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Old thread died, what are you guys making? I've got a GRW Hexproof going at the moment, not sure what I should include from M15 though except for maybe Heliod's Pilgrim or Inferno Fist, though Inferno Fist kinda just seems like shitty Madcap Skills right now.

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>I'm building mono green devotion or u/b robots!

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>not sure what I should include from M15
Chord of Calling

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build monog, not enough good artifacts yet.

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too slow, and all the creatures are for is a thing to stick the enchantments on

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I was just saying that most people right now are trying to either get into Mono Green or U/R Robutts because those are really the only new decks that have shown up in standard for 10 million years

mono green has been around but it definitely has the tools to be tier 1 now

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Mono Blue Flyers that I'll have a bash at fnm with. Running 3x Chasm Stalker over Hall of Triumph because I cant find them anywhere.

Creature (20)
4x Illusory Angel
4x Ornithopter
4x Triton Shorestalker
4x Vaporkin
4x Welkin Tern
Sorcery (4)
4x Void Snare
Unknown (4)
4x Quickling
Enchantment (9)
2x Bident of Thassa
4x Ensoul Artifact
3x Military Intelligence
Land (20)
4x Darksteel Citadel
16x Island
Artifact (3)
3x Hall of Triumph

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oh sorry, i shoulda guessed that.
Yeah i'm pretty excited as a green player, though i don't really like monoG. Thinking about G/u or G/b. Can't wait to see what khans brings

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Made an Izzet artifact deck. What'd I fuck up?

Creature (20)
4x Aeronaut Tinkerer
4x Generator Servant
4x Juggernaut
4x Ornithopter
3x Scuttling Doom Engine
1x Soul of New Phyrexia

Instant (11)
4x Dissolve
3x Magma Jet
4x Shrapnel Blast

Enchantment (6)
2x Aqueous Form
4x Ensoul Artifact

Land (23)
4x Darksteel Citadel
8x Island
7x Mountain
4x Temple of Epiphany

Sideboard (15)
1x Chandra, Pyromaster
4x Essence Scatter
2x Heat Ray
4x Negate
4x Phyrexian Revoker

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Instant (16)
4x Madcap Skills
4x Coordinated Assault
4x Gods Willing
4x Titan's Strength

Land (20)
10x Mountain
10x Plains

Creature (16)
4x Akroan Crusader
4x Favored Hoplite
4x Phalanx Leader
4x Satyr Hoplite

Sorcery (4)
4x Launch the Fleet

Enchantment (4)
4x Dragon Mantle

Sideboard (15)
3x Boros Charm
2x Chained to the Rocks
4x Ajani's Presence
4x Magma Spray
2x Skullcrack

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4 gods willing might not protect you from removal enough, I would def main 4 boros charm, possibly take out launch the fleet? Also ethereal armor is amazing, better than coordinated assault imo.

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you made an izzet deck, that's where you fucked up

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sorta like my list from the last thread

I know you copied me you faggot

I'd have Rapid Hybridization though because it's awesome at getting stormbreath out of your way and it can sometimes get you some free 3/3s when you have an Ensouled Darksteel Citadel

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the only reason this archtype is even being messed around with is because of Chief Engineer, Generator Servant, Shrapnel Blast, and Ensoul Artifact

but the most important piece was Chief Engineer. So WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOUR CHIEF ENGINEERS

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B/W Lifegain returns!

4x Ajani's Pridemate
4x Grey Merchant
4x Hopeful Eidolon
4x Child of Night
4x Insatiable Harpy
2x Wall of Limbs

4x Pharika's Cure
4x Sunbond
2x Gift of Orzhova
2x Sign in Blood
2x Read the Bones
2x Devouring Light
2x Bile Blight

1x Urborg
3x Orzhov Guildgate
1x Caves of Koilos
2x Radiant Fountain
7x Plains
7x Swamp

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Okay, so started playing MTG last year, stopped around Nyx, getting back into it. Never was really great. Here's my first attempt at a "fun" standard deck. Sort of based around gaining life, and making 1/1 's stronger.

tl;dr i'm shit need help

Mono white

1x Fiendslayer Paladin
3x Setessan Battle Priest
2x Nyx-fleece Ram
1x Hopeful Eidolon
1x Evangel of Heliod
2x Boros Elite
3x Favored Hoplite
1x Ajani's Pridemate
2x Oreskos Sun Guide
3x Soulmender
1x Seraph of the Masses
1x Paragon of New Dawns
1x God-Favored General
1x Fabled Hero
1x Phalanx Leader

1x Gorgon's Head
1x Staff of the Sun Magus
1x Elixir of Immortality

1x Oppressive Rays
3x Ephara's Radience
1x Gift of Immortality
4x Pacifism
2x Ordeal of Heliod
1x Divine Favor
1x Sunbound

1x Meditation Puzzle
1x Mortal's Ardor
1x Congregate
1x Launch the Fleet

2x Radiant Fountain
19x Plains

Mostly playing for fun. But still, I'd appreciate the help. Trying to get better.

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too many 1 ofs and i assume you're playing monowhite? are you willing to spend money to make a better deck?

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stop with the one ofs

copies of 4

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I copied this from some on on tappedout, I cant play control anymore, faggot.

I like Rapid Hybridisation, I want to test out Hour of Need as a finisher but I wont have time before friday. My board is this:
3x Nullify
2x Polymorphist's Jest
2x Polymorphous Rush
3x Swan Song

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>What'd I fuck up?

Everything because you need to stop trying to force this shit.

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Posted this previously, wanted some feedback

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Okay, I figured that was coming, I'll try that. Any particular creatures to go for? I'm willing to spend a bit of money, not trying to break the bank though.

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>Instant (16)
>4x Madcap Skills

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Just looking at it the mana curve seems kinda high without any ramp, also pain lands are cheap you should definitely run 4 caves.

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This entire thread is bait.

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if you're just trying to have fun in a casual environment i would suggest just trying to get multiples of cards you own, if you want to play competitively then i would scrap the monowhite and look for an archetype that you are interested in playing and go from there. If you're just paying with friends then do whatever you want imo

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uh, meant for

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You should never have more heroic triggers then you have heroic creatures.

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GW hexproof can be built for ~$25 and is a pretty okay deck. It's not really similar to what you have now though.

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That's my issue, haha. I want to play competitively but I never want to lose the aspect of fun that I have with the game. I'm a big flavour guy, so it's hard to play a deck I don't really have an interest in flavour-wise.

>> No.33598088

- Satyr Hoplite
+ Favored Hoplite

>> No.33598110

That's kind of awesome actually, looking at some builds, I have a good handful of these cards already.

