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>Year 484 of the Raschan Calendar

Eleven years ago you lost her, Carna, who sang love songs with all the wrong words. Now eleven years later, she sings requiems for the lost.

It is coming towards the end of the month, as well as the end of the year. You have returned to Deneb, and since you left all but some lonely piles of snow have melted.
Neither Yu'yen nor Leona have returned from their respective missions yet, but this morning you and Sheryl greet Rein back to the dorm... and it seems she brought some company.

"HELLO. I AM PLEASED TO MEET YOU AGAIN," The giant spider says, standing at your doorstep while wiggling its mandible, "MY NAME IS CONNEMAAAAARA."

"I uum... found these two riding through the middle of town. They were calling out your name pretty loudly, so..." Rein gives you a twitching smile, her eyes dart left to the spider, her legs shiver uncomfortably.

"Buddy!" Your old friend Gos, standing on Rein's other side runs at you with arms outstretched. He catches you between his plated armour, giving a rather uncomfortable hug. "I got your letter and I rode in to save the day!" He says, taking a small pause, "Also that one lord got real angry about your vandal ways, and was about to have me executed before I made a daring escape with Connemara here, long story, you wouldn't be interested."

"Sorry about that." You say.

"Nooooo worries!" Gos lets you go, slapping you hard on the shoulder with his armoured hand.

"What in the world is a Paladin doing consorting with a demon?" Sheryl's hand rests on her face, which shakes left and right in disbelief.

"Well you know." Gos shrugs, brushing his messy blond hair back. "He doesn't eat people, so I thought it'd be fine."


"Ah, he says the damndest things."

"So uum... how do you two know each other?" Rein feigns laughter, poorly.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Librarian+Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibrarianQuest

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You introduce Rein and Sheryl to your old friend, as well as the demon spider acting like your old friend.

"THIS TEA IS DELICIOUS MISS, MAY I HAVE MOOOOORE?" Most of you are seated around the kitchen table, Connemara stands on six legs while two of them bring an undersized teacup up to his mouth. Rein pours him more between each gulp.

"How in the world did you get so close to the archives without someone banishing you?" Sheryl asks, "The Seekers are... well, you know."

"Oh, I put him on a leash and told everyone that I tamed him." Gos rubs the back of his head, laughing bashfully. "The Seekers don't mess with The Paladins, not in the open at least, not with all the tension we have."

"So you got my letter." You sent Gos a message to investigate the knight who vanquished a Frangelico past, without any idea how exactly your paper bird would fly to him, you could only leave it to faith. It seems you've been rewarded.

"I got it, and understood well enough. I visited that knight, and asked him what I could about slaying the demon," Gos says, tapping on the tip of his nose, "Seems the fiend can barely fight when puppeting its ranks, and even without its body is weak as Rasci go." Not much that you hadn't guessed already. "I didn't catch much of his stories but that, studies were never my suit. But, he did leave me with a little parting gift when I told him I might see the thing myself."


Gos smiles at you, reaching for a sheathed knife strapped to his side. "This is the dagger used to slay the fiend last, a faerie blade that burns demons." He removes the weapon and places it on the table, it's a pointed knife much smaller than your shortsword, but a purple glow lines along the blade. Connemara hisses at the sight, spitting tea across the tablecloth.

You take the knife in hand and gather your thoughts, before...

>Ask Gos about...?
>Talk to Sheryl and Rein about...?
>Ask Frangelico about...?

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>Ask Frangelico about...?
The dagger
>Talk to Rein about...?
Her mission

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Spider a best

We need to know why Sheryl and Rein don't think so.

Also, I'm curious as to how Franny will react if we bring the blade close to our heart.

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Lazily tap it against our chest without saying anything to see if Franny responds.

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"Franny, what do you make of this?" You say, inspecting the dagger in your hands.

"You deem fit to fight fiends with a fragile fae-blade? Foolish!" Franny says, chuckling to itself. You bring the tip of the blade inward towards your heart, to the widening eyes of your friends around you. "WHAT!? STOP. STOP. DO NOT DO THAT! I'M GOING TO DIE IF YOU DO THAT!"

"I guess that means it works."

"I might be lost on something here, but I'll ask someone later." Gos says.

"So, fae-blade?" You ask Frangelico.

"Faeries were part of Catus' domain, before The Hound devoured him and dyed their lot black in his colours, turning them into goblins." Sheryl says.

