Don't worry about it, onee-chan! I know it's a bit weird.", she answers. "But, it's the best way for me to get somebody's measurements. Measuring tape can't compare!" She fumbles in one of her pockets, and produces a notepad and pen. "Okay! What do you want to wear? You'll look beautiful in everything, so you don't need to worry about that!"

[ ] Casual
[ ] Formal
[ ] Sporty

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>[ ] Sporty
Gotta look the part!

>> No.34486276

>[ ] Casual

>> No.34486278

>[X] Casual

>> No.34486301

>[x] Sporty

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I choose a new way.

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To me, it's not that she's "not good enough". Satsuki just doesn't feel romantically inclined towards her anymore, while she still values her as her oldest friend.
With Ryuuko, it's a kind of a bond that goes beyond normal human relationships. It feels natural that it would eventually become something more.

>> No.34486362

[ ] Casual

>> No.34486365

I change my vote from >>34486278 to >>34486321
Spooky sounds good.

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This. Ryuko and Satsuki's relationship goes beyond what she could have shared with Nonon.

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Rolled 1 (1d3)


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> it's a kind of a bond that goes beyond normal human relationships
>Ryuko and Satsuki's relationship goes beyond what she could have shared with Nonon
no wonder they ignored her for three straight years

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I demand a recount.

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>no wonder they ignored her for three straight years
That's the way of the Kiryuin family. If you're not a close relative then too bad.

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How about a outfit that's casual, sporty AND spooky at the same time? A worthy challenge for Nui's tailoring skills.

>> No.34486893

A tight fitting top with lose flowing skirt with a skeleton mask and skeleton accessories?

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Posting, for a friend, yeah.

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A spooky toga with a tracksuit beneath it might work.

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Eh, this will do for now.

>> No.34487834

It will. Make it so!

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Prt 1 of 2.

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Soon Monkey will learn that we can both SLAM and JAM!

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But... but tears don't work that way... Right?

>> No.34488793

The gamako shipper in me is pleased. Also, MY HEART.

It does in Spongebob.

>> No.34489004

"And you kill her. The girl cries you a cake of tears... and you kill her. How are you going you live with yourself?"

>> No.34489065

Eh. That girl was an ice cold killer, she deserved it. She might not look that scary but she's actually the one behind the makocaust.

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Rolled 3 (1d3)

It's a simple outfit, but simple isn't necessarily bad. A sports bra, and a pair of yoga pants, both carefully tailored to your size, as well as some fitting running shoes. What's odd about the outfit isn't its simplicity. Rather, it's odd that Nui would make something this simple.

Well, she did have some fun with colors. Again basing her ideas on how the two Kamui looked combined, she made the set mostly black and white. There's a third element here, as well.

"I'm curious.", you say. "How did you make this?" You point to the stripes on the pants, also present on the bra and shoes. Even though they're ordinary fabric to the touch, it feels like you're looking at a prism dispersing light.

"You can make some nice things with Life Fibers if you know how to!", Nui answers. "Those stripes react to the energy your own Life Fibers emit! If it was Ryuuko-chan wearing those clothes, they would be red, and for Satsuki-chan, blue!"

"Would they turn purple for you?"

Nui looks to the side, a bit sad. "I'm... not sure. I can't really use Life Fiber clothing."

You gently pet her head. "...Sorry, Nui, I forgot about that."

Her cheerful expression returns shortly. "No, it's okay, onee-chan! It's just how I am! Though, I have some of those stripes left, so it won't hurt to find out!"

She picks up a leftover stripe from the table, and wraps it around her wrist. The two of you stare at the white piece of cloth intently, until... it turns a deep purple.

Nui's eyes widen. "B-but... it shouldn't! My Life Fibers reject all others!"

You place a hand on her shoulder, and give her a warm smile. "But it did. And I think I have an idea why."

She looks at you, teary-eyed from joy. "...Why?"

"Ryuuko gave you a lot of her blood, and it's been a week since then. It must've had some effect on your Life Fibers."