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4 Gladecover Scout
4 Bassara Tower Archer
4 Witchstalker
2 Ghor-Clan Rampager
2 Eidolon of Countless Battles

4 Ethereal Armor
4 Madcap Skills
4 Unflinching Courage
4 Boros Charm
2 Selesnya Charm
3 Gods Willing
1 Godsend

4 Selesnya Guildgate
4 Temple of Abandon
2 Temple of Triumph
1 Mana Confluence
5 Forest
2 Mountain
4 Plains

4 Plummet
3 Banishing Light
3 Gift of Orzhova
2 Reprisal
1 Deicide
1 Gods Willing
1 Banisher Priest

No Chained to the Rocks cause I don't want to spend $100 on shock lands only to have them rotate out in a few months

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>copying a deck from tapped out faggot

and I was sorta thinking of just making the sideboard just switch over to some sort of half assed mono blue control but I'll probably just try to find things that help support my game plan against real decks. Going to do some testing tomorrow

This shit is never going to beat control

I wish Ensoul Artifact also said "This card can't be the target of spells or abilities. You may have up to 8 of this card in your deck"

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I'm planning on swapping out Guildgates for Caves or Temples ASAP. What can I do to even out the curve?

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these Blue/Red robot decks that everyone is trying to make is super flavorful and fun

haste Scuttling Doom Engines on turn 4 are no joke

>> No.33598311

They're also extremely fragile and easily disruptable. Not worth playing right now at all. If you're gonna play competitively I would wait till khans releases so you have a chance to get in a developing meta. New archetypes will definitely emerge and you'll probably find one you like. The current archetypes might not even be relevant after khans

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this looks fine

there isn't really a solid decklist for R/U robots yet even though there should be in a bit

4 Chief Engineer
4 Generator Servant
4 Ornithopter
4 Ensoul Artifact
4 Shrapnel Blast
3-4 Doom Engine
4 Darksteel Citadel

these cards are all obvious but it just needs things to help bring it togther

It really feels like there could be a lot better things in place of your Polymorphist's Jests, Circle of Flame, and Negates but I really couldn't tell you what

I like your Volatile Rig idea though, super cool with Shrapnel Blast

Never thought I'd say that Volatile Rig fit anywhere

>> No.33598364

I highly doubt Mono Black and Mono Blue will do anything but take different forms after rotation man

>> No.33598367


That's not a bad idea. Perhaps I'll just draft and play casually until then. Build up my knowledge of the game and meta.

>> No.33598379

I would take out gray merchant, it doesn't look like you're gonna have a big devotion to black and he doesn't really give any value after he's played. Other than that I'm not really sure, I'm still kind of new so I don't have a huge knowledge of archetypes that I don't play

>> No.33598391

Control has the hardest time dealing with this deck. Sure, T4 Verdict will always screw you, but you can rebuild so quickly. I vomited out a Ornithopter, Illusory Angel and Ensoul Artifact on a Citadel after wipe. Its not that hard to rebuild with all the draw Mono-U has.

>> No.33598405

They're not the only decks in the meta. I just said it would change that's all. Monob is definitely gonna be around for sure. Tired of seeing it already, wish it wasn't lol. Half my LGS runs it

>> No.33598432

That's always a good idea. I'm currently just casually drafting and scoring m15 goodies whenever possible. Looking into updating my g/u devotion into either g/b or continuing with g/u depending on khans

>> No.33598473

it might as well be the only deck in the meta

And the only real deck that's actually going to take a hike are control decks since they lose literally everything

Monsters will totally still be around since the deck is named that because of all the shit in Theros block

>> No.33598492


Why do they keep making worthless "positive" enchant creatures that don't give protection? Does anyone ever actually use them?

>> No.33598509

Ensoul artifact burn
Very fast
Very unreliable.
Very fun

>> No.33598512

>People thinking you can still run Hexproof

>> No.33598518

>only done two pre-releases and two drafts
>pulled three Garruks, a full playset of Yavimaya Coasts including a foil, an Urborg, and two Chord
>traded the Garruks for 2 Elspeth, a Nissa and various other better cards


>> No.33598538

>tfw getting jank in your pre release
These are the worst feels. I have disposable income so I'll just buy the singles anyway but goddamn can't i just have some luck once in a while

>> No.33598559

Yeah g/r doesn't lose much which is pretty cool. Just has a lot to gain.
>tfw no good simic cards

>> No.33598574


I got Grixis Ensoul Artifact Aggro. I might drop the black if I can create a good U/R version of what I'm going for (I'm not doing Chief Engineer, that's midrangey. I crave speed), but right now I enjoy having Thoughtseize as an option.

Glaring Spotlight is fantastic as a bit of a flex to go along with Orni and Darksteel, because its ability is so synergetic.

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>> No.33598595

>tfw pulled nissa
Usually I have shit luck, but damn that felt good

>> No.33598598

>tfw I opened one of those Garruks in my pool
>tfw I actually got to be someone with a walker at a pre-release
>tfw crushing people with it because it wins games on its own
>tfw packing a second one in your prize packs

feels apex predetor man

>> No.33598603

Everything that made hexproof work is cycling out anyway

>> No.33598622

you mean Invisible Stalker and Geist of Saint Traft?

>> No.33598633

>tfw won't ever know these feels
>tfw had shit rares in theros pre release but won off the back of Gary
Even my prize packs had shit, I think im cursed

>> No.33598635

>10x mountain
>10x plains

did you think about your manabase at all? good god that's a bad manabase.

Also, 16 creatures and 24 creature-buffs doesn't work, sorry.

What are you going to do if your hand is 2x lands and 5x non-creatures, just ship it? What if your hand is 1x mountain, 1x plains, phalanx leader and 4 non-creatures, can you keep a hand like that?

>> No.33598648

Were talking about standard here modern pleb
>tfw nobody plays modern at my LGS
I have a modern tron deck that gets no love

>> No.33598661


Good luck casting Boros Charm after you've just spent the mana dropping a Madcap on a previously Etheral Armored Gladecover

Its a two mana green instant that's gonna hang in a ton of green-access boards (Basically any green that's either a splash that doesn't use Courser or a player whose willing to play around the nobo)

>> No.33598669

I'm making a joke about how it didn't die when the cards that made it a deck left the first time left you faggot

>> No.33598699

Also It's two in the morning and I can't properly make sentences

>> No.33598819

Except all the good enchantment cards are leaving too you cunt
It's 11 here and I'm too tired to play magic. Just got done with a casual theros draft with friends

>> No.33598857

is UG or BG aggro possible now with painlands

>> No.33598923


I've already been running UG Aggro with Shocks and Mana Confluence, but its actually Monogreen in disguise

Experiment One, Kalonian Tusker, Swordwise Centaur, Boon Satyr, Simic Charm (Blue things!), Aspect of Hydra, Pump #2 (you got options), and super-secret tech Blustersquall. Keep the land count low, side in the full set of Mistcutters against you-know-who. Fun, Mindless, Vanilla shit. Play smart and its hard to get 2-for-1nd, just continually pushing power into them

>> No.33599057

Probably not tier 1 but anything is possible

>> No.33599071

you could just do mono black aggro but with maybe Dreg Mangler, Abrubt Decay, and Golgari Charm

sounds pretty good

>> No.33599233

>Worth a shit

>> No.33599386

>green deck that doesn't use courser
nigga what the hell is the point of running green if you aren't going caryatid/courser?

>> No.33599417

dredge got more consistent, and it was already flirting with playability. i don't think it got good enough to be tier one, but maybe if soul of innistrad turns out to be decent it might get a little more traction. i'm talking like tier 1.5 or tier 2, like naya hexproof is now. you don't see it winning tournaments, but it can steal games off the big 3

>> No.33599453

Just to confirm, big 3 being Mono U, Mono B and Esper/Azorius control?

