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Why have you never had a female BBEG?

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Rosalina is too cute.

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My last BBEG was pic related.

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Implying I don't.

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I hear they've got two in there, you know.

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We have.

She was a lesser deity of vengence who was imprisoned by a group who were "martial only" fanatics. The conditions she was kept in drove her not quite mad, but almost permanently angry and she swore that she would not rest until everyone from that place and their descendants were dead.
Most of our party are descended from there in some form or another....plus she tore open a portal to the plane of fire in the middle of the city, where the family of one of our party members lived.

That she stated that the next city to fall was where my character's family lived, gave everyone else enough of a pattern to decide this bitch needed stopping.

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Can we get story on this one?

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old school headmistress
boy was he Evil and Big (as in "fat")

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Because every campaign I've tried to run has collapsed by 3 sessions in, giving scarcely the time to resolve the current adventure and build the world up a little, to say nothing of starting to hint at and involve big bad world-ending dudes

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Yes. A commander of a space station and occupation force of the planet below.

Players shot her arms off, send her on a life pod to drift in space and captured her space station. When she came back for revenge, they shot her face off and left her corpse to rot in some space slums.

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But I have.

Although, being a goddamn beta male, I didn't make her really evil. Just the leader of the corrupt, decadent, amoral and hedonistic Wizards & Sorcerers guild.

Behold Archmage Nahaya of Nagn in her magically transformed physically impossible inappropriately clothed splendor.

A rich, drug-addicted bitch who just doesn't care anymore that the city she holds more power over than anyone is primed for destruction, torn apart by racism and class inequality. A summoner of demons who don't keep them under control. A 4000-year old beauty who has lost all interest in her craft and her power. But again, she wasn't truly the BBEG, because she could be redeemed and start to care again. It would just be very hard, much easier to take her out.

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>But again, she wasn't truly the BBEG, because she could be redeemed and start to care again.
Why does that matter?

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For the same reason that
Got a reaction of

If I include any female anything in my game, and it's not a one-note cliche character, the players will sexualize it to an uncomfortable degree, then call me a bitch for not wanting to deal with it. I've proven this in the past, they're as bad as most of /tg/ is. I can't trust those assholes around women, so I keep everything male.

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Well, for a one-shot I had a vampire necromancer plotting to use a ritualistic mass sacrifice to plunge the region into a year-long deathless twilight, and she was a lady. My current BBEG is a dude but I'll probably end up having several of his evil lieutenants be female.

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How bad does it get, and what kind of characters did you throw their way?

There must be some way to get them to stop.

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Because someone in the group will inevitably become infatuated with her and try to turn her to the side of good with deep dickings and/or white knighting her at every opportunity.

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It's not a true BBEG if they can be redeemed I guess?

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I started out with removing the barmaids from the campaign.
Then the obligatory female general on the BBEG's side.
Then the soldiers in the army (Theirs AND the country's enemy's)
Then I was convinced to write out the snakewomen who protected the oracle on a remote island.
Then I just stopped adding female monsterpeople after the incident with the zombie.
Then after the whole thing with the dragon - which had no discernable gender to mammal eyes, but was a female dragon - I just gave up.

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To busy playing female BBEG as party leader.

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>Then I just stopped adding female monsterpeople after the incident with the zombie.

Welp. If they're going to pork rotting, brain-eating corpses, then there's nothing much I can do.

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Being fair, she'd been dead for less than a day. She'd only just started to fall apart, and they were convinced that a casting of Gentle Repose would fix most of their problems.

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Perhaps having female characters who are not willing to put up with their shit?

The female lieutenants of the BBEG seem like good candidates.
Just don't take the 'I don't need no man' route, because that's annoying.

>Lieutenant: "Halt, interlopers, you shall go no further!"
>Players: "*whatever sexual comment they make*"
>Lieutenant: ".....you know what? Fuck it. Normally we wouldn't break out the *insert mega monster here* for the likes of you, but you have just pissed me off and deserve everything coming your way."
*huge monster drops in*
>Players: "*screams of pain*"

Remember, if you piss off the villain, they are far more likely to just wipe you off the face of the earth and have done with it, rather than consider you beneath their attention and leave it to minions.

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>Perhaps having female characters who are not willing to put up with their shit?
This is my fault as a DM, and I'll admit to it. I absolutely hate making the players powerless - they should always have SOME chance to prevail. And if they fail, they're going to talk about how hard the fight was and how awesome they went out, because I encourage going out in a blaze of glory. And if they succeed, they just press on.

I'm not a fan of the Blue Bolt From The Sky, and so I run into this.

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I am, though, in my current campaign.

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Make a trap character.

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I take it politely asking them to stop has not produced favourable results.

Have you tried Liches?

They are powerful, probably with a lot of minions. They should be able to fend off your players/punish them for their transgressions, without making Rocks Fall. A woman turned lich is still a woman, and I'm pretty sure, if she's old enough, her body will be barely more than a skeleton with half mummified scraps of flesh barely clinging on.

Alternatively, just leave and find a better group.

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Best solution. Make sure to include a huge schlong too, more than enough to tear any orifices your PCs might have.

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>I take it politely asking them to stop has not produced favourable results.
They tell me to lighten up and that it's meant in good fun, and if I continue from there I become the bad guy and am responsible for making the game less fun and receive a guilt trip.
> Liches
Eeeeh, hard to work in without making the campaign about them.
Tempting. I'm not sure it would discourage them, but it would probably help.

The one thing that's the cherry on top of all of this? It's an all-girl gaming group, RPing as guys.

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Rosalina is huge because she grew up in a low-to-zero gravity environment.

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>Rosalina is over 7 feet tall

Statuesque women are my fetish. Dunno why that is, but it just is.

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I did not expect that.

At all.

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If you are susceptible to guilt trips, you have already lost at life.

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>that spoiler
Why am i tempted to scream "SHYAMALLAAAAAAAAAN!"?

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If you're closed off enough that your friends can't guild you when you're ruining their fun, you've lost far more than I.

You can see why it's even more of a problem! As the only guy of the group, it skeeves me right the hell out in ways I can't really put words to.

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Is it because they're modeling your gender with an uncomfortably high degree of accuracy?

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It's like you've never been a good ol' Orlanthi Wind Lord fighting with courage and lightning against the wiles of the Lunar Empire and the Red Goddess.

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>It's an all-girl gaming group, RPing as guys.

Sure it is, buddy. Listen, man, just tell the social misfists you play with to stop doing that, because it's making you unconfortable. A GM has every right to stay away from themes he's not confortable with, whether they are torture, mutiliation, rape or sex all around.

