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What are your thoughts on the premade campaign /tg/, if you have played it yet?

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I heard its both fantastic and momentous.

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Again, I don't understand how or when or why I can play this as part of the organized play whatever.

Can I only play it on Wednesdays to qualify for the programme?

Can I play it months down the line?

Can I just run it casually and not care about the Wizards stuff and still get all the materials?

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Oh you...

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Posting this again because nobody seemed to care:

It looks better than the movies, at least. Even if the video doesn't match the D&D rules at all.

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As other people have said, I still don't understand why they went for that epithet.

Can they not confirm it as the "bestselling roleplaying game"? Even "the bestseller roleplaying game" (subtly different) would do, that's what most novels and authors go for.

I suppose there's also the "first roleplaying game" or the "original roleplaying game", but people are probably familiar enough with Dungeons & Dragons already.

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From what I've read by thumbing through it's a pretty decent attempt at Wizards trying o make a PF style AP.

It's problems are that it's Faerun, and nobody I know really likes Faerun anymore.

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So many enemies need magic weapons to hurt for more than half damage, serious crippling the martial types in this while letting casters more or less function normally. One or two of those monsters can help make an interesting dynamic, but with so many like it, it really makes me worry about what sort of playstyles they'll influence for new people picking up this book.

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Video was interesting enough. I forgot how much D&D adaptations love their bald dudes with goatees as villains.

I still think I prefer the moving illustrations their Magic videos use.

> Even if the video doesn't match the D&D rules at all.

To be fair most cinematics don't line up with mechanically with the source material, whether they're table top, vidya, or book.

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I've looked it over and from what I can tell, yes. Casters will hit enemies harder because of their spells, but martial characters will be doing more consistent damage as martial characters have static modifiers, casters do not.

Early D&D also had it this way, many mid level monsters are hard to kill because the lack of magic items. By level 3 players should be finding a couple magic items however, or gaining spells that allow them to endow their allies with temporary magic.

The problem goes back to the wizard dickery. If the wizard buffs the fighter, the fighter does really well against the monster. If the wizard instead opts to fight the monster, the wizard is the only one who can hurt it but does so far less efficiently than the fighter.

Working together they're even better.

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My only problem with it was that, As far as we knew, 5e was supposed to be more like early D&D - Magic items were nice bonuses, but your character was mechanically sound with items you can get ordinarily.

It LOOKS like we're getting that in this edition as well, however there's a VAST amount of enemies that need Magic Items in order to work at 100% efficiency for a lot of classes. I mean, some of the "Half damage from non-magic items" enemies are coming as early as level 2. That's insane. That's 3.5 levels of "You Need Magic Items To Succeed" and that makes me sad.

Still, until the DMG comes out we're going to be missing a significant amount of "behind the scenes" of encounter design and intent. the MM will help once we can see a better overview of what monsters are supposed to be important, but with what snippets we've seen so far I'm not terribly enthused.

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Is adamantine gear only deep black in PF? I though that was the same in D&D, too, but these guys are obviously using adamantine weapons and shields, but they look like regular steel.

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This is true, but a few of the martial classes have ways to get weapons that count as magical relatively early, either by a wizard's spellcasting or by class features for specific class paths.

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I really don't see us fighting these vast amounts of enemies outside of arena combat style comparative fighting calculations.

Most enemies players should be fighting at low levels are the mundane sort of orcs, goblins, wolves, bandits and such. Throw in the occasional young dragon or mundane damage resistant enemy as a set piece encounter.

And I feel you're being pedantic, I played the shit out of 3.5 and PF and I've never found that you need magic items by level 2 to succeed, or even by level 9. If just makes the game harder.

The solution is to stop being a dick DM and stop throwing cherry picked monsters that are hard to kill.

By level 3 the party should have at least one magic weapon and the cleric or wizard should be willing to cast magic weapon to help out in the fight, even if it takes up his or her concentration slot.

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Are there rules for seducing the dragon queen?

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Oh boy, here we go

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Yes, incest roleplay.


This is FR canon by the way. I'm not joking.

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dafq is that chain thing the girl had?
Also, all bald men other than nasher are evil.

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Old D&D did that shit too. In 1e, you could get a familiar immune to non magic weapons.

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>To be fair most cinematics don't line up with mechanically with the source material, whether they're table top, vidya, or book.

I think it would be neat if they could match the two up. You could create an organic-looking fight using the rules, you don't need "Round 1...FIGHT!" followed by an attack then another attack etc.

Animation is a pretty open medium, I just wish they'd fit it a little more to the D&D "style". Of course this is personal preference, in-universe it's just some skirmish with guys running at each other or whatever.

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Wizard keeps spamming Hold Person, stabby types cut helpless enemies apart.

