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She was my one and only, /tg/, and now she's gone. Can we have a /tg/ funny thread to cheer me up? Thanks.

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So, did she leave you or is she dead? "Gone" is kind of ambiguous.

Also, who is she? Fewer pronouns, more proper nouns.

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Left me.

Her name's Alex. We were going out for 7 years. 7 years man. Since high school.

Everything was fine one day and the next she tells me she's leaving. Fuck, /tg/. This shit is hard.

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Your heart has a hole in it. Lolis can fit there. Go to the panda, seek comfort.

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Hmm. It's probably for the best.

High school relationships tend to stay in high school. Take solace in the fact that you would never be happy if she wasn't happy while she was with you.

Now you have a chance to be your own man. Spend the afternoon on Art of Manliness and you'll be fine.

Remember - she was a shitty girlfriend anyways.

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Here's a story about Cluwnes.

And butts.

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Usually a girl wants marriage before seven years of dating has passed, at least around here. Maybe she felt you weren't serious about your relationship and were taking her for granite?

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I realize this isn't /mu/ but you should download the album Celebration Rock by Japandroids.

It got me through the end of my 7 year relationship.

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>Art of Manliness

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Well, that sucks. I'm on my phone, so no folder of fun to post from, but you can at least have this virtual pat on the back and condolences. It'll hurt for a while, so good luck with that.

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I'm sorry for you, OP. Maybe don't sit too long in front of your computer looking at /tg/. Ask your friends to cheer you up, go play football or have a beer or stuff.

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loli is love, loli is life

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>Spend the afternoon on Art of Manliness and you'll be fine.
u havin a giggle, m8? Art of Manliness is beyond trash.

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he's asking for fun anon, provide fun

it may be difficult OP but you can get trough it, just don't be an elf

I don't have fun though
I'll hold the lolis here anyway for later

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fuck, that's how my first game of battlestar galactica board game went

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Do not listen to this anon. The path to lolis is a path of ruin. Seek out lolis, and you will become like all lolifags - a neckbeard and a borderline pedo, never again to fuck a real woman above the age of consent.

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I hope you feel better OP.

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Believe it or not, anon, I was once in your situation. The only difference was her name.

So let me tell you what's going to happen.

First, you're going to be a fucking mess. This will last a week to a month, depending on your friends. I recommend as much social activity with them as you can manage. Movies, video games, /tg/-approved activities, just hanging out. Minimize alone time.

Second, you're going to have a lot of feels. You're already experiencing that. How are the feels different from being a mess? Well, the reason you're a mess is because you're miserable. The feels are all the other shit. Missing her, wanting her, hating her, the what-ifs, the empty space, the things you think of and experience that you're used to sharing with her every day, but now you can't. It's awful. If you're a fitizen, pour it into your exercise. Pump up your tunes and shatter your records. If you don't like that kind of thing, at least start running. You need some physical activity to burn off the feels. At home, let yourself indulge. There's no shame in eating your feelings for a couple of weeks. (Ben & Jerry's and Taco Bell were my weaknesses.)

The next step is the rebound. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS IMPULSE. You will want to prove that you're over her as soon as possible, by finding someone else. THIS IS A TERRIBLE DECISION. You will regret it. WAIT. You've been with her for a long time, and at a point in your life that was supposed to be formative and discovery-based. You need time to figure out who you are without her. Rule of thumb is one month for every year you were together, plus one for good luck. That's eight months for you. MINIMUM. Do not engage any romance or sex during this period.

She left you. It happens. Better now than later, would have been nicer sooner.

You won't ever be over her completely. But eventually, you'll be able to go whole days without thinking of her at all. And that'll be progress.

It gets better, anon. For now, focus on you.

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I guess I lucked out, then. My girl loves lolis.

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They've got some pretty good articles on shaving

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you lucky bastard

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Unless you find the female lolifag. Note my usage of "the" instead of "a", for there is only one.

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Oh, and some funny.

>nat 1 perception vs nat 20 sneak

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No romance or sex for eight months? Are you fucking serious? I mean, no relationships, sure, but no romance or sex? Why should he be punished even more for this?

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All of the replies are my favorite part of that picture.

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...this.. This is my favourite card, and I now feel warm after reading this.
Guys pls halp

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He's at his most vulnerable right now, emotionally. Seven years out of high school is what, 24? 25? The kid needs time to figure out who he is WITHOUT getting his dick wet.

