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This is how I spot check.

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this is how I in-joke

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This is how I old adventurer NPC

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This is how I recurring NPC that harasses the party.

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This is how I BBEG

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>That big of a sword
How would he pick it back up without a ladder?

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This is how I roll to seduce

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if he's strong enough to wield it I'm sure he could jump up there and yank it our of the ground while midair.

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This is how I 5E Warlock

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Maybe we're looking at it wrong. Maybe it's a lance.

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This is how I one-shot Shadowrun.

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This is how I necromancer

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He grabs it when he flies by on his raven-themed flying machine.
He terrorized travelling merchants to eliminate competition and relive the excitement of his murderhobo heyday.

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It's a lance.
He has a flying mount.

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Be the starter villain that gets beaten a teenager using a basic combat move and do something that is ultimately pointless before drowning like a bitch and then showing up in the next campaign as a rather pathetic easter egg?

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I never said I was GOOD.

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This is how I Dwarf female.

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Arakune was made for us non-fightan-gamers when our skilled friends insist we play head to head.

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You had great choices even withing the same franchise to choose from.

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Wasn't mean to reply to that post.

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This is how I intimidate check.


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Filename says it

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This is how I diplomacy check.

And get a nat 20 when the DM has the encounter already planned out.


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Because my fightan game buddy insists Azrael andTager were made for non-fightan-gamers

This is how I nat-20 unarmed attack

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This is how I Shadowrun.


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This is how I meleeificer

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Dafuk? Have you SEEN the 5e monk?

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This is how I Ranger

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Babylon 5 sure loved their melodramatic speeches.

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But they work well.

This is how I show up late to a session.

Or Deus Ex the party out of a losing fight.


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This is how I Tech-Priest.

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I like you.

Shadowrun always felt to me like it was meant for insane shenanigans rather than gritty dark stories, at least that's how I would treat it.

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Goooood job.

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By forgetting important steps in the process of performing basic computer operations?

I salute your dedication to good roleplaying anon.

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This is how I historic roleplay.

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Captcha ate the image. THIS is how I Tech-Priest.

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I'm pretty sure it's actually Noel. Her drive is basically Babby's first combo generator

I main Noel.

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>The feeling of someone using an image you posted

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This is how I Unarmed Swordsage

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This is how I Alchemist

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This is how I PC-Cohort relationship.

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This is how I start the campaign

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this is how I start the campaign

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Bi lizards, but yes.

Shooting things, planting explosives, mocking silly mammals and snuggling in one medium sized sleeping bag.

They're a fun couple.

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So horrible try hard attempt at maximum shock value and nonsense?

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This is how I monk.


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This is how I bluff check

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This is how I start the campaign

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This is how I try to start shit in the middle of a shit-starting free thread

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With horrible pacing?

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This is how I cloistered cleric

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>bluff check
Well, if you're going by traditional fairy lore, that's not a lie, so it wouldn't be a bluff check.

But congrats on posting the first picture to make me feel uncomfortable in months.

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So great dex but no con?

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this is how i lighthearted cyberpunk

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>fails fort check at end of second vid

And then your dice went flying out the fucking window.

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This is how I psionic character

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This is how I play freeform games

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This is how I /tg/

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This is how I druid

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This is how I druid

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What the hell is that from?

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You stare at goats, a lot?

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This is how I quad-gestalt

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This is how I am when another fucking play-by-post game dies

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This is how I mysterious stranger who helps the party but might secretly be evulz

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This is how I Only War

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This is how I Paladin of Kord with mount.

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This is how I the same.
Also how I DMPC.

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>Not Way of the Elements Monk

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1st January at the gym?

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this is how i summoner

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This is how I crit fail.

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You summon a normal boy?

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Happy New Years /fit/.

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Good taste in GBA games, anon.
Drill best weapon though

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This is how I bard.

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Yeah, hate when that happens.

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Posted my favorite anime ever

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This is how I PC

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Is that photoshop or is that guy a Chosen Undead?

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>A dog and his skeleton
Really, that guy needs a sandwich. Or some soup. He looks like he spent the last couple years in Auschwitz.

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Not to be harsh, but your favorite anime sounds like a really shitty story.

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I remember him having Marfan's Syndrome or something like that.

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I don't know.
I'm afraid to find out.

