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Chapter Master is a chapter management simulation game, where you take the role of an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Master. Several attempts have been made in the past, and some very cool stuff was created, but it has never advanced beyond a simple demo. It's always simply been a piece of fiction, chucked about threads for amusement and wish fulfillment.

Until today.

It's been most of a year of keyboard face-rolling, but it's happening! Chapter Master has entered Alpha. Not everything has made it in that I wanted, and it's very rough, but this is the foundation for the future Beta and finished Chapter Master game. There is much more to come, including a higher resolution and better interface.

Test, report bugs, come chat in IRC to discuss ideas, etc.

And remember- You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

Alpha: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jpmgak4jiushwxi/ChapterMaster.zip

IRC: #ChapterMaster on suptg's server

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My game just crashed, sadly.

And just after I sent a thousand marines storming through system after system, purging orks.

Also, it's ridiculous that you can't trade an STC fragment with the mechanicus. Seems to me that they're be all over that shit.

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Duke didn't finish STC work yet

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Haha wow, it's actually real.

Best virus I've seen so far.

Note1: Can't select all of the chapters at first.
Note2: Text is hard to read.
Note3: Nice starcraft cursor.

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Hmm, for me thus far is that text is a bit hard to read and it is either tedious to load everyone on barges or I missed a button somewhere.

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So is Duke really working on this solo? Doing everything from coding, to audio, to graphics? Aside from bug fixing and suggestions that is.

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1. They're not all finished yet.
2. Yeah, this is a pain. Think Duke is planning to redo this, but that'll take time.

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Why have none of the threads been stickied?
Mods, get in here.

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No. He has a small team.

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He said that he plans to but it will probably be during beta

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That's what you get for not playing Fleet-based.

UI is coming next big update.

The text and graphics? nah. He said that'd be one of the first to tackle.

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Have to say I love the butt lamenters
Does the captcha get harder the more you post?

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Oh sorry, must have read that when he was talking about something else.

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Why are the Salamanders metroids?

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GW copyright.

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>using Republic Commando soundtrack


Well I was not expecting this but okay, it fits in a odd way.

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Will that ever get old?

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Were you there when history was made?

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Fits? It might as well have been made for 40k.

>> No.34017294


I was, and I got to do my part in adding to it and fixing bugs.

Truly a glorious day to be on /tg/

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Its a really good fit, I'm a little scared of all this music being removed and replaced with shittier fan made stuff. Same with the faction portraits and other artwork.

>> No.34017318

making the blood angels emblem

>> No.34017339

They can;t actually copyright other people's art, only their official emblems. That's why they used mostly 40k fanart.
And like hell the people who made Republic Commando are going to throw a fit in regards to this.

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Its more about the possibility of everything being placeholders.

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Duke used Vode An before the game was even released, in threads, so I don;t think it's leaving.

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Just crashed on me when I tried to unload my marines on my monastery back from a raid on an ork world, but holy shit man, great job.

This is exactly what I wanted, 10/10 alpha, can't wait to see the stable versione

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Playing Fleet-Based makes the game more stable and more fun, really. Also, email your bug reports to Duke, his email is on that one tab in the menu screen.

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Rate my random

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You'll still get a lot of Marines at the start, so try not to give a shit about the Maximum size thing.

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I noticed that during battles sometimes pressing enter won't show me the report, when I press it again it shows stuff like nothing happened.


Press enter to start
My turn, press enter
Ork turn, press enter
Nothing happens, press enter
Ork turn again, press enter
My turn, etc

The battle seems to be proceding fine, just without showing me stuff

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Can we fall to chaos in this version?
This is my first run and I feel that this screams Khorne worship ending up running rampant

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Your Dreads are forming a wall, basically. There's a bug where attacks on Dreadnoughts don;t show unless it kills them.

Not, yet but eventually!
You can take and use daemonic artifacts, turn Governors insane, and attack the Imperium, though.

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>mfw my chapter are a bunch of vampires who feast on the dead and never sleep or even go into suspended animation

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Crusade time!

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How do I raid and save this planet from orc scum?

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You need your ships to have people in them.
Always play Fleet-based because otherwise you have to load everyone onto it.

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Well fuck, I just destroyed some Imperial Navy ships

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It happens.

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Not him, what does it mean if we're stuck like that, though?

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That's just a bug. Email Duke about it.

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You know what won't get old?The baby.

Also, before anyone asks about artifacts:
>Go to the system with the planet that has an artifact on it.
>Once, there, go to "CHAPTER OVERVIEW"
>Click on one of your companies
>Choose a few dudes - you should see an option which reads "UNLOAD FROM SHIP".
>Unload onto the planet with the artifact.
>Use the numpad to decide what to do with it. Your marines should join you back on the ship.

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Enough with that goddam stinking baby. It's not even the worst part of Other M.

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Can I raid even if there aren't hostiles?
These ancient ruins popped up in a friendly sector, I wanna check them out

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Ok, ive got my bug report/storytime.
The randomized chapter, Furious Gorillas, is a penitent chapter. A waaaagh occured and i sent the fleet to help. I was then excommunicated by the Imperium "for not fightan" even though I was.
I liberated some systems, fought after the traitor Imperium, found out a tech marine was probably a heretic, apparently killed millions of people on an uninhabited world, found a necron tomb and then CTD when i went to purge it.
Sorry, dont have the actual fatal error text; this was a recap of last night. After my session ill try the same thing again.

What babe?

>> No.34018541

ancient ruins don't do anything currently.

>> No.34018561

Necron Tombs cannot be raided or purged at these points in time. However, they will send out Necrons across the galaxy to skullfuck you, and they're the hardest enemy in the game. next time one pops up prepare ur anus.

Ancient ruins are unfinished.

>> No.34018580

Read the FAQ
Post the FAQ in the OP
Do the same with the Manual.

Stop asking how to collect artifacts.

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>Furious Gorillas

Fuck that name makes me giggle.

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File: 61 KB, 667x503, Shoulda brought some Cool-Aid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Send help.

>> No.34018602


Theflagship was called the "Crown Gorilla".

>> No.34018603

Those orks are gun get rekt

>> No.34018632

I love the way the Imperial fleets will mobilise for nothing except corrupt marines.

Orks? Fuck that noise.
Tau? Nah.
Heretics? Don't think so.
A Marine sneezed somewhere? TO ARMS!

>> No.34018675

I've seen them mobilize against Tau fleets.

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Really? Nice. They've never helped me do anything.

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How do I collect this STC?

>> No.34018746

I think the game needs a button for "select all the fucking company at once" to load them into ships.

If it exists, I missed it

>> No.34018754

You don't yet.

>> No.34018761

I vote next thread be called "You can't get the STC" edition

>> No.34018768

I attacked some ork


then some human said he hated me

I have no idea why

>> No.34018772

Select Size does that, but you can only activate it after you've already clicked one marine.
Play fleet-based.

STCs are not currently finished.

>> No.34018778

Select one marine, then click the number selected in the bottom right.

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>implying you didn't just become the best chapter

>> No.34018797

You failed the Emperor, duh.

>> No.34018801

You probably attacked the Imperial Navy instead of the Orks by accident

>> No.34018808

Is it good I started with 8 strike cruisers 7 Gladius escorts and 3 hunter escourts?

