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Welcome to Harem Protag Quest. You are John Galt, the sentient protagonist of a harem show. Aside from having to gather and keep your harem, you will have to deal with various other obstacles at the Cassandra College of Witches.

>Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/MuXRzApY
>MC: http://pastebin.com/TdBKC27p
>Other Characters: http://pastebin.com/SCdW9jJi
>Magic system: http://pastebin.com/jKt3dEkR
>Irisviels list: http://pastebin.com/TSc1d6JV
>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Harem%20Protag%20Quest
>Twitter: @HaremProtaGuide

Thread 29 is here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/33886129

>Current Stats:
>Protag Points: 214
>Mana 40/40
>Harem Status 6/11

You approach your home, once more after a fight, but this time you didn’t get hurt. You hope that’ll help when you try to explain what happened to your girls.


Yeah probably not but you can still hope.

Kaede is on your left, having never left your side on the trip back. As you approach the front door, you realize that at some point she managed to get your hand in hers, though you’re not sure she actually realizes what she did. You let her keep it there; it’s more than likely she just wants some human contact at this point.

>> No.34250905

Melodiana and Mehisha are in front and back of you respectively, having never stopped being wary of further attack from…well who or whatever those things are. Now that you’ve finally made the house, they both relax slightly, but that just means they both put their spears on their shoulders instead of having them at the ready. Melodiana nods at the door.

“You should go inside first, we shall be right behind you.”

You almost want to argue that it’s not that big of a deal, but you don’t think it’s worth it. So instead you nod and open the door, stepping inside with Kaede still following close behind, finally having let go of your hand as you step through. You barely make it through the door before you find Tatsuko and Akeno standing right in front of you. You don’t even get the chance to get a word out before they grab your arms and nearly frog march you to the couch and plop you down, both sitting above you on the back of the couch while the rest of the house is sitting around you, even Riela and Imca.

Kaname is of course the first to break the silence as your three companions file in behind you, Melodiana nodding at Elizasleyn and the reaper girl as they do.

“Start talking,” she says, relief on her face but clearly upset, “Last thing we heard was the Angels say you were in danger before they darted off.”

How do you reply?

>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.
>Oh you know…
>Nothing happened…

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>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.

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>>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.

But we won the Slender Games!


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>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.

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>>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.

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> Kaede's grandma spouted tentacles so I had to put her down. Also, there's an Eldritch being camping out in my head and it didn't like the one camping out in hers.

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>>Just the facts, Kaede puked up a bad thing, killed it, her Grandma was a bad thing in disguise, everyone helped kill it.

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>>Oh you know…

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>Stuff, things, the usual

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>Just the facts

Time for Harem Quest!

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Looks like it's just the facts right now. Writing.

Glad to see everyone again.

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Always glad to see you mate.

By the way, out of curiosity, what days does the Witchball team play? I want to go to the first game that they use the gear we made for them.

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It depends, but usually Friday or Saturday.

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Normally you’d like to break the tension with some levity, but at this point, with everyone worried about you, you decide to just get everything out of the way. So you explain what happened to the best of your knowledge.

You briefly go over the date, just to let them know you weren’t in danger the entire time, before you get to the dangerous part. You go over the fight in detail, then what it said before the angels burst in and then the fight after that as well. As you go on and then finally finish, you can see most of the tension in your girls relax, even if they seem to have many more questions than when they started.

“So after Kaede finished it off, Melodiana and Mehisha got us out of there and then we came home,” you finish, hoping that you explained it well enough that you don’t have to do it again.

There’s a brief moment of silence before you feel Tatsuko wrap her arms around your head and you are once again partially enveloped in her bust.

“You didn’t get hurt,” she says happily, which you’re pretty sure means that everything she cares about is taken care of and now she’s going to be fine. She’s like that.

“Yes…” says Chris, “That is what’s most important, but I have a question.”

“What?” you say, voice still muffled until Tatsuko finally decides to let you go.

“What made the thing in Kaede come out if it had been in her that entire time?”

Oh, well…

>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.
>I have no idea…

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>>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.

Slendere deserves some form of recognition.

>> No.34251155


Let's keep her a secret for now.

>> No.34251170

>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.
Time to make Kaede stop being uncomfortable towards Slendere.

>> No.34251172

>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.
Watch, they'll be more concerned with the fact that he said "she".

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Yeah, keeping it a secret might be good for now. She ain't even part of the show yet.

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>>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.
Hey, I'm actually online for the quest. Been a while.
Bit belated, but good to see you back, Guide.

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>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.

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>Well I happen to have my own Eldritch being in my head and I don’t think she likes the others.

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Looks like you buys have a double pick this time. Writing.

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I don't know what you guys think is going to happen, but if the tell them about Slendere there will be nothing we can do stop them from tying us down and violently exorcising her from our head and possibly killing her.

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Oh hey, made it.
Threadly reminder that the updated eBook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

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honesty with the waifus bro
and honestly, with all the weird shit we've already done, they're probably just going to accept it and move on

>> No.34251441

With how scared they ar of John getting hurt?They aren't necessarily going to be okay with Slender just because we are since two of her kind already tried to kill us and they have no wayt to tell what her true intentions are.

>> No.34251442

Well if you’re going to tell the whole story….

“Uhm, well I think part of it has to do with my friend,” you say, which causes everyone to look at you, including the angels.

“What friend?” asks Kaname. You can see her eye starting to do that twitch that she gets when she’s losing it.

“Well, she’s, something like them,” you say, “But she doesn’t like the others and I’m pretty sure she’s been helping me from the start.” You turn towards Tatsuko. “Do you remember the first Mysticism class when I blew up the crystal ball?” Tatsuko nods. “She’s what I saw then. So I figure if she’s like them then she could’ve killed me a long time ago.”

Most of your girls seem ok with your explanation, at least for now.

“But I don’t know what she did to Kaede,” you say, turning to face the girl who’s standing near the entrance.

As everyone turns towards her, you see her flush slightly, before she starts speaking.

“Well, uh, after you…” she pauses, more than likely figuring that saying what really happened would be bad at the moment, “After she’d been around for a while, I felt its hold relaxing. I’d known it was there, at least subconsciously I think, so when it finally relaxed its hold enough I started fighting back and with her help I managed to get it out…that’s when I started puking.”

There are nods around the room, but Akeno eyes you and Kaede. Damn girl was always sharp about other people.

“So…” she says, “Two things, why do you keep calling it “her” and why is Kaede blushing so badly?”

Crap crap crap…

>No idea no ma’am…
>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

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>>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251456

>>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251459

>>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251463

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

honesty is the best policy, most of the time.

>> No.34251471

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251475

>>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251477

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251483


That's a bit of a dick thing to do to Kaede don't you think? Splay her insecurities for everyone why don't you. Would be better if she herself told that.

>>No idea no ma’am…

>> No.34251484


Pfffahahaha as if we'd ever escape.

Time to face the music.

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

Maybe throw in a few lines about how it seemed pretty curious about either me personally or about humanity. The first time we saw it it was frankly terrifying, but as we met it a few times and interacted with it, it started to adopt human mannerisms.

