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"What is important, is that we can not fight this. We've left the era in which we could."

A large, round table sits in the middle of a grand hall. The walls are lined with portraits and banners of the kings and princes of generations long past. Dim torchlight is all the room has to illuminate the shadowy figures who sit at the table.

Some of them eat food, some of them whisper amongst themselves, some of them are observing the peculiar features of the other members at the table. Everyone continues to share the somber mood.

"The barrier was down around the town for, five minutes? How many were lost in that time?"
"Over two-hundred, sire."
"Two hundred people, lost. In such a short amount of time that the guard wasn't even aware that it was happening."

"I believe it was the Guard Captain's duty to drill the villagers every week on what to do if the barrier went down."
"Yes, but the drills mean very little when demons are bearing down on you."

The bickering continues, the room steadily increases in volume until the two officials at the end of the table are merely a tiny whisper in a hall of voices.

A larger figure at one side of the table stands up, the room immediately falls silent at his presence.

"It's clear we must be proactive about this problem. We need something to bring the fight back to the them as they appear, we cannot be their prey any longer."
"That's easy to say, but even a hundred fold increase in guard strength would be merely a light snack to the caliber of monster we're facing."

"As you all may know, the method of times past to fight this threat was to summon a hero from a world that runs parallel to ours. This hero is rendered immune to the effects of the barrier collapsing, and thus isn't affected by demonic energies. In my kingdom's vault, I have found a relic that was used to summon these heroes."

"I must ask, how is a hero-summoning relic going to protect all of our nations at once?"

"That's simple, I have six of them."

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>touch fluffy tail

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You toss and turn, the rays of sunlight illuminate the surface of your eyelids. Now is not the time to be sleeping.

You sit up, and take the time to look around your humble abode. No one else is in here except for you. Standing up and looking outside, you see

>Large swaths of grassland and forest, some of your tribe's members are drying skins from last night's hunt.

>Rolling blue waves that gently rock the vessle you call home. Calm seas like this are a good day to hassle merchant ships.

>Forests of trees and bamboo, the cicadas hum at an impressive volume. It's unusual that sensei is no where to be found.

>An interior garden decorated with marble statues that freshly lines the outset of the courtyard, your father's servants and maids scramble about to prepare breakfast.

>The edge of a cliffside, on the face of the rolling mountains that protect the monastary that your clan has called home for generations. You can see the adults performing martial arts drills.

>The dusty, worn boards that line the side of the saloon, Several horses are tied up in front. The bartender is busy sweeping up the pieces of glass that used to make up the windows that were broken from last night's fight.

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>>Rolling blue waves that gently rock the vessle you call home. Calm seas like this are a good day to hassle merchant ships.

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Metapost for those decisions so no one can say they didn't know what they voted for:

>Your Backstory:


>Pick the one that sounds like it would be the most fun

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>The edge of a cliffside, on the face of the rolling mountains that protect the monastary that your clan has called home for generations. You can see the adults performing martial arts drills.

We are a MONK!

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But I wanna be a pirate

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>Rolling blue waves that gently rock the vessle you call home. Calm seas like this are a good day to hassle merchant ships.
Yar har har.

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Let's be a chaste monk, we'll suplex dog girls and tear off their armour with one hand, wrestling them half-naked while insisting that it's nothing sexual.

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>dog girls

pleb taste confirmed. cat girls objectively superior.

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In a landlocked country, no point in being a pirate.

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>It looks like that it's a pirate, you wish to be

>Leaving voting open for a few more minutes for anyone else to join in

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Both wrong.

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Please no stupid pirate jokes. Please. They're not really funny.

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I'm no artisio but something about her neck just don't look right to me.

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>not really funny
Sounds like a perfect fit to me??

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I get tired of /tg/ trying to be funny when they're not. I can already see "booty" jokes on the horizon.

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get aload of this landlubber, mateys. yarrr.

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I barely remember Dog Days, but the impression I got from the setting was that airships aren't off the table. I know there was a magical flying girl at least.

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>You are a pirate.

>Next post is being written.

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Yeah, now that you mention it i can't unsee either. Her face is shifted too far over.

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In that case you'd better jump ship right now.

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And we're just about to start our cookout. More Barrrrrbeque for us, then.

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>"I must ask, how is a hero-summoning relic going to protect all of our nations at once?"
>"That's simple, I have six of them."

The others are going to be NPCs? I already hate that smug fencer noble bastard.

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I'm sorry, did you say Pirate?
I think you meant Dashing Young Rogue.

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>Gained: Corsair
>The terror of the high seas, no one knows how to commandeer a vessle more skillfully than you can.
>As a bonus, you also know how to operate firearms, and you're pretty nifty with one-handed weapons as well!