>> No.34018823


>> No.34018824

>93 other various Astartes

Wat are those? Also, 400+ marines to kill 100 nids?

>> No.34018830

What can you collect?

>> No.34018835

Yes. Though it would be even better if you played Fleet-based.

>> No.34018851

Artefacts. That's it.

It's an alpha, it's not finished.

>> No.34018852

nothing else

>> No.34018856


>> No.34018857

Artifacts are currently the only things that can be collected.

>> No.34018865


you before I lost on the ground I did destory a ship

but I could of sworn it was an ork ship

>> No.34018878

I'm still learning how to raid

>> No.34018880

Oh thanks, I had missed it

>> No.34018883

I'm fairly convinced now that the custom chapter related crashing is due to some of the choices made during chapter creation. I just tried to make a chapter using the exaact same parametres about ten times in a row and it consistently crashed. Then I made some tweaks and it went through.

I'm suspecting some of the default weapon choices, but I'm not entirely sure.

>> No.34018886

Ork ships are rusty. Imperial ships are not.

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Has anyone had problems with their techmarines vanishing? Not getting killed, just vanishing. I just had an invisible techmarine disciplined for building a freaky statue.

>> No.34018926

Whoa wait, this game is being made with copyright laws in mind?

That seems ridiculous

>> No.34018951

You underestimate GW's determination and stupidity.

>> No.34018960

I did for a while.

>> No.34018976

I was. I posted the Atomic Wolves

>> No.34018992

Well, I suppose so. I have heard of other fanmade projects getting shut down. But why use the names of the chapters but not the images? Aren't the names copyrighted too?

>> No.34018995

>That seems ridiculous
Never heard the tale of Spot the Space Marine, I see.

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>tfw 2 Dreadnoughts from the same system

>> No.34019034

Nope. All the art isn't official, except for maybe the main menus screen, too.

>> No.34019042

You know what's really annoying about fleet based? All of your vehicles start on a planet anyway. And I can't seem to get my vehicles onto the ship that the rest of their company is on half the time.

>> No.34019044

>tfw screenshot for ants

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To arms brothers, who knows what heresy could lie in there

>> No.34019066

Vehicles are unfinished. Remember, this is a very early alpha, we should be glad with what we have.

>> No.34019071

>ETA -1005
Lost in the warp.

>> No.34019074

I was the guy who posted the first screenshot. I was so fucking hyped.

>> No.34019084

Clearly alongside the official release we will need an unofficial art pack to correct this situation legally

>> No.34019096

Vehicles, apart from Dreads, do nothing in this version, so it's not much of a problem.

>> No.34019100

Just bombard it, it'll crash otherwise.

>> No.34019102

I traded with the mechanicus, but they're just stuck in the warp. I want muh minor artefact

>> No.34019120

>tfw Techpriests are lost in the Warp
Fuckin' cogs.

>> No.34019141

Once they get there I think even the ship itself will count as an artifact.

>> No.34019153

I sent a single frigate with 17 scouts on a Great Crusade and was given an artifact Plasma Gun. Who's running this Imperium?

>> No.34019166

I can't Purge ;_;
action number 1
of Mouse Event for Glob Left Released
for object obj_drop_select:

DoDiv :: Divide by zero
at gml_Script_scr_purge_world
stack frame is
gml_Script_scr_purge_world (line 0)

>> No.34019212

Email duke, don't post crashes here.

>> No.34019213

Email these, seriously.

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You sure mate? My first company handled it pretty well

>> No.34019364
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any chance we'll see some of the Final Liberation soundtrack in a later update?

>> No.34019368

The Space Hulk?

>> No.34019419

Ok. So last thread I was derided for not realising you right-click to set a destination for your ships in the star map, 'cuz that's what you do in an RTS.

Problem is, up until I wanted to sent out my fleet, the game feels/plays less like an RTS, and more like a menu-driven management game.

It might be just me not making the mental connection, but this seems like there's a certain disconnect between presentation and gameplay.

>> No.34019450

Excuses, excuses.
Just accept you fucked up and move on with your life.

>> No.34019452

Of course it would be right click if left clicking fuck selects the planet.

>> No.34019467

Si, cleansed it and there was nothing else I could really do

>> No.34019507

Things you want in future updates
>Black crusades
>Dark Eldar
>Brutal Kunning
>Kunning Brutality
>Mod Support
>A bigger fucking map
>Adventure mode
>Armageddon-style battle

>> No.34019539

>The ability to build ships
pls, it's all I need

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File: 71 KB, 170x194, Sad caocao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does trading even work? Mechanicus seem to freeze as soon as they "Finalize trade"

>> No.34019563

What were you trying to trade for?

>> No.34019571

They get lost in the warp, of course, like th ebunch of shitty-ass cogs they are.
It's a bug

>> No.34019585

Minor artifacts. I don't see too much else to do with my requisition.

>> No.34019596

"Team" is a very generous description. He has an IRC circlejerk.

>> No.34019620

It is WAY too easy to be declared a heretic just by killing people.

>> No.34019637

I just want to play as the Orks, please god.

>> No.34019640

>GW copyright.
Like it makes any difference at all.

>> No.34019660

It's not an RTS...

>> No.34019669

Ever heard of Spot the Space Marine?

>> No.34019704

Maybe you shouldn't be killing people, heretic.

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File: 920 KB, 260x187, johncena.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get asked to go on Crusade
>Get to target planet
>game steals my units for about 30 turns, they fly off the map
>when they come back I've lost 694 marines
>all of them expect standard bearers and vehicles
>have 8 marines
>return at Tyranid hive planet
>get assraped by 5 Tyranid battleships

>> No.34019849

Killing people isn't heretical. Sometimes they need to be purged. And sometimes you're in-system with the navy and an accident happens. This kind of thing doesn't result in a marine chapter being declared traitors in the fluff, why should it in the game? It's "strongly worded letter" material.

>> No.34019850

How to successfully make a fleet based chapter?

It crashes when I finish every time

>> No.34019884

Try using random until you get something you want
Custom causes crashes sometimes

>> No.34019904

There is a literal corruption meter. Even in Fluff accidents aren't allowed, there needs to be a reason.
You aren't the inquisition.

>> No.34019945

I think naming the home/recruiting worlds the same as my fleet fixed it

>> No.34019958

How the fuck am I supposed to load this many marines into a goddamn ship? Can't it just be a "Select all" option?

>> No.34019976

Just googled it... Now I feel sad for that poor person that had to deal with GW bullshit

>> No.34019981

Bottom right hand corner.

>> No.34019994

Choose select size after picking a Marine, and also read the thread while you're at it.

>> No.34020030

Read the FAQ

>> No.34020161

That was a product being sold over Amazon, and Amazon took it down. This is something being passed around for free using DDL sites. It is not vulnerable to copyright claims in the same way that a swarm of bees isn't vulnerable to bullets. Changing shit to dodge potential copyright claims is the equivalent of a beekeeper making all the bees wear kevlar vests.

>> No.34020162

Those inquisition missions are bugged as fuck.

>> No.34020172

The stuff it changed is basically just the icons, so it's fine.

>> No.34020179

The whole game is teeny tiny.

>> No.34020193

What do when a planet has maximum corruption? Bombarding the fuckers does nothing and I can't purge

>> No.34020239

You don't need to make money to be sent a C&D

>> No.34020263

It's bugged.
Ignore it.

