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Character sheet: http://pastebin.com/rZQ8vVBd
Past Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=crusader+quest
Part 4

It is the Year of Our Lord, 1134.

You are Wilhelm of Koblenz, crusading knight in the Holy Land. Hired by the Lord of Sidon to hunt down local bandits, your forces were soon divided against each other when Sir Blaise of Normandy and his men began a raid against an innocent village. You fought Sir Blaise in a duel, barely escaping with your life, but managed to rally enough soldiers to your cause that Sir Blaise was forced to withdraw rather than risk further combat.

A fortnight has passed with you recovering in the sacked village, and while you are not back to full health you are fit to travel. A dispatched knight, Sir Orlando, has just returned with word from Sidon and it is not good.

"He commands that you are to push on," Orlando says, drinking from a wine skin, "That he does not care our numbers are halved. We've taken his badge and we've two weeks left on our contract and must see it through. He will accept no excuses."

"He also cared not for my report on Sir Blaise. 'A few dead peasants is no cause to outlaw such a fierce knight', were his words precisely."

This is not the news you were hoping for.

> do as Lord Gerard commands, gather your forces and push on
> damn him, return to Sidon and make a case yourself
> consult with an ally before making any decision (nominate an ally)

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>> consult with an ally before making any decision (nominate an ally)

Orlando and Malik ibn Mujir

Malik in particular since he's the most experienced battle captain here. Orlando to get a better grasp on Gerard's disposition if we return.

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> consult with an ally before making any decision (nominate an ally)
Let's see what Franz and Solomon have to say. They've got more experience fighting on a medium scale than we do, I wanna know if we can hold out this 2 weeks or if we're on a suicide mission.

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> consult with an ally before making any decision (nominate an ally)
Malik, he has traveled enough to know if it is possible the bandits will follow the carnage or be wary.

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> consult with an ally before making any decision (nominate an ally)
Malik seems he enough experience under his belt to give us good advice.

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Anon, I agree with your reasoning. But we know from last thread that Malik has more experience than anyone else in our army. Perhaps he would be a better fit to consult?

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wait, changing my vote to this

Malik ibn Mujir

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This might be getting ahead of myself, but we really should not be doing any fighting at all this thread.

If I recall correctly, we are still healing from fractured ribs and can barely ride.

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agreed it's time to sit back and plan tactics instead of actually fighting

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You decide it is best to consult with one of your comrades first. Knowing some of Malik's history, you judge him the best consultant on such matters and seek him out.

The village had been slightly rebuilt in the weeks since the raid. YOur men had seen fit to reerct a number of burned down houses, but the villagers still had much distrust in their faces when they saw you. Gaunt faced children ad hollowed eyed girls watched you pass towards Malik's camp. Slowly the peasants who had managed to flee the slaughter had been returning in bits and chunks until there was a working population in the town again.

Malik's camp was well kept, separate from the community. One of his men nodded to you as you past through.

Malik was at a map with his daughter and another soldier. He smiled to see you.

"Aye Malik, I've need of your council," you say, and relay all that has been told.

Malik considers your troubles.

"It's no easy choice," he said, "If we are diligent and clever, we can take these bandits. Seeing our forces split, they might be over confident. And going against a man such as Gerard is not wise. He has a reputation for pettiness and would work against you. But if you are not confident of fighting these bandits we could seek shelter north, in Tripoli. This we could do, and find welcome. But as I said. Lord Gerard is a petty man with much power. Be certain if you plan to defy him. It is your call Sir," he rolls up the map and hands it to you.

> move against the bandits
> return to Sidon
> flee north to Tripoli

Acquired, map of the Holy Land.

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Are you posting the map?

What do we know of Tripoli? Is it a Christian or Muslim town? What do they think of Christian knights like us? Who rules the town?

>> No.34447931

>> move against the bandits
Lets see if we can beat them with some good ol' fashioned tactics.

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can we still write in? I'm new in this thread but i know from previous ones i've lurked in on we have a high charisma. Why don't we try spurring some of the male villagers to follow us to bolster our numbers. Their already traumatized, giving them some power back may make a differenceto them.

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Tripoli is a Christian county.

>> No.34448032


I think that's fairly risky. Here's my reasoning:

1. They would be fighting alongside some of the very same men who killed their family and burned down all their worldly possession.

2. They are needed to rebuild the town and get it working again.

3. They distrust us

4. Poorly armed and equipped villagers with little to no military training will likely get killed

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Maybe another village but not this one. They don't really trust us and they have every reason not to

>> No.34448070

>> move against the bandits

I really hope I don't regret this, but making an enemy out of Gerard is risky. Malik says that we have a real chance, and I'm going to go with him for now.

No dueling bandit leaders or anything like that though. We will stand behind Solomon.

>> No.34448112

> move against the bandits
We could set them up by moving through the roads like a caravan. Secretly trap the village, send half forth to scout, fall back to it when they come for us.

>> No.34448147

Also, religious differences here.

Unless I'm mistaken, we're Christians and the villagers are Muslim. That dickward of a Norman, Blaise, was flaunting Christian iconography and therefore the villagers would be a lot less inclined to join up with us.

>> No.34448162

>> move against the bandits

Orders are orders, but I would like for us to stay in a leadership role instead of charging headfirst into danger. We're still hurting a lot, last I checked.

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>1. They would be fighting alongside some of the very same men who killed their family and burned down all their worldly possession.

>3. They distrust us


>2. They are needed to rebuild the town and get it working again.
>4. Poorly armed and equipped villagers with little to no military training will likely get killed

we're not conscripting them just asking for volunteers it wouldn't take more than a speech. Make it clear that if we fail to take down the bandits more crusaders will have to come through their village. I'm sure malik has a few extra arms he can lend to anyone we recruit and even if we don't use them in battle we have an intimidation factor with more people in our group.All good soldiers have to start somewwhere right. Theres a certain quality in quantity am I right.

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"If you think we have a chance, we'll ride out," you say, though your ribs ache at the prospect.

Malik grins. "Boldness is the valour of youth. Be bold, be certain, and take what you want. Nothing is given freely." He begins giving orders to his men, and they quickly start taking down their camp.

"It's good to be riding again," Sabeen said, "So long in one place drives one to boredom, it will be good to have a horse beneath me and a lance in my hands once more."

You gather your soldiers, knights and men-at-arms. Its a force of only twenty-three, but eight knights on horseback was nothing to sneer at and all the men-at-arms were professional soldiers well equipped. You note your own personal household among their number. Franz, Hugo, Solomon.

You address the assembly on what has been demanded of you, and that you plan to fulfill those demands.

You have a call to make on how to proceed.

> send outriders to scout for the bandit den (nominate someone to lead this force. Roll 1d100, average of three)
> proceed in force as a single group

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I prefer letting the peasants be. If we must find more bodies, go to another town that can spare the men and don't actively hate us.

>> No.34448278

Rolled 54 (1d100)

>> send outriders to scout for the bandit den (nominate someone to lead this force. Roll 1d100, average of three)

Malik or Solomon, preference on Malik.

>> No.34448288

Shit, I don't know if I want the bowmen to stay back or go scouting.

>> No.34448308

>>Make it clear that if we fail to take down the bandits more crusaders will have to come through their village
>Hey, sorry we burned down your village. Want to hang out?
>Haha, I mean, it's no big deal, but if you don't there will be more of us later!
That is completely retarded. It sounds like you're threatening them for God's sake, which would only give them another reason to hate us. Leave them alone, and maybe eventually they will come to see us as anything other than monsters.

>> No.34448317


What bowmen?

>> No.34448331

I feel like it would be smarter to proceed as a single unit. I'm a new to this quest; how many bandits are there in this group?

>> No.34448352

Rolled 93 (1d100)

>> send outriders to scout for the bandit den (nominate someone to lead this force. Roll 1d100, average of three): Malik

>> No.34448364

You have no precise number for the bandits. The previous commander, Sir Orlando, did little to gain intelligence of the situation.

>> No.34448382

Rolled 86 (1d100)

> send outriders to scout for the bandit den (nominate someone to lead this force. Roll 1d100, average of three)
Malik ibn Mujir

>> No.34448394

So shitty leader was shitty, eh?

Sounds like another day playing Crusader Kings with a shitty leader with a Martial stat of 0.

>> No.34448400

>proceed in force as a single group

I'm assuming blaise is still going for the bandits as well. Two consecutive forces following each other might give them pause.

>> No.34448404


We have no idea where the bandits are, we really need outriders and scouts to figure out where these scoundrels are.

We might also open ourselves to ambushes if we don't send scouts to figure out where we are going.

>> No.34448415


averages out to 77.6

Damn good.

>> No.34448424

>> send outriders to scout for the bandit den (nominate someone to lead this force. Roll 1d100, average of three)


>> No.34448518


First set of good rolls in a while. First since Solomon?

>> No.34448581

An army without information is like a knight blinded and no threat. You take your own advice, that you had given to Sir Orlando earlier, and decide to send out a force of scouts to locate the bandits and gather intelligence on their position and numbers.

You give the task to Malik, who says he will only need four of the knights to get the job done. He departs, leaving Sabeen behind to command his ten men-at-arms. He is a bold sight departing, on his dark destrier with lance held high. The knights that followed him fell under his experienced command as if by nature, flanking out into a spear head.

He asked for three days. In that time the rest of your men advanced beyond the village to set up camp in a more defensible position in the hills.

With three days before Malik's return you have time to engage in an activity.

> pass the time in company of one of your soldiers (nominate)
> keep to your task at hand and drill your troops (roll 1d100 average of three)
> give your men leave to engage in prayer for the tasks they are about to engage in

>> No.34448608

>> pass the time in company of one of your soldiers (nominate)

The German. We haven't talked to him and he was one of the bros who backed us from the start.

We are a social knight.

>> No.34448616


>> No.34448638


Approach him and jokingly say with a grin and flourish:
"Ver sprachen zur Deutsch, mein Herr?"

>> No.34448639

Will support this

>> No.34448667

>We are a social knight.

>> No.34448696

Best knight spotted

>> No.34448710


A social knight who got the shit kicked out of him when he dueled a Great Knight.

>> No.34448754

just rereading Crusader quest and came across this

>Liu Bei started with nothing but a butcher, a criminal, and his claim that he was a scion of the Han and died with a kingdom. The weakest kingdom, but a kingdom nonetheless.
>Just have Wilhelm claim he's related to some royal family or something and it will work out

this really should be how we operate I mean we're not so dissimilar considering all that Liu bei had going for him was his godly charisma & we don't have the leadership or currently the Intelligence to be Cao cao & WAR is a dead end

>Inb4 muh wei
>Inb4 benevolence.webm

>> No.34448782

There was a man in your company whom you had not made an association with yet. The tall German, who kept quiet and to himself.

You approach the German now and he gives you a friendly nod.

You address him in your native tongue. "Good morning sir, might I have your name?" you reach out a hand.

He clasps it and says, "Welf," before turning away and eyeing the horizon. He was a chinless man, with a fast residing hair line. He carried an axe at his hip and his shield had a black eagle on his shield.