>> No.33599454

That's a really good point and a really amateur fuckup, the whole more spells than creatures thing.

I'm thinking I'll add in four Lagonna Band Trailblazers, but I'm not sure what to cut. Also, painlands would be the best for this deck, right?

>> No.33599474


I don't think you get Aggro

What do I want with 2/4 life gain with occasional card advantage? What do I want with a Defender?

Going tall is fun, and with Nissa its even more fun, but you know what else is fun? Bonking Esper Turn 4. It has trouble with creature decks, but Blustersquall gives you alpha strikes + pseudofog

>> No.33599480

Mono B, Control, and Monsters

>> No.33599502

Would splashing some blue for ephara be a good plan?

4 soldier of the pantheon
4 boros elite
4 daring skyjek
4 loyal pegasus
3 banisher priest
2 judges familiar
2 dryad militant
2 imposing sovereign
2 aegis of the gods
2 Precinct captain
2 spirit of the labyrinth
1 brimaz

4 brave the elements
2 spear of heliod
2 gideon champ of justice
20 plains

2 revoke existance
1 launch the fleet
2 keening appiration
2 azorius arrestor
1 congregate
1 judges familiar
1 dryad militant
1 banisher priest
1 dictate of Heliod
2 rootborn defenses
1 celestial flare

>> No.33599517

Yes, temples are slow but scry is helpful in R/W.
Shocks and Pains don't matter because your life total doesn't matter until your'e at 0.

>> No.33599601

Dudes, just brewed this, I can honestly say that its a budget deck, ONLY by accident.

I was trying to make phalanx leader good, and everything just happened to be cheap as shit.


>> No.33599918

If I Ensoul a darksteel citadel, is it still a land? Like, can I still tap it for mana?

>> No.33599931

>in addition to its other types

>> No.33599957

What good enchantments are there in red for boggles other then madcap? I guess first is okay as a shock to deal that last bit of dmg if the have bridge out or something but wouldn't bant be so much better?

>> No.33600087

Red is for boros charm and ghor-clan rampager and chained to the rocks more than madcap skills. Are there good blue enchantments that make it better than red?

>> No.33600313

I think I'm going to trade a Journey Into Nyx "Voracious Rage" intro pack from my friend and try to make a minotaur tribal deck from it

It's probably not going to perform well but I really want to try to build a good tribal deck using only the cards that came out after the theros block

>> No.33600889

Work with Trading Post to get your Artifacts back.
Consider Scuttling Doom Engine and Shrapnel Blast it for 11. If you're desperate and have a buttload of mana, just Dissolve it.

If you put some Strionic Resonators in, you could copy the 6 damage again.

So sac your own doom engine with the blast, tap the resonator, do 17 damage, make a goat with your post, bring Mr S.Cuttler back and start everything all over again.

>> No.33600948

Isn't that a lot of build around for standard? Games aren't going to last long enough to get that kind of setup going.

>> No.33601793

What is a good deck with Tireless Missionaries?

>> No.33601959


>> No.33601989

An opponent deck

>> No.33602120

Those are mutually exclusive

>> No.33602158

New to MtG, playing only with friends. If we limit ourselves to 40-cards decks, is there any significant issue, strategy-wise, compared to a usual format? I've read the the draft format goes with 40 cards and it is more convenient for us for several reasons.

>> No.33602178

Milling is easier

>> No.33602229


winning is fun

>> No.33602309

40 cards allows you to draw you best cards more consistently. If you for example have a combo in your deck that needs two cards, both of which you can play at most 4 of, drawing them both is MUCH more likely with a 40-card deck than a 60-card deck.

>> No.33602361

Ornithopter's a dead card if you don't draw Ensoul. You don't want to drop Ensoul on any cards you have bar Ornithopter and Citadel.
You're so likely to draw Thopter or Ensoul without the other combo piece it hurts.

>> No.33602443

Is white weenie viable right now?

And if it isn't then what is?

>> No.33602518

Its somewhat viableish. Here are the Propthet's* words on the matter: http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/article.asp?ID=11889

*There is no mother but the Mother of Runes, and Craig Wescoe is the messenger of the Mother.

>> No.33602953

>Early game defender with flying
>Free convoke fodder
It's not too bad.

>> No.33602997

A 2 toughness flier for no mana is a good blocker for early rush, at least. Also, you can tap it with the Engineer.

>> No.33603157

>Early game defender with flying
That can only chump block. ie. worthless.
>Free convoke fodder
Deck runs zero convoke cards.

It isn't. Nobody plays 1-power aggro guys because you get 2 power for one mana.

>> No.33603433

What's the meta like at your LGS?

>> No.33604017

>ITT: people suggesting rotating cards for standard decks
Stay bad, /tg/

>> No.33604031

Altac Bloodletter seems to be the shit in RDW

What do you guys think?

also, I have boros burn right now, but I also have 4 temple of malice and 4 blood crypt, so I want to build my side board for trolling purposes and make a 15 card switch to beat down. What cards do I need and which would I take out?

All I am thinking is 4x Spike Jester and 4x Altac Bloodletter 4x Blood Baron of Vizkopa

Should I do something silly and include

>> No.33604087

>You thought I was burn?
>It's time for Da BARON

Seems like a good answer against control.

>> No.33604147

>people making decks at all before spoilers for the new set

>> No.33605769

I was replying to someone's post who said they wanted something like that you fag

>> No.33605798

shrapnel blast bitch

and it's a lot better when Chief Engineer is in your deck so I don't know why it isn't in there

>> No.33605814

>Chord of Calling

/tg/ you're so shit at magic

>> No.33606124

so you did 5 damage and now you're down an ornithopter. u/r artifacts just doesn't work right now, maybe if there are some good artifacts in khans. What are you even convoking out with chief? The only thing worth it right now is scuttles and generator servant does a better job with that. Unless you want to drop more springleaf drums and darksteel ingots...

>> No.33606151

Didn't want to make a new thread just for this, is there any reason to use cancel over dissipate?

>> No.33606172

well you're not always gonna have one of your 4 Servants are you?

>> No.33606175

literally no reason. dissipate is better

>> No.33606188


>> No.33606380

>taking a 3 month break from standard until the metagame changes

>> No.33606481

>buying rtr block cards when they're gonna be worthless in 3 months

>> No.33606528

>worthless in three months
>anything else
>costing anything more than a few dollars

>> No.33606601

>buying shocks
>not using them
Unless you plan on playing modern it's entirely pointless to invest in a rotating block right now unless you're planning on playing in some scg events and winning

>> No.33606621

dude, shocks will double in value in a year. They are a more reliable investment than stocks.

>> No.33606672

>buying shocks
>selling them for profit by next february at the latest

Not that fast. There are a metric ton in circulation now, they won't experience anything near the price spiking of fetches.

>> No.33606680

>implying I want to encourage people to buy them and raise the prices now

>> No.33606858

>anons on 4chan actually affecting the prices of any card when SCG has to spend humongous effort to accomplish anything of the sort

>> No.33607065


What do you think? Feedback appreciated.

