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Three Kingdoms Quest Part 15

You are Zhu Xing, from the city of Xu Chang. Gathering an army, you've joined up with Lu Bu to attack Yuan Shu from the south as Cao Cao attacks from the west, Liu Bei from the east, and Liu Biao checking the enemy from the other side of the Chang Jian river. You've suffered a small defeat at the hands of Sun Ce leading the defense.

Character Profile: http://pastebin.com/UTDjnUuX
City of Wu: http://pastebin.com/XG1sZsvu
Past threads: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/subject/three%20kingdoms%20quest/

Current Campaign Army Stats: http://pastebin.com/ummMvDCc

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Right i've got my coffee LETS DO THIS!

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Your fleet has retreated some distance back and is now reorganizing the ships and troops scattered by Sun Ce's attack and following pursuit. With small formations of ships, Sun Ce is doing his best to chase down remnants of your ships before you regather to full strength. You meet together with the Lu Bu and Chen Gong at a new command ship after the last one was destroyed by Huang Gai's fire attack to discuss a bit of the situation at hand.

“Sun Ce has been a larger problem than I would have expected,” Chen Gong remarks in a sullen fashion, rubbing the small edges of his beard. “Yuan Shu however has had problems with the man. I will make plans and find a way to deal with his command.”

“Bah, it is because of this river that we hold trouble. If I could get my cavalry on land I could be able to defeat this brazen upstart,” Lu Bu remarks as he takes a glance to the distance where your forces have just fought and retreated from. He stamps the ground with his halberd in annoyance.

“Regardless,” Chen Gong remarks. “For now we must regather our ships and men. There are still some troops and ships that have not rejoined our ranks. Once we have reformed our ranks, we will engage Sun Ce once again. His low numbers cannot hope to fully route us yet.”

Chen Gong turns to you.

“General, either focus on patrolling the waters for possible enemy raids or go out and gather survivors. We will need a week before our fleet is ready. ”

Which task do you do?
>Patrol and defend from any small attacks
>Go out and gather survivors

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Patrol, let others gather survivors

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>Go out and gather survivors

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>Patrol and defend from any small attacks
We have the best trained naval fighters. Makes more sense to patrol while others gather survivors.

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Oh man it's been ages.

We didn't die right

Somehow you guys have managed not to ruin China?

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>>Patrol and defend from any small attacks

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patrol and defend from any small attacks

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We took over Yang province (Wu's territory historically) and allied with Liu Biao.

We recruited Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai and a ton of administrators. Waifued Lingqi.

We defeated Sun Ce in a duel and killed one of his unknown generals in another duel with a 420 no scope spear throw.

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>420 no scope spear throw.

thanks anon I needed that

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Now we need to write another letter to sun ce talking about that spear throw and asking why he hasn't been calling us.

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>Chen Gong remarks in a sullen fashion, rubbing the small edges of his beard. “Yuan Shu however has had problems with the man. I will make plans and find a way to deal with his command.”

Chen Gong's going to sweep Sun Ce off his feet with the best letter ever. Zhu Xing will go full yandere after that

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>Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai
Excellent taste, bros.

It's a shame we probably won't get to throw down with Yuan Shao in time to snap up some of his better guys like Zhang He.

>420 noscope spear throw

Aw yeah

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Get a Twitter, please.

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>The demon Zhu Xing, ruiner of warriors, becomes part of chinese culture after this

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>Sun ce sweeped off his feet by Chen gong
>Zhu xing goes full yandere
>Betrays Lu bu
>Shenanigans ensue
>Ends up as Lu bu 2.0

no Zhu Xing you are the lu bu

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We almost got ourselves killed recruiting Gan Ning.

Totally worth it.

We also recruited an asshole as part of our personal staff/administrator. He keeps making fun of us because of our shit rolls.

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I want our Imouto to be Zhuge liang/Sima yi of Wu bu

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>Maybe the general should stay on the battlefield

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With Sun Ce leading small raiding attacks against your fleet, you decide it is best to patrol the waters and defend the fleet from any attacks. You set off on the waters and begin coming the rivers for any signs of attack. After several days, it seems that Sun Ce is making sure not to press his fleet too deep on to your side of the waters and is likely only attacking struggling ships left behind.

Perhaps you should speak with one of your officers about the previous battle and see how they are doing.
>choose an officer to talk to

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>>choose an officer to talk to
Zhou Tai

>> No.34262199

>choose an officer to talk to
Chen Gong

>> No.34262205


Lu Lingqi since she must be feeling down after fucking up last battle

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>choose an officer to talk to

Gang Ning nigga know whats up

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Gan Ning

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Gan Ning we gotta learn how to recover in the water

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Gan Ning.

>> No.34262238

Lu Lingqi

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Lingqi to cheer her up would be my preference. Gan Ning is second preference since we need to praise him as well. The rest meh.

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Agreed, we should do that, and also marry her to one of our generals so she'll have an excuse to not be stuck managing a household. Besides, marriage alliances are no better than a leash and collar around our necks.

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Sister's sole characterization has been that she's a traditional, pretty girl. Why would she want to lead men on the battlefield? Better to marry her off to an important Southern noble family like the Zhangs so she can be happy and we can get connections.

>> No.34262271

Gao Shun best husbando for her

>> No.34262281

Lu Lingqi

Also general hype.

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cause Ambition & Nigga's killed her murder hobo bro.

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can we please not do this waifu shit every thread? we need connections besides lingqi

>> No.34262319


Why not let brother do that with his qt poetress waifu.

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>Gan Ning

Yaaaargh, we be's sailing on waters that only a River Pirate like Gan Ning would know about proper.

That and we're a Northerner; we know everything about land combat, shit about navy.

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Gan Ning

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Seriously, I like Lingqi, but can we PLEASE start talking to the other generals?

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Did you miss the end of last thread? There's a legitimate reason for people to vote Lingqi besides "waifu".

Gan Ning is already at friendly anyway so we'd be talking to him to praise him. Both Linqi and Gan Ning are good choices.

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>> No.34262360

>> Gan Ning

I'm as much as a waifu-fag as the next asshole but this is getting out of hand, especially when we're in a Naval War situation, not a Land War.

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10 minute voting window, right?

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who do you want to talk to? Chen Gong would be good or Lu Bu, but Lingqi is the one who fucked up. Everyone else just needs to be told "good job" or "keep on not failing". We need to tell Lingqi she fucked up and that she almost got her father killed. So stop being a warrior and pop out a kid because women dont belong on the battlefield

>> No.34262380

Lu Lingqi or Gan Ning. I'm fine with either or both as last battle gives us reason to talk with them both.

>> No.34262381

because muh female Strategist who gets off on Rusing everyone while sitting on a planquin

I was here and I understand that but we can do that LATER & right now we need to know more about naval warfare because we got our ass kicked.

>> No.34262385

Well we did think that she might die on us last thread.

>> No.34262390

If Heaven is not in your favor, no amount of knowledge about naval warfare will help.

Seriously, we made all the right decisions but the Dice Gods fucked us in the ass

>> No.34262395

Talking with Gan Ning won't increase our naval capability. It's purely for relationship score.

>> No.34262416

>Seriously, we made all the right decisions but the Dice Gods fucked us in the ass

Maybe Raian should give us a roll bonus for making the right choice instead of the usual herp-derping that goes on half the time.

And the spaghetting.

>> No.34262417

honestly It would have been Interesting at least to see us go from amiable/yandere to mad as fuck with Sun ce

.....or delicious burn scars Lingqi.

true but still other relationships need to be a thing

>> No.34262438

>.....or delicious burn scars Lingqi.

>> No.34262441


Then people should have voted for someone other than Gan Ning. We are at friendly with him and Zhang Liao, the highest non-Lu ratings.

>> No.34262443

I think we should have Best of 3 for WAR related rolls since its incredibly high and I have no idea how our stats factor into the averages we get.

>> No.34262446

we're friendly with Gan Ning, Only by talking with him multiple times will we get to trusted. Talking to Lu Bu is a waste since we are at max with him. The only good option would be Zhang Liao or Chen Gong.

>> No.34262455

>or delicious burn scars Lingqi
This is not Katawa Shou-
wait a minute... female soldier with burnscars you say

>> No.34262459


Wait, Song Xian is friendly with us. Guess that dude really loves parties.


I think the problem is that we are up against Sun Ce and his naval fleet. That reduces it to an average situation since it's not as favorable.

We are at friendly with Zhang Liao too, remember us playing go with him?

>> No.34262480


So then the only good option was Chen Gong. And honestly, we really don't need to be super duper friends with Chen Gong. He's Lu Bu's advisor. We're Lu Bu's second in command. Its not like not being friendly with each other is going to cause us to pursue different goals.

>> No.34262481

>I think the problem is that we are up against Sun Ce and his naval fleet.
Exactly. He's basically the final boss for naval battles.

>> No.34262485

mah nigga get it

>> No.34262499

Yeah, our sister is a blank slate that can be further written upon. Besides, strategists don't lead men into battle, generals do. Strategists give generals advice on where, when, and how to lead their men into battle.

>> No.34262511

Through to be honest with their level of medicine burn scars would be a lot less beautiful.

>> No.34262535

>burn scars
>ever beautiful

You people have never actually seen one, have you?

>> No.34262556

Of course, I played Katawa Shoujo so that means I am a expert.

>> No.34262571

>Talking about the reality of things

shhh... let us have our delusions

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>> No.34262603

It's called uglymoe.
The scar isn't the worst about her appearance.

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>> No.34262650

You decide to pay a visit to Gan Ning and see how he is doing after the last battle. For the most part, it is Gan Ning who managed to train your men up to par and allowed the battle to go as smoothly as it did. If not for him, you might have suffered.

Your ship anchors near his and you head over to his side. Gan Ning is sitting on the platforms, sharpening some arrows with his knife. His demeanor is casual and unfitting of the typical idea of what a general should be. When he sees you, he gives you a simple raise of his hand to greet you.

"Hey," he simply says, going back to sharpening an arrowhead. "Didn't go too well there, eh?"

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually
>Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions

>> No.34262660

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

>> No.34262666

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

>> No.34262668

>>Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions
We lost men. Least we can do is treat this seriously.

>> No.34262675

>>Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions

Business time. Put on da serious face.

>> No.34262684

>>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

We know why we lost Dice gods

>> No.34262691


Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions.

>> No.34262693

>>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

Then lead it into
>Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions

>> No.34262695

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually
No need to overdo it. Like he said, it didn't go well, but it isn't like we did something that was specifically wrong.

>> No.34262701

Reminder to cut of the face of an enemy soldier and make a mask out of it after the next battle. We can use it to scare the shit out of enemy combatants.

>> No.34262705

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually
>Ask Gan Ning why the battle was lost and ask for suggestions

>> No.34262722

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

>> No.34262723

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

His demeanor is casual we should do the same as the visiting one

>> No.34262752

>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually
He's a casual kind of guy, and we're friends.

>> No.34262779

>>Sit with Gan Ning and discuss the battle casually

>> No.34262814

My sides.

>> No.34262857

I love 3 Kingdoms era funny shit.