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>the players will sexualize it to an uncomfortable degree
I'm unashamed, and I don't like dealing with people putting their fetishes inside a game where it's not the focus. And I say that as an ERP player.

But since I am a lot more perverted than my players, and I'm a woman to boot, the one time they started going all broseph on me and the villainous female character I used, I went deeper and deeper in filthiness, until we hit the breeding cave and "Rape Factory", at which point they backed off with shifty gazes. Now, they still sometimes try to romance villainous females, but they understand.

They understand.

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She's huge because mushroom kingdom women just are(look at Peach's official height on that chart), and a steady diet of star bits. Cosmic power makes you giant, look at Galactus and pals.

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No problem with that

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The only solution is to go all Victorian Romance on them.
Drown them in thrown bonnets, wistful sighing, vapors, frilly dresses and dramatic retellings of "ooh, mister Darcy".
Yes, even monstergirls and zombies.

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I have, see the very post you linked.
No, it's because I and many around me strive to be better than that, and I'm afraid they think they're modeling my gender with a degree of accuracy. Also, because it's an emotional response, and I don't really feel the need to justify those.

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You. You I like. Trying this next time, just to see where it goes.

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Magical growth mushrooms, man.
Mario is just a plumber, so he visits kingdom irregularly.
Mushroom kingdom people? They LIVE on that shit.

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Why are all these people pretending to believe women roleplaying is something that actually happens? Roleplay games are not geek-chic and they'll never be: we are not the Doctor Who fandom.

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Yeah but Rosalina fucked off to space when she was still a kid. It's mentioned in Galaxy that star bits were/are her primary food source.

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>politely asking them to stop

You have to tell them it's not something you enjoy seeing in your games and that you can't keep playing with them if they keep doing it. Not "politely asking". Stop being a bitch.

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I dunno, perhaps women might roleplay for fun? Y'know, as a hobby, or something. I've been led to believe that there are some men who do that kind of thing, so it doesn't seem farfetched to me that some women might also do so.

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I'm running my current campaign with a female BBEG now.

And she's a rogue.

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One of my early campaigns had a very "naughty" daughter of Set. She had her power taken away as a lesson from daddy and sealed inside a Mortal girl. The whole campaign was the ex-goddess literally tearing apart the region looking for her.

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One of the potential romantic interests is a skeleton in fleshy disguise.
She wears it because the beauty of her pealy-white bones is a curse.

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>rocket propelled gun
for what purpose

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>women might roleplay for fun

Women don't do unfashionable things for fun: they only do them to get recognition within a certain social circle. While comic books and video games can offer that to ugly or otherwise unpopular women, RPGs are not even remotely fashionable, not even in the "nerd womyn community".

The only women in RPGs are the social outcasts among the social outcasts, and you should avoid those.

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Because we can.

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Mate, why did you even respond to this guy?

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I don't know. It's like 4:30 in the morning here. I might be slightly retarded, for that reason and/or others.

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Because when one of the players started romancing her, things went to rather uncomfortable places. Like, it was well played-out, but when she turned on him in the end, it was taken as a personal betrayal.

I...wasn't very comfortable with that. It was an IRC game, but we're still - I assume - two fat, sweaty neckbeards, so I felt that a relationship would be really, really awkward. It was a pretty awesome fight, but the final battle, where each character fought their personal nemesis, was very emotionally charged and uncomfortable.

So yeah. We've all been there.

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cant do a good womanvoice

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bait me some more, I'm... almost...there

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I have currently 2 potential BBEG that are female.

Kazuki Mukou (Translate Harmony & Hope, the opposite of) which was a friendly mentor figure for the party until they realized she's planning the destruction of the city to take control of another BBEG class monster with the hopes of controlling it (With good reason I assure).

Then there's Princess Rouje in a world where there are special powerful people (Namely the players) with abilities far beyond anything a human can do. Basically think demi-gods to this world. She's gathering a mortal army in the name of mortals can protect themselves without the needs of the demi-gods. The guild grows every day with massive peaks whenever the players use their demi-god powers and treat mortals bad for trying to fight. Granted it's usually warranted since the mortals are eagerly marching to their deaths in futile attempts to prove they can take care of themselves. Yet each time they do so they fuel the hate for the demi-gods more.

Using the arrogance of the players in their powers, she's molding her guild to hate the demi-gods more and more, and plans to eventually have their guild outright attack and start killing demi-gods en-mass once she's consolidated her power. Secret to everyone is she's actually a demi-god herself and is fueling the hatred so that no one would ever believe she was a demi-god and so that there'd eventually once she leads the charge and deaths of all the other demi-gods there'd be nothing that could stand opposed to her.

Except maybe a few of the forgotten gods... They kinda did free a ancient evil god on purpose because they were afraid it'd kill them.

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This, sadly.
I have one statted & written, ready to go, though - a fallen cleric of Sune who's turned seriously ugly, and has a complex over it. And by 'seriously ugly,' I mean disfigured and mutilated. She's also invested heavily in controlling and buffing undead, so the players will be fighting unexplained outbreaks of undead in the darker parts of the city before the meet her - unless one's a cleric of Sune or somesuch and finds out that their acolytes have been mysteriously disappearing (kidnapped for Sith-style indoctrination)

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There was ONE time when I used a cute pair of female twins as main antagonists of an adventure. I wanted to make them recurring characters and worked quite a bit on them.

However, I miscalculated the minmaxers that were my group and one of them got killed. Oh well, a shame. Guess I will have to give the other one some development and plan better next time...

Except the first thing my group did after they were victorious and the remaining sister ran away in tears with her surviving cohorts was rape the dead girl's corpse. Graphically describing the process.

Since then the only girls I put in my campaigns are princesses or high-powered officials surrounded by at least 5 high level fighters with ridiculous saves and a few battalions of backup

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Played tabletop RPG's with 3 girls that I met on completely separate circumstances, 2 of which I still game with. Know another quite a few who's hardcore into casual (no system) ropleplay and another 4 I met through a larp that larp and have played tabletops in the passed (And maybe present, didn't ask).

The majority were/are quite attractive, and the majority are pretty heavy into the geek community.

Then there's the Misscliks community that's run by pro-gamers who love D&D and roleplay.

Not exactly easily found but not so rare unless you a social shut in that only approaches other guys who's too afraid to talk to / invite girls into such hobbies.

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If that made you unconfortable, why didn't you just say so?

>> No.33791919

what the fuck is wrong with some people.

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>xcept the first thing my group did after they were victorious and the remaining sister ran away in tears with her surviving cohorts was rape the dead girl's corpse

And you still play with these people?

