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QMs: How much do you use off-site tools (Twitter, pastebin, ask.fm, etc) in your quest?

Players: Who's your favorite sidekick in the quests you follow?

Links and FAQ, read them (especially first-time QMs): http://pastebin.com/jQzPmhC5

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I want to play/run a game where you are religious templar types in a science fiction setting, but not the huge asshole villains they usually turn out to be whenever religion-in-space is mentioned.

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non-evil religion is strictly a topic for fantasy.

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Moonrunes please

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Any one interested in a historical Crusader quest with similar mechanics to Raian's Three Kingdoms quest?

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I just want a space-knight strike team with assault rifles and swords saving the shit out of subhuman mutants with care programs and protection from space-banditry.

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Apparently someone's been forgetting to tag their shit with collective game.

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Only if we can marry Joan of England to Al-Adil.

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Should ask.fm become the next required social media outlet for QMs?

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No. Twitter is necessary because it allows them to tell people when a quest is live. ask.fm is an extension of the regular post-session Q&A in the thread.

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Some quest mechanics benefit from an ask.fm when it comes to clarifying things or suggesting ways to use the system.

Everything else is strictly for social interaction or for asking questions without being drowned in other posts.

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>In-character facebooks and ask.fms

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It would be set between the second and third crusade, rather than during one of the major crusades as a whole, and you would be playing a fictional character.

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No. It's unnecessary anyway.

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>In-character facebooks
Now that's going too far.

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Yet potentially hilarious.

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Maybe a Supreme Commander quest where you play as an elite strike team carrying out missions to delicate to just throw a ACU at.

Spreading The Way to grateful civilians and murdering the fuck out of heretics.

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Personally I think ask.fm is already too much.

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Counterpoint: that scene where Adelle got all huffy about it was really fucking pretentious, as well as the most recent coppergirl scene where Understudy tried to make rape into some valiant struggle against a bitch who just wanted to be left alone and had the MC start spouting ideological drivel mid-rape like it was some kind of Shonen Anime battle, except with rape.

Counterpoint 2: TAQ is smut. Smut doesn't count since everything exists to get somebody's penis hard rather than tell a cohesive story.

Counterpoint 3: I said ALMOST always because obviously there is going to be some outliers, such as fetish material.

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>some kind of Shonen Anime battle, except with rape.
Sounds awesome.

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>QMs: How much do you use off-site tools (Twitter, pastebin, ask.fm, etc) in your quest?
I use pastebin for infodumps or character sheets, when it's a /tg/ quest (as opposed to anonkun) and I use twitter almost fanatically so that people know when I'm running or when I've updated.

I don't use ask.fm, though, because people can come to the anonkun chat, end-of-threads for my /tg/ quests, or my own IRC and ask me questions.

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>Players: Who's your favorite sidekick in the quests you follow?
Kronos, no contest. Best sidekick. Best creation. Best child.

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It was pretty shitty in practice since his opponent was a mute and all he did is say some variation of "YER MUH PROPERTY" while hitting a bitch with a hammer. It was especially bad since for some reason I read all of his dialog in Beavis's voice.

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> say some variation of "YER MUH PROPERTY" while hitting a bitch with a hammer
Sounds hot.

>It was especially bad since for some reason I read all of his dialog in Beavis's voice.
Sounds hot like that's your problem.

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point, but there are sometimes legitimate questions that are asked/answered. It would be nice if the ask.fm just had the FAQs and important notes, but...

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People have tried doing that with pastebins but people don't read them at all.

Ask.fms seem to actually be read.

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No, it isn't required, but I have found it to be very useful for answering the questions and discussing the situations that would otherwise bog down the thread.
I think only quests with lots of crunch and/or settings with lots of detail have much use of it, but even then it isn't exactly required. Like having a wiki page.

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What's more important; What the characters are doing, or who the characters are?

Also, if you had to choose five characters to alternate being the protagonist, where they sometimes are together, often not, rarely working against each other, what archetypes do you want represented other than the qt3.14.

Assume fantasy setting if it matters.

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It's the formatting. It's easier on the eyes to read Ask.fm, but harder to find a particular question.

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I'm up for any historical quest in general. Run it and I'll follow it unless it's completely atrocious.

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Goybutts quest when?

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>Trap Necromancer Quest
Would you?

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I REALLY like completely bonkers rogue supersoldiers as villains. They don't even have to say anything. All they have to do is stand there being like the MC but like 1.5 times better in most categories.

In fact, I pretty much like any villain that's similar to the MC, but careened off the rails so hard they're a supervillain.

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Traps are so overplayed.

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Into the trash it goes

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So I've been experimenting with dice. How does 2d20, highest of 3 posts sound?

Crits are dependent on the situation, and can be 38-40 or just 40. Critfails are just 10-15 below the DC

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Name one quest with a trap.

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Required? No. But I think it's nice to have. It lets the QM run their thread and gives them more leeway to ignore people asking meta and unrelated shit in the middle of the thread. You should ignore it anyway, but with an ask.fm you can just point at that and tell the askers to go there instead of constantly asking in the middle of the session.

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Solo singles

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"Abdul please, Isa's companions are a good measure for how to judge non-muslims. The misunderstandings of the Israelis do not void divine wisdom"
"Ahmad, my brother, if their understanding is flawed, then we cannot expect them to compare favorably until they know better. The fines are measure enough."

