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Didn't see a PDF thread in the catalog, so here's a PDF thread.

Starting off with a classic.

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Bliss Stage is sort of like Evangeliwhatever, with more implied sex and a dumber premise.

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Snuff is a game where all the players are serial killers who livestream their deeds and compete for likes and hits.

I also recently acquired the Courtesans RPG if anybody wants that.

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Meatbot Massacre is set in a grim future where remote controlled cyborgs fight on TV.

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A simplification of palladium rules that apparently made them rage when it was done?

Alas, I do not have remotely enough patience to dig into enough Palladium to see how well it does.

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Anyone have a good monster game?

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Introduction to comparative mythology for writers and worldbuilders. 380+ building blocks of mythology and five appendices. http://www.mediafire.com/view/kz4dv41ud9fcbdk/Cyclopedia_of_Comparative_Mythology.pdf

/tg/ on... Stuff. Why IRL dorfs wouldn't hold their liquor, Inuit mythology, and why Chinese cyberpunk would be cyber-Kafka.

SECOND EDITION, going from 144 pages to 200 pages, so if you only got the first edition now's the time to upgrade! http://www.mediafire.com/view/e4s15lxls65eqtd/tg_on_Stuff.pdf

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Betty and Veronica meet the Punisher is a game where you play teenagers in an Archie comic trying to help the Punisher kill a guy before he steals Mr. Lodge's money.

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Does anyone have the Firestorm Armada 2.0 rules?

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/tg/ gets things done... Gummi Bears

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I can't post BLOODP.O.U.C.H for some reason... maybe it's too XTREME! for /tg/.

So instead have Totally Spies!

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Totally not Bill & Ted!

(of course, the toughest bit of posting these is remembering which are watermarked with my name...)

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Tokyo Heroes!

I'd post the Hero World Beta, but it's too big.

That's me out, I'm afraid. Anyone else?

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Does anyone has the Fantasy Craft PDF?

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In the last thread (It has been shutdown really quickly), I posted this Ashen Stars Rulebook so I'm reposting it here : http://www.mediafire.com/view/ibziq0wgmldf54s/Ashen_Stars_-_Core_Rulebook.pdf

Also, I'm looking for "Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins" for Stars Without Number.

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christ this game is complicated. Probably the most complex system Ive ever seen in less than 10 pages.

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does anyone have the new deadzone:contagion pdf? I want to get some solo zombie action in, so i can finally play some deadzone

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>I can't post BLOODP.O.U.C.H for some reason... maybe it's too XTREME! for /tg/.

Let me try!

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A fistful of dice? Anyone? Please.

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Thanks, anon. 4chan was telling me I had a steg image in my file, not sure if that's true or not...

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Download the copy here >>34208977
and test it against your file?

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Well, it's about causing chaos with the least number of dice possible.

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Anyone have dead of night 2e?

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I keep meaning to add a GM guide or something... I should probably playtest it first.

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Does anyone have supplement for "Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers" :
Seek Out, Close With and Destroy ?
Long Road South ?
Man Among Men ?

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I was going to add a module I cooked up, but apparently foolz has been bought by somebody else, and they're moving everything over to the new guys, so have a character sheet instead.

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>I'd post the Hero World Beta, but it's too big.
Mediafire link, pretty please?

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Does anyone have the FASA star trek main rules? It would be much appreciated.

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Anybody got Don't Rest Your Head?

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Oh god, this is too much. I hope I can get my friends to play this

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Who raged and why?

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Here you go, good sir.

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Not that guy, but thanks!

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My pleasure. Big Sentai fan. One day I may even get to play.

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I know for a fact that there's a torrent with not just the corebook, but pretty much every module. I'd upload them, but I believe 4chan's policy on upoading pdfs prohibits books that are out of date.

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WHY would you POST THAT?

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Mod this instead.

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Against the Unknown. Basically GUMSHOE Core, the REAL one, not that damn thing that was in /rs/

Anyone has the Stars Without Number "Suns of Gold" supplement? and Mongoose Traveller's core rulebook? I'm debating whether using one or the other for a space opera campaign coming soon.

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http://www.mediafire.com/view/kdqe4u9e2oqdyk2/Traveller_Core_Rulebook.pdf beep boop

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Palladium's exceptionally tetchy about anyone doing conversions and such with their system.

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I want the accountant Trek of FASA honestly.

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those interested in a bookmarked scan of the DnD next, (i.e. 5e) Player's Handbook should absolutely not go here as it would only be a temptation to them to download it illegally.

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I remember waaaay back during dial-up days reading a kind of protoblog one of the developers writing going step-by-step of how the Palladium system was so fucking superior to that shitty shitty AD&D.
It gave me a good laugh.

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You wouldn't happen to have an archive of that?

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posting for any request

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Can I see your palladium folder?

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Fight pls

Do you have something like gundam or macross?

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City builder v1
Dredd RPG
Any world building resources you have the patience to upload?

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rolemaster please

>> No.34223280

General stuff here:

Specific titles:


>Do you have something like gundam or macross?
and check out the Robotech folder posted above


You can find City Builder v1 and a TON of worldbuilding resources here:


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They send C&D orders to Steve Jackson Games when some fans compiled the books needed to play the RiFTS setting using GURPS and posted it on the forums. Then later sent one to WotC back during the Gleemax days because there was a fangroup doing conversions to play RiFTS using Star Wars Saga Edition.