Anything he tries when the wound is still fresh will either leave him feeling like shit, because it isn't as good as things were at the high point of his last relationship, or it'll be like whiskey to a recovering alcoholic and he'll fall completely in love with the first new girl he fucks.

There's worse things in life than a few months without sex. He can use this time to focus on work, get in shape, learn new hobbies, and generally become the best person he can be without being part of someone else.

Plus, if he's fitter and more interesting, the sex will roll in when he's ready for it.

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A new anon here, that is basically the only thing I have seen from that site, but those are pretty good.

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Yeah, don't avoid females. Just keep it wrapped at all times.

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Even Youtube has good videos about shaving these days.

Just because some website might have some good technical advice doesn't mean you shouldn't be wary of the other articles and of the whole mentality. Which, in the case of AoM, is hilariously tryhard.

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Why would you need instructions on how to shave?

Wet razor, wet face, pass razor over surface of face. Once with the grain, once against. It isn't so hard.

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Oh I was just giving a recommendation to their shaving articles without acknowledging their other articles at all.

Here is a nice youtube playlist for anyone that wants to learn more about traditional shaving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjhIy9rgWQU&list=PL2DB6D82F52BA7608

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Furthermore, if you're interested in manliness, why would you shave?

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>No lathering soap/cream
>No using an alum block afterward
>Not even using aftershave

For me it is because I cannot grow a full beard. I get patches of thickness and patches of sparse hair.

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Well because I can't really grow a beard and because my wife much prefers a smooth face.

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Then post a link to a good video on shaving please

Im 23 and I still get rashes when shaving

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>listening to the marital jew

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Friend of mine started shaving after he got married. Said he "had nothing to prove anymore".

I just can't stand keeping one tidy. Easier to just not fuss about it and shave it off.

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wow its like you're not a neckbeard at all
aren't you ashamed?

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>I just can't stand keeping one tidy
But that's the point isn't it?
it's like a bonsai tree for your face

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OP here. Thanks for all the advice and funnies guys. Keep them coming.

You guys are like my anonymous brothers and sisters. You're the best board. Thanks.

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Lathering soap or shaving cream is to have the razor pass smoothly, but with a decent razor it is entirely unnecessary and a waste of time. A sharp razor does not need much lubricant. Warm water is enough to make it glide.

Alum block and aftershave are for soothing the nicks and cuts, which you won't get if you don't have Parkinson's Disease. What are you shaving with, sandpaper?

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Ahh, so it's the most manly way to be unmanly.


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A testosterone deficiency is a common problem among tabletop gamers.

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Bonsai trees are the yappy purse chihuahua of the plant world.

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Just watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall and get over it.

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Huh... That's surprisingly eloquent and reasonable advice, and exactly (almost word for word) the sort of thing I would also recommend.

Mind you, I'm a little less strict on the "No nothing with anyone". I see the point, but eh.

Anyhow, 7 years is a long long time, OP. What I would recommend is three fold:

Have some fun with your friends and people you like, so you're out amongst others and not solely alone with your headspace. Maybe even talk to them, about stuff like that. They're your friends and they care.

Be prepared for the hole in your daily routine, and try to find new things to fill it with if you think you want to. I'm not talking endless hedonistic discoparties (sure, if you like) but maybe running or drawing or somesuch. When I broke up with one of my long term girlfriends, I suddenly had so much extra time available because it was time I wasn't using with some other person, and it really threw me for a loop. So find something you might want to do, do it.

Thirdly, as more of a general thing, ignore people who insist that the fact your relationship ended with a break up means it was worthless and she was no good. That's more of a mental space thing, I find, because who cares about the opinion of others and there must have been a lot of good stuff for things to last 7 years. Moping with others who are a little bit bitter poison your head. I write that because that was the first thing several of my friends jumped straight to "Ah, you left her, anon, so I bet she was X Z Y C and also dumb".

It was fun, it's sad right now, and you'll get better in the future and have more fun with other people. Hurrah!

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Just remember OP: bitches ain't nuthin' but hoes and tricks.

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Anon, do you have friends?
Then you'll be fine. In my opinion at least, a girlfriend should be a friend as well. And when you lose a friend, you spend time with your other friends. That's why they're there.

