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You are Null Gene, a former patriot experimental super-weapon, with no code name designation as of yet.
Employed by Desperado Enforcement LLC, armed with an Exoskeleton engineered for CQC, and a multi-purpose rifle.

After breaking a man named Jet Stream Sam's jaw, you were accepted very warmly by your superior, a large bald man named Sundowner.

You had talked with Exy about the past and found a strange memory there. Monsoon had warned you of a spy in the Desperado base.

Currently you are with Sundowner, as he continues his torture of a (estimated) 13 year old girl.

>Things to do
Plan next mission.
Spend Money/RP
Improve relations

Thread 1: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33537981/
Thread 2: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33542812/

The smell of burning flesh, urine and sweat dominated the room. And it all game from the now crippled girl in front of you. Sundowner laughs as he electrocutes her into conciousness again.

Her screaming soon began to drown out Sundowner's laughing, he turned to you and began to speak, but you couldn't quite hear him. An expression of annoyance passed over his head, as he turned to the girl and slammed his fist her throat.

She made a few choking sounds as she could no longer breath, but Sundowner smiled and turned to you "A beauty isn't she?" He asked "That was the VIP we brought back, we were supposed to randsom her for money... but hell, I think it's far more fun just to take the money, AND take the girl."

>How do you respond?

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>"And do what with her? She is quite useless as she is now."

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Has my vote

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Anyone recall that plan to turn her into a cyborg and have her do Desperado missions while thinking she's going to get revenge against Sundowner or something?

I liked that plan.

Thirding this.

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"It's best to just kill her now. She's worthless"

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Basically this.

I don't see Gene being fazed by this in the slightest, but at the same time I can't imagine he's a sadist. So, neutral option.

PS. OP, you should get a twatter account

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Indeed. Twatter accounts make being in threads on time 300% easier.

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It shall be done.

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Well, its only in character as far as getting some combat usage out of someone, making them into an asset as it were. Otherwise I feel we're pretty neutral about the whole thing.

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I don't think Gene would give a shit about this person. He's been in a virtual coma all his not-life.

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Pretty much. I hope Sunbro doesn't expect some major reaction out of us.

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Are there pastebins for the stuff we can potentially buy?

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"Useless?" Sundowner gave off another laugh "No, no, she's a proto-type see...."

He moves over to the side, picking up a small white case, it seems to be for holding brains "We're gonna put her little brain in this thing." His smile doesn't stop, in contrast, it grows bigger "And then we're going to test out the sears program the big boss created."

Moving over to her, Sundowner grabs her head and points to her temple "Y'see, things aren't as simple as the ol' days, we can't just pick up a bunch of child soldiers out of the third world and make 'em Vets no more." She started crying at even being close to him once more he whispers a little threat into her ear about not screaming "So we got a better idea!"

"Why don't we just cut out the unneeded parts....shove their brains in cases, and do it all in VR instead?" Almost exactly the same as what happened with you, you thought to yourself. "Then we can give 'em a whole new cyborg body as a graduation present, sell of their organs, and everyone is happy!"

"Don't you think so Gene?" He smiled, looking at you like you were his closest friend.

Your aimless anger at the patriots for imprisoning you in a VR Coma for 90% of your life starts to flare back to life, the old embers burning through the forest Sundowner began to grow.

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"Whatever you think is best, boss"

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>How does Null Gene react to Sundowner's plan?

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How old is Null again, because that could change my vote.

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Null Gene is currently 18 years old.
He has spent 10 years of his life in the Patriot's VR training.
6 Years being raised by parents, 2 years trying to adapt to normal life.

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Last thread says we're 18.

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Does Null think with his dick at all or is he all combat?

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Whoops, thought you were talking about the girl, my bad.

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All combat.

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Yes this, but tighten his fists so he doesn't go crazy over it

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Kill the girl.

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If we get into Winds of Destruction, I offer up Bargusin as a name.


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I offer
But I doubt we'll get into the WoD anytime soon.

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Contain anger, we can't have our employers on our ass to early.

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Contained anger gets released eventually. Delete them completely instead.

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This is the research list.
>Hardened Exoskeleton (Needed for Anti-HF suit)(10RP)
Decreases defense DCs.
>Cyborg requirements (30RP)
Allows for Cybernetic upgrades.
>HF Claws (20RP)
Increases combat capability, especially against enemy armor.
>Heavy armour plates (40RP)
Decreases chances of being wounded.
>Sniper mode for rifle (10RP)
>HF Bullets (40RP)
Increases combat capability of the rifle massively.
>Powered foot grip (20RP)
Can use feet to walk along walls/upside down
>Enhanced AR (10RP)
Allows for detection and recording of minute details
>Enhanced arm/leg/body strength (20/10/10RP)
Self explanatory.
>Weapon of choice (Write in)
>Write in

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Attempt to suppress anger and go with >>33587778

If anger is unable to be suppressed, go with >>33587927 and cave her head in while stating that it won't work like that.

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El Nino
"The Kid"

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That does change it, I was thought that he was taken at 3 so he really won't have much hate for the Patriots in that case because that would have be all he knew, but since he was taken a 6 he would have some memories of his family.

So as for my vote he should be able to disassociate his own emotions from actions so reply with this>>33587778 but not putting any emotion into it.

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It's much easier to put this in a pastebin. Makes it easier for you to keep track of, and leaves it open for players to browse when a thread isn't up.

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We ain't a kid.

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>Hardened Exoskeleton (Needed for Anti-HF suit)(10RP)
>HF Claws (20RP)
>Powered foot grip (20RP)
>Enhanced arm/leg/body strength (20/10/10RP) All of them

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>How would you ensure her loyalty?

Difference between us and her is that I think we were made for this, not just kidnapped. And probably weren't tortured.

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Is an underbarrel grenade launcher an acceptable write-in?

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This really. We were in this shit since we were in single digits. She's 13? At this point it seems like a waste. She'd be behind almost everyone. Just kill her.

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Younger than any of the other members.

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I neglected to mention, in the Sears program they essentially give you the equivalent of sex for obeying orders, while disobeying, they punish you for it.
Imagine this over the course of what they experience to be something akin to 20 years in a sped up VR.

Depends on what you wanted it to fire.
HF Shrapnel? 20 RP.
A normal grenade? Done on Desperado's contract, no need for spending.

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I was thinking those EMP grenades they have.

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Get our robostuns on fo' real.

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You attempt to cool your anger, merely nodding, and answering with "Whatever you think is best boss." Your fists tightening as the broken remnants of your memories about you family begin to resurface, turning your head away as you try to kick them back down, and forget, so as not to anger Sundowner. And by extention, Desperado Enforcement LLC.

Sundowner looked at you for a moment, a scowl coming across his face as he notices your pent up anger. "Get outta here Gene." he said simply, turning back to the girl "I got work to do." you felt he was disappointed, like a child who had been denied praise or candy. The door opened for you behind yourself.

"Bet you need to get your next assignment anyway." He mutters as you walk out, not wanting to displease him any further. You heard the screams return with more intensity as you exit. You shudder slightly.

Where do you wish to move to now?
>Briefing room
You will gain your next assignment here. You are high enough in rank to choose at this stage. You may also meet someone there.
>Back to R&D
We'll finish up upgrades/spending there. Nothing else
>Go and visit Monsoon or Mel.
Monsoon is currently moving out of R&D. Mel is in the sparring chamber.

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>>Go and visit Monsoon or Mel.
Monsoon. Also, where is Mistral?

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Huh. We haven't met Mel yet. Let's go meet her.

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You currently do not know of a person named Mistral.

>> No.33588436

>Back to R&D

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>You currently do not know of a person named Mistral.
Better get here quick.

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>Back to R&D

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>>Back to R&D
Get our shit and then fuck off. I'm kind of mad that we disappointed Sundowner.

>> No.33588550

>Go and visit Monsoon or Mel.
Preferably Mel as we haven't met her before.

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>Back to R&D
End goal right here except for punching instead of cutting.

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Well he just has too high standards when it comes to enthusiasm for weaponizing kids. He'll get over it. Or get mad.

>> No.33588629

Or get fucked

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Meant to use this picture.

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>Fundowner disappointed.

Monsoon hold me

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Last time we were upgrading the highest votes were for
>15 Exoskeleton (10)
>9 HF Claws (20)
>13 Foot Grip (20)
>7 Heavy Armor (40)
Leaving you with 10 RP remaining.
Are these the research projects you wish to undertake?

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>> No.33588748


>> No.33588761


>> No.33588774


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That'd do it boss.

>> No.33588791

That sounds good to me, but could we take a vote to see if we can replace Heavy Armor with enhanced strength?

>> No.33588801



I kinda wish we had upgraded the rifle

>> No.33588806


>> No.33588842

But don't you want to be fucking invincible?

>> No.33588853

The rifle is limited use against cyborgs anyway. Better to hold off on upgrades until we can get our hands on a railgun or a light gas rifle.

>> No.33588867

I like the durability for now. We'll get enhanced everything, but protecting our body when shit goes wack is a nice priority I feel.

>> No.33588890

I just don't want use to be one of those slow ass hammer guys, so if we get heavy armor after enhanced strength it would be better.

>> No.33588909

You don't want to be Havel the Rock but with fists?

>> No.33588925

We should see if R&D can fit our exoskeleton with a modified ARENA system.

>> No.33588958

Man, this is a universe where a human sized guy can lift and slam a mech the size of a large ship. Heavy doesn't necessarily mean slow.

>> No.33589076

>>Heavy armour plates (40RP)
>Decreases chances of being wounded.
I don't see anything about it slowing us down.
As long as we actually buy mobility upgrades, we won't have the problem of being too slow.