>> No.33607857

-waste not x4
-mind rot x4
-thoughtseize x4
-tormented thoughts x2
-heros downfall x2
-sign in blood x4
-liliana vess x2
-erebos x2
-black cat x4
-pharikas chosen x2
-typhoid rats x2
-master of the feast x4
-swamps x24

-heros downfall x2
-erebos x2
-ordeal of erebos x4
-brain maggot x4
-duress x4

Basicly discard deck with a bite. Although I think I should change it to make it better against really aggressive decks.

>> No.33608596


-2 hydra broodmaster -1 bow maindeck/move to side
+1 hornet queen
This card is going to be a powerhouse in green. 6 air power for 6 mana with deathtouch?
+1 reclamation sage and nylea disciple maindeck imo. you have chord of calling and genesis hydra, might as well put some toolboxy silver bullets in your deck. Sideboard definitely needs work as well.
Still undecided about the hornets nest but chording it in against a huge ground fatty seems hilarious

>> No.33608710


This deck is why Standard isn't worth playing until rotation. And if there's no answer for Thoughtsieze, I'll probably just put my cards away until there is.

>> No.33608748

>deck with 4 Waste Not
MBD is the reason standard is boring as shit. That list is just a retarded pile of shit because somebody thinks the community card is worth playing.
I will forever remember the Liliana's Caress deck that top4'd Finnish nationals as the only real discard deck.

>> No.33608774

>i can't play around thoughtseize
>so i'll just quit playing alltogether
it's an annoying card but its not that hard to play around

>> No.33608825

I think really fast aggro wrecks that deck
Maybe less waste nots would be better, but I can see how that deck can be frustrating to play against
Not the same dude, but thoughtseize is only not annoying if you are playing something that pretty much blows all its load by turn 3.

>> No.33608836

Queen is seven mana, but still.

Queen + Chord of Calling + Nykthos will probably be a thing.

>> No.33608899

ahh right, seven. Definitely. Monog can rush this thing out pretty early. Was watching a SCG stream where a monog player got it out and it pretty much won him the game against MBD. Silly descecration demon can't do shit against it.

>> No.33608906

>there isn't really a solid decklist for R/U robots yet even though there should be in a bit

Mine is

3 Judge's Familiar
3 springleaf drum
2 hour of need
1 Aetherspouts
4 scuttling doom engine
3 phyrexian revoker
4 ensoul artifact
2 generator servant
4 ornithopter
4 shrapnel blast
3 anger of the gods
2 negate
2 volatile rig
1 Jace's ingenuity
4 mountain
4 island
4 steam vents
4 shivan reef
2 temple of epiphany
4 darksteel citadel

It's okay, judge's familiar helps stave off turn 1 thoughtsieze until you can start swinging with a 5/5.

>> No.33608961

I took out the bow and a broodmaster for +2 Hornet queens.
Can't take out the broodmaster. Probably one of my favorite cards. Making 7 7/7's usually is an autowin.

>> No.33608975

That's the best part, Hornet Queen shuts down Defenestration Demon 100% of the time. Best case scenario the B player needs a Bile Blight and another removal to get through.

And you can just respond to the Bile Blight with another Chord of Calling.

It's very easy being green.

>> No.33608983


Bullshit, that one card shaped the entire meta and is the reason why combo decks gave way to devotion. I've got all the cards to make MBD but refuse to, because it's not fun to play as or against. decks.http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/image?c=03AHJ_VuviB6cK_yXbmTLPlti6inC5K4iOz0mEYS_WCduXtGLisfC_RRtBIYhwBUhe4ofAdreuQJ3hLqKaHmTdYgxTOgy4AC9F2dWpzQ2qAGwn1IBc9ftVeNVO4qgr8B5Zg0punK-UnCb_EYu8M67IDNbnNm0KVB6J5sFLLlYJGZTeawRfl30FAqQqJ2RUl5y2TucD6_UoMFcxwzlHWf20KQi9sUc1OXhRKpKMBFZNGSm_rPQf9TD07GlW3tH5SDBQJfhcFmiik-AZdcmjp2lgtmW9SiW3P9PENxjtV9eeEM25nvZ4N9bInCQ&th=,8bC_aEjjyE-msLbJ3Zrnf3SDKvAAAAAsoAAAAAXYAMvFAb8y1XS-rg75Yzi2wrMMjzMpQFhXBAbNHwhnaguQ2482EZ7ef-77rSXYbnwVHhGAzRJf7euzCIah8MbkhCa_IqPviTDS-UtM3Vg3I7JKSV_DvH6zzFfMHseF8oKltrA6QRu3m-VXLMtTLPRhqUl0AMK6NsnzZBXrMvQhsYrxGgSa8Ghuj_oVGJa9goB4Fr4GdUMvUueN7k0llpFgshPFElb7vE0VJx48-ZLhgdIBmGgmVJjl05A2kYYn8vMZl_KDPF7sc0RKtqtt3A

>> No.33609046


>mfw that link

>> No.33609049

what the actual fuck

>> No.33609098

What the fuck m I looking at?

>> No.33609138

eh then having him as a 1 of is okay. I Think there are better ways to spend the mana but if you like him then go for it. You really can't go wrong with being green right now.

>tfw always been a green player
having chord of calling kinda reminds me of the old tooth and nail decks.

>> No.33609209

I feel like green is the most "Oh that's a nice ____ you have there. Here's a 9/9 on turn 4."

>> No.33609250

>tfw no more BTE
>tfw no more possible turn 2 polukranos

>> No.33609428

UW Heroic

Creatures (20)
4 Battlewise Hoplite
2 Hero of Iroas
3 Favored Hoplite
4 Phalanx Leader
4 Fabled Hero
3 Eidolon of Countless Battles

Land (24)
4 Temple of Enlightenment
4 Azorius Guildgate
11 Plains
5 Island

Enchantment (8)
2 Aqueous Form
3 Ephara's Enlightenment
3 Ordeal of Thassa

Instant (8)
4 Triton Tactics
4 Ajani's Presence

>> No.33609724

My first half-decent standard deck. Not been playing magic for very long. Advice for altering it/playing for maximum efficiency?


>> No.33609764

That's what Modern MonoG Devotion is for, friend.

Turn two Primeval Titan. http://www twitch tv/darkest_mage/c/3604991

>> No.33609808

how the fuck do you get that turn two?

>> No.33609898

my literal dick. that was beautiful.

>> No.33609951

Any tips on this?

>> No.33609993

That is so beautiful. Does he have a decklist?

>> No.33610830

I just got into magic recently. This is my first deck I've built.


1 Ajani Steadfast
3 Battle Mastery
4 Ephemeral Shields
11 Forest
2 Hornet Queen
3 Life's Legacy
2 Naturalize
1 Nissa, Worldwaker
4 Phytotitan
8 Plains
4 Selesnya Guildgate
1 Solemn Offering
2 Soul of Theros
2 Sunblade Elf
3 Titanic Growth
4 Wall of Essence
3 Wall of Mulch
2 Elvish Mystic


>> No.33610863

It's better to have four copies of a few cards than two copies of a lot of cards in anything but a toolbox deck.

