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Does the Necron Tomb do anything?

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You need a notice from an Inquisitor that they have reason to believe "the Necron Tomb on world X have started to awaken" and then proceed to bomb it with plasma. If you don't then that planet is donesies.

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Be on the lookout if your game killing bug mentions and "alarm5". The Duke wants one of those saves specifically.

>> No.34188505

reading the manual
of FAQ type for FAQ 13
for object anon_faggot:

DoSet :: Invalid levels of intelligence
at gml_Object_obj_controller_FAQ_13

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>d-don't remind us that this sweet ride is going t-to end any time now

Cry harder, stay mad, and remember I'll be laughing when it happens.

>> No.34188561

holy shit my CM has a raging murderboner for the mutants

>> No.34188571

Email Duke you shitnugget

Anyone have a clear pastebin of them weapon stats?

>> No.34188587

Like we care what you think. We have what we have, and we're happy to have it. If it ends? Well, all things end someday.

I do believe you have missed the joke, friend. Might want to reread the bug report.

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But the necron =][= quest can't be completed.

>> No.34188620

Sorry, just reacted to the look

>> No.34188624

People have been completing it recently

>> No.34188760

So I'm currently bombarding a world with about 400 million corrupt pdf troops. killing about 20 mil at a time/ Got a force of about 3 companies, will i be annihilated if I raid them?

>> No.34188822

>shadow in the warp
Uh oh.

>> No.34188827

>Isstvan system
>There is no Isstvan 3

>> No.34188851

Try sending a Crusade over there.
Like, as soon as you possibly can.

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Does the attack function work if I have marines stationed on a planet with hostile forces? I can't seem to click the button.

>> No.34189058

Not so far, it seems.

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Nope, but you can park your troops on a world, and once there are no more PDF or Imperial Guard remaining, the enemy will assault you directly.

>> No.34189135

To arms, Scout Company!

>> No.34189200

Ha! The necrons gave up!

>> No.34189215

Guardsmen are paper, anon.

>> No.34189216

Well then.

>> No.34189267

HAHA, wow.
Nostramo is a barren, dead world, just a hunk of rock.

>> No.34189293

Help us

>> No.34189300

Kill it. Kill it dead. Murder it until it dies and then kill it. Alternatively, if you're playing Smurfs, try making it an recruit world and see robot guilible roll over in his stasis pod

>> No.34189347

That must've been some crazy punch.

>> No.34189483


Do you think Duke added in formulas so some of the worlds have an increased chance of being the same as their 40k counterparts?

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Never got pass the Doomsday Arc myself, got stuck there and have to reloaded my game but the mission didn't start. Always take meltaguns, multi-meltas, chainfists and thunder hammers went hitting a tomb world.

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it's a 1000 man unite fist

>> No.34189546


Nostramo is always a dead rock.

>> No.34189565


So in the Great Crusade Expansion it'll be a Night World?

>> No.34189619

New server message.

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He's the obvious decoy. There's probably a dozen more Alpharius hiding in your chapter. Best start screening all your marines now, before the shit hits the fan.

>> No.34189830

But Alpharius is kill, anon.

>> No.34189848

>Europe asleep, Americans back to home from day of work
Crying and hate speech about the chapter master

>Americans asleep, Europe wakes up or get back to home from work earlier than americans
Praise the Omnissiah, Emperor of Mankind and Duke for delivering game better than anything after DoW1, what a good lad for makin us such a treat.

Basicly what I see sitting here for about 15 hours a day at home or work, why is that

>> No.34189868

No hate so far, you scumridden heretic cumrag

>> No.34189876

I must always bet on Duke

But Duke is kill

If I bet on Duke being kill, is Duke kill?

>> No.34189878

So, put everyone on a planet and bomb it from orbit?

>> No.34189889

America is awake right now dude. I'm not seeing much crying.

>> No.34189899

>implying it isn't fucking mixed up between NEETs and people staying up late and/or posting from work

Don't try to start some /int/ /pol/ shitposting you scum

>> No.34189901

Stop. Just stop. Look in the IRC for two seconds and you will see he's there, and active.

>> No.34189904

Duke is in the IRC asking for savefiles right now dude.

>> No.34189911

America just got back from work, and I'm seeing no hate.

>> No.34189930

It's 5 in the afternoon over here and this thread is fine, fuck you.

>> No.34189940

>Americans asleep, Europe back to home from day of work
Crying and hate speech about the chapter master

>Europe asleep, Americans wake up or get back to home from work earlier than americans
Praise the Omnissiah, Emperor of Mankind and Duke for delivering game better than anything after DoW1, what a good lad for makin us such a treat.

Basicly what I see sitting here for about 15 hours a day at home or work, why is that

>> No.34189955

It's a bot assholes

>> No.34189988

Then it's a very smart bot who can answer any questions people may have about the game.