Actually, we have ten points left over, right?
Isn't enhanced leg strength 10 points exactly?
Or would that only enhance *one* leg?

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>dissapointing Sun-tan
I want to kill myself.

>> No.33589284

You gave gained
+Lower DC for defensive actions
+Increased defensive against being wounded.
+HF Claws for both hands and feet, which are capable of supporting you in climbing.

The heavy armor plates are more akin to the upgrade that Raiden got to his cyborg body.

Purchase list:
Current funds: $1 Million.

>GRAD. ($100,000.)
>Hammerhead. ($100,000)
>10 Gekkou. ($100,000)
>Metal Gear RAY ($5 Million)
>50 Sliders ($100,000)
>5 Fenrir ($100,000)
>50 Dwarf Gekko ($100,00)
>1 RP Point ($100,000)
>Intelligence Officer ($100,00 for barely competent, $20,000-30,000 for newly trained $500,000 for properly trained veteran expert.)
>Supervisor ($100,00 for barely competent, $20,000-30,000 for newly trained $500,000 for properly trained veteran expert.)
>Cybernetics/Technician Expert ($100,00 for barely competent, $20,000-30,000 for newly trained $500,000 for properly trained veteran expert.)
>Cyborg Agent ($100,00 for barely competent, $20,000-30,000 for newly trained $500,000 for properly trained veteran expert.)

(Sorry for the small delay, just found out my former list didn't save properly)

>> No.33589287

Should have just said yes. Next time.

>> No.33589310

>>1 RP Point ($100,000)
10 of them.

>> No.33589311

>after breaking a man named Jet Stream Sam's jaw

Christ, you questfags are the worst

>> No.33589328

can you explain some of these?

>> No.33589333

>50 Dwarf Gekko ($100,00)

We shall flood the world in annoyance.

>> No.33589354

>Intelligence Officer
Prop. Trained Vet. pls.

>> No.33589365

I think we should get a bunch of mechs.
Hey man we all thought we were going to get our shit wrecked and then we rolled all the crits.

>> No.33589369

If we can get basic grenades for free, maybe those leftover points are enough for a cut down RPG?
I know a rocket is not much threat to a cyborg at range, but what if we strapped the launcher to our forearm and then fired it as we punch?

>> No.33589384

>My FISTS explode with my FURY!

>> No.33589405

Then we blow up our own arm? There are better options for improving punch power.

>> No.33589409


>50 Dwarf Gekko ($100,00)

now we have some little buddies

>1 RP Point ($100,000)


>> No.33589416

One of those support specialists at least, though I don't know which would be most useful for us.

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Most of them are unmanned weaponry.
This image shows a few Dwarf Gekkou, alone they are rather useless. But they can be a good slowing tactic against some enemies if they are deployed in bulk. Say if you bought 500 of them you would easily be able to pin Raiden down in their bodies for two hours.
While a Metal Gear RAY alone, wouldn't be able to hold him down, it will be an actual threat to him. Deployed along with various other UGs, you may even be able to kill Raiden.

If you wish, I could put in a small description of each unit.
This is mainly a PMC builder option, if you wish to go full lonewolf then the RP options are a choice.

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I want a Dwarf Gekkou pet. Just one that we have with us at all times. Maybe specialized or fitted with custom weapons or something.

>> No.33589480

Can we just get two Dwarf Gekko's, stack them on top of each other, and turn them into a sparing partner?

Otherwise, my vote is for a properly trained Technician expert.

>> No.33589483

>Intelligence Officer
Properly trained veteran, Intel is pretty damn important.
Maybe get a GRAD or two? Those guys are pretty decent against most opponents.

We got two hundreds in the same dice pool and he critfailed.

We had the option to get that exact thing last time, except not as much of a hack-job.
The ability we chose instead was to be immune to HF weaponry from the elbow down.
This was a correct choice.

>> No.33589501

>Metal Gear RAY ($5 Million)
Ignoring the nukes, how much would a REX cost?

>> No.33589545

I'll third an Intelligence Veteran.

>> No.33589566

Same cost.

>> No.33589609

Huh, I would have thought that we wouldn't be able to get one, since it was never mass produced like the RAY was.

>> No.33589632

Can we hurry this up a little, please?

>> No.33589648

Maybe thats why it costs the same.
Whats your rush anon?

>> No.33589675

wants to punch through more peoples faces

>> No.33589676

>Whats your rush anon?
I want to get things done.

>> No.33589699

We are getting things done. We are making purchases.

>> No.33589710

Yeah, but it's taking way longer than it needs to be.

>> No.33589734

/tg/ always takes forever buying things in quests.

>> No.33589738

+1 Expert Intelligence officer
Roll 5d100 for generation.

Dwarf Gekkou have the most votes next, however there is no consensus on how many.

You can't get one yet.
Need the blue prints. And only a few people have that.

>> No.33589744

Rolled 23, 31, 93, 71, 45 = 263


>> No.33589746

Rolled 41, 79, 55, 1, 25 = 201


>> No.33589751

Rolled 48, 45, 72, 91, 9 = 265


>> No.33589753

It's a better option if it's available, anyway. If we can fit a Sensor Fuzed Weapon inside a railgun we can have all sorts of fun with it.

>> No.33589755

Be patient anon.

>> No.33589848

Rolled 2

Thank you.
$500,000 left.

>> No.33589865

Do you think
is a possibility?

>> No.33589880

Rolled 1

At no cost, upgrades will however cost.

>> No.33589905

>no cost

>> No.33589916

Then let's do that.

>> No.33589917

let's just get one dwarf and save the rest of our cash

>> No.33589967

>Sensor Fuzed Weapon
>Look it up


>> No.33589996

A voice comes through on the intercom.
"Thank you for purchasing my services. I hope we can both benefit from this arrangement" The voice was scrambled, it seems they didn't want you to know who they were.
"As for my capabilities, please do not worry. I have many contacts and will be able to support you both in the field and outside of it." X-S2 was the voice's designation. You however could not find any sort of information on this person. Which was strange.

>Do you wish to talk to X-S2?

You have gained a singular Dwarf Gekkou to accompany you.
Do you wish to save your money?

>> No.33590021


>> No.33590038

Mic spam the word "Dicks" until he takes off the scrambler

>> No.33590039

Rolled 100, 80, 24, 70, 39 = 313

What kind of upgrade can we get for our little friend?

>> No.33590069


>> No.33590077

I really have to remember to clear my e-mail field.

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File: 433 KB, 1280x948, Desperado.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Active camo, upgraded laser cutters, HF Claws, strengthened limbs, better sensors, and a generally stronger body. As for armaments you can already buy, you can give it grenades to bring along, miniature explosives, pistols of different types and hacking tools.
You can also give direct control of it over to X-S2 as well.

>> No.33590145

If the Fenrirs are the railgun variety I think two of them to provide overwatch would make a lot of sense.

>> No.33590154

save our money

demand to know more about our new hire
we're THEIR employer and we want to be respected the way we respect ours

>> No.33590186

>turn her into a cyborg and have her do Desperado missions while thinking she's going to get revenge against Sundowner or something?

What is this?

Vinland Saga all over again?

For those who don't know, it was a reference to Thorfin's revenge motive. His father's killer put him to task to make him worthy enough to be taken revenge upon.

>> No.33590255

I'm going to move on from the purchases right now.

As for talking to X-S2.
>Ask about their gender
>Ask about their other employments
>Ask to take off the voice scrambler
>Ask what they're capable of

>> No.33590265

>>Ask what they're capable of

>> No.33590293

>Ask what they're capable of

>> No.33590294


>> No.33590312

>Ask what they're capable of
Important questions people.

>> No.33590332

It's the only important question there.

>> No.33590368

inb4 X-S2 is a Patriot A.I.

>> No.33590409

>Vinland Saga

Man, I haven't read that in ages. Need to go back over it again.

>> No.33590493

Thats what I meant, ask important questions instead of bullshit.

>> No.33590540

You simply ask what they are capable of. In reply, you hear an odd sound, it sounds almost like laughter through the voice scrambler.
X-S2 responds with "I could break you into World Marshal HQ in ten minutes." Confidence radiated through their voice "Without them even detecting you."

"As for more mundane things, if you get me an interface I could most likely hack any UG, maybe even some Cyborgs. As for outside of the field, I've got a variety of contacts in the military, supply and cybernetics, so if you need something just ask."

"I won't be able to join you on the field, although I can manually possess a UG, although their combat A.I would most likely be smart enough to perform any command you had of them."

"I've even developed some technology myself!." The voice bragged "Although it's nothing too amazing."

"Can I ask if you're working alone or with a PMC?" X-S2 asked, curiosity abound in their scrambled voice.

>Tell X-S2 you work for Desperado
>Tell X-S2 you work alone
>Write in

>> No.33590587

>Tell X-S2 you work for Desperado currently
Dudes going to be able to find out himself so why lie?

>> No.33590612

>Tell X-S2 you work for Desperado
I have a feeling that I know who this is but I'll wait.

>> No.33590618

I support this

>> No.33590628

This sounds like a good plan

>> No.33590656

>>Tell X-S2 you work for Desperado

>> No.33590785


>> No.33590812

"I work for Desperado Enforcement LLC, X-S2." You respond

There was silence for a few minutes, you could hear a few clicks and clacks through the distortion, as well as a few disappointed-sounding-noises.

"I'm not one to judge, but I suppose they pay well." X-S2 Sounded a little wary however "I'd recommend you don't stay with them too long though, it isn't good to be affiliated with those types. Especially after what they've done in the past."

X-S2 Doesn't say much more about the topic, but you're certain they don't very much approve of your employment as it is. "At any rate, can I ask if I can take full control of that Gekkou you purchased? It'll allow me to scout out ahead and gain an easy interface into most UGs and enemy computers."