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Hero Quest
Solo Single
Ass Quest

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Why not run a 1d100 or a 3d10 system? Those crit rules sound dumb as well

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Hollow Quest Redux
Joker Quest

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You don't want crits.

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>Hollow Quest Redux
There's a trap in there?

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Twitter is for scheduling, although I am willing to follow anyone who wants to discuss something and it is quite useful for that as well.

Pastebin is a life saver. Perfect for keeping all the details of the crunch hidden away until it's needed, and keeps it contained in a much better way than pouring it all over the thread every time it's needed. I wish I didn't need it so much, but dang is it useful.

Ask.fm is new to me, but it's growing on me fast. It's perfect for answering those questions that get asked all the time and is a good place to communicate with the players without the threat of the looming page 10. I only use it at the request of the players though, and I probably would have never considered it otherwise.

Suptg is also useful just because the formatting is nice. You can just get a single page with all the threads listed in order with a short description for each one. The occasional missarchive can be an issue but so long as you're on the ball and archive it early its usually all good.

I must admit I have been contemplating making an entry on 1d4chan just to assemble the character and event info in an easy to digest way, but I'm not so sure how that works and have never really paid much attention to the wiki before.

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I like bell curves

I was trying to get a more even spread

fair enough, the critfails were basically degrees of success anyway.

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I think he means the plant.

>> No.34101258

Go back to tending your lawn, this place is not for you

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((>>34101223)) Welp. I did a terrible thing.
>QMs: How much do you use off-site tools (Twitter, pastebin, ask.fm, etc) in your quest?
Lots. Maybe too much.

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Russian psion quest.

You are a russian with massive telekinetic powers. You and your comrades must defeat the horrors of america, with their super combining death robots and capitalism.

Coming when I am actually able to stomach alcohol without death.

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>Keep all dice and fearts and shit in the pastebin
>Players never read it, touch it, or use it
>Complain about me not re-explaining mechanics for the fourth or fifth time
>It was just fucking rollunder with skills making the target higher when applicable

Fuck pastebin. I'm done.

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The plant is not a trap. The plant's canon gender is 'plant'.

>> No.34101329

What's that supposed to mean? You need some skeleton in a black robe to pat you on the back every time you take a shot?

>> No.34101340

I'd play it, but only if you are drunk on russian vodka when running.

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>How much do you use off-site tools
Twitter often, Pastebin enough to get all the necessary details out in the open, I've been thinking about using an ask.fm, but nobody has really asked enough about the setting in-thread for me to think it's necessary and I don't want it to become some kinda blog shit.

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>> No.34101383

I find you need to start with it in the thread, explain it, then put it in the pastebin. By then most of your players should have already read it and it can just sit off to the side in case anyone needs to look through it again.

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Twitter to announce threads, pastebin for character sheets and notes on stuff the players should remember.

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Question: Why does nobody ever run an Angry Marines Quest?

>inb4 lost primarch quest
I mean one that isn't years old and still runs

>> No.34101413

Is it a bad idea to start a quest with several pastebins already filled out with roughly three thousand words each?

>> No.34101427


Don't be Hexer.

>> No.34101443

Probably. You're investing yourself too much in the lore when you aren't even sure the players are interested.

>> No.34101453

Yes. Pastebins are for notes and keeping the stuff players need somewhere accessable so they don't have to look through the archive.

>> No.34101459

Rolled 6 + 5 (1d13 + 5)

So, have we still got dice?

>> No.34101468

> that's a good boy, drink riiiiiight up ]rattle rattle[

Aye, Pastebin is only good for archival.


B-but I never did that.

Because Angry Marines aren't really interesting beyond their gimmick. Blood Jaguars or Emperor's Nightmares mite b kewl tho.

> Knights Indu--
Go away.

>> No.34101485

Because marines are boring and shit and Angry Marines are that much worse.

Freebooter Quest when?
>> Knights Indu--
Already happened.

>> No.34101508

As someone with a vast pastebin himself, you should start with nothing there, then fill it with things you have already placed in the thread itself to keep people from forgetting.

Use it for character sheets, but only after detailing the stats in the thread, or use it for inventory, but only after showing it in the thread, and even then be sure to list out changes in the thread itself and always link to the pastebin itself. Never use it for big lore dumps unless they are pure fluff and are not directly relevant to the quest itself.

>> No.34101525

>Already happened.
I drink to forget.

Also, what if inquisitorial Storm Trooper?

>> No.34101530

>Because Angry Marines aren't really interesting beyond their gimmick.
Always depends on how you play it out, actually, so that pretty much means nothing
Also, some of the best quests have been about marines

>Because marines are boring and shit and Angry Marines are that much worse.
Ur a faggt

>> No.34101535

Just because you don't dump your setting notes into pastebin doesn't mean you're not making them. I'm sure you could easily beat what he said with AToW setting info.

>> No.34101574

Arc trooper quest?
I'd play it. Would prefer Death Squad Quest.

>> No.34101606

Sorry bruh, marines are boring as shit. Mechanicus, SoB, psyker, RT, IG, Eversor, or literally any other human faction would make for a more interesting quest.

>Felinid Drop Trooper Quest when?

>> No.34101616

>Dranulon @Overhuman_Quest ยท 12m
>http://ask.fm/Dranzy Because why not.
It begins.

>> No.34101622

>Just because you don't dump your setting notes into pastebin doesn't mean you're not making them.
Of course it doesn't.

