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Filenames Thread!

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>actually know what that is
>ruins the joke because it's way funnier

Sorry, anon. Bop it just ain't gonna cut it.

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what the dicks did I just watch

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Ok, terrifying thing of the day.

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Foodfight! The film sensation that's sweeping the nation!

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Why do I not remember this? Who is the bitch.

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Motherfuck I saved that as a .gif! How the fuck did this happen?!

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Is this a jpg for ants?

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>not noticing you saved the thumbnail instead of the gif

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Pretty sure it's the hair psycho from part 4.

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That's Jotaro. Clearly it's part 3.
I think it's that one vampire. The one with the Idiot.

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Jotaro was in part 4 as well.

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You were right.
His name was Nukesaku.

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Google image is not my friend. Do you have a source?

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Can someone explain this one?

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Looking for a better name.

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Here you go.

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Hunter x Hunter

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In point buy systems, there's a tendency to load your character down with flaws and downsides to get tons of extra points towards powers.

So you end up with things like a character who's a rock(blind, no limbs, no normal movement ability, etc, etc) who can do absolutely insane stuff with the powers they bought.

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SpongeBob episode where a rock was able to make it to the finish line of a race. Probably a joke about how you can overload a stat in point buy and be useless in any other capacity but what you specialized in.

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Thank you.

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Teamwork Feats

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who is who? I've never played with a monk outside the broken 5e playtest.

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I think I have a few.

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speaking of old Jojos, just when does Joseph finally die? Or does he just shout well meaning racist shit forever?

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That seems like it would end up killing you or your spouse one beautiful accident later.

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An Oglaf-esque adventure with the right people would be fucking amazing.

With the wrong people it would just be non-stop Magical Realms, though.

The only difference between the two would be how funny either was.

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I was thinking the exact same thing when I posted it.

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The filename could be easily improved.

How about... "Polymorphing a Druid"?

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I'm guessing white is Fighter doing a simple but effective kick, and black is the Monk flipping shit and kicking the Fighter in the face.

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What should I call this one then?

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I wouldn't. Don't save an image if you don't have a filename already cooked up.

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>she said she was a virgin

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I doubt it. Unarmed fighters are infamously way way better at being monks than actual monks in 3.5, which is usually what class comparison gifs are referencing.

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Fucking hell, that hip wiggle at the end makes the entire damn thing.
You crazy, Muhammad.

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man you would hate my fap folder

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Always loved how a fighter/kensi build was so out of hand when compared to a monks melee prowess. Proof that you can fix somethings by throwing enough splats at it.

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You misunderstand me. I mean that, if you're going to save an image to later post in a filename thread, you should only save it if you have a filename prepped and ready.

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You're talking to a couple of people at once, but I saved that not to post again in a filename thread, but.. Well.. Just fucking look at it! I wanted that stored locally.

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Fucking love prison school. It has too many great moments.

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He was "Alive but a bit dumber" during part 6.

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is this from G1 transformers?

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It's G.I. Joe ya silly billy.

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one of the ASDF movie guys?

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GM posted this with that descriptor OOC in a game once.

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That brings back memories.
I once played a monk in 3.5... and in one town, which was snowed over and we couldnt leave, there was a sort of fight club-ish tourney in the inn. Me and the thief went in.. first fight was me vs him. I win initiative. Hit him. He tries to attack, provokes AoO, K.O. I didnt win though, got squished by the (i bet) half-ogre innkeeper.

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>not oniondruid.webm

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>Not >Malkavian investigating Ocean View Hotel

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Holy shit, I don't even know what that guy's selling, but I want it. Source?

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It's sad what happened to this movie.

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Cheers, mate.

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I first read about what happened to it on Cracked, and yeah that was kinda shit.

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>wait, that's not unarmed combat, he's wielding a kn-
You cheeky bastard.

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That's that chick from Nier.

Him pulling crap like that is why I think Tyson would have beaten him. Don't give the fool time to wear you out and you have no problems with him acting silly.