>> No.34251487

>>>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251504

Or at least, hind behind Tatsuko

>> No.34251506

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.
>Right now, we kinda started over. With enough time, you guys might be able to do the same with her.

>> No.34251512

letting them know Kaede's scared and out of her depth is probably better than having everyone treat her the same as before

>> No.34251514

>It looks like a girl? And I kissed Kaede again but now that the thing is out of her head she’s confused about many things including her sexuality and I just saved her life so she’s understandably nervous.

>> No.34251521

>That's a bit of a dick thing to do to Kaede don't you think? Splay her insecurities for everyone why don't you. Would be better if she herself told that.
Good point. Do-

>It looks like a girl?

Option without screwing over Kaede.

>> No.34251560

>It looks like a girl?

>> No.34251584

Alright, it looks like the truth flows freely from your mouth today.

Would you like to run still or take it like a man?

>> No.34251587

>It has stonking great titties.

>> No.34251592

Take it like a man.

>> No.34251594

take it

>> No.34251605

A true protagonist never runs.

We won't die even if we're killed, so there's no risk in taking it like a man.

>> No.34251607

Take it like a man.

>> No.34251612

If we are telling the truth then we take it. I think we said that much to the Angels along those lines when we first met them

>> No.34251616

Take it, but be ready to run interference if they go after Kaede

>> No.34251633

>A true protagonist never runs.

>> No.34251636

Take it as manly as possible without looking or acting like a douche/dick.

>> No.34251643

Take it like a man, Galt, you pansy.

>> No.34251646

>take it like a man?

But consider softening any possible blow to Kaede

>> No.34251651

this also >>34251616
i vote we make the truth softer on Kaede.

>> No.34251660


You're always too excitable.

At least this time your judgement is sound.

>Take it like a man

>> No.34251667

What kinda question is that? The only choice is taking it like a man

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>> No.34251739

Hide ourself in Tatsuko's bosom. They'll never find us

>> No.34251778


I must have that sauce to watch the indecency.

>> No.34251792

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Wiki

And I need someone to cover for me when the threads done for the ceremonial Thank You gif. Going to work this afternoon

>> No.34251827

I'm your usual cove But i may have an IRL game get in the way.
If so i will let everyone know i cant ether.

>> No.34251854

I can probably do it.

>> No.34251890

Well, in for a penny in for a pound as they say, plus you’re half convinced Akeno can smell other women on you at this point, seeing as how she’s been on top of everything like that. Almost as good as Elizasleyn has been now that you think about it.

“Well, I call it her mostly because it looks like a girl,” you say, “It didn’t at first, which is why it was an it but after it visited me a few times it took the form of…well it looks a lot like Tatsuko except taller.” This gets you a look from said girl but you forge on.

“As for Kaede…” you pause, glancing back at the girl and she nods, blushing again but giving you permission to talk about it.

“As for Kaede, my thing managed to help her out because I kissed her again right before her grandma walked in and I’m pretty sure she sent part of herself over while we did and since the other evil thing is now gone Kaede’s remembering a lot of things that she did that she didn’t before and she’s understandably confused because of it so between me saving her life and her not knowing what’s really her or not, she’s also confused about her sexual preferences and feelings towards me, leaving her with the natural reaction of blushing.”

>> No.34251907

Your statement comes out in a rush, which causes everyone else in the room to take a few seconds to figure out what you just said. This gives you a second or two to lean back against the couch, ready to flip over it and run or protect Kaede depending on the reaction of the room. But after looking around at each other, now including Nanoha, most of the girls just sigh, with Kaname taking her face in her hands as she does so.

“Just…just…” she says, “Agh…just don’t let it happen again!” she finishes, before standing up and heading towards the stairs, “And you need to talk with the rest of us whenever you figure out what the hell you’re thinking!” she finishes, pointing at Kaede.

Most of the other girls nod at this, which is mildly embarrassing all things considered, but at least you didn’t have a fight. Kaede simply nods again, after which Kaname heads upstairs and everyone else starts to disperse.

Akeno leans down and gives you a light kiss, stroking your cheek. “Thanks for telling us the truth,” she says, before giving you a wink and hopping off the couch, headed towards the kitchen.

+5 attraction for all present harem members.

That leaves you alone with the four angels, whom seem to have been waiting for everyone else to leave.

“John,” says Melodiana, apparently the speaker for the group, “We would like to speak with you, in private.”
>Does it have to be right now?

>> No.34251937

The ride never ends!

>> No.34251943


>> No.34251944


I wanna know before we agree to anything.

>> No.34251945


Why not.

>> No.34251950

Proceed to scooby doo run in place

>> No.34251951

Personal responsibility.
Personal response insanity

>> No.34251954


>> No.34251957


>> No.34251964


>> No.34251965


>> No.34251979

...eh, why not?

>> No.34252019

>Does it have to be right now?

>> No.34252038

Pastebin needs to be updated still. Kaede's attraction is at ???

>> No.34252040

get everything cleared up as quick as possible so we can relax and cuddle people

>> No.34252070

Thank you, I'll fix that.

And looks like you're going to go talk with some angels.

>> No.34252082

Aw yis, this is the first time I've caught any of the quests I follow active.

Also guide, I just wanna say, as a guy who likes to write and is an aspiring writer, you're fucking sick dude. Out of the 50 or so quests I've drudged through sup /tg/, yours is easily top 5, keep it up.

>> No.34252093

Guide you're an angel. And thanks for running this quest. You are awesome.

Just wanted you to know, and make sure you never forget.

>> No.34252099


What can possibly go wrong?

>> No.34252185

Thanks guys.

It's good to hear that, seeing as how a writer is usually his own worst enemy.

>> No.34252306


I know that feeling, I've been trying to write a novel adaption of a HFY creepypasta called Veil of Madness, and I've had to edit the everloving fuck out of it a few thousand times now, and it'll be a few more 'til I'm satisfied with it.

But keep in mind you're your harshest critic. I give you a solid 9/10.

>> No.34252311

your welcome we all like your work or we wouldn't play
Also what is Irisviel's attraction?

>> No.34252340

>Also what is Irisviel's attraction?
Being second best homunculus.

>> No.34252357

Approximately infinite, seeing as how you're technically her master.

You'd have to talk with her a little more beyond that.

>> No.34252402

>Approximately infinite, seeing as how you're technically her master.
>You'd have to talk with her a little more beyond that.
I think it's about time we show the house how much we appreciate her.

>> No.34252409

Maybe the wrong place to ask, but what're the other top five? I'm looking for more shit to read.

>> No.34252451

>Approximately infinite
...well now I feel guilty for not spending more time with her.
We should give her many hugs and let her know much we care in the most dignified and manly fashion possible.

>> No.34252460

I agree wholeheartedly.
We can't let our house go on thinking we don't care.

And hey, I finally catch one of these!

>> No.34252485

Technicaly we're always spending time with her, since she's the house.

>> No.34252511 [SPOILER] 

We should set up a room very romantically. With candles and the whole nine yards. Don't say who it's for. Then call the house.

