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How do you like your blueberries, /tg/?

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Busty and sweaty.

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I always think he's doing jazz hands in that thumbnail.

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Embedded in waffles

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Tied down and being interrogated by =][=.

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Is there an uncropped version of that pic?

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Actually on topic instead of thinly veiled weeaboo wankfests and porn dumps.

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Kroot pls go

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Yeah but it's not worksafe.

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Far away.

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It's on rule34. Do a google reverse search for it.

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Duh, of course it isn't. Which is why I asked for it. Got links or directions?

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Christ, I haven't seen any blue stuff in ages. I thought her and the scraplootas were completely forgotten.

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Like my pancakes: stacked

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Did you miss that big thread there was a few weeks ago?


New stories, new drawings, fresh content all around.

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Blue, grey, it's all the same to me as long as they got dem hips.

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Best caste coming through

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Nice and plump~ Like the water caste

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>water caste

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Nice, thanks mate. That first story is long as shit, is it worth boring with?

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Bothering with, even

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Here here!


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I'd say so. It has a lot of good moments.

It's divided up into parts, so it's not as intimidating as you think.

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Nice and orky, as Gork intended

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>that funstikk

Still my favorite part of the scraplootas. It's just perfect.

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I guess I'll try it then

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Filtered like the cancer it is. Thanks for reminding me OP.

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I've seen pics of things that weren't Blue or even orky using it before.

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Cowering in terror as mighty Imperial warriors storm their ship and butcher their protectors, like those Air caste fucks do in Fire Warrior.

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It's an easy read and mostly decent.

Yeah, the best bit is probably the 60 second market. Do we know if it's classed as canon? Seems a lot of new characters were added.

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Three miles away from the action drinking Astartes tears.
Seriously. If you're not smart enough to counter tau with spess mehrens, your accusations of overpoweredness just encourage me.

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>that image

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>classed as canon
I don't follow.

And yes, there were a bunch of new grots introduced, but there are new names introduced in almost every Scraplootas story.

I saw a pic of a tech priest using it on herself in one of those weekend smut threads once.

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I just meant that one story introducing a bunch of new characters might fuck with the established stuff a little, I dunno. Like that one grot who is suddenly in charge of all Boris's guns.

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That sounds like tech heresy, double xeno worship and regular heresy in one image.

I kinda want to see it.

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It's just the targeting system. All he can probably do is improve Borris' aim.

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Ok, what about the faction leaders though? Or the stuff about swinging on wires? I dunno it just feels like a lot of stuff is added by the writer.

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Found it for you.

I've read all the stories, the only point of conflicting "canons" is the condition of Boris' squishy bits, but orks are flexible like that, so there might not actually be any conflicting info there depending on how much time has passed between the stories.

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Those were in earlier bits of writing. Although the actual named Grots are new, the concept of the arms having leadership isn't.
Thanks mate.

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Swinging on wires in the arms has been a part of the fluff on Boris since the beginning as has the conflict between the two arms.

The faction leaders were alluded to in other sorties from near the beginning, all this did was name them.

I think you've just forgotten a lot of details.

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Ok, maybe I've just forgotten some stuff then. All things considered though odd life some more writing and art. Even if I don't necessarily like the new characters a picture of the faction leaders might be cool.

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Eh they're still gretchin. Leadership could easily change.

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>hur dur just list tailor

Vanilla space marines have been a better army than the Tau for nearly a year anyway.

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Ok then, art of the 60 second market or something. Done in the style of vidya concept art it might be cool.

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A lot of the stuff established on the inner workings of Boris were never properly written into any stories and were just put on his 1d4chan page until now.

True, the Head Councillor probably changes almost daily.

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Dead and crispy.

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If you go by the story, it changes in the time it takes for blue to help both factions, start a war, and end a war. Or about seven hours.

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May I ask which year?

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As a part of my army. I think it may be time for another Cultural Exchange.

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But we don't know how long the Head Councillor was in office before Blue arrived in Boris.

It could've been a day or more since the last time the head changed.

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Well normally I measure out about a cup, put them in the freezer overnight with some strawberries and maybe a banana, and in the morning I put them in a blender with milk, some crushed ice and a few scoops of peanut butter. It make a really good and fairly healthy smoothie.

Oh wait you guys are talking about porn. Sorry I'll go

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>he hasn't seen Unbound Riptide spam

It's alright, I remember when I was new too.

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Fried or fertilized

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I'd imagine not very long.

Fuck, why is there not more scraplootas art? They have so many interesting characters and settings. I'd do it myself but I can't draw for shit.

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I've never seen Jublowski portrayed with such small breasts.

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There's about 70 unique Scraplootas related images.

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I guess. I just want more.