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it's not for everyone, i just enjoy magical pink haired loli's
deal with it

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That miscast familiar summoning spells

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my fetish is inept loli's

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I love how carefully he puts Lincoln down.
>Megatron, why didn't you just blow up the statue?
>Because it's monument to the man who ended slavery Starscream!
>This is how I Aberration

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this is how I alchemist

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This is how I eastern campaign.

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Sucy is love, Sucy is life.

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This is how I CoC campaign

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My fetish is competent lolis

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Megatron is secretly a champion of civil liberties.

>Starscream: "Oh my god, Soundwave, you're tape plays the Pet Shop Boys? GAY!"

>Megatron: "Dont throw that word like it's an insult Starscream! And the Pet Shop Boys are highly underrated!"

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at least we both like lolis

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That would explain why he stopped being a gun, and white.

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i thought he stopped being a gun because he thought it was stupid

he couldn't even fire himself as the gun. starscream or soundwave had to do it

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That doesn't make much sense. Gun control laws hurt minorities more than anyone else. But yeah, it's stupid that he couldn't fire himself.

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Unholy Fellatio, an old porn comic by Hugdebert: http://exhentai.org/g/145698/8e9b957301/

There is a second, Servante d'Isis (Servant of Isis), but it hasn't been translated from the original french yet: http://exhentai.org/g/91824/45b6defe78/

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I beat the possessed rival with a spoon, was hilarious when she stole it after the match to get the "ultimate weapon".

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this is how I oracle

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This is how I Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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This is how I inquisitor.

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It is understandable. As Megatron was a gladiator-slave dude.

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The SCP that pic's from is actually harmless.

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This is how I buff- nat 1

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Mr. Francis York Morgan, you should try this wonderful lunch, it's more that a delicious tasty crunch, so says Mr. Stewart

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That is the most retarded pretensions piece of shit I have seen In a long time.

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By being a god awful writer that you should kill yourself to make up for the suffering you have caused but realize that wouldn't be enough, you would have to cure cancer or something.

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This is how I Chaotic Evil

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I don't think that she was that intimidating in this scene, but I'll salute you for bringing up B5 anyway.

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This is how you should do dwarf female

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This is how I Racial Heritage feat

>> No.33623867

this is how I PC background.

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The dogscape beckons.

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that one was always kinda lame, and I say that as a Bab5 fan.

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You're doing it right.

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this is how I catfolk shadowrun PC.

>> No.33623927

This is how I investigation campaign.

>> No.33623947

this is how I recurring NPC in a mutants and mastermind game.

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People know this comic outside of Spain?

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This is how I commissar

>> No.33623966

This is how I police investigator.

>> No.33623975

this is how I Mage.

>> No.33623979

This is how I princess knight.
Wild Arms is gold for character templates.

>> No.33623984

Depends, south americans(and maybe french/italians) should know about it.
Again, I pity those that don't know the joys of Mortadelo y Filemon.

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This is how I diplomat

>> No.33624026

It ran in some Swedish magazines way back in the early 1980's.

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this is how i BBEG

>> No.33624042

this how I shadowrun contact.

>> No.33624043

What color is this board?

>> No.33624044

That looks.. oddly familiar, where is it from?

>> No.33624050

It was a wonderful part of my childhood, they were available from the library. (Scandinavia)

>> No.33624055

That's going to be my next character portrait can't wait to freak out the norms in my group who are fine with violence but can't handle entirely normal sexual themes

>> No.33624062

They were available in Dutch libraries. We even had cartoons of them on TV.

>> No.33624066

It was quite successful in Germany during the 80s and 90s.

>> No.33624069

Wakfu season 1

>> No.33624072

this is how I shadowrun.

>> No.33624076


This is a way better example of an intimidate check in Bab 5.


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Yeah, I've read an album of two. It was published in a few magazines eons ago around here and probably got enough readers to warrant a few albums. All of them are super old, though and I've mostly just seen them in used book stores and in people's old collections.

I always smile thinking about that bit where they talked about dude being stuffed in such a small cell they had to take out a fly just so the door would close.

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oh god, the crystal thing wasn't something made up?

Marfan is an actual thing?

>> No.33624162

>Not the Olympiads book

>> No.33624182

No marfans is an actual disease that effects real people.

no idea, ask /co./

>> No.33624200

You mean that one where that guy had crystals in an IV drip and drew pony characters and people with freakishly long fingers?

>> No.33624207

Is there anything crystal related to it? Cure, treatment or something of the like.
Basically this has been a fucking wonder of the internet since I first saw it.

>> No.33624221

no nothing, I know what you're referring to and that's just some faggot's bizarre fetish.