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I honestly never thought I would be remembering it about a decade later and having a need to show it to people. I would have save it to a disk, transferred it to CD when writers became affordable, then to a usb drive when they were invented. Then I would have shown you. For now, you may justifiably assume I am full of shit, if you wish.

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Thnx man

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A few things I have uploaded for BESM
>Revised 2nd-ed

>Tenchi Muyo Setting Book, Also 1st draft of 2E rules.

>Ex Machina, Cyberpunk Genre

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Oh dear lord this exists
>Juggalo d20

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FASA Star Trek, 2nd Edition -- https://mega.co.nz/#!SpQQyALZ!sTGh2ugU3eI0blp4ajD5gY_-HTi7bPuIdNZ5nvEnHzA

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I just wanted to kinda read it and thought it might be sitting in an archive on the internet somewhere and maybe you had already found it for me in a nostalgic moment.

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Yeah, that's a bit more... comprehensive.

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Could you please upload Space Patrol, and the Space Opera books? The adventure seeds in particular might be helpful for any kind of space game I end up running.

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Anyone got any arabian style stuff? Worldbuilding or otherwise

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Check out PDF related and this


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Thank you!

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Thanks bra

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requestin' that dungeon crawl folder, please

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Gunslingers and Gamblers
Criminals, Crimes, and Cruelty
Homicidal Transients
The Skull and Bones stuff
And the White Wolf folder.
Hope that's not too much.

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My White Wolf folder is here, it comprises stuff I've collected just because it interested me so it's varied in nature. It's all for OWoD.


Skull and Bones (d20 Pirate rpg):

Skull and Bones - Corsair ("the definitive d20 guide to ships"):

I'll upload the smaller pdfs as we go

Gunslingers and Gamblers, a well-researched Wild West rpg

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Very simple Mobsters rpg

>> No.34225269

Original published for the Marvel Super Heroes rpg, Criminals Crimes and Cruelty is a great aid for GMs designing villains and gangs.

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Originally published for the Marvel Super Heroes rpg, Criminals Crimes and Cruelty is a great aid for GMs designing villains and gangs.

>> No.34225299

Homicidal Transients, in which the PCs are literally murderhobos.

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Poison'd, a seedy, gruesome and extremely fun pirate rpg.

>> No.34225307


Can I get a link to all the Lotsastuff folders? I missed them last thread and foolz is now gone. :(

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Poison'd, a seedy, gruesome and extremely fun pirate rpg.

>> No.34225331

>I missed them last thread and foolz is now gone
I seriously feel your pain anon
here's the pastebin
also in PDF form


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Did they every do a Strawberry Shortcake one?

That would be very cool.

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Thank you!

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I was pretty bored so I made this

>> No.34225488

For what purpose

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>I now have a urge to run TurtlesQuest.
Guh, every time I get close to starting a quest something else cool pops into my mind and I get carried away with it.

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You, sir, are a saint.
If it's not too much to ask, can I also request Shell Shock, Stars Without Number, and the Dead Inside stuff?

>> No.34225759

Do you have Tomb of Horrors for 3.5 or pathfinder?

>> No.34225800

no probs
Shell Shock is technically a war rpg, but the full emphasis is really on simulating the psychological effects

Check this out, anon

>> No.34225817

SWN is a solid sci-fi rpg

>> No.34225835


Thanks mate, appreciate it.

>> No.34225848

I'm not too sure what Dead Inside's about, but it seems bleak and weird. Here's the core rules:


and expansion:


>> No.34225876

Thanks again, man.
You're a saint.

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No chance that you have "Dead Names: Lost Races and Forgotten Ruins" for Stars Without Number.

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Why doesn't /tg/ have threads like the Win-O ones on /co/?

Big list of /tg/ stuff we want, and we slowly work towards checking it off.

We can call it the Kender Surprise Thread or something.

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How do they organize that, exactly?
Does everything end up in one giant mediafire page, or what?

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They post the name of the comic and the DL link then direct everyone to foolz archives search for win-o threads and the comic they want.

Some people keep tabs of comic series, and post what still missing in that series, and some keep records of what was added each week.

It's not the best system, but those threads have been around for years so it works.

They also do the same in /co/'s Transformer Generals, which is more organized. Basically a pastebin with all the DL links.


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some Deadlands would be great
I've come under the impression that there's a version that's not Savage Worlds. If that's true, I'd like that one.

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/r/ing Other Dust, a Stars without Number Supplement

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Jamal's gonna get it.

>> No.34226989

/r/ing Mage: The Ascension, Mage the Awakening and Maelstrom.

>> No.34227047

I would love some cthulhu books !

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>> No.34227076


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If I could get your Mercenary Air Squadron and your Air War C21 books, that would be amazing.

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Monster Island is a fairly simple one, also fun as hell.


>> No.34228773

Medieval fantasy skirmish rules

>> No.34228849


Not him but here


>> No.34229085


Thanks, I love *World games. So easy to absorb and run.

>> No.34229195

You wan sum maid?

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Anyone got a good Anima: Beyond Fantasy thing?

>> No.34229513,1 [INTERNAL] 

Thank you muchly kind Sir.

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