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>You are a planeswalker.
>In the vast Multiverse, only you and some other chucklefucks know of the countless worlds beyond your own.

Welcome to the Magic: the Gathering Flavor General thread!

Helpful links:
>Uncharted Realms Archive
ARCHIVE http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Archive.aspx?tag=unchartedrealms&description=Uncharted%20Realms

>Savor the Flavor/Taste the Magic archive
ARCHIVE http://www.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/archive.aspx?page=13&tag=savortheflavor&description=taste%20the%20magic

>Planeswalker's Guides
ARCHIVE http://pastebin.com/Ttgtz6A9

>Set Trailers

>Current Status of Planeswalkers:

>Doug Beyer's Tumblr

Reminder: Keep bait, shitposting, and arguments to a minimum; try to focus on lore discussion. Lewd, however, is always welcome.

We now have an IRC: #mtgwaifulore on irc.rizon.net

Starter topic: You get to pick the next plane Tamiyo visits. Where does she go, and what is she studying.

Remember, she doesn't have any actual affinity for moons. She can study any reasonably interesting feature of the plane you choose.

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We get it, you don't like Innistrad. Find some new file names already.

Anyway, Tamiyo goes to Zendikar and studies the Hedrons and Eldrazi, as well as its aberrant mana. This is partially for fluff reasons, partially so that we don't get yet another Jace when we return to Zendikar.

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>Those Elspeth mask options
Why the hell didn't they go with A?

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People might not connect that its elspeth

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Yo, where do you guys get the cool concept art for the thread headers.

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How? It has the Godsend bit, same as the mask they chose, but it also has her face.
Ravnicanon made up a bunch of banners a while back. The art is mostly pulled from Planeswalker's Guides and other DailyMTG articles.

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Alright /mtgfg/

>Favorite Standard deck (any rotation)
>Favorite Modern deck
>Favorite Legacy deck

For each deck, what kind of planeswalker would you be?

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Don't have one
muh red white human deck
don't have one
I don't know, but Elspeth is the Planeswalker for my human deck

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>>Favorite Standard deck (any rotation)
Dragonstorm (Ravnica-Time Spiral)
Sarkhan Vol visits the Izzets
>>Favorite Modern deck
A G/W justicar, possibly a [whatever Bant/Naya overlap is called]-ian from Alara. They disdain trickery and force their opponent to play by a strict set of rules, which, do to their Green nature, includes the RULES OF NATURE!
>>Favorite Legacy deck
Ad Nauseum Tendrils
Someone who is very, VERY close to losing their Spark.

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So, your enemies run when the sun comes up?

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With their lives on the line.

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Could someone be alive without having life?

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Only Standard deck I ever made was Tricycle Death (triskelion combo), so...crazy artificer trying to make a perpetual motion device?
Never played, but Pod is the deck I'd be most likely to if I had the interest/money. G/U with a focus on changing things' forms. For some reason my brain's saying 'Shadowmoor selkie' for race.
Same deal as Modern, but much easier deck to determine. Fucking MEATHOOKS. BEHOLD THE SWARM IN ALL ITS GLORY. W/G walker that believes that the slivers' apparent selflessness marks them as superior to the selfish multitude of the multiverse. No idea for race.

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>Standard: Izzet Burn
A member of the Izzet
>Modern: Izzet Burn
Maybe some kind of Izzet Mage?

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I want to listen to an MtG related podcast but I don't want to waste my time sorting through the chaff. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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Drive to Work.

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I adore Limited Resources. Just hearing two knowledgable guys talking about cards, individually. Sure they focus on limited, but the charm is real.

And drive to work.

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I can recommend all of these.
Drive to Work is by Mark Rosewater, the archive is on the Mothership.
Limited Resources is here: http://lrcast.com/

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I have trouble listening to MaRo's cartoon voice, but Limited Resources is really interesting.

The only problem is the first episode I picked is over 5 hours long. How?

>> No.33642231

They do reviews of ENTIRE SETS

Common/Uncommon episodes range from 3-6 hours, and the rare/maythic episodes range from 2-3 hours.

>> No.33642247

You listen to it over the course of several days, or you listen to it while doing other things.

>> No.33642275

That's brilliant. Thanks for making me aware of this.

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I REALLY want to see where Ajani goes from here. Wandering Theros, proclaiming the sins of the Gods.

>> No.33642382

The greatest artisan in all of Theros makes him headgear worthy of his deeds

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>Not finding Maro's voice adorable and endearing
I also find Limited Resources boring as hell.

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I'd have Tamyo go to Alara, she would study how the plane broke apart and fused back together.

That way, she can go back to Kamigawa and try to split the Kami side of the hourglass shaped plane from the material side.

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Oh, and this way we have an excuse to have a Kami walker.

>> No.33642614

Kami are probably not born in the traditional sense, thus they would be ineligible for sparks.

>> No.33642619

How are you so sure?

>> No.33642713

And then I figured it out! Which leaves me with a mad Vedalken or Neurok artificer, a selkie that shapeshifts others, and a Zendikari kor who takes her race's focus on interdependence and trust (and hooks) to a bit of an extreme (and possibly a bit corrupted).
...I would totally play the last two in a MtG rpg.

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Let's have a new version of the Waifusion spell.

One Planeswalker + one creature card of your choice merge into your perfect waifu.

Who and what will it be?

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Tamiyo and derevi. Twiddling overload

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RUG control back in the Caw-Blade meta, pre NPH.
UWR kiki-control and UR delver.
RUG delver.