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>> No.34262914


>> No.34262941

>one of his unknown generals
I figure we should at least TRY to find out his name.

It was han something right?

>> No.34262948


>> No.34262962

Han Dynasty is over. I mean I am sorry we had to kill him but it was nothin personnel kid.

>> No.34262974


It was obviously Han... Hao?

>> No.34262983

I think his name had Dong in it-No wait we already killed Dong Zhuo

Han Solo maybe?

>> No.34262992

Wait I remember! It was Han Solo. He attacked us first though so it was justified.

>> No.34263034

I swear to god when I get a bigger role in the next game I will Kill you ALL.


>> No.34263047

Go to bed Cheng Pu

>> No.34263049

I'm sorry have we met?

>> No.34263051

Hey, buddy! Who might you be?

>> No.34263053

"Hand me an arrow," you say as you sit down with Gan Ning, removing your own blade. Gan Ning tosses you some and you begin sharpening the arrowheads along with him.

"You did well out there. I keep giving you the vanguard, and you might outshine me."

Gan Ning scoffs.

"I'm not the one who threw a damn spear in the air and killed an enemy general. If anything, you're the crazy son of a bitch."

"Hah, it did not stop us from losing the battle however."

"Battles come and go, you can't win em all. Best not to have any doubts and sour grapes about a small loss and look to the next one to win."

You joke and talk with Gan Ning casually to pass the time. However your leisure time with Gan Ning is broken an hour in when a soldier shouts that he sees a few enemy ships ahead. You and Gan Ning immediately get up and you head back to your ship.

On the distance is a few enemy ships chasing down a ship on your side, likely a survivor trying to regroup with the main fleet. What do you do?

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers
>Give supporting fire to help the ship on your side

>> No.34263059

Hand Ang? More like Hand Only, the general that never scored.

>> No.34263065

>>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers

Lets take some heads!

>> No.34263066

>>Give supporting fire to help the ship on your side


>> No.34263072

>Give supporting fire to help the ship on your side

>> No.34263079

Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers

>> No.34263080

>Give supporting fire to help the ship on your side

>> No.34263081

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers
Time for a moral boost. Our troops need it.

>> No.34263087

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers
They probably have orders to avoid direct confrontation or wasteful traps. Sun Ce won that battle, yes, but he's still heavily outnumbered and can't afford to lose too many ships.

>> No.34263089

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers

Gan Ning and Zhu Xing bonding time

>> No.34263092

>>Give supporting fire to help the ship on your side
We're still injured remember.

>> No.34263096

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attacker
Payback Time

>> No.34263098

>>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers


>> No.34263099

>On the distance is a few enemy ships chasing down a ship on your side, likely a survivor trying to regroup with the main fleet. What do you do?

Who is willing to bet that is one of Zhou Yu's tricks ?

>> No.34263100

J-Just you wait. I'll-I'll do something memorable... someday... soonish...

*sniff* I just want to be remembered.

Even Master Sun Ce forgets about me

>> No.34263109

>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers

>> No.34263123

MY LORD! Zhu Xing, your creepy stalker has slain general han Dang.

What? For this I will . . .wait, who?

>> No.34263125

We have possibly the least threatening injury you can get in this quest. We shouldn't make a decision just because we have a dislocated nose

>> No.34263126

>>Engage the enemy directly and fend off the attackers
I think we'll be okay with Gan Ning at our side to be honest

>> No.34263131

Hey cheer up. You are important. I mean the world wouldn't work if there weren't any rotting corpses around right? I mean all those bacteria and stuff. They need you.

>> No.34263156


Zhou Yu ain't so tough

>> No.34263182


>Inb4 his corpse is completely preserved because even bacteria don't recognize him as organic matter.

>> No.34263183

Tricks don't work against steel.

>> No.34263185

Engage the enemy. Lets use our trained men properly!

Also, got an idea if for round two. Disguise ourselves as Lu Bu, take the front, and ambush the generals that come for him.
"You thought you would be fighting Lu Bu, but it was ME! ZHU XING!"

>> No.34263215


That's some Ravages Zhang Liao tier shit right there

>> No.34263218

That worked so well for Patroklos. I can't see it going wrong for us.

>> No.34263234


>> No.34263243

Doesn't really give us anything since Lu Bu is stronger than us. The trick only leaves the enemy with an easier battle.

>> No.34263249

Tempting, but we don't have a Red Hare-tier horse nor a kickass polearm weapon that could conjure huge tidal waves with one sweep.

>> No.34263254

not sure if trolling or just stupid

>> No.34263265


That guy who posed as Achilles during the Trojan war, I think.

>> No.34263269


>> No.34263293

Ah, I never read the Illiad

>> No.34263298

Also spelled as Patroclus, that's how I know of him.

Wasn't that dude a complete scrub though? Zhu Xing could hold his own against any enemy general they could throw at us. We are not going to get Hector'd.

>> No.34263312

In a way, yes. However, what if we use it in conjecture with something more important? Right now we have a lot of soldiers and equipment that need to get to the other side. Lu Bu include. If we keep half of our best soldiers to fend them off and hold them, we can get our siege and cavalry to safety. Besides, Lu Bu is more useful for the Siege, while our duty was to escort Lu Bu across the water.

>> No.34263313

He was second-in-command of the Myrmidons, the greatest fighting force in the Achaean League. Not a scrub.

>> No.34263317

It'd only make sense to do this if having Lu Bu appear somewhere he isn't supposed to be would turn the battle in our favor. I'm not sure how you'd get such a situation here.

>> No.34263341

We are dependent on luck so we might just.
Crazy plans and trickery never worked for us in the past.

>> No.34263346


In Ravages, one of Lu Bu's favorite tactics was to have an army of fake Lu Bus to raise morale and terrify the enemy since Lu Bu couldn't be everywhere at once.

Those fake Lu Bus were decent but generally had a very short life span, except for the best fake Lu Bu, Zhang Liao.

I don't know if that idea would work here however.

>> No.34263393

Time to train us some Lu Bus eh? We might want to ask the real Lu Bu first though otherwise he might misunderstand the whole thing and think of us as some creepy stalker who only want to bang Linqui because of her father and his big WAR stat.

>> No.34263407


But anon, that's exactly why are waifuing Lingqi.

>> No.34263423


>comes tomorrow, everyone's dressed as Lu Bu, even Linqi and Cai Yan.
>especially Linqi and Cai Yan

>> No.34263449

Well, as is, the majority of the army are not good at naval combat. Sun Ce's army however is. Ship combat really doesn't offer much mobility and if we lose our seige, we are in trouble. Hell, if we aren't careful we may just do redcliff before redcliff happens.

Besides, splitting may force sun ce to split HIS force. We have plenty of generals here who are capable of leading. Sun Ce does not if he splits them.

>> No.34263465

>big battle
>everyone dressed as Lu Bu
>cries of "Can anybody provide me with a decent challenge?!" everywhere

>> No.34263486

I can imagine its late into Zhu Xing and Lingqi's mariage and they decide to spice up their sex life by roleplaying and Zhu Xing asks her to put on her father's armor and start yelling about being the greatest warrior in the land.

>> No.34263496

Wasn't there some Easter Egg or mode or something in one of the Dynasty Warriors to turn all the soldiers into Lu Bu?

>> No.34263504

>Forget Lu Bu, find out who Zhu Xing is!
> There sir! I found him!
>That was quick. How can you tell?
>His giant halberd is in his pants.

>> No.34263507


>> No.34263522

No, they BOTH do it.

>> No.34263524


>> No.34263566

I wonder if Lu Bu is aware of his daughter and bro's raging boners for him?

>> No.34263575

>Sir, we lost him!
>Just follow the spaghetti dammit! Everybody knows Zhu Xing always leaves behind a trail of spaghetti!
>Sir, we can't. The spaghetti... it's not just a trail, it's simply everywhere.
>Jesus Christ what in the world could make a man spill so much spaghetti.
>Linqui dressed as Lu Bu

>> No.34263627

The sad thing is, I can actually see that happening to Zhu Xing.

>> No.34263762

"Move out! Save that ship and turn back the enemy!" you shout, knowing full well that the enemy has been concentrating on small raid attacks and you can easily take down any small escorts attacking this far.

Your ships move quickly to engage with the enemy ships in pursuit. Seeing your fleet coming at you, the enemy fleet makes a stop and attempts to pull out.

"We've pursued too far! Retreat!" the enemy in command calls out.

Your fleet easily catches the enemy fleet as they attempt to turn their fleet around. You ram the side of an enemy ship and board it, easily taking the enemy soldiers there who have been panic-struck. Gan Ning fires an arrow in to the enemy man in charge, killing him with a pierce through the neck. It is only a matter of time before your forces mop up the small enemy fleet. After the battle, you meet with Gan Ning.

"How much did ya kill!?" he says with a smile.

"A dozen or so," you reply with a smile. "I was not exactly counting.

"I got a dozen or so myself, but I think I win here for taking down the leader. Heh."

With the soldiers of the ship you saved cheering you and Gan Ning on, your small patrol fleet returns to the main fleet. Your main fleet has gathered a couple hundred more survivors and are in good process of recovery.

>> No.34263785

Your fleet continues to reorganize itself and you have some time to recuperate for a bit more time. However, Chen Gong calls you in to the command ship along with the other officers during sun-down.

“Now is the time to attack,” Chen Gong remarks.

“What?” Lu Bu says with an eyebrow raised. “We still need a few more days to reorganize. You said it yourself did you not? That we should recover to full strength before we move out?”

Chen Gong smiles.

“Truthfully, we will need another week to reorganize. But I find this importunity the best time to attack. The enemy has just won a victory, and they feel compelled and reassured. They too are reorganizing their fleets after they have pursued. We will launch a raid by night to surprise them, then follow up with our main fleet. We shall need a volunteer to lead the raid.”

>Volunteer for the night raid
>Stick with the main force, suggest someone else to do the raid

>> No.34263788

We be taking heads with our man Gan Ning!

>> No.34263814

>>Volunteer for the night raid
>>Also take Gan Ning as our vice-leader.

We're good, but we're not as good as Gan Ning on water.

>> No.34263816

>Volunteer for the night raid

We got experience in those

>> No.34263820

Volunteer Gan Ning to lead the night raid. We will also attend.

>> No.34263821

>>Volunteer for the night raid

Hell yeah motherfucker, bring Gan Ning with us since this is his specialty.

>> No.34263839

>Volunteer for the night raid


>> No.34263845

>>Volunteer for the night raid
Try to get Gan Ning to join us

>> No.34263850

>Volunteer for the night raid
>suggest someone else to do the raid
Isn't Gan Ning the night raid expert? We still would like to attend though, so I guess we'll be leading with him as our second.

>> No.34263862

>>Stick with the main force, suggest someone else to do the raid

Zhang Liao

Let's be honest here, he's always going to be a better leader and we've been hogging too much of the glory.

>> No.34263864

>Volunteer for the night raid

>> No.34263865


I'll support this. I'd be fine with Gan Ning as the leader as well so long as we are the second.