You attempt to draw him into conversation.

"What brought you out to the holy land?" you ask.

He shrugged. "Clarity," was his only response. He raised a hand to shield his eyes. He had an oddness about his eyes, a wateriness that seemed deep with grief.

> leave the man be
> try harder to draw him into conversation (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34448804

Rolled 11 (1d100)

>> try harder to draw him into conversation (roll 1d100, average of three)

Use our fucking charisma.

>> No.34448815

Rolled 37 (1d100)

>> try harder to draw him into conversation (roll 1d100, average of three)

This man is a mystery. I like mysteries.

>> No.34448820

Rolled 62 (1d100)

> try harder to draw him into conversation (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34448837

Fucking hell the Reichland doesn't like us

>> No.34448840

Rolled 44 (1d100)

Average of 36.6


>> No.34448854

>and his shield had a black eagle on his shield
Judas Priest.

It's a charisma roll, so don't stress too much if the final result is low.

>> No.34448873

It's /tg/. We're going to be mouth-breathing autistics who freak out about failure.

And it'll be fucking amusing when the shitstorms happen.

>> No.34448919


And what if they ask for proof or our head? Royal imposters are not looked upon kindly and I am guessing they keep fairly good records of these things.

And if we do want to make a Three Kingdom comparison route, Liu Bei was successful partially because he played on old traditional norms of loyalty whereas Cao Cao represented change.

It's impossible to make a perfect comparison and it would be foolish to abandon LDR or INT because we started with really high CHA. Our LDR and INT's fairly good to decent for our age

>> No.34448957


As in House Welf? 'Cause that's a pretty old dynasty in the Fatherland.

>> No.34448992

oh yeah of course I'm not saying we should be a solid Liu bei or Cao cao I'm just saying we should right now emulate early Three kingdoms Liu bei by playing the Humility card sticking to having our Brothers in arms fight for us & generally keeping our head low while learning as much as we can about the political landscape and being ''Chivalrous'' as all fuck.

>> No.34449032

You are determined to draw at least two words in a row out of Sir Welf.

"What part of Germany do you hail from?" you ask, "I am from Koblenz-on-the-Rhine, personally. My father is a knight in service to the Arch-Bishop of Trier."

"Saxony," was his reply. He had a look of deep reflection for a moment. Then shook his head. "No family, just this." He patted his axe.

He turned to look at you and gave a most awkward smile.

That was the extent of your conversation, as demands were made on your time to organize the camp.

It was only two days, not three, when Malik returned with his scouts.

"We've their number," he said, "And they are not far. Camped by a river. Fifty men in all, but mostly rabble. Ten horses, and a giant of a man that could be trouble, but it should be no effort to take them if we remain disciplined. Send the horsemen forward now and we could catch them quickly by the river, this would be good. They have little defenses. Some might slip the net, but as a force they would need time to rebuild. Or we could advance as one. They might have time to prepare some defense, but I think we might take them all if we can encircle them. It is your call."

You consider his advice.

> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits
> be cautious and proceed as a single group

>> No.34449052

>> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits

Attack, Attack, Attack!

>> No.34449066

Rolled 62 (1d100)

>> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits
Rape time.
For us or for them remains to be seen

>> No.34449074

> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits

Some might slip the net, but we would gain a good early victory, raise our morale, and be able to fight on our terms.

We could arguably have accomplished enough to return to Acre if need be.

>> No.34449080

>> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits

>> No.34449101

Does Solomon have a horse? If not, we should give him the horse so he can ride and fight since we don't have that many knights with us and we'd be a liability with broken ribs.

We'll lead the men at arms on foot.

>> No.34449149

Solomon should be our Answer to Guan yu.

>> No.34449150

Rolled 25 (1d100)

absolutely agreed, anon. And I do agree and vote we send the cavalry out. Here is my roll.

>> No.34449154

>> be cautious and proceed as a single group

When we get there, give Solomon our horse and have him take out the big bastard. We shall direct the field of combat using our Leadership and Charisma.

>> No.34449203

>tfw youve always ridden about as a mace swinging, horseriding plate armored war god with a bunch of idiot minions and never once actually led your troops and positioned them and controlled formations in mount&blade wb

>> No.34449210

>Sir Blaise's Long Axe (+2 damage, damage tripled on a crit/cannot carry a shield while equipped/polearm)
>good dress (can be given as a gift)


>> No.34449229

It seems clear what your best option is. You assemble your men and give the word.

"Our prey is close sirs," you say, "Barely a day's ride ahead. Ready your spears, take hold your shields, we ride out immediately!"

To your footmen you turn. "Follow us at your best pace, but maintain cohesion. Sir Solomon has command of the foot."

The knights cheer at the prospect of honest combat. Sabeen gives out a particularly wild whoop, and when you spur forward she is keenly at your left flank, while Sir Welf closes in on your right, axe unslung and ready.

Your bravado carries through out the day and its early morning when you come upon the bandits.

Fifty or such, it was true, and their camp was filled with ill-gotten gain laden on the back of mules. They must have been in the process of switching dens, or returning from a season of pillage.

You note the big man Malik had mentioned, dusky skinned and red manned. He has a straight sword and armour, with nasal helm on. Better armed, better armoured, and looming over his men.

> engage the red haired mountain
> keep back and direct your troops (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34449237

>> send the cavalry out to smash the unprotected bandits
we need to follow up closely to keep them reeling. Lets make sure we can claim the kill on the bandits so we have something to fall back on when we report blaise for breaking his vows.

>> No.34449238

Rolled 4 (1d100)

> keep back and direct your troops (roll 1d100, average of three)


>> No.34449242

Rolled 1 (1d100)

>> keep back and direct your troops (roll 1d100, average of three)

Cao Cao please.

>> No.34449257

Don't stress out, low rolls won't lead to instant failure in this.

>> No.34449273

Rolled 61 (1d100)

>> keep back and direct your troops (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34449280


>> No.34449282

dear god there is no choice

We must engage the red haired mountain.

Gods protect us from a second failure.

>> No.34449299


See >>34449257

Don't let low dice rolls scare you from the objectively correct decision. Unless you want instant game over against the Moutain

>> No.34449318

fair enough, brother, i recant my vote. Hugo isn't exactly ready to take over just yet.

>> No.34449359

Rolled 69 (1d100)

>> keep back and direct your troops (roll 1d100, average of three)

yeah lets avoid fighting but if the oppurtunity presents itself when he's weakend take it. Makes us gain face after being beaten by blaise.

>> No.34449387

Feeling the ache in your chest you see no sense in engaging directly. Instead you hold back and direct with spear tip.

The knights do well to hold to discipline at first. The initial charge scatters many of the bandits, reaping a bloody swathe through their camp. But it does not break them entirely. The wild giant swings his long straight blade around, rallying some troops to him and the begin a fighting retreat, keeping horses at bay in a tight shield wall. It's more discipline then you expected from this rabble.

Sabeen laughs as her spear rips through the back of a fleeing man, and Sir Welf and Malik are fighting together, wheeling their horses close to protect one another's flank.

But the other knights have given up on the attack and are beginning to fall on the loot, snatching up prizes as bandits flee.

> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)
> charge the giant and try to break the shield wall (roll 1d100, average of three)
> Challenge the giant's honour and bait him into to a duel (nominate an opponent)

>> No.34449404

Rolled 58 (1d100)

>> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)

Goddamn it, we need to get as many of these bandits as possible.

>> No.34449407

>> Challenge the giant's honour and bait him into to a duel (nominate an opponent)

Brother solomon shall bathe in Glory!

>> No.34449421

>Sabeen laughs as her spear rips through the back of a fleeing man

Good God i'm in love. we'd better get in good with malik because we are gonna marry that girl.

>> No.34449422

>> Challenge the giant's honour and bait him into to a duel (nominate an opponent)

Solomon! Take out that redhead! With him dead, the back of the resistance will be broken!

>> No.34449424

Solomon is not with your force.

>> No.34449434

Rolled 80 (1d100)

>> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)

Help me, Sima Yi!

>> No.34449442


Original poster of >>34449422

>> No.34449446

Rolled 5 (1d100)

OH shit

>> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34449451

Rolled 94 (1d100)


my roll for a rallying war cry to trample the enemy underfoot!

>> No.34449454

Rolled 2 (1d100)


> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34449477

Rolled 81 (1d100)

Thank god you posted before me Anon. Jesus.

Average of 60, should be fine?

>> No.34449479

Time to stop rolling me thinks

I rolled the four before I'm so sorry

>> No.34449484

Rolled 64 (1d100)

> rally your men away from the loot and back to the fighting (roll 1d100, average of three)

we need to take as much of them out now then we can challenge the moutain later.

>> No.34449488


>> No.34449518


>> No.34449567

You round on the knights taken to pillage.

"Up you fools, the glory is in the fight, the loot has no legs to flee!" you roar. One knight blinks at you dumbly. You strike him with the flat of your spear. "Keep to the fighting. Steel your spine and steady your arm, spur your horse and kill all of these sons of bitches!"

"Sir!" the knight must have had a decade on you but he saluted and rode at your command. The knights reformed for a charge against the shield wall, their spears finding the gaps and cutting men down.

The bandits had their back to the river and were being pushed into the waters, many already soaked up to their calves in the running water.

"Drive them in, drown them!" Sabeen shouted, driving a man back a step.

"Curse of hell!" the red haired giant swore in German. He raised his sword, "I yield to you, spare a Christian brother!"

> drive them into the river
> allow the giant to yield

>> No.34449592


I uh don't know what the right choice is here. What would our personality dictate?

>> No.34449593


>Allow the giant to yield

"Drop your arms!"

>> No.34449595

> allow the giant to yield

Get some plate on this man & he'll be a monster ''redeeming'' himself of course

>> No.34449612

The Giant yields, but still holds his sword?

This cannot stand

>> No.34449614

allow him to yield.
we could use a strong arm if he swears loyalty.

>> No.34449619

>> allow the giant to yield

He and his cohort must drop their arms this instant. for us to accept his yield. Any funny moves and drive him back into the river.

Do we know when Solomon will arrive? Difficult to supervise 50 prisoners with our few knights.

>> No.34449624

Time to exercise the charisma power of domination. He lives, but now he is indebted to us for life, and his men serve us as well as him.

> allow the giant to yield
receive his sword

>> No.34449641

>employing bandits as men of arms serving under your banner

Filthy honorless cretins please leave

>> No.34449647

Rolled 43 (1d100)

> allow the giant to yield
Drop the sword.

>> No.34449653


We may be able to use the Giant, but I don't know if we can provide for the rest of his men. Our income levels are low.

>> No.34449666

> allow the giant to yield
There is no glory in killing a man who has given up.

But if he tries to run there is glory in killing a giant.

>> No.34449796

>> allow the giant to yield

"Yield and I may spare your lives! Yield in the name of the Lord! Drop your arms and raise those arms so that the Lord may take your sins into account!"