Let nature take its course

>> No.34252566


There're Archelon's two quests, Princess Guard Quest and False Dendrite Quest, though PGQ is loads better than FDQ, just imo. High fantasy is more my speed than modern fantasy, and FDQ isn't really in my top 5.

Then there's Paladin of Joy Quest, it's on a short-ish break, supposed to start back up aug 23rd, it's a sick ass quest.

There's Fookin' Princesses, also pretty good, but it looks like it might not get finished.

Then we got Deniable Assets Quest which is one of the best future sci-fi quests I've had the pleasure of reading, let alone quests in general, it's on hiatus till September.

There are a few more pretty good ones but those have all been dropped since like 2010-2012 and never got finished. Also there's Lamia Daughter quest, and Shadow Quest, two of the best along with Deniable assets that I've ever read. They're all kinda tied for first because imo they're all about as good. All in all, that oughta keep you occupied with reading for a month or so.

>> No.34252607

>top 5 anything
shit taste

>> No.34252617

It isn't exactly quality time if we're ignoring her

>> No.34252619

...good point.
But let us terminate that line of thought before the endless chain of groaners about being inside her.

>> No.34252632

“Sure…” you say, wondering what they could possibly want with you right now.

“Then follow us please,” she says, heading towards the door, the others following her.

You stay put for a moment, then turn and get up, seeing Tatsuko you tell her that you’re going out with the angels and to let everyone know not to worry because you’ll be on campus the entire time.

With that you dash out the door, where you meet your waiting heavenly host. Melodiana takes the lead, with Elizasleyn taking your left, Mehisha your right and the reaper girl following behind, just like when you first met them.

It’s a little weird being the only person walking, the angels flap their wings and fly for the most part, while the reaper simply floats through the air, but you make good time and they don’t seem to be rushing. In fact they seem to nearly be making this a slow, solemn procession. But you reach your destination relatively quickly anyway, which just so happens to be the chapel you first met them in.

As you enter, they each fly off to their own little spot, which leaves you in the middle, alone this time as they look down on you. It’s honestly a little intimidating, but you’ve gotten to know them over the past couple weeks and it’s not as bad as when you first met them.

“John Galt,” says Melodiana in the tone she used when first judging you, “By the four of us you agreed to be judged and judged by us you were.”

“You have performed admirably in that time,” says Mehisha, continuing the statement, “Meeting all that you have said in accordance with our judgment.”

“As we all agree, so we all grant,” intones Elizasleyn, seriously for once, “You have passed heavens test and now heaven will know and grant you the gifts of one worthy of them.”

>> No.34252644


“These gifts are yours to take as you please,” speaks Ragsmuena from behind you, “For as long as you remember the way you are now, for the heavens will always remember.”

It’s here that there is a large flash, temporarily blinding you before clearing. In the flash you feel…knowledge, pouring into your head; Knowledge involving the massive enchantment that you pulled on the second morning. Apparently part of it was in Angelic…and you’ve just learned three separate parts of it.

As the light clears you see Melodiana smile down on you, apparently relaxed now that most of it was over.

“Thank you, John, for reaffirming our belief in the greatness of humans,” she says, lighting down from her perch, causing the others too…holy shit how did Elizasleyn get that close to you that fast…

“Uh, what’re you doing?” you ask, blinking and stepping back a little.

“Waiting to give you the rest of what you earned,” she says with a grin. One that you’re not sure you like.

“The rest of it…” you say, gulping a little.

“Calm yourself,” you hear Mehisha say, “You lech.” Turning to look you see her face changing towards a deep shade of crimson.

“Uhm, what’s going on?” you ask.

“You have earned the right to four heavenly guardians,” comes the reaper girls voice, causing you to turn even more, “You must simply choose if you want them.”

You turn back to the other angels, who nod.

“You have earned the right to Guardian Angels John,” says Melodiana, “There is simply another ceremony that you must go through to complete it. With one…or all of this.” Even as Melodiana’s face simply softens, you feel Mehisha’s face heat up more and Elizasleyn’s press closer.

You think you know what the ceremony is now.

>Alright. (One? All? A mix?)
>What do you think?

>> No.34252653

another good quest that's on going but its just starting is space marine quest its were the dice gods favor the scout nameless

>> No.34252671

>All of them, one at a time, in the order of their choosing.

>> No.34252675

>Call the house
>let nature take its course¨

pic related

>> No.34252680

>Alright. (All)
>For some reason, I get feeling I'm going to NEED guardian angels.
>But I'd like for y'all to keeping hanging around anyway. Come join the club?

>> No.34252683

>speaks Ragsmuena from behind you
We learned her name?

>> No.34252684

>Alright. (One? All? A mix?)

>> No.34252686

alright all

>> No.34252687

>What do you think?
What are the fluffy-winged ones thoughts on this? They seem to be either indifferent, wanting, pleased, or blushing. And that sentence doesn't seem coherent at all. I'm sorry.

>> No.34252689

>>Alright. (All)

All first.
Then one at a time.
Then they can take turns in pairs. That's what, six pairs total with all the combinations?

>> No.34252695

>Alright(Fucking all of that shit)
But, we should call the house and check with our wimminz. I mean really, if we just go back after a 5-way with angels and was like "I hit all dat ass" we'd be neck deep in our entrails.

I'll totally check that out.

>> No.34252698

gotta catch em all

>> No.34252699

We get to fuck them don't we? Oh sweet and merciful god thank you for these gifts

>> No.34252705

Not this anon, but my top three quests are Harem Protag Quest, Ryukuza Quest and Racketeer Quest.

You're a very good writer, Guide

>> No.34252706

>What do you think?
>What does having a heavenly guardian actually entail? 24/7 celestial guardians?

What about me, anon?
>Homeless Mutant Quest
>Aspiring Emperor Quest
>Ghostbusters: Japan
>Peter Parker Quest
>Rags to Riches Quest

>> No.34252708


And I was doing so well...

>> No.34252710

The best part? She may be old, but unlike those other fossils, she's...Self lubricating.

>> No.34252719


There's also Celestial Bureau quest, which is about a guy who accidentally managed to fill out a job application for a business where the personifications of concepts and elemental forces work.

And Magician Quest, where we play a socially awkward Muscle Wizard in training who murders his way across the multiverse along with his close friends to get cash from their corpses. Plays like an old-school rpg.

Unfortunately, neither has updated for a while.

>> No.34252726

That list ain't full of my favorites but it isnt objectively shit, gratz

>> No.34252732


>> No.34252745

>Other:Ask to get to know them better as person.

We barely know them. Heck, we don't even know the reaper's name

>> No.34252747

>Alright. (All)

>> No.34252749

>>What do you think?
>>Alright. (All yes yes to the all)
"I'd be happy to- wait. You said I've earned the right. But... is this what you want? Are all of you okay with this?"

>> No.34252757

Also I guess blood quest was pretty fuckin' good. It's some Cthulu/Lovecraftian apocalypse shit.