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>Human Ninja
>Custom alien race Soul Bolt with fly speed
>Human skillmonkey Numeria fan with all the craft feats
>Skinwalker Druid who only uses Wild Shape
>Abyssal Fletchling Sorcerer who wants to play something else

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>being focused on trap
I think you both aren't noticing a more pressing matter. Hint: he/she isn't the one who's wearing the practical armor.

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I don't know what you're talking about, it's just a chick in front of a brick wall.

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I'm gonna need a sauce on this, stat.

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What kind of flabberghastly flailing retard made that wall. Why. Just why. Look at this mess. Disgusting.

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The Thief and the Cobbler. This guy is Zigzag the Grand Vizier.

Try the recobbled version, not the released one.

Here's the scene in particular:


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Oh, I get it. Thanks.

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The Monk is the one who loses

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the innkeeper cheated the fight?

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drow tales?

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I like all of this but my favorite part is when he starts gloving with magic rings.

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my first reaction was

Why isn't the armored guy wearing a helmet?

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someone is reading terry pratchett

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holy shit.

I like this.

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time stop.jpg

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>Him pulling crap like that is why I think Tyson would have beaten him. Don't give the fool time to wear you out and you have no problems with him acting silly.

Ali used the "rope-a-dope" against Foreman because it allowed him to take advantage of Foreman's impulsiveness and lack of stamina.

I don't how Tyson in his prime compared with Foreman during the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight in term of stamina and skills, but Ali was good at taking advantage of his opponents' weaknesses, and he was quick, strong and trained a lot. On the other hand, Tyson once lost his titles in one of the modern sport's major upset against a virtual unknown after not training as rigorously as needed.

I'm not saying Tyson couldn't beat Ali, I don't know enough to say that, but I'm saying that Ali would have one or two surprises in reserves

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Hal is no Monk, he's a retarded Wizard.
He can do anything, except stop fucking up.

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I can imagine the campaign.
"You're seriously going to become a horrible cosmic monster? Over the fact that you have to pay for pizza this time around?"

"No no no no no, she was underage last time I checked. Seriously dude?"
"She's an alien."
"That's your explanation? She's an alien?"

(I apologize if these events are innacurate, I only know them from friends)

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>Not "Powerfist strikes at initiative"

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>Implying that's not 2spooky even for level 20

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Straken get's into CC

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It was worse than pizza, it would have to be on the level of somebody flushing your dice down the toilet.

She was "Thirteen" years old but because of her planet's orbit she was 240 years Earth years old.
However she was still mentally a child and Legally underage for her species/culture even if she did use her ring to mature her body artificially.

So yes, Hal is a canon statutory rapist.

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whats this?

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Webcomic. Awesome art, pretty interesting plot. Also a fairly cool setting.

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looks like AutoBop to me

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Dio's door lady IIRC

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I'd put him more as a Psion myself, but pretty much.

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magical realm

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The scenes those two have together are great

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a species that takes more than 240 years to sexually mature is a fucking stupid idea

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Yes, I agree completely, the idea of it is completely absurd, isn't it?

>> No.34301725

Well, it could be explained if you had some kind of creature living in an environment so poor in energy they would move and live at an incredibly slow pace. But at this point, you're not even talking about carbon-based lifeforms, let alone something remotely humanoid.

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Most setting don't have elves mature that slowly.

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Is that a god damned Battleship with fucking Spider legs?

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no dummy, it's a submarine with crab legs.

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God damn neat

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Fucking monster hunter all over again

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Kaine at least still has girl parts.

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>implying that isn't MyOwnPersonalHeaven.jpg

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They're all traps, is that it?

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Queen's Blade Rebellion.

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>tomb of horrors
>Not tomb of delight

My dick has found a proper resting place

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There really needs to be more hermit crabs wearing military grade armor

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Been there. Just moved FROM Denton, to West Virginia.
Fun place on the improv nights.

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Who's the one on the right of Poison?

