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You are Zhu Xing, from the city of Xu Chang. Together with Liu Biao's forces, you've defeated and driven back Yuan Shu. You are now spending time at Jing province, in an effort to get information and better understanding of the area. Cai Mao attempts to scheme with you.

Character Profile: http://pastebin.com/UTDjnUuX
Past threads: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/search/subject/three%20kingdoms%20quest/

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After your inquiry on the matter of succession, Liu Biao nods thoughtfully. Not wishing to keep such a delicate subject around for too long, he quickly moves on to discuss the affairs of the land with you.

“The lords and various leaders of this land wish to expand their territory and build their power. To be quite honest, I am content with Jing and the lands it holds. I wish to protect it and keep it safe more than to look for ways to take other territories. I think it is better for people to be content with what they have, than to desire more.”

You cannot completely agree with Liu Biao. You are a man of ambition, a man who seeks to mark your name down in the history books and work to become one of the best warriors in the land. You follow Lu Bu, in the hopes that his prowess can unite the land. Liu Biao may be a good person in a sense, but you cannot help but think him weak. Perhaps Jing would really be off better in Lu Bu's hands...

“What would you say of the lords that currently hold the land?”

>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

Yuan Shu

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>>Cao Cao
>Yuan Shao
>Yuan Shu

Yuans a shit

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>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

>Yuan Shu


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>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

Yuan Shu

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>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

Yuan Shu

Might change my vote, but Yuan Shu is our enemy and Cao Cao is getting way too powerful.

Ambivalent on Yuan Shao but he could be useful in the future.

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>Cao Cao
>half-hearted praise

>Yuan Shao

>Yuan Shu

>> No.33735032

>>Cao Cao
>>grudging praise

>>Yuan Shao

>Yuan Shu

Because Cao Cao is actually competent but still an asshole for taking control of the emperor.

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Cow Cow

Yuan Shao

Yuan Shoe
Insult harder

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I never understood why his name wasn't anglicized to tsao tsao

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It is, in some systems. That's what you get when your language doesn't fucking have an alphabet (although Arabic does have an alphabet, and it still has this problem).

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>General Tsao's chicken~

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>Cao Cao
He's an asshole, but he's a successful asshole

>Yuan Shao
Unsuccessful asshole. Especially since he won't get temporary help from Lu Bu.

Yuan Shu

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>Cao Cao
>Neutral with some praise

>Yuan Shao
>Neutral with some praise

>Yuan Shu
>Insult hard

At this time, yuan shao and cao cao are the two most powerful warlords at the moment, so they deserve respect. However we don't know their baseline competencies in character, even though cao cao is by far the better commander and ruler.

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>Cao Cao

praise, defends the emperor

>Yuan Shao

no comment

>Yuan Shu

insult, he was weak

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>Cao Cao
He did clean up our mess
>Yuan Shao
>Yuan Shu
incompetent, an asshole and already attacking us

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>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

Yuan Shu

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Fuck Yuan Shu

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>yuan shao and cao cao are the two most powerful warlords at the moment

That doesn't mean Liu Biao likes either of them. In fact it just may mean the opposite.

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So are we set on sending that bottle/jar of good wine and a letter to Sun Ce?

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Fuck off with your idiot fucking plans. no.

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No, stop trying to push that stupid idea.

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I don't care either way, but don't expect miracles.

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the amount of power they have demands at least a little respect.


>> No.33735245

Hell yes

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There's literally nothing to be gained from it, just wait until we see him in person next

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Fine with rivalfuing him, but don't expect anything useful other than promises to kill each other.

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the more you try to befriend Sun Ce with out any in-game reason, the more the rest of the thread will want to not do that because spite. Stop pushing Sun Ce.

-sincerely, guy who likes Sun Ce but understands we should talk about something different this thread, like our actual plan s

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Rolled 86

Sure, why not

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True, but we are a man that respects power, which is why we are following Lu Bu in the first place.

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I miss our qt cultured waifu

>Cao Cao

>Yuan Shao

>Yuan Shu

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Would be a fairly interesting IC action.

I don't expect we'll get anything out of it but continued exchange of letters and friendly rivalry will be great.

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Used goods by now, anon.

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1. paranoia in Yuan shu's court
2. we are at least attempting to be amicable
3. Rivalfuing

he gave us a good fight its totally in character for Zhu xing to appreciate Sun ce

maybe one day anon ;.;

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But then again we might not have gone the Wu-Bu route then.

>Lose the city, lose the waifu, players demand revenge and stay in Xuchang

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Not sure about no ingame reasoning.

Hes the first that really pushed us to the brink in a duel, we both fought well and the duel was interrupted by the battle.

The wine as a consolation and the letter simply praising his strength and a expressing a desire to match prowess with him once more is fairly IC.

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Well, since the retard namefag is supporting this plan, it's obviously terrible.

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>pushed us to the brink
>beat the shit out of him
>took no wounds in return


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It's a mix of both. Zhu Xing could tell IC that Sun Ce was stronger than he, but Zhu Xing beat the shit out of Sun Ce as well.

We haven't really dueled that much to be honest. Yu Mi was a joke, and we only sparred with Lu Bu and Lu Lingqi.

I guess 2-0 duel record is technically a perfect record.

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It might cast suspicion on us, in the Three Kingdoms setting sending letters to an enemy pretty much screams collusion

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You take a moment to take a drink from your cup, before answering Liu Biao's question.

“Besides my lord and yourself Lord Liu Biao, the three other contending powers are Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, and Yuan Shu. I have to say that Cao Cao is indeed a clever warlord, and one cannot help but admire the foundation he has built up. However... He is also a dangerous man who is using the Emperor for his own ends, and he will not be content until he not only has Yang, but Jing as well. I think it would be best that we look at him with caution together, Lord Liu Biao,” you state. In some ways you see Cao Cao as a great talented man, but he is your enemy. You think that it is best to make sure Liu Biao feels Cao Cao is his enemy as well.

“Yuan Shao is an incompetent man who fills his court with sycophants and petty officials. He is a man who uses his name to garner power, but is otherwise of no talent. If it were not for his ancestors, he would have been dead and grounded in to the dust long ago.”

“As for Yuan Shu, he is an idiot and a buffoon,” you say with a disgusted face and with scorn. “He is like Yuan Shao, but likely with mental illness. If not for his name, he too would have perished long ago. We should remove that man from his base of power together, Lord Liu Biao.”

Liu Biao laughs. He agrees with your assessment for the most part, besides that of Yuan Shao.

“It would bode well not to underestimate that man,” Liu Biao says. "I think that he will take all of Hebei soon, and no doubt hold the most powerful army..."

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Nah we didn't marry her before the capital was taken so at Cao Cao will ignore her for now.

>> No.33735427

I think it'd be a good idea. Say something along the lines of "Let us meet again, whether it be to cross blades or share wine I will be content." On one hand maybe get good rival to finally challenge us, on the other maybe get a person who will work alongside us while pushing us to better ourselves.

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More likely cast suspicion on him. We have no reason to go to a weakling like Yuan Shu and Lu Bu understands seeking a worthy foe.

>> No.33735456

You talk with Liu Biao for a bit more, the lord treating you well and with courtesy. In due time the meeting ends, and Liu Biao stands.

“I shall not take more of your time, General. I am busy with administering these lands, and I would hope for you to enjoy your time here. Please, stay as long as you would like, and feel free to take the service of any of my servants. My people and generals have treated you well, yes?”

You remember that Cai Mao has requested for you to besmirch Huang Zu. If Huang Zu is a rival of his, it may prove fruitful to lower his support in order to maintain those who would be your ally in the future. What do you do?

>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect
>keep out from slandering anyone

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Thats kind of the point.

Our faith in Lu Bu's cause is not in doubt but Yuan Shu is a bitch and if it strokes his paranoia, he might expel sun ce, either making it easier to kill both, or even better, obtain their services.

>> No.33735461

>>keep out from slandering anyone


>> No.33735474

>keep out from slandering anyone

the Internal conflict may come to a head soon but I don't think we should cast the first stone.

>> No.33735491

>>keep out from slandering anyone

Huang Zu is a punkass, but I don't think Zhu Xing is the type to slander others for political gain.

Also, it might backfire on us anyway.

>> No.33735495

>keep out from slandering anyone

>> No.33735497

>keep out from slandering anyone

We don't have the pol for this

>> No.33735500

>keep out from slandering anyone
No need to do so. We value competency. His isn't really in doubt, and we can forgive him for doubting ours without seeing its proof.

>> No.33735501

>>keep out from slandering anyone

>> No.33735512

>>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect

We're attempting to change up the successsion already. It would be in our best interest to weaken the opposing faction

>> No.33735524

keep out from slandering others

>> No.33735571

>keep out from slandering anyone

>> No.33735576

>>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect
You people realize Raian is pretty much telling us that slandering him is the best way with
>If Huang Zu is a rival of his, it may prove fruitful to lower his support in order to maintain those who would be your ally in the future.

This is one of his hints.

>> No.33735612

>colluding with Cai Mao
>expecting any good of it to come in the long term

If one finger brings oil, anon.

>> No.33735613

>>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect

We've really thrown our lot in with the other faction. If we do not do this, we make more trouble for our allies and our faction in the long run.

Needs must.

>> No.33735619

>>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect

While I'm not confident about it, I worry about our position if we do not provide our ally with full support.

More like Xing's 72 INT stat at work. He's probably right, but it's not certain.

>> No.33735637

We've already crossed that bridge. Half efforts at this point just weaken us.

>> No.33735641


But by promoting the younger son, we've already done so.

>> No.33735660

At the same time, Zhu Xing isn't the most subtle man of the Han.There's a reason why people used analogies when expressing dissatisfaction with teir colleagues. Besides, when the Cai Mao-Huang Zu civil war breaks out on it's own Cai Mao knows he can call on us.

>> No.33735673

>>subtly slander Huang Zu and state he has treated you with disrespect

>> No.33735709

>I leave for one thread and you guys are fellating the Cai family

>> No.33735713

>keep out from slandering anyone
While there are benefits to furthering Cai Mao's cause, I would prefer neither faction curbstomps the other so they'll be more grateful in the end. Same as Cai Mao's plan to do to us if we picked luring in the battle.

>> No.33735715

>>Cai Mao knows he can call on us.
This is not certain. We should demonstrate that he has our full support.

>> No.33735744

Cao Mao is the uncle-in-law of Lord Lu Bu's daughter. Their support is essential in order to not make an enemy of Jing.

>> No.33735749


Thats... not likely to happen. Huang Zu was killed in the succession crisis and Liu Biao's elder son was driven into exile.

>> No.33735785


1. That's meta as fuck
2. It was Sun Quan that killed Huang Zu. The same Sun Quan who can't get established because we took over Wu?

>> No.33735799

Its a problem of succession.

If one side doesn't completely remove the other, the opportunity for backstabbery will always remain. Thus they will look to kill and smash the opposing faction into the ground.

>> No.33735810

Stop metagaming.

>> No.33735828

"I have been treated most well by your subjects, and I am grateful for your hospitality," you respond back, deciding not to partake in any mudslinging. "Generals Cai Mao and Huang Zu are capable; with them, Jing should be safe from harm."

"I am glad to hear of it. If you need anything, please feel free to ask," Liu Biao says with a nod and smile. With a gentle hand on your back, he sees you out of the court in a friendly and respectful fashion.

You rest for a week at Jing. As Liu Biao has said, you are treated well and given servants to attend to your needs. You hear that back in Yang, Lu Bu and Chen Gong are wrapping their own campaign up. Jian Ye is being administered well by Yan Jun and it seems Yuan Shu will not make further attacks. You still have some time to spend in Jing which is peaceful and rich, and it is not uncustomary for envoys and visitors to other lands to stay there for a bit before returning to their own lands.

What do you do for a bit of your time?
>study and train (Choose a stat)
>visit one of Liu Biao's officers (Choose, list if you need)

>> No.33735830

Forgot my picture.

Doesn't matter, he'll screw us in the end either way.

>> No.33735834


Provide the list to us.

>> No.33735861

>>study and train (Choose a stat)

We seriously need /pol/

>> No.33735868


God, no. We can train any other stat except pol.

>> No.33735869

>>visit one of Liu Biao's officers (Choose, list if you need)
Liu Cong

Pay our respects and meet with Lu Bu's daughter.

We need to assure him of our mutual alliance, that Lu Bu's forces will match to his defence and see if the eldest daughter will want to have a letter brought back to her family.

>> No.33735890

>study and train (Int)

/pol/ is our dumpstat
>Inb4 wei fags crying ''MUH BENEVOLENCE''

>> No.33735891

>visit one of Liu Biao's officers (Choose, list if you need)
Liu Cong to met Lu Bu's other daughter.

>> No.33735898

If both sides end up suffering there's always the potential Lu Bu sweep in as 'father in law of the heir' and take control

>> No.33735908

List first before choosing anything else.
Maybe train INT or CHR

>> No.33735909

Shufags, anon. Shufags.

>> No.33735913

Seconded, visiting Lu Bu's son-in-law is a no-brainer.

>> No.33735923

>>study and train (CHA)
>>study and train (INT)
I'm good with either of these

>> No.33735948

Liu Cong pls

>> No.33735949


>> No.33735950

Actually, yeah. Lets find out what this dude we're supporting is like.

>> No.33735952


Yeah, I thought that was what we were planning. Cai Mao and Huang Zu weaken each other, then Lu Bu sweeps in and "elevates" Liu Cong to governor.

Cai Mao loses leverage because he had to bailed out by Lu Bu and we can remove him from the equation afterwards.

>> No.33735955

We aren't gonna be administrators or subject someone to military law anytime soon(I think), charisma would be useful to recruit guys who can do it for us.

I vote for this

>> No.33735964

I guess I'll vote to visit Liu Cong as well.

>> No.33735982

>visit one of Liu Biao's officers (Choose, list if you need)

Liu Cong, but just provide the list to us in advance in the future please. Most players aren't going to wait for the list to vote.

>> No.33736010


This choice is abit easier since everyone has probably been wiking every damn officer in the faction.

>> No.33736012

>>Visit Liu Cong
We should see how Lu Bu's daughter is fairing. Probably give us something to talk to Linqi about later. Plus it's probably a good political move

>> No.33736026

>visit one of Liu Biao's officers (Choose, list if you need)
Liu Cong. We have a reason because of Lu Bu's daughter, and it allows us to learn about the guy we are supporting.

>> No.33736064

When we get back, we should visit the Lu household and not just Lu Bu or Lingqi.

I find it extremely odd that up to know, we aren't really even acquainted with Diao Chan.

That this letter will have portions addressed to everyone in her family will probably help the 'go to the Lu household' option.

>> No.33736081

Nah. If that were true we'd pick one of the actually good generals.

>> No.33736106

>I find it extremely odd that up to know, we aren't really even acquainted with Diao Chan.

I'd rather we not get halberd in face on suspicion of moving in on Lu Bu's girl. That's just how gorilla packs (and military cliques) work.

>> No.33736132

Actually, this brings up a good point. How will lu bu react to us going after lingqi?

>> No.33736155


Fairly pleased I expect. Lu Bu married off his oldest daughter to some Liu scrub. He should be happy that his daughter is marrying his most trusted officer.

>> No.33736168

Lingqi is obviously his favorite, though. He might get overprotective.

>> No.33736170

Point but I was more thinking of needing to get the mother's approval for wedding lingqi, hence getting to know her abit.

Besides as one of Lu Bu's best friends, I just find it strange we don't know each other at least abit.

>> No.33736175

Are we even still his most trusted officer? We haven't seen him in a while and don't know what's happening in his court.

>> No.33736186

She's not Linqui's mother. They may not even get along at all.

>> No.33736189


not unless she has a time machine.

>> No.33736190

>>We haven't seen Lu Bu senpai since thread 6.

>> No.33736202

Hmm, we're really good friends with him. He'd probably be ok with it. Also Chen Gong seems to be helping us. He really covered for us when we said we were taking Linqi with us. He'd probably help convince Lu Bu if there was a problem

>> No.33736207


Yup. We have really high relationships with him and his drunken antics only confirmed that.

He likes Zhang Liao and Taishi Ci, but he considers Zhu Xing a friend.

