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Does anyone have sir bearing tons story?

Also kool story time

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Thank you

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I wasn't expecting to feel feels today. But that punched me right in the feels organ.

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Manly tears were shed

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my feel is being touched

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Sometimes, I wish I could be half the men and women I see written down here.
And sometimes I feel unworthy to play at heroes.


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Bumping for time to read it all.

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Any more stories?

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Here's one that never got finished.

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this is a comic made from a /tg/ screencap so i guess it counts.

on a related note i miss the old 40k cute drawthreads we had. they were fun.

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This reminds me of Gav and Bob. Why do ogryn stories always end so tragically?

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Oh fuck not this comic Anon I can't

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well have the conclusion then.
at least that way you know there's some sort of happy ending.

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Stop making it rain you bitch faggot omg

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>This comic


The only time I read it and hadn't a sudden gust of dusty wind blow in my face was the time a bunch of anons began to speculate what each chapter would do if they found the letter.

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This is long, but brilliant. A classic.

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You know, it's wonderful that Suid and Edgardo get mentioned in every single one of these threads, but it disappoints me that we see notably less of the Honeypot Delivery Service.

Let's fix that. Part 1...

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and part 2.

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Another Sir for your nejoyment

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But... but why is he wearing a towel wrapped around himself all the way up to his armpits

while still in the shower?

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The Eldar bathe in strange, alien ways. I met the towel is soaked in some biological mixture, too.

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I always thought it was a girl. Guess that name and art could go either way though.

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It could also just to keep people from saying "omgshota/omgloli"

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I think it's androgynous because it's gender is irrelevant. It's about a child's imagination and wonder. Adding unnecessary baggage dilutes the piece.

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>The only time I read it and hadn't a sudden gust of dusty wind blow in my face was the time a bunch of anons began to speculate what each chapter would do if they found the letter.

Is that archived anywhere?

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Don't you motherfuckers let this thread die on me. Don't you dare.

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I think it's a nip thing, what with their after bathing bath dealy.

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Screw it commencing dump

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This is the most amazing story I've read in a while. And one that actually made me laugh out loud instead of just chuckle sensibly.

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Last one

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Just reading this makes me scratch my head. It's like "hey I'll just backstab all of you out of the blue even though we're supposed to work things out as a group and act as a team in order to advance the story". What a fucking spaz

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