>> No.33624228

Which scP is it

>> No.33624248

This is how I berserker.

>> No.33624268


Probably http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-682

>> No.33624274

>buff nat 1
No, I'm pretty sure she rolled high on her buff roll.

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This is how I modern day fantasy.

>> No.33624298

Science doesn't work that way.
But I suppose that's the point.

>> No.33624306

He's the opposite of harmless.

>> No.33624308

Well, Sons of Ether Science does.

>> No.33624312

I just noticed that typo. fug.

This is how I plot hook.

>> No.33624315

interdasting, this is how I Fey Mentor.

read the filename.

>> No.33624356

This is how I Handle Animal/Ride

>> No.33624385

this is how I strange alien race.

>> No.33624412

This is how I Glaurung

>> No.33624498

This is how I wizard.

>> No.33624520

it's creepy to be sexual towards people who aren't interested

>> No.33624603

rick and morty is shadowrun as fuck

>> No.33624640

This is how I masterwork bastard sword

>> No.33624650

This is how i Ad.Mech recruitment poster

>> No.33624679

This is how I interparty rivalry.

>> No.33624691

This is how I lizardman

>> No.33624731

This is how i combiweapon

>> No.33624751

Sauce on pic?

>> No.33624777

The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle

>> No.33624812

This is how I diplomancer.

>> No.33624872

This is how i find the Good and Rightful King of the Slavs

>> No.33624881

Google it!

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>> No.33624936

Caruru is best, he has come to give them all the Clap.

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This is how I Rogue.




>> No.33625079 [SPOILER] 

This is how I male harpy.

>> No.33625088

This is how I sentient weapon.

>> No.33625094

That has cleavage, though.

>> No.33625105

This is how I Mutants and Masterminds.

>> No.33625111

Don't you know? Bright plumage and eye-catching anatomical quirks is a male trait among birds.

>> No.33625119

This is how I try to save humanity

>> No.33625130

Thanks, Anon.

>> No.33625134

Then why does it have mammary glands?

Actually, why would even a female harpy have mammary glands? Don't they lay eggs?

>> No.33625145

This nigga gets it

>> No.33625156 [SPOILER] 

I don't know why but I keep looking at it and it looks like it isn't actively trying to bite his head of, just... keeping it there.

Actually it reminds me of this.

>> No.33625184

Why do roosters have fringes?

Obviously they're just decorative elements to show how fertile they are.

>> No.33625193

This is how I give my NPCs character.

>if it has a hole, I can fuck it
Surely that's not the original text.

>> No.33625217

This is how I Cult of Ecstasy.

>> No.33625241

Because nerds want to stick their dick in them.

>> No.33625252

Yes, it is.

I take you have never read The Boys?

>> No.33625255

It surely is. Second arc of The Boys is about a superhero who suddenly starts fucking anything, and becomes a recluse. Main characters go to investigate, don't find anything out of the ordinary. After he fucks a living meteor to orgasm in a way that makes it explode, his autopsy reveals a tumor pressing down on his brain.

>> No.33625287

And, before you even ask, here is a download link: https://kickass.to/garth-ennis-the-boys-01-72-of-72-18-2006-2012-dgtl-hr-empire-t9287403.html

Because /tg/ knows what you want, even if you still haven't realized it.

>> No.33625294


Well a possible origin for him was slave laborer turned gladiator, turned revolutionary.

>> No.33625402

You're a fucking idiot. The tumor is supposed to indicate that the meteor fucking incident never happened. It's supposed to be SAD and you're ruining it with your stupid shit. Fuck you. Christ.

>> No.33625487

Where's this from?

>> No.33625498

>I-I dunno, Rick. I'm not really sure why we can't make a deal with him. I mean dragons seem pretty on the level, you know?

>> No.33625512

This is how I PC love interest.

>> No.33625516

What a guy!

>> No.33625577

This is how i intimidate.

>> No.33625589

This is how I plot twist

>> No.33625670

Funny, that's how I seduce the guard.

I strangely never succeed.

>> No.33625743


>> No.33625791

>noel vermillion

>> No.33625805

This is how I Dungeon Crawl

>> No.33625816


Needs more *chk chk*

>> No.33625829

Actually that's exactly what's going on.

He's got a face in his mouth who tells him if the mage he's chomping on is the one who turned him into a lizard, or at least that's what they think.