>> No.34303575

the trap from Nier

>> No.34303598

Nah, he was called The Idiot, but Iggy the dog had The Fool.

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...Are those bears high or what?

>> No.34303654

Bears use trees like that to scratch itches.

>> No.34303656

its one bear scratching its back against a tree for about half an hour, they took the footage and super-imposed it into a bear rave party

>> No.34303659


sorry meant left, I know who the Nier check was

mfw finding out she's got a dick is actually canon

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>GM runs promethean

>> No.34303686

>no googly eyes

>> No.34303700


Uhh... source?

>> No.34303738

They've got an itch that calls for some big scratching.

>> No.34303743

More /v/ than anything, but

>> No.34303766

Finally, a place where men with bad reflex saves can be truly happy.

>> No.34303772

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face" - Mike Tyson

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>> No.34303837

She's got a vag too if that means anything to you.

>> No.34303880

Chica pls no.

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Is...is this an actual thing? Reverse googling and looking at okamisaga's pixiv isn't helping

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>> No.34303990

>"Oh no, I seem to have failed by dodge check again. Looks like the trap has got me now."
>God damn it you're not supposed to be enjoying this...

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>> No.34304001

>> No.34304022

>trigger warning

Also pregnancy AND mechaphilia?

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>> No.34304047

>mfw gf scratching my back

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>> No.34304418

>DM mentions treasure

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>> No.34304501

tom ska

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>> No.34304672

>> No.34304784

Fucking noise marines

>> No.34304899

Why the fuck would you do that to a fox? It's a wild animal, it will fucking bite you if you touch its mouth.

>> No.34304925

I love the guy in the tank. Gets me every time.

>> No.34304936


The video that's from is from a guy who rescued a fox kit or something and it's basically tame and playful like a puppy.

Foxes are smart enough to domesticate, we just generally don't because we generally consider them pests.

>> No.34304948


That's how they initiate new people into the warband.

>> No.34304974


Actually, foxes are like cats or dogs with the play-biting and social "mouthing", which is clearly what it's doing there.

>> No.34305000


>For the love of god, Meowntressor!

>> No.34305104

Trigger warnings are my trigger.

>> No.34305115

>missing the joke

>> No.34305146

>it doesn't actually list death so she doesn't get to die by the end

>> No.34305187


>> No.34305204

She realizes you can see her nips right? or did I mess up mentioning that?

>> No.34305228

>torture, vomit, pregnancy

I dunno

>> No.34305265

You can see the tape she has on. Part of the absurdity of the costume is that there's no way to wear it without flashing half the world. Which may have been the joke and part of Kaine's massive overcompensation.

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>> No.34305339


do i want source

>> No.34305379

google fu has failed me

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>> No.34305416

that wasn't meant to be a reply

>> No.34305442

>a BBEG is born

>> No.34305450

it still works

>> No.34305465

>> No.34305468

>you only adopted the poison, I was born in it!

>> No.34305489

>> No.34305514


>oh fuck

>> No.34305519

Wait, really?

...excuse me while I check the legality of getting a pet fox in my area.

>> No.34305535

I need a name for this

>> No.34305542


You might have to import them to get proper domesticated foxes - they only places I know that definitely do it are in Russia - but you might find a few places closer to home.

>> No.34305587

>> No.34305615

He's wearing a very complex hat that breaks the art style consistency. That's the joke.

>> No.34305692

To be fair, when they flip out it's probably going to be "biting into your stomach while you're asleep" tier. Not a snappy dog that starts barking his fool head off and chases you out of the yard forever.

>> No.34305696

>> No.34305742

is that judge dredd hugging gunther hermann

>> No.34305753

>> No.34305773

got a couple

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>> No.34305808


>> No.34305856

a bit more of a /co/ one, but I know /tg/ will still appreciate it

>> No.34305880

"I'm glad you changed your name you son of a bitch."

>> No.34305883

Here, have an extended version.

>> No.34305903

There's a curse where you shove a bunch of bugs in a single container and use the one that survives as a catalyst for it.