>Give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou
>Keep the Dwarf Gekkou with it's own A.I.

And after that.

>Go to the briefing room
>Visit Mel/Moonsoon
>Go to the training area

>> No.33590850

I wonder if he wants to scout our employer with our lil gekkou...

>> No.33590856

>>Keep the Dwarf Gekkou with it's own A.I.
Fuck off. I don't trust these faggots.
>Visit Mel/Moonsoon

>> No.33590857

>Give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou

>Go to the training area

>> No.33590873

Give X-S2 control

Meet with monsoon and mel

>> No.33590883

>Give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou
>Go to the briefing room

>> No.33590894

>>Keep the Dwarf Gekkou with it's own A.I.
I did not want a cute little dwarf gekkou to be taken control by mystery people.

>> No.33590896

>Give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou
They are so cheap I could buy the fuckers.

>> No.33590915

Why are you giving these people control of the gekkou. You know how stupid that is, right?

>> No.33590944

Giving a person you hired a strategic asset (which has essentially no real combat potential) so they can help you out in the field is stupid?

>> No.33590961

Yeah because giving control of a disposable machine to the intelligence officer who who we hired so they can do their job better is so stupid.

>> No.33590973

It's stupid because you're all actually trusting these blatantly obvious Patriot AIs

>> No.33591002

If I was going Patriot A.I, I'd probably do what they did, rather than simply voice scrambling and no image.

Meeting Monsoon will be locked in, unless anyone else has votes.

>> No.33591020

With a dwarf Gekko. Ooh, Im shaking in my exoskeletal boots.

>> No.33591034

>Keep the Dwarf Gekkou with it's own A.I.

i'll think about it

>> No.33591043

Three hands is one more hand than trustworthy, clearly.
I'm sure everything will be just fine anon.

>> No.33591063

actually fuck it, give it to the weird fucker

>> No.33591402


Give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou

Go to the training area

>catpcha army ndeclast


maybe captcha

>> No.33591522
File: 563 KB, 933x769, Monsoon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide to give X-S2 the Dwarf Gekkou for combat purposes.

You begin to move off, you had heard that Mel had distinguished herself as you had, and as such would be good to meet. While Monsoon was also part of the Winds of Destruction, far higher on the food chain than you.

Monsoon actually found you first, again. As you turn the corner, Monsoon's head floated by you, slowly followed by wafers of his body. "So I heard you gave Jet Stream Sam a broken Jaw, I did not expect him to be quite so weak." His voice echoed in the hall.

You respond with a simple "It was nothing, just doing my job."

Monsoon smiles, showing his white teeth "Was it really now? I've read about your past, Null Gene." You bristle, this was the second time your history came up "Yes, you were one of the Patriot's experiments weren't you? Modeled after the Perfect Soldier Project, as well as the Successor project."

"Null Gene, you haven't been exposed to nature yet, after all, all you've seen is combat is in a Virtual Reality." he slowly begins to circle you as he talks "Now you've been thrown into the deep waters, you'll either sink or swim."

He stops circling, standing in front of you he turns "Sundowner already thinks you're up to the task, I'm undecided. One of the higher ups has his eye on you however. Make sure not to disappoint him."

>Yes sir.
>Ask about something
>Leave (To Mel/Briefing)
>Write in

>> No.33591548


Leave (To Mel/Briefing)

>> No.33591550

>>Yes sir.
>Ask about something
How did you end up here?

>> No.33591587

>Yes sir.

>> No.33591591


>Yes sir.

>> No.33591597

>Yes sir.
Dude. We broke Sams jaw come on.

>> No.33591726


even if it was just luck

>> No.33591735


>Yes sir.
>Although, I am afraid I disappointed him already.

>> No.33591760
File: 1001 KB, 680x650, Canada Feel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33591768

Even still. We should get a commendation for how bloody lucky we are.

>> No.33591790

Sam isn't the super OP dude we know in Rising yet. He's just some fuck.

>> No.33591825

Sam destroyed a GRAD like it was nothing.

>> No.33591838

He was still pretty fucking amazing before Rising. He took on armed men with just his sword prior to the war economy all the time.

>> No.33591844

He instantly killed like fifteen guys right in front of us. We didn't even *see* his sword.

>> No.33592042

You reply with a simple "Yes sir." emotionless and detached.

Monsoon's smile fades as he looks at you, if his eyes were uncovered you would be able to see him narrow them.
"And that's why I'm unsure about you, emotionless, like a puppet." He looked away to the left "We'll have to see if our leader's expectations in you were true or not."

He began to walk away "You're only a few steps away from a UG, Gene." He pauses "Hopefully the patriots didn't leave us without something to work with in you."

"Even the other potential had shown more emotion than you." Monsoon seemed to be disappointed as well, you could not understand why "Although she had not performed such an act as you did..." Monsoon seemed to be talking to himself rather than you at this moment.

Turning back to you he stated "Continue to perform more deeds as you have, you may not blossom as nature would want, but you will still be useful to him." Monsoon turned, and began to walk away, ending the conversation there.

You wonder on how you would appease such an enigmatic man, he seemed to be set on nature, as you remember what he had stated before "Wind blows, rain falls, and the strong prey upon the weak."

You have to decide upon where to go now.

>Move to Mel's room
>Briefing room

>> No.33592076

Mel's room

>> No.33592109

>>Briefing room
Enough fucking around. If Monsoon wants emotion, we'll give him emotion.

>> No.33592111

>Mel's room
We needs shenanigans bad!

>> No.33592116

Monsoon the perfect Headache

>> No.33592121

>Briefing room

>> No.33592152

>wants emotion from a vr kiddie
Alright nigga, lets go full pyscho, psychotic is an emotion right?

>> No.33592153

>Briefing room

>> No.33592162

>Caring what 2deep8u Monsoon thinks
>Caring what Sundowner thinks
U wot m8?

>> No.33592185
File: 52 KB, 500x297, Hug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Monsoon seemed to be disappointed as well, you could not understand why

>> No.33592197

>Briefing room
Back in my day people were content with spine ripping.

>> No.33592218

I hear the BnB Corp was all about emotion.

>> No.33592220

It's a state of mind, but close enough.

>> No.33592288

>monsoon is mad because lol not the personality he wanted
>sundowner is mad because we don't enjoy the type of murderbonering he likes, where even though we give no fucks on jobs, we do in fact dislike what exactly the patriots did.

>> No.33592324

Monsoon is jealous because he thinks you're artificial and therefore weak as shit
But then you broke Sam's jaw and proved him wrong, so he's trying to make you into a nature man

>> No.33592333

I find it funny that the only thing we really objected to was the vr training, he probably could have beat her to death with his dick and we could have cared less

>> No.33592340

I hope Mistral actually enjoys us.

>> No.33592358

You do realize both of them are contrary to popular belief Batshit Insane my good sir?

>> No.33592369

The only one we will get on with is probably bladewolf and he probably doesn't even exist yet.

>> No.33592374

Call it a knee-jerk reaction. I almost thought we'd stay with desperado at the start of this thread. My subconscious is still adjusting to our declining loyalty

>> No.33592402

Rolled 6, 49 = 55

You decide to ignore the other combat potential, and simply move onto the briefing room.

Upon entering the room, you feel as if something was wrong. There are several mechanical sounds moving through the room, above you especially.

Deciding you look upwards, you see.... (Roll 1d100, choose following option)

>Immediately attack
>Go into a defensive mode
>Retreat backwards out of the door.

>> No.33592419

Rolled 75

Aw sheeit

>> No.33592420


>> No.33592437

Rolled 49

>Immediately attack

>> No.33592444

Rolled 36

>defensive mode
gotta break-in that heavy armor

>> No.33592452

Forgot to say action

>> No.33592464

Rolled 69


>> No.33592470

Rolled 6

>Go into a defensive mode

>> No.33592476

>Go into a defensive mode
I'm fucking invincible from the elbows down.

>> No.33592491

I'd like to say fuck these guys and start our own PMC when we get the dosh. Also I want to beat Sundowner to death with his stupid ass HF scissors and crush Monsoons head with our bare cyber hands

Also bro Sam all day erry day

>> No.33592524

If we raise our arms up then we will be almost completely INVINCIBLE!

>> No.33592529

Seconding this. They're a means to an end, and that end is monies. We'll work with them until they're no longer useless, then we'll dispose of them.

>> No.33592531

Too bad we broke Sams jaw then huh?

>> No.33592546


>> No.33592555

That was business, and it's not like he can't get it fixed.

>> No.33592561

Rolled 34

>>Go into a defensive mode

>> No.33592576

to be fair, that was a job, so i think he can get past that, it wasn't really anything personal, its jsut we knew in close combat he would have fucked our shit, so we dealt with him the best way we could.

>> No.33592585

Sam pls

To be fucking fair and I hope we point this out next time we see him he was about to bisect our shit

>> No.33592603

Rolled 65, 86 = 151

>Worth much
I'm sure he'd accept you if you go full JUSTICE with him.
Or betray the senator while he's fighting Sam.
Defensive mode locked in.

>> No.33592617

>implying this quest won't end up with us reactivating the patriots and basically running the world under a new banner to keep everything from fucking each other in the ass.

>> No.33592634

And he said he wasn't going to use his sword too.

>> No.33592649

We actively hate the patriots, and we barely understand the concept of emotion, thats not happening

>> No.33592654

>implying Snake won't flip shit

>> No.33592698

>completely fuck up canon and double team with sam to take down the
>go start a new PMC going full JUSTICE!
>implying it wouldn't be a glorious alternate universe, wheres its basically us vs Desperado as led by Sundowner whos pissed as shit his boss was killed.

>> No.33592742

Can the PMC be called Justice, Inc?