"Loathe it as I may, the elf-girl there knows right. It is the faeries' curse that my kind cannot stay in this realm, a final revenge against the demon Rasc. You cannot hear it, but the faerie in that knife still lives, its magic is potent against demon-kind." Franny whispers to you, "I don't recommend using it though?"

"Why not?"

"The spell may rend the demon, but it'll kill the contractor as well. That Carna of yours is too far bound to survive the feedback as long as she belongs to it." Franny emphasizes the final word, he means that Frangelico that has the girl held. Still, you wrap the knife in cloth and tuck it in your bags, for when worst comes to worst.

The air sits tense and silent, they did not hear Franny's voice but the look on your face must give it away. "Rein, how was your mission?" You say, trying to bring up the mood.

"I only went to Valae so I didn't go far, it was an extermination job. Some contractor went out of control, a goblin-knight but it was still pretty difficult dealing with him." Rein tugs the neck of her shirt, pulling down the already low-cut of it to show the pale top-side of her breast. "Left a little cut here, look at it won't you?" You make out the slightest of scratches, while she leans in further to show you.


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"Little shameless don't you think Rein? There's other people here." Sheryl places a hand over your eyes. "More shameless that you look though."

"Oh don't worry, I have no interest in women." Gos says... proudly?

"ME NEITHER!" Connemara screams.

"Is that a Paladin vow?" You ask.

"Possibly." Gos says.

Sheryl sighs, releasing her hand and standing up. "I'm going to The Archives." She starts to take her leave.

"I just returned so I'm going to wash my body off." Rein gets up as well, heading back towards her room first to leave her things.

"Should I show you around town, Gos?" You ask your remaining friend.

"Hm..." He rubs his scrubby chin, thinking it over carefully. "I think Connemara and I will be fine on our own." Placing a hand around your shoulder, he says, "You shouldn't leave girls waiting after-all, I bet they're just waiting for you to follow."

"SCAAAAANDALOUS!" Connemara clatters his claws together.

>Follow Sheryl
>Accompany Rein
>Insist on showing Gos and Connemara around

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Fuck the girls, man. That spider is the superior waifu.

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>Accompany Rein

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>"I just returned so I'm going to wash my body off." Rein gets up as well, heading back towards her room first to leave her things.
I thought the dorms didn't have baths in them. Is she going to grab her stuff and go to the public baths?

We could grab her stuff and go up to her and say "you forgot your stuff."

We've spent the last month with Sheryl.

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Actually, I miss read that sentence. Please disregard.

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"I guess I shouldn't leave them waiting."

Gos laughs and slaps you on the back again, hopefully it won't leave any red marks on your body for when you enter the bath...

Knock knock. "You can enter." Rein says, before you push her room door open, "Missed me?"

"I thought I'd accompany you to the baths." You say.

"You can't bathe with me you know, the baths are separate." She holds up two knitted shirts, identical to your eyes save for what tone of blue they're dyed in. "Which do you like better?"

"The one on the left?" Does it really matter?

"Alright then." She folds the shirt into a bag, you don't recognize that one. All of her equipment sits tucked in a corner of the room, now that she's standing you realize her outfit is different from the one she returned in.

"Did you really change before going to the baths?"

"Of course I did." Rein says, stepping past you, "I need to look good for you don't I?" You close the door for her, and the two of you begin walking...

...The bathhouse is empty, but you're not surprised. It's still just past noon where The Shepherd's Eye shines brightest. You've got the men's side to yourself, and a pleasant quiet split by water drips off the ceiling, and then split again by a knock on the wet wooden wall separating the two sides.
Swimming over, you knock once back.

"Hey, is it empty there too?" Rein's voice passes on through.


"Hmm..." You can hear some splashing in the water. "Keep me company then."

"Over there?"

"NO! Of course not! Just between the barrier."

You lean your back to the wall between you two, you can hear her breathing on the other side. "We've almost graduated haven't we?"

"I guess so," She speaks softly, "Won't be seeing as much of each other I think, I'm told most Seekers spend their time far away from Deneb... say, what're you going to do?"

"What do you mean?"

"That Carna of yours, you're still chasing her right? That's why your friend came."


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"If you find her, will you leave us?" Rein asks, "Will you leave me?" She whispers, and you only barely hear.