>> No.33610931


What do you think I can cut out? and then what should I up to 4?

Im excluding adding plainswalkers at the moment, more than I can justify paying for.

x4 Soul of Theros? Hornet Queen? Sunblade elf?

>> No.33610961

Viability of mono green post rotation?

>> No.33611101

only getting better
everything is comin up green

>> No.33611316

Some kind of white tokens variant, although I don't know if mono white soldiers or something like WR midrange

>> No.33611347

Khans will give us a green dragon.
I can feel it.

>> No.33611365

How do I get better at playing magic /tg/? I want to start winning FNMs

>> No.33611385

>inb4: Canopy Dragon reprint

>> No.33611411


>> No.33611529

So far I have a dredge deck that my friends hate because it's based around sacrificing Nighthowler(It gets X/X where X is the number of creatures in ALL graveyards) to Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord(For 1BG I sacrifice a creature and do X damage to target player where X is target creatures power). I pretty much return it to the battlefield with whip of erebos and go to town again.

>> No.33611558

>tfw the only 2 green dragons are Jugan and Canopy dragon

>> No.33611584

1. Choose a good netdeck
2. Spend $500-1000 to buy that deck
3. Win FNM

>> No.33611651

i would suggest attending an FNM first and seeing what your meta is like. Then choose an appropriate netdeck tailored to beat that meta

>> No.33611782


any suggestions?

>> No.33611874

needs more ramp if you plan on playing fatties. 2 elvish mystics aint gonna cut it.

>> No.33611925

should I run 4 mystics? Or take another approach all together?

>> No.33612269

So /tg/, I've been running the same deck for 4 months and I want a new one.
Any suggestions on up and coming archetypes that have potential and won't lose 90% of the deck/major key cards in 3 months?

>> No.33612285

Mono Green.

>> No.33612383

>not taking store credit instead of packs

>> No.33612446

What does Mono G really bring to the table?

>> No.33612469

Cards? What are you trying to bring to the table?

>> No.33612490

Looks like it just tries to be a flashier RDW.

>> No.33612520

>tfw your store doesn't do store credit
Packs and old promos no one wants. That's it.

>> No.33612544

Can anybody recommend me a place where i can see some White/Black decks?
Im building one right now. Based on 2014s. With some life-receiving/damaging tricks.
But i want to see some more variations of W/B.

>> No.33612569


MTGSalvation also tends to have decent selecting of primer threads. But B/W virtually does not exist right now. It's just MBD splashing white for one, maybe 2 cards, and the scry from temple.

>> No.33612615

I wouldn't say flashier but fatter definitely. Other than Mono G and maybe Jund Monsters I'm not sure what's gonna survive. Wish we had spoilers for khans already.

>> No.33612651

I run U/G midrange right now, and I just have a hard time adapting it to each new set so I think it's time to try something new.

Artifacts looked interesting during spoilers but they turned out to just be a gimmicky RDW.

>> No.33612701


>> No.33612720

Wanting to move from aggro and mid range to control but don't know exactly what I'm doing.

Based this around what I saw in theros constructed, figuring ensouling a darksteel would be good as I can board wipe and still have presence.

Thinking I should put in green instead of red for caryatid and coursers, maybe still splash it for shrapnel blast and keranos?


Be gentle please.

>> No.33612738

Orzhov control just placed at a SCG event

>> No.33612770

The SCG I watched this weekend had a single "B/W Midrange" in the top 8 and it was exactly what I said. Mono Black devotion splashing white for a few cards. Even the commentators said it was MBD.

>> No.33612775

Wish I could make a suggestion but I'm not that creative a player. All the ideas 2015 have given me are just new "turn left" decks.

>> No.33612832

Like I don't mind that, but the way I see it if the deck is just a blingier version of RDW, I might as well just play RDW and save myself 300 bucks. There are aggro decks that don't just copy super fast "win by turn 5 or bust" aggro, though. I'll keep searching MTGSalvation or something. I like my deck, but it's become so disorganized and I just don't know how to adapt it anymore.

>> No.33612862

Damn, Bro. I feel sorry for you man.

Store Credit is literally the best thing ever.

>> No.33612875

Better than the last store which banned trading.

>> No.33612938

Mono black with no Grey Merchant Erebos or Nykthos? Whu

>> No.33612974

MBD doesn't even use nykthos much anymore if ever. They basically turned into "pack rat.dec", that's the entire gameplan of the deck. Pack rats and removal.

>> No.33613228

What the fuck?
First off, how do they even enforce that?
Second off, and most important,


>> No.33613292

Ban anyone caught, so people are too afraid to do it

Reason was "If we allow trades, no one would buy singles or packs and we'd go out of business"

>> No.33613366

I thought the pre-release for mtgo was Friday, how do people have m15 already?

>> No.33613474

Still Really stupid. Can't people just walk out the door, trade, then walk back in?

And what the fuck kind of logic is that? If people trading makes them go out of business, then they aren't a very good business anyways!

>> No.33613515

The store was fucking cancer anyways and I'm glad I don't have to go to that hellhole anymore. The owners were down right abusive to their customers and would flat out insult them and yell at them, the place was too small for the crowd they tried to cram in, and most of the people who went there were little thieves.

>> No.33613624

Hep me! Hep me!

>> No.33613845

Good that you got out of there.

The place where I go is awesome. The store owner even cubed with us last Thursday between the end of Legacy and the start of selling M15 at midnight.

>> No.33613975

I play u/g devo, basically monog with prime speaker and cyclonic and I need to update it. Haven't played it since BNG released. I think I'm gonna scrap it and do monog devo though. Way more fun than RDW imo because we get to drop some hilarious fatties

>> No.33614016

Also around 8 times more costly to build than RDW.

>> No.33614158

Most definitely but RDW is kinda boring imo. If you're going to play competitively you should accept the fact that you're gonna need to spend money sometimes. Honestly im just gonna be taking a break till the m15 hype dies down and khans gets spoiled. Then i'll buy cards when they're cheap. Cards like Nissa are gonna drop in price pretty steeply. I don't think khans is bringing back nonbasic lands with basic land types.

>> No.33614282



He's a professional magic player. The deck is competitive in modern against splinter twin, vigor amulet,affinity, storm and lightning storm. These are combo decks which win on turn 3-5.

>> No.33614311

making a Nissa/Hydra deck. got some work to do but isn't bad so far no time to list the deck list though.

>> No.33614362

RUn 4 coordinated assault, and consider burn spells in the deck to clear the way and kill opponents faster.

Over all a good deck in Standard. You need to win fast, however, as you have no bombs.

>> No.33614477

If I'm going to build a deck that is basically the same as RDW and shares its same problems, I'm not spending more than 50 bucks on it.

>> No.33616001

>Aeronaut Tinkerer

Where the Goblins' at? And the blue nerds?

>> No.33616077


>> No.33616138

time to play "name that store"

i don't care if its across the fucking world, i don't ever want to chance into it.

>> No.33616253

Are you seriously asking this? Are you seriously fucking asking this?