>> No.34449830

You call a halt to your men, and draw them out into line before the battled shield wall. In all only ten men remain of the fifty, the rest either fled or dying, and that ten formed a battered shield wall. The giant had tears i his eyes as he surveyed the carnage.

He threw down his sword into the dirt.

"I yield, sir," he said, and to prove it knelt.

You took a second to admire yourself. You felt like Caesar, taking the surrender of Vercingetorix. His life was in your hands, and it was a powerful feeling to hold a blade before another man's head.

"You have bested us, to fight further is to just delay an inevitable death," he said, "death, death in any choice I think." He looked up to you. He did not seem overly scared of the prospect. "Take me alone, strike my head and present it to your lord or take me in chains, but spare my brothers. I beg you. Let no more of my brothers die this day. I swear to you. Show them mercy and they will never again take up arms to harass these lands."

Malik came beside you. "Take his head, he is a law breaker and must be punished."

Sabeen came up as well. "But an honourable one. A trial and a hanging perhaps. Not mercy, but justice."

"Mercy..." Welf spoke the word softly, his eyes deep on the red haired giant.

> kill the man and his men
> take the man in chains and kill his men
> kill the man and let his men go
> take the man in chains and let his men go
> mercy...

>> No.34449840

>drop your arms and raise your those arms

Are you literally retarded?

>> No.34449868

Nah, just sleep deprived and on my second joint. Also attempting to do some calculus homework. So more or less brainfried.

>> No.34449880

"Our lord himself will deal with you, a public execution teaches the petty rabble how to act"

>> No.34449895

> take the man in chains and let his men go

We shall talk with this man later.

>> No.34449907


"If they can speak our tongue Brother", speak to him in German, "make them renounce their wicked ways and speed themselves to the nearest cloister, seek to repent their wicked ways in service of God and we will allow them to live"

Climb off your horse, "As for you", a calm look crosses your face, "your repentance will come in a different form", look into his eyes, "You will lead us to those you raided with and we will see how strong your faith is there, Christian"

so basically:
> take the man in chains and let his men go

>> No.34449911

If his men are to go freely into the night, he must swear to crusade until the day he dies an honorable death defending the holy lands of his lord and saviour Jesus Christ at our side with righteous fury and somber repentance in his heart for this day and all days until he be lain to rest

>> No.34449927


>> No.34449954

> take the man in chains and let his men go

We'll make an offer he can't refuse later.

Be sure to collect his dead brother's heads. We'll frame one of them as the leader in his place.

>> No.34449961

Backing with much support.

>> No.34449977

>> take the man in chains and let his men go

>> No.34449995

Changing my vote to include this >>34449907

>> No.34450020

> take the man in chains and let his men go

we can try to argue for him to be freed into your service as a slave later on. the scandal will get our name spread for even trying and if we do suceed we get a strong arm who may one day be forgiven.

>> No.34450061


>> No.34450082


We can't let him be fingered as the leader if we want him to be freed into our service I think.

Better to get this taken care of before we get to the lord. We'll be returning with <40 heads, so that's pretty impressive anyway. We can just say one of the heads are that of the leader.

>> No.34450127


you really think these people aren't going to run back to warn the other bandits. it's best we use wat we already have and return to the city for a new expedition against "another nest of bandits"

>> No.34450132

>You will lead us to those you raided with
But we're killing them, right now.
Why the fuck do people like this option?

>> No.34450169

agreed we can say he betrayed his brothers and earned a chance at redemption

>> No.34450180

You cannot let this man have full freedom, but you take him at his word. There is the ring of honesty in what he says. You direct your men to bind him in chains, and dismount.

"If I am to let your 'brothers' go free, they must swear on the cross in Latin or Greek, if they can, to take up no more arms, to spend their days in reflecting on the mercy of the lord and redemption through Christ's teachings. If they do this, they may go free. If they are caught however, it will not just be a charge of banditry, but blasphemy as well. Which means either the stake, or the wheel, and they will wish I'd hanged them this day."

The giant nods. "Your words are fair," he said. You draw out your crucifix.

All but one man makes the oath.

"I am Muslim, and will not swear on false idols," he said, and spat on your cross.

"But you will ride with Christians to ill-gotten fortune?" Malik roars. He draws his sword and strikes the man's head from his shoulders with a single blow.

"Get on now, the rest of you, and be grateful it was not my command your fate relied on!" he said to the others, brandishing his sword.

They fled in the face of him.

The knights paid no mind to your deliberations, more concerned were they with the loot.

Some spices, some silk, some gold and jewelry. Rich prizes. But also food stuffs and ale, drinking horns and cutlery. More of that then there was jeweled rings or necklaces.

How should the loot be portioned up?

> evenly, let each man have an equal share
> take for yourself three fourths, the lion's share
> pack away the loot and present it for Lord Gerard

>> No.34450191


Might be more of them around, you never know right?


Well we could presumably send a few folks along with them to Sidon, make sure they get where they are going?

>> No.34450227

A reward for the Faithful who did not sully the name of the lord with their banditry

> evenly, let each man have an equal share

>> No.34450228


this seems like a good way to get in good with the other german knight who isn't riding with anyone. If we do this right we may gain welf and this giant bandit guy into our retinue. If we're going to avoid fighting ourselves it tims to surround ourselves with competent fighters.

>> No.34450231

>> evenly, let each man have an equal share

Fuck Gerard.

>> No.34450253

> evenly, let each man have an equal share

However, the man who participated in banditry of the village must give a small portion of their shares back to the village. It is some form of redemption.

>> No.34450258


"These are prizes of battle, all valuables will be kept safe until we reach Sidon, upon which time they will be distributed amongst the men", look at the food stuffs, "The rest, will be divvied up equally here"

>> No.34450261

>> evenly, let each man have an equal share

A good warleader knows when to share the spoils of battle.

Hopefully this lot will give us enough silver pfennings to get Solomon a new horse.

>> No.34450291

absolutely agreed with this as well as
>evenly, let each man have an equal share

>> No.34450292

>write in
we should divide it evenly but then take a percent from the men who participated in the attack against the village to give back to the villagers as penance. a small percent however, we don't want to lose any loyalty now.

>> No.34450306



>> No.34450311

This though I'd say they give the lions share of their wealth to the Village as repentance.

>> No.34450329

I said small share because sadly their loyalties are far more valuable than that of a ruined village.

I think this will speak to our honor and sense of justice while also being pragmatic.

>> No.34450340

blaise is still around somewhere we may need them before we return to the city. Morality is not something that we can depend on in battle

>> No.34450348

Fair enough I suppose

>> No.34450367

>"But you will ride with Christians to ill-gotten fortune?" Malik roars. He draws his sword and strikes the man's head from his shoulders with a single blow.

Based Malik

>> No.34450502

You clamp down on your greed and make your decision.

"The loot shall be split evenly between all of us," you proclaim, portioning it out with your spear, "And this also, those of you who raided the village will be required to give up a tithe of your spoils to repair it. If any have a problem with that speak now."

"I will have an answer," Welf said, his bloody axe in hand, "For any who do."

You pack your saddle bags full. You're no merchant, with detailed knowledge of the wealth you carried, but you judged it a reasonable sum. Perhaps seventy pfennings worth of goods. You had not expected such a rich reward.

When its time to mount again you ask the bandit his name. "Sigfrod," he replies, "Originally of Denmark."

"Are there more bandits afield?" you ask.

Sigfrod shrugs. "There are some further north, but calling them bandits is not wise. Marauders more like, crossing the border with the Seljuq. We had no dealings with them if we could help it. As it stands they are fighting in Tripoli, maybe they will turn south, maybe they will go home. I cannot say."

It was something to consider.

> take action into Tripoli to find these marauders
> turn back for now and report to Lord Gerard
> consult with one of your allies (nominate)

>> No.34450527

Divide evenly.. and the survivors of the village get shares as well.

>> No.34450550

> consult with one of your allies (nominate)

Malik if they border the Seljuq caliphate we should talk with the neighbouring lords about it.

>> No.34450554

> turn back for now and report to Lord Gerard

We don't have the forces to fight Marauders, let's know our limits.

>> No.34450558

>> consult with one of your allies (nominate)
Malik, since he's more familiar with the local shit.

>> No.34450574


> consult with one of your allies (nominate)

"Malik", walk to the Muslim, "I believe to cross the Border with the Seljuk's might bring further bad blood between Christian and Muslim", talk to him softly, "I think we best return to Sidon with talk of what transpired here and the murder and pillage of the village by Blaise"

"What do you say and would you ride with me if I asked you one day?"

Also when we have time, ask Sigfrod how he managed to end up in the Holy Land as a raider.

>> No.34450575


Actually, maybe, we can get additional loot/reinforcement from Tripoli lords.

Supporting asking Malik. >>34450550 >>34450558

>> No.34450576

Turn the fuck back.

No crossbows or tukopoles means we do NOT fuck with seljuks.

They'll either be able to outfight us, or outrun us.

So either a waste of time, or a death sentence.

>> No.34450605

You all need to learn how turkman raiders worked.

If they can't easily kill you, they ride away. No exceptions. You HAVE to bring light horse with missiles to kill them, or get lucky.

We have neither.

>> No.34450608


While I'm with you, anon, I don't think we stand to lose anything by consulting with Malik.

It will help us understand the world better as well.

>> No.34450633

they are not Seljuks they are marauders that border the Seljuk caliphate, regardless we don't stand to lose anything by consulting with malik

also metatalk is meta.

>> No.34450645

Players might know, but Wilhelm von Koblenz doesn't know.

All we know are Northern Germanic military doctrine, which consists of calvary charges, spearmen assaults, archer volleys, troop formations for siege and field combat, and so and so forth.

>> No.34450651

> turn back for now and report to Lord Gerard

We can consult Malik but the reality is we need to go back and recuperate.

>> No.34450658

We can ask him, but actually going isn't an idea we should even consider.

I can think off... three scenarios where we could take a turk band, and they're supremely unlikely, relying on local knowledge, good manuver ability, good intelligience, and pre-positioned light infantry blockers.

We've got a dress and a mount and blade warband.

Why isn't the dress being flown on our lance yet?

>> No.34450666


Yeah, we are just asking Malik how they work, after all we are still strangers to this land.

Wisdom comes with age and better to earn that wisdom from men who are born here then to earn that wisdom by getting slaughtered on a wild goose chase.

>> No.34450677

>Orlando of Sidon, Levantine knight. 23 years old. (comrade-in-arms/disliked)

Wait, why does Orlando dislike us? We saved his bacon and got ribs smashed to mush in the process.

>> No.34450686

because we presumed to be his equal

>> No.34450702

think it's because we pretty much came out of nowhere and swept right in after he lost command of half his men and claimed leadership (rightfully so, no doubt) of the remaining half.

>> No.34450708

Probably should add talking to him and getting to understand him on the bucket list. No sense in having a foe in the local nobility when we're a fresh face in the area.

>> No.34450723

You were unfamiliar with the ways of the heathen. Luckily you had a heathen to consult with.