Depending on how things turn out, you might have to.

"I'm growing so impatient, you tell me your chest hurts, that there's a demon inside of you; but I'm sure my pains are worse. My chest hurts so much to think of you, and it's all human emotion," She says, "I'm so jealous how Leona clings to you, I'm so jealous how you chose Sheryl to be at your side, and worst of all, I'm so jealous how you chase that Carna. Won't you... forget her, and pick me?"

Of course you can't.

Can you...?

>You have to save Carna, you love her.
>You have to save Carna, your feelings don't matter.
>Maybe you can forget Carna, maybe you can love Rein.

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>Maybe you can forget Carna, maybe you can love Rein.
Rein is still best girl.

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well shit...

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>>You have to save Carna, your feelings don't matter.
We have an illness.

Maybe after it's all sorted out.

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>Maybe you can forget Carna, maybe you can love Rein.
Sometimes you need to just learn to let go

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This whole quest comes down to weather Carna can even be saved at all. We only have the information QM is providing to go off of. And to me it seems like all signs are pointing to no, she can't.

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We have to try.
We have to.
If we don't, then who are we

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>You have to save Carna, your feelings don't matter.
Maybe Carna can't be saved, or doesn't want to be, but we can't not try.

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We are /tg/ and /tg/ is unreliable as shit.

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>Maybe you can forget Carna, maybe you can love Rein.
Its a pipedream to save her, now the best we can do is put her out of her misery

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I blame the dice.

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Every step you take, she drifts further away. With every thing you learn, your hopes diminish. Each year, each month, each day, each hour, each minute, every second... that girl you knew fades away a little more. From the world around her, from your sweet memories, from your reaching fingers...

"Maybe I can forget Carna," You say, "Maybe I can love you." You hear nothing but drips of water, that grow thrice from one to three.

"I'm so happy," Rein says, half caught in her throat, "I'm so happy you said that, I love you so much... and that you might come to love me too... I want to see you right now." The water splits loudly, and you hear her leaving the baths. Not eager to make her wait, you take your leave to get dressed...

The moment you leave the changing room, her shape slams against your body and carries you to the wall. Rein nestles her head against your neck, her short orange hair drips against your chest. Her clothes were hastily worn, the bluish sweater you picked is wet from her body, the jacket she picked with you is wet from her running tears.

"I'm so happy you picked me, I can't stop smiling, I can't stop crying." The attendant at the counter drops his work to watch the two of you, and the people slowly entering the store can't help but whisper at the sight. "You don't have to worry any more, you don't have to keep hurting yourself. Just love me, look at me forever... I'll stay at your side." Her face lifts, bringing her eyes to yours. Her blues eyes are wet with tears, her white smile absolutely beaming. "Sorry... I must look awful right now."

"You're charming, absolutely charming." You want to take her by the lips, and hold her all the way back...

"Giving up already?" Franny's voice sneaks out, "Didn't know you were so weak."

Why now?

"Here I thought you might save the witch, but you're giving up already? And I'd thought up the best way too. Well, I'll leave you lovers be."

>You have to know
>Ignore Frangelico

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>You have to know

>> No.34261726


>Why now?
Fuck this guy. This isn't about Rein or Carna or any of that at this point. This is about Frangelico. We've tried to figure out ways to do things on our own, and he's alternately mocked us and freaked out about our almost getting both of us killed. But of course we're stuck trying the all-or-nothing risky ways because he can't bring himself to cooperate.

We've told him before that we can't do this without him. We get it, Frangelico has been burned before. Tough luck. With this kind of attitude, it'll never get better.

Are we partners like Gos and Connemarra? Like Kran and Graps? Or are you content to stay the powerless devil on our shoulder, good for nothing but occasional bad advice and gloating?

This has got to be the last straw. Pick a side, Frangelico.

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Jus' carve the bugger out.

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"I have to know." Your voice escapes you.

"What?" Rein says.

"Sorry, could you return first?" You place your hands over hers gently, and remove her grasp of you. You don't know if it's her hands shaking, yours, or both. She says nothing, just nodding before backing away. Slowly she leaves the building, glancing back towards you with each step, with a worried look on her face...

"Why now?" You ask yourself and Franny, as you start your lonely walk back home.

"HAHAHAH! Ah sorry, it came to me just now." It's lying, this demon is lying. He must've known all along what to do, and now he just wants to hurt you, now that you've found your peace he wants to tear it apart.