More grot art, more of the inside of Boris, more of the scraplootas looting. A bit less in the way of cute pictures of Blue, nice as they may be.

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Every so often there's a new pic, and they seem to be of fairly high quality a little over half of the time.

You could always go make requests in the drawthreads, I've done that before and gotten results, though not often.

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I don't like begging. Oh well. At least the stories are still great.

>> No.33992778

Posting a request isn't begging, it's a polite (or at least when I do it) suggestion to someone willing to draw the ideas of others.

Begging is more like asking directly right after someone else's delivery has been posted.

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I like mine toned and tomboyish.

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worst taste

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You don't get girls unhappy to be forced into a dress if they aren't sufficiently tomboyish and the more tomboyish they are the more fun it is when they end up in a dress.

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Are you that guy obsessed with dresses?

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No, I'm not that particular anon.

>> No.33993326

This is relevant to my interests/

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That's because you can replicate the effect on non-tomboys by forcing them into swimsuits or negligee, which are better than dresses anyway. Win/win without having to deal with tomboys and disgusting pixie cuts.

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>Pixie cuts

>> No.33993745

>implying those articles of clothing grant the same level of satisfaction
>hating on pixie cuts
>implying you also hate other boyish haircuts on girls

You ain't my nigga.

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Sure, if you enjoy the feeling of a boy's head when you bury your face in her hair.

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Nigga pls you don't see Beyonce with no cracka ass do

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Why is Blue so great? No other blueberries come close.

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Long hair is overrated. I find short hair accentuates the face better.

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Amazing how adding Orks even improves a blueberry.

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Even Tomboys like to occassionally wear a dress and feel pretty. They are women after all.

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Because dem hips. Also because ork makes everything better.

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Earth is overrated.

Plus only /tg/ think they have hips

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As >>33994325 says, all /tg/ blueberries have hips, Blue is nothing special. She's also bland as a character.

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I always miss good threads, shit.

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>short hair is better for uggos

>> No.33994616

But Blue is short, stocky and wide. This makes her superior to the rest.

>> No.33994667

She's only short until the WAAAGH gets in deeper.

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Don't forget toned and stronk from living with Orks

>> No.33994714

>Blue gets darker and larger like a warboss

Hope you like muscle girls and/or giantesses.

>> No.33994747


At least she *has* a character, unlike the other blueberries.

>> No.33994751

No, it makes pretty girls look prettier.

>> No.33994848

She's probably going to not be like RIPPED muscle but she'll certainly be very toned.

>> No.33994937

That character being?

>> No.33994980

I find it amusing that /tg/ has basically modified tau for their own waifu ends.

>> No.33995035


Doesn't that apply to pretty much everything?

>> No.33995038

I wonder how much protein she gets from what she eats.

>> No.33995052

Energetic. Thinks she's an ork. Inventive. Somewhat crude. Enthusiastic about looting.

Sure, it's not the deepest personality, but it's way more than the other blueberries. And what do you expect from a /tg/ character, anyway?

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lots probably.

It's best not to think about it.

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Of course.
Tau are blue hotties, Eldar are pointy-eared hotties, even Orks, Necrons and Tyranids are fucking hotties by default.

>> No.33995104

Her diet consists mostly of mushroom beer and squigs, so there's tons of proteins there.

>> No.33995134


Sperm has high protein count.

>> No.33995191

But you can't survive on it.

/d/ checked.

Plus she lives with Orks, no real supply of it and the written work I've seen also points to a rather opposite taste.

>> No.33995240

I've often wondered, does she think she actually IS an Ork, or just that she's one in spirit?

>> No.33995249

Where is this written work that suggests lesbianism? I must know for research purposes.

>> No.33995287

Read the works that focus on her, there's one that addresses this
It's on the scraplootas page man. You'll know it when you see it.

>> No.33995295


sex-starved nerds writing fan fiction about lesbians! You don't say?

>> No.33995302

She is completely convinced she's literally a blue, short orc with weird feet and a weird squishy part between her legs.

>> No.33995318

As if you're any better. If you were, you wouldn't be here.

>> No.33995355

you're on 4chan with us. You have no right to be such a faggot about it.

>> No.33995375

Sounds good then.

That may be, but where would she find it?

>> No.33995397

Where can I find they the stories? Where is best to start?

>> No.33995415

1d4chan mate.

How new are you?

>> No.33995430

I thought she was aware she was a tau but just doesn't care.

>> No.33995496

Oh, right. I didn't think of that. Still though where is best to start? Is there a reading order? Which authors are best?

>> No.33995518

Just read all of it, it's most in order anyways.

>> No.33995601

They are in a tentative chronological order on the wiki page, or at least the list is. I'm still not sure why that one piece of writefaggotry is on the page itself.