Har! The seas are calm, the winds are in your favor. Today is a good day for fun, and profit. Your boots slide out from under your bed with a flick of your ankles

You throw on your overshirt and pants, lace your boots, and tie your scarf on tight. No doubt the captain has already set sail for the nearest trade wind. You can hear the sound of footsteps and voices above, yelling at one another and barking orders. It's time to get on the job.

Walking upwards out of the quarters, you spot the ol' Quartermaster. The one who never liked you.

He just shouted something, something about being lazy, and good for nothing, sleeping half the day and forgot you even existed yar har har etc.

You should be amazed that he even remembers your name. He's shouting it at you now to get your attention.

>Ye name! What is it?

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>not a Somalian dude with an AK
I'm disappointed.

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Black Jack

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>Jack 'Black' Albator

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Handsome Sam.

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Yes, I approve of this name!

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Voting against naming our character Jack Black.

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Otto Schultze ·

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Ezekiel Barbarossa

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Handsome Sam sounds incredibly narcissistic.

>> No.33757662

Rolled 8

John Smith

>> No.33757667

Iggy the well-tanned

>> No.33757679

Seconding, just so we're not Jack Black.

Your point being?

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Steve, the accountant... FROM HELL!

>> No.33757699

Wally the Parrotless

>> No.33757712

Handsome Sam, the dread pirate.

>> No.33757729

Ted Firepants

>> No.33757751

Seconding this, only if we can be "Black" Jack Albator.
Because Black Jack is the best name.

>> No.33757752

>So far, HANDSOME SAM Appears to be your identity!

>A few more minutes left in voting to decide

>> No.33757773

Ooh, "Black" Jack Albator is tied now!

Anyone else want to give input? Reassign their vote?

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Either this or just get rid of the "Black"

>> No.33757782

I'll vote for black jack

>> No.33757791

I can live with Handsome Sam, I guess.

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Elric Crawford

>> No.33757807

I can live with this, or just Jack Albator.

>> No.33757809

Jack Albator. No "Black"

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Voting for this.

>> No.33757831

Black Jack Albator

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>tfw no one wanted to be Iggy the well-tanned

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Handsome Sam is not taken seriously as a pirate because he is too good looking.

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Black Jack Albator

>> No.33757853

>5 votes for handsome sam!
>7 votes for Jack Albator! (Sometimes known as "Black" Jack)


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Maybe next time, Anon.

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Sounds good. Score one for the Matsumoto fans!

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>seriously voting to be named Jack Black.

You guys...

>> No.33757874

Works for me

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Except that's not what it is?

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Don't do this shit.

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Nobody who knows real pirates will believe he is a pirate, because maintaining that level of good looks should be impossible while living on a pirate ship.

For this reason, he has no luck with pirate wenches despite his good looks, as they all think he's a liar.

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Nobody voted to be named Jack Black. We voted to be named Jack Albator, who's nicknamed Black Jack.
Which, is a reference to one of Leiji Matsumoto's characters, the space pirate Captain Harlock, who was known as Albator in french speaking counters, and to Osamu Tetsuka's Black Jack.

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the doc of that anime?

>> No.33757923

Alas, Handsome Sam was not meant to be, despite being the only pirate name here.

>> No.33757945

>french speaking
Get out. French is not a real language for human beings. You should have just gone with Harlock

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>Whine Whine Bitch

>> No.33757975

I was the guy who suggest black jack, and it wasn't a reference to that. It was a reference to the lost fleet series of books.

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>I'm writing now so there's no reason to be upset anymore.

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Shut up frenchie.

>> No.33758023

Votre goût du vin est atroce.

>> No.33758047

Eww, a European

>> No.33758074

Telling anon to not be upset about something is pretty much the most futile endeavor there is.

>> No.33758092

Because it makes them upset

>> No.33758151

Is the MC gonna be white?

>> No.33758162


>> No.33758167

He's an Inuit

>> No.33758195

Nope, that was the first option.

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"KNAVE!" He shouts, being named 'Jack' has its downsides, that nickname will haunt you forever.
His white whiskered beard bellowing with his row of wooden teeth. "MAIN DECK, OR I WILL FLAY YE ALIVES, I WILL"

He may have never had good teeth, well-structured face, perfectly straight legs, a functioning left ear, or any of your stunning good looks; but in their place, he had a terrifying howl for a voice that could turn milk into curds.

Walking out onto the main deck, you can see your crewmates scurry back and fourth as a bearded man near the front continues to yell orders at each and every whelp on deck. He points a stern finger at you.
The pathetic rats scurry back and forth with ropes and lengths of chain.

"Knave! Yer on sails! Get yer lazy ass to it!"