Also he's perfectly legible but currently talking with his mouth full

>> No.33625858

This is how I Tactical Genius

>> No.33625873

>He's got a face in his mouth who tells him if the mage he's chomping on is the one who turned him into a lizard, or at least that's what they think.
Care to rephrase that, do you mean that it's threatening to bite him if he's the one who magiced him or is the lizard doing the pic related?

>> No.33625898

The face tells the mage being chomped if he's the one who's something (the lizard assumes its the person who lizarded him)

The lizard then spits the mage out and asks what the face said...then typically kills the mage anyway.

>> No.33625931

This is how I bluff check

>> No.33625948


>> No.33625973

This is how I Wish Spell

>> No.33625983

Fuck i want to play a battle network tabletop

>> No.33625988


You. I like you. Would-drink-with/10

>> No.33625991

This is how I force SAN check

>> No.33625999 [SPOILER] 

That reminds me.
This is how I Mutants and Masterminds

>> No.33626001

This is how I Ranger

>> No.33626006

This is how I nat 1 seduce.

>> No.33626007

Oooh okay, now I get it... I'm sorry, but are you from japan perhaps?

I mean I still don't get the story, Why did a mage lizard the man? Is the comic filled with horribly lazy "then the X killed the Y anyway XD! moments, just killing and gore for no particular reason? maybe... maybe you should write it down in your language, I'm sorry if it's offensive to say so but I can not make out most of what you are writing, even worse if you are just an tired english speaker.

>> No.33626024

oh god, 2spooky.

What game is that?

>> No.33626033

this is how i disguise check

>> No.33626040


Fabulous dubs, but sentient weapons should be secret sentient D20s

made out of every element

>> No.33626043

This is how I lizardman.

>> No.33626046

This is how I force San Check

>> No.33626075


>> No.33626079

This is how I Horror Campaign

>> No.33626092

This is how I force San check.

>> No.33626118

Where is that from?

>> No.33626133

This is how I epic level monk

>> No.33626147

This is how I Epic Level Monk.

>> No.33626165

the fuck is this from

>> No.33626166

This is how I dwarf wizard.

>> No.33626179

He's speaking about as coherently as possible for it, actually. If you'd like I could spoiler exactly why he has a face in his mouth, why he has a lizard head, etc. but to put it simply he was cursed by a magic user.

In that setting, the magic of a mage is dispelled on their death, so he's looking for the one that cursed him so he can kill them and (hopefully) get his face back. However, magic users are massive dicks to the residents of that city or world or whatever and use them as living guinea pigs, usually killing them in the process, so getting rid of them is something like a public service.
It's grimdark, to be sure, but has a lot of humor in it too.

>> No.33626196

Ooh, thank you. I'm sorry other guy.

>> No.33626200

This is how I Ancient Guardian of Mystical Treasures

>> No.33626207

Best manga ever conceived.

>> No.33626217

Children of Hurin?

>> No.33626222

This is how I only war

>> No.33626239


This is how I Epic Level Monk

>> No.33626252

This is how I Mutants and Masterminds

I assume this is a reference to the DoW heavy weapons team

Love Voynich so much

>> No.33626261

This is how I Golemancer

>> No.33626267

This is how I wildshape.
Suzuka is best recurring NPC.
I'm going put her in my campaign now for a certain licentious cleric. Sorry Duane. Not really.

>> No.33626289


>> No.33626291

Oddly enough, that's how I Animal Companion and/or Druid.

This is how I helpful NPC

>> No.33626301


This is how I intimidate

>> No.33626318 [SPOILER] 

This is how I mermaid.
I really need to catch up to the latest chapter, I think I'm a volume or two behind still.

>> No.33626326

This is how I surprise round.

>> No.33626355

This is how I in the face of ultimate evil

>> No.33626365

Funny, that's how I first session enemy encounter.
High level and anime enemy logic, that's how I roll.

>> No.33626368

>tfw Battle Network 3 was the first game I bought with my own money when I was younger

Series so good.

>> No.33626397

Nobody knows, really?

>> No.33626462

>That guy with the really big smile in the visor's reflection

>> No.33626615

Oh god, my sides are imbedded in the dry wall.

>> No.33626684

This is how I nat 1 seduce.

>> No.33626724

This is how I animal companion.

Also how I repeated bluff check.

>> No.33626807

Is that Alfred hitting Superman?

>> No.33626808

This is how I Paladin.

>> No.33626830

there's something funny about a witch hunter who is basically a mystic theurge

>> No.33626877

This is how I diplomacy.

>> No.33626890

This is how I fail knowledge(technology).