Malik considered your advice. "If these are soldiers in truth, they would most likely be ones in service to Atabeg Zengi," he said, "I would not cross swords with them. He has many a valiant warrior in his forces, and is quite the commander himself. Yes, I think he may one day be the bane of you Christians. I saw for now turn back and report on this to the Lord of Sidon. There is nothing to be gained chasing the atabeg's raiders except death or disappointment."

A mighty lord indeed to send soldiers deep into enemy territory, you would have to remember that name.

> ignore Malik's advice and ride out after the marauders
> head back to Sidon

>> No.34450738


Because he lost quite a bit of face, no doubt he'll appreciate it if we don't tell his Uncle what exactly happened.

Just that Blaise is to be named Robber-Knight and murderer of children.

Let the fact that he was a bad commander lay for now, no need to antagonize the ruling family of Sidon right?

>> No.34450751


Looks like he's not much better than his cousin, we have a lot of people to talk to on our way back it seems.

> head back to Sidon

Glad we consulted with Malik though.

>> No.34450772

>All we know are Northern Germanic military doctrine, which consists of calvary charges, spearmen assaults, archer volleys, troop formations for siege and field combat, and so and so forth.
I'm a latecomer, so fill me in:
Has willhelm literally heard nothing about what's going on in the holy land besides "it's holy and you kill people?"
I ask because the europeans that came to the area figured out what was what as far as fighting the various locals went rather rapidly, having had to fight through turks to get across Anatolia.
If he's so much as chatted up a drunk infantryman, he should have SOME idea what he's dealing with.

>> No.34450773

>> head back to Sidon

>> No.34450778


I'm fine with that, I'd rather make an ally of him if possible.

>> No.34450781

> head back to Sidon

Jobs done & we lack numbers, supplies & equipment.

>> No.34450784

>> head back to Sidon

Fighting a stronger, better equipped force with our current setup?


>> No.34450793


Return to Sidon, but first, stop at the village and have the slayers of children and women repent for their sins.

Ask Malik if he wishes to act as a translator so that the village will know why we do this.

Make sure to collect the heads of the fallen as well, we cannot turn up empty handed at Sidon and just say we killed them right?

>> No.34450815

well we haven't done that hell we've barely done anything really except Bed maidens, get the shit beaten out of us and roll poorly.

>> No.34450817

>> head back to Sidon

nah, let's make haste here, and there's no sense rubbing salt in their wounds. They're already shamed in the eyes of both gods.

>> No.34450822


We went to the Holy Land by ship I think, we didn't really talk to anyone besides Solomon who's fighting knowledge extended only to the Fatamid caliphate, after all he's a Nubian.



>> No.34450835

Bring locals with us.
This village is part of sidons demense, if they testify the norman attacked and you stopped him, they WILL be after his head.

>> No.34450841

> head back to Sidon
Did our loot include a helmet, horse or pack animal?

>> No.34450847


We've shown some courage and leadership in standing up to Blaise and getting some of his men to join our side.

We are also really good at befriending superior knights.

>> No.34450852

Archives are a great place to start:

We're a 17 year old urban knight who just arrived in the Holy Land all of maybe 1-2 months now. We know nothing of the local political scene nor the state of affairs.

In short, we're the newfag in town who hasn't a lick of an idea where the local game store is located.

>> No.34450862

Big bandit has a helmet.

It's ours now.

>> No.34450863


No, they won't. The villagers are Muslims and the Lord is a piece of shit.

>A few dead peasants is no cause to outlaw such a fierce knight', were his words precisely.

>> No.34450873

yes this is why we should play up the early Liu bei tactics

>> No.34450882

I do hope we're all thinking of fixing a lion's head to this helmet?

>the legend continues

>> No.34450883


He can keep it if we find a way for him to join us.

The two Maliks and Welf are a bit higher on my permanent recruitment list though.

>> No.34450894

What's next, mastering the Greek language and changing our name to Herakles?

>> No.34450895

Best to heed the words of the veteran, you decide. You mount up and organise a return to Sidon. You regroup with your infantry later that afternoon and set up camp. It's only a couple of days to the village, where the men who were instructed to give up their loot did so in the field before the tattered village hall.

An old man with grief in his eyes gave you a respectful nod as you rode by, and the assembled villagers saw you off with only silence, no cursing but a quiet grief.

It is a little over a week to return to Sidon from there, and you have time to meet with a companion.

> nominate a companion to spend time with

>> No.34450917


The Brigand of Denmark.

I would like to know his tale and to see whether or not we should accept him as a companion or let him be hung.

>> No.34450921

>> nominate a companion to spend time with


>> No.34450929


This reminds me of the Ma Chao-Cao Cao chase scene in Three Kingdoms.

>Wilhelm is that scoundrel with a lion's head on his helmet! Take his head!
>Wilhelm is that scoundrel with a dress as his banner! Take his head!

>> No.34450930

perhaps you're unaware that we already possess said lion's head?

>> No.34450947


I think he returned to Sidon?

>> No.34450953

Malik. We need to learn how war works out here, and fast.

>mfw when imagining a retarded german teen cityboy trying to into war in the levant WITHOUT my good fortune of having A new history of the crusades and The grand strategy of the byzantine empire to fall back on
This german is not long for the world.

>> No.34450955

No, he's with you. I should have mentioned him in the fighting.

>> No.34450958

We spend time with that minx Sabeen. our waifu

>> No.34450960

>> nominate a companion to spend time with

Orlando if he's present, otherwise the Brigand to see if he's worthy.

>> No.34450983

fuck your waifu we a Bard knight

>> No.34451007


>Implying Jehanne won't tell Noemi to take Willhem if he spins the story right

>> No.34451012


Far too early for waifu talks. Wilhelm's charisma demands that he deflower half the women in the Holy Lands before he thinks of settling down.

>> No.34451017


Then I nominate Orlando, get our stories straight when we return to Sidon.

Also ask him what he'd do with the Brigand.

>> No.34451029

>Wanting to marry a common maid

>Wanting to marry a heathen

>Settling for just half

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.34451032

Orlando we need them sweet connections

>> No.34451061

Here's a hypothetical question.

Would we risk angering the Lord of Sidon in exchange for potentially keeping Sigfrod the Dane as a companion?

I'm slightly torn.

>> No.34451082

It's Orlando you call into your company, and you note the scarred knight has been giving you jealous looks of late. But if he is jealous his words are not, and he rides with you without complaint.

"You did well sir, well enough considering," he said, "Particularly your handling of the village. It was never my intent to have harm come to the rustics. Kudos to you for such magnanimous action. If it was not for Sir Blaise, this might have all proceeded much smoother with less grief."

His words were well spoken, but still you hear bitterness in his voice.

> try to befriend the man (roll 1d100, best of three)
> point out his failure of leadership

>> No.34451087

No one said a thing about marriage. Only she'll need a excuse to have us at hand.

>> No.34451116

Rolled 100 (1d100)

>> try to befriend the man (roll 1d100, best of three)


>> No.34451118

Rolled 50 (1d100)

>> try to befriend the man (roll 1d100, best of three)

I'm gonna befriend the shit out of you.

>> No.34451123


Let us ask what Orlando wants to do first, he is still the commander of our 'mission'.

Whatever happens, when we return to Sidon, he'll talk to his Uncle and he just might demand Sigfrod's head, we can hardly say 'nay' to him.

However if Orlando vouches for Sigfrod and ourselves, saying we acted honorably, who knows, we might get a new companion?

>> No.34451125

Rolled 92 (1d100)

> try to befriend the man (roll 1d100, best of three)

>> No.34451139


>> No.34451141


>> No.34451143

Rolled 80 (1d100)




>> try to befriend the man (roll 1d100, best of three)

>> No.34451147

Deus Vault indeed.

>> No.34451153


My god, Wilhelm's the knight whisperer.

>> No.34451181

agreed. I want him to know who he's in debt to. But also know that we're compassionate people. Gain his loyalty so he doesn't kill us in our sleep trying to escape

>> No.34451190

Does this end with a rumor on how Blaise carries fancy dresses around when he goes a-killing?

>> No.34451269


It's official: We're a mothafucking CHR whore.

Today, some backwoods place a little ways out from Sidon. Tomorrow, the entirety of the Holy Land!

What's next, the Sunset Invasion happening?

>> No.34451281


Don't even joke about that shit mate, we'll have Mongols on our doorstep in about what.. fifty years or so?

>> No.34451312


That anon meant this: http://www.ckiiwiki.com/Sunset_Invasion

Pretty sure the Mongols will be kicking the shit out of Baghdad within the next 50 odd years.

>> No.34451313

>Willhelm single handedly holds off the Mongol hordes via the power of FRIENDSHIP!

>> No.34451321

"Aye, that mad dog," you agree, "Would that he had some sense. A shame your lord cousin seems fond of him."

"My lord cousin," Orlando looked like he might spit, "Is cast from the same mold as that Norman. He will raid near any ship that passes by Sidon and flies colours he mislikes. The Greeks, the Saracens. He has even clashed with King Roger of Sicily, though he did not win that engagement. King Fulk has had to order him to keep his eyes from neighouring lands. The man is greedy." Orlando laughs to himself. "But he is a strong man, a good lord in that way. I would not stand against him on the field, and he has brains enough that matching wits is no easy challenge. I feel almost as if he sent me here just so I might fail. We've long had a rivalry. It was luck alone that saw his line named Lords of Sidon and not mine. A gift from the late King Baldwin."

You let Orlando prattle on for some time about the competing genealogies of Sidon and the surrounding area. It is all valuable information, but the man invariably wrapped it up in his own story.

"I think you a good sort Wilhelm, a good sort," he said, "Perhaps you might seek service in my household after this is all done."

"Perhaps," you say. You direct his attention to another topic, your prisoner who rode in chains on mule back.

"Ah, Lord Gerard might kill him, and gruesomely," Orlando said, "Or he might press gang him into the fleet. Or still just see him given service in his number. My cousin values a good sword arm, and cares not for a raider's habits. It will all depend on what his advocate, if he is allowed one, argues."

You pass the next couple days enjoying the peace. Your ribs felt stronger, the near constant pain had reduced to just an occasional spark of pain.

You've time left to keep the company of one other companion.

> nominate a companion

>> No.34451330

Mongols didn't touch outremer and got driven off by the mamelukes anyway.

>> No.34451370

Sabeeeeeeenn the queen.

>> No.34451374

Malik or girl.

>> No.34451380

>> nominate a companion

Our wise negro companion Solomon

>> No.34451385

>"I think you a good sort Wilhelm, a good sort," he said, "Perhaps you might seek service in my household after this is all done."



The Bandito, we'll need to know more to be his advocate.

>> No.34451386


Yeah I know what he meant, just don't joke about the Sunset Invasion.

That means no money, no men, nothing coming from Europe to help us against the Mongol horde that will show up to annoy us.

Or well most likely our son if we manage to get that far in the game.

Might be a cool way to end Wilhelm's claim to fame, "What do you say Solomon, one last charge, once more into the fray for God?", ready your lance, your bones feel good on this cold morning, a strange thing considering your age as you give the spurs to your horse. "Deus Vult", you cry and a hundred knights take up your charge as you ride out against these new invaders.