>> No.34305929

>> No.34305933


>> No.34305953

am i gay now?

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>> No.34305975


>Harry potter and the methods of rationality

>> No.34305977

>the curse bug's object died before she could reach it to curse it
>but then the owner died on her way back so she couldn't curse them either
>now she's left with magic-granted sentience, a horrible purpose, and incredible cursing power that won't go away because her two targets are technically out of reach
>nothing left to do but hate on fate and wander and curse the fuck out of shit, undying

>> No.34305990

wait, that's a dude?

excuse me while i go retch violently

>> No.34305993

it was still never confirmed anywhere that that's a guy

>> No.34306008

>> No.34306031


>> No.34306039

also, what does it matter?

you aren't ever going to ever encounter them in a sexual context so they're effectively a girl as far as you're concerned

what's true doesn't change what you perceive

>> No.34306041


For one, you shouldn't care as long as it's pretty.

Two, it's not actually a guy, as far as I'm aware. She refers to herself with a male pronoun in Russian out of habit, but specifically has stated that she's fine being a girl and identifies as one.

Unless I'm thinking about an entirely different person.

>> No.34306042

J.K. rolling once said in an interview that there are indeed magic guns in the HP universe but they are typically only used my American wizards.

>> No.34306060

>you shouldn't care as long as it's pretty

You should care if it has a dick and you're not into dicks.

>> No.34306080

>> No.34306089


This is my favourite meme guy. So much funnier than the bucket challenge

>> No.34306091

not as long as you aren't having sex with them

which you aren't because it's an image

>> No.34306100

>not malkavian combat.gif

>> No.34306106

>> No.34306108

It would be the ideal F-list eRPG.

>> No.34306118


>> No.34306127

What meme are you referring to? I don't understand.

>> No.34306161


Boys, i think its time to call in a hunter.

>> No.34306192


A malkavian will try to punch the sign

A treme wil try his sorceries upon it

A Toreador will talk it to death

A Ventrue will pay the ghouled workers below minimum wage to remove it.

>> No.34306195

Prison School?

>> No.34306241

>but they are typically only used my American wizards

>> No.34306484

>cutting curse Revolvers

this is why i love the 2nd amendment. just imagine Wizard Texas Rangers for a second.

>> No.34306494


>> No.34306497

>Comic book store owner knows nothing about comic books
God I fucking hate this.
The game store I go to the guy knows fuck all about Magic.

>> No.34306525


It's a TON of work to run a small business, even when the store's quiet; you've got to keep an eye on everyone in there browsing in case they need you or are trying to steal and that's leaving aside the clusterfuck of bureaucracy going on behind the scenes. He doesn't have time to read every comic or book, nor play every game he sells.

>> No.34306571

Improvised weapon.

>> No.34306648

What if getting punched in the face is part of the plan?

>> No.34306683

Wizards is pretty better-than-that-tier, dawg. I highly recommend watching it if you're into /tg/

>> No.34306732

>one guy balances the books, stocks inventory and keeps the store running financially
>other guy knows the product, interacts with the customers and fosters a local community

Two employees, two completely separate but equally vital skillsets.

>> No.34306752

Well, then what's step two of the master plan?

>> No.34306758

This series is amazing.
I mean, sure, it's art and exemplifying female sexuality and making the female orgasm something beautiful instead of shameful and neglected...

But it also gives me an erection.

>> No.34306794

Crashing this plane.

also image cap

>> No.34306801

Just because they add a B&W filter doesn't make it not porn.

>> No.34307029

Except on his site

>> No.34307035

>She refers to herself with a male pronoun in Russian out of habit, but specifically has stated that she's fine being a girl and identifies as one.

If it was born with a dick then it's a guy.

