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Thread thread?

If I'm honest I'm searching for a specific one: some guy recounting a god rp he did.

Honestly it sounded like he was just writing a story but it was a good read

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that was a good one, i liked it alot sadly i dont have it but i do have some other ones to post

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Welp, this seems opportune. I'm looking for the story about the guy prophesied to bring a great evil to the land, who gets tossed out of his village and rescued by a passing "noble". If you know the story, you know what I mean by that. I'll dump what I have in exchange.

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Or, How to DM Properly Without Railroading

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Or, One Piece Is Surprisingly /tg/ Relevant

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Or, Card Games are Serious Buisness

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Or, *Take a look, inside a book~* KABOOM

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Or, Remember, Picard is a Serious Shakespearean Actor

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Or, This Is Only Slightly Crazier than Real Top Gear

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Or, Order is Important

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Or, The Only Time Jizz Has Improved a Campaign. Ever.

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Or, The Awkward Silence That follows Every OH YEAH

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Or, Don't Mess With the Scary Guy in The Armor. No Exceptions.

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Or, Cats are Mean Exhibit A

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Or, Scotsmen Make Good Guardsmen.

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Demon Cats are EXTRA evil.

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Or, No One Would Get the Shitty Harry Chapin Pun If I Didn't Type This

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Or, All Old Chinese Ladies are That One Broad From Kung-Fu Hustle

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Or, Nobody Calls Me, "Chicken."

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Sorry for being a lazy ass and stopping updates.

The campaign is still ongoing though.

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Or, Clowns. Why'd It Have To Be Clowns

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Or, The Real Reason GB3 Will Never Happen

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Part 1

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Well now I have to post these.


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Part 2

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Or, Even a Commissar Loves His Mama

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Forgot, that was 2/11.

Here is 3/11.

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I havent frequented on /tg/ for ages, is it still swamped with quest threads?

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Or, Remember /d/ and /tg/ Are Best Buds

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Check the catalog for yourself, you'll see.

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Or, In The Grim Dark Future of the 41st Millennium, Kids Still Want Bedtime Stories at Inopportune Times

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Or, Surprise! I'm Not Creepy.

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now I want a Slurpee.

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Or, Even the /d/ickgirls are Disgusted

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Or, Wizardwank

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Or [Wellception Intensifies]

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Or, Drow are Basically Just College Kids

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11/11, mini dump complete. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.

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Or, I May Fall, But Not Right Here, It Won't Be By Your Hand

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Fucking glorious.

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Or, Shit This Image Name Sucks
Having anybody else posting in the thread was nice.

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Or Better Living Through Explosions

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This story is funny and all, but it bothers me that it just does not make sense in any way at all.

I get rule of cool, but this is ridiculous.

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You and me, Anon.

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Or Low pH Madness
Thank you, kind sir/madam.

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Saga of the Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived

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Or, Second Best Death

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Or, Wow, How Drunk Was I when I named this One?

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Never Judge A Sourcebook By It's Cover

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Or, The Never Ending Quest To Fuck Everything Possible

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>Noodle store guy yells at us for wrecking his shop.

I lost my shit so hard, god damn it anon

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Or, More /co/ Related /tg/ content

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"That Guy And The Bear"

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Or, Mind Control For Better Living
It's one of my favorites too.

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Or, The Party Monk Feels Insecure

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Or, Results Not Guaranteed, But We'd Love to See You Try.

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Which One Is Which?

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...I'm the Best There's Ever Been.

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Or, /d/ Loses Their Boner

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Or, I Need an Adult

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On the off-chance anyone's skimming, anybody have this story?

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Or, Zanzer Tem is the True BBEG

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Or, If We Hit Image Limit Before I Empty This Folder, I May Cry

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Or, Too Subtle for You

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[Battle for Everyone's Slams Intensifies]

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Or, D'aww, Look At The 1000 Year Old Abomination of Magic

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Or, Can't Believe I Have Two Thread Caps Starting with Loli

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Or, How to Succeed When You Really Shouldn't

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Or, Is Anybody Actually Reading These?

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Or, One Man's Power Armor is Another Man's Porn

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Or, Thank God He Didn't Put It in a Volcano

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I know exactly what you are talking about, but I don't have the cap.



It's been posted a lot actually.

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Or, Why Can't I Type These Captchas

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Or, Master of Disguise

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Thank You, based Anon. Literally the only cap I lost when my hard drive crashed, but by far one of my favorites

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Or, Next Time, Read The Character Sheets

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Or, Angel Sex Sounds Heartwarming in This Context.

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Or, Welcome To Paladin Story Block

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Or, Coulda Sworn I Had More Paladin Stories Than This

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Or, Ah Well, Have a Irishman Punching a Elder God In The Face

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Anyone got a screencap of that storytime where some anon played in an "anything goes, maximum bullshit" forum RP? I don't remember much of it, but I'm fairly certain the climax involved being chased by Deadpool and fighting on top of the TARDIS at full speed or something like that.

Shit was weird.