>> No.34263880

I'd probably vote for Gan Ning to lead it instead of Zhang Liao, but the point is valid. We need to spread some of the glory around.

>> No.34263881

>Gan Ning for the night raid

He's a former pirate, making him best suited to the task.

>> No.34263887


I like Zhang Liao leading the main attack better. Zhu Xing is more warrior than leader still and that fits a smaller night raid better.

>> No.34263897

Fuck yeah, night raids!
We gotta get our bro Gan Ning in this since he's the expert and all, though at this rate he really might take our spot

>> No.34263898

>Volunteer for the night raid

>> No.34263925

First dice incoming ETA 15 minutes

>> No.34263948

Hopefully the dice gods will bless us this time

>> No.34263957

We might wanna get some of the bad rolls outta the way then.

>> No.34263958

>Picture related

>> No.34263974

That's not how it works, anon.

>> No.34263980

>try to get Gan Ning to volunteer with us

>> No.34263988

Get fucked Kongming!

>> No.34264008

Volunteer with Gan Ning

We shall stalk Sun Ce in the niiiiight!

>> No.34264010

Because you know all about the will of the dice gods right?

>> No.34264015

And if not this then Gan Ning with us assisting

>> No.34264043


Gentlemen, it's obvious. We must sacrifice a few heads to the battle standards as well as swear blood oaths to Heaven, Earth, and the Ancestors. Only then shall we reap the bounty of the Dice Gods.

>> No.34264078

Rolled 39 (1d100)

All we need is Window Boy

>> No.34264098

In all fields.

>> No.34264102

window boy is angry at you

>> No.34264272

>Volunteer Gan Ning to lead the Night Raid. We haven't been very good at leading those.

>> No.34264292

>swearing oaths to false gods, the ground, and corpses
The only one who deserves worship and offerings are the dice gods

>> No.34264312


We need the Son of Heaven to get his blessing clearly.

>> No.34264353

Yeah, invoking the Heavens, Earth, and People only really helped me get a 90 on a joke roll.

>> No.34264356

We kinda ditched him back in Chang An, so I kinda doubt he'd be all that willing

>> No.34264386


>Implying that we need him to be willing


>> No.34264422

>wanting to be a Dong Zhuo and those shitty eunuchs

>> No.34264425

It wasn't a joke

>> No.34264464


Brother Gongtai please.

>> No.34264589

"Allow myself and General Gan Ning to lead the raid. General Gan has experience in the field and he is the best for this task, while I shall assist him. We will cause disorder amongst the enemy and will fire a lighted arrow to the sky when the times is right for attack," you say to Chen Gong clasping your hands and bowing. Gan Ning rises up as well.

"I've only recently joined this army and I want to contribute to our cause. Please, let me lead the raid."

"Very well," Chen Gong says with a nod. "Then the rest of the generals should prepare the troops and be ready for a swift attack."

You and Gan Ning nod and smile to each other as the generals are dismissed from the main command ship. You prepare small, fast boats and the soldiers with you carry light armor and blades. As you prepare to leave, Lingqi comes over to your ships and sighs.

"Volunteering for the dangerous parts again? You're going to get yourself killed one day," she says with a frown.

>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
>Perhaps you have been taking too many dangerous tasks...

>> No.34264618

>>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions


>> No.34264641

>State that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions

Don't boast

>> No.34264646

>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions

We are the General that Manifest Might!

>> No.34264649

>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
But tell her she should tone it down a notch. Ramming a boat that's on fire is not cool.

>> No.34264656

We seem to be pursuing Gan Ning now though, and just recently Sun Ce

>> No.34264661


Something about how dangerous missions are inevitable to ensure victory and how you are needed for these tasks.

Do Not Boast.

>> No.34264666

Giver her a kiss. Tell her "When I get back, we'll get married and I'll retire."

>> No.34264671


>> No.34264673

And tell her about how many people will she bet this time

>> No.34264674

>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions

We Pursue fucking Lu Bu

our Orders to her nigga

>> No.34264676

>State that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
>Perhaps you have been taking too many dangerous tasks...
Don't boast.
It's hard for us to avoid dangerous tasks. Although maybe if we had a family we would find reasons to avoid dangerous tasks.

>> No.34264702


>> No.34264707

[Deathflags Intensify]

>> No.34264708

These sentiments seem good. Big emphasis on not boasting.

>> No.34264710

>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
"But if you want to watch my ass during this battle, I won't stop you"

>> No.34264717

>Its what the land needs. Who am I to ask another not as capable as to take the risk in my place? And I would rather not risk both our lives on this. Your father will need your strength if I do fail

>> No.34264718

YES! Tell her we might tone it down a notch if we had a wife.

>> No.34264729

>>Boast that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
>>Make light of the situation and jest:

"I've been stabbed in the gut, clobbered over the head with a warhammer, beaten senseless by so many people over the years. What's next, an arrow to the eye?"

>> No.34264731


We ordered her to ram the boat. And it was the right decision, getting a low roll with "shoot arrows at a quick fire boat" would have been disastrous.

>> No.34264745

Don't jinx it.

>> No.34264746

We're not retiring! We only just got a feel for what generalship entails. Now is when our career will really begin to shine.

>> No.34264759

I don't think that would be good. If she wants to come, she can come. She might take that as not trusting her because of the fire boat getting past here.

>> No.34264761

Indeed. Still, we need to keep everyone safe. If we can spook their army, take down a few men, maybe demoralize them, we can save a lot of lives and make things easier for everyone.

>> No.34264767

We will be more careful if we have children

>> No.34264775

no, an arrow to the Knee

>> No.34264793

>State that it is a warrior's job to fight and go on missions
Don't boast

>> No.34264796

kill yourself

>> No.34264797


>> No.34264815


Nigga, do you Dun fucked up.

>> No.34264827

>if we had a family
Poor, poor Zhu Yang, and Zhu What's-her-face

>> No.34264829


>> No.34264830

>Zhu Xing takes an arrow to the eye.
>Pulls out the arrow along with the eye.
>Looks at the eye, still attached to the arrow.
>"Ewww, gross! Ick, ick, ick!" he says as he throws the arrow in the face of one of his bodyguards.
>Zhu Xing then falls unconscious.

>> No.34264864

>Xiahou Dun takes an arrow to the eye while battling Lu Bu's forces
>Zhu Xing steals the eye before Dun can eat it to keep it as part of his collection
>The legend only grows

>> No.34264866

It's Yue. Can we start molding her into a strategist once this battle is over?

>> No.34264874

Then we realize that we are actually cao cao that was mentioned in the history

>> No.34264886

Not everyone can be an eye eating badass, even if it likely smells and tastes like spaghetti

>> No.34264890

This but less retire and more "take it more easy"

>> No.34264899


>> No.34264910


I have a better candidate in mind if we want a strategist in dress

>> No.34264924

It sounds like we're guilting her into marrying us though if we say stuff like that now

>> No.34264930

>not Imouto

nigg you are doing it wrong

>> No.34264932

God I loved Sima Yi in the 2010 show.

>> No.34264959


He's the best non-Cao Cao character in the show.

>> No.34264970

Not in public, man we agreed to be professional when we're on duty

>> No.34265002

It's dark out and we're by ourselves.

>> No.34265033

c-can we d-do this please?

>> No.34265035

..is this where we give her a campaign baby? Will we show her our strength before battle and give her a campaign baby?

>> No.34265062

We're not retiring until we've unified the land.

>> No.34265069

>wanting to retire and pursuing the Bu, and those lovely 90 WAR men
Fuck no

>> No.34265097

we gave her a pre campaign baby though

of course not the Boner is too strong for us to ignore

>> No.34265108

>take her out back out of earshot
>and hopefully halberd range
>she says she's ready
>just like the blushing bride we always wanted
>undo belt
>remove trousers
>but there is no penis
>there aren't even legs
>there is only spaghetti
>spaghetti and kettles
>and wierd Sun Ce fanmail

>> No.34265116

Not before marriage, nigga
I'd rather not have the boss eviscerate us

>> No.34265122

>wanting to retire at age 25

>> No.34265159

Shit nigga
My sides. I cant find it

>> No.34265265


>> No.34265283


Wu a shit

>> No.34265293




Otherwise the idea isn't bad.

>> No.34265357

>implying Liu Bei isn't a benevolent, trustable man who would be a wonderful leader to us all

>> No.34265373



>> No.34265375

Guan Yu pls go.

>> No.34265390

Hey, maybe in this life, he is!

>> No.34265397

"It is the job and duty of warriors to be on the front lines and participate in dangerous tasks. You should know this, Lingqi," you reply as you fasten your armor tightly.

Lingqi remains silent for a few seconds, looking down and letting out a small sigh.

"You're right. When I took the mantle of a warrior, I should have expected such things. However... Even when I know our line of work skitters around death, it's hard for me to know you're out there doing things that might further your death."

Lingqi sighs again and closes her eyes.

"Sorry. Best of luck to you," she says and walks away.

You remember Lingqi has had a problem with trusting people and opening up. The thought of you perishing is likely heavy on her. However, the chance for glory is something too much to pass up on, and though you have feelings for Lingqi, you are a warrior and a man foremost.

"Lingqi! I promise I shall make it back and see it to the end that your father unites this land!" you call out to Lingqi who stops midway. She looks back at you and gives a nod before departing.

>> No.34265421

Your raiding forces moves quickly in to the enemy lines using the cover of darkness to mask your raiding fleet. In due time you see the torches of the enemy fleet and move your fleet in position, making sure no light is on your side. You observe the enemy fleet, which is laxer in guard than usual. It seems Chen Gong was right when he said the enemy could be caught unprepared. Motioning to Gan Ning to lead the attack, your ships surge forward.

A few enemy patrol vessels are around. But with your fast ships, you quickly overtake them and pass by them. By the time guards on the outer perimeter notice your presence, it is too late. The head of your ships armed with ramming devices crash in and your troops begin boarding the enemy.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!” the guards shout.

>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter
>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

>> No.34265425

>"Lingqi! I promise I shall make it back and see it to the end that your father unites this land!" you call out to Lingqi who stops midway. She looks back at you and gives a nod before departing.

Today we find out if Zhu Xing is immune to death flags.

>> No.34265449

>>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter

I ain't getting surrounded.

>> No.34265451

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

Our goal is to inflict maximum discord on the enemy. We can't do that by attacking outer perimeter.

>> No.34265460

>>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter

>> No.34265468

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

Fuck death flags. Tempt danger.

>> No.34265469

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
Got to strike when the iron is hot.

>> No.34265472

Sun Ce isn't final boss material so we should be safe

>> No.34265480

Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet. Fuck them up and have no fear. It will scare the shit out of them

>> No.34265484

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
Go with the flow, the momentum is on our side.

>> No.34265489

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
No way this could backfire!

>> No.34265490

>still no dice
What is happening here?

>> No.34265495

>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter
No need to go gung ho here. Start a few fires on the outer ships, hit and run, and have them run around trying to reorganize.Scare tactics will work wonders, and speed is our ally in these sort of missions.