>> No.34307052


>> No.34307095

Why run a business you know nothing about? That's a terrible way to run a business, and a good way to lose profits. The guy only knows YuGiOh and Pokemon, and only because they're the biggest sellers. Meanwhile he gets his prices for Magic cards from Starcity and his stepdaughter marks the prices up. They don't update them any reasonable time. They barely know the computer system for magic tournaments. Unpaid players are the ones advertising the store on Facebook and running the Magic scene. Half the store is dedicated to playing cards and trading cards (not trading card games, trading cards) for shows going back forty years, many of them a flash in the pan that no one cared about. He has an N*Sync doll collection selling them for 10$ a piece and only selling the whole set, when you can get them online 9$ a piece and only the ones you need. Half the shop is used for storage for stuff that isn't on the shelves.

Honestly, seeing his shop has taught me how *not* to run an LGS. Compared to the other shop that has full up Pathfinder Society games, and is knocking down a wall to expand the store. That other store also actually sells board games and card games and roleplaying game paraphernalia.

>> No.34307162

The parody vids with dudes are hilarious as the originals are hot

>> No.34307184

Anything can be p

>> No.34307228

As it should.

>> No.34307236

So is this a guy or a girl?

Ain't enough nudity for porn. Stuff can be arousing without being porn.

>> No.34307288

o u

>> No.34307299

>Rogue Trader finds an ancient ship, Astropath sees everything else

>> No.34307335

Female. Human intersexuality is WAY overblown. Just like in example you've given, persons sex can be distinguished. It's obscured by the affliction they are suffering from. But usually, as it is with AIS, it's discernible. You've picked a bad example bro.

>> No.34307426

Level 20 bard

>> No.34307437

Human sex as a binary is overblown. Gender and sex being interlinked is also overblown.

Hard and fast statements like "if it has a penis it's a guy" are silly, especially with such squishy and malleable things as biology and neurology. You can say that's true in 90 cases, but the remaining 10 will each be completely different.

>> No.34307450

>implying 10% of people are transfreaks

Wow, is this what they teach you in college these days?

>> No.34307548

No, it's an incredibly small but still significant number. The prevalence of openness about it is rising by about 14% each year, though, and 10% is a nice round number.

Frankly, though, over 10% of all people have *some* sort of genetic aberration or defect about them, because squishy biology.

>> No.34307549

>shameful and neglected
the fuck are you talking about?
Also, it's not art. It's porn. 50 Shades of Grey is also not art, it's porn.

>> No.34307585

Humans who actually do not fall under binary sex categories are less than a fucking 0.1%. And that a GIGANTIC stretch because out of that 0.1% most does fall under male or female category. Those extremely rare examples where people do indeed fall out of the male/female dichotomy are usually very sad, short lived and forced into living as a sex they were picked by a doctor.

"Non binary genders" are just special snowflake bullshit made up by retards who do not understand gender as a social construct and actually believe that their feelings of being a fucking unique flower petal are enough for other people to swallow that bullshit.

>> No.34307610

Yeah, but not thinking that you're a fucking girl even though you're a man.

>> No.34307614

>You can say that's true in 90 cases, but the remaining 10 will each be completely different.
More like in 1000 cases, 5 will be completely different.
There's a reason this kind of shit is rare.

>> No.34307622

More like out of 100 cases, one person's hand kind of feels weird.

>> No.34307704

No. It's not significant. It's never BEEN significant. The only reason its gaining clout is because the absolutely minuscule minority that is like that has access to the internet where they can shout loud enough and have enough people having access to their shouting that it seems like they're much more common than they actually are, or that it's not a mental disorder.
Why is it that the people with these special genders are generally paranoid, schizophrenic, or have depression? It's because they're fucked up. Not natural.

>> No.34307822

It actually increases the rating of a movie to show a full blown female orgasm on film. It makes old white men uncomfortable. Frankly, I don't understand it, I'd rather see Willow's orgasm than Jason Biggs fucking a pie.

>"Non binary genders" are just special snowflake bullshit made up by retards who do not understand gender as a social construct
That doesn't even make sense. The people who talk about non binary genders are the ones who talk about how gender is just a social construct. It's like you're taking two different arguments and mashing them together.

