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So, there was a thread on /x/, and somebody posted this. It's supposed to be a sigil that generates "thin places" where the walls between universes are permeable.

And one anon posted this:
>Also, you can easily increase the power of any such sigil or diagram with the "electric" method. Using enameled magnet wire, wind a coil in the shape of the sigil. (For instance, this would be a pentagram coil wound between five nails or something, inside a circular coil, inside a triangular coil.) Make sure there are no shorts.

>Pump AC electrical power through each coil using a signal generator. Tune the frequency until you achieve the best resonance; you'll feel it when it occurs. Concentrate on the sigil as you tune it. Focus. Meditate.

>Once you have the sigil properly tuned and charged with intent, you can increase its power simply by upping the wattage

Is it just me, or would this be a really neat idea for a setting? Electrical magic, magic sigils and diagrams, alternate universe travel?

I really want a "modern magic" feel for my next setting, and I'm stealing the hell out of this. Anyone else have ideas for modern magic systems or magic items?

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It's been said before, but it bears repeating: /x/ is filled with retards.

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Well, of course it's not real. I just thought it was a neat idea worth stealing.

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Read Invisibles for more modern magik
Hellblazer for some old/dark magik
Visit some magik Forums

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I definitely have a soft spot for modern magic (at least when it isn't the Dresden Files) While we're on the topic, I think the symbols for the bodies of the Solar System could make cool runes for some kind of ritual.

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That's Ellis.



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Dresden Files is more "comic book magic" then modern magic.
Modern magic is pretty much how it's always been in various religious beliefs, namely ritual stuff of various styles, while Dresden files is more like Doctor Strange with his blasting magical death rays everywhere and mystic force fields.
Two completely different styles of storytelling really, beyond superficialities that end past the surface level.

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Dresden Files is more "crap" magic.


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I don't let personal opinions color my descriptions of analysis of things unless specifically asked for said opinions.
It's a sloppy habit to get into.

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I'm not calling it modern magic because of the style of storytelling, you numbskull. I'm calling it modern magic because it's a (shit) series about a wizard in the modern day. Not everything needs to be subdivided again and again and again.

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I try to make the distinction more because magic is actually a foundational belief of certain religions, and I try to respect religion in general even if I don't understand it or agree with it.
Just seems to be the polite thing to do.
Speaking of which, Unknown Armies might more be up your alley in terms of games. It's very Hellblazer-esque in how magic works.

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You try to respect religions you don't belong to in a discussion of pulp fantasy and comic books on 4chan?

There's a time and a place for being culturally sensitive, and this is neither. Why even bother?

I do dig Unknown Armies, though.

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It's a sloppy habit to get into, that's all
Besides, it costs me nothing, takes no effort on my part, so why not?
But yes, Unknown Armies is one of the only magical-themed settings that's about "magick", though it's more of the "subjective/malleable reality" type of magick then Hermetic "will can change the laws of the universe" magick.
I personally believe that the reason the majority of fictional forms of magic, especially in P&P RPG's is more blunt-force evoking stuff is because frankly most people who get into TRPG's expect some kind of action, and traditional sorts of magic are time-consuming and complex.

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GURPS Thaumatology would be the book for you, then. It's based around modern magical traditions, laws of similarity abs attraction, etc.

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I am not sloppy. You are trying too hard. Quit being such a faggot, why don't you? It doesn't fucking matter if I say something insensitive about some religion nobody else gives a shit about, especially when it comes to magic because MAGIC ISN'T FUCKING REAL.

Do you get anal and uptight about the terms people use to describe ghosts or zombies for the same reason? What about clerics in d&d?

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This guy has a website where he does stuff like circuit magic and robomancy.


The image is of something called the "Electronomicon".

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I'm going to download that right now, actually, that sounds awesome.
GURPS has some pretty awesome supplements. I think GURPS Pulp should be a required read for anyone playing a pulp-styled game on Earth in the 1930's.
Might want to cool your tits that pal, this doesn't seem like a capital letters sort of discussion from my end.
This is actually pretty cool, I've seen this stuff before.
Is "robomancy" the right word? I'm not really good at the whole "Latin word-mancy" thing.

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Careful talking about tits there, you don't want to get sloppy and offend an ornithologist

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>though it's more of the "subjective/malleable reality" type of magick then Hermetic "will can change the laws of the universe" magick

What's the difference?

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It's not really correct, (you're mixing Latin and Czech) but that's what he calls it.

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When I said "Modern Magic", I meant "magic in a modern setting", not "argue about modern 'magick'."