>> No.33616533

I want to improve the deck and stay Simic. I don't want to buy a playset of shocklands so close to rotation because I only do standard and EDH.

Creature (24)
3x Arbor Colossus
4x Courser of Kruphix
4x Kiora's Follower
2x Nylea, God of the Hunt
3x Polukranos, World Eater
2x Prime Speaker Zegana
2x Prophet of Kruphix
4x Sylvan Caryatid

Land (24)
8x Forest
6x Island
2x Mana Confluence
4x Temple of Mystery
4x Yavimaya Coast

Instant (8)
4x Dissolve
4x Simic Charm

Planeswalker (4)
4x Kiora, the Crashing Wave

>> No.33616765

I'd add an atherling, remove the arbors and kioras, add mystics instead, and remove the simic charms for a few cyclonic rifts and maybe something like polymorphists jest

Genesis Hydra is also nice

Also less Kioras. I go for 2 Kiora 2 Jace split myself. Prime speaker is also situational but you can try her, she works sometimes. Bow of Nylea can also be a powerhouse. It's like an artifact planeswalker.

>> No.33616804

Genesis Hydra's are roughly 2$ now. How much more do you think they will go up?

>> No.33616879


>remove arbor colossus
lol no. I'll add bows though. that's something I really should have thought of, especially with the prophet pushing me to 6 lifegain a turn. I'll swap out the zegana for bows.

also, which jace?

>> No.33616993

what is prophet of kruphix? Kiora?

>> No.33617019

Someone should tell me how bad I am.

>> No.33617170

The only jace worth using, Architect.

And you can keep the arbors but in my experience of 6 months playing the deck, they're fairly worthless.

>> No.33617255


>> No.33617294

Someone plays erebos.
Enjoy your 4/4 for 7.

>> No.33617443

So what you're saying is some enchantment exile.

Also, it not as tho I'd cast it when they had him out, considering he doesn't have flash the whole situation is entirely avoidable.

>> No.33617446

>Gen savant

>> No.33617586

Not much, I'm ordering a 2 dollar play set right now though. You should too

>> No.33617680

TBH, I don't see Hydra going up unless multiple people top 8, but I agree with GH being amazing tech, AND it beats off my Vorthos Cock

>> No.33617769

So has anyone tried out new Jace? I was trying out this UW control deck without RTR cards and I liked it, felt more like tempo than anything else but I went 3-1 last FNM. Lost to Junk Midrange, but I think that's control's worst match up anyway.

>> No.33617901

If I were to go green he'd definitely become a caryatid

>> No.33618059

Someone is playing erebos?

>> No.33618767

Jace is dead post rotation, guildpact is awful

>> No.33619236

I would still find out literally anything else to put as your two drop Gen Savant is a goblin piker that refunds your mana in colourless if you decide to tap him. He's only useful if you NEED to power out a stormbreath or similiar

>> No.33619997

Also orzhov, tell me how it fa/tg/uys. First deck I've built. Waiting for caves of koilos to come in.

>> No.33620664

4x Deathbellow Raider
2x Fanatic Of Mogis
3x Felhide Petrifier
4x Gnarled Scarhide
3x Kragma Butcher
4x Kragma Warcaller
4x Lightning Strike
4x Magma Jet
13x Mountain
4x Rageblood Shaman
4x Ragemonger
11x Swamp
I am really desperate for a standard tribal deck

>> No.33620890

play slivers
you're gonna have to pay out the ass for lands but you could do some fun stuff

>> No.33621112

your deck doesn't beat rat, merchant, monsters, revelation, or thassa.

>> No.33621201

Magic noob here, what is the difference between modern and standard?
I just don't want to ask for deckbuilding advice in the wrong forum and get flamed
building a deck around pic related, any recommendations?

>> No.33621292

Run him in Standard with a lot of black heavy permanents, Standard is the MOST RECENT sets,
Return to Ravnica block up to m15,
Modern is every set with the modern border.

>> No.33622124


i run gw agro and courser is one of the best cards for the deck. it helps you get to 4 and 5 mana for advent and fleecemane monsterous, and it helps against agros worst nightmare, land flood. courser just straight up draws you gas. its great in the deck

>> No.33622619

Modern is everything since 8th edition and mirrodin, eg. since the modern border started getting printed.
This does not mean every card with a modern border is legal, the card has to have been printed in a core or expansion set that has a modern border. Supplemental product like Duel Decks, Commander product etc. do not count. Neither do promos.

>> No.33622654

I have a rules question about Athreos (pic related). A buddy of mine plays that card in his deck and I tried different ways of countering it.
One involved playing Biting Tether and taking control over it when Athreos counted as a creature due to my buddys devotion to Black being high enough.
Now my question is, what happens when I take control over the Athreos creature?
We decided that MY devotion was less than seven, so it didn´t count as a creature anymore. Therefore I couldn´t control it anymore and it would go back to my buddys control as either a non-creature or a creature.
Was that correct or do you have any other ideas about how this situation should´ve been resolved?

>> No.33622924

you would take control of it as a noncreature.

>> No.33623105

Even if Biting Tether explicitely states that I take control over a "creature"?
Is there a rule that would support your statement? Because I argued the same way but didn´t find anything that would give me support.

>> No.33623132

An effect that says "gain control of target creature" would let you take control of Athreos and it'd turn into a noncreature still in your control.
Now, Biting Tether is an aura that has "enchant creature". You can target Athreos but as soon as it stops being a creature, the aura falls off as a state-based action. Athreos would be under your control as a noncreature momentarily until the state-based effect makes the aura fall off and Athreos returns to the original owner.

>> No.33623227

This is my 'Golgari Control' deck.

4 Pack Rat
2 Scavenging Ooze
4 Courser of Kruphix
4 Desecration Demon
1 Reaper of the wilds

4 Thoughtseize
3 Devour Flesh
2 Bile Blight
2 Abrupt Decay
4 Hero's Downfall
3 Underworld Connections

1 Lilliana Vess
1 Garruk, Apex Predator

4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Temple of Malady
4 Llanowar Wastes
4 Mutavault
2 Golgari Guildgate
1 Urborg
6 Swamps

I'm unsure on whether I should jump up to 26 lands or not and whether Garruk even deserves a spot in the mainboard. I also wonder if its correct to do a 2-1 split between connections and sign in blood.

The deck has worked very well for me in testing but I am heavily dependent on my sideboard (mistcutters, duress and golgari charms) to consistently beat control.

If anyone can see any obvious problems or simple improvements, please let me know.

>> No.33623261

>Liliana Vess
Dislike. Sideboard against control at most.
>Garruk MD
Dislike, sideboard is his place.

>> No.33623270

Alright, that makes sense. Thanks alot for your input!

>> No.33623274


I originally had a vraska in the spot of garruk, do you think that's fine? And could I run a sign in blood instead of the liiana?

>> No.33623299

Do not that with Biting Tether, Mind Control or other auras you don't even get priority with Athreos in your control before he goes back.

>> No.33623301

garruk is fine mainboard you idiot

>> No.33623317

>7 drop in a standard where people play MRD, Boss sligh, RB aggro etc
I don't think so.