>> No.34451390


>> No.34451414


Aye. Talk to Sigfrod.

>> No.34451420

Sigfrod. Let's see what the man knows and we can use before presenting him.

Let's not risk our relation to Malik. We're still too Christian for that.

>> No.34451429

>> nominate a companion
Sigfrod the Dane or Welf the German knight, whichever has more votes.

>> No.34451452

your words speak true. i let my passions overrun my sense. i change my vote to speak to


>> No.34451485


Plus you don't have to worry about seducing/courting woman with Wilhelm.

>> No.34451518


The Dane.

>> No.34451521

The girl

>> No.34451539

>Might be a cool way to end Wilhelm's claim to fame, "What do you say Solomon, one last charge, once more into the fray for God?", ready your lance, your bones feel good on this cold morning, a strange thing considering your age as you give the spurs to your horse. "Deus Vult", you cry and a hundred knights take up your charge as you ride out against these new invaders.
Could you...
Not be a fag?

>> No.34451584

Given that Sigfrod was the one to surrender, we're really just bringing back the only repentant Christian among the bandits.

>> No.34451590


>> No.34451603

The Danish Bandit

>> No.34451613

The Dane we'll need to score some points with Malik before we go after the gir;

>> No.34451623

It's been too long

>> No.34451650

The girl, who else?
Bard knight gonna bard

>> No.34451659

Right infront of her father might be a bad idea. Sublety anon.

>> No.34451670

Rolled 7 (1d100)

Malik's going to cut off Wilhelm's balls.

Rolling to dodge.

>> No.34451674

Be more subtle if you intend to samefag

besides we need to this subtly

>> No.34451681


He's posting way too late for his votes to be counted anyway.

>> No.34451696

He'd probably approve if it was marriage

>> No.34451709


And the legend of Wilhelm the Eununch Knight spread.

>Marrying a Muslim

>> No.34451711

we are not marrying the Warrior woman again anon we have TKQ for that

>> No.34451735

We are instead going to NTR every christian noble in the holy lands?

>> No.34451737

The bandit, at camp that night you decide to see him. He is kept chained and watched by a number of men-at-arms. You'd never seen a man his size before, yet still proportionate. His head was a boulder on his broad shoulders, his arms thick. The only others you'd meant as close to his like were tall and thin, and still Sigfrod would have stood over them by near a head.

"Aye, the captain comes to visit the doomed man," he says, surprisingly cheerful. He has freedom enough to feed himself, and he is eating hard jerky. "Well met captain of knights and bane of bandits."

"Well met Sigfrod Dane," you say, squatting next to him. "I've heard tell of what your punishment might be. Death, or perhaps slavery. But I hear also you could be argued to freedom. What do you think of that?"

Sigfrod's eyes shine. "I think you might be mocking me," he said, "But if that were so, you would be a different man of action than of word. Ah, what do I think. Rare for a noble to ask a common born man that. I think that I have lived well, with brothers beside me. We have reaved and raided, made merry with good women and buried good men. If I am to die I hope it is to return only to their company."

He has a wistful look on his face. Then he grinned.

"But better still to live, and have a chance to make merry with more good women and find new brothers. Aye, who wants death when there is a chance for life? I'll do much to live, though not anything."

"What brought you so far south Dane?" you ask.

He shrugged. "I had meant to join the Varangians, as my father did and his before him. When I found them though it was not what I'd hoped. Anglian Guard it should be called. Old men still bitter of King William's conquest. So I took my sword else where, into Antioch. Things sort of just took a motion of its own after that." He shrugged. "And now here I am."

> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial
> wish him luck at his coming trial
> curse him for a brigand and lawbreaker

>> No.34451739


We did want to go full Cao Cao

>> No.34451753

yep it's what Cao cao sama would have wanted

> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial

>> No.34451759

>> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial

If he's freed, would he join up with us?

>> No.34451768

>Write in
"It's a shame your leader died mid-way through our journey, now we can never have justice for those killed."

>> No.34451789

You realise he'll probably get drafted by the guy for slavery or somesuch right?

>> No.34451792

> wish him luck at his coming trial

>> No.34451796

> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial
but first we should ask him what he means by not anything. What will a man not do to stay alive. we need to know whether or not we can use this man if he is released to us as a slave

>> No.34451797

> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial
Not if we work that silver tongue of ours.

>> No.34451799


> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial

"I see you are not a bad man Sigfrod, perhaps only a bad Christian. I will speak for you at the trial.

If you are released, it'll be into my company. You might serve me as a bodyguard"

>> No.34451806

>> curse him for a brigand and lawbreaker
>> pledge to advocate for Sigfrod at his trial

*slap him on each cheek* You are a fool and an idiot. The Bible states that the virtues of diligence and humility will lead to eternal salvation and yet you turned your sword against the children of God.

*sit back* However, I believe firmly in second chances. I will personally see to it that I will be your advocate at your trial.

>> No.34451812


Which is why we are advocating for him with our badass CHA? Besides, if he gets slavery instead of death, we could always buy and set him free.

>> No.34451834

> wish him luck at his coming trial
He surrendered as a Christian should. Knows about the Seljuks. Perhaps a temple can take care of his penance in coin.

Maybe even >>34451768

>> No.34451993

"I think you are not without virtue Sigfrod," you say, "Though perhaps misled in your actions. You say there are things you would never do to save yourself. Pray tell, what are they?"

"Betray my brothers," he said it very readily, "What is my life compared to theirs? I would do much to see my brothers live. Aye, what is life next to a brother's love?"

You smile at the answer. You have a brother of your own.

"Then if that is what you won't do, I will stand for you at trial. Perhaps you shall have freedom, or simply spared the rope."

"I would be in your debt," Sigfrod replied.

"You would find a way to repay it, I'm sure," you say, patting the large man on the shoulder.

As you walked away Sigfrod called out. "God be with you Wilhelm, I think you may need his favour."

"Don't we all?" you call back, and see his grin disappear into the night.

The walls of Sidon rise before you, that same flow of traffic. Many part to allow you through, and the guardsmen do not halt soldiers wearing the lord's badge.

You find yourself before the sea fort, a man with soldiers in company, the chancellor you recognise at his shoulder.

Lord Gerard, brown haired and moustached. He had a bulbous nose and frowning mouth, his eyes dropped at the side and his heavy eyebrows give him an owlish look.

"My men return," he said, his voice surprisingly sweet, "With spoils and a captive."

At his other side was Sir Blaise. Well dressed and with an eye patch. The eye patch was white with a red cross. The mark of a templar.

> come forward and introduce yourself to the lord as captain
> send Orlando forward
> stand back and see what Lord Gerard does

>> No.34452017


> send Orlando forward

Approach together with Orlando.

Let him say his piece but 'enforce' his tale with nods of your head.

Two men saying the same is better then one nay?

>> No.34452029

This'll work

>> No.34452031

> stand back and see what Lord Gerard does

Godfucking dammit Blaise you fucker

>> No.34452036

>> send Orlando forward

No need to step on anyones toes

>> No.34452043

>> send Orlando forward

Approach a respectful distance behind Orlando.

>> No.34452062

follow closely by orlando he gets credit but you are seen as his second in command

>> No.34452074

Backing this.

Also, Blaise is a fucking templar? Time to call on the Levantine Assassins... pffft, we don't even know if those bastards exist. Fuck Blaise and his asshatery.

>> No.34452076

> send Orlando forward

>> No.34452083


I fully expected him to be there.

Obviously he's already told the Lord about what transpired, spinning it most likely that we are the culprits.

>> No.34452089

>dont mind me. Just an average monk with average monk equipment

>> No.34452092

> send Orlando forward

A bought Templar, probably not much pull. He didn't go with the others for a reason.

>> No.34452095


Fortunately, we already sent Orlando to tell our side of the story.

Unfortunately, the Lord probably doesn't give a shit and will just use this to whatever best serves his own interest. The Lord doesn't seem to like his cousin either.

>> No.34452115

The man Agreed to let the matter lie, this makes him not only a Brigand and a rapist but also an Honourless oathbreaker.

>> No.34452141

If Crusader Kings has taught me anything, it's that if you have a sufficiently strong claim to any title, you can seize it with force of arms or very good diplomacy.

We have Orlando who probably has a weak claim, but nonetheless a claim. Long term plan here to put him in power instead of his fatty dumbass cousin.

>> No.34452148

Should be our plan. replace the dumb fatty with our dumb fatty and Cao Cao this shit

>> No.34452159


Orlando did invite us to his household.

Orlando doesn't seem like a particularly talented man, but we could rise to be the man behind the man.

>> No.34452162

You prod Orlando into action and he steps forward with great dignity.

"Cousin, I present you the chief of the bandits that have been wreaking havoc in the north," he said, motioning for Sigfrod to be dumped before the lord. The lord looked down on Sigfrod, owlish eyes unreadable.

"Despite our delay the mission was a success. We routed their force by a river, and scattered them to the four winds. It will be some time before any are bold enough to trespass on your lands."

"And all thanks to you cousin," Lord Gerard said.

Orlando takes a breath and glances at you. "Yes," he says, "Yes, it was mostly my action that won the day, but this young man was my chief instrument. I would vouch for him, and see him well rewarded for his service to me."

Lord Gerard's eyes moved from Orlando to you.

You'd seen eyes like that before. The arch-bishop had eyes like that. Without mercy or consideration. A merchant's eyes when looking over stock.

"And what reward would your chief tool think just?"

> ask for nothing, give all credit to Orlando
> ask for a reward of coin (roll 1d100, best of three)
> ask to join Lord Gerard's service

>> No.34452179

Rolled 3 (1d100)

>> ask for a reward of coin (roll 1d100, best of three)
Lets get paid!

>> No.34452181

>> ask for nothing, give all credit to Orlando

Long term profits trump short term profits.

>> No.34452192


"None my lord but for you to think highly of me and perhaps if a need for men of valiant arms may arise, that you would first call my name.

Sir Wilhelm of Koblenz"

> ask for nothing, give all credit to Orlando

>> No.34452200

Rolled 80 (1d100)

> ask for a reward of coin (roll 1d100, best of three)
Best for him to think we can be bought

>> No.34452203

>Write in
"The survival of the captured man, if I may be so bold"

>> No.34452217

Rolled 12 (1d100)

> ask for a reward of coin (roll 1d100, best of three)

Nothing wrong with a bit of coin!

>> No.34452225

>> ask for nothing, give all credit to Orlando

We already got paid through loot, best to make Orlando look good.

>> No.34452239

you are right. i would change my vote. But i dont want it to seem like i do it due to my bad roll>>34452179

>> No.34452247

''If I may be so bold my lord, our prisoner longs for redemption and I wish to give it to him on the field of battle I Implore you give him a stay of education under my name''

>> No.34452249

> ask for nothing, give all credit to Orlando

>> No.34452261

This, it's basically 1 anyway

>> No.34452285


>> No.34452322

This. >>34452247

>> No.34452329


Changing my vote to give credit to Orlando but to also humbly ask >>34452247

>> No.34452339


Aye this.