I'd like to think a shaman-esque type walker who has control over all the base elements.
Fuck you I'm the avatar.

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>finally get a kamiwalker
>its a zubera

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>Favorite Standard deck
Oh, jeez. Uh... Lemme think.
>Innistrad/RTR B/W Exalted
>Death, life, unity, yin-yang-esque
>Innistrad/RTR B Rats
>Feast of death! All things die, and feed my swarm!
>RTR/THS R/G Monsters
>Run rampant, wild nature! Be free 'neath the banner of Xenagos, our great God, and be exalted by our comrade in Gruul, Domri Rade! SMASH ALL BOUNDARIES!
>RTR/THS R(w) Burn Control
>If you approach me I'll burn the earth beneath your feet. If you send bird or beast at me I'll burn them out of the sky and where they stand. Eventually, I'll burn you to nothing.
I'm gonna go with the Monsters deck as my favourite, though.
>Modern deck
>Gavin Verhey's Weird Paradise
The product of an Izzet mage's obsessive research, assisted by his assistant, the Weird he creates. Sometimes it's immediate and overwhelming, sometimes it doesn't do anything at all, and sometimes it ends up flooding the building with goblins.

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>Ensoul Artifact // Kurkesh
A kind of nasty mesh I made for budget friendliness, mainly using low cost junk artifacts to remarkably improved ends. 5/5 flyers swinging on turn 2 and kurkesh double-eating some harts, so I can pull double land to cast double golems from purphoros's hammer.
>Unafraid to Die
A whole bunch of low cost artifacts, which include bonuses upon dying, alongside appropriate effects to sacrifice. Playstyle described as, "I violently kill myself as quickly as possible, and aim to take you down, alongside me."
>Boy and his Butterfly
A basic combo deck of pili-pala and grand architect, which'll generate repeating mana between turns 3 and 5 for dat dere mill-out.

I'd like to envision myself as an RU tinkerer, not always just making bombs, per se, but turning junk into unusual, but fairly viable formes.

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Because, if I recall correctly, the kami are all fragments of O-Kagachi.

>> No.33646589

What reason would she have for wanting to do that?

Besides, we're never going back to Kamigawa. More likely, we'll hear that the Eldrazi are it.

>> No.33646598

>the Eldrazi are it
Ate it, fuck.

>> No.33647422

>magic RPG
Isn't that what that Hero's Path stuff that Wizards was doing with the Theros prereleases were?

>> No.33647814

I wish O-Kagachi got a card instead of just being mentioned on one.

>> No.33647947

How would it get a card? It's dead, and the pieces of its corpse are the kami cards that make up like half the block. In order for it to be around, all the Kami would need to be gone, and with the Kami gone, so is the main plot of the block!

>> No.33648318

O-Kagachi was alive during the block. The sisters were the ones who took it down.

>> No.33648384

I think to show how powerful the O-Kagachi was you would need to make it something like an Eldrazi. In fact, the only card he is on is the one that exiles every creature on the field.

Trying to make the sisters would be even harder.

>> No.33648419



>> No.33648472

O-Kagachi was nowhere near the Eldrazi. Absolutely nowhere.

I'll point out that Heliod is on the art of Wrath of God in FTV: Annihilation, so I'm not sure what point you're trying to make with that argument.

Actually, something similar to Heliod could work for O-Kagachi. Just change the creature type on the tokens from Cleric to Spirit.

I'm not sure why you think the Sisters would be much harder. Just combine Rule of Law with Silent Arbiter.

>> No.33648482

Sisters of Flesh and Spirit.

Basically, its Michiko Konda and the divinity of O-Kagachi fused into one being. They guard the plane, and have told people to fuck off before, and Bolas complied. As an oldwalker.

He could probably take them, it was just too much trouble at the time, and would take too long

>> No.33648569

>fused into one being


Siamese twins?

>> No.33648572

It isn't really that impressive that they kept him out, really. For all that oldwalkers had godlike power, they have been kept out of planes due to:

>Yuri girls
>Ten merchant organizations with a scrap of paper
>The aftermath of an explosion that was REALLY BIG, YOU GUYS

And probably some others. Really, all it took was some determination and maybe a shoestring to keep planeswalkers away.

>> No.33648608

>Only one thing can attack each turn
>Only one thing can block each turn
>Only one spell each turn
I want this commander

>> No.33648689

It basically says 'SLOOOOOOOW DOOOOOOWN'

And then red says "FUCK YOU" and kicks you in the face with its ENERGY LEGS.

>> No.33648888

You forgot
>A golem trips balls SO HARD that his imaginary friend keeps Karn from coming home

>> No.33649280


Why would anyone give that Konda bitch cosmic power?

>> No.33649423

Watch out planeswalkers! You're gonna need 2 whole mana to enter Ulgrotha!


>> No.33649523

>And then red says "FUCK YOU" and kicks you in the face with its ENERGY LEGS.

hey, i have that commander deck.

>> No.33649553

Do any uncharted realms include Damia?
Or any other stories?

>> No.33649593

Hey, me too!

Hidetsugu's one of only a few non-Warrior creatures in my deck, he's wonderful. I love that his art screams "I'm here to fuck shit up"

>> No.33649728

Not sure if it was true of oldwalkers, but it's possible they were also subject to the "can't planeswalk into or out of Nyx or the Underworld" rule

>> No.33649976

>Yuri girls can keep planeswalkers out
go on....

>> No.33649997

Nyx and the theran underworld are cut off from the blind eternities
It's not possible

>> No.33650040

See >>33648482

It really says something that oldwalkers were such a pain in the ass for the story that the Creative Team had to constantly come up with reasons for them not to be involved in things.

