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Larger breasts means more HPs, right?

A = +0 HP
B = +1 HP
C = +2 HP
D = +3 HP
DD = +4 HP
DDD = +6 HP
F+ = +2d4 HP

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Sure, go for it. Fuck if we care.

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>unrealistic armor
>katana/eastern equipment
>boobs being combat relevant

Make it a pregnant elf slave with -4 strength and we can talk

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I'm pretty sure the rule is Lovely Cow Tits receive bonus HP While Delicious Flat Chest receives a bonus to AC

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If this were true everyone in fantasy settings would be shelling out for giant magical breast implants.

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And how would they get those? Enlarge spells aren't cheap or permanent.

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I think he meant the implants were enchanted, not that they were enlarged magically

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If they give a bonus to hp I am gonna have to say that larger breasts also impose a penalty to dex.

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Just make a race of giant sentient boobs.

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>Giant boobhole in the front

I'm fine with literal breast plate like>>34111235 but that is just ridiculous. If a samurai woman needs to display femininity on the battlefield she should wear one of those samurai masks but with a pretty face instead of snarling one.

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You might find this useful.

Super fat mages that use their extra stores to fuel magic. Now ask yourself where a woman might store an obscene quantity of fat and still be considered beautiful.

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>where a woman might store an obscene quantity of fat and still be considered beautiful.
Da booty?

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If it's funny, yeah sure.

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Now I'm imagining her shooting magic missiles out of her tits

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Da booty and da booby.

It's fine. She adapted a martial style from China. Hidden deep in her cleavage is one of these, trained to to leap out and viciously attack her foes.

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>Average = +5
>more than +6

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At that point gravity begins to have a significant effect on them, making some droopy and less capacious.

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This thread is going places.

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I'm pretty sure /d/ has images of that.
Actually, cloud have been laser beams, i'm not 100% sure anymore.

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Have a look through this for some excellent breast mechanics.

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Important question - does it work for manboobs as well? Because my chubby cleric could argue for at least B-cups. And you know how HP are, every little bit counts.

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I don't see why not. Generally larger people are going to have more hit points, even if dex penalties are eventually involved. Granted, breasts are a meats shield of sorts that protect the chest beneath them.

Which might make the boob window sensible, if there was some group that viewed breasts as a shield and then devoted time to strengthening them to the point of steel.

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But pregnancy grants bonuses to both CON and STR since you're lugging around a giant parasite in your womb for 9 or so months. Not to mention the Hormonal Fury trait.

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Sorceress makes so much more sense now.

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Is that a unicorn or a horse with a strap-on?

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Damn it. Now I have to play D20.

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Especially considering who she's based on.

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How much extra hp would this gain through breasts?

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>samurai grrl
>coming thru
>watch these boobies
>while I slice ur head off
>boom! sucker.
>that's right, distractions, counterweights and meat shields all in 1

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Only the biggest pair counts. It's in errata just to stop people from min-maxing like that...

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That just fucking unbalanced i spent a fuck ton of feats to get all these glorious breasts

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I'd say +20 HP max. And -20 to CHA, AC and DEX.

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>-20 cha
You mean +20.

Fucking interesting. Didn't think it was because of that. Thanks.

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>Didn't think it was because of that
It might not be, but its still a neat pattern.

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It's actually been discussed, and it was determined that CON determines breast Size and CHA determines how they sit.
1-7 = AA
8-9 = A
10-11 = B
12-13 = C
14-15 = D
16-17 = DD
18-19 = E
20+ = F

1-7 = Drooping
8-12 = Facing Forward
13-16 = Full
17-20 = Perky

(this is assuming we're talking about matured adults and not teens/young'ns who have/haven't hat time to grow/sag)
Also the age indexes each induce a stacking -2 modifier for your Effective Charisma Score for determining Brest Shape

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Do the hips and derrière affect stats the same way? What about this "alternate build?"

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Most definitely applies to derriers as well.

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What about G?

I've got a friend with a G cup, the poor girl.

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>Racecar samurai
>Sponsored by weapon-smithing firms
>Who can be the fastest to first blood

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I think it's for multiple reasons instead of any single thing.

Never really understood the dislike people seem to have for the sexualization of adults. Adults are sexual. All of them. Mr. Rodgers fucked his wife. Probably multiple times. It's no more dehumanizing than focusing on any aspect of a person over another.

Is the argument that women are children and thus shouldn't be sexualized?

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>poor girl
I'd give her all of my money, anon

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G's are an outlying variable, and A-F fits neatly into the 1-20 ballpark.

I imagine it'd work the same way, with CON determining the width of the hips and CHA determining the firmness of the ass in question.

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Most of the time, it's not about sexualisation. It's about the fact that some character's sexuality is all what there is to them. It's kind of shallow. Having attractive characters is fine. Having characters whose only traits is being attractive is damn boring.

Then there is the debate on exploiting the fetishes to sell more. But that's another issue.