We also kinda kicked ass in conquering the Southlands and repelling Yuan Shu.

>> No.33736209

>We finally stopped pursuing Lu Bu.

>> No.33736232

We really need to convince him to give Zhang Liao an independent command. It'd hurt not having him with us, but he's probably the best all around general in our faction right now.

>> No.33736245

He trusted us with 1/2 of his army, I'm pretty sure we are.

>> No.33736252


We've done absolutely nothing to cast doubt on our commitment to Lu Bu's cause.


No shes not but perhaps I should have said stepmother.

Lu Bu's first wife apparently never made it out of the capital when the Four Fuckers attacked and conquered it. Since we've heard nothing on the issue, I'm just assuming that events happened as they did in history

>> No.33736285


From Raian:

>Chen Gong is definitely glad you're there, and hopes you'll be an asset if Lu Bu ever decides to make a dumb decision.

Which looks like a good thing for us.

>> No.33736333

I still vote for holding a war council with Chen Gong and Zhang Liao about how to pursue Lingqi

shit would be so cash

>> No.33736340

I was kind of hoping we could replace Zhang Liao in the Mighty Trinity.

>> No.33736349

Liu Cong, the second son of Liu Biao. He is the man that Cai Mao wants to put up as Liu Biao's successor, and you have heard some tales from Cai Mao that he is talented and loved by the people. You think it is best to see for yourself what the man is like to better circumstance the future. It might also prove fruitful to see how Lu Bu's daughter is doing... So you can report back to Lingqi about her and gain her gratefulness.

You pay a visit to Liu Cong's residence. As son of the lord, he is given a nice palace near the governmental complex and his establishment looks well-maintained. You inform one of the servants outside that you have come to visit, and in a matter of minutes, you see a young man coming out. The young man, with smiles, greets you by holding your hands and bowing.

"It is an honor! An honor to be visited by such a prestigious general!" the young man says with a smile. "I am Liu Cong, an unworthy fellow. Please, do come in."

As rumors stated, Liu Cong is handsome with good features on his face and well-groomed hair. His clothing is neat as well, and you can see why people might like him. Liu Cong sits you down.

"Pray tell, to what do I owe you the pleasure of, General?"

>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her
>Address the issue of Cai Mao and his support of Liu Cong

(I am out for about 20-30 minutes)

>> No.33736361

>>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

>> No.33736370

While sure to be funny, we are literally not in the place to do that right now.

>>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

>> No.33736377

>>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
if a second option is possible, then
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

>> No.33736384

>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

>> No.33736413

>>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

Congratulate him on his marriage to Lu Bu's daughter. Try to get a feel for how will shape Jing in the future, whether he is an unambitious man like his father or not.

>> No.33736415

What are this nigger's stats, anyway? Is he useful at all?

>> No.33736431

>>state you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing.
>>state you want to get to know him better! and ask some personal questions

>> No.33736439

I think it's safe to say we already have, anon.

>> No.33736441

>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

This is a fact-finding mission not a plot in the open meeting.

>> No.33736484


We already did.

>> No.33736492

>>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her
>>>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions

Our priority is Lord Lu Bu's daughter, but we should definitely get to know Liu Cong as well.

>> No.33736495

>>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

>> No.33736505

>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

Why not do one better and hold it with Lingqi's sister since she's the one who is actually here?

>> No.33736510

Absolutely. Once Jing is under Lu Bu control or if we have to use force to take it Cai Mao's gotta go. He's too untrustworthy to keep around. We should talk to Chen Gong about how he'd like to deal with him. If he sees a chance to further improve his family's station by throwing Lu Bu under the bus I fully expect he'll do so in a heartbeat. He showered us with praise and lavish treatment in order to get us to further his cause, but that means he thinks we're a simple greedy bandit lord that can be bought with kind words and expensive wine. It's a little insulting and nothing to get openly angry about, but he likely thinks he has Zhu Xing's measure. One day we should be sure dissuade him of that notion.

>> No.33736532

An average civil officer, not bad not good. A terrible general and warrior.

>> No.33736548

>Why not do one better and hold it with Lingqi's sister since she's the one who is actually here?
Let's do it.

>> No.33736572

I-I'm kind of trying to get with ur sister. Do you know her favorite color/food/instrument?

>> No.33736574


Is it appropriate in ancient China to get an one-on-one audience with a married woman?

I honestly don't know so I thought I might ask

>> No.33736592

She wouldn't believe us.

>> No.33736609

Probably not. But there's no problem with Liu Cong sitting in. Other than embarrassment.

>> No.33736611

Cai Mao is still a good naval commander. We can still use him

>> No.33736644

So now that rumors are floating that we're pursuing Lingqi, what's our plan when Lu Bu hears of it?

I say we state our honorable intentions plainly. That's the only approach Lu Bu will respect. We've got a good enough relationship with him and Lingqi that it just might work.

>> No.33736646

It's kinda our shtick.
We manifest spaghetti.

>> No.33736665

Remind him of the conversation we had in chang an. Tell him we know what he feels like, now.

>> No.33736702

After we meet with Liu Cong and Lu Lingqi, anyone want to go for a friendly spar with Liu Biao's strongest officer? (Whoever that might be?)

It would be fun, boost our WAR (maybe), and raise our reputation among Liu Biao's officers as well.

>> No.33736722


That would probably be Gan Ning.

>> No.33736727


Uh, not Lingqi, her sister I mean.

>> No.33736735

>State you want to get to know him better, and ask him some personal questions
>State you wanted to know how Lu Bu's daughter is doing, and ask about her

I don't think it is, but asking to see her while in the company of her husband should be doable since we are acting as a representative of her father and can claim to be checking on her on behalf of her father's paternal affection. You know see how she's adjusting to her new home, if she has any messages she'd like to send home or anything she'd like to ask be sent to her.

>> No.33736745


>> No.33736752

>Gan Ning

Is it time to go a-recruitin'?

>> No.33736764

So long as Chen Gong can corral his politicking yeah, his naval skill may make him worth keeping around.

>> No.33736768


Hes under Huang Zu.

You think we'll get a chance?

>> No.33736769

It's unlikelyimpossible we'll get another turn in Jing.

>> No.33736780

Wasn't that Wen Ping fellow a good naval officer as well? (The guy who lead the vanguard and kicked ass)

If we can find enough talented naval officers, Cai Mao might be too much trouble to keep around.

But honestly I would defer to Chen Gong on this anyway.

>> No.33736821

Oh heck yeah!

It's still worth a try.

>> No.33736845


Anon, we can't poach our ally's officers for obvious reasons. If we really want them, we'll have to wait until the succession crisis breaks out.

>> No.33736914

>we can't poach our ally's officers for obvious reasons

It ain't a crime if you don't get caught and we all know how great Gan Ning is at subterfuge.

>> No.33736953


It's pretty obvious what happened if an officer deserts/leaves and goes to join your ally's forces.

Unless you want him to wear a mask all the time and become the General of Manifest Luchadores.

>> No.33736967

Agreed, he may not be infallible, but Chen Gong has decent enough sense that he could point us in the right direction and we can clean up any messes from lack of foresight (we're the third part of the Lu Bu/Chen Gong divide and are positioned to act as the clean up crew and support structure of the faction so long as we choose to do so and don't fuck up).

Speaking of Wen Ping we should do our best to poach him if possible, I don't recall if he was masterful at naval combat but I do remember he was bad ass enough to warrant using as a general.

Though yeah, it'll have to come after Liu Biao passes.

>> No.33736980

>become the General of Manifest Luchadores
I bet Gan Ning could and would do that.

>> No.33736990

>become the General of Manifest Luchadores

Anon I'm not seeing a problem here

>> No.33736996

>Gan Ning becomes Char.

>> No.33736997

>putting anything past Gan Ning

>> No.33737051

Sorry guys, I don't see how anything other than rolling three 100s would get us to to safely walk away with Gan Ning.

>> No.33737059

With our luck it'd be three 1's

>> No.33737085

>Gan Ning explodes and Liu Biao thinks it was us


>> No.33737104

>Spaghetti is found on the scene, further implicating us.

>> No.33737120


Who is it?

It must be the General!

Which one?

The General who Manifests Spaghetti~

>> No.33737141

No! It wasn't me!
>manifests spaghetti
Well shit.

>> No.33737208

At least we'll never go hungry

>> No.33737248

“I have heard much about your talents,” you state to Liu Cong with a genial smile. “Lord Liu Biao has said much about you, and I was hoping to get to know you better?”

“Ahh... Father has praised me? That is... good to hear,” Liu Cong says with embarrassment and a small chuckle.

“Please, tell me about yourself. How goes your studies? Do you possess any hobbies, my Lord?”

“Me? Well, there's nothing interesting about me...” Liu Cong replies as he sits down and pours you some wine. “I've studied some politics and administration, but I am afraid that I do not have too much the knack for it. I think I can do well enough, but in regards to men like my own father and Master Kuai Yue, I think I fall greatly under.”

Liu Cong seems genuine and humble, you think. It is for this reason that people probably like him.

“I do some writing and art on my spare time. Actually, would you like to see one of my works?” he asks as he takes out a scroll from a cabinet and hands it to you. You open it up, and it is poetry writing. While you are not familiar in this matter... Even you can tell it is just mediocre. It is not bad per say, but not excelling either. It seems Liu Cong is correct when he assesses himself as okay but no talented. You give him some praises there regardless.

“How is Lady Lu doing?” you ask.

“Ahhh, she is doing quite fine! Would you like to see her?” He goes to one of the other rooms, and motions with his hands for someone to come. Lady Lu comes out with a perky smile.

“General Zhu Xing is it?” she says with a bright look. Compared to Lingqi, you can tell the elder sister is much more open and of happy personality.

“How do you fare? Is my father doing well?”

>Ask her how things are going here
>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

>> No.33737275

>Ask her how things are going here

>> No.33737284

>Ask her how things are going here

And then ask her about Lingqi!

>> No.33737292

>>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits
Give her news about lingqi, since we only know stuff about lu bu second-hand.

>> No.33737297

>>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

She asked us about how her father is, so we should tell her first.

>> No.33737300

>Ask her how things are going here
>Talk to her about your future exploits with her sister

>> No.33737312

>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

>> No.33737336

>>Ask her how things are going here
>>Tell her of her sister and father

>> No.33737337

Anyone else a bit surprised that this political marriage looks like it is actually working out for the participants?

>> No.33737342

>talk to her about the southlands and your recent exploits.

But dont make it sound like it was scary. Stress her father winning without much difficulty and us being really cool.

>> No.33737355

>Ask her how things are going here
Tell her, her Father is doing well at least, but we don't know much about recent events.
And then talk about Lingqi.

Funnily enough as soon as Raian posted, Lu Bu's theme started in my playlist.

>> No.33737358

>>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

And pause and sigh when Lingqi's name comes up. That'll get Lady Lu's attention since she's much more socially adapted than Lingqi is.

Nothing like asking the elder sibling on what to do to attract their younger sibling's attention, eh? Wink wink nudge nudge whistle!

>> No.33737366

>us being really cool.
Nah, we've never boasted about anything, really. Play up our generals.

>> No.33737371

>>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

Tell her about her sister as well.

>Ask her how things are going here

She seems happy enough here

>> No.33737377

Haha, this

I like you, anon. I like you, and I want you.

>> No.33737389

>and I was hoping to get to know you better?”

General of Manifest Spaghetti indeed

>> No.33737392

Not really. Political marriages do work out better on average than modern marriages based on "love".

>> No.33737411

That's only because divorce was harder back then.

>> No.33737416

>>Talk to her about the Southlands and your recent exploits

Don't emphasize our accomplishments, we're not one to brag.

>> No.33737417

us meaning our force, obviously. Dont forget, this is Lu Bu's daughter. She has to hear "strongest in the land" every day. She'll be okay with a couple boasts about our own accomplishments.

>> No.33737429


Both parties tend to know what's at stake so they try to not fuck things up, not to mention the whole "honor thy ancestors lest ye be condemned to a thousand deaths in the underworld" or whatever Buddhist/Confucian hell was.

>> No.33737437


If we do this, we should assure him of our assistance in any defence matters.

As they have ridden to us, so too shall we ride to them.

>> No.33737457


>> No.33737488

And my spaghetti

>> No.33737491

It's kind of by the default that we'll help Lu Bu's daughter and her husband. I don't think he actually knows what is going on and if he doesn't, it's best not to be the one who gives him that clue.

>> No.33737526


Some reassurance would help. Especially in person by one of Lu Bu's top generals.

>> No.33737547


If he doesn't know anything, which he likely doesn't based on his personality, reassurances will make it worse.

>> No.33737554


>> No.33737593

My point is that giving it to Liu Cong himself would make things worse if he doesn't know anything. Liu Cong may not agree with being pushed forward if his brother is willing to fight for it. Or if generals are willing to fight in their names.

>> No.33737636


Oh, I'm not going about backing that power play.

I meant just reassurances on the mutual defence pact against outsiders.

>> No.33737647

Someone like him is likely to get startled by such a revelation. He'll likely make inquiries, and I don't think we can predict what the consequences would be.

>> No.33737707

"We have recently taken control of Yang," you begin. "I have defeated Wang Lang, and Lord Lu Bu has defeated Yan Baihu. The campaign was long and arduous, but we did well..."

You go on a bit about the battles and victories won here and there at the Southlands. Lady Lu nods every so often and keeps her attention on you, though you notice that she is doing it out of respect and etiquette... A woman like her likely has little interest and knowledge of how war goes, and the topic on hand does not sway in her direction. Still, Liu Cong is impressed and he actually listens with keen interest.

You decide to bring up Lingqi, in hopes that the elder sister might help you. You attempt to subtly bring her up by talking of her accomplishments and then asking Lady Lu about how Lingqi was as a child. Unfortunately, you are not subtle enough to bypass Lady Lu who laughs.

"My, are you by chance interested in my sister, General?" she says in a good fashion. Liu Cong laughs as well, and you cannot help but admit it.

"Lingqi is not like me, or other ladies," Lady Lu says. "As you can tell, she is much more like the other men and acts rough. Lingqi..." she pauses and sighs for a moment. "Lingqi is a lonely girl. She does not talk much, and she puts a barrier around herself. She follows my father... and I think she may be afraid that he might die and she might become alone. General, it would be great if you could become her friend and earn her trust and be there for her. Treat her as you would do a good friend, and I am sure she will open up to you."

You talk a bit more with Liu Cong and his wife before departing.

"Good fortune for your future battles, General," Liu Cong says as he sees you out. "And in your pursuit of love," he says with a laugh.

>> No.33737715

That's fine if we said it in general or to Liu Biao or his generals. Their external threats are dealt with. Telling it to Liu Cong directly implies something else and he's smart enough to pick up that we felt the need to say that because something is going on.

>> No.33737729

Jing province is a great and vast land full of wealth. You notice many people have traveled here to live her, away from the large scale wars and banditry of the north. Perhaps you would do well to recruit someone from here... Though your political acumen and networking skills are a bit lacking. It might take some luck to find a truly exceptional person, but you decide to try anyway and search for some talent.

Roll 1d100. First three.

>> No.33737737

Rolled 42


Exceptional Person Please

>> No.33737740

Rolled 74


>> No.33737745


Welp, them's the breaks on the advice roll.

>> No.33737747

Rolled 63



>> No.33737748

Rolled 31


>> No.33737749

Rolled 56

Let's do this.

>> No.33737751

Rolled 37

>"Lingqi is a lonely girl. She does not talk much, and she puts a barrier around herself. She follows my father... and I think she may be afraid that he might die and she might become alone. General, it would be great if you could become her friend and earn her trust and be there for her. Treat her as you would do a good friend, and I am sure she will open up to you."


Did we choose best waifu or did we choose best motherfucking waifu!?


>> No.33737768


We truely are the general who manifests spaghetti

>> No.33737781


59.7? That's not bad I guess

>> No.33737786

I'm kind of surprised at you people. Lingqi is really easy to read - her entire thing is that she's big into devotion and loyalty, and she thinks she has to be the successor to Lu Bu because he has no sons. So she tries to turn herself into a colossal badass while fighting her own temperment and traditions which say she is wrong for doing so.