Just start from the beginning.

>> No.33995646

I'll probably just get the epub if that contains everything

>> No.33995665

It varies from author to author. Sometimes she remembers life before the Scraplootas and is fully aware she's a tau, and sometimes she finds accusations of being anything but a funny-looking ork highly insulting.

>> No.33995689

The eternal problem with /tg/ OC is too many writers.

>> No.33995727

It's missing most of Two Tribes and also Derknitt's Crusade.

And I think one of The Grot stories is also missing... along with the new unfinished one about Gitstitcha.

>> No.33995728

Those aren't mutually exclusive character traits.

>> No.33995805

This does not appear to work.

>> No.33995866

Alright I'll get those too. Only thing is that two tribes doesn't seem to be on pastebin like the others.

>> No.33996041

They taught her the power of Twerking...

>Hope you like muscle girls and/or giantesses.
Yes, and?

>> No.33996043

There's a DL on the wiki page for it, but if you just want to read it, see >>33989776

>> No.33996139


Yes it does. You just don't don't know what he's talking about.

>> No.33996193

Alchemical ingredient.

>> No.33996235

>tfw I like cute shortstacks but not muscle girls or giantesses

I hope you're wrong.

>> No.33996408

I like them adorable not sexy

>> No.33996659

You can't be adorable without being sexy, and vice versa

>> No.33996739


Get out of here pedo, it only works one of those ways.

>kids can be adorable but never sexy
>sexy girls can be adorable

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>> No.33996878

This is incorrect.

>> No.33997118

Hey someone remembered my design!

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>> No.33997171

How could anyone forget?

>> No.33997257

>like Tau

>> No.33997262

With no tits, Dem Hips and Dat Ass, sexy calves/ankles, and really obvious hooves.

>> No.33997284 [SPOILER] 

>> No.33997299

>>33997170 >>33989564

Dumping old Blue/Scraplootas stuff. Need to drawfag contribute. Been so long.

>> No.33997300

Failing that, I like them with Quarian Physiques.

Also, some obvious chinese cultural paraphenalia adds a lot.

>> No.33997333

Every time

>> No.33997358 [SPOILER] 

Im sorry.

>> No.33997563

>orks hear her yelling "WAAAAAAGH" in the middle of the night
>"Now dat's a proppa motavat'ead grot dat iz."

>> No.33997668

Less being like space Jews too

>> No.33997673 [SPOILER] 

The thing I notice about this is no one ever posts the second one.

>> No.33997748

Are you actually dumping very slowly or did you just give up?

>> No.33997882

Trying to find it on my drive. Its kinda old...

>> No.33997907

Thats all I made (so far).

>> No.33998034

Something I always thought would be neat is if some of those original greentext stories for Blue would be adapted into stuff like those 4koma comics.

>> No.33998533

Been in the mood to make comics too. Might be good to do!

>> No.33998724

There are other times where she has a touch of doublethink and acknowledges that she WAS a tau, but she very much IS an ork now, which kinda fits with her whole simplistic orky mindset.

Have the cutest trukk ever.

>> No.33998762

Did somebody say WIDE

>> No.33998907

How can a trukk be cute?

>> No.33998954

Through the genius of combining ork engineering with tau proportions.

>> No.33998972

>if es just a littlal orky
>and a lotta WAAAAAAHGGGGG!!!!!!

>> No.33999172

Oh wow, I've not seen that before

>> No.33999566

I recognise blue and cultist obviously, but who is the other?

>> No.33999694

I really want more comics of /tg/ OCs interacting
Some random character the author came up with, nothing /tg/ made.

>> No.33999759


Xenos probably. The character design in that picture is extremely shitty.

>> No.33999789

Fresh, sweet, juicy, and in my mouth.

>> No.33999850


in muffins.

>> No.33999900

Needs more Threegrot too. I seriously love this guy.

>> No.33999906

No, it's an Eldar, it's someone else's character.
I asked the same question when that pic was still a WIP in one of the /co/ Batman work on your art threads.

Guess this is a lucky coincidence then, being in this thread to make that suggestion.

A lot of these actually do look like they could work in 4 panels
but you're not limited to that.

>> No.34000069


>> No.34000171


It's some king of eldar with wraithbone prosthetics.
Not the necron/tau mashup you are talking about.

>> No.34000281

Fair enough, and agreed. I think Blue and Cultist would get on well.

Also agreed. Though he's my second favourite, Fizzguts wins overall.

I wonder why he decided to throw Blue and Cultist in. Not that I'm complaining really.

>> No.34000445

There was once some idle chatter about Cultist getting spat out into the isolated Karib Sector the Scraplootas usually cruise about.