>> No.33626906

Less "hitting" and more "beating the shit out of."

>> No.33626917

Eh god where the hell is this from?

>> No.33626918

>Implying he's incorrect

SNK is entry level babby's first "mature" anime shit for the plebest of plebs

>> No.33626927


>> No.33626969

amcw.. ankh morpork city watch?

>> No.33627001

Do the ninjas turn into scorpions, then werewolves? Are they multiclass Ninja/Druid with Lycanthropy?

...I need to roll this up.

>> No.33627049

This is how I Lawful Good with low mental stats.

>> No.33627051


>> No.33627059

I think its supposed to be like a dungeon crawl, each room has another sort of random monster.

That being said, if you want werescorpions in, say, 3.x, do a search for Entomanothropy Runs Wild, it has the very badass Entomanothrope template.

>> No.33627089

Fucking perspective shit

>> No.33627090

Also, the latin motto is Fabricati Diem, Pvnc or Make My Day, Punk".

>> No.33627104


>> No.33627129

>that fukkin game

>> No.33627172

fuck thats awesome

>> No.33627203

Bullshit, it is a long-lost language, but scholars agree that it probably means something akin to "To Serve and Protect"

>> No.33627244

'The Watch's current motto is "FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC", as inscribed on the old Treacle Mine Road Watch House; presumably the last part of the original "Fabricati Diem, Pvncti Agvnt Celeriter" had been lost. This is nonsense in Latin, and doesn't actually mean "Make my day, punk", although it looks as though it ought to; this is the nature of most "Latatian" in the books, and is not unusual. Fred Colon insists it means "To protect and serve". Interestingly, the motto of the Vimes family is "Protego et servio", or "I protect and serve".'

From wikipedia

>> No.33627267

This is how I start campaigns.

>> No.33627312


>> No.33627325

Boku no Reverse Image Search

>> No.33627333


>> No.33627362


Shiinake no Hitobito

>> No.33627387

Thank you very much.

>> No.33627456


>> No.33627505

Its a lance
He uses it when flying on the back of a robotic raven

>> No.33627549

Oh, thank you.

Now wonder nobody knew.

>> No.33627579

>tfw kids will watch this show nowadays and think that floppy disk is some kind of storage device of the future

>> No.33627597

>implying kids will watch sailor shit.
I mean sure kids today might not have better taste but at least they got better shit to watch.

>> No.33627619

I once played a MnM campaign that took place a decade or so after an alien invasion.
I played an awakened earth elemental with severe PTSD who basically became a babysitter for the other PC's while they did their quest.
It was different, but pretty damn fun, not to be who the game was centered on.

>> No.33627705

>I can see them
Those aren't ninjas, they're men in fruity pajamas.

>> No.33627770

They're actually cardboard cutouts of ninjas. The real ninjas are behind them.

It's the perfect disguise.

>> No.33627893

All I could hear was ~plop~.

>> No.33627950

Best origin. Also makes the Autobots look like deeply entrenched in their ways conservative. I really liked the War for Cybertron series. Too bad there's no 3rd one in the works so far.

>> No.33628074

No! Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!!

>> No.33628723

That is basically TechnoExalted

>> No.33628945

>Watch trailer.

"Sidewinder Fang"

"All we have is Fishhead ale, friend."

>Squee at Freelancer shoutout.

>> No.33629011

This is how I take an NPC out of the campaign.

>> No.33629031


>> No.33629066


>> No.33629083


>> No.33629103


>> No.33629119


>> No.33629211

Always get shivers when I get to this part.

>> No.33629432

This is how I lawful neutral.

>> No.33629610

Hmmh. Now i am thinking, how would Tenno rate against Dragon Blooded... I think they would be better, an be able to keep up with low to mid level celestial exalted in combat.

>> No.33629669

The artist is Mr Culexus, and you may recognize him by his most notable creation: Cultist Chan.

>> No.33629811

I don't know Exalted at all.

But for reference, Frost, the white one with the big hat on the far left, has an ability to generate a localized avalanche, freezing and shattering every enemy in about a forty foot radius.

I once used it to wipe out a mob of at least forty enemies with a single attack.

>> No.33629866

>Douman Seiman

>> No.33630871


Ahhh, Kabrok, the King of Bros.

Never change, noble prince.

>> No.33631370


Too bad that both Voynich and Nickelodeon are ending very soon. I hope he has a new serialization up his sleeve.

>> No.33631867

Read that in Morty's voice.

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