>> No.33791932

>the players will sexualize it to an uncomfortable degree
I never do this.
I kill everything quick and quietly without discrimination.

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It was one of my first games with some close friends. I taught them about the hobby and basically sold it to them with "you can do anything you can think about" statements. At that time I was too inexperienced.

They did get what was coming to them though. We were playing Ravenloft, so all participants duly got a few Ravenloft levels, together with mental disorders and impotency..

One of them later died of system shock when being attacked, because his split personality at the time was "a coward, terrified of violence" and he failed a few saves.
The other killed a friendly npc for his magical mask. The mask was cursed, welded itself to his flesh, made all his hair fall out and made him especially sensitive to temperature. They were exploring a deep, frozen cavern

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But my next BBEG is.
2 decades of forced servitude and humiliation will turn ANY spirit twisted.

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>raping corpses

See I just can't believe that happens at the table. It's just too fucked up.

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>pretty heavy into the geek community.

Not a surprise: you've just met some of those women who have created a niche for themselves in a community with little competition and full of naive white knights like yourself. Their "interest" for roleplay games is nothing more than a way to round out their "nerd cred": anime, comic book films, video games and a smidge of RPGs, just to prove they totally are, like, such a nerd, OMG, LOL!

>Then there's the Misscliks community that's run by pro-gamers who love D&D and roleplay.

Just like these ones: attention whores who pretend to love unfashionable things to cultivate a particular persona.

>Not exactly easily found but not so rare unless you a social shut in that only approaches other guys who's too afraid to talk to / invite girls into such hobbies.

But why would I ever want to invite a woman into our hobbies? If I want a woman around is to fuck, or as a girlfriend, but I would never want one at my gaming table.

Face it, mate: women are not like us and they will never be.

>> No.33792018


You used Ravenloft to introduce someone to the hobby?

>> No.33792047

Holy fuck it's like I'm on fucking /v/. Can you fags keep your "hurr evil feminazis xD" shit somewhere else please?

I don't. The guys who did it weren't that into the hobby and after we finished a campaign or two they caring about nerd shit. As for the others - we live in different countries now. Sometimes we play some storytelling games on skype.

We were kids and they were excited that they can be dark, brooding, immoral and edgy in a tabletop game. But still, it was very discomforting

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I thought it was fun

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I am mildly curious.

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In my Dark Heresy campaign there is the Red Queen, a champion of khorne whose fanatics are infesting several worlds.

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Lolth is plenty female.

>> No.33792120

because whenever i do, people always assume I am an antisocial fuck who can't deal with women and has to live out his latent mysogeny by demonizing them.

Is it really so hard to believe that I just want some gender equality in my villains?

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Next thing you're gonna tell me is that spiders are disgusting and inherently evil, right?

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Every time I see this kind of bait I can't help but contemplate that somewhere in this world, there actually are people that think like this. Between that and That Guy threads, I've been convinced to never try and find a group irl.

It's better this way, I'm sure of it.

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>However, I miscalculated the minmaxers that were my group and one of them got killed. Oh well, a shame. Guess I will have to give the other one some development and plan better next time...
C'mon, Anon, look into your heart, you already know what to do!

>> No.33792144

Do you live in London or Kiev?

>> No.33792167

>Face it, mate: women are not like us and they will never be.
That's part of the appeal.

>> No.33792196

I almost always do

It's my magical realm

My current BBEG is a statuesque early 40s business woman who likes to wear tight sweaters and pencil skirts and who is so cybered up she can pick up a person with one hand

>> No.33792197

I would like a BBEG that's middle aged, slightly upper class, a loving wife, kind of quirky, and is a good mother to her kids.

Oh, and she also wants to summon some kind of eldritch abomination and take over the world.

>> No.33792199

I'm actually playing a female BBEG as a PC.

Swamp Witches are so much fun. I based her off Ravel from Planescape: Torment and she's working with the party because hey, they advance her goals.

>> No.33792218

How do people actually manage to roleplay female character? I tried it once and it was so awkward I almost drowned myself in a sink during the lunch break

>> No.33792229


So you want to play RPGs with someone that simply lack the ability to enjoy RPGs?


Why? Knowing that someone knows the truth about women somehow stops you from playing with other men?

>> No.33792233

It gets easier if you have sister or female friends, just observe and emulate.

>> No.33792237

Heard it here first folks: The ability to enjoy elfgames is dependent on having a Y chromosome.

>> No.33792242

How do people manage to roleplay elves? They live for ages longer than humans and have a completely different outlook on life?

>> No.33792245

>So you want to play RPGs with someone that simply lack the ability to enjoy RPGs?

Are you really implying girls can't enjoy a game of pretend?

>> No.33792252


>Heard it here first folks: The ability to ejaculate is dependent on having a Y chromosome.

Sadly, it does: men and women are different.

>> No.33792263

Like, I knew you were a goddamn moron, but really, you should try to hide it a little bit.

>> No.33792269

Aw, cheer up, dude! It's not so bad as all that. Yeah, there are a lot of That Guys out there, but I personally promise you that it's possible to find a kickass group to play with.

I wouldn't usually oblige a self-pitying post like this with a response (smacks of manufactured drama), but I've been there myself and I imagine it might have helped me to be told that. I can't decide for you, but, for me, it's worth it to try. I find play in person MUCH more satisfying than online. Have you considered playing with people you already know? Maybe people with whom you share interests but had perhaps not considered roleplaying games?

>> No.33792271

I have a plenty and I have no problem emulating them. It's just after I do I feel like slitting my wrists out of pure embarrassment

>> No.33792272


I'm not implying it, I'm clearly saying it: women don't really enjoy RPGs. They can pretend they do, of course, but sitting around and table and pretend to be someone else in another world is not something a woman could ever enjoy.

>> No.33792277

aaand the IRL misogynist finally appears.

Unless youäre very unlucky the only reason the party goes along with the one asshole who is genuinly into it is to prove that they can.

>> No.33792279

Just remember that a female is not a castrated gay man with boobs and neither is she a compilation of feminine stereotypes.
Read a few short books with female protagonists (that are not action stories/pure romance novels) and you should get a vague idea.

>> No.33792280

I understand what you are feeling, mang. I too have made a stupid remark for the express purpose of being shocking and edgy, only to get called on it and become defensive and actually try to argue the factually incorrect point. It's not worth it bro, you're not even being all that entertaining at it.

>> No.33792282


How many women rewarded you with sex for your brave white knighting?

>> No.33792285

okay, why do you assume men can enjoy it?

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File: 77 KB, 437x400, obvious-troll-is-obvious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw man, why you gotta do that? Now you've overplayed your hand way too early.