>> No.33650084

Except for the one time when they had nine involved and gave them mech suits...

...and it was still somehow an extremely shitty story.

>> No.33650118

Which plane has the most powerful wizards?

I'm inclined to say Dominaria due to certain events on the plane and cards in Time Spiral showing a lot of crazy time/portal magic going on there. I mean look at this fucker, he's a 5/5 human who fights things for sport

>> No.33650123

I don't see how that wouldn't turn out bad

>> No.33650195

I doubt there's really any plane with the most powerful wizards, really. I mean, sure, Magus of the Arena is huge, but then you think about organizations like the Izzet, or the Ethersworn. And then you also think about Emmara, and you realize that being a 5/5 doesn't mean anything in-universe.

Innistrad probably does have the weakest wizards in the traditional sense. You need to either draw on Avacyn's power as a cleric or render ghosts in a vat. Which is part of why Innistrad is the worst plane we've visited since the Mendinng.

>> No.33650264

The time shit during Time Spiral wasn't being done by wizards, though. That was reality buckling under the weight of the various dumps that oldwalkers had taken all over it.

>> No.33650318

>he's a 5/5 human who fights things for sport

>> No.33650323

I don't think that makes it bad, myself. Yeah, Innistrad is very low power, fluffwise, but I honestly like that. It's an interesting change of pace. Now, I prefer my Magic to be high fantasy, yeah, but the occasional Innistrad is alright with me.

>> No.33650369

It's not the only thing that makes Innistrad unbearable. I can only stand so much 2spooky before I get sick of it.

At least Avacyn Restored made things a bit more interesting.

>> No.33650693

I know the rifts were caused by other events, but some of the mages on Dominaria learned from them and created spells with their power. I like to think that most of the spells we see in each set are spells the mages in that setting have created and we as visitors steal from them, including the weird ones like Pull From Eternity

>> No.33650730

>2spooky world was massively successful, with Avacyn Restored upsetting people because things were no longer spooky enough
>Lorwyn flopped because it was too lighthearted
>The majority of players preferred Shadowmoor
>Jace is the most popular planeswalker
>The character of Tibalt was better received than Tamiyo, even if his card wasn't
I'm beginning to get a picture of the average Magic player

>> No.33650772

They used the rifts and what they were doing, but there's no indication that they'd be able to do that after the rifts were closed.

Having access to a tool does not make you natively stronger than someone without the tool, especially when you only have the tool for a short time

>> No.33650793

>Favorite Standard deck (any rotation)
Black Suicide. Dump shadow guys, rituals, Hatred for 18, die to bolt.

>Favorite Modern deck
Instant Reanimator, I guess. MonoG devotion too. That turn 2 Prime Time.

>Favorite Legacy deck
Nic Fit --> Punishing Jund.

>> No.33650821

Oh and:

Just edgelord.

I think I have a theme.

>> No.33650863

Goddamn Pull From Eternity. Designed to hose Suspend, now everyone thinks you should be able to get stuff back from exile.

>> No.33651050

To be fair, some people like Innistrad because to them, it is Castlevania: the Plane

>> No.33651128

Natural anomalies like time rifts are more than just tools for combat, they can be subjects for research as well. Wizards are smart, man, they'll figure it out on their own eventually. Temporal Adepts were trained at the Tolarian Academy for example, and at least some of its knowledge has survived its destruction.

>> No.33651324

Well, she had a blurb in the original article about the stories behind the commanders.

Also, SDCC tomorrow everyone. Doug's going to be in the Magic stream answering lore questions.

>> No.33651401

I actually am not sure what point you're trying to make with Jace. He doesn't strike me as a particularly dark character.

>> No.33651417

Only if it's possible to replicate. The impossible will still be impossible, no matter how much you study.

The Mending fundamentally altered the nature of the Multiverse, in part BECAUSE the rifts were such bad shit. I highly doubt they're still possible.

>> No.33651441

Link? I am teh dumb with the wijjards site

>> No.33651650

I'm inclined to say Dominaria as well due to its incredibly rich mystic tradition and staggering variety of known spells.

>Innistrad probably does have the weakest wizards in the traditional sense
On a more serious in-universe note, it has multiple houses of mystics, Jenrik's Tower, ancient liches and mad Runebinders. Most vampires also were at the very least initiates of magic; powers like flying, turning into a bat and beguiling humans are all sorcery and not inherent to the vampiric condition.

That's why I like it. Also all the pulpy horror goodness with things like The Blob and giant Frankenstein's Monsters.

At one point he was TORN BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS, mind sculpting people for ultimately selfish reasons and sleeping with Liliana. He also killed his mentor and father-figure. However, he mind-sculpted his edge away.

>> No.33651705

It isn't much, and some of it is out of date. (Kaalia's story has been changed dramatically)

>> No.33651719

Never mind Google is friendly

>> No.33651789

>Tariel is female
Uh, okay, didn't know that.

>> No.33651908

>Despite her famed career, Nin does not see herself as a torturer. Nin seeks to awaken a deeper consciousness within her "clients" by exploring their personal limits. She believes every nerve ending is a pathway to self-knowledge.
Oh, my.

>> No.33652204

You really should have

>> No.33652231

>He also killed his mentor and father-figure.
Technically, lobotomized, not killed. And not without reason, mind you.