>> No.34252769

I'm going to back up this guy.
We haven't had the opportunity to waifu the shit out of them yet, we haven't seen Rags being adorably Kuudere.

>> No.34252772

>>What do you think?

>> No.34252774

>>What do you think?

>> No.34252781

Anyone think we should know them better before doing the ompa-loompa in their candy factories?

>> No.34252793

Nah, we can do that after we enjoy the gifts god has given us

>> No.34252798

hollow quest redux
bleach quest redux
aspiring empire quest
hellborn quest
scorpion girl quest

>> No.34252802

Alright, I'm gonna give you a few more minutes, but currently it looks like you'd be ok with it, perhaps with a little getting to know them better first.


>> No.34252806

What would the others think?

>> No.34252807

it's okay, guide. We all make mistakes.


I'll second these. It seems in character for John, and that's rather important when dealing with tests of character, which I am completely sure this still is.

>> No.34252811

Question: Is slendy still in our head?

>> No.34252812

Sounds about right.

>> No.34252814


>> No.34252815

Definetly want to get to know them better first.

>> No.34252816

works for me

>> No.34252828

Yeah, getting to know them along with letting them have their own preference on how to do it

>> No.34252837

Pretty much, yeah.

>> No.34252840

Yeah, I'd like to get to know a girl first before we bind them as our Heavenly Guardian, or at least a date and dinner with some hand-holding and a quick kiss on the cheek first.

>> No.34252842

I am fairly ambivalent on considering that particular issue one way or the other, but I just want to thank you for sharing that euphemism.
Most enjoyable.

>> No.34252873

You're welcome!

Definitively ask to know them better

>> No.34252891

>"John's being John again."

>> No.34252907

Trouser-less Tiger Tentatively Thanks Timely Tuned-In Thought

>> No.34252914


>> No.34252923

hak fu?

>> No.34252938

well fuck you to

>> No.34252955

little getting to know them better first but yes.

>> No.34252985

You know, as much as all the girls are great, I think we should not expand our harem to the point it bloats.

If it keeps getting bigger and bigger, we won't have the time to treat each girl as she deserves it, and that would make us an asshole. We already have troubles managing the time spent with the girls as it is now.

I think 11 is really the upper limit we can hope for at the moment.

>> No.34252991

no hak fu was a character in jacki chan adventures that said funny attack names for everything usually starting with an animal

>> No.34253009

i know just a joke
monkey misinterprets joke

>> No.34253010

Clearly what we need to do is become multiple Johns.

>> No.34253013

I can't stand PGQ, but other then that you have fairly good taste anon. I'mma have to check out Lamia Daughter Quest and False Dendrite Quest. I sometimes avoid quest that have girl protagonist, because well... tg, but I'll give 'em a look

>> No.34253025

I really need to start following Ghostbusters: Japan Quest. I followed the original back when it was forum-based, but I haven't followed much of the reboot

>> No.34253030

Airy Anon Apalled Against Amazing Alteration Answers Ambiguously

>> No.34253040

>"Angry crow takes flight!"

>> No.34253057

"Thankyou for sharing, angry crow!"

>> No.34253062

Oh.....that he did

>> No.34253076

....Uncle should teach a class in the quest

>> No.34253079

Misguided Monkey Misinterprets Misplaced Mockery

>> No.34253092

This. We're not Negi, guys.
We need to slow down, spend some time with the girls we don't know as well yet.

Like, this may just be me being a karasubafag, but I want to get to know her a lot bettter than "likes a good fight", because there's always something behind things like that.

I also just really like Sekirei, so there's that.

>always gives last minute homework

>> No.34253093


>> No.34253095

I like that idea, but what would he teach? Do we have a History class? I don't remember...

>> No.34253109

Guide says our cap is 15
I like the angles and want to add Melodiana and Elizasleyn
The other members we are likely to get are
Slender chan
the AI of our flagship when we find it
our Iron man suits AI if it is a chick.

if we get all the angels that leaves us with the girls we all seem to really be into Plus 2 more.

>> No.34253111



God damn Yes.

Thank you anon

>> No.34253113

But let's be honest, that's true of every quest.

>> No.34253117

he could teach magic defense
"magic must defeat magic"

>> No.34253118


>> No.34253128

Is there a ritual class? Maybe that. All the things he needed for spells and such seems like a ritual thing.

It's been years since I've watched JCA, so I'm not sure which class would be better for Uncle.

>> No.34253131


>>always gives last minute homework
My Calc 2 teacher sounded exactly like the guy and did exactly that.

It was not nearly as fun as it sounds, mostly due to the chinese kids in the class asking their questions in chinese, and him answering those questions in chinese, resulting in no one know what the fuck was going on.

He curved the tests at least. until one fucker blew the curve on the final.

>> No.34253132

it's a special course for those who want to go into archeology and the identification of dangerous relics. Not Gen-Ed tier at all.

>> No.34253138

Do the angels even count as harem members? The strike me more as bonus characters.

>> No.34253159

Ancient Arcane Asian Antiquity Archaeologist Advises Anime Apprentice

>> No.34253161

I think the option to Boink them adds them to the harem count at the moment they are bonus but if e reject them i think any rejects leave.

>> No.34253163

>The strike me more as bonus characters.
I'm not sure if this is serious or if you're making a joke about Melo's, Liz' and Rags' romance paths not mattering at all in Kamidori.

>> No.34253177

> We're not Negi, guys.

That's a very good thing.

Not that Negi was a jerk, but he really needed to say "yes" or "no" to those girls.

>> No.34253194

Chi magic.

You know, I wonder what happened to our enchantment teacher

>> No.34253196

>We're not Negi, guys.
>Harem Protag Quest

Nigga say what?

>> No.34253218

We've been intentionally avoiding being the generic harem protag in favour of knowing exactly what we want and actively working to get it.

>> No.34253219

“I’m honored,” you say, “I mean I’m fine with it if you are…” You swear Elizasleyn is just about to jump you.

“But shouldn’t we get to know each other a little better first? I mean I know you’ve been around and watched me but it seems like a little much too just jump to…sex. I mean I don’t even know her name,” you say, pointing to the reaper girl.

“Ah,” you hear her soft voice come from behind you, “Ragsmuena.”

“It’s a pleasure Ragsmuena,” you say to her, “But my point still stands. I think it’d be better to get to know each other a little better before we do that…and perhaps at a place of your choosing instead of right here?”

“Ah, well…” Mehisha’s blush seems to have lessened slightly at your statement, “While your intention’s are noble and appreciated…” she stumbles again.

“We have to do it here,” says Elizasleyn, who is looking just a tad bit frustrated, “Otherwise the ceremony won’t work. But for the rest of it…”

“We will accede to you wishes,” interrupts Melodiana, “And thank you John,” she says with a smile.

>> No.34253220

Negi never gave a clear answer to the girls that pursued him.

>> No.34253241


>+10 attraction for all angels.

>John will be at 10/11 for harem members and gain +30 PP from them each thread if all angels are romanced. Will currently leave them out of the Harem.