>> No.33592780

Too Chivalrous For This Shit LLC

>> No.33592806
File: 183 KB, 721x522, Kamen Rider, Soldier of Justice!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33592880

>implying snake is still around.

>> No.33592928
File: 23 KB, 538x717, 1404843643640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying Snake ever left us
>Implying we all don't have a piece of the Big Boss inside of us

>> No.33592974

>this picture
>not the single greatest thing ever.

>> No.33592976

>Implying it doesn't turn out that they all do have a piece of the big boss inside them
Its happened before.

>> No.33593010
File: 59 KB, 640x295, MGR_ConceptDesignArt_06_MGSTV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 76

You look up, and you see a woman suspended by Dwarf Gekkos, and surrounded by them too, their hands digging into the wall to keep themselves upon the ceiling.

The Dwarf Gekkos begin to squeal as their arms are pried off, attaching to connectors upon her back and shoulders, as she dropped, several blades passing down from the arms, as a line of Dwarf Gekkos come down from the roof, their arms coming off as they form a long double-polearm, blades upon the two ends.

She kicks two of the Gekko bodies down at your ready posture, you kick one of them away, and grab the other one. She falls down from the ceiling, attempting to pierce you with the end of the polearm.

You bring your hand forward, the Gekkou body upon it getting speared by the knife, then smashed downwards upon the end of the polearm. Severing it from the rest, before she even has time to settle down upon the floor, you grab the severed part, and smash it against's the woman's head.

The Gekkou body explodes, sending her flying into the wall. You remain in place with a defensive posture, your combat instincts taking over as she gets up again, taking her damaged mask off, revealing her brown skin and red locks of hair, a smile on her lips.

"Not bad, artificial man." she straightened her polearm out again, replacing the blade and the end as Dwarf Gekkos swarmed around her "Lets see how far I can push you!"

>Go on the offensive
>Ask who she is
>Continue to be on the defensive

>> No.33593019
File: 47 KB, 538x717, 1404843080449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Whenever wherever some thing bad happens blame the Patriots
>It's always the fucking Patriots

>> No.33593022

>>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593040

>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593048

>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593049

>Go on the offensive


>> No.33593054

>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593059

>>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593062

>Go on the offensive
I finally found WHAT I WAS LOOOKING FOR!

>> No.33593069

As stated before, Philanthropy is still active.

Roll 1d100 please

>> No.33593070

>Go on the offensive

>> No.33593075

>Go on the offensive


Oh you fucker.

>> No.33593078

Rolled 7

Here's a crit for ya.

>> No.33593084

Rolled 92

Ok, punch time.

>> No.33593085

Rolled 78


>> No.33593087

Rolled 67


>> No.33593090

Rolled 87


>> No.33593103

Rolled 4


>> No.33593124

>dis rules of nature
>Sundowner is probably just laughing his ass off watching this from another room.

>> No.33593299

Rolled 28

we got this.

>> No.33593533

Rolled 31

You charge at Mistral, as you do so the end of the spear comes at you, swatting it aside you continue to move.

But the polearm wraps around your hand unexpectedly, Mistral closes in, her multiple hands wielding individual knives, attacking your side while you only had one hand.

The first knife came for your lower stomach, instincts taking over, you slap it to the side, as another came for your face, your hand barely it in time, activating your visor you stop it from scratching you, slapping it away to prevent more damage to it.

The final one came for your ribs, it was too fast to slap out of the way, but you know your armor plates would stop it, letting it go, you drop your elbow on the arm itself, smashing it into bits of useless metal.

Mistral grimaced, a Dwarf Gekkou from the cieiling, it's body landing in her hand as you Being up your hand after your elbow attack. Smashing it into the higher arm in mid-swing, that was about to hit you with a Dwarf Gekko body, sending it flying across the room.

With two arms disabled, Mistral begins to retreat, the polearm unwrapping from your arm. You quickly grab the polearm as it unfolds, Mistral holds onto it unknowingly, as you throw her through the air, slamming her into the ground behind you.

She gets up, Dwarf Gekko swarming her body once again to gain more arms, a smile coming across her face as you feel the thrill of battle shared between you.

>Use X-S2 to infiltrate the enemy Gekko and hack them onto your side (Roll 2d100 if you are voting for this)
>Continue the melee offensively
>Continue the melee defensively (1d100 for these two actions)
>Write in

>> No.33593563

>>Continue the melee offensively

>> No.33593586

>Continue the melee offensively
We got this.

>> No.33593587

Rolled 74

>Continue the melee offensively

>> No.33593588

Rolled 97

>Continue the melee offensively

>> No.33593601

Rolled 21

PUNCH TIME REDUX. (Continue offensively)

>> No.33593635

Rolled 35

>>Continue the melee offensively

>> No.33593651

Rolled 40

>Continue the melee offensively.

>> No.33593658

>Use X-S2 to infiltrate the enemy Gekko and hack them onto your side (Roll 2d100 if you are voting for this)

Let's try to remove her advantage

Also Unlimted Gecko Works

>> No.33593715

Rolled 10

>Continue the melee offensively

>> No.33593735

>this roll
>dice gods love it when Gene fights but doesn't believe in shit for his leadership skills because lol VR child.
i'm ok with this.

>> No.33593824

Rolled 92, 100 = 192

Forgot das roll

>> No.33593849
File: 41 KB, 500x664, areyouawizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33593858


>> No.33593860
File: 143 KB, 490x757, PSX_20140722_221154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im fucking amazing

>> No.33593862


>> No.33593898

whelp i think we know whats gonna happen here.

>> No.33593902

Melee still wins. Grats on a wasted crit.

>> No.33593906

Why do the dice want us to beat named characters so easily?

>> No.33593927

Yes see here >>33593860

>> No.33593928


>> No.33593959
File: 55 KB, 224x257, hope for man'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33594096
File: 252 KB, 843x1200, 1405850350087.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I roll a damm near double crit
>Doesn't matter

>> No.33594292

Rolled 3

You start running towards Mistral, offense was all that was on your mind.

She twirled her polearm, and tried to attack your side by performing a horizontal attack, you return it. Not slowing down, you put your fist into the polearm, the arms shattering into mechanical gore as you sprint onwards.

She attempts it again, from the other side with the remaining portion of her Polearm, you were too close for her to safely make a new one.

You punch it again, this time with your left hand, then grab the end of the polearm, pulling Mistral towards you.

She was swept off of her feet, her arms quickly covering her body as she flew by you.

Time seemed to slow down, as you breathed in. Then you punched at her, your fist lands in the middle of her arms, due to their overlapping it wasn't so effective.

Whch meant you just needed more punches. Your other fist joins your first, as the first returns. It continues like this, each time your fist lands the hands slowly deteriorate, as Mistral begins to scream behind them, mechanical gore showing both of you as you punch her arms into oblivion.

A last punch finishes it, a shocked expression on her face is revealed as you clear the beaten and battered arms. With another deep breath, as Mistral attempts to retreat, you kick off the ground, building momentum as you aim to land your fist just above her breasts.

It slams into her body, she had nowhere to escape against such a superior opponent in agility. You turn your fist, like unlocking a key, and then she flies backwards into the wall.

The said wall explodes with the impact of her body.

Perfect Victory.
Defence: SSS+
Technique: S

>Wait in a defensive pose to see if reinforcements will arrive
>Attack where she was in the wall (1d100)

>> No.33594340

>dissappointed Anon didn't get to lol hack everything with that god tier roll earlier.

>> No.33594347

>Wait in a defensive pose to see if reinforcements will arrive

>> No.33594360

>Wait in a defensive pose to see if reinforcements will arrive
Who this crazy bitch think she is?

>> No.33594398

At some later date, you receive a message from X-S2.
"After your battle with the Dwarf Gekko woman, the schematics and blueprints of both her polearm and normal Gekko have become exceedingly easy to analyze, hope you enjoy your present~"
There are files attached for the schematics.

-You may now build Dwarf Gekko (Cheaper, but requires a place to build them)
-You may build the L'√Čtranger, and create variants from it

>> No.33594406

Rolled 79

>>Wait in a defensive pose to see if reinforcements will arrive

Rolling for Post-Battle Autism.

>> No.33594424

Rolled 74

Wait in defense

>> No.33594441

Nice of you to not let those rolls go to waste.

>> No.33594443

Defensive position

>> No.33594470

Sorry, took >>33593824 for that.
Missed one point though.

-Unlocked Mistral's Gekkou arms for research

>> No.33594478

We should use this to attach a chain of dwarf gekko arms to our exosuit's crotch, and cockslap people across the room.

>> No.33594492

Rolled 98

>Giving a dude who is basically Fist Jesus the ability to make Fist Bots and a Fist Spear.

>> No.33594500

Dwarf Gekkos are so bloody cheap. Machines, AI and explosives for less then 200 bucks.

>> No.33594518



who are you? what do you want? what is the meaning of life?

>> No.33594538

The money is less the actual number of money you spend, it's more a way for me to properly catalog everything without making it too hard.

>> No.33594587
File: 971 KB, 500x300, 1391852992110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you BasedOP

>> No.33594652

Null is too good.

>> No.33594680

Did...did we kill her?

>> No.33594691
File: 2 KB, 113x124, 1404870017371s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Null is looked favorably upon by the dice gods.

>> No.33594744

We got a little of The Big Bosses DNA in us

>> No.33594747

>multi armmed fist bot fighting with HF claws for the lot of them
Mother of god

>> No.33594748

Oh shit.

Null Gene is the clone of fucking Grey fox.

Train to be the perfect soldier.

