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Hey /tg/, I've been having a shit day

Can we get a /tg/ humor thread going?

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I thought every thread on /tg/ was humorous.

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I'll tell you the tale of passenger 47.

Passenger 47 was a robot. Well..not at first. Passenger 47 started as one of my players. He was a human hacker with a cybernetic eye in a space opera setting I found myself unexpectedly running. The adventure started with a gag intro meant to lead into our typical AD&D campaign and ended with basketball exosuits and a zombie space whale squeezing through an air vent.

Somewhere in the middle of all that was Passenger 47's encounter with a security droid. He'd hacked his way into passenger section 3 of the luxury cruise liner, as passenger section 2 was rapidly venting oxygen. There he was accosted by one of the security droids on its routine patrol.

"Passenger 47, return to your stasis pod." the droid demanded.

Passenger 47 tried to reason with the bot, as his pod was currently heavily damaged and floating freely in the depths of space. "But-"

"Hostile tone detected! Issuing second warning! Passenger 47, return to your stasis pod!" The bot interrupted.

Passenger 47 gave up and attempted to hack the bot, adding his name to the crew manifest. "But you see, I'm supposed to be here," He argued.

"Hostile tone detected! Reporting to bridge!"


"Connection failed! Reporting to bridge!"


"Connection failed! Reporting to bridge!"


"Cannot connect to bridge! Deferring to local authority!" The bot turned to him. "Passenger 47!" It reported. "Passenger 47 will not return to their pod!"

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Passenger 47 sighed, and tried hacking the bot again. This time he swapped its place with his own on the passenger roster, making the bot Passenger 47.

"Passenger 47 not found! Locating Passenger 47." The bot stated, spinning around on the spot, trying to sight passenger 47 with its sensors. "Passenger 47 not found! Locating Passenger 47."

The player left it spinning there while he examined the nearby utility closet the bot had come from. There he found several deactivated bots and a confiscated dual barrel laser discombobulator. Delighted at the find, he searched his cybernetic eye's archive for information on the dated old model and opted to give it a test fire. In fact, he had the perfect target in mind.

Moments later, all that was left of Passenger 47 was a smoking crater.

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>"Passenger 47!" It reported. "Passenger 47 will not return to their pod!"

Reminds me of pic related.

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My favorite part of this whole thing is still the one option: Expose him immediately!

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I have these for you, OP.

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Smart-ass bastards, I love you all.

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I'm out.

Hope you got a laugh out of them, OP, and that things pick up for you.

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Well that was adorable.

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Oh gods someone saved The Wretch! He was my last Wild Talents character!

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Unfortunatly it didn't keep the post about his arch nemesis the guy who goes "Wait, who is this guy anyway?"

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