>> No.34020333

Spots the Space Marine was never sent a C&D.
And even if they sent a C&D to Duke's feedback gmail, what exactly is that supposed to do? He can ignore it, or he say okay, and then start using a different name and pretend to be a different person while still releasing. Without a need to connect revenue, there's no reason his RL identity would ever be tied to this, and other identities are transient.

>> No.34020387

Is anyone else having trouble resuming their saved games?

>> No.34020422

No. It's literally just you.

>> No.34020445

I had some issue after shutting my PC down, but the only issues I've had reloading saves is after a fatal error caused me to need to reload.

>> No.34020450

You finally realise that most "heretics" get branded as such because of inquisitors that were having a bad day

>> No.34020476

Some bugs corrupt saves

Renaming companies would be neat
>meatgrinders/geneseed farm
>dakka company
>the company of lost chaplains

>> No.34020517

Does anyone get an event where an inquisitor's ship approaches and then the game crashes?
It's literally all that's happened to me for the past 5 games.

>> No.34020595

Being able to rename 'Chapter Master' to something else would be cool too

>> No.34020694

Same. If a inquisitor shows up it deems my game too heretical to continue and crashes my game

>> No.34020698
File: 60 KB, 1240x429, scorprians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34020747

>space wolves progenitors

>> No.34020775

Grimnar got REALLY drunk one night

>> No.34020798

Game keeps crashing whenever I try to start a new game.

Guess I'll just wait until there's a more stable build, I guess.

>> No.34020815

Newfag question here, is it LITERALLY impossible to have Space Wolf-derived chapters, or is it just like how the Salamanders have no "official" successors, but you could totally use their geneseed tithes to found a new chapter, in theory?

>> No.34020830

the latter.

Space wolves aren't onboard with the whole codex thing

>> No.34020862

Great game, lots of fun and surprisingly much content for such an early build.

Only problem is how unstable it is, not really possible to play longer games at the moment. Looking forward to a more stable version.

>> No.34020899

Literally impossible.
The Canis Helix, which is present in Space Wolf geneseed has a strange interaction with non-Fenrisian initiates, with strange meaning they turn into horrific mutants, such as what happened to the only official successor of the Space Wolves, the Wolf Brothers. This is most likely to do with some sort of warp fuckery mixed with the genetics of Leman Russ or something like that.

There was an attempt to remove the Canis Helix about a thousand years after the Horus Heresy, but the experiment was stopped both externally, by the Thousand Sons, and internally, by the Wolf Lords, who were appalled by the idea of taking away that which was unique to them.

>> No.34020927

Wrong. Look up what happened to the Wolf Brothers.

>> No.34021032
File: 494 KB, 480x270, Nagato Yuki rejection.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw I found 2 STC Fragments nearby but I have no idea what to do with them

>> No.34021056

You can;t, yet. In the later updates they will give you crazy new tech options, which the Mechanicus will probably get mad at you for using.

>> No.34021057

>not possible to offer artifacts for trade
Dammit. Now what am I going to do with this demon relic?

>> No.34021159

Put it in your chapters metaphorical anus.
Or literally if it's Slaaneshi

>> No.34021196

Gift it to someone.

>> No.34021252

Read the FAQ

>> No.34021339

been playing this non stop for a bit. saving often and reloading and avoiding whatever crashes my game has so far led me to last for a while. Ive also had to disable all my recruiting because I seem to crash whenever i get a new scout. but damn i avoid fleet encounters at all cost. I don't want to lose an escort thats carrying scouts or where i store my useless vehicles.

>> No.34021363
File: 23 KB, 500x351, obama-laughing-stars-and-stripes-600x421-89c31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I gifted a ton of Chaos-tainted shit to the Tau and now they're neck deep in heresy

>> No.34021371

Is it me or there are no sergeants on the chapter overview page?

>> No.34021377

>Gift a daemonic artifact to someone
Have you thought this through carefully

>> No.34021403

Anything to liven up the game.

>> No.34021580

Has anyone managed to put together a list of the specific combos that crash custom chapters upon generation?

>> No.34021610

>Q:How do I organize my forces on the battlefield?
>A:No graphics exist yet, unlike space combat. As such, they cannot be changed.
I've seen graphics. I'm pretty sure they're just not implemented yet.

>> No.34021636

Wait, in the combat resolution I always seem to get ranged combat only, when is melee going to start? The assault company killed a bunch of orks just shooting at them

>> No.34021666

Could have been from the old attempt at making this too.

>> No.34021678
File: 192 KB, 1024x573, I am no heretic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know a guy. Real expert on daemonic relics.

>> No.34021682

No reason not to scavenge assets from that, though.

>> No.34021750

Never mind, the melee started now, it just needs some time before the lines meet

Holy shit this is brutal, is it bad luck or are specialists more prone to dying?

>> No.34021873
File: 38 KB, 559x556, Rick laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll give you 200 thrones for it, best i can do

>> No.34021875
File: 905 KB, 1341x1004, Start.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, making a chapter

>> No.34021897

boarding isn't even a function yet, don't take it

>> No.34021927

Don't take Boarders, I mean

>> No.34022022

>Satanic Homo Jew Marines

>> No.34022030

I was the first guy to post the inquisition crash bug. Good feels.

>> No.34022048

>find nice demon sword
>kick-ass awesome chaotic artificer armor
>Inquisitor wants to examine your ships
Is there a way to hide them? Because if so I just destroyed them for nothing.

>> No.34022082
File: 2.52 MB, 1348x1006, Beginningstats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh well, too late but it's pretty baller anyway. Equipment out the ass, 10 strong companies.

>> No.34022086

Assault marines just have a high mortality rate.

>> No.34022092

>have chapter master carrying chaos tainted power sword/flamethrower
> wearing tainted artificer armor as well
>also have an Casket from the dark ages thats chaos tainted
> finish purging a system of orks
>only exterminatusd a small agri world with 5 mil people and an overwhelming force of orks
>getting ready to leave after a turn or two
>an inquisitor wishes to inspect your fleet!
>dont run away cause i want to see what happens when i get caught playing with my chaos relics
> inquisitor leaves and says everything is fine
>a couple turns later the inquisition asks me to carrys an artifact for them but say not not use it.
>looks like my chaplins getting a new sword

>> No.34022114

You should have taken it like a man.

>> No.34022159

I also lost like 16 techmarines and all my devastators, while only 2 tacticals died

>> No.34022164

how do yuo exterminatus.

>> No.34022175
File: 2.53 MB, 1349x1006, stats2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How do I loot stuff anyway? During my raids I find nothing even though it says STC or artifact

>> No.34022188

Fucking radical Inquisitors, man.

>> No.34022195

Just a quick bug report.

I'm kinda flying around with no idea what I'm doing after clicking on things I don't understand. And it's incredibly fun. After getting in a lot of assorted kerfuffles with Orks and Tau, I lose contact with a planet 18 turns away; it's the Nids. I start on a path towards them; on the way, it frequently has the popup "Scout added to 10.101" with a different number each time; sometimes, it gives the warning that there aren't enough scout supplies in the armory, which is probably my bad. Partway through the trip, I make an enemy in the Inquisition for reasons I don't understand but are probably justified, because it's the Inquisition. Upon arriving on the planet, this error pops up:

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 5
for object obj_controller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get -1.shiyp(101013, -2147483648)
at gml_Script_scr_add_man
stack frame is
gml_Script_scr_add_man (line 0)

Just thought you might like to know.