What does that even mean, anyway? You only "think" you're a man because your brain tells you that in the first place. So what if it told you that you aren't? Do you listen to the body, or the brain?
Don't just dismiss the question, either, because it's an interesting one if you think about it.

What should have more say, the brain or the body?

And this is an actual observable phenomena; you can take a female brain and compare it to a male brain and it will look different on a CT Scan. You can also see how transsexual people's brains are comparable to that of the gender they "think" they are.

As an aside, to curttail any "otherkin" bullshit: The male and female brain are still human, and we also all start out as the same proto-human embryo that's closer to being female than male, the male parts develop later.

Actually the reason they're generally paranoid, schizophrenic, or have depression is a) comorbidity related to the social problems, and b) your confirmation bias.
Also, 30,000 out of 317 million people in the US have ALS, but that's still a significant number. Meanwhile, there are about 30,000 to 40,000 post-op transwomen in the US.

"Significant" doesn't mean some kind of majority or anything like that. "Significant" means "a sizable number".

>> No.34307892

But anyway, this isn't related to Filenames (though I think we're in autosage).

So I leave you with the knowledge of this guy's name:


>> No.34307904

>Watch full video
>dude waving flag falls out of the window

>> No.34307911

Not the poster, but seems it, though Vivian(the shadow thing on the upper right) is arguable depending on what translation of the game you go by. The US version removed hints of them being a trap and made them unambiguously a chick.

>> No.34308063

>30,000 to 40,000
That's approximately 1 out of every hundred thousand people. The chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime in 1 in 3000.
Do you realize that makes transpeople not normal? It makes them about as common as a plane crash, which is NOT normal.
155 thousand people die every day. 5 times the number of trans people. They are NOT significant.
They are a statistical anomaly, a mental disorder just like schizophrenia or dementia, only a thousand times more rare.

>> No.34308175

Far less common than autism, psychopaths, schizophrenia, murderers, rapists....

>> No.34308271

What's this obsession with normality?

>> No.34308462

The fact that people say that such things ARE normal and natural, when they are obviously not.

>> No.34308528

oh... oh my god.

I had not, until you did. And then I did. And now my mind cannot.

>> No.34308563

Who said anything about "normal"? Also, we devote money to ALS, don't we? And other diseases that effect less than 155 thousand people? Hell, we even devote more money to airplane safety even though it's statistically one of the safest ways to travel already.

You're saying that it's a statistical anomaly, but everything else you list is *also* a statistical anomaly.

You're under the assumption that happening to less than 1% of the population makes something a statistical anomaly, but you're not taking into account the fact that while 1% isn't large, 30,000 is large. And keep in mind that it's a number that's been increasing by about 14% a year for thirty years or so.

There are more trans people than there are sufferers of Lou Gerrig's disease, but we're still putting money into that, right? Are you suggesting that we NOT do that, because ALS doesn't effect a statistically significant portion of the population?

>They are a statistical anomaly, a mental disorder just like schizophrenia or dementia, only a thousand times more rare.
The mental disorder is called Gender Dysphoria, and it's treated through transitioning.

"Normal" means majority, which means good.
Though the more factors you take into account, the smaller the "normal" becomes.

This is two different meanings for the word normal. You seem to be under the impression that people who say it's normal to be trans or whatever are saying that it is "majority". They're using it in the definition of "okay, acceptable, not something 'wrong'".
Diseases are natural. So are poisons. Snake bites are natural. Being blind is natural. Not natural? Vaccines, antivenons, and glasses. Oh, and computers.
So, technically by *any* definition it is natural to be transgender, or schizophrenic, or autistic. Cyclopean cats are natural, and so are flowers that are five feet across and smell like rotting meat. More often you have people arguing that being trans is NOT natural.

>> No.34308655

>Image limit reached
>No WoD filename jokes

Let's fix that with a second thread

>> No.34308748

>majority, which means good
Funny how slavery used to be the majority.

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