>> No.33737842

Well, it's still useful to hear someone else confirm it.

I'm disappointed we didn't at least offer to deliver a letter, though.

>> No.33737845

So if 100 is Gan Ning with a Luchadore mask what would a 60 be?

>> No.33737854


A no-name with Bunny Ears?

>> No.33737925

Two more people on the list of 'people who know Zhu Xing has a crush on Lu Lingqi'

>> No.33737929

We're going to need to ask Chen Gong to send someone out here to scout around a bit. A properous city tends to attract highly talented individuals.

I'm sure Liu Biao and his staff wouldn't mind us lifting one or two scholars away from Jing Province.

>> No.33737930

So Xu Shu? He can hop really high in DW8.

>> No.33737934

maybe another administrator?
or perhaps since we're so military heavy its a powerful warrior like Gan Ning (since his overall impact is lesser than a Gan Ning level administrator)?

>> No.33737942

That list is at least 5000 people long at this point, anon.lingqi isn't on it

>> No.33737959


I wonder if Diao Chan and Lu Bu have any idea.

>yfw the whole court is taking side bets when they're finally gonna get together

>> No.33737962

Considering the whole army is likely making scuttlebutt about it that's not that big a deal.

>> No.33737968


>> No.33737980

>Chen Gong
>Zhang Liao
>All other subordinate generals
>Every soldier in our army
>Lu Bu's eldest daughter and her husband

The only ones who don't know are Lu Bu and Lingqi. As expected of the Lu clan.

>> No.33737994

Your search for talent does not find much success, though you do hear of some talented people around the area you can recruit. You have the chance to employ one person, who do you choose?

>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher
>a rumored retired Yellow Turban officer, who has taken to studying in Jing

>> No.33738007

Yes, that's the general consensus of the people watching our spaghetti sideshow.

>> No.33738015

>>a rumored retired Yellow Turban officer, who has taken to studying in Jing

>> No.33738025

>>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

We got a shitload of warriors and barely enough administrators/scholars. Diversity is needed.

>> No.33738034


>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

I don't know if I trust them yellow turban guys.

>> No.33738035

>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

we're really officer heavy, need administrators or whatever this guy is.

>> No.33738044

>>a rumored retired Yellow Turban officer, who has taken to studying in Jing

>> No.33738047

>>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

Propagandist found?

>> No.33738074

>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher
Pen is mightier than the sword and all.

>> No.33738080

>>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

Around Yellow Turbans, don't lay down your burdens.

>> No.33738098

>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher

we need Brains more than brawn at this point in time

>> No.33738106

>inb4 It's the guy we had thrown in jail.

>> No.33738107

>>a man said to be a talented writer and calligrapher
We all understand now we Have to send letters. I'm not saying even for that Sun Ce plan, just in general it's a golden opportunity

>> No.33738108

>>A man said to be a talented calligrapher
Considering we used to work for Dong Zhuo the yellow turban fellow may not like us too much

>> No.33738143

>>a rumored retired Yellow Turban officer, who has taken to studying in Jing

Yellow Turbans are rad as hell.

>> No.33738147


I bet Zhang Liao ships it. I never thought I'd get to say that in all my life.

>> No.33738175


When the wedding is finally announced, no one looks surprised.

>> No.33738190

Around Yellow Turbans, don't close your curtains.

Around Yellow Turbans, protect your Germans.

Around Yellow Turbans, assert assertions.

>> No.33738198

....i can see that

>> No.33738211


Yellow Turbans did nothing wrong!

>> No.33738228

You decide to pay the man know for his writing a visit. You are informed by the locals that he is at the local tavern, and you make your way through the city to travel there. On an open outside tavern, you see the rumored man at a table sitting before a Go board. You walk to him, and greet him.

"Play a game with me," he remarks, not looking up and starting at the Go board with a hand on his chin.

Well... You may as well indulge the man if you're trying to recruit him...

>play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces
>play defensively and attempt to counter your opponent
Roll 1d100, best of three

>> No.33738239

>Lu Bu and Lingqi find out. Both of them say you have to beat them in combat in order to marry her. End up fighting the two of them at the same time.

>Pursuit in the Lu ends in pain.

>> No.33738250

Rolled 18

Play aggressively

>> No.33738253

Rolled 34

>>play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces

>> No.33738254

Rolled 50

>>play defensively and attempt to counter your opponent

>> No.33738257

Rolled 55

>>play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces

>> No.33738260

Rolled 6

>play defensively and attempt to counter your opponent

>> No.33738267

>>play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces

>> No.33738274

>Best of three

The dice gods really hate us, huh?

>> No.33738279


Aaaaand the wheel of mediocrity strikes again.

Seriously, did we spend all of our kickass rolls in Thread 1?

>> No.33738281

>>Play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces.

>> No.33738284


We fucking suck at Go.

>> No.33738289

Rolled 28

>play defensively

>> No.33738291


Best of three

>> No.33738302

maybe he'll take pity on us...

>> No.33738305

Rolled 24

>>play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces
I believe this has been our style. But we mustn't let our comrades get hurt to badly.

>> No.33738309


>> No.33738331

We will need to pull our most practiced strategic moves to win this game *fumbles spaghetti all over board*.
>>Play in an aggressive fashion, attempting to take territory and pieces.

>> No.33738337


>Best of Aggressive is a 55.
>Best of Defensive is a 50.

Welp. We're screwed either ways. Good thing this is just a game, right? Right?

>> No.33738342

Wrong anon, this guy did nothing wrong. Most of the Yellow Turbans were actually just bandits using the Yellow Turban name to loot from hungry peasants

>> No.33738347

Maybe we can try to make it obvious we are learning from our terrible defeat? Some people might like the challenge in dealing with dullards like us. Chen Gong seems to.

>> No.33738348

I'd laugh too if I were him. "...you -are- general Zhu Xing correct? Not some noble from off the street who I mistook for him? That's you? Ah... I see. Good day then..."

>> No.33738361


No, he takes the top 3 rolls regardless of the voting decisions. It's a flat 50.

>> No.33738394

No, you're mistaken. It's make a decision and then make a roll for that decision.

Therefore, there's two branches that could go either ways. Now we just need people to decide which to go with.

>> No.33738398

We aren't really a dullard so much as young and prone to hesitance. (Losing the emperor and the capital due to a simple blunder can do that to a guy).

That's probably what happened here. We either went in way to strong and he smacked us for it or we were way to hesitant and he smacked us for it.

>> No.33738469


I am sure that's wrong.

>(Only first three rolls will count, as a note not to metagame the highest rolls)


>> No.33738524

You cherrypicker. That was for that that fight and later used strictly for duels.

Overall, the format since Thread 1 has been unchanged for general rolls.

>> No.33738535

You're insane.

>> No.33738552


Can you prove citation? I was just going through Foolz searching for Raian posts with "roll" in it.

>> No.33738569

You'd be wrong, considering the number of rolls for actions we've done

>> No.33738632

Rolled 86

Jesus Christ guys your rolls are pathetic. Let me show you how it's done.

>> No.33738646

You play the game with the man. You decide to go on the offensive and play aggressively, hoping to impress the man by soundly defeating him. Unfortunately, the man is better skilled than you and manages to counter most of your moves. You do your best and manage to maintain the board, and by the end, you are beaten but have managed to prove yourself decent.

"A simple game like this can say many things about a person," the man says at the end. "Your style of play suggests you can make abrasive actions at times. You regret the decision, then become cautious to counteract the decision. In the near future, it may be better not to be overcautious and think matters thoroughly than with fear."

The man stands, and dusts himself off.

"General Zhu Xing is it? What can this Wang Can do for you?"

You stand, and with a bow, talk to him of the future of the land and your force.

"Lord Lu Bu seeks to unite the land, and I intend to follow him to accomplish his goals. The land of Yang is in need of talented people, especially those on civil matters as we are mostly warriors and generals. I would humbly ask you, Master Wang Can, to serve our force and advise us."

"Hah... Why not. I have been keeping myself free for too long. Very well, I will join your administration. I would like to see if Lord Lu Bu's pieces can overtake the land."

Wang Can joins your forces! You talk to him for a bit before he departs for Yang.

>> No.33738660

A little slow on the draw there, champ.

>> No.33738676

You stay in Jing for a while longer. One day you see a few soldiers panicking and making their way to the administrative building. Curious, you follow and learn the details of what is going on. It seems a small rebellion has started in Jing by a relatively minor general by the name of Zhang Xian. Liu Biao orders Huang Zu to put down the rebellion.

You wonder if you should volunteer to help. Liu Biao has treated you exceptionally well, and it might also do good for your support should you aid him and Jing. However, that means you will have to take orders from Huang Zu, whom you know are not in good terms with. Should you give Liu Biao some help?

>Aid Liu Biao
>Return to Jian Ye

>> No.33738701

>>Return to Jian Ye

We don't want to get tied up here. And we also need to whip our new recruits into shape and deal with the Shanyue.

>> No.33738705

>>Return to Jian Ye

Fuck that, we ain't taking orders from a chump.

>> No.33738720

Rolled 70

Aid Liu Biao.
Try to steal as much fame from Huang Zu as possible. He is supporting the opposing faction after all.

>> No.33738725

>>Aid Liu Biao

Because Gan Ning is under him.

I. Want. Him.

>> No.33738730

>>Return to Jian Ye

>> No.33738731

>>Aid Liu Biao
The main negative from our viewpoint seems to be taking orders from a guy who doesn't like us too much. That's a small price to pay for more support in the region.

>> No.33738744

>>Aid Liu Biao

But send word to our capital of our delayed departure.

>> No.33738747

>Aid Liu Biao

He's not going to risk the wrath of Lu Bu by trying to get us killed, and he probably won't pull a Cai Mao. Also, we need to get in with Liu Biao before shit hits the fan.

>> No.33738751

>>Aid Liu Biao

>> No.33738752

>>Aid Liu Biao

Lu Bu's army has red on their ledger. By taking it upon ourselves to repay Liu Biao, we thereby reduce the amount of repayment required in the near/far future.

A little foreplanning here, gents.

>> No.33738754

>Return to Jian Ye

Wouldn't Huang Zu send us out on a suicidal mission? I don't like it.

>> No.33738765

>Return to Jian Ye

>> No.33738780

>>return to Jian Ye
Unless someone directly asks us, we probably shouldn't help. We should go back and make sure to maintain our own lands

>> No.33738787

>>>Aid Liu Biao

>> No.33738794

>Aid Liu Biao

Why pass up the opportunity for a battle simply because we have to work with an oaf?

>> No.33738796

>Aid Liu Biao

>> No.33738798

>Aid Liu Biao
The need isn't great, but they're still an ally and we still have a debt to repay.

>> No.33738800

>>Return to Jian Ye

Have you people forgotten about Meng Huo?

>> No.33738801

>Return to Jian Ye

>> No.33738808

Rolled 16

>survive the suicide mission
>gain fame
>tell Lu Biao about Huang Zu being a shit commander and risking his allies righthand mans life lightly

>> No.33738820

>>Aid Liu Biao
We do this everybody. Not so that we can help him, but so we can get close and find ways to fuck with him. Feign benevolence & stick fire up his pooper, figuratively of course. Fuck him.

>> No.33738826

>>Aid Liu Biao

>> No.33738828

Since Liu Biao option is clearly going to win, we should think of ways to prevent Huang Zu from screwing us.

Please don't volunteer for any really dangerous duties like playing decoy or bait. If Huang Zu decides he wants us out of the way, he'll just withhold support.

We should offer to duel the enemy commander, but we should be careful about any attempts to remove us or put us in dangerous positions.

>> No.33738831

He already kind of trusts us, though.

>> No.33738856


Obviously, we work closely with Gan Ning.

Treat him well and with respect.

Thats the best thing to get out of this.

>> No.33738861

Huang Zu has no real reason to fuck us. We treated him with courtesy in our first meeting, proved ourself by beating ce bloody and have done nothing against him afterwards. He might dislike us because of our relations with backstabber-kun, but it's doubtful he'd sacrifice a part of his army just for the hope of killing us.

>> No.33738878

>>Return to Jian Ye
Huang Zu is either going to try to kill us or steal all the credit. What's worse is that we're aiding the enemy of Liu Cong.

>> No.33738884

we should find himself in the enemy ranks unexpectedly then we send his head to sun ce terrible Idea I know.

>> No.33738887

>>Aid Liu Biao

First, Meng Huo's territory is in the southwest, Lu Bu's is in the southeast.
Second, Meng Huo isn't that strong until he unites the Nanman tribes against the invaders, we haven't invaded his space yet.

>> No.33738892


You can see it that way or see it as stealing his glory.

>> No.33738898

Does he even know that we've been getting involved in the whole prince off?

>> No.33738924

He knows we traveled back to Jing with whatshisface, knows we went to meet Liu Cong. So he probably thinks we're interfering.

>> No.33738934

This is a good chance to gain a sliver of glory away from Lu Bu's stable of bad asses and test ourselves as a warrior. That we will be taking steps to pay back Liu Biao for lending us aid against Yuan Shu and promote our reputation as honorable is just more reason to lend some aid.

We've also visited the younger brother though and that means we likely will back his claim, making this a good time to take us out of the picture without causing much of a fuss. Don't underestimate this guy's ability to be an asshole.

>> No.33738935


We know in-character that Huang Zu might lead Liu Qi's faction. Huang Zu knows that getting rid of Lu Bu's top general and confidante would weaken the Lu Bu faction, and Cai Mao's faction as a result. Family relations matter after all.

I'm not opposed to helping Liu Biao. I'm opposed to trusting Huang Zu and putting ourselves in really dangerous positions.

Yes to Duels, No to Decoys

>> No.33738951

>we likely will back his claim
no, it means Lu Bu will likely back his claim, which is a given considering his daughter is married to Liu Cong.

>> No.33738954

Why is he supporting the first prince anyway? Can't we get him to switch sides if we bro it up a little this campaign?

>> No.33738976

The first prince is probably more capable, even if sickly.

>> No.33738990


Unlikely since Cai Mao and Huang Zu hate each other.

Huang Zu probably has more to gain from the first prince than subordinating himself to Liu Cong, whose mother is from the Cai family.

>> No.33738999

Tradition, mate. For centuries, the seat of power has been passed down from father to his eldest son.

If someone bucks tradition, the world shakes and people freak out.

>> No.33739000

We don't know if he's actually supporting the elder son, it's just an inference that people made since Cai Mao supports the younger son and Huang Zu hates Cai Mao

>> No.33739015

“Lord Liu Biao,” you state coming forward. “I have taken much favors from you, and you have treated me most generously. Please, let me aid you and General Huang Zu in quelling this rebellion.”

Hearing this, Liu Biao is overjoyed.

“Please aid General Huang Zu is taking down this rebellion, and you would have my utmost gratitude.” Liu Biao states with a smile. On the corner of the court, Huang Zu seethes.


You travel with Huang Zu to the commandery in rebellion. Huang Zu barely acknowledges you. Near the borders of the commandery in rebellion, Huang Zu calls upon one of his subordinates.

“I am giving you two thousand men. March, and defeat these rebels.”

The man frowns slightly.

“Is that not too little to suppress this rebellion? I would think that I would at least need ten thousand...”

Huang Zu scoffs.

“What are you if you cannot even defeat a bunch of rabble? Your orders are given, now off with you.”

The man grits his teeth.

>Volunteer to go and aid the man
>Say nothing

>> No.33739017


Plus Cai Mao made the specific point of requesting that Zhu Xing snitch on Huang Zu. He wasn't exactly subtle about it.

>> No.33739051

Oh boy. I do smell a trap. But it might just be Huang Zu's Bowel movements.

>> No.33739056

>Say nothing
It's a trap.

>> No.33739060

>>Volunteer to go and aid the man

>> No.33739062

Man, this guy is a dick. Though I feel helping the poor officer is beyond our capability at this point. Do we know the name of the officer he called forward?

>> No.33739078

>>Say nothing

>> No.33739080

>>Say nothing

This is clearly a trap, we can't Dynasty Warriors this shit if we are outnumbered 5 to 1.

>> No.33739084

>Option 3: Inquire who this man is.

I refuse to act until I know who the bit player is.