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I'm only being a little Pedantic, you conceivably could have a +1 weapon RAW in 3.5 due to the way Wealth by Level worked. It's often a nice reward for the first-level quest, I find.

But, yeah, you're PROBABLY right. Unless "1/2 damage from non-magic" becomes the go-to rule for any significantly magical creature, instead of the exception for "boss" type creatures. Looking at the rules, I don't see why that wouldn't be the case... Which makes me cautiously pessimistic about the thing.

I'm more used to seeing, say, DR overcome by weapon materials, or DR overcome by things like fire and acid, which are much easier to get ahold of. Jumping to "Magic Items Only" at such a low level is... distressing.

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i just watched how to train your dragon 2. lol'd at this part in the theater where the girl says "take me"

anyways how hard would it be to add rideable dragons to this campaign? i want a red one for my barbarian???

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For starters, most dragons are born evil. (The rule of thumb is shiny ones are good, translucent ones are neutral, and the rest are evil) On top of that, the young ones are as smart as a human. Older ones are on the level of gods.

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this looks dumb

why is tiamat sleeping in a random pit

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couldn't we use drakes or wyverns or something stupid?

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So a Giant Owl is CR 1/4, Large, with a 60 ft. fly speed. Can a Ranger take one as a companion and ride on it?

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Companion can't be larger than medium. Shit.

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frenzy barbarian seems to do the best damage, but i like the eagle barbarian with the mobile feat for the flavor. how can i reconcile my love of the eagle totem with my desire to take berserker and do more damage?

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Why was Smaug sleeping in some random mine?
Wyverns are dicks and will eat you for shiggles.
I don't know that much about drakes.
The fact that frenzy makes rage a 1/day thing, whereas eagle can rage all day, erry day.

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Be a half-orc, realize that Exhaustion is some serious shit as a drawback.

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Frenzy is crazy powerful, but it fucks you over too. As soon as you whip it out, have fun having disadvantage to all skill checks for the rest of the day.
It's only a boss fight, death-or-glory tactic really.

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any mention of a returning enhancement for throwing weapons?

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im happy with the eagle totem with a shield/battleaxe i guess

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So magic armor says "A suit of +1 armor... magically resizes to fit its wearer."

Druid Wild Shape says "Worn equipment functions as normal, but the DM decides whether it is practical for the new form to wear a piece o f equipment, based on the creature’s shape and size. Your equipment doesn’t change size or shape to match the new
form, and any equipment that the new form can’t wear must either fall to the ground or merge with it."

How you rule this.

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I'd say that resizing from one humanoid shape to another is different to resizing from humanoid shape to bear shape.

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So you're telling me the only thing my super bear can wear is his super cape?

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is there a werewolf template yet-uuuuguu

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Well, there is a Werewolf stat block in the DM basic rules.

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thanks i had no idea

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You don't HAVE to frenzy when you rage.

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So, what would you do with those dragon eggs you find?

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You can do private games for it now, and the character will be event legal as long as you and the DM follow some regulations.

Some events are store or convention only, but for typical D&D Encounters/adventure module stuff you can do it however you like.


Just keep the character/magic item log sheets up to date and it's legal.

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Over easy is always the answer to egg related questions.

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How does one actually get the materials? Do I have to own a game store? I've skimmed the resource pages and can't find out where/how to actually get the adventure. Am I blind?

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I'd say that the act of shifting causes all items held and worn to merge with you, just as Polymorph. You still have them, but they become inert and part of your new physical form until you return to your original form.

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It's a physical book.

There will be free organized play material later for DMs to run at conventions and game stores.

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That's just one of the options though. If everything did that there'd be no need to make the exception I listed. Something like a Necklace or potentially bracers etc. could easily be worn by a new form.

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but wildshape explicitly says you can choose whether that's true

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Wrll said, anon! You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

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What the fuck. Why add that detail?

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To make sure the PCs feel like dicks. Especially the Paladin.

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I vote for making Balut.

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You're literally killing babies. You want heroic prose?

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Raise them and prove Nature<Nurture. For alignments at least.

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It's an egg. It hasn't been born yet.

This is like saying abortion is "killing human babies".

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Well yeah but it's also like ripping open a woman's stomach and ripping the fetus out to die of exposure.

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...Evil babies...

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From the text we see it appears the dragons are pretty close to hatching, I dare say most people, even those pro-choice, would have some compunctions about aborting 8 months into the pregnancy.

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Yeah, these ain't no draconic cell-clumps. Those are clearly in their.. shit, do dragons have trimesters? Those are clearly mostly-dragon at that point. Capable of independent movement and all.

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... Evil pregnancy...