Nice gif, by the way. Who is the black-haired girl?

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>Never really understood the dislike people seem to have for the sexualization of adults.
More time spent sexualising adults means less time spent sexualising non-adults.

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Pregnant women are just bitches, they're no stronger than a typical woman. When my wife was pregnant she was getting butthurt about every little thing, but I could still overpower her with ease.

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It's kinda fucked up you thought about that

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If we're going to have a thread like this we might as well go full-bore with it. To that effect, a proposition:

>Well-endowed characters automatically gain access to the "Victoria's Secret Compartment" feat, whereby they can secret items in their cleavage that cannot be found by most mundane or magical means of detection. The larger the characters breasts, the more ifems they can hide and the larger any individual item can be.

>Characters with breasts far exceeding the norm (IE: larger than their own head) automatically gain access to the "Titanic Tits" feat-set, by which they suffer penalties to stamina and agility but gain the at-will ability to distract any NPC which might reasonably be attracted to them once led encounter, as well as the ability to magically pull any needed item out from between their breasts once per day, even (and especially) when the object should not physically fit there.

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>"Victoria's Secret Compartment" feat, whereby they can secret items in their cleavage that cannot be found by most mundane or magical means of detection. The larger the characters breasts, the more ifems they can hide and the larger any individual item can be.

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By this reasoning, characters with the largest (im)possible hips and ass should get something like "Behemoth Booty" perks, where they wobble like a weeble but don't call down and recover health faster than other characters when sitting down by having extra-comfy padding.

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Fuckin saved.

Who the fuck is the girl who isn't powergirl

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For every breast size above C, you get +1 Con, -1 Dex (or similar attribute) and vice versa for every size below C, with a minimum of A and maximum of E.

Same for every two inches of dick above and below 5", min 1", max 9".

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You can even follow a cleave with a breast-slam!

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You forgot to link the Female Asset Generator.


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So /d/ has the best tanks?

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>Double Distraction
>Victoria's Secret Compartment
>Titanic Tits

>Comfy Keister
>Weebles Wobble Butt
>Behemoth Booty

I am ashamed to say that I'd like to see more traits like these.

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How can you be ashamed? You're posting on /tg/.

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Yes, and /e/ has the best rogues.

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Only in Call of Cthulhu. The BRP system has HP based on both Constitution and "Size"

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So wait, what puts you into each of the charts, and how does the ass size work?

I need to know this for my paladin because of things and reasons.

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So what would their kids be like?

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You get to choose body shape, and then the average of your con/cha values determines the range of assets you can choose from.

I.e. I have a stacked paladin with an average value of 18. She has assets that range from DD to DDD, and Donk to Double Wide ass.

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Cleavage Feat.

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I went with hardcore mode, but I'm seeing that you can't hit G.

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See the little plus sign? You can hit G. If you want.

Why would you want to, ew....

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I can live with this
I'm getting a 403 error...

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Why wouldn't you?

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Of course not, everyone know bust size is related to a persons magic power, not their HP

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>403 error
Copy->Paste into a new tab/window.

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Thanks mate.

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Is that just arcane magic? I'd think the external nature of divine power would make that unnecessary for clerics and the like.

>> No.34117699

Divine caster are blessed by their patrons in many ways, not just with spells.

>> No.34117729

ALL magical power.

>> No.34117817

Wizards tend to have shitty charisma and shitty constitution, so you'll rarely run across one that's well-endowed.

Sorceresses and oracles? God-tier. Bards, summoners, and clerics? Good-tier.

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And then there's paladins.


Assuming you're using the actual chart here.

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A goddess of plenty, love or motherhood may be worshipped by holywomen who are quite bountifully endowed. In fact, it was in a /tg/ thread not long ago that inspired a member of my crew to come up with a group of priestesses who happened to be chubby and huge-breasted who worshipped a goddess of hearth, home and hospitality, building temple-inns across the continent where they cared for travelers, the poor and the orphaned.

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The "maximum" size on that chart is far too small for my needs.
Also why are the sizes given for 21+ smaller than the Biggest shown on the charts above them?

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Would it be game breaking having the ability to rapidly grow your breast size when ever you want?

>> No.34118265

Sure, you could assasinate someone in bed quickly and without any evidence.

>> No.34118401

The things I would do to this woman...

>> No.34118453

That depends, can you shrink them at will too?

Because>>34111937 has a feat that let's you attack with your breasts as an unarmed strike that can follow a cleave and if you could grow your breasts to a higher size category for increased damage then shrink them so they don't get in the way of your normal fighting...

>> No.34118506

Not if you format it as a specific ability with its drawbacks to balance out the benefits:

>Mammomancer Feat:
>The character may at any time change the size of her breasts, earning or losing all associated benefits and draw a is in the process. This may be done with complete control over the final-size only once per day, however, and all subsequent alterations will result in the final sizes being randomized and any negative repercussions thereof being strengthened.

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>mfw this thread
Darkness beyond twilight...