>> No.33594755

>Null is a sleeper agent with special training and instructions to destroy Desparado from the inside

>> No.33594760

You wait, in a defensive pose just in case the Gekko decide to attack you.
Instead they swarm to her position, taking out her broken and bloody body on what appears to be a moving seat of Gekko. A door also opens up nearby, as Sundowner comes out laughing and clapping "Hahaha, much better than what Monsoon predicted!" He seemed very happy, maybe he had won a bet with him? "Mistral's going to have to go through some repairs after that beating though!"

Mistral, the woman on the slowly manoeuvring Gekko-chair-table seemed a little annoyed as she sighed "I knew I should have listened to you Sundowner, Monsoon was wrong about him" She looks over at you "You are strong, next time I shall take you on with my full strength"

You get the feeling she was lying, and that she was simply bluffing to save face infront of sundowner, and most likely Monsoon as well.

>Could you introduce me?
>Do I get the mission now?
>Thank you for your praise
>Write in

>> No.33594791

>Do I get the mission now?
>Thank you for your praise

>> No.33594793

Sorry, sorry, I'm not Kojima Right?

It's mainly due to the dice.
Your actual power is just a little beneath upgraded 2018 Raiden.

>> No.33594800

>Sundowner was in fact watching this fight and thought it was hilarious
Whelp called it:

>> No.33594831

Rolled 87

Thank you, Sir. Now what's the mission?

>> No.33594834

>Do I get the mission now?
"This was a blatant waste of time and resources."
vr kiddie a go go

>> No.33594835

>Write in
"I look forward to it."

>Do I get the mission now?

>> No.33594862

>write in
You know you could have at least said hi first
>thank you for your praise

>> No.33594864


>> No.33594878

>That was fun. I hope you'll be functional again soon; I'm looking forward to round two.

>Introductions, please?

>> No.33594886

Was that the one he used to flip the excelsus?

>> No.33594896

>Big Boss DNA due to Next-generation special forces gene therapy but from the very start, the best genes out of them
>Plus Grey Fox genes in there
>Enginnered to be the perfect soldier, something that surpass Big boss, and the snake clones.
>Got trained by VR to be the perfect soldier even more
>Only weakness is lack of Real life expereinces

>could you introduce me?

>> No.33594966

Wait, did we escape that fight with 0% damage?

>> No.33594978

Rolled 7

>>Write in

Was this a one time thing or is this going to be a normal occurrence?

>> No.33594993

Rolled 45

>Thank you for your praise
>Do I get the mission now?

>> No.33595124

"Thank you for your praise, Mademoiselle, I await your next challenge eagerly" She seemed surprised at your use of language, sharpening her eyes for a moment before merely brushing you off with a "Yes..." She was slowly carried out by the Gekko, deep in thought.

Sundowner laughs at her "Don't worry kid, this won't be a regular thing, big boss just wanted to check if Sam's jaw wasn't a fluke." He hunkered down a little, whispering into your ear "That 'an Monsoon wanted to check ya out too" after saying that he gets back up, stretching his arms "Now for yer assignment..."

He gestures towards an empty segment of the room, to which a virtual interface appeared "We gotta little board of active missions here, don't have to take all of 'em, you're just good enough you got the freedom to chose"

He turned, about to exit the room "Lookin' forward to see you battle again Gene" he stated seriously, before the door closed behind him.

Mission board connecting, please wait.

>> No.33595176

what the fuck null

>> No.33595183

That was more Gene.

>> No.33595202

>implying gene isn't french
>implying he have a clue in hell about his background from before he was VR'd by the Patriots

>> No.33595204

aren't we supposed to be socially inept?

>> No.33595232

But anon

Noone wants to be french.

We established that in the rapier discussion.

>> No.33595236

We can pretend not to be when we roll well.

>> No.33595237

I think that was the point

>> No.33595242

We know french motherfuckers.

We know all the languages.

>> No.33595247

>Tips Beret

>> No.33595255

>implying it matters other then Gene is an asshole like a frenchman.

>> No.33595289

please explain

>> No.33595321

It might be just me but that seemed cringy as shit

>> No.33595322

In this situation saying what we said WAS socially inept.

>> No.33595368

it was us acting like a socially inept retard, because that was the literal equivalent of tipping a fedora and saying "my lady" the problem is that even though normally this would look fuck retarded, Mistral actually is french even though we had no damn way to know.

>> No.33595389

>even though we had no damn way to know.

Other than her accent, you mean?

>> No.33595394

Her accent maybe?

>> No.33595400

Mission 1-B:
Infiltration of a PMC CEO's mansion, expect heavy resistance if they are alerted.
-Bonus Objectives
>Extract information from onsight database
>Investigate rumours of a Metal Gear UG on the premises

Mission 2-A
Investigate rumours of a political group's resurface
-Bonus Objectives

Mission 3-Z
Deployment in the Middle East with Werewolf. Aid Werewolf in their objectives.
-Bonus Objectives
>Assassinate Werewolf commander
>Claim enemies UG Depot before it is activated.

Mission 4-N
Support terrorist group in over throwing it's Government, deployment is in Africa.
-Bonus objectives
>Kidnap president for randsom
>Kill the opposing PMC commander

>> No.33595401

Mademoiselle = Ma'Lady

>> No.33595404

I don't know, it seems rather obvious seeing as she fought like a frenchman.

>> No.33595442

>Mission 3-Z
This one. Let's flirt with the FROGS. They should be just emotionless enough that it'd be awkward.

>> No.33595444

I like 4-N...though I suspect we'll end up killing N'mani ourselves.

>> No.33595451

>Mission 3-Z

>> No.33595462

Are the unnamed PMC's Faceless nobody's or are they other named company's?

>> No.33595464

Rolled 32

We can be sneaky, but social stuff (like investigating and launching uprisings) isn't our forte. Also, we can test our intel guy.

>> No.33595471

Mission 3-Z

Let go fuck some FROGS.

>> No.33595490

>Mission 1-B:

Let's make Our DNA father proud

>{Operating Intensifies}

>> No.33595514

But we are supposed to help them mostly.

>> No.33595526

Mission 4N
Support terrorist group in over throwing it's Government, deployment is in Africa.
-Bonus objectives
>Kidnap president for randsom
>Kill the opposing PMC commander

>> No.33595529
File: 159 KB, 1016x905, Null Gene 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I have some more possible pictures for Null, but I'm not to sure on them. Here is the first one.

And as for >>33595400
>Mission 1-B or 4-N

>> No.33595540


>> No.33595560

The first PMC in 1-B is a splinter of Outer Haven, but otherwise faceless.

Werewolf is made from remnants of older games (FROGS, Tengu, etc)
4-N is Maverick.

>> No.33595569
File: 129 KB, 915x1000, Null Gene 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33595586

>Mission 1-B
Time for stealth, or at least an attempt at it.

>> No.33595590

>Mission 1-B
We can steal a fucking metal gear maybe.

>> No.33595592

I mean actual fuck them.

>> No.33595607
File: 78 KB, 736x837, Null Gene 004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33595616

>mechanic loli
I want this, purely because Gene need to learn more about people, and children work best for that

>> No.33595640
File: 105 KB, 736x1011, Null Gene 005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33595650

But children are not real people!

>> No.33595651

That's way too bulky for an MGS style exosuit, though.

>> No.33595658
File: 87 KB, 704x611, Null Gene 006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's all for now.

>> No.33595659

But children are terrible, hateful creatures.

>> No.33595685

Like I said I wasn't to pleased with some of them.

>> No.33595704


Mission 1-B:
Infiltration of a PMC CEO's mansion, expect heavy resistance if they are alerted.
-Bonus Objectives
>Extract information from onsight database
>Investigate rumours of a Metal Gear UG on the premises

stealth time

>> No.33595730

So, Idea I came up with.

>HF Fracture Gauntlets

>HF Fists
>Fingers have hundreds of small plates, each of them a square pyramid with the tip pointed outwards
>Each pyramid plate is an HF thing
>Each plate as a tiny arm to modulate how far out it pokes and locks, which direction it might push
>Combined with the right programming, can be designed to fracture solid materials into specific shapes with single punches, or break materials not easily broken
>Punch wall, make nicely-shaped doorway
>Punch person's left arm, their right arm gets broken instead
>Punch granite block, make sculpture

It's all about knowing the atomic makeup of the material and it's resonance, both of which can be found with a directed sonar pulse.

>> No.33595739

>kid is the only one gene can talk to competently
>everyone else he is still a turbo retard
>kid picks up how to repair his shit since he stops by to see that one chick after every mission
>she gets killed because sundowner won't have his perfect killing machine getting attached to other people

>> No.33595775

you bastard

>> No.33595781

I have no idea how this works, but for the sake of estimating RP, that'll be about...
400-600, depending on how it reacts with armour and other HF modified weaponry.

>> No.33595784
File: 2.95 MB, 300x231, 1405303356249.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33595808

Nah, Sundowner would only do that if he felt you were ignoring him for her.

>> No.33595817

Cue Gene vs Sundowner
One day only, fight of the century

>> No.33595836
File: 929 KB, 245x175, 1363402533693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33595839

If you know what a material is made out of, where it's denser and where it's less so, you can estimate just how it will fracture if force is applied to it.

There are already programs for it being used in Composite Materials Design. I've used them. It's not that hard.

>> No.33595854

>implying the dice gods wouldn't rain crits down upon us from the heavens

>> No.33595864

I'm still getting used to the fact that 3D printers actually exist mang.

>> No.33595893
File: 2.31 MB, 390x277, Group lel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So then we prevent that from ever happening by making Sundowner and the Kid spend time together

>Come back after mission
>Sundowner and Kid are torturing the fuck out of some VIP's daughter
>"Come play with us Gene!"
>"Ha! I told you you'd be jealous!"

>> No.33595902

This uses similar technology, just on a more theoretical level.

This is a cyborg quest, get with the times people.