>> No.34190050

Duke was always a bot

>> No.34190094

That's what he wants you to think.

>> No.34190098

How do you get to the view screen which shows your chapter masters kills?

>> No.34190151

It's the green info button on the left of the chapter masters name.

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>> No.34190226

Just get CheatEngine.
Then tech those tyranids the power of the Emperor.

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>yes I read manual

>> No.34190284

Apparently 6 systems in a small area are all host to necron tombs.

>> No.34190304

I am european >>34189868
And fuck your queen.

>> No.34190367

Is it possible to ever heal your marines? My chapter masters health was 59.60% so i waited 2 turns, then 5, then 10. Never went back up, I read the FAQ, he was even aboard the Battle Barge.

>> No.34190563

Need to fucking be able to bomb Necron Tombs soon. Got one on the goddamn dead planet next to my recruiting world.

>> No.34190601

Are you retarded?

>> No.34190689

Oh god they're waiting to rape me.

>> No.34190849

I am interested in using CE on CM too, I seem to bug whenever I buy a battle barge or recruiting world. Would you tell me the process?

>> No.34190900


Purge this wretched world Brother, and purge the purge you did to be sure.

>> No.34190908

It's released, for free, online

Shit dude, gw can pump out C&D's as much as they like, someone will now always have a copy they'll upload

It's immortality

>> No.34190924

Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

>> No.34190949

First time finding an eldar craft world, decided to pick a fight.
What the fuck is that speed.

>> No.34190980

Doe anyone have the pastbin on how to edit the files in the game? I've tried using notepad ++ to no avail, and since I don't know what the games is made with I'm not having much luck.

>> No.34191102

clearly the solution is blow the planet the fuck up.

do it the best way possible, land the entire chapter and start orbital bombardment each turn.
death or glory, praise the Emperor

>> No.34191194

How do you organise your fleet? On my first game things were pretty quiet and splitting it wasn't a problem, but second time round I got fucked up by all the Tau fleets flying around and just ended up quitting when i lost 300 marines in a naval battle. I normally load 3-4 companies in each and leave the rest on the homeplanet.

>> No.34191310

How fast do marines heal and where do skitarii go when you get them?

>> No.34191312

what the fuck is a "lexicanum" and why should I care if I lose one in battle?

>> No.34191342

RIP Duke
RIP Chapter Master

It was great while it lasted. ;_;

>> No.34191343

Strategic Staff under companies.

It's a chaplain rank.

>> No.34191356

New update out, I guess

>> No.34191373

Dude he released a new version just thins minute.

>> No.34191418

>just thins minute

>> No.34191460

So there's a barren, empty, DEAD Daemon world, and a world with ZERO corruption right next to it with over 70 billion people. Should I make that a recruiting world? Note, it has a HUEG Imperial Navy hovering around it.

>> No.34191484

It was an unusually thin minute.

>> No.34191541

what? where?

>> No.34191542

He's alive ya twat. He updated the game.

>> No.34191603

Any info on what this update did?

>> No.34191648

Began work on the Farseer romance and added a sex scene for the SoB route.

>> No.34191655

Update time

>> No.34191663

A psyker

>> No.34191672

Autocannons renamed.
Various bugfixes.
All crashes should be gone*.
Did some behind-the-scenes stuff for combat.
Crap I forget.

>> No.34191683

Oops I mean update time.

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>> No.34191768

fantastic, thanks douk

>> No.34191783

But what did the update... do?

>> No.34191813

>All crashes should be gone*.

>> No.34191838


>> No.34191844


I'll take a look at the purging script again.

>> No.34191845


>> No.34191858

Did he fix the bug where loading marines on ships sends them to your main first Cruiser when it's travelling?

>> No.34191877

I swear this is the second time I've come across these guys in multiple games, and I have no fucking clue what they do. I'm not entirely sure I want to know what they're up to.

>> No.34191893

They're there to spread Carney-ge

>> No.34191900

guys, it's clearly a troll, like when i made up the dreadnought on a bike thing.

>> No.34191905

Thank you.

>> No.34191909

>Autocannons renamed.

Why? Autocannon isn't a trademarked name.

>> No.34191954

Autocannons were renamed to Assault cannons. It's not a trademark issue, it's a lore/technicality issue.

>> No.34191990


Cowards! 80 billion souls dedicated to the emperor currently live in that world. Until a single of those lives remain that planet is not lost. Take It Back. For the Emperor.

>> No.34192016


Oh yeah, the Legions used Autocannons, but the chapters don't any longer.

Vehicles and Dreads don't seem to do much thus far in CM. WIll that change?

Are there options for the various Land Raiders like the Promethius, Helois and Crusader?

And could Relic Vehicles like Spartans, Typhons and Fellblades be added in later? It's mentioned in IAII that some chapters still have Fellblades and the like and use them for emergencies. Imagine having a Fellblade in your forces.