>> No.34022202

Read the Thread.

>> No.34022203

bombard the fuck out of it

>> No.34022204

Not implemented
Unload some marines onto the world.

>> No.34022213

How the hell do I get artifacts off planets? I shipped a company over there and even had them raid it (against no enemy, not sure why you can do that), they deepstriked in, ate some guardsmen, then went back to the fleet with nothin'.

>> No.34022216

IIRC Salamanders do have successors, but the chapter grows slowly compared to others so they rarely if ever expand.

>> No.34022222

Read the FAQ and ship it off to Duke at [email protected]

>> No.34022234

Email the fucking dev, holy shit. Read the thread.

>> No.34022238

you mother fuck

>> No.34022243

Thanks, sorry about that!

>> No.34022248

>I'm kinda flying around with no idea what I'm doing after clicking on things I don't understand. And it's incredibly fun.
This game in a nutshell.

>> No.34022251

>Alarm Event for alarm 5
I've been getting that a lot.
Same for alarm 0
I think it's an audio file that fails to play or something.

>> No.34022261

Have you considered reading the god-fucking thread?

>> No.34022278

Read the FAQ

>> No.34022316

>Note that for space vessels, raiding is a free action while bombardment is not.
Why is raiding a free action? Seems like it would be good to prolong wars a bit by making it not.

>> No.34022331

So is the =I= quest to blow up a Tomb World currently fucked?

Every time I send a guy down with the plasma charge, nothing happens and the game crashes on the following turn. Or am I doing it wrong?

>> No.34022346

I wish giving marines bionics helped heal critically wounded marines.

>> No.34022375

I had that happened and it crashed.
It's probably bugged.

No idea.
I agree that in the current build it should be a full action for the deployed unit.

>> No.34022387
File: 28 KB, 157x153, READ THE FUCKING THREAD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34022402

cause dropping marines on targets on multiple worlds is more easy than wasting space munitions on civilians that happen to have a xeno elsewhere on the planet as well.

>> No.34022454

More politely, the previous threads.

>> No.34022468

Awww crap, I just boarded a hulk and now I'm stuck in combat

>> No.34022474

More like the FAQ and manual. Which, to be fair, should really be in the OP.

>> No.34022497
File: 202 KB, 500x375, im_officially_creeped_out_____kululu_gif__by_sgtfrog4ever-d6yu25e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's like Alt+F isn't a concept to them
it's in this thread too, any the game Dev's email is in the from of the main menu screen

>> No.34022505

Yeah there's a lot of RTFM going on. Problem is there isn't a manual and the things new people need to know are scattered over multiple threads that no longer exist and aren't even archived.

>> No.34022557

>there isn't a manual

>> No.34022558

The bug report and artifact complaints are the only ones that actually need fucking Read the Thread treatment, as they're repeated constantly in this thread.

>> No.34022572

>and aren't even archived.

>> No.34022584

It's not in the OP, which is the problem.
Since CM is now a vidja game, it causes people to be stupid, which means we'll have to treat these threads like /vg/ does.

>> No.34022590

Has something gone wrong or not all premade chapters are available?

>> No.34022591

Woah, the Warp Storm animation is cool as hell.

>> No.34022603
File: 167 KB, 731x1158, 1402086591778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, you didn't read the Thread, then?

>> No.34022634

Click detection is very questionable, but yes, it would appear that some aren't implemented yet.
Random is still the only option for non-plebs

>> No.34022645


I was the guy who purged that planet into the negatives.

>> No.34022672

>Implying Lamerters aren't the best choice available
>Implying that pentint means anything when gaining new scouts breaks the game.

>> No.34022690

Keep doing the Emperor's Will anon.

>> No.34022695

My hopes and dreams are slowly becoming reality.

>> No.34022713

>gaining new scouts breaks the game.
Not for me.
Gotta love the selective bugs.

>being Lamenters
>not being the Rainbow Paladins with a kawaii chapter Icon
Thanks Random.

>> No.34022724

I mainly wanted to see how their stats were, I already had fun with muh horned scars

>> No.34022816

Just reported 3rd crash. I mean fuck, is there anything else beside Orkz you can fight?
Also how do I get those artifacts and STCs found on planets? I tried raiding the planet but it only killed the orkz onboard.
Also can I do anything about necron tombs? Have they awakened for anyone?

>> No.34022837

A) Read the thread
B) Read the Thread
C) Read the god-damn Thread

>> No.34022967

Read the thread/FAQ/Manual

>> No.34023036
File: 381 KB, 1365x1015, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh boy was it worth loading up my brothers into the fleet.

>> No.34023099



Wow that was helpful, the FAQ doesn't even say anything useful.

"unload" marines to get artifacts. Yeah except that doesn't work.

>> No.34023100

Anyone have a Plasma weapon Get Hot?
I've never seen it in a battle report, wondering if it's even modeled.

>> No.34023134

I did read it hours ago, I guess I forgot.

I thought it might be better to search by thread title but it only shows this thread and Duke's original one. I remember there being more.


All of this needs to be in the next OP.

>> No.34023142

>answered by not being an idiot and using the UI
>answered. "Doesn't work" Welcome to alpha

No you.

>> No.34023160

Here is a question. Has Duke or anyone on his team come up with a way to keep the GW lawyer assassins off of their asses? Or are they just going to hide behind the non-profit thing?

>> No.34023190
File: 1013 KB, 1349x1019, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything was going so well...

I can't do anything from this screen now.

>> No.34023205


Its not like hes posting his address to get donations.

When its only distributed only without websites to take down, it doesnt really matter

>> No.34023217

This one?

>> No.34023233


There needs to be an option to trade for a sacred oil application.

>> No.34023245

I had this happen with admech.
Propose a trade, then click exit.

That should work.

>> No.34023386


Son I design UIs all the time and this one isn't very good because it's an alpha. Instead of being a dick about it you could either link to whatever you think explains it or just explain it.

>> No.34023400

Yes it does. You do realize there are buttons outside the raid and purge, right?

>> No.34023462

Where? I don't see them.

>> No.34023467

Chapter Management>Company that is currently stored inside ship>Highlight around 10 Muhreens>Unload

There. Easy.

Also, I'd like to see some of your UIs, so we can know you're not bullshitting to save your sorry ass the embarassment.

>> No.34023481

I can't wait until Necrons are a thing, can you guys?
Seriously, just imagine making a new chapter and seeing that little -???? On every planet near you.
Then checking it out and seeing a legion of Necrons the size of your own force jumping out of the ground, as well as a little sign saying "It has awoken nearby toom worlds"
And having 10 planets suddenly turn Necron and having jack all capability to stop it

>> No.34023489

It's in the FAQ
You know ctrl + f exists right?

>> No.34023504
File: 1.04 MB, 1357x1023, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New chapter, new heresy

>> No.34023533

That's not heretical, though. That's fairly standard stuff.
You HAVE seen what an AdMech looks like, right?

>> No.34023562

>Chapter Master UristMCChapterMaster

My sides have reached Jupiter.