Nui crushes you in a hug, sobbing quietly. "...Thank you, onee-chan."

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That roll wasn't supposed to be there.

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>Just about to post OP is kill
>OP makes his move
He's getting really good at this you guys. It aint natural.

>> No.34489489

>Nui crushes you in a hug

>> No.34489622

>"I'm a real girl, Onee-chan! I'm a real girl!"

>> No.34489633

Got tired early today, so that'll be it for now. Maybe I'll change my mind on sleeping, but most likely will resume tomorrow.
I'd like this thread to be around for it, though.

>> No.34489703

Good night OP, don't let the Ragyo under the bed get you.

>> No.34489732

Sleep well.

>> No.34489801

Electric shamisen intensifies soon for one last time, my fellow monkeybros.

>> No.34489851

It's gonna be one intense intensification.

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Now for sleep.
Keep 'er alive ladies and gents.

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Nigga this is gay

>> No.34491998

Sleepytime for all

>> No.34492096

>I'd like this thread to be around for it, though
We will do what we can. No promises though.

>> No.34492099

that's beyond adorable

>> No.34492178

And then Ragyo strikes!

>> No.34492233

oh shit

>> No.34492717

The full thing

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>inb4 diabteetus

>> No.34495766

>ragyo with a 3ds


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Am I the only one watching this thread and keeping it floating?

>> No.34499184

Looks like it, oh triples mage.

>> No.34499320

was gonna bump it myself but you beat me to it

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bipman le bampan

>> No.34502266

Bump with birthday girl

>> No.34503605

Now for morning bump.

>> No.34503707

>"Oh, dear, you wished I mongle cocks~."

>> No.34504038

Reminder that Ryuko's boobs are superier to Satsuki's ass

>> No.34505393

Bumps and lady lumps.

>> No.34505818 [SPOILER] 

Reminder that Senketsu's lapels are superior to both combined.

>> No.34506026

Senketsu a best but Satsuki a most bestest-er.

>> No.34506056

Reminder that basphemy against the most divine and glorious Satsuki-sama will be persecuted with extreme force and righteous fury.

>> No.34506124


>> No.34506279


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Now for the side boob hour.

>> No.34506859

And now for something completely different.

>> No.34506875

And then Ryuko took all her lunch money. The end.

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Guys please! The best pair has already won.

>> No.34507272

The one with everyone involved?

>> No.34507284

Eh, agree to disagree.

>> No.34507909 [SPOILER] 

Post best Girl.
Round two, electric boogaloo.

>> No.34508035

foron pls

>> No.34508060 [SPOILER] 


>> No.34508175

Best girl you say?

>> No.34508489

>"Sure is warm is here, eh, Satsuki?"

>> No.34508765

Resuming in a bit.

>> No.34508833

My body is in a state of readyness.

>> No.34508896

rip in pieces best side characters;_;

>> No.34508924

Monkeybros, are you ready!?

>> No.34508988

Ready as Batman on preptime.

>> No.34509058

Anon you are walking on thin ice.

>> No.34509074

Ready as Satsuki on bath night.

>> No.34509076

>that filename
what the fuck anon

>> No.34509098


>>34506279 to you too

>> No.34509139

>compassion for filthy life fibers

>> No.34509176

You don't understand, he was more.

>> No.34509287

>discriminating against a POF

>> No.34509448

at least he didn't try to rape the face of the people trying to wear him

>> No.34509477


>> No.34509512

Who wouldn't Ryuuko's face?

>> No.34509530

Why was Trigger's Kill la Kill so bland? Why is it that all of these CYOA writers know how to write KLK better?

Seriously, Trigger's Kill la Kill was more along the lines of a low grade fan-fiction.

>> No.34509554

They had the ideas, but lacked the commitment to stick with what they set out to write.
That's why everything after episode 12 is a clusterfuck of dropped plot points.