> I'm sure you could easily beat what he said with AToW setting info.
Indeed, yet I'm not. The setting information is being revealed bit by bit. AAAaaaaahhhhh, WHAT DO YOU MEAAAAANN?! The point was not dumping lotsa shit on the players at once, which is what I'm not doing. Seriously confused here, anon.

>so that pretty much means nothing
Nothing means anything, now does it?

>Always depends on how you play it out,
Alas, how WOULD you propose to play it out?

>> No.34101633

Can't be worse than what happens in-thread

>> No.34101683

>>Felinid Drop Trooper Quest when?

>Nothing means anything, now does it?
I see that you're a drunkard
I myself fancy myself quite a connoisseur of cheap alcohol to get drunk

>Alas, how WOULD you propose to play it out?

>> No.34101732

>hating on Felinids
>claiming others have shit taste

>> No.34101737

But anon Marines aren't men. They're only derived from little boys and look vaguely like human men, but they're not.
>I see that you're a drunkard
Quite anon, quite.

Heretek Quest. The aim would be to die in as creative a manner as possible.

>> No.34101749

Jesus christ puma twins everything you are affixed to is awesome.

>> No.34101774

Now just imagine a quest where you play as a member of a whole regiment of Puma Twins

With jetpacks.

>> No.34101788

I am not vocally for or against such things. If it's cool, I'd play it.

I'd play it more if it was a goddamn shadowrun game because fuck do those things always only last for one session and then they're done forever

>> No.34101818

>go-gang of SURGED catgirls, changeling catgirls and shifter catgirls

>> No.34101821

>That feel when some major characters in my quest are named after the members of my favorite music group

My players will never know, and will never guess who they are.

>> No.34101874

>using felinids to fight instead of breeding

>But anon Marines aren't men. They're only derived from little boys and look vaguely like human men, but they're not.
to quote
>Asshole rose quickly through the ranks, finally becoming Brother-Captain of the Battle Barge Killfuck Soulshitter in 722.M39. During his career, he developed a special hatred of Eldar, and would often be heard to claim that "THEY MAY AS WELL BE GODDAMN PRETTY MARINES FOR ALL THEIR FAIRYASSED PANTSHITTERY!!" In 756.M39, the Killfuck Soulshitter was called to push back an incursion on the Coluphid Sector by Eldar. The campaign was a terrifying success, and in its last moments, Captain Asshole confronted the Farseer Turiel and her daughter Sorith, one of the Seer Council, personally. Breaking Sorith and casting her blithely aside in one swift blow, the Captain approached the Farseer, shaking with rage. Before she could react, he slammed her to the ground, removed his groinplate, and raped the Eldar psyker with a brutality she no doubt ever imagined in her 424 years. As he finished, he rose, readjusted his armor, and looked the horrified Sorith in her eyes, saying "I FUCKED YOUR MOM!" He turned and left, letting the two witches steal into the Webway. A Marine in Asshole's retinue, puzzled, asked "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LET THOSE DYKES GET AWAY, YOU RETARDED COCKSICKLE?" In an astonishing display of restraint, Asshole replied simply "THOSE SPACE WHORES AREN'T THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN PLAN AHEAD, YOU DICKWEED!"

>Quite anon, quite.

>> No.34101884

This is sort of cringeworthy when you take it out of context like this.

>> No.34101910

A lot of the Angry Marines stuff is, even in context.

>> No.34101925

What is flatline?

>> No.34101930

We always argue about waifus but who is the best daughteru?

>> No.34101954

>This is sort of cringeworthy when you take it out of context like this.
It's always cringeworthy if you take it too serious

>> No.34101957


>> No.34101964



>> No.34101999

Are there any quests where you play an overdramatic inquisitorial type?

Preferably one who wants to hunt vampires and stuff.
Possibly played for comedy as his job is simply to deliver court notices to them, and he is dressed down and threatened with crucifix removal for being a "lose cannon" when he stakes a few vampires

>> No.34102014

Is that a thing?

>> No.34102021

>being a /d/ouchefag
I'll take my crazy 80s hair catgirl razorgirls, thank you very much.
I can't imagine it sounding much better in context, either. It reminds me of those trash fiction novels like The Vagina-ass of Lucifer
Dickfaggot or Ass Goblins of Auschwitz.

>> No.34102031


Inquisitors aren't exclusive to 40k setting anon

>> No.34102036

I didn't think inquisitors were only in 40k, but probably.

>> No.34102040

Inquisitors aren't unique to 40k.

>> No.34102041

I'm counting down the seconds until someone starts sperging at you for thinking that the inquisition is a 40k thing only.

>> No.34102059


>> No.34102064

Because very few quests even have daughterus and those that do usually magically age them into waifus anyways.

>> No.34102071

Well, does polite corrections count as "sperging out"?


>> No.34102072

NORMAL Inquisitor. Fewer skulls, more rusty torture implements.

No, and that's part of what's wrong with quests.

...your point?
> Eldar
> Fairy-assed
BUT THAT'S WRONG. Eldar are creepy assholes with the thinnest veneer of elegance possible.

>> No.34102077


>> No.34102101

Cole or Rochelle from daughter raising simulator.

>> No.34102114

While Inquisitors are not exclusive to 40K, 40K does indeed have both giant vampire bat xenos as well as Dark Eldar, who are essentially vampires in all but name.

>> No.34102128

Speaking of DEldar, would anyone participate in a DEldar quest?

>> No.34102130


Too lewd to be proper daughters

>> No.34102135

>Eldar are creepy assholes with the thinnest veneer of elegance possible.
WRONG. They are 80s hair metal incarnate.