With the ceremony completed, at least for the moment, the four of you once again take a walk back to your house. But this time Elizasleyn might as well be draped over your shoulder, while Melodiana seems to be much more relaxed as she walks beside you. Mehisha is still blushing a little, walking in front of you, but she glances back every now and again, blushing more when you catch her eye. Finally Ragsmuena follows behind you, but you’re not really sure what she’s thinking, seeing as how she almost never talks.

“Should I be afraid?” you ask Melodiana, nodding your head at the one draped over your shoulder.

She just smiles at you, “No, she won’t force you to do anything. But she will probably try to tempt you.”

“She already does that,” you say, glancing back towards Elizasleyn, who just gives you a sultry wink, “I think I’ll be fine.”

As you finally make it back to the house, you step inside to find Chris and Nanoha waiting for you. Chris appears mildy nervous, while Nanoha seems…well you’re not sure you’ve got a great read on her quite yet despite her recently joining your harem.

>Hey girls…
>Can it wait? Please?
>Just go make dinner or something, don’t want to talk anymore.

To be fair to Negi, he was goddamn 12

>> No.34253253

Well uh... that's what I was thinking of, but I was being serious.

>> No.34253263

hak fu should be a fitness instructor or a coach

>> No.34253264

>>Hey girls…

We haven't run away yet this thread, so we might as well keep at it.

>> No.34253282

Then fuck you beause I want my fluffy wings and Kuudere.

>> No.34253288

>Hey girls…
>Nothing exploded while I was gone did it?

>> No.34253289

>Hey girls…

>> No.34253293

>Hey girls…
The direct approach has served us well so far

>> No.34253299

>Hey girls im off to make dinner want to help?

Because we want to talk but need some stress relief and cooking is it.

>> No.34253312

Hey hey man, I'm all for the angelic kuudere. It just, ya know, seemed similar. If we had just banged them without romancing it would be about the same.

>> No.34253317

My favorite "won" anyway
She got wound up every day.

Negi had more than 30 girls to deal with, not including the girls he attracted in mundus magicus. Jesus christ.

See, we're getting much more involved with our harem. Negi never committed to any of them in a romantic sense that we know of- I haven't read UQ holder yet. Negi could handle those girls (just barely) because he wasn't giving them any answers or taking it further than a kiss for a powerup.

and for a 12 year old he did damn good. But we're gonna have to do better than that with fewer girls.
not that I would be adverse to a Mana or Chachamaru showing up...

>> No.34253322

Tenatively seconding.

There's very little our cooking can't solve.

>> No.34253323

Say, did we ever ask how Nanoha got into magic?

If we haven't, maybe we should so we can get a better read on her...
And ask what a ferret is.

>> No.34253334

I like it. Another vote for this.

>> No.34253335

>Hey girls...
>Go make dinner
>We can talk and cook at the same time,

Guide's Galt Gracefully Generates Gratifying Grub

>> No.34253340

>Hey girls…

>> No.34253348

>Hey girls…
>Nothing exploded while I was gone did it?

>> No.34253349

Actually, Melodiana *did* get romanced, which was part of why it not having any impact on the rest of the plot was so jarring.

>> No.34253367


>> No.34253379

I enjoy Kamidori myself, obviously,

But yeah, it was weird when they all casually mention that yup, Will's sleeping with a succubus and that reaper regularly we have no problems with it and oh yeah it doesn't actually matter at all...

>> No.34253390

And calling. It looks like you're going forward with the girls.

>> No.34253400

There was a succubus/angel scene or two, wasn't there? It's been a while...

>> No.34253404

Just pray we don't get the obligatory rival.

>> No.34253421

And the Senko, and the Undine, and the Gnome, and the Wood spirit, and the menagerie added in NG+...

>> No.34253434

You mean the guy no one will remember because we filled gave him concrete shoes?

>> No.34253439

Yeah, there was one scene where the fox lady gets Sharty and Melodiana to play together. There's not one with will in it.

Don't even get me started on those. Some of them are just...yeah.

>> No.34253441

hey did anyone archive this yet

>> No.34253442

If Will and/or Leguna get into this quest I vote we brofist them so hard it tears down the headmistress' wards and sends her into an orgasm-induced coma for a week.

Let's be fair, Sharty and Rags are way less predator-ish than that fucking fox.

>> No.34253445

The game just had the failing of the multiple waifu paths not intereacting

>> No.34253462

And too few scenes for the non-'main' girls.
And shitty choices for the main girls, I mean who actually liked Serawi? Anyone?

>> No.34253468

Yes. Also, we have yet to meet the obligatory best friend.

>> No.34253469

>that fucking fox.
>"Pls don't jab your sharp nails into my dick."

>> No.34253502

>Some of them are just...yeah.
>Let's be fair, Sharty and Rags are way less predator-ish than that fucking fox.
Toenail in urethra.

>> No.34253510

Fuck, now that I think of it, there was even a scene where you could get all three of the main girls at once, regardless of whose route it was.
Ah ahahaha. Y-yeah. W-who'd aim for her route anyway?

>> No.34253522

Yeah when you had all the cosplay outfits. Sorta wish the dialogue was better for that scene, or even specialized depending who's route you were on

>> No.34253531

>Ah ahahaha. Y-yeah. W-who'd aim for her route anyway?
Remember anon, the waifu police are watching.

>> No.34253535


Don't worry buddy, I like Elf-tits too.

And Best swordsman.

Loli never did much for me though.

>> No.34253551

Don't see that often. Most complain about Yuela's voice.

>> No.34253575


I was being sarcastic, guys. It's the other two I didn't like.

>> No.34253613

“Hey girls,” you say, as the angels all float off towards…whatever it is that they do, you should probably learn what it is, “Nothing exploded while I was gone did it?”

Nanoha shakes her head, “No, but Kaname came close when she learned that you wandered off again. She worries about you the most I think, since she can’t do as much to protect you as the rest of us can.”

“Ah, yeah I guess that’s true,” you say, stroking your hair, “I guess I’ll have to make it up to her somehow. Anyway, what’s up with you guys?”

It’s here that Chris blushes even more than before, with Nanoha looking at her and nudging her forward a bit. Looks like they’ve become good friends since they’re living together, which is good seeing as you don’t have nearly enough time to spend with all of them.

“W-we, were ah…” Chris looks like she’s about to explode she’s so red, “We were wondering if you’d like to ah…” she breaks down and stops talking.

Nanoha snorts and then looks at you. “Chris and I were wondering if you’d like to spend the night in our room tonight,” she says straightforwardly, “Seeing as how that hasn’t really happened for…either of us.”

Oh…yeah, that’s right, you hadn’t really done that with Chris yet and…well Nanoha hadn’t been interested at first.

>Of course.
>Not at the moment.

>> No.34253632

>>Of course.

What are we going to do? Hold hands? We're going to hold hands, right?

>> No.34253643

>Of course.

>> No.34253649


Grin and wink at the camera, cut to next scene

>> No.34253651

>Of course
but lets not run of right now and do it i think its time to start dinner.

>> No.34253652

>Of course.

>> No.34253654

>Of course.
The only reason I'm choosing this is because I can't think of a good way to turn them down.