>> No.33739090

If it's gan ning, we're totally helping him.

>> No.33739100


Raian did a good thing by not telling us who it is.

It's preventing us from metagaming. I hope he doesn't tell us until the decision is made in stone.

>> No.33739102

>>Volunteer to go and aid the man

>> No.33739113

>Question his abilities as a General loudly so the rest of his officers hear it, urging him to send more men
If the 2000 man thing fails they'll report that he's incompetent and I advised him to do better. Reduces his standing in court.
Or he sends more men and we can go and volunteer.

>> No.33739114

>Volunteer to go and aid the man

Dissent in the ranks eh? funny things happen when soldiers are unhappy a slip formation, missing supplies, orders not being received, guards missing at a critical moment.......

>> No.33739123

>It's probably a trap, but we should go aid the man if we have our own force.

>> No.33739137


I'm pretty sure he can execute under the military law for insubordination. We are a subordinate commander right now.

>> No.33739140

Not necessarily, the guy who's rebelling is apparently a minor general we may be able to aid the other guy in kicking serious amounts of ass via leadership.

You can't become a legend of the three kingdoms by backing down from harsh odds anyway.

>Volunteer to go and aid the man

>> No.33739143

>>Volunteer to go and aid the man
I don't think Huang Zu would care plus the guy would be grateful to us.

Also Huang Zu was said to have treated Gan Ning like dirt, even after he killed Ling Cao

>> No.33739145

>>Volunteer to go and aid the man
Only if we have some forces to help him with. If it's just us, 1 guy, we should just
>Say nothing

>> No.33739150

It's not like we ignored a command. Just giving our opinion. Make it sound diplomatic and nice or something.

>> No.33739168

>as Zhu Xing

>> No.33739169

>Say nothing

This sure looks like a scheme.

>> No.33739174

>Spaghetti everywhere

>> No.33739187

Not like Huang Zu is any better.

>> No.33739189

Okay looks like volunteer to go aid is going to win. I really hope this subordinate is fucking badass.

On the positive side, we'll have a more amicable co-commander than Huang Zu.

>> No.33739199

If we go we can't expect any help from Huang Zu. But fuck him, we ride with Lu Bu 5 to 1 odds isn't so bad.

>Volunteer to go and aid the man

>> No.33739200

>Volunteer to go and aid the man
Ah, fuck it. On the off chance it's Gan Ning. I'm going.

>> No.33739209

>execute the righthand man of your lords greatest ally
Even he ain't that stupid.

>> No.33739221

If they're on a hill, we're fucked.

>> No.33739234

Anon plz Chang an was years ago we have to move on!

>> No.33739241


>Hills. Why did it have to be hills?

-Zhu Xing, General of Manifest Might/Spaghetti

>> No.33739250

Fuck you. A phobia of hills gives Zhu XIng character man. It makes him deep. This is A+ writing right here.

>> No.33739251

Man, it really sucks for this guy to be a general in china.

You know, I'd really like an idea of what kind of effect a hill actually has. Like, if a force has a point strength of 10 on open fields, how much would a hill affect it?

>> No.33739252

We should also thank Huang Zu for his consideration. That he would allow us to aid his elite corps and partake in the glory of victory against harsh odds in order to spare the brunt of his men from the fighting. etc. Rub it in slightly that we plan to win and if we do it will be because Zhu Xing took the field not Huang Zu.

>> No.33739285

Don't think of it like that.

>> No.33739299

Then think of it how?

>> No.33739338

>>inb4 Zhu Xing dies.

I hope Raian has the guts.

>> No.33739350

Not him, but I'd hazard a guess that would suggest a similarity between the Hill and Wood terrains found in Tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.

Oh, and those old-school Tactical RPGs of the Three Kingdoms games. I still got the floppy disks for that old-ass DOS game where you played from the perspective of Liu Bei-- that's where I learned to hate the bastard for being a weakling with principles.

>> No.33739357

Not him, but don't think of it as "points".

>> No.33739361

Maybe think of the high ground/fortified position as DR. It reduces the casualties suffered from an engagement when it benefits you and increases the casualties suffered when it hampers you?

I don't doubt that he does. Hopefully Xing will live through and prosper etc, but if not character change won't be so bad.

>> No.33739371


Oh he has.

One option presented to us was to die in a suicidal last glory stand at Chang An.

>> No.33739399

Well the Go palying guy told us not to be afraid so it's going to be ok. I'm sure that was Raian telling us it's ok. Probably. Maybe. I hope.

>> No.33739413

>not spaghetti

>> No.33739417

I'd say look at multiple factors.

1. Who has more capable generals?

2. Who has better troops? (During the battle of Chang'an, we were against Xilang elites, during Southernalnds we were against scrubs)

3. Who has the higher morale?

4. How fucking tall/defensive is that hill? How prepared are they to defend that hill? (Chang'an was fortified hills, while Wang Lang was hastily made camp)

5. Who has more troops? (Duh)

We can distinguish the two battles that way. I'm not saying this is all we should consider, but these are some basic factors before attacking a hill.

>> No.33739420

I really think we should convince him to send more troops guys.

>> No.33739437


Why would he do that? He hates our guts.

>> No.33739443

You are greatly disturbed and angered. Huang Zu is clearly sending this man on a suicide mission; it's clear even to this subordinate before him. You cannot stand for this.

"Let me go and help," you state coming from the sides. "I am willing to put down my life to repay Lord Liu Biao.

"Ho? Is that right?" Huang Zu says, eyes gleaming and letting out a wicked smile. "Well, if General Zhu Xing wishes to volunteer... I cannot say not to him. Please, aid my dear subordinate."

The man looks at you in astonishment. You simply bow to Huang Zu, and together, you move out of the camp.

"Ey," the man says walking to your side. "You have a damn death wish? You're not stupid enough to not realize what he's doing right?"

"Of course," you reply with a smile. "Huang Zu wants both you and I dead. We simply have to survive, no?"

"Tsk," the man spits on the ground and smiles. "I dunno if you have balls of iron or there's something missing in that noggin of yours. But I like you. Let me show you then what Gan Ning can do."


You travel with Gan Ning and the two thousand soldiers under his command. Gan Ning remarks to you that he was once a pirate leader serving in Yi province. He rebelled when the old leader died, stating it was because the son was weak and he could not stand serving under a "little shithead." He has since come to serve at Jing, wanting something more than being a pirate. However, Huang Zu has treated him poorly and not given him much opportunity.

The lands of this commandery are pretty heavy with forests and some grasslands with hills. Like the rest of Jing, it looks to be a rich and green place. After some time traveling, you and Gan Ning's forces encounter the enemy forces. Their army is vast and large... Around 15,000.

"Tsk. And there's our death sentence," Gan Ning remarks. "So what now? They don't look too capable, but they got those damn numbers."

>Make defenses at the hill
>Plan an ambush

>> No.33739445

None of that is useful until you know what effects those things have. For example, what does morale influence? How big a difference is necessary before you see an effect?

>> No.33739450

I'd say hills increase your strength by 120-130% based on
>Higher vantage point, archers aim better and can't get hit by arrows as easy and can see your opponent's movements from farther
>Amazing defensive position, people have to come to you and will get tired on the way up
>On rockier ones, you can hide multiple ambushes in the retreat
>Don't even have to directly confront soldiers at the start, rolling rocks downward is a fine stratagem

>> No.33739468

He told us not to let fear guide our actions when we mess up, but to instead think things through thoroughly then act without hesitation.

Basically his opinion was don't pussy out after committing but try to commit after you're sure of your course of action. In this case we know its a very dangerous thing to do but have decided it's a thing worth trying. So I guess ready your anuses boyos.

>> No.33739487

>>Plan an ambush

Ambush to demoralize them and hopefully cut off their heads.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.33739495

>>Make defenses at the hill

We must make them play on our terms.

>> No.33739496

>>Plan an ambush
Gorilla warfare!

>> No.33739506

Anybody have a map here? This needs some serious strategic planning right here.

>> No.33739507

>>Plan an ambush

Hit and run, hit and run.

You're a pirate, you know what to do.

>> No.33739510

>>I read this in his voice.

I was wrong, great decision doing this everybody.

>>Ambush with fire attack.

>> No.33739511

>Lure the enemy into the forest with 1000
>light fires with the other 1000
>Laugh manically as they burn

>> No.33739519

7:1 odds. N-No problem. SPAGHETTI

>> No.33739525

Can we lure them to the mainforce? I really don't want us to die here.

>> No.33739527

Forgot to mention the area is heavy with forests, so it should work. Mind the wind!

>> No.33739555

If we survive this we really ought to be telling on Huang Zu to Lu Biao. He's been very naughty.

>> No.33739561


Interesting. Fire attacks are Wu's thing after all. Let's do it if practicable.

>> No.33739563

>>Plan an ambush
Ambush then feign defeat retreating back. Have traps and ambushes set up. Continuing to retreat.
Our plan should not be to beat them all. Lets make an impression of how fucked they are again He Who Manifests Spaghetti!

>> No.33739567

I favor an ambush. We're good at holding the line though so that may give us a good chance too. Since Gan Ning was a pirate he's probably better suited to the ambush ploy than the defensive ploy. So we should play to his strengths.

>Plan an ambush

>> No.33739569

>Make defenses at the hill
>Plan an ambush
Lure them into the hills. Ambush with Fire attack.
It's not ROTK without some fire attacks.

>> No.33739577

Roll 1d100. Avg of three.

>> No.33739581


Oh yes we will.

This sort of shit doesn't fly.

>> No.33739582

Rolled 77

pls by kind, dice gods

>> No.33739585

Rolled 65


>> No.33739586

Rolled 78

Please mercy

>> No.33739587

Rolled 98

Please dice

>> No.33739588

Rolled 1


>> No.33739589

Rolled 3


>> No.33739590

Rolled 78


>> No.33739592

Rolled 87


Dice Gods, Please Save Us

>> No.33739599

Rolled 82


>> No.33739603

avg 73

I'll take it

>> No.33739606

Time to burn some rebells.

>> No.33739609

>Gan Ning

... I have the weirdest boner right now.

>Write-in: Fire Attack at sunset with the sun at our backs.
The enemy won't see our torches and flames because they'll be dazzled by the sunset.

>> No.33739610


Damn we have good luck in war.

>> No.33739613

Rolled 44

Oh man.

>> No.33739614

>>Plan an Ambush
Gan Ning is a sneaky motherfucker so this should work well. Add some rock rolling pls.

>> No.33739615






We got lucky there

>> No.33739616

Oh thank god

>> No.33739617

Rolled 4

And I'm done rolling for the night.

>> No.33739619

>First, we need to do some scouting and get a better layout of the land.
>Trap the forest with log traps and tripwires
>Prepare boulder traps at the hill
>Lead them through the traps and fall back to the hill. Goal is to whittle down their numbers as much as possible, and retreat when all of our traps are used.

>> No.33739620

Rolled 41



Not bad.

Pity about the 98

>> No.33739624

Good gods that was close.

>> No.33739628

Y'know, considering our track record, maybe we should actually try to fail instead of succeeding for once.

The complete opposite tends to happen a whole lot.

>> No.33739632

I wish this one made it. 73 should still mean survival, but 80 might mean we win.

>> No.33739634

Rolled 81

Better luck next time, Anon

>> No.33739635


Yes, yes you are.

>> No.33739642

Rolled 74

How do you keep doing this man?

>> No.33739646

Oh come on, it's not like you'd roll a 1 again at some critical juncture. you totally would

>> No.33739648

Rolled 85

Raian, we should ambush. However, the first sign of them coming to murder us. Full fucking retreat so we dont get killed by the army that is over 7 times our fucking number. Everyone. We dont have shu levels of plot armor.

>> No.33739655

Please burn all of your dice, anon.

And please purchase new ones that have been consecrated and sanctified.

>> No.33739668


Some things just aren't worth dying for

>> No.33739669

If this was best of three, I'd agree. But getting an average that's over 50 is a godsend as far as I'm concerned, so I'm happy with what we've got.

>> No.33739673

His dice don't need to be burned. They need to be tortured. They have failed him for the last time.

>> No.33739679

I constantly roll in the top 25% when it counts in face to face games and usually roll well over IRC etc. Quests though? Yeah naw, dice gods giveth and taketh.

>> No.33739855

“They're incapable you say?” you remark, looking toward the enemy.

“Yeah. Buncha no names and squabble.”

“Then let us make use of strategy and the terrain of this land. We can feign defeat, draw them out to the forests, and attack them with an ambush. We will cut and divide their army in half with a fire attack, and focus on killing the leaders.”

“Guerrilla tactics huh? Fine by me, I'm used to that,” Gan Ning remarks.

“Who draws them out and who ambushes them?”

“Leave that to me. You're a guest here right? Let me do the dirty work. Besides, I've done plenty of hit and run.”

You nod in acknowledgment, and begin setting your ambush at the forests. It is summer and the weather has gotten warmer. You gather reeds and materials for a fire attack, and spread them over the forest. You order the Jing soldiers to discard their heavy armor and dress lightly.

>> No.33739870


Gan Ning marches out with a hundred men. Waving his curved blade, he shouts at the enemy.

“I'm here to defeat the rebels under my lord's name! The best among you, come out and face me in single battle!”

One of the enemy lieutenants comes out, brandishing a trident. He is large and heavy, and looks to be a fearsome warrior. He charges out, screaming “I will have your head, little man!”

...He is killed in one stroke by the sword by Gan Ning. Gan Ning scoffs.

“What the hell is that? Ya'll are a buncha inbreds with no skill. Were your mothers a bunch of donleys fucked by your drunkie dad by any chance?”

The leader of the army rages, and orders for his troops to attack. Gan Ning quickly retreats, but not before firing an arrow in to the enemy ranks and killing another lieutenant through the throat. The enemy charges in hot pursuit, and soon they are upon your forest. Gan Ning quickly turns around with his troops.

“Have you given up!? I will see you tortured and burned before I am done with you!”

“Yeah, about that. I don't think I'll be the one burning...”

You shout to your soldiers hiding in the bushes. They throw torches at the reeds and grass piled up, and fire quickly begins to spread. The enemy panic, as your soldiers charge out and begin their attack. The enemy soldiers trample one another as you and Gan Ning charge forward and take heads.

“Die!” a few enemy soldiers in the mayhem come charging to you, attempting to take your head.

Roll 1d100, avg of three

>> No.33739876

Rolled 34


>> No.33739882

Rolled 38


>> No.33739885

Rolled 6


>> No.33739887

We're doing it! We're DOING IT!

>> No.33739891

Rolled 84



Totally fucked.

>> No.33739893

Rolled 2


spoke too soon

>> No.33739897

gg no re

>> No.33739902


Goddamn it! Hopefully our armor and WAR of 93 will help us survive.

>> No.33739913


>> No.33739917

The dice gods giveth, the dice gods taketh away...

>> No.33739922

Rolled 20, 15 = 35



>> No.33739928

Rolled 68


>> No.33739934

I'm guessing we'd get some sort of injury but nothing too serious.

>> No.33739942

Yeah. Like an eye.

>> No.33739948

Rolled 100

Windo Boy will save us.

>> No.33739949

Avg 26.

Ironically almost exactly as far away from 50 as our 73.

>> No.33739950


>> No.33739954

One-Eyed General is badass as fuck.

>> No.33739955

Rolled 97



>> No.33739957

Rolled 60

Hang your dice in shame

>> No.33739959

If that happens we can always eat our eye

>> No.33739962


>> No.33739970


Please Raian acknowledge this roll! >>33739948

>> No.33739971


Bunch of enemy soldiers, so they are probably not too skilled.

We are unwounded, have armor, badass WAR stats. I'm hoping minor wound as well.


Based Window Boy

>> No.33739973

Maybe... we could like, offer them our kettle

>> No.33739975

The gods, they mock us.

>> No.33739977


Dice love window boy.

>> No.33739979

Dam we should of came rolling in with window boy first.

>> No.33739981

No one wants our kettle anymore, anon.

>> No.33739988

The enemy comes and surrounds you. One of them makes a stab at you, but you knock away his spear and slash his throat. The others come forward, attempting to take you together. You manage to fend a lot of the blows off, but one of the enemy lands a stab at your side and wounds you.