>> No.34118588

Did you say something? All I heard was a flat note.

>> No.34118598

>that feel when you'll never be able to run a campaign centered around titty sorceresses because you don't have an erp group and you're the only one who likes sorcerers

Life is suffering.

>> No.34118721

Do male sorcerers also have giant tits?

Do female warriors also have massive dicks?

>> No.34118731

>not wanting a variety pack of T&A for your party

Whats the point of having a tittymontster with thighs that can snap a horse's neck when you don't have a DFC with no ass to envy her womanly assets?

Plus it's cuter when there's a huge difference between the lovers

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>> No.34118767

Now I want to design some kind of rules-lite and Moldvay-basic-D&D-influenced game where sorcerous power is determined by breast size, but where breast size also counts against encumbrance. So bigger tits lets you walk into the dungeon with more power but walk out with less treasure (unless you can convince some kobolds to carry the treasure for you.)
Armor has an armor class which represents how strong the parts covering you are, but also has an 'exposure' value for how much titty is spilling out. You roll against both armor class and armor exposure to determine if an attack hits; deal half damage if you only beat one, deal full damage if you beat both.

>> No.34118788

Between a 75 year old shota elf and an orc/half-giant or both gal, yes.

>> No.34118827

/ll/ actually.

Read my fucking post.

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>> No.34118845


Female characters can have astonishing T&A whether they be spellcasters or of a more martial bent. Male characters can have giant penises, sure, but could also have things like impressive muscle definition, superhero chins, and a roguish swagger as well.

>> No.34118854

Did I hear someone trying to start shit in here?

>> No.34118862

What bonus do big hips give?

>> No.34118887

So power = sexualness

I'm into this.

>> No.34118901

>the joke
>your head
Earlier it was established that tits = mana reserves and dicks = HP, ergo all good sorcerers would have big tits and all warriors would have big dicks, regardless of gender.

>> No.34118929

In terms of pure stat bonuses, or special bonus abilities?

>> No.34118993


Ha, wow, you're right. That went right over my head there.

>> No.34119004


realizing that tits give power he COVERS himself in them, tiny ones all over his arms and legs, one giant one on his back, the top of his head is a tit, All for a bit more mana.

Conversely, a female Warrior has a necklace of living dicks, all granting extra HP.

someone help me get Tit-wizard out of my brain please

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Only natural tits and dicks work.
Which is why the setting is ruled by futas

>> No.34119110


Will this peasant girl help?

>> No.34119140

So if a female became a warrior, would she become a futa?

If a male became a magic user, would he become a futa?

>> No.34119231


And each successive generation of kids is more powerful, better endowed, and more attractive.

>> No.34119262

No, pure men/women are held back by their lack of breasts/penis and thus unable to act outside the roles biology assigned them.
Only the futas have true freedom to chose

>> No.34119472

"And that's why you have to play a futa, don't argue with it john, not put on the fucking wig, you don't see sally complaining about the strap-on"
"SHUT UP SALLY" *lifts fedora off head and wipes away sweat* "now then, dave, your going to have to roll a half elf cat loli if you want to play a rouge"

>> No.34119474

I thought large breasts meant more magical power/aptitude.

>> No.34119625

That is true, but your image is clearly wrong. Those aren't very large at all.

>> No.34119649


For the purposes of this thread, you can think of giant breasts, hips and buttocks as indicators of power and aptitude in both arcane and martial pursuits.

>> No.34119687

as a /d/eviant, I take offense to this post.

I would never do this to someone who didn't cosnet first.

>> No.34119756

They are, but those are too small to even glimpse the highest tiers of magic

>> No.34119842

Considering the franchise, she's notably sizable for her frame in her universe.

>> No.34119886

I'll titty-caster with you anon.

Or possibly titty-monk

>> No.34119905

well, if it was open only on top, at least it could still provide adequate protection from infantry...

>> No.34119994

There was a thread a few months back where someone expressed interest in DMing a game, and a bunch of people were on board.

Then he vanished.

>> No.34120048

Good lord, this thread.

>> No.34120053

someone must 'ave gotten him with a vortex grenade, those things always scatter int othe worst places.

>> No.34120077

They're god's divine gift!

>> No.34120254


>Extremely bottom-heavy characters can utilize the "Hip-Check" feat to body slam opponents (or allies) on either side, stunning them and sending them reeling. The wider and thicker the character's hips and thighs are, the larger the targets she can check and the further she can bounce them away become.

>> No.34120394

look at all that HP

>> No.34120498


So DEX is inversely proportional to chest circumference, and CON is equal to cup size?

>liche plastic surgeon hides his phylactery in a saline bag of a breast implant
>they slay the liche but can't find the phylactery or any records of which patient in particular got the phylactery in them
>wizard finally surmises it most likely was placed in an elf patient
>only 20 elf patients
>thus did our group's Elf Breast Inspection Quest begin

>> No.34120534 [SPOILER] 

I'm still around, though I largely have given up on the idea. I just don't have it in me to be a DM, as I discovered the day after that thread when I tried to flesh out the setting. It didn't help that no one had any ideas what system it should be run in.
Please do not take this as a request to throw ideas at me, as I said I have no interest in running this. Though if Someone else decides to and needs a cleric...