>> No.34192037

Nonono, the world NEXT to it houses the 70 billion.
The Daemon world is barren.

>> No.34192095

they do use autocannons, just duke had confused the names of the assault cannon and autocannon in previous builds. the game never had anything to represent proper autocannons. Even the in-combat description for the then-autocannon-now-assault cannon described asscannon stuff.

>> No.34192106


Oh! If its barren then its OK to bomb the living shit out it.

>> No.34192161

No, I'm asking if I should set up a recruiting world on the billions planet. Bombarding the Daemon world does jack shit, tehre is literally nothign there. I'm just ask asking if it's safe to set it up.

>> No.34192277

Hey stranger in an open thread, spreadin' despair with yer open dread
I tell ya if you troll any more, there'll be nothin' left worth hypin' for!

>> No.34192362

So, my Battle Barge got swallowed up by the Warp, but i could dissembark my CM and the rest of the Cargo in a ramdom planet. But the Battle Barge is nowhere to be found.

Except in the fleet menu.

>> No.34192410

Or when you load them on a ship and they get teleported to another ship that's just sitting on another system

>> No.34192440

Thank you.

>> No.34192508

Doesn't look like it. That's the fix I'm REALLY waiting for. It sets my OCD into overdrive.

>> No.34192528

>> No.34192531

What's Duke's email? Got an alarm5 when trying to override a save

>> No.34192553

[email protected]

>> No.34192583

Calm down, and don't shit on people trying to do the right thing.

All it says is FAQ, which isn't common code for "this also contains a key email that you should have".

Usually FAQ means frequent questions *about the game*.

>> No.34192618

Where are the Eldar ambassador pics from?

>> No.34192622

It's the first line of the page, though, which should be read, regardless if you have questions about the game or not

>> No.34192689

Is there an easier way to load companies into Ships than clicking on each individual marine? I've been loading small task forces onto frigates and escorts, but there's shit going down and I need to have a chapter on the move, and that's a craptonne of clicking.

>> No.34192750

I'd consider making it more explicit in the next thread, is all. Just having a simple line of text saying BUG REPORTS GO HERE: would be very useful to people.

Hell, I've already even typed it out for you, just copy and pasta. :)

>> No.34192766

How do you repair Dreadnoughts? I've had mine sitting on my homeworld for ages now and they still haven't be repaired one bit.

>> No.34192775

can i get the cap where duke says he hates tripfagging when it's not neccesary

>> No.34192811

But he's not tripping.

>> No.34192865

Forgot to take my name off, cool your tits.

>> No.34193031

My Marines keep eating the orks after they kill them... It's kinda cool

>> No.34193231

so then I'm the only one who see's the houses drawn in the name field in>>34192689

>> No.34193248

s'cool, but do you have the cap or not

>> No.34193255

That's not a trip.

>> No.34193265

>mfw I keep accidentally engaging in fleet combat with the Imperium

>> No.34193273

Just you wait, they will eat the PDF, guard and the inquisitor representative soon enough.

Then you will have some !FUN!

>> No.34193289

No, unfortunately. I get where you're coming from, though. I don't trip without reason.

>> No.34193297

I was just doing an inquistor quest, to get to this place before a heretic inquistor shows up, and blow her out of the sky, when i got the event, it allowed me to hear her out, and then either destroy, search her ship or let her loose. The search option seemed to not work, are there many events like this with a few options not yet completed?

>> No.34193298


>> No.34193316

>> No.34193333

I haven't fight against the eldar whats the best way to find their craftworld?

>> No.34193352

I like you, anon

>> No.34193367

Thank's guy, now I'm digging out all my music.
Also, FUCK

>> No.34193389

When I'm trying to bombard a planet, sometimes I accidentally click to engage in fleet combat. I have nerve damage in my right shoulder, so I look like Michael J Fox with the mouse

>> No.34193417

Every other time I try to save, it crashes my game. THANKS, OBAMA

>> No.34193433

he's there to help the armies of the glorious false emperor!

>> No.34193435

They don't show up very often.

>> No.34193504


Damn, I wanted fight in a craftworld kill all the eldar inside and bomb the empty shell like a space hulk. BTW those need rewards inside of them or at least make it a mission to cleanse them.

>> No.34193513

>Ork presence extreme on Hive World with population of 7 billion
>bombard with 8 cruisers
>all 7 billion die
>orks only reduced one stage
Glad we're so efficient

>> No.34193558

Now go down there and purge them like a man.

>> No.34193559

A single Chapter purging a whole craftworld isn't exactly common in the lore.

>> No.34193599

That just means that orks are tougher than humans. Every Imperial knows this, of course, how else would the xenos scum have thrived so well?

It's just like any other fungus, tough, but otherwise without value. Just keep hitting them, soldier.