"All you've done, all of you have done is tear at my heart, hurt me, mock me, and then whine when your life is in danger. I can't do this without you, and you can't live without me... so I'm trying so hard, and YOU just keep sitting on your laurels, half a heart goading me into trouble and telling me what a fool I am." Your emotions overtake you, on the empty walk from the city to The Archives. You retrieve the fae-blade from your pockets, holding it over your chest.

You could just carve it out, carve it out and be done with it.

"Slow down there! H-hey, don't do this, I'll tell you what you want, so put that back down won't you?"

"Talk, Frangelico."

"...The fae-blade will vanquish a demon, but likely kill its host. All you need to do is separate that Carna from her Frangelico, and strike it down before it claims her again."

"And how would I do that? How would I convince him to part?"

"You only need to convince the girl... set my loose and feed me strength, the girl might be hurt when you strike with the blade but the weakened demon--I will control for just the second long enough to make sever the contract. In that moment, you strike him... and I devour him."

It's sound enough but... then, what after?

>Trust Frangelico
>You can't trust Frangelico

>> No.34262306

>>You can't trust Frangelico
He's only in it for himself. And while that's more than enough reason to believe he can do what he says, it's not enough to believe it'll happen the way he says it will.

But I'm to the point where I just want him out.

>> No.34262324

Ask why you should trust him

>> No.34262334

>Trust Frangelico

>> No.34262340

I don't know if that was purposefully phrased in the most infuriating, poorly veiled, manipulative way on purpose or not. For now I feel more spite fueling a will to die before I would lose to him.

>> No.34262398

"You can only control demons that are weaker than you. The other Frangelico has been gaining power for years and your just a blob. By the time you've eaten enough to challenge him Carna will already be dead."

>> No.34262422

>>"You only need to convince the girl... set my loose and feed me strength, the girl might be hurt when you strike with the blade but the weakened demon--I will control for just the second long enough to make sever the contract. In that moment, you strike him... and I devour him."
This is a little unclear, honestly.

Is he asking us to let him feed physically in the days beforehand, or is the "feed me strength" bit about our emotional connection? If Frangelico can force a demon to break a contract while controlling it, why didn't Carna's Frangelico do that to Graps?

And besides, this was almost exactly our initial plan when the Seekers were hunting Carna, only with the paralytic venom of that contractor lady serving the role the knife will if we try this now.

We asked him why he's doing this, and he never really answered us. What changed between then and now?

I'm leaning toward trusting him this once, but it's a close thing.

I suspect he's banking on
>Seems the fiend can barely fight when puppeting its ranks
and the blade's effects to make up the difference.

>> No.34262461

So the plan would be
>Stab Carna with fae-blade
>Fanny forces Frangelico to release his contract.
>Kill Frangelico.
>Apply first aid to Carna?

But then Fanny will have all of Frangelico's power and we'd be in the exact same situation as Carna is right now and Sheryl's dad was 15 threads ago.

>> No.34262548

Neither of them was that far gone at the beginning; it took 10+ years of being undermined by their own demons to reach that point.

We know the end-game of the influence of demons like that, and all of the "fuck it, just suicide and cut him out" can be the last-ditch if Franny lets the power go to his head and tries to turn us into another far-gone gut-mouth. It'd be a shame to have to give up after all of that, but I can't imagine Masoch wouldn't be willing to help us do ourselves in and seal up Franny if it came down to it.

And we still haven't actually contracted with Franny, so I can't imagine it being quite so clear-cut.

>> No.34262670

>this was almost exactly our initial plan

After the fight the other seekers said that their plan was successful and they did poison Carna but it still didn't work. I suppose the only difference is that the main character wasn't around to finish Frangelico off?

Sheryls dad wasn't contracted with a Rasci and Carna was protected by being a kid. The more powerful the demon the less time the host has unless the host is a kid.

Fanny said in the last thread that most adults that are contracted with Rasci last about a month before dieing. Kids for some reason take longer to eat.

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"Why should I trust you Frangelico?"

"We've been through this time and time again haven't we, fool. You have no choice but to trust me to get your precious Carna back... if you need more reason though, know that I just wish to see how you suffer when I've consumed the demon, and then when I consume you."

"I could forget this Frangelico... I could forget this and move on, past you." Past Carna.