>> No.33595912

But the times are scary.

>> No.33595919
File: 39 KB, 600x450, im-just-a-dog2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga wut?

>> No.33595923

We got one of those industrial ones at college. I've used it to make atv transmission cases and shit, it's fucking neato.

>> No.33595926

You're suggesting this as if we won't have betrayed Desperado and killed Sundowner by that point.

>> No.33595927

Rolled 32

Nigga that's some Armstrong shit right there,

I'm for it!

>> No.33595936

>corrupting the little mechanic girl

>> No.33595945
File: 271 KB, 1920x1080, Sundowner Good Ol Days.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon

>> No.33595963

We'll just keep punching him until it works. Have faith in JUSTICE!

>> No.33595966

It's like you people can't even Structural Integrity programs!

>> No.33595971

Adventures of Papa Gene, Uncle Sundowner, And loli mechanic
Can they stop the dastardly steams of raiden and Sam?!

>> No.33595975


>> No.33595985

1-B locked in.
You have gained the following assets from Desperado for this mission.
+Cardboard box
+Tranquilliser darts (For the rifle)
+Chaff grenades.
+10 Dwarf Gekko
+20 Cyborgs
+2 Hammerheads

The enemy forces will out number you 1 to 10, it is advised you use your forces to raid the enemy and attract their attention as you infiltrate the enemy base.

>Prepare for mission (Can attempt to recruit extras into your mission (Mel as an example) as well as inquire about the mission through X-S2)
>Deploy now.
>Write in

>> No.33595987

I've never even taken a physics course before mang

>> No.33596001

>Deploy now.
choo choo

>> No.33596004

Inquire about mission with X-S2.

>> No.33596011
File: 1.88 MB, 313x159, 1403489308141.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga I'm just a mechanic, I don't understand that shit.

>> No.33596015

Rolled 50

Ask X-S2 what they can find out about the target.

>> No.33596016

>Prepare for mission (Can attempt to recruit extras into your mission (Mel as an example) as well as inquire about the mission through X-S2)

>> No.33596017

I'm sorry.

Circuits structurally similar to a human brain, yes. Programs that actually exist today, nahmang.

>> No.33596019

>>Write in
Get hopped up on Tranqs and take a nap in the box.

>> No.33596020

10/10 would watch every Saturday morning

>> No.33596031

>Ask X-S2 for mission details and Contacts

>> No.33596059


>> No.33596071
File: 523 KB, 960x720, shiiiiiiet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would watch that.

>> No.33596115

Haha, I refreshed the catalog 600 times today for it, maybe you should be more devoted anon?

>> No.33596130

It's like you don't even search for quest every hour.

Step it up Anon-Kun

>> No.33596199

After not even ten minutes, X-S2 has a bios on several of the commanders inside the base, as well as what you could expect inside it, and the terrain around it.

The mansion was placed upon the edge of a cliff by the ocean and overlooked by the mountain it is placed next to. Patrolled by multiple flying UGs and automated static defences.
The approach is not much better, several GRADs, a hundred Cyborg guards, and various other UGs including Mastiffs, Fenrirs and Gekko.

You may pick to find out information on any of the following.
>Your target, the CEO.
>The leading commander
>Your targets children
>Suspected Metal Gear

>> No.33596210

What roles would the other desperadoes fill?

>> No.33596226

All of the above.

>> No.33596231

>Your target, the CEO.
>Your targets children
>Suspected Metal Gear

>> No.33596240

>Suspected Metal Gear
Which kind is it and such

>> No.33596249

>The kiddies

If they aren't homeschooled, we kidnap them, ask for whatever passwords X-S2 needs as well as ransom them off, then give them to Sundowner. Easy peasy.

>> No.33596261

>Your target, the CEO.
>>The leading commander
>>Your targets children
>>Suspected Metal Gear

>> No.33596268
File: 17 KB, 400x300, D&D Eric.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monsoon would be the overly cryptic naysayer who helps us out but constantly doubts our capabilities because of our lack of Nature

>> No.33596276


>> No.33596286

>not taking the youngest most impressionable one for yourself

>> No.33596294

Let's not, seeing as he's already ticked off Gene once with his VR kid program.
And I really doubt Gene would be delivering materials for that

>> No.33596321

Let's just fucking walk up the cliff face. How guarded is that?

>> No.33596322
File: 69 KB, 91x298, We're Assholes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's Saturday morning evil shit

I approve

>> No.33596359

All about dem bonuses, right?

Besides, once we have enough dosh and upgrades, we just lead a coup against Desperado from within. We can even call Sam to help us do that.

>> No.33596360

Where's that from?

>> No.33596372

Why that type of shit is basically what happened to us and pissed us off earlier

>> No.33596377

Yeah, we can be all "oh no I realized the true evil of my actions and must repent by killing everyone in the PMC and taking their stuff".


>> No.33596383
File: 69 KB, 184x184, 1405302315348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have a good idea about what to do with 10 dwarf gekko? I've been trying to think of something, but nothing comes to mind.

Maybe in a pinch we could stick a couple under the box and send it away from us as a decoy, but other than that I've got nothing.

>> No.33596390

We have to get Sam to like us first, which would most likely involve us betraying Desperado. So, we can't really lead a coup from within and get Sam's help.

>> No.33596396

Rolled 32

I'd presume it's guarded by the flying shit

>> No.33596403


what about armstrong?

>> No.33596409

Your target was once the right hand of Liquid Ocelot, a year before Liquid Ocelot's death however, he fell our of good graces.

He still retained a prominent position inside Mantis, however due to a mistake on his part, an enemy agent infiltrated his home and assassinated his wife, in place of himself.

After this he has become exceedingly paranoid, and suspects everyone. Even those under his service, despite their emotions being controlled due to their cyborg nature.

His two children, both girls, are usually kept away from his business life, and are kept guarded on the other side of the globe, on Fraser Island.

Sources confirm they have never met again after their mother died. The children are being educated in the best private school in Australia, this however means they board for a long time, leaving them defenceless.

The first is 15. The other is 12.

He has been heavily modified, suspected to be either a battle mech or an exceedingly heavy weight cyborg form, take extreme caution.

Metal Gear information next. Then the commander.

>> No.33596419

Less that and more, "No more VR soldiers, no more patriots. You've outlived your usefulness, so I'm going to kill everyone in the PMC and take their stuff."

>> No.33596423

An Oglaf comic I'm sure

>> No.33596437

No, we can be all, "Eh, what's a few broken eggs. I'm an emotionally detached, socially awkward child soldier who kills people for money? These guys disagree with me, so I'll do what I have to to change the policy here."

That'd be easy. "Hey, yo, Sam. I'm gonna blow up Desperado and take over, change how things are done here. You want in?"

"Aren't you the guy who broke my jaw?"

"Stop living in the past, man. There's bad guys to burgerfy!"

>> No.33596447

I guess they could make for a decent ambush against grunts

>> No.33596477
File: 135 KB, 228x296, i bet sundowner did this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oglaf, it's a webcomic that's kinda funny
it's part sex comedy, but there's some humorous worksafe shit in it too

>> No.33596541

School Principal hands down

>> No.33596574

Recon basically the same as that little robot whose name I can't remember Otacon had controlled

>> No.33596578

...I had a school principal who believed only the strong and self determined should survive and carry on a new society.

>> No.33596587

Also, he is obsessed with getting the kids back into the School spirit of the old days, and focuses a lot on getting the HS football team to kick ass every year

>> No.33596616

Armstrong: 'No Child Left Behind'... PATHETIC!

>> No.33596632

The metal gear was a joke. The stories that had talked about it talked about how the entire cliff face moved off, and began to eliminate the enemy forces with missiles and barrages of machine fun fire.
Despite these extraordinary claims, no extraordinary evidence existed to back them up.
X-S2 however noted, he may however have an ordinary metal gear holed up inside his home, or beneath the water of the cliff.

The leader of the forces was a woman named Yzlava, a former FROG agent that utilises a two HF Knives.

It is common knowledge in the forces there that she regrets not joining Werewolf, but she had stuck with this segment of Mantis because the pay was better.
However underneath the CEO she was constantly under suspect, and has had several close incidents with him that have almost resulted in a civil war in their ranks.

She is not heavily cybernetic, instead she utilises an enhanced FROG suit with her HF Knives and a heavily customised P90. She is more of a commander than a fighter however.

>> No.33596668

If you have any inquiries, or wish to ask X-S2 for advice on this deployment, you may ask away.

>Attempt to recruit higher ranking non-standard cyborgs to your side
>Write in

>> No.33596686

>>The leader of the forces was a woman named Yzlava, a former FROG agent that utilises a two HF Knives.
>It is common knowledge in the forces there that she regrets not joining Werewolf, but she had stuck with this segment of Mantis because the pay was better.
>However underneath the CEO she was constantly under suspect, and has had several close incidents with him that have almost resulted in a civil war in their ranks.
>She is not heavily cybernetic, instead she utilises an enhanced FROG suit with her HF Knives and a heavily customised P90. She is more of a commander than a fighter however.
Oh oh can we keep her as a pet?

can we can we please?

>> No.33596708

So the Metal Gear may or may not really exist, the mercenary commander can't really last very long in straight up combat, and they hate their paranoid employer

>> No.33596710

This was not the first response I was expecting at all.

>> No.33596719

>Attempt to recruit higher ranking non-standard cyborgs to your side

Hey sundowner
want to have some fun?
if not we can get that one he was talking to earlier

>> No.33596749

so thats a yes?


>> No.33596773

>we get our first pet
WOOOOO best quest

>> No.33596774

>try to recruit Mel
Just because you seem to really want us to talk to her.