You take your post next to the Sail Master, pulling at lengths of rope and cord, knotting them off at the posts and tying the loose ends into knots.

It takes only a moment for you to realize that you're not heading toward the trade routes at all. Instead wheeling the ship around to face the nearest land mass.

"Hey! Are we headed to port!?"

The Sail Master was always the nicest person.

"Aye! Capt'n orders! He claims a storm is near!"

The skies are blue, the water is calm, and the wind is in your favor, but you know better than to distrust the Captain. He has a sixth sense about these things. Your shoulders weaken, and resolve leaves your body.
This ship was already docked in port for several days, or at least long enough for you to make new enemies with the patron gamblers at the bars and whorehouses, which is another thing that you are remarkably talented at.

Maybe you can spend the next few nights hidden away from the drunken rabble that no doubt wants their money back. You would prefer to keep both of your hands.

>Continuing to write

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>> No.33758678

The sails are lowered, the customs officers are doled out a nice big 'tip' for their hard efforts. The crew slowly starts to file off the ship to the welcoming arms of merchants and peddlers who await with their wares off the edge of the docks.
And as the Captain predicted, the sky has started to grey, the surf has started to chop, and the wind bellows cold and unforgiving. A storm is approaching, and it is no ordinary storm.

None of that interests you though, what does interest you is finding the nearest place to hide and staying there for as long as needed. You grab anything you don't want stolen from one of the many hidden holes you've made for yourself throughout the ship. Including a great captain's coat that the Captain himself once gave to you to 'hold' during once of his active nights at the pub.

And he would nail you to the hull if he found out that you were still holding it for him.

Stuffing it away. You gather the captain's coat, some of your winnings (got to start somewhere), and a small deck of (maybe marked) cards to take with you to the shore.

Slipping off to avoid the watchful eye of the officers. You quickly notice that your original plan of sticking with the Quarter Master to frighten the grifters has quickly sunk. Him and the Captain are no where to be found.

You continue along the docks, hoping to at least find a shadowy place to enter the town. Soon you are walking along the shoreline as the sun sets and thunder rumbles in the distance. The city chief is beginning to set patrols out further past the docks as dusk settles. The first drops of rain start to fall from the sky, accompanied with thunderous flashes.

On the shorelight, illuminated by the setting sun, is an animal of some kind. Tide is starting to wash away, yet at the same time, it continues to sit and watch. It remains completely still as you approach it.

What is that animal

>A Cat
>A Dog
>A Rabbit
>A Squirrel
>A Bear
>Other (Free space!)

>> No.33758702

>>A Dog

>> No.33758712

>Other fox

>> No.33758728


>> No.33758729

>A Bear

>> No.33758732

I'm tempted to say honey badger, but they're such foul tempered little bastards that they wouldn't really fit in Dog Days' world.

>> No.33758751

>A Cat

>> No.33758752

>A Bear

>> No.33758774

Foxes are best

>> No.33758786

A rat.

>> No.33758795

>>A Bear

>> No.33758798

>A Dog

>> No.33758814

>A rat.

>> No.33758818

>>Other (Free space!)

>> No.33758821


>> No.33758862

>Well I'm going to have a hell of a time counting this!

>2 Dog
>4 Fox
>2 rat, what?
>3 Bear
>1 Raven

I'm giving lots of time to this vote because it's an important one!

>> No.33758869

voting for this

>> No.33758910

>Dog and/or fox

>> No.33758918

>Other: Fox

>> No.33758967

>Other fox

>> No.33758968

Fox it.

>> No.33758973


>> No.33758995

This quest is going to have so much fluffy tail.

>> No.33759016

>dog days quest
>only now realizes there will be fluffy tails

>> No.33759046

You know, our guy doesn't really sound like he'd do all that great in ninja warrior type competitions.

>> No.33759107

Current count

>3 Dog
>3 Rat
>3 Bear
>1 Raven
>7 Fox

Looks like we have a clear winner, but I'll let voting go a few more minutes

>> No.33759130

Think of how strong a ship hand must be to be able to jump up and down masts all day and do this every day forever.

>> No.33759154

This will be such a lewd quest.

>> No.33759158

Eh, it's fine. We'll learn Magic to take care of the chaff, and then Swashbuckle the Fuck out of their better fighters. Also balance, climbing and other seafaring skills will come in handy too.

>> No.33759173

It's ok, we're a pirate protagonist, that means we'll be the luckiest motherfucker on the planet once we get shuffled off to fluffy land, and everyone knows luck is the most important stat. Destiny will bend over backwards to ensure that there are conveniently placed rope-like objects for us to swashbuckle from.

>> No.33759185

b-but there was a vote for cat too...

>> No.33759186

It will be glorious.

>> No.33759245

What year is this?

>> No.33759249

And thank the Lord for it!