>> No.33623333

none of those decks are tier 1 so there's no reason to take it out of the MD

>> No.33623464

What happens if I play an aura that would "exile a creature"? Would Aethros go permanently into exile or would he somehow "sneak" back in?

>> No.33623481

What aura are you talking about?
Journey to Nowhere is not an aura if that's what you mean.

>> No.33623503

RUG Slivers. I figure if there is any chance of slivers even being near standard, it would have to be now.

>> No.33623526

I was thinking about Angelic Edict, but then I realized it´s not an aura...d´oh!
But I guess the best way to get rid of Aethros is (from what I gather from replies to my post here) to exile it, right?

>> No.33623601


Deicide/Fade into Antiquity/Revoke Existence

>> No.33623735

>oh boy time to make X deck, I know I have a copy of Y card somewhere here
>card vanishes into fucking thin air when I need it

FUCK Why does this always happen.

>> No.33623784

its like legos

>> No.33623828

Oh fuck. That feeling. It's always your younger sibling who will not give you the part no matter what you offer them in return
They're are like THE reason to get kids. You get to play with legos and people will call you a good father because you spend so much time with your children.

>> No.33623854

Exiling would be the thing, yes, unless you're playing EDH. Then you want to get them into their owner's deck.

>> No.33625393

never, ever, ever.
i dislike the idea of having children almost as much as i dislike the idea of interacting with a woman outside of a business or work-related function.
i've worked too hard for too long collecting all my "alone stuff" to risk losing it.

>> No.33625588

To each their own. I find women to be pretty enjoyable company, but just like with men you need to find ones who are not utter retards.

>> No.33626505

I like bug slivers personally if you're forcing yourself to stay 3 colors. Leeching>thorncaster. You lose a one drop for sure but eh

>> No.33626524

This was meant for this, no idea how that happened

>> No.33626658

How does this look for a Scuttling Doom Engine centric deck?

>> No.33626661

Honestly that looks fun, and I want it. Granted, I am an idiot, so it may not be the greatest endorsement.

I build a constellation deck to get people to stop bitching about my patron wizard deck, and then back to nature came out. I play casual in a four person meta, one of whom is always green, and always has that fucking card...

>> No.33626728


Though you need blue mana in order to expect that ensoul artifact to not be a dead draw

>> No.33626742

Looks like you're trying to do too many different things here. You have a (Kind of) green ramp shell with nissa, blue splash just for ensoul artificat with only 2 targets, and then some burn spells for removal.

I would say cut the blue because ensoul artifact doesn't have enough targets to not be a dead card most of the time. Remove nylea, she's never going to be able to turn on or reduce her to a 1 of if you really desperately want trample. I don't see genesis hydra tutoring you up a doom engine or anything expensive because you didn't go for the full ramp suite and you don't have nykthos. I think this would be fine in a casual environment, but i don't think this deck is really competitive atm. doom engine is good but i feel like there are better creatures to ramp to with green.

>> No.33626758

Style points; run hot soup. Nobody can block or bolt your dude lol. Invisible stalker 2.0

>> No.33626943

Onedrops are vital, you're an aggro deck.
Leeching is better against control though I give you that.

>> No.33627022

Leeching is better period. Comes online way faster than thorncaster and is a house. I really want to play slivers but unfortunately i dont see the deck surviving without galerider sliver. Hopefully khans will give us a 1 mana every single creature type creature...unless they have slivers too

>> No.33627529

Fucking elvish mystics where the hell are you

>> No.33627786

Mono Black Devotion is the deck to play until rotation, nothing is going to touch it until Khans.

>> No.33627996

Unrelated/kinda related question: I'm on vacation. I drafted earlier this week, pulled a Sliver Hivelord and the new Jace as well as two Sliver Hives, a Caves, and a Voice. I want to draft again tonight but don't want to spend another $12. Which of those would be safest to trade in for store credit, and which do you think are going to go up in value?

>> No.33628163

the slivers will probably be worthless unless khans gives us slivers/every creature type creatures so you could probably pawn all that stuff if you really wanted to.

>> No.33628286

+ ethereal armor
+ gods willing
- aqueous form
- triton tactics

>> No.33628618

Gods willing is really good for a common

>> No.33628936

Thanks, friend.

>> No.33629085

Building a Mono-black vampire deck.
I am rather new but I use to play about ten years ago.
Any must haves for this kind of deck?

>> No.33629584

There aren't enough vampires in standard to create a tribal vampire deck

>> No.33629772

Would I be able to post my B/W Constellation deck here or would I just get shat on for running constellations at all? I have a lot of fun with it and I haven't been playing all that long, only a few months.

>> No.33629865

I count 13 Vampires, 9 of which are Black (the others are White/Black and Blue/Black). It could be done. It may not be all that great, but it could be done.

This is pretty much what you have to work with:

Child of Night is decent enough, and you'll probably need the one drop just for your curve.

Does it have to be Mono-Black though? Because if you're open to a little White, Blood Baron of Vizkopa is really good, and sees a fair amount of play in other decks.

>> No.33629889

This is a budget WW deck I built on MTGO for like 15tickets, I would like some suggestions. I am looking to keep this cheap, so no Brimaz or Mutavaults.

22x Plains

4x Boros Elite
4x Dryad Militant
4x Soldier of the Pantheon
4x Precinct Captain
4x Azorius Arrester
2x Imposing Soverign

4x Brave the Elements
4x Raise the Alarm
2x Celestial Flare
2x Rootborn Defenses

2x Spear of Heliod
2x Hall of Triumph
Once M15 hits I was thinking about trying to fit Preeminent Captain and maybe Obelisk of Urd in somewhere.

>> No.33629890

I love Black/White decks AND enchantments. I also haven't had a chance to go back over all my JOU cards, so I'd love to see it. I can't speak for anyone else though.

>> No.33629983

You're not one but two weeks late buddy.

>> No.33630060

Here it is then. Ordered by mana curve.

Creature (23)
2 Hopeful Eidolon
3 Nyx Fleece Ram
2 Underworld Coinsmith
2 Brain Maggot
2 Master of the Feast
2 Grim Guardian
1 Archetype of Courage
3 Fate Unraveller
2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel
2 Doomwake Giant
2 Dreadbringer Lampads

Land (23)
9 Swamp
10 Plains
4 Temple of Silence

Enchantment (12)
2 Aspect of Gorgon
4 Nyx Infusion
2 Armament of Nyx
2 Banishing Light
2 Skybind

Other (2)
1 Hero's Downfall
1 Extinguish All Hope

Still needs work, for sure.

>> No.33630240

Banisher priest is good

>> No.33630242

Magic online release date for M15 is 28th July.

>> No.33631566

Im goin to be running this tomorrow.
Let me know you think.