>> No.34509576

because the quest writers actually know what they're doing

>> No.34509687

Now that you're finally decently clothed, you can start doing something productive. You can probably find Sanageyama at the gym whenever you're ready, but you'd like to practice a bit first. Thus, you head back up to the tower, in order to use your own training hall. On your way there, you run into Nonon.

"Good morning, Nonon."

"M-morning.", she mumbles, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

You sigh, slightly disappointed with her reaction. "Please, don't give me this look. I don't bite."

"...I know I've seen you like this before, but..." It seems like she wants to say something, but quickly stops herself, and shakes her head energetically. "...What's with this getup?"

"I don't really have any clothes that suit me, so I asked Nui to make me some.", you explain. "To begin with, I fused because Sanageyama asked me for a duel."

She snorts ever so slightly, her lips curving upwards. "...I wanna see this."

Sanageyama probably wouldn't be happy with all those reactions.

"You'll need to wait a bit. I need to prepare first."

Nonon raises a brow. "Prepare? To fight Monkey?"

[ ] Yes
[ ] To avoid killing him

>> No.34509708

>[ ] To avoid killing him
We just want to break him.

>> No.34509709

>[x] To avoid killing him

>> No.34509724

>[X] Yes
Monkey's a big guy. He can take care of himself.

>> No.34509729

>[x] To avoid killing him
Spank the money is better for everyone.

>> No.34509735

[ ] To avoid killing him

>> No.34509758

>[x] Yes

>> No.34509782

>[ ] Yes
I'd like Ryuusuki to start putting people who laugh at Monkey in their place.

He's an honorable warrior.

>> No.34509801

>[x] Yes
"Well, of course I want to practice if I'm going up against Sanageyama! "

"After all, I don't want to accidentally kill him."

>> No.34509804

>[ ] To avoid killing him

>> No.34509812


>> No.34509892

I do hope the ape got some new secret trick up his sleeve.

>> No.34509977


>> No.34509987

it's job offers

>> No.34510000

Might be.

>> No.34510032

Behold! My ultimate form!

>> No.34510867

A Nonon is fine too.

>> No.34510966

You look aside. "Well... I'd like to avoid any unfortunate accidents."

"Yeah... I think I know what you mean." She eyes you up and down. "...This looks good on you, by the way."

The sudden compliment surprises you, but makes you smile nevertheless. "Thank you."

Nonon suddenly covers her face, and runs towards her quarters.


What was that about? You shrug, and continue heading to the training hall.

You need to determine just how much of your strength you should use against Sanageyama. Generally, dosing strength isn't difficult. The Life Fibers in your muscles are like a second set of muscles by themselves. You only use them when you want to.

Problem is, you only have a good grasp on Ryuuko and Satsuki's capabilities. This body's abilities are still largely an enigma to you.

You need something to start with. The punching bag should do. It's partially composed of Life Fibers, so it should be resilient enough to withstand a lot.

[ ] Give it a flick
[ ] Punch it
[ ] Go all out

>> No.34510988

>[ ] Give it a flick
Don't wanna destroy the whole training hall now.

>> No.34510994

>[ ] Punch it
We can make a new one.

>> No.34510997

>[x] Punch it
nothing too hard now

>> No.34511026

>[X] Go all out

>> No.34511096

>[x] Punch it
Give it a couple of good wallops.

>> No.34511185


>> No.34511196


>> No.34511348

>Punching bag probably made out of fabric
>Punching it
>Violence against innocent PoF
We have become the true monsters.

>> No.34511594

>You will never have a turn playing with them.

>> No.34511879

op is asleep post best shirt

>> No.34511906


>> No.34511912


>> No.34511989


>> No.34512021


>> No.34512034

Best to start with something simple. You raise your arm in preparation, and give the bag a solid punch. The chain it's suspended on immediately snaps, and the bag embeds itself firmly in the wall with a loud thud. Looks like you're not using it anymore.

You look at your hand, unclenching and clenching it repeatedly. This wasn't even your best, far from it, in fact. But... it did give you some idea of what kind of power you wield. If you were to go all out, you could've caused more damage to the tower than the month-long war did. It's best to avoid doing that.