"Damned!" you remark parrying away their weapons. You assess the situation. You are not going to die, but that wound has bloodied you a bit.

You obtain a moderate injury.

The enemy charge forward once again, but they are stopped when a spear comes flying through and kills one of them on the spot. Gan Ning rides forward, and kills the remaining men.

"Shit, you alright!?" he says. "We done some good damage, but maybe we should retreat."

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
>Retreat, it's too dangerous

>> No.33739989

Turning into this timeline's Xiahou Dun isn't so bad now that Cao Xing won't shoot an arrow into his eye.

The legend of the one eyed spaghetti general shall spread throughout the land!

>> No.33739992

Who didn't make an offering to the gods?

>> No.33739994

Rolled 47

Forgot about that thing.

>> No.33740007

>>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

>> No.33740008

>We should retreat

>> No.33740013

>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

These guys have never seen real combat before. Don't give them a chance to get used it!

>> No.33740019

Moderate injury. Dang that's pretty nasty

All the same:

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

>> No.33740020

>>Retreat, it's too dangerous

>> No.33740021

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
No doubts. No fear. Only victory. Or otherwise we are not worthy of Lu Bu.

>> No.33740023

>>Retreat, it's too dangerous
Hit and run. Nothing more nothing less.

>> No.33740028


>> No.33740029

>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

no guts no Glory

>> No.33740032

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

>> No.33740035

>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the side.

If Zhu Xing dies, he'd have gotten the warrior's death he deserves

>> No.33740039

>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
The main worry is that injury, not the army. We'll only get this once chance to break the enemy. We have to take it.

>> No.33740044

Please remember to write windo boy in all fields before throwing the dice.

>> No.33740045

>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.

Retreat to the rear. Keep a few warriors with us. Have Gan Ning lead the assault.

>> No.33740049


A hastily assembled force like this has no cohesion. They'll disperse if we can scatter them, and without leadership, training or experience that will definitely happen.

>> No.33740052

>>Retreat it's too dangerous
Don't wanna die here

>> No.33740055

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
No, we need to defeat this group before they realize how few we are.

>> No.33740084

Also, we should make sure that Huang Zu doesn't find out about our injury. Let's ask Gan Ning to keep it a secret.

>> No.33740090

>Keep up the attack.

We got our blood riled up. It's been a while since we last fought and we're now mad like a stuck bull.

Time to collect some heads!

>> No.33740099

Lu Linqi-kun might notice us.
>>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
WAIT! she's not here; Windo boy escape, give her this she will know what it means *scoops spaghetti out of pockets*

>> No.33740101

Rolled 73


windo boy

>> No.33740110

>No, keep up the attack. I'll keep it safe to the sides.
Nah, all this blood is fine. It's just spaghetti sauce.

>> No.33740116

Rolled 81

window boy

>> No.33740118

Wait, what? You think he's going to challenge us to a duel to the death after we defeat a force that outnumbers us 7:1 and are a visiting emissary from an allied province?

>> No.33740119

Rolled 24


Window Boy

>> No.33740131

You fucked it all up by overusing it.

>> No.33740133

Rolled 92

based window boy

>> No.33740137

Rolled 95

Oh, maybe it works

>> No.33740143

Winning this battle makes us a bigger threat to his faction. And now that we're injured, it'll be easier for him to kill us regardless of how he tries to do it.

>> No.33740155

> sweet ass dw guitar opening

>> No.33740156

Nah. On the other hand, accidents do happen. We're far from home, with not too many familiar faces around, right?

>> No.33740158

Yes, because he doesn't like us.

>> No.33740168

>implying we're not going home with gan ning

>> No.33740187


I hope there's enough juice left in the window boy tank for the real thing...

>> No.33740191

Replace "duel" with "slips an unknown substance into our tea when we're not looking".

>> No.33740196

in which case it doesn't matter if he knows we're injured.

>> No.33740208

If we make it home.

>> No.33740212


> fw we make the fort saves

t-thanks for the tea

>> No.33740216

Tastes a little spicy

>> No.33740239

Rolled 8

It absolutely matters if he thinks we're less capable of walking into his tent and taking his head.

That's something he knows could happen if he attempts to kill us and it fails.

>> No.33740246

Now I wish we threw Huang Zu under the bus, fucking dick

>> No.33740251

If not, we'll get a glorious death.

>> No.33740259

Rolled 99

retreat. Please guys. Lets not die in Jing, under a commander we hate for a cause and force we dont care about and dont suport. I like Gan Ning, but c'mon.

>> No.33740260

Eh, we might not have met Gan Ning.

>> No.33740281

Rolled 7 + 1

It's not safer for us to retreat here, we'd still need to defeat the enemy.

>> No.33740290

You see, this is exactly the sort of shit the strategist warned us about. The enemy is panicking, our forces are breaking them, but fear would make us back off because bad dice rolls injured us.

>> No.33740301

Exactly right.

>> No.33740313

I voted for falling back because that is how gorilla tactics work, We hit and fall back,

>> No.33740321

"No, not yet," you say, applying some pressure to your wound to hold it back. "If we retreat now, we will lose our chances of showing a favorable result. We need to make results here, or that rat Huang Zu will blame us and take our heads. Keep up the attack, I will keep it safe at the sides!"

"Fuck, you're one brave bastard. Fine then, I'll mop these guys!"

Gan Ning charges forward and begins to take more heads. Seeing yourself wounded, you move yourself away from the heart of the battle. Making sure to stand firm and strong despite your injury, you command the troops and harken them to keep on fighting.

The decision to stand pays off. A lot of the enemy begin scattering in all directions, trampling one another as the Jing troops pursue and take many heads. However, the sounds of drums begin to resound through the forest as enemy reinforcements.

"Alright!" Gan Ning says coming back, his armor tattered in enemy blood. "We've done enough, let's get the hell out of here before we're surrounded! Everyone, split in three directions and meet up!"

Your troops quickly retreat, you moving along with Gan Ning. The pain in your stomach and blood loss almost makes you black out. However, you and your forces make it out, and back at enemy camp, you are treated to your wounds, though it has some painful procedure with cauterizing the wound with fire.

You rest for a few day. Gan Ning himself sees to your needs. "Sorry ya had to almost die for my sake," he says, scratching the back of his head. "I really appreciated your help though."

One of the soldiers comes in. He looks angry, and he was one of the warriors that fought alongside you.

"What's wrong?" Gan Ning asks.

>> No.33740323

To butcher a quote by Julius Caesar: "I have crossed the Rubicon."

Here, we've been stabbed and like an angry bull, we're gonna wreck some faces 'til we pass out unconscious.

>> No.33740324


Tg is not only bad at wooing girls, but also a coward in battle

Stay permavirgin you little shit

We ride, the battle favor us

>> No.33740342

The soldier grits his teeth and his fists ball in to tight fists.

“...After we retreat, the enemy pursued us. General Huang Zu was awaiting with his troops, and surrounded and crushed the enemy. He took the enemy leader's head, and has retaken the commandery. He declares that it was his victory and his work, and is already requesting permission from Liu Biao for a reward.”

“...That bastard!” Gan Ning kicks away one of the seating stools. “Damn it! I won't take this! I'm going to go see Lord Liu Biao.”

You slowly rise a bit from your bed. You are angered by Huang Zu as well. However, it might not be a wise idea to complain to Liu Biao right after Huang Zu has won a victory... Though if you are careful enough, you might be able to tarnish Huang Zu's reputation for his actions against you and Gan Ning.

>Stop Gan Ning from going
>Go along with Gan Ning and protest

>> No.33740375

>>Stop Gan Ning from going
Lets cool off a bit and think this out. Use that 70+ int of ours.

>> No.33740380

Rolled 23

>stop gan ning from going
>go alone
>tell Lu Biao you fear for Gan Nings life under Huang Zu
>ask for Gang Ning as a favor
based window boy

>> No.33740381

>Stop Gan Ning from going.
"Brother Gan, do you have any friends within Liu Biao's administration that was could petition with? If you do, now would be a good time to use some honeyed words. Otherwise, let me speak with Liu Cong."

Sometimes, you gotta fight some fights a little differently.

>> No.33740384

Dammit, which one gets us Gan Ning?

Uh...lets go with
>Go along with Gan Ning and protest
If they won't hear our protests maybe we can ask for gan ning to be transferred to us.

>> No.33740406

>all those people voted to not rat this fucker out

you people are idiots

>> No.33740419

What a fucking dick, those succession wars better start soon so we can cut his wretched head off, I'm not letting Sun Ce get it first

>> No.33740422

>Go along with Gan Ning and protest

>> No.33740423

>>Go along with Gan Ning and protest
Also, write a letter detailing every step of the battle and the circumstances that led to said battle.

Also see about getting Liu Cong and Cai Mao to our side of the story.

>> No.33740426

>Stop Gan Ning from going
Since he did all the work, you must be dead right? Why not come with me to work under Lu Bu. Where your accomplishments will always be acknowledged.

>> No.33740431

>>Stop Gan Ning from going

Why dont you come with me instead?

Retire from his service and join me. He doesnt appreciate you.

>> No.33740436

>>Go along with Gan Ning and protest

>> No.33740439

>>Go along with Gan Ning and protest

>> No.33740442

This >>33740380

>> No.33740453

>Stop Gan Ning from going

We can do this >>33740442 before we leave.

>> No.33740456

>>Stop Gan Ning from going

Things are going to come to a head between the two heirs, let's ask Gan Ning to act as our informer. Once the matter is settled Lords Lu Bu and Liu Cong will definitely give him the recognition he deserves.

>> No.33740457

Wouldn't have met Gan Ning.

>> No.33740458


Because what good does it do if gan ning gets a reward tying him to jing?

We want him mad enough to leave and follow us.

>> No.33740466


Shh, let the "everyone is an idiot" brigade rant

>> No.33740475

"Gan Ning, allow the Rat his morsel of stolen glory. Come, join my lord's army where your skills will be appreciated and your men's lives not wasted for the vanity of a buffoon. I will tell Liu Biao that you have saved my life and as such I would like to repay you by having you serve as an officer in my forces. Since Huang Zu has so meticulously denied you credit I doubt Liu Biao has any reason to deny my request."

>> No.33740481


This'll be a lot more believable if we rode up bloodied and tattered by ourselves.

This will easily shock and sway the opinion of the courtiers and Liu Biao himself. We're the honored guest who chose to fight on his behalf, not to mention a very reputable ally.

>> No.33740486

>>Stop Gan Ning from going
I don't know the best plan, but I know they all came from stopping Gan Ning.

>> No.33740498


I like this

>> No.33740500

>Stop Gan Ning from going
Ask him if he wants to come back with us.

>> No.33740505

Do this

>> No.33740507

Rolled 40

We can say that Gan Ning is our brother now, him saving our life and all and it being our duty to help him now. Make it seem less oportunistic.

>> No.33740512

>Go along with Gan Ning and protest

>> No.33740519

>>Stop Gan Ning from going

>> No.33740526

>Stop Gan Ning from going
There are multiple things we can do with this. >>33740475 or >>33740456.

Convince him he won't get acknowledgement from Jing. He'll get it from us.

>> No.33740527

>>Stop Gan Ning from going

Liu Biao's a good guy, but Lu Bu can reward him for his service much better.
Plus now that Huang Zu's stolen our glory I'm sure Cai Mao is 100% our ally

>> No.33740530


>> No.33740545

Forgot to formalize it with:

>Stop Gan Ning from going

>> No.33740550

Oh yeah this

>> No.33740551


>> No.33740786

"Wait... Do not go," you say to Gan Ning.

"What!? What about what we did out there!? Are we just going to stand here and take this shit? You got injured for damned heaven's sake!"

"Yes... I understand however..." you groan slightly, moving from your wound. "Lord Liu Biao right now must be content and happy that Huang Zu has defeated the enemy. Should you complain, I fear it could turn our the worse for you."

"Damned!" Gan Ning says punching a fist in to his hand. "How can I stand the rest of my life, taking this shame from that rat!? This is damned nonsense!"

"Gan Ning..." you say, moving your feet to the ground from the bed. "I will soon be returning to Yang. I have seen your skills firsthand, and I believe your talents are being wasted here. Lord Lu Bu does not care for your background; and he admires those who are warriors like ourselves. Come with me, and let us serve Lord Lu Bu together."

Gan Ning sits down, and leans his chin on his hands. He falls in to deep thought.

"...What about my men? I can't just abandon them here..."

"General Gan! We will follow you wherever you go!"

The soldier that had come to report gets on his knees, and bows to Gan Ning. The flaps of the tent opens, and more soldiers follow in. They get on their knees.

"We will follow General Gan!"

Gan Ning stands up. He looks at the soldiers around him.

"...Well shit, why'd I have to get stuck with you idiots?" Gan Ning begins to laugh, and you along with the other soldiers laugh as well.

"Alright. I'm sending a letter of retirement to Liu Biao. And I'm sure he won't miss a thousand soldiers. We're in your care now, hope we'll have a fruitful relationship."

(Lead +2, War +1, Pol +2 Cha +2)

>> No.33740804

Looks like Liu Biao has a snake and a rat in his employ.

>> No.33740810

With Gan Ning and his followers in tow, you head towards back to your territory. You send a letter to Liu Biao, informing him that you have to return and congratulating Liu Biao for winning back his territory. You make sure to honey your words so he will not be offended that you don't see him personally before leaving. Gan Ning sends a retirement letter as well, making sure not to mention that he is joining you. “He probably doesn't even know who I am,” Gan Ning says with a shrug.

After some time traveling, you and Gan Ning arrive back at Jian Ye. The soldiers and officers come to greet you.

“Welcome back,” Zhang Liao says with a greeting. He turns to look at Gan Ning. “And this is...?”

“I'm Gan Ning, former pirate, former servant of that has-been Liu Zhang, and now former subordinate of that rat Huang Zu. I hear Lord Lu Bu appreciates warriors. I'm here to serve here.”

“...A pirate? And you have served two previous lords?” Zhang Liao replies with a frown.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?”

“I cannot place my trust in those that would change their allegiance so easily.”

“Deal with it, or would you like to do something about it?”

Gan Ning and Zhang Liao stare at each other with hawk eyes. You should break things up before things get even more heated...

>Take Zhang Liao's side, tell Gan Ning he cannot pick fights
>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning

>> No.33740816




>> No.33740830



>> No.33740836

God Dammit Raian.

Don't make me choose.

>> No.33740851


>> No.33740861

>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning
Tell him about how Gan Ning saved our ass.

>> No.33740872

"Gan Ning, Peace. Zhang Liao is honest with his words and his counsel is worthwhile."
"Zhang Liao, let me tell you about how I met Gan Ning and the circumstances of his service to Huang Zu, perhaps that will change your opinion...."

>> No.33740874

Lu Bu tends to kill the other party though

>> No.33740876

"Dude Zhang, mah boy, this Ning nigga right here be my bro, you dig? He saved my life and shit so he's cool, ay?"

>> No.33740883

Have them fight to prove their worth to one another and you.

>> No.33740887

>>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning

"My good friend zhang liao, blame that on me. I was the one who convinced him to resign. His former commander sent him on a suicide mission: 2,000 vs 15,000. Yet after fighting bravely, his was spurned of any recognition. In this case, it is his lord who should be at fault for fairly to reward good surbodinates.

Give him this chance to prove himself. I, zhu xing, will sponsor his behaviour. Should anything untoward come to our realm from him, i will take responsibility."

>> No.33740889


>> No.33740891


Tell Zhang Liao about how Gan Ning saved your life, how he served incompetent lords, and how he is trustworthy.

However tell Gan Ning that Zhang Liao is a honorable warrior and long-time follower of Lu Bu and that he should be respected as well.

>> No.33740892

>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning
>Tell Gan Ning not to pick fights.

Tell Zhang Liao how we met and the circumstances of his following us here.

yeah basically this.

>> No.33740911


This is good. Go with this.

>> No.33740917

This works.

>> No.33740937

>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning


Also I think we should let our ally know he can't trust some of his men. I would hate to see problems from them later.