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Or, /tg/ is Fantasy The Question

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Or, Just Realized I Haven't Saved Anything from This Thread Yet.

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Sorry, Was In That Thread But Didn't Cap It

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OR Schrodinger's Lich

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Don't Judge A Sourcebook By Its Cover Part 2

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Or, Being a Level 1 Commoner Sucks

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What is it with us knowing exactly what the story is, where to find it, but not having the caps?


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A Common Quirk, I Suppose?

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Or, I've Run Out Of Pithy Remarks

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And They Weren't Funny When I Had Them.

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Still Gonna Type Like This Though.

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So, Is This Kid Basically Fantasy Calvin?

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I Kinda Feel Bad For Having Saved This One

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Not Sure If This Counts as /tg/ Related, But I Definitely Saved It From Here

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One of my fucking favourites

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Which Will Give Out First, The Thread Or My Ability to Not Fuck Up Captchas

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My Money's On The Second One

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Brace Yourself For /tg/ Block

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I'm a bit disappointed there's no DS9 take on it.

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>not naming it Book of Armaments, chapter 5.png

cmon guuuuuuy

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Don´t know what´s worse... I know that artist or because of that I know that´s supposed to be a guy.

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This story left me smiling with jaw slack

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May or May Not Have Fallen Asleep On Keyboard

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I Think I'd Say Both Just For The Novelty Factor

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Anyone Here Ever Actually Jousted? It Hurts Like A Motherfucker

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D&D Has Some Odd Rule Sets.

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Disregard Compassion. Acquire Loot

>> No.33949278

This Is Why Robo Genders Are Easier

>> No.33949307

For Those Of You Who Still Don't Know, Kirk is the Priceline Guy

>> No.33949331

..Your Tired, Your Poor And Irish

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I Have Regrets Too, Like Promising to Finish This Dump Or Run Out The Thread Trying

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Mind Control For Better Living Part 2

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I Think I Had a Teddy Roosevelt One Of These, But I Can't Find It

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End Of /tg/ Block

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Brick - It's Fun!

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What Is A Monster To A Man?

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*Manly Crying Intensifies*

>> No.33949593

Knew I Had Another One Somewhere

>> No.33949617

What Would You Name A Stuffed Tarrasque, /tg/?

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>> No.33949666

Cats Are Evil Part 3

>> No.33949689

No John, You Are The Adventurers. And Then John Was A Bard.

>> No.33949717

Brace Yourself for Shitty Pun

>> No.33949739

And Another. Will Paladins Never Cease.

>> No.33949763

Nat 20 Bluff Check

>> No.33949766

I remember that thread. it was such a glorious one to be sure

>> No.33949784

Almost There

>> No.33949820

And I'm Tapped Out. Gonna Go Save Everyone Else's Shit Now

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I know that one OP, they were all demi gods and it was one of war, intelligence, nature and the guy telling the story was lust, good story.

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Im looking for a specific thread, mightve been posted, haven't looked through everything yet. Its about a barbarian (or a fighter? But I think a barbarian) who never roleplays and never does much of anything until the party encounters an illusionist who traps the party all in their own perfect realitys so his greater plans can come to fruition without any meddling heroes, the gm basically requiring them to realize why their perfect reality can't be(like, I think the wizard realized for all his knowledge, he had no stories attached to how he acquired the knowledge, he had a mage tower yet nothing in his memory to lead to it, no study, no adventures... something like that). The barbarian roleplays for the first time and he does it hard. He breaks the illusion and stomps ahead to the BBEG, telling him that he broke free because HIS perfect world was his home villiage, his neighbors and his wife with her perfect red hair... but those things were all lost, burned to the ground, and that no one would ever, could ever, have that special kind of red hair again.

I missed a lot of details the first time I saw it and I haven't seen it since

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54 Screencaps...
There is something wrong with you.
>in the best way possible.

>> No.33950797

Oh shit this one actually got me... them feels

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Love this story. Bear, if you're out there listening somewhere: I applaud your restraint in handling this situation. You held your peace in the face of abject ass-hattery far better than I could, and even managed to measure your response when you did decide that enough was enough.

I offer you a virtual brofist. Keep on being cool, man.

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Yeah honestly no story will ever top bear.

Hahaha top bear.

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wait, did the other black kids betry BBB in the end? why?

>> No.33959229

so... new thread anyone?

>> No.33959301

This story is /lit/ bait.
I like it because I played a few open rp sessions in forums and mmos, but my god does it attract retards.

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Having so much fun with this thread, lawd.

Anyone got the most recent Tic Tac Toe Thread from about a week ago saved? Would be very thankful if someone posted it.

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It seems like there's a hole in that story that properly explains it; maybe the screencapper missed a post? My guess would be the Plague Wind+Contamination play pushed them to it.

Plague Wind destroys everyone else's creatures, not just opponents. Contamination locks down every color but black, severely limiting even his allies' multicolored decks. They didn't like being collateral damage, and turned the powers he'd given them, the only ones that still worked under Contamination, against their benefactor.

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