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Complicated, but sorta dependent upon your beliefs I guess.
Hermetic magick for example (and this is really simplified) believes in invoking-evoking power using specific symbols and language that have an underlying complex meaning that comes from...not sure what else to call it, but sort of the underlying "cheat codes" of the universe I guess.
This knowledge is supposedly from the Tabula Samargdina, or the Emerald Tablet, which fell from the forehead of Lucifer as he was cast down from heaven to hell and was found by Hermes Trismagestus ("Thrice-Blessed") who passed it down from those he taught, so it's like, God-knowledge.
Invoking these symbols correctly causes reality to change based on your will and the correct invocation of said symbol remaking it in the form where the effect you desire has happened or will happen.
Other kinds of magical systems (Chaos Magick for one ) involve the belief that the symbols and language themselves are completely unimportant, and it's the belief and the meaning we as individuals impart on them that changes everything, so ANY symbol will do so long as you believe it in enough basically.
Comic book author Grant Morrison practices this kinda magic as his religion (no seriously, in the 90's he never shut the fuck up about it), and Unknown Armies takes a lot of inspiration from one of his works more devoted to the concepts involved.

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>Hermes found a tablet fallen from the forehead of Lucifer

What is this, Detective Comics?

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No, that's really how the it goes according to the story. I think they also bring up that myth in BPRD at one point.
A lot of stuff kinda paints Hermetic magic as "scientific" magic because a lot of science-minded folks like Isaac Newton expressed interest in it, but these men were most often very religious sorts of well, so they incorporate their existing belief in God as if they've found, I don't know a truer version of God's will and plan, sort of like by expanding their knowledge of the cosmos they're bringing themselves closer to God in spirit.
This is all dependent upon your beliefs which are kinda highly flexible; nobody really wrote down hard and fast rules that stayed solid forever when it comes to how this stuff is supposed to work, there's no "Hermetic bible" that they all have to read.

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Also, it's not clear to me if this is supposed to be Hermes the Greek god, a guy names Hermes, or a guy named Hermes who got so good at magic that he became mistaken for a Greek god.

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It's all of them and none of them at the same time.

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That sounds pretty spot on for belief systems like that.

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GURPS Cabal is a modern "secret magic" setting that gets into these topics. Its magic system is very Hermetic and designed to give bonuses for using materials, symbols, etc. that correspond to the ideas the magician is working with. It also deals with interaction and travel between different levels or aspects of the universe.

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so anyone ever tred making a real magic circle a t home?

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Promethean: the Created is all about this sort of modern alchemy, turning your flawed remade self closer and closer human. Plus it has that electricity connection already in the rules.

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You might notice that the fucking SUN is also in the list.

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Really, REALLY complicated horoscopes that are based on the more advanced information we have about the solar system.

The predictions can be much more individual and personal, though more expensive to attain, as we start factoring in the movements not just of the planets but of Kuiper Belt objects and even the Oort Cloud.

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>pic related

The question I now have is, just how legit do you want the magicks you're developing? How tied to real religions and magickal practices?

Or conversely, how separate would you want them?

I've found personally that mixing real lore and legit magickal practice with some real freaky shit that's WAY off the deep end works for some real interesting games, but it's not always something I'd recommend. This would both require a knowledge of what you're working with and a mind for organizing these things in a way that it doesn't cause issues. If you're spiritual or know someone who is spiritual, the use of legit modern magicks in a game or "fantasy" setting like that could be offensive at the very least, and in some cases (depending on how much faith you have in magick) could actually cause serious issues. I have a tendency to ensure that I include no real world "evil" or "demonic" works, instead anchoring any in-game magic relating to dark powers in complete fiction (even going as far as to create my own symbols and practices for these, ensuring they will not work or if used would have an opposite effect in real magickal practices). I anchor good and protection based magicks in real world as often as possible though, as in some cases an interest in these topics can attract unwanted attention even to someone who has no idea what it really means. This allows even "fantasy" use of these protection magics to potentially have some real world effect on those preforming the magicks in-game, thus potentially protecting them from said unwanted attention.

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A modern form of communication with ghosts that replaces the Ouija board with a chaotic circuit whose output is hooked up to a computer and whose input is an array of antennas. The chaotic amplification of tiny changes and the use of environmental noise replaces the use of a human moving the planchette via a noisy, chaotic nervous system.

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and moon

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OP is probably dead and gone by now, but you might want to look into Unknown Armies. It has a more fantastical look at (post)modern magic, but it has some fun ideas that might suit your aims:
>Ritually prepared drugs that give you a temporary strong effect, then a weaker, permanent effect that disappear when you 'pollute' yourself with normal drugs. [Narco-alchemy]
>Luck magic that comes from taking risks. [Entropomancy]
>Free-form clockworking system. [Mechnomancy]
>Channeling humanity's archtypes (similar to Anima's Elan system). [Avatars]
And if you want to borrow some themes, you can water down the more extravagant schools, such as magic that comes from getting drunk [Dipsomancy], getting paid/having more money [Plutomancy], staying glued to the boob tube [Videomancy], or injuring yourself [Epideromancy].

All of this is in the 2nd edition book. DL it and go nuts.

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