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>people posting in this thread

If you're not calling OP a faggot and telling him to fuck off and go to /adv/ or /soc/ or /lgbt/, you're doing it wrong.

/tg/ is not some sort of shit dump where dumbshits can just dump shit, and it's certainly not a support group for whiny babies.

You want hugbox? Then fuck off, and go to somewhere where people are okay with you being a shitstain who thinks that a traditional games board is his personal place to moan and bitch.

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Smoke some weed, rub one out, you'll be fine.

If you refuse to accept this time-honored cure to Dat-Bitch-Be-Gone Syndrome, you're on your own.

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Pic selected worked for me.

My gf of 4 years left me for the magic judge in our local store. From m12 to m13, at every event we would play - draft on tuesday and friday, tournaments and such, he would give her a bye and sneak out to fuck.

After I found an appartment for her, she bought it with him and broke up.

Thing is: nothing better could have happened to me, (breaking up with her, I mean) thinking back to it.
Good luck bro, you can do this.

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You're new to this board, aren't you? Don't worry we'll still let you chill here.

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>being this gay

Why don't you fuck off, Mr. "I've been here all summer so I must be an oldfag"?

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Dude, calm yourself. /tg/ does what /tg/ wants to do, and this is (apparently) what /tg/ wants to do. You don't like it? Hide the thread and look at another one.

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>Calling others summerfags
>Doesn't even know that this thread has happened countless times before on /tg/
Really, bro? 4/10, you got two posts out of me.

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/tg/ does what it wants to do?
That's nice and all, but you wanting to be a fag doesn't mean I have to stop calling you a fag, and you wanting me to stop hurting your precious feelings won't stop me from calling you out on your shit.

This is not the first of these shitty "Cheer me up /tg/" threads, and it's because of idiots like you that it likely won't be the last.

But, just like I can't stop you from being a sack of shit, you have no power or ability to actually make these threads anything other than a waste of space, because you are not even remotely discussing traditional games and all you're doing is encouraging every guy who goes through a break up to post the news on /tg/ like it's their personal blog.

So, yeah, /tg/ does whatever it wants to. But some people act intelligently and try to make this board a good place to find quality tabletop discussion, and then there's you guys who just want to shit and shit and shit like koala on laxatives.

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>No romance or sex for eight months?
Y-Yeah, s-so hard, r-right guys?

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Yep, that's us. And we enjoy it. So how about you just shut up and go back to /v/, the grown-ups are talking.

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Thin your paints

And by thin your paints I mean have a wank

Outside her house

Then call her a slut

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>being this condescending when you drink your own piss and sleep with your father

And this is why you won't ever change, and why you are a shitstain on /tg/ that needs to be bleached out.

Seriously. Fuck you, and fuck your "Hey, let's make /tg/ our personal blog!" mentality.

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It could be worse.
It could yet another quest thread.

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>hating on quests
Nice try to divert attention, but it still doesn't magically change this thread into anything other than a pathetic pity party for a bunch of brainless and ball-less bitches.

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you seem mad

>> No.34207197

'Kay. Have fun being mad at discussions on the internet!

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> Hating on that kind of shit threads but not on the cancer that are quest threads.
You're bad.

>> No.34207225

It effectively is a quest thread Anon, a really poorly structure one with a really shitty plotline.

Admittedly, I'm not sure its the worst of that genre of shit.

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Welcome to /tg/, where anger is CELEBRATED.

So, fuck you, you shit-drinking, fart-sniffing, dress-wearing living flaw, and fuck you for ever thinking you have ever had anything worth posting.

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>Where anger is celebrated
...no it isn't. The Angry Marines are a joke. Nobody actually takes them seriously.

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>still trying

This is why you're called "cancer."

The only cure is removal.
Please radiate yourself, you malignant tumor.

>> No.34207307

That's /v/. The Angries are a joke, just so much as the Clean Marines are.
Have you been worshipping Khorne again, Anon?

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It's not about the marines, it's about the idea that /tg/ had no problems with getting angry when the situation demanded. Righteous Anger is a virtue just as much as Senseless Wrath is a sin, and getting angry because people have a choice between being smart and being stupid and they decide to take the dumb route is a proper time to get angry.

You make me angry, because the only person who can stop you from being an idiot is yourself, and you won't ever stop because you're too far up your own ass to ever try.