>> No.34102166

>Thinnest veneer
Hexer mah nigger, you talkin some very un-nigga shit here

>> No.34102215

H-how so?

Why would you stop loving your daughter if she became lewd? That's not how parenting should work! ;__;

>> No.34102246

I must protect the purity of my offspring until I deign that there is a suitable partner worthy of one of the few existences in this world that I would die for.

>Overprotective Noble Father Quest when?

>> No.34102260

>>Overprotective Noble Father Quest when?
The daddy is a Paladin?

>> No.34102263

Eldar be pretty elegant nigga, shit, entire language is done through elegance, not like brash mon'igger speak

>> No.34102267

>Why would you stop loving your daughter if she became lewd?
Semen demons cannot be daughterus.

>> No.34102270


DXR is a trap? Yummy.

>> No.34102290

Paladin parents is its own special nightmare mode.

>> No.34102326

> My Parents Are Paladins And Want To Marry Me To An Angel?!

DXR is a manly Texan that uses his right to bear arms to pimp slap anyone that shittalks Saber.

That's why you teach her how to not be lewd, anon.

Fine, fiiiiiiiiiiiinnneee! I misspoke, but there still be sum creepy-ass bitches among 'em.

Why yes, that's exactly my point. You love the SHIT outta them till they see the error of their ways.

>> No.34102331

Punisher Quest when?

But like, with a bard side kick or some shit, and set it in Eberron or something.

>> No.34102350

>That's why you teach her how to not be lewd
You can never unsully a tarnished canvas, anon.

>> No.34102354

> the angel is loli

>> No.34102360

Man that's a terrible metaphor artists overpaint shit all the time.

>> No.34102383

> the protag is a loli
> the angel is a busty MILF
> WHAT? We don't care if you're straight, she's the best match in all dimensions

>> No.34102386

But it will still never be truly pure again, no matter how many coats you overpaint.

>> No.34102393

>not providing for your offspring
your parenting a shit

>> No.34102401

Just paint that shit white yo.
Good as fucking new.
Yes this is somehow cheaper, the more starving type artists do it.

>> No.34102411

No, I've actually seen people perfectly blend a penis into a normal drawing by drawing over it correctly.

>> No.34102439

Like, I get your point, but it's a terrible metaphor to use still because

>> No.34102450

Its still crusty with old paint, like a tissue with dried semen.

>> No.34102455

Your metaphors need work.

>> No.34102490

Good paint never undergoes the crustification process.

>> No.34102510

Good daughterus never undergo the semen demonification process.

>> No.34102535

Winter. Though she might be more imouto than daughteru.

>> No.34102603

Hexer, could you do me a favour?
Could you analyze one of Pandora's opening posts for a quest? Or well, any post really.
I'm pretty shit at that sort of thing, and I'd like to be able to use your analysis in a debate

>> No.34102672

Fuck off Pandora.

>> No.34102754

I was talking about vampires, not inquisitors
Are you all reading my post wrong or is this a joke I'm not getting?

>> No.34102792

The original dude didn't mention 40k, but did mention inquisitors.
You asked a question about 40k.
40k also has inquisitors.
I assumed that there was a connection there, rather than you just going off on a tangent about 40k with no context.

>> No.34102794

The concern is where you got the
part from, as it wasn't mentioned.

>> No.34102805

No you fuck off Pandora

>> No.34102831

Yeah you're a faggot.

>> No.34102873

If you didn't mean to say that inquisitors are only a 40k thing, then you typed your post wrong.

>> No.34102877

Daily reminder that tale is the best QM imouto.

>> No.34102880


Joker Quest has a trap? This I gotta hear.

>> No.34102892

No that's pandora

>> No.34102951

Demigod quest?

>> No.34102958


>> No.34102970

I don't know what that stands for.

>> No.34103024

>Better than tale

Please Anon.

>> No.34103051

Owl Watcher Quest

>> No.34103054

Since when does Hex do quest reviews?
> not asking Shadowmaster or decu

>> No.34103063

We need Grumpy back.

>> No.34103068

We really don't need Frank back.

>> No.34103074

Not happening.

>> No.34103085

The trap is putting a quest with no trap on a list with other quests that have no traps. You fell for it nicely.

>> No.34103097

It's Oversized Weapon Quest.

>> No.34103123

Futa Shax art when?

>> No.34103151

Shax smut when?

>> No.34103260

Shax being a happy parent when?

>> No.34103301

Shax swirling it around in her mouth when?

>> No.34103331

>If you didn't mean to say that inquisitors are only a 40k thing, then you typed your post wrong.
I didn't even mention inquisitors

>> No.34103376 [SPOILER] 

>reply to a post talking about inquisitors
>ask if there are vampires in 40k

Yes, I bit the bait.

>> No.34103389

Patiently waiting for Teen Titans Quest.

>> No.34103423

Let's hope it's run by Godot.

>> No.34103482

What are some good quests where you're a mech pilot?
I sort of am on a front mission kick.

>> No.34103488


>> No.34103490


>> No.34103502

Yeah, no
I read one of his quests (KlK) and it was pretentious as shit and awkward to read

>> No.34103511

Armored Core Quest. RIP in peace AC-Guy's fire charred existence.

>> No.34103512

Is there an actual QM called Godot? I thought he was making a theatre joke.

>> No.34103521

any good... LIVING quests where you're a mech pilot?