"You cannot." Franny's snickering echoes in your ears through your walk back, even long after he's stopped. Whether or not you can trust him...

"There he is." A familiar voice greets you return, you see Yu'yen in the entry-way dressed in formal Lunese garb. Long emerald silk dresses down his frame. "Took you awhile, friend." Gos and Sheryl are with him, as well as the spider Connemara.

"You're back?"

"Yeah, looks like I beat Leona. And here they say Belgrans are always quick on their jobs." Yu'yen shrugs his shoulders. "I have to say friend, you've got some interesting... friends."

"We've been getting to know each other," Gos says, "Confirm something for both of us though, I'm your best friend right?"

"Ahahahah. Ten years is a long time for someone to change Sir Gos, my friend and I are now brothers in arm, sworn to serve each other to death."

"You know not the love between my buddy and I, we were so close that even women were jealous." Couldn't Gos phrase that some other way? The two men continue to bicker between each other, as Sheryl comes up to whisper in your ear.

"Rein seems upset, I haven't asked her about it but... well, maybe you should see her," She says, "Oh! But Masoch said he wanted to see you, it seems important so... should I tend to Rein while you do that?"

"Hey, stop whispering to her and answer our question!" Gos yells, "Who's your best friend?"

This is stupid...

>Your best friend is...

But that aside you should...

>See Rein
>See Masoch

>> No.34262768

Goddamnit, my trip has been following me to other threads all week and now it drops.

>> No.34262818

>Your best friend is...
All three
>See Rein

>> No.34262834

>Your best friend is...
>See Rein

>> No.34262864

>See Rein

>> No.34262897

Just derail their whole goofy argument entirely. Surely our closest friend is the one who has no need to ask whether or not they're our closest friend, right?

>See Rein
Masoch'll understand.

>> No.34263044

"You're all my best friend, especially Sheryl" HEAD.PAT.

>> No.34263145

You're all the best, Sheryl's just the best of the best. head pat

>> No.34263247

Who has always been at your side, helping you with girls, ready to travel miles to lend a hand, and always understanding your complicated relationship with Carna?

"You're all the best, but... especially Sheryl." You declare confidently.

"What!? But she's a girl!" Gos' jaw drops.

"Well, that's fair. This Yu'yen here won't complain."

"WHAT A TWIIIIIST!" Connemara skitters back and forth along the ground.

"Best friend huh." Sheryl pulls the neck of her cloak up over her mouth, but her smile spreads too wide to hide it. "Never been called that before, but I don't hate it."

"Well, if you'll excuse me then." You step past the crowd into the dorm.

"I'll talk to Masoch in your stead," Sheryl whispers, "So take as long as you have to, alright?" You give her a quick pat on the head, that she slaps back immediately. It really is good to have people you can rely on...

"I'm coming in." You say, determined to see Rein whether or not she's ready to see you. Opening the door, you catch her feet poking out from beneath her sheets.

"Don't come in..." Her voice sounds weakly. You close the door behind you, sitting down beside her on the bed.

"Didn't you want me to look at you? Forever?"

"Not like this, not with that look in your eyes... you can't love me can you? That Carna of yours just keeps coming back." She shivers beneath her covers, your hand brushes over a stain of tears as you inch it towards her. "This is my whole life isn't it, I can try and do anything but I'll be second to someone. I finally have Leona beat, and yet you'll leave me an image."

Why didn't you ignore Frangelico back there? What good did he have to say that you couldn't just let alone. "Let me look at you."

"No, I don't want to!" Her feet pull inside her blanket. You sigh and reach around, pulling her cover loose down to her bare shoulders. Her hair is a mess, and you see her red eyes when she turns her head.

"Are you decent?"

"...I wanted to get out of the wet clothes." She says.


>> No.34263414

Her body shuffles around, bringing the ends of the blanket to a spiral. She leans forward, and brings her head up to face yours, holding the blanket to herself tightly. "Tell me again that I'm charming, tell me again that I'm yours."

"You're charming Rein."

"But you won't tell me I'm yours, and you won't be mine will you." She's so fragile right now, just a mislaid breath could shatter her. "What do I have to do to be your only... you save me, and leave me behind. You kiss me, and take someone else. You talk to me so sweetly, but it's not me your words are meant for is it? Just tell me what I have to do, to be your one and only." Rein pulls her sheets open, revealing all her form. Large shapely breasts on a firm white body, her face is flustered red. "I'm so desperate to know whether or not you'll love me... it hurts so much to wait for your answer."

