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ITT: /tg/ stories

Does anyone have the Traveller Relic Heist Story?

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old but good

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Old but "good"

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>my opinion is right

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Is it this one?

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Thank you sir

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I wonder if he ever did continue that story.

The last of what was said in that thread had the party unconscious and the captives of a war lord in the middle of a war they started because they shot someone in the face.

They still had the artifact too.

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can someone post the story of the ogryn and the little girl

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Requesting the image of the Nefarious Lich/ Shahrazad subgame ridiculousness where the reply is, "nigga you in way too deep."

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Here, have a classic.

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PC Plans

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This fucker.

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That Guy or That Other Guy?

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HAHA! I knew bumping the thread would work!

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Congrats, you lured me out. I'll dump a bit.


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I really, REALLY want to play a pic related and drive the BBEG up the fucking wall with paranoia.

>infiltrate BBEG mansion/lair /what ever
>every day disguised and a different piece of furniture
>stare at the BBEG as he notices that his bed/sofa/desk/etc is a robot ninja
>disappear in a puff of smoke
>go from looming over him, to jabbing at a nerve point, to slashing him with a ordinary knife before vanishing
>rise and repeat for about a month or so
>then suddenly stop
>BBEG will spend valuable time searching fro the (now nonexistant) robot ninja in disguise
>BBEG slowly going batshit paranoid thinking there's a crazy robot ninja cleverly hiding somewhere and about to stab him

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Hah, you forgot you're pic and I'll beat you to it!

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I do not fucking care if this is fake. It is the best. Forever.

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I've seen it many times before. It's a Classic.

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what did I just read

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I hope he got a lot of uses out of that box.

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Fucking psycho.
So that story is one of those "No Anon, you are That Guy".

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Yeah, there's a line one shouldn't cross, and that line is well before, "throwing stones at teens because you think they suck".

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This story has given me the idea of making a Turkish wrestler for a campaign. Although right now the idea that's floating around among the other players is 'Fantasy JLA'. Need to figure out what classes I can turn into The Flash or Green Lantern...

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While i do doubt the validity of this story, ive honestly heard and experienced weirder

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This one always makes me chuckle. This and GROP NO LIKE.

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Thats some deep shit right there

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Time to dust off this bad boy.
Easily one of the great /tg/ stories.

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Hope you've got time, anons; it'll take an hour to post the whole thing.

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Ten minutes to post it, but it's the kind of story that can make a person's night.

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Does anyone have the "I had to blow up a bus full of children" caption? The one with the bus going into a tunnel while the villain was on board and about to escape?

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I kinda wanna find this system if it exists somewhere.

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Ask and you shall receive.

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I honestly don't think it ever did. Just imagine yourself having to do all this and think about how it would actually physically have to be done.

I still cant make sense of the movement mechanic

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Thank you, kind anon!

Any chance for the "Those that play games" caption?
There was also a multi-post story about a game where all the players were demi-gods trying to overthrow the real gods that was fun to read, if anyone has it.

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>thinking this story has an ounce of truth

Guess what I have for you.

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I was laughing for 2 minutes once I read this. thank you.

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Here's a link to the demigod story (it's seven parts, and I've got posts to make in other threads): http://imgur.com/a/pnWYj#M5sNyqt

What is this "play games" you speak of? I have a lot of caps, so I might have it, but I don't recognize it from that phrase.

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That's your brand of humor, eh?

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Thank you for the link (doubly so since it saves space here and time all around, you rock!).

The "Those Who Play Games" thing is this. Found it via google after asking. Sorry about that.

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Glad to help.

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This is a pretty new one.

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holy shit thats awesome

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Long Shadowrun story by 2D

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Holy Shit, I heard about this but never read it before. Saving it

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>Dat first job
That's literally what I'm going to GM on Saturday. Fucking spooky

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Heh, I have players askin to revive ours too.

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I've never done space before. That story makes me really excited, though.
I had the idea to send the party to a digsite that has unearthed what amounts to a 3d printer that prints horrible monsters and have them retrieve it (and then have it turn on while they're in hyperspace).

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Holy shit.

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So what was the recipe again? It's for scientific purposes.

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i might sound retarded, but i dont get it.

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Someone asks that every single thread. Nobody ever answers.

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What about /ck/? They might be able to find out what the hell the guy used.

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I would guess crumbled Cosmic Brownies, chocolate ice cream, milk, and a whole lot of off-brand laxatives from mexico.

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Absolutely amazing

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>"Well, Bruce,"
o sweet jesus my sides

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The guy who made it mentioned that it was "actually really healthy" so he might have put in some health food in it. Only thing about this is: If he put in health food, then what sort of health food did he put in it?

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That's if the guy wasn't pranking his friends. Or his That Guys.

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I believe in the original thread we speculated about the involvement of a protein powder of some sort involving whey.

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>discussing poop jokes
>nobody mentioned the Pooping Bandit

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I want this in my life

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I have this one saved under "RPG dilemma"

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What a shitty story.

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what about this one?

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The proprietors and waitresses of the Meido Cafe gawked as the stringy, unwashed American, garbed in
an authentic Mitsu-Fashionline Kimono Moderne (tm), holding a body pillow of Yoko from Gurren
Lagann under one arm and a plastic bag full of truly filthy hentai BTL chips, slammed the door open. He
shouted in broken, weeaboo Japanese (despite, unbeknownst to them, having a perfectly good linguasoft),
"S-sir? Do you want--"
The maids led him to a private room, keeping a five-foot distance at all times.

Oh god context on this only makes it better

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Read to your own risks

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Fuck it; I need this deck in my life.

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Does anyone have the one with the guy pretending to be a diabolist, the Balor who believes him and the Tenacious D references?

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I always wanted to run a metacreation focused psion as a lantern

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>deck based around one combo
This is never a good idea.

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probably something "sugar-free" in it was made with Lycasin instead of sugar.

This is what happens when people oversensitive to Lycasin eat it

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Gun owners tend to be ass holes anyway.

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Best story ever.

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>top modern decks
>top legacy decks
>top vintage decks

alright bud

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I usually don't read long-ass caps, but. This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting and Nephem for writing, even if it's half-true I don't care.

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There's a sequel where the Archduke bullshit his way to becoming a lich, and the guy mount a rebelion and end up destroying his phylactery.
I have high doubts on the truth to bullshit ratio of it but it's magnificent nonetheless.

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Traveling with a cleric of Pelor and an absolute badass of a jousting champion...?

>With brightest deity and darkest knight...

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>I have high doubts on the truth to bullshit ratio
Eh, whatever. I enjoyed the writing style much more than most of the fantasy novels I had misfortune to read for the past months. I have found the second part on archive now, thanks for mentioning it.

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Want to link a fellow elegan/tg/entleman?

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Sure. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/13752895/
I found it via http://archive.foolz.us

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This is fucking fantastic

I would pay for a GM to run a game like this for me, no lie

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Optimal or not, it's fucking hilarious.

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