>> No.34193629

I traveled to a system with a planet that has an artifact, and a Warp Storm opened up right when I got there. Do I GTFO?

>> No.34193675

You can't

>> No.34193713

>planet has 5.68 billion
>heresy is at 1%
>orbital bombardment
>planet's population is 0.11 billion
>heresy at 0%

>> No.34193740

So what do I do?

>> No.34193743

Oh Douk, you silly bastard

>> No.34193805

Better that a billion should die, than one heretic live.

>> No.34193848

Okay, maybe Tina Turner DOES have something on me.

>> No.34193854

My entire fleet is 17 turns away and a Space Hulk appears over my home system. What do?

>> No.34193874

and a small ork fleet decided to join the party

>> No.34193893


>> No.34193894

How do I make my sector commander like me more?
All my dashing heroics are doing nothing.

>> No.34193904


>> No.34193944

Every time I try to save, the game crashes. Chapter Master a shit

>> No.34193958

>Spacemans still teleporting to ships across the sector
I'm dying inside

>> No.34193968

Have you sent your reports to Duke?

>> No.34193973

>waaah I'm playing a free game made for this community by one guy

>> No.34194010

Wow, and a few heretic fleets just appeared out of nowhere. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!

>> No.34194053

8 cruisers, 3 battleships, and 22 escorts vs my 8 cruisers and 10 escorts. It was nice knowing you, gentlemen, but it looks like the Coyotes are disappearing today

>> No.34194055

Well, there goes all the most veteran band members.
M-maybe my progenitor chapter Gee Dubya will lend a hand!

>> No.34194083

What does it mean if your home system has no name?

>> No.34194141

Alpharius is your Chapter Master.

>> No.34194167

Wait until warp storm is gone
then purge the heresy

>> No.34194177

It took 35 turns, but the storm went away, I purged any heresy. Saved and game crashed. FUCK

>> No.34194218

B-but his name is Homo.

>> No.34194354

its always alpharius. every time.

>> No.34194365

Just wanted to mention the manuel listed in the OP is not up to date.

>> No.34194381

It's a nickname given to him to help his cover.

>> No.34194421

It is up to date as in it is the latest manuel delgado de la rosa

>> No.34194678

Is it now?

>> No.34194837

no. two updates ago now that was up to date.

>> No.34195107

Still more up to date than the OP linked one.

>> No.34195323

>First chapter goes well. Singlehandedly stop a Waaagh, kill many Eldar, murder heretics.
>Never encountered nids, and was eventually slaughtered by a tag-team of necrons and an ork fleet.
>Make a new chapter. Wonder why chapter homeworld and recruiting world are both purple.
>Tyranids: Extreme

Good thing I chose penitent. Time to purge.

>> No.34195920


Do the people over there have anything to do with Douk, at all?

>> No.34196052


>> No.34196237

Don't bet on them.

>> No.34196483

This is great to see. Once the game is complete, it shouldn't be too hard to have options to go the other factions, right?

>> No.34196755

Hotfix is out. Continue blaming heretics.

>> No.34196909

>this is the 10th time ive downloaded this in an week
>if im lucky the trend will continue
>the rational part of my brain says it obviously cant
>always bet on duke

>> No.34196991 [DELETED] 

>Possessed or Chaos items can be gifted to other factions.
>Inquisition loves the shit out of that, even if they detect the taint or not.
>Blood Ravens is the chapter that goes around stealing all the artefacts and everything else.
>But they also are great information gatherers, to the point they know about Dark Angel's secrets.

Guys, I think I discovered why the Blood Ravens are never marked as Traitors... The Inquisition approves of their magpie ways as long as they hand the tainted items and information about chaos and heresies happening over the sector.

>> No.34197026

>Possessed or Chaos items can be gifted to other factions.
>Inquisition loves the shit out of that, even if they detect the taint or not.
>Blood Ravens is the chapter that goes around stealing all the artefacts and everything else.
>But they also are great information gatherers, to the point they know about Dark Angel's secrets.

Guys, I think I discovered why the Blood Ravens are never marked as Traitors... The Inquisition approves of their magpie ways as long as they hand the tainted items and information about chaos and heresies happening over the sector.

>> No.34197388

>the rational part of my brain says it obviously cant
>the rational part
you misspelled irrational anon.
always bet on duke

>> No.34197602

>play hobomarines
<run out of requisition trying to give everyone dual combat knives.

>> No.34198206

What changes have there been since 5.7?

>> No.34198714

It's 5.8 now

>> No.34198796

That doesn't answer anything...

>> No.34198911

Transport bug is still there anyway.

>> No.34198965


Where did you get the impression that the Blood Ravens ever gave anything away?

>> No.34198990

How long until we can build additional dreadnoughts?