>> No.34253655

>Of course.

>> No.34253661

>Of course

>> No.34253668

Say this teasingly

Voting for more immediate foodtimes.

>> No.34253686

What brought this on, nanoha?
I didn't think we were that close yet.

I'm not about to turn them down, and Chris deserves a go, but the white devil is a surprise.

>> No.34253698

>Of course.
Huh. You surprised me Nanoha

>> No.34253700

>She worries about you the most I think
I feel bad about Kaname, to be honest. She worries about us more than anyone in our harem, and we keep doing things that make her head explode.

Maybe instead of hanging with Nanoha and Chris, we can do something special for Kaname?

>> No.34253706

Vita kept calling her a pussy over the phone.

>> No.34253713

Unfortunately, due to me not having enough time to do it all correctly, you currently have 30 attraction with Nanoha and she is a harem member.

Which means you are that close, I just haven't had time to give her as many scenes as the others.

>> No.34253726

After Chris and Nanoha. We did promise her to go on a few dates with the rest of the harem after Kaede. Kanameshould be first.

>> No.34253739

Hmmm. Don't want the Nanoha, but want happy Chris.
>>Of course.
In other news, we need to do something nice for/to Kaname. Also, Karasuba is in need of further seducing.

>> No.34253742

>Unfortunately, due to me not having enough time to do it all correctly, you currently have 30 attraction with Nanoha and she is a harem member.

>> No.34253760

Should have done it correctly, bro.
If it takes longer, it takes longer.

>> No.34253775


I haven't written the scene yet anon's don't count me out yet.

But I know we need some more waifu-centric threads and less action for a bit.

>> No.34253777

This is exactly the problem with romancing almost a dozen girls at once.

>> No.34253801

Hmm, maybe if we turn the quest into a VN?
I mean, we're already getting an anime adaptation, all we need is a few anons with ren'py and too much spare time on their hands.

>> No.34253805

I wonder if in this universe there is a Girl who doesn't have magical powers, but she wished she had and has substituted natural abilities with mundane optical illusions and parlor tricks. Even when she has considerable skill in the mentioned talents, she still wishes to be considered a legit magician by being able to study in the college for witches...

>> No.34253806

And calling as well.

>> No.34253826

Did anything happen with anime anon?

>> No.34253869




they are literaly compeled by the plot to want to ride our horse into the sunset.

>> No.34253873 [SPOILER] 

He was a lie!

>> No.34253886

>People think he was legit

>> No.34253897

Was he the chose one?

I still think the guy is genuine

>> No.34253921

I'm pretty sure they weren't.
Remember the dinner? When John pulled Chris into the world of the aware?
They weren't there, as far as I remember.

>> No.34253942

You fool, there are no dreams, no honor remains.
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess.

>> No.34253997

Think he meant the angels? And maybe Nanoha?

>> No.34254031

that's what I meant.
Were the angels aware of what was going on then? Did I miss that bit?

>> No.34254049

I don't think they were even there.
Also, I have a theory that anyone not originally from this universe is sentient.

>> No.34254068

the fight on the date had a field set up by the monsters

>> No.34254215 [DELETED] 


The point is that John made sure to only sleep with the sentient ones, because the others are forced by the narrative to want his bone

>> No.34254246


The point is that John made sure to only sleep with the sentient ones before, because the others are forced by the narrative to want his bone, but this time he jumped on the occasion of getting jumped

>> No.34254248

So we should pop the barrier up before sex to give us privacy in the bedroom and let us know who is aware or not?

The viewers wouldn't mind, since they probably are expecting a fade to black anyways.

>> No.34254250

On the other hand, it was called 30 minutes ago, so deal with it?

>> No.34254258

“Alright,” you say to both of them, “I’ll head up when it’s time then,” you say, too which they both nod, Nanoha more firmly and Chris with a jerky motion.

“Thanks John,” says Nanoha with a smile, before she takes Chris off to the side and you head in to make dinner. You make your standard fare, which to nearly anyone else is a goddamn amazing spread, but the girls have come to expect it and you don’t want to disappoint them.

It goes over well, but eventually you need to head off to your rendezvous with Chris and Nanoha. It takes a little bit of nerve to just walk up and knock on the door, but you do so anyway.

It’s almost a minute later before the door opens enough for Nanoha to stick her head out of the door and look around, a smile coming onto her face as she sees you.

“Ah John, good come in,” she says, opening the door.

>> No.34254274


You step inside to see that the room has been changed around slightly, with a queen bed now decorating one corner and one bunk bed off to the side. As Nanoha closes the door, you turn and see quite the sight. It’s not that you haven’t known she was attractive…it was just she’d always been fully dressed around you before.

She has very long graceful lines that…you stop yourself from staring, making yourself look at her eyes. She notices and gives you a bit of a mischievous grin.

“I don’t mind,” she says, “As long as you still know when to keep your eyes up here.”

You nod, “I like to think I’m not completely ruled by my hormones,” you reply. Then you realize that you haven’t seen Chris yet…the door clicks open and you turn to see Chris somehow freshly showered wearing a blue patterned robe. She blushes a little as she sees you, but then approaches the two of you.

“T-thanks for coming,” she says, “I-I…” she blushes and stops talking.

“It’s fine Chris,” you say, smiling gently.

She nods and then the three of you move towards the bed, Nanoha being surprisingly more forward then you thought she’d be and Chris still blushing quite a bit.

>> No.34254292


I'm fine with this.

If nothing else it would let us talk to the real Chris and let us know if Nanoha is sentient.

>> No.34254299


Eventually you’re…well you’re being snuggled by the girls. Nanoha has claimed behind you like Tatsuko usually does and Chris has curled up against your front, taking your hand, still rather red.

“This is…not what I thought you meant,” you say with a bit of a confused smile on your face, “When you asked me to come sleep with you.”

“We know,” said Nanoha, leaning up and kissing you on the cheek, even as her curves press into you from behind, “But you’ve kinda been being hogged by the others and Chris here isn’t confident enough in herself to make waves. So we decided to have you to ourselves for tonight.”

You look at Nanoha and then Chris, realizing that yes, you do need to spend a little more time with them, all of your girls really, but you’ve been a little lax in spreading out who gets to do what.

“Sorry,” you say, “I’m doing my best, but…” you stop, not having the right words at the moment.

“It’s alright,” continues Nanoha, “We know you’re trying, we’re just…pushing you along a little bit.” She giggles. It’s a nice sound. “But Chris did have something she wanted to ask you.” She looks at Chris, so do you, and she gulps.

“John…I…” she pauses and then mentally shakes herself, “I’d like you to meet my father.”


>> No.34254309

Ya know, Nahona has a daughter and an heavily-implied girlfriend in her anime.

>> No.34254329

Nanohafag here.

Thank you. Based Guide.

>> No.34254336

Eh, Fate can join in if she wants.

>> No.34254351

And with that, I'm going to call it here for today. I know we haven't hit auto-sage yet, but I feel this is a good stopping point for now, we've hit both my usual word count and run time.