>> No.34265505

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
Outer perimeter isn't going to be enough. The main fleet will save us if they try to surround us.

>> No.34265514

>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
Strike em hard and fast, momentum is on our side!

>> No.34265516

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

We go all in

>> No.34265517

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

Pierce the shell for the shot jelly inside

>> No.34265522

We are going to die. We are going to die. Raian had Linqui warn us and we are still running straight into our death. You guys know how autistic Raian is with his warnings and you guys still run straight into it.

>> No.34265523

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

>You observe the enemy fleet, which is laxer in guard than usual.

Perhaps this is a trap? Or maybe Chen Gong is right and this attack was truly unexpected?

No way to know and we can't half ass a volunteer mission anyway. We are committed at this time. Take Sun Ce and Zhou Yu's head and they can't launch any plots.


We are going to be signaling the main fleet to attack if I read correctly. This is a prelude to a big fight.

>> No.34265532

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

>> No.34265534

The veterans of Chang'an have already decided their course, anon.

>> No.34265544

>the veterans of Chang'an
Fuck you.

>> No.34265552

hell yeah we will

>> No.34265555

>>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter
Hit and Run, don't get encircled when the enemy regroups.

>> No.34265565

Losing Gan Ning would almost be as bad as dying ourselves with the lack of naval training everyone has.

>> No.34265581

We dun goofed. We dun goofed bad.

>> No.34265584

>>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter
Let's not get encircled.

>> No.34265591

Didn't that big defeat at Chang'An come from not listening to advice and charging the enemy anyway? Oh well, at least we're assisting Gan Ning. Though at the Chang'An business, we had been assisting Fengxian.

>> No.34265619

This is suicide. Raian please stop this. Please.

>> No.34265626

>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter
Seriously, let's not risk our neck too much. We've got a woman waiting for us.

>> No.34265627

The Chang'an situation and this battle are entirely different situations.

Moving to the inner part of the enemy fleet might be a mistake but it's not because of Chang'an.

>> No.34265637

No. You dun goofed. You're crying and bitching before anything has even happened. The hindsight squad that seems to follow this thread and the worrywart brigade. For all you know, that was the right choice.

>> No.34265641

Look, this could either go really horrible for us, or it could go really great. It all depends on how well we roll.

>> No.34265643

We REALLY need to attack the parimeter. If we want the enemy to come to us, let them come to the outer perimeter. Preferibly after setting fire to their outside ships and trapping them in a ring of fire.

>> No.34265652

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet

>> No.34265659

>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter

>> No.34265661

>>Ignore the outer perimeter, quickly move on to the inner part of the enemy fleet
We need to strike deep inside the enemy force and cause as much chaos as possible

>> No.34265680

>>Focus on trying to attack the outer perimeter

>> No.34265684

Why are you cowards trying to take the safe way out when you volunteered for a high risk-high reward mission? Be consistent.

>> No.34265688

Dude without the panic there ain't no hype and without hype there ain't no happening so shut up and get in the mood.

>> No.34265701

But I thought we wanted to bring an end to the chaos!?

>> No.34265705

My point is this night raid was going to happen regardless of us going or not. So if Gan Ning went alone and failed it would be just as bad. I can see how us going with would make it worse.

>> No.34265719

there's a difference between panic and ooh, i wonder if we fucked up and these fucking armchair generals bitching at everyone who chooses the daring option and calls tg stupid and brings up chang an.

Who dares wins motherfucker.

>> No.34265741

I swear they're stupid as hell.

They think they're smart and careful but they're anything but.

>> No.34265747

Daring options have consistently carried the day anyway. It's our job to be daring when we are the night attack/vanguard and the rest of the fleet is following in our advance.

>> No.34265748

Yeah because the
>We dun goofed. We dun goofed bad.
was totally an armchair general bitching at people for their choices.

>> No.34265761

Sounds like Benevolence talk to me boy!

>> No.34265763

Guys. Enough jabbering! Onward to glory!


>> No.34265773


Fucking Huang Gai

>> No.34265778

I made the possibly incorrect assumption that we dun goofed guy was also>>34265522
If I am incorrect, then I apologize.

>> No.34265781

Uh, no, it's Ambition!

>> No.34265790

>Still being a whiny bitch over Chang An
Sure is fucking pleb in here!
Now that's more like it

>> No.34265802

“Those already engaged keep the men here occupied! Those who are free, ignore the guards and dive in!” you order your troops who all shout in response. Your ship and a few others quickly skim past the outer perimeter and begin your attacks on the inner part of the fleet. Your ship rams one of the larger enemy warships in one swift and hard motion, making it begin to sink. Gan Ning orders his troops to launch fire arrows and throw bayes of hay and reed to another warship, lighting it on fire. Panic and disorder begins take place in the enemy fleet and your raid goes well.

“Scoundrels! I shall kill you all here!”

You hear the shout of a familiar sounding voice. You turn to see an enemy general, Cheng Pu, charging towards Gan Ning's ship intending to stop him.

“Hah! Bring it on, I fear no man!” Gan Ning yells as he moves to engage Cheng Pu himself. Both ships clash with one another and Gan Ning jumps in facing off against Cheng Pu in a sword fight.

>Aid Gan Ning, help him take down Cheng Pu
>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

>> No.34265809

It sure ain't MIGHT.

>> No.34265816

>>Aid Gan Ning, help him take down Cheng Pu

Oi! We owe Cheng Pu for the insults he gave us during the Coalition!

>> No.34265839

>>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

Goddamn it, we owe Cheng Pu a duel but our duty to our fleet comes first.

>> No.34265842

Aid Gan Ning, help him take down Cheng Pu.

>> No.34265845

>aid Gan Ning to take down cheng pu


>> No.34265850


>> No.34265860

>>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
Chen Gong'll have a fit if we forget about the bigger picture. Gan Ning can handle himself.

>> No.34265861

>>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

We've already scored a General kill. Let Gan Ning have this one.

>> No.34265865

>Aid Gan nina, help him take down Cheng Pu.

Tag team Gan Ning and let him lead the navy while we handle him

>> No.34265867

>>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
He got this.

>> No.34265873

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
Gan Ning can deal with him himself, he NEEDS the glory to be recognized as an actual commander by Lu Bu.

Not to mention, jerking off our own glory could lose us the battle here

>> No.34265877

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
This is Gan Ning's duel. It would be offensive to step in.
Let's go find some opponents of our own to slaughter

>> No.34265881

>>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

>> No.34265886

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
Gan Ning wanted glory, he's got it.

You go, lad!

>> No.34265887

>Focus on taking other ships down

>> No.34265890

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
Gan Ning: 86
Cheng Pu: 84
Have you done away with the dice Raian?

>> No.34265901

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

Anons please. Don't hog all the glory.

>> No.34265902

Focus on other ships

>> No.34265905

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
If he falls here, then that is that.

>> No.34265929

Fair enough. Changing my post of >>34265845
to just damaging ships and getting them down

>> No.34265937

Those are leadership stats from ROTK 11. Gan Ning's WAR is 94 and Cheng Pu's is in the high 70s if we want to go by the game.

Which we shouldn't, but those are wrong.

>> No.34265969

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

if we let this get personal we risk the entire mission failing.

>> No.34265976

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself
While I kind of want to pay back Cheng Pu for his insults, he isn't worth our attention and Gan Ning can handle him.

>> No.34265987

We could always attempt the 360 spear noscope on Cheng Pu if things go Southland for Gan Ning

>> No.34265998

You know, I am now picturing Huang Gai coming out of his boat, seeing us setting fire to ships and shouting "That is MY schtick kid!"

>> No.34266009

Cheng Pu mentioned something about sending our head to a river of hell, right? Why not taunt him with something like that?

>> No.34266011

>if things go Southland for Gan Ning

>> No.34266023

Am I the only one who's still holding out on a hope that we can recruit Ce and/or Zhou Yu?

>> No.34266024

>Focus on taking other ships down, Gan Ning can take care of himself

Believe in the Gan Ning

>> No.34266033

Zhu Xing: Fuck you Hang Gai! You didn't invent fire!

>> No.34266043


>> No.34266059

Actually, Huang Gai is a descendant of the man who discovered fire.

>> No.34266062

Yes. We can't get him to submit now, without crippling most of his staff.

>> No.34266067


If by recruit you mean keep him in our personal dungeon, then yes.

>> No.34266070 [SPOILER] 

I dunno anon, I think that ship has sailed

>> No.34266075

no but it is looking really fucking unlikely

>> No.34266083

If they surrender, we could not execute them and maybe recruit them later, but yeah no in-battle recruitment

>> No.34266095

I'd love to recruit Zhou Yu and marry our sister to him.

Sun Ce feels indebted to Yuan Shu or something? He should know that all he's asking for by serving the false emperor is a traitor's death. He could do better than that.

If they surrender then we can have the finest men on land and sea.

>> No.34266110

>*land and water

>> No.34266117

“Commander! Shall we aid General Gan!?” a soldier shouts to you from your side.

“No, Gan Ning can take care of himself. Our job here is to ensue panic and disorder amongst the enemy. Move in and focus on taking the other ships!” you command.

As Gan Ning fights Cheng Pu, you and the other free ships continue your mission to inflict as much damage as possible. You and your men overrun numerous ships and in the panic enemy ships begin colliding against one another. Notching an arrow, you fire and kill an enemy commander as you shout and lead your men in further causing havoc.

An hour in you look around to see that you have caused significant damage, and that you may be diving too in. Now is the time for the main fleet to attack and for you to get out. You notice that Gan Ning's ship has won against Cheng Pu, but the man has managed to escape. Looking over to him, he nods to you to confirm that you guys should retreat now. Holding your bows to the skies, you guys launch lighted arrows to indicate for the main fleet to attack.

You and Gan Ning turn your ships and begin to move out. The enemy however pursues and attempts to block your retreat. You will have to move swiftly if you want to get out in one piece...

>Roll 1d100, avg of first three

>> No.34266133

Rolled 49 (1d100)


window boy

>> No.34266135

But Zhou Yu is an okay strategist who will get jealous of our sister and beat her.

>> No.34266137

Rolled 35 (1d100)

Rolling please dear dice god!

>> No.34266138

Rolled 67 (1d100)


>> No.34266140

Rolled 76 (1d100)


>> No.34266142

Rolled 20 (1d100)


>> No.34266145

Rolled 37 (1d100)


window boy

>> No.34266147

Rolled 80 (1d100)

Window Boy

>> No.34266160

Oh, fug me

>> No.34266161


>> No.34266163

Rolled 85 (1d100)


>> No.34266164

The only reason why he would join us is to dick us over, considering all of the shit we've done to him either by association or directly by killing his uncle.

Seriously, your boner for Sun Ce is basically as large as the boner Cao Cao had for Guan Yu, and look how well that turned out for him.

>> No.34266165

Im mad. At you anon and myself

>> No.34266178

Delightful average of 50.

>> No.34266183


Basically a 50 average. Could be worse. Much worse.

Gan Ning and Zhu Xing are stronk

>> No.34266185

You can stop with the window boy chanting. I obviously doesn't help.

>> No.34266199

From bad rolls to average, it's improving!

