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Hey /tg/ I just got into a pretty heavy argument with my girlfriend and things look like they're not going to work out. It's 4 years down the drain and I'm feeling shithorrid. Does anyone have any feel good stories or screen caps?
Thanks in advance most elegan/tg/entlebros

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Not your blog, feggit

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What was the argument about and who caused it?

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You should probably go ahead and kill yourself.

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You might like this story.

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>who caused it
obviously he did, as he wants validation when he should go have a draino cocktail and die in his bathroom.

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>No resolution for this story
But why

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aww shite mate, I remember that.
Such great.

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Thank you for posting the worst story ever.
I bet it will give the OP the same cancer you have.

Faggot Cancer.

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This one always makes me read up.

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Damn you.

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god damnit, now im sad

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What is that?

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I thought Oni were evil.

I also thought they were powerless without their clubs.

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A fan comic for Rune Factory 3, which is basically a Fantasy Harvest Moon.

One of the potential waifus you can marry is an elf who will live significantly longer than you.

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I'm sad now.

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I need to play them at some point...

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>Actually having a girlfriend
What kind of faggot are you, I bet you go outside as well and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Loser.

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i need this right now. my character just died because of a plot device and he was the only character who made me feel wanted or liked at the table, i finally felt important then im killed

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...I teared up...a little...

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They're pretty solid games, especially if you enjoy the Harvest Moon series (Rune Factory is also done by Natsume), but the combat and dungeon delving is kind of clunky up until 3 and 4.

3's my personal favorite, and if you have a 3DS then 4 is also good.

Pia is best waifu

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At least he still has his child.

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You will never find love again, she was the one.

spend a lot of time thinking about the things she did that made you happy. They will never happen anymore.

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Cept the kids only half oni. So he'll outlive his son too.

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If we're talking about outliving people...

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That's why half elves end up so fucked up. No-one out there ages at the same rate as them, so by the time they are an adult, everyone they care about is either dead or exactly the same age they were when he was born.

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Golem 6B is fucking retarded.

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Wasn't that from the guy who did skelington quest?

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No idea.

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Some recent feels.

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Why would anyone draw that?



I'm crying


I hope it'll get better soon, OP. I know anything I say will more likely be meaningless, so I'll just post stories I find funny.

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you mean the one in >>33676099

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Fuck it, I'll buy his sister anyway. I'll just paint her green and teach her some nature spells, and call her a dryad.
As I'm pounding that non-wooden ass, of course.

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Stop being an enabling faggot

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At least it was just at the girlfriend stage, OP. My wife just left me, taking pretty much everything but the Xbox which she never touched, and the jeep which she didn't need since her folks had three cars on welfare and a single income, but somehow managed to wrangle everything but PLUS a quarter of my monthly paycheck. All this because I refused to be her crippled, chainsmoking mother's personal housenigger/workhorse. Three years and a daughter, and she wants to flush it because I told that bitch she could get her lazy autistic bio-son to pick up his slack on the housework, because fuck him sleeping till noon and spending the rest of the night playing virtual stock-cars! But that's enough from me and my soapbox.

Just remember, living well is the best revenge. So it's over? Fuck that: it's a new beginning. Get a haircut, treat yourself to a night on the town, go find some foxes to chill with, or whatever. The point is that, even if the collar is diamond studded and looks nice, it's still a fucking collar. Now it's gone, and you're better off for it.

But if that didn't pick you up. Have some Brogan. that always gives me a chuckle.

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What do you think you're doing, anon? There can be no laughter here, only delicious tears.

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What about uplifting musics?





Man, this make me want to restart /tg/: the musical

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My father is literaly screaming at my mom downstair. Tears aren't for me.

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I think I'll continue.

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Ah. Well then...

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/tg/ ain't your blog, nigga. Go bitch about it on tumblr

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If you're into schadenfreude, I'm left to babysit my nephews are here and theyre the most spoiled pieces of shit I've ever had to be around.

The youngest one threw a fit and himself throw up when he didn't get more olives to snack on last night. The second youngest started crying when he wasn't allowed to keep the TV on while he slept. One is crying now because I won't let him kick the dogs. And theyre all bitching that they can't play games because they broke all the controllers and I refuse to get more.

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I'm much more sympathetic to you than OP.
Hope everything turns out OK for you.
Also, they didn't exactly sound like wonderful people so maybe it's not the end of the world.

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Good lord man, why do you accept that responsibility? At least lie and say you have plans!

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We aren't /b/. Fuck off.

Sorry to hear, OP. Have a cute, feel-good animation.

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Now I'm torn, but I think I've got something that mixes happy and sad.

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I feel sorry for you. I hope they won't bother you too long.

Have a story I find funny

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Not your blog, nigga. Fuck off.

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Nor are we /soc/. Talk about traditional games or fuck off

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No son, you fuck off.

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My family doesn't give a fuck. They even brought them to me while I was gaming with my group and said they were my problem. I don't even have a car seat but at least I didn't get pulled over going home with them. Last night my parents took my car key so I couldn't leave unless I go for no less than 30 minutes in 105 degree bright sunlight to anywhere

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Unfortunately, they're here for the weekend maybe even longer. Their parents, my brother and his wife, don't give a fuck what they do.

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Call protective services, man. If you think they're fucked up now, just wait until they hit puberty.