I also unfortunately need to do chores, errands etc. And food. Need food. But I'll have this up for awhile and will answer questions, etc like normal.

Thanks for playing, hope to see you around next time.

>> No.34254373

>“I’d like you to meet my father.”

I'm not familiar with the source material.

Does Chris have a father in the show, or are we going to end up with another character standing in for him?

If she doesn't, I have a bad feeling that her "father" is going to be some douche like Jigoro, who will criticize our sweater-vest and our lack of plans for the future.

>> No.34254375

has the thread been archived

>> No.34254378

Thanks for another great thread, Guide!

>> No.34254379


>> No.34254385

Her father is Char.

I am not kidding.

>> No.34254389



>> No.34254390

Thanks for running, Guide.
Now we just need to get people on the VN idea.

>> No.34254393

Glad you liked it.

Chris has a father in Majikoi and he will be reprising his role.

Done after the first post of the thread, by me.

Wow, double this time.

>> No.34254398

Was me! Turns out I had a opening in my schedule that let me kick around.

Not me, but thanks for covering. I forgot to mention that I came back.

>> No.34254403

Well I guess I don't have to do it for the usual anon.

>> No.34254404

he's pretty crazy

>> No.34254409

Thanks for running.

I was also surprised that Nanoha had landed in our harem, but I like how the conversation went. We should probably do another check to see who's sentient soon.

>> No.34254421

Thanks for running!

>> No.34254430


Glad the dialogue went well, that's partly why it took so long.

>> No.34254477

Thanks for running!

>> No.34254487

it was a good run, guide. Glad I could finally participate in one of these.

>> No.34254494

is anime guy kill?

>> No.34254528

I mentioned the possible Iron Man enchanment suit in the last thread that we could enchant for ourselves and some had good ideas about having it around as a chekhov's gun. How about we make it compatible for both females and males since Kaname seems to be worried that she isn't as strong as the rest of our group.

>Nanoha shakes her head, “No, but Kaname came close when she learned that you wandered off again. She worries about you the most I think, since she can’t do as much to protect you as the rest of us can.”

>> No.34254539

I always had my doubts about anime guy. If he's legit then great, but I'm not getting my hopes up for something that sounds too good to be true.

>> No.34254715

all we have to do is show him our awesome enchanting capabilities and we should be fine I hope

>> No.34254805

We are such a cuddle whore.

If Chris's dad is around then the other characters must be kicking around somewhere. Wouldn't mind bumping into eyepatch if you know what I mean. Which raises a question, Chris and Tatsuko are both sentient but they don't seem to recognize each other. On the other hand Kaname refers to FMP in past tense. Seems to vary a bit how much canon a character has already "happened" and how much has yet to happen (or will never happen).

>> No.34254866

I have a simple answer for that.

In Majikoi, Chris and Tatsuko don't interact for the most part. Frankly it would be weirder if they did recognize each other, especially since they don't remember everything from past lives.

>> No.34254965

So how long until Momoyo tries threatening John to get Tatsuko to fight her?

>> No.34255037

Momo vs Karasuba, that'd be fun to watch

might as well throw Hume in there somewhere too

>> No.34255047

Karasuba trained Tatsuko leveled up by love vs Momo.

>> No.34255066

OH GOD PANIC! Is essentially my first thought.

>> No.34255078

Poor Momo would get curbstomped, and you know it.
Maybe if Tatsuko caught a disease, so Christiane had to fight instead.

>> No.34255100

While you make a good point I am still saddened by the fact Momo would lose.

>> No.34255107

I know. That's why I said it.

I kinda want to show you guys what Tatsuko gets when she gets permanent member status just so you realize how ridiculous it would be.

But that would be spoilers.

>> No.34255132

you got stats for this guy, Guide?

>> No.34255141

I assume anuses would need to be prepped eh guide?

>> No.34255142

It's ok anon.

Besides, Majikoi's power levels are so ridiculous it really doesn't matter.

I mean, if we go by both "canon" endings, Tatsuko is strong enough to face Momo more or less untrained in a berserker rage and cause a tie.

While Momo has to fly into outerspace to have a really good fight.

So, yeah...

>> No.34255172

To be fair, Momo has even or worse odds against a significant portion of the cast so far.
Tatsuko's her canon rival, Akeno/Melodiana/Elizasleyn/Mehisha/Nanoha all fly and have ranged attacks, Karasuba's Karasuba, Ragsmuena's almost impervious to physical damage, Sayaka just will not fucking stop etc...

>> No.34255179


But seriously, I'm trying not to bring too many people from each universe over.


Leveled Tat...I dunno. She might be a little broken.

Plus I need to let you guys level the girls a bit now that I'm thinking about it...

Next thread might be a mechanical start.

>> No.34255200

>the space fight

man, that was dumb

>> No.34255208

Have you thought about getting an ask.fm? A few other QMs made them.

>> No.34255227

The fact I can't read moon and have chosen to not read the Agave route in any of the VN's means I have not seen this space fight. And now I'm sad. Or is it in the manga I haven't finished...

>> No.34255264

It was anon, it was really really dumb.

I mean, sure, super powered fight is fun, but super powered fight with no oxygen?

That's what got me.

I have. But some of the questions that ask.fm's get are...not quest related and there's no search function.

So if people want to ask questions, I'd rather it be in thread or through Twitter. I'll probably pastebin them if we get enough.

Agave route, second game.

Text hook and automatic translator are your friend anon, they get you Tatsuko when nothing else does.

>> No.34255319

>That's what got me.
Personally I'm more surprised they managed to FLY INTO FUCKING SPACE.
I mean, I'm fairly sure the Majikoi powah levulz weren't that ridiculous last time I checked. I mean, they were always high but seriously?

>> No.34255326

Ironically I started doing majikoi because I saw your first thread and got hooked. Specifically because of Tatsuko.... I then got hooked to Momo and was really say there was no translated tatsu route. But I guess I really should use Atlas etc.... Off to get that and finish what I havent I suppose. Thanks for the thread Guide!

>> No.34255375

You can delete any questions that you want on ask, and half of the irrelevant ones are the daily questions anyway.

I understand why you wouldn't make an ask, I think I only got three relevant questions on mine. Then again, there's not not much to really ask about ebooks.

>> No.34255376

By what I read, they got into a space-ship to fly there.

Could be wrong though, due to text hooker/translate not being the greatest.

Np dude, glad you found something you like.

Momo is one of my favorite girls as well, so I understand why you'd like her and Tatsuko.

I'd personally like a route where they become bash bro's, but that's never going to happen.

>> No.34255439

>I'd personally like a route where they become bash bro's
You mean smash sis'.

>Could be wrong though, due to text hooker/translate not being the greatest.
Tell me about it, I can't even get it to work with evil woman executive.

>> No.34255491

>Karasuba's Karasuba
god I want us to unleash her prayer on someone, just to see those wings and the pinpoint destruction she'd cause.

Karasuba is in my top five Sekirei, with Akitsu in the lead, and Kazehana tied for second. Her inclusion in this quest was entirely what got me to read it. Thanks, Guide.