>> No.33652541

It's not grimderp, but it is edgy

>> No.33652828


>> No.33653274

>However, he mind-sculpted his edge away.
That's a large part of what makes Jace an excellent flagship planeswalker for blue. He expresses one of the most important philosophical aspects of blue: the tabula rasa. Blue believes that you can become anything, no matter what you are.

Jace has unmade and remade himself to the point that he barely resembles the person he used to be. He is the product of his own work, not something that was destined to be.

>> No.33653481

>Blue believes that you can become anything, no matter what you are.

And some of them like Jalira and Jace, Mind Sculptor apply that to other people too.

Without their consent, sometimes.

>> No.33653527

And Jace isn't like that anymore, because he applied the principle to himself.

See how that works?

>> No.33653569


There's plenty of other blue mages who don't give a shit.

>> No.33653594

There are mages of all colors who are assholes.

What point are you trying to make, her?

>> No.33653618

Here, goddamnit.

>> No.33653810

I was thinking of Jace now, rather than previously, I will grant that. He was a lot edgier before. But on the other hand, I feel like a character who grows and develops into less grimdarky still isn't a terribly good example. Your mileage may vary, however.

>> No.33655427

So, what is everyone expecting--or hoping for--from tomorrow?

>> No.33655939

Expecting Commander 2014 because this was when they announced the last one and they're supposed to be yearly now.
Expecting information about Khans with up to one spoiler.
Hoping for information on the Duel Deck that's coming soon.
Hoping for announcement of a new Planechase-like product.
Hoping that the things that MaRo and Doug have been hyping up are actually things that deserve the hype.

>> No.33655970

What's tomorrow again?

>> No.33655976

Some word on Elspeth

>> No.33656139

SDCC Magic panel.

>> No.33656406

Oh neat.

Also the Korra update.

SDCC will be fun.

>> No.33656423

>the letter at the bottom of that article
I remember asking a drawfag here on /tg/ to make the same thing, think the result looks a lot better myself

>> No.33658768

When will we start seeing spoilers for Khans?

>> No.33658964

In like 2ish, maybe less, months

>> No.33659001

Could be we'll see one this weekend. They've spoiled a single card or two months before a set before. (Wall of Flame and Waste Not with M15, for instance)
The bulk of the spoilers will be released less than a month before the set releases.

>> No.33660059

We'll be getting a lot of information tomorrow, but the only "spoiler" we got last year was the enchantment creature frame, and it didn't even say "Enchantment Creature" on it.

>> No.33662850

Magic the gathering Highschool Anime return!

Tamiyo blackmails Sorin to serve on the student council, using the manga he published under a pseudonym, Magical Girl Guardian Angel Avacyn, as leverage

>> No.33663303


Jace plays magic against all the other planeswalkers. Wins every game.

>> No.33663457

What a gary stu

>> No.33663477

He uses mindgames to hinder their play and conceal the fact that she's a squid girl

>> No.33663592

Magic:The Gathering Anime
What clubs do the planeswalkers belong to?
Lili is in love with Jace, she's impulsive and her tsundere tendencies put a lot of strain on her relationships.
Chandra hangs around Jace and is always giving him a hard time, everyone thinks she likes him
Gideon likes Chandra, but since he thinks she likes Jace he's content to remain just friends with her. Chandra actually likes him but always gets nervous or interrupted when she's about to tell him
Jace for his part is detached and doesn't care much for relationships, doesn't like physical contact since she's a squid girl and its harder to make her illusions tangible.
Ajani is the scary looking guy who has a soft spot for cats, he works at the local shelter even though school rules forbid it. He's also the best with first aid. He thinks of Elspeth as a little sister
Elspeth hangs out with Ajani, but she perpetually has bad luck. Whenever she tries to help out at the pet shelter, the cats start attacking her. Even with that shit, she has a hero complex which often leads her to getting hurt. She likes Ajani
Nissa, bless her, is the clumsy and stuck up exchange student. She does her best to do the right thing but always exacerbates the problem.
Tamiyo is the student body president who is actually fairly uninvolved and most of her projects are getting class trips approved.
Garruk is a delinquent who has it in for Liliana because she turned him down a year or two ago, spread rumors about her.
Tibalt is a delinquent who is crazy yandere for Sorin.
Sorin is the detached upperclassman who is usually dragged unwillingly into the drama of his underclassmen.
Ashiok is a qt trap like Hideyoshi from Baka no Test or Rukako from Steins;Gate

>> No.33664191


Jace gains fame through his ability to win almost any game he plays. This grabs Bolas attention, as he is a top tier player and all around powerful person. He kidnaps an important person to Jace and makes Jace play all the other planeswalkers in magic to try to get his precious person back. Jace is eventuall...

I'm getting sued for copyright infringement...

>> No.33664202

You know, this is really stupid.

>> No.33664216

Jace has to kill a gay clown

>> No.33664247

The Ride Never Ends!
Bolas is the often times distant principle of the school, showing up mainly to antagonize the students. He prefers to sit in his office using his cameras and minions to spy on the population of the school, often manipulates the students into achieving his goals.
Sarkhan is the homeroom teacher for the underclassmen and a flunky of Bolas' beyond just being a teacher. He often reports to Bolas and continuously loses Elspeth's papers (though this is mostly due to her bad luck). Sarkhan tends to be henpecked except when he snaps, then he goes on a rampage.
The Eldrazi are actually exchange students who don't speak the language so no one understands them and runs away from them.
Karn is the gym teacher
Tezzeret is Bolas' pet student
Kiora is president of the swim club whose plots often gets her in over her head
Ral is president of the mad science club
Vraska is the nurse who gets all the students rock hard
Domri is a small jock.
Venser is still dead

>> No.33664343


Jace first makes quick work of Tibalt who threw Jace the Mind Sculptor into a volcano. The creator of this plot deemed that card "too OP"

>> No.33664411


So was Venser killed in a stupid contest with the Student Council of New Phyrexia High?