>> No.34103533

There is

>> No.34103551

One of the Zeon Quests, though I've no idea how often it runs or what it's like. Most mech quests don't last, I'm afraid.

>> No.34103574

Damn the lack of staying power and high lethality of my preferred genres.

>> No.34103584

Wrong Godot
>I thought he was making a theatre joke.
I was, but I should've known that name was taken. Even worse, he probably named himself after >>34103488.

>> No.34103586

Hey /qtg/, are there any active husbando quests?

>> No.34103636

I posted the pic; I knew what you were referencing but the coffee cyborg is funnier and easier to pictorally reference unless you have pictures of two hobos talking philosophy in front of a park bench.

Well, there's always Build Fighters Quest, but I'm given to understand it has certain issues, with regards to
Plus, not actual mecha. Honestly, it's an unfilled niche at this point, someone with decent writing skill, staying power, and a head for basic math could pick up a fanbase easily.

>> No.34103643

Hellborn maybe? There aren't even all that many good dead ones.

>> No.34103660

Literally the first result for "two hobos".

>> No.34103662

Straight female mc =/= husbando quest. The QM may have confirmed that romance is something he enjoys and has a good chance of happening, but it's not the focus of the quest at all.

>> No.34103675

Yeah. Something nice and chunky, with some fair customization in there.

And a good heads-up NPC. It is vitally important to have someone who is telling you mission objectives and shooting the shit on the microphone. Usually a lady back at base.

>> No.34103679

Let's just say that's not what I got at all and leave it at that.

>> No.34103687

>Straight female mc =/= husbando quest
I know, it's just the closest you're gonna get. Apparently there was some husbando related drama recently, too.

>> No.34103693

A tale of witches has fabulous dragon husbandos in another universe.

>> No.34103728

I was thinking more like the female to male equivalent of /u/quests like Ryukusa and LGA, and male to female quests like talequests or Princess Guard.

Y'know, it's okay to have a plot and some extra hooks but the main appeal is really on the love interests.

>> No.34103743

BPQ was sort of that for the first act, but then everything went to shit.

Runic was gonna be boy butts galore, but EGO broke.

>> No.34103795


I have a question, actually.

When the protagonist is subject to an illusion or a mental effect, or something that otherwise affects his free will and his perception, how realistic should it be?

Like, should I make it obvious to the players that something is up, or should I make it as close-to-real as possible, until they discover that the jig is up? Could I even do that without giving rise to a shitstorm? For instance, having a trusted ally 'reveal' that he was EVIL ALL ALONG?

Should there be out-of-game clues, like a warping of the user interface? Or should it just be like a usual session, until /tg/ individually realizes that this isn't actually happening?

>> No.34103817

Don't cockslap your players with PLOT.

>> No.34103837

Ideally, you should never do it at all. If you hide it, the players will throw a fit once it's revealed. If you give enough hints, they'll either metagame like all hell if you allow them to or shitstorm about railroading if you don't.

>> No.34103857

Mind controlling a PC always leads to shitstorms, both in quests and tabletop. Even if players voluntarily to temporarily be mind controlled/lose control (unleash your darkest self), they will still bitch about it.

>> No.34103863


I meant more that the whole point of the illusion is to escape it. Like when the hero is locked in a dream machine, and must find a way to break out.

>> No.34103876

>dream sequence

>> No.34103878

>like a warping of the user interface?
If you can pull it off correctly, yes.

>> No.34103880

Have the illusion break down over time. Starting it out perfectly realistic is fine, but as time goes on the inconsistencies ought to add up. Warp the interface when enough players start realizing what's going on and call it.

>having a trusted ally 'reveal' that he was EVIL ALL ALONG?
Don't do this. Players can be very dense, and have a hard time accepting that unconnected things are actually unconnected (or recognizing the connections that are actually there). Making the ally out to be untrustworthy has an equal chance of making them lose all faith in the character and clinging to the character at all times.

Now, once they know it's an illusion you can have the actors in the illusion break character while wearing the bodies, that could be interesting.

>> No.34103895

Then make it blatantly obvious something is wrong within 1-2 updates.

>> No.34104096

On the topic of illusions, would you play an MC that has abilities in various illusionary powers, some particularly overpowered to a nonsensical extent?

>> No.34104123


I'm more worried about how a QM could run a character like that. You'd have the same problem as when playing a Green Lantern character: You can do basically anything.

More, a lot of illusions only kick in after the fact. For instance, an illusion that the door was closed all along is only really effective if you don't know that the door was open.

>> No.34104280

Hey, if you want to try out a historical quest, jump on into my Crusader quest.

>> No.34104285

>Semen demons cannot be daughterus.
If your daughter isn't lewd you have failed as a parent

>> No.34104373


>> No.34104449

it's tricky. You have to be very careful about how long to string it out for. Really, it shouldn't be longer than a thread, because otherwise it's "HEY, LOOK AT HOW MUCH TIME WE'VE WASTED" territory when it eventually comes out.

>> No.34104474

the only exception would really be where you're basically in an illusion from the get go and getting out is a large part of the point.

>> No.34104578

...slut raising simulator 2014?

>> No.34104611

Aww man, I wanted to play a muslim.

>> No.34104623

succubus daughter simulator, you have to turn her into a slut before she's too old or she'll die from lack of proper nutrition

>> No.34104711

> you're a cleric

>> No.34104808

This is a relatively old post, but there's MSG: Shadows of Zeon and Joker Quest(sort of).