>> No.33596780

The winds of destruction are currently getting ready to deploy or already are.
Mistral may have someone for you however.
Non-standard cyborgs include.
>Cao Qip

>> No.33596782

Ah yes.

>> No.33596796


>> No.33596810


>> No.33596820

I completely agree with this 100%

She can command our troops while we do the boss fights

>> No.33596855

I get the feeling that if we take everyone we end up getting less pay/bonuses.
Its not even a bonus objective to kill her.

>> No.33596880

I'm pretty sure they don't like Khamsin much
seeing as mistral had him killed in bladewolf's DLC

>> No.33596902

Do remember ain't no way in hell we can fight in or out this wouod be best played stealthily

Don't shame the Big Boss

>> No.33596909

You have to meet them one at a time.
And they will ask for bonuses, or favours unless they for other reasons wish to help you.

Initiate finding Mel?

>> No.33596912

Nobody likes Khamsin much. Thats why he got discharged from the army.

>> No.33596924

>Its not even a bonus objective to kill her.
exactly, so why not make our own bonus and get her for ourself?

>> No.33596929

Don't take any higher rank cyborgs.

>> No.33596952

Fine mel

>> No.33597017

And now we have a tie.
I think we're losing a few players and interest right now, stop for now?

>> No.33597041

I'm still here, Mel's fine if you're continuing.

>> No.33597057

I left to do weights but I couldnt decide either way anyway so I said nothing.

>> No.33597059

yep, lets go meet her

dunno where everyone went, but I'll be here w while longer

>> No.33597070

Do what you will, but I'm still here, I'm just a bit busy shitposting on multiple threads, also go get mel or whatever

>> No.33597127

Sorry, was setting things up for bed. I'm still in.

>> No.33597130

I'm still here. Sorry, I just didn't feel like I had anything to contribute

>> No.33597148

I'm here desperate adviser. Mel pls.

>> No.33597154

I'm here was just getting some food and drink, was the guy vote not to take anyone, but I guess we can take Mel.

>> No.33597158

We should probably create a new thread too

>> No.33597186

We should go and visit Mistral, I think she'll have Bladewolf, since advisor put >>33596780
>Mistral may have something for you

>> No.33597203

thats an interesting point we should probably check out too before deploying

>> No.33597281

Rolled 2

You decide you should check up on Mel, she had earned Sundowner's approval and was supposedly supported by Monsoon as well.

You slowly make your way to her quarters, having X-S2 fill you in upon more details of the mission as you go.

You eventually come to her room, knocking on the door it however opens due to them.
Taking a step inside you do not see her.

The bed was a mess, the duvet had no cover, and was somewhat dirty. There were magazines with half-naked men strewn about it as well.

You could see a few of her other possessions lying around, her Compound Bow, with HF ammo was lying to one side.

You had a strange feeling someone was in here however, slight movements, the sound of breathing... It felt strange.

>Investigate (1d100)
>Write in

>> No.33597290

One of the things we have to do when we are infiltrating the mansion is use our Octo-camo to look like one of the Frog commanders cyborgs and start attacking the CEO's UGs that way we can get him to think that his cyborg forces are betraying him.

>> No.33597302

Rolled 74


>> No.33597306

Rolled 86

>Investigate (1d100)

>> No.33597307

>Investigate (1d100)
Optic camo or something, remember your training and be on the look out for cardboard boxes.

>> No.33597324

From what we learned that could work.

>> No.33597362

Rolled 14


>> No.33597369

Rolled 78

Forgot a roll

>> No.33597404

Rolled 79

Yeah the funny thing about paranoid people is that they are very easy to trick under the right circumstances.

>> No.33597440

You needn't have even looked around, a strange warping of light fell from the ceiling and smashed into the floor. It was followed by the sound of a girl screaming.

You had found what you were looking for, as the stranger got up from the floor, the optic camo de-activating.
She laughed nervously as she scratched the back of her head "Whoopsie.." She sounded shy, and it was obvious that she was embarrassed.

She was about half of your height, she had tanned skin. Her blond hair came down around her shoulders. She was built exceedingly lean, with a pair of small breasts. Most likely no excess fat.

She made a mock salute "What can I do for you, Sir Gene?" She asked. You noticed she had very few cybernetic enhancements.

>What do you say to Mel?

>> No.33597469

You should take care to hide your porn Mel.

>> No.33597476

Why were you hiding?

>> No.33597504

Greet her politely and inquire if she would like to go on a mission with you, also ask her why she has pictures of nude men.(we probably have no idea what porn is.)

>> No.33597507

>sir gene
>half of your height
How tall is gene?

>> No.33597513


are you tired?

becuase you've been running through my mind all day

>> No.33597525

seconding these

>> No.33597541

These two.

>> No.33597570

Does Null even know what porn is?

>> No.33597588

Wait did you give us our mechanic loli as a stealth based child solider?

>> No.33597591

I don't think he's a retard. He's just socially inept.

>> No.33597594


Not that tired.
Not sure why running through your mind would be tiring though.

When you returned to compulsory education you discovered porn through some of the boys who tried to make friends with you.

>> No.33597605
File: 1020 KB, 400x229, 1389269508263.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33597621

Oh god I hope so
Does Gene actually give a shit or does he just know what it is?

>> No.33597635
File: 1.26 MB, 953x684, 1377459170562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 1 cm taller then MC

>> No.33597637

>tfw manlet

>> No.33597653


I like these

>> No.33597669

It's about 190-200 with the exoskeleton.

Dropped my trip.

He doesn't jerk it if that's what you mean

>> No.33597698
File: 127 KB, 960x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 98

>181 cm
>5' 11"
>king of manlets

>> No.33597705

Wait a second, what do the guys look like in the mag, we must ascertain her ideal male

>> No.33597710

so is she half our height in our armor or out of our armor?

>> No.33597719
File: 1019 KB, 203x288, 1378699908053.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm only 5'4"
>People like to pat me on the head
>They never do it twice

>> No.33597751

>tfw no one will pat me on my head

>> No.33597789

I found it hilarious that Grey Fox was actually smaller at one point.
You realise that's how tall Grey Fox is right?

>> No.33597883
File: 1.27 MB, 242x242, 1400757205410.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I'm 6'3
>I Pat almost everyone on the head

>> No.33597899

"Why were you hiding?" You asked, curious.
"Wellllll, I thought you would eventually come and see me, so I started to hide, and I was thinking of ambushing you and testing your strength!" She exclaimed, performing a few punches to the air
"But then Mistral did it, so I decided not to be a rip off" She paused, catching her breath "So I just decided that I'll jump down and surprise you. But then you didn't come...and didn't come, and I was just going to come down because it was hurting, and then you came in... And I tried to hold and and be quiet, but I couldn't..." She seemed rather disappointed with herself.

You point to the magazines "I'm unsure of how females deal with porn, but with males we usually hide it."

She turned around, blushed, and quickly cleaned it up, cyborg-speed style, and pressed it all under the bed.

"W-what're you here for anyway?" She asked "You don't seem to want to fight or anything so you must have some reason..."

>Tell her to come on the mission with you
>Mention how sundowner commended her

>> No.33597927

>>Tell her to come on the mission with you

>> No.33597933

>Tell her to come on the mission with you
>Mention how sundowner commended her

>> No.33597934

Rolled 89

>Mention how sundowner commended her
Followed by

>Tell her to come on the mission with you

>> No.33597938

>I came her just for you.
>Wait a few seconds
>We got a mission to do.


>> No.33597942

>Tell her to come on the mission with you because of Sundowner's commendation

>> No.33597946

>complimented this bitch
Am I the only one who is not seeing it? Did she blow him?

>> No.33597990

seconding >>33597938

>> No.33597997

To be fair, she may be pretty damn good in combat, but just a little loopy personality-wise.

>> No.33598025

Maybe she tore off raiden's fake jaw while he was drunk and had vertigo or something

>> No.33598027

>i came to see your porn collection

>> No.33598028

The dice gods would crush her either way

>> No.33598065

Make her blush and wet her cyborg exosuit.

>> No.33598086

Rolled 69

kind of like us?

>> No.33598109

She isn't us good.

We defeated Sam and Mistral with SSS+ ranking and one or few scratches.

>> No.33598112

No anon, we are a white wall, she is a wall covered in random colors

>> No.33598135

Because why not?

>> No.33598144

>white wall
I think you mean wall made entirely out of blood and boolits

>> No.33598146


>> No.33598150

To be fair, you didn't battle Sam.
You just crit-punched him as you ran away.
In a straight battle, with him using his sword, you'd have ended up like Raiden. Just because you're desperado, the injuries would be x10.

>> No.33598170

The dice gods would have utterly killed him and you know it

>> No.33598201
File: 25 KB, 752x375, 1391839545379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's some pretty nice confidence you have there

>> No.33598210

Currently this is in the lead.
I'll do this and lead into commendation/mission invitation?

>> No.33598236

Hubris will be our downfall, Anon
The dice gods may have been on our sides so far
But We haven't truly fought either of our foes at their greatest
Sam we left right after we broke his jaw like a kit kat bar
And mistral wouldn't try and kill an asset everyone seems to have an interest in

>> No.33598238

>relying on the dice gods
Dude, I used to participate in Peter Parker Quest. Fuck me sideways if the Pantheon of Roll Playing isn't fickle as shit.

>> No.33598240


>> No.33598243


>> No.33598260

Less do it

>> No.33598328


>> No.33598370

We're about to go on a stealth mission right?

>> No.33598371
File: 254 KB, 892x1000, Mel 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit Mel is theft from Disgaea with short hair.