>> No.33740945


>> No.33740957

>Take Gan Ning's side

He has only switched sides because the people he served were either weak or did not recognize his prowess after sending him on a suicide mission of fighting 15000 men against a mere 2000.
He will not betray our lord because he has proven to be the mightiest warrior in the land and he has rewarded all of us well for our deeds

>> No.33740981

>Take Zhang Liao's side, tell Gan Ning he cannot pick fights
>Take Gan Ning's side, tell Zhang Liao to trust Gan Ning

Gan Ning, don't get angry, Zhang Liao is just wary for our lord's sake.

Zhang Liao, I vouch for him as I saw him with my own eyes faithfully serve his lord, even going to almost certain death, while they spit on him and diminish him.

Explain more details and how he saved your life in battle and how Huang Zu is a snake, etc. Don't forget to mention how we desperately need people with experience on ships, as well.

>> No.33740991

Both of these are good

>> No.33740996

Rolled 19

take zhang liao's die, Gan Ning can't pick a fight on day one. You need to learn to not have a mouth. Does he really want to piss off a drunk Lu Bu one night. Come on man.

>> No.33741015

Are you kidding? Gan Ning and Lu Bu will be sworn brothers within days of meeting each other.

>> No.33741016

Placate both sides.


>> No.33741023



>> No.33741033


So we have:

Lu Bu, Zhu Xing (90 WAR), Zhang Liao, Taishi Ci, and Gan Ning as our 5 strongest generals now.

Gao Shun is a superb cavalry commander and Lingqi's a great fighter as well.

That's a strong core of generals right there.

>> No.33741041

If Zhang Liao has a problem with Gan Ning since he betrayed shitty lords treating him like shit he REALLY shouldn't be serving under Lu Bu.

>> No.33741049


Still need more.

Gotta collect them all.

>> No.33741070

>we're finally in the 90's

Brings a tear to my eye. Our boy is finally growing up.

>> No.33741082

Now we just have to keep the boss from making any dumb decisions, along with watching out for Cao Cao

>> No.33741096

Now we got to make Window Boy a man.

>> No.33741100

Wonder what lingqi and lu bu will say when they hear we got gutted by a fucking peon.

>> No.33741104

Our long term goal with Lu Bu should be to smooth over some of his rough edges. Get him to mellow a bit and really listen to his advisors.

>> No.33741107

Why did we get an increase in our WAR stat?

>> No.33741118

Absolutely nothing because we were outnumbered 7 to 1.

>> No.33741120

Prime minister of Wu bu then?

>> No.33741124

We tell him it would have been to easy to fight them without an injury so we did it on purpose.

>> No.33741127

Probably due to the fire attack and getting shanked.

>> No.33741132

Yumi is going to take care of that.

>fought a force at 7:1 odds and survived
I have no idea.

>> No.33741134


Got getting gutted like a fish

>> No.33741139

Because we won a battle where were outnumbered 7 to 1 and finally learned how to not hesitate out of fear?

>> No.33741148

You move between Zhang Liao and Gan Ning, and place a hand mid-air to signal peace toward Zhang Liao.

"General, I swear to you that this man is trustworthy and will serve our cause. His circumstances have been most unfortunate, and he was not treated properly as he deserved." You motion to the wound you have on your stomach. "If it were not for Gan Ning, I may have perished. I swear to you, by my head, that Gan Ning will serve our force loyally or I myself will offer my life to Lord Lu Bu."

Zhang Liao makes a slight grunt. He however backs down and consents.

"Very well. If you trust this man, then I shall as well." He turns to Gan Ning. "My apologies. As a fellow warrior, let us commit deeds in our lord's name together."

"Heh... Don't slow me down man," Gan Ning replies, giving a light friendly punch to Zhang Liao. "And my bad too. Your authority is bigger than mine, I shouldn't have gotten so mad and started pickin' fights on my first day here."

It seems things will work out just fine...

You move inside the city, and Zhang Liao moves ahead to show Gan Ning the rules and authority of the city. Near the corner, leaning against the wall, you spot Lingqi with arms crossed looking at you. With a grin, you move toward her.

"How was Jing?" she asks casually.

>Inform her of what happened at Jing and attempt to impress her
>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Did you miss me?

>> No.33741154

Nah, we don't have the Pol. We just need to actually work on steering Lu Bu's personality to be a bit more fitting for a faction leader.

>> No.33741167

>>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>>Tell her of jing, play off our wound for laughs

>> No.33741172

>Your sister is doing quite fine...

>> No.33741177

We're going to have to be less asskissy towards him then, since Raian told us that we haven't been helping with Lu Bu's his arrogance and lack of honor

>> No.33741179

>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Did you miss me?

Fair point

>> No.33741181

>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Inform her of what happened at Jing
but save the show boating.

>> No.33741182

>Inform her of what happened at Jing and attempt to impress her
>Your sister is doing quite fine...
It was fun, we got to fight in a nice battle where we were outnumbered 7 to 1 and we got to meet your sister. She's doing well by the way.

>> No.33741186

>>Inform her of what happened at Jing and attempt to impress her.
O yeah and
>>Your sister is doing quite fine...

>> No.33741191

>Did you miss me?
followed by
>Your sister is doing quite fine...

No telling we got gutted by a peon.

>> No.33741192

>Your sister is doing fine
>Inform her what happened at Jing

>> No.33741193



Her reaction to the wound should be telling

>> No.33741194


Lu Bu said he'd eventually make us his General-In-Chief.

>> No.33741207

>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Inform her of what happened at Jing
Probably shouldn't showboat since we got wounded by a goddamn mook

>> No.33741209


Yup, we'll have to slowly do it without jeopardizing our friendship with him. Working with Chen Gong and Zhang Liao should help.

Honestly, Lu Bu has a lot of honorable men serving him. Zhang Liao and Gao Shun etc etc

>> No.33741220

>>Did you miss me?

Because i want her flustered.

>>Inform her of what happened at Jing and play off your wound for laughs
>>Your sister is doing quite fine...

>> No.33741224

>>your sister is doing quite fine
Yell her what happened at Jing but don't try to impress her with it. I kinda want to see her reaction to us getting wounded

>> No.33741229

Lu Bu's general staff probably makes Cao Cao jizz himself. We have some seriously strong fuckers working for us.

>> No.33741237

I also support both of these, in this order
>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Inform her of what happened at Jing and attempt to impress her

>> No.33741241

>Yell Her


As expected of the General Who Manifests Spaghetti

>> No.33741247


Cao cao is not lacking for strong guys too, thats the problem.

>> No.33741248

And just what the fuck is wrong with Lu Bu-senpai's personality?

>> No.33741249

Yeah her sister gave us the advice to just treat her like a friend and let her open up on her own so we just tell her, but make light of our screw up the same way we would with someone we were just hanging out with.

>> No.33741251

>>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>play off our wound for laughs

>> No.33741252

>That feeling when, like Cao Cao, we will reach our peak while achieving glorious deeds, but also fail to unite the kingdoms and eventually die of illness

>> No.33741263

If we keep an independent Allied Jing, that might help keep him honorable. And he has incentive with his daughter. We can annex them politically rather than militarily.

>> No.33741270


>> No.33741275


We wont see it in zhu xing's lifetime.

Zhu bu might. Bloodline of zhus and lus.

>> No.33741279


This. Make light of our wound just like if she was another guy. Don't try to impress her.

>> No.33741287


>Your sister is doing quite fine...
>Did you miss me?

The Jing Province business can be handled at the council meeting later. For now, it's personal time.

And by personal time, I mean waifu time.

>> No.33741300

Guys we need to set ourselves on getting a new strategist. Chen Gong will don his retard hat as soon as Cao Cao shows his face.

>> No.33741310

Don't you fucking talk about Chen Gongtai like that.

>> No.33741315


>Did you miss me?
>Your sister is doing quite fine.
>Inform her of what happened at Jing and attempt to impress her

>> No.33741316

>Starting War score 90+
>Starting Int score 50~
>Starting Pol scor 10

>> No.33741318

What's Miller doing in my Dynasty Warriors?

>> No.33741322

Which means we need to find Lu Su, Lu Meng and Lu Xhu

>> No.33741326

>Hating on Chen Gong

>> No.33741344

>has a tendency to manifest spaghetti

>> No.33741345

I like Xun Yu the best, but I fear that he is firmly in Cao Cao's grasp.

>> No.33741347


That anon's right though.

His beef with the Cow is extraodinary.

>> No.33741362

That anon has a point: we cannot rely solely on Chen Gong, we need more advisers on civil and military matters alike.

It would also make Chen Gong's job easier if he's not alone in this.

>> No.33741370

>Gan Ning: Friendly
>Zhang Liao: Appreciated.

Man we've been neglecting our boy. We need to go hunting together or something in the future. Maybe invite him over to see our kettle.

>> No.33741374

Better hope he doesn't inherit Lu Bu's Betrayal genes either

>> No.33741377

It's a good bet that Cao Cao and Yuan Shao have all the good strategists in the north right now like Guo Jia, Cheng Yu, Ju Shou etc.

So we'll probably need Lu Su, Lu Meng or Xu Shu

>> No.33741380

>Maybe invite him over to see our kettle.

>> No.33741382

Well, we just got a civil one with Wang Can this thread. But, yeah we need another military one, as well. It's possible some may start coming to us now.

>> No.33741385

Stop whoring out our kettle.

>> No.33741395


Our civil administrators are pretty good actually.

Yan Jun, Yu Fan, Wang Can are all great at their jobs.

We need some military strategists, but I'm not going to engage in the metagame. We'll just keep picking intellectuals out of the box and hope for the best.

>> No.33741404

We will never become real adults if we don't give away our kettle.

>> No.33741405

You know the kettle likes it.

>> No.33741412

The problem with Cheng Gonf was that he, in ROTK, sits around the area of 60-70, meanwhile, Jia Xu, Gou Jia, sit on 99, 98.

We'd be so outclassed it isn't even funny. It's like Gan Ning VS those two guys we saw earlier.


>> No.33741416

Yep, we definitely need a Director-General of the Army.

Preferably someone of Xu Shu's calibur.

>> No.33741417

We mustn't forget Yuan Fang either.

>> No.33741429

Speaking of the kettle though, we need to do some more public work projects with the populace one day. That's how we first got our Kettle after all. That said I want to take some time to actually train a stat, since we haven't actually used that action yet.

>> No.33741437

We got a lot of people I'm thinking we get to know them better. Keep moments like this one easy to deal with.

>> No.33741442


Try the high eighties. And he's going to look a lot better with us there.

>> No.33741443


You know Yuan Fang isn't a real person right? He's Ravages original.

>sits around the area of 60-70

So we are smarter than Chen Gong?

It's not 60-70

>> No.33741447

The problem is that since Zhuge is denied, that also means Xu Shu is denied, which means the best talent around comes back to, again, Zhou Yu.

>> No.33741449

Don't even think about recruiting a Sima. They'll just backstab us at some point.

>> No.33741454


Training stats is kind of a waste since we have so much to do. Like getting to know the Qiaos and marrying off our sidter to gao shun.

Agreed on buying the public works though

Agreed on the

>> No.33741463

Actually you're right, the point still stands however.

>> No.33741465

He's got to be at least 80's, cause we're 70s
Anyway we need our might to help Chen Gong when he screws up, just like he does when we do, so we can win with the power of friendship.

>> No.33741484

Any action we do is a waste. The opportunity cost of our decisions is increasing every single update.

Increasing our war by +5 would most definitely be worth a turn. Increasing it by +2 probably wouldn't. We need to know if the action is worthwhile before we can make reasoned decisions about using it, which means trying it once blind.

>> No.33741490

He's real in our hearts.
Also, the way in which he (literally) broke up with Sun Shang Xiang was really cool.

>> No.33741495

I don't want to engage in metagaming as well, but it should be noted that several of Zhuge Liang's students joined Cao Cao, Gongsun Zan and Yuan Shao.

Not every scholar is opposed in partaking in Glorious Ambitious Conquest.™

It shouldn't be too hard to found someone that would be helpful in the strategy department without being too OP.

Even someone equal to Gongtai would be helpful, the more land we control the more advisers we need.

>> No.33741498

I wonder when BENEVOLENCE will show up as a player?

>> No.33741501

Stop metagaming. We can't go hunt for a specific person anyway, so this discussion is pointless.

"Hey Chen Gong, the voices in my head are telling me that I need to find someone named Xu Shu"

"Nigga, you sure you didn't get hit in the head? Get some sleep"

>> No.33741508


>> No.33741525

We can still get Xu Shu or Kongming. One advantage of Lu Bu marching on to Wu territories is that now Liu Bei's power base has been established way earlier. He won't get the same set of generals he did because he won't be roaming around to get them. Liu Bei scored Wei Yan, Huang Zhong, and Xu Shu on his way to Jing.

Besides it's 195 AD now anyway, Kongming is busy being a delinquent and Xu Shu is busy studying

>> No.33741530


Yuan Fang gave us badass "Cao Cao" in Ravages so he's cool.

>> No.33741536

What about Sima Hui?

I'm afraid the Qiaos are already in love with Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. If we wanted to have any chance with them, we needed to act as early as Hu Lao Gate to free them from Dong Zhuo's harem.

>> No.33741541

I'm hoping we can use some of the upcoming downtime to hang out with a few of the officers and do some governance. We've been on the campaign for quite a while. It's time to kick back a little and share some stories the Lu Bu.

>> No.33741564

>I'm afraid the Qiaos are already in love with Sun Ce and Zhou Yu.
What? Seriously? Going by ROTK didn't they meet when Sun Ce became the little conquerer?

>> No.33741565


According to the stats block in RotK XI, Chen Gong has LDR 78, WAR 55, INT 89, POL 84, CHR 68.

Perusing through all the smarties was mildly bothersome.

>> No.33741566


Still the qiaos will never marry sun ce and zhou yu as long as they dont control this area.

Now, they will be useful to their patriarch as political capital. Love be damned.

>> No.33741579

>I'm afraid the Qiaos are already in love with Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. If we wanted to have any chance with them, we needed to act as early as Hu Lao Gate to free them from Dong Zhuo's harem.

What the fuck?

>> No.33741581

>Not going on the offensive against Yuan Shu effective NOW
Victory waits for no one anon. We'd be missing a prime opportunity if we didn't strike

>> No.33741595

We're wounded, it might be best to learn some governance while Lu Bu goes around cracking heads.

>> No.33741596

Any ideas for charismatic guys that could help us get recruits?

>> No.33741602


No, it's better to cement our hold over Yang and build up an army first. Make sure our internal situation is secure before sallying forth.

We also need to build up a navy first for reasons that were apparent last thread.

We are also wounded and must heal before going forth. Maybe 196-197 is a more realistic time goal.

>> No.33741603

Nah. We need to get our two armies merged again, reinforce them and then march along with Jing forces in a hammerblow. We have a lot more resources than Yuan Shu.

>> No.33741617

"Your sister is doing quite fine, if that was what you were wondering about," you say with a smile. "She seems quite content with Liu Cong. And Liu Cong himself is a good man, very open and handsome to boot."

"Tch... I didn't say I cared about my sister," Lingqi responds, tilting her head upwards and feigning disinterest. It seems quite clear the girl did however.

"I myself got a damn wound... Nearly killed myself, hah," you say motioning to your stomach.

"What? You nearly got yourself killed?" Lingqi moves forward. Without warning, she places a hand on your wound.

"...Doesn't look too bad. But what in the world are you doing getting yourself in to danger like that in foreign territory?" she says with her eyes furrowing and an annoyed look. "What if you got yourself killed?"

You are surprised by the response. Lingqi seems genuinely concerned for you, and it seems her sister was right when she said that the girl can lower her barrier around those who trusts.

"It's.... nothing. All for Lord Lu Bu," you mange to say.

"Tsk. Well don't be crying when you one day get yourself in a pickle." She removes her hand, and places her hands behind the back of her head as she walks away.

"Glad you're alive though. Would hate to lose the guy I win all my bets from."

Weow, trusted relationship

>> No.33741618

Yuan Shu is mega incompetent anon. On a 5 star difficulty scale he'd be a 5.5. Fortunately we are under Lu Bu so we are playing on 3-3.5 star difficulty.