You'd improve the world if you never posted again, but nothing will encourage you to do so, because you're a permanent shiteater.

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I'm not even any of these fags you're calling faggots and I agree with you that these threads shouldn't be on /tg/. Stop being such a moron.

>> No.34207424

did you build asshole decks and obliterated their asses every time you went back to the store?

>> No.34207446

So you're saying the situation demands righteous anger... because you don't like it?
You, and you alone?

>> No.34207484 [DELETED] 

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess all the context clues you left really let me see deep into your psyche and understand your profound message, but I was too distracted by the way you were trying so desperately to act like something completely unrelated to the topic at hand had some sense of resemblance.

Quest threads are threads you have no interest in (and nor do I) that are overwhelming in number and underwhelming in quality, but they do or did have a place on /tg/.

These shit threads NEVER belonged here.

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Well, shaving opens your pores, so aftershave actually cleans out your pores and makes for a more sanitary shave in general. Bitch.

>> No.34207553

> quest threads belong on /tg/

>> No.34207589

They do, we're quest containment board, like it or not. Well, unless they feature blatant tentacle lewdness or colorful cartoony horses.

>> No.34207631

Men, you know, the thread would have been far better and far more \tg\-oriented without all that quarrelling.

>> No.34207848 [DELETED] 


People digging up old and tired threads, as if they had any right, proudly displaying their aged corpses while shouting "Look! This is how /tg/ was before we came and shit it up!"

Or, perhaps some wonderful post of the new /tg/ content?
Those wonderfully mediocre stories that are at best "You had to be there" tales and at worst "You'd be better off if you weren't there" stories?

Or, perhaps it would continue to go as it was proceeding, which was a group of people mistaking the letters "T" and "G" for "A", "D", and "V".

Fuck off, you, this thread was shit, and nothing would save it, you pinkninny.

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>Someone is sad, wants happy posts
>We usually have a funny/screencap thread running
>Anons start yelling at each other
I'll post some cute animals then move on to some silly stuffs, OP

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The Mods said so, and thus it shall be until revoked by the power of the Mods

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And for the love of Christ, communicate your issues with a close friend, I was in your spot once and one night it got so bad I was pondering jumping off the roof of the apartment building.

Instead I called a friend and got drunk and kept going.

Friends are mandatory here.

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OP, relationship are like dice. Not that there outcomes are random. I mean, that's not the relevant thing.

You only get anything out of one if you choose pick it up and give it a throw.

Maybe you roll badly and it's not something you dwell on.

Maybe you roll well and things are wonderful. And you like that dice. And it becomes your favourite.

And you like having a favourite dice.

And then one day you roll it and it rolls out of sight. AND IT NEVER COMES BACK.

It's a dice. Your feelings for it are a projection of you, not the properties of the dice.

Consider: if you find that dice again - if it comes back - don't you risk realising it's not as much a gain as the loss you thought you experienced when it was gone? Like Lucan Valerius getting back his golden claw and realising... "funny... not as big as I remember it?" Yes yes TES is vidya I'll go throw myself down the basement back to the disgusting vg hole of shame when I'm finished.

It sucks she's gone up, but it doesn't suck as much as you're acting. Concentrate on other stuff. The golden claw, your favourite dice, they're not worth obsessing over and letting rule you.

Same for a relationships that don't work out happily ever after. The story isn't finished and the adventure isn't over.

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Oh trust me anyone on this board have had longer dry spells than 8 months.

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>coming to /tg/ for relationship advice

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>> No.34208039

It's not a dry spell if you've never gotten wet.

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Go watch Legend of the Galactic heroes! Gives you something to do and think about.

On another note, go and socialize with good friends. Dont feel ashamed in asking them, they will want to help you. Go play vidya, football, hide and seek, whatever, just go and do something.

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On another note, here are some motherfocking bears

>> No.34208223

Oh and it's quite gay sometimes, no touching or kissing, just weird tensions

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>> No.34208247


>But some people act intelligently and try to make this board a good place to find quality tabletop discussion

>quality tabletop discussion

Jesus you really are new son.

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>> No.34208277

Out of cute animals, going with some screencaps, but not all are /tg/ related

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Well Then it's still a dry spell that's lasted your entire life.

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Why did someone replace all instances of "in" with "Twinkleberries?"