>You can devote yourself to Rein, what comes after you'll deal with it.
>You can't take advantage of her until you've dealt with Carna.

>> No.34263475

"All you need to do is be yourself and I'll love you"

>> No.34263528

>You can devote yourself to Rein, what comes after you'll deal with it.

>> No.34263592

>>You can't take advantage of her until you've dealt with Carna.
All I can think of are terrible ideas, maybe we should avoid romance for a bit. That always gets us tangled with someone else though Oh Anlak

>> No.34263596

>You can devote yourself to Rein, what comes after you'll deal with it

>> No.34263801

>You can devote yourself to Rein, what comes after you'll deal with it

>> No.34263829

>Choosing Rein wasn't just a platitude, but it also doesn't mean we are going to abandon our friend.
At the tail end of our Belgrand mission, part of why we ran after Rein when her mother took her away is because we didn't want her to have to give up her own chance at happiness for someone else's sake. Not even if it was for her own sister.

No matter how it ends, we owe it to Carna to give her the chance at her own life again as well.

After all, she gave us another chance at our own life, and judging by present company, we've done pretty well with it.

>> No.34263890

I take back most of the negative thoughts I've had about you, namefag.

>> No.34264284

"Just be yourself and I'll love you." You peck her lips, a stolen kiss. "I will devote myself to you, love you above all else... but there're still things I have to deal with, and I owe my life elsewhere."

Rein steals the kiss back, plucking your lips as quickly as you took hers. "I don't like it but... I understand. Whatever it is, you have to come back to me."

Another peck and you speak, "My life was saved by another but it's yours now, I'm yours now. I couldn't leave you if the whole world unravelled."

Her face returns to that smile that beguiled you, she brushes her hair back past her ears and places her hands on the bed, between your legs. Leaning in she kisses you again, not a quick steal, but in a darling way, an awkward fumbling of her tongue, touching and teasing yours. After long drawn moments, she pulls free again. "I want more than your words then, they've kept me wondering long enough." Her fingers run along your sides, past your arms and to your neck. "I'll mark you in my colours, then they'll know that you're mine."

"And you're mine." You'll devote yourself to this girl; your soul, your body...

And your heart, whether or not you hold it in you. Your heart is Rein's......

......She left bite marks on your shoulders, and claw marks on your back. You can't really complain, it's her blood and not yours on the white sheets after-all.
Who knows how much time has passed, since you first laid over each other. The sun has set, and the two moons replace it. The night's sky is cloudless.

"I want a ring too." She's nestled against your body, her sweet smell is intoxicating, her gentle fingers weave warm on your chest. "What do we name it?"

A little hasty there, the odds that your union bore fruits is slim to none. "We can name it after me if it's a boy." You say regardless.

"Do you think it'll be an elf? You don't count as a contractor do you?"

"Probably not."

"I'll love it either way, as I do you." She's yours now, and you're hers.


>> No.34264373

Still won't keep people from stringing the other girls along.

>> No.34264498

There's a stumble past the door, and fighting against the comfort of your love, you stand to meet it.

"What if it's Sheryl? That'd be embarrassing..." Rein says, pulling the sheets over herself as you get yourself dressed again.

"It doesn't matter who it is, we don't have to hide it." Though it might've been better to consummate in the privacy of a locked room instead of between thin walls. You open the door once you're well and decent...

"Aaa... aaaaaa.... aaaaaaaa." Leona's fallen on her bum with her legs in front of her and her arms at her sides. Her glasses tilt to one side, and her mouth wide open. Maybe it did matter who it was. "Aaaa.... ah! M-Masoch! You have to see Maso-" She bites her tongue, and cups her hands over her mouth.

"Leona?" Rein peeks over from the bed, redder than she was before or during.

"Heeey... aaaaaa.... I guess I lost huh." Leona's eyes dart to down the hallway, she forces out a strained laugh.

"How long were you there?" Rein says.

"Well, I got back from my mission and I wanted to see you, but I bumped into Sheryl first... she told me I should find him," She says, pointing to you, "And tell him to see Masoch, but when I returned to the dorms... well, it was loud, and I was curious, so I... about half-way through maybe?"