>> No.34120578

I call tank

>> No.34120679

Oh hey guy. I seem to recall you saying something along those lines, and I can't say I blame you.

I would be willing to run it, since I've had a bit more experience with online play recently.

My only problems would be: 1) A lack of players 2) A lack of plot ideas

There'd also be some minor issues with scheduling and whatnot, but I'm not overly worried about those.

>> No.34121224

Motherfucker, got there first!

>> No.34121697

>Any character, male or female, that falls asleep with their head pillowed upon another well-endowed character's chest will gain a "Zaftig Zzz's" buff that will help restore their strength and morale and leave them feeling well rested. The larger the chest slept on, the greater and longer-lasting the bonus.

>> No.34121797

What about dick related buffs?

>> No.34121860

Dicks are already powerful enough, they don't need buffs.

>> No.34121909

Tits get a support ability and dicks don't?

I call bullshit.

>> No.34121938

How would it work? The one receiving the buff has to have the dick balls deep for the duration of the sleep?

>> No.34121948

I don't think you understand how blatantly overpowered dicks are.

>> No.34121950

What would you suggest?

>> No.34122027

Dicks can enslave any woman (and some men) with enough application of them to the target. They're so overpowered they don't need support abilities.

>> No.34122068

Don't tits get a similar ability?

>> No.34122131

Only to those with weak wills. They usually just cause you to get raped and mindbroken that much faster.

>> No.34122242


>> No.34122282


What about something along the lines of:

>A character with a significantly chiseled jawline can take the "If Chins Could Kill" feat, allowing the mere sight of their manly continence to inspire heroism and strength in their friends and allies. The cleftier and more powerful the chin, the stronger and longer-lasting the effects.

>> No.34122408

>> No.34122429

I like it!

Now what about 'Cute' Factors? We haven't talking about that much.

Like that episode of No Game No Life.

>> No.34122476

Man, he seems kind of overdressed there.

>> No.34122526

>> No.34122602

I... Wow.

>> No.34122623

i know right, who the fuck wears gloves while reading, makes turning the pages WAY to hard.

>> No.34122703


What sort of "Cute Factors" do you have in mind? I'm just trying to come up with feats related to super-exaggerated points of attraction in both women and men, but I can really see this getting fleshed out a bit more all around.

>> No.34122841

Can't you fuckers tell that the bird with the red eye is psychically controlling them?

Why do you think everyone looks so stoned out of their fucking minds?

>> No.34122858

>> No.34122883

I honestly didn't notice the bird at all until after you mentioned it.

>> No.34122911

That's because it had you in its grasp! Now you are free!

>> No.34122928

i too failed to see it, i was distracted by the Tiger in the front, i think he can see me

>> No.34122962

>mfw this sort of bs is an every day thing nowadays.

tg pls

>> No.34122999

>Why do you think everyone looks so stoned out of their fucking minds?
i assumed it had something to do with that bottle of blue stuff on the right side

>> No.34123015


>> No.34123052

always has been, always will be

>newfriend, pls

>> No.34123054

You must be new here.

>> No.34123060

It used to be more or less contained to the ERP threads. I'm glad they're gone, but this shit is still retarded.

>> No.34123068

Have you been on /tg/ less than a year?

>> No.34123069

>implying /tg/ was ever free from perversion
fairly sure /tg/ was completely un-moderated for a few years and the T&A was everywhere.
unless i'm remembering wrong.

>> No.34123082

I know what you mean. /tg/ had always been about the little girls, and now we're overflowing with healthy women and cowtits. May lolijesus have mercy on us all.

>> No.34123101


I remember Kimmo's robot gradually going insane. Some of its last posts were virtually incomprehendable.

>> No.34123151

The ERP thread was a recent thing. /tg/ had threads like this before it and it will continue to have them after it. Now contribute some mechanics to the discussion since you're here.

Perhaps you have an idea for some sort of Two Weapon Fighting Feat utilizing breasts as two separate blunt weapons?

>> No.34123212

Sure, but my point is that anytime a mod bans a lewd aspect of /tg/, /tg/ usually retaliates by being extra lewd and shitposty for a little while. Same thing happened with the nazimod purge.

>> No.34123227

>Mighty Weapon
Any character with a penis over X ft can use it for an extra 6 unarmed damage so long as they are not wearing pants,

>> No.34123228

>> No.34123274

>> No.34123282

>Breasts of notable size

>> No.34123299

So according to this >>34111937, with the right training an attack with your breasts does the same damage as an unarmed attack.
Does that mean a Monk's breast damage is increased when they level up?

>> No.34123306

ok. here are the facts for the bleeding cunts, also known as the anti-erpers here.