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>> No.34208369

>cleaning pores
you know what to do

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Have some cute stuff buddy!

>> No.34208389

This will make you temporarily insane in Call of Cthulhu.

>> No.34208391

Because they did

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>> No.34208476

Now to make with the funnies yes?

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>> No.34208524


>> No.34208548

Here's one I made myself but have yet to find a reason to post it


When will they learn?

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>> No.34208560


I will never stop laughing now.

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>> No.34208683


There there, son, it'll be okay.

On that note, good luck, OP.

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>> No.34208715

Aw, poor dragon.

>> No.34208717

Yeah, that's more or less what he's saying.

'the guy asked for a humor thread and mentioned his personal sadness, this makes everything bad forever I hate you and I am just so sad inside guys and so angry and I just don't know how to handle it so I lash out like this"

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>> No.34208737


not even once, Satan

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>> No.34208787


>> No.34208812


>> No.34208834

erp is weird

>> No.34208850


>> No.34208874


>> No.34208891


>> No.34208896

>mfw I remember that thread
>mfw I recognise my post in the screencaps

>> No.34208956


>> No.34208987


>> No.34209015


>> No.34209037

Does Tomoko have a blush of arousal or embarrassment in remembrance of this event?

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>> No.34209066


>> No.34209079


>> No.34209101


>> No.34209125

This is more /k/ related than /tg/, but what the hell...

>> No.34209126


>> No.34209148


>> No.34209163


>> No.34209197

And that's my good ones!
I hope at least one of these manages to make you smile, OP, or at least feel a bit better

>> No.34209268

Is this actually a thing?
This needs to be a thing.

>> No.34209286

It is.

>> No.34209319

Here, anon. This is a tale of another in the same situation as you. Let his tale heal your pain

>> No.34209466

>> No.34209486

That sucks man. Have some cute.

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>> No.34209561


>> No.34209574

PDF here

>> No.34209581

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>> No.34209672

>> No.34209683


>> No.34209749

>> No.34209874


>> No.34209984


>> No.34209997

>> No.34210000

Some very manly men have jobs requiring respirators, which do not provide a tight seal over a beard.

>> No.34210202


>> No.34210251

That sucks. Hang in there anon. Reach out to your friends they will help a lot.

>> No.34210273


>> No.34210415

Your lack of punctuation has angered the gruffs.

>> No.34210599

It's somewhere between /tg/ and /v/, but I sure would love a game based on it.

>> No.34210790

i fell in love with a girl in highschool and she said i was great but not "her type" because i wasn't raised catholic. for a whole year i hit on her endlessly and towards the end i became a gross human being when i was desperate and i knew that i would graduate.i would heavily hint at suicide when i wouldn't be able to see her and my "pick-up lines" got very sexual in nature. well a few months ago i graduated and since this girl is a sheltered hermit she has no cell-phone, email, or any social media whatever i have no way to contact her.

this whole time ive been holding myself back from creepin on her (i know when and where she goes to church) and its been driving me insane. i think yesterday was the closest of got to going i was actually going nutts.

i haven't showered in a week and my hair is greasy and unkempt (long hair past my nipples) my shirt and pants smell and have holes in them but i decide i need to go grocery shopping and why would i get done up for people i dont know.
well today was the first day i met mary since i graduated i looked and smelled like a homeless man. we said hi and she said she had to go before we could really talk. i wanted to collapse and cry at her feet and it was still the happiest ive been in a long time.

>> No.34210836

I'm breaking out all the stops for you, OP. I think I'm going to be headed in the same direction soon. I love her to death, and she does, too, but we've both graduated college, we're both nurses, and we want different futures.

Here's an oldie, but a goodie.

>> No.34210873


Not an image, but it's an awesome story.

>> No.34210893

Jesus Christ man
take care of yourself before wanting to take care of someone else

>> No.34210943

>> No.34210959

If I had space in my PF campaign, I'd definitely invite you to join my players, OP.

>> No.34210982

Get your shit together, man. You've identified you have a problem, which is good, but you gotta do something about it. You can't keep on doing this shit.

>> No.34211012


>> No.34211107

You're doing God's work, son.

>> No.34211136

Hey, OP? Remember: you're still one.

You're still a whole person. With all the things that a person is entailed with. Just because she left your life, doesn't mean you are less.

>> No.34211172

Hey OP, you ever play any d20 system games?