"This is so embarrassing." Rein crawls under his blanket.

"Hahahah... you're both so red." Leona stands up, dusts herself off and grabs a hold of your hand in both of hers, shaking it. "Well, congratulations. I brought back gifts, but I guess we can call it a dowry."

"You're not angry are you?"

"Just a little, but..." Leona smiles. "I'll show you I can find one better... you should probably get going." Leona pauses, taking her hands off of yours and looking at them. "Aaa... I should wash these."

>First, talk to Leona and Rein about...?
>Go straight to Masoch's

I spent way too much of that period deciding, "Do I write smut or not?"

>> No.34264619

>Go straight to Masoch's

>> No.34264692

>well, it was loud, and I was curious, so I... about half-way through maybe?
Oh dear.

>"Just a little, but..." Leona smiles. "I'll show you I can find one better...
We'll be rooting for you, Leona. Godspeed.

>Go straight to Masoch's
Maybe wash up quickly first. Leona's probably got the right idea on that front.

>Rein crawls under his blanket.
LIBRARIAAAAAN. Your freuds are slipping.

>> No.34264785

Damn my closeted homosexuality.

>> No.34264858

Anlak best girl, after all

>> No.34265343

"I guess I should probably get going then." You give Leona a nod and step past.

"So... tell me all about it." You can hear her entering Rein's room, you'll just leave that alone...

...You arrive at Masoch's office. He's seated at his desk, Gos stands across from him.

"Ah! What took you so long?" Gos says.

"I was with someone."

"For that long?"


"The people I work with have me used to waiting, but I'm not used to a student keeping me so long." Masoch interrupts your exchange, saying, "Let's get down to business then. Tell him what you told me."

"Is there something you haven't mentioned, Gos?"

"Ahahah..." Gos places his knuckles at his hips, his care-free face hardens into a serious look. "Well see, when I met you earlier with company, I was afraid I shouldn't speak too much case I scared them."

"Scared them?" What could make him so wary?

"How do I say this... Carna's here."

"Oh?" After a chuckle, 'your heart' freezes.

"The Paladin's citadel is in Artios, you know Ovisaris don't you? I travelled from there after receiving your missive, and there were a whole lot of demons roaming the plains. I was worried they were convening on Ridae's capital, but they went straight by in this direction."

"You followed them?"

"Paladin, you know. Connemara said there was a Rasci among them, and I bid for a closer look. It's been years, but I recognize her anywhere... really changed hasn't she? A demon dog was carrying her on its back."

"She may be here to retrieve Sissel, or she may be here to retrieve you... whatever the case, her lot will arrive at evening tomorrow, and, and The Paladins are marching but they can't reach until dawn the next day."

"How wonderful, your Carna is here to take you and kill all your friends." Franny snickers.

"Why did you call me here exactly?" You ask Masoch.

"It would've been smarter to leave you in the dark and deal with it in secret perhaps... I don't fear her horde will breach the city, but..." Masoch removes a glove.


>> No.34265479

His hand is encrusted black like Carna's, and some little eyes poke around on the skin, scanning each direction. You've seen it before, but it doesn't get any more comfortable. "I thought it right to give you the chance to meet her."

"You would do that?"

"I am your teacher after-all. I'm on your side." Standing up from the desk, he approaches you. Sticking two fingers out, he weaves at blinding speeds, drawing lines over your chest. You feel yourself sinking, but the ground doesn't move. "I've done research of your state, and I've found a way to banish your curse... it'll be no danger to you, and you'll have your blade arm ready by dusk tomorrow."

"What." Frangelico says, "WHAT!?"

You fall to your knees, you feel your chest splitting. Your demon's voice distorts, but you can hear him cry out painfully.

"STOP!" Frangelico screams, "I WILL NOT BE BANISHED, I REFUSE TO DIE!" He's almost pitiable...

"Simply wish him gone and he'll leave you. It's all up to you now." Masoch says.

>Wish him gone, banish Frangelico
>Stay your tongue, save Frangelico

>> No.34265694

>Stay your tongue, save Frangelico
The poor bastard could do with a concrete reminder that the whole world isn't necessarily out to get him just because one person did him wrong.

Sometimes you don't need to topple political aspirants or raze villages. Sometimes all you need is someone to eat frozen juice treats and share your time with.