The only reason most of you have a problem with erp, is the fact that you:
A) Play with a bunch of fucking neckbearded troglodytes
B) Never had sex in your life.

Now, in any dimension or reality, fantasy or futuristic, any species that evolves to a human level, or hell, even gains some form of self awareness, no matter how fleeting, will attempt to propagate itself.

That means sex. Sex is a healthy adult activity, and if you take real life into account, humanity does an awful lot of focusing on sex. Of all fucking kinds.

Sex sells us things, sex is a cornerstone for identity, sex is even an issue depending upon your gender, and who you decide to date.

There are millions made because of sex. Now, let me ask you this. If you were lucky enough to engage in a game where everyone wore blindfolds, and an everyone was 'paired' to a partner of their preference, and had whatever sex act you RP'd actually performed on you, would you fucking have a problem with ERP?

I highly fucking doubt it. As a matter of fact, I doubt any fucking one of you would give two shits about the 'world' or the 'story', until the whole newness of the experience wore off, other than to get to the next scene where you and your chosen partner could fuck.

>Sex happens. Quit acting like a bunch of hypocritical puritans, and let the lewd be, because 4chan specifically states in it's disclaimer that the site is meant for adults

>> No.34123321

I'm pretty sure I've read a doujin where Guts uses his giant penis to kill things.

>> No.34123322

>all dem strawmen

>> No.34123341

>> No.34123354

I admit there's a few in there, but essentially, the core of the argument is true.

cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it

>> No.34123368

>a few
Understatement of the year.

>> No.34123380

point them out and how they are strawmen for me then pl0x

>> No.34123396

I assume there's precedent for it being based on your unarmed attack. Otherwise your size (and thus the size of the weapon) wouldn't be considered as a factor in the damage.

>> No.34123450

Literally the base foundation of your argument is that people only think your threads were irrelevant to /tg/ because they're just a bunch of ugly loser autist virgins with no life and no friends who are jealous of your ability to make a setting revolving around pissing on each other.

>> No.34123455


CON determines size.

CHA determines shapeliness.

>> No.34123469

>> No.34123497

has there ever actually been a player race like this in any table tops? At least one that was published by someone and not just homebrew?

>> No.34123513

>Implying the erp crowd isn't made up almost entirely of fat neckbeard troglodytes that don't get any

Seriously, you're going to state, with a straight face, that normal, well adjusted people with a healthy, active sex life make up the majority of the anonymous pretend word sex demographic?
In terms of being a well adjusted human being, it goes Spouse/lover>internet porn>=prostitutes>phone sex>erp>rapist

>> No.34123517

potty play isn't really my thing.Jealousy? no. not listed.

But yes, that's the long and short of it. How is that a strawman if that is my true opinion on the matter?

And, if you were put into the situation I described, would you enjoy it?

>> No.34123547

No idea, but I'm assuming she's some variety or dwarf or gnome, given her tools and general proportions. I'd be very interested if there was a player race like this one.

>> No.34123560


How would this convert to wounds?

>> No.34123566

Yes, that would be Shiru Shiru Schierke.

>> No.34123586

rofl. that's sort of true.

However, I will say this. The only people who I personally have had the experience with of playing, were sexually healthy. They didn't get what they wanted that often because their locality didn't really offer them that into. There is also the fact that science and medical care hadn't advanced enough for them to have their gender reassignment surgery (in one case) and the others had to do with the fact that there were societal barriers in place.

I think i should state that I am an oldfag. Like, over 30.

>> No.34123631

Just wanna say loving this thread! Come up with more feats please

>> No.34123676

>How is that a strawman if that is my true opinion on the matter?
Because your opinion is literally just "everyone who disagrees with me does so out of fear and ignorance", which isn't so much an opinion as a faulty, childish, and massively egotistical way of viewing the world.
>And, if you were put into the situation I described, would you enjoy it?
If I showed up to enjoy a game of DnD and instead got kidnapped, blindfolded, and taken to some unknown location where I was forced to pretend to have sex with someone pretending to be my ideal partner, I would probably be scared for my life.

When I want to slay dragon I want to slay dragons, man. If I wanted to do a bunch of kinky sex stuff, god knows there's enough BDSM dens and skeevy clubs nearby for me try my luck at instead of scoping out tabletops for some play.

>> No.34123702

>im an oldfag!

>> No.34123736

now you're putting words into my mouth. and it is an opinion. Enlighten me if it were otherwise.

As for the whole scenario of kidnap? Noone said anything about that. It would be a voluntary thing. You and your ideal sexual partner matched up for some RP with no holds barred sex on the table to be done so in the privacy (or non-privacy, your choice) of your own little room?

>> No.34123742


Not at all!

CON determines hip size and general healthiness.

CHA determines shapeliness.

Bust size is entirely based on player preference, so a big tittied girl with 7 CHA would have floppy saggy tits.