>> No.34104850

Goddamn it, runs too late for me. Wish you all the luck though

>> No.34104896

I have an idea, not so much for a quest but more a "type of quest".

There'd be a decent cast of pregenerated characters, each running for just a couple sessions before being retired. General personalities, some vague goal but otherwise free for players to play with. After cycling through a few of these characters, I'd open up a session with chargen down to gender and what-not and run longer in a journey where they interact with each of the previous player characters and the world they've shaped. If you've played Dragon Quest IV, that's the idea.

What do you think? Would the format make it too hard to get into since you couldn't commit to an individual character long? Would the potential for self-NTR or being stuck in the opposite end of a sword from someone you played at be too frustrating?

>> No.34104922

Dragonfucker? As in, MC is being the active husbando.

>> No.34104933

Do you play as THE LAW in any quests?
Could work, could also not work. Like all these things, it depends on how ya run it.

>> No.34104958

QMs: How do you personally spot and deal with samefags?
Players: How do you deal with faggots like ND showing up in a quest you like?

>> No.34104973

I don't think I've ever had ND show up in something I liked.
Or maybe they did and just got ignored.

>> No.34104996

No worries. Its a bit dead right now. But I'll keep plugging on and hopefully some more players will show up.

>> No.34105013

STC is pretty DA LAW

>> No.34105024

Which one is STC?

>> No.34105033

Seraph: The Calling. It's on anonkun. It's also dead as fuck because Angelic.

>> No.34105041

Ah, then I am dissapointed.

>> No.34105077

I think these times are generally pretty slow for quests in general. Maybe running few hours earlier or later in the day may help if possible.

I am liking what I'm reading though.

>> No.34105100

What was the best quest ever?

>> No.34105106

It was opinions

>> No.34105122

Honestly man, at this hour you're pulling in more players than most virgin quests do at peak hours.

>> No.34105124

I want ur opinion on the matter

>> No.34105129


>> No.34105209

STC was awesome. We were little girl Judge Dredd.

>> No.34105320


>> No.34105335

Anything but BFQ.

>> No.34105371

I wouldn't say it's the best, but my favourite is Bloodquest.

>> No.34105403

What would you say is best then? The question was never what's your favorite quest.

>> No.34105419

There is no best quest.

>> No.34105446

Sure there is. It may be a different one for everyone but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

>> No.34105458

>Hexer has answered more than 200 questions on his ask.fm

>> No.34105466

>may be a different one for everyone
Then the question actually was what's your favourite quest.
Good to know.

>> No.34105470

People are curious about the stuff he makes.

>> No.34105480

No it wasn't. The question was plain and simple "What's the best quest ever". The reason the answer changes is just because opinions.

>> No.34105481


>> No.34105484

That's nothing. Archelon has answered 1847.

>> No.34105487

And Soma's done 300.
Schteel is over 400 now.
People got questions.

>> No.34105490

Drunk and/or high.

>> No.34105500

Arch has a couple thousand.

>> No.34105579

If Decu got an ask.fm there would be a million questions and all but five would be answered with "Hahahaha!"

>> No.34105588

One too many 'ha's.

>> No.34105590

>If Decu got an ask.fm there would be a million questions and all but five would be answered with "Hahahaha!"

>> No.34105602

Decu has ask.fm and the volume of "Hahaha!" is lower than you're predicting.

>> No.34105604

He actually HAS answered several questions with just Hahaha! and Hahahaha!

>> No.34105875

Hardly ever.

What, should I be?

>> No.34105899

Twitter for thread announcements, pastebin for notes, google docs for backups.

>> No.34105939

Oh, so not "in" as in "during".

>> No.34105974

Yeah, OP is a retard and should have use 'for' instead.

>> No.34106222

who the fuck is decu?

>> No.34106231


>> No.34106234

Seriously? Even if you don't read his quest are you that new?

>> No.34106235


>> No.34106271

Just a reminder, Strike Witches of Gallia Quest in several hours at around 4PM EST. Hope to see people there.

>> No.34106290

Why don't they ever wear pants? Or even some shorts.

>> No.34106299

Because pedophiles.

>> No.34106306

Something something magic.

>> No.34106412

Guy who runs a shit fanfiction quest based off of a popular magical girl anime. It's apparently very popular with people from off-site.

>> No.34106428

Maybe it's just never occurred to them.

>> No.34106482

Some of them do.

>> No.34106489

Waiting warmly.

>> No.34106502

In universe? Because magic and fashion.
In reality? Because fanservice.

>> No.34107071

Someone host a civthread

>> No.34107336

Last Man Alive quest.

A deadly plague has destroyed humanity. As the last living man, it's your duty to repopulate the earth. Unfortunately, the girls you meet don't feel the same way.

It'd be a harem quest set in the near future, focusing mainly on character interaction, with occasional life threatening danger.

>> No.34107351

>Unfortunately, the girls you meet don't feel the same way.
It turned all girls into raging dykes?
> shall dedsoul

>> No.34107473

No, you're just a hugely unlikeable shutin at the start. The win condition is to successfully score with any girl. The more you get, the more you win. Die a virgin and you lose.

You can get the girls any way you want, using dirty tactics and coercion or by becoming the kind of man they'd actually want to have a family with. Just bear in mind that succeeding with any girl removes some of the burden off the others, so you can't play the survival card for long.

>> No.34107486

Ever heard of genetic diversity?