>> No.33759271

It's okay. We'll still see the land of kitties. We can shoot the shit with whoever their champion is.

>> No.33759296

Cat a shit. A SHIT.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's become a reflex at this point.

>> No.33759307


>> No.33759335


>> No.33759670

Oh boy here we go.

>> No.33759684

A small Fox. That's strange, Foxes are not native to this land. Which means it must have been dropped off or escaped from one of the peddlers at port.
What's more strange about it, is the glossy yellow coat that it sports. You've seen foxes before, or their skins at least, you know they should be a healthy shade of red or light brown.

This one doesn't even move, instead it sits completely still, patiently watching you on your approach.
You expect it to turn around and bolt away soon. Step by step, you walk closer and closer to it.

You are now within arms reach of the little fox. It continues to sit and patiently watch you. It cares not that the rain is starting to come down harder, or the lightning that is coming down. It only seems to sit, and watch.

You quickly notice something, there's something in its mouth. A rolled up piece of paper that seems completely unaffected by the downpour of rain that is now coating the both of you.

It stands up and presents the paper proudly. It elegantly unrolls the parchment that stretches all the way down to its paws. You kneel down to read it.

Lots of unfamiliar runes and letters dot the page. There's some part of it near the bottom that looks like a very elaborate signature.

"That's, er, nice little guy, but how does this-"



Like a lightning clap, the world glows an extremely bright pink, before fading to black.

>> No.33759689

Please no, I don't think my heart could take it.

>> No.33759778

I just want to ask, what's the difference between a dog and a fox?

>> No.33759794

so we have at least 6 pistols, 2 swords and an obscene number of hidden daggers right?

>> No.33759803

dog a shit, fox is fuckin kawaii

>> No.33759823

ones a canine and the other is volpine

>> No.33759830

About 6 drinks.

>> No.33759844

Ferret Masterrace.

>> No.33759874

Different genus?

>> No.33759923

>OP probably at least had a rough outline of how the different animal kingdoms would welcome us
Lets rock.

>> No.33759931

Dogs are loyal and dopey.
Foxes are rogueish and awesome, as befits a corsair.

>> No.33759963

Also fluffiest tails

>> No.33760013



That's the last time you go drinking.


A voice is calling out in the darkness.

"-h G- Di- I do i- wr-ng? S- s-rr- s-rr-y!"

You're not amused by the mumbling, if someone is talking to ye, they should speak clearly! Otherwise they don't feel you are worth their time.

"Argh, SPEAK UP! I can't hear a thing that ye are saying!"

Speaking of which, it's clearly night by now. You're not sure how long you've been out, or where you are right now. All that you can tell, is that there is inky blackness with the faintest hints of voices occurring somewhere off in the distance.


"H- on I- y- st- don- mov-"

The mumbling will drive you mad before the darkness will!

The blackness peels itself back, and the sun shines through. Revealing the world to you.

>> No.33760030

It's his fault for not realizing the single most popular fluffy tail of them all.

>> No.33760036

Not expecting /tg/ to got for fluffy tails if there's a chance for it is a pretty huge oversight.

>> No.33760081

I think we may be forgetting that Foxes in the show had a very special role

Still writing

>> No.33760116

>implying anyone here watched the show
It was terrible. The presence of a male MC was an error, and is still an error here.
I'm just here so I can enjoy watching the inevitable trainwreck.

>> No.33760156

Nah, your taste is shit. Show was fine for what it was.

>> No.33760169

>Fluffy Tails
Pick one.

>> No.33760200

I forget, wasn't the blond fox lady a demon hunter just because of her background?

>> No.33760206

We spec ops swashbucklin demon hunter now?

Lets. Rock.

>> No.33760220

I ilke it I don't ilke all girls though

>> No.33760243

What if the fluffy tails get in the eyes of the engineer and he misses a signal?

>> No.33760346

The tails would act like an airbag.

>> No.33760363

But you only need an airbag in the event of a trainwreck.

Checkmate, atheist.

>> No.33760448

Got those too.

>> No.33760452

What does his religion have to do with this?

>> No.33760490

The Lord love's fluffy tails

>> No.33760512

What is that apostrophe? Why is it there?

>> No.33760529



"That's enough!" you yell, scraping pieces of- something plant like- off of you.

You finally get a good look at your attacker.

She stands shorter than you are, while clearly being younger. Her outfit is some kind of far-off outfit that you occasionally see the rich people from the far east wear. You had always wondered how they managed to stay clothed when all they wore was a glorified blanket that they just tied around their bodies.

Yet, here is one right now, shamelessly clutching the blanket she calls clothes close to her and stammering.

Strangest of all, though, is that she has green hair.