(rebuilt after Urza crashed his van into it and it burnt down with hard-ass Principle Yawgmoth inside)

>> No.33664512

Rescuing Karn (the robotics teacher) from an incident with an AI

>> No.33664582

Stupid contest is good as well

>> No.33665053

So, next block is Khans. Then we have a mystery block. Then a multicolor block. Then maybe Return to New Phyrexia? It'll have been as much time as passed between Mirrodin and Scars block.

>> No.33665185

I would prefer us going back to Zendikar before new phyrexia

>> No.33665363

Two of the Titans have already left Zendikar. New Phyrexia has more immediate story to it.

>> No.33665364

Anyone else think the new Jace is garbage.

>> No.33665632

Remove the word 'new' and you have a deal.

>> No.33665860

What are you talking about? Jace is actually a fairly interesting character, who's been getting some good development lately.

>> No.33666170


Flavor wise he's good. Storyline wise he might be a little bland but it makes sense.

Card wise he's good post rotation in control decks. He's the opposite of other planes walkers in that you are playing him solely for his ultimate.

>> No.33666455

He was actually really entertaining in The Secretist.

>> No.33667017

>he's good post rotation in control decks
What? How can you say that without knowing a single goddamn thing rotating in?

>> No.33667623

He's Jace. It's not actually a bad bet.

>> No.33668523

I'm down for a Return to Kamigawa...or possibly something more weeb sounding? I know everyone (including WotC probably) hated it, but I thought it was pretty cool.

That, or any plane that gives them a reason to work in Elspeth and/or Serra Angel. WotC PLEASE

>> No.33668738

>Implying Elspeth won't be back in Return to New Phyrexia: The Reckoning

>> No.33669114

>Having to wait that long
Goddamn Magic and its glacial fucking pace.

>> No.33669327

I'm really interested to see where they go with her...I read somewhere that if she comes back with the mask she loses her spark and memories? Idk what the purpose of that would be though...

Assuming you were including Kamigawa in the hypothetical block, I'm now picturing hordes of super decked out samurai and a chrome, Buddha-esque monk duking it out with hordes of Phrexian horrors. I like it.

>> No.33669350

>Assuming you were including Kamigawa in the hypothetical block
What? Why?

It's New Phyrexia. Where would Kamigawa even figure in? I was just referring to the next Phyrexia block...

...which will be the third time we've been on Argentum and the third time the Phyrexian Menace has been the main focus of a storyline.

>> No.33669366

THIRD time? Like, half of the blocks in legacy are all about phyrexia

>> No.33669380

That was one ongoing storyline.

I didn't say "the third block to focus on the Phyrexian Menace," now did I?

>> No.33669439

Ajani and Sorin are the only planeswalkers that actually do shit (gideon gets an honorable mention for killing everyone on zendikar) and are actually affected by their ongoing story.
Jace is the same semismug mind reader he was when first printed.
It would take oldwalker level bullshit to make Lilly be anything but a bitch (right up until the veil gets powered up all the way and does whatever it's going to do)
Chandra has the attention span of a goldfish and farts around blowing things up.
Garruk gets a pass because he's barely smart enough to have a character, much less character development.
Elspeth has some of an arc, but it mostly revolves around getting shat on and then dying.
Everyone else has shown up for ten minutes at a time.

>> No.33669450

>Jace is the same semismug mind reader he was when first printed.
Confirmed for knowing nothing about the character.

>> No.33669631

I don't know. Because Wizards likes to smash planes together sometimes, and if they INSISTED there be Phrexians again, I would insist they at least include some fucking samurai

>> No.33670076

>Everyone else has shown up for ten minutes at a time.
Ashiok: "Hey can I be a villain?"
Dack: (shows up and quietly ushers Ashiok out of the plot)

>> No.33672159

It does look like they've been trying to speed it up a fair bit in the last year, so I have reasonable hopes.

>> No.33672181

Elspeth is midway through a pretty cool arc. Jace has had a huge amount of character development. With luck, as they start to speed up the storyline, Chandra will get character development--I'm pretty sure the biggest problem is so far she hasn't really BEEN in the storyline. Dunno about Liliana or Garruk, though. Not a huge fan of Garruk. But Liliana does seem to have an interesting backstory, so maybe if we find out who the Raven Man is, she'll go somewhere.

>> No.33672237

You're going to be really disappointed. Phyrexians are happening again. There won't be samurai.

>> No.33672635

>Not inherently better than samurai
I liked Kamigawa, too, but what the hell are you on?

>> No.33673543

Can anyone give me a rundown of what happened to this guy during the comics, I can't find a synopsis anywhere

>> No.33674601

>Steals some shit
>Oh no, it's important!
>Gets dragged into some plot
>Solve it because witty and clever guy

Is the general rundown

>> No.33675037

>Raven Man
Isn't he nearly identical to Lim-Dul or Leshrac? (one of those two)
I know almost nothing about either but I'd love them to come back simply for the completely radical names.

>> No.33675204

We have basically no idea what the Raven Man is. All we know is that he is capable of appearing on different planes.

However, he showed up hundreds of years apart, once possessing a corpse that she had raised from the dead.

>> No.33675213

I was thinking more specifically like what the fuck did the gauntlet actually do when complete, and how the conflict with Ashiok went down.