>> No.34452343

>a stay of education

Fuck I meant execution

>> No.34452345

By the way, we are going to be taking Solomon drinking after this is all over. He saved our bacon so many times already.

We should give our entire retinue a small bonus as well for merriment.

>> No.34452350

yes yes we are

>> No.34452387

I'm guessing they got a loot share. At least Solomon for being a knight.

>> No.34452398


This is personal gratitude though. Or maybe we can just spend the money on a big fucking feast. Let's go with that actually.

>> No.34452415

You leave off.

"There was nothing to it, I only followed Sir Orlando's lead," you say, directing attention back to him.

"Liar!" Sir Blaise interjects, a laugh half ringing in his words. "I did not lose my eye to that simpleton. I lost it to the Nubian, who followed Sir Wilhelm's lead. False-modesty is unbecoming."

Sir Blaise stepped forward. "I say as witness, and on my new vows to the Cross, that Sir Orlando was a failure of a leader. I knew it when first I met him, and saw it when Sir Wilhelm usurped his command in our skirmish. I say this not to condemn either Sir Wilhelm, though he crossed swords with me, or Sir Orlando but only so that we have an honest account of things. Sir Orlando is a sniveling coward who lost his head when true knights rode with blades bare. He could do not but stand witness in our combat. And even in our parting, though we both swore we would not continue our quarrel into a feud, Sir Orlando rode back to besmirch my name in court while Sir Wilhelm remained in the field commanding his troops."

He raised his hand. "Woe do I condemn the lies of both men, but praise the valour of Sir Wilhelm. Never have I spoken on our quarrel, but now I speak, that this is a true accounting of things. Let that testament stand before the lies of all men."

With that he stood back, and shot you a wicked grin.

Lord Gerard smiled. "Sir Blaise has only been a Templar a week, but he takes his vows seriously. I believe his judgement on this. My cousin has many gifts, martial valour is not one of them."

He looked at you long and hard. "I dislike false modesty sir, remember that." With that he flicked you a pfenning. "If ever you need work, come find me and I'll give you tasks worthy of your ability."

With that he had Sigfrod taken up and carried to the dungeons, and drew his cousin into the castle. The chancellor remained to dole out the pay, and retrieve from you all your badges of service.


>> No.34452436



>> No.34452468

>Believing the word of an Honourless oathbreaking Brigand

Gerard is worst lord

>> No.34452486

Honestly that part where Liu Bei threw that sword was amazing.

>> No.34452494

You receive your month's wages, a generous twenty pfennings, and hand back your badge.

Malik finds you as the other knights begin to disperse.

"We will be a month in Sidon spending our pay, if you want to find us head to the Saracen's Spear," he said, "I enjoyed riding with you sir, and would do so again."

Sabeen nodded. "You fight well enough, and listen. More than can be said for most Franks," she gives you a punch to the arm.

Welf is last to bid you farewell.

"I have...no one...no where..." he said, shuffling awkwardly.

> take Welf into your service
> send him away

>> No.34452497

I hope we get to Altair them both...

>> No.34452507

>> take Welf into your service

>> No.34452511

>> take Welf into your service

Hell yes.

>> No.34452512


>> No.34452513

>> take Welf into your service
Ofcourse he is welcome!

>> No.34452531

>> take Welf into your service
Take the Welf in!

Might I suggest that we begin planning for Operation MurderMainKill Blaise?

>> No.34452539

> take Welf into your service
We will lead an army of billions.

>> No.34452556


"Come friend, it will be good to sit with another German"

And we should contact Malik again, ask him if he knows any assassins.

Seriously fucking Blaise.

>> No.34452563

"That's not true Welf," you say.

"You ride with us now," Solomon said, clapping him by the shoulders.

"Aye, we good use another Longshanks, and its good to have more German company compared to all these damned Frenchman," Franz said, "Even if you are Saxon filth."

Welf laughed, but smothered the laugh with his hand.

"Thank you," he said, taking a small bow.

Hugo was the only one that seemed cross. "Must I squire for him also?" he asked, but you shut his complaints off with a ruffle of his hair.

You have time to do something with the day.

> go to market and sell your loot
> find a friend in the city (nominate)
> find lodging

>> No.34452565


We will murder the shit out of Blaise and that fatuous Lord as well.

>> No.34452570

Nope, the Nizari are scary shit son. And they probably won't kill small fry.

>> No.34452578

>Try and get our bandit lord onboard

>> No.34452579

>> go to market and sell your loot

Can we get our lion helm and dress banner now?

>> No.34452597

>> find a friend in the city (nominate)
Go see Orlando and see how we can secure Sigord's release. We did kinda promise our giant bandit.

>> No.34452600


Switching vote to >>34452597

>> No.34452612


>> No.34452621

>> find a friend in the city (nominate)
to do >>34452597

>> No.34452625


Sell our spoils of battle, see about getting a cloak fashioned from the lion pelt.

Then see about seeing Orlando and securing Sigford's release.

>> No.34452634

> go to market and sell your loot
I am sure we can at least get proper gear for everyone?

We can also go fetch Solomon's horse. Perhaps buy an ass from there.

>> No.34452651


>> No.34452671


Also why is Welf such a spaghetti knight?

>> No.34452703

In Crusader Kings terms, Welf probably has the Stutter trait.

>> No.34452741


also we should call out Blaise's honour as half our company can testify he violated his knightly oath to defend the Innocent

either that or we have Jehannes & Neomi spread the news amongst the lower nobility in order to destabilise Gerards position which in turn makes Blaise a liability.

>> No.34452769


Too soon, too quick. We have to make more connections first.

>> No.34452773

Going to get some grub, be back soon.

>> No.34452790

true Revenge is a dish best served cold

>> No.34452821

Tempting, but Blaise is a Knights Templar while we're a landless, nameless urban knight with absolutely nothing asides from our goods looks and suave manner.

If anything, we need to do what >>34452769 says and network with every sympathetic noble out here, be they Christian or Muslim.

Malik's going to be go-to guy for all the shitstorms we're going to be flying into.

>> No.34452850


If we roll well, we might get that dude from ascreed

>> No.34452861


He's -30 something years old right now

>> No.34452879

Those assassins sure are crafty!

>> No.34452888

>Inb4 Templars
>Inb4 Apples

Wilhelm usurps the templars when?

>> No.34452919

>Wilhelm becomes Grandmaster of a Crusader Order
>Takes over Alexandria
>Crowns himself king

>> No.34452987

Goddamn it, just realized that I mildly fucked up archiving for this thread.

At least the tags are correct.

>> No.34453083

>Solomon becomes Grandmaster of a Crusader Order
>Take over Alexandria
>Crown ourself King Wilhelm protected by an elite order of crusaders completely loyal to us

>> No.34453100

You decide to wait for Orlando to finish his business with his cousin before proceeding. It is some hours before Orlando comes out from the sea fort. He looked worse for wear, his eyes under cast and hair a mess. There were tears in his clothing, small little pinch tears like an imp had attacked him.

"Ah, Wilhelm," he said with a weak smile, "What a damned thing that was, eh? None to blame but me for it. Trying to steal the glory. God I am a fool."

He kicked a rock.

"Yes, a damned fool. You know what my cousin has done? Used my failures as an excuse, an excuse to seize my land. It's, it is almost funny. Ha ha! A great jest!"

He sat on his arse in the middle of the street.

"I am landless, dispossessed, a vagrant like yourself. Ah hell, I am doomed," he started to weep, "All I have is my name, and what good is that attached to a failure like me?"

"What of Sigfrod's trial?" you ask.

"What of it!?" he snaps back. But he calms himself. "Forgive my sharp tone. It is to be in three days. It should be quick if none will represent him. I think he is likely to be put to work on a ship. My cousin never fails to exploit an opportunity." His face scrunches up again and he begins to weep softly.

> invite Orlando into your band
> leave him to his misery

>> No.34453124

>> invite Orlando into your band

We'll use his name to eventually claim Acre for ourselves.

>> No.34453131

>Write in
"Opportunities exist which you can exploit as well, although I am currently of little standing, I am sure with both of our talents together, along with those of my other friends, it would be hard for us to fail."

>> No.34453137

> invite Orlando into your band

''Have hope Orlando this land is now a land of opportunity & opportunity can if god wills it someday mean revenge''

>> No.34453140

> invite Orlando into your band
One day we could set him up in his cousin's spot and make him loyal to us.

>> No.34453150

>> invite Orlando into your band
He got a name. That can be very useful. Besides, we are a collector of vagrants and misfits

>> No.34453160

>> invite Orlando into your band
Cheer him up saying things along the lines of "Hey, you may be at the bottom but from here it's all going to go up."

Also ask "By the by, you wouldn't happen to know who amongst the local nobility we can trust and work with? Besides your asshole cousin, of course."

>> No.34453265

"No title, no land, that sounds familiar," you look to your companions, "Aye, very familiar." With Solomon's help you draw Orlando to his feet, dust him off. "Let's be landless together, eh?"

"A useless fool like me?" he says it with some distrust.

"We'll find a use for you," Solomon says slapping him on the back.

Orlando wipes the tears from his eyes. "I do not. I have never. I have never known..."

"We're friends Orlando, we won't leave you in the street like a dog," you say.

"Friends," Orlando manages a smile, "Yes, yes. Friends. We shall be friends." He hugs you, and its only Franz's interjection that manages to remove him.

"Do you have any other friends in the city?" you asked.

Orlando thinks. "Froggy," he said, "Sorry, Sir Matthias. I had meant to be at his wedding some weeks ago but duty interfered. Lady Lucca is another, she is quite charming, very discreet. I suppose they are as close to friends as I have."

"Not any more," you said, poking him in the ribs.

Orlando looks like he might cry again. "Oh hell's bells," he said, dabbing at his eyes, "But its much too late to call on them."


> finding lodging for the night
> head to the markets for the last hour of trading and sell off these goods

>> No.34453282

> head to the markets for the last hour of trading and sell off these goods

Don't want to be mugged


>> No.34453287

>> head to the markets for the last hour of trading and sell off these goods

Lion Helm and Dress Banner time?

>Orlando thinks. "Froggy," he said, "Sorry, Sir Matthias.


>> No.34453299

>> head to the markets for the last hour of trading and sell off these goods

Then we can find some place to stay

>> No.34453303

>> head to the markets for the last hour of trading and sell off these goods

"Come, let's turn this into something less conspicuous like pfennings and ale."

>> No.34453308

>"Froggy," he said, "Sorry, Sir Matthias. I had meant to be at his wedding some weeks ago

Holy coincidence Batman

>> No.34453317

>Don't want to be mugged

We are a large group of heavily armed men. Doubt anyone would be stupid enough

>> No.34453329

>What is Blaise
>What is the knights templar

>> No.34453333

>Lion Helm and Dress Banner time?
I sure hope so!!!