>> No.34199056

I think the issue is that if Duke gets slapped with a C&D someone else will have to take over the work if we don't want a perpetual alpha with gamebreaking bugs, unfinished =][= assignments, poor xenos balance, and weapons you can't acquire outside of the start.

>> No.34199106

Thats why they took out a WAAAGH!!! a mini black crusade and a full tyranids hive fleet.
they have enough relic weapons to arm the imperial guard.

>> No.34199137

Dook's said many times he'll hand out the source code when and if the time comes.

>> No.34199143

Some of their wargear description say they were gifts the other chapters refused to have, like this one.

Either that or the description is coverup and that axe is a stolen artefact from the Space Wolfs.

>> No.34199153


>> No.34199450

It's an issue of motivation. It took us this long to get Duke.

>> No.34199642

I have waited long for this day. I will continue to wait.

>> No.34199752

The bug on buying spaceships is still there... How many of you guys get this "Selective bug" problem?

>> No.34199838

>When informed of the Blood Raven's gift Ragnar Blackmane was said to have laughed and said "let them keep their trinkets".

I like to imagine the ravens pulled a fast one and redecorated a wolf artifact before offering it back to the wolves who rejected it and in so doing erased all future doubt that yup, that axe belongs to the ravens. Always did.

>> No.34200133

Hooooly shit. Is this really gotten off the ground? Last time I check in on you guys it was stuck at just force organization crap. Fucking fantastic man.

>> No.34200231

Welcome to the party anon, now buckle in and prepare your anus for GLORY

>> No.34200489

>>But they also are great information gatherers, to the point they know about Dark Angel's secrets.
[Citation needed]

>> No.34200584

Oh, wait, 40k...

>> No.34200819

And it looks like Chapter Master is updated AGAIN!

>> No.34200864

Purging has been hotfixed!

>> No.34200912


[simulated joy]

>> No.34201218

[inarticulate screaming]

>> No.34201230

[purging intensifies]

>> No.34201231

Always bet on Duke

>> No.34201511

mirth you fucker.

>> No.34201536



>> No.34201629

My legion to celebrate the hotfix.

>> No.34201640

[simulated profanity]

>> No.34201657

[simulated sardonic remark]

>> No.34201681

The inquisition is in my computer.

>> No.34201756


>> No.34201800

Have you considered just bombing it

>> No.34201828

except for the hundreds of fleets that seem to be drawn to it like moths to a flame? Heretic and ork fleets are constantly flying there and staying.
No fucking way I'll be able to do shit with my 8 cruisers.

>> No.34201847

Oh god it's like dawn of war all over again.
you better hope for SINDRY(why can't i spell that)!!

>> No.34201868

Just sort of let them fight it out I guess.

I hope aliens do that in this game.

>> No.34201884

Does bombardment still kill everybody on a planet? If so then it's 2extreme4me, if you really want to waste a planet it should be through exterminatus

>> No.34201897


>> No.34201922

Should I send a crusade their way? I really want to send a crusade that way, but I need money for other things and they, quite frankly, are sitting there, and have been for a while...

>> No.34202280 [DELETED] 

Also, my insane Chapter Master who only goes in to kill the boss.
I don't know why he does this.

>> No.34202292

Also, my insane Chapter Master who only goes in to kill the boss.
I don't know why he does this.

>> No.34202353

>Chapter Master in Mk.7 armor
>no bike
>no relic
>kills 6 Warbosses and 1 Chaos vehicle

I don't even

>> No.34202406

Where are the chapter master savefiles?

>> No.34202472


C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\ChapterMaster

>> No.34202497

This inquisitor is up to something. The system she is heading to is vacant and has no name, and isn't connected by any warp lines.
Covered up by the box is my homeworld, btw.
>paranoia mode: on

>> No.34202565

They conspire against you, anon.

They are not true followers of the Emperor; they do not know his words. Show them the truth and cleanse them of their sin.

>> No.34202616

Now she's coming FROM the void...

>> No.34202801

>Inquisitor wants to have a visit
>Chapter is completely pure so no problem
>Wait for Inquisitor
>He arrives
>Window pops up
>Inquisition declares war
>Another one pops up
>Imperium declares war
>"Inquisitor has found 7 Eldar Rangers hidden in your fleet"
>Never ever EVER encountered or heard of Eldar on that save before
>tfw the Chapter Master humbly opens a door to the Inquisitor, then both look into it and find Eldar playing poker with the Marines
>that poor bastard's face

>> No.34202809


>playing poker
>not giving the D

>> No.34202864

So subtle

>> No.34202865

>eldar waifu meme

How many more threads until it gets stale and unfunny for you?

