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It's time again.

Go to Omegle and set your interests as

Chat it up with some other fa/tg/uys or whomever you so please.

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Does anybody have any links to archives, or just pics of other /tg/ omegle raids? These were pure gold.

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Wow some people have no sense of adventure.

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this is some funny shit

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Too intense for him I guess

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This tag is disappointing.

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Just use "roleplay," I don't know why OP was such a faggot in telling us to rp with each other.

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I was getting so hot too

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I mis-pasted in the end and panic-quitted.

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Posting some old favourites

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Part of a larger rp I regret not saving all of.

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Holy fucking shit, my sides have ascended to a higher plane

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bump for my current chat, which I'll put here when it's done. tl;dr we're doing Far Cry

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Looks like she only wanted to go so far. Sorry this one's kind of shitty, but it had good potential.

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re-uploading, because I thought I forgot something and deleted it. Sorry for any inconvenience

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I ruined this one by saying too much shit but it was pretty aight.

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TBH most of my attempts at DMing wound up with people just leaving.

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Big butts edition

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Wow, I didn't even know this could happen.

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Next time maybe you won't tell everyone you're a fifteen-year old girl, hm?

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Hey, I only did that once! I've kept it street-legal for the most part. Not my fault most of Omegle is full of terrible roleplayers.

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Do I venture inwards?

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I'm actually kind of curious what's in there, so I've got your back if you're willing to give it a shot

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Ugh it's nothing but robots. I'd mask my IP but it's not worth it.

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Every time I tried to Omegle the other person disconnects right away, I don't know where anybody finds people like this to play along in their jokes

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Turns out M/18/Neverwinter gets you some great results. I recommend it.

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Posting some I have saved

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My personal favorite.

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The "Grill's Cheese" joke was a long walk but it was worth it.

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Hey, look me in the face and tell me Alchemy is not the slutty cousin of magic

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The banned section is depressing.


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I have seen such combat before
It is the puns that enable such marvelous feats
None compare to the radiance of Brogan

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>Asylum Demon
Jesus fucking Christ my sides

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>No WWE jokes

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Party Girl, so a dance based Bard?
Who creates rave like illusions designed to fuck with your head?

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Zog me, I can't stop laughing.

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We should do a /tg/ rap battle using omegle

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But I can't find any grognards on right now.

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I'll go on in a few minutes

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10/10 would donate relics again

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I'm on

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So am I...

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What interests did you list?

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The ones at the top, but I removed roleplay after getting too many hormone full teens.

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Well, I don't get anything either

maybe we should put "tg rap battle" or something

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Ha, that would be cool. I just found a grognard, actually.

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What if we went on the roleplay tag and roleplayed Wizards?

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Everyone tries to play wizards, sounds fun. Though no sex guys, we're wizards.

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I'm now starting each new chat with "Greetings, adventurer!"

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Oh, we should talk in ye olde butchered english

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First Wizard cap.

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Just had a discussion with a fa/tg/uy that ranged from RPGs to Sharkpunk.

Keep things moderately temperate man.

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And second. This guy sucked.

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This guy sucked, but Wizard is actually an unisex term. As is witch. Though they're usually associated with one.

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I actually know that, I was just trying to get his hand off his dick for five seconds. Or should that be brain off his dick?

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Here you go fa /tg/ uys, just had this talk.

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Probably the dick off his brain

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>magical realm.gif

I like the way he was centred on his dick though. Didn't let much deter him.

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This was pretty awkward, I didn't realize the subject wasn't about roleplaying until she came onto me.

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I liked that when I cockblocked him, he immediatly disconnected.

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No, I think most people would do that. It was unsubtle god modding that was sure to scare even a liberal person without that fetish off. What did you expect?

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A quest, of course! So he can earn the right to show off his most glorious appendage.

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What would you do if your DM put a chastity belt on your character? I doubt you would be pleased, unless it was completely justified.

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Oh boy, relax your titties there, Sheila. It's just for shits and giggles.

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I non-ironically go on Omegle to have actual RP's.

How bad of a person am I?

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You're not a bad person for this.

Do you try to ERP with people that are clearly uncomfortable about it/ try to ERP with everyone without checking if they're fine with it?

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The only person disappointed in you is yourself anon.
I know how you feel anon, I've type some /d/ tier stuff that I'm not proud of

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I'll make some new ones in the afternoon if the thread's still alive.

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...Most of them are heavily focused on the plot/story. The few that do have sex just have it as spicing or fade to black.

Of course this makes finding good people bloody impossible, since it is Omegle.

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Holy shit my sides have transcended time and space.
Marry me.

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Find me on Omegle.

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You'll probably be able to spot me easily with the wall of text opener.

Failing that, alternative methods of communication also apply.

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Fuuuuuck. Just add some tags, like "Extensive Plots." So I can easily see you.

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Or chatzy.

>> No.34409423

I don't know if omegle will let me add anymore, the last time I tried adding more it just gave me an Error: Couldn't connect to server message every time I tried it until I removed a few.

But alright, let me try.

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Or what this guy said, yeah.

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What tag will you use sweetie?

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'Extensive Plots'

>> No.34409500

With or without quotes?

>> No.34409548

I can't fucking find you. Put Emmaline in the tag. Or we can try another method.

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ahahah nice

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Fuck it anon. RP Or not?

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E-mail field.

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Lol, what the fuck? You go full magical realm on a guy and think it's funny that he quit?

>> No.34409671

great job me

[email protected]

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Well, as long as the other person is fine with it

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Short, yet sweet

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Golden. Just golden.

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Well... Yeah.

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I laughed

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Top fucking kek

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>Okay better make more Brogans like I promised
>Boot up Omegle
>Stranger copypastes ad to an ERP chat off-site on first try

It's been so long, I forgot people link to off-site chats, even for one on one sessions. I never understood why, though.

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Okay here is new Brogan

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Pffhaha yes! Will Brogan ever undo the orcish horde?

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Goodlord, my sides.

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>all these men rping as females

Didn't know so many trannies liked /tg/.

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Please more, I love these.

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Brogan is my hero.

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/tg/ - trans gender

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>Road Rage


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Next DnD character will be Brogan the Barbarian.

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Bumping cause good thread.

We should do this more often.

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Remember kids that spell-checking only takes seconds

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Had to do shit otherwise the big reveal would've occurred later

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>tfw no one realizes it's national treasure and not independence day.
>you moron

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I was going to say something, but decided the deed had already been done. Chances are the person also knew it was the movie plot and thought it would be fun/ny, but didn't like being called a moron.

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Sad thing is, that guy might have actually been a cool roleplayer.

>> No.34429311

No one ever accepts my shadowrun character...

>> No.34429505

My contribution...

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No other fa/tg/uys on. I got some good OC though.

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FALCONFAGS [email protected]

>> No.34435264

Gold. My sides hurt

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