Still, this isn't enough for you to feel confident about your control. You take out some sword practice dummies from the storage, and proceed to shatter or otherwise damage them, testing various levels of strength. By the time you run out of targets to practice on, you feel you have a decent grasp on the amount of force you should use.

...Somebody's going to need to clean up this mess, though. The walls need slight repairs in some spots, as well.

You feel as ready as you can get. If you'll still have any doubts during the fight, you'll hold back to play it safe. All in all, it's better to shatter Sanageyama's ego than his bones. The first regenerates considerably faster.

Should you take one of your swords, though? He will no doubt be using his shinai, but... the danger is still there.

[ ] Jiyuuzan
[ ] Bakuzan
[ ] Both
[ ] None

>> No.34512045

Who needs shirts when you have drink.

>> No.34512071

>[ ] Bakuzan

>> No.34512075

>[X] Both
All the way, no brakes on this train etc.

>> No.34512086

>[ ] Bakuzan

>> No.34512232


>> No.34512382

>[ ] Both

>> No.34512441

Guess I'll do with this.

>> No.34512948

>"So... err, how are you today, Anon-kun? Sorry about that whole... tying you up and stuff."

>> No.34513330

>"Uhhh.... Noooo problemo darling, you, you know you're the only girl for me! Hahaha... Um, btw, could you maybe... untime me? Please... I really need to pee."

>> No.34513637

>"Don't worry about that, I'll give you hand, Anon-kun, or four even. Just let me take care of 'everything', okay~?"

>> No.34513709


This makes me miss NoP;

>NoP will never ever get off the Fate boat.

>> No.34513872

You could take both, though you'll probably only use one. Still, they're both your swords, and they heeded your call when you needed them, even if you ended up not having to use them. Not taking both would be like putting on only one of the Kamui.

Come to think of it, perhaps you could solve the problem you had with Junketsu and Senketsu in a slightly different manner. You head to Ryuuko's living room, and interrupt their favourite pastime: watching stupid TV programs.

"I have an idea.", you declare.

For a makeshift job, this looks surprisingly good, and meshes well with your outfit's colors. You came upon the idea of removing the Kamui's scarves from their bodies, and fashioning them into armbands.

"This feels somewhat nostalgic.", Senketsu remarks.

"It's a good solution, milady.", Junketsu says. "That way, we can still provide you with some additional power."

You smile. "Just don't overdo it. I want to be careful, remember?"

You're ready to go, but there's no rush. Perhaps there's something else you could do before the fight. It's a day off, after all.

[ ] Talk to...
[ ] Go meet Sanageyama

>> No.34513914

>[X] Go meet Sanageyama
Let's do this!

>> No.34513920

>[ ] Talk to...

>> No.34513956

>[ ] Talk to Maid and Butler.
Sorry we forgot about you, ambiguous lesbians don't happen over night.

>> No.34513982

Give a speech

>> No.34514058

>Try to get gama to ask mako out

>> No.34514104

>[x] Talk to...

>> No.34514120


>> No.34514513

>[ ] Go meet Sanageyama

>> No.34514870

Wish I knew what they said.
Now for sleep.

>> No.34514958

I think I'm going to sleep, as well. Posting has been going at a snail's pace for me lately. Hopefully, this will change.
Thread's still good to go for tomorrow, though you should probably use images more sparingly until then.

>> No.34514977

Sleepytime it is. See you tomorrow.

>> No.34516869

page 8 bamp.

>> No.34518473


>> No.34519568


>> No.34520110

>Nonon suddenly covers her face, and runs towards her quarters.
OP, I have a suggestion.

What if Nonon's interested in Ryuusuki? Maybe we can get a threesome via Ryuusuki x Nonon?

It wouldn't be cheating or NTR, both Ryuuko and Satsuki would be sharing the Nonon all at once.

>> No.34520713

Please no.