Rosncranz and Gilnstrum might be somewhat disturbed by her if she ever showed up in the warband they are stuck in.

As for the pic, it was either by request or he wanted to do something with the figures he was drawing at the time.

>> No.34000463

>Taldeer and Vaedrisa arguing about whether humans or orks are better
>science fair between Xeno, Blue, and the other sciency types
>Pet Show featuring Blue/Mr. Squig, Xeno/Drone, Cultist/Waffles, and Lofn/Barking Toad
>a theological debate between Cultist and Blue that shreds the ears of anyone trying to comprehend it and puts even Noise Marines to shame when it comes to ear rape
Shit writes itself

>> No.34000646

Boris attempting to ride the Emprahsque.

>> No.34000683


>> No.34000723 [SPOILER] 

>How do you like your blueberries, /tg/?
Covered in the white stuff.

>> No.34000726

Think about how big a Tarrasque is.

It's not as big as Boris.

>> No.34000762

Boris would be successfully riding Emprahsque. I never said anything about Emprahsque surviving the encounter.

>> No.34000784

Like so.

>> No.34000802

What fun is that if it's not like a bucking bull?

Emprahsque needs to step up his game and grow larger. I'm sure that's a thing he can do.

>> No.34000862

Blown apart by bolter fire and tossed into a furnace.

TIDF pls leave

>> No.34000896

covered in mon-keigh sauce

>> No.34000943

Like dis.

>> No.34001251 [DELETED] 

Something was off about that SFM animation.
I was expecting something wierd to flip out.

>> No.34001283

>killing the thread with the heaping pile of shit that is ME3

>> No.34001292 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Forgot spoiler

>> No.34001330

Still not as bad as ME2

But lets just agree that all of Mass Effect was shit and the only thing it had going for it was the core premise, as far as Eezo and mass manipulation without affecting volume or composition being the technological basis for a space opera

>> No.34001357

>Still not as bad as ME2
No, it was definitely worse.
Fucking idiot.

>> No.34001491

>getting that picture in the first place
>letting Tali die

You suck at videogames.

>> No.34001505


The first one wasn't that bad

>> No.34001565

I don't get why her girl robot parts being visible is a bad thing

>> No.34001730

>not intentionally DING DONG CLIFFU-ing worst girl
Tali post first game was shit.

>> No.34001772

>Covered in the white stuff.

Ha Ha! Yogurt.

>> No.34001776

Don't try to hide the fact that you are bad at videogames. Tali died because you are bad at videogames.

>> No.34001832

I actually never even bothered to so much as pirate the game since I caught the Russian leak 6 months before the thing came out, but cute attempt at sidestepping how shit ME3 was.

>> No.34001870


Because you are bad at videogames, you didn't want to remember the shame.

>> No.34001898

I would be more ashamed of playing ME3 at all than being bad at it. Doubly so at being a Talifag.

>> No.34002023

Google has no full version of this. Don't cock tease me with this.

>> No.34002085

>Doubly so at being a Talifag.

Liarafag nigga, hence why I posted a pic of Liara. But back to the matter at hand, you and your lack of skill at videogames.

>> No.34002126

Why not just read the thread? >>33990934

>> No.34002280


>> No.34002330

Crushed under tank treads. You fucking disgusting faggot

>> No.34002457

The fact you can save her and legion without going back and beating me2, or shelling out for the comic book start which is still like 10 bucks is ridiculous. I should not have to but another game or add on to have complete gaming experience.

Shit was infuriating when i lost an xbox 360 due to hardware and learned i had to buy all the games again just so i could interact with everyone i met because i would not play them all again how they wanted.

>> No.34002807

Needs less shit taste and more blueberries.

>> No.34002822

This is why PC is the master race.

>> No.34003020

Stop talking about mass effect you fucking autists you've an entire thread for that.

>> No.34003035

My heart is aflame.

>> No.34003235

For some reason I will always hate pictures at that angle. It just always comes across as edgy as fuck.

>> No.34003524

>Same artist
What a fucking hack.

>> No.34003593


>> No.34003699

That poor chaos warband doesn't deserve to be blessed with Cultist's presence.

Although she will be the new cook, and the only one who actually comes back when you feed them to the orks.

>> No.34003822

Hello there, fetish spamswine. I like my fetish spamswine b& forever.

>> No.34004261

Cultist would be nice to have around though

>> No.34004451


My little anon can't be this innocent.

>> No.34004698

I don't even get what the fetish is supposed to be?

>> No.34004721

Blue skin, maybe?

>> No.34004848

Seems a bit plain really.

>> No.34004941

/co/ pls

>> No.34004993

Artistically done.

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