Wait, something behind her just moved, is there someone hiding behind her?

"G-Greetings! I'm Keiko Canele. And I am from the Biscotti Special-"

IT MOVED AGAIN, Something behind her is moving back and fourth really quickly

You can't stand for this!

"Lady, please! There's something behind you!"

She spins around, and suddenly, the large thing behind her is now waving around in front of you. It's clinging to her back!

>Warn her about it
>Try fighting it
>Grab it and pull it off! She'll thank you for it later!

>> No.33760531

The love of the Lord has fluffy tails.

>> No.33760571

>Try fighting it
Wrestle it!

>> No.33760573

Pull that shit

>> No.33760585

>>Try fighting it

I love this quest already

>> No.33760588

>Try fighting it

It's obviously attacking her! Defend her honor!

>> No.33760596

>>Try fighting it
Wrestle it!

>> No.33760600

Really, I didn't have to GIVE you a choice.

>> No.33760610

>Warn her about it
Be very still miss. I'm just going to carefully remove what seems to be clinging to your back

>> No.33760612

>Try fighting it

She's obviously been ambushed by some kind of beast.

>> No.33760614

>Pet the fluffy tails

>> No.33760621

Kick it's ass!

>> No.33760647

What are you complaining about?

>> No.33760732


>> No.33760825

[fluffy tail intensifies]

>> No.33760858

>>Grab it and pull it off! She'll thank you for it later!

>> No.33761065

The fuzzy monster continues to wave back and forth, inches away from your face. It may even be considering you as its next victim!


Putting your best brawler skills to work, fist after fist flies at the wayward menace. Each blow stopping fraction of an inch away from the girl's back.

It dodges, and weaves, and snakes around each of your fists with brutal accuracy. It dances and bows with each whiff.

Scurvy-ridden landlubber, IT'S MOCKING YOU!

Your once light pace of blows and punches turns into a flurry of punches, slaps, and pushes as your hands look for anything to attack, anything to get a good hold against the ravenous mass that continues to flee from your stalwart fists!


Suddenly, your right hand connects, balling around the 'fur' and into a fist you throw the beast into the path of your left fist. Making a circular motion with your shoulders, your fists amp up until a steady barrage of punches! Each one connecting with more deadly force than the last!

-pomf- -pomf- -pomf- -pomfpomfPomfPomfPomf-



The beast spins around, behind her again as it makes an arcing motion around her waist, she spins around to face me.




The fuzzy mass swiftly dodges out of the way, and my right knuckle makes bare contact with her cheek.


>> No.33761069

No anon, you have to be gentle with the Fluffy Tail.

>> No.33761094


>> No.33761133

>not finding pomf boxing hilarious
you're a humourless lesbian.

>> No.33761170

>to face me.
>and my right knuckle

Damn it, I was doing so well, too.

>> No.33761182

I figured I could make a (really fucking) dumb joke between posts. I thoroughly enjoyed the pomf boxing to be honest

>> No.33761218

Does this mean she won't let us touch her tail?

>> No.33761224

Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

>> No.33761353




She immediately turns to flee, her entire body snaps into action as it makes a quick trail of fur as she sprints ahead of you. She's already several paces ahead before you realize that you should probably follow her.

"Wait! Young Lass! That parasitic fur-worm has gouged its claws into your spine!"

In the distance, you can hear a faint "Kyaaaaaaaaa" noise. It may be too late for her.

You chase her off the stone monument you were standing on, down the pathway that leads to it, and into the woods that surround it. She fades from sight with the monster in tow. Leaving you alone in the woods. Birds chirp, some kind of insect buzzes, and the warmth of the noon day begins to soak into your clothes.

>Keep following the path she took, maybe you can catch up with her.
>Explore on your own, you won't get anywhere if you just stand here all day.
>Go back where you started from, one of your crew will probably come searching for you eventually.

>> No.33761396

>Keep following the path she took, maybe you can catch up with her.

We're a noble hearted rogue, trying to save a poor girl from a horrible monster eating her spine.

>> No.33761397

>>Keep following the path she took, maybe you can catch up with her.
Best find her, she doesn't seem to realize the thing is there. If she lets it stay, it'll implant eggs into her spine.

>> No.33761407

explore on your own

>> No.33761408

>Explore on your own

>> No.33761416

Follow her.

>> No.33761469

Follow her. Need to protect her from the fluff monster.

>> No.33761500

Follow her! We might still be able to save her!

And if it is too late, hopefully we can strike the beast down before it extricates itself from her body. We'd stand no chance if that thing jumped us from behind, being that agile.

>> No.33761541

>Keep following the path she took, maybe you can catch up with her.
Now I feel kinda bad.