>> No.34107491

How do people go about writing combat, and making it interesting? I feel like I can't find a balance between short and vicious, or overly long but not really including the players.
I think my shit is passable, but I wanna git gud.

Alternatively, suggest quests to read for good combat scenes.

>> No.34107494

They don't care.

>> No.34107499

"Boy, can't wait for all the population of Earth to die off in a generation or two because of inbreeding."

>> No.34107502

Seraph: The Calling is very short but the combat scene was cool as hit.

>> No.34107503

Have the players choose only vague things about what the MC is doing and how they're fighting. If they're being offensive, being defensive, trying to go with style or use some of the character's unique powers. Then you write the actual combat and make it overly long based on how the players voted.

>> No.34107533

A population spawned from a single breeding couple will die out in ~70 years. 2 breeding couples in ~150.

A completely theoretical population needs at least 16 breeding pairs (32 individuals) in order to sustain its own existence.
Practically, populations almost invariably go extinct once they're past the 1,000 pairs mark. Unless extenuating circumstances like protection by humanity.

>> No.34107564

>Practically, populations almost invariably go extinct once they're past the 1,000 pairs mark. Unless extenuating circumstances like protection by humanity.
So in other words, our intrepid hero must breed with at least a thousand women.

>> No.34107565

Where can I read more on this?

>> No.34107569

European Bison came back from 6 breeding pairs. Genetic bottlenecks do happen.

The future isn't that important anyway, what matters is that the world is ending and you want to get your dick wet before it does.

>> No.34107572

>breeding couple

That invalidates the entire thing. A single man can breed with multiple women, in this case. And I'm assuming in this situation that you've got lots of scientists working on cloning or artificial insemination.

>> No.34107577

>only one man left on Earth
Top kek.

>> No.34107580

Doable in eight months if you fuck four wimminz per day.

>> No.34107590

>>>only one man left on Earth
There's no evidence that the MC is actually the only man alive. Just that he thinks he is.

>> No.34107608

Without spacefuturemagic science, it wouldn't matter how many women he knocked up.

>> No.34107621

Seriously, what the fuck...

>> No.34107622

>spacefuturemagic science
Uh... Or we could use the science we have here today and now.

>> No.34107645

That mostly involves women getting pregnant from other women.

>> No.34107656

>Barely a month with FF and I'm already thinking of switching back. This is frustrating.

You just don't know how to configure it numbnuts. Go follow the /g/uide at least, if you don't know anything else.

>> No.34107672

Hex is a space magician not a scientiest...

>> No.34107673

Consanguinity of the second degree isn't that bad.

>> No.34107676

>European Bison came back from 6 breeding pairs. Genetic bottlenecks do happen.
See >>34107533
>Unless extenuating circumstances like protection by humanity.
And it's only been 100 years so far. The theoretical values would guess their extinction in another 400 years or so, if they ceased to be heavily protected by humanity. And those that exist are of an extremely small genetic pool.

>> No.34107718

>/qtg/ - Zoology and Genetics

>> No.34107733

I figure humanity wouldn't be stupid enough to not give themselves 'heavy protection' from dying off due to not having breeding pairs.

>> No.34107762

>>And it's only been 100 years so far. The theoretical values would guess their extinction in another 400 years or so
It'd still work as a stopgap solution while you search for other surviving humans or research ways to improve genetic diversity. The important thing is to not die out within a single generation.

>> No.34107799

>everything will go wrong in a few centuries time
That's no excuse to not do what you can in the present day.

>> No.34107836

Humanity is only as successful as it is because the smart ones use their intelligence to manipulate the dumb ones into doing useful things.
Quite a few species have roughly the same level of intelligence, they're just shit at communicating.

>> No.34107875

Humanity is also the only species that's bloody minded enough to die out because they don't want to breed. Well, humanity and pandas.

>> No.34108009

First world problems, fuckass.

Yeah, but what about societies where "the smart ones" work towards their own profit rather than toward constructive goals?

>> No.34108071

Can't manipulate the dumb ones if the dumb ones are all dead. Then you're the dumb ones and you're getting manipulated.

>> No.34108117

How do I do timeskips in a school setting well?

I want to keep character interaction and let the players decide what to do with whatever crops up during the time frame of years to months, but I don't want players to just skip to the end or something.

>> No.34108147

>school setting
Pick one.

>> No.34108164

Just skip to the major events of the school year in exactly the same way as every anime ever.

"Is it the cultural festival already? It feels like it was the sports festival only last epis-week"

>> No.34108277

Romance of a Gaslamp Europe Quest when?

>> No.34108278

Ends in incest.

>> No.34108302

No idea what that's supposed to be a reference to.

>> No.34108303

Remind me again why we hate Frank?

>> No.34108324

Remind me again why the only time I remember Frank is when someone brings him up?

>> No.34108346

You didn't read his quests and you know well enough to ignore trolls.

>> No.34108397

> BelkanSniper is a YunoHa fag
And here I thought he couldn't get any more annoying.

>> No.34108417

Romance of Three Kingdoms in 19th/18th Gaslamp Europe

>> No.34108425

Like all good things. And many bad things.

>> No.34108461

Because he was a relatively bad QM who was also obnoxious, abrasive, pretentious and self-important. And he posted in the QTG with his name on.

>> No.34108482


>> No.34108483

>obnoxious, abrasive, pretentious and self-important
Isn't that all QMs, though?

>> No.34108500

Hugbox pls.
Some guy who runs only fanfiction quests and still never manages to attract a significant audience.