>> No.34023571

Necrons are already in and they will rape you.

>> No.34023579

They're technically a thing now, they just cause crashes when you fuck with them.

>> No.34023591

Yeah like that one, it didn't have a subject so it doesn't show up in the search. The only way to find it is searching chapter master by text and that list of results is hard to parse into individual threads.

>> No.34023593

Depends, is it made of fleshy tentacles?
If so, was it made by a Genetor?
If so, it's not heresy.

>> No.34023624

There is no mention of Flesh on that tentacle anywhere.

Objects connected to Chaos are immediately told as such. You cannot have intricately detailed flesh.

>> No.34023679

>You cannot have intricately detailed flesh.

>> No.34023712

The FAQ and the thread don't say anything about research and I can't recruit new marines.

Not implemented yet I guess? I see no indicators for anything that might be a tech tree any where.

>> No.34023788

I think we should have a sector generation menu as well later down the line, unless this is already a thing.

Then we could fine tune things, little to no Imperial presence, high Necron, middling Tyranid, high artifacts, makes the game fun.

>> No.34023795

... How do I move my ships? I just started the game

>> No.34023803

Don't worry guys, I equipped and no visible heresy.

Now if my forgemaster starts to act weird I'll know I've made a mistake

>> No.34023835
File: 863 KB, 1280x720, 1397009469056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34023858


First you select your fleet, then right click where you want it to go.

>> No.34023866

What? No How would the space wolves have a legion before they found russ on fenris you doofus. Terran Marines have been implanted with the spacewolf geneseed.

>> No.34023872

Recruiting marines is weird.
New Apothecaries, Chaplains and Librarians can be trained, but I've yet to see neophytes.

Research does not appear to be implemented either.

>> No.34023900

Play more games.
Too busy with your second head to think?

>> No.34023905
File: 75 KB, 1315x191, pdf, the other white meat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This happened after fighting some orkz

>> No.34023920

Pay attention to your mutations.
People keep posting this.

>> No.34023924

You didn;t even look at your mutations, did you?

>> No.34023936

Maybe next time you shouldn't pick that mutation anon

>> No.34023958

Bug: After trading with the mechanicus they get locked with a movement time of -1000.

It's a little bit of an issue because they are then trapped indefinitely.

>> No.34023982

I randomed it, wasn't saying it was a bad thing, thought it was funny

>> No.34023989

>All these Newfags
I miss the greentext delusions.

>> No.34023991

What does it do, anyway? Doesn't seem to decrease loyalty or anything.

>> No.34024005

Email the link at the start of the game with bug. Not here

>> No.34024009

Means you eat enemies, and sometimes allies.
And if one of those allies is an Inquisitor...

>> No.34024111

Added FAQ and Manual to the wiki:

>> No.34024120

We don't know the answer to that yet. All we do know for sure is they never recruited from anywhere other than Terra and Fenris and Leman Russ was the second primarch found, so the transition was probably quite early. Seeing as the Emperor was originally overseeing the legion's recruitment and growth, he probably had ways of keeping it under control during the Unification Wars.

>> No.34024186

>Be a pentient chapter
>Run out of pentience because nearest enemy is 25 turns away.
>Inquisition and Imperium goes "You have gone too far!"
>Get a mission offer from the inquisition the very next turn

>> No.34024206
File: 305 KB, 1355x1021, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I killed da big boss

>> No.34024229


The Furious Gorillas got that too; except without the mission.
The sector only went into conflict AFTER they were excommunicated.

>> No.34024238
File: 246 KB, 1693x1019, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, this is the toughest fight I've gotten so far outside of space ones

>> No.34024242


Chapter Master!

It's happening, what were once fictional stories are now becoming fact, if only in a primitive alpha version.

I'm moved... almost to tears...

>> No.34024299

>losing forces to orks

>> No.34024318

You are not prepared for the Necrons.

>> No.34024343

New release is up with buildable ships. Also less bugs.

>> No.34024348

Psssst read the server message.

>> No.34024414

And where do we download it?

>> No.34024415

Try not to wipe the orks out.
Leave them at Scarce or Tiny status so they'll repopulate faster for more killing.
Also, the more marines you lose, the higher the % Penitent gets.
Try not to have overwhelming numbers.
1 full-strength company for anything Moderate or below.
2 injured companies to be safe with Moderate.
Anything beyond that isn't worth the risk of losing a company.
Heavy should use at least 150 tacticals, any anything beyond that should be bombarded down to heavy.
Otherwise the loses are too great, especially since recruitment doesn't fully work.

>> No.34024424

What's a server message

>> No.34024438

I talked to duke about this in the IRC but I think a larger discussion would be better
It is alluded to somewhat in the fluff that gene-seed can be harvested without the host's death
Should this be ingame?
Each marine has two glands, one takes 5 years to mature and the other 10, so every 120 turns you would get up to 3 geneseed per marine
I don't know if this time is already implemented but it should also take that long to be harvested from dead ones too.

>> No.34024440

Those are for orks only mind you.
If anyone can chime in with Tau/Eldar/Nids/Necrons/Guard/PDF? it would be appreciated.

>> No.34024442

We've been telling people to read the thread all fucking day, but this one is literally in the fucking OP.

>> No.34024469

I wasn't aware that it updated in the same file location.

>> No.34024476

>where do we download the new release

>> No.34024481

Is there a way to gain gene-seeds otherwise?
There should be someway to boost stocks, rather than just preserving those of the dead.
I'm actually weak on my lore for this, but I would assume there is another method considering that the pre-heresy chapters still exist.

>> No.34024505

Well even if you only get two per marine it is still entirely possible to grow with that.

>> No.34024532

It's in the same link, you imbecile. Look at the damn mediafire's date, jesus.

>> No.34024534

It does decrease the governor's disposition by 1-2 points

>> No.34024567
File: 2.00 MB, 250x194, 1400275076207.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got Alpharius as my Admiral
Holy shit??

>> No.34024586

It's possible to "farm" geneseed by implanting it in guinea pig humans. Chapters don't pay taxes to the imperium but they do tithe small amounts of geneseed to test for purity which is then multiplied and stored to make new chapters. I've never heard of chapters doing this themselves however.

Apart from that each marine is implanted with one geneseed and it causes them to grow a second geneseed. What happens next varies by the chapter, some surgically remove one or both from marines before they die. Others only harvest from the dead.

>> No.34024618

>What happens next varies by the chapter, some surgically remove one or both from marines before they die. Others only harvest from the dead.
Adding this as togglable behavior for the Apothecarium would be nice.

Does losing one gene-seed cause any penalties?
Weaker connection with the other implants or something?

>> No.34024643

We're autosaging now.
Make sure the next OP has all the needed links.

>> No.34024648

Umm guys, is there a way to research stuff? Im in the Chapter creation screen and is has DOOMED autoselected for me.

>> No.34024661

If you chose random you're screwed, fuccboi.

>> No.34024665

Disable it, or generate a custom chapter with all the same traits except that.
Research isn't implemented yet.

>> No.34024666

We're autosaging but we probably have another good hundred posts in here before we hit page 10.

>> No.34024692

Nope, research isn't in.

>> No.34024693

>being a power-gaming faggot who doesn't pick Random
Enjoying your min-maxed chapter?

