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Dark Heresy 2nd Edition should arrive in a day or two.

Anyone excited?

40k RPG general too, I guess.

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Mildly curious. Probably another rehash of the rules instead of anything interesting.

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Well, the beta was pretty much tweaked Only War rules, so you're not far off the mark.

I'm mostly interested in the new fluff. A completely new sector of space intrigues me after the countless books on Calixis and its neighbors.

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Yes, I'm ready to buy the same rules with one or two alterations for $60.

I have done this six times and I have no regrets.

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On that note, anyone have a scan of the Tome of Decay?

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There's an OEF out there.

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This edition still maintains backwards compatibility right?

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Oh, my god.

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition is poised to directly compete with D&D 5e.

At any other point in time this would be considered suicide for the developer. How the mighty have fallen.

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But Dark Heresy didn't spend an entire edition alienating their fanbase.

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You're basing this off Gencon right? I hope it comes out soon, I'm hyped as shit for it. Dark Heresy has always been my favourite 40K system.

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Nope. The general release. The upcoming page on the FFG site lists that the book is expected to arrive by August 14th.

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http://www.filedropper com/bcthetomeofdecay

found it on 7chan

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Aha, sounds promising. I'd have figured they'd amend it if it had been delayed but they've not even mentioned an upcoming release or "watch this space".

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I kinda hope the core rulebook has more NPC loadouts than First Edition did, I know Dark Heresy was the first 40k RPG out there so they didn't have too much to work with, but some stats for Space Marines would be nice.

No player would ever win against them, but it's nice just to have the stats there.

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Well, they didn't make themselves a fanbase that only knew one game ever.

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>Probably another rehash of the rules
That's good, because as a long-term player and GM I want it to be compatible to earlier books.

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Why would you want them to be compatible? The power levels are way out of whack for them to work well in conjunction.

I'd rather have them start fresh than release another rulebook with 90% copy paste content.

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None of the gamelines are *really* compatible.

Too different power levels, a lot of small variations in the rules, Talents, Traits and other details.

It makes conversion a hassle.

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The beta had low-level NPC like gangers, cultists, mutants, enforcers and such. They were all from Hive Desoleum, but written so you could use them as generic versions of them.

The book also had NPC stats for a Space Marine and Sister of Battle, intended to use as a higher level support NPCs more influental characters could call up.

The beta was pretty much the complete game content-wise apart from the art and background fluff, so I don't believe there will be much more NPCs statted.

Got to wait for those sourcebooks. Again.

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Help my group solve an argument, /tg/. There are 5 people in our group, and I'm 6th as GM. One person wants to play a Tau in our RT game. That's not an issue. The problem is the other players.

Two want me to use the Tau Character Guide. The other half want me to use Fear and Loathing. Neither side will stop arguing over which is better or which is worse. The player who wants to be a Tau is waiting on my word over which to use. He wants to be a front line fighter but also command people, something both books allow for. So, which should I use?

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Why do the people who don't play the Tau character argue over it? Shouldn't matter to them one bit, one way or another.

That being said, just go with the official product. Sure, it may contain some wonkiness (as lately FFG books seem to more and more do), but at least you can claim it's from an official book if someone starts to whine about something not going the way they wanted to go with it.

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Well, he's new to the group and didn't want to make waves with everyone else after seeing the arguments that resulted. If I pick one side, the other will probably get pissy. I'll just have to make do, I guess.

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Pissy about what? It doesn't matter to them at all, unless they're afraid that he'll get rockin' battlesuits.

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To be fair, the battlesuits in FnL are taken from Deathwatch statblocks, and blow the TCG battlesuits out of the water.

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Well, one argument I saw from the Pro-Guide side was the careers were too powerful and versatile, and the battlesuits too good. The Pro-Homebrew side said having a riptide die to a handgun on a 9+ is retarded, the career was badly designed (something about fate points and dodge skill), and the career was pretty much an Empire lineman handwaved across the galaxy.

I'll just use the official book and bite the bullet on the whining.

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It's just typical sourcebook bloat. The 40k RPG lines have gone on so long, really broken shit just naturally has crept in.

The entire Ascension book. Rip and tear Rogue Trader Manhunters, Lathe Worlds AdMech craziness, and yeah, Battlesuits.

One of the reasons I'm interested in this soft reboot.

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The Tau Fire Warrior does have problems, with never being able to get dodge +10 without going Pathfinder, and the fact many of their abilities are fate point dependent (yet they get only one).

It's just a matter of design philosophy. The guy who made Fear and Loathing used the codex and army list as a primary source, while FFG used the fluff as their primary source. That is the biggest distinction between the two, and should be the basis of your decision - are you fluff focused? Use the Guide. Mechanics focused? Use Fear and Loathing.

In my own game we have a happy medium of using the careers and suits from Fear and Loathing, but the guns and wargear from Tau Character Guide.

