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Replace the historical Black Death with a zombie apocalypse (natural phenomenon undead, no arcane/divine shenanigans).

Who's fucked?

Who's living the good life?

Who's moment of glory has arrived?

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>Who's fucked?
>Who's living the good life?
Not Europe
>Who's moment of glory has arrived?
Crows and vultures

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>zombie apocalypse replaces Black Death
>Implying the Black Death didn't start in asia

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well we all survived the black death didn't we?

Also, zombies spread much slower that an airborne infection, so i gues it wouldn't even get to europe, but just say in asia and kill all those broody mongorians

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>Who's fucked?

>Who's living the good life?
The zombies, for their definition of 'good'.

>Who's moment of glory has arrived?

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Poland survived pretty much unmolested by the Black Death. Don't think that'd change.

Otherwise, yeah, Europe and wherever the Black Death came from is pretty fucked.

>Moment of Glory
Native American cultures.

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>airborne infection,
Black Death wasn't airborne. It was in fleas and rats which then spread to people.

I would say a Zombie plague would spread faster with a higher level of lethality than the Black Death, especially in medieval Europe.

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>Who's fucked?
Just about everyone from western China to the Atlantic coast.
>Who's living the good life?
India, Subsaharan Africa, maybe some steppe peoples in Central Asia and Siberia.
>Who's moment of glory has arrived?

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It did, but they got it under control rather fast (given that unlike Europe of the same era, they had some basic idea how sanitation works).

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well zombie Romero style only spread the infection by biting. animals are immune and simply die when infected, so fleas and rats can't really help in there

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What if they were Brad Pitt zombies?

Or if zombie infection could spread via bubonic plague vectors?

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Europe would be depopulated.

Aztecs, Apache, and Sioux would take over the world.

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While Brad Pitt is decent actor he's not significantly stronger or faster than avarage man, so it should make no difference. But the shambling sameface crowd would be uncanny as fuck, I give you that.

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keep in mind that in medieval europe there were much less people around and much colder winters. So i guess most of zombies would freeze to immobility anyway

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>Who's fucked?
No on, the blood coagulates preventing the muscles from moving so the zombies can't even move

>Who's living the good life?

>Who's moment of glory has arrived?
I suppose whoever wins what war that starts up in Europe at the time.

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Nightmare Mode: Medieval Crossed Zombies.

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>Medieval times.

>Who's living the good life?
You mean no one?

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Either a really, really good joke, or someone hasn't seen World War Z. Either way, props.

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Stop reading guro.

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THE LORD has seen your sinful ways. Repent!
This plague of the dead is a divine punishment. Pray!
Pray for forgiveness and hope.

Those free from mortal sin shall be discovered and protected in the keeps and castles, blessed by holy protection.
Those rejected will remain in the purgatory of the open fields and unwalled towns. Their only hope of salvation is dutiful service in providing food and goods for the blessed.

Burn the dead! This command knows no exception.

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>the blood coagulates
Rigor mortis lasts to about 24 hours after death without cooling.

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Ironically, it might be the exact opposite.

Pope Clement VI was the head of the Catholic Church during the Black Death, and he granted remission of sins to all who died from the plague.

Rather than seeing the undead as a scourge, he might be moved to pity the people who lose family members to zombies, and do the same thing here.

At the very least, the doctrinal debates would have been fantastic to consider.

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>mongols catapulted plague-ridden heads at besieged cities

>replace plague with zombies

As if the mongolaboos need more craziness to fuel them.

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Didn't the black plague spread through fleas on rats on boats?

Zombies don't hide easily on a ship. Vampires, on the other hand...

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>shit choice in comics detected

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I can tell you that the periods immediately following the zombie apocalypse would be considerably different.

The Black Death was a turning point in history because it killed nobles and commoners indiscriminately. The result was that there was a lot of vacancies in higher positions that common folk for the first time could aspire to. It was an event that bridged two very different ways of thinking.

In a zombie apocalypse, I imagine, the nobility would be much better suited for survival with their fortifications and stores of food and weapons. So that paradigm shift might have been delayed or completely stopped.

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Not really. The nobles could maybe hide inside their castles, but they'd be in a perpetual state of siege. They'd just run out of food eventually.

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There's something to that politically, but it wouldn't be total across the middle ages spectrum.

One of the consequences of the Black Death was that worker wages in Europe increased dramatically after the die off; necessities might not have been in demand b/c fewer people living, but luxuries were in demand because the coinage per person had increased, causing inflation.

So on the economic side, history in Europe would have stayed the same - if not more so, because you have more nobles and fewer common people actually contributing to GDP.

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recent evidence actually suggests that it probably did become airborne at one point

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corpsefuckers go back to /d/

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