>> No.33792291

You have to be able to back this with scientific data.

>> No.33792294

>how do people manage to roleplay elves?
>manage to roleplay

>implying they do

>> No.33792295


>He disagrees with my feminist word view!
>He must be trolling!

>> No.33792305

If men and women are so different then how do you know so much about women? Their mind should be completely alien to you.

>> No.33792308

You're actually resorting to greentext posts now? Really? How am I supposed to take you seriously after that?

>> No.33792317

It's not disagreeing with a particularly feminist worldview, but rather disagreeing with a "not being a complete moron" worldview.

This is what happens when boys don't get over their "girls all have cooties" phase. They start viewing women as akin to a different species rather than just people with a different set of squishies.

>> No.33792320

Not even that guy, but
>thinking that girls aren't subhuman scum who can't enjoy fun things

Also thanks for derailing an interesting thread you fucking imbecile

>> No.33792326

>How do people manage to roleplay elves?
Turn both "Ego" and "Promiscuity" all the way up to 11.

>> No.33792330


I also know that cockroaches don't like playing RPGs, even if their minds are completely alien to me. The difference, of course, is that cockroaches are more complex than women

>> No.33792337


>Being this brainwashed by tumblr.

>> No.33792343

They don't. Only faggots roleplay elves

>> No.33792347

Well that's why they're doing it. They're trying to roleplay men without any idea how men think, so they just hit on everything. It's not that bad of a thing, but I would bet that is at least the origin of the problem. It might just be a running joke now.

>> No.33792348


Do you really believe there are women out there who enjoy pretending to be a dwarven warrior? Are you really that stupid? Or are you just rehearsing your white knight skills?

>> No.33792352

Okay, now you are just trying too hard.

>> No.33792372

Actually, I think he stopped trying a long time ago: he's stringing you along with some really half assed bait, man.

>> No.33792382

Evidently he's trying just hard enough. He's not even pretending to not be trolling at this point, just ignore the shitter.

>> No.33792383

Someone have the dwarven wife story?

>> No.33792387

He'd been called out a few times now. At this point he's scraping the bottom of the barrel and we're just feeling embarrassment by proxy for him.

>> No.33792398

I had a female Awakened BBEG in Kult.

Of course there's no true BBEG's in Kult (not in a way D&D defines the word) and she would've killed the PC's grandparents before their births were she not their main ally as well...

>> No.33792405

The problem with /tg/, nowadays, is that we have stopped spinning troll into gold and started arguing with them. Once upon a time, we would have took this guy's bait and used it to build an insanely misogynistic bad guy, but now we only know how to fall for it.

>> No.33792406

Guess what, my character is:
>a male elf ranger
>named Fingolfin
>based off of Legolas
>In a D&D 3.5 game
>Set in a crossover between LoTR and the Inheritance series
>with a group consisting of a furry, a special snowflake, and a min-maxer
>I hate GURPS
>I hate lolicon and anything japanese
>and we sometimes ignore the 3.5 rules because we are having fun.
>it's a foreign concept I know

>> No.33792417

If you call out a troll and then keep arguing with him, the troll still wins. A reaction image that calls him an obvious troll is pointless, if everyone else keeps feeding him.

>> No.33792421

This but it is not too late, quick someone stat that guy!

>> No.33792424

Well, we did kinda drive out all the creative people by demanding an eternal downpour of porn, even to the point where we would harass them offsite about it, only to be closely followed up by the dark ages of over-moderation.

>> No.33792431
File: 876 KB, 416x410, 1397692339922.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33792432

That only applies if the troll feeds off of attention alone. The constant "are you an idiots" he's getting were clearly getting on her nerves as his game dropped right out and he started resorting to greentext posts.

>> No.33792442


Holy shit, this is horrible! I spent the last twenty minutes saying that women are lower than
cockroaches and this kind of bait is too much even for me!

>> No.33792459

I kinda want to screen cap this but I'm too tired and lazy to bother.

>> No.33792462
File: 2.36 MB, 3333x5000, Season-5-merlin-on-bbc-32373670-3333-5000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Is it just me simply being ignorant or are women wearing crowns like that rare? I mean, in terms of someone drawing it.

>> No.33792463

But do you really believe such an obvious troll ever expected any other reaction? If someone is being retarded for the sake of being retarded, calling them an idiot is not going to hurt them: that's clearly what they want.

>> No.33792472

Finding a decent, imaginative drawing which isn't porn is pretty hard in itself

>> No.33792474

You know what's even worse?
I barely had to think to make it.
Most of those are true.

>> No.33792477
File: 44 KB, 387x375, 1380333991172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, and?

>> No.33792478

Go back to his earlier posts, she wanted to be engaged and actually talk about the crux of their argument.

>> No.33792485

I was going to point out the worse parts of your post, but it's all shit. Literally every point you made is shit. Go away.

>> No.33792493
File: 101 KB, 500x333, 7287_0c33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it seems like generally artists seem to go with more delicate tiara-like affairs for women. Probably because the big honking crown is more associated with the masculine role of a king.

>> No.33792503


>named Fingolfin
>based off of Legolas

Worse than Hitler.

>> No.33792516

He used the world geek-chic. Why would any of you respond after that? Why would anyone fall for that? He may as well have talked about Tumblr.

>> No.33792523

I tried doing a crown once. It was super fucking annoying so I got rid of it and just did a tiara.

That's it, that's the reason why! Crowns are a pain in the ass, so all the people I draw get tiny little shits instead!

>> No.33792533

Are you implying any of us actually fell for it? It was obvious bait, but some people have fun fucking around with trolls.

>> No.33792535

What can I say, I like a good bait. I'm only a man, anon.

>> No.33792550

Christ, I really hope so, but then I read >>33791625
and they are clearly really hurt. Like, actually hurt. Come on, guys.

>> No.33792559

Shoulda' given them mummy rot with a frequency of 1 min and onset of 1 hour and DC+15 on any casting rolls to remove curse/disease. That'd show them not to fuck zombies.

>> No.33792561

That troll was kind of hard to work with, though. Like, it's not even that interesting or funny an idea. The only thing I could think of was to propose a game where the world actually works by the rules the troll proposed. The men (or a fantasy race that is an analogue for them) are a combination of Rugged Individualist Übermenschen and perpetual victim being preyed upon by the parasitic and subhuman (but very dangerous) women (or, again, fantasy analogue; vampires, maybe?).

Only a few brave souls understand how dangerous their adversaries are and fight a never-ending battle to save their deluded fellows even as they are condemned by them.