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I'm more curious about the new sector than the rules, really.

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> The 40k RPG lines have gone on so long, really broken shit just naturally has crept in.

Have you seen the battlesuits in the tau character guide? They're pretty low-key compared to everything else you mentioned, like the Lathe Worlds and whatnot. Even the Riptide can die to low level weapons in one shot with a 20% chance.

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Wait, wasn't the beta some horrible abomination that almost totally rewrote the rules? I seem to remember Shas'O talking about it.

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First beta was. New damage system, new action system, etc.

Second beta was "ONLY WAR II: THIS TIME IT'S HERETICAL" after the feedback.

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He ran a game of it a while ago. The overall result was it needed work, but there was definitely improvements.

The new version is just a reprint of Only War, with all the benefits and drawbacks that entails.

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Thank god. I was afraid it was going to be like 3rd ed WFRP all over again.

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I really hope the final book adds more detail to running an Inquisitor and his retinue type of game.

The beta was a really half-assed effort on that front. Just some Influence requirements to buy the career, but no word how much XP the character should have to be considered typically "Inquisitor-level". And no rules on how much does it cost to increase Influence in character creation if you want to run and play a higher level game.

I mean, technically you could just slap the Inquisitor Elite Advance on to a starting character and fudge the Influence requirement, but that's not really a good solution.

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I think that's more of a fluff/rules-light aspect of the game, which the beta didn't include at all.

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It's certainly much better integrated to the core game than Ascension ever was.

All I really want is a sidebar that gives an XP number for new characters to spend if they want to be Inquisitor and his retinue right from the start.

Because sometimes it's just fun to play straight up Throne Agents instead of street-level Acolytes.

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It's in a different sector isn't it? I hear it wasn't in the Calixis sector any more.

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Yes. Askellon Sector. Not connected to Calixis in any way.

Supposedly a sector of space that has much fewer Inquisitors than Calixis had, so the characters are much more isolated and on their own. And there is probably an incoming Warp Storm or something.

They've put up some stuff on the new fluff on the FFG site.

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I've given my players ...about 5k XP to spend and said they're the Inquisitors Retinue. He's away on business elsewhere so they're representing him officially.

Yeah, whole new sector.

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are you still allowed to use calixis if you want

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No. RAW says you have to use Askellon.

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Just out of curiosity are they starting you as a little more of a cool guy? Like is it similar to rogue trader where you're an inquisitor and his cadre? Or are you still a bunch of asshole tertiary related to an Inquisitorial Agent's Friend from Highschool?

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The latter, and like 1E you should bring a few backup characters.

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If you use Calixis, GW will come to your house and shit on your couch.

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So, what the fuck was the Tyrant Star?

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Whatever you wanted it to be.

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As far as I understood it from the first beta, Askellon is even more fucked than Calixis. Everyone starts off with a Malignancy, and becoming an Inquisitor is just an elite advance rather than an Ascension-level career because the Inquisition doesn't really have enough of a presence in the sector to do much of anything without outsourcing the work to murderhobos (i.e., you).

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But i don't have a couch i have a loveseat and a chaise lounge.

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Then GW will use Citadel(TM) glue to bind your furniture together, thus simulating a sofa. And then proceed to take a shit on both halves.

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>chaise lounge

Cruddace, the Great Satan, will come to shit on that personally.

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Implying citadel glue holds anything in place.

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Non-specific warp shenanigans that made Imperials chimp out.

I am not particularly excited for the new edition itself, it's nothing special, but maybe the chance to cruise around in the mystery machine with some updated rules would be nice. New sector without its own Inquisitor's clubhouse might be interesting. It's first incarnation wasn't as bad as some would tell you but with it now being an Only War clone it'll make it even easier to poach guns and foes from OW and BC. At least until there's 2 books for every facet of Acolyte life imaginable and power level bloat out the ass.

>Everyone starts off with a Malignancy
What mutated orifice did you pull this out of? The only one who ever would was non-sanctioned psykers and I'm pretty sure they toned that down anyway.

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Yeah, turns out I misremembered how the "Signature Malignancy" thing worked. Pic related.

Did that even make it into the second beta? I never found a copy.

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Pretty much. I liked character creation in the beta, but combat was an absolute chore. Took so damned long to do anything.

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Yeah, im not switching to it. I just got all the Rogue Trader and Dark Heresy talents and bits ported into Only War and my folder of planets would probably be made obsolete due to some new splat book or something.

Also not giving FF anymore of my money, $300 was enough

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Nah that's out and all the insanity and corruption tables are about the same as Only War. So getting a malignancy or two is just going to hurt your stats and turn you into a bit of a creep compared to the first incarnation's mutations at the drop of a hat. Instead those outcomes are moved back to their own mutation table of varying levels of HORROR and utility, alongside the GM's discretion to just make something up and give you a trait instead.

Of course things might be different in the proper release but they aren't often so with FFG

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