>> No.33598384

You put on a radiant smile for you, and lay down the lines "I came here just for you"

She cocks her head, waiting for you to complete your sentence. After a few seconds you continue "Since I have a mission, and I'd like to invite you to join in"

"Oh, okay!" She exclaims, seemingly ready to join you at a moments notice "Why me though?" She asked

You turn to her and answer "I heard you were commended by Sundowner, like I was"

She gives off a little nervous chuckle "W-well, it was nothing really..."

She stayed silent for a few seconds, waiting for you to change the topic, but you continued to wait for her to finish.

"I just cleared out the entire building the VIP was in on my own, it was really bad, really!" She emphasised "I made their deaths really messy, and alerted the guards and just went wild really..." She looked down at her toes as she picked up her bow and held it close to herself "I won't be like that on this mission though! I promise!" She beamed up at you with her eyes

>Accept Mel into the party
>Decline Mel

>> No.33598400

un no.

She tan.

>> No.33598407

Well, yeah. Yeah... It's a stealth mission.

Let's bring her!

>> No.33598424

I see no problem with this

>Accept Mel into the party

>> No.33598425

>Decline Mel

>Taking a tornado of death and loud noise
>On a stealth mission

Yeah no

>> No.33598434

>Accept Mel into the party

>> No.33598446

You can go and do it like Raiden as well if you like.
Which means charging in and smashing everything with your fists.

>she had tanned skin
>Her blond hair came down around her shoulders
Should've also mentioned it's wild and unkept, but I need to learn how describe better anyway.

>> No.33598472

>You can go and do it like Raiden as well if you like.
>Which means charging in and smashing everything with your fists.
That sounds like my kind of stealth mission

>> No.33598474

>Accept Mel into the party

We go crazy. Just wait until the best time.

>> No.33598491

Well we ain't Raiden and that aint falco

Although we probably got snakes genes in us

>> No.33598495

Mel exclaims her joy, and states she'll be ready when you call for deployment.

>Visit another Non-standard Cyborg
>Leave to deploy

>> No.33598503

>>Accept Mel into the party
mmmmm tan gurls

>> No.33598508

Wasn't there seeing Mistral about something?

>> No.33598513

>Visit another Non-standard Cyborg
Yes, we need one more me thinks

>> No.33598524

>Visit another Non-standard Cyborg

One more and we leave.

>> No.33598551

>Cao Qip
Pick your poison.

>> No.33598581

Lets go see what she has for us.

>> No.33598585

>Visit another Non-standard Cyborg
We going to fuck shit up

>> No.33598597


>> No.33598640


>> No.33598686

I'll just vote for Mistral because I don't know who anybody else is. She'd actually be pretty good for stealth, I think

>> No.33598793

The rest are like Mel, new Desperado members I made up.

>> No.33598824

I didn't play any of the metal gear games so I wouldn't know anyways

>> No.33598830


>> No.33598859


>> No.33598900

You decide to visit Mistral, you know she's going to be deployed, however you felt you should.

It took you a little while to get there, since she was not in her allocated quarters, however you were eventually told she was testing out a new type of Fenrir.

You open the door, to see a newly fixed, clothed and refreshed Mistral, laying upon her Dwarf Gekkos, their arms holding her above the ground by her shoulders, hips and bottom.

The Fenrir in question, talks. "Is this the Null Gene that defeated you, Mistral?" It's voice was synthetic, however you could feel it's curiosity.

You were going to respond, but Mistral did it for you "Yes he is, IF Prototype LQ-84i." She seemed a little annoyed at his inquiry, however not annoyed enough to do anything but be curt.

>Inquire about IF Prototype LQ-84i
>Ask if IF Prototype LQ-84i can accompany to your mission
>Ask how Mistral is

>> No.33598937

>Inquire about IF Prototype LQ-84i

>> No.33598943

>>Inquire about IF Prototype LQ-84i

>> No.33598948

>Inquire about IF Prototype LQ-84i
>Ask if IF Prototype LQ-84i can accompany to your mission

>> No.33598972

>Inquire about IF Prototype LQ-84i
>Ask if IF Prototype LQ-84i can accompany to your mission

>> No.33599113

Rolled 24

>Ask how Mistral is

>> No.33599162

"It has intelligence?" You ask "I wasn't aware we had UGs like that"

Mistral nods to IF Prototype LQ-84i, his red head lights up as he speaks "I am the last of my kind. DARPA has canceled the project under the grounds that I was not sufficiently brutal, and therefore was insufficient compared to other projects." He paused for a moment to let the information sink in "I was then adopted by Desperado Enforcement LLC, which is why you see me here now, they are collecting data and analysing my actions, like DARPA did" IF Prototype LQ-84i then stays silent.

"And there you have it" Mistral states "Anything else?"

You respond with "Could I take him with me to my next mission?"

Mistral looks at you, then the dog, then back at you "You may take him off my hands, it would be best if you kept him too."

Mistral then left the room, the Gekkos following after her as she walked away.

"It seems my ownership in Desperado had changed hands. Would you like me to prepare for the mission?" IF Prototype LQ-84i asks.

>Give him a nickname

>> No.33599184


"You got a shorter name for yourself?"

>> No.33599203

>Do you have a name besides your designation?

>> No.33599207

"No, my designation is IF Prototype LQ-84i. I have not been given a "Name"."

>> No.33599213

>Give him a nickname
During our vr missions were there any dogs? If so did they have names?

>> No.33599253

You remember a cat named nuke however, and multiple wolves on an island.

>> No.33599264

>cat named nuke
what the fuck?

>> No.33599274

Fuck it.

Blade Wolf. Based on Sniper Wolf but with a blade/chainsaw.

>> No.33599279

Well, it was a kitten.

>> No.33599283

You've never had a pet with a strange name anon?

>> No.33599297

Blade wolf will be locked in, unless anyone else has any more ideas.

>> No.33599299

>give him a nickname

>> No.33599311

>Give him a nickname

>> No.33599313

kinda like this

>> No.33599331

>wolf with the voice of man
I like it

>> No.33599433

"Lycaon, In Greek mythology, he was the king of Arcadia." Lycaon stated "Born of Pelasgus and Meliboea, who in the most popular version of the myth tested Zeus by serving him the roasted flesh of a guest from Epirus in order to see whether Zeus was truly omniscient."

"And for his crimes and disbelief in his God, he was turned into a wolf, and had all of his sons but one, slaughtered through lightning" Lycaon finished reciting the tale, before speaking again "Lycaon is also a species of dog, however I believe you took the inspiration from the former rather than the latter."

You have named the prototype, Lycaon. He is also now part of your party.

>Write in

>> No.33599450


>> No.33599462

Along the way keep name dropping shit from mythology, all of them not just greek, lets see how smart this little shit is

>> No.33599475


>> No.33599556

You gather your forces, the faceless cyborgs, the GRADs and the hammer heads.
Boarding the transport plane, you can hear Mel obsessing over the "Cute doggy!" As the engines start up,
This was your first independent mission, would you be ready?

Find out, in MGR PMC's 4th thread, which will be created on Thursday at 8PM GMT.

>> No.33599589

twitter when?

>> No.33599602

Great thread man, looking forward to Thursday.

Jesus Christ it was long.

>> No.33599633

How long have we been going?

Also, making a twitter account,

>> No.33599669

I dunno. I got her at, like, 11. So at least four hours.
And almost 600 posts holy shit

>> No.33599675

Eight hours

>> No.33599701

It's been 9 and a half hours.

>> No.33599778

Is that good or bad?
And to think, I was going to keep going after breakfast.

>> No.33599805

Longer than most GMs

>> No.33600005

Thank you to everyone who played today, I appreciate it.
If anyone (is still here) has anything they'd like to comment on, about how they hate it, like it, or want me to improve upon, please say so.

>> No.33600065

No mechanic loli
I feel we aren't as socially inept as we should be
We are a manlet
Other than that, and some stuff I probably dislike but cant think of, the quest is great

>> No.33600084

X-S2 has yet to make an appearance.
Research the second project Monsoon mentioned.
And I suppose I could retcon his height and put it up for something else.
Thank you very much, I hope you continue to enjoy it.

>> No.33600109

No loli's at all please. Can't stand people who insist upon or have some severe fixation on them.

>> No.33600129

>not wanting a loli mechanic
I just want a little kid for Null to hang out with, nothing degenerate

>> No.33600161

I treat kids and loli's as two separate things for reference, my bad.

>> No.33600188

Whats the difference in your books? Sexualization?

>> No.33600207

Mostly, with a few other minor tidbits.

>> No.33600497

As the person who posted that image, my take on it was that the girl was another take on Sonny but instead of having amazing research and development abilities, ours would have the ability to break down or repair anything.

>> No.33600538

Which image?

>> No.33600578

that one

>> No.33600590

what this person said >>33600578

>> No.33600618

>little kid was a vr kiddie
>but instead of fighting and wars and shit
>she got taught how to fix shit
>how to be the best researcher/technician/mechanic/scientist/whatever the fuck
>wasn't in long enough to permanently make her "I FIX THINGS, YOU SMELL GOOD, Y-YOU TOO" retarded
>null naturally likes her because vr kiddie
I love her already

>> No.33600633

Shame she doesn't exist

>> No.33600639

>i will never have the perfect daughter

>> No.33600640

We can hope can't we.

>> No.33600669

If she is I hope he calls her void.
Then we'll be null and void

>> No.33600676

I love the shit out of that

>> No.33600691


>> No.33600726

Plus all the misunderstandings that would come from their association together would be pretty funny.

>"Sir, what are you doing with that little girl?"
>"She's my mechanic."
>"Of course she is, I'm going to need you to come down to the station with me."

>> No.33600751

>Challenging a guy in an exoskeleton suit
Only world marshal police are that stupid

>> No.33600755

>grabs him
>kid goes full /pol/

>> No.33600766

>she thinks shits gonna go down
>Gene immediately submits the to authority figure

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