It might actually be more interesting to play a woman, though. You'd be a creature with inherently alien motivations and thought processes who must prey upon these creatures that are your superiors in every way, your only advantage being that they don't know it. Your greatest challenge would be to suppress those that know the truth, but you're really stupid so you're not good at it. You'd work mostly by duping gullible men into fighting your battles for you, giving them the mistaken impression that they will be rewarded.

Ultimately, though, I just didn't think the idea was all that interesting. Probably not good for more than a session or two. I wouldn't have related it if you hadn't brought it up.

>> No.33792569

Good times.

>> No.33792588
File: 371 KB, 1439x1074, 1398190771607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's that image in a slightly higher res. It's Cersei Lannister, in case you didn't know.

>> No.33792592

I think the fantasy expies are unnecessary: a couple of session where you all play a woman as see by the MRA and /r9k/ would be fun. Like playing a jew as imagined by /pol/.

>> No.33792609

I need this, beacause reasons

>> No.33792613

Hm. I've run three campaigns. In one of them the BBEG was an evil book, but the other two had male BBEGs...

And now that I think of it, in both cases it was for the same reason: I wanted the players to ignore them at first. The BBEG of my "City of Thieves" Campaign had assassinated and impersonated a king before the campaign started, and the campaign hook involved gang warfare in the capital city, something that would not appear to involve the king at first glance. The other one was a famed Paladin (Actually a Paladin of Tyranny) who had saved the world two years prior and apparently died during the first session. In both cases I had them appear to be generic archetypes at first glance so that the players would dismiss them as being only important as plot-enablers rather than actual participants in events.

...I may need to have a bit more variety in how I do BBEGs.

>> No.33792615

>I think the fantasy expies are unnecessary
Yeah, I agree. I actually think it weakens the idea, but I thought it might appeal to someone out there so I included it anyway.

>> No.33792619
File: 136 KB, 900x1119, devi_from_the_name_of_the_wind_by_geying-d7f2hz0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That too.

>> No.33792624

Alright /tg/, how do you romance the BBEG ?

>> No.33792630

(Same Guy)
...Though now that I think of it, my current planned campaign has a female BBEG... who I intend to have my players dismiss out of hand initially as being the leader of a minor faction with insufficient resources to be a threat.

...Yep, need some variety here.

>> No.33792632


>> No.33792643

The last one straight out said they knew it was bait. Right there in their post. I should know, I'm them and due to that I can ensure you that my precious feelings were not harmed by bait.

I mindbreak them into being better people.

>> No.33792650

To make it recoilless.

Always emphasize that her skin doesn't look to be in the best condition, but she has excellent bone structure. Maybe she goes a heavy on the make-up and moisturizer.

>> No.33792666
File: 44 KB, 464x442, 1405799792291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33792668

>Every time I see this kind of bait I can't help but contemplate that somewhere in this world, there actually are people that think like this.

You shouldn't think that, man: every time you see that kind of bait you should feel happy that, in this day and age, such an idea it's clearly bait.

>> No.33792686

not the guy but urs not a blue bolt thing here. its basic logical consequence. if the players can do anything without any sense of consequence or punishment the suspence is gone and its as bad as the blue bolt. sure they theoretically be able to kill bbeg but it should be hard, if they piss her off it should be nearly impossible

>> No.33792744

Sneak on her lair, wait on her study/bathroom/etc wearing nothing but a speedo and a rose between the teeths ?

>> No.33792766
File: 189 KB, 837x1200, 30848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a drawing, but Google gave me this one.

If she had a more aloof/arrogant/scornful expression, this'd be good material for a BBEG picture

>> No.33792776

Tie up and experiment on with alchemy to create a second personality. then destroy the other personality.

>> No.33792788


I didn't even realize this is a prop replica from a film. Where it is the crown of the female BBEG.


>> No.33792799
File: 46 KB, 657x409, Unbenannt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33792803

Don't think I've actually had any female BBEG, despite having a pretty even slit on NPC genders. Might be just because I have't GM'd all that many games.

I've run a Deatwatch and Black Crusade game, both of which featured a Chaos Lord as the main BBEG (the BC game also obviously featured fighting the Imperium a lot, but the msot prominent single antagonist was a rival Chaos Lord one of the players had tried to usurp. He didn't take that well and hounded them for most of the game).

I've also ran a RT game where there wasn't really a clear BBEG. Yu'vath were a big driving force, but they weren't really BBEGs. I decided they weren't extinct but waiting in a pocket dimension and something, and if ever released would fuck everybody up. The players ended up encounterign a lot of their relics, and the final battle was against a villain who wanted to release them. The villain was male since he was an existing character mentioned in the background (Karrad Val, leader of the revaers of Inquiety), but I wouldn't really call him a BBEG eighter, since most of the campaign had nothing to do with him. There were numerous minor antagonists (other rogue traders and such), some of which were women, and a female Archon who while technically a supporting NPC rather than antagonist (I ran a rather heavily modified verson of the Soul Reaver adventure, mostly because I'm a big DE fan) was probably far more despicaple than any of the actual villains.

>> No.33792835
File: 93 KB, 603x860, Swamp Hag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Main villain in my recent Changeling game was based off the likes of Baba Yaga and Jenny Greenteeth.

>> No.33792843

>Aztec-style female BBEG with snakes

No joke that sound rad

>> No.33792848
File: 21 KB, 270x310, Kazuki Mutou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kazuki is a male name

>> No.33792866
File: 3.71 MB, 2784x1848, Charlize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The only good thing from the film was Charlize Theron as the Queen.

>> No.33792898

To be fair I have only used one female BBEG for a Fallout style campaign it was only a short campaing about 6 sessions or so but she was basically Ma Ma from Dredd. I should use more female BBEGs

>> No.33792908
File: 6.19 MB, 4314x5120, ravenna dress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33792938

What do you mean? The BBEG doesn't have to be scornful or menacing in every picture, unless you enjoy there being no pretense.

She could be thinking about the heavy taxes she's implementing on the people, or contemplating new ways of getting information out of prisoners.

She's looking thoughtful, she could be considering anything.

>> No.33792943

I had few of them. I've played against few of them.

As matter of fact I am facing one in the heavily houseruled Pathfinder/3.X game I'm playing.

My character is among three PCs who did not fucked up yet. Because he's a Warforged Paladin. Therefor he is not allowed to think with his dick.

>> No.33792944

Sneak in the arcane study/bathroom of her lair wearing nothing but a speedo and a rose between your teeths ?

>> No.33793454
File: 188 KB, 600x337, alchemist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and each day you can feel the love break through all the hate more and more and you know one day he will be yours.