>> No.34108518

Most only only go as far as two out of four

>> No.34108531

Does he run one of those Nanoha quests? If so no wonder he gets no audience.

>> No.34108549

One of the Nanoha quests and Saint Seiya. Maybe something else too, no idea.

>> No.34108555

But that's just Russia bullying everyone.

>> No.34108561

No, not really. Some do verge on a couple of those descriptors, but most stop way short. I'm somewhat interested in who you're thinking of, actually.

>> No.34108601

Russian sempai bully quest when?

>> No.34108609

>Posts with his name on in the QTG

So does tale.

>> No.34108611

>I'm somewhat interested in who you're thinking of, actually.
Your favorite QM.

>> No.34108646

Nope. Moonrunes namefags as tale though.

>> No.34108688

She was here yesterday, attention whoring.

>> No.34108690

Romanov's Revenge Quest?

>> No.34108778

Which tale is moonrunes and which is real?

Btw, MGRR PMC Quest when?

>> No.34108787

Tale doesn't use a name, at most she has a trip that she forgets to use a lot

>> No.34108814

>Fall Guy
>The protocols have been approved, funds reallocated, supplies requisitioned.
>DAQ resumes September 2nd.
Super fucking hype

>> No.34108869

Idolmaster Fantasy Quest when? It's fucking August already, QM.

>> No.34108877

> FG is starting to get Hex chuuni
Whatever jew thing they did can't be goo for his health.

>> No.34108928

Timediver plz

>> No.34108931

>no Aliens Quest
>no Predator Quest
>no Aliens vs Predator Quest
>no Weyland-Yutani Branch Manager Quest

>> No.34109350

Boxer Rebellion Quest when?

>> No.34109613

Box Ghost Quest when?

>> No.34109756

ruri pls go and stay go

>> No.34109757

It's Tough Being A Box, But I'm LIVIN IT UP, LIVIN IT UP, LIVIN IT UP Quest when?

>> No.34109988

Will do, will do.

I was quite surprised myself, I at first thought I would get hardly any traffic at all.

I think it could potentially work, but not loosing a third of your playerbase after the first shift and successively loosing more would require a LOT of talent and effort. I think only Exa or Merc could pull of that particular kind of stunt.

Make it obvious soon, and keep dropping hints. It'd be only in keeping with genre conventions.

>> No.34110173

Hey, Hexer right? I heard you're good at fluffing stuff. So well here you go. Let's see what you can do with this.

http://pastebin.com/3jnzsLMz In some parts I dare Say I went outright full autism.

Consider it a Quest Concept and Info dump for all and any who want to contribute

Also here's the image of the potential Quest MC

>> No.34110208

>Musclegirl MC

>> No.34110217

Maybe not good but I enjoy doing it. Got something I can contact you with? We're going to fall off in the not-too-distant future.

>> No.34110222

Your image intrigues me, but not enough to actually read your pastebin.

>> No.34110273

Sadly Nothing at the moment but when the new thread comes I'll repost it.

To make a long story short this quest concept came to me years ago when I was sick. Influences of Summon Night and Dragon booster persist and I tried to do worldbuilding but when I look at it now I went full Autism in some parts but never bothered to finish.

>> No.34110489

Okay, I'll give it a shot.

Just this: Work on the way you lay things out. Right now you're making the archetypical freeformer mistake of blending together opening crawl, narration, pitch and casual face-to-face conversational tone into an unhallowed chimera of oddly-shaped text that conveys both intent and information in ways that are rather difficult to make sense of.

Please don't take this personally.

>> No.34110521

Fair enough Hexer. I've been sitting on this idea for at least 3 years. I've constantly thought about rebooting it but nothing truly comes to mind.

>> No.34110562

>an unhallowed chimera of oddly-shaped text
I'll have to tell someone that. Unhallowed chimera sounds baller as fuck.

>> No.34110574

>ELH @ELHmk1 4m
>In an effort to avoid playing Barbie in the threads, vote on your favorite outfit style for Cinder the Khornette
Why on earth would we not want to play Barbie?
Also, what is the Nurglette wearing?

>> No.34110588


I don't think's been stated to have been wearing anything.

>> No.34110614

We need to get her a sundress and hat.

Made out of human skin.

>> No.34110643


To be fair, /tg/ DOES rival /fa/ in its love of playing Barbie. If he did it in the threads, nothing would get done.

Make it the topic of next QTG. This is a highly important waifu decision

>> No.34110690

> not made from the skin of a Lord of Change because fuck that nerd Tzeentch

It's like he doesn't want to spend five hours on choosing a hat. Tch.

Well, I'll see what I can do. Just this: I'll probably shamelessly insert Hindu, Jewish and Islamic concepts into it so...

>> No.34110708

It's all good. Feel free to get your fellow QM Friends in on this.

>> No.34110711

>> not made from the skin of a Lord of Change because fuck that nerd Tzeentch
Thats where we get the feather for our pirate hat.

Also we need a pirate hat now.

>> No.34110759


Commissar's hat with a Lord of Change's feather in it?

>> No.34110774



Friends! Ha! A QM needs no friends but the cold hatred in their heart and a bottle of whiskey to deaden their soul.

>> No.34110777

Inquisitor's Hat.

Gotta honor our first material kill that mattered.

>> No.34110802


What does an Inquisitor's hat even look like? We might as well design an entire outfit reference to tweet at him.

>> No.34110827

Like so. We should nab his rosette, too.

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