>> No.34202873

Either way, he had no idea what the fuck was going on in his own Chapter.
And it didn't end there.
>After this, fleet on the map actually disappears
>Try to see if I can deploy onto a planet
>Use the lone Chapter Master as a test
>It works
>And 700 Imperial Guard are coming to get him
>I choose defensive stance
>I stands and waits for his fate
>He kills two Guardsmen before he is overwhelmed with concentrated flashlight power
>Your Chapter Has Crumbled

>> No.34202928

What was he wearing, bunny slippers and wielding a cup of joe?

>> No.34202953

I don't think he cared anymore, so it's a strong possibility.

>> No.34202976

It's more likely you get fucked up by the Eldar and have your Chapter destroyed by a suspiciously convenient series of events.

>> No.34203044

Is it me or is the feeling of the game similar to master of orion
pic related is filthy xenos scum waiting to be purged

>> No.34203070

>giant sectopods

please no

>> No.34203105

>building dreadnoughts

>> No.34203122

>browse /teej/ for the last time a few weeks ago
>see some nigger claiming that Chapter Master will soon be out in Alpha
>browse /teej/ today
>see this
I am sorry I doubted you
Hail you

>> No.34203172

>not betting on DUKE
but that's heresy onii-chan.
Cleanse yourself with fire and join us in Chapter Master

>> No.34203218


>Orks lose all invul saves in 7th


>> No.34203234

I am avidly reading the FAQ and the manual before I start revelling in the glory of DUKE

>> No.34203283

But you'll miss the first time where you accidently attack the Imperium's fleet. Or forget to load your marines when raiding.

>> No.34203319

I like the way that the Imperium is the most efficient force at slapping your shit in the entire sector. One teeny mistake and suddenly there's a massive warfleet knocking on your door with 500,000 Guardsmen just itching to shove their bayonets up your Chapter Master's arse.

Even the Tyranids are easier to deal with.

>> No.34203346

Wait, what do Kustom Force Fields do then?

>> No.34203422


>> No.34203429

>getting the Imperium mad at you
You done fucked up, son. You're a Chapter Master, haven't you been killing heretics and purging xenos in the Emperor's name?

>> No.34203475


Seriously I can't betting on Duke when I and others suffers "Selective bugs".

I may not be pro but I know little about programming. If the games have "Selective bugs", it could mean that his own game engine is completely fucking up or that his programming skills is pretty rough.

And also he may need help of another programmer who can spot the problem in his programming codes.

>> No.34203490

So a necron tomb just woke up and they're only on one planet out of three in a sector.

Raiding doesn't do anything because they literally just get up to full strength every time.

I figured out that bombarding was the only way to completely wipe them out but i'd get a -20 to the ecclesiarchy since i killed about half a billion inhabitants of the planet.

What do? Is it worth the -20 in the long run since these are necrons we're talking about? Should i just leave them be?

>> No.34203510

Do what needs to be done and toss them an artifact or two later.

The Emperor Protects.

>> No.34203522

We got the weapon stats in a pastebin somewhere (AND THAT'S AWESOME), but does anyone have any idea what the armour and item stats are?

>> No.34203529

gg anon

>> No.34203547


Do artifacts happen to pop up again at forgeworlds? or am i missing something here?

>> No.34203927

>Ork trouble on a nearby planet
>8th company can handle it, let's take a look at their ranks
>Dreadnaught Rasputin
>Destroy orks, find artifact
>4 turns later
> This artifact is a dreadnaught. Much of the armour is made up of finely articulated plates, neatly interlocked. It is infested with a daemonic entity.

I'd be dicking myself, but I'm really tempted to let him have it.

>> No.34203953

I'd like artefacts to randomly pop-up on planets. Pity that they are simply limited and the other way to get them is when a Techmarine gets sufficiently inspired to make one.

>> No.34203999

you also loot one during a crusade. also send an apothecary on a crusade if you want a good return on your gene-seed. foreign apothecaries kinda suck at collecting it

>> No.34204015

>foreign apothecaries kinda suck at collecting it
Presumably they are busy with their own dudes.

>> No.34204064

That too is a good thing, but sometimes it results in enormous losses.

Also it's a pity that when your marines die, their wargear gets automatically destroyed in the process. Some of it should be at least recoverable to some point (seriously, those Tartaros Armours are waaaay too precious).

>> No.34204122

it's a random destruction chance, but it's pretty high. likr more than 50%.i think maybe 75%

>> No.34204133

That's painful.

>> No.34204199

If it's random, it isn't a set percentage. I think it's between 50-99%

>> No.34204237

it might be. random in that a die is rolled for each piece of equipment when someone dies and if it's above a value it goes away and if it's below a value it stays. or vice versa. maybe having techmarines around gives a bonus to the roll.

Without knowing the exact mechanics, i'm just speculating.