>> No.34123760

yes. really

>> No.34123771

no, that's ass you are thinking of

>> No.34123798

> that's sort of true.
No it isn't. What kind of retard are you?

>> No.34123801

>now you're putting words into my mouth
You said it yourself >>34123306
>The only reason most of you have a problem with erp, is the fact that you:
>A) Play with a bunch of fucking neckbearded troglodytes
>B) Never had sex in your life.
It's all right there in plain text.
>it is an opinion
It's a worldview, and a narcissistic one at that. The same worldview adopted by SJWs who think that only "unenlightened" people would ever dare disagree with them and thus it's their job to evangelize until all conflicting opinions and world views are eradicated.

>> No.34123805



My buddy brought this to my attention once, and we had a good laugh and checked our characters on it

But it brought up a serious question, would magic items/buffs effect assets? Or do you just work with what your maker gave ya?

>> No.34123841

But how am I supposed to have DFC sorceresses with this system? Ain't no way you can take a negative Con modifier with a d4 hit die.

>> No.34123842

>They didn't get what they wanted that often because their locality didn't really offer them that into.
So a sex-starved virgin, the very kind you claimed resented ERP
>There is also the fact that science and medical care hadn't advanced enough for them to have their gender reassignment surgery
And a basketcase who hates their own genitals.

You're not exactly painting a stellar picture of "sexually and mentally healthy" ERPers.

>> No.34123858

he has apoint, prudes are the biggest fucking nerds I've ever met.

like oh no sex oh god! grow the fuck up.

As for actual ERP, yeah those guys are huge nerds too a lot of times, but we're talking sex involved in normal games or a normal game that has a tendency towards sex situations.

>> No.34123871

>push up girdle of +2 Charisma

>> No.34123881


Just use the generator listed here >>34123742

She's flat-chested because you want her to be, but if she's got decent CON she'll have nice hips and the high CHA means what chest she DOES have is amazing.

>> No.34123883

If anything the modifier should be -agility. You don't see any Olympic gymnasts with giant cow tits.

>> No.34123908

It's called Improved Toughness.

Also, look into x to y bonuses. Personman has a good chart for it.

>this arguing about the erp thread
You guys. You're doing wrong things. None of that shit matters. Just stay on topic.

>> No.34123927

He has about as much of a point as a beach ball. The person who can't shut up about his masterfully crafted Futa Jizz Wizard is just as bad as they guy who goes into conniptions if you mention that the barmaid is buxom and scantily clad.

I would say even worse since at least you can play a game with the second guy if you HAD to and the former tends to spawn the latter with their obnoxious fetish spamming.

>> No.34123952

That sounds really dumb.

>> No.34123981


Whatever, I tried.

>> No.34123993


>"These Hips Don't Lie"
>When explaining a plan or trying to convince an NPC of something, the character may place her hands in a matter-of-fact manner on her hips, increasing their persuasive powers. The wider and more comely the character's hips, the more convincing their argument will seem.

>> No.34124026

I dunno if they are really related to dwarves/gnomes. Though she could be that one half-breed race from the "Bastards and bloodlines" book, the half halfling half blink-dog. I don't have the book in front of me, so I can't remember exactly what they look like, but that might fit.

>> No.34124096

As a caster, there are any number of options available to you. Just don't get hit. Also, the Beauty's Bounty feat gives you your Charisma bonus to hit points instead of your Con at first level.

>> No.34124132

Also dumb. It should be that placing one hand on your hips and the other in front of your face with either one finger wagging or several snapping motions gives you a bonus to intimidate.

>> No.34124161

Still dumb.

>> No.34124233

Personally, I'd say it should be a skill trick based on Dance for nonverbal communication.

Taking a feat to overcome a con penalty is dumb? Then Faerie Mysteries Initiative won't make you happy either, even if it'll make your hit points based on Int instead of Con?

>> No.34124336

my god! where can i find more of her?

>> No.34124411

Google. Seriously, it was right there on the front page.

>> No.34124449

What about a character that takes both the 'Titanic Tits" and the "Behemoth Booty" feats? What is that meta-feat called? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

>> No.34124472

4Chan's had the built-in ability to reverse image search a couple different ways for a bit now.

>> No.34124511

You! Yes you friend. How would you like a job in the foreseeable future doing more of these and things like these? Might anyone else also be interested?

>> No.34124851

I could see that as a trait, too. Actually a few of these could be traits, and maybe drawbacks.

>Extremely endowed: Characters count as unusual body-type for pricing armor, and other clothing. They also cannot squeeze through an area that is smaller than their space.

>> No.34124974


I really like this trait because while it could most often be used as a drawback for characters with both the T&A perks, having to pay more for armor and getting themselves stuck in narrow spaces or even doorways, the "Extremely Enormously Endowed" meta-trait could also come with its own benefits, such as gaining the favor of an ancient fertility goddess or catching the eye of a painter that simply must capture the character's likeness and will pay handsomely for a modeling session.

>> No.34125013

Is it strange that my immediate inclination is to use these for a comedy game, rather than anything erotic?