>> No.34024709

I always pick random, but if you got Doomed on Random you're screwed, fuccboi.

Random is the only way to play.

>> No.34024776
File: 235 KB, 1600x900, Hereteks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess this is what I get for naming my chapter Heretics, and my flagship "Fuk da inquisition"

>> No.34024850

Hmmm, I can no longer send marines to the planet to recover artifacts, it only allows me to send the fucker to ships.

>> No.34024867

Did you put them in a ship first?

>> No.34025167

>called on a grand crusade
>tyranids, necrons, and an =}{= request all come up
>of the almost 1000 marines that went, less than 300 return
Well, it's a tough galaxy.

>> No.34025278


Fucking escort ships, how do they work. Mine keep blindly charging at the enemy while getting blown to shit.

Also assaulted a craftworld for shit and giggles. I'm loving the game so far for what it can be, random crashes everywhere tho.

>> No.34025281

Well, Necrons still cause crashes.

>> No.34025286

>First version posted by duke
>bombardment kills civvies and enemies every time

>latest version
>bombardment kills civvies only and enemy forces are untouched

>> No.34025305

I don't think he even changed that. What defenses are in the system?

>> No.34025310

Yeah, Extreme Tyranid hordes taking no damage, and they'll kill your guys fast, even when the entire chapter is there.

>> No.34025334

>Give Tzeentchilist Terminator Armor to Eldar
>They take it without realizing it's tainted
>The next turn they ask us for Requisition
>Disposition goes from 10 to 5 instead of 10 to 9
Oh boy.

>> No.34025368


You should attack their craftworld, it's hilarious.

>> No.34025395

I'll do it if my attempts to mind control them with fucking Terminator Armor don't work.
The best way to play Chapter Master is if you were secretly chaos.

>> No.34025411

I'm getting it on every planet, Sparse, Medium, Heavy or None Defenses

>> No.34025417


Do save before though because you WILL get butt-annihilated before you can blink.

>> No.34025478

Okay, looking at again it seems it is killing enemies but the game isn't displaying changes to enemy forces.

>> No.34025549

And apparently having two enemies on the same planet makes your battles an auto-win

>> No.34025595

Note: Don't destroy Tzeentch Artifacts, unlike the other 3, the Daemons inside aren't pushovers.
All my librarians are dead.

>> No.34025641

>Customcreate Celestial Lions
>Go blam some orks
>They're winning damn
>Chapter barely manages to get through
>All apothecaries ded

I swear there is a code in it somewhere that makes this stuff happen.

Also all hail great Orthodontus!

>> No.34025643

the thing I desperately need is to be able to create ships. make them expensive as hell ill be okay with that. but has anyone else hovered over a forge world with a large fleet when at war with the mechanics? they pop out a ship a turn. sometimes cruisers and battleships. i must have this capability.
i hope diplomacy may flush out nicely as well.

>> No.34025658

Download it again, you can buy ships now

>> No.34025673

And the slowpoke award goes to.

>> No.34025692

Well fuck one of my marines is acting oddly and I missed the name. Anything I can do to find him, or is the chaplain role/individual loyalty not implemented yet?

Also same thing happened when the inquisition gave me a mission to purge some nobles. I didn't catch which planet. I wandered over to a planet with Maximum corruption, but I can't purge and there are no enemies when I raid (I'm pretty sure it's not the planet I'm supposed to purge anyway).

I seriously need the log to be implemented. It's so easy to miss information, especially if you've got a 12-turn trip and you're spamming the "Next turn" button and fly through some popups.

>> No.34025694

>losing to orks

>> No.34025735

yeah, as event keep happening at least a crudely functioning Log would be nice

>> No.34025743

>not having minimal numbers like good Celestial Lions would do

>> No.34025746

How powerful are artifacts anyway?
Certainly not enough to survive 1000+ orks on your own right?

>> No.34025751

You are not prepared for the complete assfucking that will arrive with the Shadow in the Warp.

>> No.34025782

>Leave 8 marines just kind of chilling on an agri-world after I forgot to pick them back up.
Well I hope they're enjoying their impromptu shore leave at least. Maybe they'll wake up the Necron Tomb that's on that planet.

>> No.34025927

Not entirely sure. The geneseed is the organ that regulates the other organs implanted into new marines. That's why some chapters have nonfunctioning or missing organs. But it's not clear if they need the organ all the time or just during initiation when the transformation begins. It's probably safe to assume that they need at least one.

Supposedly one geneseed is in the neck and another is deep in the chest. That's why the apothecaries have the chainfist, they need it to cut through the armour and get the geneseed out of dead marines.

If the canon chapters have a specific method of doing things that should be part of the game. For the custom chapters the player should be able to decide and it could have different effects. For instance if half of the geneseed is stored away it might get stolen or otherwise messed with. But at the same time having a reserve would make recruitment a lot easier.

>> No.34025939

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 5
for object obj_controller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Get 42.millenium(100136, -2147483648)
at gml_Script_scr_add_man
stack frame is
gml_Script_scr_add_man (line 0)

got this when I sent my fleet towards an ork held system, as soon as my fleet arrived that error popped

>> No.34025986

>The artifact is a bolter. All the on the weapon has been substituted with polished adamantium. A bolter has been integrated.

It's a storm bolter?

>> No.34025988

Send it to the dev!

>> No.34026022

An autosave function would be nice

>> No.34026046


It menaces with Bolter spikes.

>> No.34026050

>141 accurate bolter rip through thr kroot and purge 150
get noscoped xeno scum

>> No.34026064

God damn inquisition crashing my game everytime.

>> No.34026072

>low population penitent fleet
>ork waaagh three turns in
Let's do this shit.

>> No.34026080


On it is images of Bolters and Xenos in adamantium. The Bolters are purging the Xenos

>> No.34026131

Dont post that here, read the thread! Email Duke.

>> No.34026181
File: 789 KB, 1024x768, SO YOU CAN SHOOT WHILE YOU SHOOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post your custom emblems.

Sons of Metal 4 lyfe.

>> No.34026197

Could do with a convenient way to leave injured marines behind when going for a raid.

>> No.34026217

>Playing as the UNDERMARINES, successor to the ultramarines.
>Bright pink armor like a badass
>Cruising around, hunting orks
>Find artifact on orkish planet. Kill xeno scum, land first company on the planet to pick up the artifact.
>Artifact is demonic, destroy it, destruction of the artifact calls down greater demon of tzeentch.
>Demon is immediately mowed down, prepare to load back up onto battle barge
>Suddenly, orks. First company is killed to a fucking man, Deepstrike the planet with the rest of the chapter until no more orks.
>Somehow cause diplomatic incident with the sisters of battle
>Librarians warn of shadow in the warp
>Accidentally attack the imperial guard, who are understandably angry with me.
>half the ships carrying the ninth and tenth companies are lost to the warp while traveling. 10th is gone completely except for new recruits.
>Necrons fucking wake up in the same moment.
>Warp storm around my home system the moment I stop there
>stuck in warp storm while certain planets go dark, while necrons rage about the galaxy, and while the IG are all coming for me


>> No.34026232
File: 2 KB, 80x79, custom2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wrong pic

>> No.34026290

We are finally posting greentext stories for an actual game.

Its here.

Its Happening.

>> No.34026293

Oh, and the tyranids just did me in. By the time I could finally move, a huge-ass fleet attacked my home system.