>> No.33793488
File: 339 KB, 854x724, KOBOLDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33793684
File: 72 KB, 640x418, ashley_re4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ashley's a guys name. Never stopped anyone from naming their daughter Ashley.

Sarah's a girls name. Pretty damn popular in china.

>> No.33793706

>hebrew name
>popular in china

The fuck?

>> No.33793716

In Japan a lot of names can be given to children of both sexes.

>> No.33793748

>'Western' name
>They can pronounce it

Is this any kind of surprise?

>> No.33793834
File: 34 KB, 225x402, Lady_Vol_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be like me, and choose a better female BBEG

>> No.33793846
File: 31 KB, 478x360, 1336334332396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looked through bunch of lamia oneshots, but couldn't find this and reverse search doesn't get anything either. Extra annoying that the art looks familiar but can't remember the artist.


>> No.33793879
File: 115 KB, 640x493, 1405913678507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But we do.

Our latest had us dispose of her brothers body after she confirmed she was pregnant with his child. I think our DM has been watching GoT, she's pretty much just a competent Cersei. She also then killed our dog for some reason. Bitch is going down.

>> No.33793918

One of my character banged a lich once... it became an interesting character point, cause he didn't know. She was an illusionist. He just thought he was talking to a nice middle aged lady at a dinner party.

He found out in the morning when he came downstairs and encountered the party wizard. who was confused as to why the party fighter would be coming out from his "mother's" room.


Good times.

>> No.33793942

because I haven't written my own shit yet. I made a female Rodian drug dealer if that counts

>> No.33793952
File: 165 KB, 601x645, 1375815492766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Between that and That Guy threads, I've been convinced to never try and find a group irl.

That is so fucking pathetic

>> No.33794211
File: 185 KB, 742x471, 1398219949360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because in the few games I've ran, I've had non-human BBEGs, or at least the closest thing to a BBEG was non-human.

And monster females are my fetish, so even where applicable I avoid making them female.

No dragonesses for me.

>> No.33794251

Dominate person, monster or animal, as necessary

>> No.33794269


But I have. She was a party member in the last campaign too.

>> No.33794385
File: 34 KB, 780x520, me jaw when not happy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even Thok know you dum-dum.

>> No.33795131
File: 41 KB, 256x160, RickGrimes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Uh yeah I watched her do it
and like it

>> No.33795480


>the man is DMing

Not surprised by this.

Girls, as fine as you all are as players, you're all awful at DMing.

>> No.33795562

There is better fanart of Death around, Anon.

>> No.33795587


She lied, bro, just how she lied about her orgasms.

>> No.33795658
File: 1.99 MB, 403x234, WOW!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, sick burn man!

>> No.33795705

Women tend to be good at GMing horror games, provided they aren't a TwiHard or other form of Vampire fangirl.
They do tend to be terrible at running generic fantasy, high fantasy and sci-fi, though

>> No.33795810

If I actually believed /tg/ was a representative sample, I would have never joined a group. I had to stop browsing 4chan for a while before I could finally join a game and realize that most of what /tg/ talked about had no bearing on reality. Hell, I played a fighter in 3.5 in a party with a wizard and had actual fun, and we used the BoEF just for the appearance stat and no magical realming took place!

>> No.33795853


>> No.33796103

>you bitch
God I miss Namasensei

>> No.33796205

He's still doing content. Put it in your mouth LA had some pretty good moments.

>> No.33796228

Men don't take women seriously / never see them as an important threat, simply.

>> No.33796244

"With love the monster cafe"

>> No.33796261

Which is actually great for BBEG.
"She did WHAT?"
"I told you the bitch is crazy, if only would you listen."

>> No.33796304

Miss trunchbull?

>> No.33796358


>> No.33796464

You are right, but i don't want to endure my players retarded shit.

>You don't roleplay as a woman, you are playing that character as if she were a man with tits
>I can't seriously get into confronting a female BBEG if i have to look at a male GM
>Women can't do shit why is your main antagonist a woman?

>> No.33796523
File: 41 KB, 422x490, 1399854089344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Face it, mate: women are not like us and they will never be.

That's why I am gay.

>> No.33796544

Good reasoning. Not that it requires one though.

>> No.33796563
File: 209 KB, 850x1152, kavah, black moon elemental.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have.

She was, in fact, the most hated foe my players have probably ever had. When she finally did go down the fact that they had to kill her host-an innocent girl-was treated with "Well shit but we *really* gotta kill this bitch".

>> No.33796576

Are you gay by any chance?
I'm seriously asking.

>> No.33796593

>I'm gay because understanding girls is hard

>> No.33796677


Seems a good reason to me.

There's also the fact that they are gross and unbereable, sure, but the difficulty of understanding them would be enough.

>> No.33796680

It's kinda easier for me since I born in a family that around 90% are females.

I'm gay because I prefer dicks and hairy butts.

>> No.33796783


For me it's because abs and muscles in general are the best. Also, dicks.

>> No.33796784
File: 44 KB, 750x563, after10000years.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My current BBEG is actually pretty much Rita Repulsa. She's an ancient eldritch demigod released by the players.

>> No.33796878 [SPOILER] 
File: 167 KB, 800x600, 1406830517716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it count if she's using a male subordinate as a "face" while she pretends to be a kidnapped princess?

>> No.33796898

That, and dick is just pretty damn awesome.

>> No.33796949
File: 142 KB, 500x525, Archie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And male tits. Don't forget those.

>> No.33796982

My DM has the Quori as our BBEG. Plenty of ladies.

>> No.33796985

/y/ pls go

>> No.33797023

About half of the BBEGs my players were going to face eventually were actually female.

The two biggest ones I had planned were an Eldritch Theurge Drow Lich, and an Elemental Savant (later adapted to Elemental Bloodline for PF) Sorceress Bandit Queen. Neither managed to happen, since two of my players had to quit for various reasons, and the other one didn't want to continue without them.

>> No.33797040

But I have.

Then again, I currently have something like 6 BBEGs wandering around this setting./

>> No.33797050

Pic kinda reminds me of Harley Quinn.

Left - Before Mr. J
Right - After Mr. J

>> No.33797119



>> No.33797193

I did, kinda.

She was more like an eldritch deity ala She Who Lives In Her Name, but the core of the hierarchy was technically a female human.

>> No.33797240

Is she sending various monsters, constructs and abominations to torment city PCs swore to protect? Because if yes, are you me?

>> No.33797593

Kind of? She's raising an army of unspeakable evil horrors and cultists while running a terrorist insurgency uprising in the PC's home country.

>> No.33797676


Rosalina is huge because she's an immortal space babe?