>> No.34125066

Not really.

>> No.34125114

This thread isnt erotic in the slightest, so not really.

>> No.34125167

Well, there's traits and drawbacks. So, taking certain ones could lean into getting other ones. You don't need to be super stacked to have something like:

>Hypnotizing bust: Gain a +1 DC to spells with the charm descriptor against male enemies

>> No.34125238

>You! Yes you friend. How would you like a job in the foreseeable future doing more of these and things like these? Might anyone else also be interested?

>> No.34125333

>against male enemies
You homophobic shitlord.

>> No.34125344

>Go on.

>> No.34125387

Would be a job making feats, stats and traits off of character images, some know, some random, most fitting the theme of this thread. Would you be interested?

>> No.34125421

hey, I'm just making generalist things. Sorry for thinking in that way, besides these are just for fun, and can be easily changed. Heck could do something like:

>hypnotic abs: You can ripple your abs as you cast spells to gain a +1 to the DC of all charm spells.

if you wanna give guys something, too. And really, you can pull the male part out easily and make it work all the time.

>> No.34125450


I'd be interested, but unfortunately am exhausted and need to bed down for the night. I wish you folk luck, and hop to see this thread or maybe a successor up in the morning.

>> No.34125491

Eh. Sounds interesting, but I'm not sure if I'd do well with it, although that could just be the lack of sleep talking.

>> No.34125510

If it's a job that means I'm getting monetarily compensated for wasting my time on you. Can you back up that claim or are you just going to fuck off and make your own fap bait?

>> No.34125562

Can provide an email address if better?
If willing to try, I am willing to take risk.
Can send payment first or half up front depending on amount want for job?

>> No.34125705

No offense, but this sounds sketchy as hell. Why are you trying to hire people to give 3.5 derived ERP stats to artwork and pictures? Are you trying to make some sort of ERP focused version of D&D? Are you taking commissions?

I'm just really confused about what you're trying to do.

>> No.34125815

Him typing like Crazy Hasaan isn't making him any more trustworthy, either.

>> No.34125823

Is weird but honestly just like stats and such and how they break a character down. No reason for this other than my enjoyment. And not all would be ERP. Though a lot will probably be. Understand if not interest, just thought should ask.

>> No.34125859

Crazy Hasaan? I'm unfamiliar with this.

>> No.34125892

So you want to give money to random people on the internet to stat characters for you?

>> No.34125915

There's just one problem with this- at a certain point, they become a PENALTY to HP, because of the strain they put on the back. A D would -1, DD -2, DDD-3, and so on. Change A to +1, B +2, and C woul either be +3 or +/- 0, depending on the woman, so use your best judgment there.

>> No.34125930

If I can find someone willing that isn't asking insane amounts of money. The difficulty of this is amazing me honestly. Though it sounds slightly bad when you put it that way.

>> No.34125937

Get out

>> No.34126002

This is fucking sexist bullshit, what about male characters? They should get +4 STR or something to compensate.

>> No.34126025

I'm just finding it a bit surreal. Statting random characters is stuff people on this board do with their free time. Heck, you can post a thread with a picture of any character, write stat me, and usually get at least a few good responses.

I mean, I guess it's not too different from commissioning art. I'm just having a hard time getting my head around it.

>> No.34126069

Read the thread, we covered this.

>> No.34126072

Admittedly I've tried that but never get many replies. Ever. So thought, "Hey why not see if money helps" It hasn't really so far. Hopefully if most do it for free shouldn't be too costly. Might you be interested?

>> No.34126127

I guess? What sort of time table are we talking here? How many things would you want statted up?

>> No.34126214

Large breasts means bigger boner.

>> No.34126243

So we're back to futa being the dominate sex?

We ought to balance it.

>> No.34126251

>all this additional HP ITT

>> No.34126275

I now want to run with this drawback in my next campaign. Can someone give me a pitch that should convince a GM to allow it?

>> No.34126297

Bust, penis, and hip size must be in balance for the person to be a full power. Even one slightly larger or smaller comparatively will cause fluctuations.

>> No.34126299

Would just be one thing first. And how long might it take? No rush really but don't want to wait forever

>> No.34126351

Depends on how goofy your DM lets his campaigns be. Remember that while it is a silly flaw, it can go "that guy" super fast if you keep describing your character's bust or ass in all situations.

If you are pitching it to a GM who likes goofy stuff, just show him that flaw. Otherwise work it into the backstory somehow like a curse or something.

>> No.34126372

It depends on the thing and the level of detail. Some characters wouldn't require very much work or time, while others could have numerous aspects to them. Similarly, if you're allowing for made up traits, you could theoretically stat out every aspect of a character.

What types of characters did you have in mind, exactly?

>> No.34126396

The idea I'm thinking of is a sorceress's family that got a wish from a genie for beauty and power for the family. Sorcerous power and ridiculous proportions? eh, close enough to what they asked for.