>> No.33675261

Anyone at the panel right now? I wanna know what they say ASAP.

>> No.33675276

>Want him for a janky EDH deck
>Walker in a supplemental set
>$20+ and you can really only use him in casual unless you have a few grand lying around for legacy

>> No.33675294

Just go here https://twitter.com/wizards_magic

They'll livetweet it.

And there'll be a recording later.

>> No.33675327

1. it hasn't started
2. there's already a thread:

>> No.33675333

>mfw I picked up a box to draft with friends and got 2

>> No.33675407

I know there's no official word on who he is but I remember reading that his MO and appearance matched either the Necromancer or Walker in the Night's exactly.

>> No.33675469


>> No.33675823

The Necromancer wasn't a planeswalker, so getting to her home plane in the first place would have been kind of difficult.

And there would be no reason for Leshrac to have been setting things up that far in advance, since it was pre-Mending and he could have been much more direct about things.

>> No.33675911

It seems fitting that it'd be one of them, though. Especially with the Shandalar connection.

>> No.33677700

Jeskai looks to be best clan.

>> No.33677971

I agree, but I like the Abzan's costuming the most of the five.
>TIGER PEOPLE! (Rakshasas?)
>SNAKEFOLK! (Yuan-Ti?)
Unprecedented race-based waifufaggotry inbound!

>> No.33678188

dem inevitable tiger titties

>> No.33678952

Well, Khans block is confirmed to be a time-travel story about change.

First set is large, with a wedge theme.

Second set is small, with no wedge theme.

Third set is large, with no wedge theme.

Draft structure is


Looks like the second set is the bit that takes place in a different time. Second set is also the one that looks to be called "Dragons of Tarkir"

>> No.33679064 [DELETED] 

Wait, this seems screwy. You draft the second set with the third set? How do you do that if the third set hasn't been released yet? Do you just continue to draft the first set for months and then choose if you want to do 3-3-2 or 2-1-1?

>> No.33679230

...what? Are you missing the second line?

>> No.33679267

You draft 1-1-1 until the second set comes out.

You draft 2-1-1 until the third set comes out.

You draft 3-3-2 until the next block hits.

Any questions?

>> No.33679289

Oh shit, I'm an idiot. Sorry, everyone.

>> No.33679322

I do like the draft scheme.

Keeping the second set drafted after the third's release will help keep prices down for whatever chase mythic they make solely to sell the set.

>> No.33679401

You mean Ugin?

>> No.33679430

Yeah, probably.

>> No.33679536

I know :(

I don't DISlike Phrexians...they've just been featured in like two blocks already. I didn't even really play in those blocks and I'm already kind of over them for awhile. I just want a nice monk and ninja intermission before another TWISTED HORRORS block...

>> No.33679783

Have you seen the Jeskai?

>> No.33680082

I have. I'm excited. I'm also thinking Nicol Bolas would really dig this plane, what with them worshiping extinct dragons...

>> No.33680621

Bolas doesn't really care much for other dragons.

And they're stuck on one plane, so they're no real use to him.

>> No.33680778

I'm usually firmly in the lore camp here, but I would waifu a busty orc barbarian so hard.

>> No.33680959

I mean since dragons are supposedly extinct in this coming set, he might enjoy being worshiped as a god by an entire plane. What do you mean they're stuck on one plane?

>> No.33680994

5 previous lore only characters are getting cards, starting with Gisa! Who do you want for the others?

>> No.33681087

I can't, alas, hope for Feather, since she should be multicolored.

>> No.33681133

Always possible she's gone MonoW after leaving the guild, like a few ex-Boros angels.

>> No.33681490

The question was what we want, however, not what we would find depressing.

There's also a difference between the mentalities of a person who leaves and one who is exiled.

>> No.33683084

I want Geralf or Jodah for MonoU.

Who do you guys think the other 5 planeswalkers are going to be? Will there be any new ones?

Also, Teferi has been confirmed by Doug to be a past incarnation of his character; he's still currently missing his spark.

>> No.33683342


>> No.33683497

>Kaalia's story has been changed dramatically)
Link? I've never heard of her story changing.

>> No.33683548

Kos. I want Agrus Kos. Mono White, Spirit Kos.

>> No.33683624


Serra planeswalker card.


>> No.33683638

TL;DR with spoilers: They changed her tragic backstory from ded congregation to ded village. Also, she's a post-conflux Bantian, which means her card is from the future.

>> No.33684140

>Black people in a Greek-inspired setting
Absolutely disappointing

>> No.33684230


>bare feet common

Hnnnngh Theros best plane.

>> No.33684966

If I wanted to be a WitchHunter who resorts to black to fight fire with fire which would make for better minions zombies or demons?

>> No.33685140

Flavour-wise, zombies. They're much easier to control than demons and don't have the intelligence to hate you for returning them to life (unless you're on Theros, in which case all bets are off).

>> No.33685154

Zombies. Demons'll fuck you up.

>> No.33685158

Hmm good point, thanks anon

>> No.33686155

Abzan looks really boring to be honest

I'm going with Wu-Tang Clan, i mean Jeskai

>> No.33686255

I guess I just have a thing for bird-people and nice, geometric shapes. Jeskai are pretty legit, second only to Temur for me.

>> No.33686864

Excellent taste. I just wish we had a picture of their khan.

>> No.33688647

I wish we had pictures of ALL the Khans.

>> No.33689266

I'm waiting on this to happen. http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/92958329733/ive-seen-the-names-of-the-other-khans-but-were-there#notes

>> No.33690359

Can't wait to find out who the tiger-khan belongs to.