>> No.34026343

Alright, how the hell do I actually attack a planet.

I tried bombarding, but I literally didn't kill a single ork, though I DID kill the entire human populace of the planet.

>> No.34026381

you raid, as of yet unloading your muhreenz onto a planet from the chapter overview screen does nothing unless there's an artefact on site.

>> No.34026413

You put a fleet there, then hit Raid.

Alternatively, if you don't want to deepstrike, you go into your chapter overview screen and unload them. Then each turn, you'll get attacked by whoever enemies you have on the planet and you can choose to attack defensively or offensively.

Deepstriking is way better unless you have that one mutation, though.

>> No.34026495

> Create penitence chapter
> Gotta keep killing xenos otherwise the inquisition will be pissed
> Only nearby planet with enemy xenos is a tyranid hiveworld, with a ton of them
> Go through, purging tyranid hiveworlds because Orks don't seem to be spawning anywhere nearby
> On the third major Tyranid fight things are going well
> Enemy at 1%, chapter at 90+
> Entire enemy force has nothing but Zoanthropes left
> They're seemingly immune to boltor fire
> Only thing left happening is trading sniper rifle rounds with their psionic blasts, killing 1 per 60 rounds or so
> Eventually both the Zoanthropes and the scouts just stop firing
> Game doesn't crash, but hitting enter just performs 'blank' actions for both sides (Same as when one side has just melee units left and they're not in range yet)
I choose to believe the chapter is endlessly fighting the Zoanthropes, neither side capable of doing anything to stop the cycle

>> No.34026552

had same thing happen when fighting Arch-Heretic on homeworld

>> No.34026584

How do you recruit more?

>> No.34026608
File: 63 KB, 584x643, 1394766738539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hiveworld in spawn
>Necrons wake up on homeworld
>Spread to other planets
>Tau start invading and crushing the imperial forces
>Vestigial Orks are being taken out by all three factions
>Called to great crusade
This pain is what I have dreamed of ever since the first threads.

>> No.34026614

use the world screen, assign requisition to recruit neophytes from your recruitment world, this uses up geneseed.

>> No.34026626
File: 9 KB, 566x99, rip_goregorillas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Gore Gorillas
> Pentient Chapter
> Lose companies 4-9 on various worlds, manage to track Warboss down to final Ork stronghold
> No longer Pentient, May start recruiting once more
> Meanwhile... Throw everything I have at last Ork stronghold (since bombarding is a no-go)
> Get to about 38% before countless "[Press Enter to Continue]"
> Give up after five minutes of pressing enter to see if I finally got him.

I love this game.

>> No.34026627

Server says that bombarding was broken with the last patch.

>> No.34026675

With artifacts, I just unload the Chapter Master and it works just as well.

>> No.34026719

It seems like the inquisitorial missions always have a very short time limit. Is the idea that you should split up your chapter and station it throughout the sector instead of one huge fleet or something?

>> No.34026721

Is there a button to attack craftsworlds?

>> No.34026733

why not some are amusing, like the one where an Inquisitor got eaten

>> No.34026749

use the world screen, assign requisition to recruit neophytes from your recruitment world, this uses up geneseed.

>> No.34026758
File: 98 KB, 1366x738, Space wolves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help /tg/ what should I call my space wolves successor[random gen] chapter units

>> No.34026767

How powerful can the Chapter Master get anyway?
Primarch / Plot character (Draigo)- Take down 1000 Orks while not trying tier?
Heroic - Capable of surviving a lot, but would still die in super uneven odds
Space marine - Just a space marine

>> No.34026778
File: 141 KB, 1053x1070, 1394330395369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same file, there is no update since release

>> No.34026787

just a space marine.
this game is dorf fort in space

>> No.34026792

Pretty sure that purchase warships screen was not there before.

>> No.34026801
File: 187 KB, 680x684, 1401144331367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Tyranid Hive World enemy count: Very Numerous
>Ork WAAAGH enemy count: Numerous
>Chaos Warband enemy count: Numerous
>Necron Legion Enemy Count: Overwhelming
Holy shit.
Looks like this is it guys.

>> No.34026808

>get a genius idea of removing corruption from recruiting world by orbital bombardment
>861,725 civilians dead
>0 heretics removed
>inquisiton gets angry at me for bombarding my own world
>Excommunicate Traitoris


>> No.34026823

>HERESY spreads to sector
>While purging one world, notice the other in the system is listed at major corruption
>Won't let me purge
>Just bombard it until the planet is sterile of life

Did I do the Emperor proud?

>> No.34026824

>same file,
This is true.
>there is no update since release
This is false.

>> No.34026837

Just stay on your own planet mang.

Or jump ship and let them all fight each other

>> No.34026884

They're on my own planet, and they have their own ships.

You can;t escape the 'Crons.

Necrons confirmed for Chapter Master's version of the Dorf Fort demons.

>> No.34026894

There comes a time when you just write that planet off and don't go there any more.

>> No.34026897

>Starting as Penitent Chapter
>Go rob Mechanicus of precious artifacts because they won't trade them
>"Hey, I've rarely taken casualties from Orks in earlier test games, let's go kill everybody on that overrun world"
>Two battles later

>> No.34026899

you can say, They have a "Gorillion Problems"

>> No.34026920

"since release of Alpha Build .502"
I forget to add

>> No.34026926

How do people even lose to Orks?
Even when they've had heavy and extreme infestations I've never lost, even went without casualties

>> No.34026941

maybe it was a Waargh?
I've yet to deal with one

>> No.34026947

Not the other guy but...

Well, I sent 100 marines against 1000 or so orks. So yeah.

>> No.34026958

That's what happened to me earlier, the game would just ignore their attacks, and even when I got a 'buncha choppas hit you' message I got no casualties.

Of course, that was with a near full strength Chapter attacking with everyone, rather than this under half strength chapter.

Now I'm getting buggered.

>> No.34026966

See >>34026884

>> No.34026978

When there's a full waagh, you get infestations that, while still listed just as "extreme" also contain really powerful units including nobs with powerclaws that can rip and tear the fuck out of your assaults and are pretty effective against others. But I think most people lose to them before ever landing, probably. The orks could use a substantial buff.

>> No.34026997

Write it off. You can find another planet eventually.

>> No.34027029

It's too late. I "won" a battle with fucking 3 Necron Battleships with only my Battlebarge and 2 Escorts surviving.
I think I'll feed myself to the Tyranids to have a less grisly fate.

>> No.34027036

So is it the right decision to stick EVERYONE I can with storm bolters and powered weapons?
It's all I've been doing for every chapter, seems to be working alright

>> No.34027038


>> No.34027047

You can actually Build ships now. That's a major change.

>> No.34027070

That plan works good against anything that isn;t Chaos or the Necrons. You;re unlikely to survive the Chaos invasion.

You won;t survive the Necron uprising, period.

>> No.34027076

You're not dead yet.

>> No.34027092

Alright, so, um, I'm dumb, I've been allocating requisition to recruitment for a while now, but despite having 600+ geneseed I'm not getting any more marines

I've got 250 marines and a WAAAAGH just started, help

>> No.34027108

Really? Is it because Storm Bolters are mainly close ranged?

