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Anyone here play the game? I kinda want to get back into since I love duel masters but I quit the game a couple months ago for personal reasons.
I know there is standard rotation right now so is the game worth back getting into?

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If you live in Japan

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>love duelmasters
>quit a couple months ago
>duelmasters has been dead officially for years
>was dead unofficially years before that

unless your japanese this doesnt make sense.
>spend money on duelmasters
>wizards shits it up completely with western release
>fails to make great game last
>give them more money
>to play same game they killed years ago without mercy and with multiple lies

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I won a kaijudo draft tourney at an anime convention. It was my first time playing the game too.

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He might have stopped playing Duel Masters with his old cards a few months ago. Not stopped getting new cards.

How does drafting Kaijudo work? 30 card decks? It seems interesting because of the lack of lands, so more of your spells would have to be playable in the deck itself, no? But minimizing land screw helps out a lot in draft, and would make it a lot more fun and skill intensive.

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Yep, 30 cards and 3 of limit removed. It was alright not really very skill intensive honestly there isn't much skill in playing kaijudo. I happened to open the best bombs and had a half decent curve so I won. There's some things you have to decide sure but none of it is very hard.

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