>> No.33691130

I bet he is Abzan

>> No.33691161

It would have to be either Jeskai, Mardu, or Temur.

Mardu already have Zurgo Helmsmasher, so...

>> No.33691206

He looks nothing like the Abzan aesthetic.

Besides, as >>33691161 pointed out, fire means red.

>> No.33692411

Doesn't really match the Temur northern aesthetic, so I'd guess Jeskai.

Wait... Does that headpiece look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?

>> No.33692459

>Wait... Does that headpiece look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?
>Does Heliod's wreath look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?
>Do Xenagos's horns look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?
>Does Dragon's Maze sound like Bolas' horns to anyone else?

>> No.33692567

Honestly I was thinking the same thing when I was pointing it out. DGM was always ridiculous, but Heliod and Xenagos were legitimately similar and probably meant to trip people up. So I don't think this means Bolas, but I think it's possible.

>> No.33692599

Considering them there Tarkir dudes are into dragons and shit it's not really surprising they would have a helmet that looks like a dragon's head.

>> No.33692621

>Does Gem of Becoming Look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?
>Does Niv Mizzet look like Bolas' horns to anyone else?
>Does old!Bolas not look like Bolas at all to anyone else?
>Do Bolas' Horns look like a hemipenis to anyone else?
I thought you would use it for
>Elspeth becomes a returned planeswalker!!!!!!

>> No.33692632

Nicol Bolas is Grixis-colored. Wouldn't fit.

>> No.33692681

Bolas doesn't care about the colours of the people he deals with or manipulates.

>> No.33692743

Heliod's wreath isn't curved like Bolas' horns in the slightest. That's the one I actually understood the least, though I found them all equally idiotic.

>> No.33692749

Well Sarkhan is involved

So Bolas is also involved in this block in a way or another

Even if the only way he is involved is with only the fact that Sarkhan is there

>> No.33692843

>Sarkhan travels back in time to the days pre-mending

How would that affect his Spark? Would it morph into that of the old walkers or would he keep his less powerful spark and present a puzzle for the old walkers of the time?

Will we see any more old walkers printed in this block rather than in Commander?

>> No.33692870

Well it could be possible that the characters aren't actually going to be time traveling, but we will see what happened with the plane before the dragons all died out.

>> No.33692896

Sarkhan at least will be time travelling, I think. He wants to witness the dragons of old.

Perhaps some of the original Elder Dragons other than Bolas will turn up again.

>> No.33692910

Given the Phyrexian vibes in some of the dreams he was shown tormenting people with, and the fact he has no confirmed gender (and Phyrexian newts are genderless) I sort of expect him to show back up in the next Phyrexian block.

>> No.33692982

How? They're from Dominaria, and they can't Planeswalk like Bolas can.

>> No.33693006

Garruk is the planeswalker that changed the most though

>> No.33693010


>> No.33693062

Man I don't know a lot about Magic but I do know that Alara was fucking awesome.

>> No.33693113

Other than Jund decks and Jace the Formatbender, you mean?

>> No.33693123

Never before has a single artist made such a huge part of a plane basically single handedly. Chippy fucking *was* Esper.

>> No.33693133

Well I meant more on a fluff level. Esper is so damn cool.

>> No.33693798

That it was. I don't think anyone can disagree with that!

Bant was pretty cool too.

>> No.33694232

Wasn't Bolas capable of 'walking on account of being an Elder Dragon even before the spark?

>> No.33694248

Leotau seemed like such a silly idea but they fit really well. I also love the castle parapets and illuminated manuscripts look all the armour has.

>> No.33694276

Jace wasn't in Alara block. You're thinking of Zendikar block.

>> No.33694338

Really? My bad, then. Jund still did terrible things to Standard back then, regardless.

>> No.33694375


But why the comma?

Is there something you're not telling us Jace?

or is it Jacqueline?

>> No.33696978

So when we will get hte trailer?

>> No.33698493

You realize that they so something similar with the guilds of Ravnica, right? Dan Scott IS the Izzet.

>> No.33698502

The comma is technically correct, actually.

>> No.33698596

Maro confirms that the bear-punching pic is the Temur khan

>> No.33699417

He looks too normal

>> No.33699448

And yet, he's still Khan.

>> No.33699631

>Temur khan is male
>Mardu khan is male

That means that two of Abzan, Jeskai, and Sultai will have female khans. Any bets on which?

Hopefully, it'll be Abzan and Jeskai.

>> No.33699644

How do you know that?

>> No.33699692

>The guy punching the bear is the khan of Temur. In his picture, you can see him wearing the bear’s hide as a cloak.

Well at least he will have the bear cloak

>> No.33699742

>Not realizing that, in nearly every cycle of five legendaries since Lorwyn, two-fifths are female.
I think the Praetors are the only exception.

>> No.33699769

>I think the Praetors are the only exception
Damn it, I always forget about Elesh Norn.

Ignore that, I think that means EVERY cycle of five since Lorwyn has had two females.

>> No.33699890

Well, it looks like the tiger Khan is Jeskai, so I'm betting Abzan and Sultai.

>> No.33699922

Well no there's...


Even Emrakul was worshipped as a female deity while Ulamog and Kozilek were thought male.

What about the gods? 2/5 of the main pantheon were women, sure, including all of them, though, it's... 5/15. Darn that's still close.

>> No.33700210

You know, the tiger COULD be female.