>> No.34522882

ryusuuki a slut

>> No.34524106

Looks like somebody finally asked the million dollar question.

>> No.34524825

ryuusuki's wearing underpants, right?

>> No.34526083

I'm okay with this.

>> No.34526495

For the safety of my dick, I oppose this option.

>> No.34527012

Who knows.

>> No.34527069

You continuing?

>> No.34527081

Based on the clothes list, I'd say no.

>> No.34527144

Not right now.

>> No.34528346

>You will never have a pretty dress.

>> No.34529011

Good thing that as a real man, unlike you, Foron I don't have such urges.

>> No.34529663

Never say never, Anon.
You never know, you may like it.

>> No.34529836

Don't try to sway me, lewdmaster, I'm immune to your mindtricks.

>> No.34530363

Three way handholding? No thanks sir, sounds waaay to lewd for a decent christian image board like 4chan.

>> No.34530855

Shh, just look at it, wouldn't think that you would look pretty? Go on, dear, try it.

>> No.34531715

Looking forward to seeing the maid again, surely she will be able to help us unlock the secret to defeating the unstoppable force known only as "monkey".

>> No.34532639

>> No.34532846

Resuming soon.

>> No.34533571

>> No.34534180

Most excellent. Time for a round of Maids & Monkeys

>> No.34534366

and. . .MURDER?

>> No.34534563


>> No.34534579

Soon is a wide term.

>> No.34534603

Just playin with you. I know your soons aren't really soon. Just heading into work soon and it would be nice to see a post.

>> No.34534618

How wide are we talking?

>> No.34534701

We've already had too much death in this quest.
No more dead two stars!

>> No.34535849

>"Like this, Mako?"

>> No.34536586

best grill

>> No.34536796

Nonon's petite body would already be getting tossed aside helplessly by either Ryuuko or Satsuki going all out.

The though of how hard Ryuusuki would ravage her makes my dick diamonds.

For the sake of all that's good OP, this must happen.

>> No.34536804

Pretty great grill.

>> No.34536822

Now that you think of it, you haven't talked at length to Soroi or Ayako for a while now. While Soroi is currently at the family's manor, Ayako is over here, in Honnouji. Perhaps your fused state is not the best for making smalltalk, but at least you have the time to do so right now.

Before you can head out to look for her, you hear knocking at the door. It's not the ordinary kind of knocking, though. It's the polite, but distinctive pattern only a trained maid would use.

"Come in, Ayako.", you invite her in.

She opens the door, and immediately bows. "Forgive my intrusion, milady. I wanted to check if-" She stops mid-sentence as she looks at you. "...Y-you needed s-something..." After a moment, she blinks, and checks if her knives are all in place. "Is there some kind of emergency, milady?"

"None at all. I would like to ask you to clean the training hall, actually.", you answer, paying her reaction no mind. "But, before that, I want to talk to you."

"...Talk to me?"

You nod.

Ignoring the fact you're currently fused probably works best for initiating conversations. What is it that you wanted to talk about, though?

[ ] Her life before she met Ryuuko
[ ] Her thoughts on the war and its outcome
[ ] Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536857

>[ ] Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536863

>[ ] Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536903

>[ ] Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536917

Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536937

>[x] Her thoughts on you

>> No.34536953

How selfish.

>> No.34537069

No bully the maid tho?

>> No.34537140

She's a big girl, she can take it.

>> No.34537850

We must conserve our bully-powers for... other targets.
But I guess we can take Ayako's lunch money or something.

>> No.34537884

Now with less runes.

>> No.34537952

and now with fan made /u/.

>> No.34537968

Now with more plot.

>> No.34538132

This is...oddly arousing.

>> No.34538733

As to be expected of best girl.

>> No.34539014

"I suppose I stepped over that topic just now, but... what do you think of me?", you ask. "The way I currently am, that is. Be frank with me. Please."

She averts her eyes for a moment. "Well... When I first saw you, a week ago, it was like... seeing an angel, or perhaps more than that. Somebody to respect... revere."

"And what about now?"