>> No.33741629

You hear that Lu Bu and Chen Gong are now returning from having conquered the rest of the southern Yang province. You spend some time administering over the city, though Yan Jun does most of the work and tells you to relax with the exception of the big decisions. Wang Can aids Yan Jun, and you hear the two have become good friends and play Go with each other occasionally. The troops in the city are built up, and support in Jian Ye has become generally favorable.

One day, a servant informs you that a man by the name of Gu Yong wishes to see you. Gu Yong enters, and to your surprise, a woman follows alongside him. You recognize that it is Cai Yan.

They both bow to you.

“It is good to see you again, General,” Cai Yan says. “Much has happened, and I would like to find employment here.”

>Ask her for her story
>Question why she has come here, and what employment she wants
>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

>> No.33741634

>Trusted relationship

>> No.33741639

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

>> No.33741643

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>Ask her for her story
>Question why she has come here, and what employment she wants

All three

Also Lingqi is too cute

>> No.33741652

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>>Ask her for her story

Oh god. Raiaaaaan.

>> No.33741658

>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

>> No.33741660

Yes our qt cultured waifu has returned

>>Ask her for her story

>> No.33741661

>The dere is coming


>> No.33741666

>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>Ask her for her story

>> No.33741670


Would like to tell, but going to refrain otherwise it'll be metagame.

Buuuut that advisor we picked up today would be most helpful in soliciting the public to help our cause, which is to eventually liberate the Emperor from the clutches of that foul villain Cao Cao.

>> No.33741675

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

>> No.33741679

I wonder what our soldier's betting pool looks like after that display, we might actually overcome our spaghetti before hitting 30

>> No.33741680

>Ask her for her story
>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

Our biggest mistake.

>> No.33741681

Oh god. I dont think lingqi is thr type who would be happy with the presence of a second wife.

>> No.33741686

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
I'm not doing this for the waifu points, since Lingqi is obviously going to enforce monogamy
I really think our boy still has a complex about Chang An. That was by far his greatest failure.

>> No.33741689

>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>Ask her for her story
>Question why she has come here

>> No.33741699

>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>Ask her for her story


>> No.33741702


>> No.33741707


Let's recruit both Gu Young and Cai Yan.


You know, we haven't really suffered failures outside of Chang'an. We've been pretty good so far.

>> No.33741709

>implying Lingqi will allow another waifu.

You have not been reading her updates if you believe this.

>> No.33741711

Yeah, don't think that will fly. But it doesn't mean we don't regret Chang An. Also some competition might help Lingqi realize her feelings.

>> No.33741712

>Question why she has come here, and what employment she wants
>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>Ask story

>> No.33741716

That and the woman is a friend, briefly met maybe but still pleasant company.

That being said, maybe we shouldn't beg forgiveness in front of the unknown factor of Gu Yong?

>> No.33741719

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
>>Ask her for her story

Oh, and let the waterworks out. Seriously.

We lost Chang An, that's up there on the "List of Zhu Xing's Greatest Failures", next to "Getting stabbed by a mook while visiting an ally".

Commence the good ol' Chinese tradition of wailing and weeping in distress.


>> No.33741730

Lingqi doesn't care about monogamy!
Besides, politically, she will always be the most important wife because of her position in the line of succession.

>> No.33741742


Raian heavily implied that she does.

Doesn't matter for me though because I'm invested in Lingqi now. We are already at Trusted, we probably need to go up 1 more to get to Waifu stage.

>> No.33741745

Dude. Lingqi does not open up to anyone. It's taken us 3 years to get this far with her.

Another waifu Will. Not. Fly.

>> No.33741747

>>Ask for her story

There's no need to apologize what are we pussies?

>> No.33741753

It's probably ok. Traveling with Cai Yan, means he's probably on the civil side of things. And probably a diehard Han supporter.

>> No.33741755

Getting stabbed wasn't a failure. It would have been a failure if we had retreated because of it. We did fine.

>> No.33741764

>>Ask her for her story
>>Question why she has come here, and what employment she wants

>> No.33741770

Let's fill the kettle with tears.

>> No.33741773

Getting stabbed back then wasn't that bad

>> No.33741777


>> No.33741778

Sun Ce is an officer magnet, but I doubt we'll ever recruit him

You don't need to worry about that cause Raian only gives a brief description of the guy you're trying to recruit

>> No.33741793

What would also go on that list is how qe lowered ourselves from a "General who meets the enemy on the field of battle" to a "General who besieges an enemy city."

>> No.33741795

I'm guessing

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An

isn't the best option here since it doesn't make us look like a General Who Manifests Might, just Spaghetti.

It would be fine if Gu Young wasn't here.

However, I also think it's understandable given Zhu Xing's particular tendencies towards dropping his spaghetti all over the place and guilt for fucking up at Chang'an.

>> No.33741805


>> No.33741810

He's talking about when we went for a night attack rather than a charge against the hill

>> No.33741811

He means not taking Wang Lang's head when we smashed him at the river crossing and then not pursuing in full force before he got to his castle.

>> No.33741813

Honestly I thing it's much more likely than we think. Sun Ce is not the little conquerer, the ambitions he harbours would have been put down, in accordance to how things have turned out.

>> No.33741815


Eh. that's like saying our greatest failure is that we got a B+ on the invasion, instead of A+.

And we learned our lessons from that, so no harm done really.

>> No.33741818

Not him, but I remember the shitstorm that came when we derped and chose to play the cautious route.

>> No.33741825


Possibly but it'll take awhile and the paranoia of his liege lord.

So we really should start some letters.

>> No.33741828

Is Gan Ning married? Gao Shun gets first dibs, but Gan Ning is a bro as well.

>> No.33741829

It was mostly a shitstorm because of people going "I TOLD YOU SO" without having actually told us so.

>> No.33741832

Oh, it's just a little something I picked up from reading an excerpt from "The Art of War."

>Best General baulks the enemy's plans
>Great General keeps the enemy from joining up
>Good General meets the enemy on the field of battle
>Eh General besieges enemy cities

>> No.33741836

That was hardly as disastrous as chang an

>> No.33741839

>>Apologize profusely for not having defended Chang An
First and foremost.
>Ask her for her story
>Question why she has come here, and what employment she wants

>> No.33741857

>Wei Xu (Lieutenant-General, general warrior): Neutral

Who the fuck is Wei Xu?

>> No.33741870

Yeah, though thankfully it was at that point I think a good portion of the playerbase realized we were being overly cautious to often. These last few battles have swung back towards the aggressive/reckless end but so far we've kept from getting pants on head reckless (taking the lure position) and stuck to our guns when the going went tough (got stuck like a pig by mooks). So long as we strike the balance we should do okay, providing dice play along.

>> No.33741879


Our decisions against Yuan Shu were pretty perfect.

I was so happy that "Fire Fire Arrows against the wind" option didn't win out.

>> No.33741882

One of the Lt.generals we got along side Song Xian I believe.

>> No.33741887

You feel a sense of raw emotion, remembering the embers of Chang An. You lost a number of comrades back then, and Wang Yun also perished defending the Emperor. Though the loss feels awful as a stain on your battle record, you feel more terrible for the comrades and loyal Han members that died. Perhaps you should have stayed and fought to the death.

"I... I must apologize," you say standing up, and bowing your head. "I failed to defend Chang An back then, and I failed to defend those who placed their trust in me." Your eyes begin grow watery and red.

Cai Yan immediately, places her hands on your elbows, and lifts you back up.

"General... You cannot bow and apologize like this in front of others. You are a man of importance, and a general under Lord Lu Bu. Please, do not blame yourself. I do not fault you for Chang An."

"...Your father. Was he..?"

"Yes, Li Jue and Guo Si executed him along with many other ministers," Cai Yan says looking down, tears forming on her eyes.

"And yourself, my lady?" you ask, with a downcast look.

"My father begged me to escape. The servants of our household took me away from Chang An by force, and we fled eastward as my father perished back in Chang An. I spent some time recovering my household, and mourning my father before I heard that Lord Lu Bu and yourself made a base here. I feel... I feel that I must help Lord Lu Bu, who fought for the Han, and continue on my father's legacy."

"If that is your wish, then so be it. I am sure Lord Lu Bu would also grant you a position within our force. Would you be find with administrative duties?"

"I think it is the only expertise I have," Cai Yan replies with a smile. She gestures towards the old man who came with her. "This man is Master Gu Yong, who was my father's friend. It was he who took me in and helped me come here."

>> No.33741903

>providing dice play along.

Sure! They'll play along... if you make a contract that is...

>> No.33741911

You bow to Gu Yong.

"If it will please you, will you also serve within our force? We would need someone like yourself."

Gu Yong bows.

"For Master Cai Yong, who died in service, and for Lady Cai Yan whom I have an obligation to look after, I would accept. Please allow me in to your force."

Cai Yan and Gu Yong join.


Part 11 end. Same time next Monday at 7:00.

Questions, complaints, etc, ask away.

>> No.33741922

If we had gotten a 100 on that roll in Jing, would we have encountered Xu Shu or Zhuge Liang?

>> No.33741924

Pretty fun. Who was the Yellow Turban?

>> No.33741925

Other than the dice blunder, we seemed to have done pretty well this time around. Any failures we narrowly avoided?

>> No.33741929

Rolled 61


Thanks for running.

How did we do?

>> No.33741935


Thanks for running!

1. Could you tell us who the Yellow Turban commander was?

2. Could you give us a brief assessment on our decisions in the Jing province that aren't spoilers?

3. How long will it take to heal from our wounds?

4. Is Gan Ning married? Would our sister be okay with marrying an ex-pirate? (Gao Shun first dibs)

5. Did you expect us to recruit Gan Ning this thread?

6. Why is Huang Zu such a punkass bitch?

>> No.33741936

>Cai Yan and Gu Yong join.

>Questions, complaints, etc, ask away.
Who were we supposed to find had we not failed the rolls in >>33737729 & >>33737994 ?

>> No.33741937

Evaluation on our decisions in Jing? A political report card instead of a military report card as it were?

Also could you tell us how Training works? Does it raise a stat by a fixed amount, cause a die roll for a stat or add xp to a stat or something?

>> No.33741938

Thanks for running Raian these threads are always a blast.

I think we should be cautious about these two as it could be the trap of Cao cao's or at least spies.

>> No.33741940

I got your contract right here

>> No.33741946

Liu Biao will most likely end up hearing a skewed report of what happened with Ga Ning, we should clear that up pronto.

>> No.33741947

On a scale of 10 to FUUUUUUCK, how bad was the stab wound?

Speaking of which, does the wound system measure from Light, Moderate, Heavy, Critical, and Mortal? Seems a lot like FATAL to me there.

>> No.33741948

What would happen if we did better at Go?

>> No.33741958

What exactly was the +1 WAR for?

>> No.33741960

Would be nice if we managed to get some item as a reward again. Love that fucking kettle.

>> No.33741961

Can Yuan Fang please be canon in this?

Also, if things ever go bad for us, can we go to Five Fingers Mountain and free the Monkey King?

>> No.33741964


Do we have anyone capable of being a military strategist other than Chen Gong?

Who's the smartest general in our force outside of Gongtai?

>> No.33741967

Has it even come up yet? Have we had a successful officer visit since we've gotten it?

>> No.33741981

I remember it being used once, with Cai Yan I think.

>> No.33741982

>Gu Yong
>dem pol stats

>> No.33741984


I think Cai Mao could help us with that. He's probably pleased that we took away one of Huang Zu's most capable subordinates without him realizing it.

>> No.33741986

I imagine it was pretty bad, a moderate shanking. How does the wound system work, is it like Fate ranging from Minor, Moderate, Sever, Life-changing/Life-ending.

>> No.33741989

Rolled 45

You should have a relationship bar with people outside our force as well as in. We should know what Cai Yan and Gu Yong think of us if you havent added it yet.

>> No.33741990

Considering we got that kettle from helping a bunch of peasants out by working in the fields, I'd hazard a guess that we'd need to do some do-gooding amongst the populace.

>> No.33742002


>Wang Can (administrator): Acquainted
>Cai Yan (administrator): Friendly
>Gu Yong (administrator) : Acquainted

He added the Cai Yan and Gu Yong part

>> No.33742015

Would our brother and Cai Yan be a good match? They are both intellectual types if I remember correctly.

>> No.33742021

>inb4 Muh Benevolunce

>> No.33742033

Now that we're Trusted with Lu Lingqi is marriage possible?

>> No.33742034

We need to do I politically here.

Cai Yan if anything should be his secondary wife, while having a Qiao as his primary

>> No.33742045

Rolled 45


Is there a betting pool on the two of us?

What is the general opinion? Is it 'they're at it again'

>> No.33742046

No. Some other high level dudes though.

Liao Hua.

Slandering Huang Zu and complaining about him had chances of failure that could have turned away support. Nothing big, but some humiliation on Zhu Xing's part could have happened.

Good. Especially the Lingqi part where the option of bragging was changed. Lingqi would have been annoyed at Zhu Xing bragging and talking about politics that she doesn't care for.

Sort of sort of not for Gan Ning. It was good on your parts for recognizing Wang Can's advice; it was a hint toward the Gan Ning event. Huang Zu was known to be a very angry and petty man. Wound will heal by next thread.

I'll go with Gan Ning unmarried for now.

Raises stat depending on how big or small the stat is. Don't expect like +5 war from a train decision when you already have 90.

Roll was pretty bad. A bit life-threatening. If you were in the situation with less than 70 War, I would have likely put it as a death.

Fighting in the heal of battle. Normally, Zhu Xing stays behind and commands. With little troops, Zhu Xing was in the direct midst of fighting.

Chen Gong is the most intelligent. Other ministers are administrators types more than warfare, though they could advise you soundly for the most part.

If you want.


>> No.33742049

Hey, I had an idea for something we could mold one of our heirs into:
A strategist who is as adept at tactics as they are at cooking, which is pretty damn good.

>> No.33742062



>> No.33742072

Or could be pretty damn bad at it.

>> No.33742077

We really need to spend a turn and get Zhang Liao up to friendly.

>> No.33742083

Rolled 38


That sounds bad. Ideally it should be one or the other.

We might be able to get a qiao to another general for the political connections.

>> No.33742087



>> No.33742090

Hey, the first step to thinking like a genius is to acquire what one needs at the moment, and who is better at that than a chef?

>> No.33742091

So, as it is, perhaps we should have marriages like this?

One Qiao - Lu Bu or Gao Shun/Zhang Liao
Other Qiao - Our brother

Our sister - Sun Ce/Quan/Gao Shun/Gan Ning (Undecided)

SSX (If we get Sun Ce) - Us as a secondary, or Gao Shun.

Cai Yan, maybe Zhou Yu? We'll have to see

>> No.33742092

agreed. We need to hang out with that man while we have the chance. Preferably before we ask Lu Bu for his permission to court his daughter.

>> No.33742095

>Roll was pretty bad. A bit life-threatening. If you were in the situation with less than 70 War, I would have likely put it as a death.
Balanced stats kiddies BTFO, we need our safety net.

>> No.33742102

"A beggar worries about his next meal.
"A merchant worries about his next sale.
"A strategist worries about his next battle.
"A peasant worries about his next harvest.
"A sloth worries not at all."

>> No.33742104

I don't see what your problem with Shu is. Nor why that Gif keeps on getting posted.

>> No.33742111

The Qiao family is already indebted to Sun Ce and Zhou Yu because of their heroics. We have no chance at either of them, let alone both.

>> No.33742118

Jesus christ, shufags. Read their history, it's pretty obvious why no one likes Shu.

>> No.33742119

>Fighting in the heal of battle. Normally, Zhu Xing stays behind and commands. With little troops, Zhu Xing was in the direct midst of fighting.

So Xing was fighting like a common foot soldier huh? Makes sense. Keep up the good work Raian, don't go easy on us!

>> No.33742126

But we own their lands. It's a political marriage to ensure stability. Marriages were normally political back then.

>> No.33742132

Seems like Shu has a streak of hypocrisy or something.

>> No.33742134

They aren't because said heroics haven't happened yet.

>> No.33742144

Sure they're hypocritical, but what of it? Nearly damn everyone is back in these days

I'm not supporting Shu but I'd rather like it if we didn't have these shitposting about BENEVOLENCE and that shit.

>> No.33742147


With one hand, they claim to be honorable faggots that will eventually bring the Han dynasty back to full power.