Like, the genie wasn't a jerk. He was just a guy that likes big tits.

>> No.34126492

I think I know of a porn game like this.

>> No.34126549

Characters would be /a/, /co/ and /v/ related along with a few original ones and randoms if alright.

>> No.34126599

>Using the word puritan as a pejorative term.


>> No.34126635

I have approximate knowledge of those things. Depending on how well I know the character in question, things would go faster. If I had a full day free, I feel like I could make a relatively simple version of a character I would need to research, or a relatively detailed version of a character if I was familiar with them. Of course, I don't have full days free very often, so I'd give a rough estimate of half a week for most of these, at best.

I'm assuming you'd want this all to be statted up in 3.5, or do you have a preference?

>> No.34126643

depends on how goofy you are gonna get with it, really. also, another drawback I just thought of

>These things always get in the way: Any time an arcane caster would try to cast a spell with somatic components they suffer a 5% arcane spell failure, also if a character uses a two-handed weapon, they suffer a -1 on all attack rolls as long as they are using both hands.

and a trait bonus:

>Hidden in the valley: can hide objects no bigger than 1/2 the size of their bust in their busts, This lets you hide a small object there with a +2 to the sleight of hand checks to do so.

>> No.34126848

3.5 is fine, no preference. And sounds good to me, quicker than I thought it might be. Email is [email protected] too.And might be odd considering request and all but would you happen to have an example of one? Understand if not.

>> No.34126907

And this is why I stopped drawing.

>> No.34126975

I don't really have any good examples that I can think of. I do have quite a large number of characters I've designed around a particular ability or concept though.

>> No.34127014

Alright, would love to see them if ok then. Also, would you happen to be familiar with Alice from "Alice: Madness Returns"?

>> No.34127037

So many pictures I could have used, all of them pertaining to Dandy.

>> No.34127039

This thread is getting incredibly creepy

>> No.34127084

Not overly. I recall seeing the game before though.

I can potentially send you some of the characters over by email, though I may need to preform some conversions.

>> No.34127101

but boobs

>> No.34127137

That would be fine. Got email message too.

>> No.34127195

You forget where you are, or are very new.

We're just talking about T&A+D. Not like it's anal spelunking or how many spiders can fit in a drow's vagina.

>> No.34127222

I'm talking about the dude asking people to help him stat his fap fantasy video game waifus and offering to pay others for it in disturbingly broken english, dipshit.

It's like Fawful is trying to cyber with me.

>> No.34127228

Alright. Unfortunately, it's rather late where I am, so I think I'm going to have to call it a night. If there's anything else you need, feel free to email me. I'll send over what I have when I get the chance tommorow.

>> No.34127244

Oh that. I sorta tuned it out and assumed you were talking about the main topic.

>> No.34127260

Alright. Thanks anon!

>> No.34127265

The OT is just banal. It might be sort of weird if it didn't happen every day, but as it stands it's just uninspired shitposting.

>> No.34127283

>Fawful cybering with some unsuspecting person
Oh god, it sounds so funny.

>> No.34127316

Eh I find it's better than the awfulness I find on other boards. Plus it's not edition wars or more fucking quests so there's that.

>> No.34127336

Most quests are actually better than being pathetic enough to try and stat tits.

>> No.34127360

If I'm not allowed to be pathetic here, then where?

>> No.34127376

Eh I wouldn't call it pathetic. Weird, yes, but nothing I wouldn't be surprised to see on this board.

Plus this is 4chan, not exactly the place you sure expect much from.

>> No.34127378


>> No.34127383

No more than calling a baby a parasite.

>> No.34127404

But I don't want to go to /soc/

>> No.34127413

I'll take one tit thread over Stupid Quest part 36: Electric Boogaloo.

>> No.34127431

This, this so much. Can we go back on topic? Or did every one leave?

>> No.34127434

Too bad One Tit Thread happens daily whereas Stupid Quest only shows up once or twice a week.

>> No.34127460

At the least. Stupid Tit Thread may as well be a general.

>> No.34127592

I wasn't aware that tit = HP threads were a daily thing. Wait, they aren't.

>> No.34127609

They actually pretty much are. It's usually tits = CON or CHA, but some basic principle, as well as every single other shitty fetish thread that crawls it's way out of /d/ onto this board.

>> No.34127611

Oh you can't help that. We're all /soc/ here. I'm /soc/, you're /soc/.

>> No.34127690

No I'm /soc/tacus!

>> No.34127765

But can /soc/ help me get tits

>> No.34127773

Is she fantasizing about herself and where is her other hand going?

>> No.34127810

The hand is clearly on the table.

>> No.34127837

I can't into perspective worth a fuck it seems.

>> No.34128451

Taking masturbation to the next level

>> No.34128484

Why is the left boob so much larger than the right one?

>> No.34128495

Or a normal level if you gauge it by 4chan standards.

>> No.34129489

>This thread still going
I'm not even mad anymore, I'm actually impressed.

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