>> No.34453357

You head to the markets and manage to unload most of the goods. One merchant wants to short change you on the silk, but you manage to argue the price up and getting a good netting. Though the hour is late you manage to do better than your first estimate, and net some 85 pfennings.

The bartering has gone on too long to permit you time to purchase anything however, and with so much money on your person being,out so late was not a good idea. You are left with little to do but find lodging for the night.

> try the Saracen's Spear
> head to the Hospitaller's cloister

>> No.34453367

>> try the Saracen's Spear

We are filthy rich!

>> No.34453368

>try the Saracen's Spear

>> No.34453371

>> try the Saracen's Spear
Malik offered us hospitality. We should go visit. Would be nice to spend the night with someone who wont stab us in the back

>> No.34453372


>> No.34453379


Oh wait, I thought Saracen's Spear was some high-end place, but getting to hang out with Malik and his daughter is good too.

>> No.34453392

>Blaise tries to ambush Wilhelm
>Muh lost depth perception
>Solomon lops Blaise's head off with his own axe

And everyone lived happily ever after

>> No.34453396

>> try the Saracen's Spear
Brother Malik!

Probably should drop a few pfennings on the ale and women for the sake of relaxation. Orlando's on edge and our punk kid brother's still curious about women.

>> No.34453420


136 pfennings is pretty excellent. We still don't have enough for Strategikon of Kekaumenos, but it's a nice nest egg and we can afford to be generous to our companions.

>> No.34453436


Looking at the store from the past threads, an inferior long axe went for 25 pfennings. Blaise must be pretty sore about losing his axe to us now.

>> No.34453447

we also promised to buy Solomon a new horse

>> No.34453458


I thought Solomon told us that his horse would be back to normal since he let it rest for a while.

>> No.34453459

we should see how his old horse is doing first.

>> No.34453529

You remember Malik's offer and directions. You find the Saracen's Spear easily. It's a fine establishment, with an old spear hanging over its doorway. The interior is not rowdy, rather it is almost like a church in some ways, though adorned with rugs and comfortable, fat cushions.

"Ah, Franks," a man by the door bids you in, "Welcome, welcome, to the Saracen's Spear. Ah, this is not much of a Frankish scene I am afraid. There is no alcohol to sell. But we have other comforts. Music, dancing girls, and good food. As well as room for the night."

He beckons you all in. It's well a lit place, and there are only a few guests that night. Men mostly, lounging and reading as serving girls in flimsy qauze brought them hot drinks and food.

Hugo was agog at what the girls were wearing, and Solomon rubbed his chin admiringly.

You scan the room for Malik, recognizing some of his men. It took you a second as he was not in armour, but in good robes carefully folded, his head bound in an ornate turban. He was in conversation with one of the girls of the house, another sitting next to him attentively. He has an oud sitting in his lap.

He sees you and waves you over.

"My friend, come and sit!"

You come over and sit. He has a merry look in his eyes.

"You play?" he asked, noticing you notice the oud.

"Not that instrument," you say.

He offers it out to you.

> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)
> leave off

>> No.34453537

Rolled 94 (1d100)

>> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)

Bard Knight! Bard Knight!

>> No.34453546

Rolled 73 (1d100)

>> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)
Doesn't hurt to try. Oud's more or less the Lute of the Middle East anyways.

>> No.34453549

Rolled 95 (1d100)


> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34453551

Rolled 31 (1d100)

> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34453562


... D-d-did we do the equivalent of playing the medieval version of AC/DC's Thunderstruck?!

>> No.34453566

god wills it.

>> No.34453569

Holy shit. We truely are the Bard Knight

>> No.34453574

Rolled 7 (1d100)

> play a tune (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34453575


Bard Knight stronk

>> No.34453583


>> No.34453605



>> No.34453617

We are the motherfucking Bard Knight!

>> No.34453629

>Doesn't hurt to try. Oud's more or less the Lute of the Middle East anyways.
>Proceeds to make Orpheus and Jimi Hendrix look like children.

>> No.34453636



>> No.34453667

You experiment a little before trying your hand at playing 'et veni, ut caritas vestra'. It comes out well, and you sing the lyrics very well. Hugo sings along a little, as does Orlando though Orlando muddles the word. Welf grins and clicks his fingers.

"That's a very good song, very beautiful," the girl beside Malik said. She was a slim creature, not quite as scantily clad as the other serving girls, but with curves enough that you enjoy the tight cut of the cloth. Your eyes linger on her hips a while before you see her face.

Ah, not a serving girl. Sabeen looked a bit different outside the shapeless and heavy armour too.

"Where did you learn music?" she asked.

"My master, my old knight," you reply.

She nods. "A warrior should appreciate music, will you play again?"

> play again (best of three)
> return the instrument to Malik
> ask that she play something

>> No.34453678

The times that Dice Gods have shined on Wilhelm:

>Meeting and befriending Solomon
>Convincing Solomon to accept 2 pfennings as his monthly salary
>Befriending Malik
>Befriending Orlando
>Rocking people's faces off with the oud

There's a pattern here.

>> No.34453689

Rolled 93 (1d100)

>> play again (best of three)

>> No.34453694

Rolled 41 (1d100)

>> play again (best of three)

Ladykiller Wilhelm

>> No.34453699

Rolled 7 (1d100)

> play again (best of three)

>> No.34453703

Rolled 63 (1d100)

>> play again (best of three)
Once again!

>> No.34453715

You spoke too soon 'cause this mothafakka >>34453699 rolled shit.

Incoming spaghetti spilling all over sexy Sabeen.

>> No.34453720


All bow before the Bard Knight


It's best of three anon.

>> No.34453721

This is not spoony Bard

>> No.34453731

Dont worry, Best of three. So it is >>34453689

We are utterly nailing this

>> No.34453747

Wilhelm confirmed for Medieval Freddy mercury

>> No.34453756

Gah! My mistake. So used to averages being taken instead of bests.


>> No.34453777

>as does Orlando though Orlando muddles the word

Oh Orlando, you lovable fuck-up.

>> No.34453780


>> No.34453832

You nod and begin another tune, this one of your own composition. You had written it when you were fifteen and had first fallen in love. She had been a distant cousin to your master, older than you by five or so years.

She had taken you into her bed one afternoon, it had moved quickly and been sudden.

You did not write it because she had taken your virginity. You wrote it for the fact she had drown a month later while swimming in the Rhine.

It was a love song, and not. And it was called 'the Love on the Rhine'. It had no lyrics, but it didn't need any.

You could not look at others while you played, you shut your eyes for the song to take you. And when you opened it you found wet eyes.

Hugo had his knees pulled up under his chin, arms crossed over his face trying to hide them. Welf had turned away and Orlando looked uncomfortable. Solomon's eyes shone brightly, as bright as his grin. Franz had his arm around Hugo's shoulder.

And serving girls and guests alike had stopped to listen.

And Sabeen, her eyes were red and lips trembling as she fought her own tears.

Malik clapped. "Beautiful," he said, "Very beautiful." A round of applause rang out. Each serving girl brushed his shoulder, some more obviously than others, as they left to return to their work.

Hot drinks were brought for you and your friends, free of charge.

The night grows late however, and the guests are soon retiring.

You hand over five pfennings.

"Sir, this way," one of the serving girls, "You have a private chamber."

She showed you into a room, and closed the door, pressing her back against the frame.

The drink had you feeling funny. It hadn't been an average brew, you'd never tasted anything like it and it made your mind feeling oddly disconnected, but very relaxed.

The serving girl bit her lower lip.

"I liked your song," she said, "I liked it a great deal."

> take the serving girl
> leave off for the night

>> No.34453838

>The dress banner of Sir Wilhelm becomes permanently moist in the genital regions as does everyone in the tavern. The Church deems the dress a holy relic and the tavern a site for pilgrimage.

>> No.34453840

> take the serving girl

A bard knight must be rewarded.

>> No.34453853

>> take the serving girl

>> No.34453857

>> take the serving girl

Bard Knight go go go.

Though I dunno, kinda feels like pity sex since we did play a tragic romance ballad.

Shit, we just introduced American country music in the 11th century.

>> No.34453861

> take the serving girl
We are the Bard Knight!

>> No.34453868

> take the serving girl

Crusader quest hoooo!!!!

>> No.34453870

> leave off for the night
Someone else in the party can take her, we still have to get Hugo laid.
While we hold off for Malik's daughter.

>> No.34453883


Anon, I don't think she's a prostitute, she just entered the bard knight's magical realm.

>> No.34453900

And we are a terrible knight after Wilhelm's own standards. Keep falling to the joys of the flesh

>> No.34453902

Everyone is a prostitute when the Bard Knight is in town.

>> No.34453911


Not so, you have to pay prostitutes.

>> No.34453921

Gonna wake up broke

>> No.34453922

I just realized that we are probably going to get pretty big LDR and CHA boosts for this thread.

The legend of the Bard Knight grows.

>> No.34453947

I clearly haven't been doing things right then.

>> No.34454006

> incoming lewd, won't be too graphic

You grab her by the hips. Nice wide hips, and open that mouth with a deep kiss. She sucks your tongue as you pull out to bite her ear. Your hands slip under her clothes, spread the sheer robes off her shoulder and onto the floor. You take her generous mounds in your hands, tease them with your fingers until her nipples were hard. She already had a leg wrapped around your waist, her hands in your hair.

Your hand slid down her belly and into...ah, soft and wet and shuddering under your finger tips. You hold her up in one hand, she wraps herself around your hips and you press her against the door.

What amazing ways these Saracen girls had.

You were out and in and she was panting in your ear, moaning against your neck. You had her hard against the door and she urged you to go harder.

Without removing her you walked backwards, collapsed on the bed so that she was on your lap and lay back. Enjoying the sight.

She reached her hands overhead as if she were dancing, moved her hips as if to the rhythm of a silent drum. Your thumb aided her in that rhythm, then threw it off as she was overtaken again by a shudder.

Ah, you overpowered her and had her beneath you, and the both of you kissed and sucked one another's tongue until you finished in her, a final tremble over taking her body, and lasting a good moment while you trickled out of her.

You fall asleep with the serving girl nestled against you, a grin plastered on your face and look of wonder on hers, clothed only in your sweat.

>> No.34454038

The next day opens on you naked. The girl still slept, her tan arse crossed with the morning light streaming through the shutters. You give it a light slap to rouse her.

She opens her eyes and grins at you, her black hair a sweaty black mane.

"I have not been fucked like that since before I was sold," she said, feeling her own skin, "No, not even then." She rolled over so that you could admire her body. "Would that you would buy me Sir, and I might call you master."

You hardened again as she caressed herself in the soft morning light.

A loud thump came upon the door.

> answer the door
> tell them to fuck off

>> No.34454047

> answer the door
Tell them to wait a bit so you can get dressed.

>> No.34454051

>> answer the door
ohh who could it be?

>> No.34454052

>> answer the door

Get decent first.