>> No.33761618

hopefully when we catch up there will be other people to explain to us that no, it's a tail and we can get on with the inevitable mental BSOD as we come to terms with this. Fortunately, we will have Fluffy Tail to give us comfort in this trying situation.

>> No.33761764

>Follow her!

going to start writing

>> No.33761842

What kind of pirate doesn't explore when given the chance?

>> No.33761886

Fluufy tails thats why.

>> No.33761918

Or parasitic fur-worms, as the case may be.

>> No.33761931

The kind who in some fashion, cares about women.

We either raped and pillaged, or were sort-of gentlemen. Based on our actions so far, I'd say it's the latter.

>> No.33761938

A red hot sword should be enough to burn the creature off.

>> No.33761959

That might be dangerous for the girl. Since boxing failed, next time we must try wrestling.

>> No.33761996

>Groping Kitsunes
Fuck yeah, I'm in.

>> No.33762054

how long do we expect to be paralyzed for when she shrieks at us to let go of her tail?

>> No.33762103

Less then when she shrieks at us to keep going.

>> No.33762129


>> No.33762660

No, you can't give up on her just yet, there could still be time. She's too young to have all of it taken away from her.

Your footsteps increase in pace and volume. The woods speed by at a blistering pace as the trees start to thin, making way for a small river that runs parallel to the path.

Up ahead on the path are two figures, the young girl, and a taller girl. The young girl is clutching at the waist of the taller girl.

They both come into clear view as you approach. The younger girl, Keiko, hides behind the taller girl.

This new girl looks older than you, but only by a few years. She's every bit the image of elegance that you could picture a foriegn beauty to look like. She wears the same blanket as the younger girl, and on her back


"You two! Watch out! they-"

She approaches you, as the younger girl stands back.

"Hi." she says



You've been thumped on the head before. It's not exactly an uncommon occurance for you. Usually it happens when the lads get in a fight, when the quartermaster is having a bad day, or just when you swindle people out of their money in general.

Never, ever have you been knocked in the head by a girl, especially one that is as high class as this one.
It feels humbling, but at the same time, mildly exotic? You're not sure how to describe that feeling.

She moves her hand back to her side.
"Don't do that." She says, the green one now clutching her waist.
"Do what?! But. The fluffy monster, it's like!"
"They're tails, you buffoon, T-A-I-L-S."

You don't see the resemblance at all. They're more like bags of fluff then they are


"I am Atsuko Crostade. I am the priestess of the local shrine." She replies, giving a short bow.

You've never seen someone with purely yellow hair either. Most of the women that you have known like that usually paint themselves to be that way.

>> No.33762757

Now let's fight her tail.

>> No.33762797

People don't have tails, but these people do have tails. Clearly this means we've been abducted by witches and should panic.

Which isn't far from the truth all things considered.

>> No.33762823

Or we've died and gone somewhere weird. Still, panic seems reasonable.

>> No.33762876

Ah shit, are we gonna have to roll for Sanity?

>> No.33762902

This is worrysome. The creatures are messing with their minds.

>> No.33762906


san loss just happens, man.

>> No.33762928

Can we roll for fluffy tail comfort?

>> No.33762954

>another /a/ quest
Can you just go to the quest board on tgchan already and leave us alone?

>> No.33762979

Do it. 1d20 or 1d100?

>> No.33763070

Rolled 66

Rolling now.

>> No.33763105

No comfort for you

>> No.33763118

Walking toward the shrine with the two girls, you notice the foiliage start to decrease. Replaced with well-trimmed grass and intricate structures

You stop outside the shrine, the yellow-haired lady shooing the green-haired one inside. Something is bugging you about all this.

"Whar is this, and why am I here? Which way is the dock?"
"You have been summoned to protect the kingdom, of course"
"That doesn't answer anything! What kingdom? Britain? Fran-"

Her tone becomes stern for a moment, she whistles a very high-pitched noise that echoes throughout the woods.

A bird, not any bigger than your fist, looks up from where it is pecking at the ground in front of the shrine.

And it starts walking toward you
And gets bigger
and bigger
Until it stands almost twice the height that you do!

Atsuko pets it on the side of its neck, as if it was a horse. Then she feeds it an apple, whole.

"Good girl, Now, get this guy to the castle and get back before dark."

She turns to you
"Get on, you can ask questions when you get there."

Pick all that apply
>"What the hell is this? No!"
>"Hold on, I just met you, and now you're sending me away?"
>"I'll walk, thanks."
>"I'm not a fan of flying, never done it, and likely never will."

You retain your sanity in the face of fluffy tails.

>> No.33763148

>"What the hell is this? No!"
Start explaning shit.

>> No.33763171

>"I'll walk, thanks."

>> No.33763175

>"What the hell is this? No!"
Let's go explore, and have ADVENTURE instead.