>> No.34266205

50 avg

I still think WAR rolls should be best of 3 unless theres a decent hidden bonus added to the average for having a 90+ WAR

>> No.34266211

Are you... window boy?

>> No.34266212


Actually, I don't think Sun Ce would just dick us over. Look at Yuan Shu, a man he clearly doesnt respect. He still serves him loyally. If somehow Sun Ce agreed to serve us (which would be the difficult part) I'm sure he wouldnt just insta-betray us.

>> No.34266219

Our war stat will save us!

>> No.34266236


The "hidden" bonus is that he adds our WAR score to our roll average. So we start with default 97+whatever roll.

>> No.34266238

Cao Cao's child, cousin and Dian Wei died to a man who became exceedingly prominant in his court, someone very useful to Cao Cao.
Your point is invalid.

>> No.34266239


>> No.34266257

Rolled 53 (1d100)

Sun Bofu's unwashed hairpiece!

>> No.34266265

But how is 147 compare in the grand scheme of things, its just a number at this point.

>> No.34266286


Which is why we wait for the story posts to see how things went.

>> No.34266349

Someone useful to Cao Cao, i.e.a subordinate. The surrender was accepted arguably out of necessity since Cao Cao needed Zhang Xiu to secure his borders and bolster his forces with the impending war against Yuan Shao.

That's not really a comparable situation.

>> No.34266405

How is it not comparable.

Someone useful.

Sun Ce is arguably useful.

A subordinate.

He'd be our subordinate.

Needed to secure his borders and bolster his forces

Sun Ce is a great commander who would bolster our forces and we could stick him in the Southlands to secure the homeland.

I'm not saying send him creepy fanmail or do nothing but try to recruit him. But if Sun Ce did join up with us it would be a boon.

>> No.34266410

And isn't it out of nessesity to join us rather than get killed?

>> No.34266447


Look, the original guy's point was that Sun Ce wouldn't join someone who killed his retainers without holding a grudge.

Cao Cao didn't hold a grudge because Zhang Xiu was surrendering to him and bolstering his army and power as a lord. Cao Cao wouldn't betray Zhang Xiu because he already has everything he wants from him.

Lu Bu isn't surrendering to Sun Ce, but the other way around. That's why the analogy fails.

>> No.34266474

Why wouldn't he join though?
Han Dang was a friend, sure, but it wasn't Zhou Yu, and he understands that if you're on the opposing side people are gonna get hurt

>> No.34266486

Ah. Okay, I gotcha. Well then here's a different situation. Ling Tong and Gan Ning didnt murder each other despite Gan Ning killing LIng Tong's father. When Gan Ning was finally recruited, the two men worked together. Since Sun Ce would be joining Lu Bu, and not us. He could easily dislike us, not betray us because Lu Bu has not wronged him.

>> No.34266505

Mostly because we are going to cleave his skull in.

I was just pointing out that the Dian Wei situation was not a good analogy to make.

>> No.34266522

Do you think we can get Dian Wei?

>> No.34266537

He's already dead.

>> No.34266540

Its 197 bro. He's dead already.

>> No.34266542


Our chances of getting him are about the same as getting Sun Ce.

Raian already confirmed that Dian Wei is dead, mate.

>> No.34266586

Your ship quickly moves away from the inner part of the enemy fleet. One of the enemy warships come to block your move and check you.

“To the left! Skirt to the left!” you yell to the men under your command. Your ship lurches to the side as it tries to avoid the enemy warship, making some of the soldiers fall to their knees and feet. Your ship manages to narrowly avoid the enemy warship, the side of your vessel scratching as it makes contact with the enemy vessel but not enough to stop your momentum. Enemy soldiers fire arrows to your ship, with a number of your men falling.

However, your ship and the others manage to make it out.

“That was Gan Ning of the Bells, remember it!” Gan Ning shouts to the enemy as your forces leave. No sooner than you escape you see Lu Bu's main fleet arriving and charging forward.

“Destroy the enemy! Take Sun Ce's head!” you hear Zhang Liao yell as he leads the vanguard in.

Your attack vessel comes to your own warship. A hand reaches out for you to help you on board, and you take it. Lingqi lifts you up, and gives a light punch to your chest.

“Looks like you made it out,” she says with a smile.”

“Have I ever lied to you?”

“Don't get cocky. We need to help the main attack now.”

>> No.34266601

I would be thrilled just to meet or fight the man, but recruit him? He's 200% Wei

>> No.34266602

Lu Bu's fleet swarms the enemy fleet. With the panic caused by your attack and the disordered soldiers, Lu Bu's foces quickly get the upper hand.

“Hold fast! Do not let them get through!”

Sun Ce's ship comes forward and he begins rallying the men. Seeing their commander come forward, the enemy troops' spirits are heightened and they fight back. Despite the surprise attack, Sun Ce manages to reorganize the defenses and leads the center. With the likes of Huang Gai, Cheng Pu, Zhu Zhi, and Lu Fan on his side, the enemy troops fight better than most would do under their circumstances.

What do you and your men do?

>Attack the center and Sun Ce
>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there
>Use supporting covering fire on the enemy and aid the main force

>> No.34266611

>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266613

>>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266615

>>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there

>> No.34266617

>>Attack the center and Sun Ce

We are after Sun Ce Dead or Alive!

>> No.34266633

>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there
Why haven't we seen any sign of Zhou Yu?

>> No.34266644

>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266646

Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there.

We have a big ol army. The best part of the big ol army is to flank. not all rush into the center'

>> No.34266650

>Attack the center and Sun Ce
This is the only way to do it now.

>> No.34266651

>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266654

>Attack the center and Sun Ce

because he's a strategist

>> No.34266660

>>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there

Encircle them

>> No.34266666

>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there

>> No.34266673

>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266675

>The best part of the big ol army is to flank. not all rush into the center'
Let me guess, this is the guy who calls everyone else armchair strategists, right?

>> No.34266678

wrong song faggot


>> No.34266683

This is the moment we have been waiting for CHARGE!


>> No.34266696

>>Attack the center and Sun Ce
Let's finish this

>> No.34266699

>>Attack the center and Sun Ce
Round two!

>> No.34266702


>> No.34266707

Yeah, I fucking am. I think we're still going to be fighting and killing guys. You can be smart and daring. Zhang Liao is in the vanguard. he don't need help. We want to destroy morale here.

>> No.34266720

Track whatever faggit

>> No.34266737


>> No.34266740

>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there
Let Zhang Liao take the center. We already did our dangerous attack for the day.

>> No.34266752

You aren't even understanding the criticism, are you? Get fucked, I guess.

>> No.34266759

>>Attempt to maneuver to the flank and attack the enemy from there

>> No.34266768

What is the criticism, since I'm not understanding it.

>> No.34266771

Yukimura, please go.

>> No.34266780

>Attack the center and Sun Ce
>Attack the center and Sun Ce

>> No.34266806

C'mon, let's take it easy for the rest of the battle by not putting ourselves in the thick of it and dueling people. Also, Zhang Liao needs a moment to shine.

>> No.34266808

Nah it's cool, I'd rather just calm down and try to enjoy this thread together. It looks like people are deciding to attack the center anyway, we'll see how it goes.

>> No.34266829

>calls everyone else armchair strategists
>while sitting in an armchair strategizing

>> No.34266837

>take it easy for the rest of the battle

Where's your ambition? Where's your burning warrior spirit?

>> No.34266851

Nah dude can't let that motherfucker steal our position. Bet he's going after Lingqi too that magnificent bastard.

>> No.34266865

None of them are of any use if we're dead

>> No.34266873


He can behead Cheng Pu, we are going after our FATED RIVAL's head.

>> No.34266880

Believe in window boy who believes in you.

>> No.34266894

We aren't even injured yet. Are you going to make us sit out every battle from now on? I mean i like the fact that you are worried about us Lingqi but please don't get in the way of our fighting.

>> No.34266901

Pretty sure most of China would call him a twat for interfering in the greatest love story known to man

>> No.34266904

What good is a 92 WAR if we are going be taking it easy because we have a minor nose injury.

This is the path we chose. We aren't cowards.

>> No.34266906

We already whooped the enemy's ass and got tons of renown for it. Don't be greedy!

>> No.34266909

You sound like a whimpy german knight who travels the holy lands who is only able to beat beggars and starved felines

>> No.34266913

More like the poor would revolt out of fear for their spaghetti supply.

>> No.34266914

You really need to watch the 2010 Three Kingdoms series. The idea that Sun Ce would willingly become the subordinate of anyone allied to Liu Biao is laughably stupid.

>> No.34266915

>None of them are of any use if we're dead
This goes for every single thing in this life. If that is your reason for forgoing something, just kill yourself already.

>> No.34266930

We were going to take it easy for Lingqi's sake, were we not?

>> No.34266936

After this battle

>> No.34266937


You'll never become a Great General of the Heavens if you think like that

>> No.34266942

Zhang Liao would be embarrassed if he heard we "held back" to give him some glory. Let's not slight him, he deserves better.

>> No.34266950

I bet he gets laid more though

Infiltrating the Harem of Saladin when?

>> No.34266959


After we 420 no scope spear throw Sun Ce

>> No.34266961

I'm pretty sure we told Lingqi that we had to follow our Warrior's Heart while promising to come back alive

>> No.34266967

Not them, but alliances don't last. I wouldn't try to recruit him after a while, but only because he deserves his Southland ambitions.

>> No.34266979

>implying getting laid is better than glorious combat with world's best

>> No.34266981

We could always tell him that Liu Biao is a peace-loving sellout, Huang Zu is a rat who can't get anywhere without sacrificing his men, and Cai Mao is a power-hungry snake, who we are gunning for as soon as we are done with this Yuan Shu business.

>> No.34266982

>inb4 Crusader Quest crossover

>> No.34266985


Let me just say, since it seems we are choosing the center, that I'm not going to call you all stupid if it doesn't work nor do I think its inherently wrong. I just like my idea better. There's a difference between giving my opinion and supporting it and bitching that you all don't know how to have our character act.

>> No.34266991

Warrior Orochi Quest

>> No.34267058

Seeing the main commander at the front and the man you consider your rival tempts your blood, and you order your fleet to move in an engage the enemy at the center. Your ships move forward and you yourself begin to head towards Sun Ce.

However, the defenses and troops around Sun Ce are strong and doing their best. Their front-line defenses are much more formidable and it seems to have been a poor decision to engage them here. The enemy rain down arrows on your ships when they come and Huang Gai moves his men forward to check you.

"You will not have our lord here today!" he yells as his ships clash and block the ships under your command.

"Tch, they are relentless in their defenses," Lingqi remarks with a grit of her teeth.

The battle drags on for some hours. Though the enemy defends strong, you are stronger in numbers and have caught a lot of them by surprise. As Lu Bu's ships begin to break the line of defense, you see Sun Ce's ship turning around as he and the other generals begin a retreat. Huang Gai stays behind to guard the rear and makes a formidable defense to allow the enemy to escape.

In due time, Huang Gai begins to retreat as well. You give chase and your ship trails behind his. A soldier shouts to you however.