With the other hand, they backstab everyone who takes them in or leads their hosts to doom just by association.

Lu Bu faction ftw

>> No.33742156

Fuck off back to sucking Liu Bei's cock faggot.

>> No.33742157

The Qiao clan is indebted to the Sun Clan because the current patriarch of the Sun Clan and his friend saved some of their family members before they could be given the Dong.

>> No.33742167

This is a crappy edit map that shows what the situation is like in 3k quest now

>> No.33742180

>Implying fucking up with Pol won't get us killed just as dead if we get into a position like what happened in Jing in the future.

You guys need to get over this whole dump stat mentality. There's a cap, once you hit it you don't go past it. There's diminishing returns once you hit the higher levels of a stat. All stats are useful and may end up being vital for not getting killed. Sure pol is the lowest immediate concern for a general but pretending that leaving it alone like having an 8 charisma as a fighter will be fine is the wrong attitude here.

I don't have a problem with shu beyond a slight annoyance at their presentation. I'm more annoyed at idiots constantly crying out "Muh benevolence!" and "Shu fag" for any course of action that isn't "stab niggas, collect bitches" even if it'd be to our benefit.

>> No.33742184

I say we attack the Gongsuns next!

>> No.33742190

See? That's what I'm talking about.

But then you also affiliate gaining popular support with Liu Bei, which is true however gaining popular support is an absurdly huge boon back in these times.

>> No.33742197

Rolled 79


Perhaps you could included some boundaries for easy reference?

>> No.33742205

>Shufags assravaged at getting BTFO

>> No.33742207

No, like this.
Yuan Shu > Cao Cao > Yuan Shao/Liu Bei > The rest

>> No.33742210

No navy, personally I think we should build and arm our forces and attack Yuan shu & head on to Cao cao's land afterwards to liberate the Emperor.

>> No.33742212

>Sure pol is the lowest immediate concern for a general but pretending that leaving it alone like having an 8 charisma as a fighter will be fine is the wrong attitude here.

I respectfully disagree, it's also in-character to be bad at it & avoid getting better at it in favour any other option.

>> No.33742221

He's too far away from us, neighbors first, particularly Yuan Shu

>> No.33742230

This. Cao Cao will soon be engaged with Yuan Shao, we need to take the offensive to him as quickly as we can to prevent a three kingdoms scenario

>> No.33742245

If we manage to take out Cao Cao, that should pretty much be a quest win. No other faction would stand a chance against a combined wei/wu

>> No.33742249

"Those who rail against 'political generals' fail to understand that war is a political act, and that every action in a theatre of operations will have political consequences for the general's own masters, his opponents, or both. The successful general understands this, and does not fall into the trap of entirely separating what he does from its context."

>> No.33742259

>implying pol matters to winning battles

Your advice is singularly terrible.

>> No.33742262


Liao Hua would have been good, but Wang Can is a nice get as well.

>> No.33742268

Then everything falls apart as all our officers start the betrayals. And don't underestimate Shu's ability to hang on by a thread.

>> No.33742278

That depends on if Cao cao doesn't pull a coalition against the ''mad dog'' Lu bu

>> No.33742280

Pol affects morale, how much supplies local cities stock up our army with, and how easy acquiring a new city will be.

>> No.33742284

Shu survived because Wu existed. They were poor, they had shit provinces and they wasted what little power they had on fruitless assaults. Against a combined wei/wu they'd be curbstomped.

>> No.33742293


1. Pol can be made up if we have a Political Adviser with us. We have a ton of Political Advisers now, and we can afford to take one with us to campaign.

2. Our Pol has been going up steadily on its own. We don't need to focus on it when other stats are more important. 58 is non-retarded level already.

3. Priorities must be set. LDR, WAR, INT will always have the highest priority. CHA will have higher priority than POL because it's used more frequently and cannot be artificially raised via Advisor.

>> No.33742296

Pol does not affect army morale.

We have administrators to make sure supplies are delivered. And we conquer cities.

So no, your advice remains terrible.

>> No.33742299

Shu loses all legitimacy when we have the Emperor ruling. It also would get crushed since Zhuge Liang isn't leading their forces.

What if you have to win over the local tribes to gain reinforcements? Or convince a local lord that supporting you is the best option?
Or convincing someone to defect?

>> No.33742304

IMO the current map boundaries do just fine. Also I am terrible with computer art. The only thing deceptive about the map I posted is that Cao Cao actually has a bigger share of land than Liu Bei

>> No.33742307

Our officers seem to be made up of pretty loyal folks right now, though I wonder how shit will hit the fan once things start looking really bright

>> No.33742316

Lu Bu doesn't have the mad dog reputation as it is, I believe. You can still pull the bastard of three fathers insult, but he hasn't betrayed Liu Bei 10 times over, so his reputation has improved.

>> No.33742327

I wish Xun Yu were here. He has like, a 100 in Pol.

>> No.33742333

War > Cha > Int > Pol

Cha can make up for the lack of pol, and strategists make up for the lack of int.

>> No.33742336

Rolled 69


Anon, I believe the anon was just making a point that we cannot go completely ignoring pol.

It being our lowest stat might actually help in that specifically using an action to train that stat should bring the biggest point returns.

Still, train stat still looks to be a waste of actions when we can go to meet other officers, manage our holdings, etc.

>> No.33742347

And the post you are replying to says that we can and will continue to completely ignore pol. We'll listen to our political advisors, pick up and passive stat boosts we can, but actively improving it at the expense of other options? No.

>> No.33742355


Most of those are Charisma rolls as well. As previously mentioned, you take a Yu Fan or a Wang Can with you to campaign.

Keep them safe in the camp and bring them out when you need their decisions.

No need to raise Pol.


I actually believe we can. Our Pol has gone up to 58 from what I believe was 40 (should double-check) naturally.

If we must use a train stat, it should be used on Charisma, which we can't boost with our advisor to 80+ automatically.

>> No.33742357

>implying the lords will rally to the traitor of the Han and kidnapper of the Emperor Cao Cao

>> No.33742365


But he's such a trustworthy man!

>> No.33742381

I'm in agreement with CHA, to be honest, it's probably one of the most useful stats.

>> No.33742395

I'd say LDR should go ahead of those, right now we're capable but we should be excellent.

Although I do think we should be spending our money on a better horse next for improved dueling and general safety.

>> No.33742400

Hey, let's have our younger sister learn war strategy.
When she learns tactics, she can marry a warrior.
When she's married to a warrior, she can follow that warrior to all our campaigns.
Wen/if that warrior dies, we can marry her to another warrior for connections.

>> No.33742403


Also, I honestly think we should be building up social links anyway.

Lingqi's getting close to marriable stat, and we need heirs. We need to arrange marriage for our siblings, and we need to cement our bro-ties with our generals.

Social interactions tend to raise CHA naturally, albeit at a slower rate. It's better to go for social links than training at this stage.

>> No.33742406

For that improvement we probably need to upgrade our armor rather than horse.

>> No.33742411

Rolled 95


Not sure if we'll have enough money in any case. 35 gold and 50 per month.

Also, I believe we should do the city improvements if we can.

>> No.33742418


Horses are good for chasing down enemies in duels and fleeing.

Armor is good for all combat occasions.

I favor upgraded armor.

>> No.33742422

they damn well will if he beats Yuan shao.


I suppose but Cao cao would still be much more Negotiable at first glance than Lu bu & his pack of wolves could be.

>> No.33742435

Rolled 50


Reinforced armour is 150 though.

>> No.33742439

Armor's useful as well, but keep in mind the last time we had a duel (on land) the enemy escaped because our horse wasn't fast enough.

Also, a fast horse is better than strong armor in the most dangerous of situations.

>> No.33742443


I think we get 1/2 of what our original armor cost, which I believe comes to 50.

Saving 100 gold is worth it I think.

>> No.33742456

Why'd Raian have to nerf how much gold we were getting? We're a general!

>> No.33742464

Yeah. I'd upgrade all our other equipment before a horse. Armor has saved our life repeatedly. A faster horse would've let us kill one dude 2 updates early.

>> No.33742470

It's funny because Lu Bu should be showering us with gifts along with promotions as it is. Even Wei Yan got 200 gold for defecting.

>> No.33742472


Ma Teng says Hello

Cao Cao can't put together a coalition because Liu Biao is our ally, Yuan Shu will likely be wiped out by then, and Ma Teng hates Cao Cao. Other members of the Liu Clan are unlikely to side with Cao Cao as well.

Zhang Xiu I guess.

>> No.33742473

Can't Lu Bu just stud his horse, then give us one?
A Red Hare-ling should be better than any of those other loser horses out in the market

>> No.33742488


Game mechanics I guess

>> No.33742492

At our previous rate, we would been able to buy the whole store in ten years time, when we're in our thirties. That's without gaining any money from looting, or selling our current equipment.

>> No.33742497

Lingqi has a Red Hare-ling named "Fierestorm" or something.

>> No.33742516

Things to do for next thread.
>Send a letter to Liu Biao apologising for takin Gam Ning, and explaining the circumstances
>Send letters to Sun Ce
>Hit on Lingqi as usual

>> No.33742532

We don't apologize for something the apologizee doesn't know even happened.

>> No.33742538

What? No. We need to spend a turn talking to Zhang Liao, we need to spend a turn upgrading our forces for the invasion of Yuan Shu, and we need to spend a turn getting Lingqi we want to stick it in.

>> No.33742547

Our last shop list:
>Stalwart's Spear: 300 gold (Spear, +3 War)
>Killing Edge: 300 gold (Sword, +3 War)
>Reinforced Iron Armor: 150 gold (+2 War)
>Rattan Armor: 150 gold (+1 War, Very strong and light against blades and arrows. More injuries from fire however, and you look like a barbarian)
>Black Blaze: 100 gold (Horse, slightly fast and strong)
>Champion: 150 gold (Horse, +1 Lead, slightly fast and strong)
>White Mark 200 (Horse, +1 War, fast and strong)
>Family Banner: 100 gold (+2 Pol, People recognize your clan better and your fame grows slight better)
>Treaties on the State: 250 gold (+5 Pol)
>Art of War: 250 gold (Lea +2, Int +2)
>On Stratagems: 150 gold (Int +2)
>Trickery and Deceit: 200 gold (10% roll when doing plots and ploys)
>Public Works: 100 gold (Pol +1, better city improvement)
>Army Banner: 75 gold (Lea +1)
>General's Fan: 75 gold (Lea +1)
>Silk Robes: 150 gold (+3 Cha)
>Gold Medallion: 100 gold (+2 Cha)

Of these, I believe for us to maximise our money, we need to at least skip one upgrade level. Like wait for the next armour set so we don't keep buying and selling and losing alot of gold.

Like if we're upgrading horses, we should look to save towards champion or white mark.

Also, breakdown on stat items:
>Stalwart's Spear: 300 gold (Spear, +3 War)

100 gold per +1 War

>Killing Edge: 300 gold (Sword, +3 War)

100 gold per +1 War

>Reinforced Iron Armor: 150 gold (+2 War)

75 gold per +1 War

>Rattan Armor: 150 gold (+1 War, Very strong and light against blades and arrows. More injuries from fire however, and you look like a barbarian)

150 gold per +1 War but with additional Plusses and Minuses

>Family Banner: 100 gold (+2 Pol, People recognize your clan better and your fame grows slight better)

50 Gold per +1Pol, + bonus to fame farming

>Treaties on the State: 250 gold (+5 Pol)

50 Gold per +1Pol

>On Stratagems: 150 gold (Int +2)

75 Gold Per +1Int

>Silk Robes: 150 gold (+3 Cha)

50 Gold per +1Cha

>> No.33742551

getting Lingqi to understand*

>> No.33742555


Also, can we set straight how we intend to mold our younger siblings?

>> No.33742558


Not the first one but I want to do the other two.

>> No.33742561

Huang Zu will certainly attempt to slander us with it anon, we can turn it against him however if we take the initiative.

>> No.33742577


Fucker didn't even care about that general.

If he attempts to slander someone who volunteered to help put down an internal rebellion he had no business needing to be in I think he will be rebuked.

>> No.33742582

We desperately need to pick up trickery and deceit

>> No.33742590

okay sure so whats stopping the other lords from forming a coalition against us & who's to say if Cao cao is losing he won't just kill the emperor to spite us?

>> No.33742601

Nah, not us. Our siblings might be good for that, though.

>> No.33742606

Raian can jack up the prices(At this point in time there was a huge famine) or sell even better stuff to solve that

>> No.33742614


Definitely on the list. Anything that affects rolls directly are great.

>> No.33742618

Cao Cao killing the emperor would be a gigantic boon for us, what are you smoking?

>> No.33742626

As it is, he could state we were given the Vanguard of the troops, and asked to attack the enemy.

Instead of attacking, Huang Zu would say we ask Gan Ning to defect, and led the forces elsewhere, back to our own territory.

Slandered enough

>> No.33742629

If he kills the emperor, we would be obligated to give him head before we take his. Without the damn emperor lazing about, Lu Bu gets to lay claim to China.

>> No.33742642

And our kid would inherit

>> No.33742665


Cai Mao would be helpful here as well.

>> No.33742671

Setting your sights too far will have you stumbling over what's right in front of you.
Before our kid inherits, there is Diao Chan's kid, and Liu Cong's kid. Once those two (or more) are taken out of the picture, THEN our kid inherits.

>> No.33742677

Assuming Lu Bu hasn't been baking a son with Diao Chan, and the eventual civil wars over our Zhu Bu, and the Liu Bu won't be pretty

>> No.33742678

We need to talk to one of our political guys about the situation in Jing before we start sending letters.

>> No.33742679

Cao Cao killing the Emperor just means we can rally a coalition against him and he will lose huge amounts of PR.

As for the other lords, we just don't need to give them a reason to. As long as we can make Lu Bu act better than Dong Zhuo they won't care.

>> No.33742681

>Stalwart's Spear: 300 gold (Spear, +3 War) vs Gliding Spear: 100 gold (+2 War)

250 Gold for additional +1War: Not really worth it yet

>Killing Edge: 300 gold (Sword, +3 War) vs Whispering Blade: 100 gold (+1 War, Better chance to injure in duels)

250 Gold for +2War, loss of special ability. Not really worth it

>Reinforced Iron Armor: 150 gold (+2 War) vs Iron Armor: 70 gold (+1 War, It's better than the Leather Armor...)

115 Gold for +1War, Better but still expensive

>Black Blaze: 100 gold (Horse, slightly fast and strong) vs Hazel Hare 50 gold (Normal Horse)

75 for marginal Improvement, lolno

>Champion: 150 gold (Horse, +1 Lead, slightly fast and strong) vs Hazel Hare 50 gold (Normal Horse)

125 Gold for +1 Lead and marginal improvement, not really worth it

>White Mark 200 (Horse, +1 War, fast and strong) vs Hazel Hare 50 gold (Normal Horse)

175 Gold for +1War and strong fast horse, best to just upgrade to this level at one shot and save gold.

>> No.33742691

Armor also decreases wounds, even if that's not stated as an ability.

>> No.33742731



Makes it the best direct upgrade option but I think the money can be better spent right now.

>> No.33742749

Why don't we just pull a Cao Cao and be late to a meeting with Lu Bu and blame it on our horse?

He'll just go "Muh favourite general? With a bad horse?" And throw us the best horse he can get

>> No.33742767

Raian, please give us back our previous wages! We need them for tutoring our siblings in certain arts. Can you make it to where items in the store are more expensive rather than lowering a victorious general's wages?

>> No.33742804

Pretty sure he doesn't love us enough to give us Red Hare

>> No.33742815

A redhare-ling wouldn't be out of the question

>> No.33742818


Maybe he can loan it to us for breeding.

>inb4 hazel hare is a male and red hare is gay

>> No.33742829

What if Red Hare's a grill, and he doesn't want to be separated from her in a fight because of dreaded pregnancy?

>> No.33742847

Great, then he'll order Zhang Liao to fetch one for us and we can volunteer to go along with him and we'll upgrade our relationship with him!

>> No.33743699

You know...

Considering that lingqi is likely the designated successor to lu bu, what happens when we marry her? Do we marry into the lu clan? Is our zhu clan absorbed?

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