And by ADVENTURE I mean getting horribly eaten by demons. Because they're fucking everywhere in Dog Days.

>> No.33763197


>> No.33763209

>"What the hell is this? No!"

>> No.33763228

>>>"What the hell is this? No!" >>33763118

>> No.33763229

>"What the hell is this? No!"
Get her to explain dafuq is up

>> No.33763242

Will Mss. Fluffy tails?

>> No.33763259

>"What the hell is this? No!"

>> No.33763461

>"I'll walk, thanks."
There are tales of birds as large as men in the southern hemisphere who feast on flesh.
Stay far away from these things.

>> No.33763462

I am not your dog!

>> No.33763524

Okay, I'm currently fighting off sleep, so I am going to stop here. And start next thread with the results of the last vote.

I made a twatter, because that's apparently what all the cool people do.


Thank you everyone.

>> No.33763542

Oh right, also, is the idea worth continuing with?

>> No.33763560

Sure, though you kinda seem to be writing us into a corner of non-helpfullness with the fluffy tails.

>> No.33763567

All right Announcer you sleep will and thank you for the thread it was good.

>> No.33763573

seems fun

would play again

any idea when you'd be running?

>> No.33763593

I'm hoping to get a schedule going of Tuesday-Thursday

>> No.33763616

Fluffy tails!

>> No.33763639

feels more like the required escalating-panic-fish-out-of-water stage of any good involuntary dimension hopping story. We'll probably be useful once we get over it.

>> No.33763654

I think it depends on how incredibly faggety the setting ends up being.

If it's full on Dog Days we-do-sports-competitions-instead-of-war, then maybe not.

But if we get to hunt demons and fuck fox girls, I'm game.

>> No.33763752

Dog, cat, fox....
Archive OP?

>> No.33763755

Okay, thanks for the vote of confidence, everyone

Next thread will be way earlier, and hopefully on Thursday, I'll mention it if anything changes.

>> No.33763778

I'm game either way, so long as for the former we spend every sports day with a suitable level of disgruntled disbelief. Though the OP kind of hints towards the latter, I think.

>> No.33763814


>> No.33763836

>If it's full on Dog Days we-do-sports-competitions-instead-of-war, then maybe not.
This is exactly what I want. Fuck demons, I want FUN.

>> No.33763974

>why not both

>> No.33764410

Can "Black" Jack Albator be black?

>> No.33764423


>> No.33764451

Why? Must every quest star a white guy? What's wrong with variety?

>> No.33764464

nigger, pls

>> No.33764491

I can't dictate how you, personally, picture him in your head, so whatever you feel like.

>> No.33764564


You're the one who keeps posting those white pirate pictures, so yeah, you can.

>> No.33764595

I don't really have much else to work with if I want pictures of pirates in the art style I want.

>> No.33764645

the stuff you're posting is fine, QM. Don't let one autist get you down.

>> No.33764727

What this anon says

>> No.33765247

After looking for 10 minutes, I was only able to find three animesque pictures of dark skinned pirates.

[Long, exasperated, drawn-out sigh of my disgust.]

This world conspires against me!

>> No.33765417 [DELETED] 

Actually, it was only one picture.

>> No.33766513

we're gonna be pretty pissed that we have been abducted from our entire world to fight their war. As a greedy pirate we must argue for some mighty compensation or just be pretty salty right?

>> No.33766610

I for one embrace our white overlords

>> No.33766631

"War" means "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" or "Ninja Warrior" in their world's terms.

>> No.33767033

Not if we're fighting demons. Then it means 'horrible abominations that try to eat your soul'.

>> No.33768349

Didn't you read the OP? Hundreds of people die every time.

>> No.33769404

Oh hey, another "I hate this animu so I'm going to fix it!" quests. Throw it on the fucking pile.

>> No.33769890

Ugh. Time to watch Dog Days and make a true to fluff quest.

Brb, see you next week.

>> No.33769924

There is at least one other person already thinking that, so I really hope one of you actually does it.

>> No.33770505

You should get your eyes checked.

>> No.33770620

Why? Seems like an accurate conclusion to draw.

>> No.33773775

It's an AU quest, not a fixquest. The QM is only using the setting since it lends itself to the Quest format really well. Everything else is obviously different.

>> No.33774055

>The QM is only using the setting
Except he isn't really, is he. He is retaining names and the fluffy tails, but otherwise he's completely perverting the tone and ethos in service of "Gotta make it serious, gotta up da stakes!" bullshit.
It's not quite outright fixfic, but it is exhibiting the shitty 'I'm going to do it better' attitude.
It is worthless to people who would want an actual Dog Days quest, because it isn't.

So no, both comments seem totally legitimate to me.