I swear on my life at least one of them will do hard time if they don't get new parents.

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This one makes me laugh


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Have you ever considered whupping their asses?

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Bit of a leap you're making. Depending on how old the kids are, they might just be little shits, and will grow up better.

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> son
Edgy /b/tard detected

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Yeah, because jerking off and reminiscing about the old days is edgy, right?

It's like you haven't been to /b/ since 2009.

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The youngest I think is 5 now. The oldest is 12. Middle being 8. Oldest one's already been in juvie but got out from family pulling strings cause MUH FAMILY

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Just walk out, don't play by their rules. They think they've made a winning move, change the game. Going through the heat would be awful, but completely unexpected.

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A 5 year old complaining about snacks, and an 8 year old who wants more tv, is not unexpected behaviour. The oldest one sounds not great, though.

Abandoning children is rarely the best strategy.

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I know just the thing, OP.

I spent the last ten minutes digging these up for you. Enjoy.

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The best revenge is an iron-clad prenup, my man, sorry to hear about your situation.

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I meant before the duty was thrust on him, if he had any warning. Refusing and walking out would force alternative plans.

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Warning? I don't hear anything from my family til the plans are already set in motion. If I had any warning I wouldn't skipped out on the spot wouldn't even bother getting my shoes on. Didn't know about this til their parents left last night.

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>Super Ska Band
>Not Skavengers

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: "it could have been."

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This guy sounds like he's still pretty young, living with his parents. I imagine it would be hell to pay later if he tried to just walk out.

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I have this, will that do?

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>Dr Simian and his legion of super apes

Every goddamn time

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Hang in there, bro.

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23, been looking for a job for a few months out of college. Mostly looking out of town but fuck even in town there's not much at all. Not even part time food service

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>Nature calls, and you have he misfortune to have to answer in a dingy old gas station bathroom with a single bare flickering bulb for light. Sitting on the commode, "indisposed," you suddenly realize that there is no toilet paper left in the holder. Just as you begin to panic, the flickering light bulb dies completely, plunging the bathroom into pitch darkness. You feel a frigid wind rise up around you like a cyclone, and hear a shriek like a buzzsaw before the light suddenly pops back on. There is a brand new roll of TP on the holder now, and a new bit of graffiti on the door reading "SoRrY fOr THe iNconVEniEnCE."

All of my settings ever now.

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Have you tried part-time janitor in a school? Asking your town's Human Ressources sometime work

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im not gonna lie, i have no idea what is going on in this post, whats the backstory?

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Get. The fuck. Of of my /tg/. No one likes you /b/-tards. We won't let you do here what you've done to /x/, /vg/, and others

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Cry more, /r9k/

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The guy's Terry Pratchett, author of Discworld.
He's got Alzheimer's.

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While I don't want /b/ here, I don't want the board to be infested by /r9k/ looking for a shoulder to cry on either.

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We have "it was a shitty day, can you cheer me up" threads all the time. As long as the stories/other sources of feels are still /tg/, it's a legitimate reason for starting a topic, as it's basically a story-trading thread with a secondary motive.

Even aside from that, /tg/ has a tradition of being friendly to all comers, as long as they don't like the edition you hate. Let OP have his thread.

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Well so long as we're doing feels.

OP, I hope everything works out for you, best of everything man.

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Oni can be good or Evil. They're just generally rowdy spirits

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F-fuck you ;_;

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I don't get it.

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Animu weebshit

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Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer manga.

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You sound fat.

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Hope you can work it out, dude.

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Says the weaboo

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kindly end yourself.

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Says the /b/tard

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I hope for the best, OP

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I hope he gets raped

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Got any job qualifications? If so, go find a job that you're qualified for.

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And I think this is the last of my adorable images
I hope all things go well for you, OP

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This one usually makes me smile

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has anyone got a cap of the guy who had a girlfriend for 2 years without realising it?

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I advise that you ask the Goblin King take them away.

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If a family dumps their kids on someone and says that they're their problem now, that's pretty indicative that they are grossly fucked up.

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No, but that thread is in suptg. I remember it, she asked him to do a private gor LARP and he got freaked out.

>> No.33684564

He is dying, and telling the others to die after their elders but before their children

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Does /tg/ have any library for these kind of stories? Or do I have to start or look out for story sharing threads?

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First link.


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paper princess:
Take this chance to overthrow ALL the rock renas

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probably ended in the friend murdering the GM.

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Fuck, this one always gets me the most.

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Tg screencap hooo

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I can't deal with this right now.

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Commencing dump.

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I like that one but didn't a physicist anon point out that it theoretically it wouldn't work?

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My feels.

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link to the file http://www.mediafire.com/download/jervc4ezvmww907/A+Professional+Traitor.wav

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..I don't get it

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>> No.33698977

I thought that was going to be cute and/or funny. I was wrong!

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Great author, got Alzheimers, now he's planning suicide.
>I'm not going to die of Alzheimers. I'm going to take it with me.

>> No.33700448

Indeed. it was both

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Rolled 2

Fuckin' slays me.

>> No.33703380

I always like a happy ending.

>> No.33704895

wherever you are Edguardo and Squid We salute you.

>> No.33705270

huh, didn't know you parrots were still around.

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>Why would anyone draw that?
Because suffering is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

>> No.33707588

I hate you.

>> No.33708211

How can I make my 4chins look like that?

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