>> No.34027114
File: 87 KB, 500x329, TakiculGensu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fighting against genecult
>Armored limousines

>> No.34027115

Camp at home and wait for the Tyranids, necrons or Chaos to save you from the pain of living in your sector.

>> No.34027118

Your advisor should tell you how many neophytes you have in training and how long until the next one is ready. It takes a long time though.

>> No.34027133
File: 317 KB, 1283x837, Here we go.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So do Guard do anything? I heard they were somewhat useless.

>> No.34027139

>600+ geneseed
How? I've only ever gotten 20 geneseed and never gain any more.

>> No.34027152

You gain geneseed by having your space marines die, then spend it by gaining more. This is why there is a maximum limit to your chapter size. Presumably, you have hit close to this limit.

>> No.34027155

Yes, in regards to Chaos, no, in regards to the Necrons, since they're fucking invincible and I have no clue why they're so hard to take down, but I'm guessing it's Nanomachines, son.

They also show up in numbers from "Numerous" to "Overwhelming."

>> No.34027159

About 300 casualties

>> No.34027166

>250 marines left
You know where they came from anon

>> No.34027167

Jesus. At Frenetic I've got 3 dudes and training and I can expect one to become a Battle Brother in 51 months.

I'm boned.

Ton of my mans died.

>> No.34027182

Even fielding the entire chapter doesn't help?
Hmm, might be due to the lack of vehicles, I'm sure once we field some landraiders and predators it'll be fine

>> No.34027235

I just fought some necrons.
The Monolith literally turned my Chapter Master to ash, apparently.
And then 348 Tacs, with it. I regret not screencapping it while I could.

>> No.34027236

really? Fuuuuuuuu

>> No.34027250

Will later versions have ground battle visualisations too?

>> No.34027286

Hopefully, I want to see shit like this with my very eyes >>34027235

>> No.34027287

>Find Eldar Fleet
>Decide to attack it

Well that certainly wasn't the best idea I've had.

>> No.34027314

So, life was good, and then I dropped to say hi to an STC fragment and bam game crashed.

>> No.34027328

STC fragments are not yet implemented.

>> No.34027370

There seems to be a sort of 'critical mass' of marines.

If you have blank number, you slaughter opponents without casualty.

If you have blank- number, you take heavy casualties from any number of opponents.

>> No.34027384

Tip for the penitent: Pick the shitty luck disadvantage. It tends to start a waaagh pretty quick, giving you a great way to fight and die for the Emperor.

>> No.34027385

Now the game just crashed the second I do anything.

>> No.34027395

That's funny. Whenever any of my guys die, my apothecary inevitably dies too and so I lose my geneseeds and all equipment.

>> No.34027414

Email the crash-logs in and wait for the next version, I guess.

>> No.34027427

I was the guy who started the thread inquiring about Chapter Master.

>> No.34027430

Give them longer ranged weapons so they don't feel the need to close into melee.

>> No.34027518

we should get an document with system/planet names, i've seen Gone in like every game

>> No.34027532

Check the google doc in a minute or two.

>> No.34027558

Is there any real reason to not go about with as much of the chapter as you can? It seems if you split up you inevitably get shot to shit.

>> No.34027581

Depends on what for.
Do you want to explore the peaceful worlds for artifacts? Then splitting up is the best option

Do you want to face an Ork waagh head on? Then you'll want your muhreens

>> No.34027584

HAH! Just killed a named Warboss. Blasted him into paste.

>> No.34027591

Exploring for Artifacts has a chance of waking up the Necrons, and it's not really good to have that happen, especially when split up.

>> No.34027613
File: 74 KB, 498x467, 1401496728640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great, you beat the tutorial boss!

>> No.34027614

I prefer to stay together, since it's a bitch to find all of your ships and muhreens when they're scattered around the sector.

>> No.34027636

Are there named Necron lords?

>> No.34027654

So basically I'm going to have to sit at home, going through my turns, and when I have enough RP, I'll go and equip EVERY SINGLE FUCKING marine, with an Autocannon.

This cannot go wrong, can it?

>> No.34027656

But in dorf fort characters can become absurdly powerful

wasn't there a let's play where the fortress leader beat a megabeast to death with an artifact wardrobe he built during a funny mood?

>> No.34027667

I don;t think so, not yet at least. Then again, every fight I've had with the Necrons has resulted in complete obliteration, so there might be ones out there, in hiding.

>> No.34027731


>> No.34027765

So, uh, how do I get enough requisition to actually replace my ship losses? As a fleet based chapter, I'm feeling REAL uncomfortable with all my escorts blown up by orks.

>> No.34027783

It seems for me that it takes a great number of turns before things start to heat up in my sector. What should I spend my requisition reserves on? Craploads of plasma guns? Meltas?

>> No.34027793

Maybe you go to the Tech Tab and it's shiny battleship button.

>> No.34027796

Trade Geneseed, artifacts or just ween it off of people who like you

That is if trading is fixed

>> No.34027804

Find some nice cozy sector to camp in, suspend any recruitment efforts and camp like mad.

>> No.34027860

I feel as the advantages/disadvantages options shouldn't simply be limited to 3 of each.

Are there any suggestions for new ones as well?

>> No.34027865

Looks like a new version is up.

>> No.34027884

In IRC? I can't access IRC.

>> No.34027957

I wouldn't mind one to make the CM a primarch-tier motherfucker

>> No.34027987

One that makes you a heretic at the start, for Hardmode.

>> No.34027997

I certainly would love one that allows you to start with an artifact(s), that you can design or make random.

>> No.34028026

Who is making the pastebin FAQ?

>> No.34028112

Wouldn't these be pretty similar since you'd likely put the artifact on your primarch anyway?

>> No.34028200

Is Orbital Bombardment fixed?

>> No.34028206

Sure I guess, but artifiacts aren't that powerful anyway

>> No.34028209


>> No.34028213

How do I get more worlds/communicate with local planetary governors?

>> No.34028239

>Create your artifact!
>0/10 points used
>Spam "It has a bolter attached"
>Use cheat engine
>Chapter Master now has the Orbital Bombardment-tier storm bolter

>> No.34028379

Is there a guide on how to play? I have no fucking clue as to what I'm doing

>> No.34028413

Read the Thread, there is a Manual.

>> No.34028518

>randomised chapter
> name - Dark Marines
> recruiting world - Azeroth

>> No.34028522

Since we're on page ten, how about a new thread with the FAQ and manual in the OP?

>> No.34028583

Chapter Master is a chapter management simulation game, where you take the role of an Adeptus Astartes Chapter Master. Several attempts have been made in the past, and some very cool stuff was created, but it has never advanced beyond a simple demo. It's always simply been a piece of fiction, chucked about threads for amusement and wish fulfillment.

Until today.

It's been most of a year of keyboard face-rolling, but it's happening! Chapter Master has entered Alpha. Not everything has made it in that I wanted, and it's very rough, but this is the foundation for the future Beta and finished Chapter Master game. There is much more to come, including a higher resolution and better interface.

Test, report bugs, come chat in IRC to discuss ideas, etc.

And remember- You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

Alpha: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jpmgak4jiushwxi/ChapterMaster.zip

IRC: #ChapterMaster on suptg's server

Read the FAQ
Do the same with the Manual.

Stop asking how to collect artifacts

>> No.34028686

New thread.

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