>> No.33774405

>He is retaining names and the fluffy tails
Both of which are part of the setting. Do not know what a setting is?
>"Gotta make it serious, gotta up da stakes!
The original also had dark stuff, it was just never actually explored.
>It's not quite outright fixfic, but it is exhibiting the shitty 'I'm going to do it better' attitude.
Now you're just being pointlessly bitter.
>It is worthless to people who would want an actual Dog Days quest, because it isn't.
We're still going to get light-hearted antics and fluffy tails.
None of the arguments really have any strength or justification behind them.

>> No.33774601

>Both of which are part of the setting.
Right but they are not the entire setting, they don't define it.

>The original also had dark stuff, it was just never actually explored.
Because it was dressing, it was plot that were thrown out as motivation, that only existed for an episode or two and never actually came to a head. It was there but it didn't violate the tone and make things un-fun.

>Now you're just being pointlessly bitter.
Maybe, I was looking forward to a Dog Days quest for quite a while and instead I got this.

>We're still going to get light-hearted antics and fluffy tails.
While demons slaughter people by the hundreds, and even then with this MC it's not fun, it's skeevy and jarring.

>> No.33774694

Dude, it's been all of one thread.

Treat it like an anime, you have to give it three before you make any real judgement. If by three you still think it's shit, then yeah, to you it's probably shit.

But so far we haven't even gotten through "Holy shit I'm in a different world", so "excess darkness" sounds a little excessive.

>> No.33774777

>Right but they are not the entire setting, they don't define it.
Yes and we haven't seen enough of the setting to judge whether anything is missing. The demons are hear, the magic is there, the hero summoning is there, the multiple kingdoms are there and so are the Chocobo mounts. So far, everything is consistent.
>It was there but it didn't violate the tone and make things un-fun.
And why are you so convinced that things will be un-fun here?
>Maybe, I was looking forward to a Dog Days quest for quite a while and instead I got this.
You don't even really know what is it that you got and you're complaining.
>While demons slaughter people by the hundreds, and even then with this MC it's not fun, it's skeevy and jarring.
Only because you don't know how it will work out. For all you know, we may end up gathering a merry crew of fluffy tails and have driving away the demons from the deck of our snazzy airship while the rest of the world celebrates.

>> No.33774796

Your opening post is your pitch, it sets the scene, it sets the tone, it is what someone builds a first impression on. Starting off with a hundred catgirls eaten by demons is something of an indicator, and it is going to have an impact.
Something like that will hang over everything.

>> No.33774845

Merry crew of fluffy tails and driving away demons on our snazzy airship sounds like a good time.

He started off with a meeting between heads of state about two hundred generic villagers being killed. Granted, that doesn't speak of ha ha funny, but he didn't start with a description of how each one was eviscerated and raped either.

>> No.33774855

>Only because you don't know how it will work out.
For every five minutes you spend having fun and not doing hero stuff, demons could be slaugtering innocent people by the hundred. But please, continue to enjoy yourself with the tweenage princess and her loli advisors Mr 18th century pirate.

>> No.33774970

The meeting was clearly discussing how shocking the mere two hundred people dying was, I doubt hundreds are dying every minute.

You act like we're going to ignore things that are important when the biggest decision we've made so far was "I wanna be a pirate" and "Holy shit something completely out of my experience is freaking me out."

>> No.33774980

Well, we've barely done anything yet, so I can't be sure how it's all going to pan out. But I do note that in the OP it discusses shit happening when a barrier went down temporarily, which would mean that this stuff only happens in specific locations for short windows, and so it doesn't matter at all if we have time doing R&R so long as we run off to wherever the problem is as soon as we get notified.

>> No.33775032

The opening was not meant to set the tone, but rather the prologue of the story and the main plot that we will be dealing with as the story progresses. I doubt we will be having demon attacks every fucking day, since the Opening post made it clear that this is an extremely rare occurrence that has now alarmed the world leaders.
It will likely be the distant storm on the horizon, not the everlasting dark cloud that shrouds the entire Quest in it's menacing folds.

>> No.33775060


Alright, I don't trust the quest, but you do make a fair point. I'd still like the other guy to run his version, but I will contain my bitchiness and give another couple of threads a chance.

>> No.33775137

That's all we can ask anon.

>> No.33775625

Anyone still here?

>> No.33776985

Wow this exploded overnight

Please don't think that much of '200' people dying. I'm not going to grimdark the quest or the setting. The show mentioned people dying in demon attacks frequently, which is why the special squad was made in the first place.

Also please sage from here on out, I wasn't planning on continuing today.

>> No.33777053

And adding to this, that's why Yukikaze from the show didn't have a family and was living with a demon hunter, her entire village was lost to a demon attack.

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