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At this point, it's more like a preme then anything. If we fill its lungs with oxygenated PFC, then perhaps it'll live long enough to die in a different tragic manner.

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Wait I thought this wasn't out until next week. Is there a pdf?

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No PDF yet but it released to Wizard Play Network stores the same day the PHB did.

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Except for everyone but us: outside /tg/, the role playing community is still in love with Forgotten Realms.

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It hasn't been born yet. It knows nothing of the outside world because it's in a fucking egg.

Nothing unethical about killing it. Perfectly Good-aligned to do so if it's a chromatic dragon.

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What's the PDF that's on their encounters site then?

>> No.34163864

A supplement.

Wizards are saving printing costs by making you print it yourself. Idiots think they're getting free stuff.

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There's a supplement of monsters and magical items from Hoard out there and the first Encounters program adventure. Part of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline but not Hoard.

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Cuttlefish watch the outside world through their eggs and already know what animals are predators and prey by the time they hatch.

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Why would I ever print it? I have a laptop.

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The point still stands it was probably a cost cutting measure.

>> No.34164130


But they are giving it to me for free.

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If they didn't give it to you for "free" the adventure would be unplayable. They saved money not printing it in the book. Page count = dollars.

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Actually close to hatching dragons already start using their horn to break out, and even very young dragons inherit draconic knowledge automatically.

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If I understand it correctly, you state that this 'adventure' that is out the same time as the phb, isn't playable without downloading some pdfs ?
If that's the case, it's truly a dick move from WotC, and most probaly to save money, yes.

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Ah, I didn't know the adventure could not be played without that.

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Password is tiamatlives

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Nigga it's barely a one-shot.

And I'd not be surprised if it's the only one Wizards will release.

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hail hydra

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They've got a bunch more, subcontracted out to kobold press.
KP is good at what they do, so I'm OK with this.

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The poiint is, everything they're publishing is for organized play.

They didn't give a fuck about published content in 4E, but at least they had the excuse of effort going into the online tools. Since they cancelled those and are never doing them again, they don't have an excuse other than saving money this time around. But you know they're not publishing shit for 5E, which is why Paizo is technically still gonna sell more product than Wizards, and Hasbro is gonna cut their budget even more.

D&D is on it's way down the drain because they just don't give a shit.

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Are there any classes you want to see WotC turn into a 5e class, or maybe see some Prestige Classes from 3.Xe turn into sub-classes for some of the current PHB classes?

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So, Does anyone have a torrent for this yet?
I'm quite interested in getting in on this 5th ed shennanigans.

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Same anon that asked the question.

As I read through Warblade (and the other Book of 9 Swords classes), the main thing I see would be to have the subclass be locked into one of the 9 schools of fighting at level 3, and giving some of the more powerful maneuvers as bonus actions, with the various stances being ways to temporarily boost your AC, HP, attack roll, or attack damage for a certain number of turns.

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So basically you were hoping 5e would have the Battle Master archetype cooked into the core rules? Sorry that didn't work out. Oh wait, it's right there.

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>Since they cancelled those and are never doing them again
Trapdoor technologies with codename morningstar

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Now called Dungeonscape

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It's so fitting he's eating eggs...

>> No.34165921


Hoard? More like whore

>> No.34165981

We shall soon penetrate the Vault of the Spider Queen.

>> No.34166049

armor reshapes into different sized armor.

animals need barding. if you had magical barding, it would reshape to fit your animal form changes.

>> No.34166069

volibear, or canada bear?

>> No.34166090


Vault? More like vagina

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>World's greatest roleplaying game
It's like they WANT /tg/ to cause WW3.

>> No.34166191

Don't explain the joke.
Next, I'm going for the Glacial Rift of the Frost Jarl.

>> No.34166196

I can see this happening in a party.

>> No.34166265

>Not rescuing a dragon wyrmling
>Not raising it upon the path of good, to be the noble steed of a Barbarian (Would be a knight, but knights are pussies, they wear fucking armour)

>> No.34166298


Glacial Rift of the Frost Jarl? More like anal rift

>> No.34166428

So you're raising a creature into a life of slavery? That sounds like evil talk to me.

>> No.34166718

>Raising it upon the path of good
As in, teaching it to be good. In order to be our friend and battle-brother, and probably mount.

>> No.34167925

And what if it doesn't want to be?
Also, define path of good.

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1.)He gets deaded
2.)Whatever I say it is.

>> No.34169367

>no dragon son of mine is going to devour peasants!
>it's my life dad! I never wanted to be a lawful good! I'm gonna... I'm gonna be chaotic neutral!

>> No.34170027

>I'm gonna... I'm gonna be chaotic neutral!
Son, I am disappoint. Go to your lair.

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