>> No.33797741

In my campaign there are a number of possible BBEGs, both male and female

- Pirate Queen attempting to unite all pirates under one flag
- Ice-themed Sorceress wanting to envelop the world in a second ice age because of reasons. She's pretty much the term "Frigid Bitch" personified
- Ancient Vampire Lady with her fingers in every major bloodline from one end of the world to the other. Might want to rule the world via proxies

- Barbarian Warlord burning and pillaging entire kingdoms in his search for the waters of everlasting life
- Mad Wizard with no sense of right and wrong trying to open up a permanent portal for Azatoth and his cronies to enter the world
- Fallen Paladin turned Deathknight out for blood and vengeance for the perceived betrayal from his god and kin.

- A masked jester-assassin. Tends to leave a half-burnt Ace card tucked into his/her victim's sleeve as a signature. Many people have seen this masked figure but no two sightings are alike. Some recall seeing a lithe and almost petite figure, others say it's a heavyset, muscular person. It is not unusual to get different and conflicting descriptions from people in the same crowd of bystanders.

>> No.33797769

>implying I haven't
Queen Elizabeth II has everybody running scared.

>> No.33797799
File: 750 KB, 1040x1490, plots-that-span-centuries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> High priestess of the Dark Elves
> Level 20 or so Cleric
> 10,000 years of planning
> No sense of proportion
> Players were working for her for half the campaign and didn't realize it

The sad thing was, the players had very little reason to think she was the BBEG. Because she had so little screen time, they tended to view the BBEG as the men who were working for her, like Dark Elf Bane, Genocidal-and-Misguided Pope, Renault-as-a-Secret-Necromancer and Fallen German Paladin.

It was a good campaign, though. And I'm rather proud of the villain.

>> No.33798766

but y?

>> No.33799987


>> No.33800205


Holy shit that's a lot of tryhard. It's time for STORIES.

I played with this chick, who she and her husband have recently had their second child(A boy and he is adorable) and I've been in their roleplayin' games for years. We started Rping together in WoW at first, knowing it was a limited medium for roleplay, but we were younger, and wanting fun. Then we went to play tabletop. They run pathfinder(I know,I don't get it either) but they run the Eberron campaign(Not that bad) and using a variation of kingmaker where no one's going for the throne, but more a council like thing. Right now, she's playing a dwarf cleric of the Silver Flame. She got all googly eyed about one of the bandits at the Stag Lord's keep, who we did not kill, and convinced to work for us(After the husband's cavalier skewered the stag lord in the heart on his lance(Man that sounds gayer than it did in my head)) and the only time she got in over her head was she was given a pregenned character for a one shot that was an artificer, and she was like "Wtf I can use these? Where the fuck are the options I usually don't bother with item crafting" Because she enjoys picking a select series of spells to make a cleric a bitchslapper(Also throwing artificer at someone who's never done them before is an easy way to get them lost) but all in all she played because she liked roleplaying first. She introduced her husband to the hobby, in fact. Her 'wants' for attention were nowhere near the game table. Her husband plays super bro dudes who are all LG Bro, while she's played a variety of things that range from funny to terrifying, while I've played backstabbers and robots.

Also unrelated, my fiance likes roleplaying in bed and doing a motherly dwarf while I inseminate her. But that might be the other kind of roleplaying.

>> No.33800223

>Did I leave the gas on? No, wait.... Maybe?

>> No.33800272

I plan to make the next primary antagonist a female Rogue Trader, mostly because most of my other villains were male.

Although I did have the slightly unhinged and hideously bored demon-thing who mucked about with the PCs in her little dream world in the Doors campaign.

>> No.33800301

>A woman is not a compilation of female stereotypes
A compilation of female stereotypes is the definition of female.

>> No.33800436

> This thread is still here
Anon with the hyper-sexual group of women here. I never expected all this shit to happen from only a few little posts. I should make shit up more often - I haven't gamed anywhere but IRC for three years.

>> No.33800609

Helm of opposite alignment, or roses and chocolate if your alignments already match.

>> No.33800862

You're not me.

>> No.33801018

Understanding girls is easy.
They desire sex from the most alpha, and resources support from the most beta.
They much prefer to charm or manipulate others into doing things for them, instead of working solo on things.
The above two are straight game theory for reproductive success.

>> No.33801289

This is for understanding ape females, not girls.

>> No.33801313

Apes are slightly more difficult to understand than people, because they cannot talk.

>> No.33801408

Wait, your players don't sexualize and hit on your male NPCs?

>> No.33801452

Believing the two are different shows me that you do not understand women.

>> No.33801673

There are plenty of female roleplayers though. They just tend to stick to things like World of Darkness or rules-lite systems, from my experience.

>> No.33802169


>> No.33802221

>World of Darkness or rules-lite systems
Do you know what "or" means, Anon?

>> No.33802241
File: 153 KB, 800x572, Betty_TL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had the Idea for some dark god that is pretty much like this.

>> No.33803102

Because women are weak as shit and they can't do anything right.

>> No.33803147

And so are your players. Thus a woman is a perfect BBEG for them.

>> No.33803655

My party's big bad was a one off character that they weren't supposed to really give a shit about. A minor noblewoman who was trying to muscle in on the local trade scene and running a black-market human trafficking ring. One player in the group got poisoned by her after a "cordial" meeting, and the rest of the group "accidentally" killed the poisoned PC by using an un-identified choker of strangulation on the PC instead of donating to the church for a remove poison spell. They then fell into an ambush at the big bad's hidden headquarters, were knocked out with sleep, and were all set to be sold off as slaves. They escaped and the rest of their adventures involved "getting even with 'dat bitch'." The last time they saw her she was being arrested by a paladin order that she had tried to sway to her side to protect her from the PC party.

Oh, and she escaped custody and is still at large.

>> No.33804121

I do have the Prince in my current VtR game. Played up as the BBEG for a while, then turned it around and turned out to be working for her Domain all along. The players finished the Chronicle getting rid of their original questgivers just recently.

[Spoiler]this is all bullshit and she was just as bad as originally played up. The players are just stupid. [/spoiler]

>> No.33804227

Because when I am DMing the BBEG is my character and im not secure enough to play a girl.

and no one else DMs.

>> No.33804348

>your seduction attempts finally work on the barmaid, and she agrees to follow you up to a room
>now, roll anal circumference

>> No.33804857

Stereotypes can be exaggerated.

>> No.33804904

Just the way I like 'em!

>> No.33804916


You do realize how horribly sexist that is, right?

>> No.33804953

...Not particularly?
What is horribly sexist about liking giant immortal women?

>> No.33804961

This is 4chan. Nigger faggot tranny jew.