>> No.34255509

Any Benkeibros in here?

>> No.34255524

Are you me?

>> No.34255531

I don't even like Sekirei, and I still like Karasuba.
She's just that great.

>> No.34255552

Hey Guide, if we get Karasuba's love high enough can we keep her in permanent winged form?

>> No.34255610


Sorry, just imagining all the destruction that would allow.

I'm going to go with "No" simply because that would completely be against her founding universe and while I'm allowing them to be bent, I don't want to out-right break them.

I may allow...a longer time period though. Not permanent.

>> No.34255653

I can't wait the things we will face with some of these power levels that the girls have.

>> No.34255679

No more wantonly destructive than letting Nanoha beamspam everywhere.
After all, even Miya was only able to slice a battleship in half with a weapon that may be a legendary sword, Nanoha's powerset is much more... Explosive.

>> No.34255687

Maybe. Probably not.
But it's good to know your taste is impeccable.

The anime is terrible, but the breakdown she's currently going through in the manga hurts to watch.
the last few developments have been designed to make me feel as terrible as possible, what with Akitsu, and Kaho, and now Karasuba...

speaking of her universe...
is there any hope of ever seeing the former Number 07?

>> No.34255783

I hope I can keep up with your expectations. I do kinda sorta have the outline for the eventual "final battle" type scenario, it should be impressive.

True. Part of why this is difficult is because of Powerlevels and making everyone relatively ok so you don't focus on one more than the other, and then making threats that equal them.


If I throw in another Sekirei...it'd be up in the air between her, number 8 or perhaps Kazehana.

At this point I'm just hoping you guys still like the characters I'm introducing.

>> No.34255902

It's fine guide, just have the BBEG be someone really ridiculous, like awakened Haruhi, or a theoretical Shadow Minato from Persona 3.

>> No.34255925

>making threats that equal them.

>> No.34256065

>All the clones are Yandere for John

>> No.34256086

>one of our harem members is Karasuba
Good clone?

>> No.34256093

Oh, I think the BBEG will be fun, even if you don't expect who it is.

You guys are giving me ideas to go along with my other ideas.

You may want to stop that.

Or not, that's fine.

>> No.34256108

That was Miya not giving a fuck.
She hasn't revealed her power level yet, I can assure you of that. Add on to that that Miya is not winged. She never was, because her husband was not an ashikabi. So she is technically always operating at about half power at the very most.

That's terrifying.

Liking the characters is not an issue. You write them very enjoyably. You don't have to worry about that at all.

And I'll be honest, 7, 8, or 3, they're all wonderful.

>> No.34256130

Double evil clone

>> No.34256172

Even if Miya's true power is 50x what she's displayed so far, she still can't match Nanoha in sheer destructive output, or indeed beat he in combat, unless she can somehow learn to fly.

>> No.34256452

I'd say Iron man suit AI should be a bro character.

>> No.34256505

I'm not sure I would know how to write a double evil Karasuba without her being clinically insane.

That'd be like...a Khornate berserker on angry pills.

Like I said, power levels are hard.

>> No.34256526

>That'd be like...a Khornate berserker on angry pills.

>> No.34256561

That is rather appropriate, yes.

>> No.34256568

Sekirei can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and she has Energy waves.
Also, a flying fortress ship under her telepathic command.

And note that in the case of a truly loving bond, a sekirei's power can triple, or even quadruple when using the norito.

Powerlevels are truly one of the worst parts of running a quest.

>> No.34256571

>Like I said, power levels are hard.
Just do what Nasu does, certain people have good or bad matchups against others, so someone capable of vaping the polar ice caps with a thought would get her shit wrecked by someone who's main combat strategy is 'chuck progressively greater volumes of swords at the problem until it goes away'.

>> No.34256609

Nanoha is hypersonic and her energy blasts exceed nuke-tier.
Her battleship has a magic cannon that can crack a continent, and she herself can duel against and defeat standard magic battleships partially by virtue of her shields which can repulse her own firepower.

>> No.34256622

I'm reminded of why I never watched that.

>> No.34256625

I will probably do that. But seeing as how your Harem is starting to get balanced now, it'll be more of "Did John bring the right girl to balance him in the fight."

Or I'll just have lots of mooks.

>> No.34256684

It's nowhere near top-tier in fictional universes, you're just butthurt because your favoured universe is weaker.
Which is perfectly fine, btw, I was fairly similar when I first came across it in a vs thread.

>> No.34256842

why not both?
lots of mooks and elite units that can counter specific party members always make for interesting encounters.

I will admit that it sucks seeing something I like beaten, but that's just too much. Like, I never had to take TTGL seriously, so I could easily go along with the retarded power levels, but that?

>> No.34256902

Oh, they'll be there. And I do have some...specific encounters planned out. Helped by you guys of course.

And while I admittedly have not watched much of Nanoha, it was always a more fun show to me, than anything to take seriously.

There are serious moments of course, but at it's heart it's about a little magical girl going out and doing magical things with her friends. While saving the world/universe/multiverse.

>> No.34256979

For what it's worth, Nanoha is augmented by fucktons of technology.
She'd likely not be anywhere near that powah levul without them.
And she is currently around the second or third most powerful being in her setting, just behind Signum.

The setting Akeno comes from is way worse, as is Nasu, Meduka Meguca and a bunch of others.

>> No.34257063

my favorite magical girl is Sakura Kinomoto. I dunno, man.

It's funny because I love DxD and Nasu's works.

>> No.34257114

>It's funny because I love DxD and Nasu's works.
See, Gale? It's just a knee-jerk reaction, you'll be over it and able to appreciate the setting in no time.

>> No.34257225

We'll see, anon. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'd like to confess that at one point while reading the archives I developed the theory that the "show's" "writer" and "director" had an argument over what Kaede was supposed to be as a character. One of them wanted a rival, or an antagonist, and the other disagreed, which led to her becoming the confusing character we had before the slender-ooze reveal, which promptly jossed the whole thing.

>> No.34257268

My first "Magical Girl" and one of few I've actually watched all the way through, was Belldandy and Co.

You say that like that's not exactly what happened.

>> No.34257316

The eldritch abominations have something to do with the show's creators, don't they Guide?

>> No.34257329

It's more like the director had a schizophrenic fit and the writer had to desperately placate the director before he started setting everything on fire.

>> No.34257350

They're something all right.

But I can't tell you what.
Anyway, headed off to work, see you guys next time. Maybe Thursday if I'm up to it, next week if I'm not.

>> No.34257372

Urd was the best girl.

Again, thanks for a great thread, Guide. Whenever you run next, we'll all probably be there.

>> No.34257730

I still think we should make a VN out of this.
It'd probably be shit, but w/e.

>> No.34257882

It would take a lot of work making it from scratch in Ren'py, not to mention setting something up on something like Github and making it work smoothly.

...We could cheat and nab the repository from another VN project and save a bit of work on the background.

>> No.34258494

If one man can make Chapter Master a reality from scratch, I think we can make this using ren'py.
Remember your dreams, anon.

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