Tell us some stories.

>> No.34211279

This reminds me of the time my character (basically voodoo Jon Coffey from the Green Mile) got jumped by a child gang in Deadlands and beat one of them to death using his best friend as a club.

>> No.34211543

Hey anon. This happened to me on Thursday night, after four years. Exact same thing, it all ended at once with no warnings, no chances to fix anything. I've hardly eaten since. My heart goes out to you, anon.

>> No.34211595

It happened to me after 3 years, 3 days ago.

Cheers to you mate. It can only get better from here.

>> No.34211868

sorry i won't buy you a full art Etched Champion alter
i'm sure you can get one online

>> No.34212082

Don't mail OP your heart, that's kind of weird.

And fatal.

>> No.34212145

>shall we try laying a trap
i'd LOVE to lay a trap

>> No.34212197

You know what would help? Getting your shit together. Showering, getting a haircut, cleaning your clothes, cleaning your place, going to a gym, etc.

Gym would be a good hobby for you. Working out would be something useful to do instead of moping around all fucking day.

>why would i get done up for people i dont know.
Because "I don't care" is not a valid reason to be a pathetic case. Because believe it or not, THEY know YOU. You're the guy with stupid long hair and dirty clothes who smells.

In this world, anon, there are people. LOTS of people. And you have to get used to interacting with strangers. People you know are people who used to be strangers. But if you never make an effort to be at least presentable towards strangers, you're going nowhere.

>> No.34212243


>> No.34212348


I like the cut of this guy's jib.
Hope you find some peace soon, OP.

>> No.34212390


>not explaining the rules whilst setting up

You had it coming.

>> No.34212438 [DELETED] 

I think you should ✔ out something a little more redeeming than Penny Arcade, that comic sucks.

>> No.34212636

Does anyone remember that time when a thread's text sort of became all spoilers or something and we then started rolling weird dice combos like -1 and 0 and such?

Good times.

>> No.34212743

Rolled (1d0)

I remember that!

>> No.34212887


>> No.34213515

>> No.34215956

There's no AC where I work and I sweat enough as it is.

Besides, I have a Jeffrey Dahmer Mustache

>> No.34217104

'dat projection

>> No.34217306

I'm in the military, and am thus forced to shave.

>> No.34218001

4 months free my man, i've been living life like im a goddamn 20th level bard; 5th edition. Heres what you're going to do...

>>stop this bullshit, on /tg we are about gaming not making you feel better, though a grace thread is allowed
>>Go have some fun with some friends, people to support you for like 1-2 weeks go to bars, go out to eat, concerts, whatever you do to have fun. then you must accept it and move on.
still having trouble with this step? buy the break-up cure. worked for me, worked for everyone i give it to.
>>Go get a home workout set (free weights, benchpress, squat etc)
If you cannot do this/don't know how to workout, go to a gym get some workout classes with a trainer.
>>WORK THE FUCK OUT, but do aesthetics, not athletic, you're not doing this to win anything, just to look good, and more importantly FEEL GOOD.
It will be hard but you need to realize she left you for a reason, and that reason i almost guarantee was she had either too much shit to deal with, or you couldn't keep her.
cut the fat, cut all the things in your life you really don't need.
>>cut out everything related to her. everything. Have mutual friends? they are either your friends or her friends you will know which ones favor you more
>>don't [i repeat] DON'T fucking talk to her
don't for any reason have any communication with her, shes gone and you're going to be a different person, a better one. a happier one and you're going to be more than okay after the initial bullshit.

the workout is also to help you look better in preparation for when you're eventually ready to start looking for dating partners again, you'll have an edge because you'll look and BE fit.

now wipe those tears away my boy, NO TEARS ONLY DREAMS

>> No.34218740


the last thing you need to do is to get the right appearance, the right hair cut, the right clothes that actually fit you and make YOU look good. because if you've been going to the gym with a trainer to look good, you'll look good about 3-4 months

at that point you'll look so good and feel so good. from there either 1 of about 3 things happen

1 you get over her
2 you get over her and you find someone else
3 she comes back to you

IF #3 OCCURS you now have won the break up. choice is yours, take her back because you love this girl, leave her because you can now do much better.

love is the game and i just gave you a walkthrough, you can still fail, you can strive away, and ultimately there are plenty of other things you can do to mess this up/ things i can'y foresee but you now have a shot. a fighting chance. so get out there and get em. i know you're better than this. and deep down, though maybe not right now, but deep down, you know you are too.