>> No.34204347

>New game, purgan orkz etc
>A Crusade is Called! (never seen one before)
>FuckYeah.jpg chapter rolls as one
>begin the mash "end turn" for 60 turns
>Heritics, Heritics everywhere
>2 tomb worlds wake up
>It'll be fine, once my chapter's back, i'm sure
>Crusade over
>101 marines survived out of 991, all dreadnoughts are kill
>Don't even get a fucking artifact
On the plus side, everyone has 200+ exp now, and I got 100% geneseed recovery (wtf am I even going to do with 1700 geneseed?)

>> No.34204360

Promote everyone to 1st company and spend all your Req on Terminator armour for all.

>> No.34204361


Better start recruiting quickly.

And trade some of that gene-seed for Skitarii/SoB in the meantime.

>> No.34204370

One day, i'll have 100 terminators
Fucking Mechanus are jewing the shit out of me for Terminator armor. they want like, 200req each. fuck those fucks

>> No.34204382

>Go to trade with SOB
>Sisters grayed out
>Go to trade with mechanus
>Skitarii grayed out
what IS this shit?!
Also, how do I into dreadnuts? I miss their invincibility shield (I've lost TWO marines so far. unacceptable casualties)

>> No.34204388


You need to get more positive reputation with dem, the easiest way is to donate artefacts.

>> No.34204399

>wtf am I even going to do with 1700 geneseed
Trade 100 of it for 20,000 Req from the Imperium. Then buy a new Battle Barge. I'd suggest saving before you do any of it though.

>> No.34204407

>Trade 100 of it
Mean 1000, sorry

>> No.34204410

>easiest way
>implying there's any artifacts in the sector
>implying I have any tech marines left to make them
Yeah, I'd love some artifacts, I sure would.

>> No.34204498

Do the "Tech-Marine X is taken by a strange mood" events lead to an actual item being made or are they just filler?

>> No.34204513

He can craft an artifact, or a statue. Or he'll fuse with a daemon-machine and kill several of your Marines. Who knows?

>> No.34204517


>> No.34204578

Oh, I personally did accidentally attack the imperial navy just by mis-clicking. It was glorious. My entire chapter died in the space of twenty seconds.

>> No.34204647

>be after crusade
>handful marines survived
>including a techmarine
>techmarine obviously full PTSD from crusade
>fuses self with heretical daemonic machine shit
>Chapter Master and Scout Alpharius left

>> No.34204656

It's called "Alpha".
I know a little about programming too, and a project like that on your own is pretty damn big. He's still working on it, so have some patience and quit whining.

>> No.34204677

>it's called "Alpha"...
when the "omega" is released?

>> No.34204738

Is there a way to move dudes between companies besides PROMOTIONS? I want old school Clan Companies.

>> No.34204760

When it's finished, I daresay.

>> No.34205014

>Chapter Master
>Being a retard who doesnt play the favored faction in 40k

get the fuck out dumbass

>> No.34205053

Are we still looking for a voiceover for the intro. I'm feeling up to doing an impression of the DoW narrator/Dragoon from Venture Bros.

>> No.34205060


If I were in Duke's shoes, I will rather wait to release it as beta than alpha to the public.

Release it as alpha is just sign for developer who want attention or boosting their ego.

>> No.34205061

Speak for yourself. I'd like to ppay as IG or CSM.

>> No.34205063

>Then buy a new Battle Barge
Ships are purchasable now? Glory be.

>> No.34205079

Thank you for this analysis, Mr. Freud.

>> No.34205120

You're a whiney bitch

>> No.34205128

No! No! i wanna go home
>Rookie Anon has panicked

>> No.34205152

In my case I need to mail Duke because whenever now I order something from them, their fleet gets frozen when they come to my home sector.

>> No.34205162

IG aren't Space Marines. This is called Chapter Master.

>> No.34205181

Pity I've got a pirated version. Long War looks far more challenging than vanilla and has more options for both X-COM and aliens.

>> No.34205190

Not the anon you replied to, but I'll wait for Chapter Master: Chaos Lord Expansion.

Now with extra crazy and randomness.

>> No.34205241

Anyone mind telling me how to get a overall view of the galactic map? I gave the FAQ and manual a once over, but found nothing.
lyke dis guy >>34188822

>> No.34205248



>> No.34205262

I love you

>> No.34205289


Somehow I can't help being whiney bitch because I had a high hope for this game.

Ok I seriously need to take a break from this game and wait until it reached at beta stage.

I'm leaving for now.

>> No.34205302

What the hell am I suppose to do about something like this?

>> No.34205341

Goddammit. Does anyone have the same problem as I have? I ordered stuff from the ADMech and their fleet froze when they arrived to my homeworld. Transaction still incomplete. Have to e-mail Duke on that and send in my saves.

Retreat button still offline.

>> No.34205352

Weep, I suppose.