>> No.33700444

I guess so. Alright then, my bet's still likely for Abzan and Sultai, but maybe Jeskai has one as well.

>> No.33700746

I'd be surprised if it was Abzan and Sultai. Jeskai and either of the other two would allow you to have all five colors across the two female khans

>> No.33700841

I'm not sure they care about colour to sex distribution. They haven't felt the urge to do that with previous cycles, anyway.

>> No.33701049

Mayael and Sharuum hit all five colors.

>> No.33701104

Sheoldred and Elesh Norn do not.

>> No.33701161

first time in this thread
does anyone else have a problem

where like

they build decks based on stories

and then they lose a lot

>> No.33701186

Build a deck based on a better story. Or just build a better deck, either works.

>> No.33701229

They can't, though, since they're mono-colored.

It also makes sense to me for the monk khan to be a chick.

>> No.33701385

>They can't, though, since they're mono-colored.
Yeah, but it means they don't exactly have to do it. Also, there was no Black female guild leader in RtR/Gatecrash.
>It also makes sense to me for the monk khan to be a chick.
How so?

>> No.33701411

Because the tendency is to make men burly, rather than lithe, and a monk wants to be lithe.

>> No.33701581

As do Derevi and Jeleva

>> No.33701694

I bet Jeskai is male

When you think of Kung Fu Monks its always the old bearded wise abbot that comes to your mind

>> No.33701759

Not for me, no. I tend to think of Gabrielle.

>> No.33701783


>> No.33702150

>not thinking Hercules
Step that game up son.

>> No.33702200

The difference between Hercules and Xena is that Xena is a good show.

>> No.33702225

Quit being mean to my childhood.

>> No.33702366

I'm just telling it like it is.

Besides, Hercules is clearly Temur. Bear punching and boulder throwing.

>> No.33703936

So, other than Sarkhan, what planeswalkers do we expect--or hope--to see in Tarkir?

>> No.33704456

>>Favorite Standard deck (any rotation)
BR Vampires (Zendikar-Return to Ravnica)
Sorin Markov, but more red
>>Favorite Modern deck
>>Favorite Legacy deck

>> No.33704489

I will just jizz buckets if Sorin shows up and is all WBR up in that bitch

>> No.33704504

Bolas might show up but other than that i can't really think of any leads...

Tammy, Sorin, Ral, Gideon, Ajani, and Zombie Elspeth pls.

>> No.33705802

m13's legendary cycle had only one female (Yeva compared to Nefarox, Odric, Krenko, and Talrand)
If planeswalkers count, then m12 and m15 in different directions (m12 had Gideon, Sorin, Garruk, Jace compared to Chandra, m15 had Chandra, Lilliana, Nissa compared to Jace and Ajani. And before anyone says anything, Garruk's not part of the cycle)

>> No.33706409

Nobody cares about Core Legends

>> No.33706442

Oh the Xena girl.

She barely does fighting though

>> No.33706522

Most likely Chandra, to fill the block's Lorwyn Five quota.
>Scars block is the only block since Lorwyn to not have a member of the Lorwyn Five

>Zombie Elspeth
I embrace the second word and reject the first.

>> No.33706602

Smut? Is that you?

>> No.33706619

Yes. I think the trick (at least in my case) is to restrict your card pool a lot and try to find a theme for the deck that fits both mechanics and story.

>> No.33706650

Hilariously, no. I'd actually rather see Elspeth come back in the duel decks or M16 or whatever is after Khans, because I'd rather she was more of the focus, and this is going to be Sarkhan's story, I would bet.

>> No.33707295

>Scars block is the only block since Lorwyn to not have a member of the Lorwyn Five

...huh. Chandra it is, then.

And then maybe Ramaz?

>> No.33707801

That would make sense, give Chandra a reason to be there, and possibly give Bolas a pawn without him having to show up himself.

Plus, we'd finally get a second three-color walker!

>> No.33707829


>> No.33708368

>Yeah, but it means they don't exactly have to do it. Also, there was no Black female guild leader in RtR/Gatecrash.
There are matriarchs in the Obzedat.

>> No.33708478

Sarkhan is home, Ramaz goes after him, Chrandra goes after him, Bolas shows up for the battle-royale where he loses two of his agents.
That's what I'd like but since this is a time travel story I don't know what to expect.

>> No.33708521

>time travel story
Still can't believe they're doing that horseshit.

>> No.33708952

I guess we're seeing set-contained stories of present, past and future of Tarkir rather than characters traveling in time.

>> No.33709183

It kind of looks like they might go male+female for each clan. Abzan has a dude up front and a lady to the right, Jeskai has that karate dude up front and the lady in the middle, Sultai has that snake dude up front but that lady two over, Mardu's Khan has been announced but Rita is pretty up front and center in their art, and the temur are too bundled up to tell anything, but there certainly looks to be two humans hanging out up front.

>> No.33711295

A young planeswalker from Dominaria, who got corrupted by Elesh Norn, now working at the Birthing Pods.
A lawful good mono-white planeswalker who's learned to control the powers of nature through Gaddock Teeg.
>BUG Delver
A scientist who received his spark from Lili who has used the Chain Veil to control him, now utilizing the powers of mass discard and Insectile Aberrations.

>> No.33711750 [DELETED] 

Still no confirmation regarding the fates of the two best Praetors?

>> No.33714442

>A scientist who received his spark from Lili who has used the Chain Veil to control him
>received his spark from Lili
>received his spark
You seem to be unclear on how this thing works.

>> No.33714468

Clearly. Planeswalkers are explicitly immune ot phyrexian corruption

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