"General Hou Cheng's troops have been caught off-guard going in too deep, and his ship is surrounded! We have to help him, Commander!" the soldier says in a panic.

In the distance to the side you see the banner of Hou Cheng's ship and he is indeed being engulfed by enemy ships. It seems only the ships under your command can help him... But you need to divert your forces away and give up on the pursuit of Huang Gai. What do you do?

>Aid Hou Cheng
>Pursue Huang Gai

>> No.34267063

While I chose to support attacking the center, I respect your choice and I sincerely hope you are having asuch fun with this quest as I am

>> No.34267085

>Aid Hou Cheng
Fuck you Hou Cheng

>> No.34267092

>Aid Hou Cheng
No need to lose a general. Huang Gai is dangerous as fuck, but chasing him isn't a certain kill anyway.

>> No.34267094

The part that pisses me off is when he simultaneously bitches that we don't clearly explain our decisions and accuses us of putting on airs when we actually strategize.

>> No.34267095

>>Pursue Huang Gai

Sorry Hou Cheng.

>> No.34267097

>>Aid Hou Cheng

No need to be a glory hog here.

>> No.34267100

>Aid Hou Cheng
We're not sacrificing him.

>> No.34267103

>>Aid Hou Cheng
Damnit! we have to help him. Huang Gai can wait

>> No.34267107

>After finally besting the final boss, our two heroes stand alone at the edge of time, after saving the universe and time itself, they had made the one final sacrifice.
>Standing there on the edge of time, they were removed from history, floating there, immortal as the being they slew, happy that all of their loved ones were now safe

>> No.34267116

>Aid Hou Cheng
We cannot abandon our own comrades. Haung Gai will get his another day.

>> No.34267117

>Aid Hou Cheng

We'll kill Huang Gai another day.

>> No.34267122

>>Aid Hou Cheng
Old age is going to finish Huang Gai off. Or an errant poison arrow.

>> No.34267136

it is when HF writes it

>> No.34267141

>Aid Hou Cheng
Fucking Hou Cheng, you're lucky that we leave no one behind

>> No.34267144

>Pursue Huang Gai
He must bow to the Will of Heaven regarding Hou Cheng. Do not let Huang Gai escape!

>> No.34267148

>Aid Hou Cheng
Another day, it seems.

>> No.34267149

>Old age is going to finish Huang Gai off.
Huang Gai confirmed for The End

>> No.34267158

bitches that we don't clearly explain our decisions and accuses us of putting on airs when we actually strategize.

Yeah, I don't do this. I get mad at people who call tg stupid when we make mistakes or, after the decision has been made, make callbacks to chang an and call everyone stupid for doing aggressive maneuvers.

>> No.34267159

Aid Hou Cheng.

This is not the final fight we still need to have all the forces available for the seige. We won where Sun is strongest and proved our might. Let's keep our men ready for the final fight with them.

>> No.34267177

>Aid Hou Cheng

Jobs done the enemy is routed though not a total victory it's good enough.

>> No.34267182

Or start going on about how we are doomed before the results are in.

>> No.34267187

Hey, that's a good point. While diverting our course towards Hou Cheng, start firing arrows at Huang Gai with the Wind Bow.

>> No.34267204

>Aid Hou Cheng
Let's help our friend

>> No.34267211

Lets roll for it if Raian allowed it

>> No.34267219


Shoot Huang Gai while we move to rescue Hou Cheng.

>> No.34267234

Somehow we roll 3 100s and snipe Huang Gai from across the battlefield. We just start sniping people with everything.. including soldier.

>> No.34267235

Doesn't sound likely to work, but damn if I won't try!

>> No.34267242

He who chooses to chase two rabbits..

>> No.34267256

Do you think people are making shit up about you for no reason? Mr. "Armchair Strategists hurr durr" has done all of those things.

>> No.34267280

Are you doing something extremely important while our boats are slowly diverted towards Hou Cheng? We're not doubling up, we're making use of slack time.

>> No.34267283

Gets two rabbits instead of one! Good advice Confucius-chan.

>> No.34267300

well then there must be more than one person saying armchair general. Actually, thats it. I'm the guy that calls people armchair general. Maybe somebody else in other threads calls people armchair strategist.

>> No.34267326

Maybe. You sound an awful lot like that asshole, though.

>> No.34267340

>>Aid Hou Cheng
We got you homie.

>> No.34267381

mfw hou cheng becomes our third trusted relationship

>> No.34267395

I just get mad when people bring up Chang An, call tg stupid and after the votes have come in, start bitching about how the other choice was so much better and we're all retarded for not choosing it. Because these bursts of wisdom happen to always occur after the fact.

>> No.34267405

The last time armchair strategists were brought up was when a couple of anons decided to say /tg/ was stupid for not directly assaulting wang lang on the hill and instead choosing to go for a night attack.

They only got loud after the results were in, using 20/20 hindsight. No reasoning or arguments beforehand. They were rightly called out for being armchair generals.

Considering no one has really used the term since then, I'm guessing you're the guy that everyone laughed at and you're still butthurt.

>> No.34267429

Kinda hard to bitch about choices before there are choices. And your definition of bitching is mighty liberal.

>> No.34267436


We couldn't get anybody better than Hou Cheng?

>> No.34267450

We've apparently decided Lingqi doesn't need any more attention, much like Lu Bu, and are now working on Gan Ning.

>> No.34267451

Maybe we should chummy up with the corpse of that guy we killed.. you know... hang something or whatever he was called.

>> No.34267460

well you shouldnt bitch about choices at all.

>> No.34267465

Whenever Chang An gets brought up I imagine an ornery Jewish wife endlessly berating her husband
"Oi Vey! I told you I was right but do you ever listen? Chang An was a complete disaster because of you! I should have listened to my mother..."

>> No.34267474

Hang Ten, the surfer dude!

>> No.34267485

I don't mind calling out stupidity if it's before the outcome is announced by Ryan - er, Raian. If they're wrong, they're wrong. If others are wrong, others are wrong. Bitching after the outcome can come off like some sour grapes, though.

Although, everyone usually just votes and then takes the time to type up a justification. Basically the difference between saving the day and being a huge assface from your point of view is whether the outcome is posted just before or just after the justification.

>> No.34267487

I don't remember a surfer dude. And I swear the name was different... Dhong maybe? Hang Dhong or something like that?

>> No.34267488

"Turn the ship around! Aid General Hou!" you command.

Your ships quickly stop and begin maneuvering towards the side. Huang Gai's ship manages to escape much too far for any pursuer to get him. Though regretful that you cannot take the head of the man that manages to defeat you in the last battle, you believe your comrades to be of far more importance.

Your ships quickly reach Hou Cheng and engage the enemies surrounding him. You jump over to Hou Cheng's ship that has been boarded by enemies, and charging forward, you kill several enemy soldiers before you reach Hou Cheng.

"General Zhu! You've come to save me!?" he says in surprise.

"You are not saved yet! We must push back the enemy!" you say to Hou Cheng. He nods to you, and together, you both charge the enemy to push them back.

The battle ends with the enemy defeated. You've managed to save Hou Cheng, and he thanks you countless times. Shouts of victory and triumph sound throughout Lu Bu's fleet.

For the following month, your fleet is the one pursuing and crushing Sun Ce's fleet and driving them off the Chang Jian. Sun Ce has no choice but to retreat back to the coast and prepare defenses at Lu Jiang. Your forces have obtained a great victory and soon make preparations to land on Lu Jiang commandery.

Zhu Xing: 8000 ---> 6500
Zhang Liao: 8000 --> 7000
Lu Bu: 15,000 --> 14,000

Sun Ce: 13,000 --> 7000

You manage to scavenge 1000 strong crossbows from the remnants of the battle

+2 Lead for battle, +1 Cha for saving Hou Cheng, no War increase as you are already near master level.

Injury recovers.

End of Part 15.

Attack Sun Ce at the center was not the best choice, flanking and supporting would have saved more troops on your side and earned Sun Ce more casualties. Otherwise, questions, fire away.

>> No.34267499

Woah, Hang Ten sounds like a total bro!
>Weekend at Bernie's: Three Kingdoms style

>> No.34267533

Next session, Monday 19:00 PST. And I'm refusing to help at other stores when my boss asks me to, fuck 12 hour shifts.

>> No.34267534

How were our other choices?

How do we get WAR from this point onwards?

Would we have killed Cheng Pu automatically if we teamed up with Gan Ning?

>> No.34267535

What was the name of that dude we killed. You know... the Hang guy.

>> No.34267559

>Sun Ce has no choice but to retreat back to the coast
>Sun Ce: 13,000 --> 7000
>Injury recovers.

>> No.34267566

Was it just me or did you reduce the involvement of dice drastically?

>> No.34267571

You don't know about Hang Ten! He's a legend!

>> No.34267577


This session felt pretty short in comparison to others. Plans to run longer in the future if possible?

>> No.34267584

why were there less dice rolls this time around? Seemed like ther were a lot less of them this time around

Also thanks for the thread

>> No.34267587

Given our recent dice exploits, it's a change for the better.

>> No.34267597

Nah it wasn't Hang Ten. I would remember it if we killed a legend right?

>> No.34267598

He's probably just pussying out because of all the arguing in the thread.

>> No.34267614

Epic fights, legendary last stands doing shit like Changban or taking on fighting people like Guan yu or Lu bu I imagine.

>> No.34267621


The arguing's downright mild compared to other threads, anon.

>> No.34267628

It was just that one guy though.

>> No.34267639

Han Dang

>> No.34267647

Did you know there's a guy ripping you off in another quest?

>> No.34267649

Hang Ten's dead?

>> No.34267655

True, but that one guy is enough. Who knows maybe the one guy was him. Or was rude to him personally. Either way. Good thread, everybody. Fun stuff.

>> No.34267659

What would've happened if we stole Gan Ning's glory? What if we ignored Hou Cheng?

>> No.34267667

'cause >>34267533

Raian, 12 hours shifts blow harder when you work at Target during the holiday season.

>> No.34267668


>> No.34267669

The important thing is that the campaign now moves onto land, where our cavalry can shine.

>> No.34267675

>Ripping off

Homage, anon.

>> No.34267676

Guess that means it's time for us to grind on Lu Bu

>> No.34267697

Oh? Which quest?

>> No.34267719

Just wait till the topic gets back to waifus, or when we meet the next great warrior like Guan Yu or Xu Huang.

>> No.34267721


>> No.34267723

>we accidently kill Lu bu
>Suddenly we Wu bu now

>> No.34267728

Please get a Twitter.

>> No.34267733

Nah, we need to fight Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Liu Bei all at once.

>> No.34267735


Crusaders Quest, it credits Raian with the mechanics. It's pretty good and on its second quest right now.

The MC of that quest is basically anti-Zhu Xing, high charisma, low WAR. Struggled to fight two bandits and then banged a noblewoman and a maid while escorting the former to her marriage.

>> No.34267737


>"Lu Bu-sempai, can I grind my WAR stat up on you?"
>"No, Zhu Xing. I'm going to grind MY WAR stat up on you!"