>I've done research of your state
Can we ask him what the deal actually is, especially if he's going to stick around? It'd be good to know our limitations a little better so we don't go overboard and do something harmful.

>> No.34265913

>Stay your tongue, save Frangelico

>> No.34266006

>Stay your tongue, save Frangelico
Franny has never inspired hatred. Annoyance, irritation, frustration, yes, but not hatred.

and goddamnit this is the only vote I'll be able to make. I can't advise anything because I have classes.

Franny's suggestion was...boring, obvious. We KNEW that stuff, the problem was always HOW to get Frangelico to separate. I don't trust in Franny's ability to sever the contract. He hasn't had practice, for one.

>> No.34266111

Oh right, he's DEFINITELY inspired sadness and pity. But he wouldn't like it if we mentioned that.

>> No.34266292

>All this samefagging in this thread
Why wouldn't you put up important stuff up to a numbered vote?

>> No.34266346

This thing has been a pain in your chest from day one, it's berated you, it's hated you, and if not itself, than it's kin took Carna away... but it's kept you alive these past years, and it's still your best shot at saving her, somehow, some way...

"What's wrong?" Masoch asks, his fingers humming over you.

"I don't need it removed." You say, "I still need it... him, Frangelico."

"You don't need him any more, your heart's been healed and we can mend what ails you."

"He's going to help me save Carna... and he hasn't done wrong yet." Not by you, not 'him' at least. This Frangelico, this Franny of yours isn't a destroyer of worlds, not some old man's aide, nor some little girl's pet, he's a pitiful thing without a friend in the world. "Leave him alone, I'll work it out."

Gos looks at you in disbelief, but Masoch simply nods as he lowers his hand. The pain in your chest subsides, and you start to breathe easily again. "I understand," says Masoch, "Rest well then, and prepare for tomorrow. The Little Witch shall meet Catus' End by tomorrow evening... you can hide in bed if you'd like, but I can't imagine you'll do so."

"You're something aren't you buddy." Gos slaps you on the back again, this time you're a lot less prepared. When you topple over, he helps you back up. "Careful there, you're still weak," he says like it wasn't his fault, "I'll help you back to the dorms. Got a spare room by any chance?"

"A few." The dorms have never been full, and there's a certain open quarter that you'd rather not dwell your mind on...

As you make your way back supported by Gos, your demon whispers in a hoarse voice, "I will not thank you for what you did, fool. You'll regret your decision to keep me here, the last sound you hear will be ironic laughter in the face of both our demises... we are not friends, we are not allies, and I loathe more than death that I needed your help. Know this, your quest ends tomorrow."

Whether or not you chose right...

And so, life goes on.

>> No.34266390

This thread ruin the quest for anyone else? I don't care about the waifus, but the blatant change in MC due to samefagging is pretty bad.

>> No.34266458

Look, I wasn't here to vote, but the only thing I'm pissed at is the flipflopping.

Kudos to OP for doing exactly what is expected of Franny. The only thing now is whether our trust in him is misplaced...not that we deserve it, or anything.

>> No.34266665 [SPOILER] 

Blahblahblah, it's oveeeeeer.

So, we've come a long way. Near death runs, samefagging, waifutry, but as I mentioned awhile ago, I never intended to run long and I've been meaning to end it. I'm sure you all feel it's pretty expedited, but I'm aiming for a finale next thread.

There's probably only like, 5 players coming in and out any ways so it seems a bit much to enforce that kind of thing.

Next time I run something I'll probably try for a more defined protagonist. I managed to get the memo that chargen is bad but the sort of white page protagonist I started with makes it difficult to navigate for me against votes. That's my failing though. I hope you can stay to the end, but uuuh, QMs probably shouldn't poke too much.

Personally the flip-flopping doesn't bother me too much since the image I've come to have of the protagonist is that he isn't incredibly reliable, and that this is where he's arrived at years after an obsession took him and he's finally quitting it. Something like a girl in an abusive relationship.

Aaaaaat any rate, thanks for playing. I have no idea where my schedule falls this week, but hopefully I get work that out early enough. Here's a waifu.

>> No.34266767

>the image I've come to have of the protagonist is that he isn't incredibly reliable, and that this is where he's arrived at years after an obsession took him and he's finally quitting it. Something like a girl in an abusive relationship.
wonder what that says about us...

good run, even though I wasn't here for most of it.

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