Gotta say, I've been seriously enjoying this alpha so far, in between the crashes and bugs.
>Given the task of annihilating a necron tomb
>try sending several companies down there, get discovered and awaken the tomb
>save scum and instead send a few token scouts
>they get assraped by a tomb spider or some shit
>send in a five man team of veterans with storm shields, chainfists and meltaguns

The heroes of Protheus III were then left on the planet accidentally, which they probably spent being buried in space bitches.

>> No.34205400

Your duty.

>> No.34205442


Retreat button works fine for me. Whenever a retreat, I auto lose some ships. But not today.


That was never in doubt. I just wondered if there was a way to call in imperial navy or a sector fleet.

>> No.34205451


Goodnight, sweet prince.

>> No.34205495


>> No.34205561

>Exterminatus when

>> No.34205579


Not the same anon, but this springs to my head.

>> No.34205582

Soon, battle brother. Soon.

>> No.34205815

Wait, you can MAKE artifacts?

>> No.34205847

Dude, considering it's alpha, it's already pretty damn good. Yes, there's bugs, yes it's not too polished yet, but that's alpha. The amount of content is already pretty amazing imo.

And he needs the playtesters. He can't possible go into every situation like /tg/ will undoubtedly do on his own.

>> No.34205888

Yep. as a random event. that's what fell moods are for. a techmarine gets it in his head to make something. He usually makes an artifact or statue, which may or may not be a bit weird or chaos-y. and then there's the times when he goes full on fleshmetal fused vehicular daemon engine and kills some of your marines before you can put him down.

>> No.34205900

Huh, haven't had that one yet, though I've never had many techmarines after my first chapter which gloriously died against the imperial navy when I accidentally attacked them.

>> No.34205964

At least your techmarines never got to make temporarily-useless Rhinos.

>> No.34205999

New to the game. Only one real question so far.

Star Systems have color-coating. I know Green means Ork presence, what does Brown signify?

>> No.34206010

Exactly what it says on the tin.

>> No.34206022

Forge worlds.

>> No.34206032


It implies that the worlds belong to the Ad-mech Faction. If you click on the planets, at least is probably a forge world. I believe your ships get made there when you order new ones. So protecting them is important.

>> No.34206047

Aka, don't steal their artifacts or you'll anger them to the point of hostility. That means no more buying artefacts or terminator armour.

>> No.34206092

note, minor artefacts are currently unimplemented, so purchasing those gets you nothing.

>> No.34206275

So, working vehicles when?

>> No.34206421

"I wonder how badly Penitent Chapters get fucked over"

>> No.34206448

Y'know, I also tried a penitent chapter. Balance was OK - I required only 3600 points to complete my crusade, but also rolled Doomed as a trait.

>> No.34206494

What's the difference between offensive and defensive formations?

>> No.34206578

My marines keep having there head cleaved in but i'm not getting any gene seed also my hive world is not providing any recruits.

>> No.34206597

Shouldn't that be self-explanatory?

>> No.34206607

Did you add Apothecaries?

>> No.34206617

yep one in every squad could it have anything to do with raiding?

>> No.34206648

double check you geenseed stocks before and after a raid, sometimes the combat dialogue leaves stuff out.

>> No.34206665

>Get excommunicated on my way to go purge some Orcs

There's no way to get recommunicated, now is there?

>> No.34206701

That word doesn't even exist in any of the 40k fluff.

So, no.

>> No.34206706

Most Inquisitors are trigger happy idiots. Some take it to impossible levels.

>> No.34206904

Now if only I wasn't an enemy of the Imperium.

>> No.34206931


>> No.34206998

I don't think this is such a good idea.

>> No.34207059

You are going to Tyranid Jurassic Park to go from there for a crusade? Ouch.

>> No.34207085

I was also already excommunicated. From, like, the start of the game because I decided to take a detour and pick up a relic that put me slightly out of range of viable attack targets before I got excommunicated.

By the time I got there, a MASSIVE imperial fleet was assembled. Which is funny, because a good three or so systems got eaten by tyranids before I got there.

>> No.34207100


Send your whole chapter.


>> No.34207224

So, what's up with the fleet status ?
I have a very bad memory and I'm having a very hard time remembering how many ships I have and who's on board, which makes playing almost impossible, since I'm spending 3/4 of the time checking my marines' location and then sending empty ships to ork infested sectors
when can we expect to have correct ship status ?

>> No.34207295

Well I slogged my way through thousands of orks and necrons to get my 7300 penitance points. Reward for success was some dialogue from the sisters and the inquisition but sadly recruiting neophytes did not re-enable even after buying a couple of recruitment worlds.

>> No.34207374

How does one obtain Mark 3 and 4 armors? Is it just fluff shit for founding legions as I'm guessing?

>> No.34207469

One sure way is to get the Crafters advantage. With it you also get the Tartaros Terminator armours.

>> No.34207623

Someone get really fucked, when i obtain few free dreadnoughts.

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