Instant (17)
3x Devouring Light
3x Hero's Downfall
3x Lightning Strike
3x Magma Jet
3x Raise the Alarm
2x Warleader's Helix

Creature (12)
2x Blood Baron of Vizkopa
3x Brain Maggot
3x Indulgent Tormentor
1x Obzedat, Ghost Council
3x Sin Collector

Enchantment (3)
3x Banishing Light

Sorcery (4)
2x Dreadbore
2x Rakdos's Return

Land (24)
3x Battlefield Forge
3x Caves of Koilos
3x Mountain
3x Plains
3x Swamp
3x Temple of Malice
3x Temple of Silence
3x Temple of Triumph

Sideboard (15)
2x Aegis of the Gods
3x Bile Blight
2x Hushwing Gryff
3x Phyrexian Revoker
3x Searing Blood
2x Stain the Mind

>> No.33633243

Trying to curve out my B/W Lifegain here, a revised list:

4x Hopeful Eidolon
4x Rakdos Cackler
4x Ajani's Pridemate
4x Insatiable Harpy
4x Grey Merchant
4x Ajani's Pridemate

4x Read the Bones
3x Sunbond
3x Eternal Thirst
2x Gift of Orzhova
2x Devouring Light
2x Bile Blight
2x Whip of Erebos

1x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4x Caves of Koilos
2x Radiant Fountain
8x Plains
8x Swamp

>> No.33633273

I'm not sure if you noticed, but you have 8 Ajani's Pridemate on there- I'm guessing one is a typo?

>> No.33633288

Ack, Pridemate is listed in there twice. Ignore one.

>> No.33633755

MonoB is probably dead after rotation.

>> No.33634033

Most archetypes are dead after rotation except for monoG

>> No.33634069

Rdw might survive

>> No.33634234

RDW is always gonna be around, doesn't mean its gonna be good. pretty sure it hasn't put up any tournament results lately

>> No.33634338

RDW hasn't topped anything since Valakut, and R&D has been a little wary since then, But something RDW has been placing mid to bottom of top 8s at most levels.

>> No.33636012

Didin't RDW do pretty damn well at the early stages of ISD-RTR standard? Those blocks put together had a lot of very good agressive creatures and decent burn.

>> No.33636087

4x Banishing Light
4x Detention Sphere
4x Underworld Coinsmith

I want it to work but I know it won't.

>> No.33636111

Whoops, meant Grim Guardian.

>> No.33636223

my local fnm meta is pretty casual, is there any way I could feasibly break crypt ghast + urborg?

>> No.33636301

Crypt Ghast is so expensive that by the time you get it online there won't be much left to ramp to.

>> No.33636341

untapping with ten mana on turn 5 sounds pretty fun, especially if i can feed all of that to an X spell

>> No.33636354

Running WBG would work

>> No.33637035

first time drafting M15 tomorrow, what should I look for?

>> No.33637091


i grabbed all of the black removal after cracking urborg second pack when i was drafting WU. not sure why i kept getting passed it... but rest assured people wanted to smash my face in every game. went first.

>> No.33637580

can never go wrong with good removal in limited

>> No.33637941

I'm thinking about building a B/G deck that revolves around waste not. Does /tg/think this will be viable?

>> No.33638155

/tg/ hates waste not, but I think it would be cool until mind rot rotates out

>> No.33638251

Mind Rot got reprinted in m15...

>> No.33638280

well now I look like an idiot

>> No.33638394

that's because waste not is a bad card

>> No.33638628

pick them up quick, they were only 2 bucks a couple days ago, hard to find them under 5 now.

>> No.33638672

I'm curious, what does green add to black discard that you're after?

>> No.33638904

Just won a playset for $27. Not exactly cheap, but I'm confident it will go up a little before it finally finds its price.
Really I'm hoping it will add some reliable ramp and beaters, but I've been out of standard since gate crash and am more or less completely naive when it comes to the current meta.

>> No.33638959

>in a deck focused on waste not
your deck already seems like its trying to do too much. should probably be u/b so you can just basically do a control deck

>> No.33639214


Is correct. However, to answer the last little bit of your question— Athreos would go back to being a creature once it got back to your opponent's side of the field.

>> No.33639495

If the spell targets a creature, it can target a creature-fied god, such as Athreos. If the spell's effect would do anything to it, it does that, wether that thing would cause Athreos to stop being a creature or not.

If the spell becomes a permanent that requires Athreos to be a creature (such as an aura with Enchant Creature), and Athreos is no longer a creature, that permanent stops effecting Athreos.

If a spell causes a physical effect to the Athreos card (tap target creature; target creature gets a -1/-1 counter, etc), and Athreos stops being a creature after the spell resolves, those physical changes remain (he stays tapped until his controller's next untap, he keeps the -1/-1 counter, etc).

Finally, the card "Athreos, God of Passage" is a creature card in every zone except the battlefield. This is because the word "creature" is printed on the card, so it counts as a creature in the hand, library, exile, graveyard, on the stack, in the command zone, and anywhere else I may have forgotten to mention (I dunno where that might be).

Anyway, more than you could ever want to know about Athreos, from your friendly local judge.
I like Spectra Ward to go with Heliod's Pilgrim. Makes for a good target lategame, and turns your Archer into a nice finisher.

>> No.33639545

Now that I think about it, ignore my second point there, the one about permanents. That really only applies to Auras, which has already been covered. Was kind of a dumb statement.

>> No.33639717

What should I add to this for mono green? Besides Nissa, obv. Also not sure about my land base.

4x Sedge Scorpion
4x Elvish Mystic
3x Kalonian Tusker
1x Sylvan Caryatid
1x Yisan
3x Polukranos
1x Phytotitan
1x Terra Stomper
1x Kalonian Twingrove

3x Giant Growth
1x Ranger's Guile
4x Titanic Growth
1x Life's Legacy
2x Verdant Haven
1x Chord of Calling

>> No.33640517


F'real, though, a couple suggestions:
4x Elvish Mystic
4x Kalonian Tusker
3x Swordwise Centaur
4x Generator Servant
3x Polukranos
3x Mistcutter Hydra
2x Nylea
1x Kalonian Twingrove
1x Terra Stomper
1x Hornet Queen

2x Xenagos, Planeswalker guy

2x Setessan Tactics
3x Chord of Calling
4x Aspect of Hydra

4x R/G Shock
2x R/G scry
3x Mountain
14x Forest
Just kinda threw it together off the top of my head, based on your list. Splashing red for Generator Servant makes for stupidly scary things.

>> No.33640812

Generator servant Is wasted In your list. You're better off just going monog devotion instead of g/r for fatties. Nykthos more than makes up for servants mana and the haste is neglible at best when you can have stupidly explosive turns.

Off the top of my head here Is what I would do for monog devotion. Keep in mind this is changing drastically with khans

4x elvish mystic
4x sylvan caryatid
3-4 voyaging satyr
4x burning tree emissary
4x polukranos
4x genesis hydra
2x garruk caller of beasts
2x nissa world waker
3x chord of calling
24 land
That's 55 cards assuming 4c satyr with 5 slots left over for a toolbox assortment of threats. Hornet queen, arbor colossus, nylea disciple, rec sage, etc. some 1
And 2 ofs to toolbox in for threats.

>> No.33641274

Only thing you could feed you already thought of. Debt to the deathless.

>> No.33641602

this is gonna die soon, new

>> No.33641627

brain maggot is a bad card

>> No.33641649

Does anyone think that new garruk is gonna have a home in standard?

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