>> No.34267738

>time for us to grind on Lu Bu

>> No.34267748

Great thread man, thanks for running.

Hey after all we've done up to this point has our Fame changed at all. I know our sheet says some people think we are honorable and many think we are an able general but I'd love to hear a more-in-depth description of what people think about Zhu Xing and his Merry band of warriors

>> No.34267756


I want us to fight Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning, and finally Lu Bu tournament style.

>> No.34267759

>lingqi gets NTRed by her own father

>> No.34267760

>N-not so rough, Lu Bu-sempai

>> No.34267762

Attacking the enemy rather than the guards was the correct choice. Aiding Gan Ning would have given a chance to kill Cheng Pu but at the cost of not disorienting troops. Pursing Huang Gai would have given a chance to capture or kill him, but at the cost of Hou Cheng.

War will come from continuous, long battles, and dueling.

Less dice because your troops held the advantage from Chen Gong's plan. There would have been dice rolls for trying to kill Cheng Pu and Huang Gai. Low dice roll would have given you an injury during the raid.

I can try, no guarantees.

Someone is doing another Dynasty Warriors and Three Kingdoms quest? That's weird, but I don't particularly care. Go and make a thousand China quests if you want, I might even participate in them.

>> No.34267765


>> No.34267767

>Lingqi is now obligated to kill us for killing her father

>> No.34267768


August 2014 anon the lewd is great

Thanks for running Raian

>> No.34267769

>Hey after all we've done up to this point has our Fame changed at all.
Wait until this campaign is over.

>> No.34267781

Let's use up some of our gold and give presents to poor children once in a year. Given time we'll become the chinese Santa.

>> No.34267782

I thought we help the noblewoman masturbate

>> No.34267791

>We trip and spill our noodles right in front of Fengxian.
>He slips and falls off the boat.
>Fengxian was wearing his armor.
>"Lingqi's gonna kill me!" Zhu Xing groans.

>> No.34267792

>Someone is doing another Dynasty Warriors and Three Kingdoms quest?
Ignore that retard. See >>34267735 it's Cursader Quest.

>> No.34267793

Are we friendly with Hou Cheng now?

>> No.34267794

If you do that with your dick, it's no longer masturbation.

>> No.34267800

Not Three Kingdoms. He just uses your system.

>> No.34267808


Be honest, would you play a Koihime Musou quest?

>> No.34267831


Did we get a ton of Gan Ning and Hou Cheng relationship points?

Will Hou Cheng refer to us as Zhu Xing sempai now?

>> No.34267834

Just serve them our spaghetti, it's cheap and delicious to boot

>> No.34267836

He already plays Kantai Collection, I wouldn't be surprised if Raian gets in on another waifu-simulator RPG.

>> No.34267843

Here comes GAO SHUN motherfuckers

>> No.34267852


Lu Bu's cavalry at the least. We got 3000 crossbowmen and ton of siege engines so we'll be doing the safe, boring work now I guess.

>> No.34267853

Who is still conspicuously unmarried to our sister.

>> No.34267854

wait, didn't Hou Cheng shoot Dun's eye out?

>> No.34267855

Is there a chance you might be able to start an hour earlier

only really asking as the quest starts at 4AM for me and i am selfish

>> No.34267862

Yes, fame description changed.



Yes, though it's still at Friendly status with Gan Ning. The terms are there to give a general idea of the relationship, but that doesn't mean I don't take in to account everything that has happened.

>> No.34267865

He owes us a debt. We shall demand kettles in return.

>> No.34267879

No, that was Cao Xing. Totally unrelated to Cao Wei

>> No.34267882


Cao Xing, who we didn't get because we went to the South instead of getting tagteamed by Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

>> No.34267893

Hopefully he shoots both eyes out then, the more Cao Cao loses the better for us

>> No.34267894

Instead we suprise buttsex'ed Wang Lang

>> No.34267895

Zhu Xing is not a faggot.

>> No.34267899

That escalated quickly...

>> No.34267902

After this campaign, can we look into training Yue into becoming a great strategist figure?

>> No.34267915

Sorry, but if I don't have the morning-day shift at my job, I'm sleeping since I hate day time especially since it's 90 degrees here no aircon. Need the schedule as it is.

>> No.34267920


>> No.34267924

I say this happens if Zhu xing kicks it

>> No.34267931

>Fame: Famous and prominent. Most people in the land have heard your name and deeds. You are known as a capable and honorable man who values friends.

>> No.34267932

You kind of have to get that started early in her life. It's too late now.

>> No.34267934

No I ment actual kettles. Not dicks. Kettles. The more kettles we have at home the less we need to despair over our low CHA. That's important for a harmonious live together with Lingqi.

>> No.34267936

>tfw Zhu Xing becomes Perturabo

>> No.34267939

Thanks m8

>> No.34267947

Why do you think our sis would even be into this shit, man?
Just let her get married and let the kid be the great strategist

>> No.34267950


Could you please go over the rankings for relationships? So far we've seen Disliked from that jerkass from Jingzhou and Trusted from Lu Bu and Lingqi.

As I understand it, it begins at Neutral and then goes positive or negative like a number line.

For that matter, is there a higher relationship level than Trusted?

"Disliked" - "Neutral" - "Acquainted" - "Appreciated" - "Friendly" - "Trusted"

>> No.34267954


Did we bring Zhou Tai with us? Did we leave anyone behind save the administrators?

>> No.34267969

Feels good nigga

>> No.34267980

Also is Zhou Tai known for a specialty? Like how Gao Shun's a great cavalry commander and Gan Ning's good at naval battles and ambushes.

Has he lead men in combat before? Or is he more warrior than general at this point?

>> No.34267982

there's always our daughter

>Xing bu why are you not outside training?
>Daaaaaaaad that stuffs boring
>Xing bu grows up to be the disappointment of the Zhu bu family
>Lu bu rolls in his grave
>Somewhere is Shu Zhuge liang laughs

>> No.34267994

Where are you people reading this? I hate secret clubs.

>> No.34267997

Aw yeah, I hope we start getting some fanmail from Cao Cao or something

>> No.34268001


>> No.34268006

Character profiles in the OP

>> No.34268007


Anon, the pastebins linked in the OP do not constitute a secret club.

>> No.34268009

>this time it's us getting the creepy mail

>> No.34268018

>inb4 Zhu Xing fanclub gets made in 190-whatever AD.

>> No.34268022

God that would be hilarious.

>> No.34268024

Be sure to ask for a lot of gifts before pulling the rug out from under him.

>> No.34268029

>Cao Cao has his best warriors write us fanmail, inviting us to meet up and have a friendly duel, maybe share our kettle collections.
>Kidnaps us when we come with kettle in hand.

>> No.34268032

Zhou Tai was a bodyguard, so I assume he's good at guardin' bodies.

>> No.34268039

Or we somehow have twins. Younger takes after their dad, older actually becomes a pretty good admin and strategist.

Hell, we could even have the warrior child don Zhu xing's armor and make it seem like Zhu Xing never died. Also, Name them Zhu Wu and Zhu Bu.

>> No.34268041

We have no idea what Yue's been up to all this time. We only ever see her at parties, so for all we know she could have been dabbling in some subjects like war strategy. It's not like she had a mom or dad around to discipline her for that sort of thing, just two older brothers focused on their own worlds.

>> No.34268044

>implying Lu Bu wouldn't prefer a cute obedient granddaughter over a spitfire like his youngest

>> No.34268067

Considering how Lingqi is obviously his favorite, I don't think he would.

>> No.34268078

>Zhu Wu and Zhu Bu.


>implying there is a single strategist in the Bu family

>> No.34268079

We should probably marry her to one of Zhang Zhao's sons. The Zhang is a powerful family in the south and leader of our Administration. Would make a powerful ally.

>> No.34268085

I don't think Lu Bu plays favorites with his daughters

>> No.34268086

Seeing how Zhu Xing is technically head of household, it's really the players responsibility to see to the wellbeing and education of our family members.

Shit, it's like hearing my great-grandma go on about how she had to raise her younger siblings after the shitstorm that was the Sino-Japanese Wars.

>> No.34268095

Third one should be Zhu Wei. Doesnt matter if its a girl or a boy

>> No.34268098

We're basically a Guan Yu now. Now for us to receive Cao Cao's creepy affections and for us to never return Jing Province

>> No.34268099


>> No.34268102


It would also make our life easier when we want to get Lingqi's children recognized as our successors.

We are clearly going to be the leader of the military faction anyway, might as well get the civilian faction on board. Zhang Zhao is the civilian leader.

All bets off if his son's an asshole though.

>> No.34268103

After Trusted, Loyal.

Zhou Tai, the admins, and thousand troops are left behind. You can always assume there is a decent amount of guards home when you leave for a battle, you may leave more troops behind if you think something is up.

He's more a warrior than a general, but is capable of leading men.

>> No.34268120

>blatant censure
>helpful camaraderie
>mocking hints


>> No.34268122

>Zhu wei

For what purpose?

>> No.34268124

This reminds me of that 30 Rock episode with the Cookie Jar Collection.

Hey, do you think that every so often, Xing asks Lingqi if she's seen his kettle, and Lingqi bops him on the head?

>> No.34268129

>Hey I'd like you to come into my peach garden - Liu Bei
>If you join me we could reach for the heavens together - Cao Cao
>I thought we were friends? Why aren't you helping me? - the son of heavens
>Let's let out the animals inside of us. I'm a tiger GRRR - Zhao Yun

>> No.34268131

He's obviously pretty bothered over having his daughter risk her life in combat, dude

Also as a sidenote how long has it been since his eldest married Liu Cong?He could be a grandpa by now

>> No.34268136

Raian, what do you think of the pic in >>34268099

Does it accurately portray the quest so far?

captcha: ntarifot officers

>> No.34268137

Nigger, have you seen Guan Yu's stats?

We are no Guan Yu.

>> No.34268144

Does Zhang Zhao have a nice son that we can potentially marry our sister off to?

Can we get Lu Bu sempai to loyal if he's our Lord?

>> No.34268145

If he is an asshole we will mount his head on a pike

>> No.34268164

Because its a great name!

>> No.34268175

We should name one of our kids after that guy we killed to honor him. You know... Han or Hang or whatever.

>> No.34268184

Welp, now we know that lingqi needs another relationship up before she accepts our marriage proposal.

>> No.34268190

Who claimed the most credit in the battle? Was it Gan Ning or us?

Were Lu Bu, Zhang Liao, and Chen Gong impressed by our battle prowess?

>> No.34268205

Zhu Ten

>> No.34268206

And like the guy we killed, he will be the forgotten child.

>> No.34268216

That's probably the upgrade we get when she decides to marry us.

>> No.34268224

If you leave out the Military Saint dickriding, that is pretty much Guan Yu's reputation during the time.

Guan Yu wasn't that great of a military leader like Xiahou Dun in real life.

>> No.34268225

"Dammit Zhu, why did you let that Huang guy go?!"

>> No.34268231


We are more Wei Yan than Guan Yu in stats. Seriously, it's uncanny.