"Now... With this outfit, you look more like... one of us."

You raise a brow. "One of you?"

She immediately bows deeply. "I-I meant no d-disrespect, milady. How to put it... you're not so... intimidating..." The last word is barely audible, as if she feared uttering it. "Sorry..."

You smile. "I'm not angry, Ayako. I think I'm starting to understand what you meant. You're saying that I looked scary back then?"

"Beautiful, awe-inspiring, but... also quite scary, yes.", she admits.

You nod. "I see. Thank you, Ayako, I think I get it now." You look at the Kamui, wrapped around your arms. "Everyone was scared of you."

"Of us?!", they call out in unison.

"Our fusion, however unpleasant, was without a doubt beautiful!", Junketsu argues. "Not scary, beautiful!"

"If I may...", Ayako interjects. "...It looked like a giant glowing face. An intimidating one."

You smirk at the Kamui. "There you have it. I was worried for nothing, they're all afraid of you, not me."

"Again I mean no offense, but... your stature contributed to that somewhat, milady."

"...Oh. Well, you're saying that with this outfit, it's not a problem anymore? Or maybe I should change something about it?"

Ayako bows again. "I'm afraid I'm not sufficiently educated in the topic to give advice of any kind."

You let out a sigh. "I don't want professional advice, Ayako. I want your opinion. As a friend."

"As a friend..." She gives you a long look. "Perhaps you could tie your hair up in a ponytail, Lady..."

"Ryuusuki is fine.", you say. "Nui came up with it." You approach a mirror. "You think it would look good?"

"I believe it would complete the look."

>> No.34539562

well, nonon IS getting fucked by literal heaven, it'd be a miracle is she doesn't lose her mind

ayako and junketsu should hang out and be euphoric together

>> No.34539665

Girls can't be euphoric anon, they're too emotional for such advanced rational thinking.

>> No.34539747

>implying ayako would be bogged down by petty emotional shit
anon pls

>> No.34539835

Now to sleep.

>> No.34540636

Somehow, everybody knew when to start gathering around the gym. Sanageyama is waiting for you there, as well. He turns around to face you, with his usual confident smile.

"That's the opponent I've been waiting for!", he exclaims, and draws his shinai.

"Are we not going inside?", you ask.

"We could, but... that would probably mean another round of repairs for the gym."

You nod. "Fair enough."

You take a look around. The other Devas, Iori, and Nui have all gathered to watch you. That's almost everyone on the island present, at least today.

You're not sure how to feel about this fight. On one hand, you know you're extremely powerful, but on the other, you don't want to discredit Sanageyama until he's shown you what he's got. Surely he must have a reason to challenge you in this specific moment, right?

"Sanageyama... come to think of it, how come you're challenging me now in specific?", you ask.

"Huh? Well..." He scratches his head. "I only got the idea to do it yesterday, so I thought why not."

The audience gives him expressions of varying degrees of ridicule, and you look to the side. "...I see. Well, I need to ask you. Are you really ready for this?"

"As ready as I can be! I only ask for one thing!"

"And that is?"

He brandishes his shinai. "Hold nothing back! Show me everything you've got!"

You have a feeling that wouldn't end well at all, and so do the onlookers, by the looks of it. Except for Mako and her family, who have just arrived. They just want a show.

To prevent the awkward silence from dragging on, you have to make a quick decision.

[ ] Hold nothing back
[ ] Hold back
[ ] See what he'll do first

>> No.34540755

>[X] Hold nothing back
No brakes on this train!

Oh, and sleepytime for me.

>> No.34540773

>[x] See what he'll do first
As always

>> No.34540785

>[ ] Hold nothing back

>> No.34540914

>[x] See what he'll do first

>> No.34540929

>[ ] See what he'll do first

>> No.34541024

How will that turn out, we'll see later.
Not in this thread, though. It's a bit too close to limit for my liking.

>> No.34541056


>> No.34541169

Archived http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html

>> No.34542769

Char a shit. A SHIT! A FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!

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