>> No.33804985

I think some feminists claim it's misogynist because they're old and/or short.

>> No.33805007

You. I like you.

It's like, I've played with enough women to know that there's no difference between male and female roleplayers... but I'm also well-adjusted enough to know that I shouldn't need PROOF that that's the case, since women are also human beings.

But this is the internet, where lots of people don't seem to understand that face...

>> No.33805017

But that has nothing to do with sexism; That is agism and heightism...

>> No.33805024
File: 726 KB, 280x200, 1350109382766.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Current BBEG is a woman. Queen (well, king's bride) got tired that her kingdom was a shithole centuries behind the competition and her husband was largely apathetic so she decided the best course of action would be to recover an artifact that returned her to the original state of humanity: basically, sentient humanoid forges.

The players failed to prevent this, so now she has returned, brought industrialization, and allied with former colonies to pretty much subjugate her people BUT quality of life is much higher.

At least that's the elevator pitch.

>> No.33805032


It's sexist because you're finding women attractive. That's fucking sexist as fuck, man.

>> No.33805083

>It's sexist because you're finding women attractive. That's fucking sexist as fuck, man.
But is Rosalina!
She's got her own gravitational pull!!!
How could one NOT be attracted?!?!

>> No.33805098
File: 183 KB, 500x315, 1406169724013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rosalina as the tall celestial powered BBEG

i have never been so turned on in *my life*

>> No.33805118


By being a straight female.

>> No.33805120

Women tend to cry "sexism" at things that make women, or them in particular, look bad.

>> No.33805143

Also playing with a lot of women has given me a different take. Men and Women are different. Not that women are all the same by any means, but there are some generalities that are relevant.

However, what is far more relevant, is that there is a difference between _playing_ with women. I fucking hate playing in an all male group, cause ONE FUCKING WOMAN will cut so much stupid shit out. Guys just are better people when women are around.

Also, it has been my experience that playing with a single girl will put autists on their best behavior.

>> No.33805161
File: 116 KB, 275x197, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being a woman
>not gay as fuck

>> No.33805189


You just gotta learn how to control your group, man. You don't need females in your group to hand-hold you, and stop blaming the autists for it.

>> No.33805214

...Are we going full Magical Realm with this?

Those aren't "women" anon, those are faggots...
Like everyone here!

Yes... YES!!!

>> No.33805224


Daemonette, I can never tell if your autistic ass has a penis or not.

>> No.33805250
File: 355 KB, 1123x1159, tumblr_n7lqetKHdo1tvpaj3o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women are just gay men!!


>> No.33805319
File: 151 KB, 872x917, 1401777835953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So begins my mission. To make Rosalina the BBEG. Without the players noticing until it's far too late.

>> No.33805324

>Daemonette, I can never tell if your autistic ass has a penis or not.
Mission Accomplished!

But yeah, I do despite my father threatening otherwise...

Wait... wut?

>> No.33805340

I'll just leave this here

>> No.33805365

God I hate that shit. I like women of exceptional height, not this 50 foot woman bullshit. Once you go over 12 feet you're just being silly. Rosalina being like 7 feet tall is perfect enough.

>> No.33805423

Well what was Rosalina's shtick in Galaxy?
It was to fill the Universe with her Star Spawn, right?


>> No.33805493

I did a game where the head of the wizard guild wanted to remove the local area from existence (past, present, and future) because she had divined horrible things happening if the area was allowed to be. She wasn't the BBEG though, that was the retarded vampire with a lisp and his Nerullian advisors.

>> No.33805499

Tbh stay away from GTS. It's all murder fetish and drama.

>> No.33805745

But women lie.

>> No.33805827

I'll just try to crosslink boards here

>> No.33806941
File: 1.38 MB, 951x1200, Painting_07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trick question, you don't.

>> No.33807116

But where is the fun, then ?

>> No.33807152

Killing people is fun.

>> No.33807169


>> No.33807294
File: 485 KB, 1400x912, 1370221396406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably come by defeating her first if you don't plan to join her.

>> No.33807344

Damn you Uther, that's why kids become bards rather than paladins theses days.

>> No.33807438

Then they haven't realized that nothing gets someone into bed faster than shining armor and a white horse. Yeah it's a cliche, but that's only because it's true.

>> No.33807652

Well, yea, men and women are different in certain ways. I just meant that they're just not huge and insurmountable differences that prevent men and women fromt enjoying the same things, or being friends, or playing tabletop games together (and that those differences are not the ones that lonely internet misogynists always assume to be the case...)

I am with you on that point though - I prefer mixed-gender groups to all-guys (as a guy) because it tends to lead to better play in general.

>> No.33808003

Man, fuck this generation. Back in my day kids loved killing shit. We'd fantasize about doing epic battle with lamina, not getting raped by them. Bunch of namby-pamby horsefuckers, that's all kids today are.

>> No.33808513

Spider Internet Defense Force pls go.

>> No.33808935
File: 56 KB, 500x477, zzz-SIDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33809605
File: 15 KB, 200x226, afroSamurai0109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had one player try to bypass the ascension to God-dumb in Pathfinder by riding on the trail of a demon through the test of the starstone. He got semi-phenomenal nearly cosmic powers, and proceeded to try and mind fuck a 'grey zone' paladin, trying to turn her fervor into himself and make himself this creepy Elesh Norn Waifu.

He failed and she went bat shit crazy and murdered him with his own power when he dumped it into her. Which also included essentially, phyrexian oil.

I took that murdering psychobitch and made her pre-mindrape an npc in my live group's game. And then had that occur to her, complete with a totally unrelated standard heroic story happening. It went very well, right as some players complained about the story feeling bland, suddenly, phyrexians. Was keeping track of 'poison' counters and daily fort saves based on your poison amount. They all played magic and were freaking out.

And I was using a mind fucked ex-paladin who waffled between psychotic and depressed and was a lot of fun.

One of the players said pic related reminded him of her when they 'remet' her after her corruption.

>> No.33809675



>> No.33810528

my first BBEG was a female, she was hellbent on creating as much chaos to weaken the kingdom and claim power for herself

>> No.33811107

I feel like this has been done a million times but I can't think of a single example. I can think of times the BBEG's daughter became good though.

>> No.33811476
File: 68 KB, 641x756, Gaston.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you considered implementing a (pic related) styled solution?

>> No.33811591


Also having some dude show up out of nowhere and raping the PCs would be a pretty hypocritical ways say "stop with the creepy sexualization."

>> No.33811817

I don't know. It's not like he's dwelling on it. It seems more like defusing a juvenile, uncomfortable situation with appropriately proportionate juvenile humor.

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