LEAD: Zhu Xing (80), Wei Yan (81)
WAR: Zhu Xing (92), Wei Yan (92)
INT: Zhu Xing: (70), Wei Yan (69)
We have much higher POL and CHAR but it's crazy similar right now.

Also reminder Wei Yan did nothing wrong.

>> No.34268242

I think it was more "as expected of Zhu Xing" than anything else.

>> No.34268243

For that matter, it'd be fucking sweet if we could get someone like Gan Ning or GAO Shun to Loyal status if possible. Not do much loyal subjects, but loyal friends

>> No.34268255

It's always gone relationship level upgrade -> new options, not the reverse.

>> No.34268274


At least Xiahou Dun was a really cool guy and capable governor though. The common people loved him.

>> No.34268275

Wei tan was pretty kickass

>> No.34268277


>> No.34268282

Yup, sums it up pretty well. The Zhang Fei one made me laugh.

Yes. You can assume any people beyond the age of 40 has some son or daughter. Even if no historical count exists of them, I will make exception and put a generic one in so you can slither in whatever family you want to gain the support of.

Equal on Gan Ning and you. Obviously Hou Cheng appreciates you far more.

>> No.34268284

>Also reminder Wei Yan did nothing wrong.

He kinda sold out his lord and thusly marked himself as an untrustworthy fellow. Would you trust someone who just murdered his boss just because his boss kept passing him over for promotions and rewards?

>> No.34268285

Zhao Yun's a dragon. A one-eyed dragon. Wanting to show us his...

>> No.34268294

We really need to get into a situation where we can write in some crazy plan that leaves us holding the head of the enemy general.

>> No.34268301

>Wei Yan did nothing wrong

He inconvenienced the eminent minister Zhuge Liang, anon. That alone justifies everything that came afterward.

>> No.34268320

Well, she might marry us after the big siege when we use our big favor for her. Though, part of me wonders if Lu Bu will give us a wedding gift? Perhaps some red hares, or a new bow string for window boy? Or maybe even our own halberd?

>> No.34268325

In his defense, he was much more loyal to Liu Bei and his regime than he was to that of his son's

>> No.34268327


He saved Huang Zhong from a fatuous lord and helped the people in the process by preventing further bloodshed and giving the land to a more capable lord.

>> No.34268342

The best we can expect is a boot to the head.

>> No.34268344

He'll not kill us when we duel for her hand.

>> No.34268365

Sorry Gao Shun bros, but I'm jumping on the Zhang Zhao train for marrying off sister.

It makes a ton of sense and it's not like we are marrying off sister to a nameless noble family, we'll be interacting with Zhang Zhao a ton in the future.

Isn't the power structure among Lu Bu's top men basically Zhu Xing, Zhang Zhao, and Chen Gong in different branches?

>> No.34268386

Shouldn't we have 80 war with that +2 from the battle?

>> No.34268408

80 Lead i meant.

>> No.34268416

Yeah but we are the only one he also sees as a bro. At least until we admit to banging his daughter.

>> No.34268439

As always, Zhuge Liang was a terrible judge of character. Chen Shou pointed out that Wei Yan died because of petty politics and not because he actually wanted to betray the stat.

Plus in the TV Show, Zhuge Liang kept bitching out Wei Yan for no apparent reason. In the show, Sima Yi confirmed that Wei Yan's plan to take Chang'an would have worked too.

>> No.34268446

What the hell has Zhang Zhao even done? All I remember is that he was recruited a while back and I don't recall hearing from him after that

>> No.34268457

Administrative stuff.

>> No.34268470

He's an administrator for a different area of our province, doesn't do anything noteworthy.

>> No.34268477

He's the leader of the the entire civilian administrator, governor of Hui Ji (the only one besides Zhu Xing to govern a city).

He's basically the Zhu Xing of the civilian administrator stuff and has a famous reputation even before he joined Lu Bu.

>> No.34268480

Can you go please go into more detail?

>> No.34268505

>You hear from them that among the people that joined Lu Bu, the famous Two Zhangs; Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong have also joined up with Lu Bu. People begin to talk that your forces are unstoppable now.

>Zhang Zhao, who has served to being stability back to these lands and has helped with developing our territories shall be enoffed as Administrator of Hui Ji and Senior Consultant

>I appreciate your counsel...I trust you to take care of internal matters, but not be so concerned with what goes on in the battlefield."

The last quote being from Lu Bu to Zhang Zhao

>> No.34268508

He's basically Lu Bu in administration.

>> No.34268522

Well he has a high pol stat. So he mostly does administrative work. Like telling civilians what to do and stuff. Yeah. He's really good at that.

>> No.34268553

>Zhang Zhao's proficiency in administrating civilian affairs was impressive, as before Sun Ce died, he told his successor Sun Quan, "Consult Zhang Zhao on internal affairs and Zhou Yu on external affairs."

>Whenever Sun Quan implemented a policy that did not benefit Wu, Zhang Zhao would criticise him.
This is important because this is a man that doesn't suck up for positions but actually cares about the land.

Died at the age of 80, which is quite the impressive feat if you think about it.

>> No.34268559

In real life, Wei Yan was one of Kongming's closest officers. All the stuff about Kongming shitting all over him was based on the novel.

Also Wei Yan's plan didn't really sound that great anyway. What if the Xiahou guy defending Chang an would've defended it to the death instead of running away? Wei Yan would've exhausted all the supplies and delayed the arrival of his army by months.

>> No.34268571


Sun Quan and Zhang Zhao sucked the life force out of all the Wu Grand Commanders it seems like

>> No.34268585

It didn't stop Wu from producing several men of great talent

>> No.34268593

Yup, that's why I said in the TV show. He just gets shit on so unfairly in the TV show. Plus the actor for Wei Yan is incredibly likable.

Wasn't Wei Yan mostly a victim of a political intrigue by Zhuge's chosen successors in real life anyway?

>> No.34268618

Ok so Zhong is pretty much a godlike administrator and politician.

That's pretty cool I suppose. It'd be nice to hear more about what he's done specifically for our force though instead of just hearing about his skills.
Also, does it seem like he holds Zhu Xing in disdain?

>> No.34268637

I like how Taishi Ci and Wei Xu are still at neutral. I guess we just haven't had opportunities to talk to them.

Wei Xu, whatever, but Taishi Ci is pretty high-up. We should talk to him when we return to the campaign. At least "Appreciated" would be nice.

>> No.34268640


>> No.34268645

The 2010 show does a good job of making me really hate Wu. Between Sun "I'm massively incompetent" Quan and Zhou "My entire character is built around hating Kongming" Yu, I savor any moment that isn't spent on those two chucklefucks.

>> No.34268661

We have so many officers I feel like we lose track at times. Taishi Ci might be a bit closer to Lu Bu than he is close to us

>> No.34268662

less disdain and more considers us doing something that would possibly be disasterous in his eyes. Like Yu Fan, only with more social grace.

>> No.34268665

>Zhang Zhao, who has served to being stability back to these lands and has helped with developing our territories

This is pretty much all we heard in terms of his achievements, but he's clearly impressed Lu Bu and Chen Gong.

And it doesn't seem like he holds Zhu Xing in disdain.

>"Very well," Zhang Zhao states. "Then I apologize for doubting you, General," Zhang Zhao says with a bow to you.
>Things are patched well with Zhang Zhao

He called us out on the letter, but our diplomatic response meant that things didn't go badly. Plus I'm guessing he would be happy to unite our two houses since we are heads of our respective departments.

>> No.34268671

Crusader Quest runner here, noticed my game mentioned while lurking. Not trying to advertise or nothing, just thought I'd give a shout out to Raian and let him know how much I deeply enjoy his quest, and hope to be at least half as good with my own.

Keep up the fun times.

>> No.34268687

Nah, Kongming chose Jiang Wan and Fei Yi to succeed him. They had nothing against Wei Yan. The guy who got him killed was Yang Yi, who wanted to be Kongming's successor, but wasn't even aware he wasn't in the running. He used Wei Yan's refusal to withdraw as an excuse to kill him(Though Wei Yan was also at fault for putting his own desires over that of the state's)

>> No.34268698

It actually made me hate Shu, but I had biases against them in the first place.

I'll give you that Zhou Yu's characterization made him easy to hate though.

But you can't hate on Lu Xun. Best Grand Commander.

>> No.34268722

>"This man must have been dropped on his head when he was a babe," Yu Fan states laughing. (about Yuan Shu)

>"What of it?" Yu Fan remarks scoffing. "At this point, all the lords around the land would want Yuan Shu's head. He will be dead soon enough."

>Gu Yong helps in damage control, while Yu Fan laughs remarking, "It seems the General should stay on the battlefield."

Yu Fan's the best

>> No.34268728

You know, I would much rather play as one of Zhu Xing's siblings rather than his children, until they come if age at least. It keeps the Zhu clan more relevant to the story instead of "So Zhu Xing's dead, 15 years pass, such and such happened, and now you're fighting So-and-so."

>> No.34268734

You should hate Shu, treacherous fucks.

>> No.34268741

I liked Lu Su and Lu Xun a lot.

In fact we should consider marrying somebody into the Lu.*

*Note that Lü and Lu are two different things.

>> No.34268745

Ok then. Knowing that, I don't think I'd be upset if we ended up pursuing a marriage with his house. I'm still partial to having our sister marry a cool general, but Zhang seems like a good choice as well

>> No.34268746


Agreed, but I'd really rather not have it get that far. I'm just way too invested in Zhu Xing at this point.

>> No.34268764


Well if sister doesn't hit it off with Zhang Zhao's son then I'm still open to Gao Shun.

I'd just prefer we go down Zhang route first because it has tremendous benefits and sister would probably be happy as well.

>> No.34268773

I've only watched up to Liu Bei's marriage to Sun Shang Xiang.

But holy shit Zhou Yu's constant attempts at killing Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang got old really fucking fast.

>> No.34268796

>Yu Fan: Administrator who Manifests TopKek

>> No.34268801

I hope you can separate the novel characters from their actual accomplishments. Novel Gongjin was there to jerk off Kongming. In real life Gongjin was a top 5 Wu general who came up with the fire attack on his own and didn't need to get Kongming to change the wind's direction.(he consulted a local guide about the winds)

>> No.34268835

Oh I know that the show is in no way accurate to history. I'm just talking about how the show portrays him by itself.

>> No.34269043

Agreed, Zhu Yang and Yue are not as interesting as Xing, which is why we should start investing in them to make them bad-asses in their respective fields until Xing's children come of age and they take over the story.

Though I'd much rather play as a potentially capable strategist sister than our administrative and scholarly brother.

>> No.34269181

I'd love to spend some time shaping our brother and sister into Badasses after the current campaign is finished.
Hell, I'm pretty sure we accomplished some noteworthy shit when we were our younger brother's age, it's only right that he start to earn a name for himself too

>> No.34269212

Bro's more subtle than that, hell I like to think of him as the brother of peace.

>> No.34269267

Still, I kind of imagine Zhu Xing would want to see his brother amount to something, even if it's some valorous scholarly achievement

>> No.34269293

I think he's too busy chasing Bu's to care anon.

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