See you in Valhalla.

>> No.34222254


>> No.34222681


>> No.34224829


>> No.34225133

Here's a song for you

>> No.34225406

Sex without any romance behind it is barely better than jacking off, and ten times less enjoyable after orgasm. He should be waiting before getting back into romance, and therefore should be waiting before getting laid.

>> No.34225449

He should be doing whatever the fuck he wants.
He wants to go on the rebound and pull a double header like a madcunt chewing pingas then he should.
If he wants to take a break, then he should.

>> No.34225459

>> No.34225473

Sure, but he'll regret it and be worse off for it.

>> No.34225490

>> No.34225503

>> No.34225509

>> No.34225521

>> No.34225529

>> No.34225542

>> No.34225550

>> No.34225553

>Sure, but he'll regret it and be worse off for it.
The only way he could regret it is if he contracted an STD.
Besides, that wasn't my point, my point is that he should do what he wants. The first step towards happiness is selfishness, which may seem dumb, but it's not. You do something because you want to, not because you're trying to impress someone or because someone told you to, but because you want it.
Bettering yourself because you want to prove someone wrong might make you happy for an instant, but at the end of the day it's unsustainable and you're still doing it because of the person.
Bettering yourself because someone told you will make you resent them. Which again is unsustainable.Unless you're a kid and your parents make you do it, in which case it's usually beneficial.

My point is that no matter what OP does it should be what he wants, not what anons on the internet think he should do, not because of someone else, but because he can. He's free to do whatever the fuck he wants.

>> No.34225563

>> No.34225580

Aaaaand she came back to me today.

I'm not sure I should be happy, but I am.

>> No.34225582

>> No.34225590

>> No.34225598

Haha, Doc Jed was the only one who could have survived it,

>> No.34225613

>> No.34225627

>> No.34225633

>> No.34225640

>> No.34225665

>> No.34225682

>> No.34225685


This is the best gift that I can ever give you anon.

Now go drown yourself in some pussy. Before you know it, you'll wonder why you ever settled for her for so long.

>> No.34225705

>> No.34225723

Man, and I thought that 4chan was full of rage.

>> No.34226035

You know, we should actually have a fa/tg/uy signal, could be useful.

>> No.34226183


Seconded. I was about to post it myself. Cheers, anon. It helped me in my greatest time of need.

>> No.34226299

Am I the only one that likes girls with short hair? Makes them seem more aggressive.

>> No.34226337

Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d6)

Congrats! What did she say about the down time?

>> No.34226535

I don't know about the aggressive part, but if the girl can rock it, short hair is hot.

>> No.34226712

The fuck was in those shakes?
The only time I've ever taken a shit that bad was after I ate some bad peanut sauce. It was like barfing from the wrong hole. Food came out undigested.

>> No.34226720

>some weed

Stopped there.

>time-honored cure

Maybe for fucking degenerates.

>> No.34226794

>lathering soaps
>alum block

What kind of fucking baby-faced manlet are you? I don't even use shaving cream anymore.

>> No.34228654

Its like this guy is blogging my thoughts.

>> No.34230556

We will never know...

>> No.34232196

That she was confused and sad and thought breaking up would help but it just made things worse and that she's very sorry.

Also, she got a job as a nude model for an art class, so now I have official bragging rights.

>> No.34235345

Get a hold of yerself goddamit.

>> No.34235574

Police that mustache!

>> No.34236317

Wow, that's hilarious.

Thanks, that did cheer me up.

>> No.34236400

That's right though. Most of the *tips fedora* meme is mocking people who wear fedoras without the appropriate clothing. You need to dress up with it, but it can be pulled off.

>> No.34237194

Anybody got the screencap of Saint Rogers?

>> No.34238535


I infinitely prefer short haired women.

>> No.34240673

Good job, buddy. Hope the sex is as good as you remember.

>> No.34240779

That is amusing. Anyone who corrects him is obviously a brony.

>> No.34240843

shit the love of my life is named Alexa and we have been dating from highschool onward. Ar-are you me from the future ?
My alexa is fat ca/tg/irl who is a shit dm and forced me to take over and into forever gm'ing

>> No.34241496


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