>> No.34454053

seconded, could be decent company out there

>> No.34454070

> answer the door
>You hardened again
>with a boner

>> No.34454090


> answer the door AFTER putting on a tunic
Unless we're hung like a goddamn bull, no sense in showing off the goods.

>> No.34454095

>we end up suprising Sabeen

>> No.34454105

"One second!" you call out as you dress yourself. The girl slips off the bed to help you into your clothes the way she helped you out of them. As she pulls your hose up she gives your cock a quick, lusty kiss. Damn this voracious woman, you think as you pull on a tunic.

You open the door a crack.

The Master of the House was waiting outside, as was a very angry looking man.

"What is it?" you ask.

"I am sorry," he said, "We are not look for you, we are looking for Chihirazhad. If you would move out of the way or send the bitch out that would be appreciated."

The cross man has a knife at his belt, and he had it in a grip like he meant to use it. He matters something to the master of the house in their private language. His words seem dark and violent.

> block their way
> let them in

>> No.34454120

>> block their way
We are too goddamn chivalric

>> No.34454123

>> block their way

But raise your hand to tell them that you mean no harm. Ask them what the problem might be.

>> No.34454124

> block their way

>> No.34454133

> block their way
Nope no women getting sexed in here.

>> No.34454146

>> block their way
"And pray tell, good sir, why are you keen on using that blade on your belt? Ignorant as I am of your ways, I know that a swift rage will lead to personal ruin."

>> No.34454180

Our penis will get us killed one of these days

>> No.34454188


Unfortunately chivalry demands that we protect women

>> No.34454195

But penis is such a good friend, he would never steer us adrift.

>> No.34454204

Ofcourse. And when we get our ass kicked we can always call for Solomon!

>> No.34454213


Live by the dick, die by the dick

>> No.34454216

>> let them in

Unfortunately, said woman is a slave and therefore property.

I dunno shit about Islamic law but given that the old world standard procedure for slavery basically gave the master/owner free reign to do whatever they want with their property, we'd be legally in the wrong if we prevented the owner from reclaiming his property.

>> No.34454224

You do not open the door further. You take a second to look back, and see fear plain writ across the girl's face. You could guess their intention, though you did not know why.

"Who is this woman, and what do you want her for?" you ask, "I do not like your friend's mood sir, nor the knife on his belt."

"Never mind what you like," the master of the house said, "This man paid good money, twenty pfennings, for a night with Chihirazahd. That bitch knew it. Be happy I am not charging you with theft."

"But what do you mean to do with her?" you ask again.

The master of the house scowled. "Whatever good man Gazhir wants. And if what he wants means Chihirazhad can no longer work, well, what's the point of a disobedient slave? There is a Frank butcher always in need of pig meat two streets over. At least in that she will be obedient, and useful."

You look back to the beautiful slave girl. She has your sheathed sword in hand, her entire body trembling.

The master of the house smiled. "Surely you can sympathize," he said, rubbing his thumb and forefinger together.

Ah curses.

> resolve this diplomatically (roll 1d100, average of three)
> my sword! (fight)
> let them take the girl for pig meat

>> No.34454234

Rolled 37 (1d100)

>> resolve this diplomatically (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34454240

Rolled 35 (1d100)

>> resolve this diplomatically (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34454252

Rolled 37 (1d100)

> resolve this diplomatically (roll 1d100, average of three)

>> No.34454255

Rolled 5 (1d100)

> resolve this diplomatically (roll 1d100, average of three)

I call upon thee, Bard Knight

>> No.34454258

>write in
Mention loudly what would Solomon do at a time like this. With emphasis on the Solomon.

>> No.34454266

Fuck. Maybe we should offer to buy the girl ?

>> No.34454268


... and there goes the magical mojo from the night previous. So, BARD KNIGHT works when we're trying to get pussy, it fails to activate when we're trying to defend said pussy.

>> No.34454270

All the dicking around has left us drained...

>> No.34454272


''I'll buy her!''

> my sword! (fight)

>> No.34454282

>... and there goes the magical mojo from the night previous. So, BARD KNIGHT works when we're trying to get pussy, it fails to activate when we're trying to defend said pussy.

This is all our penis fault!

>> No.34454283


If diplomacy isn't enough, maybe we should open our wallets a bit.

We can't let this woman die, even if we didn't bone her.

>> No.34454292

Maybe we should put our mail and sword on before we enter diplomacy...

>> No.34454303

>>write in
Mention even if he is joking if people heard you sold people even slaves as pig meat there would a riot and you be killed in the most worse ways.Offer 10 pfennings to let it all slide.

>> No.34454335


''30 pfennings for the girl''

>> No.34454345

"Now let's talk this through, maybe we can come to an arrangement," you say, not budging an inch.

"What is there to say? She is bad property. A lame horse, and like a lame horse all she is good for is sausage," he said, trying to push past you. You don't let him by.

"Now hold on," you stress your words.

"Please sir," you hear her whisper in a very small voice behind you, "Please."

"Perhaps I can buy her off you," you say.

The master almost sneers. "She can bring in twenty pfennings a night, more, and a month? You cannot pay for that, and I am not interested in selling. This was the last straw, now she gets punished."

The master of the house was starting to get very angry, and Ghizar had his knife drawn now.

"You try me sir, I try to be pleasant but you try me," he said, "I ask one last time. This will not be good for you if you persist."

You see a door crack open and a head pop out. Sabeen, half asleep, is seeing what the commotion is about with sword in hand.

> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
> grab your sword from Chihirazhad
> let them take her

>> No.34454347

>> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
>> grab your sword from Chihirazhad

Fuck it, two on one.

>> No.34454356


Or rather two.

>> No.34454358

> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
> grab your sword from Chihirazhad

Goddamnit penis!

>> No.34454363

>> let them take her

>> No.34454370

>> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
>> grab your sword from Chihirazhad

Try persuasion again with sword in hand. Tell them that you are the knight who defeated the bandits and that your companions are all here in this house.

Maybe he wants to be reasonable and take few pfennings instead or ruining his establishment with massive bloodshed.

>> No.34454371

> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
> grab your sword from Chihirazhad

>write in
She wasn't a lame horse last night but she may be so this morning.

>> No.34454381

> Sabeen! (call for her to help you)
> grab your sword from Chihirazhad

Fucking hell we should have been a pirate

>> No.34454418

And fail some swimming rolls? Drowning to death is a kinda worse compared to dying in a fight.

>> No.34454452

"Sabeen!" you call. She strides out at once, never mind her short night shift. You turn to Chihirizadh and draw the sword from the scabbard, leaving the scabbard 'tween her breasts. Her eyes alight to see you take up arms and she falls to her knees in gratitude.

You turn back to the pair in your doorway and the man Ghizar was trying to push his way in, screaming with his knife out. You bring your sword down on him, but in his startlement he pushes the master of the house in the way. Your blade cuts the little man from shoulder to heart, opening up his chest with a bright wash of blood. He gapes and dies quickly even as the knife armed man tries to stab you over his shoulder, your sword still lodged and the master of the house's corpse a shield.

He cuts you across the cheek, it blossoms openly and begins to flow, but before he can thrust you through the eye Sabeen's sword point bursts through his face, his nose all but falling off and suddenly, unnaturally cross-eyed.

Sabeen draws her sword as he falls, panting. You note, because it is in your nature to note such things, that she has very nice legs.

Others poke their heads out from behind doors. Franz sees you and you know that look on his face well.

"Ah fuck," he said.
End of Part 4

+2 charisma, +3 leadership, +1 War

>> No.34454466


>> No.34454470


Welp. We can't live the city because we still need to get our brigand bro.

Care to do a Q&A review of our major decisions today?

>> No.34454481

QnA time! Forgot to mention.

>> No.34454491

Step1 Blame Blaise
Step2 Bribe everyone here
Step3 Buy the Slave
Step4 Run the fuck off into the Sunset




>> No.34454494

what time and day is the next one ?

>> No.34454502

>Step4 Run the fuck off into the Sunset

Like Jerusalem or Constantinople far away

>> No.34454508


Uh what are the potential consequences for killing two Muslims as a Christian knight?

Totally self-defense of course.

Did our relationships with Malik and his daughter improve from our barding?

I don't know much about the history of the era, can we own slaves and still be considered a pious crusading knight?

>> No.34454512

It was a good decision to let Orlando address Lord Gerard to begin with, but a bad one to try and give him all the credit.

You also kinda had Blaise's speech coming. He did say he'd drop it, and then you immediately tried to have him outlawed once he rode off. Technically in that instances, you were the oathbreaker.

>> No.34454519

How were our decisions for the battle and the court intrigue?

>> No.34454521

>and then you immediately tried to have him outlawed once he rode off

we did? I don't believe anyone reported it let alone anyone on our side of the fence.

>> No.34454527


Orlando, anon.

>> No.34454534

We can always free her after we buy her

>> No.34454535

>Uh what are the potential consequences for killing two Muslims as a Christian knight?
Find out next time!

> Did our relationships with Malik and his daughter improve from our barding?
Yep, they were very impressed.

> I don't know much about the history of the era, can we own slaves and still be considered a pious crusading knight?

Very few people would openly disapprove, but some might hold a negative opinion of you depending on how you treated your slaves.

>> No.34454550


So if we treated them generously, we could escape most of the negative scrutiny?

Also, wondering what this was in the pastebin.

>Strength: nought

>> No.34454556

Goddamit Orlando do you even politics?

>> No.34454567

thats our standing forces/possible levies

>> No.34454577

>How were our decisions for the battle and the court intrigue?
In terms of battle you made no mistakes. It was the right thing not to pursue the marauders. If you'd taken your time you could have gone to the bandits treasure house and really made some cash, but at the sake of a much harder fight.

You would have done better with Lord Gerard if you'd given over the loot. You did mostly the right thing when capturing Sigfrod.

>> No.34454587


Well, Lord Gerard's an ass, so fuck him anyway.

Thanks for running, got an ETA on next run?

>> No.34454605

Sunday, 8PM PDT.

I think that's going to be my regular run time, with Wednesday being alternating every other week.

>> No.34454607


Are we the weakest fighter among our companions? Or is Orlando worse?

How do Solomon and Welf stack up against each other?

>> No.34454610

Welp Im glad Im not going to D&D

>> No.34454626

Orlando and Hugo are the weakest fighters.

You and Franz are equal.

Welf is good but not great.

Solomon is the best fighter by a large margin.

>> No.34454636


Oh Orlando.

Is Orlando good at anything?

>> No.34454653

well if anything goes as planned we might get this Chihir with us

>> No.34454656


>> No.34454663


Wasn't he the guy who didn't bother scouting for the enemy bandits?

>> No.34454689

You could say leadership is his dump stat, but he isn't stupid, and he's as good a fighter as you were at the very start of the quest.

>> No.34454718

right...... obviously not that then.

>> No.34454735

He does have a fancy name and he is our loveable idiot

>> No.34454755

We get to be hedge knights together!

>> No.34454785

And my trip is gone. See you folks in a few days.

>> No.34456281

No we suggested scouting and he got mad because it was basic strategy. He never got to display any real strategy because blaise revolted

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